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Higashikata Residence, October, 2 years later - Tired

'Okay, it’s no big deal, you’re just showing him how grateful you are for taking you in and getting the prosthetics to replace what Kira stole from you.' Rohan Kishibe thought as he looked at himself in the mirror and stared at the outfit that he was wearing - a sexy nurse’s outfit that he had found online and had purchased with the money he had made at his part-time job at a local cafe. As he ran his hands across the lingerie that he was wearing, his ears flexed as he listened for the sound of Josuke’s footsteps on the stairs and his tail twitched nervously. “No, I can’t…” Rohan said as he turned from the mirror, slightly disgusted and began to take off the lingerie, only to feel a pair of arms around his waist, spooking him slightly.

“Actually, I think you look great in it.” Josuke said as he held Rohan close to him and rested his chin on the hybrid’s shoulder. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I came home early to see you.” He added as he pulled away and turned Rohan around to see the front of the outfit and Rohan could tell that he liked it.

“Look, it’s not what you think, I just wanted to show my gratitude, that’s all.” Rohan replied as Josuke held his hand, marveling at the prosthetics that he now wore. “You saved me from an abusive home and gave me a new chance at life with the prosthetics. Plus, I’m able to do a lot more than I was able to when I was with Kira, with him, I was basically a slave, a prisoner. But here, I can leave the house whenever I want and I can even hold a part-time job, even though it would be better if two of the girls there didn’t flirt with every guy that came in.” He added as he turned his head, his ears flattening.

“I’ve noticed, plus I’ve also noticed that you’re doing a lot better since you came to live with us.” Josuke stated as they moved onto the bed and Josuke pulled him close for a kiss. “Besides, I’ve noticed that we both are developing feelings for one another, but if you want, I’ll wait until you’re ready.” He then said as he pulled back, only for Rohan to pull him close again.

“I’m ready and I want you to fuck me, or we could play a little game of ‘doctor.” Rohan stated as Josuke moved in close and began removing the lingerie to reveal a pair of pasties on his chest and gently took them off so that he could lavish attention on the hybrid’s nipples before gently placing a kiss on each of the surgery scars before moving lower to eat him out. “Oh god…” Rohan moaned as he felt Josuke’s tongue on his clit while the eighteen-year-old slid two fingers into his eager pussy before sitting up to undress and then he moved back up to kiss Rohan, reaching over to grab a condom as he did.

“Actually, you don’t need to worry about that, I’m…” Rohan began to say, but turned away in embarrassment at having to tell Josuke that he had his ovaries removed.

“Let me guess, fixed?” Josuke asked as Rohan nodded. 'I want to ask him if it was Kira’s doing or if he chose to do it willingly.' Josuke thought as he set the foil packet down and started fingering him again. “Look, don’t be embarrassed to tell me this, plus, you can always explain more about it later.” He added as his fingers brushed against a spot that made Rohan see stars and as he removed his fingers, he entered his new lover and as they made love for the first time, he gently nipped at Rohan’s neck, leaving a few love bites as he hit the hybrid’s G-spot with ease and as he came inside of him, Josuke reached down and stroked his clit to bring him to orgasm as well and afterwards, he collapsed on top of him before pulling out. After a moment, Josuke wrapped Rohan in a spare robe and after covering himself, carried him to the bathroom for a relaxing bath.

The bathroom - The Green Manalishi (with the Two Prong Crown)

“That was amazing, better than how I imagined it would be.” Rohan said as Josuke helped him remove the prosthetics on his hands before helping him into the bathtub.

“I’m glad, by the way, I’m kinda curious about why you got fixed and I’m hoping that it wasn’t Kira’s decision.” Josuke replied as he helped Rohan into the tub and held him close to him.

“Actually, it wasn’t, it was mine, when I was nineteen, I had my ovaries removed as part of my surgical transition. Before that, I had painful heat cycles and the surgery corrected that along with the testosterone.” Rohan explained as he rested his head on Josuke’s chest as Josuke took his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his fingers just below the scars left behind by the forced declawing.

“Okay, I was just worried because I’ve heard about some owners sterilizing their hybrids by force or leaving them intact to breed them to death.” Josuke replied as he kissed Rohan on the forehead before washing him off and then as they finished their bath, Josuke helped Rohan out of the tub and dried him off before reattaching the prosthetics and getting them dressed again and carrying Rohan back to the bedroom.

The bedroom - Albatross

“By the way, I liked the outfit, maybe next time, we could play ‘doctor.” Josuke said as he held Rohan close to him that night as they drifted off to sleep.

“Hmm, maybe…” Rohan mused as he fell asleep with his head on Josuke’s chest, content that he had found someone who loved him dearly.