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Higashikata Residence, October, 2 years later - Tired

'Okay, it’s no big deal, you’re just showing him how grateful you are for taking you in and getting the prosthetics to replace what Kira stole from you.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he looked at himself in the mirror and stared at the outfit that he was wearing - a sexy nurse’s outfit that he had found online and had purchased with the money he had made at his part-time job at a local cafe. As he ran his hands across the lingerie that he was wearing, his ears flexed as he listened for the sound of Josuke’s footsteps on the stairs and his tail twitched nervously. “No, I can’t…” Rohan said as he turned from the mirror, slightly disgusted and began to take off the lingerie, only to feel a pair of arms around his waist, spooking him slightly.

“Actually, I think you look great in it.” Josuke said as he held Rohan close to him and rested his chin on the hybrid’s shoulder. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I came home early to see you.” He added as he pulled away and turned Rohan around to see the front of the outfit and Rohan could tell that he liked it.

“Look, it’s not what you think, I just wanted to show my gratitude, that’s all.” Rohan replied as Josuke held his hand, marveling at the prosthetics that he now wore. “You saved me from an abusive home and gave me a new chance at life with the prosthetics. Plus, I’m able to do a lot more than I was able to when I was with Kira, with him, I was basically a slave, a prisoner. But here, I can leave the house whenever I want and I can even hold a part-time job, even though it would be better if two of the girls there didn’t flirt with every guy that came in.” He added as he turned his head, his ears flattening.

“I’ve noticed, plus I’ve also noticed that you’re doing a lot better since you came to live with us.” Josuke stated as they moved onto the bed and Josuke pulled him close for a kiss. “Besides, I’ve noticed that we both are developing feelings for one another, but if you want, I’ll wait until you’re ready.” He then said as he pulled back, only for Rohan to pull him close again.

“I’m ready and I want you to fuck me, or we could play a little game of ‘doctor.” Rohan stated as Josuke moved in close and began removing the lingerie to reveal a pair of pasties on his chest and gently took them off so that he could lavish attention on the hybrid’s nipples before gently placing a kiss on each of the surgery scars before moving lower to eat him out. “Oh god…” Rohan moaned as he felt Josuke’s tongue on his clit while the eighteen-year-old slid two fingers into his eager pussy before sitting up to undress and then he moved back up to kiss Rohan, reaching over to grab a condom as he did.

“Actually, you don’t need to worry about that, I’m…” Rohan began to say, but turned away in embarrassment at having to tell Josuke that he had his ovaries removed.

“Let me guess, fixed?” Josuke asked as Rohan nodded. 'I want to ask him if it was Kira’s doing or if he chose to do it willingly.' Josuke thought as he set the foil packet down and started fingering him again. “Look, don’t be embarrassed to tell me this, plus, you can always explain more about it later.” He added as his fingers brushed against a spot that made Rohan see stars and as he removed his fingers, he entered his new lover and as they made love for the first time, he gently nipped at Rohan’s neck, leaving a few love bites as he hit the hybrid’s G-spot with ease and as he came inside of him, Josuke reached down and stroked his clit to bring him to orgasm as well and afterwards, he collapsed on top of him before pulling out. After a moment, Josuke wrapped Rohan in a spare robe and after covering himself, carried him to the bathroom for a relaxing bath.

The bathroom - The Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown)

“That was amazing, better than how I imagined it would be.” Rohan said as Josuke helped him remove the prosthetics on his hands before helping him into the bathtub.

“I’m glad, by the way, I’m kinda curious about why you got fixed and I’m hoping that it wasn’t Kira’s decision.” Josuke replied as he helped Rohan into the tub and held him close to him.

“Actually, it wasn’t, it was mine, when I was nineteen, I had my ovaries removed as part of my surgical transition. Before that, I had painful heat cycles and the surgery corrected that along with the testosterone.” Rohan explained as he rested his head on Josuke’s chest as Josuke took his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his fingers just below the scars left behind by the forced declawing.

“Okay, I was just worried because I’ve heard about some owners sterilizing their hybrids by force or leaving them intact to breed them to death.” Josuke replied as he kissed Rohan on the forehead before washing him off and then as they finished their bath, Josuke helped Rohan out of the tub and dried him off before reattaching the prosthetics and getting them dressed again and carrying Rohan back to the bedroom.

The bedroom - Albatross

“By the way, I liked the outfit, maybe next time, we could play ‘doctor.” Josuke said as he held Rohan close to him that night as they drifted off to sleep.

“Hmm, maybe…” Rohan mused as he fell asleep with his head on Josuke’s chest, content that he had found someone who loved him dearly.


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Kishibe Residence, Morio kyū shigai (Old Town Morioh), 2 years later - Time Machine

'I can’t believe that it’s been two years since we got together and now we’re taking the next step…' Josuke Higashikata thought as he knelt on the floor at his soulmate’s feet. Two years ago, he had found that his destined soulmate was the reclusive artist Rohan Kishibe and the two had begun a relationship that culminated in Josuke moving in with Rohan following his graduation from high school that March. That April, he had begun classes at the local college to allow him to remain close to his soulmate and now, they were taking their relationship further. Just then, Josuke shuddered as the vibrator that was secured around his cock was turned up.

“You were lost in thought and losing focus, so I thought I’d bring you back to reality.” Rohan said as he moved the toe of one of his high heels up to touch the cock ring that was secured at the base of Josuke’s weeping erection before dragging it up his cock to the head and then he pressed down on the eighteen-year-old’s cock, pushing it toward his stomach, being careful of the sounding rod that was in his urethra. Within minutes, he heard Josuke whimpering through the ball gag that was in his mouth and attached to a harness along with a blindfold. “Good boy, now remember, just relax and let me take control.” He added as he lifted his foot off of Josuke’s cock and and allowed his younger lover to relax for a moment as he thought about what had prompted this.

Earlier that day - Masters of It All

“Ah, Josuke, welcome home. What’s wrong?” Rohan asked as Josuke walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table with a dejected look on his face. It was a look that Rohan knew all too well ever since Josuke began taking nursing classes - a patient had died while he was on shift. “Can you tell me about it?” He asked as he sat down next to Josuke and held him close.

“A little girl about six years old. She was brought in barely alive and died while on the operating table.” Josuke said as he broke down into sobs. “I need it tonight.” He then said as he rested his head on Rohan’s shoulder and Rohan knew what he meant - he needed a night where Rohan took control.

“Alright, we’ll have dinner and then go upstairs and get ready.” Rohan replied as he kissed Josuke on the forehead.

Present moment - In Death’s Hands

'And here we are...' The artist thought as he took a sip of wine and as he set the glass down, he stood up and adjusted the strap-on that he wore before moving behind Josuke and pushing him down to the floor before removing the plug that he had inserted into Josuke earlier and lubing up the dildo that was in the harness. As he entered his lover, he grabbed onto Josuke’s restrained forearms and pulled him up to place a kiss on the ball gag before pushing him back down to the floor. Soon, he felt Josuke getting close and turned up the vibrator again to hear him moan and whimper again and as he felt Josuke’s ass clenching around the dildo, he allowed him to ride it out before pulling out and taking off the strap-on and setting it aside to be cleaned later.

“Good boy, now then, let’s get this off so that you can use that mouth of yours on me.” Rohan said as he took off the harness and allowed Josuke to see the outfit that he was wearing - a black satin halter corset with red trim and lacing, black satin opera gloves, a black lace garter belt and black panties with a red bow, and black silk stockings with red patent leather platform heels.

“Thank you, master…” Josuke said as Rohan kissed him on the lips before moving to nip at his earlobe.

“What color are you?” Rohan asked as he reached down and took out the sounding rod.

“Y-yellow…” Josuke replied, trying to think while in his subspace and Rohan nodded as if he had expected that already.

“Alright, we’ll take a breather.” The artist replied as he held Josuke close to him, allowing him to rest for a moment as he ran his gloved hand up and down his back, comforting him. “Are you feeling better?” He asked as Josuke lifted his head up and kissed him.

“Yeah, green.” He replied as Rohan stood up and attached a leash to the collar that Josuke wore and led him to the bed. As he sat down, he spread his legs and pulled Josuke’s head close to his pussy.

“Use your teeth, my little puppy.” Rohan instructed and as Josuke did as he was told, he pulled them down his lover’s legs and then tossed them to the side before looking at his Master for permission to eat him out. “Go ahead.” He added and as Josuke began licking at him, Rohan rested his legs on Josuke’s shoulders and took off the gloves so that he could push Josuke’s head closer to him.

“Oh god...yes!!!” Rohan screamed as his orgasm hit him like a truck, drenching Josuke’s face with his juices. As he fell back on the bed to recover, he felt Josuke’s head on his leg. “Of course, I didn’t forget about you.” He added as he pulled Josuke onto the bed so that he could lay down while he removed the vibrator and began to suck him off.

“Yes…” Josuke moaned as Rohan removed the cock ring and allowed Josuke to cum in his mouth. After swallowing it all, Rohan moved up and removed the restraints around Josuke’s arms, massaging the muscles as he did. Afterwards, he helped him up and into the bathroom for some much-needed aftercare.

The bathroom - 10001110101

“Feel better?” Rohan asked as Josuke got into the bathtub while he finished undressing and joined him.

“Yeah, I do, thanks. To be honest, I hate seeing people die, especially kids who haven’t had a chance to live yet.” Josuke replied as he held his lover close to him and afterwards, they returned to the bedroom to cuddle as they fell asleep and as they did, Rohan smiled at the fact that he was able to help his lover.


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Kishibe Residence, July 23rd, 2001 - Spheres of Madness

“Wait, you want to try what?” Josuke Higashikata asked his lover as they sat in the kitchen that morning having breakfast.

“Simple, I want to try doing something new in the bedroom tonight. You always set the pace of things, so this time, I want to take over.” Rohan replied as he sipped his coffee. “I’m thinking about things like handcuffs, a blindfold, ice, and those beeswax candles I have that we used during the storm.” He added as Josuke focused on his breakfast.

“First of all, you can’t use beeswax candles for wax play, you have to use either soy wax candles or paraffin wax candles since they melt at a lower temperature. Since beeswax melts at a higher temperature, it’s unsafe because it can cause up to third degree burns and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to explain how we ended up in the hospital with strategically placed burns.” Josuke explained to Rohan’s surprise.

“How do you know this?” The artist asked, surprised by Josuke’s knowledge of temperature play.

“Google and Wikipedia are good friends of mine.” Josuke stated calmly. “But aside from that, I’m okay with wanting to try something new in the bedroom.” He added as he finished his breakfast and cleared the table.

“Good, then later, we’ll go and look for some different candles that we can use.” Rohan replied as he got up and headed upstairs to get dressed.

“Actually, I have some stuff at home, just get the rest of the stuff ready and I’ll be over next weekend to try this out.” Josuke stated as he joined his lover upstairs to get dressed and head home and the next weekend, he returned with his overnight bag filled with a soy wax candle, a bottle of massage oil, and a pair of handcuffs.

August 2nd - The Gangrenous Epitaph

“So just to be clear, you’re okay with this, right?” Rohan asked as he secured the handcuffs to Josuke’s wrists and set the key next to the bed.

“Yeah, I’m fine with this, but if something goes wrong, then I’ll say either ‘red’ or ‘turtles’ so that we can stop.” Josuke replied as Rohan blindfolded him and kissed him before pulling back.

“Alright, now let’s begin.” Rohan said as he rubbed Josuke’s chest down with the massage oil after he lit the candle. As he listened to Josuke’s moans of pleasure, Rohan smiled and then he reached over and picked up the candle and after checking the temperature on his wrist, he then poured it on to Josuke, enjoying the initial hisses of pain before hearing a satisfied moan. “Are you doing okay?” He asked as he set the candle down.

“Yeah, still green.” Josuke replied as Rohan nodded and reached for the candle again and began to pour from a lower distance than earlier. “Yellow...yellow…” He then said and Rohan put the candle back down on the nightstand and allowed Josuke to relax for a bit.

“Feeling better?” Rohan asked as he got up from the bed, hearing the shower curtain underneath him crackle at the movement. As he waited for Josuke to respond, he grabbed the strap-on harness and inserted the glass dildo that he had been keeping in a container of ice water into it.

“Yeah, better, green.” Josuke replied as Rohan nodded as he got back on the bed after securing the strap-on harness around his waist.

“Good, now this will be cold by the way, just wanted to warn you.” Rohan stated as he placed one of Josuke’s legs on his shoulders and prepared him for the dildo. As he slid in, he felt Josuke shiver beneath him and stopped.

“Keep going…” Josuke moaned and Rohan continued to enter him, waiting for a moment after bottoming out and then he began to move, angling his hips to hit Josuke’s prostate like a bullseye and drawing the sweetest moans from him. “Getting close…” Josuke then said as he leaned his head back and as he came, Rohan stroked him through his orgasm and afterwards, he removed the dildo and took off the harness, putting it in the bucket to clean later on. Then he released Josuke from the handcuffs and as he sat up, he then moved to allow Rohan to remove the shower curtain from the bed and toss it to the side.

“How was it?” Rohan asked as he blew out the candle and poured off the excess wax into the garbage can by the bed.

“Not bad, definitely different, I’m just glad that we’re able to talk this through before we do it.” Josuke replied as he took off the blindfold and set it on the nightstand.

“Would you like to do this again?” Rohan then asked as he watched Josuke go into the bathroom to run a bath for them.

“Sure, it’s definitely a good way to get rid of stress, and I love it when you take control. Now then, there’s one last thing that we have to do before we move to aftercare, you need to get yours.” Josuke stated as he came back in and pushed Rohan onto his back before moving to eat him out. As he came, he felt his juices squirting out and covering Josuke’s face before he collapsed on the bed and as Josuke picked him up and carried him to the bathroom to clean up, he rested his head on Josuke’s shoulder and as they fell asleep, Rohan decided to add that to their repertoire.


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The Crazy Diamond, the night after Rohan’s visit to Reimi’s grave - Are You Experienced?

“Finally, we’re back home and now I can relax.” Rohan Kishibe said as he and his partner Josuke Higashikata walked into the living room of the houseboat that they shared in Sausalito. As he settled down on the couch, Josuke walked over to the table with a package that arrived while they were out and opened it. “What’s that?” The artist asked as he looked over at his lover and saw a Blu-Ray in his hands.

“It’s a movie called The Pillow Book and it’s about a woman who composes a book using the bodies of her lovers. I’ve never seen it, but one of my coworkers at the med center said it was pretty good.” Josuke explained as he walked over to the couch with the movie and put it on. As they watched the movie, Josuke kept an eye on Rohan for any signs of discomfort, but instead, he seemed to be interested in something. After the movie finished, Josuke got up and turned it off and put the disc back in its case and set it aside. “So what did you think?” He asked as he sat back down on the couch and turned on the TV.

“Well, the movie itself was lousy, but I did get an idea from it - I want to write on your body.” Rohan replied as he moved closer to Josuke and began kissing him.

“Now that is something that we’ve never tried before, alright, I’m game. Let’s go to the bedroom and we’ll do it.” Josuke stated as he picked up his lover and carried him to their bedroom to try out his new idea.

The bedroom - Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun

“So what do you want me to do?” Josuke asked as he set Rohan down and he headed into his studio to get a canvas drop cloth and as he covered the bed with it, he looked back over at Josuke.

“Strip naked and lay down, I’ll get the body paint and be right back.” Rohan said as Josuke did as he was told as Rohan came back in with a dish of what appeared to be melted chocolate and a fine-tip paintbrush. “I found it online, it’s edible body paint.” He said as he set the dish down on the nightstand and moved Josuke onto his stomach so that he could begin painting on him.

“Smells nice, is that peppermint?” Josuke asked as he caught the scent of the body paint.

“Yeah, it's chocolate’re not allergic to it are you?” Rohan asked as he stopped painting for a moment.

“No, I’m not, but save some of it for me to use on you.” Josuke replied as Rohan smiled and continued to paint before finishing his design and reaching over for the camera to take a photo. “Why a photo?” The doctor asked as his lover set the camera down and then leaned over him to start licking off the chocolate, stopping at certain points to leave a few love bites on him.

“Simple, I want to recreate the design for my next exhibition at the de Young.” Rohan stated as he continued to lick the chocolate off of his lover, shifting his thighs as he felt the growing wetness in his underwear. “Roll over.” He then said as he got up and took off his clothes before going back to the bed to continue painting his lover, taking a photo after completing the new painting.

'Oh god, this feels amazing…' Josuke thought as he felt Rohan’s tongue gliding across his chest and down his abs to suck the remaining chocolate off of his hard dick. Just before he came, Rohan pulled off of him and Josuke then flipped him over onto his back. “My turn now.” He said as he began kissing and nipping at his lover’s neck before moving to his chest and gently licking his nipples before placing a gentle kiss on each of the long-healed surgery scars from the double mastectomy that Rohan had when he was eighteen as part of his transition from female to male.

“Let me warm some more of this up and then we’ll continue.” Josuke stated as he took the dish and got more body paint. When he returned, he found his lover finger fucking himself in anticipation. “Alright, let’s continue…” He added with a smirk as he took the same paintbrush and began painting on his lover, starting with simple flowers and vines on his chest and then he created a design that appeared to resemble a womb tattoo on his lower abdomen just above his shaved pussy.

“Oh god…” Rohan moaned as he felt each stroke of the brush on his skin and as Josuke finished, he grabbed the camera and took a photo of his lover before licking the chocolate off of him and then moving lower to eat him out. “Josuke...please...fuck me…” Rohan moaned as he pushed Josuke’s head closer to his pussy.

“Since you asked so nicely, I suppose I can oblige you.” Josuke replied as he pulled back, drawing a whimper from his lover at the loss of contact. As he grabbed a condom and put it on, he noticed the look from his lover. “I don’t want you getting an infection from any leftover body paint that might be on my dick.” He explained as he slid into his lover’s willing body and as they made love, Rohan began clawing at Josuke’s back, leaving red lines that bled a little bit in some spots and as they came, he felt him pulsing through the condom and afterwards, Josuke collapsed on top of him and rested a moment before pulling out and disposing of the condom. Then he picked Rohan up and carried him to the bathroom for a warm shower followed by a relaxing bath.

The bathroom - Witch Rider

“That was wonderful, and I got some new ideas for my next few paintings. So why the womb tattoo?” Rohan said as he and Josuke relaxed in the bathtub following their shower.

“I saw it online, printed it up and then I spent weeks learning how to draw it so that I could copy it onto you with the body paint. By the way, I found your little hiding spot a few weeks ago and figured you had a plan for it.” Josuke explained, getting a kiss from his lover in return. As they finished their bath, they got out and Josuke then dried them off and carried Rohan back to bed to sleep after removing the drop cloth and as he held him close, he was happy that they had found each other.


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Ryogara Retsugan, following the events of that night - Achilles’ Last Stand

'Can’t believe that I’m the one who has to come here to check on the abalone, at least they’ve been left alone...until now that is. Looks like some poachers have been through, better go check to see who’s at the bottom of the bay.' Josuke Higashikata thought to himself as he examined the tracks left on the beach by two unknown poachers. As he got into the rowboat and headed out into the bay, the twenty-three-year-old police officer shone his flashlight down into the water to see no corpses and only the octopi eating the abalone. “What drove them to do that?” Josuke asked himself as he spotted a familiar diving suit on the bottom and hauled it up using the fishing pole he brought with him. “I knew it...Rohan…” He stated as he saw the pen nibs on the outfit and called his lover at home, only to get the answering machine.

'Time to go home and teach him a lesson…' Josuke thought as he rowed back to the shore and then headed back to Rohan’s house to teach his lover a well-deserved lesson. As he got back into town, he stopped at the station to clock out for the night and once in the locker room, he grabbed a duffel bag that contained, among other things - a pair of handcuffs. Once he had his bag, he got changed and left the station and headed back to Rohan’s.

