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red rides the wolf

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He paused, stopping right in front of the bifurcation that would either lead him to his grandma's old cabin, safely nestled near the river and surrounded by lilies and apple trees, or towards the darkest part of the forest, where creatures lurked freely, their fangs and claws sharp and mouths drooling with hunger. Of course, he knew which path he should take, how wouldn't he? Tooru was as much of a creature of the forest at this point as any deer, rabbit or, well… wolf.  Still, there he stood, taking in the quiet that the tall pines offered, enjoying the gentle breeze caressing his face, its sway making his hood fall back. There he waited because, as he had noticed with the time, waiting made it all more exciting than it already was.
After what could have been a millenia (because he absolutely loved rilling him up), Tooru started walking, his steps full of spring, just like a child’s, swinging the wooden basket he carried on his right forearm, the same way he had back then, the first time he had ever stepped foot into the woods, the very day he had primary faced the dark ferocious beast, although back then, eight years ago, said beast had more of a resemblance to a puppy.
Even from afar, he was able to spot the cave where he knew the enormous animal was currently lounging around and, probably unconsciously, sped up his pace. Leaving the basket on its usual spot, right behind a tree, whose bark could be almost as dark as the wolf's fur, Tooru approached the rocky entrance and impatiently waited, balancing on his feet, unable to stay still. 
He stood there, hairs creeping on the back of his neck, until the beast's low growl was heard, making him stand even harder than he was and then, after seeing the piercing emerald eyes flash and light the deeps of the lycanthrope's home, the boy took off and ran like his life depended on it, forcing his long legs to move forward, dodging every stick and stone that blocked the path. He was trying so hard not to fall. The young male focused on the run and on the obstacles that he was (so desperately) trying to avoid, trying to recall everything he had been taught about survival over the years. 
“Keep a close eye on the route, focus your hearing on tracking whoever is chasing you and lift your feet off the ground as much as you can, Tooru.”
There and then, a good quarter of an hour on the run, he felt him, his presence somewhere behind him. His heavy panting, coming out in rushed breaths. His powerful paws hunting him. He caught a glimpse of his pitch black fur, that in contrast with the bright summer light, acquired a somehow green shade. The brunette almost could smell him, the dangerous and commanding scent he possessed. It was clear that, if the hunt had been one hundred percent real, Tooru would have already been thrown in between his body and the grass that covered the ground, either way, he knew it all would be over soon, after all the wolf couldn't take such a long wait. 
Indeed, a few minutes later, when Tooru’s lungs felt like they were about to burst and his heart might have been at the brim of collapsing, he felt the weight of his powerful figure landing over his own, knocking him down to the dirt, strong jaws taking ahold of the back of his neck, applying enough pressure on keep the male still, even without tearing any skin.
Then, he started the change.

The (now) man scooped him up, setting him on his hip, still in the middle of the process, bones cracking and organs coming back to their original place. He then roughly pushed Tooru against the hard bark of a tree, thrusting his rigid member, which he had sported since he had taken a whiff of his warm heat a while back, when he had still been wandering nervously, against his own aching member, painfully hard with desire for the wolf.
"Gotcha!" he grunted, nosing tenderly at his jawline. "You held on longer today and I'm so, so proud of you." he left a subtle kiss on the shell of his ear, tickling the place with his five o'clock shadow. "Wanna know something?" by all means, he knew the other male wasn't expecting an answer so he just stared into his eyes. "The harder you make it for me to get you, the more my cock aches for you and the hotter I feel." the man slid his wet, raspy tongue along the tender flesh of the younger’s neck, taking in his sweet scent as he, delicately, trapped the pulse in his throat with piercing teeth. "I can't wait to taste that beautiful peach." he grunted, too immersed in Tooru to even speak properly.
At first, the fact that he had started referring to his most intimate parts after a fruit felt strange but, over the years it only made him feel more flustered and his yearn for what he could give him grew stronger. "And that's exactly what I'm gonna do just now." the wolf added, rubbing his erection against his covered crotch, smiling when he heard a soft whimper erupt from his lover's throat. "But first, I think I need a taste of those pretty lips. Let alpha give you a kiss." whispering, he yanked his chin toward him with his calloused hand and smashed his lips against the boy’s mouth, taking everything he was willing to offer him and ever more, drinking every drop of desire he gave him. 
The male held onto his boyfriend’s thighs harder, eliminating every inch of space separating their bodies. Tooru swore he had never been this erect before, the power and the sensuality the wolf gave off making his insides burn, mind telling him that he might come if he even barely caressed him down there. After breaking the kiss, the green eyed man made it his mission to leave hungry kisses all along the soft pale skin of Tooru’s neck, ripping apart the corset he wore in the process, letting his perky, pink nipples see the light. So damn pretty. So pure and innocent. 
