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Supercorptober 2021

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“Kara, Alex just called. Somethings come up. She and Kelly are heading out of town.”

“O-oh. Ok,” breathed Kara trying to hide her disappointment.Today was Kara’s Earth Birthday and she was so excited for the Ladies Night in that Alex had planned.

“She said to tell you she’s really sorry, Kara. And that when she gets back we’ll all get together.”

“It’s fine.”

It wasn’t. It was bad enough that she’d been temporarily relieved if her Supergirl duties thanks to a massive middle attack that caused her to solar flare just yesterday. But now Alex was leaving town and cancelling their plans.

“What if you and I go somewhere? Just us. I know a place just outside the city that I think you’d love. What do you say?”

“That…that sounds nice.”

The more she thought about it, the better it sounded. This was the first Earth Birthday that Kara would get to share with Lena fully. Her last one was when they were fighting and before that Lena didn’t know she was Supergirl.

“That sounds amazing, actually.”

“Great! I’ll grab our coats. I’m afraid that since you’ve blown out your powers we’ll have to drive, but it’s only an hour away.”

“An hour in the car with you? How will I every survive?”

“Ha ha ha. Very funny.”

“I thought so,” smirked Kara.


An hour in the car with Lena flew by. Even after all that they’d gone through recently, they still enjoyed each other’s company - perhaps more than they did before now that they’d finally stopped hiding their feelings.  The place Lena had taken them to was a small - but beautiful - cabin just outside of National City in a secluded wooded area. Kara had noticed a while back that city roads had changed to curvy mountain ones but she was too engrossed in conversation with Lena - and with the feel of their fingers laced together - to care.

“What is this? Lena, where are we?”

“Just an old cabin that apparently belonged to my mother. Andrea found it when she was helping me find out more about her.”

It had been months since Lena had learned that her mother was a witch - and that she was as well - and although she and her powers  had played a crucial role in taking down Nyxly and finding all of the totems, Lena still hadn’t fully come to terms with that part of herself. 

“It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

Kara smiled Lena, trying to convey just how much love she felt in her heart in a single look, before leaning forward and kissing the lips of the woman she loved so dearly.

“Wait!” Exclaimed Kara, breaking their kiss. “We didn’t bring any bags or anything.”

“It’ll be alright, darling. Let’s just  get inside. It looks like it might rain.”

The two women walked hand in hand towards the cabin and made their way inside. It was getting late and all of the windows were shuttered so the cabin was pitch black.

“Sorry, I know there’s a light here some where.” Said lena, letting go of Kara’s hand and walking to the other side of the room. “Here it is!”


As the room flooded with light, Kara saw that she was surrounded by everyone that she loves. Alex and Kelly, Nia and Brainy, J’onn and M’gann. Kal, Lois, and the boys. Even Eliza and her mom and dad!

“Alex?! I thought y’all were going out of town?”

“We ARE out of town,” Laughed Alex.

“Mom? Dad? Y’all are supposed to be on Argo!”

“It’s a special day, Inah,” said Zor-El.

“How did you all…Nia, I thought you and Brainy had plans? And J’onn, you said that you and M’gann had plans too!”

“We did,” offered Nia with a smile. “But you solar flared and Lena had this brilliant idea and it was too good to pass up.”

Kara turned to face a blushing Lena who was playing with her fingers, a tell-tale sign that she was nervous.

“Lena? You did all this, for me?”

“Well, I knew that with your Super Hearing that you’d never had a surprise party and you always used to say how fun they looked. So when you lost your powers I called Alex and asked if we could do this instead of the Ladies night. We used portal watches to get everyone here so there wouldn’t be cars outside.”

Kara was speechless. No one had ever gone to this much trouble for her, not like this. She wrapped her arms around Lena in a crushing hug.

“I love you. So much Lena.”

“I love you too, Kara!”

The hug lingered as their lips found their way to each other. The passion and love between them threatening to pour out of them right there in front of their friends and family. 

“Get a room you two!”

“Oh we will,” promised Kara. “Later.”

“Gross,” coughed Alex. “Can we eat now?! There’s enough pizza and potstickers here to feed 12 Kryptonians and I am STARVING!”

Kara laughed, making her way to the table that held the food. As per tradition the birthday girl gets the first plate. Her eyes filled with tears as she passed by each of the people that she loved the most. For the first time since she came to Earth, Kara felt like she might truly be able to have it all. That she might be able to be the one thing that she never thought that she’d truly be.


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“Promise me, Kara!”

Kara and Lena stood in the middle of their loft exchanging a heated stare. They had been dating for the last 2 years and living together for most of that time - though only officially for 18 months. Earlier that morning, Kara had woken up to her kitchen island full of all of her favorite pastries and fresh lattes for them both. During breakfast, Lena had revealed to Kara that their secret project was a success and Kara was through the roof! 

“But Lena! Can we at least tell Alex? I mean, it's ALEX!”

“No, not even Alex. I just want to keep this between us. Just one day. 24 Hours. Can you do that for me?”


“I'll make it worth your while,” smirked Lena teasing at the collar of Kara’s shirt.”

“Y-You mean…”

“Yes...All you can eat potstickers and a Movie-Musical Marathon.”


“You’re a goober, darling.”

“Did Lena Luthor just use the word goober ?”

“She did.”

As they finished their breakfast - or rather as Kara devoured the inhuman amount of food on the island - they discussed the project in more detail and made plans to meet with Alex and Kelly first thing tomorrow morning. Lena knew there was no chance that Kara could keep something this big from her sister for long, and truly she didn't want to make her, but she did want to keep the excitement between the two of them for just a little while longer. Once the secret was out there would be a lot of changes and they would likely happen quickly, which was why Lena wanted just one more day to keep it quiet, plus they needed to iron out a few details between them so things didn't go terribly wrong and hurt everyone involved.

All things considered, the day went well. They made a few calls to those involved and made sure that everything was a go, Kara left a few times on Supergirl duties and made sure to make an appearance with the main investors in their project to be sure all of them were still on board and ready to move forward. That night Lena was true to her word and ordered an INSANE amount of potstickers and they watched movie-musicals until they fell asleep, although they both had significant trouble falling asleep with all the excitement that tomorrow would bring.


The following morning, Kara and Lena visited Alex and Kelly for brunch as planned, bringing with them two small boxes and a brochure containing all the information for the project that they’d been working on together for several weeks now. They kept them hidden in Kara’s bag until the right moment. 

“We have something to tell the two of you. And when we do, we hope that you will see that this comes from a place of great love and admiration,” started Lena, holding tightly to Kara’s hand for support.

“Son of a Bitch! You eloped didn’t you! Dammit Kara you know I was looking forward to dancing at your wedding and embarrassing you like you did me! You two aren't even engaged yet and…”

“Alex! We didn't elope! We didn’t get engaged.”

“Then what is it?” Implored Kelly.

Kara looked to Lena for confirmation before pulling the two small boxes from her bag and sliding them across the table to Kelly and Alex.

“Open them.”

After sharing a questioning look with Kelly, Alex looked at Lena still unsure whether she could believe that this was actually happening.

