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Hanyou Power

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Inuyasha may have made a tenuous peace with Sesshomaru, but that didn't change how he was a total dick sometimes.

"You may be an exemplary figure, but a demon is in all ways superior to a human-- power, intellect, everything. The bodies of demons are fearsome things; the bodies of humans... they are nothing." Sesshomaru's lips curved up into a smirk. "Human, half-human. None of them can compare to the true endowment of a pure demon."

Inuyasha sputtered at the implication. "Did you just say I got a small dick?!"

Sesshomaru scoffed. "I did say all qualities, but don't blame me for the direction your mind takes."

"No way." Inuyasha crossed his arms. "I can beat you in a fight and I got a bigger dick than you."

"Oh? You want to prove that?"

"Prove it?"

"Traditionally one reveals oneself. You seemed so hasty to make that assertion."

Inuyasha flushed. "You're the one insisting! Don't turn this around! Listen, I'm game if you are." His cheeks burned, a hot prickle in his sheath at the thought that he might be-- what, showing off his dick to Sesshomaru?

Sesshomaru gazed at him levelly. "Then it's a game." And then, nothing.

"What, me first?!"

"You were the one to offer."

"No I wasn't!" Inuyasha objected, but he still pulled on the bindings at his waist and tugged them loose, letting his robes part open. Under that, his underwear was a strip of fabric that twisted up across his hips, and his sheath formed a heavy, sagging mound pressed against the front. He pulled that loose too, tie slipping free and letting the fabric flutter down, leaving him bare. Even under Sesshomaru's cool gaze, his sheath ached, and without him having to do anything his cock surged out into the open: sharply-pointed and just as red as his robes. Inuyasha couldn't restrain a little whimper at the sensation as his internal muscles pulsed and then pushed, sending the full length of his cock spilling out into the open, huge and heavy. The heavy bulk of his softened knot caught against the lip of his sheath, just for a moment, and Inuyasha whimpered, entire cock lurching as his knot burst out into the open with a slick wet sound. His sheath pulsed, rippling against the underside of his knot as it flexed and clamped tight, sealing against the underside of his knot.

He was-- he had the biggest dick out of anybody he'd ever seen: a towering pillar of flesh that spanned all the way up to his pecs, easily thicker than his wrist. It glimmered in the light, shining dully from its coating of internal fluid.

Sesshomaru seemed less than impressed. "Is that it?"

"It's plenty big!" Inuyasha blustered, face flushed.

Sesshomaru snorted. "Compared to what, a human's?"

"Hey!" Inuyasha yelled, stepping forward and raising a fist. His cock, unsheathed, bobbed wildly from the motion, lurching down between his thighs and then bouncing back up to smack against his abs. "Uh," he said, flushing more. "Like you got anything better!"

"Hn," Sesshomaru said, disdain dripping from his voice. "I suppose if I must," he said, and in a flash he was naked. He shrugged his shoulders and his robes pooled at his ankles, and--

"Wow, do you really not wear anything under that?" Inuyasha gawked. Sesshomaru wasn't as well-muscled, more lean, but... there was a resemblance. Same silvery fur that framed his sheath, although-- "Wait, do you shave?" Sesshomaru's pubes were a lot more neatly trimmed than the messy tangle Inuyasha had: short and clipped, probably almost bristly to the touch. Not that he was thinking of touching.

And, their sheaths looked more-or-less the same size, anyway. Inuyasha's was a bit fatter, since he was-- not hard, exactly, although there was a flush of heat growing in his belly that kept billowing out to his cock, making it twitch and sluggishly fatten. Since he was unsheathed. Maybe Sesshomaru's balls hung a bit lower? But they were also neatly trimmed, down to a short fuzz, and that made them look a little smaller compared to Inuyasha's shaggy thicket of fur, coiling down off his balls in draping curls.

"You definitely don't look any bigger," Inuyasha said, crossing his arms. His cock bobbed in agreement, glistening tip tapping against his forearms.

"You haven't even seen it," Sesshomaru said, eyebrow quirked. "You're certainly showing off more than your sheath right now," he said, lazily gesturing at-- Inuyasha's whole thing. His cock.

"Well, what are you waiting for then? Get it out."

"Some of us don't have so much of a hair trigger." Sesshomaru took a few steps forward, low-hanging balls draping across his lean thighs. "It appears you inherited the temperament of a horny dog, if nothing else."

"Hey!" Inuyasha cried. "Just because you can't get hard, or whatever--"

"I can get hard perfectly well," Sesshomaru cut him off. "Some of us simply require a little stimulation, rather than unsheathing at a moment's notice." He absently waved at Inuyasha's dick. "Not everyone is as overeager as you."

