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I will feel you

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You’d have thought they hadn’t seen each other for months, not the three days between Louis leaving for London and Harry getting back.

“That’s it,” Louis said, urging Harry on.

They were in the foyer because that’s where Louis had pounced on Harry, having been waiting in anticipation since he’d gotten his text that he’d landed.

“Strip me,” Louis had ordered after they’d kissed hello.

Harry hadn’t even raised an eyebrow in question. It was definitely not the strangest order he’d ever walked into the house to. That kind of behavior was why Louis knew that Harry deserved a reward, and a reward was exactly what he’d had in mind.

Harry had been meticulous with undressing Louis, taking the upmost care as he started from the top, pulling off Louis’ hoodie before dropping to his knees. He’d been so graceful. Louis had licked his lips, just admiring the dedication his boy had to being the perfect submissive.

Once Harry had completed his task Louis had taken a step forward, his hard cock rubbing against Harry’s cheek as he grabbed a fistful of his hair.

“You had a long flight, didn’t you?”

Harry’s eyes were shining green. He was absolutely beautiful, his mouth hanging open just a little. Louis was vain enough to imagine Harry’s mouth was starting to pool with saliva. His boy loved a mouthful of cock.

“You need to stretch your back, don’t you. Get all those kinks out of it after sitting in that plane seat for so long,” Louis continued. He’d used his grip on Harry’s hair to pull him to his feet. He saw the flicker of delicious pain cross his boy’s face and it just urged Louis on. He’d made sure to make eye contact with Harry as he took a step back, pulling Harry with him, until his back was pressed against the door. “Pick me up.”

Harry’s throat had bulged just a little with the way he swallowed and Louis couldn’t stop the smirk from coming to his lips. He’d lifted one leg, hooking it up on Harry’s hip.

“I don’t have all day.”

Harry had surged forward, arms curling under Louis’ thighs and lifting him easily. The door helped steady them as Harry hiked him up high enough for his bum to slide against Harry’s cock.

Louis had moaned. “That’s it. You feel how I prepped myself already.” Harry had swallowed again, and he’d gotten that look in his eye, the one where he was trying to concentrate. Louis loved trying to break that. “That’s right. I prepped myself right there on the couch when you texted me you’d landed. Got my fingers fucking soaked before I started rubbing them against myself. Nice and relaxed and ready for you.”

He’d dropped his weight as much as he could with Harry holding him-

And that’s how they got here, Harry pressing him against the door, fucking into him with strong, steady thrusts.

“That’s it, you’re so fucking good,” Louis groaned. He clung to Harry’s shoulders, feeling the power his boy had. Harry’s muscles were straining under his hands and Louis reveled in the feeling. He’d done this to his boy. He’d made him a shaking mess, trying so hard to please Louis.

“Don’t stop.”

“Won’t,” Harry gasped out, the first words he’d said since his cock had first entered Louis. He’d been so quiet, so focused. “Promise, Lou.”

His words were punctured by another thrust that sent Louis’ head spinning back, clanging against the door. He saw stars, both from the pleasure and the pain. He hissed. “Keep going.”

Harry’s pace picked up. He also picked up Louis, just enough, that when he thrust inside him next Louis was pressed back into the door and he clung for dear life on those delicious shoulders Harry had.

“That’s it,” Louis hissed. “Fuck me, such a good boy.” He tried to rub Harry’s shoulders and neck in praise all while gritting his teeth through the pleasure he was experiencing. Harry’s cock was thick and deep inside him, hitting the exact spot he needed it to. “Fuck me, fuck me.”

His back was going to be bruised as Harry’s pace became almost brutal, and they were definitely making a racket against the door; the steady thump thump thump of their fucking.

Louis dropped his hand from Harry’s shoulder, trusting him to keep them upright, as he reached for his cock. It was drooling and it only took a few tugs before he was shooting off between them, coating both of their stomachs in come.

Louis went slack and it only served to drive Harry deeper inside him. He moaned, pleased with himself as he felt Harry use his body to chase his own orgasm. He had enough strength to reach up and thread his fingers through Harry’s hair, pulling Harry’s head down into his shoulder so he could breathe Louis in. And also scream, because that’s what he liked to do when he came. Harry liked to be loud, and Louis liked him to be.

And boy was his boy loud as his hips fucked forward, pinning Louis to the door as he emptied himself inside him. Louis clung to him, petting his hair through the end of his orgasm, until they were both falling gracelessly to the floor of their foyer. Harry’s cock slipped out of him and come started to leak from his hole onto the floor.

Louis would have to clean that up later.

For now he looked at Harry and grinned. “Missed you.”

Harry’s eyes were wide and glazed over. “No shit. We’re lucky Cliff didn’t barrel us over like he normally does when I get home.”

“He’s in the office,” Louis said.

Was he a bad person for locking the dog away so he could get fucked? No. He’d made his peace with that ages ago. Harry, at least, didn’t seem to mind.

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Louis had a nice bum. That was all Harry could think as he stood behind him. He hadn’t gotten a good look while they were in the main part of the club - Louis had been incredibly overdressed, wearing joggers and a hoodie - but he was glad he trusted his gut when he’d been approached.

Louis had asked him for a spanking demonstration and looking at him now, bent over with his bum on display, Harry was absolutely delighted to have this opportunity. He wasn’t always physically attracted to the men who asked him to scene but sometimes he lucked out and this was definitely one of those times.

Louis wiggled his hips impatiently and his bum fucking jiggled. “Are you just going to stand there all day admiring it? I heard you were an absolute sadist which is why I came to you.”

Harry barked out a laugh and reached out to caress the dip in Louis’ back. “A sadist you say? And who told you that?”

“You are wearing a shirt that says it.”

Harry didn’t really need to look down but since Louis had turned his head back to look at him he did it just for the effect. “So I am.” He made sure his smirk showed a bit of his teeth when he looked up. Some of the other people he’d scened with told him it made him look attractive.

It just made Louis roll his eyes and turn his head back around. His hips were still wiggling. “I’m not getting any harder here. I was promised the spanking of my life. Rumor has it you can spank the jizz out of a guy.”

“Who the fuck is telling you this?”


Harry closed his eyes. Of course it was fucking Niall. “Was he drunk?”

“Dunno, and really don’t care unless he was lying. And Niall is a lot of things but a liar is not one of them.” Louis looked back at him, a challenging arched eyebrow. “So can you?”

Harry crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m a sadist because I take my time. I get pleasure when I’m not giving you what you so desperately want.”

He waited for the realization to come across Louis’ face. It was one of his favorite parts of being a dominant. That moment when the person submitting to him realized what that meant and that they had an option. They could either go with it and see what happens, or they could leave.

No one had ever left yet.

Louis swallowed and averted his eyes first. “My bum is too good not to spank.”

Sure is, Harry thought, but he wasn’t going to say that outloud. No. He wasn’t going to give Louis that win yet.

After all, he planned on proving the man right.

He just needed to wait a few more moments.

The hip wiggling was back. Louis’ arse cheeks were jiggling again, so fucking juicy. But Harry had more control than anyone he knew. He could wait out anyone. He was just waiting for that moment for Louis to-

“For fuck’s sake!”



Louis’ curse was cut off by the loud sound of skin hitting skin.

Harry’s hand stung but when he pulled his hand away there was an imprint on Louis’ cheek.

“Shit,” Louis cursed.

“No more talking, pain slut.” Harry hardened his voice, keeping his slow drawl. “Begging for pain. You don’t even know what you’re asking for.”

Before Louis could react he spanked him again, the other cheek, just as hard. It gave Harry a red worksurface. Everything from here on in was going to hurt in the best ways possible.

Louis was quiet. His body trembling underneath Harry’s hands.

Harry grabbed two handfuls of his red bum and squeezed.

Louis gasped, but stayed quiet.

“Good slut,” Harry praised.

And then he spanked him again.

And again.

Harry loved using his hands. He loved being so tactile with his submissives. He was the one causing this to them. Not a tool. Not a toy. Him. The dom.

Louis’ bum was bright red with splotches of pink.

He was no longer quiet.

Not with the way Harry was spanking him. No one could be quiet.

Louis was moaning like the slut Harry had called him out as.

“You gonna come for me you fucking slut?”

Louis knew not to answer. Or maybe he just couldn’t. He was too busy gasping in pain and pleasure. His cock had to be rubbing against the bench Louis was bent over. That always added to the friction and made it so - as Niall had said - Harry could spank the jizz out of a man.

Louis got vocal the closer he got, but he never seemed to regain his words. He was just moans and gasps - just how Harry liked his subs. And when he finally came, a breathless high pitched groan that sent a shiver right down Harry’s spine, Harry stepped back to admire the work he had done.

His entire bum was red, and it would no doubt be bruised tomorrow, and probably the next day.

“Are you satisfied?” Harry asked.

When Louis flipped him off he knew he’d found a new sub to play with.

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Harry looked up at Louis’ gathered alphas. Even now, a month after meeting him, Harry was still so impressed with just how many alphas Louis managed to get into his pack. Most packs had three alphas at most, and then a smattering of betas and omegas. Louis had seven alphas, including himself.

Louis’ hands rested heavy on his shoulder, fixing his posture. Harry took a deep breath in through his nose and closed his eyes for just a moment, settling his nerves. He didn’t have any reason to be nervy. He knew how this evening was going to go.

Tonight was the pack’s claiming ceremony.

They would formally accept him as Louis’ omega, as long as he passed the test.

“Are you ready?” Louis’ breath brushed against his ear and Harry opened his eyes to look at the alphas in front of him.

They were all naked, their dicks soft. It would be his job to get them hard enough to come on him, claiming him for the pack. That was his test. If he couldn’t get them to all claim him he would fail. In the front of his mind he knew he could do this, all of them had been hard around him before, fucked omegas and betas and other alphas in his presence before. He’d seen all six of them come over the last month, but there was a whisper in the back of his mind that wondered what if.

“Yes,” he breathed out.

Intentionally leaking his scent out was something that was natural to any omegas. Society tried to break omegas of it, telling them it was unclean and filthy but Harry knew it couldn’t be. Why would something natural be unclean? And why is something that made him feel so good be filthy?

Harry looked from alpha to alpha, watching as each of them were affected by his scent. All of them were taking deep breaths of it, and Niall - always the one with the worst control - was the first to openly moan at his scent.

Louis chuckled near his ear. “Look at them. Look how they’re reacting to you.”

Harry did as he was told, looking at each of the alphas. Liam was clenching his fists at his side, his face turning red, as his cock quickly fattening. Zayn was taking deep breaths still while his dick twitched to full hardness.

“You did that,” Louis whispered. “You made all of my alphas this hard. You and your delicious scent.”

Harry moaned as Louis kissed his neck. He could see the moment it shifted his scent, causing Niall’s nostrils to flare.

“So sweet,” Louis whispered. “Such a sweet omega.” He kissed his neck again, close to where he was going to leave his mating mark soon. “Isn’t he sweet?”

“You know he is,” Zayn quipped. “That’s why you’re claiming him.”

Louis’ chuckle was dark and only turned Harry on more. He shifted, spreading his legs. He knew he wasn’t leaking just yet but fuck it felt like he should be.

“You can step forward,” Louis ordered. “And you can start touching yourselves. Put all your focus on my boy here.”

Harry never felt claustrophobic before but having six alphas surround him, their big, thick cocks pointed at him, was definitely making him reconsider. Louis pressed against his back gave him strength to stay seated. Ready to take the pack’s claiming.

All six of them took their dicks in their hands, and the musky scent of alpha was starting to overpower Harry’s own sweet scent. He opened his mouth, breathing it in.

“That’s right,” Louis whispered against his neck. “Open up, baby. You’re gonna be covered soon.”

Harry whined. His eyes were glued on the dicks. Six different dicks. All various sizes and thicknesses. All going to come over him soon. He could see the precome starting to bead on the tips of the them, a tease of what was to come.

Very soon.

He felt Louis pressed against his back, hard and wanting.

The first stroke of come landed on his right shoulder, courtesy of Nizam. Harry felt his scent start to leak into his skin, heavy alpha pheromones that were tinged with Louis. Because Louis owned all of the alphas in front of him.

The next one was from Liam, all over his left breast. And then Oli, over his right breast. He was quickly being covered in come from all sides. Riccardo was next, his come coating Harry’s neck. Then Niall, along his left shoulder.

“Keep those eyes open,” Louis commanded. “Watch them.”

Harry was panting, mouth hanging open. He knew he couldn’t have it yet.

Zayn was the last one to come, because of course he was. He aimed, moving his dick as he came to cover up every spot on Harry’s chest that was missing come.

Louis groaned behind him and then he pulled away.

“My turn.”

Harry whined as Louis made his way to the front of him. He got in between his alphas. His cock was hard, an angry red, as he took it in his hand.

“Close your eyes and open up big and wide, baby.”

Harry did as he was told. He stuck his tongue out, ready for Louis’ come.

He wasn’t even upset he couldn’t see his alpha come. He was too keyed up.

“Don’t come yet,” Louis commanded.

Harry didn’t know if that was possible, but he was going to do what his alpha told him to.

Louis’ come was warm on his face as it covered first his cheek, and then landed in his mouth. He swallowed, moaning in pleasure. He knew he had come everywhere now: his face, his shoulders, his neck, his chest.

He was claimed.

Harry opened his eyes, careful of the come that was near his eye.

The seven alphas were looking at him with hungry eyes. Louis looked so proud. Harry felt so proud.

“You’re ours,” Louis said. “You’re the packs.”

Harry’s eyes started to water, emotions flooding him.

“Clean him up,” Louis commanded.

The six alphas descended on him like he was dessert, their tongues licking his face, and his neck clean of all of the come. Harry moaned in pleasure at the touches. He tilted his head to the side, letting them clean him.

“When you’re done we’re gonna get him on his hands and knees and it again. This time on his back.” Harry’s eyes popped open and he made eye contact with Louis. Louis smirked. “What? You thought we’d be done with only one round? I want you covered in the pack’s scent. Every part of you.”

