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Smells Like Kink Spirit

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One of the best parts of living in the tower, at least in Darcy's opinion, is the free love. And she means that in the most literal sense, because everyone is fucking everyone. And she means everyone. To name a few, she’s seen Tony and Steve in one of his labs, Natasha and Thor in the gym, and Clint and Bucky, um, everywhere really.

Darcy usually doesn't mind at all when Jane and Thor fuck on every surface in their apartment, especially when they let her watch. She really doesn't mind when they invite her to join, but tonight they're doing super romantic sex, and no thanks. She leaves them to it, leaving their apartment and walking down the hall to the shared common space.

She's texting as she walks in, so she doesn't notice Bucky and Clint in the corner of the sectional. Clint’s naked, which isn't a surprise (he thinks clothes are annoying when they're in areas restricted to Avengers and trusted adjacents). He's sitting lazily on Bucky's lap, legs spread wide by Bucky’s knees, and when she looks closer, she can see that Bucky's jeans are open, his cock nestled inside Clint.

They're not actually moving, instead just watching whatever junk movie one of them threw on, Clint’s cock only half-hard. Bucky raises an eyebrow, smirk tugging at his lips when he sees her looking. She's far beyond blushing now and just licks her lips and winks.

"Enjoying yourselves?" she asks, leaning against the wall next to the sectional.

"Yep," Bucky says, shifting a bit, making Clint whimper lightly, though he doesn't move. "You're welcome to stay. The movie's just started."

Darcy lets her eyes linger on where Bucky’s hand is running up and down Clint’s side, the other on his thigh, before saying, "Sounds good to me."

She takes a seat near them, though just barely in touching range. Bucky shifts again to grab the remote and turn the volume up a bit, and she shamelessly stares at where Clint’s stretched wide, keeping Bucky’s thick cock warm.

Bucky, tease that he is, keeps letting Clint get more and more relaxed, until Clint’s cock nearly softens completely against his thigh. Then Bucky will roll his hips just once or twice, or wrap his arm around Clint’s waist and haul him closer, shifting him on his cock, or whisper something in his ear that has his breathing get quicker, and watch as Clint’s cock jerks between his thighs, hardening again.

Darcy would say it's cruel if she didn't know how much Clint loves it. She's seen them do this before, seen when Clint breaks and starts begging, or when Bucky loses his patience and fucks Clint until he's screaming.

She also knows they like giving a show, so she doesn't refrain at all from watching and making it obvious that she enjoys it. Bucky notices the first time she squeezes her thighs together and presses down on her seat, humming at the pleasant tingle between her legs.

Clint, too busy gasping at Bucky's movements to see the first time, notices when she casually pushes her hair over her shoulder, deliberately dragging her fingers over her nipple as she does, not bothering to hide her satisfaction.

Bucky eventually gets tired of teasing and tightens his hands on Clint’s waist. He slowly rolls his hips, only this time he doesn't stop at once or twice. Clint groans, head falling back onto Bucky's shoulder. He reaches up, tangling his hand in Bucky’s hair, the nails of his other hand digging into his own thigh as he strains not to touch himself.

Bucky's lips are on Clint’s throat, alternating between murmuring words Darcy can't hear and pressing biting kisses into his skin. Bucky makes eye contact with her and grins, saying something to Clint. Clint’s eyes land on her too, watching how she's squeezing her thighs together and biting her lip. Then Bucky gives a particularly hard thrust and Clint’s eyes slip closed again.

Darcy uncrosses her legs, slipping her hand into the waistband of sleep pants. Bucky's eyes on her are heated, watching as she squeezes her breast through her thin shirt, and, well, she's never exactly been shy.

Darcy shoves her shirt up, baring her breasts, something she knows both of them will appreciate. She's rewarded with a groan from Bucky and a hiss from Clint as he rolls his hips into Bucky's shallow, teasing thrusts.

She lies back along the couch, propped up against the armrest, and slides her sleep pants down, kicking them off and leaving her in just her panties. She's a voyeur, already wet and swollen from watching them, but she's also an exhibitionist, and the way they're watching her is making her cunt pulse.

Darcy dips her hand inside her panties, rubbing a finger up and down her wet slit as she watches them. Bucky's fucking Clint deeper now, though still not as deep and hard as he'd like. Darcy's not as much of a tease as Bucky, especially not with herself, and starts to circle her hard little clit with slick fingers.

Clint’s watching her avidly, and she knows that in any other case he'd have his face buried between her thighs by now, but being fucked by Bucky tends to trump everything else for him.

"Let me see," he growls, voice much deeper than usual.

Darcy doesn’t make him wait, kicking her panties all the way off and spreading her thighs wide. Bucky lets out a rough noise from deep in his chest, fucking up into Clint harder. Clint’s eyes flutter closed briefly, before he opens them again, staring at the two fingers she’s slipping inside herself.

She doesn’t have Bucky’s restraint by any means, so she’s not even close to being able to tease herself any longer. She pumps her middle and pointer fingers in and out, her thumb fluttering against the side of her clit. Bucky doesn’t have much of his restraint left either, fucking harder up into Clint. Clint’s eyes are slits as he watches her, bouncing on Bucky’s thick cock. He finally gives in and strokes his own cock, trembling in Bucky’s lap.

There’s been a low level of arousal simmering in her since she’d left the apartment, the image of Thor’s face buried between Jane’s thighs in her mind, and Bucky and Clint had fanned that flame even higher. She’s swollen and sensitive, wetness smeared over her inner thighs, and every touch is ratcheting the tension inside her higher and higher.

Her gasps mix with Bucky's low grunts and Clint’s whimpers and hisses, and it pushes her closer and closer to the edge. The pleasure builds until she’s coming with a ragged gasp, cunt spasming around her fingers, her other hand tight on her breast. She hears Bucky curse and opens her eyes (she doesn’t remember closing them) to see Clint come, Bucky fucking harder into him until he comes with a deep moan, his teeth set into the meat of Clint’s shoulder.

Darcy’s legs go limp as she catches her breath, in no hurry to cover herself. She does feel a surge of sympathy for the cleaning cleaning crew who will have to deal with the definite wet spot under her. She lazily watches as Clint clings to the arm Bucky has wrapped around his waist, head flopping back onto his shoulder.

“You always have great timing, doll,” Bucky says, chin hooked over Clint’s shoulder.

“I don’t know if I have good timing or if you and Clint are just horny little fuckers that don’t care where you are when you start boning,” she says.

Bucky just grins.