"I'm not-- jerking you off!" Inuyasha paused. "Uh, I mean, not-- not unless you, uh. You return the favor?" Prickles of heat burst all down his front at Sesshomaru's cool, level gaze, but-- but he was the one that started it!

"It appears you're already erect," Sesshomaru said, dryly. "What assistance would you need?"

"Just-- touch it, come on," Inuyasha said, inching closer, cock stirring the air as he moved. He could feel the heat off of Sesshomaru's pale skin, billowing outward, and his cock twitched again. A drizzle of pre beaded at the tip and then overflowed, outlining a long cool stream of wetness spilling down his shaft.

"Very well," he said, hand warm and firm when he clasped it around Inuyasha's shaft; Inuyasha jerked, letting out a whine, hips humping reflexively to send his cock sliding through Sesshomaru's loose grip. His own hand wrapped around Sesshomaru's sheath -- his trimmed fur was prickly after all -- and stroked his sheathed cock through it, feeling the way his sheath flesh bunched and shifted: so like his own, but dissimilar. Sesshomaru let out a soft exhale, spreading his legs wider, and within his sheath Inuyasha felt his cock lurch.

Sesshomaru's cock pushed out into the open, a deeper red than Inuyasha's own, almost purple, and covered in a tracery of blue and red veins. He exhaled again, breathing faster, and rocked his hips again. The both of them set up a rhythm, hands wrapped around each other's cock, hips shifting, wetly stroking along the slick, slimy length of their dog cocks.

"Not too bad," Inuyasha said, groaning low. He rocked forward and his cock slid across Sesshomaru's still-unsheathing length, and they both jerked like they'd been shocked: the slick, frictionless pressure of their dicks dragging against each other sent an electric thrill of pleasure up his spine. Sesshomaru moaned, voice reedier, and Inuyasha slid his grip down to the base, using it to angle their dicks to slide together. They both groaned, pressing closer, cocks pinned together, hands tangling together. Sesshomaru's face was only inches from his own. Their breath mingled in shaky pants. Inuyasha rolled his knot against Sesshomaru's, still surfacing within his sheath, and his legs buckled, dropping them both down to their knees, cocks pinned tight between their chests. Inuyasha leaned in, pre squelching between them, the spicy smell of their dog dicks filling his nose, and kissed Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru kissed back, moaning into his mouth, and fucked his cock between them, smearing their mingled pre across their chests.

Sesshomaru's knot lurched out of his sheath with a pop, and Inuyasha squeezed his sheath closed, jacking only the very base of his shaft, grinding the heel of his palm against the underside of his knot. Inuyasha moaned, deepening the kiss, feeling their cocktips slop against each other, slicker now with each pulse of pre that burbled down their shafts. It was only a hazy thought in the back of his mind, but--

"Hey!" he said, jerking back and breaking their kiss: the both of them flushed, lips shiny with spit. "Hey, your cock is the same size as mine!"

Sesshomaru's cock was nearly identical to Inuyasha's own: maybe a little thinner at the tip and bulkier in the middle, a little darker in tone, but both of them spanned up their chests, pressing now between their glazed pecs. They weren't exactly aligned, but it looked like maybe Sesshomaru's dick was a little shorter, even.

Sesshomaru smirked again, a little less impassive when he was stripped naked with his cock bulging out from his sheath. "I wasn't talking about that cock," he said, and Inuyasha had a moment to say, "huh?", before he was bowled backwards. Sesshomaru's eyes went red, his aura burst around him, and in the span of an instant he had transformed into his yokai form. His body warped and quavered like a rippling flame, and thick flames of white fur erupted from his body. His body expanded enormously, tearing up the space around him as his forepaws slammed into the dirt on either side of Inuyasha's body; his claws carved out huge furrows in the ground. He was an enormous bestial dog-monster, fur rippling around him from the sheer heat of his body, eyes a luminous burning red.

"You tricked me!" Inuyasha howled. "C'mon, that's not fair!" Sesshomaru's cock bobbed heavily beneath him, tangled in a shaggy mess of silky white fur. "Hey, wait--" Inuyasha said, sitting back up. "Wait, do you shave because you don't like your fur?"

Sesshomaru snarled, frothy drool spilling from his pointed muzzle. "This--" he said, voice a low roar, his immense cock fully unsheathed and steadily drooling slimy grey pre, "is the cock of a true demon." He took a step closer, standing over Inuyasha, and his cock slung with the motion, bobbing down between his haunches and smashing to the ground, sending clots of grass flying from the sheer force of the impact. Droplets of frothy pre splattered all across Inuyasha's front, abrupt stinging pinpricks of heat where they clung to the bare flesh of his cock. Inuyasha's mouth hung open, and as he closed it he could tell some had splattered in his mouth, across his tongue: Sesshomaru's pre was spicy and rich, almost meaty.