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Harry was just starting to stir as Louis ducked under the covers. They’d had a long night and Louis knew Harry was probably feeling it. Even in the shadows he could see the delicious bruises forming on his boy’s hips and side.

“Lou?” Harry’s voice was drowsy.

Louis didn’t respond as he settled himself in between Harry’s legs. The soft hair of Harry’s thighs tickled his sides as he got into position. He wanted to be comfortable, since he planned on being down here for a little bit.

Harry’s hand snuck under the covers and found their way into Louis’ hair. While he had mixed feelings about the longer hair this was definitely was one of the perks of it, the way Harry would grip it.

Not right now though. That wasn’t the point of this.

He reached up and gripped Harry’s wrist, squeezing hard enough to remind Harry who the dominant one was. Harry let go of his hair.

“What’re you doing?” Harry’s voice was still sleepy slurred, muffled through the comforter.

Louis didn’t answer. He just dropped a kiss on Harry’s hip before he turned his attention to the reason he was under the blankets in the first place. Harry’s soft cock. Louis loved the feeling of a soft cock in his mouth, and he’d found that the best time to experience it was when Harry was first waking up. He’d stay soft for a good while as he was turning on, and then Louis would get to experience his second favorite thing: a soft cock getting hard in his mouth.

Harry was big enough that even soft he was still a mouthful. Louis moved his tongue to adjust the soft length in his mouth, closing his eyes in pleasure. His cock was just the right weight to make him feel full.

“It’s nice,” Harry said from above the covers.

Louis knew it was nice. It’s why he did it. He closed his eyes and reveled in the feeling.

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“I want you in a cage tonight,” Louis said.

Harry hadn’t even put down his bag yet and he was already being given orders. Such was life some days. At least he hadn’t been on his feet all day. “Special occasion?”

“I figured the club could use some new decorations. Also Niall said something about how when you put up a flyer you take the first tab off of it because of some psychology reason. People don’t want to be the first, blah blah blah, the point is if you’re in there already people will pay to go into the cages and Niall said we aren’t getting enough use of them and he wanted to get rid of them.”

“But I love the cages!”

Louis leveled him with a look. “Which is why I volunteered you.”

Harry sighed and then looked down at himself. He hadn’t been expecting to go into the club when he’d come here. He thought Louis might have wanted him under his desk, or something in his office. He was pretty sure being in the cage in his joggers and hoodie wasn’t going to get people in the cages the way Niall wanted. “Did you have any idea for what I would be doing in there? Some rope work maybe? Or just showing off my cock?”

“As nice as your cock is at getting people’s attention no, that wasn’t what I had in mind.” Louis leaned back in his seat, tipping it back. It drew Harry’s attention to the suit he was wearing. Louis never wore suits to the office, which meant there was a reason. This one was particularly nice, with a crisp white button up shirt and matching navy blazer and trousers.

Harry licked his lips. “What did you have in mind?”

Louis lifted his finger and curled it, beckoning Harry forward. “Come here.” He spun his chair to the side and spread his legs so Harry had somewhere to stand. “Unbutton my shirt.”

Harry followed the order and with deft fingers undid the first two buttons. By the third button he saw a peek of what Louis had hidden underneath his suit and his breath coat. “Oh, daddy.”

The lace bra was a beautiful powder blue that looked beautiful against Louis’ skin. The lacing was delicate, two little triangles that covered Louis’ chest.

“Keep going,” Louis commanded.

Harry hated to admit it but he was definitely less careful with the rest of his unbuttoning, and when he got to the end of the shirt he pulled it out of Louis’ trousers with just a little too much force. Louis laughed deep and throaty as he helped Harry take off his jacket and shirt, leaving him sitting in his seat with just the blue lace bra and his trousers.

“What do you think? Does my baby girl like it?”

Harry’s mouth was dry, so he nodded. “Baby girl likes it a lot.”

“Would my baby girl want to see if I have a matching set?”

Harry was more than eager to drop his knees and get to work undoing Louis’ trousers. He was only a little surprised that Louis didn’t stop him but he figured that was because he was supposed to see what Louis was wearing.

He pulled the zipper down and was greeted with a shock of powder blue. Louis’ soft cock was barely encased in the small panties and Harry knew if he was expected to wear any sort of similar style he’d be absolutely indecent.

Louis lifted his hips to help Harry finish undressing him, before he sat back down in his chair. Harry looked up at him. He was an absolute image sitting there in the lingerie. He looked even more powerful than normal, and Harry wanted nothing more than to take a picture to capture it forever. Maybe even make it the opening image for No Control’s website.

“Now it’s your turn to undress for me, baby girl.”

Harry was more than happy to follow the instructions, stripping naked with ease before getting back on his knees in front of Louis. He even took the time to fold his clothes and put them on Louis’ desk nice and neat. Louis grinned at him before he moved ever so slow, starting to remove the bra he was wearing.

It had a stretchy band Harry noticed, as he lifted it over his head. It took him until just the moment Louis handed it to him for Harry to realize why. Louis was expecting him to wear that bra.

Harry swallowed.

“Go on, baby girl. Daddy picked it out just for you.”

Harry took the bra and slid it on. It fit him different than it did Louis. He had a bit more of a chest, which pressed against the tiny triangle cups of the bra differently. Almost like he was spilling out.

“The color is just what I imagined,” Louis mused. “Stand up.”

Harry got to his feet just in time to catch one of Louis’ feet. Louis removed the panties much less gracefully than he’d done the bra, but with Harry’s help pulling it down his legs they quickly swapped dressed positions.

Harry had thought right. The panties could barely hold his soft cock, let alone once it started to harden. The lace pressed against his sensitive skin and he tried not to moan.

That will definitely get people interested in the cages,” Louis said with a happy lilt to his voice. He stood up and grabbed the clothes Harry had been wearing, slipping them on with ease. “Now chop chop, my love. If you’re lucky maybe daddy will purchase you for a spanking session.” He winked as he shooed Harry out of the office, and off to be displayed to the nightclub crowd.

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After being caged for over a month finally being free should have been a relief, but mostly it was just pain. Lucky for Harry he liked pain.

As he laid there on Louis’ bed recovering from his first orgasm of the weekend, he heard Louis still talking to his audience. He was answering some questions, and playing coy with them as he did. Louis was such a unique dom in his play style, adapting to fit almost anyone’s needs. He took pleasure from causing his subs pleasure, which was what had drawn Harry to him in the first place.

He couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure Louis had been able to bring him since they started their relationship, and he was sure now that they had met in person it was only going to be more intense.

“Let’s see how my boy is doing,” Louis announced.

Harry didn’t know how long he’d been left there to catch his breath, but his dick was hard again, so maybe he had enough time to recover.

“Yeah? You think he’d like that?” Louis sounded delighted as he stood up.

Harry wished he could see what had been said so he had some idea of what was to come, but he was all the way on the bed.

Louis adjusted his camera before he stepped away from it and headed to the bed. After being a regular viewer for so long Harry knew the exact view Louis was giving to the audience. Considering the way he was angling himself he was letting Harry and his erect cock be on full display.

“Now, someone suggested I tie him up, but he’s such a good boy, I really don’t think he needs to be tied up. After all, he’s just been caged for a month. A little freedom is good for him.” Louis moved around his room full of swagger, and Harry was drawn to his beautiful lithe body. Louis opened his bedside table drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. “Not too much freedom though. We need to control him a little.”

He smiled at Harry, turned away from the camera. It was a private moment, just for Harry.

Color? Louis mouthed.

Green, Harry mouthed back.

Louis flipped the cap open and turned the bottle upside down, letting the lube drip down onto Harry’s dick.

Harry gasped, not expecting this. The lube was cooler than he expected, enough that it contrasted with the heat of his body.

Louis closed the lube, tossing it away, before he climbed onto the bed. He wrapped his hand around Harry’s dick, stroking through the wet mess.

Harry hissed and threw his head back, covering his face with his arms.

“You nice and hard, baby?” Louis asked.

Harry grit his teeth. “Yes, daddy.”

“And are you sensitive?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Does it hurt?”

Harry cracked an eye as he felt the bed shift as Louis moved. “A little.”


Louis swung his leg over Harry’s hip and raised himself up over his dick. Harry’s eyes went wide.

“You won’t mind if I keep using you, will you?”

Harry’s mouth went dry and he shook his head right before Louis sunk down, surrounding his sensitive dick with amazing heat.’

It was too much, way too much, and yet it was so good. Harry knew he was being loud, but Louis hadn’t told him to be quiet. Actually, over the rush in his head, Harry could hear Louis urging him on.

“That’s right. That’s my good boy. You’re so loud for daddy and all of daddy’s viewers. Bet they love hearing you scream for me.”

The drag of Louis’ body over his cock was pain, such good fucking pain. Harry wanted to grab Louis’ hips and make him stop. He wanted to grab his hips and make him go faster. His mind was racing, spiraling and spiraling. It was almost a little embarrassing how quickly it all fell apart. Louis’ viewers would probably laugh at him.

Louis tapped his chest. “I’m going to keep riding you until I come, baby. Even if you come and go soft, I’m just going to fuck myself on you until you’re back to full hardness. Just remember that.”

It was almost infuriating that Louis sounded so calm as he bounced on Harry’s dick. But Harry wasn’t the one in control. No it was painfully obvious that he had lost all sense of control and handed it over to Louis with the lock and key he’d let him have.

He didn’t know if Louis was going to keep his word, but either way Harry was about to find out, as he tipped back his head and came, buried deep inside Louis. A painful orgasm. A beautiful orgasm.

And all through it Louis kept going.

Harry was going to die.

Chapter Text

Louise walked out of the office with barely a glance in the direction of the gaggle of junior editors that made up the pod in front of her office. If they wanted something they knew how to get ahold of her. Or at the very least they knew how to get ahold of Harriet, which was just as good.

Though, if Louise had anything to say about it Harriet wouldn’t exactly be able to get to her phone. Her personal assistant had earned herself a reward and Louise was taking one of her few afternoons off for the year to get the evening ready.

The first place she stopped by was Calvin’s high end boutique, where she picked up her package for the night. Calvin was an old friend and he made a quick quip as he handed her the prettily wrapped box.

“You still entertaining the same one?”

Louise rolled her eyes. “It’s been six years, Calvin. I think we can stop pretending.”

Calvin mock gasped, hand over his chest. “Louise Tomlinson settling down? One day soon you’ll be in here asking for me give you a dildo with a ring inside it.”

“I bought her a Cartier bracelet for her birthday, I don’t think she needs a ring.”

“All ladies need a ring.”

Louise waved her hand at Calvin as she turned around and left his boutique without another comment. He didn’t deserve one.

When she got back to her apartment she immediately headed for the bedroom, her heels clicking against the tile flooring and echoing through the high ceilings of the living room. She knew what she expected to see but it still brought a smile to her face to be proven correct. It made the reward she was going to give Harriet even better.

Harry was poised perfectly in the middle of their bed, on her knees, naked. There weren’t many better sights. Louise put her package down in front of Harriet and began the task of undressing herself as well. She started with her watch, and then her earrings. Next she uncuffed the button up shirt she had worn today, and she put the cufflinks away.

All the while she was paying attention to Harriet out of the corner of her eye.

Her girl stayed perfectly still on the bed. She was so good and Louise was so pleased with her.

Accessories off she finally toed out of her heels. It lost her some of her height but she knew that she didn’t need it. Not in this bedroom. She began unbuttoning the shirt, pulling it out of the waist of her wide leg trousers. She turned to face Harriet, maintaining eye contact as she shrugged off the shirt, and then undid her bra.

Harriet’s eyes were hungry and there was little that made Louise feel more powerful.

Finally her hands went to her trousers, undoing them and letting them slide down her legs. It exposed the fact she was wearing her strap harness, and had been all day. Harriet’s mouth dropped open and her eyes darted down to the package.

Louise stepped out of her trousers and approached the bed.

“You may open it. It’s for you, after all.”

Harriet didn’t need to be told twice as she practically snatched the box into her lap. She was careful unwrapping it at least. “You saw Calvin?”

“I did.”

“Does he like me finally?” Harriet asked as she pulled the top off the box. There was glittery blue tissue paper hiding the toys Louise had purchased and Harriet moved it aside.

The dildo was the first toy Harriet took out. She let out a little moan in delight as she touched it, running her fingers down the ribbed shaft.

“There’s more,” Louise reminded her.

Harriet put the dildo to the side and reached back in. Louise watched her, delighting in the moment her eyes lit up. Her hand came out of the box holding the metal butt plug. The polished rose quartz stone at the end of the plug contrasted beautifully with the finished metal look and Louise was pleased with her purchases. Not nearly as pleased as Harriet seemed though.

“Both?” Harriet asked, looking up at her.

Louise nodded. “Both.” Harriet squealed and usually Louise would scold her but this was the one occasion she allowed it. Harriet was being rewarded after all. “Put my dick on me and then get on your hands and knees.”

Louise watched as Harriet followed her order, securing the new dildo into her strap. Usually Louise would watch any new toys before using them but she knew Calvin’s practices. These toys were ready to be used right out of the box, and use them she was going to do.

Harriet made an even prettier picture as she got on her hands and knees.

“Cuff one of your wrists into the restraints,” Louise ordered as she put a knee on the bed.

Harriet did as she was told, locking her left wrist into the restraints that lived tied to their headboard.

“I want the other one in between your legs while I’m fucking you, do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress,” Harriet breathed out, settling down into position.

“Good girl.”

Harriet was soaked already, and spread open the way she was Louise had a full view of it. She wondered what fantasies had been running through her girl’s dirty little mind. She knew without a doubt this reality would surpass them. Harriet wasn’t wet enough to prep her bum the full way but it was enough to tease her with. Louise ran her finger along her rim, feeling the way it fluttered under her touch.

Harriet loved bum play. That had been one of the first “kinks” she had confessed to Louise when they’d started this relationship. She loved the feeling of her bum being full, maybe even more than being fucked. Louise found she could work with that, especially when Harriet had such a perky little bum.

