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Pinktober Loki Fanfiction

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The serpent was unrelenting, always dripping it's neverending venom onto Loki's face. It ate away at his eyes, his nose, the skin around it in patches, all the way down to his throat. He had stopped screaming a long time ago, laying on the slab of stone silently. He was still, he had given up on trying to break the chains around his wrists and ankles a long time ago. He was alone with his thoughts and his nightmares.

When the thundering started, Loki couldn't help but ponder on it. It was, afterall, the first new thing in a long time. Perhaps the Allfather had sent down a beast of some sort to finish him off. As the thundering grew nearer, Loki could discern that it was possibly the shuffling of feet, multiple footsteps, heading down the long rocky stairway. Towards him, Loki assumed, since that stairway didn't go anywhere else.

The footsteps stopped at the bottom, Loki didn't make any move to show that he was listening. The drip drip sound was the only thing that permeated the silence, until a voice spoke up.

"Thor? Why are we here? Aren't we supposed to be retrieving your brother?" A voice asked. Loki vaguely recognized it as one of the Midgardians he had fought at one point, but couldn't remember who.

"Loki," Thor's voice. It was full of grief, as if Thor hadn't let this happen to him. Loki scoffed inwardly at the thought.

"This is Loki?" A third voice, full of disbelief. Loki didn't recognize this voice.

"Loki..." Was that Sylvie?

"Why the hell would you let that bastard do this?!" Was that Nebula's voice? "This is inhumane! He's your brother! He's OUR brother!"

"Nebula, calm down. We're here to get him out," Gamora's voice rang out, declaring a declaration that Loki couldn't help but laugh at. It was soundless, warped as it was, as his vocal cords couldn't produce the sound he would have made a long time ago. His body shook, and unknown to Loki, some of the others could recognize that it was Loki laughing.

"Loki, Loki no, we are here, we're real," Thor's voice, close by, to his right.

"Let's get started then," Hela's voice, to Loki's left. Loki thought it was impossible for her to be here- he had only heard her voice in his dreams, lucid as they may have been. His sister had been unfairly locked up by Odin, how could she be here?

Loki felt pressure on each of the cuffs, starting with the ones on his wrists, before that pressure was released. Then his ankles. Loki refused to move, refused to give into the temptation and find out that none of this was real. His delirious mind feared that this was a test from Odin, a test to see whether or not the monstrous frost giant would escape. He wouldn't, he wouldn't fail his test, he wouldn't give any reason to be punished far worse than the punishment he was given.

Strong arms picked him up gently, off of that stone slab and away from the serpent's venom. His body screamed in agony, but Loki couldn't do much more than lay limply in that hold. He was carried bridal style, to who knows where.

Eventually Loki lost consciousness, his seidr slowly returning to his body in an effort to heal him.

It took time for him to heal enough to be able to speak, especially since Loki had trouble regrasping his seidr. Seidr was a wild thing, and it flailed for days after reemerging in Loki's body, as if it was throwing a tantrum for being locked up for so long.

After that though, healing wasn't completely difficult. Soon enough, Loki's face looked somewhat normal, he could speak, he could feel his face and his face could feel, his hearing wasn't all over the place, and he got his sense of smell and taste back.

The only problem were his eyes.

They weren't healing back, no matter what. In their place were just the empty sockets, where they should have been. Not only that, but Loki seemed emotionally distant. He'd wander the halls randomly when he was awake, seemed disoriented at all times, and got scared really easily. If you called his name, he would either flinch or just not notice. If you touched him, he would either go really stiff and shaky as if he was afraid, or he would become a limp ragdoll for the next 20 to 30 minutes.

The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy were at a loss on what to do. Nebula and Gamora had told them about the tortures that they both and Loki had to go through and blamed themselves for not helping Loki further. Both Thor and Sylvie blamed themselves for not seeing Loki's distress and saving him in time. Hela had joined them as a sibling much later, and so instead of blaming herself, she decided to try to help find solutions for them all.

Doctor Strange and Wanda were both people who could easily see what the problem was. And then there was the therapist that Hela found. He went by Mobius M. Mobius, and was widely renown for having the best success rate when it came to patients with low mental health.

Surprisingly, it wasn't difficult at all to get Loki to agree to a therapy session with the three of them, even though they all knew that they would probably look into Loki's mind. Unbeknownst to them, Loki agreed so easily because all 5 of his siblings had asked, which made him feel sentimental.

And so, Loki ended up sitting in a room with those three. When Mobius shook Loki's hand, Loki could feel that the other's grip was strong, while his own was considerably weak.

Loki sat down on a comfortable couch while Lokius brewed some tea. The area around him had the scent of pumpkin spice. Loki found it comforting, and he couldn't help but relax in his seat.

Doctor Strange and Wanda couldn't have felt more apprehensive, but Mobius was laidback in a way that made him seem like he was in control. "So, Loki, what's your favorite color?" He asked first, making Strange and Wanda look at him weirdly.

"Green," Loki answered.

"And why is that?"

"Because..." Loki trailed off, and both Strange and Wanda could see that he was thinking of a memory of his. A forest. Full of shining, green leaves that Loki had adored.

They took notes, and the thing that snapped Loki out of it was the pumpkin spice smell turning into a cider smell. "Nature," Loki said out loud, and Mobius made a mental note to use smells to gently bring back Loki's attention.

"... What's your favorite color?" Loki asked in return, not knowing that he received a smile from the other male. Mobius brought Loki's tea over, placing it in the ravenette's hands.

"Orange," Mobius answered, sitting in a seat to Loki's left. He watched Loki's face contort as he thought about it. Wanda and Strange could see Loki thinking about a sunset, multiple sunsets, each several beautiful shades of oranges, sometimes even pink and purple.

"That's lovely," Loki murmured, realizing that the scent had changed again. He took careful sips of his tea, and Mobius continued asking Loki questions, to which Loki was able to respond to all, except for the last one.

"So, Loki, do you have any goals?"

"... Goals?"

"Yeah. Is there anything you want to achieve in life?"

"..." Loki fell silent, his brows furrowing as he thought about it. No matter how hard he thought though, he couldn't recall ever truly wanting something.

"... I don't know," He mumbled, feeling lost.

"That's okay, you don't have to have a goal," Mobius ever so subtly changed the scent again. "But, if you like... I could help you make some?"

Loki thought about it. Thought about Mobius's request. About the session. The scents. How relaxed the man made him feel. How the man was sitting just inches away from him, and yet Loki had never even seen his face. Loki wanted to know what it looked like. He knew how Mobius's voice sounded like. But his face, he didn't know.

Loki wanted to know.

"I want to see what your face looks like," Loki broke the silence that had followed, receiving a surprised blink and another smile. "That's a good goal, Loki."

When the session ended, Mobius went over some things with Loki's siblings, such as some things that could help him. Soon enough, they were able to fully engage him for long periods of time, which was a big improvement to before. He spent time with his siblings as a family, feeling loved and giving them smiles that made anyone around them coo and want to baby him.

Wanda and Doctor Strange became his best friends. Loki helped Wanda ask her girlfriend, Natasha. Loki enjoyed hearing Doctor Strange and Wong banter, a chemistry that wasn't to be tampered with or labeled. Sylvie proposed to her fiance, Pepper, with the help of Loki and the rest of their siblings. Thor had his marriage with Tony Stark, while Hela started flirting with the Valkyrie on a daily basis.

Loki's eyeballs were growing back, ever so slowly. He started to regain his happiness, looking much brighter than he had when he first started living at the Avengers tower. He was able to win over the hearts of everyone around him, despite his past with them. And those who didn't know him before but did now knew that this Loki was a good Loki. Especially Mobius, whom Loki loved spending his time with.

When the day came that Loki could see again, he arrived at Mobius's office early. He beamed at the other male, who looked surprised to see Loki's beautiful green eyes, the smile he wore was radiant, and Loki looked happy.

"I can see your face," Loki stated happily.

"That you can," Mobius replied with a slight smirk.

"Since I have completed my goal, can you help me with my next one?"

"Of course," Mobius agreed. Loki looked a little apprehensive, his eyes flickering to Mobius's lips for a moment. Loki stepped in, closing the door fully, before walking up to Mobius, until he was a few inches away from the other male.

"I know what your voice sounds like... I know what your face looks like... but I don't know what your lips taste like," Loki murmured, searching Mobius's eyes for his reaction.

"..." Mobius's eyes widened slightly, but seeing the way Loki looked ready to be rejected, his expression softened. "Why don't you find out, then?"

That was all the permission that Loki needed, leaning forward to press his lips against Mobius's in a chaste kiss. Mobius closed his eyes, allowing the moment to relax him.

" Thank you for giving me back my sight , Mobius . I had forgotten what I waited , but now I see what it is . And it is right in front of me . "

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Tony Stark let out a cute little squeak that he made whenever Loki would say his name in that low, husky tone, right next to his ear. He turned around to find the god smirking smugly down at him, and Tony pouted. "Louuu," He started whining.

"Anthony, Darling, would you take me out on a walk?"

Tony blinked. "On a walk? Do you need to get somewhere? We can always ask Happy to-"

"No, I want to go on a walk. With you," Loki emphasized. "I want to see the urban city outside of the Midgardian vehicle, and I'd like you to accompany me."

"... What brought this on?"

"Why, nothing more than the weather being nice and my sudden craving for all of one Anthony Stark's attention."

"...Alright, fine. Let's go," Tony relented, despite being a bit suspicious, decided to humor Loki a little bit. "Give me five minutes, and I'll be with you."

Loki gave him a satisfied smile. "I would expect nothing less my dear."

The two of them ended up spending the entire day outside of the Stark tower. Tony Stark told Loki everything there was to know about urban life, all the little details. Loki's seidr kept them from being noticed as they walked, everyone else just saw them as normal passer-byers and went on with their day. Loki enjoyed the sound of Tony's voice, refraining from teasing him for the most part.

When the sun set, Loki and Anthony had stopped in front of a café. It was still open, so Loki suggested going inside. Anthony agreed, despite never having been there before.

Loki ordered drinks for them, and as they were waiting, Loki decided it was time for the big finale of their date. "Do you remember when we first met, darling?"

Tony had to stop and think about that. "5 years ago?"

"5 years and 8 and a half months ago, yes," Loki answered. "And do you remember when I asked you out?"

Anthony thought about the date of it. "...Two years and 6 months ago. You looked ready to pass out from fear of rejection. Instead you passed out from surprise."

"And do you remember what I said?"

Anthony fondly smiled at the memory, "That I would be the only man that you would ever kneel for if I said yes."

"And I will hold true to my word," Loki said. Anthony noticed how nervous Loki looked now, his hands shaking slightly. Then they stilled, as if Loki had steeled himself and strengthened his resolve. He reached his hand down, into his pant pocket...

And pulled out a small box.

Anthony gasped as Loki got down onto a knee, holding the box up and opening it. Instead was a ring- a ring with Anthony's favorite gem, an emerald, because he liked Loki's color and he liked that emeralds were Loki's color.

"Anthony Stark, you have been the light of my life ever since you've entered it. Every moment shared is a moment treasured. You've loved every part of me, no matter how selfish I can become, no matter how petty or insistent I can be. You've indulged me for the last few years on the things I wanted to do with you, and now, I wish to give it all back in tandem."

"Anthony Stark," Loki paused for dramatic effect. "Will you marry me?"

"Yes! A thousand times yes! Times three! Three thousand times yes!" Tony hugged Loki tightly, with unshed tears stinging his eyes. Loki had momentarily stopped using his seidr to cover them unintentionally, so everyone clapped and cheered for the two of them. One of the baristas, Darcy Lewis, was holding up a phone, recording the entire thing.

"Is that- is that your phone?" Tony asked Loki in disbelief, pointing at the thing in Darcy's hand.

"Yes it is. I recorded the entire thing for you, Lokes. Here you go," Darcy handed it over to Loki with a grin, alongside both of their drinks. Loki promptly thanked her and paid, directing Anthony outside so they could sit down and relax for a bit.

"This was all planned, wasn't it?" Tony Stark stated.

"Yes, I remember you saying before we started dating how you liked public proposals, but without a big audience. I hoped to create a pleasant moment for the both of us to remember," Loki turned his head away, looking very shy. "Was your liking?"

"Of course it was, Lou. It was perfect," Tony Stark leaned over, using his finger to lift Loki's chin up and placing a quick peck on Loki's lips. "I loved every moment of it."

A shy smile grew on Loki's lips, and his cheeks grew pink like how they always did whenever Anthony would compliment and kiss him at the same time. "Thank you. I'm glad."

They continued chatting for the rest of the day, Loki subtly bringing his hand on top of Tony's over the table, the two of them basking in each other's company, as happy as they could be.