Rohan’s house - Seer

'Finally, I’m back home, now to make Josuke think that I’ve been in here all night working.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he headed upstairs to his room and got changed into an outfit that he hadn’t worn in a while - a long-sleeved purple button-down shirt, a long, green vest, and baggy white pants with a green headband - the same outfit he wore when he first met Josuke. As he headed into his studio and got set up to draw, he heard Josuke’s footsteps on the stairs. “Welcome home, baby.” Rohan said as Josuke walked into the studio and set the duffle bag down on the couch and opened it.

“Rohan, where were you tonight?” Josuke asked calmly as he took out the handcuffs and set them down on the side table while he took off his shirt.

“Here, why?” Rohan replied, suddenly getting nervous and breaking out in a cold sweat as he tried to think up another line to cover his involvement in the poaching.

“Because there were two people at Ryogara Retsugan tonight who were more than likely poaching abalone but for some reason, the octopi attacked them, allowing the poachers to escape with some. Now I found a very familiar diving suit there, it has pen nibs on it and when I called home, I got the answering machine. So level with me, where were you tonight? If you tell me the truth, I’ll go easy on you.” Josuke explained as he turned around and sat down on the arm of the chair as Rohan turned around to face him.

“Like I said, I was here and I lost that suit last year when we went to the beach. As for why I didn’t answer the phone, it’s because I was so focused on my work that I didn’t hear it ring.” Rohan replied as he kept himself calm so that Josuke would believe him.

“I knew it, you would never confess to an illegal act if it meant that you could use it for your manga.” Josuke stated as he grabbed the handcuffs and stalked over to where Rohan sat and dragged him out of his chair before he removed the vest and shirt from Rohan’s torso and tossed them on the couch. Then as he undid the pants and allowed them to drop to the floor, he saw that his lover’s underwear was still wet from his little excursion. “Forget to remove something?” He asked as he slid his finger under the embroidered waistband and snapped it, drawing a moan from his lover.

“Shut up! This is a punishment, not our usual fuck.” Josuke stated as he slapped Rohan on the cheek before pushing him down onto the desk and handcuffed his wrists behind his back. Then he grabbed Rohan by his forearms and dragged him into the bedroom and once in the room, Josuke sat down in the chair with Rohan draped across his lap. “Now then, I’ll give you one last chance to confess, I want to know who else was with you and why you were there.” He stated as he pulled down the briefs that his lover had customized himself and exposed his perfect ass.

“I refuse.” Rohan replied, not wanting to get Tonio in trouble with the law, or worse, deported.

“Alright, just remember, you brought this on yourself.” Josuke said as he raised his hand and in one swift motion, struck the artist’s ass, drawing a cry of pain from him and as he continued, he noticed that Rohan was trying to get closer to get himself off. “I told you that this is a punishment! Bad boys don’t deserve to cum.” He stated as he grabbed Rohan’s hair and pulled him up.

“I’m sorry, Master, please...forgive me…” Rohan begged as tears began to stream down his face.

“That’s better.” Josuke said with a devious smirk on his lips as he pushed his lover’s head down and continued with the spanking. Once he was done, he dragged his sobbing lover over to the bed and laid him down on it with his face down and ass up. “Now then, let’s continue.” He added as he undid his jeans and took them and his underwear off and tossed them on the floor before he grabbed the lube from the nightstand and prepared both him and his lover before entering him.

“God damn, you’re so tight, even though you’re moaning like a whore right now. You’re just my personal slut, aren’t you?” Josuke said as he fucked his lover hard, gripping his hips hard enough to form bruising.

“Yes, yes, I’m your whore, your slut, a sloppy greedy hole for you to fuck…” Rohan said as Josuke reached in front of him and began jacking him off and as he came, he felt Josuke coming inside of him and as he stilled his hips and collapsed on top of him. “Uh...Josuke?” The mangaka asked as Josuke sat up and pulled out of him, moving his handcuffed wrists to the front as he rolled him onto his back.
“Yeah babe, I know, let me get these off first.” Josuke replied as he got up and got the keys to the handcuffs from his bag and as he took them off, he set them off to the side and began to massage his lover’s arms. “Alright, now that I’ve got that done, let’s get you into the bathroom for some aftercare.” He said as he picked up his lover and carried him into the bathroom for a relaxing bath.

The bathroom - Ocean Deep

“So what happened tonight?” Josuke asked Rohan as they relaxed in the bathtub.

“Tonio has a girlfriend - Virginia - and his Stand Pearl Jam can’t heal her condition so he needed some abalone from Ryogara Retsugan to heal her. I went with him to help and we were attacked by the abalone so I used Heaven’s Door on the octopi and we were able to escape.” Rohan replied, finally telling Josuke the truth about that night. “By the way, what brought this on?” He asked, curious about why his lover had spanked him that night.

“Not sure, I guess it was because I wanted you to know that you were in trouble.” Josuke replied as they finished their bath and as they got out, he dried his lover off and then carried him back to the bedroom to cuddle and as they fell asleep, Josuke was happy to know that things had worked out for them.


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Kishibe residence following the incident at the Morioh Grand Hotel - I Miss That

'This has been a real fucked up least I called Izumi and told her that I’ll be on hiatus for four weeks while my hand heals up. Thing is now, I’m home alone and Josuke won’t be back for hours, time to have some stress relief.' Rohan Kishibe thought to himself as he walked into the bedroom that he and Josuke shared after one of the worst days of his life. As he headed over to the nightstand, he opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a vibrating dildo and some lube. With his toys in hand, Rohan laid down on the bed and using his good hand, removed his sweatpants.

“God damn, this is harder than it looks.” Rohan muttered to himself as he managed to get one leg out of his sweats and as he pulled it to his chest, he reached down and pulled the crotch of the workout suit to one side before applying the lube to the toy and using the excess on his fingers to stretch out his hole. 'How much longer before Josuke comes home? I could really use his help right now.' Rohan thought as he pulled out his fingers and turned on the toy and as he inserted the toy, he rested his injured hand on the bed, hoping that Josuke would only see him fucking himself with the dildo and not his injury.

“Oh, god…” Rohan moaned as he angled the toy to hit his prostate and as he did, his dick began to leak precum onto the suit he wore. Just then, a familiar voice drew his attention to the door.

“God damn babe, if I knew working out made you this horny, then I think I’ll join you at the gym next time.” Josuke said as he walked into the room to see his lover fucking himself and as he began to get undressed, he tossed his pants and underwear off to the side where his jacket laid and then he removed the tie that he wore and undid his shirt partway before going to the bed and removing the toy from his lover. “Let me lay down.” He commanded and Rohan moved to allow him to do so before he straddled Josuke’s head and laid down to start sucking him off.

“Good boy…” Josuke stated as he tugged on the crotch of Rohan’s workout suit and freed his weeping cock, causing him to shiver as the cold air hit it. As he gently ran his hands up and down his lover’s thighs, he slid two fingers into his lover’s ass and pressed down on his already sensitive prostate.

“Fuck!” Rohan screamed out as he felt Josuke’s tongue on his perineum providing external stimulation at the same time. “Josuke...please...fuck me…” The mangaka moaned as he started begging his lover for more than a sloppy finger-fuck.

“Since you asked so nicely, I suppose I can give you what you want. Then afterwards, I want you to tell me what the fuck happened to you today and why your right hand is in a cast.” Josuke replied as he moved his lover off of him and positioned the mangaka in front of him and as he entered him, he felt Rohan’s upper body collapse onto the bed with both hands stretched out in front of him. “Hand me the vibrator.” He added as Rohan did so with his uninjured hand and Josuke turned it to the highest setting before touching it to his perineum and having him hold it there while he fucked him.

“Oh...god…” Rohan moaned as Josuke fucked him and he felt the vibrations from the toy as well and as he came without even being touched by Josuke, he felt his legs giving out just before his police officer lover came inside of him. Afterwards, Josuke pulled out of him and rolled him over onto his back just before he ripped the workout suit at the crotch to get it off of him. “There’s a zipper in the back.” He finally said as Crazy Diamond manifested to fix the outfit before Josuke tossed it in the hamper followed by his shirt.

“Now you tell me that, at least I have a Stand that can fix things so it’s no problem.” Josuke replied as he picked up his debauched lover and carried him into the bathroom for a bath, making sure not to get the cast on his hand wet.

The bathroom - She Said

“So what happened to your hand?” Josuke asked as he held Rohan close to him while they relaxed in the bathtub.

“This guy at the gym, Youma Hashimoto, would challenge me to a ‘race’ on the treadmill and the one who grabbed the remote first was the winner. He thought that I had cheated last time and broke three of my fingers on my right hand.” Rohan began to explain, eventually telling Josuke which bones in his right hand were broken. “I’ve already called Izumi and told her that I’ll be out for four weeks while I recover and no, don’t summon Crazy Diamond to heal me, please.” He added as he looked back to see the look in Josuke’s eyes that he knew all too well - a look that said: “Let me heal you.”

“Did you at least go to the emergency room?” Josuke asked, remembering how after the incident with Cheap Trick, Rohan headed to a clinic in Morioh and had the doctor on call stitch up his back and explaining that he was attacked by a psychotic fan.

“Relax, I did, they examined my hand and put it in a splint and then I came home. Trust me, it’s hard to drive with one good hand.” Rohan replied as he leaned back against Josuke and closed his eyes while he felt his lover’s hands on him washing him off. Afterwards, they got out and Josuke carried Rohan back to the bedroom after drying them off.

The bedroom - Scud Attack

“So what do you plan to do now?” Josuke asked as they relaxed on the bed after their bath.

“Honestly I don’t know, it’s possible that Youma has become an avatar of the god Hermes and he might be gunning for me still. I think for now, I should at least lay low for these next four weeks, maybe head up to my grandmother’s inn for a while until my hand heals and then come home.” Rohan stated as he cuddled close to Josuke and tried to hide the fear in his eyes.

“Then let’s take a vacation, I’d like to go there too. Plus I do have some vacation time banked up so I can spend the next four weeks with you.” Josuke replied as he kissed Rohan on the forehead and as they fell asleep that evening, Josuke knew that they were going to enjoy their vacation.


Chapter Text

Room 105, No-Tell Motel, Seattle - The Fountain of Lamneth

'Finally, I’m away from him and back in the one place I never thought I’d be...Well, I hope he isn’t too hung up on the past or too bitter to come and talk to me.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he picked up the receiver of the phone in his room and dialed a familiar number that he hadn’t bothered to keep in his book for safety reasons. As he heard a familiar voice, he smiled to himself. “Hey Josuke, can you come to the No-Tell? I need to talk to you. Okay, see you in a few, bye.” The tattoo artist said as he hung up the phone and looked out the curtains for any sign of the person he was expecting or worse… However, a knock on the door soon made him jump and grab his pistol.

“Rohan? It’s me, Josuke. Can I come in?” Came a familiar voice that Rohan recognized as that of his ex-lover Josuke Higashikata and as he went to the door and allowed him in. As the twenty-four-year-old machinist walked in and sat down on the bed, Rohan looked out and saw an unfamiliar vehicle and someone that he didn’t recognize either. “Don’t panic, the car and the girl are gifts from my biological father. After you left, I was found by his family and taken in. They even got me the prosthetics that I’m wearing now.” He explained as he lifted one of the legs of his trousers to show a metal leg.

“What else did they replace?” Rohan asked as he sat down across from Josuke, not wanting to look him in the eye after what he had done two years ago.

“My right arm, and I’ve been wanting to ask you why you left me.” Josuke replied as he put his fingers under Rohan’s chin and raised his head to face him and it was then that he noticed the black eye. “You went back to him, didn’t you?” He asked, knowing full-well that Rohan had gone back to his ex-lover Yoshikage Kira in New Orleans, the same man that had groomed and abused him when Rohan was a child.

“I did, and it was fine for the first couple of weeks, then the abuse started back up. Thing is, this was worse than before I left the first time. As for why I left two years ago, it was because of the accident. I was in the waiting room since I wasn’t considered “family” and I heard the doctor say to the nurse that if you survived, you would end up a vegetable. I got scared at the prospect of having to see you in that state, if I got to see you at all, so I decided to leave and I went to the police station and turned myself in as a runaway demi from New Orleans.” Rohan explained as he curled up on the bed and turned away, still feeling ashamed for having left Josuke when he needed him.

“I had a feeling that was it, but I never said anything, and I did look for you for an entire year before being forced to resign myself to the fact that you were gone. I tried getting into another relationship, but none of the girls I dated had the same chemistry with me as you do. Now, all of a sudden, you come back to town and expect me to take you back after you ran back to your abuser with your tail between your legs?” Josuke asked, finally letting out his anger at Rohan’s departure.

“You’re right, I don’t deserve you! I only came back here because I need your help...Kira’s dead and I’m the suspect. But I understand if you don’t want to help me, I don’t even deserve that...I just deserve to die like the garbage that I am.” Rohan said as he began sobbing.

“You’re not garbage, I’ve told you that repeatedly, it’s just that I’m still angry and hurt at what you did. But I will help you with this and after we’re done, I’m going to take some time and think about whether or not I want you back in my life. If I decide not to take you back, then just leave and don’t try to find me the next time you’re in trouble, but if I do take you back, then you’re mine forever.” Josuke explained as he got undressed and moved onto the bed to join his ex. As they made love for the first time in two years, Rohan noticed that Josuke was being a little rougher with him than he was two years ago and it made the artist come hard. Afterwards, they talked and Rohan told him everything as they relaxed in the bathtub with Josuke’s prosthetics hanging off to the side, the metal glistening in the light of the gas lamps. Later that night, while Rohan slept, Josuke got dressed and left to talk to his nephew about Rohan’s situation and during the drive, he decided to allow his ex back into his life and the next day, Rohan was moved from his hiding spot to Josuke’s home, the same place where he had found him when Josuke was sixteen and Rohan was twenty.

The next day - Star Rider

“Alright, so I’ve decided to allow you back into my life and remember, you’re mine forever.” Josuke said to Rohan as they sat down in their room as Rohan got settled.

“I know, I’m tired of dealing with people like Kira, I want to recover from his abuse and stay with you. Believe me, I was wrong to leave you like that, but you have to realize that as a demi, I’m considered a slave.” Rohan explained as he finished unpacking and laid down on the bed next to Josuke.

“Not anymore, Shinobu Kawajiri confessed to Kira’s murder and you’ve been exonerated, plus my family was able to get you your freedom thanks to the six years that you spent here with me.” Josuke replied as he held his lover close to him and as they fell asleep together, Rohan felt safe in his lover’s arms again and this time, he knew he was finally free.


Chapter Text

Kittens Cabaret, Seattle - Try

'Well, this is wonderful, my lover wants me to meet him at a strip club. But why is it empty? Shouldn’t there be more people and dancers here?' Josuke Higashikata thought to himself as he sat down in front of the stage and as he pulled out his pack of Seven Stars Long Time Menthol 8 and his lighter and set them down before taking one out and lighting it. As he took a drag, the lights came up and then he saw his lover on stage, looking nervous at first before starting the routine that was the one from the video for the song Addict.

“God damn…” Josuke muttered as he watched his lover performing onstage, using the video to make it look like he had two extra arms and as it moved into the second part of the song, Rohan crawled down the catwalk to his lover.

“Enjoying the show?” The mangaka asked as he licked his lover’s neck, leaving a few love bites as he ran his hand up Josuke’s thigh to feel his growing bulge.

“Damn baby...I want to get you back to the hotel and fuck you until you can’t walk tomorrow. Or maybe I might just fuck you here…” Josuke replied as Rohan got back up and finished his routine and as the video ended, he headed backstage and got changed before meeting up with Josuke and as they headed back to the hotel, the twenty-eight-year-old was already planning what to do to his lover.

Room 326, Hotel 1000, LXR Hotels and Resorts - White Room

“Babe, I loved the show that you put on for me tonight, now get over here and let me fuck your brains out.” Josuke said as he sat down on the bed in the hotel room and pulled Rohan onto his lap before he pulled him into a passionate kiss.

“Not yet, I’m not done.” Rohan replied as he pulled away from Josuke and got up from the bed and walked over to the edge of the room and began slowly taking off each article of clothing slowly to reveal a set of lacy black lingerie that he was wearing under his clothes with the exception of the panties along with a beautiful pen nib piercing adorning his navel. As he made his way back to Josuke, he smirked as he felt his lover’s hands on him pulling him close to him.

“That’s it, I’ve had enough of you being a brat.” Josuke said as he picked up his lover and tossed him on the bed on his stomach and as he prepared him, he placed his hand on the back of his lover’s neck and as he entered him, he moved his foot and spread Rohan’s legs. “Better.” He added as he began fucking him, increasing the pressure of his hand on his lover’s neck as he did.

“Oh god…” Rohan moaned as he felt Josuke cutting off his oxygen and as he closed his eyes, he collapsed onto the bed. 'I could die happy…' Rohan thought as he reached that critical point where he would black out and tapped his hand on the blankets to let Josuke know to ease up on the pressure. As he did, Josuke leaned down and took the front strap of the garter belt in his teeth and gently tugged it back before letting it snap back against Rohan’s thigh, drawing a moan from him.

“Damn babe, you look so fucking hot right now…” Josuke said as he pulled out and flipped Rohan onto his back before slamming back into him and drawing a scream from his lover. “That’s right baby, scream for me.” He added as he pushed Rohan’s legs up to his chest, nearly bending him in half.

“You got me so hard earlier and I’ll bet you were getting off when you went backstage, you can be such a fucking tease, you know that right?” Josuke stated as he nipped at Rohan’s earlobe, drawing a whimper from the artist. As he came, Rohan leaned his head back while his eyes rolled back in his head just as he felt Josuke cumming inside of him and after a moment, Josuke pulled out and watched as his cum dribbled out of his lover before picking him up and carrying him into the bathroom for some needed aftercare.

The bathroom - Shoot Straight with a Crooked Gun

“Oh god, that was so intense...remind me again why you’re here?” Rohan asked as they relaxed in the bathtub.

“I got lonely and wanted to come see you here while you were busy at Emerald City Comic Con. By the way, what possessed you to come to the States? I thought you hated America and Americans because they don’t understand your work.” Josuke replied as he held his lover close to him.

“I finally settled on a publisher and Viz Media agreed to meet my demands, including no Americanization of the names. I saw the first English dub of Sailor Moon when it came out and I hated it. It was like they were trying to erase the characters’ identity.” Rohan explained and as he began his tirade, Josuke pulled him close and kissed him. “I hate it when you do that.” He added as he glared at Josuke for disrupting his tirade.

“And I love you too, tirades and all.” Josuke replied as he grabbed the washcloth and cleaned up his lover and himself before they got out of the tub and after drying off, he carried him back to the bedroom and watched TV while his lover fell asleep with his head on his chest. Soon, Josuke fell asleep as well, content in the knowledge that he was with Rohan again.


Chapter Text

Kishibe Residence, New Year’s Eve - High Drag, Hard Doin’

'Lovely, of all the things that we have to do before the New Year, house cleaning is the one thing I hate. At least we decided to divide up the work, he’s cleaning the attic while I’m cleaning the bedroom.' Josuke Higashikata thought as he began cleaning the bedroom that he and Rohan shared and as he moved to the closet, he found something - a video tape dated “10/10/1996.” “What the hell is this? Knowing Rohan, it’s probably a documentary on some artist.” Josuke mused as he pulled the tape out of the closet and walked over to the TV and put it in the VCR. As it started, the image of his lover came on the screen and as he watched, Josuke noticed that he was in an apartment in Tokyo and beside him were several sex toys and lube as well.

'What the...what is he doing?' Josuke thought as he watched Rohan pick up a bullet vibe and turn it on. Then he rubbed some lube on it before placing it against his tumid clit and his hips bucked from the pleasure. Then, as he continued to hold the vibe against his clit, he reached over and picked up a dildo and began fucking himself with it. “Wow…” Josuke muttered as he undid his jeans and began stroking his hard cock. Just then, a familiar voice caught him off guard.