“Are you two for real? Like this isn’t some kind of sick joke, is it?”

The recently married couple looked at each other and down at the gold and silver necklaces in the boxes they’d been given. Kelly’s golden one reading  Mamma and Alex’s silver one reading Mommy.

“It’s real, Alex,” insisted Lena putting her hand on top of Alex’s. “We know how much you two have wanted this. How many times you’ve been turned down. This IS happening. It’s already taken care of, all that’s left to do is to go pick up your girl!”

Alex jumped to her feet screaming, nearly knocking the table over in the process. She pulled her sister and Lena into a bruising hug before releasing them in favor of Holding her wife.

“How did you do it?” Asked Kelly. “We tried every agency in National City. No one gave us the time of day.”

“Well,” said Kara, handing them the brochure from her bag. The front containing pictured of children of all ages, races - both Alien and human - being held between same sex parents. The Guardians was written across the top in big bold letters. “We started our own.”

“Kara and I - well Supergirl and I - spoke with Esme’s case worker. She said that she felt terrible that the two of you had been turned down to adopt her on account of her being an Alien and being a Lesbian Couple. But her bosses refused to budge. After meeting with some higher ups in the agency, they agreed to transfer Esme’s ‘Case’ to The Guardians. We promptly accepted - and offered her case worker a job with our agency - and got the ball moving. The rest is just a bunch of legal jargon but what matters is that the two of you are OFFICIALLY Esme’s moms - pending your signature on the proper documentation.”

The four women shared a tearful hug, with Alex and Kelly saying thank you over and over. 

“So when can we go get her?” Asked Alex.

“Actually…” admitted Kara, pulling her phone from her pocket and sending a quick message. “Sooner than you think.”

Just as Kara spoke, there was a knock on the door. Lena smiled at the women before her and motioned for them to go get the door. Outside was Nia holding the hand of a very happy little girl.

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“Miss Luthor-Danvers, this is Van Kull Max Security Prison. You have a phone call in regards to inmate 327. Do you accept the call?”

“Yes, sir.”

It had been 15 years since Lena last heard from Lillian, and though their last meeting had been on complicated - but not entirely bad - terms, Lena had needed a clean break from the Luthor family. Lillian had played a part in Lex’s scheme with Nxyly to take out the superfriends - HER friends - and had fought with them the day of their biggest battle - one that had destroyed much of National City Park and its surrounding area. She was loyal to Lex up until the moment that Lena harnessed her powers and defeated Nxly, sending Lex - who had ironically fallen in love with the imp - into a frenzied state. The moment he pointed his kryptonite cannon at her, Lillian had a change of heart and tackled Lex to the ground, causing him to fall into a broken piece of scaffolding, killing him instantly. The shot from Lex’s cannon struck a nearby tree causing a limb to fall on Lillian which left her paralyzed from the waist down, but alive.

The call from the prison was from the physician in charge of Lillian’s care, calling to inform Lena that her mother had become very ill and would likely not make it much longer, and that she was begging to see her daughter. Lena, being kind hearted as she was, said that she would be there as soon as she could. Kara, who was standing beside her in their home when the call came in, scooped her wife into her hands and took off towards Van Kull, simultaneously taking her time in order to let Lena process what was happening and trying to get there quickly in case Lillian didn't have as long as they thought. Their relationship had been rocky, yes, but Kara knew that Lena loved Lillian and after watching her save the woman she loved, Kara had seen Lillian in a new light as well. 

The moment they touched down in front of the prison, they were greeted by 4 guards who - after going through the motions of protocols for entry into a Maximum Security Prison - escorted them to the Medical Wing where Lillian had been kept for more than 2 weeks. The sight before them made Lena’s heart break. There lay the once strong and proud Matriarch of the Luthor Family, worn and frail with illness and age struggling to keep her eyes open, perking up only after hearing her daughter's voice.

“Lena? Lena dear, is that you?”

“It’s me mom,” said Lena softly, taking Lena’s hand into her own. A guard stepped forward to remind them of the no touching rule but was brushed away by the physician and ordered to leave the room. She knew their exchange was putting no one in danger. “I’m here.”

“I’ll give you too some privacy,” whispered Kara.

“Kara? Is that you?”

Normally, the mention of her name while in her Supergirl Suit would have been cause for concern, but the Physician was a former DEO Agent and knew Kara’s identity already.

“Yes, mom. Kara is here too. She flew me here.”

“Hi Mrs Luthor.”

“Hello dear.”

This was the first time that Lillian had ever spoken to Kara without even the slightest hint of bad feelings or intentions. Her tone was affectionate, almost motherly.

“Mother the doctor said you’ve been asking for me, that you had something you wanted me to know before you…”

Lena couldn't finish the sentence. While she and her mother’s relationship was rocky at best, the idea of her dying was breaking Lena’s heart.

“I’ve wanted to tell you something for a long time, Lena, but I never got the chance.”

“What is it mother?”

“Please, please sit down Lena, you too Kara. I fear I have much to say to the both of you.”

Kara and Lena shared a reluctant look before sittin on the small bench beside Lillian's bed.

“First to you, Kara. I wanted to thank you for looking out for my daughter and protecting her when I couldn't - even sometimes from me. You had every reason to take her straight to prison the moment she stepped foot into your city - to paint her as just another ‘Luthor' like the world did before Lex changed the world after crisis. But you saw through to her heart and defended her against everyone who thought her to be evil. Even through your fight you still protected her, and I am so happy that you two made it to the other side of that. I see how happy you make my daughter, and although I was too set in my ways to see it, YOU are what is best for her. I want to apologize for the parts I played in the difficult moments in your life.”

“T-Thank You, Miss Lu...Lillian.”

Once again Kara shared a look with Lena, this time in disbelief.

“Now you, my precious Lena. I fear I have hurt you most of all. From the moment you came home with Lionel, I saw you as nothing more than an extension of his affair and I let that poison me against you, even though you were just a defenseless child. And though I tried to convince myself that I was doing it for your good - as well as mine - I knew it was selfish of me. A child needs a mother, and you had none.”

“Mother please…” Interrupted Lena, her eyes filling with tears.

“Let me finish Lena, please. I have always been proud of you Lena, even if I didn't agree with your actions. You’ve always been your own person, dear. Always brave enough to stand on your own two feet, no matter who opposes you. I know that the Luthor name has been hard for you to bear, and has caused you so much pain, and I am truly sorry for my part in that. But…”

Lillian began to struggle to speak, coughing and finding it difficult to breathe. Kara and Lena both tried to help her, even offering to get the doctor, but Lillian was adamant that she needed to say her piece so after taking a few breaths with her oxygen mask on, she removed it and continued to talk.

“Lena, I told you once that you didn't deserve the Luthor name, and Kara corrected me that day. It is only in the last decade of my life that I have come to see that she was right. The Luthor Family doesn't deserve YOU. You have always been and will always be a TRIBUTE to the Luthor name. You are the bright star of our family, a flower among thorns. I love you so much, my beautiful girl.”