Sesshomaru's cock was enormous: easily as big as Inuyasha's entire body. It was a vibrant purple, almost tinging to black at the flushed tip, with the same tracery of strange red-blue veins across it as Sesshomaru's human dick, save that now instead of tiny filaments embedded under his skin they were fat, finger-thick cords, visibly pulsating with his heartbeat. Thin grey ooze continually drooled from the tip, spilling down in a trickling pour and seeping into the churned-up dirt before him, rapidly turning it into slimy mud. His knot, even soft, was a bulky mound capping the base of his dick, broader than Inuyasha's entire chest, segmented into lumpy hemispheres and gnarled over with fluttering veins.

He slavered. "There is one thing you can do, as a half-demon-- sheath yourself on this sword of mine." He licked his lips, tongue immense as it lashed across his muzzle, and panted hoarsely. Beneath him, his cock twitched, dousing Inuyasha's front just as effectively as if somebody had dashed him with a bucket.

"Tch," Inuyasha said, sitting back. "Was this entire thing just to get to fuck me?" He grumbled. "You could've just asked."

Admittedly, if Sesshomaru had come out of nowhere to ask to fuck, he probably would've said no. But now, cock unsheathed up his chest, phantom sensation of Sesshomaru's touches along his shaft-- "Oh, what the hell," he said, and stood up, pressing himself against Sesshomaru's underbelly. His cocktip slid across Sesshomaru's, slick skin frictionless, and they both groaned -- Inuyasha's reedy, Sesshomaru's a bass groan that made Inuyasha's bones rattle.

Sesshomaru's beast of a cock shuddered, flexing sharply, and lurched up to slap against his underbelly -- spraying his demonic pre everywhere, drenching his shaggy curls of fur into dripping ropes. His cock spat out a rope of pre, hitting Inuyasha across the stomach, splattering all up his front and drooling down to soak his sheath, sheening his cock with their combined pre. Inuyasha groaned, reaching out to clamp Sesshomaru's cockhead in place, rutting his own cock against the stiff edge of Sesshomaru's cocktip. They ground against each other, Sesshomaru drenching Inuyasha in gush after gush of thin, watery issue, and Inuyasha let Sesshomaru's sharp cockhead dig into his belly, wetly smacking his own dripping cock along his cockhead. Sesshomaru pushed deeper, cock slopping under Inuyasha's balls, digging between his thighs -- fat enough he could ride it like a horse. Sesshomaru flexed, the motion nearly sending Inuyasha toppling backwards -- raised up on the toes of one foot, weight balanced along Sesshomaru's cock.

"I don't think that's gonna fit, man," Inuyasha said, eyeing the monstrous length.

Sesshomaru barked out a laugh. "This sword is much like my other -- unable to cause harm to any living thing." His eyes rolled in his skull, staring down at Inuyasha beneath him as he craned his head. "And besides, if nothing else you have some durability of a demon. Your body could take it easily."

"You can't really mean that you're gonna--" Inuyasha started, cutting off in a squawk when Sesshomaru lurched forward, sending him sprawling in the muddy grass, and pounced, cocktip jabbing against his ass. His complaint died in his throat as Sesshomaru bore down, sharp cocktip perfectly aimed as it pressed between his muscular cheeks -- only a tiny fraction of the tip pushed into him, slick pressure twisting him open. Inuyasha let out a shaky groan, arms braced on the ground, huffing and panting as Sesshomaru's cocktip shoved into him. Even just the sharp spike of his cocktip was brutally huge: the tip came to a point hardly broader than a finger, but it spread wider and wider until it was fatter than one of his thighs.

Sesshomaru worked him open. He dug slightly deeper, spouting a plume of slick demon-dog pre that gushed and then overflowed, spraying out around his rumbled asshole in a sloppy explosion. Sesshumaru shallowly fucked him with his cocktip: jabbing deeper and then pulling back, leaving his hole slack and spread around the tip, wetly drooping in a puffy gape. Inuyasha groaned, rutting back against him, his own cock rock hard and dripping into the grass below. The sheer size of Sesshomaru's cock reshaped his insides, pressing hard against his hips, and it was with a dizzy heat flushing through his entire body that Inuyasha felt his bones warp, hips sluggishly creaking wider as Sesshomaru kept battering his cocktip against them.