Louise moved to grab the bottle of lube she knew was inside the box (it came complimentary with all of Calvin’s orders) and drizzled it onto the crease between Harriet’s cheeks. Her skin glistened, making a very tempting sight.

“You relaxed?” Louise asked as she reached for the plug.

“Yes,” Harriet dragged out the word, turning her head on the pillow she’d tucked under herself.

Harriet’s bum parted so beautifully for the plug, practically sucking it in. She moaned at the feeling as it settled inside her, leaving only the pretty pink stone. Louise smiled, gave her girl a moment to catch her breath, and the put the tip of her dick against her cunt.

She could feel the resistance as she pushed in, the tightness of fucking into a cunt when Harriet’s bum was stuffed full. And better than that she could hear the sounds Harriet was making. High pitched whimpers of pleasure.

Louise pulled her hips back, her dick sliding back shiny and wet. She pushed forward just as she asked, “are you touching yourself like I told you to?”

She must not have been because she shifted, and then she let out a long moan.

Louise would give her that pass. Just this once.

This was a special occasion after all. But that didn’t mean she was going to go easy on her. She was going to fuck Harriet hard enough that that plug inside her bounced around and made her scream.

Chapter Text

The auction had gone better than Harry could have dreamed. He had been put up third, which meant he only ended up waiting ninety minutes for his turn after the auction had started. Not too shabby considering there were twenty omegas to get through, and he had been at the auction house since six o’clock in the morning.

As an unmated omega in his late twenties Harry knew his time to find a suitable mate was running out. He wasn’t well off enough for his parents to buy him a mate and the alphas he’d met through other means hadn’t lived up to the standards he’d built up in his younger mind. That left the auction house as his best bet.

He’d been led out to the stage and stood in front of an audience of unmated alphas, all who were hoping to purchase themselves a fine omega mate. His application had been read off over the microphone by the auctioneer, a monotone drawl.

“Harry Edward Styles. Twenty Nine. College educated. Currently employed at Manchester Press as a photojournalist. Lost his virginity at nineteen but never knotted. Never been pregnant. Tested high in fertility. Marked down wanting to have a litter of pups. Opening bid will begin at ten.”

Ten had been a little lower than Harry had hoped to start off at, but he kept his head high, as the number quickly racked up.

It ended at one hundred thirty five and Harry had let out a breath of relief. That was more than any dowry he could have ever hoped for.

“Sold, to bidder 28, Tomlinson. Come up and claim your new omega.”

The next part was something that Harry had been anticipating the entire time he’d signed up for this. Any nerves would be eased by the vial he’d drank before he had come up to the stage, making him dip into an early heat. The breeding bench had been cleaned up from the previous omega and Harry could smell the cleaning chemicals as he leaned over the bench and let himself be strapped into the bench. The buckles tightened around his upper thighs, holding his legs open, exposing him.

His new alpha approached him behind and Harry couldn’t turn his head to see what he looked like. His scent wafted towards Harry though, sharp and mouthwatering. Even if he wasn’t slowly falling into heat Harry would find the scent appealing. That boded well for the future he had just signed away with this auction.

Strong hands landed on his bum and Harry felt the soft brush of wool trousers. His spine tingled as his ears picked up the sound of the metal buckle moving. This was already better than he had imagined.

The wool trousers stayed pressed against his bare thighs as the heavy alpha cock began to spear his cunt open. Harry whined with pleasure and he couldn’t help but notice the way his voice mixed so well with the breathy moan of his new alpha. The straps kept him still as his alpha bottomed out, and then pulled back, beginning a brutal pace meant to claim him.

The bench shook with the force of his alpha’s thrusts. This was so different than any of sex he’d had, maybe because it was with an alpha, maybe because Harry knew how this was going to end. How it had to end.

His alpha’s grunts were getting louder and his hand shifted from Harry’s hip to his lower back, pushing him down as he fucked in harder. It felt so good for Harry. The thickness of his alpha’s cock. the feeling of the way his knot was growing.

The knot that was going to fill him up with come and knock him up.

Harry saw stars as his new alpha’s dick hit just the right spot. He felt his own dick spurt come as his cunt clamped around the cock inside him.

“Fuck,” his alpha thrust all the way inside him and leaned over his back, sinking his teeth into Harry’s shoulder just as his knot started to expand.

Harrys’ eyes watered from the pain and pleasure mixture he was experiencing. He couldn’t believe there was anyway to feel more full than his alpha’s cock, but it turned out his knot made it possible.

The teeth came out of his shoulder and a kiss was pressed just to the side. “Such a pretty omega.”

Harry shuddered at hearing his alpha’s voice speak to him. His head was spinning from the mating mark and the knotting that it took him a moment to realize his alpha had reached around him and cupped his lower stomach.

“Gonna fill you with so many pups,” his alpha whispered, humping against his back despite the knot connecting them.

Harry shivered at the possessive tone. “Please, alpha.”

Another kiss on his shoulder, before his hand squeezed Harry’s stomach again. “Don’t worry. You’re going to be so well taken care of.”

Chapter Text

They only did this at night, when the lights were out, and the dorm was asleep. They were the only two charity students at the university: Louis picked because of his mother’s work with the church, and Harry because he was a ward of the state. They’d been roomed together since they started, pariahs of the university.

If only the rest of the students knew what happened in their room. They’d be ostracized for another reason entirely.

Each bed was almost too narrow for both of them to fit on, but they made it work.

Louis settled onto his forearms, panting. “Do you need me to put my knees closer together?”

“Just a little,” Harry responded.

Louis moved, squeaking the bed in the dark. They were both still mostly dressed, with only Harry’s dick pulled out so if someone came into their room they could pull apart quickly.

Some days Louis imagined what it would be like after university, once both of them had the jobs they were promised would be there. Harry would whisper into his hair his dreams of owning a flat in London, just the two of them. Completely theirs so they could take their time. Able to do what they really wanted. What Louis read about in some of the books he hid under his mattress.

For now this was enough.

Louis sucked in a breath as Harry leaned over his back. He loved the weight of Harry on top of him, but what he loved even more was the way Harry’s dick pushed against the back of his thighs. He wanted to spread his legs open but that wouldn’t be good for Harry. Harry would need the tightness of his thighs.

They had figured out that the best way to do this was to have Harry as high as possible so his cock rubbed against Louis’ own. The friction with their clothes made it hurt but not enough to make either of them stop.

Harry panted in his ear as he thrust himself between Louis’ thighs. The burn from the friction of their skin rubbing together felt good. Especially the tugs in Harry’s cock. This felt better than any handjob they ever shared. This was closer. More intimate.

Louis squeezed his thighs together just to hear the way Harry gasped, deep and needy in his ear.

“I want you,” Harry whispered. He pressed a kiss right behind Louis’ near, a place he felt sensitive. Maybe it was because of the secret that touch conveyed.

“I want you too,” Louis gasped against the pillow.

“I love you,” Harry whispered, his hips stuttering like his voice.

Louis stared wide ahead.

“I love you, I love you,” Harry repeated, the rhythm picking up.

There was a soft smack of their bodies pushing together. It was all Louis could fixate on.

He grabbed onto Harry’s hand, intertwining their fingers. Harry clung to him, tight. Needy.

“Louis,” Harry whispered. He was reaching his peak. Louis could feel it. “Louis!”

“I love you too,” Louis confessed. His eyes were watering, unshed tears, wells of emotions. He clung back. “I love you too.”

He heard the choked off sound of Harry coming. He felt some of the come rub against his skin. The reality of the intimate moment they were sharing. It was enough to send him over the edge, spilling on the sheet. He’d have to sleep in that tonight. Or maybe… just maybe they would risk it. They would go to Harry’s bed, and curl up together, in that too narrow bed, that couldn’t fit them, and they wouldn’t be concerned about being caught. They would be safe together.

What a dream.

Chapter Text

Harry came to to hands rubbing his bum. His head felt drowsy, and he was definitely still high. Their bedroom was bathed in the dim orange light of his sun clock, but he couldn’t really see anything. He hummed. The hands felt nice. The way they caressed over his hips, up and down from his lower back to his upper thighs. Soothing.

His eyes drifted closed and he rolled onto his front, letting his whole bum be exposed for the groping.

“Fuck yes,” he heard in the distance.

Harry turned his head in the pillow and tried to wake up. He was here, and he wasn’t here. He knew if he tried to stand up he wouldn’t be able to, he felt completely out of control with his body. At the same time he knew what was happening to him.

Louis was touching him.

Rolled over onto his stomach Louis had taken full advantage, using two hands to grope his bum.

“You’re so soft,” Louis said.

His voice sounded like he was under water. Maybe Harry was the one under water.

He drifted some more. The rubbing was repetitive and soothing. He barely even noticed if he was getting hard against the mattress.

The bed dipped and it startled him just a bit, and then something wet was opening him up. He gasped, and his body moved from the force of Louis settling between his thighs, spreading him open with his tongue.

Harry didn’t remember moving his hips up but somehow he was moving. Maybe it was Louis moving him. Maybe there really was water around him, catching him in the waves. Maybe he wasn’t moving and it was all in his mind.

“I just need,” Louis’ voice said. “I need to fuck you.”

He sounded desperate. Harry understood that. Being desperate.

His hips were lifted. He was pulled flush against Louis. Louis’ hard cock bumped against the crease of his bum and Harry wondered what was about to happen.

There must have been more happening that Harry remembered because the slide of Louis’ cock inside him was smooth and wet. He whimpered into the pillow as Louis started going for it, fucking him with abandon. His bum was sore, this was the third or fourth time he’d taken it since they had half a tray of edibles a piece. He was going to be a wreck in the morning.

Harry’s body seized as he came, and he went tight around Louis’ cock.

And then the orange light went out, and he was back asleep.


Harry’s mouth tasted like cotton and raw sugar. He turned over and saw the empty package of Skittles and groaned. He was so typical sometimes with his stoner cravings. He tried to sit up and his body ached.

“Fuck me,” he cursed, rubbing his bum. He looked over to where Louis was sleeping and shook him. “How many times did you fuck me?”

Louis cracked a groggy eye open. “What?”

“I’m sore as shit.” Harry’s head felt like a mess. “I can’t remember if I was dreaming all the times we had sex or not.”

“Think it was five?” Louis pushed himself up. “Once before it settled in. Then we took a shower to feel the water, and I fucked you there. Then when we got out of the shower. Then right before we went to sleep.”

“Okay I remember those.”

“And then I woke up at like four to piss and saw you lying there and you just looked so fuckable. I started rubbing your bum and,” Louis shrugged. “You liked it at least.”

Harry snorted. “I’m sure I did. From what I remember it wasn’t bad.”

“It’s never bad.” Louis collapsed back down onto the mattress. “Now leave me alone. I’m still high and I want to enjoy it.”

Harry stood up and felt another wave of drowsy niceness hit him. Seemed like he was also still high. He’d crawl back into bed after he pissed. They didn’t have anything to do today.

Chapter Text

The train was crowded, so crowded that Louis had Harry sit on his lap after the third stop. They were taking the train to the end of the line so it didn’t really matter to them if they had to share for a bit. The problem of feeling Harry’s delicious bum pressing on top of Louis’ slowly hardening cock was something for future him to deal with.

The train pulled into the next stop and a wave came and went.

Harry shifted in his lap and turned his head to the side. “Lou.” Louis made a noise of acknowledgement, the train’s humming almost covering their conversation. “Touch me.”

Louis couldn’t help but smirk. They were seated in an end seat, facing the middle of the train. Someone was to his left, but no one was to his right, so if he moved his hand he wouldn’t be touching anyone. A quick glance showed him everyone around them were involved with their phone, or listening to music.

No one would notice.

“Touch you where?” Louis asked, his hand traveling up Harry’s thigh. “Here?”

Harry wiggled in his lap, suddenly making Present Louis into Future Louis. “You know where.”

The train took a turn, shifting tracks, and Louis used the motion to move his hand directly over Harry’s cock. His boy was already hard in his lap.

No one was watching as he started to rub his hand up and down, over Harry’s cock. Louis loved the feeling of dick swelling under his hand, especially Harry’s dick. Harry was starting to move in his lap, hips getting needy, and Louis put his other hand on Harry’s hip, knocking into the person sitting next to them.

“Subtly, love. Can’t have the whole train witness you coming in those tight jeans of yours.” Louis smirked as he felt the way Harry’s cock twitched under his hand. His boy was such an attention slut. He pushed the palm of his hand down harder. “Would you like that? Everyone seeing you come?” Louis pressed a quick kiss to the side of Harry’s neck and then looked around again.

Everyone standing wasn’t paying them any mind, but then Louis looked at the person sitting next to them and he made eye contact. It was a man with bleached blond hair who looked roughly their age. He was staring with his blue eyes and Louis couldn’t stop himself. He smirked and pushed his hand down again. Harry’s head tilted back, exposing his neck, but Louis kept his eyes on the man, watching him watch them.

The train pulled into a stop, and the crowds shifted, which Louis used to his advantage, rubbing faster, getting his boy even closer. He wouldn’t be able to do this next thing for very long.

There were perks to taking the train regularly like Louis did, and that was knowing that after this stop they had almost five minutes until the next one and they had to turn, making the cars’ lights flicker in and out for a few minutes. It would be perfect.

The man was still watching. Harry was in the throes of it, and Louis was just waiting for that first click.

The train pulled away and Louis spread his fingers out, bracing Harry’s cock between his index and middle finger just so their watchful stranger could see how big his boy’s dick was. The man’s eyes were wide and hungry. Louis smirked.

The lights went out.

He flicked his wrist and pulled Harry’s zipper down, fishing his cock out in one swift motion.

The lights came back on, just long enough that Louis could drink in the realization the man was having.

He wrapped his hand around Harry’s exposed cock and started stroking it. Harry was gasping in his lap, losing all track of decorum. Louis moved his hand from Harry’s hips to his mouth, covering his mouth to stifle his motion.

Louis didn’t notice anyone else paying attention to them. But he wasn’t looking either.