Lillian’s cough became worse, until finally she was unable to breathe without the help of the oxygen mask. Lena held tightly to her mother’s hand, no longer trying to hold back the tears as the woman who raised her from took her last breath.

“Mother? No, please mother, please wake up… Mom?”

Kara wrapped her hands around her wife to comfort her as they both started to cry. 

“I love you too, mom.”

For the first time in her life, Lena found herself unashamed of who she was.

A Luthor.

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“Please, Kara. Come back to me.”

Lena sat on Kara’s couch crying into her hands, begging for her best friend to come back to her. Earlier that day, they’d been sitting on that very couch sipping coffee and talking about everything and nothing at all. Just before lunch, Kara heard a faint scream from a nearby building - a child’s scream - and she’d kissed her wife on the cheek and flown off without a word. Moments later, the couch and everything around it shook as the sound of a massive explosion filled her ears. The moment she heard it, her heart sank. Something wasn’t right, and her body froze in panic.

She sat on the couch waiting for a sign that kara was ok - a phone call, a text, anything. She tried to stay calm, knowing that Kara wouldn't be able to reach out until everyone was safe. She texted Alex to see if she knew anything, and waited for a text that never came.

Until it did.

Alex Danvers [12:45PM] We found her. She’s trapped, and unconscious. It’s bad Lena. We are trying everything but we can’t get to her. 

Lena stared at her phone, willing the words on the screen to change but reminding herself that her wife was strong and that she would be fine. She sat on the couch, refusing to move until Kara was back. She always knew that there were risks that went along with dating a superhero. There was always a chance that Kara would leave and not come back. Lena prayed that this day never came, but each time Kara left on supergirl duty, Lena held her breath just a little bit until she came home.

23 hours after Kara left Lena was still on the couch staring at the black screen of her now dead phone. She was shaken from her trance by a knock on the door, but ignored it. She wasn’t in the mood to see anyone unless it was Kara, and Kara wouldn’t knock. Even if she was without powers or somehow otherwise unable to fly, she had a key and wouldn’t need to knock. Just when she was about to yell out for whoever it was to go away the knocking stopped, the sound of the banging being replaced by the sound of an old wooden door creaking open. 


“Alex? What are you doing here? Where’s Kara?”

“Lena, I've been calling you for HOURS! Why aren't you answering your phone?"

“Where is Kara?”

“She’s alive, Lena. She’s breathing. There was a little girl - she couldn’t have been older than 4, maybe 5 - who got separated from her parents and fell into a sinkhole just down the road. The shift caused a gas line to explode just as Kara got to her, and both of them got trapped under layers of rocks and dirt and Nth Metal pipes. Kara shielded the little girl and got knocked out in the process. J’onn couldn’t phase down to get them because it could cause the earth to shift and kill all 3 of them so we had to wait for them to dig them out the old fashioned way. They’re both fine, but Kara is very weak from being trapped away from the sun for so long.”

Lena breathed a sigh of slight relief. Kara was safe, that much was true. But until Lena saw her with her own two eyes, touched her with her own two hands, the panic couldn't go away. Her mind went to the child, who was no doubt scared, being trapped underneath an unconscious superhero with no one to comfort her. How scared the parents of the little girl must have felt when they realized their daughter was gone, only to find that she was very nearly killed.

“The girl?”

“Not a scratch. It’s a miracle really. The hole that swallowed her was at least 75 feet, maybe deeper. She was wearing a thick ski suit which is what likely saved her life in the fall. The poor little girl is traumatized though. She and her parents are at the DEO right now, when they tried to pry her away from Kara she lost it and started hyperventilating so the we put them on a stretcher together and used a portal watch to get to the DEO. The parents have signed NDAs but I doubt they are worried about anything but their daughter right now.”

“I see.”

“Here,” said Alex, putting her phone in Lena’s hand. “I know you need to see with your own eyes that she’s ok to believe it.” 

Lena took the phone from her sister-in-law and glanced at the screen. Kara was laid in a DEO bed covered in the yellow sun blanket Lena had designed for her, the last time Kara had been gravely injured.  Laying on Kara’s chest on top of the Sun Blanket but under a soft blanket of her own was the little girl, clinging to Kara’s neck like a Koala clings to a tree. 

“Callie. That’s her name. She refuses to leave Kara until she wakes up. Poor thing thinks she killed Supergirl.”

“How long?”

“Not long. As soon as she wakes up you know she will be here. If I know my sister - and I do - there isn’t an agent in the world who can convince her to stay put when she knows you are worried sick.”

Under normal circumstances, Lena would stand to her feet and demand to be taken to Kara’s side. But at this moment, even if she were to try she wouldn’t make it far. Not only that, but her presence - and emotions - may cause the little girl more pain and that was a thought she couldn’t bear to think.

“Do you want me to stay?”

“No. But thank you.”

“Of course. Here,” offered Alex, handing Lena a small power bank from her pocket as well as a charging cable. “Charge your phone. I sent you the picture, hopefully it will help at least a little. And if you change your mind, just text and J’onn will come get you.”

Lena simply nodded, and plugged he phone in as instructed, as Alex made her way out the door. She stayed on the couch, still unwilling to move until Kara was back next to her where she belonged. She was calmer than before, but still worried that something would go wrong. 

“Please, Kara. Please come home to me…” Whispered Lena into the dark loft, doing her best not to break down and cry.


The voice startled Lena, but in the best way possible. Standing before her was her wife, and although still covered in debri from the explosion, she was perfect. For the first time in more than 24 hours, Lena got up from the couch and ran to her wife. Wrapping her arms around her, and finally allowing herself to cry from the emotional events of the last day. Lena’s body betrayed her and she nearly fell to the ground, but she was lifted into Kara’s strong arms and carried back to the couch where she stayed wrapped safely in her wife's arms until her body gave out completely, pulling her into a deep, deep sleep.

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“Breathe, Lena. Breathe with me.”

“Where is she, Alex!?” Yelled Lena, “Where is Kara?! She promised me she would be here for this!”

Lena was sitting in front of Alex in a shallow pool of warm water at the DEO surrounded by Red Sun Lamps. Everyone knew this day was coming and they’d done their best to prepare for it in whatever way they could. But neither of them was prepared for the day to come at 3 in the morning when Kara was out fighting a rogue alien. Now here she was 8 hours later sitting in front of her sister in law and Kara hadn’t so much as called.

“She’ll be here, Lena. J’onn, Nia, and Brainy are on their way now to help her.”

“What if she doesn’t make it in time? What if she doesn’t make it back at all?! I can’t do this on my own, Alex! I need her here to help me with aaaahhhhhhhh!”

Lena gripped tightly to Alex’s hands as another wave of excruciating pain came over her.

“Breathe, Lena! Remember, ride the wave and breathe through it!”

Lena started taking slow and deep breaths attempting to relax herself, but the physical pain mixed with the fact that Kara wasnt there was making it nearly impossible for her to remain calm. Even still, she listened to Alex’s coaching breaths and focused on ‘smelling the roses and blowing out the candles’ a trick she’d learned in one of her classes. For the most part it helped, if nothing else it got her through the next 2 hours. By the time Kara arrived, the pain was nearly too much to bear and Lena was finding it difficult to speak. 