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To say that Clint was suspicious of Loki, who had once BRAINWASHED Clint and tried to take over Earth, was being allowed to live on Midgard in Norway, under the assumption that he was influenced by the scepter, would be an understatement. To say that Clint hates Loki would also be an understatement. Clint loaths Loki. He despises him with every single inch of his being, deep down to his very core.

And yet, Clint's supposed to pretend that all that never happened and to accept Loki's presence on his home planet without even being given the chance to say no?

So Clint did the next best thing he could. He did this to everyone he was suspicious of- first Avenger he did it to was Natasha, whom was the first to pass his test, and with flying colors. Clint built her a new house, outside of SHIELD'S files, to which she thanked him with her appreciative smirk.

Next was Steve Rogers, whom Clint couldn't help but feel was a fake. Captain America was dead, was he not? But, no, Steve truly was the real deal, and when Clint rebuilt a new house for him, he made sure to paint a lot of the items in there in the Captain America aesthetic that was growing popular. Steve was a little exasperated at that, though Clint got a smug smirk out of Natasha for it.

After that was Tony Stark, whom was completely in shock at that fact that Clint managed to get past his security and burn his house down. Clint only rebuilt the house because somehow Pepper knew why Clint burned down the house and was kind to him over it.

So he made a Pepper Potts aesthetic and made it trump the entire house. It became the most popular aesthetic on the internet and Tony Stark was further enraged.

Bruce Banner had promptly hulked out at the smell of smoke, and unfortunately for Clint, it started raining heavily before the fire could truly do any real damage, but he managed to get out unscathed when the Hulk found him, grabbed him, and said, "Puny human be careful," Walking away from the partially burned building to seek shelter in the nearby cave. When Bruce came back, he found Clint fixing the burned parts of his house, explaining that he had tested Bruce and the Hulk passed his test.

Thor didn't have a house on Earth, not until he had brought the fleet full of Asgardians to live on Norway. But, his house wasn't the one that caught Clint's attention.

No, it was Loki's house. It was somewhat isolated from the rest of the buildings in New Asgard, and was the size of a hut. Clint was currently eyeing it from afar. He knew that Loki had gone to bed a few hours ago, and Clint had poured gasoline on it in order to spread the fire much more quickly.

Clint turned on the lighter, throwing it towards the gasoline...

Watching the house be engulfed in flames.

Clint waited, wanting to see what Loki would do. He wasn't allowed to use his magic, though Clint assumed that using it to save his own life in a dire situation would be allowed. At first, nothing happened. Clint wondered from his place high up above if maybe Loki somehow teleported out of there-

A huge chunk of the roof fell off in the next moment, landing on top of an unconscious Loki.

Now, Clint knew, Loki surely was going to try something. Except, Clint noticed that there was something off about him. Loki was sprawled on the bed, his upper half fallen onto the floor, as if Loki had tried to get up and leave but passed out before he could.

Clint watched with increasing horror as the fire from the fallen wood spread towards Loki's skin, burning his clothes and his flesh with no signs of healing. Clint realized that the situation had gone incredibly wrong and he needed to step in, quick.

Clint jumped inside the house from the opening, taking care not to get any gasoline on him as he threw the burning wood off of Loki. He used a rag to try to put out the fire on Loki's body while he tied a wet cloth to the lower half of Loki's face.

Clint had to use his boots to kick an opening out, and rolled him and Loki out into the open. He dragged Loki away from the burning house, using the dirt to put out any flames that managed to get on them.


Thor's booming voice was followed by the sound of thunder, and a heavy downpour of rain.

"Man of arrows, I demand an answer from you."

Thor's silent rage scared the shit out of Clint, but luckily for him Natasha stepped up to answer. "Clint tests people by setting their houses on fire. He set mine on fire, it's normal for him."

Thor looked confused, about to reply when Steve spoke up. "He burned mine too."

The other Avengers that Clint tested raised their hands, as well as a few Shield agents. Thor looked at them all, baffled at the absurdity of the revelation.

"It's alright, Thor. There's no need to fight."

Clint sharply turned his head to look at Loki, who was now sitting up with a slight grimace of pain on his face. He was in the middle of being treated by the nurses who tried to get him to lie down on his stomach, but Loki ignored them.

"I have set your hair, Sif's hair, and Volstagg's hair on fire. I have set Fandral's bed on fire. I burned down Hogun's entire house down before and I do not feel sorry for doing any of it at all."

A smirk grew on Loki's face. "In fact, I'm quite pleased that this has happened to me. Despite the fact that I hate fire, I missed the scent of smoke. I love the fact that one of the Midgardians I'm coexisting with commits arson. So, do not fret, Thor. If I truly felt wronged, you know I would give him the same payback I've given to all of you."

Those words were followed by silence from everyone, and the shifting of Loki as he laid back down on his stomach for the nurses to continue treating his back. Slowly, everyone returned to what they were doing, working as if Loki didn't just declare that he approved of Clint's crime towards him.

Except for Clint, who could do nothing but stare at Loki with wide eyes.

Clint not only rebuilt Loki's house, but he made it four times bigger than the size it was before. He was starting on Loki's furniture when he noticed the god approach with a slight smirk.

"I see that my house has increased in size," He quipped, looking over the exterior. "The shades of green that are painted on the exterior remind me of the leaves in spring. I approve of it."

Clint snorted. "Yeah, well, after almost killing you I thought that you would appreciate having a new place to live, at the very least."

Still smirking, Loki strolled over and elegantly sat next to Clint. "I heard that you made Mrs. Potts her own aesthetic. Do you take requests?"

Clint grunted. "Sure. What do you want?"

"I would like to see the interior full of your aesthetic."

Clint dropped everything in his hands and turned to look at Loki with wide eyes. "My-?" He spluttered. "Why?"

Loki's smirk turned into something else, an excited interest in his eyes that made Clint want to squirm slightly. "You intrigue me, Barton. You have intrigued me from the beginning, but now you intrigue me more so than ever. It's why I chose to keep you alive as my thrall instead of killing you like The Other wanted me to. Why I sent you off to fight the Widow deliberately so you could be freed. The others say that I have been a thrall, like you, but in reality I was still in control and I was planning my failure the entire time."

Loki lifted a hand to place it on Clint's chin, Loki's thumb stroking it absentmindedly. "All I wish for now is some success in exploring you, Barton. However much you allow, that is."

Clint felt possessive of Loki after hearing those words, bringing a hand up to tug Loki's head towards him. The god closed his eyes as their lips connected, and Clint could feel the relaxed sigh that escaped Loki's lips. Clint took full control of the situation, slowly kissing Loki until he needed to breathe.

"Was that alright?" He asked, after catching his breath.

"Mhm," Loki wrapped his arms around Clint slowly, resting his head on Clint's shoulder. "It was very nice."

Clint gently wrapped his own arms around the god, careful of the burns on his back. "By the way... why didn't the burns heal like they normally do?"

"... The Allfather had locked away my magic with the bracers he had placed on me before imprisoning me after I attempted to invade your home planet. It's harder to break a dead man's spell than it is to break an alive one's."

Clint gaped down at Loki. "You're defenseless?" Clint tried to burn the house down of a defenseless man?

"Not entirely. I managed to store a little bit of seidr away for my use, though it's barely enough to do simple spells, it means that I can summon my daggers at any time."

"You're still defenseless against fire."

"Barton," Loki opened his eyes to look up at him. "I trust you. I do not trust easily, but I fully trust you. I trust you to hold me and take control of me even when I'm at my most defenseless. So stop feeling so guilty. Focus that energy on me, instead."

Clint's eyes softened, and he stroked his hand over Loki's head. Loki let out another relaxed sigh, closing his eyes and leaning towards the touch.

"Alright, Loki. I trust you too."

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"Did you hear the news?"

"Yeah, apparently Loki has a cunt."

"I always knew he was a woman, after taking up seidr-"

"Hey," Natasha's voice made the gossipers drop the conversation and pale. "Stop slandering the prince. It's disrespectful."

"Y-yes Miss Romanoff, w-we're sorry..."

The group of gossipers had dispersed, not wanting to face Natasha's wrath. She watched as they all left, turning to leave when a servant called out for her.

"Prince Loki wishes to see you right away, Miss Romanoff."

Natasha blinked. "Alright. Take me to him."

When they arrived at his room, Natasha knocked on the door. "Come in," His voice said, and Natasha did just that.

"Close the door," Loki commanded, and she did. She kneeled to him, respectfully bowing her head. "What may I do for you, my prince?"

"..." Loki took his time studying her from his spot by the window, before walking over to sit cross-legged on a chair. "I must commend you, for your diligent efforts. You've always done well to protect my name, even though I never asked you to."

"If I may..." She started, and Loki motioned that it was okay for her to continue. "They don't have any right to disrespect you, my prince. None of us do."

"You are curious though, are you not?" Loki questioned. It wasn't accusatory, though Natasha could detect that he was evaluating her next actions. "Whether or not the second prince is truly a prince between his legs."

"My prince," She stressed, pausing long enough for Prince Loki to stop her speaking if he so wished. "That isn't anyone's business but your own. I have no right to ask about the private parts of anyone, especially not of my prince."

Loki smirked, and Natasha could see that he seemed pleased. "You are most respectful, Miss Natasha Romanoff. Which is why I've decided to trust you with my secret."

"My prince-?"

When Natasha lifted her head, there was a sheet of green that went over Loki, and in his place was the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen. The woman had long black hair, sharp green eyes, pale but fair skin, and an elegant Asgardian dress on that was made for royalty. The woman's smugness intensified as Natasha realized that she was blatantly ogling her.

"It's okay to look. Otherwise I wouldn't have shown this to you," She spoke, her voice as elegant as her male form's was. She stood up, walking over to Natasha, placing a hand on her neck with a gentle touch.

"I am genderfluid. I do not identify as genderfluid- I just am genderfluid. I was born this way, and I will always be this way. In a way, the rumors are true. They're just not accurate."

"M-my lady-" Natasha's voice caught in her throat, for once not knowing what to say.

"Mm. You know, coming from you... that title doesn't feel so bad," Lady Lady stroked Natasha's neck as reward, and Natasha found herself unable to stop herself from leaning into the touch.

"There's one other thing... I am looking for a spouse. I would like you to be mine. Of course, you don't have to be mine. You can take however much time you need to decide."

"...I wouldn't mind being yours, my lady," Natasha whispered, her cheeks darkening slightly. Lady Loki smiled- a genuinely happy smile, one that had Natasha's heart skipping a beat.

"Stand up. I will not have my fiance kneel to me," She commanded, and Natasha obeyed. Lady Loki cupped Natasha's face, now that she was standing at her full height.

"Tell me if there's something that you don't like or want," She requested, leaning in closer towards Natasha. "Okay," She whispered in agreement, closing her eyes in expectation of what was to come.

Lady Loki pressed her lips to Natasha's soft ones, who relaxed completely. The kiss was soft, and slow, and when they had parted Natasha had felt completely calm.

"... I liked that, my lady," Natasha whispered, gaining a smile from the other female.

"Good. Because this isn't stopping anytime soon."

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"Ow!" Loki hissed, trying to sway Steve's hands away. It was a bit difficult to do when you were bleeding out in every area of your body.

"Hold still," Steve grunted, nimble fingers quickly stitching one of the deepest gashes in Loki's body.

"I'll be able to heal myself without your help!" Loki lied, knowing that he was edging on the verge of going unconscious.

"Loki," Steve placed a hand on Loki's cheek, causing it to heat up at the touch. "Please. Trust me."

Loki scoffed at the words but said nothing more as Steve continued, cleaning every wound the best he could while stitching them up. When they finally were all finished, Steve picked Loki up, ignoring his protests. He gently set him on the bed, looking deep in his eyes while cupping his face.

"I'm so glad that you're alive. Really. Back there, for a second, I thought you were dead," Steve whispered, stroking Loki with a gentle touch that had the ravenette wish for more. He couldn't move much, in fact the pain that his body was in almost prevented the little plea from leaving his mouth.

"Steve," Kiss me, was what ran through Loki's head. It must've shown in his expression, because in the next moment, Steve was leaning over him and pressing their lips together. Loki sighed at the feeling of being pinned down, relaxing completely and surrendering himself to the calming feeling.

When their lips parted, Steve whispered, "In the next case of an emergency...don't stick out your neck so far anymore. It's scary."

"...Yes love."

Loki whispered, and their lips met once again.

Chapter Text

"Puny god~ Where puny god~?"

Loki stifled the urge to gulp, nervous about being caught. Loki had tried to escape his punishment, which was being sent to the Avengers tower, on the very first day that he was escorted there. He succeeded, but ended up having to hide in a warehouse due to the fact that the Hulk had caught up to him. Loki's wrists had bracers on, given to him by the Allfather himself, preventing his use of seidr.

Loki almost growled in frustration. He hated having his magic locked away, he hated having to be locked up in that blasted tower, and he hated the Hulk for catching up to him.