He was just watching the man, enjoying how much he seemed to be enjoying the glimpses of Harry he was getting.

“We have an audience,” Louis whispered in Harry’s ear. He felt him jerk, fighting his hold to turn his head and see who was watching them. Louis let go of his mouth. “Be quiet and come for me my good boy.”

The car’s lights were coming on and off, and Louis wasn’t sure if Niall could see the exact moment Harry came, but Louis liked to believe he could. It was the climax of the show after all.

Harry went a little limp in his arms, and Louis tucked his dick away. He put his hand up to Harry’s mouth with a silent instruction to clean his hand off. The train was emptying and Louis turned his head to look at their private audience.

He was still staring at them.

The train car emptied out of most everyone, a big stop close to the end of their line meant not a lot of people were getting on.

The man moved down the seat, giving Harry a place to sit down on. Harry stretched his arms over his head and turned and looked at the man. He stuck his hand out. “I’m Harry.”

The man looked at his hand, and then reached across to shake it. “Niall.”

“That’s Louis.” Louis leaned around Harry and waved.

Niall looked a little shellshocked but he waved back.

“We get off at the last stop and I was planning on paying Lou back for the handjob. You don’t mind do you?”

“Payback?” Niall asked. He was leaning forward now, looking expectant.

Louis didn’t know exactly what Harry had planned but his boy getting to his knees in front of him and pulling his joggers down to exposed his hard cock wasn’t a surprise. Niall’s head shot up to look at the rest of the train. All that was left was an old woman snoring, and a businessman focused on his phone.

“I’m really good with my mouth so this won’t take long.”

The train was soaring to the next stop as Harry wrapped his mouth around Louis’ cock. Louis turned his head and made eye contact with Niall again. He couldn’t help but feel triumphant.

Chapter Text

In Louis’ defense… he had warned Harry he wasn’t useful in the kitchen. So could he truly be blamed for not knowing how to “delicately fold” the flour into the whipped egg whites?

“This really isn’t the task you should have given me,” Louis said, arms raised up in defense.

“You just had to be soft and gentle which you proved to me last night you were very good at being,” Harry said. He was gripping the spatula in his hand. “Now the cake won’t rise properly.”

“You can do it again?” Louis tried.

“Turn around.”


“Turn around and pull down your trousers.”

Louis blinked. “Is this about to be a kink thing?” He and Harry had only been on four dates now, and last night was the first time he’d spent the night, he was pretty sure it was much too early to start talking about kink stuff.

“Is that going to be a problem?” Harry asked, quirking his eyebrow.

Louis had to admit, Harry looked insanely intimidating in this moment. He wasn’t entirely sure he was going to like what was about to happen, but his eyes darted down to the spatula and he decided… what the hell. How bad could it hurt?

He dropped his trousers and turned around, bending over the empty space of the kitchen counter.

Louis sucked in a breath… and on the exhale - THWAP.

His eyes stung. Turned out, the spatula could hurt a lot.

“You okay?”

“Shit, shit,” Louis cursed and inexplicably he pushed his bum backwards, angling for more. His traitorous mouth followed. “More, more. Holy fuck do it again.”

Harry landed another smack on his bum and it felt so good. Louis had never had this happen to him before but holy hell was he enjoying it. “Good to know you can follow simple instructions,” Harry muttered as he spanked Louis a third time.

“Of course I can,” Louis panted. Was he supposed to feel this warm already? “I’m a good boy for daddy.”

Shit. If Louis had thought Harry had been hitting hard before it was nothing compared to what he got in retaliation for that little comment.

“Don’t tease,” Harry said. His voice was lower than Louis had heard, practically a growl. “You’ll find you might not be able to handle what you find.”

Louis shivered and couldn’t resist it. He bent his back invitingly, pushing his bum out as if he were in some porno. He turned his head to look back at Harry, and bit his lip. “Do your worst.” He paused. “Daddy.”

Harry’s green eyes went dark. His lip twisted up into a smirk. “Start counting down for me from 28.”

Chapter Text

In Harry’s defense… he hadn’t meant to let Louis see his sadistic streak until after they’d had as much vanilla sex as he could get hard for. They hadn’t even had a conversation about it bar a quip Louis had made about leather, but a gay man making a comment about leather daddies? Not exactly a sign he was into the scene. But then Louis had responded so perfectly to the spanking and gone out of his way to say “Daddy” and well… here they were.

“Twenty-eight,” Louis gasped as Harry spanked him. The spatula left a nice red mark on Louis’ rather juicy bum. “Twenty-seven.” It even jiggled. How was some guy who picked him up at a gay club so perfect? “Twenty-five. Shit! I’ve lost count.”

Harry glanced away from the view of his bum to the counter, where Louis’ knuckles were turning white from how hard he was gripping them. “Guess we’ll have to start from the top again.” Louis looked back at him, and his eyes were already a little watery. He fish mouthed and Harry paused - just a moment. “Are you okay with this?”

Louis’ face shifted, and Harry had to admire the fact that he looked cocky even while tears were in his eyes. “Asking my permission? Not very Daddy like.”

Harry bit his lip. He wasn’t going to react. He had more than enough experience to be able to wait and check in. “Daddy’s take care of their boys, even when they’ve been bad.” He could tell Louis didn’t want to drop the act, but he still needed to make sure.

Louis stuck his bum back. “Your arm already tired? Cause I can go all day.”

Louis looked back down at the counter and Harry took a deep breath. He had to trust that Louis knew what he was doing. This spank landed so hard it reverberated in the room.

“Fuck!” Louis swore. “Harder.”

“Count for me,” Harry snapped back.

“Twenty-something, now hit me again.”

Harry would usually deny his partner when they got mouthy like this, but Louis was pushing his buttons just right. He was the right mix of needy, pleading, and demanding to get Harry to do exactly what he wanted.

“Twenty-eight!” Harry snapped as he cracked the spatula down again.

Louis practically howled in pain. His bum was going to bruise.

“Twenty-seven,” He said again as he spanked Louis. “Repeat after me.”

Louis choked out a sob, but did as he was told.

It was the most beautiful sound Harry had ever heard, going straight to his hard cock. It was the sound of Louis’ submission starting.

“Twenty-six,” Harry counted, and Louis repeated it back.

By twenty Harry had a rhythm going, and a welt was definitely forming on one of Louis’ cheeks from the edge of the spatula. Louis seemed to like it best when Harry hit right by it. He cruised through the next ten spanks, driven on by Louis’ high pitched whines.

At ten Louis lost his place again, stumbling over it and right to nine.

Harry stopped. Louis let out a cry. It was obvious it was hard for him to hold himself up, but he was trying. His arms were shaking with the energy. Harry stepped to the side, making eye contact with him. Louis’ eyes were red from crying. His pupils were blown. And a quick look down showed Harry that he was achingly hard.

Harry quirked his eyebrow in a silent question.

Louis took a shuddering breath as if that would collect him somehow. “Your arm getting tired, daddy?”

That was all Harry needed. “How about we finish up the final ten on that pretty little face of yours.”

Louis’ eyes went wide and Harry could just tell it was with excitement. “Do your worst.”

Harry smirked and stroked Louis’ face with the spatula. Louis didn’t know what he’d just asked for.

He had to be more careful with Louis’ face, not hitting as hard. He only ended up giving two with the spatula, which gave a satisfying slap, but he needed more control. He got Louis to stand up, relishing in the way he winced.

“Ready for the final eight? I’ll even count them for you,” Harry said.

Louis nodded. He looked dazed.

“Eight,” Harry slapped his right cheek.

Louis moaned.

“Seven,” was a calculated backhand that had Louis’ tears spilling over.

Six was open hand again, smearing the pool of tears across Louis’ cheeks.

Five he did a bit harder, just enough to rattle Louis some more. Four followed right after it.

“Three,” Harry said. Louis’ cheeks were bright red. “Almost done.”

Louis sniffed. No one should look this attractive while crying.

“Two, you’ve been such a good boy.”

Louis’ head rolled to the side, exposing his cheek for the final strike. Harry stroked his red cheek, making sure he had Louis’ full attention.

“Thank you for this,” he said, making sure his voice conveyed his full sincerity.

Louis’ looked starstruck, amazed at his words. Harry’s smile softened, right before he landed one final hit on Louis’ cheek. Louis collapsed into his arms, a sobbing mess. Harry cuddled him up in his arms and dragged them out of the kitchen towards his couch, the baking forgotten.

Chapter Text

“Do you think the shirt is too on the nose?” Harry said, looking at himself in the mirror.

Liam looked up from the couch as Harry turned around, settled his eyes on Harry’s shirt, and then looked up at him with an incredulous expression. “Blood Bunny? Really?”

“Too on the nose?”

“Zayn! Get in here,” Liam said instead of answering.

In a flash that Harry still couldn’t get used to the spot next to Liam was taken up by Zayn. “Ye-” he stopped what he was saying as he looked at Harry. “That’s a horrible idea, I support it.”


“Thank you,” Harry said.

“He’s going to get bit!”

“That’s the point,” both Harry and Zayn said at the same time.

“I’m going to a vamp club for a reason.” Harry reasoned.

“The kind of vampires who would be interested in that shirt are not the kind you want biting you,” Liam said.

“Which is why you and Zayn are coming with me. To play lookout.”

“Since when?” Liam asked.

“I’ll get dressed,” and with that Zayn was off, and then back, dressed up just a little.

“I hate you,” Liam said, as he got up off the couch and moved at the normal human speed to his room.

“You love me!” Harry called before looking at Zayn. “He loves me.”

“I know. I can taste it in his blood.” Zayn flashed a fang that had Harry shivering. “You know, the offer is always open.”

“Liam will actually murder me.” Zayn opened his mouth and Harry continued quickly. “Which means you’d only get to drink from me once, instead of multiple times.”

Zayn closed his mouth. “Shame.”


More open vampire clubs had started to pop up over the last decade. When Harry was a kid vampires were still mostly in hiding, keeping to themselves and the humans they picked out. But in recent years it had become easier for humans who didn’t have a direct connection to a vampire, or had already caught a vampires eye, to find their way into the darker side of the world.

Harry had only served as a feeding buddy for one vampire so far, and it had been a short term transaction while the vampire was in the area. That’s how most relationships tended to be unless they became more serious, like Liam and Zayn. Vampires weren’t known for sticking around in one place and unless you were willing to uproot your life - or keep the vampire in one place for your lifetime - the relationship was always going to be short.

Harry still could dream though.

This vampire club had loud pulsing music, almost too overpowering for him, but Zayn had once told him that it affected vampires differently. Instead of a pounding in their head it mimicked a heartbeat, a blood going through the veins, getting most vampires high, and docile, like they had just been fed. Harry could see that in the eyes of the vampires he passed, who looked at him like meat on a stick.

Zayn at his side kept most of them at bay.

“Drink this,” Zayn said, handing him an unopened bottle of water. “It’s safe.”

He had to raise his voice to be heard, but everyone around them who was talking was talking loud.

Harry cracked the cap and looked around. “Is there anyone here?”

He knew he didn’t have to specify. Zayn was looking around, lazy as he pulled Liam into his side. “Yes.”

Harry perked up. He’d gone out on this trek three times now with Zayn, and every time Zayn hadn’t found someone that passed the muster for him. But now he was saying someone was? “Who? Where?”

“Malik,” someone said, appearing with elegance beside Harry.

Harry jumped, and looked at a frankly gorgeous vampire. He was dressed in incredibly modern clothes, and if he hadn’t seen the show of speed and the pallor to his face he would have thought he was a human.

“Tommo,” Zayn said with a smile. “It’s been decades.”

“The forties. Germany. I remember it well.”

“A great feeding time,” Zayn agreed, and then he was raising his arm up and embracing the other vampire. “This is Liam.” He introduced Liam first, running his thumb over his most recent bite mark to show his claim. “And this eager one, is Harry.”

The vampire looked at him with piercing blue eyes, and then his gaze dropped to Harry’s shirt. “A blood bunny you say.” Before Harry could say anything the vampire was touching his neck with his fingers, tracing up and down his veins. “Definitely not a virgin, though your last vamp kept you in good condition. A transaction then?”

Harry swallowed and he felt the way his throat pressed against the vampire’s fingers. “A short one. He was only here for a month.”

“Are you interested, Tommo?” Zayn asked.

“He’s very pretty.” Harry would normally preen under the comment but he felt trapped, eyes locked with the vampire’s. His mouth was dry. “Can I have a taste? I promise it won’t hurt too much.”

Harry wasn’t sure if he was tilting his head or if the vampire was, but either way his neck was incredibly exposed. He couldn’t look away as the vampire leaned down, opening his mouth. His fangs were so sharp Harry didn’t feel them slide into his throat. The first feeling was the euphoria of being sucked on. It went straight down to his dick, making his impossibly hard.

The vampire moaned against his neck, and adjusted his mouth just a bit, before he pulled his mouth off. Harry was light headed already, and there was blood staining the vampire’s mouth. His blood.

“Let’s find a room.”


Tommo’s name was actually Louis and he and Zayn had known each other for two centuries. Louis had told him this as they settled into the room he’d rented in the club. It was a high end room, with a bed for the night and a private washroom to wash off after a feeding.

Not that Harry expected to use it. He had already told Louis that he very much was not opposed to getting messy. He actually wanted it.

As Louis loomed over him, his fangs glistened in the low light. It sent a pulse of excitement through Harry’s body.

“Do you want me to numb you a little, or are you someone who likes it raw?”

Harry clutched his shoulders. “Hurt me.”

Louis nuzzled against his neck and he could hear Louis smelling him. “My pleasure.”

He didn’t bite the same side he had tasted from earlier. Harry had asked him not to, wanting as many marks as possible. He also wanted to keep feeling the blood dripping down his neck from the earlier mark.

Louis, at least, seemed pleased to continue on like that.

Harry felt the blood move down his neck from where Louis wasn’t fully drinking it all and he couldn’t help but reach up and run his fingers through it. He pulled his finger away and looked at it, red imprinting into the divots of his fingerprint. He brought it to his lips and sucked on his own finger.