“I see you found it, what am I going to do with you, you naughty boy?” Rohan said as he walked into the room, dropping articles of clothing along the way. As he reached the foot of the bed where Josuke sat, he straddled the teen’s lap and reached down to rub his erection against his swollen folds. “Lay down…” The twenty-one-year-old artist said to his seventeen-year-old lover and as Josuke did as he was told, Rohan moved up to straddle his face.

“Now eat me.” The artist commanded and as Josuke did as he was told, Rohan began to moan in ecstasy. “Good boy…” He said, causing Josuke to increase the pressure and as he came, he felt Josuke grabbing onto his thighs, steadying him as he rode out his orgasm. Moments later, Rohan collapsed onto the bed and Josuke moved on top of him. As they kissed, Rohan tasted his juices on his lover’s lips and decided to add to it as he rolled Josuke over onto his back. Shimmying down to his lover’s cock, he gave it an experimental lick before wrapping his lips around the head and as he heard Josuke moan, he then felt his hand on the back of his head pushing him down further.

“Choke on it…” Josuke said as he began fucking his soulmate’s mouth and just before he came he pulled Rohan off and moved him back onto his back. As he reached for the pack of condoms that was by the bed, Rohan stopped him. “What’s up?” He asked, curious as to why Rohan didn’t want him to use protection.

“Two things I need to tell you - one, I’m a virgin and two, I’m sterile. I had my ovaries removed when I was nineteen.” Rohan explained and as Josuke set the condom down, he looked at his lover and kissed him hard as he entered him. Once he was fully sheathed, he bottomed out and allowed Rohan to adjust to him before he started moving slowly, barely aware that the video was still playing in the background and he could hear his lover’s moans as he made himself cum several times.

“Harder, please...I’m not made of glass…” Rohan moaned as Josuke increased his pace and as he pounded into his lover, he felt himself getting close and as he came, he reached down and stroked Rohan’s clit to increase his orgasm. Afterwards, he pulled out and got undressed before picking Rohan up and carrying him to the bathroom to clean up.

“That was amazing...By the way, you seem to have some experience with sex, is there something that I should know?” Rohan asked as they relaxed in the bathtub and Josuke cleaned him off.

“Before we met, my friend Okuyasu and I had an arrangement - we’d meet at a prearranged location and fool around, mostly just blow jobs and hand jobs. In fact, this was my first time tonight too, to be honest, I was pretty scared about hurting you too.” Josuke explained, finally bringing that bit of his past to light as he held his lover close to him.

“Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt me, besides, I enjoyed it.” Rohan replied as he and Josuke finished their bath and as he got out, he dried off and sat down on a bench to administer his shot. “Josuke, can you help me?” He asked as Josuke got out of the tub and dried off.

“Yeah, sure, by the way, why did you make that tape?” Josuke replied as he prepared the shot and administered it in Rohan’s upper thigh.

“I needed money to get food and I heard that amateur porn paid well, so I made the tape. By the way, that was before I had top surgery, didn’t you notice?” Rohan explained as he saw the surprise on his lover’s face. Once he finished, Josuke disposed of the needle and went back into the bedroom and paused the video at a close up view of Rohan’s chest and it was then that he noticed the small breasts and the binder that was off in the corner.

'Wow...I never saw him like this before, still, he’s beautiful…' Josuke thought to himself as he turned off the tape and put it back in the closet. “So why did you hide it from me?” He asked as Rohan joined him in the bedroom to get dressed in a pair of sweats and an oversized t-shirt before they headed downstairs to watch Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

“I was ashamed of it and why I did it, even though it did give me enough money to buy some decent food instead of just rice. Plus, I don’t like looking at photos or videos of myself pre-transition.” Rohan replied as he cuddled up next to Josuke.

“Well, if you ask me, I think that you’re beautiful, then and now.” Josuke stated as he kissed Rohan on the forehead and as the clock struck midnight, he smiled at the realization that they were together forever.


Chapter Text

The backstreets of Libète ak Jistis, Patri - Can’t Feel My Face

“Find him! Don’t let that Omega whore escape!” The Alpha shouted as his pack followed the scent of the unmated Omega through the backstreets of Libète ak Jistis. As they drew closer, the Omega turned down an alleyway, only to find it was a dead end.

'Fuck! Okay, guess I have to fight it out…' The Omega thought as he turned to face his attackers and as they stalked toward him, he reached behind him and drew a switchblade knife.

“Guess this whore wants to fight...Remind him of his place!” The leader shouted as the others attacked the Omega, stripping his clothes off of him and forcing him down to the ground.

“No! Stop! Get off of me!” The Omega shouted as the pack raped him, his cries falling on deaf ears as others passed by, not bothering to help him. As they finished, the Alphas cleaned themselves off and left the Omega in the alleyway, naked and covered in blood and semen. 'Why does this keep happening to me? It’s bad enough that I was born an Omega, but still that doesn’t mean that I have to be constantly attacked by Alphas whether I’m in heat or not.' The Omega thought to himself as he dragged his battered body behind several crates to try and hide from prying eyes. Just then, the sound of footsteps in the alleyway sent fear down the Omega’s spine and he backed up against the wall of the alleyway, bracing himself for another attack.

“Are you okay?” The unfamiliar Alpha asked as he knelt down in front of the Omega and as he reached out to touch him, the Omega flinched and drew back in fear. “I understand, you’re scared, but at least let me take you back to my family’s estate so that we can get you some help. Don’t worry, no one will hurt you, I promise.” He added as the Omega finally calmed down enough to allow him to help and as he stood up, the Alpha covered him with his coat to protect him from the rain that was starting to fall. Once inside the car, they headed to an estate outside of town and upon their arrival, the Alpha escorted him into a private den and had one of the servant dolls send for a doctor.

The Joestar pack estate - In Your Eyes

“It’ll be a while before the doctor gets here, by the way, I’m Josuke Higashikata and this is my family’s estate. Well, it’s my father’s estate, my mother was his mistress and she left me here before she and my grandfather died in a flash flood while traveling to their next show.” Josuke explained as he introduced himself to the Omega in an attempt to calm him. “What’s your name?” He asked, noticing that the Omega had to be at least four years older than him.

“I’m Rohan Kishibe, I’m an Omega from up north, in the town of Morioh. My parents thought that I was an Alpha when I was born, but when I went into heat instead of rut, they abandoned me to the state and five years later, I saw them walking down the street with an Alpha child that they had adopted. They walked right by me like I didn’t even exist, to them, I was just another homeless Omega. After that, I went into an Alpha’s territory and allowed his pack to use me like a living sex toy.” Rohan explained as a servant doll brought in clean clothes for after the examination.

“Is that who attacked you tonight?” Josuke asked, curious about his injuries.

“No, it wasn’t Kira and his pack, he had given me to the Highway Star pack as a gift for the night and something in me just said: ‘Enough! You’re not a whore, you’re a talented artist and you don’t deserve this life. You deserve better and you have every right to be free.’ So I ran and they chased me into the alleyway where they cornered me. I tried to fight back, but they overpowered me and raped me before leaving me alone to suffer there. I hope to God I’m not pregnant, if I am, I don’t care, I’d rather end my life than raise an Alpha’s bastard.” Rohan stated, unaware that his switchblade was in Josuke’s pocket and before the young Alpha could say anything, a woman walked into the room.

“Well I won’t know anything until I examine you. I’m Dr. Rica al-Qaffash, the pack doctor. Now then, do you want Josuke to stay here or leave?” Rica asked as she set her medical bag down and two dolls covered Rohan with a sheet in preparation for the exam.

“I trust him enough to let him stay here.” Rohan replied as Josuke sat down next to him and held his hand while Rica began the examination. As she finished, she informed them both of her findings.

“Good news, you’re not pregnant, looks like they got you when you weren’t in heat. But how have you not managed to bear a litter for so long?” Rica asked, her curiosity about Rohan growing.

“There’s a clinic in the red-light district that put birth control implants in me without my consent. Basically, Kira forced me to go on them so that I wouldn’t have pups, but I want to have them eventually.” Rohan replied as he turned away from Josuke to hide the blush on his cheeks.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to be embarrassed about it, I want to have pups too and I would love for you to be my mate. I don’t care about your past and if my family says anything about it, then we’ll leave and form our own pack.” Josuke stated as he held Rohan close to him and kissed him on the forehead. “But if you want to leave to find a better mate, then I’ll understand.” He added as Rohan laid there silently for a while.

“No, I’ll stay, this is the first time that I’ve actually felt safe in a pack’s territory.” Rohan replied as he rested his head on Josuke’s shoulder, the young Alpha’s scent calming him as he fell asleep. The next day, Josuke introduced Rohan to his pack and to his surprise, the twenty-year-old Omega was instantly accepted with no mention made of his past. Later that day, word came back that the Kira pack had been arrested on charges of cruelty to Omegas and Rohan’s things were brought to him at the Joestar estate. That night, he began going off the birth control that had been forced on him in preparation for when he and Josuke would finally mate.

Two years later - True Colors

'Finally, after two years of recovering, I’m ready for Josuke to claim me as his.' Rohan thought to himself as Josuke walked into their bedroom that night with lust clouding his sapphire eyes. As he kissed his bond-mate, his hands roamed all over his body and one went down between his legs, finding the wet pussy and as he began finger-fucking his mate, Rohan moaned in pleasure. “Please, Alpha...take me, make me yours…” The artist begged as Josuke smirked at him and got undressed before he gripped his hard cock and stroked it between his mate’s wet folds before entering him.

“Are you doing alright?” Josuke asked as he heard Rohan whimper in pain and stopped.

“I’m doing fine, you’re just big, that’s all, just go slow and I’ll be fine.” Rohan replied as Josuke nodded and as he pushed into him, he was surprised at how tight Rohan was and as he bottomed out, he held Rohan close to him to keep from giving into his desires and getting rough with him. “Go ahead, you can move now, I’m ready.” The artist said after a moment and as Josuke began moving, he hit the one spot that made Rohan’s vision go white.

“Again! Go harder, I can take it! Knot me, mark me, make me yours!” Rohan screamed out as he neared his orgasm and as they came together, Josuke sank his teeth into the scent gland on Rohan’s neck, claiming him as his mate as his knot swelled and locked him in place to ensure a successful conception. “Oh god…” Rohan moaned as they came down from their high together and Josuke nuzzled up to him, covering him with kisses.

“I know, that was the way, how long do your heats last?” Josuke replied as they cuddled together.

“About a week, why?” Rohan asked as Josuke finally pulled out and carried him to the bathroom to clean up.

“Because we’re not leaving this room until it’s over with.” The eighteen-year-old replied as they washed up and true to his words, they spent the entire week having sex and enjoying each other’s company. Two months later, it was confirmed that Rohan was carrying the couple’s first litter and seven months after that, he gave birth to twin girls - Reimi and Tomoko.

Epilogue - Lingerie

'It’s amazing how my life has gone - I went from being in hell to having a wonderful mate and two beautiful pups that I would give my life for.' Rohan thought as he finished nursing Reimi and set her down in the crib next to her sister and as he watched them sleep, he smiled before going back to the bed that he and his mate shared and settling into Josuke’s arms, happy that his life had turned for the better.


Chapter Text

Tadich Grill, San Francisco - First to Love

“I have to admit, when Reimi set me up with her coworker, I was skeptical at first, but this has turned out to be a very enjoyable date.” Rohan Kishibe said to his date as they ate their meals that evening.

“Agreed, and I never expected that a sweet, innocent girl like Reimi Sugimoto is friends with a professional Dominant who is pretty well known in the BDSM scene.” Josuke Higashikata replied as he took a bite of his lamb roast. “I bet you don’t get a lot of dates once people find out what you do for a living?” He asked, curious about the man that went by the name “Heaven’s Door” online and professionally.

“Not really, especially when some of them have been clients of mine, then it gets awkward. Especially when some of the most powerful people in the city are some of my best clients. Believe me, I could tell you stories, if you want to hear them.” Rohan replied with a devious smirk on his lips. “By the way, have you ever thought about getting into BDSM? I mean, as a form of stress relief? I’m not asking you to be my client, by the way, it’s just a habit.” He added as they finished their meals and Josuke paid the check before they headed back to his place in Sausalito for the night.

The Crazy Diamond, Sausalito - Frankenstein

“I can’t say that I have, I mean, I’ve tried everything for stress relief but nothing works and I’m strongly considering BDSM. Plus I can understand how you feel, I see a lot of sex workers at the Med Center, so I can understand you wanting to distance your professional and private lives.” Josuke replied as they reached his houseboat and went inside. “So how would we set this up? Would I work with you or someone else?” He asked as they sat down at the kitchen table.

“If you’d like, you can start with me and then I can hand you over to someone else once you’re trained or the other way around. But I wouldn’t mind if you want to stay with me exclusively and as for starting, when I interview a prospective client, I ask several questions and they also have to fill this out. I found it online and it really helps me out a lot.” Rohan explained as he handed Josuke a five-page questionnaire to show him. “But if you don’t want to do this, then I understand and we can keep our relationship as is for now.” He added as Josuke read through the questionnaire.

“Actually, I think it’s a good idea, this way your clients know what they’re getting into. Plus you can also use this to protect yourself as well, by the way, is it possible to ask for a private session?” Josuke replied as he got up to make some coffee for him and his date.

“Of course, a lot of my higher-end clients do that, by the way, I’ll understand if this is our last date, not a lot of people want to date me when they find out what my profession is along with something else.” Rohan explained as Josuke came back with two cups of coffee and handed him one.

“Yeah, Reimi told me about that and I don’t give a fuck about you being trans or a sex worker. I fell in love with a beautiful man today and I want to keep our relationship going.” Josuke stated as he sat back down at the table after getting the creamer for the coffee.

“Guess I’ll have to thank her for that later.” Rohan replied as he fixed his coffee to his liking while Josuke did the same and filled out the sheet. “Wow, you have a lot of ‘no’s’ on here.” He added as Josuke handed the sheet back to him.

“I guess I’m as vanilla as they come and Reimi said to call her tomorrow and thank her or it’s your ass.” Josuke replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Nothing wrong with that, besides, I like a vanilla guy.” Rohan replied with a laugh and as he placed the questionnaire back in his bag, he and Josuke headed into the living room to watch TV for a while before Rohan headed back to his apartment in Haight-Ashbury and once back there, he called Reimi and thanked her for setting him up with his new boyfriend.

Rohan’s apartment, Haight-Ashbury - It’s OK

“Hey, it’s me, listen, I just wanted to say thanks for setting us up. Yeah, he’s great and he doesn’t care about the fact that I’m trans and that I’m a sex worker. Plus, he may want me to do private sessions with him, which I would prefer doing with him to get him comfortable with this. Right, alright, I’ll talk to you soon, bye.” Rohan said as he ended the call with his adoptive sister and as he relaxed in bed that night, he thought about when he would next see Josuke again. The next day, Josuke talked to Reimi about his date.

UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center, the next day - Moonage Daydream

“So Rohan said that things went well, but I want to hear your side of things.” Reimi Sugimoto said to Josuke as they sat at the nurse’s station that morning waiting for the first patient of the day to come in.

“It went great, we spent the day at the Academy of Sciences and he helped me when I had a panic attack in the reptile exhibit. After that, we had lunch at the cafe and then we explored the park some more and after that, we headed to the Tadich for dinner and then back to my place to discuss me getting into BDSM in private.” Josuke replied as he drank his coffee and later that day, he and Rohan set up their second date and as he closed his phone, Josuke was happy that he found a new boyfriend and knew that they would be together for a while.


Chapter Text

Rohan’s studio, Kishibe Residence, December 1999 - Cowboy Song

'At last, I finally got it thanks to Josuke’s attractiveness. I swear, it must be a genetic trait, even Jotaro was attractive as well. But then again, I never really talked to him much except for when we found Kira, maybe if I had some more time to meet with him and get to know him, then maybe I would have been able to seduce him, even if it meant going against my principles.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he sat down at his desk and marveled at the portrait that he had painted of Josuke in preparation for a gallery showing over in S-City. He had started it back in October, nearly two months after the death of Kira and Reimi’s departure and after being (in his mind) forced to put up with Josuke’s insufferable good looks for that time, he had to finally admit that the sixteen-year-old was attractive.

'Then again, I probably shouldn’t tell him that I’m attracted to him or how many nights I spent in my room getting off to the fantasy of him in such lewd poses or where he’s bending me over my desk and splitting me in half with his cock.' Rohan continued to think as he stared at the painting and soon, he got up from his desk with his long coat trailing behind him as he stepped up on the cushion and ran his fingers over the painting’s lips. “Damn you, Higashikata...if only you weren’t four years younger than me, then I would show you what true passion is.” He said as he moved to kiss the painting’s lips, unaware that Josuke was standing in the door and had heard what he said.

'Wow, I guess that pompous ass really is attracted to me, I don’t know if I should tell him that I’ve been wanting him since June. Only thing is, he’s twenty and I’m sixteen, if we get caught, granted he’d be the one in trouble, not me, but still, I don’t want that to happen to him.' Josuke thought as he stood in the doorway watching Rohan nearly kissing his portrait. Then Josuke decided to move toward him as he was being pulled by an invisible force. However, the sound of his bag hitting the floor alerted Rohan to his presence. ‘So much for subtlety...’ Josuke thought as Rohan turned and faced him before getting down from the cushion.

“So…” The artist began to say as Josuke stalked toward him and pushed him against his desk and began kissing him. “Wait...we can’t do this...I’ll get in trouble…” Rohan stated as he put his hands on Josuke’s chest in a half-hearted attempt to push Josuke away and deny his feelings.

“Look, we both want this...I’m guessing that you’ve fantasized about me like I have about you, right?” Josuke replied and the blush on Rohan’s cheeks as he turned his head gave away the truth - he had. “Listen, I have an idea, I’ll keep on playing model for you and this way, we can keep our relationship a secret until I turn eighteen and then we can go public if you want, but for now, we’ll confine our dates to meeting with Koichi and the others and then I’ll come over when you text me.” He explained as he pushed the coat off of Rohan’s shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. It was then that he noticed that Rohan was wearing the same outfit he wore when Kira was killed, but with long rubber gloves that went up to his elbow.

“Are you into kinky sex?” Josuke asked, curious about the gloves as he gently touched them, drawing a moan from the artist.

“N-no, I put them on to keep the paint off of my sleeves and skin.” Rohan replied as Josuke knelt down and undid his pants before pulling them down with his underwear. He then moaned as Josuke took his dick into his mouth and looked up at him with his sapphire eyes darkened by lust. As if on instinct, Rohan grabbed his hair and began moving his hips to fuck the teen’s mouth. “Oh’re so good…” He added as he released Josuke’s head and the teen pulled off and moved lower, sucking on his balls first before licking across his perineum and turning the twenty-year-old around so that he could eat him out, drawing more moans as he did.

“P-please Jojo...fuck me…” Rohan moaned out, his composure broken by the teen’s oral skills.

“If you insist…” Josuke replied as he undid his jacket and threw it on the floor before undoing his pants and belt and pulling his hard cock out of his underwear. He then slicked himself up with his pre-cum before entering the artist and as he fucked him, he leaned over Rohan and grabbed his cock and stroked him in time with his thrusts. As they came, Josuke bit Rohan on his neck, leaving a very noticeable love bite on him.

“You brat, now everyone is going to get suspicious.” Rohan replied as Josuke pulled out and he stayed against his desk as Josuke fixed his clothes and then he picked him up and carried him to Rohan’s bedroom to clean him up. “Why are you doing this?” He asked as Josuke undressed him and then took off his own clothes.

Rohan’s bedroom - Hellraiser

“I don’t know, it’s part of who I am, I guess. I’ve always had a gentle heart, the only time I’ve ever wanted to beat someone up is when they attack people I care about - my friends, my mom…” Josuke replied as he carried Rohan into the bathroom and as they cleaned up, Rohan finally allowed himself to relax in Josuke’s arms and afterwards, they dried off and returned to the bedroom to sleep, happy that they had allowed their feelings for each other to take the lead.