LENA! Lena baby,” Exclaimed Kara as she changed out of her suit snd into a clean DEO uniform. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry I wasn’t there! I’m here now! I’m here! What can I do? Alex, what can I do?”

“Switch with me, Kara. This is your wife, not mine.”

Alex carefully slid out from behind Lena and stepped out of the pool allowing Kara to take her place. She dried off with a towel but didn’t bother to change her clothes.

“Kara, I…I was so scared that something had happened to you! That you wouldn’t make it back!!”

“I’m so sorry baby, I’m here now!” Kara hugged her wife and kissed her gently on the cheek. “You’re doing great, Lena!”

“So great!” Agreed Alex, reaching down into the pool. “It’s time! Push Lena!!

“No! No I can’t! I’m so tired! I’m so tired, Kara! I can’t do this! It hurts, it hurts so much!”

“Lena, baby,” comforted Kara gently turning Lena’s head to the side so they could gaze into each other’s eyes. “You are the strongest woman I know. You CAN do this! You are so close!”

“She’s right Lena! I can feel her head! It’s right here! Now when the next contraction comes, I want you to push! You can do this, Lena!”

Moments later, Lena squeezed  both of her wife’s hands feeling the bones crack and pop in her grip - the red sunlamps were to protect Lena from delivering a half Kryptonian baby, but they also weakened Kara in the process. But after one final push and a scream that could be heard from miles away, Lena’s body relaxed into her wife over whelmed with emotion as Alex lifted the most beautiful baby girl from the water and placed her at Lena’s breast.

The three women cried tears of joy as Alex checked the baby’s vitals, waiting until the cord stopped pulsating to clamp it for Kara to cut. None of them spoke much, too overwhelmed with emotion to say anything other than “I love you” over and over to their new daughter.

After being sure both mom and baby were safe, they got to work moving Lena from the birthing pool into the nearby bed. Kara held their new daughter as Alex drained the water from the pool and helped Lena dry off and get wrapped into a warm robe, placing The baby once again at Lena’s breast inside the robe. Once they were settled, Alex excused herself from the room to get changed and share the good news with their family, allowing Kara and Lena to bond with their new daughter in private.

2 hours later, the superfriends - along with Eliza, Alura, and Zor-El - were escorted by Alex into the room to meet the newest addition to the family.

Kara was standing beside Lena holding a beautiful baby with the most beautiful red curly hair and Blue-Green eyes.

“Lena and I would like you all to meet our daughter, Katherine Alura Luthor-Danvers Zor-El.”

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“Please pick up the phone...please...please Kara answer your phone!”

Alex held tight to Kelly’s hand as they watched the horrific sight unfold before their eyes on National Television. Her sister and new sister in law had taken the CatCo Jet on their honeymoon - compliments of Andrea as a wedding gift - and had taken off that morning. Now, Alex and her wife were watching the CatCo Jet engulfed in flames and spiraling out of control somewhere between National City and Ireland. With no word from her sister, or Lena for that matter, Alex was panicking. The type of panic that no amount of support from Kelly could help ease. They’d called everyone they could think of, trying to track down how and where the footage was captured, but with no one willing to divulge that information, they were stuck. It wouldn't have helped matters that Kara and Lena had opted to change their plans mid-flight - and fly south to Costa Rica for a few days before heading to Ireland. So anyone looking for them was looking in the wrong place.

From the outside looking in, the scene was chaotic. Supergirl was seemingly nowhere to be seen, J’onn was on Mars helping the resistance and even Clark was on Argo so he could do nothing. Inside the jet, however, things were calmer. Kara had smelled the gas leak just before the explosion, and had just enough time to activate her suit and wrap Lena in her arms and shield her from the flames with her cape. There was no way of escaping the plane without Lena being exposed to the flames. No way for Kara to put out the flames because she needed to focus on keeping Lena safe.

The flames grew hotter, and the smell of smoke and gasoline grew stronger causing both of them to struggle to breathe. “I love you.” Whispered Kara to her wife, knowing very well that this could be it for them both, especially Lena. Kara was Supergirl, but she still needed oxygen to breathe. “I love you too.”

Kara could hear her phone ringing in her pocket, she knew it was Alex. But she couldn't - she WOULDN’T - answer the phone. She needed to keep her wife safe, no matter the costs.

“I’m scared, Kara.”

“I know, Lena. Me too. But whatever happens, we’re together.”

Kara kissed her wife tenderly on the lips and pulled her even tighter, being sure to keep her cape wrapped fully around her wife’s body covering the places that weren’t covered by her own. She focused on the most beautiful heartbeat she’d ever known, until she heard the sound of water getting closer and closer to the plane. They were headed for a body of water, a thought which gave Kara at least a little bit of hope. If she could protect Lena from the impact, at least she stood a chance of surviving. All of the life preservers were being destroyed by the flames as she thought, but there would be SOMETHING to hold on to. 

“Lena, I want you to listen to me. In just a few minutes we are going to crash into the water. The impact should break open the plane enough for us to get out, but It's going to take a while for the flames to die down because of the gas, so we’re going to have to swim under the flames. It’s going to be cold, and it will probably be painful, but I have you, ok? I have you. When I say go, I want you to take a deep breath and hold it, ok! Can you do that for me, Lena?”

Lena nodded, unable to speak out of sheer fear. Water was what killed her mother, and now here she was facing the real possibility of drowning.  She could feel the panic setting in, but tried to focus on the feel of her wife’s body pressed against her own. If she had to die today, at least she was going to die being held by the woman she loved more than anything in this world or any other.

“NOW! Breathe Lena!”

The pair filled their lungs with oxygen - and smoke and gas fumes - just as the plane hit the water. Being shielded by Kara’s body, Lena didn't feel the impact but she saw the effects of it, Including her wife being knocked unconscious causing her to let out all the air she’d breathed in. Out of sheer will power, Lena was able to keep herself calm enough to navigate her way out of the plane and underneath the flames that burned along the surface of the water, dragging her lifeless wife behind her. Her lungs burned, desperate to exhale and breathe in clean fresh air to replace the poison she was holding in. But she knew she had to hold it just a little bit longer, keep swimming just a little bit longer, otherwise both she and her wife would be dead. 

Once she reached a spot far enough away that she could no longer see or feel the flames, she pushed towards the surface pulling Kara up with her. She gasped for air just as she broke the surface, coughing like she used to during an asthma attack in her younger years. But to her credit, she never once let go of Kara, who was still floating beside her unconscious. Lena refused to let her go until help arrived. Which could be any time now or it could be hours away, but it didn't matter. She pulled Kara close and wrapped them both in her cape. Kara may be immune to the effects of the cold but Lena certainly wasn’t. By wrapping them together, Lena knew that if nothing else, she would be able to stay warm in the frigid water. 