“You want a taste?” Louis asked.

Harry opened his eyes, not even remembering closing them. He dropped his finger from his mouth. Louis’ chin was blood stained, and his eyes were bloodshot from drinking.

“Here. Have some.” Louis said.

He leaned down and kissed Harry, sticking his tongue out and into Harry’s mouth. It was an aggressive kiss, wet and dirty with blood. Harry loved every moment of it.

“You and I are going to make a great pair, I think. My little Blood Bunny.”

Chapter Text

“You have really pretty eyes,” Louis said.

Harry pulled back from the kiss, blinking sluggishly at him. “Yeah?”

They’d been making out for what felt like hours now and this was the first Louis had said anything to him. And it had been to compliment him. Louis was looking at him in the eye with such intensity it made Harry start to squirm. He looked away from Louis’ eyes. His mouth was much safer.

“You do. You should say it back to me.”

“What?” Harry looked back at Louis, away from his lips.

“Say, ‘I have really pretty eyes.’ It can be a game.”

Harry shifted underneath Louis but Louis wouldn’t let him budge. Louis had been coming up with these “games” lately. They were usually silly ones that Harry could never win, because him winning wasn’t the point. Harry didn’t know how he felt about the games, but they never hurt.

“I have pretty eyes?” He repeated, unsure he had done that right.

Louis smiled and leaned down to kiss him. “Good. You’re such a good boy for me.” Harry hummed a little at the compliment, and it turned disappointed when Louis pulled back. “Repeat it.”


Louis sat up then, rolling his eyes. “The game, Haz. You repeat everything I say but make it from your perspective. So say ‘I am such a good boy for you.’”

Something uneasy churned in Harry’s stomach. Uneasy, but warm. Nerves mixed with arousal. “I’m a good boy for you?”

And Louis was smiling again, and leaning back in for a kiss. “Excellent.”

Harry accepted the kiss with ease and let himself be laid back against the pillows. They were making out lazy and slow, Harry’s favorite kind of kiss. Louis was rubbing up and down his biceps and he had a grip on Louis’ shoulders.

“You’re such a good kisser,” Louis whispered against his lips.

Harry giggled, feeling silly as he said, “I’m such a good kisser.”

He was rewarded with a kiss. “You have such nice hair, all curly.”

That one made Harry roll his eyes, even with how sincere Louis looked. “I have nice curls.”

Instead of getting a kiss for repeating him Louis cupped his cheek. “You are so incredibly beautiful. Both outside and inside.”

Harry’s mouth went a little dry, but it seemed Louis wasn’t done yet.

“You make me laugh. You make me happy. You deserve every good thing you’re getting right now because you are the best person I’ve ever met. And I love you, for everything you are, and everything you’re going to be.”


“The game, love,” Louis said, his voice quiet and sincere.

Harry swallowed. His mind was swirling, a mix of emotions. He could take compliments from strangers, preen and primp under the spotlight, but when he got home, and it was just him and Louis, it was so much harder. He saw so many more flaws in himself when he stepped away from the crowds and the fans.

Louis stroked his cheek. “Harry.”

“I’m beautiful. I make you laugh. I make you happy. I-“ he stumbled. It wasn’t because he forgot what he was supposed to say but because he suddenly was being hit with how overwhelming it was. Louis was looking at him so openly, like he truly believed everything and in turn that made Harry want to believe it too. He nuzzled against Louis’ hand. “I deserve every good thing that’s happened to me.” Louis nodded. Harry swallowed. Why were there tears coming to his eyes? “I’m the best person you’ve ever met. And you love me.”

“More than anything.” Louis kissed him. “You’re perfect.”

Harry squeezed his eyes clear of tears as they kissed and his vision was only a little blurry when Louis pulled away. “Did I play the game well?”

Louis smiled. “You did great.”

“Do I get a prize?” Harry asked after a moment, hoping to change the tone just a bit. He needed something to help him recover.

Luckily Louis seemed to realize that because he smirked and trailed his hand down Harry’s chest. “A prize? Yeah I think a prize can be arranged.”

Chapter Text

“You’re such a brat,” Louis said, stroking Harry’s hair.

Harry’s head was resting on his hip, his demoted location since he had tried to get dominant during their makeout session earlier, pinning Louis’ shoulders playfully down and biting into his neck. He had been put down there to think about it and consider his future choices. Mostly Harry just felt shame at being on Louis’ hip. It was uncomfortable, and he had to curl his legs up so they didn’t hang off the bed. But that was the point of punishment. And in fairness, he had been a brat.

It had been an ongoing thing between them at this point, months in the making. Harry had found himself getting more mouthy during quarantine, unable to help himself. He couldn’t explain it but if Louis would ask him to do something during a scene he’d roll his eyes, or make a quip, only to be put swiftly back in his place.

In Harry’s mind it was becoming a bit of a game, and up until recently Louis had seemed to be enjoying it. The last couple of days though, when he had to call Harry out, Harry could hear an edge of tiredness to his voice, like he was bored with the game.

“I didn’t sign up for a brat,” Louis had said just this morning as he gave Harry’s bum a quick spank after he’d made Louis’ tea too watery, and then sarcastically told Louis to make it himself if he wanted it perfect. “I asked for a sweet, little, domestic boy. Not this brat shit.”

Harry had laughed, but internally he made a promise to himself to be better. Clearly the game was getting old and they needed to move on.

“What am I going to do with you?” Louis asked, his fingers getting just the right spot to make it feel good.

Harry stayed quiet. He wanted to move from Louis’ hip and he knew the best way to do that was to be good. Louis was just monologuing.

“Can I trust you to try and ask me for forgiveness?” Louis asked.

Harry stayed still. Louis would tell him what to do, and when to do it.

Louis gave a little tug on his hair. “Go ahead. Show me my good boy.”

Harry took a deep breath and then turned to his side. He was going to be the best boy. It took a little maneuvering but he got himself settled between Louis’ legs. He pressed a kiss to the curve of Louis’ hip. His eyes darted over to Louis’ hard cock and an idea struck him. He knew exactly how he could show Louis he was sorry and that he was going to be better.

He avoided Louis’ cock, letting his chest tease the tip of it as he kissed his way up Louis’ hip and stomach. As he travelled up Louis’ chest he caught his eye and felt warmth in his stomach at the look he was getting. Louis seemed to be observing him, watching to see him be a good boy. Harry was going to show him just how good he could be.

He got up to Louis’ neck and he knew everything was going well when Louis tilted his head to the side. It let Harry get access to his neck, and he licked and sucked carefully. His hands came up and rested on Louis’ shoulders.

Louis hummed.

Harry shifted, his hands moving just a little more, touching Louis’ neck as he tried to rebalance.

Hands shut up around his neck, shocking him. Louis’ fingers pressed into his throat, cutting off his air supply.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Louis’ voice was sharp and demanding.

Tears sprung into Harry’s eyes and he couldn’t help it as he let out a sob. He’d just been trying to be a good boy!

Louis let go of him immediately. “Harry?”

Harry sobbed again as he fell back onto his bum and dropped his head into his hands. “I wasn’t doing anything! I was just trying to kiss you!”

“Hey, hey, sailor,” Louis said, his safe word coming out almost frantic as the bed shook and he scrambled to sit up. His hands touched Harry’s shoulders and turned him towards him. “Harry, talk to me.”

Harry sobbed again. “I was just trying to kiss you.”

“I’m sorry,” Louis said. “I thought you were going to try and pin me again.”

Harry shook his head, horrified that Louis would think that. That had been what had gotten him demoted in the first place. “No! I wouldn’t! You told me you didn’t want a brat anymore and so I wasn’t going to be a brat!” He looked at Louis, eyes wide. Louis was looking back at him with similarly wide eyes. He seemed stunned. Harry’s bottom lip trembled. “Right? That’s what you said.”

“Harry,” Louis said, bringing him in for a hug. Harry was shaking in his arms.

“I was going to be a good boy for you. You wanted a good boy.”

Louis shushed him. “I’m so sorry. You completely misunderstood… it was all part of the scene, love.”

Harry sniffed. His tears were still coming and he was trying to parse Louis’ words. “What?”

“It was a game.”

“But you were getting sick of it. You told me just this morning.”

“I know what I said.” Louis huffed. “It was part of the scene. You brat, I reprimand you, you brat a little less, I reprimand you, you brat more. Fun, right?”

Harry shook his head. “But you said…” He couldn’t grasp the disconnect between them.

Louis squeezed him tighter. “I know what I said and I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. That’s on me.” He pressed a kiss to Harry’s temple. “How about we take a breather, and do a little bit of cuddles?”

“But… the nice thing I was going to do for you? To make up for being a brat.”

“You don’t need to make up for that. I was never upset at you.”

Chapter Text

Louis fussed with the big pillow he had laid out on the floor once more, trying to keep his eyes away from the clock. He’d already checked it in the last ten minutes he knew, and it wasn’t going to make it go by any faster. When he’d gotten the letter notifying that he had finally matched with a submissive Louis had had his orders ready. He had written them the day he’d finished his Test, and they’d been waiting in his bedside table since then.

Three long years.

Doms weren’t allowed to take the Test until they had established income, since they would need to provide for their subs. For Louis this meant he hadn’t been able to take his Test until he was twenty three, and then he had to wait three more years to even be matched. He knew it would be worth it though. Some people even believed the longer you waited the more perfect your match would be, because that meant your sub was just right for you.

Louis hoped so.

His orders had told his new sub to come to his house promptly at eleven with their bags packed. They would be moving in with him immediately, and that fact alone had been all the motivation he’d ever needed to keep his house as clean as possible. He wanted to make a good impression on his submissive once he finally got them, and show them he was the best dom possible. (His mother laughed at him, because he’d never kept his room clean when he was younger)

He finally let himself look at the clock and he let out a breath. 10:58. He could do this. He rubbed his hands on his thighs and tilted his head back, trying to collect his thoughts. This was really happening, after all the years of him dreaming about this moment, from the time he’d been registered as a dom at eighteen and allowed to search for work instead of attending finishing school like subs would.

He hoped his submissive was just as excited.

The doorbell rang and Louis straightened his shoulders. It was time.

He took purposeful steps to the door and opened it in one swing, taking in the sight of his submissive. The man in front of him was just a bit taller than him, but he had his head bent in a submissive display, letting Louis see his bouncy brown curls. He was wearing a bag on one shoulder, and had a suitcase beside him.

Louis took a deep breath. “Eyes on me.”

The submissive followed the order perfectly, head snapping up and letting Louis see the most beautiful face he’d ever seen before. He reached out and cupped the sub by his chin, turning his head side to side for inspection.

“What’s your name, kitten?”

“Harry, sir,” his sub said, defaulting to the standard dom title.

“Sir works just fine,” Louis said with an approving nod. He let go of Harry’s chin. “Get to your knees. I want to show you around your new home.” Harry got to his knees with no complaints, and easily crawled behind Louis into the house. “Leave your bags. You can get them later.”

The nerves were starting to settle for Louis as he showed Harry the small living room, with his pillow to stay on. “When you are out of your cage, and have free time, you are free to lounge on there all you want. Some days you might earn sofa privileges but that cushion is yours and will never be taken from you. Understood?”

Harry nodded, carefully crawling onto the pillow after he looked up at Louis for approval.

“Do you like it, kitten?” Louis asked.

Shining green eyes looked up at him and he couldn’t resist. He ran his fingers through his sub’s hair and tugged, pulling his face into his thigh. Harry nuzzled his thigh.

“I like it very much, sir. Thank you for thinking of me.”

“As long as you’re a good kitten, I’m going to spoil you so much.” Louis felt the way Harry melted into his touch, perfect and pliant. “Let me show you your cage and then I’ll have you get your things and you can begin to unpack and settle in.”

Harry looked up at him, face soft and trusting. “Can I just?”

Louis nodded. “Whatever you need to say, kitten. I want this to be a safe space for you.”

“Can we stay like this for just a moment longer? I’ve waited so long for you.”

It tugged at Louis’ chest and he clutched Harry’s head closer to his thigh. “I have been waiting too, kitten.”

“I went into finishing school right at eighteen and I only graduated last week. It was six long years, but I promise I’m worth it. I worked so hard, and I took so many classes so I could be perfect.”

Louis shushed him. “I know. And you’re home now. I am ordering lunch for us, but that’s only because I’m taking you grocery shopping this afternoon so you can buy everything we need to stock our fridge. I expect you to make dinner tonight.” Louis cut himself off before he started going through all of the tasks he had laid out for Harry. They could do that after they finished their tour.

Harry shuddered in relief against him. “That sounds nice. I’m excited for you to try my cooking. I got top scores in cooking class.”

“I’m sure you did,” Louis said with a smile. He scritched Harry’s scalp and watched the way Harry was breathing in the moment.

The rest of the tour could wait. They had each other now.

Chapter Text

“Are your hands locked up in the ice lock?” Louis asked over the screen.

Harry held his hands up to show they were cuffed together, the ice lock holding together the two leather cuffs.

“Good boy, now lock them into the chest harness and tighten the strap.”

Harry did as he was told, showing Louis that he was pulling the strap as tight as possible to hold his bound wrists against his chest, away from being able to touch himself.

“And your dildo is set up?”

It was hard to maneuver with his hands bound like this, and it sure wasn’t sexy but he turned his laptop so Louis could see the dildo standing tall and proud. Harry had been working up to this size and he was excited for tonight.

“Excellent. Then we’ll begin.”

Having a long distance boyfriend was difficult but at least they made things exciting. Even if it was just a session over a video call.

Harry’s cock was a little hard from fingering himself a few minutes ago on Louis’ instruction, making sure his hole was nice and wet for the dildo before he couldn’t reach for it.

“Get on your knees, big boy,” Louis said and Harry kneeled, playfully swinging his hips in the camera’s direction. “You’re ridiculous. Get over that fucking fake dick and take it like the whore I know you are.”

Harry was more than happy to follow that order, sliding down as gracefully as he could. He wanted the show to be good for Louis too.