Chapter Text

Higashikata-Kishibe apartment, Haight-Ashbury, October 13th, 1966 - Supernaut

“Josuke, remind me again why I took such a demeaning job like this.” Rohan Kishibe said to their boyfriend Josuke Higashikata as they looked at themselves in the mirror of their bathroom that afternoon as they got ready for their job at the Playboy Club that night.

“Because we’re both starving and your damned pride won’t let us get food stamps. Plus we both know that you don’t want to crawl back home to your parents and prove that they were right about you not being able to survive on your own for a year.” Josuke replied as he walked into the bathroom and placed his arms around Rohan’s waist. “You know, you look really sexy in this...maybe one night we could do some role playing or I could get a membership and visit you at work.” He added as he moved close to his lover’s neck with the intent of leaving a love bite on them.

“Stop right there, you know that if I go in with a hickey, the Bunny Mother will have my ass. Besides, this is all part of a bet that I have with my parents - if I can last on my own without their help, then they’ll admit that I’m trans and release my inheritance so that I can go to Europe and get the surgery I need. By the way, did you forget that I’m not the only one who comes from money, you do too.” Rohan replied as they pushed Josuke away and reminded him of who he was - the illegitimate son of Joseph Joestar.

“I know, but I’m also not wanting to rely on my dad for support, not only that, but remember, I was let go from my job due to cutbacks.” Josuke replied as he held his lover close to him.

“So you definitely can’t afford the twenty-five dollar yearly fee and if you do join, we’d have to break up. I can’t date members, guests, or coworkers, remember? That’s why you didn’t get the job as a bartender there, because of that rule.” They replied as they reminded Josuke of the handbook that they brought home after getting hired at the club. “Now I’ll see you when I get back, I love you.” They added as they finished getting ready and left for work while Josuke took care of things at home. However, when Rohan didn’t return home right away, Josuke began to worry until he got a call from his friend Koichi Hirose who told him that Rohan had been raped by a keyholder that they had repeatedly reminded that they were not allowed to date members.

“Where are they at? Saint Andrew’s, got it, yeah, I’m on my way.” Josuke said as he hung up the phone and headed to the hospital to see his lover. Once there, he went into the room where Rohan was and saw that the Bunny Mother from their job was there too.

Room 325, Saint Andrew’s Hospital - TB Sheets

'Uh oh, we’re fucked…' Josuke thought as he walked in and sat down next to Rohan and held their hand. “Before you say anything, I don’t work for the club, I’m not a member and I’ve never been there before.” Josuke said as he glared at the woman.

“It’s alright, I figured that you were their boyfriend, they told me about that in confidence when I brought them here.” The Bunny Mother replied as she got her things together to leave.

“What’s going to happen to the guy that raped them?” Josuke asked, relieved that the woman had used the right pronouns to describe Rohan.

“The keyholder will have his membership revoked and be banned for life since he violated the ‘look but don’t touch’ rule and this isn’t the first time he’s done this. We’ve repeatedly had to remind him that the Bunnies are not prostitutes and this is the last straw. From this day forward, Mr. Kira is no longer welcome at the Playboy Club.” The Bunny Mother replied as she headed to the door. “By the way, I would recommend that they quit working for us, I’ve had too many employees raped by members. However, if they want to stay on, then I’ll allow them a leave of absence with pay, after all, they’re the best Bunny I’ve trained and I would hate to lose them.” She added as she left the room, leaving them alone. Once she was gone, Rohan woke up and looked over to see Josuke and smiled at him.

“Hey…” They said as Josuke stroked their hand with his thumb. “Look, Jojo, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen.” They added as they began to sit up with Josuke helping them.

“It’s okay, I know you’re not at fault, besides, your boss said that Kira has been banned for life from the club. Also she has suggested that you quit, but if you want to stay on then she’ll give you a leave of absence with pay.” Josuke replied as he kissed his lover on the forehead.

“I’m going to quit, I can’t take it anymore, besides, I recommended you for the bartender job again and this time, I want you to take it.” Rohan replied as they held Josuke’s hand as Koichi came in and talked to them before leaving with their statement. The next day, Yoshikage Kira was arrested on charges of rape and Rohan quit their job at the club while Josuke started his new job there as a bartender. The following month, Rohan’s parents admitted that they were indeed trans and had won the bet which finally allowed them access to their inheritance and the means for the couple to move to Copenhagen for Rohan’s surgery.

The Heaven’s Door, Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark, December 25th - Slow Death

“How are you feeling?” Josuke asked Rohan as he changed his bandages that afternoon to see that the scars from the double mastectomy were healing nicely.

“Better now that I’ve gotten those things off of my chest. Plus having gone on testosterone last month, I’m feeling like I’ve got a new lease on life. Besides, I’m glad that you’re with me, I don’t think I could have made it without you.” Rohan replied as he and Josuke shared a kiss.

“I’ll always be by your side until the day I die.” Josuke replied as he held his boyfriend close to him. “My only regret is that we didn’t get to fuck with you wearing your Bunny outfit.” He added as he changed the bandages on his lover’s chest and after that was done, they cuddled on the couch watching a Danish-dubbed version of F Troop. That night, as they fell asleep, they were both grateful that they were there for each other, their time in San Francisco now a distant memory. However, Rohan had a surprise planned for his lover for their third anniversary two years after they moved to Copenhagen.

September 25th, 1968 - Dream On

“So what’s this surprise that you have for me?” Josuke asked as he sat down on the bed that evening after dinner while Rohan was in the bathroom changing.

“It’s something that I had made for me in London when we went there to meet your family at the old Joestar estate. It’s a replica of my old Bunny outfit that I wore back in San Francisco.” Rohan replied as he came out wearing a black bodysuit with a fluffy white tail in the back, cuffs, a collar, and bunny ears. “What do you think?” He asked as Josuke pulled him toward the bed and began kissing him passionately.

“Do I get to violate the ‘look but don’t touch’ rule now?” Josuke asked as he reached between Rohan’s legs and undid the snaps that held the bodysuit closed to allow him access to his lover’s pussy.

“Go for it.” Rohan replied with a smile as Josuke moved lower and ate him out before pulling away to kiss him and as he entered him, he pulled his lover into a sitting position. “Oh god, harder…” Rohan moaned as Josuke fucked him for the first time in two years and as they came together, they kissed before collapsing on the bed. After a moment, Josuke pulled out and removed the outfit before cleaning his lover up and as he held him close, he was happy that Rohan had finally indulged his fantasy of fucking him in a bunny outfit.


Chapter Text

Kishibe Residence, February 2005 - Living in a Dream

'This has been the worst day of my life! First a call from Izumi about the new chapter and now my parents want me to come and visit them in Tokyo. I need a shower and three days of sleep…' Rohan Kishibe thought as he walked into his house and headed upstairs to his bathroom to take a shower, removing articles of clothing as he did - a grey sweater with a white turtleneck underneath and a pair of white pants. His knee-high boots had been removed and left by the door when he came in, next to a familiar pair of shoes. As he walked into the bedroom, he was down to his Versace thong, similar to the one he wore when Josuke showed up to play cee-lo back in 1999 and when he walked into the bathroom to finish stripping, he saw someone familiar in the shower.

“What are you doing here?” Rohan asked as Josuke opened the curtain and smiled at him.

“I live here, remember? Besides, I’ve had a shit day, some two-bit criminal decided to pull a knife on me, luckily he only grazed me, still, it was enough for him to earn a free beat down. Then I get home and I find two of my coworkers talking to the neighbors and making sure that I’m not causing trouble or having issues with you. So how was your day?” Josuke explained as Rohan got into the shower with him and pushed him up against the wall.

“Later, I’m in a bad mood and I need something more than retail therapy.” The mangaka replied as he dropped to his knees and began sucking his lover off, drawing moans from his twenty-two-year-old lover. As he took Josuke’s dick into his mouth, Rohan reached down to jack off, but was stopped by Josuke.

“Don’t.” Was all the cop had to say as he put his hand on his lover’s head and began fucking his mouth and as he was about to cum, he pushed the artist back and then stood him up. “Turn and face the wall spread-eagle.” Josuke added as Rohan did as he was told and then he felt Josuke’s fingers inside of him, spreading him open in preparation for what was to come.

“Please, sir...fuck me, use me like the whore I am…” Rohan begged as Josuke grabbed his left leg and raised it up to allow him access to his hole. As the cop entered him, Rohan slid his hand on to the back of Josuke’s neck and ran his fingers through his long hair as his lover reached in front and gently tugged on the navel piercing that he had. “Jojo…” The artist moaned as he leaned his head back and kissed his lover as Josuke bottomed out and stilled his hips for a moment, allowing them to ease up a bit.

“I love you too babe, now shut that whore mouth of yours.” Josuke replied, his response telling Rohan that they were back in the role play and as he began moving, his hips slammed into his lover’s at a punishing rate and drawing moans from the twenty-six-year-old. “God damn, you are so fucking tight as always for me. Maybe I should make you wear a plug next time so that your tight hole is always ready for me to fuck. Would you like that?” He asked as he bit down on Rohan’s shoulder.

“Yes sir, I would…” Rohan moaned out and as he neared his climax, he felt Josuke reaching in front of him to jack him off and as he came, he felt his hole clenching around Josuke’s cock and soon, his lover came inside of him. Afterwards, they collapsed against the wall of the shower before Josuke pulled out and Rohan sank to the floor. As he looked up at his lover, he then took Josuke’s softening cock into his mouth again and sucked him clean before moving up to kiss him, passing the cum into his mouth as he did.

“You brat…” Josuke replied as he smiled at his lover and held him close to him as they sank down to the floor and cuddled in the afterglow of their lovemaking. “Now do you want to tell me about your day?” He then asked, knowing that something was eating at his lover still.

“Izumi called and chewed me out for an hour on the phone about the new chapter, saying that there’s some imagery that needs to be changed because an online group of Muslim protestors launched a complaint. So for the next year, I have to go back and redraw everything and change it. I don’t get it, why can’t I draw the scene how it should be? Then my parents called and they want me to visit them in Tokyo, this’ll be the first time I’ve seen them since my grandmother’s funeral.” Rohan explained as Josuke washed him off and held him close for a while before turning off the water and carrying him out of the shower.

“So what happened after that?” Josuke then asked, unsure of how to explain things to his lover as he dried him off and carried him back into the bedroom to get dressed.

“I was so upset that I got in the car and drove to S-City for some retail therapy, after that I came home and stripped down as I came upstairs to get a shower.” Rohan stated as he threw on a t-shirt and sweats and sat down on the bed as Josuke got dressed. Afterwards, they headed downstairs and headed into the kitchen. “Please tell me you arrested the guy that stabbed you.” He then said as Josuke called Tonio and placed a delivery order.

“Relax, I did, and besides, it was just a scratch, nothing too serious.” Josuke replied as they headed into the living room and as Okuyasu arrived with their order, Josuke headed to the door and got the food. As they ate, Josuke found something on TV and later on, they cuddled together before falling asleep on the couch, content that things were calmer now.


Chapter Text

Dougo Onsen, Matsuyama, December 2008 - Love Me

'Good, I made it up here without any issues, now to get things ready, including the bait.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he walked into the room that he had reserved for him and Josuke that afternoon and upon closing the door, he pulled several items out of his bag, including a set of lingerie. As he put it on, he reveled in the feeling of the lace and satin on his skin and then he covered himself with the yukata before pulling out his phone and texting Josuke at the Meguro branch of the Speedwagon Foundation.

Speedwagon Foundation (Meguro Branch), Tokyo - Shake, Rattle and Roll

'God this is so boring...why the fuck did Jotaro insist that I come here? I can understand Koichi being here, but why me? Oh, right...I’m the son of the FAMOUS Joseph Joestar, I HAVE to be here because I’m EXPECTED to follow in his footsteps. Why the fuck is my phone buzzing?' Josuke Higashikata thought as he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone and as he checked his messages, he found one from Rohan, his lover.

RK: How’s the meeting?

JH: Boring AF, I rlly want 2 b w/u rn...I wanna feel ur mouth sucking my dick while I eat u out before I fuck ur cute little ass.

RK: Sounds interesting…

JH: So what are u wearing?

RK: a yukata...I’m at the onsen that we talked about going to in Matsuyama. After that message, Josuke’s phone buzzed again with a photo of his lover in the yukata. However, the way Rohan was posing made it seem like there was something more under there.

JH: Damn babe...u look so fucking sexy rn...what else are you hiding?

RK: Get over here and find out. Text me when you get here.

JH: On it. Josuke replied as he looked up to see that the meeting was over and without even saying a word to Jotaro or Koichi, he grabbed his bag and headed out to the 1981 Honda CM400 Hondamatic bike that Rohan had given him for his birthday and customized to look like the one from Purple Rain with a few additions. As he took off, he hoped that this would lead to something interesting. Ten hours later, he arrived in Matsuyama and the onsen that his lover was at.

Dougo Onsen, Matsuyama - Peggy Sue

JH: I’m here, what room?

RK: Kami-no-Yu first floor, the receptionist knows the room number. Was the reply that Josuke got as he walked in and as he talked to the receptionist, he got the room number and headed over to where his lover was. Once at the room, he slid open the door to find Rohan relaxing on the futon with his sketchpad in hand. “You’re late.” The artist said as Josuke collapsed on the tatami mats and crawled over to his lover after closing the door to their room.

“It takes ten hours to get here, you ass. Now let me see what you’re hiding under that yukata.” Josuke replied as he pushed Rohan onto the futon and opened his yukata to find the lacy lingerie that he was hiding underneath. “God damn babe...this makes sitting through that boring meeting and then spending ten hours in traffic worth it.” He stated as he smirked at his lover with a feral grin that told Rohan that he was in for a night of passion.

“Then how about we try something new?” Rohan asked as he put his phone on a tripod that he brought with him and started recording. “I want to film us fucking so that we can remember our time here.” He added as he slowly peeled off the yukata and revealed the green sequin lace bodycage that he was wearing.

'He’s gonna put me in an early grave…' Josuke thought as he got undressed and laid down on the futon as Rohan straddled his head and as he took his lover’s cock into his mouth, the artist felt Josuke’s tongue swiping across his tight hole. “Damn baby, you’re so good with that mouth of yours…” Josuke said as he began rimming his lover’s tight ass.

“Oh god, yes! Right there…” Rohan moaned as he felt Josuke’s fingers inside of him, stretching him open and as they brushed against his prostate. “Please...stop teasing and fuck me now…” Rohan begged as Josuke got him close to orgasm and then backed off.

“Since you asked so nicely…” Josuke replied as he moved Rohan off of him and moved him onto his back as he entered him. “Always so tight for me…” He added as he kissed his lover and as he moved, he put his lover’s legs on his shoulders so that he could easily hit his lover’s prostate and as he got close to his orgasm, he reached in front and stroked Rohan’s cock to make him cum and as he did, Josuke felt his own orgasm hitting him like a truck. Afterwards, he pulled out and as he sat up, he took Rohan’s phone and held it over him.

“Look at you, you’re such a fucking slut, you know that right? Laying there with my cum leaking out of you, such a pretty whore and I’m glad you’re mine.” Josuke said as he looked at Rohan’s tear-stained face before he stopped the recording and placed the phone in his backpack as he grabbed his and took some photos of his debauched lover. “There, now I have something to look at the next time I have to sit through another boring meeting. By the way, what made you pick this place?” He said as he put his phone back and pulled his lover close to him for some post-sex cuddles.

“Simple, it’s the onsen that inspired Yubaba’s bathhouse in Spirited Away and also it’s tattoo-friendly so that you don’t have to worry about your birthmark in case someone mistakes it for a tattoo.” Rohan replied as Josuke reached over and pulled the aftercare kit out of Rohan’s bag and began cleaning him up. As he did, Crazy Diamond manifested and began healing the bruises on Rohan’s skin before Josuke removed the bodycage and as Rohan put his yukata back on, Josuke went and grabbed the other and noticed that it was a bit larger than his lover’s. Once they were dressed, they headed for the bath, being cautious about showing affection in a public place but once they were back in the room, they cuddled together and as they fell asleep, Josuke smiled at how inventive his lover was and knew that he would enjoy their vacation.


Chapter Text

Rohan’s studio, Kishibe residence, December 1999 - Can’t Hardly Stand It

'I can’t believe that it’s been six months since Kira died and things have gone back to somewhat normal here. Still, there is the matter of Higashikata’s blatant cheating during the cee-lo game that we had. While I have come to realize that the fire was my own fault, there is the matter of my wounded ego and he needs to pay up for that. But how?' Rohan Kishibe thought to himself as he sat at his desk, trying to figure out a fitting punishment for the teen after what had happened over the summer. After a while, he came up with a plan and texted Josuke.

Higashikata Residence - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

'Who’s texting me?' Josuke thought as he picked up his phone and saw a message from Rohan.

RK: Higashikata, I want you to come over here tomorrow.

JH: Why?

RK: Because I want to talk, that’s all.

JH: No offense, but I know that you’re still hung up on the cee-lo game, so I don’t trust you when you say that you want to talk.

RK: Alright, yes, I’m still mad about that. I’ll admit that the fire was my fault, but I’m still upset at how you managed to wound my ego and for that you need to be punished.

JH: See how easy it is to be honest? Alright, I’ll come over tomorrow and we can discuss my punishment. But if things get too dangerous, then I have every right to say “no” and offer another option, understand?

RK: I understand, see you tomorrow. Came the final reply from the mangaka and as Josuke closed his phone, he was unaware of what was going to happen the next day.

Kishibe Residence, the next day - Evil Hoodoo

“Ah, Higashikata, you’re here, good. Now then, sit down and let’s discuss things.” Rohan said as Josuke walked into the living room and sat down across from Rohan. “Tell me, have you ever heard of BDSM?” The mangaka asked as he glared at Josuke.

“Kind of, I’m more of a pure love type of guy.” Josuke replied, admitting his sexual ignorance and innocence to the mangaka.

'All too easy…' Rohan thought as he smirked at the teen. “Understandable, now then, what I’m proposing is called petplay, in which you will be relegated to the role of a dog. Now you have the opportunity to say no, but if you do agree, then for the next month, you’re my pet. So what do you say?” He asked as he set down a document that stated that Josuke gave his consent to being Rohan’s pet for a month.

“Alright, I’ll consent to this, after all, I want to work off that two hundred million yen from the game. So when do we start?” Josuke replied as he signed the document and handed it back to Rohan.

“It’ll start when I text you, until then, enjoy your time as a stray, but not a word to anyone, this could have repercussions for me, being an adult.” Rohan replied as he took the document and as Josuke left, the mangaka began getting things ready for him. Then, as Budogaoka High School let out for the summer, Rohan sent Josuke a text.

July 26th, 2000 - Don’t You Just Know It

RK: Come over here, everything will be waiting for you in the foyer.

JH: Yes Master, I’ll be there in a few minutes.

RK: Very good, addressing me as “Master,” have you told anybody?

JH: No Master, nobody, not even my mother or Koichi-kun.

RK: Perfect, I’ll be waiting for you. Was the final message from Rohan and as Josuke closed his phone, he thought back to what had happened prior to this. 'He started having me come over for training sessions and I think I may have a praise kink.' Josuke thought as he arrived at Rohan’s house and put on the collar that Rohan gave him that read “Mutt.” After making sure that no one was walking by, he dropped to his hands and knees and knocked on it using a scratching motion.

Kishibe residence - Going Underground

“Good boy, now come in before someone sees you. Were you followed?” Rohan asked as Josuke entered the house on all fours and sat seiza-style on the floor while Rohan closed the door.

“No Master, I wasn’t.” Josuke replied, earning a slap in the face from Rohan.

“Bad dog, you know better than to speak without being told to, but since you did call me Master, I’ll be somewhat lenient on you.” Rohan replied as he picked up a hood that resembled a dog’s head. “Now strip.” He ordered and as Josuke did what he was told, he put a pair of mitts on the teen’s hands before Josuke got back into position and Rohan placed the hood on his head. The final touch was a male chastity belt that had an anal plug attached to it and a tail.

