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The Forgotten

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"Save your breath child, the gods have forgotten you"

They didn't sing hymns about her, nor tell heroic stories of her tragic life. All that was left of her legacy was rotting bones deep in hard-packed earth, and faded memories that they tried their hardest to forget. For who would want to remember the smell of burnt flesh, screams that could rip apart ice, and anger that could drown you. No, they had forgotten her, she was sure of it. Little did they know, she was still alive. Her old heart was beating in a tired chest. Not dead just yet. She had become one with the monsters that she resided with, and suddenly evil didn't seem like such a deep cut anymore.

They had broken her, torn apart her soul, and put the jagged pieces back together again, forging a monster out of broken promises and wrath so deep it was maddening. Humanity, snapping as easily as a matchstick.

Her namesake was a princess, known for her beauty, rescued by a hero before she could be devoured. However, she was no damsel, and the sun had long ago forsaken her. She would climb her own way up from hell, even if she had to do it with the bones of the fallen.

Andromeda Vautour would drown the entire world before she would be forgotten.