“And love, we’re adding a new part to tonight’s scene. I want to make sure you don’t come until you get your hands free.”

Harry’s eyes went wide. He thought tonight had been about coming untouched… but Louis was smirking, grainy as he was. “No coming?”

“No coming.”

“But,” Harry moved his hips around, feeling the dildo deep inside him. “But… I’m horny.”

“I know, love. That’s the fun of it.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Life isn’t fair,” Louis said, laughing. “Keep going. The fun of this is gonna be you fucking yourself, and trying not to come.”

“I put enough water in for it to take almost two hours to unlock!” Harry shrieked, as he started to move his hips, following Louis’ instructions. The dildo pressed against his prostate and it made him see stars. His cock was starting to throb and this was not going to go well.

“I know. You can wait that long, can’t you. Just think of it like that time I rubbed your dick the entirety of Infinity War in theaters. You handled it then.”

“Not well,” Harry grouched.

“There’s always time for improvements,” Louis said, and Harry could see how he fucking leaned back and got comfortable in his chair. “You like succeeding for me, don’t you big boy?”

“Fuck you,” Harry gasped. It was pure torture to do this. He pulled his wrists but they were latched to the chest harness too well. He wasn’t budging.

Louis’s cackle filled his ears. “You look so good like that.” His voice was different and Harry looked at him. Shit, leaning back exposed his lap, and Harry could see the way he was rubbing his palm over his crotch. “It’s free entertainment.”

“Not fair, not fair,” Harry whispered, as he continued to ride the dildo. His thighs burned, and he truly didn’t know how he was going to last two whole hours like this. At least he wasn’t going to be bored.

Chapter Text

When Harry had been younger he’d had dysphoria related to his body. Consuming pornography that he thought all boys should watch sure didn’t help because he knew he’d never be able to have what the men he saw in the videos had. Even after he started T and his body began to shift and change to be a true reflection of himself he didn’t magically grow the nine or ten inchers he’d been envious of growing up. Hell, he didn’t even manage to get what he found was average size, but with age came acceptance, and Harry learned over the years to love his tiny dick because it was his and it worked just fine for him.

It helped that Louis had no qualms with it. Louis practically worshipped it most nights, pressing kisses to the tip before sucking it down. And there were the creative things Harry could do that he was pretty sure the men in porn couldn’t do.

“You ready to take two cocks tonight?” He asked, rubbing the tip of his dick and a slim vibrator against Louis’ hole.

Louis was on all fours, his perfect bum presented for Harry. Harry had taken his time getting Louis wet with his mouth, before adding some lube to make it comfortable.

“Fuck yes,” Louis moaned, turning his head to the side. “Love it when two cocks are in me.”

“Greedy little slut, aren’t you,” Harry teased. He used the tip of the vibrator to open Louis up, pressing passed his rim.

Louis made the most beautiful sounds when he started to get fucked.

Harry’s let his own dick follow and he had to close his eyes from the tightness and warmth surrounding him. The material of the vibrator wasn’t perfect but he knew once he turned it on it wouldn’t matter. They’d both be too lost in their pleasure.

“Tell me how much you love my dicks,” Harry demanded.

“Fuck, you feel so good.”

“Yeah?” Harry asked and he cracked an eye open just to see the bend of Louis’ back, and to make sure his hand was at the right spot to press the vibrator on.

The lowest setting was a consistent buzz and even that was sometimes too much pressed right against Harry’s cock. But it made Louis make even more of those sounds Harry loved to hear. His voice started to get high pitched as Harry began to move with both of his cocks. Harry knew from experience the vibration against his sensitive rim was enough to drive Louis crazy.

“Can I? Can I touch myself?” Louis begged.

Harry was nodding before he even thought about becoming vocal. “Yes. Yes. Touch yourself.”

He moved faster, the pressure and vibration against his cock making him wild. He was seeing stars.

Louis shifted under him, reaching for his own cock. Harry could feel him tugging on it, getting ready to spill over their bedsheets. He moaned, getting closer, and closer until-

“Fuck,” Louis cursed. “Fuck, fuck.”

Harry pushed his hips flush against Louis’ bum, angling the vibrator as much as he could so it would press against Louis’ prostate. He wanted to make sure Louis was completely empty. He knew it was filthy but he loved laying in a wet spot, even if just for a moment. He’d hate it in the morning he was stuck to the sheets, but the filth of it turned him on in the moment.

He collapsed over Louis’ back, his dick slipping out as he turned off the vibrator.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered against Louis’ shoulder.

Louis made an unintelligible sound that Harry took to mean he’d done a good job.

Chapter Text

Harriet was waiting for her when she got back from class. It was only her lunch break, but Louise preferred to spend it in their dorm room than with the rest of their classmates. Louise had always known that finishing school would be difficult, and that she wasn’t cut out for it, but at least having Harriet as her roommate made it a bit easier.

Harriet smiled at her, and it was a wicked one filled with promise. “How much time do you have before your next class?”

Louise pulled her pocket watch out and checked it. “Only forty minutes.”

“Perfect,” Harriet said, and she rose from her desk, the skirt of her uniform swishing across the floor.

“Harriet, my love,” Louise said with a sigh when she saw her sitting on the bed. “We don’t have the time to undress and have me redo my hair. It took forever to pin up this morning.”

That wicked look was back as Harriet curled her finger towards Louise. “I overheard Catherine talking about this and it sounded fun. Come here.”

Louise watched as Harriet pulled her skirt all the way up, showcasing her pale, tantalizing leg. She’d removed her undergarments, putting herself on display and making Louise’s mouth water. Louise’s mind stuttered for a moment, caught up in the vision before her. And then her mind registered: Catherine. Catherine was like them, though much more vocal about it. She was trying to get kicked out of the school - which was backfiring on her. But she was still a bevy of knowledge that Harriet and Louise didn’t have access to because they were hiding.

“What do I do?”

“Pull up your skirt and expose yourself,” Harriet said with a grin. “And then we just press ourselves together.”

Louise couldn’t stop herself from teasing. The time limit she had was forgotten at the promise of something new. For as bold as Harriet had become since they became intimate there were still things she wouldn’t say. “Press ourselves together? Which parts of us? Our breasts, like when we lie together?” Louis positioned herself on the bed after she had undressed underneath her skirt, legs splayed open so Harriet could see her, bare and open.

Harriet’s cheeks flushed. “Lou,” she arched her hips up, angling them closer. Louise scooched just a little closer. Their thighs bumped together as they tried to figure out how to place them. “You know what I mean.”

“I want to hear you say it,” she teased. “I love when you speak filth.” Louise was the first one to fully push her hips forward, letting her warm skin graze Harriet’s. “Say it.” She pulled her hips back.

Harriet reached for her arm, crushing the material of her uniform under her hand. “You’re awful. Our cunts. We’re meant to rub our cunts together.”

Louise smirked. “Was that so hard?” She hooked her leg over Harriet’s hip, their skirts mixing together, as she felt the full press of Harriet’s cunt against hers. She moaned, surprised how good it felt to have the warmth and wetness against her.

Harriet moved first, always impatient. She hitched her hips up, rubbing with vigor against Louise. Louise had to catch herself as her arm buckled from the force of Harriet.

“Slow down,” she said. “This isn’t a race.”

“I thought you only had forty minutes before class.”

“It’s only Latin literature. I think I can skip one class to,” Louise gasp, “do something more productive. I’m learning here aren’t I?”

Harriet’s laugh turned into a moan. “I suppose you’re right.”

Chapter Text

“I’m going to dress you up today, kitten,” Louis said as he beckoned a naked Harry over to the bed. “I got you something special to wear and then we’re going to go out and have lunch.”

Harry crawled to the bed and then sat back on his bum, in the submissive position Louis had showed him he preferred: thighs together, back straight, hand folded in his lap. He waited patiently for Louis to put the bag in front of him, and a bit of thrill shot through him at seeing the glitter covered bag. He could tell just by the wrapping that this was a gift Louis had bought for him and not something he’d been holding onto for years, waiting for his submissive. While Harry loved all the gifts Louis had given him over the last month since they’d been paired together the ones that he knew came from Louis knowing him did mean just a bit more.

“Go ahead,” Louis said. “Open it.”

Harry ran his finger through the taped opening of the bag, and pushed the green tissue paper out of the way. He touched soft fabric and he carefully pulled out the piece of clothing.

“Oh,” he breathed.

“Stand up and try it on.”

Harry followed the order. He brought the dress against his body, sizing it up. It was a beautiful shade of emerald, and had a swishy skirt. It was easy to slip into, and Harry noticed the neckline was plunging, allowing his collar to be on full display. He adjusted the three-quarter length sleeves, making sure people would be able to see the cuffs on his wrists that he wore with pride. He twirled a bit to show off for Louis. “What do you think, sir?”

Louis was smiling at him. “It’s everything I had imagined. You looked absolutely delightful.”

Harry settled himself back into standing straight. “Thank you, sir.”

“You’re very welcome, kitten.” Louis held out his hand and when Harry took it he pulled him in for a gentle kiss.

Harry couldn’t stop his silly giggle. He wasn’t sure he’d ever stop enjoying small signs of affection like that from his dom.

“Come on. We have reservations at the Playhouse. You’ll wear that outfit.”

Harry nodded and his fingers lingered on the edge of the dress, enjoying how the fabric felt.


Most doms liked the control of driving but Harry had been pleased that Louis wanted him to drive. He had gotten his license at sub school for just this purpose and it was good that he was able to service his dom in this manner. He drove with Louis’ hand on his thigh, caressing his leg over his skirt, and it was deliciously distracting.

He managed to get them safely to the Playhouse and he parked the car.

“Unbuckle yourself and then climb over here. I need to give you the finishing details of your look.”

Harry looked around the parking lot. People were milling around, coming and going. They hadn’t done a public scene yet, still getting their bearings with one another. Harry unclipped his seatbelt and as gracefully as possible climbed over the divider of the car. He was about to settle onto Louis’ lap, assuming that Louis had lipstick or some sort of makeup to apply, but Louis clearly had other ideas. He pushed Harry gently down to the floor of the car.

Harry kneeled, finding the stiff material of the carpet rough.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be down there very long if you follow my orders correctly,” Louis said. His voice was practically reverent as he stroked Harry’s cheek, drawing his attention back to Louis. “This is the angle I had been thinking about seeing you in this dress. It makes your tits looks absolutely delectable.”

Harry flushed and he couldn’t help but look down at his cleavage. It did look nice. The v cut of the top complimented his tits nicely. One of Louis’ orders for him involved taking new vitamins, and Harry swore they were making his tits swell.

“Pull my zipper down, kitten,” Louis said. He settled back in the passenger seat. “And then I want you to push those tits around my cock.”

Harry swallowed and had to shift just a bit because his own cock was getting hard. He pulled Louis’ zipper down and then fished his dick out, stroking it so that way it was harder. Harry loved the feeling of Louis being hard in his hands, and he just knew he’d love the feeling of his cock against the skin of his tits.

He leaned forward, pulling the top of his top down so his tits were fully exposed.

Louis stroked a piece of his hair behind his ear. “Good kitten. Keep that tongue of yours in your mouth. I want you to make me come from those tits of yours, and then I’m going to cover your face.”

Harry nodded in understanding. He cupped the sides of his tits. He didn’t have large enough tits to fully surround Louis’ cock, but he tried his best. Once he got the position right he began to move up and down, reveling in the hiss of pleasure he heard from his dom.

The stretch on his tits was the right kind of pain for him. It was pleasurable pain, and cause aching in his dick. He flicked his nipple while he moved, glancing up to make sure that was allowed. Louis didn’t say anything. His eyes were boring into Harry, drinking him in.

“Keep going,” Louis ordered. “Your tits feel fantastic.”

Harry moaned at the praise and picked up the pace. He tried to move in a rhythm he’d use when giving head. It seemed to be the right move because Louis’ head tilted back, and he let out a drawn out moan.

There was a knock on the window and Louis’ head snapped to the side. A man wearing a Playhouse uniform was standing outside their car, gesturing for them to roll down the window.

“Don’t stop,” Louis instructed as he pushed the down button.

“Do you want me to film the finale?” The man asked.

Harry gasped and he squeezed his tits tighter around Louis’ cock.

Louis’ hand landed on top of his hand and patted him. “We’d love that, wouldn’t we, kitten?”

“Yes, yes please,” Harry begged. He had to spread his legs because his cock was too heavy to keep tucked between his thighs.

Louis dropped his hand from Harry’s hair and cupped them over Harry’s hands. He took over the pace, meeting each thrust with one of his own, going faster and faster as he got closer to the edge. He was moaning louder now, fucking Harry’s tits, praise leaking from his lips.

“So perfect. Such soft tits. Gonna coat that pretty face of yours. Make sure everyone sees that you belong to me. Such a good kitten.”

It was getting indiscernible and with Louis moving faster the pain was increasing, causing Harry’s moan to match his dom’s.

Louis gave him no warning when he was about to come. He just dropped his hands from Harry’s tits and took charge of his cock. He pointed it to Harry’s face, and then he was soaked in come.

Harry blinked, taking in the moment. Louis was boneless in the passenger’s seat.

The employee cheered. “We’ll make sure you have a high def copy with your check.”

It took Louis a few minutes to collect himself enough to respond and thank the man. And even longer for him to get out of the car and take Harry inside the Playhouse to finish out their lunch date. Long enough that his come was starting to dry on Harry’s face.

Harry didn’t mind.

Chapter Text

Louis waited for the line to click over from the hold music. One of the reasons he’d liked this service was that their hold music was generic, and nothing like heavy beats meant to be seductive.

“Good evening,” the deep voice picked up.

The bigger reason he liked it was because of H.

“Evening, big boy,” Louis said, getting right into it. He’d had a hectic day and he was looking forward to blowing off some steam.

“If it isn’t my favorite person in the whole world,” H said. Louis was sure he said that to all of his clients but Louis knew that there was a good chance H wasn’t completely lying with the comment. “What are we doing tonight?”

“I’m sucking you off.”