‘Perfect.’ Rohan thought as he put the leash on Josuke and led him upstairs to the “training room.” “I think that you need to be reminded of what happens to a puppy when he acts out of turn.” The mangaka said as he took the belt off of Josuke and placed a cock ring on his dick. Then he put Josuke into a kennel and positioned the bars to keep his head down and ass up before inserting a vibrating dildo. “Now then, you’ll stay in time out until I decide you’ve been punished enough.” He added as he went back to work, with Josuke’s whimpers of agony sounding like a symphony to him.

“There, done. Now to check on Josuke…” Rohan said to himself as he got up and went to check on Josuke. As he entered the training room, he found Josuke still in the same position that he left him in, but with his eyes glazed over from receiving immense pleasure but unable to find release. As he walked behind him and removed the dildo, he heard a whimper of relief from the teen. “Alright, you’ve been punished enough.” He said as he undid the restraints and let Josuke out of the kennel. As the teen walked out, he sat seiza-style as Rohan removed the muzzle part of the hood.

“How are you feeling?” The mangaka asked the teen, making sure that he was doing okay.

“Yellow.” Was all Josuke could say, the only word that came into his mind.

“Alright, we’re going to take a breather so that you can come out of subspace for a while.” Rohan said as he removed the cock ring from Josuke, allowing him to cum. “What’s wrong?” He asked as Josuke looked at him as if he was having trouble understanding things.

“Why?” Josuke asked, not understanding what Rohan had been saying as the mangaka handed him a glass of water and he took a drink before handing it back to Rohan.

“It’s a part of BDSM, the Dom has to make sure that their sub is doing alright, remember? This was in the agreement, if at any time you say ‘red’ then we stop everything and everything is clear.” Rohan explained as he got out some wipes and cleaned Josuke up.

“Sorry, I’m not used to BDSM, so this is all new for me.” Josuke replied as he rested his head on Rohan’s shoulder and stole a kiss. “By the way, green.” He added as Rohan smiled and replaced the muzzle on the hood along with the chastity belt and for the remainder of the month, Josuke remained at Rohan’s, being verbally humiliated and treated like a dog. Then, on the last day of summer break, Rohan was finally satisfied with things and released Josuke from the agreement.

August 25th - Dead Moon Night

“You’re a real son of a bitch, you know that, right? Treating me like a fucking dog, despite the fact that I agreed to it, now fucking take it as much as I fucking hate you.” Josuke said as he pounded into Rohan’s ass, pushing the mangaka’s head down into the pillows as he did.

“Oh god, yes! Shut the fuck up and fuck me harder.” The twenty-one-year-old screamed as his seventeen-year-old lover pounded into him, a month’s worth of being denied finally being released. As Josuke came inside of him, he pulled Rohan up by his hair and bit him on the neck before letting him fall onto the bed as he pulled out and picked up the camera that Rohan had used to take photos of him during the month and took a photo of Rohan on his back with Josuke’s cum dripping out of him. “Thanks.” The teen said as he set the camera down and laid down next to Rohan while Crazy Diamond manifested and healed the bite marks and bruises on the mangaka before they headed into the bathroom so that they could clean up.

“You’re welcome, by the way, why don’t you stay here so that you can go back to normal before going back to school? I think that we need it.” Rohan replied as they took a bath together and he rested his head on Josuke’s chest.

“Good idea.” Josuke said and after their bath, Josuke stayed at Rohan’s place until the next day when he returned to school. However, none of their close friends knew that he and Rohan were still seeing each other and they were able to keep it that way.


Chapter Text

Higashikata residence, December 2001 - Boom Boom

'Just great, I didn’t know how expensive college would be and now, I’ve almost exhausted the money that I got from the lottery. Looks like I’ll have to get a part time job...wait a minute...I still have that two hundred million that I got from Rohan and never put in the bank. I just hope that’ll help…' Josuke Higashikata thought as he looked over his expense record from college and now that winter break started, he was in the red financially. As he walked over to his dresser and pulled out an envelope containing the money he “won” from Rohan in the cee-lo game, his phone went off with a text message from a familiar number.

RK: Hey, I heard from Koichi-kun that you’re back in town. Would you like to come over and talk?

JH: Sure, but this isn’t going to turn into another BDSM discussion, is it? The pet play we did last summer really did a number on me psychologically. In fact, I ended up taking a week off to recover after I left your house.

RK: What? I’m sorry, I didn’t know about that, look, I promise, no BDSM talk, just come over please...I need to talk to you…

JH: Alright, I’ll be over in a few, see ya. Josuke replied and as he closed his phone, he put the money in his bag to deposit tomorrow before throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt along with a hoodie and headed out to Rohan’s place to talk to him. Once there, he found that the front door was unlocked and headed inside to talk to the mangaka.

Kishibe Residence - The Kids Are Alright

“Rohan, I’m here, where are you?” Josuke called out as he headed upstairs toward Rohan’s studio, knowing full well that he would be in there. But as he entered the room, there was no sign of the mangaka and then Josuke heard what sounded like whimpering coming from Rohan’s bedroom and headed in there. Once in the room, he saw Rohan huddled in the corner with a bottle of whisky and a container of sleeping pills next to him. “Rohan, what’s wrong?” He asked as he picked up the items and moved them out of the artist’s reach before sitting down across from him.

“I’m having a bad downswing right now and it’s gotten to the point where I want to kill myself. But I called Koichi instead and he said to call you since you’ve been taking psych classes in college.” Rohan replied as he moved closer to Josuke and fell into his arms, allowing the eighteen-year-old to hold him.

“Yeah, but I’m not going into psych nursing, I’m actually thinking about going into pediatric nursing. I like being around kids, when we met with Hayato, I had a better way of talking to him than Jotaro did. By the way, where were you?” Josuke replied as he held Rohan and ran his fingers through the mangaka’s hair.

“That I couldn’t figure out at first, but then when Hayato mentioned that Kira had a new ability called Bites the Dust, I realized what had happened earlier before that final fight. In fact, even Reimi confirmed it before she crossed over.” Rohan explained as he began to relax in Josuke’s arms. “And I meant what I said, I’m sorry for what I did to you over the summer, I realized afterwards that I didn’t know what I was doing either. Did you have any health problems after that?” He added as he looked up at Josuke.

“No and that was the first thing I did - I went to the doctor and got checked out. Look, it’s done, the hatchet has been buried and we can move past that. In fact, I’m gonna stay here tonight, I think you need some love and affection, no sex.” Josuke stated as he picked up Rohan and carried him into the bathroom. Once in there, he helped him undress and ran a warm bath for the mangaka and as he got in, Josuke left for a moment to get some things, leaving Crazy Diamond there to keep an eye on Rohan. “I found some soap and other stuff, where’d you get this at?” He asked as he came back in with the supplies.

“At Lush in Shibuya the last time that I was there, that’s from their Christmas line.” The artist replied as Josuke placed a bear-shaped bath bomb into the water and instantly, the scent of lavender filled the room and Rohan began to relax as he washed up while letting Josuke wash his hair, relaxing him further. Afterwards, Josuke helped Rohan out of the tub and carried him back to the bedroom after drying him off and as he got dressed, Josuke went back and drained the bathtub before having Rohan lay down on his stomach so that he could massage his back. As he did, he could hear the slight moans of pleasure from Rohan just before he fell asleep with Josuke beside him. The next morning, he awoke to the smell of breakfast being made and headed downstairs to see Josuke in the kitchen cooking for them.

The next morning - Lucille

“Thanks, I needed this.” Rohan said as Josuke brought over the breakfast that he had made for them over to the table - eggs, bacon, and toast. “So how’s college?” He asked, trying to move the topic away from last night.

“Pretty good, but financially, it’s draining me, I still have that two hundred million you gave me during the cee-lo game and I’m going to use that to help cover my costs.” Josuke replied, finally admitting his financial struggles to the mangaka. “To be honest, I didn’t want to use it, but it’s either that or I ask my dad and I really don’t want to. Besides, I might get a part-time job when I get back to Tokyo.” He added as he ate.

“How about I cover your education and when I’m in Tokyo, we’ll meet up and I’ll buy you whatever you want.” Rohan suggested and Josuke knew what he meant - he wanted to be his “sugar daddy.”

“Sure, I live on campus so just text me and I’ll come to your hotel and stay there while you’re visiting.” Josuke replied, relieved that he was getting some help with school and in January, Rohan headed to Tokyo for a meeting with his editor and afterwards, he met with Josuke for some shopping before heading back to the apartment hotel that he had gotten for them.

Room 326, Espoir Minami-Shinagawa, January 2002 - Baby Please Don’t Go

“Oh god, yes! Harder please…” Josuke moaned as Rohan fucked him that night after buying him everything that he wanted in Shibuya and as they came, Josuke pulled Rohan into a searing kiss. Afterwards, they cleaned up before returning to bed and as they fell asleep, Rohan was grateful that Josuke was his “sugar baby.”


Chapter Text

Rohan’s bedroom, Kishibe residence, June 2002 - Surfin’ USA

'How did things come to this? Last I remember, we were texting back and forth and now he’s here with me...but now…' Rohan Kishibe thought as he laid on his bed with a ball gag in his mouth and his wrists tied to the bedpost. His legs were secured to a spreader bar that Josuke had placed between his knees and his headband had been pulled down to serve as a blindfold. However, his mind was soon short-circuited by the speed of the vibrators on his dick and up his ass changing as Josuke played with the remotes that he had downstairs with him.

“Mmmmm…” Rohan moaned as he bucked his hips, trying to find some release, but he was prevented by not only the cock ring at the base of his dick, but also the sounding rod in his urethra and as he felt himself getting close, the intensity returned to normal. 'That fucking bastard...why is he doing this to me? Oh, right...I fucked up…' Rohan mused as he thought back to the argument that he and Josuke had via text, while he was on the bus home for summer break. Upon Josuke’s arrival at Rohan’s house, he headed upstairs and pulled his lover away from his desk before dragging him into the bedroom and stripping him naked.

'Once he did that, he began to suck me off, but he pulled away before I could cum and then he tied me to the bed and attached everything before he headed downstairs. I hope he comes back, it’s getting hard to breathe with this on...' Rohan thought as he heard footsteps on the stairs and as they entered the bedroom, he felt the weight on the bed shift as the owner of the footsteps knelt down next to him and removed the ball gag.

“There, I think this’ll help you…” Came a familiar voice that Rohan knew belonged to Josuke Higashikata, his lover of three years now.

“Thank you, Sir...please...Master...let me cum…” Rohan begged as he heard Josuke undoing his jeans and throwing them off to the side.

“Not yet, you still need to be punished for what you said.” Josuke replied as he straddled Rohan’s chest and pushed his hard cock into the artist’s mouth and began fucking his face. As he got close, he pulled out and took off Rohan’s headband and began jerking off, covering his lover’s face with cum. “You look good like that…” He added as he grabbed the camera and took a photo of Rohan.

“Now then, I think it’s time to work on your other hole.” The nineteen-year-old said as he moved lower and removed the vibrator from Rohan’s hole and also took the sounding rod out of his urethra. Once that was done, he moved them off to the side and placed Rohan’s legs on his shoulders before entering him and as they fucked, Josuke picked up the vibrator and touched it to his lover’s perineum. This sent shockwaves up and down Rohan’s spine as he moaned loud enough to be heard in S-City.

“Oh god...Josuke, Sir...please...I promise...I’ll be good…” The artist begged as tears stung his eyes and drool began running down his chin.

“Since you’re begging me and you know that I can’t resist it when you beg, I suppose you’ve earned the right to cum. But if it happens again, I may not be so lenient.” Josuke replied as he removed the cock ring and allowed Rohan to finally cum. As he did, Josuke felt his own orgasm hitting him like a truck as his lover came untouched. Afterwards, Josuke pulled out and took another photo of his thoroughly debauched lover. “Not bad...I love how you look when you’re good and fucked.” He commented as he set down the camera and removed the spreader bar and the vibrator on Rohan’s dick. Then he held his lover close to him before carrying him into the bathroom to clean up.

The bathroom - My Woman

“By the way...who was that woman that answered your phone when I called you?” Josuke asked as he and Rohan settled into the bath and began to relax.

“That was Kyoko Izumi, my editor...luckily, I was able to use Heaven’s Door on her and write out any information that she learned about our relationship. Oh, I forgot to ask, how’s the apartment?” Rohan replied, hoping that Josuke liked his new apartment that he moved into after the dorms were found to be infested with black mold.

“It’s nice, it might be an older building, but I like it a lot. Plus being on the ground floor means that we won’t disturb anyone when you come over to visit me.” Josuke replied as they finished their bath and they got out of the tub and dried off before Josuke carried Rohan back to the bedroom to relax. After Josuke got dressed, he headed downstairs while Rohan threw on an oversized t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants and laid on the bed for a moment before deciding on following his lover to the kitchen.

The kitchen - I Should Have Known Better

“So why are you upset that Izumi answered my phone?” Rohan asked as he sat down at the table while he watched Josuke cook food for them.

“I’m not upset, okay, maybe I am a little, I mean, it’s just that you never let anyone touch your phone, so why her?” Josuke replied as he finished making some katsudon for them and brought it over to the table for them to eat.

“Sorry, I was busy with a book signing so I asked her to handle any calls that I got on my phone. I had forgotten that you were going to call me that day to set up our meeting.” Rohan replied as Josuke moved closer to him as they ate.

“It’s okay, just don’t let it happen again.” Josuke replied as they finished their meal and as they cuddled on the couch that evening, Josuke seemed to be a lot calmer now, but he still remembered that Rohan had a jealous streak in him, especially when he went back to school after the summer break.

To be continued...

Chapter Text

Josuke’s apartment, Shibuya, Tokyo, August 2002 - I-94

'That brat! After what he said about having Izumi answer my phone, I show up to visit him and find him flirting with a girl. Fine, if he wants to play that game, then I’ll show him that I can be devious too.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he sat down on the futon in Josuke’s apartment and began undressing before getting up and changing into a pair of vinyl pants that had the boots attached and once he was ready, he texted Josuke.

RK: Come home, I want to talk to you.

JH: Can’t babe, Kimiko wants me to tutor her in biology for tomorrow’s exam.

RK: So you’re going to disobey Daddy? Sounds like someone wants to be a brat and get cut off.

JH: I just told her that I’ll tutor her next time, I’m on my way home now, Daddy.

RK: Good boy. Rohan replied as he set his phone down and closed the blinds on the windows so that no one could see in. As Josuke walked in, he set his bag down on the side table and took off his shoes before sitting on the floor seiza-style to await his punishment.

“Very good, now strip.” Rohan ordered and with that, Josuke stood up and stripped naked before sitting back down on the floor in the same position but this time with his hands behind his back to keep from touching himself. “You’re doing good, my little boy, just a few more things…” The mangaka added as he placed the armbinder on Josuke before reaching down to stroke him to full hardness before securing a cock ring at the base of his dick to keep him from cumming and securing a vibrator just under the head of his cock.

'Perfect…' Rohan thought as he admired his handiwork and took off his headband to use as a blindfold, placing it around Josuke’s eyes. “Now then, let’s begin. For every lie you tell me, the vibration increases, but as long as you tell the truth, it’ll stay as is.” Rohan said as he sat down on the bed and turned on the vibrator using the remote he had with him. “First question: Who is Kimiko?” He asked as he crossed his arms in front of him.

“A girl in my biology class who has a crush on me, I’ve told her that I’m not interested several times, but she still pursues me.” Josuke replied, breathing a sigh of relief that the speed didn’t change.

“Understandable, after all, you did inherit the ‘Joestar magnetism’ from your father. Next question: Why does it take you so long to respond when I text you or call you?” Rohan asked, showing some concern about that.

“When I’m in class, I turn my phone off so that I don’t disrupt the class, but I always check my phone afterwards and respond to you first.” Josuke explained, easing Rohan’s concern.

“That’s fine, now then...Why did Kimiko want you to tutor her in biology?” Rohan questioned, the remote still in his hand in case Josuke lied.

“I don’t know, she gets good grades in the class guess is that she wanted to seduce me but you saved me from that, Daddy.” Josuke stated, drawing a smirk across Rohan’s lips with the use of the word “Daddy.” It was a new twist to their relationship, given Josuke’s own issues with his father not having been around for sixteen years prior to May 30th of 1999 when Joseph arrived to meet his son.

“Good boy, since you’ve been so honest and truthful with me, I’ll give you your reward now.” Rohan replied as he stood up and unzipped the pants to reveal his own hard cock. “Open wide, good boy…” He added as Josuke opened his mouth and Rohan grabbed his hair as he shoved his cock down Josuke’s throat and began fucking his mouth. As he came in Josuke’s mouth, he held his lover’s head close to him as the aftershocks subsided.

“Thank you Daddy for fucking my face and letting me swallow your cum.” Josuke then said after he had swallowed and showed Rohan that his mouth was empty.

“Of course, my precious little boy, but now you need to be taken care of too. Get on the bed and lay down, face in the pillows and your ass up.” Rohan said as Josuke did as he was told and once he was on the bed, Rohan went over to his bag and pulled out a vibrating dildo and lubed it up before getting on the bed to prepare his lover. As he spread Josuke’s ass cheeks, he saw something new - a princess plug with a green heart-shaped gem in it. “What is this?” He asked as he played with the plug, stretching Josuke out.

“A surprise for you, Daddy...I wanted to be ready for you at all times so I bought this...I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it before, but I really wanted to surprise you.” Josuke replied as Rohan pulled the plug out and set it off to the side before inserting the dildo into Josuke and fucking him with it.

“I love it and I can forgive you for wanting it to be a surprise, I’m actually pleased with you. In fact, I’ll let you cum now…” Rohan replied as he reached in between Josuke’s legs and removed the cock ring, allowing him to cum just as Rohan removed the bullet vibe and placed it to Josuke’s perineum to enhance his orgasm. Afterwards, Josuke collapsed on the bed in a panting, sweaty mess and after a moment, Rohan removed the armbinder and his headband and began massaging Josuke’s arms to get the feeling back into them before cleaning him up with a wet washcloth.

“I assume you were jealous of Kimiko?” Josuke finally asked as he sat up and got dressed to go to the bathhouse down the street to clean up.

“A little, but now that I know the truth, I don’t think that she’ll be a threat, and I did like the surprise.” The artist replied as he joined Josuke and later that night, they returned to the apartment and spent the rest of the night cuddling together until Rohan had to leave for Morioh again.


Chapter Text

Rohan’s bedroom, Kishibe Residence, December 2002 - Can’t Seem to Make You Mine

'I can’t believe this, he’s never called out “red” before...something has to be wrong with him to make him do that. But then again, we were getting pretty into it...I’ll talk to him as soon as he calms down.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he knelt beside his nineteen-year-old lover Josuke Higashikata and rubbed his back. Earlier that evening, as they were doing a Daddy/little boy scenario, Josuke called out “red” which made Rohan stop the scenario entirely and release Josuke from his bindings to take care of him. “Josuke, are you doing better?” Rohan asked as he held his younger lover close to him as the young man’s breathing stabilized.

“Yeah...sorry, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks with studying for all my tests and then the final exams.” Josuke replied as he allowed Rohan to run his fingers through his hair.

“Have you been eating properly or sleeping well?” The mangaka asked, concerned about Josuke more than ever now.

“No, the majority of my meals have been meal replacement bars and energy drinks. As for sleep, that’s practically nonexistent aside from a couple of hours per night.” Josuke explained while he closed his eyes and fell asleep in his lover’s arms.

'And he chastises me for ignoring my health...Time to move into aftercare mode and then I’m having him stay here so that I can take care of him.' Rohan thought as he nudged Josuke and moved him to the bed so that he could finish cleaning him off and then he had Josuke lean on him as they headed to the bathroom so that he could give his lover a bath before he went downstairs to make some food for them. After his bath, Josuke came downstairs to the kitchen wearing one of his Prince shirts and a pair of purple sweatpants and sat down at the table, resting his head on the cool wood.