Loki could succeed, though. If the Hulk gives up, if he moves onto a new area, maybe, just maybe, Loki could sneak around, and-

"There's puny god!" Loki heard from behind him, letting out a surprised yelp as he felt those big hands wrap around him, pinning his arms to his midsection as his legs flailed around in the air. He looked at the Hulk with wide eyes, scared of being thrown onto the ground over and over like the Hulk had done once before.

"...Mm? Why look like dat?" The Hulk tilted his head, confused of Loki's fear.


Natasha got the Hulk's attention, making him forget all about Loki as she sang him the lullaby and Loki was escorted back to the tower.

Again, Loki tried to escape, on his second day of punishment no less. This time, he took a different route through the forest, hoping that it would camouflage him a little bit.

But no, the Hulk was right behind him, chasing him in this game of hide-and-seek-tag. Loki used the trees to keep himself hidden, but eventually he ran out of breath, and had to crouch behind some bushes.

"Puny god found!" Hulk exclaimed five minutes later, picking up the god from his crouched position. Again, said god looked up with fear at Hulk, wondering if maybe this time, he would be thrown around.

"Hu~lk won~ Hu~lk won~" The beast sang repeatedly as it walked back through the forest, carrying Loki back towards the Avengers tower. Loki couldn't help but stare at the Hulk, wondering why he wasn't smashing him into the ground.

They reached the edge of the forest, where the other Avengers were, and Loki was escorted back to the tower.

This time, surely, Loki would succeed.

He managed to get himself a better headstart, weaving through the city streets in a disguise he made. He pretended to be a regular civilian walking through the streets, as if he was a normal person and not an alien criminal.

This method lasted 30 minutes longer, but then the Hulk threw a school bus towards him which made Loki jump in surprise. Somehow the Hulk realized it was him from that reaction and picked him up, singing his song of victory as he made his way towards the other Avengers.

Loki was, once again, escorted back to the tower.

Fifty times.

Loki had tried and failed to escape fifty times.

This time, as he was being carried by the Hulk, he was singing; "Puny god lo~ost~ Puny god lo~ost~"

... He wasn't wrong though, was he? Loki had failed to escape fifty times. What hope was there for his 51st attempt? It would all be the same. Loki would never find a way out of the tower, he would never get his magic back, he would die pathetically in that tower due to all the poison residing in his body given to him from the Mad Titan.

The light went out of Loki's eyes, and he hung his head as he was escorted back to the tower.

Loki didn't leave his room at all after that. His door was locked, and he would ignore anyone who tried to talk to him from the other side. He didn't eat or drink. He couldn't sleep. He was plagued by the pain of dying and wished to go out peacefully.

Until the Hulk smashed through his window, making the god yelp and fall off the bed. He scrambled to get away, unable to get very far. His body protested immediately, and he groaned in pain.

The Hulk picked Loki up, who winced at the feeling of his sick body having pressured applied to it. He didn't expect to hear the next words that came out of Hulk's mouth.

"Puny god no want play?"

"... Play?" Loki repeated, flabbergasted.

"Play hide and go seek."


For several long moments, there was silence, as Loki processed this information. Every time Loki had escaped, fearing for his life, this beast had thought of it as a game, as if Loki's life was nothing more than mere child's play.

The thought sent Loki into hysteric laughter, confusing the green beast that was holding him. His laughter turned into wails, long and loud sobs that shook his entire body until he had quieted down to sniffles, his head down and his hair covering his face.

"...Puny god okay?" The Hulk asked, hoping that he'll get answers this time.

"...I'm dying. I'm dying, and all you can ask is if I'm done playing. I was never playing a game, I was fearing for my life and running away to try to save it. It's too late for me now, though. Without my seidr, my body can no longer withstand the poison inside of me. So let me go, you insufferable beast, and leave me to die in dignity."

"...No. Hulk save puny god."

The Hulk slammed the door open, running down the hall towards the stairs. Loki silently gasped and closed his eyes as the Hulk ran towards his floor, not stopping for anything.

When Loki opened his eyes, he was on a bed, and a mask was put on his face.

Loki fell unconscious.

When Loki came to, he felt a lot better. He was on a couch, surrounded by most of the other Avengers.

"Brother," Thor clasped Loki's hand when he realized that he was awake.

"How do you feel?" Rogers asked.

"...I am well, surprisingly," Loki answered, taking care as he sat up. He no longer felt sluggish, his body was no longer being slowly dragged down to death. He tested his fingers, flexing them and finding that it wasn't a strain to do so.

"What happened?" He whispered.

"Brucie bear said that the big guy had apparently told him what you said, and asked him to save you," Stark stated, walking around the room.

"Bruce found the antidote pretty quickly and gave it to you," Natasha added. "Hulk's been worried about you. You've slept for a couple days by this point."

"...I see..." Loki murmured. "Where is he now?"

"Puny god awake!"

Loki looked to his side to see the big green guy run in. He picked up Loki, studying him. "Puny god okay now?"

"...Yeah. I'm fine."

And then a thought entered Loki's head, and a mischievous smirk grew on his face. "Say...why don't we play a game? You and I hide, and the other Midgardian Avengers seek us out?"

Before the others could protest, the Hulk let out a "Hulk hide! Hulk hide!" in agreement, promptly jumping out the window after that.

Loki had a happy grin on his face, watching as the Hulk bounded away from the chasing Avengers, feeling freer than he had felt in a long time.

Loki was finally happy.

Chapter Text

The first rays of sunshine were beautiful when shining through the Midgardian leaves. Especially when you were sitting with your lover, their fingers threading through your hair.

That's what Loki felt, sitting with his boyfriend. He leaned further into his touch, nuzzling slightly against him.

Bruce couldn't help but chuckle. "You know, you're really cute when you're in the cuddlebug mood, Lou," He commented as he continued to hand-feed the other male. Loki hummed in response, silently chewing his breakfast as he continued to look at the leaves.

"You know, that's one of my favorite things about you. I love how snarky you can get, sure, but I love these rare moments with you and the fact that they're so rare I can't help but appreciate them all the more, you know?" Bruce added, making Loki pause, tilting his head slightly to look up at Bruce.

"You want to know my favorite thing about you?" Loki asked Bruce.

Bruce smiled at him. "If you want to tell me, then sure."

"Look, you're doing it right now," Loki put a finger on Bruce's lips, who blinked at the unexpected movement. "This smile. It's like, a smile that's for me, and only me. I've never seen you give it to anyone but me."

"Every time my self-doubt makes me wonder if I can truly be loved; the monster, the criminal, the hideous Jotunn- one smile from you is enough to settle all my doubts and bring me peace."

Loki's expression softened, his most loving smile placed on his countenance. "It's saved me many times from falling back into a deep, dark place. I'm truly grateful for you, you know. I don't know what I would do without you."

"... You know Loki, you also have a smile reserved for me," Bruce placed his index finger on Loki's lips, who also blinked from the unexpected action. "You don't smile often, but when you smile at me, your entire expression lights up, and your eyes are full of life."

Bruce leaned forward, stealing a kiss from Loki's lips. It was full of emotion, the happiness rising inside them until finally, they had to part for breath, panting slightly.

"Then, I hope my smile makes you happy for the rest of your life, Bruce," Loki whispered, their foreheads leaning against one another.

That smile returned to Bruce's face, and he replied with, "It already does, Lou. Because I know that you love me as much as I love you."

Chapter Text

Loki was always pranking everyone.

Just last week, Sif's golden blonde hair had been cut and permanently changed to a dark brown. Loki had yet to fix it, and Sif was still infuriated.

Not only that, but for some reason, Loki had been avoiding Thor. Thor couldn't fathom why, for whatever reason, his brother would avoid his presence like he was doing at that period of time.

Sif and the Warriors Three suggested Thor give Loki a taste of his own medicine and prank him.

So the first thing that Thor did?

He called for Johnathan, (because that's the only correct name for Thor's hammer), flew through the palace, grabbed Loki, and flew up high in the sky.

Thor expected a, "Put me down you oaf!" In which Thor would negotiate with Loki to get him to stop pranking others so often.

He didn't expect him to get so pale, or his eyes to widen so much, or for him to hyperventilate and pass out.

Thor landed on the mountaintop, shaking his brother. "Loki! Loki! Wake up! Loki, it's me, Thor! You're okay!"

"Wha...? !!"

Loki squeaked suddenly, looking at Thor's face. Thor had put Loki down to the ground, leaning over him with their faces so very close.

Thor noticed Loki's eyes flickering to his lips, making the blonde furrow his brows. "Loki...? Why are you looking at my lips?"

Loki's entire body went rigid, and his cheeks immediately turned red while his eyes grew wide with horror. He tried to escape, but Thor had a tight grip on Loki.

"Answer me brother, I will not have you escape," Thor growled, his demanding tone making Loki freeze once again. "Tell me the truth. Now."

Seeing as it was futile to escape... Loki shut his eyes tightly, trying to keep the tears from escaping as he whispered, "I love you...but not as a brother. I have never seen you as a brother. I love you more than one."

Thor's grip loosened in shock, and he sat back so fast that he almost lost balance completely.

The tears definitely escaped Loki at his reaction, knowing that he screwed up. "I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry for having these feelings, I know they're wrong, I-I-I'll leave, I know I'm a monster-"

"No," Thor growled, pushing Loki down as he was getting up. Loki looked up at Thor with wide eyes, as he was getting ready to be punished.

"Mmphf?!" Loki let out a surprised noise when Thor's lips pressed to his, his hands tangling themselves in Loki's ebony black hair. Then Loki's eyes shut tight, letting the tears flow freely as he gave into each one of Thor's kisses.

When they broke, Thor whispered into his ear. "If this is what you need... then you're mine," His words hardened into a growl, and then softened with the, "And I'm yours."

"Thor...Thor..." Loki started sobbing, hugging the blonde tightly. Thor held him close, rubbing his back as Loki needed.

" Thank you . . . For returning my feelings , and not making me feel any more like the monster I feel that I am . "

Chapter Text

"Good morning darling. Off to work?"

Sam turned around, smiling as his husband greeted him good morning and gave him a kiss. "Mornin' sunshine," Sam replied after they parted, still putting his suit on. "Yeah, they want me to make a public appearance. Since I'm Captain America now, and all."

"I'll make sure to get the kids ready so we can go and accompany you."

"Pffft, kids. You mean bring a gazillion cats out to meow in the corner of the room."

"Hey, they're our kids, don't talk about them like that!" Loki mockingly covered the ears of one of the cats on the counter, making Sam burst out laughing.

"Alright, alright, I get it. I just really can't believe I'm Captain America right now, in all honesty," Sam admitted, scratching at his neck as he did so.

"Of course you are. You got spirit," Loki replied earnestly, making Sam chuckle.

"Spirit. What even is that?" Sam replied jokingly, not expecting the serious answer that he got in response.

"Water. Spirit is water."

Sam cocked a brow. "Come again?"

"Just- look," Loki turned on the faucet, opening it slightly so that a small stream of water would come out. He manipulated the stream so that the droplets would float in the air, almost like a beautiful mirage. It took Sam's breath away.

"Spirit flows freely, just like water droplets. When there's lots of both, they're valuable in more ways than one. They're both beautiful when unhindered."

Loki's eyes softened, and his smile was tender. "It's one of the things that drew me to you. I was instantly attracted, the moment I saw it. Truly, the spirit in you flows like this stream. It's why you are the perfect man for this job, the symbol everyone needs to protect them, make them feel safe."


That moment ended up changing when one of the cats decided to climb up Loki and spring off his shoulder. The cat launched itself towards the water, and that spurred the other cats on to try to leap for the water too.

"Now, now, that's enough," Loki turned off the faucet and floated the water to the cat bowls. Meanwhile, Sam's shoulders were shaking with laughter, at the absurdity of the situation.

"Alright, alright. Thank you Loki. I honestly feel much better. Now, when I get out there, I want to see our kids in the Captain America and Loki bowties you bought the other day, okay?"

Loki smirked. "And freshly groomed too, of course."

Chapter Text

"Loki Barnes."

Loki paused what he was doing on his phone to look up at the second prince of Asgard. Former invader of Midgard, tortured by the hands of Thanos, adopted brother of Thor, royalty in the eyes of Asgard and Jotunheim both, as Bucky was the first prince of the latter kingdom as the biological son of the Jotunn Laufey. Bucky Laufeyson, Friggason, and Odinson- all titles that Bucky made sure that everyone knew belonged to him the moment he set foot into the tower at the beginning of his sentence to serve on Midgard.