Inuyasha's eyes rolled back in his head, cock erupting in sudden plumes of slimy dog cum, shooting hard into the grass beneath him, as Sesshomaru bore him down deeper on his cock. His hips creaked open, guts squirming, and the hot wet weight of burning pre spilled further inside him. His stomach ached, sagging out in a sloshing mound from the sheer volume of Sesshomaru's pre, and beneath that he could feel the implacable weight and girth of Sesshomaru's cock, knocking against his insides, distending the flesh of his stomach, until his entire body warped around Sesshomaru's monstrous cock: belly bloated out from the inside, Sesshomaru's huge cocktip sunk under his skin and muscle, slowly stretching him wider.

Inuyasha panted, his cock flexing hard as he came again and again. He braced his arms against the ground and pushed backwards, hungrily fucking himself on the tip of Sesshomaru's cock, letting out shaky barks of arousal each time it stabbed deeper. A drag of sensation across his cock got his attention: his stomach was so bloated and distended that the wedge of Sesshomaru's cocktip smacked against his own shaft, pushing it lower, keeping him spurting a watery mixture of pre and cum into the sodden grass.

"Good," Sesshomaru growled above him, slavering and panting as he rutted deeper. Each thrust was nearly enough to send Inuyasha flying, body impaled on his cocktip, nearly dragged up and pinned against Sesshomaru's underbelly solely by the sheer of his cock. "Your body makes a fine sheath for my cock."

"Don't say it like that," Inuyasha yelped, increasingly breathless as he struggled to ride Sesshomaru's cock.

Sesshomaru's only response was to thrust harder, grinding his cock through Inuyasha's warping hips, deforming his belly until it resembled a skin-tight layer drawn over his immense demon dick.

Inuyasha warbled, breath knocked from his lungs, and Sesshomaru's next drive forward physically launched him off his feet, dragged out of the grass-stained mud-pile that the clearing had become, and pinned him tight against Sesshomaru's shaggy underbelly. Inuyasha grasped at the slimy hanks of fur smearing across his face, bare feet braced against Sesshomaru's haunches. He was spread-eagled beneath Sesshomaru, body jolting and lurching as Sesshomaru bucked and writhed, hunching to fuck his cock to the root in Inuyasha's accomidating body. Inuyasha's cock bucked beneath him, cum-drenched, loudly clapping up against his distended belly with each of Sesshomaru's thrusts, new plumes of slimy dog cum erupting out of his flushed dog dick at erratic intervals.

Sesshomaru's knot slamming against his gaped hole was like a boulder. Hard purple flesh mashed against Inuyasha's skin, bearing down on him just long enough for pre to gurgle and slosh in his guts, churning against his dammed hole, only to wrench back with an obscene wet pop and a fountaining spray of demonic dog pre, gurgling out over the bruised and swollen folds of Inuyasha's asshole. Inuyasha groaned, voice hoarse and reedy, hitching as Sesshomaru pummeled his knot against his ass, over and over again. Even barely engorged, it was the same size as his hips; it smacked against his entire ass, warping his asscheeks out in a bone-jarring lurch with each pounding thrust. It was absolutely impossible for that to fit inside him.

And yet, under the same magic as his sword, Sesshomaru bore down, and Inuyasha's flesh spread, his bones creaked, warping out around the implacable power of Sesshomaru's dick. Inuyasha just gurgled, entire body little more than a stretched-out sheath for his dog dick. His hips spread in jolts, with a sound like creaking wood, as Sesshomaru bounced him on his knot, bearing down harder and harder as he got more purchase, until he was hammering Inuyasha's body into the ground, belly stretched out past Inuyasha's head, stomach bulging with the full spread of his giant knot.

Sesshomaru bayed loud at the sky as his knot sunk in, howl only barely overpowering the slick wet gulp Inuyasha's broken ass made, swallowing up his demonic knot in his final thrust. Sesshomaru's cock twitched, sending Inuyasha's body lurching up: eyes rolled back into his head, limbs hanging limp, back smashed up against his sodden underbelly, his own cock ceaselessly spurting out his own half-demon load, heavy messy spurts of cum smearing all over his distended belly and drooling to the churned-up muck beneath in flabby strings. Sesshomaru came with the force of a geyser: cum warping and churning through Inuyasha's guts, making his grossly-inflated belly shudder and pulse. The jutting imprint of Sesshomaru's cock was softened, growing bottom-heavy as Inuyasha's guts filled with cum, slowly expanding into a heavy, sagging mound that swayed beneath him in sluggish lurches. Inuyasha was beyond speech: his throat spasmed, just a shaky keening noise coming out of him as Sesshomaru unloaded inside him. His own dog dick, buried entirely under his sagging belly, steadily pissed out his own mess of watery dog cum, pouring down the curve of his belly to form a sludgy column of ooze drooling straight into the muddy morass beneath.