The Kitchen - This is Not a Love Song

“Here, eat this, it’ll help you get better and then starting tomorrow, I want you to stay here with me so that I can take care of you.” Rohan said as he set down two plates of omurice for them to eat.

“Sure, but what about your manga?” Josuke replied, hoping that Rohan wasn’t going to get in trouble for taking care of him.

“I’m on a break until after the New Year, this way we can spend the holidays together before you go back to Tokyo. Besides, I plan to visit you for the hanami and also Golden Week so I want to see you healthy.” Rohan explained as he sat down next to Josuke and they began to eat.

“Good idea, but let’s skip Yoyogi Park...a lot of my classmates plan to head there for hanami and I want to avoid them.” Josuke replied, his desire to avoid his classmates evident in his voice.

“Understandable, they wouldn’t understand you being in a relationship with another man, so we’ll go to Chidorigafuchi, there’s not a lot of people there. Besides, it’s where I always went for hanami when I was in high school.” Rohan said as they finished eating and he put the dishes in the sink for later before they headed into the living room to watch TV and relax together.

The Living Room - Subbacultcha

“So you were a delinquent in high school?” Josuke asked as they cuddled on the couch watching Haibane Renmei, a new favorite of his.

“Actually, I legally emancipated myself from my parents because they didn’t want me around. You see, unlike you, I was the result of an unwanted pregnancy and when my grandparents on both sides found out, they insisted that my parents not get an abortion. So my parents did everything they could to remind me that I was never wanted. They didn’t even care that Kira came very close to killing me on the night of Reimi’s murder and eventually, I suppressed my memories of that night so that they wouldn’t keep forcing me to see a child psychologist.” Rohan replied as Josuke held him close. “Hey, let’s try being a normal couple for a while, I think that the whole BDSM thing is destroying you.” He added as he rested his head on Josuke’s shoulder.

“Good idea, besides, we’ve never really gotten to know each other and trust me, we’re not that different. My mom had an affair with my dad and that’s how she got me, but even though I was unplanned, she loves me a lot.” Josuke replied as he gently kissed Rohan on the forehead as they continued to watch TV and later that night, they returned to the bedroom and continued to talk before falling asleep together. The next morning, Josuke woke up to find Rohan still asleep on his chest.

The next morning - Like I Do

'He’s so cute like this...I can’t believe how things have gone for us and that our relationship started with BDSM...I think we’ll stay like this for a little while longer, we both need the rest…' Josuke thought as he held Rohan close to him and admired the sleeping artist, gently stroking his cheek and kissing his forehead as he did. Eventually Rohan woke up and after sharing a few gentle kisses, they headed downstairs to have breakfast and as they ate, their relationship began anew.


Chapter Text

Copper Cafe, the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, CA, October 28th, 2018 - Sick on You

“Morning, boys, two are here early.” Esme Gracey said as she joined her friends Rohan Kishibe and Josuke Higashikata at the booth they got at the cafe that morning.

“Well, we had a rough night last night so we ended up leaving San Jose early this morning and got here in time to get some breakfast and some coffee.” Josuke replied as Esme placed her order and nudged Rohan to say “hello,” receiving a glare from the mangaka in return.

“So what happened at the Mystery House?” Esme asked and as Josuke and Rohan told her about what had happened and about Jessalynne, Esme went pale. “So that’s where she is, I wondered what had become of her when she left with a gambler and never came back. But now is not the time for sadness, we have a wedding to get ready for and I need to know who’s going to be here from both sides.” She added as she pulled out her notebook to write down names.

“So on my side, we have my mom Tomoko, my sisters Holly and Shizuka, my nephew Jotaro, his wife Delphinium, his daughter Jolyne and her girlfriend Ermes Costello, and finally, my great-uncle Giorno Giovanna and his husband Guido Mista are coming in from Italy for the wedding. Sadly, my dad died in 2013 and Suzie Q later died shortly after, so unfortunately, they won’t be here.” Josuke explained as Esme wrote down the names in her notebook.

“Okay, and now Rohan, what about you? I know that you and your family haven’t seen eye to eye on things, but are they coming?” Esme asked, being careful on how she worded her question.

“My parents died in 2006, so unfortunately, they won’t be here and as for the rest of my relatives, they’re not happy that I’m in a relationship with another man, which means that they won’t be here either. As for my grandmother, she died when I was nineteen, which makes me a virtual orphan. However, our friends from Morioh - Okuyasu Nijimura, Koichi and Yukako Hirose, and Tonio Trussardi will be taking the place of my family.” Rohan explained as he drank his coffee.

“That’s fine, a found family is the same as a biological family in my books, alright, I’ll finish my breakfast and then go give the list to the receptionist.” Esme replied as she ate and afterwards, she left to take care of things, leaving the couple alone.

“You okay, babe?” Josuke asked as he and Rohan finished their breakfast before heading to their room.

“Yeah, I’m just nervous about this, by the way, have you realized that both our promise ceremony and our wedding are on Halloween.” Rohan replied as they got up from the table and headed out to their room, running into Giorno and Mista as they did.

“Yeah, besides, I think it’s romantic that it is.” Josuke replied as they talked with the other couple and as they parted, Josuke and Rohan headed upstairs to their room to continue the discussion.

Room 184 (Just Heaven) - Eat the Rich

“Okay, I just got a call from my mom, she and the others will be here tomorrow and the Foundation is taking care of Oku’s dad and Stray Cat while he’s here. Plus, Tonio has closed the restaurant for the duration of the trip. As for the others, Mikitaka declined to come as did Yuya and his girls, and May just texted me about having a small memorial table with the photos of my dad, Suzie Q, and Reimi, would you be okay with that?” Josuke asked as he checked his phone.

“Sure, by the way, I’m having trouble deciding what to wear for the wedding - which would look better on me?” Rohan asked as Josuke set his phone down and went over and put his arms around his fiance’s waist. “Seriously, which would look better - the Versace or the shiromuku?” He asked again as Josuke began kissing his neck.

“How’d you get a shiromuku?” Josuke asked as he looked at the outfits hanging up.

“It was my grandmother’s and she said that if I ever found someone to marry, then I would pass it to them if they were a female, or I would wear it if it was a man.” Rohan explained as he felt Josuke’s hands running up his chest and under the customized shirt that he was wearing.

“Isn’t part of the items that you carry with it a dagger?” Josuke asked as he looked over at the accessories that were on the table.

“Yes, a kaiken, it’s a small dagger used for self-defense and ritual suicide. With the shiromuku, it’s worn in the obi for easy access.” Rohan replied with a smirk on his lips.

“In all honesty, I think you would look better in the suit.” Josuke replied calmly. ‘Besides, I don’t think that it would be a good idea for him to have a sharp object so close to him if we get into an argument.’ The thirty-five-year-old cop thought to himself as he pulled away from his fiance and gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading out to talk to Esme. “Be back in a little bit.” He said as Rohan pulled out his laptop and sat down on the couch with his phone to do some research before Josuke came back. Upon his return, the couple made love before taking a shower afterwards and heading to bed. The next day, Tomoko and the others arrived with Josuke’s clothes for the wedding followed by Josuke’s sisters and Jotaro and his family on the thirtieth. That night, the couple and their guests gathered in a private room in the restaurant for a rehearsal dinner and afterwards, Josuke moved to a different room for the night before the wedding.

Room 161 (Cloud Nine) - Danger Zone

“You alright, honey?” Tomoko Higashikata asked her son as she sat down next to him on the bed and put her arm around his shoulders.

“Yeah, I just wish that dad and grandpa were here to see this.” Josuke replied as he rested his head on his mom’s shoulder.

“I know, but we both know that they’ll be with us in spirit, besides, I think he’s texting you, so I’ll let you two talk and see you tomorrow.” Tomoko said as she left her son alone to talk to his fiance.

JH: Hey babe, u miss me already?

RK: No, I just wanted to show you something.

JH: Oooh, what? Josuke replied with a smirk as he got up and locked the door before heading back to the bed to see the photo that Rohan sent him. In the photo, Josuke noticed that he was wearing a new bodycage that he had gotten for the wedding.

JH: Damn babe...I want to fuck u so bad rght now...screw the wedding, I want u right now.

RK: Nope, not be a good boy and don’t touch yourself, I want you ready to fuck my brains out tomorrow night.

JH: Ur gonna put me in an early grave, u know that rght?

RK: I love you too, night. Was the response that Josuke got that night and as he relaxed with the TV on, he got another text from Okuyasu and allowed him to come over to play some video games to take his mind off of how much he wanted to jerk off. The next morning, Josuke took a shower before heading over to his mom’s room to get dressed and then he headed out to the Secret Garden for the ceremony.

The Secret Garden, Halloween - New Rose

'Alright, I’m here, my family’s here, our friends are here, but where is Rohan? Ah, there he is with Esme. Damn he looks good...I want to fuck him so hard...but we have to behave for now and then I’m going feral on his ass.' Josuke thought as he saw his fiance walk down the aisle with Esme by his side. The Versace suit Rohan wore was embellished with gold pen nibs, his signature aesthetic and the headband he wore was white with a white lace trim and a gold cord around it. As they reached the altar, Esme placed Rohan’s hand in Josuke’s and the couple turned to face her.

“Nou rasanble jodi a nan je loa a ak temwen sa yo pou selebre inyon Josuke Higashikata ak Rohan Kishibe. Pou moun ki konnen, lanmou yo te pèsevere atravè tout defi yo te fè fas a. Men koulye a, yo mete tèt yo ansanm ak yon sèl nan je Bon'dye a, loa a, ak temwen yo ki te rasanble isit la.” Esme said in her native Creole and as the ceremony progressed, the couple exchanged rings and read their vows. At the end, Esme introduced the newly-married couple before everyone gathered in the Balcony room for the reception. During the reception, Rohan whispered something to Josuke and the couple then excused themselves to head back to their room.

Room 184 (Just Heaven) - Soul Kitchen

“Alright, now that we’re here alone, show me what you got on under that suit.” Josuke said as he sat down on the bed and watched his lover strip for him, revealing the white lace bodycage he was wearing underneath his suit.

“I take it you like it?” Rohan replied as he attached the strands of pearls to the lingerie and saw the feral glint in his husband’s eyes. Just then, Josuke got up from the bed and pulled Rohan over to him, pushing him down onto the bed.

“I fucking love get ready to have your back blown out.” Josuke said as he sat up and got undressed, tossing his clothes off to the side and as he kissed his husband, he moved lower, leaving love bites as he did. Upon reaching his husband’s cock, he took him into his mouth and began sucking him off, preparing him as he did. As he pulled away, he then took the lube and slicked himself up before entering his husband and placed his legs on his shoulders while he bottomed out.

“Oh god...I missed this...Fuck me harder!” Rohan moaned as Josuke began fucking him, leaning down to kiss him as he reached in between them to stroke Rohan to completion as he came inside of him. Afterwards, they headed into the shower to clean up and then they returned to the bedroom to relax.

“Finally, after nineteen years together, we’re married.” Josuke said to his husband as they interlaced their fingers together before he kissed the ring on Rohan’s left hand. It was a titanium band with a claddagh heart and a pen nib together with a diamond on each side and Josuke’s was also made of titanium and bore the same insignia on it with an emerald on each side and both rings had gold stripes running through the center.

“Probably wouldn’t have been so long if I wasn’t so stupid half of the time.” Rohan muttered to himself as he rested his head on his husband’s chest.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know that the deal for the land would fall through and leave us with a white elephant. I’m just glad that we were able to get rid of it when it was found to be a habitat for tanuki and since it’s now a protected area, the Mutsukabezaka will be safe.” Josuke replied as he kissed Rohan on his forehead. “You know, we’ve been through a lot together and just when everyone thinks that we’re going to end it, we stay together.” He then said as he got up and undressed and Rohan did the same.

“Agreed, and luckily, we were able to recoup our losses and get the house back.” Rohan replied as they laid back down on the bed together to celebrate their marriage privately and afterwards, as they fell asleep together, Rohan smiled, happy that he and Josuke had stayed together for the long haul.


Chapter Text

Morioh Police Department - Blank Generation

“Ah, Superintendent Sakamoto, surprised to see you here. So I take it that the jewel thief has been arrested?” Assistant Commissioner Takamura said as he met with the Superintendent after hearing that a jewel thief known as Heaven’s Door had been arrested.

“He most certainly has and Inspector Higashikata is interrogating him now.” The Superintendent replied as he and the Assistant Commissioner talked in his office, meanwhile, in the interrogation room…

Interrogation Room #1 - Little Girl

“Alright, let’s see...Rohan day, a well-known mangaka and by night, the notorious jewel thief Heaven’s Door. So tell me, why go after the Pink Panther? You knew it was heavily guarded, so why take the risk?” Inspector Josuke Higashikata asked the jewel thief as he sat there quietly. “So, you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. I have another way to get you to talk.” He added as he pulled Rohan up by his arms and dragged him to the holding cells.

Holding Cells - I’ll Stop the World and Melt with You

“What are you going to do to me?” The jewel thief asked as the cop dragged him into an empty cell.

“Oh now you start talking. Well, if you must know, this is a special punishment for you and be grateful that there’s no one else here or you’d really be in trouble.” The cop replied with a devilish smirk, causing Rohan to sweat bullets.

“Look, I’ll talk...I’ll tell you anything that you want to know…” Rohan replied, trying to think of anything to save himself.

“Too late, now get on your knees and open your mouth.” Josuke replied as Rohan knelt down and did as he was told. As he did, Josuke undid his pants and reached into his underwear to palm his growing bulge before removing them and pushing Rohan’s head onto his hard cock. “There we go, good boy…” The cop said, drawing a moan from the criminal, but as he moaned, Josuke held his head close to his crotch.

“Choke on it you fucking slut!” Josuke said, reminding Rohan that he was being punished and as he fucked the criminal’s mouth, he felt himself getting close and pulled out to jack off and cum on his face. “Look at you...all covered in cum, such a pretty little whore…” He added as he pulled Rohan to his feet and looped the cuffs over a hook in the cell and took off his pants and underwear to reveal something new to him...a shaved pussy.

“Let me tell you right now...if you say anything negative about me, I won’t hesitate to kick you in the face.” Rohan said, glaring at the officer.

“Relax, I won’t say anything about you so don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.” Josuke replied as he knelt down and placed the jewel thief’s legs on his shoulders. “Now get ready to enjoy this…” He added as he spread the criminal’s nether lips and gave an experimental lick to his clit, sending shockwaves through his body. Seeing that he was getting a good reaction, Josuke continued eating the criminal out until he came, his sweet nectar flowing onto his lips as his legs quivered.

“Not bad...but now I’m gonna blow out your back…” Josuke said as he stood up and rubbed his hard cock against Rohan’s swollen clit before entering him and as he bottomed out, he allowed Rohan a moment to adjust to his size. Soon, Rohan nodded and Josuke began to move, keeping his legs on his shoulders.

“Oh god...yes!” Rohan moaned as Josuke pounded into him, hitting the one spot that made his vision go white. Then, as he came, he felt Josuke coming inside of him and afterwards, he lifted him off of the hook and carried him over to the bed and laid him down before pulling out and cleaning him up while Rohan fell asleep.

'Might as well stay with him, just in case he wakes up and wants to talk.' Josuke thought as he fixed his clothes and pulled a chair over to stay next to Rohan while he slept. The next morning, Rohan awoke to find Josuke still by him.

The next morning - Havana Affair

'He stayed all night, guess I might as well wake him up.' Rohan thought as he sat up on his knees and leaned over and kissed the cop. “Hi.” He said as Josuke opened his eyes and looked at him.

“Hey babe, did you have a good time last night?” Josuke asked his lover as he moved onto the bed and pushed him onto his back so that he could see his cum leaking out of his lover. “I still can’t believe we were able to get away with the cop and jewel thief bit. Of course, it helped that I spread rumors about a jewel thief around the station beforehand.” He added as he slid his fingers into Rohan’s eager pussy to give him a morning finger-fuck.

“I just hope that we’re not gonna get in trouble for bringing our sex life out of the bedroom.” Rohan replied as he bit back a moan.

“Don’t worry, I had the cameras turned what do you say? Round two at my place later today?” Josuke replied as he nipped at Rohan’s earlobe.

“Sure, besides my lawyer will be here soon to bail me out, so you might want to get off of me.” The mangaka stated as Josuke got off of him and cleaned up before fixing Rohan’s clothes and his uniform before he left the cell to talk to the Superintendent and the Assistant Commissioner regarding his “interrogation” of the “criminal.” Afterwards, he went back to the cells as Rohan was being bailed out and removed the handcuffs after whispering something to the mangaka that made him blush. Later that night, Josuke headed back to his place to find Rohan waiting there for him.

Josuke’s apartment - Dimples

“So is everything okay?” Rohan asked as Josuke walked into the apartment and took off his shoes before picking up his lover and carrying him to the bedroom for another round.

“Yeah, everything got cleared up and you’re not a ‘suspect.” Josuke replied as he got undressed and hung up his clothes while his lover did the same. “You know, I never knew that you’d be okay with roleplaying.” He added as they moved to the bed and kissed.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me...sorry about threatening to kick you in the face.” Rohan said as he pushed Josuke onto his back and straddled his waist.

“Don’t worry about it, I know it’s a defense mechanism for you, besides, nobody at the station knows you’re trans.” Josuke stated as he sat up and pulled his lover into a kiss as they began to make love again and afterwards, Josuke carried him into the bathroom to relax and as they cuddled on the couch, he smiled at his lover, happy that he was willing to be “arrested” to fulfil a fantasy of his.


Chapter Text

The kitchen, Kishibe residence - It’ll Never Happen Again
'Hope this works...I can’t believe that he’s been ignoring me in favor of his manga for the last few weeks. Well, tonight he learns the meaning of the phrase: “Payback’s a bitch.” Josuke Higashikata thought as he poured a white powder into Rohan’s coffee. 'At least Esme was able to give me something to remedy that the last time we saw her.' He thought as he stirred the powder to get it to dissolve and once it was ready, he took the coffee up to his lover.

Rohan’s Studio - (There’s Gonna Be a) Showdown

“Here you go babe, just how you like it, with cream and sugar.” Josuke said as he set the cup down next to his lover.

“Thanks.” Rohan replied as he focused on his work, not bothering to look in Josuke’s direction. As he took a drink of the coffee, Josuke went and sat down on the couch and began reading a copy of Bondage Fairies. Just then, he noticed that Rohan’s breathing became labored and his hand started shaking.

“You okay?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at his lover’s actions, but keeping his smirk hidden behind the book.

“Y-yeah, I’ll finish this up and then we’ll go to bed.” Rohan replied, his voice sounding raw, as if he had just sucked Josuke off. He then felt his dick straining against his pants, aching to be released.

“Alright then, if you need anything, I’ll be here.” Josuke stated as Rohan faintly nodded at him with a hum and returned to work. However, his aching erection soon forced him to throw his pen onto the table and as he turned around, he got up and took off his pants and underwear, tossing them onto the floor as he breathed a sigh of relief as his erection hit the cool air. However, he was unaware that Josuke was watching him.

“Aren’t you going to help me with this?” The mangaka asked as Josuke set his book down and pulled his chair over to him.

“Nope, you’re dealing with this on your own.” Josuke replied as he watched his lover jacking off furiously.

'Alright, if he won’t help, then I’ll do it myself...' Rohan thought as he felt a familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach, but he was still unable to cum even after moving his hand to fuck his ass. After several minutes, he felt the tears stinging his eyes as his dick became oversensitive. He then felt Josuke’s eyes boring a hole in him as he lifted up his shirt and bit down on it, the saliva pouring out and staining it. Meanwhile, his other hand reached up to play with his nipples as he moaned out Josuke’s name, the screams muffled by his shirt.

'Jeez, this is taking forever...I’m getting bored...' Josuke thought as he rested his head on hand, the boredom taking over. Just then, Rohan decided to stand up and get something to help him cum. However, he was forced back down by Crazy Diamond, summoned by Josuke. “I’m not helping you, I’m only watching from here.” He stated as Rohan moaned through his shirt again and he only snickered at the sight.