For some strange reason, he had developed a liking to Loki, choosing to be by the former soldier's side rather than with anyone else. It miffed the others a bit, especially Tony, whom Loki had an inkling that the inventor wanted to get into the former soldier's pants. Loki was secretly asexual though, and biromantic. Not even Steve knew this, his best friend since the 1940s. The one who helped Loki come back to himself and regain parts of himself back. He would never be the same as the person who often asked a lady for a dance in the past, but he was still the friend that would get protective over Steve as if he was still the small little man that often fell sick and had huge dreams of being able to fight in the war.

Steve often looked amused whenever Bucky stuck to Loki's side though, as if he knew something that Loki didn't.

"Yes, Prince James?" Loki asked, closing his book and giving the brunette his full attention.

"When will you quit calling me that? Just call me Bucky. There's no need for titles between us. Come on, there's something I need help with."

Loki silently set the book aside and got up, following the other male to where he had a computer on. "I managed to turn it on fine, I just need help with figuring out the programs on here."

"Alright," Loki silently agreed, trying his best to navigate these so called "programs".

Loki's "best"; ended up with the computer blowing up.

When Loki realized the inevitable explosion, he threw himself in front of Bucky, who didn't have time to ask what the hell Loki was doing before the machine burst into a million pieces, a loud boom echoing throughout the tower.

The Avengers showed up to find Bucky frantically trying to treat the wound on Loki's head, looking more worried than any of them has ever seen him. Loki was in a bit of a daze, but when he came to, he raised a hand.

"That was my fault. I clicked the wrong button."

"Loki," Barnes breathed, relieved. Then he started the nagging. "You idiot, why would you put yourself in harm's way like that? You're the mortal here, not me."

"What were you doing in the first place, anyways?" Tony asked, also looking worried at the sight of blood coming from Loki.

"Prince James asked me to help him navigate the programs on that device. I agreed to help to the best of my ability."

Tony snorted. "Dude, even Steve is better than you at technology, and he's still an old grandpa when it comes to it. You should have just told him to go to someone else for help."

Loki's cheeks flushed and he looked away from Bucky's face, knowing that he was exposed as another person who was useless at technology.

Steve chuckled. "It's alright, Tony. Loki doesn't say no to those who ask for help, and you can always replace the computer."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

Loki spent the rest of the week with Bucky, who spent his time doting on Loki and his injury.

Loki was heading to the kitchen for some midnight tea when he caught Bucky and Tony staring each other down. He chose to ignore this, though the machine being turned on and pouring out tea into his cup made the other two men jump and realize that Loki was there.

"Good morning," Loki greeted when he noticed that he had been noticed.

"How long have you been here?" They asked, looking at each other in annoyance at speaking in unison.

"Not long. Just here for tea. You may go back to whatever it is that you were doing."

"Actually, I have a better idea," Tony Stark was suddenly at his side, arm wrapped around him with a hand pressing against Loki's hip. "You, me, and a date with the bed. I can show you I'm much better than that man over there. How about it?"

"Anthony-" Bucky took a step forward, a threatening stance to his posture.

And then Loki was all the way on the other side of the room, making the two men look shocked. "How did- Did you teleport?" Tony asked in disbelief.

"No. It's just the power that people like me have."

His brows furrowed in confusion, but Loki continued before Tony could utter another word out.

"You see, whenever someone hits on an asexual, they have the ability to flee much faster due to the ability of properly functioning legs that aren't sore all the time. That being said, I will have to decline your invitation. I cannot satisfy your needs, or anyone's needs, beyond the level of chaste kissing."

"But-! Wait a damn minute, if you're asexual, then how come it seems like you're sleeping with Reindeer Games over here?!"

Loki tilted the head to the side, cocking a brow. "Prince James is my friend, Stark. I don't desire a physical relationship with anyone, including my friends."

"So you're not dating? Because it's obvious that he likes you as more than a friend."


Loki blinked. And blinked. Once more. He turned to Bucky, who wouldn't look at him at all. "Prince James?" Loki called out, but he still wouldn't look up.

"...Prince Bucky?"

That got his attention. Bucky's head snapped up, wide-eyed and clearly flushed. Loki's gaze softened, and he slowly walked over to where the brunette was standing.

Loki reached up, cupping Bucky's face with both his flesh hand and metal hand. His gaze had softened considerably, and he gave Bucky a soft smile.

"If what Stark says is true... and if you can accept the fact that I could never have a physical relationship with anyone...I'd be willing to be yours."

Bucky's eyes widened further. "...I'm okay with that. I'd love that. I love you."

Loki chuckled softly at Bucky's declaration of love; the brunette flushing from his ears to his neck when he realized what he said. "Thank you. Truly."

Loki pressed a kiss to Bucky's cheek, and the brunette couldn't help the happy grin he wore after that.

Two pairs of hand-clapping sounded from the hallway. Thor and Steve were standing there, having witnessed the precious moment that Loki and Bucky had.

"Congratulations, brother! I am glad that you have claimed the object of your affection!"

"I'm glad that you two are together now. I am happy for you both."

Bucky rolled his eyes while Loki's smile only grew bigger. Meanwhile, Tony was muttering about how he couldn't believe the turn of events and how he needed a drink.

Loki tugged on Bucky's sleeve, now that he got his tea, he wanted to leave the room.

Bucky happily obliged, happy enough to do whatever made Loki happy.

In the months that followed, Loki and Bucky were happy boyfriends. Loki loved the sleepy cuddles he shared with him, purring whenever Bucky would thread his fingers through Loki's ebony black hair. It was growing long, but Loki didn't mind. He liked it this way, and knew Bucky liked it too.

Eventually Bucky insisted on the Asgardian way of marriage. It would bond their life force together, so that they would die together and live long lives together. Loki agreed, as long as Bucky and him had a Midgardian wedding first, for all their friends and family. Loki decided to wear the bride's dress, dazzling Bucky when he came out and started walking towards him on the aisle.

Steve and Thor were the best men, always the two that had been the most supportive of them. Tony and his fiance, Doctor Strange, were also there. Loki appreciated having them as friends despite his past fallout with Stark.

When Bucky bonded Loki to him, Loki felt extremely sleepy afterwards. It made him into even more of a cuddlebug for a month and extremely clingy of Bucky.

They were both happy, though. A simple program had been enough to startle them at one point, yes. It didn't hinder their friendship or future relationship, and Loki was content with living out the next two thousand years of his life with Bucky, and the rest of eternity in Valhalla.

Chapter Text

"Loki, talk to me, please."

Vision pleaded, his hand holding Loki's hands in an attempt to get him to look at him. Loki only stared at the ground, unable to answer.

Loki had failed to keep his weakness a secret. He had felt trapped here at the Tower, but now he was really trapped. By the Avengers, who had seen Loki's weakness.

Vision, for whom Loki felt feelings for.

He couldn't escape this. He could never escape anything. Loki was always put in places he didn't like, but had to bare with. Like now.

"Loki, please."

Vision lifted Loki's chin, and Loki panicked inwardly. He was seeing the unshed tears in his eyes, and his emotional expression on Loki's face. Loki screwed his eyes shut, trying and failing to quiet his small little whimpers.

"Hey, it's okay," Vision wrapped his arms around Loki. The trapped feeling immediately dissipated. Loki relaxed in Vision's hold, not wanting to leave his embrace. Loki wrapped his arms around Vision's torso, listening to his heartbeat and letting it lull him to sleep.

Vision blinked. Seeing how easily Loki fell asleep against him after Loki had not slept in days puzzled him, but nevertheless, Vision tried to lay him down. Loki clung to Vision like a lifeline, quietly whimpering and repeating "stay" like a mantra.

Eventually Vision laid down with Loki, listening to the quiet breathing of the other male as he gently rubbed his back in an attempt to continue soothing the other male and keep the nightmares at bay.

Chapter Text

"Loki, come on, babe-"

"Nu. Don wanna," He mumbled in response, the ravenette hugging the pillows and blankets around him tighter.

Scott sighed, looking down at his boyfriend with sympathy. "I know, I know you're tired, I know you're not feeling motivated, and I know you don't feel like doing anything, but please, just do this one thing for me."

When Loki glared up at him, Scott gave him the puppy dog eyes and said, "Please? Lou?"

Loki's glare softened, but his expression held a bitter feeling to it. "What's the point?" He muttered, shifting slightly. "Midgardians are still swift to kill those who identify as lgbtq. What's the point in sticking your neck out there when you're risking losing what's left of your short lives just for some parade?"

"Because that's exactly why we need to fight. That's exactly why we need pride. So that same sex relationships and gay marriage is allowed in every country, and everyone can be happy like us."

Scott took Loki's hands, lifting them up so he could place a kiss on them.

"Come on, Lou. Please?"

"...On one condition. You mustn't put yourself in any danger when you go out there," Loki finally broke, giving into Scott's pleas despite his own trepidation. Scott smiled, crawling on top of Loki to give him several sloppy kisses.

"I promise, you'll love it Lou," Scott Lang whispered, holding him close.

Loki could only manage a small smile, unable to help but feel jealous of Midgard's progressive society that didn't make people like Loki feel like they weren't worthy and were objects.

Chapter Text


"No, I do not care, I did not agree to any of this. You and Thor made a deal behind my back. If I'm to stay here, I will not be your toy. Good day, Doctor."

Loki sharply turned on his heel, taking a step forward with usual long stride only to find that the Doctor placed a portal in front of him. Again.

"Must you be so insistent?!" Loki all but screamed, frustration making him want to pull at his own hair.


It had all started when Loki had been forced to show Thor where he had put Odin, and that portal appeared under his feet. He fell for 30 minutes, then fell to the floor, and then to the ground in Norway.

After leaving, they all but returned the next day, with Thor trying to secure a new home for all the Asgardians. The Avengers were torn apart, and Thor was insistent that Loki had helped saved the Asgardians and he wasn't the same man that invaded Midgard all those years ago.

And then that sorcerer walked in and ruined everything. It had been revealed that Thor promised to keep Loki away from Midgard if Stephen told him where the Allfather was. Thor pleaded to the doctor, saying that their home realm was destroyed and that there was nowhere else for them, or Loki, to go.

So then the sorcerer insisted on taking Loki back to his 'sanctum', where he would evaluate him and see if Loki was truly a changed man.

Stephen looked mildly surprised when Loki didn't lash out or protest loudly. Instead, Loki had chosen to silently enter his portal back to the Sanctum. He glared at both the sorcerer and Thor, yes, but he was justified in that.

"So, which is the cell that you'll have to contain me?" Loki asked, getting a confused look from the other male as he walked in and closed the portal.

"Uh... you'll be getting a room, not a cell."

"Ah, so I see that you're guising my cell in the form of more comfortable quarters."


"A cell is a cell. Differences don't matter much if you do not wish to be there."

Fights between them were... strange. Even for Strange. Loki would make a comment that only further confused Stephen, and everytime he tried to clarify the truth Loki would insist in his belief in things. The Doctor felt as though the man had a low sense of self-esteem.

He was heavily surprised to find Loki and Wong getting along together. Apparently Loki walked in, asked if he could read, Wong felt tired and didn't want to argue so he said yes, Loki grabbed a random book, flopped down by the window, opened it up to the first page, and was silent.

And since the only time Loki moved was to get another book when he finished the one he had in his hands, and the only sound he made was of turning the pages, Wong wasn't negatively affected by Loki's presence.

Meanwhile, Stephen went out to investigate every day. One day, he had met the "Guardians of the Galaxy", and they told him about the Mad Titan. How they recently defeated him and the trouble he caused.

What he did to Loki.

As soon as Stephen got home, he went straight to where Loki was to confront him on the matter. Which led to now, where Loki was screaming hysterically rather than arguing calmly due to the fact that he felt violated just by being questioned by this man. He hated the concerned look of sympathy that he was being given as Stephen reached out to him.

"No, don't touch me, and stop looking at me like that," Loki snarled. "And get rid of these stupid, stupid portals, I will not allow you to control me any-"

And then he was engulfed in a hug, and his vocal cords stopped working. Loki had all but froze in the other's embrace, too shocked to do anything.

When Loki tried to push him away, before he could succumb, before he started sobbing and trembling weakly, so he could get away, the other man only held him tighter. "Loki. I'm here for you. Please, know that."

"No, I-I-I can't-" The emotion was too much for Loki, it was causing his entire body to shake, vibrating down to his very core. He couldn't stop, he couldn't keep the dam from bursting, this other male would see his weakness and Loki would only prove how much of a failure he was, again, but in front of his jailor.

"Shh, it's okay," Stephen's hand rubbing his back caused Loki to burst into tears, and Loki trembled as he gripped the other man's outfit tightly. The cape wrapped itself around Loki, in an attempt to help comfort him. As Loki sobbed his heart out, for the broken man he was, from what was taken from him, he didn't realize that the portals around him fell and disappeared.

When Loki calmed down, he was sapped of all energy. He was led to the couch, where he waited, the cape wrapped around him to keep him company.

