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got a secret (can you keep it?)

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Lena wakes to a familiar warmth.


She and Kara started dating about two months ago, shortly after a charity gala where Lena got a bit too tipsy, her words flowing more freely as the drink count added up.


It was going well! They were happy.


Except for the fact they hadn’t told anyone yet. Not even Alex.


Lena was a bit nervous about Alex finding out. Their relationship hadn’t exactly been smooth sailing, and she desperately wanted her girlfriend’s sister to approve of their relationship.


So they decided to wait.


Lena lets herself melt back into Kara’s arms, their bodies molding together like two puzzle pieces falling perfectly into place. She hears Kara sigh, strong arms tightening around Lena’s waist. A single kiss is pressed to her bare shoulder, and then two more in quick succession.


“Good morning, darling.”


Her voice is hoarse after last night, but she forces the words out anyways.


“G’morning,” is the mumbled reply.


“I have to get up and go into L-Corp soon.”


A groan muffled by her shoulder is heard, and then the arms around her waist tighten even more.


“Lena, it’s Saturday. L-Corp will survive the weekend. Stay?”


Lena doesn’t even have to look at her face to see the pout being directing to her.


“Fine, I’ll stay. But I’m getting up and making breakfast because I know your stomach is going to be giving us issues soon.”


As if on cue, Kara’s stomach rumbles, eliciting a soft giggle from Lena.


“Okay, come on. Let me up. I’m gonna go to the bathroom and then make us something so we can go back to being lazy.”


Relenting, Kara releases her from the vice grip, but not without sufficient complaining.


Kara watches Lena grab one of her big shirts and  tug it over her head before walking into the bathroom, the door closing with a soft click behind her.


She just lays in bed for a moment, listening to the sounds of the city. Not much is happening this morning, most people just waking up. She settles on listening to the couple next door sing along to some indie song while making breakfast. She’s enjoying the soundtrack they’ve chosen to start their day when her hearing suddenly focuses in on a familiar heartbeat, far too close to her front door.


She realizes, in a moment of panic, that she and Alex were supposed to meet at Noonan’s for breakfast around 8. It’s 9.


“Crap, Alex!”


She superspeeds to put on a shirt and a pair of pants, picking up last night’s discarded clothing as she goes.


Just as she’s shoved everything into her laundry hamper, there’s a knock on the door.


“Hey! Alex! Good morning!”


The door is opened quickly, Alex staring at her with a look of worry and confusion.


“…Kara. What’s going on?”


“Pfffft, whaaat ? Nothing! Nothing’s going on!”


Alex gives her a weird look before pushing her way into the apartment, Kara closing the door behind her.


“Why didn’t you show up this morning?” she asks, setting a bag of food and two coffees onto the kitchen counter.


“Uhhh I overslept! Yep! Big assignment for Snapper— had me up working all night.”


“I know for a fact that’s a lie, because you told me last night before your dinner with Lena that you had already turned in an article and he didn’t have anything new for you yet. What’s really going on? Did someone do something? Are you hurt?” Alex grabs Kara’s face, checking her over for injuries, before Kara pushes her away.


“Okay, Kara, come on. What the hell —“


Before Alex can finish her question, the bathroom door opens. Oh, crap , she thinks. Lena . She sees it in slow motion. Lena comes out of the bathroom, still wearing nothing but Kara’s ratty old paint-covered t-shirt. Alex looks over, eyes widening. Lena hasn’t even seen her yet before she starts talking. God, she wishes Lena had seen her .


“Love, you have got to stop leaving marks on my neck, I can’t be wearing turtlenecks to work in the middle of July—“


And then their eyes meet.


The room is completely silent for a moment.


Alex and Lena share a deer-in-headlights expression, eyes locked, while Kara fidgets nervously behind Alex.


“So, um. I’m going to go get dressed,” Lena says, before practically running behind the curtain separating Kara’s bedroom from the rest of the apartment.


Alex clears her throat before turning back around to face Kara.


“So,” Kara lets out a nervous laugh, “Uh, that’s why I, um. That’s why I didn’t show up.”


Alex stares a moment.


“Okay, look, I know you didn’t really like Lena at first but she’s really great! And the only reason I kept this a secret from you is because she was worried you hated her and she didn’t want to drive a wedge between us and so we agreed to keep it a secret—“


“A secret ?” Alex huffs, amused. “Kara, we all knew. You two suck at secrets. I just wasn’t expecting to find her here half-naked at nine in the morning. God , you’re so dumb. Enjoy the sticky buns. I need to go bleach my eyes and my ears. Call me and tell me everything when you two are done being gross!”


And with that, she grabs her coffee and leaves.


Lena peeks her head out from behind the curtain.


“I mean, I don’t know about you, but that reaction was better than I could’ve hoped for.”


Kara laughs, releasing a breath, rolling her eyes, and walking towards her girlfriend.


“Rao, we really suck at secrets, huh?” she asks, wrapping her arms around Lena’s waist.


“I could think of worse things to be bad at.”


Smiling, Kara leans down, pressing a soft kiss to Lena’s lips.


“Yeah. Me too.”