Without her wife’s calming voice, Lena struggled to keep her panic under control. The only thing keeping her from losing it completely was to lean her head in as close to Kara’s chest as she could without going under water, and focusing on the sound of her heart beat. If Kara’s heart was beating, she would fight. But the hours went by and Lena found herself falling into despair. Her body was tired and growing weaker by the second. She always tried to stay healthy and in good shape, but she had been keeping herself and a very solid Kryptonian afloat for what felt like hours now and it was taking its toll on her.

“Kara, I really need you to wake up, baby. I...I don’t know how much longer I can make it out here...Kara I’m...I’m so scared. I don’t know how to be strong without you.”

Lena closed her eyes trying to fight back the tears, but her emotions overcame her as her head filled with visions of watching her mother drown right before her eyes. Of the nightmare she had frequently of watching Kara’s lifeless body fall into the bay the day edge attacked the waterfront. That was the first day that she’d admitted to herself how she truly felt about Kara, even if it took several years for her to admit it to anyone else. It was all she could do to keep from panicking, which she knew would cause them both to drown. 

In an effort to keep herself calm, Lena began to sing the first song that came to mind as she watched the sun set around them.

We'll do it all, everything, on our own. We don't need anything or anyone. If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world? I don't quite know how to say how I feel. Those three words are said too much, they're not enough.”

Lena choked back a cry. The world around them was growing dark, but the stars in the sky shone bright. Under different circumstances this would have been a romantic moment to share with her wife, but instead she was terrified. 

“Kara...I’m tired, Kara. I don’t...I don’t think I can stay awake...I’m... I think I’m just going to close my eyes for a minute.”

She knew it was a bad idea, letting herself fall asleep. But her body was giving out, and she’d fought for so long that she couldn't fight any more. And as her eyes began to drift closed, Lena caught a glimpse of a figure clothed in red and blue coming towards them and felt as she and Kara were lifted from the water as she gave in to sweet sweet sleep.


“LENA! Wake up, Lena!”

Lena felt a warm presence around her, much different than the cold she’d felt in the water, and the voice that filled her ears made her heart leap for joy, even if she couldn't physically move.

“Kara? Kara, is that you?”

“I’m here baby, I’m right here.” Wept Kara, sliding into the bed beside her wife and pulling her close. “I was so scared that I'd lost you! That you’d….That I couldn't save you! But Lena YOU saved us both!”

“No, it was you! You kept me safe in the fire and protected me from the crash!”

“But it was YOU who held me in the water, Lena! YOU who kept us both afloat for 12 hours!”

Lena didn’t know what to say, so instead she just cried into her wife, weeping for joy that they were both alive, no matter who was to thank. 

“Thank God.” Breathed Alex as she came into the room! “Lena, I was worried that you would never wake up!”

“What do you mean? How long have we been here?”

Alex and Kara shared a look, before looking back at Lena.

“Two days.”


“Yeah. It’s a miracle you lasted in the water as long as you did. If Clark hadn’t come when he did...well we would be in a very different place right now.”

“Clark? I remember least I think I remember… there was someone coming towards us just as i felt my body give out.”

“That was Kal,” informed Kara. “Alex sent out an SOS to EVERYONE when they saw the footage of our plane on fire. Kal was already heading back from Argo when he got the message and listened for our heart beats.”

Superman knows MY heart beat?”

“You’re special to him too, Lena. But it wasn’t just your heart he heard. He heard...he heard you saying you needed to...that you were going to…”

Kara couldn’t finish, too overcome with emotion at the idea that Lena would rather drown than let go of Kara to preserve her strength. Rather than continue to speak, Kara brought their lips together, their kiss being filled with all of the emotions that neither of them could put into words. Neither of them noticed that Alex had left the room to give them privacy. Their kiss continued to grow, becoming more passionate and sensual but not sexual. This wasn’t a moment of lust, but a moment of Love. It was Lena who broke the kiss in favor of breathing, letting her head fall onto her wife’s chest as they both allowed themselves to fall into a much needed deep sleep, safely in each other's arms.

Chapter Text

“Look, I get it! You don’t want to…”

“No, Kara, you DON’T get it! You have no idea what this is like for me!”

“Then explain it to me! Please, Lena!”

Kara knelt down beside her wife who was sitting on their bed, her face buried in her hands. Their night had been one that was planned for months now. Lena had stayed out of the public eye as much as possible ever since the news broke that Lex was behind a series of biochemical attacks, once again sparking fear and distrust for the Luthor family. Tonight was their 5 year anniversary and they had both been looking forward to a romantic evening on the town, but now the thought alone caused Lena’s heart to race.

“I have worked s-so hard to make these people trust me! Sacrificed so much. But I will always be seen as nothing more than an extension of my family name, even though I shed that name when I married you and cut ties with them completely! I just…”

Lena’s emotions got the best of her, her words got caught in her throat.

“I’ve got you baby, just let it out.” comforted Kara, holding her wife close as she cried.

“I’m so sorry, Kara. This isn’t fair to you. You had a whole evening planned out for us and I’ve ruined it.”

“You, my sweet Lena, have ruined NOTHING. Follow me.”

Kara took Lena’s hand into her own and helped her stand to her feet and guided her to the window of their loft.

“Do you trust me?”

“With my life.”

“Hold on tight.”

With one arm around Lena’s waist, Kara effortlessly picked her wife up into her arms and kissed her gently on the lips before flying them off into the sunset. The two women hovered over National City gazing at the stars in each other's eyes. Once she could feel Lena beginning to shiver in the cold of the night, Kara wrapped her wife in her cape and continued to fly to the destination. A few minutes later they landed in front of the Fortress. Once inside, the two women were surrounded by thousands of plumerias and twinkling lights.

“Mrs and Mrs Zor-El.”

“Hello Kelex,” greeted Kara. “I believe we have a reservation. Party of two?”

“Right away Mrs Zor-El.”

Kelex disappeared deeper into the fortress, waving behind him to encourage them to follow. Lena had been to the fortress many times before, but it looked nothing like this. Their guide led them to a small corner of the fortress where a table was set up with the most delicious looking food that Lena had ever seen, as well as a small box wrapped in a green bow.

“Kara, what did you...did you do all of this for me?”

“I would do anything for you Lena. This year has been hard on you. I knew that you wouldn’t want to go out with things the way that they are. So I've been working on getting this together during the night while you slept. I wanted it to be perfect for you, because you deserve it.”

Kara pulled the chair out and encouraged her wife to sit. She always went out of her way to romance Lena, even after being married for several years.

“What’s in the box?” Asked Lena, running the ribbon between her fingers.

“Open it and find out.”

Lena carefully untied the ribbon and opened the box to find a strange looking key with the symbol for the house of El on it.


“Lena, on this planet I can’t grow old. But you can. I always knew that eventually I would need to leave, to change lives and cities to keep from arousing suspicion for my lack of aging. I have put it off for years because the thought of leaving everyone I love terrified me. But now, with you, I am even more terrified. On earth, I will outlive everyone I love. But on Argo...On Argo I can grow old like a human. I can have a normal life with the people that I love. With you.”

“What are you asking me Kara?”

“Lena Danvers Zor-El, will you move with me to Argo?”

“What about National City? And your family? The rest of our friends?”