H’s chuckle was deep like his voice and Louis loved it. Like rich chocolate. “Are you now? Are you jumping right in or will there be a bit of foreplay?”

“Depends. Are you hard?” Louis challenged. He was already touching himself. H’s voice was good at doing that to him.

“I’m talking to you aren’t I? You know you always make me hard, Lou.”

“Then I guess I can get right to it, can’t I?”

“Was your week that bad?” H asked. His deep voice was starting to get a bit breathy.

Louis wanted to match that. He wrapped his hand around his cock and gave himself a firm stroke. “You have no idea. Five deadlines today alone. Not to mention the mid-week chaos that was Wednesday. But I really don’t want to talk about work. I want to talk about how I’m between your legs and getting my mouth around that big cock of yours.”

“It is big, isn’t it?” Louis could hear H’s smirk through the phone. “You sure you’re gonna be able to take it the whole way this time?”

“I’ve been practicing,” Louis said.

“Have you?” H’s voice dipped a little, that level of possessiveness that Louis loved coming through.

He hummed. “Bought myself a nice thick dildo.”

He could feel the way H relaxed. “Then you might be able to succeed tonight. Do you want to suck on the dildo?”

“No,” Louis said. He was stroking himself just a bit faster, to the point he was getting as breathy as H. “I want to suck on you. I want to show you how good I’ve gotten.”

“I’m sure you’re really good, Lou. You’d start sucking on my tip?”

Louis breathed out his, “yes. I’d lick all around it, sticking my tongue under your foreskin.”

“Fuck that feels good,” H whispered. “I’m so sensitive.”

“Know you are, that’s why I’m doing it. Want to get you close to the edge as soon as possible.”

“Have you ever thought about sixty-nine-ing?” H asked.

“Now there’s an idea,” Louis mused. “Me on top of you. My pace might get a little sloppy. I might start fucking your face instead of sucking you off.”

“That’s why it wouldn’t be you on top of me. I’d be on top, fucking my hips down into that talented mouth of yours.”

That sent a thrill through Louis’ stomach. His cock ached. “Yeah?” This was the part of the call he always liked, the moment when H switched it up on him, changing from a passive role to more dominant. It stripped Louis of his control, and if he were weaker he’d beg for it.

“Yeah, Lou. I’d suck on your occasionally but this was all just a trick to get to fuck your face. You’re hopeless down there, vulnerable.”

Louis gasped, and the tip of his cock was wet. He ran his thumb through the pre-come. “I am.”

He didn’t know what else to say. He let Harry paint the scene.

“You want to beg, but you can’t. Not with my cock down your throat. I keep going. You can hear it in my voice that I’m gonna come soon.”

Louis could. He could so much. He knew what H sounded like when he was actually coming, and this was it. The tightness in his voice. The strain. If Louis closed his eyes he could even hear the slap of skin on skin, H’s fist going over that perfect cock of his.

“Will you come with me? Come all over your stomach?”

Louis couldn’t talk. He had a cock in his mouth after all. (And his fist. He wanted to stifle his scream. Make the scene more real)

“That’s my good Lou. You’re gonna come for me. And you're gonna swallow all this come I’m about to give you.”

Louis saw stars as he came. He hoped H did too.

He deserved it, along with the big tip Louis was going to leave him.

Chapter Text

“Sir Styles, will you join me?”

Harry looked up to see Sir Louis Tomlinson of Yorkshire was standing in front of him, his sword holstered to his hip. A glance around the training room revealed they were the only two left. Harry looked back at Sir Tomlinson and smirked.


He had to grab his own sword from where it rested beside him.

Sir Tomlinson took a few steps back, giving Harry room to get into position on his side of the ring.

“To first blood?” Harry asked as he holstered his sword to his side, feeling the heavy weight on his hip.

“I don’t think we need that far,” Sir Tomlinson said. “I think until the first potential strike.”

Harry narrowed his eyes. “First potential strike?”

“Do you not like the idea, Sir Styles?” Across the training hall Sir Tomlinson’s voice was high pitched as it carried over to him. “Not up for the challenged?”

Harry rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. “To the first potential strike then,” he agreed.

“Good boy,” Sir Tomlinson said as he drew his sword.

Harry followed suit, and for a moment they just observed each other. Harry took a step to the left, and Sir Tomlinson took a step to Harry’s right. It was the beginning of circling one another.

Harry watched Sir Tomlinson’ legs, trying to guess when he would move. He narrowed his eyes, focusing on his shins, waiting for him to strike. He knew Sir Tomlinson was going to strike first.

He was right. Sir Tomlinson was always overeager. Harry was patient. He allowed his opponent to come find him on the battlefield.

Harry stepped to the side, both hands on the hilt as he met Sir Tomlinson’s downward strike. He had the strength to match the momentum, and push back. He successfully parlayed, and then struck himself. His arms ached, weary from the practice he had been a part of earlier, but he carried through with his strike. He knew he’d need to pull it before it hit Sir Tomlinson’s face.


Metal on metal. Sir Tomlinson had blocked with the flat of his sword. He pushed back, countering Harry.

Harry stepped forward, into Sir Tomlinson’s space.

Sir Tomlinson took a step back. And then he swung. His sword arched.


One hit.


They countered. Back and forth,

The training room filled with heavy breathing and the meeting of two swords.

Harry knew Sir Tomlinson was his only competitor in the class. Rival students from rival houses. Bred and born to fight, together two of the top contenders for the crown. Never friends, only-

Harry’s knee sagged. Bodily exhaustion betraying him before his mind could process it.

He fell to the ground, hissing at the hard stone.

Cold metal pressed against his neck. Harry swallowed, looking down the length of Sir Tomlinson’s sword. The rose on his chest was heaving. Harry knew his robin was following the same pattern.

“Do you surrender?” Sir Tomlinson asked.

The metal turned on the skin of his throat and Harry could feel the drag of the blade against his skin. Sir Tomlinson kept his blade sharp.

“Never,” Harry challenged.

Sir Tomlinson smirked, showing off his teeth. The blade of his sword drew against Harry’s neck. He felt the light trickle of blood. He resisted the urge to touch it.

The tip of the sword rested under his chin, moving his head to where Sir Tomlinson wanted him to look: his face, and those shocking blue eyes.

“Never.” His sword dropped and was replaced with his warm, rough hands. “That’s my good boy.”

Sir Tomlinson got Harry to his knees before he dragged him in for a kiss.

They were never friends, they were only equals. One day their kingdom would know that.

Chapter Text

“What do you think?” Harry asked, opening the curtain of the dressing room.

Louis looked up from his phone and he grinned. That was the kind of grin that got them in this position in the first place. He leaned back, tucked his phone away, and crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes trailing up and down Harry’s body. “You know I love you in dresses.”

Harry rolled his eyes and looked down at the dress. He couldn’t see how far it fell on his thighs over his bump but he felt it somewhere around his mid-thigh. “It’s not too short?”

Louis shook his head and then spun his finger. “How about you turn around for me so I can check.”

Harry sighed but followed along with Louis’ teasing. His feet weren’t aching just yet from the walking they’d been doing.

“Nice, nice, very decent,” Louis said, as if he were actually paying attention. “Now, how about you stop right there.” Harry could see Louis in the changing room mirror, standing up. “And bend over.”

Harry laughed. “Bend over? In this condition?” Usually he would at least indulge Louis and attempt but today was just not a day he felt like he could. A six month pregnant stomach was not something he wanted to mess bending over with.

Louis’ hands landed on his hips and pulled him back against his body. “You’re very flexible, aren’t you?”

Harry snorted. He could feel how hard Louis was even through their clothes. “Not so much anymore, I’m afraid.”

A hand was on his thigh, pushing up the hem of his dress. Lips pressed against his neck and Harry tilted his head to the side. “That’s not what you were saying last night.”

Harry let out a mocking gasp and slapped Louis’ wandering hand playfully. “A lady never kisses and tells.”

“Good thing you aren’t a lady then,” Louis said. Harry turned his arms and caught the tail end of Louis wagging his eyebrows.

Harry took a step back into the changing room and Louis followed, pulling the curtain shut. Harry looked around the changing room and before he could think about how this wasn’t appropriate he pulled the hem of his dress up, knowing that Louis liked seeing how full he was with their baby. “You should still treat me like one.”

He loved that Louis got to his knees without even asking, positioning himself in front of Harry’s hips. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Chapter Text

Louis couldn’t stop staring at Harry’s tits. It wasn’t fair, he knew. Harry spent most of his days now bemoaning how big they had gotten, and how sore they were. George was finally on a normal schedule, and Harry’s supply had evened out, but sleeping through the night meant that Harry woke up each morning with full tits, and well… Louis was fascinated.

He slept in a t-shirt now to try and catch any leaking that he could, but Louis still had his eyes trained on the stains on his shirt in the morning. He couldn’t explain why it fascinated him so much. He definitely hadn’t had a mommy milkers kink before now, but the kink was here now.

Harry rolled over towards Louis, tits coming with him. Louis could see how much the swelling stretched his skin, the milk making his tits firm looking. The baby monitor was silent and the clock told him that George wouldn’t be up for another hour at least.

He probably should let Harry get some sleep, but there was a part of him that really couldn’t resist it. He reached over, touching Harry’s shoulder first. If maybe he woke him up, Harry would let him fondle him for a bit.

Harry groaned in his sleep and rolled back onto his back. The tanktop pulled, exposing one full breast.

Louis licked his lips.

It was right there. Harry wouldn’t mind, would he? Probably not.

He let his hand move from Harry’s shoulder to the exposed tit, finger trailing over it. It was as firm as he thought it had been. His husband was such good producer.

“Lou?” Harry asked.

“Shush,” he said in response to the groggy voice. “I’m just helping you.”

He caught Harry’s tired eyes.

“George awake?”

“Not for another hour.”

Harry’s eyes closed back. “Hurts, Lou.”

“I know, baby. Want me to relieve some of that pressure?”

Harry nodded. “Please.”

It was really Louis’ pleasure. He wasn’t exactly hand expressing but he was using the technique the lactation consultant had shown them at the hospital. So far in his experimenting he hadn’t gotten as far as sucking on Harry’s nipple just yet to draw out the milk. He preferred the visual of the milk dripping out of Harry’s swollen brown nipple. He would run his finger through it sometimes but his eyes were always glued to the way it trickled down Harry’s stomach and side.

“Move your shirt, baby,” Louis said, adjusting himself as he gave Harry’s tit a squeeze. “Let me have access to both of them.”

Harry moaned under his touch, relief clearly flooding through his body at the pressure being released from his tits. “Fuck, you’re so good to me.”

Louis laughed. “So good to myself. Not doing this just for selfless reasons.” How could he? When he got off on the way Harry’s tits felt under his hand, and the milk looked leaking from his nipples.

Harry cupped the back of his head and tugged him down for a sleepy morning kiss. “Like I am either. I know how hard this makes you, and I expect you to fuck me in thanks.”

Louis’ eyes darted over to the baby monitor, willing it to stay quiet long enough for him to do just that.

Chapter Text

“What do you think it feels like?” Harriet asked, looking at the melting wax.

“What, what feels like?” Louise looked up from her own letter writing, trying to figure out what Harriet could be talking about.

“The wax on your skin.”

“Why would you want to put wax on your skin?”

Harriet looked away from the flame and the wax to look at her roommate. And then her eyes darted down to Louise’s own wax seal stamp. She knew that it had the rose crest of the Tomlinson family, and she had a momentary longing for what it would be like to have that crest somewhere on her body.

She looked back to Louise. “I have an idea.”

“Oh I don’t know if I like that tone of yours.”

Harriet grabbed her melted wax, figuring she could seal her letter to her parents with a different color later, and headed over to where Louise was sitting. “Quick. I’m going to pour this on my arm and you’re going to stamp me with your crest.”

“I’m sorry, I’m going to what?” Louise’s voice took a particular high pitch that Harriet usually associated with her pleasure.

“Just trust me.” And then Harriet was tipping the wax down onto her arm. She hissed but the pain was only minute, more of a shock than anything. The wax was already starting to cool as it rolled down the skin of her arm. “Quick.”

Louise was floundering, but before the wax could cool she was stamping her rose seal into the wax on Harriet’s arm. It looked a little wonky, probably would have been better a few seconds earlier, but it was perfect. Exactly what Harriet had wanted to feel.

She let out a shuddering breath and looked up at Louise. “What do you think?” She offered her up to her, letting her examine the wax seal.

Louise’s touch was delicate, her finger tracing over the bumps of the wax. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered. Her blue eyes met Harry’s. “Maybe… maybe you could put your family crest on me?”

Harriet grinned, possessiveness striking through her very core. “Of course, my lady.”

Chapter Text

Harry had triple checked that Louis had known what to expect from what they were about to do. He knew that even with all the talks and plans, in the moment, riding his cock, Louis would probably feel different.

They were off to a good start though.

“Choke me,” Louis gasped as he fully settled himself onto Harry’s lap. He was facing Harry, legs spread across both sides. “Do it.”

Harry loosely wrapped his hands around Louis’ neck, testing it out for starts.

Louis shifted, always so impatient. His body pulled on Harry’s cock, making Harry falter for just a moment. He squeezed in retaliation, making sure he did it as safely as he could, cutting off air from the veins on the side of Louis’ neck.

Louis went a pretty shade of red as he immediately settled, body going limp in Harry’s hold.

“That’s it,” he cooed, taking back control. “Be my limp little doll.”

Harry relaxed his grip and saw the moment the words landed on Louis. He looked ready to fight back and Harry acted first. He squeezed again, and this time lifted Louis up. Louis’ face was red again, and his eyes were wide with the display of Harry’s strength.

Harry couldn’t close his eyes, even when his body wanted him to. Louis was tight around him, the tension from losing his air clenching his body. Harry wanted to throw himself into it, but he was going to wait. He wanted Louis to enjoy this. He’d enjoy it more if Louis did.

He dropped Louis back down, loosening his grip. Louis’ gasp as he tried to catch his breath was music to Harry’s ears.