“Hajime… please...” hearing the plea falling from Tooru’s lips, he secured the taller, yet slimmer body of his mate up, moving towards the small lake they had encountered. "Where would you like it today, princess? Right here on the ground, the lake or maybe my cave?" pausing and, seeing as he, in his disheveled state couldn't quite decide, he went on. "C'mon, beautiful. Tell your alpha where you want him to make you feel good today." he then waited, staring at him with all the love he felt flaming into his olive eyes and giving the man a playful lick on his blushing cheek, thinking the gesture would help him ground himself. 
"I think I want it to be the lake." Tooru answered, timid, but still giving him a lick back.
"Then the lake it is, princess." carefully setting him down on the green grass, he dived into the clear water. After a few seconds, he came back up, the clear liquid running down his torso, making the young male who couldn’t do much but enjoy the show, feel like he wanted the wolf to eat him alive.
"Come here." Hajime said softly, motioning for Tooru to approach him with his hand, smirking. He did so, noticing how, through the water, he could make out the outline of his member. "Get your clothes off, baby." and so he obeyed, eying how the lycanthrope, with half lidded eyes, stroked himself under the water, staring at his form hungrily. "That's my boy. Now, place your cape over the grass and lay on it, legs hanging off on the edge." following the instructions he had been given, Tooru laid down, hissing at the coldness of the liquid soaking his feet.
Hajime, being the skilled predator he was, managed to take him by surprise when he yanked his thighs toward his sculpted body and started feasting on his hole like a starving man having his last meal. He then went on to Tooru’s aching cock, sucking and licking it mercilessly. Using his canines, he traced the underside of his member ever so slowly, making his lanky frame quiver, mouth releasing plenty of colorful words that shouldn't ever come out of a young lad's mouth. Taking advantage of how his tongue was raspier than any human man's, he dug it deep into his clenching hole, smiling at how his little feisty boyfriend pulled at his wet hair which only made him want to devour him with more eagerness.
"Alpha... ple-e-please!" the brunette grunted, hips thrusting towards his source of pleasure frenetically. The pleas falling from his lips only made his lover hold him down harder so that he could enjoy the sweet taste of Tooru’s core a bit more. "Hajime... ah! Please, I need you in-inside me." he squealed, thrashing around desperately, which earned him a hard smack on his left ass cheek, which only made him even more of a moaning mess.
"Ah, ah, ah… no, no, princess. Ask me nicely." the dominant sucked on his rosy tip, tongue circling around slowly. Oh, man, how he loved to have him like this.
"Pretty please-e... may I have you-u inside now alpha?" begging, Tooru felt himself about to burst. The older didn't even consider answering his plea, not even thinking about doing so, he wanted him to come once before he fucked him. Knowing he wouldn't dare come without his permission, he kept on eating him out, this time more aggressively, adding two fingers to the assault, enjoying how his body was reduced to a mess of limbs that begged for him.
"C’mon Tooru, cum for me, I want to see your pretty face when you come. Cum." he commanded, knowing for sure he would do just that. Tooru began to shake, pulling at his dark locks, mewls so loud leaving his mouth that everybody in town might have heard him. Struggling to catch his breath, he tried to sit up. Hajime then dragged him into the water and held his shaking figure against his chest, rocking him back and forth and leaving sweet, loving kisses on his forehead. "Good boy… there you go.” he praised, caressing his cheek.
“Now, princess, would you let me make love to you?" pushing a sweaty strand of hair out of Tooru’s beautiful face, he kept on studying him. The boy, on the verge of tears because of his need for him, didn't spare a second and pushed his chest against the alpha’s. "Yes, Hajime... please." his voice came out a whimper, but he managed to tell his words apart. With one of his big hands, the wolf held his pulsing member toward the boy’s entrance and, locking eyes with him, engulfed himself in the warmth that was offered to him. Both of them let out a breath when he was fully inside, right where he belonged.
"Look, princess. I'm home." he began rocking his hips at a paused pace, with no rush. Then, he brushed his nose with his own, a gesture that, without seeming so, was the most intimate thing a werewolf could do. "Your alpha's home." he helped the taller move on him, meeting his awaiting core with calculated thrusts.
"Yes Haji... you're home. Whe-ere you... belong!" he held his face and kissed the man on the lips, not daring to break eye contact. Tooru moaned into his mouth, feeling dizzy because of how good he was making him feel and began rocking his hips harder onto his erection, letting out a loud whimper when it finally hit that spot he was the most sensitive on. 
"Hey, baby... not yet. Let's take it slow, let me love you the way you deserve to be loved." his raspy voice hushed the human, almost trapping him in a spell. He swallowed, getting lost onto his emerald eyes and allowed him to move the way he wanted to, this only helping increase his madness.
"Alpha, please! I ne-e-eed you to go faster-er..." he shook from head to toe when the wolf hit home once more. He was going wild, derise getting the best from him, every fiber in his body pulsating with the need for release.
"No, baby. Let me love you today." now, it had been his turn to beg. Tooru started to frantically shake his head, eyes full of frustrated tears. "No, no... please! Hajime, I need you. Harder, please! Please Hajime, please, harder!." he cried, desperate for what he knew the alpha could give him, tears now streaming down his flushed cheeks. Hajime held him against his hard chest and studied his expression, length still pulsing inside him. "Hush, princess. It's alright. I only wanted to make love with you, that's all. But if you so badly need this, I'll give it to you." he stated, using a calloused hand caressing the side of his lover’s face.