“They all have someone. Each of them has found their soul mates and they can have their happy ending. National City is in good hands with the rest of the team, and if anything happens that they cannot handle, they know how to reach me.”
“Kara I…”

“You don’t have to give me an answer tonight, Lena. I know that it’s a lot to take in. Just know that on Argo, you will never have to worry about the Luthors or about proving yourself to anyone. You are beloved on Argo, admired the way that you should be admired here. There is a home prepared for us if or when the time comes. And if you decide that you want to stay, I will spend every day for the rest of my life showing you - and the world - what a beautiful soul you are both as Kara Danvers and Supergirl!”

Lena thought to herself for a moment. A world where she was treated and judged on her own merits and not her family was appealing to say the least, but being able to grow old WITH Kara, instead of having Kara watch her grow old gripped her heart in a special way. A life time of sunsets and walks around Argo City. Of making love without the help of a red sunlamp, to be able to truly be free. Of Kara being able to live the life she deserved - free from the stress and expectations of being National City’s Hero. These thoughts and more consumed her mind, and her decision was an easy one.

“Let’s do it!”


“Yes. I have no association with Luthor Corp anymore so that’s taken care of, Nia and Andrea can run the Luther Foundation without me. Let’s do it Kara. Let’s have our happily ever after!”

Kara jumped from her seat and pulled her wife in for a passionate kiss, completely disregarding their dinner in favor of whisking her off to the sleeping chambers to worship her body like the goddess she is.

After weeks of planning and several Farewell Parties, both as Kara and Lena from their friends at CatCo and the Foundation and from the Superfriends, Kara and Lena flew off towards argo in their own ship - a parting gift from Brainy and the Legion - eager to start their own happily ever after.

Chapter Text

The day had started just like any other. Waking up beside her wife, coffee together before heading to work, and then meeting for lunch. That was when everything had changed. During their lunch, Kara was called away on an emergency, what appeared to be a young child trapped beneath a pile of Nth Metal rods, but miraculously uninjured. As soon as she got there however, she knew something was off. There was no pile of rods, no child, only a seemingly empty and abandoned warehouse.

“Guys something isn’t right here, I think this might be a…”

Everything happened so quickly that even Kara had no time to react as a metal chamber fell from the ceiling and trapped her inside, a red light glowing all around her. Yet another enemy of her mother who had been trapped on Fort Rozz - and miraculously stayed in hiding for more than 10 years after Kara became Supergirl - had designed a chamber capable of not only containing a Kryptonian, but of keeping them alive and fully awake in the process. The angry alien appeared in front of her and gave the usual “your mother ruined my life” speech before pressing a series of buttons on the chamber and shooting her off into space.

At first, Kara fought. She’d tried punching her way through her Nth Metal Coffin until her hands were bloodied and broken, she’d tried to use her comms but they were useless. Still, she tried daily to find a way back home, but it was useless. She didn't know how day from night, up from down, left from right. All she knew was that she was alone, and once again trapped in a tiny pod-like vessel, doomed to float through space for the rest of her life.

Kara did her best to rest when her body asked for it, which meant she spent much of her time sleeping, dreaming of being back home with those she loved, back in the arms of her beautiful wife. Truly, she tried to sleep as much as possible, because being awake was more tortuous than most of her nightmares. In her dreams, she could hug her family, make love to her wife, spend evenings on the couch cuddled up with Alex, Lena, and Kelly watching stupid movie-musicals. But awake, she was forced to face the fact that she could very well die in this pod, and no one would find her body.

Her only hope came from knowing that her family would never give up on her. Her WIFE would never give up on her. But although everyone in her circle was extremely intelligent and had saved her countless times, she couldn’t help but feel like this time was different. This time could very well be the time that she was lost forever. It had been August when she’d left, August 23rd to be exact. The day after the anniversary of the day Kara and Lena got engaged. The day she was captured they had made plans to celebrate, Lena had made reservations at their favorite dinner place and had told Kara that she had amazing news to share. The thought of never seeing her wife again broke her inside, but gave her hope at the same time. She was thankful that she still had her phone in her boot, as well as the wireless power bank Brainy had designed for her so that her phone could go up to 6 days when attached to the power bank. Obviously it was useless in terms of getting help, but she could still look at her beautiful wife’s face whenever she needed.

Knowing she needed to conserve the battery, Kara tried to keep her phone use at a minimum. But she wanted to record messages for everyone she loved, in case the unthinkable happened. Even if they found her lifeless body in the pod, they would be able to see that in her final moments, she loved them dearly. The messages to her friends were relatively short. Mostly saying the same thing but in different ways. I’m proud to have known you, you changed my life, I love you. Things like that. The ones she recorded for Alex and her family were much longer and harder to record. But the hardest of all was the one she needed to record for Lena, which was why she saved it for last. But the time finally came when she needed to say her goodbyes to Lena, and she knew that her phone only had a little charge left, which in itself told her that she had been in the pod for several days already.


As time continued to pass, things become increasingly bleak for Kara. Her phone had long died and she spent most of her time in a dream-like state, neither fully awake nor fully asleep. She’d given up hope long ago of being rescued, accepting the fact that she would be trapped here for all eternity. Truthfully, she didn know how she was still alive at all, having gone without food or water for so long. Perhaps the red glow of whatever was built into the chamber simultaneously weakened her as well as kept her alive, but with time, she’d noticed that the light itself had grown dim, and the dimmer it got the weaker she became. She could feel her body getting weaker, forcing her to spend more and more time sleeping instead of awake.

Kara - who had once been the paragon of hope - found herself lacking hope in this moment. Without knowing how long she’d been gone, or where she was in the vast frontier of space, her loved ones had little hope of finding her. She accepted her fate and closed her eyes and prayed once more that Rao would be with her as she journeyed into the light and to protect those she loved. No sooner had her prayer ended did the chamber jerk and begin to move towards a large ship in the distance.

The Legion Ship.

Perhaps it was that she’d dreamed of this very moment many times during her imprisonment that caused Kara to shrug it off as too good to be true. But one minute she was closing her eyes, giving her mind and body over once more to sweet sleep, and then next she was opening them bathed in a warm yellow light, her wife standing by her side holding her hand and crying tears of joy over their reunion.

“Kara! Kara, darling can you hear me?”


“KARA! Alex! She’s awake!”

Lena fell forward onto the sun bed and kissed he wifes lips.
“How….How did you find m-me?”

“Lena and I have been searching for you in the Legion ship ever since we figured out that you’d been sent to space...DId you really believe that we wouldn’t?” questioned Alex, a hint of pain in her voice.

“I...I hoped you would.”

“How long was I gone?”

There was a pregnant pause as Lena and Alex shared a look, obviously debating what to say.

“How long?”

“Kara,” offered Alex, “what matters is we found you and you are safe and…”


Lena sat on the bed beside her wife and tenderly held her hand.

“1 year 11 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours and 27 minutes and 12 seconds.”

Kara looked at her wife with a pained stare. Trying to process the fact that she’d been gone almost exactly two years.