“Fuck,” Louis managed to get out. His hands went up to his throat, touching Harry’s hands.

“More?” Harry asked.

Louis looked him straight in the eye. “More.”

Harry grinned and grabbed him by the throat again. Louis’ eyes rolled back as he became limp in Harry’s lap. The perfect doll as he fucked his hips up, matching each thrust with an aggressive squeeze around Louis’ neck.

It shocked Harry when he felt wetness on his stomach, Louis coming much faster than he ever had before. Louis’ body shuddered in his lap, and he deadweighted against Harry’s chest.

Harry dropped his hands and curled his arms around Louis’ body, rubbing his back. “Good boy,” he whispered. “My good boy.”

Chapter Text

Louis looked around his living room, the clock ticking down to when his guests would arrive. Harry was in position, naked and on all fours in front of the sofa, like the table he would be. He’d been looking forward to tonight ever since Louis had mentioned he was planning on hosting a work dinner at their home. It was going to be a small gathering of just his team, but he’d invited his manager and he was looking forward to making a good impression.

Harry had cooked up an impressive storm all afternoon, buffet style appetizers, entree, and desserts and now his reward was to kneel there and play literal service sub all night.

Louis went over to him and laid out two coasters on Harry’s back. “Stay straight for me, kitten.”

Harry’s hands moved just a little as he readjusted, and the coasters stayed in place. “Of course sir.”

“If you’re good I’ll feed you some sushi you rolled for yourself off your chest when they’re all gone.”

Harry whimpered his thanks just as the doorbell rang.

Louis took a deep breath and settled himself. He had no reason to be nervous. But this was the first time anyone from his job would be meeting Harry.

He opened the door to see that all eight of them had arrived together. He smiled and held the door. “Come in, let me take your coats.” Three of his coworkers had brought their subs, as he had offered, and they each bowed to him as they entered his home. “Harry’s in the living room getting a reward. If you’d like them to join him, feel free,” he said, taking some coats and hanging them up.

It was a dizzying affair to play host alone but Louis caught a glimpse of Harry being useful, his back holding four glasses and a small plate of appetizers while some of his coworkers talked around him. It made his heart warm just a bit.

“I love what you’ve done with the place,” Luke, one of his coworkers said. “The artwork you have is beautiful.”

Louis beamed. “Thank you. I had Harry pick it all out once he moved in. I wanted to test his taste and I have to say he passed with flying colors.”

Luke hummed. “He was in finishing school for a number of years wasn’t he?”

“Right until he was placed with me. He wanted to make sure he’d gotten the best, and most rounded education he could. I couldn’t be prouder.” Louis glanced over to his boy, kneeling there so beautifully, surrounded by people. He could tell Harry was in his element, the cups and plates piling up on his long back.

“Hey Tomlinson,” Calvin called from the sofa. “Mind if I put my feet up on the furniture?”

Louis saw the way everyone was watching him, waiting to see how he would respond. He smiled easily, this being a boundary he’d already set with Harry. “That’s what it’s there for!”

Calvin raised his glass and crossed his feet at the ankles, before resting them solidly near Harry’s bum, the only place empty.

Harry’s face was red, and Louis could see his arms and thighs were straining, but he was taking deep, calming breaths, and his eyes were closed. He looked at peace.

“You seem so happy,” his manager, Perrie, said to him as everyone was finally getting around to leave, hours later. “A sub does a dom good, don’t they?”

Louis nodded, glancing back at Harry, still so perfectly on all fours. He hadn’t had a break all night. Louis knew he would rub him down before getting him his sushi. “Agreed.”

“See you tomorrow, Tomlinson.”

Chapter Text

Harriet still couldn’t believe how she got here. One moment the cute girl she had been watching from across the room was finally making eye contact with her, the next they’d managed to find an empty room in the house the party was being held in, and they were shirtless making out on the bed.

She gasped as they broke the kiss, clinging to Louise’s shoulder. “How are you so good at this?”

Louise hummed, and the feeling of her fingertips swirling on Harriet’s shoulder felt heavenly. She was using just the right softness, tender but arousing. Harriet felt fire coming from the touch. “How am I so good at what? Kissing?”

Harriet shook her head. “Getting under my skin. Knowing how to touch me.”

In the low light of the room Louise’s wicked grin looked devilish. She leaned in and nipped at Harriet’s neck. “I could ask you the same. You’re absolutely perfect.”

Harriet sucked in a breath and rolled onto her back. Louise followed, legs straddling Harriet’s waist. Their chests pressed together, tits against perky tits. The electricity from Louise’s touch was shooting through her whole body. She spread her legs, unable to stop herself.

“Do you want something?” Louise asked. “Is your body begging for something?”

Harriet nodded. “Please.”

“Please what?” Louise said. Her eyes were beautiful and intense. Harriet realized she knew the answer immediately, even if she’d never been into this before.

“Please, daddy.”

“That’s right,” Louise grinned. “You’re a little daddy’s girl aren’t you? Do you want daddy to give you an orgasm?”

Her cunt tingled. Her legs shook as she opened and closed them. “Please, daddy.”

“Do you want daddy to put her mouth on you?”

“Fuck yes, please.” Louise nipped her neck. “Daddy. Fuck. Please, daddy.”

Harriet had never been so grateful for skirts as she was when Louise got underneath it. Her dark chuckle made Harriet wet. “Of course daddy’s girl would wear pink panties with lace on them.”

Harriet hadn’t even remembered what underwear she’d put on. She caught a glimpse of it as Louise was pulling it down her legs, but then she got caught up in the kisses she was trailing down Harriet’s inner thigh. She watched down the length of her body as Louise kissed her way back up her other thigh. Her blue eyes were positively wicked as she got closer to her prize and Harriet went limp. She wanted to give Louise full access to her.

“Is daddy’s girl ready?”

Harriet nodded, trying to prepare herself for how good it was going to feel once Louise’s mouth was between her legs.

She was not prepared.

Louise was hot and a strong tongue, expertly licking against her. She seemed unconcerned with being messy, diving in with no hesitancy. Harriet threw her head back and gripped the back of Louise’s head. Her short pixie cut was still long enough to run her fingers through and grab onto.

She was only moments away from rubbing herself against Louise’s face, wanting more and more. The teasing she’d felt since they’d first said hello was boiling over, and her back was arching. She’d never been one to be loud during sex but Louise was doing something to her. Drawing out another side.

“Fuck, fuck,” she whispered as she got closer, and closer.

Louise wrapped her mouth around her clit and sucked. Hard.

She wouldn’t have been able to stop it if she tried. She came, nails digging into the back of Louise’s head as she tried to claw her closer and closer.

She was worried for a moment that Louise was stopping entirely, as if one orgasm would be enough for Harriet, but her fingers replaced her mouth in an instant, even as she moved up Harriet’s body.

Her lips were glistening and Harriet reached for her. She grinned, showing off just how messy her face was.

“Can you lick daddy clean?” Louise asked.

Harriet was more than happy to comply.

Chapter Text

Louis had been looking forward to this day ever since he had been brought to the castle to begin training as a concubine of the crowned prince. Today was the day he was going to be marked as one of the favored concubines. It was even more honored because so far Prince Harry hadn’t marked a single slave as favored, and he had plenty choose from.

Louis knew the secret to it though. He’d figured it out the first time he’d been brought in to be bed by the crowned prince.

The position of concubine was a treasured one, and when Prince Harry’s taste for men came out, all breedable men became eligible for the position. Louis had taken the offer in a heartbeat, hoping for a chance to earn himself good standing within the lower court. Even if he didn’t end up staying as a concubine, if he could find any work in the castle his life would be set.

The training had been rigid, and Louis already bore a scar on his arm from where he’d been marked as a training concubine. They drew blood from each of the concubines to check their purity and each concubine wore the scar with pride.

It had taken Louis three months in training before he’d been introduced to Prince Harry and in that time he’d heard how frigid the prince was. The rumor in the slave quarters was he had not bed a single concubine yet, and the court was beginning to be concerned. What kind of prince did not bed his concubines?

He’d been brought to the Prince’s chambers and stripped before being left alone. Louis stood tall, with his hands behind his back, and his head tilted up. He’d been trained in being subservient, and the art of pleasure. But there was a part of him that felt like maybe that wouldn’t cut it.

He’d had other training before he’d signed up to be a royal concubine after all. One of the brothels in his home town had a madame who had taught him the other side of the coin to subservience. It was a secret that the rich and powerful didn’t like to let slip, that sometimes they didn’t want to be rich and powerful. Sometimes they wanted to be lesser.

Louis only needed one look at Prince Harry to know he was one of those clients.

“Hello,” the prince said, voice deep and tired. “Did Paul bring you?”

He barely glanced at Louis, his shoulders drooped.

Louis kept his hands folded behind his back. “He did, your highness.”

Prince Harry waved his hand. “You can go. Tell him I am tired.”

“You haven’t even looked at me yet,” Louis said. He pitched his voice the way the madame had taught him to. Commanding.

The prince’s head snapped up. His green eyes were shining bright in challenge. “Excuse me?”

“How can you claim you’re tired when I haven’t even tired you out yet?”

Prince Harry was beautiful. His chocolate curls framed his youthful face, and those green eyes were stunning. Louis knew though that he matched the prince’s good looks.

Prince Harry was even beautiful right now, mouth agape, shock written all over that pretty face. “How dare you speak to me that way.”

“Made your cock twitch did it?” Louis was bold and glanced down. He could see the outline of his prick through his leggings. He was definitely reacting to Louis’ voice. “There’s no shame in that, your highness. What happens between us, stays between us.”

Louis was not prepared for his shoulders to be grabbed, and to be shaken as violently as he was. “What are you saying?”

Louis snapped his hands from behind his back and grabbed the prince by his wrists. He could be charged with treason for this. Executed. But he could see in Prince Harry’s eyes this is what he needed. Louis trusted his instincts.

He wrestled the prince’s arms down, pinning them to the side, and then he had the prince on his knees, shivering. He pet Prince Harry’s curls as he shook, letting him lie against his thigh.

“There, there,” he whispered.

“No one can ever know,” Prince Harry hissed back, as he let his eyes close, submissive against Louis’ thigh.

And no one did.

To the rest of the court Louis was the perfect submissive concubine. The favored one. News that the prince had bed one of the slaves swept through the castle like wildfire, and Louis had been given an extra weeks wage in return for his service. Prince Harry gave him an extra gold coin the next time they met for not revealing that the Prince had been the one being bed.

Louis was fine with it. He was more than happy keeping Prince Harry’s secret. And now he was getting the ultimate reward in front of everyone.

The branding iron was sitting in the fire that had been roaring all night. Louis knew it bore a simplified design of the Styles’ crest. He was going to be branded on his bum, the meatiest part they could find on him. The first - and if he had it his way, the only - concubine marked by Prince Harry.

He knew there would be pain. Getting branded like this would be more painful than anything he’d ever done before. His flesh would smoke, and smell as it burned, but the mark at the end would be worth it.

He kept his head high as the rest of the court finished filing in, and then… Prince Harry.

He was dressed in his finest clothes as he made his way to the altar. They didn’t have to exchange words, this was a demonstration more than anything. Still, when Prince Harry took his wrists and restrained him to the bench, Louis smirked at him. And winked. This wasn’t how they usually used those restraints.

Prince Harry turned away, his cheeks flushed from more than the fire.

Louis’ bum was facing the crowd. Prince Harry pulled the metal rod out of the fire. It was bright orange from the heat, though it died off as it stayed out of the heat. Prince Harry showed the brand to the gathered crowd.

It took Louis almost thirty seconds to even realize he had been branded. He smelled the burnt flesh first, and then the heat, and then tears down his face, before the pain even registered. He howled, tugging against the restraints. The pain was indescribable. It shot through him, and blinded him.

Prince Harry was rubbing his back as the court cheered at his branding but Louis could barely focus. His face was hot from his tears and he wanted it to stop. But it wouldn’t. The pain lingered.

“It’s okay, master,” Prince Harry whispered in his ear. “You’ll be able to take it out on my three times fold.”

Louis tried to catch his breath as he buried his face in Prince Harry’s neck. He wanted to make a quip back. He wanted to tell Harry he’d ruin him. But all that came out were choked sobs.

“Tend to him and then take him back to my chambers,” Harry instructed, just as Louis was beginning to feel normal.

The pain was still there as he walked through the room, all eyes from the court on him. He knew he looked a wreck, but Louis still tried to keep his head high. After all, he was the one who knew the prince better than all of them. And now he had a mark to prove it.

Chapter Text

His baby boy’s bum was bright red. He smirked as he carefully caressed it, watching as his baby’s back shivered.

“Can you turn to your side, love?” He asked.

His boy was deep in subspace so he had to be extra careful, making sure that his orders were easy to follow. All his attention was on making sure his boy was comfortable.

“I need to clean you up. Don’t want you sleeping stuck to the sheets with your come.”

“Dirty boy.” His baby’s voice drawled, the slow sound like the words were being pulled from him.

“Yes, you’re my dirty boy, which is why I need to clean you.” He helped his baby turn and he grabbed the soft cloth he had all set. He wiped down his boy’s soft cock, and pressed a tender kiss to his hip. When he was done he help his boy back onto his stomach. He had some cream ready to rub into the bruising on his bum. It would take the edge off.

“Daddy,” his boy whined, as his hand touched his bum.

He shushed him. “Just taking care of you.”


“You want music?” This was a new request.

“Your song.” His voice was drowsy and pleasant.

“My song?” He blinked in surprise, but understood now what his baby was asking. “You want me to play the song I just recorded for you?”

He could see the lazy smile on his boy’s face. “Please, Daddy.”

His heart warmed up. He loved sharing his music with his boy, especially when they were songs he’d written for him. He loved that his boy loved being written about. “Anything for you.”

The soft melody of the song filled their room, being played from his phone. He crawled into bed beside his baby boy and wrapped an arm around him. He pressed kisses to his shoulder as he spooned him.

“Love you, daddy.”

“Love you too, baby boy.”