"Iwa-chan," he muttered, suddenly coming to, eyes rolling in fake annoyance. He called him by his nickname, knowing it would get his attention, seeing as he mostly only ever used his given name nowadays. "You don't get it. It doesn't matter if it's hard and fast or slow and tender. If you mark me or not. If I'm Tooru, princess or whatever other bullshit you decide on calling me. If you are Hajime, my alpha or my mean Iwa-chan. Not even where we do it. It will always be making love, because it's you, because it's with you and..." he just didn’t find it in himself to let him finish, he had gotten Hajime so worked up with barely a few words. Oh, god, how much he loved the brunette. He kissed him roughly, giving Tooru exactly what he desired, his chest swelling with pride. His thrusts became feral, coming in and out at an abnormal pace. He dug his clawed fingers on his butt, careful not to hurt him too much. At this, he let out a curse, secretly loving to be marked by him.
"Good fucking boy Tooru! Ah… yes!!" he hissed, pushing his hips up. Nothing ever felt as good as being inside this body, nothing. "So perfect..." he muttered, never looking away from his half lidded eyes. His growls melted with his cries of pleasure and his need to close his eyes was overpowering his will. Tooru saw Hajime close them for a mere second and then, when they opened again, they were a dark red color, as dark as the blood rushing through his veins. "Mine, fuck yes, mine!" his voice got an octave lower, sounding more like a roar than like a human voice. He kissed him with all his might, a hand leaving his rear in order to fist his hair into his claws. Right after, he slid his wet tongue down the side of the slender neck exposed to him, feeling his pulse rise even higher under his touch and, then, he did something that sent them straight to heaven, almost reaching paradise. He bit down hard, digging his canines into the sweet flesh, with so much strength that crimson red blood began pouring out of the wound. The other male, so lost in his own haze of pleasure, slowly mixing exquisitely with pain, couldn't comprehend how he could make him feel so damn good and how a bite like that hadn't hurt him at all, only made him moan like a madman. 
"God, princess!" the alpha cursed, arousal flowing through his veins. "Mine, fu-uck... my mate!" possessiveness took over his mind, at seeing the slim body sport his mark right where it was supposed to be. He then began stroking Tooru’s cock, which stood proudly, tip red and achy. His mouth was still close to the bite, where he started licking the tender flesh attentively. 
"Yours, yours, ye-yes! Hajime please, plea-" he dug his nails on his back, and even without having claws like he did, he managed to give him some decent marks, from where droplets of blood as dark as his eyes started pouring, adding to their mess of fluids.
"Yes, princess..." hissing, he kept thrusting, aiming for his climax. "My good puppy, look at you… making your alpha feel so goo- so good… such a pretty pussy, ah!" he grunted, coming after a couple more thrusts, spilling his seed into his warm hole. Even in his own haze, he kept the steady rhythm of his fingers, masturbating him until he, too, came, making it the second time Tooru felt his head spin that night. He couldn't even see straight, pants coming out of his mouth and anus clenching, dripping with the alpha’s seed.
Hoisting him up, Hajime jumped out of the water, laying his boyfriend over the fresh grass, proceeding to lay down between his parted legs. He couldn't stop panting, trying to get as much oxygen into his lungs as possible, giving him doe eyes. “He’s so beautiful, so perfect.” his partner thought, unable to believe such a precious human being had been put in his path. 
Happily, the happiest he had ever felt, he started giggling. A wolf rarely laughed, but giggling? That was unheard of, so Tooru tried to take him in for as long as he could, admiring his lover’s face. Iwaizumi Hajime was no man of romance, but the boy under him was all his, so why couldn't he do whatever he wanted when they were together?
The younger male stared at him in awe, fascinated with his smile, and, lifting a hand, he swiftly caressed his face, full of hard planes, adoringly, making him stop all of a sudden and gaze into Tooru’s eyes, enjoying the feeling of having his much more slender body so close to him. "I love you, princess. So much" once again, he touched his nose with the human’s, who sighed in content. "Thank you so much for letting me have you, you are the most perfect thing to ever happen to me." he mumbled, and, to remind him of how much love he felt and how a big of a place he occupied in his heart, he placed a firm kiss on the fresh mark situated in the curve where his neck met his shoulder.
"I love you Iwa-chan, I’m so happy that you are mine" he answered, throwing his arms around the other’s neck and bathing his face with kisses. After a while, he interrupted their own peace and quiet, eyes wide with realization “Shit! My nana’s gonna kill me, I gotta go!”
Perhaps, the story, being told by the citizens of the village, was never like this. They not once knew about the love the dark wolf held for his mate, the boy known as Red Riding Hood, which was bigger than any force or rumor. And that's exactly why, they never had their happily ever after, cause a love so strong couldn't end, it was eternal.
And snip, snap, snout, this tale's done being told.