The doctor returned a few minutes later, bringing tea over to Loki. He helped the ravenette drink each sip, comforting and warming him up a little bit.

When the sorcerer sat on the couch, Loki decided to lean towards the sorcerer and cuddle his arm. He trembled a little, fearing the thought of being pushed away, but the arm wrapped itself around Loki and pulled him tighter to Stephen's side. Loki let out a small, relaxed sigh, adjusting his position slightly as he got used to the cuddling.

Stephen watched as Loki fell asleep, still clinging to him with an expression that tore Stephen apart. Before, he thought that this man was a criminal. Now that he knew that he was a victim, everything changed. What he didn't need was chastity. What Loki needed was help.

As Loki mumbled in his sleep, nuzzling Stephen's side slightly, the sorcerer's eyes softened. He would help the man get back on his feet, even if it took his entire lifetime to do so.

Stephen swore it.

Chapter Text

"I like fresh apples. They're quite different on Midgard than on Asgard. Or Jotunheim. The apples in Jotunheim are far more likely to poison and kill a Midgardian."

"That's lovely, dear," T'Challa replied, sending an exasperated look towards Shuri. Shuri grinned in response, boldly walking up to Loki as he ate the apples.

"Hey, I'm kind of curious about your relationship with my brother. Is there anything you can tell me about it?"

"Shuri-" T'Challa started, stepping forward towards her, but was interrupted by Loki's answer.

"T'Challa is a kind man and a good king. He was merciful to me when others wanted to cut me down for my past wrongs and while I was in my most vulnerable state. Even though I tried to push him away, thinking ill of his intentions, he never gave up on me. What more is there to say; apart from the fact that he is the man who saved me and the man I genuinely love? I only wish to be worthy of him one day. I know I'm out of his league."

T'Challa felt a low growl trying to push it's way out of his throat. Shuri's eyes widened, backing up as T'Challa stalked forward towards Loki. He wrapped his arms around Loki, pulling the ravenette tight against his body. He felt the God submit to the hug silently, leaning into his touch with a relaxed sigh.

"You need to stop talking so lowly of yourself, dear."


"I'm serious. I love you too much to allow you to degrade yourself any longer."

"Would you like an apple? They're fresh."

"How about a banana? I know for a fact that you have one on you at all times, and maybe I can use it to convince you that you're as worthy as I am."

Loki laughed, shaking his head at T'Challa's use of metaphor. "Maybe later. I'm not feeling it right now. Cuddles?"

"Of course. You're worth all the cuddles in the world."

"Aw, you both are super cute," Shuri teased as T'Challa led Loki over to the couch, the king rolling his eyes at his sister. Loki was sandwiched in between the back of the couch and T'Challa's body, purring softly as he nuzzled into his chest.

Shuri soon left, and the two of them fell asleep, content with their cuddles for the night.

Chapter Text

Just another wretched night for Loki, being held prisoner in the Avengers tower. He had been there since he had failed at invading Midgard. His sentence was incredibly long- Loki had assumed that the Allfather would eventually cave in and either execute Loki or imprison him elsewhere.

Loki was annoyed at a certain turn of events that was entirely Stark's fault. After easily defeating Ultron and saving the country of "Sokovia" from certain destruction and death, many have determined that Loki wasn't as evil as before and that he was a hero. Just because the damage was surprisingly little did not mean that Loki was a hero or a good guy- at least, that's what he thought.

He was increasingly annoyed, especially when the fast Midgardian grew attached to him.

The way he followed Loki around reminded him of a puppy, eyes bright and tail wagging wildly behind him. Every time he tried to push him away, refusing to hold back on how harsh he could be- well. Somehow, that didn't work with the man. He brushed it off easily, pushing his way into Loki's life despite his attempts to push him out of it.

Slowly, Loki's attempts to push him away had less and less effort to back it up, his words losing their edge and his attempts less than half-hearted. It scared Loki to death, being this close emotionally to the Midgardian. He bottled away his fears, refusing to let anyone know what he was afraid of.

Until that day, when the other Avengers decided to tease Loki and Pietro on their relationship. Loki knew that they didn't mean it, that they didn't mean harm, but it got to the point where the bottle holding his feelings together broke, and in a single moment he made a rash, hasty decision. He grabbed the biggest kitchen knife, stabbed Pietro in the stomach, and all but fled the floor they were on.

Loki had been here long enough that he had found several hiding places that no one knew about or used. He hid in one of them, curling up in the dark corner as he focused on his breathing. He didn't know how much time had passed while he sat there, motionless, unmoving.

Loki was only mildly surprised when Pietro found him, grimacing and holding a hand on his stomach as he scooted into said hiding place, sitting across from Loki.

Guilt flooded Loki's senses at the sight of the other man's abdomen surrounded in bandages. "Sorry," He mumbled, in a quiet tone of voice. "For stabbing you."

"Eh, it's alright. You were overwhelmed by the others. I should've stopped them before they went too far."

"...How come you don't blame me for my every action?" Loki whispered, not daring to let his voice rise even the slightest. "You have more than enough reason to dislike me."

"Well, because you're the man who saved my life, and you're the man I feel a deep connection with. I don't want to risk severing that connection, and I enjoy being with you, Loki. I only wish that you ask more of me sometimes."

"More?" Loki chuckled. "Surely you don't mean that."

Pietro's gaze was unwavering as he answered. "I do. I'd do anything you ask me to, within my means of course. I'd even let you take advantage of me, however that means to you. I won't push you away. I've already embraced the person that you are. I'll prove it to you as many times as needed, when needed."

"Take advantage?" Loki murmured, making another impulsive decision to test that theory. He moved so that he was in front of Pietro, and then his arms were around him. Careful with the stab wound, Loki leaned against his chest, bracing himself to be thrown off and onto the wall.

Instead, a pair of arms wrapped around Loki, and he relaxed completely. Snuggling against Pietro had made Loki lose all fight, and his body sagged with the fatigue of the day.

"Rest, love," Pietro spoke gently, placing a kiss on Loki's forehead. Loki's eyes further drooped into sleepiness, but before he truly fell asleep, he heard a few, final words. "I'll protect you while you do so, no matter what."

Chapter Text

Brother this, brother that, brother blah blah blah. Loki was nobody's brother. Afterall, they were ambiguous; far attached from the confines of sex and gender. They had already shapeshifted themselves long ago so that they didn't have any reproductive organs anymore.

They just wished they had the courage to tell everyone around them that.

They were under strict supervision on Midgard, with several rules they had to abide by. They really tried to, they really did, but the constant pressure of trying to make things right as well as the dysphoria made Loki feel burdened.

Eventually, the time was passing them by. It wasn't noticable at first, but as time passed by, the periods of time where Loki was out of touch with reality grew longer and longer. Eventually, others noticed. Especially when it started to slow down some things around the tower.

When the Avengers questioned Loki, it was harsh. They all were harsh. On Loki. The sound of their own heartbeat roared in their ears. They found that the room was too hot and difficult to breathe in. And their hands, their hands would not stop shaking. Loki hated all of this, but they knew that fighting for control would be futile.

Until they felt magic pressing into their head, feeling around. Loki shivered at the intrusion, clumsy and yet friendly. Innocent. Usually they would hate having someone deliberately going through their conscience as the Mad Titan had done once before, but the intent was not at all harmful. They found themselves slowly relaxing into the touch, as it explored Loki's thoughts, feelings, memories, and even identity.

When it left their head, Loki opened their eyes and looked up at the girl named Wanda. She had a kind expression on her face as she helped them up, gently guiding them away from the watchful eyes of the others.

Loki was taken to their room, where Wanda tucked Loki into bed. "I'll be back. Just need to explain a few things."

She left and returned to spoon them from behind. Eventually Loki would learn that everyone was using their correct pronouns, correct addresses, and the workload was considerably lighter than before. They would fall in love with the girl and eventually ask to date her, but for now all they could focus on was the gentle warmth that wrapped around Loki, lulling them into a steady sleep free of nightmares.

Chapter Text

The image of Loki's skin burning like acid would plague Peter's nightmares for days, guilt seeping through him due to his careless spur-of-the-moment decision. Even now, as Peter took care of the wounded god, his expression remained the same- guilty. Wearing his heart on his sleeve was something Peter couldn't help, so he knew that Loki would see it. Could see it, if he opened his eyes.

"Is there anything else you need, Mr. Loki?" He asked, unable to keep his emotion out of his tone of voice.

"Yes- call me Loki without "Mister" in front of it. And stop feeling guilty, I'll be completely healed up by tomorrow morning, thanks to you."

"O-okay," Peter stammered, but he couldn't help but look down at his feet and think about how Loki wouldn't even need care if it wasn't for him.

As if sensing Peter's current thoughts and reaction, Loki sighed and said, "Come here. Lay down here."

Peter was slightly confused, barely able to function enough to step forward. Loki's hand shot out, grabbing Peter by the scruff of his hoodie and making him lay down on the space Loki had open on the bed. Peter's cheeks flushed and his eyes were wide as Loki shifted his head so that it was resting on Peter's chest, a soft smile curling his lips. "Good night."

Peter didn't know what to think about this apart from the fact that Loki fell right asleep and looked so soft. All he knew in that moment, was that he kind of wanted more of this cute cuddling in the future as he slowly drifted off into sleep himself.

(Spoiler alert, Peter gets his wish.)

Chapter Text

Loki spotted his boyfriend, brightening up considerably as he walked over to him. "Good afternoon, love. Might I interest you in some quality tea with your midday meal?" Loki offered, wrapping his arms around the other male and peppering his countenance with small kisses.

Peter couldn't help but smile, laughing a bit at the ticklish kissing. "If what you're saying is that you cooked me lunch and brewed me some tea, then I most definitely would like to go and eat the meal you made me."

Loki gave Peter a brilliant smile. "Come along then," He grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him away from his work.

"You're wearing your thinking face, love," Loki remarked after Peter went silent. "Care to tell me your thoughts?"

"...What is home to you?" Peter asked out of nowhere, adding a "Just out of curiosity," As a precaution.

Loki stopped walking, pondering the question that he had just been asked. "Well... I told you before that love is a dagger. You give it to someone to point at your throat and trust that they're not going to slit it. Most people think of a house when they think of home, or the area they grew up in. I think of people when I think of home. The Asgardians were once my home. Then the Midgardians. And now, you."

Loki wore a small, almost shy smile. "So to simplify my answer; People are Home."

"... You know, I kind of like that. I always was on the move, growing up, living in outer space. I never had an actual house to call home, or a "normal" childhood, so I always wondered if I was missing out on something. Going by your definition though, I'm definitely not missing out on anything. YOU are my home."

Loki's smile was now appreciative. "I'm glad we're on the same page darling. Come now, our feast awaits."

"Right! Let's hurry and eat before all of the food gets cold!"

Chapter Text

"You can't leave me," Sizzling hot tears rolled down the Jotunn's cheeks, currently clasping ahold of his boyfriend's hand. A disease had rippled throughout the Groots, making them decay rapidly throughout their bodies. Loki tried to protect Groot- his Groot. He really did.

And he failed. Loki couldn't stop crying, his time with Groot was too short. Way too short. Not even a decade since they met, and already Loki was about to lose this. He couldn't have any good things, could he? Everything that Loki ever wanted was always ripped out of his grasp before he could claim it.

" Groot..."

Loki blinked. "What? But...what would-?"

"I am Gr-" Groot coughed harshly, the decay making it difficult to properly produce sound. "I am Groot."

"... Alright," Loki agreed. He reached out, grabbing a hold of the only part of his lover that wasn't decaying. Loki froze the branches, breaking them off and putting them away, keeping them frozen until he had access to pots so he could properly take care of them.

Groot's hand came up to cup Loki's left cheek, making him pause his work and look over at Groot. He slowly raised his hand to put it on Groot's outstretched one, trembling terribly at the sight of his beloved dying. Groot weakly smiled, all the love and care that he felt for Loki in his expression.

"We...are Groot."

And with those final words, Groot's body dissolved into ashes, no longer alive in this world. Loki openly wept, for the loss of his loved one was greater than any other loss he felt.

He couldn't help but take the remains, sealing the ashes using seidr in a little jar that he hung around his neck.

He got up wearily, feeling numb as he walked. He had stumbled several times, hands making sure he didn't lose the frozen sticks or jar with the ashes of his dead boyfriend. He wasn't sure where he was going, he wasn't able to think clearly.

Until a bright light shone in his face, causing him lift his hands to shield his eyes from it. A familiar voice was calling out to him. "Loki! Is that you?"

"Rocket?" Loki blinked through his tears, watching as the raccoon raced towards him, the one whom Loki and Groot were searching for, for years after the two of them got separated from Rocket and Sylvie, Loki's sister.