“I tried so hard to get back to you! To all of you. I just couldn’t and I…”

“It’s ok, Kara,” comforted Alex. “None of us thought for one moment that you left on purpose, or that you wouldn’t do everything you could to get home. To us.”

“Kara...there’s...there’s something you should know.”

“Lena, do you really think this is the best time to tell her?”

“I have to Alex. She deserves to know.”

“Tell me what? What’s wrong?”


Kara’s eyes grew 10 sizes as she watched a blonde haired little boy toddle over to Lena and beg to be picked up. He couldn’t have been any older than 2. His blue green eyes lit up as soon as he was lifted into Lena’s arms.
“Kara, I want you to meet Elliot August Zor-el Luthor-Danvers.”

“Lena he…”

“He’s your son Kara, our son.”

“Hey kIddo,” offered Alex. “How about we go get some ice cream!”

The little boy all but lept from Lena’s arms and into Alex’s, and was taken from the room leaving Lena and Kara alone to talk.

“I know what you must be thinking, Kara, and I don’t blame you. But I swear to you that I never…”

“No! Rao, Lena I didn't think that at all, Lena. And even if you had been with someone, I wouldn't hold it against you. It's been 2 years!”

“Kara it could be two decades and I would willingly choose celibacy if I could never be with you again! But he is your son. Our son. Remember the news that I told you I had to share? I was planning to tell you that night that the in vitro worked! With Alura’s help I was able to create a genesis type chamber on earth and merge our DNAs and then have the embryo implanted into my uterus. We’d tried for so long to have a child, and with Alura’s help we made it a reality! It was meant to be a surprise, I had little Super baby shirts made and everything...but then you…”

“I am so sorry, Lena. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you...for Elliot. Had I known, I would have never…”

“You had no way of knowing, nor did you have any way to prevent yourself from being captured. The only one to blame is the alien who tricked you and he has long been dealt with.”

Kara knew better than to play the blame game with Lena, and on some level she knew she was right. It did nothing to assuage the guilt of not being there for her wife during her pregnancy and missing not only the birth but the first year and a half of her son's life.

“I...I hope you like his name...I...I tried to honor our families. Elliot for El, and then Luthor-Danvers for our surnames. I had picked out August because it was always our favorite month. Our first date, our first kiss, our engagement AND our wedding.”

“Don’t forget the first time you screamed my name,” laughed Kara trying to lighten the mood. “I’m pretty proud of THAT particular anniversary.”


“I love you Lena. Your strength never ceases to amaze me!” Kara paused, wrestling in her mind with her next words. “Does he know? That I’m his…”
“That you're his other mommy? Of course he does, Kara! We have shown him pictures and told him stories about you his entire life! You just look a little different now, is all. Do you...Do you want to meet him? Officially I mean.”

“I want to hold him so badly it hurts, Lena.”

As if right on cue, Alex walked in carrying little Elliot, a much-too-large ice cream cone in both of his hands.

“Kara, Elliot has something for you.”

“ ‘ere doh mommy,” said the little one, his tiny new-to-talking voice making Kara’s heart swoon as Alex placed him in Kara’s lap.

Doing her best not to break down and cry, Kara took the ice cream from her son and thanked him. Elliot made a mess all over himself and Kara as he ate before crawling up close to Kara and falling asleep on her chest. Kara was sticky and cold, not to mention emotionally and physically exhausted. But the feeling and the sight of HER son asleep on her chest gave her more joy and strength than the yellow sun of Earth ever could. She handed her unfinished ice cream off to her sister before wrapping her arms around the boy and humming a kryptonian lullaby into his ear, lulling herself in the first peaceful sleep she’d had in a very long time.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure you know which ones to get? You aren't exactly experienced with these types of things.”

“I’m sure, Lena!”

“Really? Because the last time you went to get them for me you weren't even close to getting the right thing.”

“One time! One time I messed up, Lena!


“Fine, twice, but I won't forget this time.”

“Ok, Kara,” said Lena, holding a tiger shaped hot water bottle tightly to her stomach. “I trust you.”

Kara made her way to Lena’s side and knelt down beside her, wrapping her arms around her in an attempt to comfort her wife.

“I hate seeing you like this, Lena. I can’t stand it when you are in pain. I wish you would let me help, I really don’t mind!”

“Kara, you are not going THERE right now.”

“But it’s supposed to help with cramps, babe!” Informed Kara, placing a hand on her wife’s face. “I know you are worried it’ll gross me out, but I really don’t care, I’ll do whatever I need to to make you feel better. You know that!”

“Please, just go to the store Kara. That’s all I want you to do.”

“Fine,” said Kara, trying to hide the disappointment in her voice. She kissed her wife on the cheek and left. Once out of earshot, she called Alex for advice. One of the things that made her different as a Kryptonian was that her reproductive system didnt work the same way as a humans, meaning that she didn’t get a period or cramps or any of the things that human females went through each and every month. She did, however, see how painful it was for Alex every month.

“Kara, just get her the freaking tampons, a box of chocolates, and a really, really good heating pad. Not that crappy tiger thing you got her.”

“Lena LOVES Hugo!”

“I’m sure she does,” laughed Alex. “But trust me, get her one of the weighted electric ones that massage. Kelly bought me one a few months ago and it really makes a difference. Oh, and a bottle of Midol for the cramps. And hot tea!”

“Thanks, Alex...Um…”

“What is it Kara,” asked Alex, sensing that Kara was wanting to ask something else.

“Its just…Ireadthatorgasmshelpwithperiodpainbutlenawontletmegodownonherwhileshesonherperiodeventhoughidontmind”

“Wow...I’m not touching THAT with a 10 foot pole. That’s between the two of you, little sis. Sorry.”

“But Alex!”

“Nope! Love you!”

Before Kara could say anything else, Alex had already hung up. Kara shook the thought from her head and made her way to the store. She grabbed the heating pad that Alex recommended, a big box of chocolates, and a box of Barry’s Tea. On her way to check out she remembered the tampons so she went back and grabbed them off the shelf and made her way back to make her purchase before flying back home to her wife.

“Lena! I’m back, honey! I got you some stuff.”

Kara brought the bag of goodies to their room and placed them on the bedside table. She plugged up the heating pad and placed it lovingly on her wifes stomach and kissed her on the head before going to make her some tea. When she came back, Lena was holding the box of tampons one hand and her face in the other.

“What’s wrong, Lena?”

“You did it, again Kara.”

“Did what?”

Lena sat the box of tampons down on the bed and pointed to the box.

“Just because you are Supergirl doesn't mean you have to buy everything that says ‘Super’ on it. Kara I can’t wear anything bigger than a regular.”

“I’m so sorry!!!”

“It’s ok love.”

At that very moment there was a knock at the door, which confused them both. Neither of them were expecting company and they haven't ordered anything. Despite Kara’s insistence that she stay in bed and relax, Lena stood to her feet and went to the door. Outside she found a small bag with a box of regular tampons and a note that read “My sis is a super idiot, but she means well.” Lena laughed and tucked the note into her pocket and went back inside.

“Who was at the door?”


“Alex left a bag of tampons by the door.”

“Yeah, i talked to her earlier. She’s the one who suggested that heating pad.”