“You fucking bastard!” Rohan screamed out as he took off his shirt and spread his legs wider to try and find some relief. “What did I do to deserve this?” He then sobbed out, his composure broken by the drug.

“How about ignoring me for nearly a month straight, even when we went to New Orleans for the holidays.” Josuke replied calmly. “So I had Esme make up an aphrodisiac to give you, but thing is, you can’t cum unless we fuck. So now, I’m taking you to bed and I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” He added as he got up and walked over to Rohan’s chair and picked him up. He then carried him into the bedroom and then he put him down on the bed and got undressed before rejoining his lover.

Rohan’s bedroom - Stuck in the Middle with You

“Oh god...harder...harder…” Rohan moaned as Josuke fucked him from behind, pushing his head down into the pillows as he did. When he got back on the bed, he sucked his lover off before flipping him onto his stomach and fucking him hard. As Rohan came, he finally felt relief at having an orgasm and as he felt Josuke cumming inside of him, he collapsed onto the bed, utterly spent. As he relaxed, he felt Josuke rolling him over to take photos of his debauched look with his phone.

“I think I have a new wallpaper for my phone…” Josuke said as he set his phone down and kissed his lover before carrying him to the bathroom for some aftercare and then later on, as they cuddled together, Josuke smiled at the fact that he had reminded his lover of what could happen if he ignored him.


Chapter Text

Room 326, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, June 2001 - No Feelings

“Remind me again why I had to help chaperone your class trip here? This is nothing more than a stupid tourist trap.” Rohan Kishibe said as he sat down on the bed in his room while the younger members of his new circle of friends hung out.

“Because Josuke’s mom couldn’t get away from her job and besides, it’s not just our class, there’s the graduating middle school class and the elementary school kids too.” Yukako Yamagishi replied as she pulled Koichi toward their room with Okuyasu following and complaining about having to share a room with them. This left Josuke alone with the temperamental mangaka.

“Aren’t you going to stay with your mom?” Rohan asked, annoyed that the eighteen-year-old was still in his room.

“Nah, we’ve been arguing lately about what I’m going to do with my life and I’d feel better if I stay with you.” Josuke replied, noticing that there was only one bed in the room. 'Oh shit...I hope he’s not thinking that I want to stay with him because there’s just one bed in here…' Josuke thought as he looked over at Rohan.

“Fine, but you sleep on the floor and get up before me so that you can do your hair.” The mangaka replied as Josuke nodded and began to set up his sleeping bag that he used last night in the gym when he and his friends were playing cards before falling asleep. “Actually, if you can keep your hands to yourself, you can share the bed with me.” He relented, surprising Josuke.

“Don’t worry, I’ll behave myself.” Josuke replied as he left his sleeping bag as is in case he needed it. That night, Josuke kept to his word but the next night, things began to change between them.

Night 2 - Who Do You Love

“Josuke? Are you alright? Why aren’t you with Koichi-kun and the others?” Rohan asked as he walked into the room and saw Josuke sitting on the bed with the deck of cards playing solitaire.

“My mom and I had another argument today at breakfast and I’m not wanting to be around everyone else so I’m staying here.” Josuke replied as Rohan sat down on the bed next to him. “Look, I know you want your private time, but I don’t want to be around Koichi and the others.” He added as he continued to play.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind you being here. If you don’t mind me asking, what do you want to do with your life?” Rohan replied as he headed into the bathroom where his makeup kit was and began to take care of something.

“To be honest, I don’t know, at first I wanted to be a cop like my grandfather, but now I’m thinking about going into something like nursing or being a doctor.” Josuke replied as he shuffled the cards and started a new game.

“That would be good, you and Crazy Diamond make a great team and it suits your gentle nature. Plus little kids are dumb enough to believe anything you tell them, so they might think that you have magic powers.” Rohan said as he prepared a shot and sat down on the toilet to inject it, but found that he couldn’t. “Josuke, if you can keep your mouth shut, come in here please...I need some help.” He stated as Josuke walked into the bathroom and took the needle from the mangaka.

“Well this explains why you want me to keep my hands to myself...why not be honest with me and tell me that you’re trans?” Josuke asked as he injected the testosterone into Rohan’s thigh.

“To be honest, I was scared of what you would say if I told you. But believe me when I say that I have no qualms about kicking you out if you say anything negative about me.” Rohan replied, glaring at the teen.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about you. Besides, you’re still a man to me, I mean, I had my suspicions, but I never said anything because I figured that it was something that you’d tell me when you were ready.” Josuke replied as he finished the injection and disposed of the needle. “By the way, do you feel like cuddling tonight? I understand if you don’t want to, but maybe…” He added as he washed up while Rohan got dressed.

“Sure, maybe we could find something on TV to watch.” The mangaka replied as they returned to the room and cuddled on the bed to watch some old movies that Josuke found and as Rohan fell asleep, Josuke gently kissed him on the forehead before falling asleep himself. The next day, Rohan served as a buffer between Josuke and his mom and as they made up, Rohan found himself falling for the teen and that night, he decided to tell him.

Night 3 - Georgia Lee Brown

“Look Josuke, I need to tell you something...I’ve fallen for you…” Rohan said as they relaxed in their room that night after spending all day at the park.

“Really? Wow, you beat me to the confession...I was gonna tell you the same thing.” Josuke replied as he held the artist close and as they continued to talk that night, they soon fell asleep together, happy that the past was now behind them.


Chapter Text

The Crazy Diamond, two months later - A Cutie Named Judy

“So what are we doing tonight?” Josuke Higashikata asked his boyfriend of two months as he watched him take some things out of his bag. Earlier that day, Josuke found himself under a lot of stress following the aftermath of a riot in San Francisco three days ago and texted Rohan under the guise of setting up a date. However, only he and Reimi knew that he was setting up a date for an SM session with Rohan who was also his Dom. Afterwards, he gently rubbed the charm on the day collar he wore that had a star and moon on it and appeared to be a necklace. On the back of the charm was a pen nib that Rohan had engraved on it, something that only Josuke and Reimi knew - he was also an artist and the sex work helped fund it.

“Simple, have you ever heard of kinbaku?” Rohan asked and Josuke shook his head “no” in response. “To explain, kinbaku means ‘tight binding’ and ‘kinbaku-bi’ is the art of tight binding. Now before you ask, yes, I have been trained as a kinbakushi, so I do know what I’m doing.” The Dom explained as Josuke began to get undressed, stopping short of his underwear.

“Isn’t this also called shibari?” Josuke asked as he sat down on the bed while Rohan got the ropes that he was using for that night - a set of black and red linen ropes.

“Yes, it is, but the term came into use in the 90’s to describe kinbaku to Westerners. Still, I prefer the term kinbaku. Now are you ready?” Rohan replied as Josuke sat down on the floor seiza-style and lowered his head - a silent way of saying that he was ready. “Good boy, now let’s begin.” He said as he began tying the ropes around his submissive, starting with an ushiro takate kote before moving to a futomomo and finishing with an ushiro te shibari.

“Perfect…” Rohan said as he raised Josuke’s head to look at him. “How are you doing?” He asked, concerned for his submissive.

“Green, Master.” Josuke replied as Rohan smiled and blindfolded him before moving back to the bed to get his riding crop out of his bag and then he moved Josuke into his usual position - a fetal position that allowed Rohan to sit on his back and stroke his ass with the riding crop, but still in position to spank him if he got out of line.

‘Good, but there are times when he’ll end up calling out “red” or “yellow,” and those are the nights where I either stop everything or take things slow. Still, he’s become the perfect submissive...eager to please and responsive to praise. I have to remember to ask him about his childhood one day.' Rohan thought as he ran his gloved hand across Josuke’s back as he watched his breathing for signs that he was starting to hyperventilate. Soon, he saw Josuke’s hand come up in a sign that meant “red.” 'I knew it, we’re done.' Rohan thought as he got up and untied Josuke, removing the blindfold afterwards. “Are you okay?” He asked as he knelt down in front of Josuke and held him close as the nurse began to cry.

“No, I had a flashback to when I was a kid, this guy lured me into his house with the promise of candy and I became a prisoner in his basement for six months before the police rescued me. After they arrested him, I told them everything that he had done and where the tapes were hidden. He ended up getting life in prison and I was placed in therapy for the next few years until I repressed the memories because the therapists I was seeing kept telling me that ‘this doesn’t happen to boys, only girls,’ and other stuff.” Josuke explained as he rested his head on Rohan’s shoulder as the tears ceased.

“Have you ever thought about going back into therapy to help with it? You might be able to find someone who understands.” Rohan asked as they got up and Josuke got dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of sweats while he changed into a tank top and a pair of shorts that he kept for when he wanted to relax.

“I have and I think that tomorrow I’m going to call in and tell them that I’m taking a mental health day. This way, I can go to the psychiatric wing and talk to someone there who knows about childhood trauma.” Josuke replied as they headed into the living room and settled on the couch to watch TV before heading into the bedroom to cuddle before falling asleep together. The next day, Josuke called in and then he and Rohan headed to the psych wing for Josuke’s appointment with his new therapist and afterwards, they headed to the Imperial Tea Court to talk.

The Imperial Tea Court, Ferry Plaza Building, the next day - Pirate Love

“So how did it go?” Rohan asked as he and Josuke shared a plate of dim sum and he poured himself a cup of tea.

“Surprisingly it went very well, the therapist explained that what I was told when I was a kid was due to a toxic view of masculinity at the time. But things like that do happen to children of both genders so now I can start healing and get it all out in the open in a safe space.” Josuke replied as they ate and talked. Afterwards, they returned to the houseboat and relaxed together on the couch watching TV.

The Crazy Diamond - It’s Too Late

“You know, I was thinking about moving in with you, this way I can keep an eye on you and I’m also thinking about leaving the BDSM scene to focus more on my art as well.” Rohan said as they cuddled together that night in bed.

“Really? Babe, you don’t have to leave the scene for me.” Josuke replied as he held Rohan close to him.

“No, it’s time, things are changing so much with the BDSM scene that a lot of people are leaving. Besides, a majority of my money came from my high-end clients and they will pay a lot to make sure that I don’t talk to the press so I’ll keep those.” Rohan replied as he rested his head on Josuke’s shoulder and as they fell asleep, they decided that the change could be discussed at a later time.


Chapter Text

Josuke’s apartment, Shibuya, April 2003 - Doubt to Nothing

“How are you doing Josuke?” Rohan Kishibe asked his submissive as he sat down on the bed in front of him.

“Green, Daddy, green.” Josuke replied, his vision obscured by the leather hood he wore when they did sensory deprivation play.

“Good, now come up here and lay on the bed on your stomach.” Rohan commanded and as Josuke did as he was told, he felt something against his back moving down to his legs and parting them. “Don’t worry, this is something new we’re trying - it’s called fisting. Are you okay with this?” The artist asked as he adjusted the elbow-length latex glove on his hand before grabbing the lube.

“Red! Red!” Josuke replied and Rohan knew what that meant - Josuke was not okay with the idea and wanted to stop. As Rohan nodded and took off the hood, Josuke rolled onto his back and covered his eyes with his hands until they adjusted to the light. “Sorry babe, I know that you would be careful, but still, I draw the line at having you stick your fist up my ass.” The nineteen-year-old added as he moved his hands behind his head and rested on them.

“I understand, but I still think that you look good like this.” Rohan replied as he straddled Josuke’s lap, grinding on his cock as he felt his own bulge growing inside the latex pants he wore.

“And you look good like that too, shirtless and domineering.” Josuke replied as he pulled Rohan into a kiss. Just then, Josuke’s phone went off and as he reached over to check it, he saw a text from Jotaro.

JK: Just wanted to warn you - your mother and mine are on their way to see you along with the old man and Grandma Suzie. You may want to have Rohan leave for a while so that they don’t catch you two fucking each other’s brains out.

JH: How do you know what we’re doing?

JK: Please, the old man told you to call if you needed help with school, but then we heard from your mother that you have a benefactor who is helping you. I already figured it out, but the old man’s mind is nearly gone so he doesn’t know. But if you two want to tell the family, that’s fine with me.

JH: Can you stall them for a while, we need to get dressed.

JK: Gladly. That was the last message that came in from Josuke’s older nephew and as he and Rohan got dressed, they worked out a way to explain things to Josuke’s family without saying what the true nature of their relationship was. Eventually, Josuke got a text saying to bring his benefactor with him to Chidorigafuchi for hanami.

Chidorigafuchi - Weekend

“So how are we explaining this to your father?” Rohan asked as they arrived at the park and headed to where Josuke’s family was.

“Easy, you heard that I was having trouble paying for school and since we finally stopped fighting, you offered to help because your grandmother was a nurse during World War II.” Josuke explained, hoping that Rohan would agree to the lie.

“Works for me, and actually she was, so it’s not a total lie.” Rohan replied as he slipped his hand into Josuke’s and intertwined their pinkies together. It was a subtle way of saying what was in his heart - “I love you.” As they met with Josuke’s family, they used the lie and everyone believed it, including the elder Joestar. Afterwards, Josuke and Rohan headed back to Josuke’s apartment to relax.

Josuke’s apartment - Jump in the Line

“So now that things are cleared up, what do we do now?” Rohan asked as they settled in on the bed and began to watch TV together.

“I honestly don’t know, I mean, I’m fine with how our relationship is right now, but to be honest, I think it’s time we move past the Daddy/little boy thing and maybe into an actual relationship.” Josuke replied as he held his lover close to him and later that night, he and Rohan made love for what seemed like the first time, but this time with Josuke taking the lead. Afterwards, they got dressed and headed to the bathhouse to relax together.

Shiroi Kuren Bathhouse - Peter Gunn

“I guess we’re an official couple now?” Rohan asked as he rested his head on Josuke’s chest as they relaxed in the water after cleaning up.

“Yeah, we are, but if you want, I wouldn’t mind doing a Daddy/little boy routine once in a while. It might be a good way to relax and relieve some stress, but we talk about what we’re okay with and not okay with, got it?” Josuke replied as he kissed Rohan on the forehead.

“Deal. I think it’s time we do some kink negotiating, but we save that for later and just focus on us for right now.” Rohan replied as he smiled at Josuke and upon their return home, they cuddled together as they fell asleep, still content together.


Chapter Text

Sully’s Burgers, Forks, Washington - Yazoo Street Scandal

“So why are we in a town that’s known for being the setting of a stupid series of vampire novels?” Rohan Kishibe asked his partner Josuke Higashikata as they sat at a booth in the restaurant going over a map.

“We’re here on orders from the Speedwagon Foundation - there have been reports of a sentient Stand-using plant in the Hoh Rainforest and we have to investigate.” Josuke replied as he sipped his coffee. “And before you ask, Giorno is dealing with the fallout from Cape Canaveral and the fact that he had three brothers that he never even knew about before all of this. So no, they couldn’t send him and Mista here to handle this.” He added as he glared at his partner.

“Still he would be better for this than us...I swear, To~urūburaddo wa towairaito yori mo haruka ni sugurete imasu.” Rohan replied as their order arrived and they began to eat.

“I know, but unfortunately our cover is that we’re fans of Twilight...did you know that 50 Shades of Grey started as a Twilight fanfic called ‘Master of the Universe’ and that the author wrote it under the pen name ‘Snowqueen’s Icedragon?” Josuke replied as they finished eating and headed back to the motel with the intention of getting an early start to the day.

Dew Drop Inn - I Need Somebody

“Alright, so for tonight we cuddle and then we get an early start on our search for the plant.” Josuke said as he stripped down to go take a shower while Rohan turned on the TV and began drawing. However, Josuke was unaware that the plant was aware of their presence and was infiltrating their room with it’s Stand Welcome to the Jungle. “Hey babe, is everything okay? You’re pretty quiet...What the?” He asked as he walked back into the room to find his partner in a compromising position from the tentacles sent out by the plant.

“Josuke! Don’t stand there, do something!” Rohan screamed just as a tentacle forced its way into his mouth while Josuke stood there in a state of bewilderment. While he continued to watch the tentacles assault his helpless lover, Josuke felt the blood rushing to his dick as Rohan tried to scream or moan as the tentacles assaulted him.

'Wait...I need to do something...' Josuke thought as he hurried into his clothes and headed out with his phone to find the plant and as he located it, he summoned Crazy Diamond and beat it into submission, ceasing its attack on his lover. “Sorry, but even though we’re bi, we’re not interested in a threesome.” Josuke quipped as the tentacles withdrew and the plant acknowledged it’s defeat. “Good, now some nice humans are going to take you to a special place where you won’t hurt anyone and if you get horny again and try to attack people, they’ll burn you.” He added as he called the Foundation to collect the plant while he went back inside to take care of his still-raging hard-on.

“Do you feel better now?” Josuke asked Rohan as he sat down on the bed next to him and looked over his injuries.

“Yeah, turns out it was just horny, it wasn’t looking to plant seeds or anything, it just wanted to fuck like the campers in the woods that it would watch. By the way, I’m coated in whatever this stuff is, so I’m getting a shower before you start pawing at me like an animal.” Rohan explained, revealing that he had used Heaven’s Door on the plant and as he got up, he was pulled back down to the bed by Josuke.

“Sorry babe, but you looked so sexy getting fucked by those tentacles and Gio just texted me, the stuff is a natural lube so it won’t hurt you and it tastes pretty sweet too. Besides, I’m horny right now, so as soon I finish fucking your brains out, then we’ll take a shower.” Josuke replied as he sat up and stripped before giving his lover a passionate kiss. As he moved lower, he wrapped his lips around the piercing on Rohan’s navel before sucking him off. “Damn babe, you taste like a Tootsie Pop…” He said as he pulled off and with a swipe of his tongue over the artist’s perineum, he moved lower to rim him before he stretched him out and then as he entered him, he kissed him again.

“Harder...harder…” Rohan moaned, the remnants of the natural lube inside of him acting like an aphrodisiac. As he came, Rohan screamed out Josuke’s name as he felt him cumming inside him as well. Afterwards, Josuke pulled out and carried Rohan to the shower to clean up after having a second round. “By the way, how long does this last?” The artist asked his lover as Josuke gave him a hand job to help him cum again.

“Relax, you’ll be fine by tomorrow, although you may want to stay in bed and sleep after this.” Josuke replied as Rohan came again and as the artist fell asleep, he headed into the bathroom to clean up and came back with a wet rag to clean his lover off. Two days later, they headed to the Foundation headquarters in Texas to give their report and check on the plant.

Speedwagon Foundation Headquarters, Dallas, Texas - I Wanna be Your Man

“So basically, it’s a horny plant...yare yare…” Jotaro Kujo said as he looked over Josuke’s account of the incident.

“Yeah, but if it starts talking and wants to eat people, don’t feed it. No matter what it promises you - money, love, fame, a fancy nightclub in Beverly Hills…” Josuke replied.

“Please, the last thing I need is to hear you singing Don’t Feed the Plants.” Jotaro stated as Josuke shrugged and left his nephew’s office to check on his lover.

“Feeling better?” Josuke asked as he sat down on the bed next to Rohan as he rested after vomiting up a seed pod not long after their arrival.

“The next time you want me to go to the States with you, forget it...take someone else…” The mangaka grumbled as he kept his back to Josuke.

“Sorry, besides, you know Audrey II likes you, but I’m glad we’re leaving him here, one sentient plant in Morioh is enough.” Josuke replied as he cuddled up next to his lover and after Rohan recovered they headed back home and eventually, the trip became Rohan’s next one-shot.


Chapter Text

Josuke’s apartment, Shibuya, May, 2003 - Reptilia

“So what do you want to do to me?” Josuke Higashikata asked his lover Rohan Kishibe as he got undressed and ready for what Rohan had in mind that night.

“Simple, I want to choke you, it’s called breath play or erotic asphyxiation and it was first used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction…” Rohan replied as he began to explain what he knew about the subject.

“You know, now that I think about it, that was how they found Hazamada, apparently he did the same thing, but he had Surface choke him to death.” Josuke replied as he gave Rohan a weird look.