"Loki!" Sylvie raced out, passing Rocket and throwing herself at Loki. She wrapped her arms around him tightly, happy that she finally found her brother. Loki hugged her back, shocked that she had found him.

Loki was somehow swept inside, where a bunch of other people were. Gamora and Nebula, Loki's adoptive sisters under Thanos. Thor and Hela, Loki's adoptive siblings under Odin. A few others that Loki did not recognize.

Once in the ship, Loki was able to put on his glamour over his Jotunn form, making Thor gape. "Loki? What- what sorcery is this?"

"Loki is biologically a Jotunn, Thor, you know this," Hela rolled her eyes, stepping forward to give her little brother a hug. Gamora and Nebula were also happy to find that their brother was alive, giving him tight hugs after Hela let him go.

"Um, I don't mean to intrude, but can you tell us who this person is?" The unknown Midgardian male asked, in which Sylvie responded by introducing everyone that Loki didn't know to him. Peter Quill, Drax, and Mantis.

"This is Loki, my brother and the one I've been searching for since I got separated from him alongside Rocket."

"We were also searching for Groot too, another one of our friends. Speaking of him, do you know where he is, Lokes? I'm surprised he's not with you."

Grief instantly flooded Loki's expression, making Sylvie look at him in alarm. "Loki? What's wrong?" She asked. Everyone there that knew Loki knew how Loki wasn't one to wear his heart on his sleeve, so in order for him to show this much grief meant that something terrible had happened.

"A disease spread through the Groots," Loki's voice was hoarse, raspy, and shaky as he spoke. "It caused them to decay throughout their bodies until all that was left was their ashes. I tried, I tried to stop it, stop it from getting to him, and I failed. I tried to use my seidr to- to save him somehow, and I failed. He's gone," Fresh tears rolled down his face, grief almost making him sink down to his feet. Hela came to his side to help support him, knowing that Loki needed help staying on his feet.

"Oh...oh man..." Rocket was in shock, unable to believe that his best friend had died. Just like that. "He was all reduced to ashes?"

"Not all. I...saved a part of him. Per request," Loki took out the frozen sticks, showing them to Rocket. "I kept them frozen so they wouldn't die out until they got to pots and dirt."

Rocket ran out of the room instantly, yelling something about having pots as he left. Hela gently guided Loki to a place to sit, but before Loki sat down he heard Thor scoff and laugh to himself.

"What's so funny?" Loki asked, voice unintentionally cold.

But Thor only continued chuckling to himself. "You're crying over a Groot. Groots are just, walking trees. Just get over it- you're Asgardian. Groots die easily anyways."

"Excuse me?" Loki's tone was hard, and his entire body shook with rage. "Groot wasn't some nobody. He was the love of my life, and the father of my unborn child. And in case you've forgotten, I am a Jotunn. I am not Asgardian, and I will never be Asgardian. I will not just get over it as if he wasn't the best part of my life!" Loki spat, Thor looking in shock at him. "Pregnant? Do not lie, brother, Asgardian males cannot-"

"I AM NOT ASGARDIAN!" Loki's Jotunn form took over, his seidr causing the entire area to freeze over, ice creeping up the walls and ceilings. "THIS is who I am! I am a Jotunn, and Groot loved me for who I was! Unlike YOU, who have always judged me and tried to push me into someone who isn't me! Made me feel insignificant and unloveable by anyone who came across me. HE helped me accept who I am and love myself while YOU made me hate who I am! You are NOT my brother, and you will NEVER be my brother!"

Loki stormed off, heading into the hallways where all the rooms were. He was happy to find that his and Groot's room was untouched, the others didn't use it. Loki curled up in the bedsheets, burying his nose in the scent of it. Groot's scent. The love of his life, gone, because Loki was too weak to save him.

Loki used his seidr to preserve Groot's scent, so he'd never lose it.

It wasn't long before Rocket came into the room with several pots, ready to implant the sticks in them. Loki unfroze them, one by one, planting each of them with care and love.

Over the next few weeks, Loki took care of the baby Groots on the ship, giving all 13 of them all the love and affection as if they were his biological offspring. His stomach was becoming bloated, showing that Loki was truly pregnant as he said.

Rocket as well as all four of Loki's adoptive sisters helped him out, so he didn't feel overwhelmed. While Loki still grieved the loss of his love, he found happiness in raising all 13 of the offspring of his love. He was happy to be reunited with his family, although he still sent glares at Thor's back when it was turned, ignoring the Asgardian otherwise. The other people on the ship ended up becoming Loki's friends pretty quickly, since they liked his wit and charm. (And Peter didn't like Thor all that much either, so he fully supported Loki's standing and they became the anti-Thor league).

It was while Loki was in bed that his water broke. His cries of pain alerted the others, and his sisters had to help him with the birthing process. The males were a bit queasy around Loki was he was trying to push a baby out of him, so they stayed out of his room, although Mantis was plenty helpful. A few weeks back, Loki was hoping that the baby would be out soon, as he had passed the 9 month mark a while before. Rocket told him that usually, when Groots impregnate someone of a different species, the two of them would make an entirely different species. A lack of vocabulary, although they would have a different name.

So when the baby was finally out, it yelled, "I am Bob!" In a shrill voice. It was a beautiful mix of Groots and Jotunns, and Loki was instantly in love.

"I'll love you forever, little Bob," Loki promised, kissing Bob's forehead as he relaxed, letting the others take care of him as he cuddled his child protectively and lovingly.

Chapter Text

"I am Bob! I am Bob!"

"I am Groot!"

Bob was busy playing with the little Groots, twice their size already despite being half their age. It was probably due to the Jotunn genes that Loki gave him, that despite being considered a runt Jotunn; he was still tall compared to other species.

Loki smiled where he was at in the kitchen, making food for everyone. He had taken up the task recently, knowing how to feed Jotunns and Groots best out of everyone on the ship. Everyone pitched in with chores one way or another. Except Thor, that was- he stayed in his room most of the time. Loki was okay with it, considering he didn't like the idea of Thor being around his children.

Most of the time, Rocket was working on the ship. The only time he went out were for missions, and the only people that stayed in the ship was Loki and his children. However, Rocket walked out into the lounge today, whistling as he carried some tools with him. Loki didn't recognize the items, considering that Rocket never carried them before.

"What is that?" Loki questioned, tilting his head slightly as he turned fully towards the raccoon.

Rocket grinned. "You'll see," Was all that he answered with as he plugged in one of the objects to the wall. He used it to fill up the other objects, which expanded into long shapes. Everyone watched on in fascination as Rocket twisted the balloon in some sort of shape, and when he was finished it looked like some sort of animal.

"Here you go Bob, a balloon for you!" Rocket handed the object over to Bob, whose eyes were sparkling with awe, wonder, and fascination. "I am Bob!"

The Groots clamored towards Rocket, saying "I am Groot!" Over and over, wanting balloons of their own. Rocket chuckled, holding a paw up. "More animal balloons, coming right up!"

Soon enough, the room was full of balloons, the Groots running all around screaming "I am Groot!" happily as they played with their animal balloons. Loki looked on at them, smiling at the happiness of the kids he loves.

A loud pop tore through the merriment, and the attention of the room centered on Bob. He had fallen over, the popped balloon under him, looking as if he was ready to cry. Loki rushed forward, taking his child in his arms, rocking him back and forth. "Where does it hurt?" He asked gently, planting a kiss on the top of his head in order to help sooth him.

"I am Bob!" Bob's cry wasn't in pain, but in anguish at the loss of his precious balloon. The Groots clamored over, offering their balloons with cries of "I am Groot!" Bob looked around in surprise, not having realized how much the others truly cared for him.

"No need for that. I just made another one, so everyone has one now."

Rocket walked forward with a new balloon. Bob's eyes shone with grateful tears as he took a hold of the balloon, cradling it gently to his chest as if it were a baby. "I am Bob," He thanked Rocket in response, sniffling quietly.

"No problem, let me know if you need another one. I can make you one anytime you like."

"I am Bob?" The little one asked, pointing at Loki. Loki was a bit surprised, not expecting for the conversation to turn to him, much less his son asking if Rocket was going to make one for Loki. "Sure, why not? I'm sure your mom will appreciate having one!"

Loki rolled his eyes. Rocket started joking around by calling Loki the "mom" of his children, rather than their dad. It stuck with the children, whom often refer to Loki as "mom" in their language. Loki didn't mind so much, since he was technically the one to give birth to Bob. The others were happy at the prospect of Loki getting a balloon too, watching Rocket as he inflated and twisted a green one.

"Here you go, Lokes. A green heart for a kind-hearted mother!"

Loki took a hold of the heart, blinking several times. Something about the action warmed his cheeks, sent butterflies down to his stomach, and made Loki feel giddy inside. Wait, was Loki falling in love again? He didn't think he could, not so long after Groot's death.

A small smile curled at his lips, the special one that he usually gave Groot in the past, now being given to Rocket. "Thank you. Truly."

Neither Loki nor Rocket realized it, but the children noticed the growing chemistry between them, and were forming a mutual plan between them to get Loki and Rocket to be closer.

Before Loki knew it, he and Rocket had grown closer than ever before. It almost felt like the kids were trying to get them closer, but Loki must've been overthinking it, right? There was no way anyone knew of his feelings for Rocket.

Something came to pass one day, while Loki's adoptive sisters were picking up the children to watch over them while he rested. They said 'bye mom' in their language as usual. What was unusual was that they followed up with a 'bye dad' that seemed to be directed at Rocket. Loki blushed furiously, not realizing that they were looking up to Loki and Rocket as the parental figures, as if they weren't raising them together as their legal guardians, but as a couple. Loki headed towards the bathroom, splashing his face with cold water to try to get control of himself.

Rocket was busy working when Loki walked out the bathroom, and Loki couldn't help but stare at him as he moved around and whistled.

"...You know, I love Groot dearly. He was the light of my life, when he was alive."

"Yeah?" Rocket prompted. Loki usually had such a hard time talking about Groot that when he opened up about him, Rocket usually let Loki talk as much as Loki could handle, as much as he needed to let out.

"I know that he wants me to be happy, would want me to continue living happily. I've...found that I have enough room in my heart to love another, while I still love him."

"Really? I wonder who's the lucky gal or guy," Rocket responded, knowing that Loki's bisexual.

"...He's you," Loki whispered softly, scared but unable to tear his gaze away. Rocket stopped working, turning around fully to gaze back up at Loki. As if he was trying to see if Loki was joking.

Loki wasn't, and when Rocket realized that, he stepped up to where Loki was, motioning for him to lower himself to his level. Loki all but practically kneeled, making his face pink as he leveled himself with the other male. Rocket raised his paws, cupping Loki's cheeks gently with them.

"May I see your Jotunn form?" He asked quietly, a small request that he was willing to give Loki a chance to back off of if needed.

"..." Wordlessly, Loki allowed his glamor to drop, the blue skin and the jagged, heritage lines making themselves known under Rocket's paws. He traced a few of the lines over Loki's face, sending shivers down Loki's spine. "Wow. You're gorgeous. Groot was really lucky to have you," Rocket murmured. "I'm really lucky to have you. May I?"

Loki nodded, closing his eyes as Rocket leaned forward. Rocket's lips were small compared to Groot's, but much softer. The kiss was chaste, quick, but still held so much love. Loki couldn't help the tiny, happy sigh that he let out when their lips parted, opening his eyelids slightly to look back at Rocket.

"That was amazing," Loki whispered, his cheeks a few shades darker than before.

"...Oh yeah. I could do that all day."

They leaned their foreheads together, sharing an intimate embrace for a while yet.


Something was deeply wrong.

Loki's sisters haven't returned yet from wherever they took the children to. The ship was landed on Midgard, where the Guardians and the Avengers were to have a diplomatic meeting for a few days. They were to talk about the Mad Titan; now that he had been defeated it was important to go over all the details.

Loki knew that his children were in the zoo. That's where he ran towards, leaving the ship for the first time since they landed on Midgard.

His heart jumped in his throat when he found them- Thor was dangling Bob over the crocodile pen, yelling something to the others. Loki watched, as in slow motion, a crocodile leap up and manage to snag a tooth in Bob's new jeans. The tooth tore through the clothing, but that managed to startle Thor enough to let go of Bob. He fell down to a patch of land surrounded by water and crocodiles, with jaws open ready to dash forward and strike.

The blood rushed to Loki's head, roaring in his ears as he leaped forward. He was vaguely aware of the monstrous roar he let out, in tune to what he heard in his ears. His Jotunn form prevailed and he attacked the crocodiles before they could touch his child. His claws and his jaws tore through any jaw that dared try to snap close to his son, the motherly instincts taking over and driving all the crocodiles away.

When Loki was able to grab Bob, he leapt out of there towards Thor. He didn't change back to his Aesir form, slapping him with such force that his claws left behind deep gashes that would scar over. Thor stumbled back in shock, looking over at Loki who was trembling with such rage that Thor almost thought that Loki was ready to kill him.

