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I will feel you

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You’d have thought they hadn’t seen each other for months, not the three days between Louis leaving for London and Harry getting back.

“That’s it,” Louis said, urging Harry on.

They were in the foyer because that’s where Louis had pounced on Harry, having been waiting in anticipation since he’d gotten his text that he’d landed.

“Strip me,” Louis had ordered after they’d kissed hello.

Harry hadn’t even raised an eyebrow in question. It was definitely not the strangest order he’d ever walked into the house to. That kind of behavior was why Louis knew that Harry deserved a reward, and a reward was exactly what he’d had in mind.

Harry had been meticulous with undressing Louis, taking the upmost care as he started from the top, pulling off Louis’ hoodie before dropping to his knees. He’d been so graceful. Louis had licked his lips, just admiring the dedication his boy had to being the perfect submissive.

Once Harry had completed his task Louis had taken a step forward, his hard cock rubbing against Harry’s cheek as he grabbed a fistful of his hair.

“You had a long flight, didn’t you?”

Harry’s eyes were shining green. He was absolutely beautiful, his mouth hanging open just a little. Louis was vain enough to imagine Harry’s mouth was starting to pool with saliva. His boy loved a mouthful of cock.

“You need to stretch your back, don’t you. Get all those kinks out of it after sitting in that plane seat for so long,” Louis continued. He’d used his grip on Harry’s hair to pull him to his feet. He saw the flicker of delicious pain cross his boy’s face and it just urged Louis on. He’d made sure to make eye contact with Harry as he took a step back, pulling Harry with him, until his back was pressed against the door. “Pick me up.”

Harry’s throat had bulged just a little with the way he swallowed and Louis couldn’t stop the smirk from coming to his lips. He’d lifted one leg, hooking it up on Harry’s hip.

“I don’t have all day.”

Harry had surged forward, arms curling under Louis’ thighs and lifting him easily. The door helped steady them as Harry hiked him up high enough for his bum to slide against Harry’s cock.

Louis had moaned. “That’s it. You feel how I prepped myself already.” Harry had swallowed again, and he’d gotten that look in his eye, the one where he was trying to concentrate. Louis loved trying to break that. “That’s right. I prepped myself right there on the couch when you texted me you’d landed. Got my fingers fucking soaked before I started rubbing them against myself. Nice and relaxed and ready for you.”

He’d dropped his weight as much as he could with Harry holding him-

And that’s how they got here, Harry pressing him against the door, fucking into him with strong, steady thrusts.

“That’s it, you’re so fucking good,” Louis groaned. He clung to Harry’s shoulders, feeling the power his boy had. Harry’s muscles were straining under his hands and Louis reveled in the feeling. He’d done this to his boy. He’d made him a shaking mess, trying so hard to please Louis.

“Don’t stop.”

“Won’t,” Harry gasped out, the first words he’d said since his cock had first entered Louis. He’d been so quiet, so focused. “Promise, Lou.”

His words were punctured by another thrust that sent Louis’ head spinning back, clanging against the door. He saw stars, both from the pleasure and the pain. He hissed. “Keep going.”

Harry’s pace picked up. He also picked up Louis, just enough, that when he thrust inside him next Louis was pressed back into the door and he clung for dear life on those delicious shoulders Harry had.

“That’s it,” Louis hissed. “Fuck me, such a good boy.” He tried to rub Harry’s shoulders and neck in praise all while gritting his teeth through the pleasure he was experiencing. Harry’s cock was thick and deep inside him, hitting the exact spot he needed it to. “Fuck me, fuck me.”

His back was going to be bruised as Harry’s pace became almost brutal, and they were definitely making a racket against the door; the steady thump thump thump of their fucking.

Louis dropped his hand from Harry’s shoulder, trusting him to keep them upright, as he reached for his cock. It was drooling and it only took a few tugs before he was shooting off between them, coating both of their stomachs in come.

Louis went slack and it only served to drive Harry deeper inside him. He moaned, pleased with himself as he felt Harry use his body to chase his own orgasm. He had enough strength to reach up and thread his fingers through Harry’s hair, pulling Harry’s head down into his shoulder so he could breathe Louis in. And also scream, because that’s what he liked to do when he came. Harry liked to be loud, and Louis liked him to be.

And boy was his boy loud as his hips fucked forward, pinning Louis to the door as he emptied himself inside him. Louis clung to him, petting his hair through the end of his orgasm, until they were both falling gracelessly to the floor of their foyer. Harry’s cock slipped out of him and come started to leak from his hole onto the floor.

Louis would have to clean that up later.

For now he looked at Harry and grinned. “Missed you.”

Harry’s eyes were wide and glazed over. “No shit. We’re lucky Cliff didn’t barrel us over like he normally does when I get home.”

“He’s in the office,” Louis said.

Was he a bad person for locking the dog away so he could get fucked? No. He’d made his peace with that ages ago. Harry, at least, didn’t seem to mind.