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see you in the stagelights

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Youngjo spares a quick glance to check himself out in the mirrored reflection of one of the set decorations. His hair is a little messy but in an artful way, and his eyeliner is sharp. He makes a note to compliment their makeup artist later. He looks good.


Well, he always looks good, but tonight especially. He briefly pouts at himself, liking the way it softens the lines of his face in contrast to his edgier outfit. 


Someone clears their throat behind him, suspiciously like covering up a laugh. Youngjo's eyes meet with NCT's Johnny's in the mirror, and flushes, knowing he's been caught. His first thought is to duck and slink away but-


This is Johnny-sunbaenim. Youngjo's pretty sure they've got friends in common. His heavy foundation probably covers most of his blush. He lets his expression ease into a smirk. He holds Johnny's gaze and - winks.


The surprise on Johnny's face is gratifying. After a moment, he grins back and Youngjo lets his smirk widen into something a little more sincere.