"I am Groot!" The Groots ran towards Bob, hugging Loki's legs and crying with relief at the fact that Bob was okay and he wasn't hurt. Bob hugged Loki, as if silently saying that he was okay and that mom shouldn't be angry anymore. Loki softened slightly, looking Bob over to make sure that nothing was broken.

Several others rushed forward. Loki ended up being swept away into a Midgardian hospital, where he stayed by Bob's side, making sure that his kid would be okay. On the Midgardian square box, he watched as the Avengers and the Guardians argued over what happened. When Thor tried to pass off his actions as him getting rid of a monster, Rocket snapped. He yelled about how he was an experiment and if Thor saw him as a monster. He yelled about the way the Asgardians and how the Mad Titan had treated Loki all his life. He yelled about the fact that Loki gave birth just 6 months ago and how Thor was being a shitty brother. He yelled about how he wasn't going to let Thor be a part of the Guardians and that if he was an Avengers, the Guardians were to pull out immediately from any alliance with Terra (Midgard, Loki noted to himself in his head).

The other Guardians looked on at Thor with cold eyes as they stood behind Rocket, agreeing with him. Not one sided with Thor, making Loki have to blink back tears at the loyalty they were showing. At the protectiveness of his new beloved.

It came to pass that Thor was to go to New Asgard to receive his punishment, while Hela was to be the ruler of New Asgard. She had to lead the people left there, and make sure that Thor would be given a just but proper sentence. The others returned to the ship, having formed a mutual agreement with Midgard. Just a few more days, and all truce talks would be completed and the Guardians were free to leave.

Bob and the Groots were very happy about Loki and Rocket getting together. Everyone else looked on in amusement as they made matching flower crowns to put on both parents' heads, chattering excitedly to one another. Loki would often hug the children everyday, grateful for their lives. Especially Bob, his precious son given to him by his first beloved, who squeezed Loki back just as tightly.

And every night in bed, Loki held Rocket close, grateful for him and knowing that wherever Groot was, he would be watching over them with his full blessing for them both; for Loki's happiness.

Chapter Text

It wasn't uncommon for him to be forgotten. It stung a bit, though. It did every time. After all, just a year had passed. It wasn't like it was Thor's birthday. It was just his birthday.

Loki's birthday.

Instead of holing himself up in the library, Loki decided to hide in the Asgardian woods. He struggled with feeling neglected, ignored, unimportant. Not a single person wished him happy birthday. They treated him like it wasn't an important day, as if today was just a normal day. Not even Frigga remembered.

When Loki had the thought of disappearing further into the forest, hoping that they would send a search party instead of forgetting about him, the snap of a twig took Loki's full attention. He turned sharply to find Volstagg, standing there with an object in his hands.

"Happy birthday, Prince Loki. I brought you a gift. I hope you like it."

Loki was skeptical as Volstagg stepped forward, handing him the book. Loki's eyes then widened, realizing that it was the one he had been looking for, for the past few months. Loki had given up, thinking that the rumors that every copy had been burned away were true.

"Have a great birthday, my prince."

And then Volstagg left, with Loki staring at the retreating warrior's back, not realizing that this would be the start of a great relationship.

Chapter Text

"Give up yet?" Fandral teased, hitting the wooden shield in Loki's hands with his wooden sword.

"Never," Loki growled, a smirk on his lips. He knew his way around the shield, knowing that Fandral would soon be tired enough for Loki to exact his finishing blow.

Sure enough, Fandral was growing weary from wearing himself down, from his repetitive actions, and with a few tricks, the battle was over. Loki had won.

" look great on top of me, Lou," Fandral blushed as he spoke, his eyes begging for a kiss.

Loki's smirk and eyes softened down at the other. "Fool," He whispered, but it was without bite, almost as if it was an endearing term instead of an insult. Loki leaned over, planting a chaste kiss on Fandral's lips, the man sighing underneath him at how nice it felt.

"Come on. Let's get some food," Loki took the shield off of Fandral, letting the other man get up freely.

"I'm not Volstagg, but you don't have to ask me twice!" Fandral joked, jumping up and wrapping an arm around Loki's shoulders.

The two chatted as they went, blissfully happy together.

Chapter Text

"It feels as though I'm just a shadow- Thor's shadow. That I'm insignificant. I know, I know that I'm more than just a shadow, but I can't help the way I feel."

Loki's voice was a mere whisper, his head in Hogun's lap. Hogun was threading his fingers through Loki's hair, listening and thinking about Loki's words.

"Shadows aren't always bad. I thrive in them sometimes. You can be sneaky in them. And I know you thrive in them too, especially when you cause harmless mischief."

Loki couldn't help but smile a little at that, but he still felt down.

"Lou," Hogun whispered, leaning down to plant a kiss on the tip of his nose. "It's alright. We don't need to be blinding rays of sunshine to be worthy. Don't dwell on Thor. Think of me. Okay?"

After a moment of hesitation, Loki nodded, letting the words sink in. "Alright. I love you."

"I love you too," Hogun gave Loki a tiny smile, leaning down once more to plant a kiss on Loki's lips again.

Chapter Text

"You're mine. You know that, right?"

President Loki's growl and tone of voice made Loki roll his eyes. "Why do you say that everyday? It's not like I'm gonna just, up and leave one day."

"I dreamt that you cheated on me last night."

"What in the- it was just a dream, dear. It's not real."

He turned towards his boyfriend, who was looking at the ground, brows furrowed. Loki walked up to him, cupping his cheeks, making President Loki look up at him.

"I told you- I don't date to break up. I love you. I love you so much, and I only want you. You do know that, right?"


"So, trust me. Just as I've trusted you."


Loki smiled, pressing his lips to President Loki's and making out slowly for a minute. When they parted, President Loki took a few seconds to get his breath back.

"However, if another person looks at you weirdly again, I'm going to chop their dick off."

"Wha- darling!" Loki exclaimed in exasperation, and President Loki smirked, picking up the other male and carrying him to the bedroom. Loki eventually stopped struggling, sighing in disbelief and fond exasperation.

Chapter Text

"Tell me about alien weapons," Runlow demanded, having sat down on a chair, in front of the chained god. Loki was forced to look up at him, although he looked eerily pleased about that.

"Sure. What shall I start with? Daggers? Swords? Axes? Perhaps rayguns?"

"Rayguns?" Rumlow asked curiously, wondering what that was.

"Rayguns are shaped similar to your guns, however what comes out is not a bullet. Fire comes out, and the sound is...particularly strange. One of the older Midgardian sci-fi movies, Logan's Run, has their weapons look almost exactly like a raygun, without the Eye to help locate targets."


"The Eye is red and blue, and it typically on the top of the weapon. Normally in the middle, though sometimes it can be on an end. It's fascinating...though the weapon is not for me. I prefer much more diplomatic attacks."

"Attacking people isn't usually seen a diplomatic," Rumlow scoffed, but he realized that he was smiling a little. The god in front of him was charismatic, when a normal person would be afraid of being in this situation. Maybe it was the fact that somehow, the cuffs on his wrists had kept him from using magic, Rumlow mused.

Having to go without magic was something Loki was used to. The bracers on his wrists had runes that controlled it, so he could only use his seidr for healing purposes. He was glad to be out of that stuffy tower, and the man in front of him didn't look so bad. Perhaps, he could get some pleasure along with business.

Loki cleared his throat, regaining Rumlow's attention after they had both spaced out for a few seconds.

"I must admit, I am grateful for the change of scenery. I'm willing to provide you with whatever information I know and you need, as I am not a big fan of the 'Avengers'. Apart from business though..." Loki licked his lips, allowing himself to look up and down Rumlow's body, blatantly hinting at what he wanted. "A little bit of pleasure aside from that wouldn't hurt, would it?"

"...No, it wouldn't," Rumlow immediately detached Loki's chains from the wall, stopping at his wrists when Loki placed his hands over Rumlow's.

"No need to remove these completely- you can use them wherever you're taking me, afterall."

"..." Rumlow tugged Loki upwards, leaving the ravenette breathless and smirking as he was brought into another room, the start of an intriguing and heated relationship forming between him and the mortal.

Chapter Text

"The flowers are especially pretty today," Loki murmured, gazing down at a blue-tinted one in front of him. He felt strong arms wrap around his waist, followed by a gentle kiss placed on his neck.

"Then you must be one yourself, because you're the prettiest thing around here," Zemo murmured in response, his lips moving against Loki's skin.

"Ooh, smooth," Loki complimented, turning around in the embrace to wrap his arms around his lover's neck. "I don't suppose they call you Silvertongue, do they?"

"Not particularly around here."

"Would you like the taste of one then? Get to know what it's like, but a little more intimately."


They kissed, making out heatedly. They had to stop in order to keep themselves from trampling the flowers, stumbling out of the flowerbed Loki made for himself. He gave the nearby garden a bright look, knowing how much Zemo enjoyed the work.

"I don't suppose you're quite done with toiling away in there?" Loki pointed towards said garden, giving Zemo a chance to change his mind if he wanted to keep working outside.

"I got something else I want to toil away at," Zemo quipped, giving Loki several little butterfly kisses against his skin. Loki let out breathless laughter, allowing Zemo to drag him inside the house and into their room.

Chapter Text

This was madness, and yet, Loki could do nothing to stop it. Being forced to marry this sadist in front of the entire universe; everyone forced to attend and see the miserable fate they put him in, just for their puny little lives...

Loki wished he never existed.

A wedding would include a ceremony in which the couple bonded their lives together, so that if one died then the other would die too. Loki was screaming inwardly as the ceremony was performed, life-bonding seidr sinking in his skin and trapping him to Thanos' life force.

His eyes were haunted the entire time, his body rigid and his jaw set in place. He refused to hide his face, although he didn't fake any positive feelings. Why should he? Everyone knew of the grave sacrifice he was making, wedding to the most powerful and dangerous man to ever exist.

Part of the terms was for Thanos to have Loki by his side, to lie in bed with and have multiple children. As Loki followed the titan inside his home, remote from all civilizations, he couldn't help the tremors that went through his body, not wishing to do any sort of that thing with him. Loki knew Thanos could easily force him to- push him down and take his pleasure out of Loki's body.

"Mm... you are scared, little one," The Man Titan commented, lifting Loki's chin and studying him. Loki turned his eyes away, not wishing to see the mockery in his face.

"No matter. You are the perfect form for me, and I'll make sure that you love me. One day, you'll beg for me to give you children, and you'll only feel happiness when we're one, together."

Thanos let go of Loki, walking off. Leaving the ravenette to stare in shock at the other's bold exclamation.

Chapter Text

John didn't really have anything to do on his hands. He was Captain America, sure, but only in title. He didn't ACTUALLY have to do any work, did he? No, he did not, apart from reaping the rewards from the fame, and that left plenty of time on his hands to do whatever he wanted. What was the most important person ever to do then?

That was when he laid eyes on Loki. A man with ebony black hair, sharp facial features, and emerald green eyes. He was perfect. John wanted to take him to bed immediately and ravish him.

"Hello gorgeous," John purred, enjoying the way Loki stopped walking and looked at him. Loki raised an eyebrow, looking John up and down. It was quick, but John imagined that Loki liked what he saw.

"What does a Midgardian have need of the God of Mischief?" Loki asked, and John chuckled, loving the elegant tone Loki had addressed him with.

"My bed sheets are too neat. I'm hoping that I could mess them up with you," John winked, thinking and imagining that Loki had a blush on his face and a hard-on in his pants just from John's dominant words alone.

In reality, Loki did not have a blush on his face, nor a hard-on in his pants. He had a blank face on, carefully disguising his disgust with an indifferent attitude. "I must respectfully decline. I'm interested in another, and I'm on a strict schedule today."

"Ah, playing hard to get, huh? Want an alpha male to chase you, I see," John chuckled. He decided to reach a hand out towards Loki, about to squeeze a hand on his butt cheek...

Then he was on the ground, bones broken, screaming in pain.

Quicker than the Midgardian could realize, Loki grabbed the outstretched hand before it could make contact with him. A Norse God was still stronger than a super-serumed soldier, so Loki flipped John over onto the ground and proceeded to break over 200 of the bones in the other male's body.

Loki let him go when his phone rang, and he turned away from John as he answered it. "Yes? Ah, M/n, I'm on my way there. I had run into an obstacle on the way, but it's been dealt with. No no no, no need to worry darling, everything is well on my end."

Loki's voice faded as he walked off, leaving John in a puddle of painfully broken bones in the middle of the sidewalk.

Chapter Text

The sight of the ocean was more breathtaking than it should have been, and Loki found himself gaping with awe. Everyone's eyes were trained on him as he walked forward, flipflops protecting the soles of his feet.