With Sesshomaru's chest-wide knot splitting his hips open, there was no way for any of his load to escape. Cum surged and churned, gurgling deeper and deeper into Inuyasha's guts. Sesshomaru groaned, using a forepaw to slam Inuyasha down into the dirt -- yanking his body forward, giving him more pressure around his knot. He let out a guttural howl, knot throbbing harder, balls churning heavily in their shaggy sac, and his spurts of cum renewed themselves, becoming a steady, continual gush of slimy, watery dog-demon cum straight into Inuyasha's already-flooded guts.

Inuyasha hung there, impaled on Sesshomaru's cock, only dimly aware of anything beyond the impossible stretch of his body, the burning heat sinking ever-deeper inside him, the continual pressure of Sesshomaru's cock against his prostate. Dimly he felt his out load trickle down over his belly in liquid, syrupy gushes, of the wet sloshing inside him spilling higher and higher up through his body as cum overflowed through the warped switchback passages of his guts. Woozily, he gagged on nothing, heat spilling ever-higher inside him, until with a shocking burst he coughed up a mouthful of cum, slimy and silver-grey, and then another, and another, until he was continually retching, stomach being pumped full of Sesshomaru's dog-demon cum from his entirely-flooded guts. Wet gurgles burst up from his spasming throat, cum pouring down his chin, forming a slimy river down his front. More and more sprayed up his throat, gushing from his nose and mouth in continual streams. All that, and still his belly grew fatter and fatter: the small leak from him vomiting up an endless stream of dog cum was nothing compared to what Sesshomaru was still pumping inside him.

Nearly an hour later, after Sesshomaru's knot had fully spent itself, Inuyasha was hardly even recognizable as a body: instead just a rubbery mound of distended flesh, all his features buried behind his enormous, balloon-like belly, distended to be far bigger than the rest of his body. His cock was still unsheathed -- kept forced out of his body cavity from the sheer pressure of cum inside him -- and it was still steadily oozing cum, in a slimy drizzle that spilled down through the tacky, half-dried mess of cum painted all across the underside of his enormous, body-warping belly. Sesshomaru's knot withered slowly, in rippling pulses that resonated through Inuyasha's deformed hips, and each iota of give sent Inuyasha lurching forward, body sluggishly peeling its way off Sesshomaru's cock. His ass gaped, slimy, bruised flesh on vivid display. Sesshomaru's knot softened a fraction more, and with an obscene wet slurp Inuyasha's body lurched off his still-enormous knot, ass gaping out in florid purple flesh, utterly drenched in grimy, grey-silver dog cum.

His body skidded half-off Sesshomaru's shaft, ass blooming open into an impossible gape as a pressurized stream of cum erupted out of him, dropping him down into the muddy mess his own load had made: a slimy pool of thickened dog cum, churned up over the hour by Sesshomaru's paws. Inuyasha just lay there, the gushing explosion of cum bursting from his ass giving way to a continual upwelling, gurgling and churning as huge masses of Sesshomaru's cum spilled out of him in silty waves. Sesshomaru took a step back, the rest of his cock unsheathing from Inuyasha's wrecked body with a slurp, leaving his cratered ass on display: the ring of his asshole deeply bruised, swollen up into fat, puffy slabs, with gushes of heavy, silty cum burbling continually down through the rubbery folds. Inuyasha just groaned, gurgling wetly around the mouthfuls of cum still pumping their way up through his bloated stomach.

"Mn," Sesshomaru said, letting the dregs of his load drizzle down onto Inuyasha's disheveled body, drenching every part of him that wasn't already painted in a thick coating of his cum. "I think that was a good showing of true demon superiority." As if to punctuate his statement, his form shimmered, coalescing back down to his human form -- and leaving a slimy mess of cum hanging in the air where his cock had been, splattering down all over Inuyasha's wrecked form in sheets. Inuyasha gurgled and sputtered, vainly trying to struggle to his feet. It was impossible, with his belly still just as big as the rest of him; he could only squirm around in the slimy morass of cum.

"Next time, you won't get away looking so good!" Inuyasha sputtered, between hacking up mouthfuls of cum.

"Next time?" Sesshomaru quirked an eyebrow.

Inuyasha flushed. "I mean-- you know what I mean!"

Sesshomaru smirked. "Very well, brother. I eagerly anticipate what you bring to bear next time."