“Well, people have died during erotic asphyxiation and autoerotic asphyxiation, including a famous actor. Of course, the most famous case was here in Japan - a woman named Sada Abe used erotic asphyxiation to kill her lover as he slept and then she cut off his penis and testicles and carried them with her in her kimono for three days. Of course this was in 1936 and...what?” Rohan replied as he glanced over at Josuke.

“Well, to be honest, I’m a little scared of this, not of the choking, I trust you on that completely, but what I’m scared of is you doing the same thing to me.” Josuke replied as he sat down on the bed in his underwear.

“What? Killing you and cutting off your genitals? Relax, I’m past wanting to kill you, now back in 1999, that would have been a different story.” Rohan replied as he settled in on Josuke’s lap and kissed him. “So will you let me choke you?” He asked again as he got up and picked up a silk scarf that he had picked up earlier that day in preparation for that night.

“Yes, but just to let you know, when I tap the bed or if you see Crazy D show up, it means ‘red’ and that means we stop.” Josuke replied as he laid down and Rohan straddled his hips again.

“I understand, now just relax, good boy.” Rohan stated as he wrapped the scarf around Josuke’s neck and getting a moan from him. 'Damn, he’s getting hard, he must also have a praise kink as well...then again, I did notice that when we did the pet play, he does respond well to praise. I’ll have to ask him about it later.' The artist thought as he prepared himself to take Josuke and as he lowered himself onto him, he allowed the scarf to slack to allow Josuke to breathe. “You’re doing good, Jojo, just relax and let me take the lead.” He said as he began to move and as he rode Josuke, he pulled the scarf tighter, wrapping it around his hands to increase the pressure.

“Oh god, this is amazing, I can already tell that you’re close…” Rohan moaned as he felt Josuke nearing his orgasm and as he continued to tighten the scarf, he felt his eyes fluttering and as he opened them, he saw Crazy Diamond manifesting and nodded. “Right, we’re done, got it.” The mangaka said as he loosened his grip on the scarf and allowed it to fall to the bed, giving Josuke a chance to get some much-needed oxygen into his lungs. As he continued to breathe, Rohan rode him to completion and then stroked himself to cum as well. Afterwards, he collapsed on top of Josuke and felt him pull out with a *pop* followed by his lover’s cum trickling out of him.

“Damn...that was intense...and I’m glad you knew that I wanted to stop.” Josuke replied as he held Rohan close to him.

“Don’t worry, if ever you want to stop or not do anything, just tell me. In fact, I’ve been researching BDSM and I’ve even been chatting with professionals online who have been helpful. In fact, one of them wants to meet us, she lives in New Orleans and is willing to teach us if we want.” Rohan replied as they got up and got dressed to head to the bathhouse for their usual bath.

Shiroi Kuren Bathhouse - All This and Nothing

“By the way, why the surprise visit? We saw each other last month, not that I’m ungrateful, just surprised.” Josuke asked Rohan as they settled into the warm bath that night.

“Easy, isn’t your birthday coming up? You’re going to be twenty and old enough to drink, let me guess, you don’t have plans for that, do you?” Rohan replied, reminding Josuke that his birthday was coming up.

“I have classes and then my sister invited me over to her house for dinner and my mom’s gonna be there too.” Josuke stated as he held his lover close. “Besides, Oku and the others are coming down to see us and we can have a group date again. But I know that you want to do something special for that day too, so we’ll leave Seiko’s place early and come back here to celebrate in private.” He added as Rohan rested his head on Josuke’s chest and smiled, afterwards they headed back home and Rohan stayed with Josuke and on his birthday, the artist treated him to a post-celebration drink at a local izakaya and then afterwards, they returned to the apartment.

Josuke’s apartment, May 27th - Red Right Hand

'I can’t believe it, get a little alcohol in him and all of a sudden he gets touchy-feely. Still, I like this side of him, even if he did turn into a power bottom.' Josuke thought as he smiled at his sleeping lover and kissed him on his forehead as he fell asleep, happy that their relationship was still going strong.


Chapter Text

The living room, Kishibe residence, July 2003 - Roads

“You want to do what?” Josuke Higashikata asked his lover Rohan Kishibe as they relaxed in the living room that evening. Rohan had just finished his latest chapter and was now on a break as per Josuke’s request. However, Rohan was concocting something for them to do that night that was more suited to the bedroom than the living room.

“Simple, I want to try a role play tonight - maybe doctor and patient.” Rohan replied as he settled himself on Josuke’s lap and ran his fingers through his lover’s loose hair, slightly damp from his shower earlier. “Please...I’ll let you be in charge.” He begged, knowing how much Josuke loved it when he submitted.

“Fine, since you asked nicely, I suppose we can do it, come on, let’s go upstairs.” Josuke replied as he carried Rohan upstairs to the bedroom. Once in the room, Josuke laid him down on the bed with a gentle kiss before going over to the closet to change.

The Bedroom - In the Meantime

“So a doctor and patient scenario, huh?” Josuke asked as he changed into a pair of vinyl pants and threw on a white lab coat that he had found at a secondhand store when he was looking for something for a costume party. “Alright, let’s begin - strip.” He said as he walked to the bed and stood there watching Rohan undress before sitting down in a chair across from the bed.

“Good boy, now then, let’s begin.” Josuke said as he watched Rohan covering himself with his hands while he got up from the chair and stalked over to the bed and pushed his lover down on it. Then he took Rohan’s hands away from his cock and tied him to the bed. “Do you remember the safeword?” He asked as he ran his hands down Rohan’s chest.

“Yeah, red if things get dangerous and we need to stop.” The artist replied as Josuke gave him another gentle kiss before moving into the role play. “Doctor, please...what’s wrong with me…” Rohan said as Josuke touched his cock and began stroking it.

“Very simple, you have satyriasis and I know the best treatment for it.” Josuke replied as he took off the lab coat and tossed it on the floor before undoing the pants and pulling out his hard cock. As he stroked himself, he began sucking his lover off and preparing him for what was to come. Once he was ready, he pulled off his lover, sat up, and as he entered him, he heard Rohan moaning as he did. “Shut up!” He said as he slapped Rohan’s face.

“Sorry Doctor, please, take care of me…” Rohan replied as Josuke began to fuck him, biting back moans as he felt his lover’s cock inside of him. As Josuke continued to thrust inside of him, Rohan realized that he was edging him. “ me cum…” The artist begged as Josuke stopped his shallow thrusts and began pounding into the artist. As Rohan came, he felt Josuke untie him from the bed so that he could put his arms around him.

“Oh god...Josuke…” Rohan finally moaned as he rested his head on Josuke’s shoulder while he pulled out and carried him to the bathroom. Once in there, Josuke removed the pants and began running a cool bath for them to relax in.

The bathroom - Love and Happiness

“So not bad for my first time…” Josuke said as he and Rohan relaxed in the bathtub that night.

“Yeah, I think we do better if I’m in charge of things.” Rohan replied as he rested his head on Josuke’s chest. “Do you wanna fuck in my studio tomorrow?” He asked as they finished their bath and got out.

“ long as you promise to put a pillow down while I suck you off under your desk.” Josuke replied as they got changed and returned to the bedroom to sleep and the next day, Rohan went back to taking control.

Rohan’s Studio, the next day - Bring it on Home to Me

“Oh god, Josuke...your mouth feels amazing on my dick, now keep it there and when I’m done, I’ll reward you.” Rohan said to Josuke as the twenty-year-old knelt under his desk with his lover’s dick in his mouth. He was blindfolded and had an o-ring gag in his mouth to keep it open and on the floor was a pillow for him to kneel on. In his ass was a vibrating dildo and there was a cock ring on his dick to keep him from cumming too soon. “Good boy…” Rohan said as he moved his hips to fuck Josuke’s mouth, the moans that came from him acting like a gentle vibrator.

'This is amazing...I’ve trained him well...hmmm, I think that maybe we could do something more with this…' Rohan thought as he continued to work on his next chapter and as he finished, he pushed Josuke’s head close to his crotch and came in his mouth. Afterwards, he brought Josuke out from under his desk and removed the cock ring as he sucked him off, allowing him to cum finally. Once he finished, Rohan removed the dildo and the o-ring gag and allowed him to relax. “Feel better now?” The artist asked as they cuddled on the couch in his studio.

“Yeah...that was better…” Josuke replied as they fell asleep on the couch together, happy that things were back to normal for them.


Chapter Text

January 2007 - Never Too Much

JH: This day sucks ass.

RK: What’s wrong?

JH: I don’t want to talk about it…

RK: Josuke, please...tell me what’s wrong?

JH: …

RK: I know what that means, just come home safe, I’ll be waiting for you and everything will be in the garage for you to change into when you get in.

JH: Yes, Master… Josuke typed and as he sent the final text, he knew what his lover had in mind for them. 'Lately we’ve been experimenting with BDSM and even though we trade off who’s the Dom and who’s the sub, we found that it works for us. So it looks like he wants to be the Dom tonight. Better not keep him waiting…' Josuke thought as he finished his charts for the day and headed back to Rohan’s place to get ready for that night.

Kishibe-Higashikata residence - Du hast

-You know what to do, I don’t have to explain it to you. Also, please put your phone in the box, you’ll get it back when we’re done.- Read the note from Rohan that Josuke saw as he closed the door and headed into the garage to get changed out of his scrubs and showered. This was something that Rohan had added on to the house when he got it back, it was a necessary measure, since it allowed Josuke a chance to relax before they started a D/s session and also to keep him from bringing germs into the house and getting Rohan sick. 'The first time that happened, he was sick for three weeks, granted it was only the flu, but it could have been worse...' Josuke thought as he finished his shower and dried off before putting on the harness, the leather feeling good against his bare skin and the metal of the cock ring was getting him hard.

Before he knelt down on a pillow that Rohan kept in the garage for their scenarios, he placed his phone in a box that would let it charge while they had their time together. As he locked the box and knelt down, he closed his eyes and lowered his head. Soon, he heard Rohan coming into the garage and kept his head down. “Good boy…” The artist purred, the praise sending shivers down Josuke’s spine and a pleasing feeling to his cock. As he felt his master’s hand on the back of his neck, Josuke fought the urge to moan as Rohan raised his head so that he could blindfold Josuke and then he placed Josuke’s hands into a pair of mitts and restrained them behind his back. Then he put on Josuke’s collar and attached the leash and led him upstairs to the playroom for their session. Once in the room, he secured a spreader bar to Josuke’s ankles and pushed his head onto the floor before kneeling down behind him and preparing him for a vibrating anal plug that he inserted into his lover before placing a masturbation sleeve on his dick. This time, Josuke was unable to keep quiet and let out a moan, earning a slap from Rohan.

“Bad boy, did I say that you could speak? Answer me.” Rohan said as he pulled on Josuke’s damp hair, raising his head.

“No Master, please forgive me, I won’t speak out of turn again.” Josuke replied, begging Rohan for his forgiveness.

“Well, you did apologize, but still, you need to be punished. Open wide. That’s my good boy.” Rohan stated as he placed a ball gag in Josuke’s mouth that would allow him to breathe. “Perfect, now then, just relax and remember what to do if this gets too rough.” The artist replied, reminding Josuke to summon Crazy Diamond if things got too intense. As the twenty-three-year-old nurse nodded, Rohan picked up a strap and began spanking Josuke for his disobedience. While he spanked his lover, Rohan took note of the tears that were starting to stream down Josuke’s face and the soft whimpers from him. Once he was finished, he set the strap down and raised Josuke’s head gently this time, taking off the blindfold as he did and allowing his eyes to adjust to the light.

“Now are you going to be good for Daddy?” The mangaka asked as Josuke nodded and nuzzled Rohan, a sign that he should remove the gag so that Josuke could suck him off. “No, you need to stay like that for a little while. Now Daddy’s going to finish up and then I’ll be back, understand?” Rohan added as Josuke nodded and stayed in his position while Rohan left the room and headed into the bedroom and upon his return, he saw that Josuke was shaking from the overstimulation.

“Alright, now you’ve earned your reward.” The mangaka said as he knelt down in front of Josuke and removed the ball gag and allowed him to relax the muscles in his jaw before he began to undo the vinyl pants that Rohan wore with his teeth and as he pulled down the zipper, his lover’s erection brushed against his cheek and Rohan moaned as the heated flesh hit the cool air of the bedroom. Then, as Josuke took him into his mouth, Rohan moaned again, remembering how good Josuke was at giving head. As he got close, he pushed Josuke’s head close to his crotch and shot his load down his throat. Afterwards, he removed the masturbation sleeve and the plug before undoing the harness that Josuke wore and as he entered him, Rohan knew it wouldn’t be long before Josuke came, so he left the cock ring on.

“You can speak now…” Rohan said to Josuke as he fucked him, the moans that had been trapped in his lover’s throat now pouring freely like a waterfall and as Rohan got close again, he reached in front and removed the cock ring, allowing Josuke to cum and as he did, Rohan came again, this time inside of him. Afterwards, they collapsed on the floor with Rohan on top of Josuke and as they rested, Josuke summoned Crazy Diamond to get him out of the spreader bar while Rohan took off the mitts and removed the restraints. Once that was done, he helped Josuke to his feet and into the bathroom to clean up.

“Thanks babe, I needed this tonight.” Josuke said as Rohan undressed and ran the bath for them.

“Of course, so what happened? I know that you’ve been in the ER lately, so I’m guessing that there was a major emergency tonight.” Rohan replied as Josuke got into the warm water and he joined him to cuddle while in the background, the soundtrack to Purple Rain played.

“There was a major traffic accident near S-City tonight and a lot of the victims were kids. In fact, we’ve been so short-staffed lately that everyone, including me, has been worn down physically and emotionally. By the way, after I texted you, I went into the men’s room and cried for at least a good two hours and then my supervisor said to go home and get some rest.” Josuke explained as Rohan rested his head on his chest. They stayed like that for a while, just enjoying each other’s company before getting out, drying off and heading to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, they got changed and headed downstairs to watch TV and eat some dinner - just two bowls of ochazuke for the night. Soon, they fell asleep together on the couch and stayed like that until the next morning.

The next morning - Standing on the Moon

“Do you have to work today?” Rohan asked as he rolled onto his side to face Josuke.

“Nope, I got some time off to destress and recover from all of this, hey, let’s go back to the Dougo Onsen and have a vacation.” Josuke replied as he gently stroked his lover’s cheek.

“Good idea.” Rohan said as they continued to cuddle on the couch, content to be alone for the moment before their trip and upon their return, they both appeared to be healthier and more relaxed, but only they knew what went on behind closed doors.


Chapter Text

La maison des araignées (The House of Spiders), New Orleans - The Pusher

“What is going on out there? Heaven’s Door, have you investigated that infernal racket?” Rohan Kishibe asked as he stormed out of his study that night to the sound of howling outside.

“I have my Lord, I spoke with the Queen Bienvenida today and she informed me that the loup-garous are having their mating season right now. However, one of them has run off, according to the Queen, he’s a young one in his first rut and he may be headed toward civilization.” The doll replied as the Vampire Lord looked out the window and saw movement in an old cabin near the river. “My Lord?” They then asked as Rohan headed out into the night.

'It must be that young one that Heaven’s Door spoke of...but why is he here instead of terrorizing the city?' Rohan thought as he neared the cabin and as he walked in, his emerald eyes adjusted to the darkness.

The Cabin - I Was a Teenage Werewolf

'Looks like he’s been here for a while...but still...why is he hiding here? Unless he’s ashamed of himself.' Rohan thought as he looked around the cabin. Just then, he was caught off guard by the loup-garou and tackled to the ground.

“Oh dear...seems a little bat has strayed too far from his cave…” The beast said as he leaned over his captive. He was tall, about six feet even, if Rohan had to harbor a guess, and he was also large, as evidenced by the bulge in his torn jean shorts.

“Let go of me you animal!” Rohan shouted as he struggled, but it was no use, the beast kept his hands constrained with one hand while ripping off his shorts with the other. This allowed his erection to spring free and it was then that Rohan noticed that it was dripping pre-cum on his clothing. “Look, whatever you want, I can get it for you…” He began begging, even though it was completely beneath him.

“What I want, my little bat, is you.” The loup-garou replied as he stood up and threw Rohan onto the bed before climbing on top of him and capturing his mouth in a kiss before pulling back. “What’s your name?” He asked as he ripped off the vampire’s clothing and tossed it on the floor.

“Rohan Kishibe, I’m one of the vampire Lords of House Almonester Rojas y de la Ronde. Who are you, beast?” Rohan replied as the beast began nipping at him.

“Josuke Higashikata, I’m from the Joestar pack at the Myrtles Plantation.” Josuke said as he pulled back for a moment.

“You must be the one who’s going through his first rut…” Rohan mused as he remembered what Heaven's Door told him.

“I am, and I ran off to protect the others from myself.” Josuke explained as he moved onto his back and Rohan straddled his hips.

“Interesting, you know, I may decide to keep you and let you stay here. But first, show me what you got.” Rohan replied and Josuke smirked at him before throwing him back down onto the bed and eating him out, stretching his ass as he did before he entered the vampire and as they fucked, Rohan’s eyes filled with tears and he soon collapsed on the bed, moaning and drooling in pleasure from the loup-garou’s dick.

“God damn, for a vampire Lord, you act like such a whore.” Josuke said as he leaned in close and bit Rohan on his shoulder, marking him as his lover as he came inside and as he did, he felt his knot locking him in place. “By the way, I hope you don’t mind staying a while, I’m locked in.” He said as he collapsed on top of the vampire.

“For how long?” Rohan asked as he felt his senses returning to him.

“Until sunrise and then I’ll revert to my human form. Don’t worry, I have blackout curtains and thick shutters on the windows to protect you from the sunlight.” Josuke replied as he reached up and closed the shutters while a doll appeared from the closet and helped him. “That’s Crazy Diamond, they were abandoned in a junk pile and I found them and repaired them.” He explained as the doll lit some oil lamps and then sat down near the closet to await orders. Then, as the sun rose, Josuke felt himself reverting to his human form and his knot deflating.

“Interesting, look, I need a change of clothes or possibly a week’s worth of clothes. How long does your rut last?” Rohan asked as he sat up while Josuke got off of him and got dressed.

“A week, if you want, I’ll send Crazy D to get you a change of clothes.” Josuke replied as the vampire got up and limped over to the closet with Josuke’s cum dripping down his legs. ‘God damn, he looks so fucking hot right now...’ The loup-garou thought as he stared at his new lover as he threw on a shirt and then limped back to the bed.

“That’s okay, I’ll just wear this for now and I’ll stay here to keep you company until your rut’s over.” Rohan replied as he got under the covers and pulled them up over his head as Josuke nodded and left. That afternoon, he returned to his hideout to see Rohan sitting up in bed and as he joined him, he felt the vampire’s fangs sinking into his neck. “I need to feed, I’m going to need a lot of energy if we’re going to fuck for a week.” He stated as he pulled back, blood dripping from his fangs. That night, they mated again and the process continued for a week straight before Josuke’s rut ended and he left the cabin and Rohan returned home. When asked, he refused to give an explanation, merely that he had convinced the young loup-garou to return to his pack’s territory. But on the next full moon, Josuke returned to the cabin to meet with Rohan again.

The next full moon, one month later - Immigrant Song

“Why so tense, little bat? Could it be you’ve grown weary of all our little moonlight rendezvous?” The loup-garou asked his vampire lover as he fucked him, his body covered in bites and scratches that would heal at sunrise with his transformation.

“How dare you patronize me, you filthy mutt!” Rohan snapped back, his body also covered in bites and deep scratches that would heal once he got a few pints of blood back in him or one unlucky human that managed to piss him off enough to kill them. Josuke merely smirked at the fight in his lover and afterwards, they cuddled before falling asleep together as the sun rose and Josuke reverted to his human form. As he held his lover, Josuke was amazed at how a vampire could fall in love with a loup-garou and eventually, Josuke moved into Rohan’s mansion as his “pet” - the perfect cover for his presence there, thus completing his lover’s “family.”