"It looks so, so beautiful..." Loki murmured. "Although the heat is terrible. Is there any way to turn it off?"

"Ah yes, let's just ask a star to turn itself off, no harm in the sun not giving us the warmth that we need not to freeze over," Rocket joked sarcastically, grinning when everyone else glared at him.

When Loki blushed in embarrassment, Gamora placed a hand on his cheek. He leaned into her touch, calming down instantly. While he was the precious cinnamon roll of the group, Gamora was almost like a mother that favored the precious youngest sibling- being protective and caring of Loki, although she still felt different than a mother figure. She was someone he loved, as a partner and an equal.

Rocket was the one who often teased him, though they all knew that Loki kind of liked being flustered. Groot was the most dominant of them all, with his branches being able to turn to tentacles. Nebula was similar to Loki, although not as babied since she insisted on independence. Peter was the glue that held the team together, Mantis was the one who felt and helped with any negative feelings, and Drax was the strong one who always defended and protected every single one of them, no matter what.

Loki was prompted to test the waves with Drax, who won the straw pull in who got to get out of set-up to watch Loki as he started playing with the water. Being the nervous cinnamon roll that he was, Loki shyly kept a hold of Drax's hand. Drax didn't protest, feeling fiercely protective and wanting Loki to feel confident about his first steps out at sea.

Loki's eyes were wide with wonder as the waves washed over his feet. He was content to stand still for a few minutes and watch, and Drax couldn't help but coo at this reaction.

Then Loki stepped a little further, taking his time to get used to the water. When Loki was far enough to need to start to learn how to swim, everyone else had finished setting up.

Peter helped Loki with swimming, teaching him the freestyle so he could get confident on one thing. The waves would always make him laugh breathlessly, not used to the feeling of water being rushed over him like this.

Then he watched as a huge wave was coming upon them, dawning horror in his expression. "It's okay," Mantis took a hold of Loki's hand, soothing his nerves. "It won't hurt us, you don't have to be afraid."

It didn't hurt at all when the wave crashed into him, and Loki squeezed Mantis's hand in thanks. When he let go, he accidentally splashed Rocket and caused a small war to break out between them all. They were splashing one another, until eventually Loki retreated to the umbrella for a few minutes.

Groot had a surfboard, and was a pro at it. He taught Nebula and Loki how to use it. The first time that Loki tried to use it, he fell from the board. Nebula caught him, but was thrown off balance and fell too. Groot's long limbs caught them both, setting them upright on both their boards so that they could try again.

Loki hated suntanning. When he was on the sand, he was underneath the umbrella, refusing to come out of it. The heat reminded him of the past tortures he had gone through with the Mad Titan and the Chitauri. When Loki quietly explained this to the others, looking as though he was about to cry, Gamora and Nebula hugged him at the same time. They understood his experiences completely, having been through them too.

Loki settled on bringing the umbrella over to make a sand-castle, making one that was posted all over Rocket's space social media and Peter's Midgardian social media. It became viral on both, very quickly. Especially since it was majestic, looking more like a palace than a mere sand castle.

They had packed sandwiches and other snacks for their lunches. Loki thanked Mantis for making them, right before biting into his. They sat underneath the umbrella, squished together. It was almost like they were cuddling.

When the day was ending, and the sun set, they put away the umbrella. The sunset was pretty, and the stars were beautiful. Loki might've felt like he was back in the Void if it wasn't for his lovers. They made him feel safe and cared for.

So safe, in fact, that he fell asleep. He was cuddling them tightly, so they had to carefully get up and carry him without waking him up. He was all of their baby and their precious lover, and all of them were resolved in their commitment to keeping Loki feel safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

Chapter Text

It was Vision that intrigued Loki at first.

Stark's creation, JARVIS; and the Mind Stone in one. Without him, Loki wouldn't have cared about helping them in their crisis. He wouldn't have saved Pietro from immediate death, or wrapped his seidr around the land to prevent Midgardians on it and nearby it from death and severe injury. Sure, he was a little depressed that everyone doubted him, but he deserved it, didn't he? He shouldn't even care, but he did.

Then he noticed the others. Pietro, who got close to Loki after being saved by him, as if Loki was worthy of having someone be loyal to him. His sister, Wanda, who asked Loki for help with her power, and intrigued him more and more as he got to know her through their lessons. Thor, who insisted on "quality bonding time" with Loki. (The oaf had strangely stopped calling them brothers, which made Loki feel conflicted).

Each and every one of the others- Stark, Rogers, Romanoff, Barton, Banner, Wilson, Barnes... Loki slowly came to know them too, and he realized that he was having feelings for them. The realization terrified him, because he wasn't one of them. He was only there to serve his sentence under their watchful eye, he was a prisoner. By no means did he deserve any of them.

It felt like Stark's creations- Dum-E, U, and Butterfingers- kept on trying to push Loki even closer to the others, everyday. Loki would find himself in precarious situations because of them. He lost track of the number of times he was pinned down by the others and had to laugh it off while he fought down an impending blush.

It grew out of Loki's control, until the point of which he accidentally kissed Vision.

Loki jerked back immediately, growing horror on his face. "I- I'm so sorry, I- I must go."

Loki fled after apologizing, leaving the tower completely. He teleported to the other side of Midgard, unintentionally bumping into Jane, Darcy, and Ian.

"M-my apologies, didn't mean to knock you over," Loki faintly stuttered, standing up quickly and stiffly helping Ian off. He was about to run off, until Darcy stopped him.

"Aren't you the guy who tried to take over New York?"

"I- I mean, I might've- I didn't- I didn't mean- I-"

Jane noticed Loki's rising panic, taking him back to her place with the other two to talk to him. While she was talking to him, the other Avengers arrived at London. Apparently there was a tracking device implanted in his mind, that Loki had completely forgotten about until now. He never tried running, so it wasn't really important for Loki to remember.

Loki didn't realize their presence was there as all, pouring out his feelings to Jane. Their hearts broke at how little he thought of himself, how much he hated himself and didn't think he deserved them. By the end of it all, Jane had to comfort him, and she even let Loki sleep in the guest bedroom. He needed time before he could face the others, so that time was granted.

That conversation was a little bit awkward. Loki was uncharacteristically shy about it; he didn't know how to directly convey his feelings and the negativity he felt surrounding said feelings. He broke down crying when he was accepted into the poly relationship, not having believed that they could have loved him as much as he loved them.

Loki was officially an Avenger after that. He helped with missions and was included in everything that they did. His favorite thing to do was cuddle with all of them at once, purring in his sleep from feeling pleasant and content with the warmth he was given. Movie nights were great cuddling time too, and so he always had a human body pillow during that time.

All in all, Loki was happy. And that's all that Dum-E, U, and Butterfingers wanted for him.

Chapter Text

The Mad Titan finally left, leaving Loki to be dealt with by the Chitauri. They sneered, mocking Loki as they dragged him back to his cell, mercilessly chaining him back up and leaving him there. They laughed as he ate the moldy, soggy bread they threw at him, which had landed on the dirty prison cell floor.

Loki didn't care about hygiene at this point. His life didn't matter much anymore, not in this place. No one would help him, because no one knew that he was there. The Mad Titan stopped looking for the stones, so no one had a reason to fight him. Loki was truly, utterly alone, and would be for the rest of his pitiful life.

At least, that's what he thought. He lost and regained consciousness without thinking, not realizing how much time had passed until he heard the footsteps. Felt the vibrations. He fully expected it to be the Chitauri, who would drag him out and throw him at Thanos' feet again. He wondered what new pain he would experience today, keeping his head hung low as the cell door opened.

"Oh my god-" A voice gasped. It was foreign to Loki, wondering if this was a different Chitauri guard for a few seconds. "This- this can't be him, can it Vis?"

"Guys, we found Loki!" Another voice called out. More vibrations, meant that more people were headed this way. The conversation was a bit strange to Loki, wondering why they were talking like that.

"Loki," Thor's voice, ragged with emotion. Loki turned his head towards the sound, the first movement he had made that wasn't for food. His body creaked in protest, the pain numbing his nerves and almost making him flop back to his original position.

He heard Thor walk forward, his hands touching his head. He heard a gasp when Thor's hands had lifted Loki's hair up, revealing his clamped eyelids, keeping Loki from blinking and thus making him go blind. "Oh Loki, what have they done to you?" Thor asked, sounding as if he was going to sob for the sorry state that his little brother was in.

"Let's get these off then," A third, unfamiliar voice said, and he heard the chains being broken off his limbs. He had collapsed to the floor, unable to hold himself up at all.

He felt someone picking him up, recognizing Thor's voice as he soothed Loki and gave him reassurances about where they were going. Loki was limp in his hold the entire time, listening to all the voices he did not recognize.

Loki realized that they got on a ship sometime, and were heading away from the Mad Titan's planet. Thor cleaned Loki's body slowly, having had to focus on individual parts of his body due to the fact that he had multiple problems with every part that needed careful attention.

At one point of time, someone else offered to help. Thor accepted it, using his soothing tone to help Loki accept the new touch. For that, Loki was grateful. He didn't think he could handle too many sets of hands on him otherwise.

After that, Loki slowly started to heal and get to know everyone better. His seidr started coming back to him after he started eating a bit better, although he still needed a lot of gentle prompting to bite into his food. Loki found that cuddling into someone was the only way he could fall asleep without nightmares, so he did that every night, making sure he knew who it was so that he wasn't scared. Which meant that he learned who the others were, slowly becoming closer to them.

Thor, his brother, was the one Loki cuddled up to most. Mostly because he knew him well, although he wasn't at the tower every night. He had missions he needed to do, and so Loki found himself relying on the others.

Loki had somehow found himself in Tony Stark's lab one day, leading to him cuddling the genius on the couch. Loki didn't realize it, but Tony Stark only got a good night's sleep when he fell asleep with Loki pressed up into him, since otherwise he'd be toiling away in his lab.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were both warm due to a serum they had in their veins. Whenever Loki felt cold and lonely, he would go to one of their rooms and cuddle up to one of them. Sometimes, they were both in the same room, so he got to be sandwiched by the wonderful warmth.

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff also tended to be in the same room often, since they're best friends. Loki would go to one of their rooms and cuddle up to one of them, which meant that eventually, both would be pressing into him from both sides.

Loki started cuddling the Hulk before he cuddled Bruce Banner. That meant that the Hulk would often seek Loki out after a mission and Loki would sleepily lie on his green stomach, which was slowly shrinking until Loki was on top of Bruce.

Sam Wilson was always kind to Loki, getting him juice and opening the bottle for him. Loki was too weak to open them yet, so he was always grateful for the assistance. Talks with the Falcon always ended up in sleepy cuddling, especially since Loki was often sleepy.

Pietro and Wanda were two siblings with an accent that Loki liked. He spent a lot of time with Wanda and another, Doctor Strange who were trying to carefully help Loki mentally with their powers. Loki always ended up collapsing on one of them after a session, all three of them had strong arms that lulled Loki into a safe, secure sleep.

Then there was Gamora and Nebula. Apparently they knew about Thanos, but not about Loki. The first time he cuddled up to one of them, they pushed him away in surprise. They must've felt bad when he hit the floor, because they picked him up and allowed him to cuddle in between them that night.

Loki also snuggled up to Peter Quill often, as well as Peter Parker. Drax, Mantis, Rocket, Groot, et cetera. Loki needed the attention badly, otherwise he felt alone and insecure.

The first time they left Loki alone, they were informed by FRIDAY that Loki had collapsed on the stairs. When they found him, he wasn't badly hurt. He was crying though, quietly admitting to that he felt scared because he couldn't find anyone.

After that, they made sure someone was with Loki at all times. They cheered him on as he slowly got better, until finally, finally Loki got his sight back. It helped a lot with his clumsiness, and he was able to see what everyone looked like.

Loki still cuddled up to everyone though. He wasn't fully freed from his metaphorical chains, scared every night that Thanos was going to find him, kill everyone he loved and take him back to that cell. That cell was always yawning at him whenever he made a mistake, such as breaking or dropping something by accident. Every time though, he was soothed by whoever was nearby and told that he wasn't in trouble.

One day, someone suggested to Loki that they go to a concert together. Apparently the Avengers and the Guardians were putting on a concert, and they thought that Loki would like to hear it. Loki agreed, wanting to hear them all sing.

Their voices were beautiful. Loki's attention was fully snared by them, feeling his metaphorical chains break one by one as he listened to them play and sing. He felt elated, his eyes shining with happiness as he listened to them all. For the first time since arriving, he had the biggest, happiest smile on his face. Vaguely aware of the people around him, he watched and listened with joy until the concert was over.

Luckily for Loki, the entire thing was recorded, and so whenever he wanted to, he could and would go back and listen to the music, always feeling happy afterwards and as if he could do anything, anything in the entire galaxy.

Loki was free.