“Would you mind bringing it in here, Hugo too. I’m tired of the bed, and i just want to cuddle and watch movies on the couch.”

“It would be my pleasure...Lena are you sure you don’t want me to…”

“You are not going down on me while i’m on my period!” Said Lena with a stern, almost hateful voice. “You’ll look like a vampire!”

Kara laughed, pressing her lips together as if forbidding herself to speak.

“What’s so funny Kara?’

“Nothing its just…”


Kara smiled one last time as she looked Lena in the eye and cleared her throat. With a completely straight face and in the thickest Dracula voice she could muster, Kara leaned in and said,

“I vant to suck your puss! I vant to suck your puss!”


Chapter Text

“I brought you some tea, love.” Said Kara, touching down on the balcony just outside Lena’s office.

“Thank you, Kara.”

“How many does this make?”


“Seven? Lena seven cups of tea? It’s only lunch time!”

“It’s this migraine. It won't go away. The only thing keeping it manageable is a near constant flow of very BOLD Barry’s tea.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Maybe later, darling,” said Lena with a playful grin. “But right now I really need to get through these spreadsheets. I have a meeting in 2 hours with the Edge and I need to be ready to…”


“Yes, Kara. Morgan Edge.”

“The Morgan Edge who tried to kill you?”

“That was before Crisis, Kara. On this earth he’s still a douchebag, but he’s never tried to kill me.”

“I don’t like this Lena, I don’t think you should be meeting with him. Especially alone.”

“Bold of you to assume you have a say in who I meet with for work!” Yelled Lena, causing her head to pound even harder.

Kara placed Lena’s tea on her desk and turned and flew out the window, trying - and failing - to mask the pain caused by her wife’s outburst. She knew Lena was stressed and hurting, so she tried not to take it to heart, but that didn't stop it from hurting. It wasn’t that she didn't trust Lena, or that she felt like she had a right to control who Lena associated with, especially when it came to business matters. But Kara had never truly been able to get the image of Lena strapped to a DEO table on the edge of death, or how it felt to carry her limp and lifeless body across the city that day. Nevertheless, Kara knew she shouldn't have said anything, especially with Lena already stressed out.

Lena knew she’d over reacted, she knew how much of a trigger Edge was for Kara. She shouldn’t have snapped at her wife like that, or accused her of trying to control her meetings. It was just this damned headache! It was making her irritable. Truly, Edge made her nervous as well. Kara wasn't the only one who retained memories from before Crisis. She remembered very vividly being on the plane when it split in half, she remembered every assasination attempt, and Edge was only one of the perpetrators.

Just as Lena was about to call out for Kara to come back, her assistant notified her that Edge had arrived and seemed very eager to see her. After swallowing a couple tylenol and chugging the rest of the Tea that Kara brought - which was better than any of the cups Lena had consumed all day - she told her to let him in.

Overall the meeting went quite well. Edge was looking for investors in a new business endeavor. Something to do with clean energy maybe? Truthfully, Lena struggled to keep up with what he was saying because he was all over the place, her headache and eagerness to apologize to Kara didn't help matters.

“I’ll look over your notes and let you know something by the end of the week,” informed Lena, standing from her desk and making her way to the door. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m running behind schedule for another meeting.”

“Perhaps we can discuss it more over dinner, I’ll pick you up at 8. Wear that little red number you wore to the gala last month, it was a real head turner!”

“I’m sorry Edge,” said Lena, turning to face Edge. “I’m afraid any further meetings will need to be held in my office. I'm afraid I don’t hold dinner meetings with investors, it wouldn’t be respectful of my wife.”

“That’s still a thing? C’mon Lena,” urged Edge, sliding his hand along Lena’s arm. The feeling of his hand against her bare skin made her shiver with fear and disgust. “It’s just dinner. And if it goes further than that...well perhaps you’ll see that you truly are meant to be with a man.”

“Mr Edge, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave and take your proposal elsewhere.”

While you wouldn't know it to look at her or to listen to her voice, Lena was terrified of the man standing before her.

“Relax Lena,” insisted Edge, placing a hand on either side of her face. “We’re both attractive adults. We’ve been dancing around this for years now.”

Edge's hands began sliding down her shoulders as he brought his lips to her neck, the putrid smell of his breath making Lena sick on her stomach. She was frozen in fear, unable to fight as his hands made their way to her breasts then down to her thighs to hike up her skirt. He was only inches away from the apex of her thighs when the door slammed open, a very angry Kara Luthor-Danvers on the other side.

“DON’T YOU KNOCK?!” Yelled Edge, taking a step back from Lena.

“Get your hands off my wife,” ordered Kara, her voice calm yet urgent as she grabbed Edge by the collar and slammed him into the closest wall. “Lena, are you ok?”

Lena was in shock, and still unable to move or speak. She couldn't bare to make eye contact with anyone, least of all Kara.

“You’re making a mistake. I assure you that nothing…”

“Not another word,” said Kara, struggling to keep from throwing edge through the window. She’d heard the exchange between them, and was kicking herself for not interrupting sooner. She pulled Edge from the wall and dragged him to the door and called for security, ignoring his comments about her being ridiculously strong for someone of her age. Security arrived quickly and took one look at Lena and knew exactly what had occurred. The two men took edge by the arms and assured them that he would be “dealt with accordingly.”

Once they left Kara shut the door and ran to her wife.

“Lena? Lena baby, it’s ok. I’m her now.”

Kara took her wife gently into her arms, slowly bringing them to the couch to sit down.

“I’m...I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Kara, I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t you dare apologize for that sad excuse for a man. You have nothing to apologize for. Nothing.”

Lena looked into her wifes eyes and began to cry, thankful for such an amazing partner and thankful that once again she’d been there exactly when she needed her to be. Crying did her head no favors, unfortunately.

“Will you...will you take me home, Kara?”

Kara nodded and grabbed Lena’s things from the desk before pulling her close as they left the building, waiting until they were out of sight to scoop her up into her arms and fly them both home to their loft.

“How’s your head, Lena? Is it still hurting?”

“So much. It hurts so much, Kara!”

“Well you know, I have an idea of what could help with that.”

“Kara, I’m...I’m sorry, I’m just…”

“A warm bath,” interrupted Kara, surprising Lena. “A warm bath with lots of bubbles and essential oils, and me sitting behind you massaging your neck and shoulders. How does that sound?”

“Only if you’ll get in with me.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Chapter Text

“This makes ZERO sense, Kara!”

“Back me up, Alex! That’s the rules! It’s how you play!”

“She’s not wrong, Lena!”

“This is absurd! You can’t change things just as I was starting to get ahead!”

“Sorry Lena,” laughed Kara.

The room was filled with playful bickering, a sound that was sorely missed lately. There was little time for game nights when you have all sorts of bad guys to fight, not to mention Lena trying to get the foundation up and running and Alex and Kelly adjusting to having Esme at home with them. Tonight was meant to be a double date of sorts, a chance to relax and let loose a little. They’d jumped at the opportunity when Nia offered to baby sit while J’onn and Brainy kept up with patrol.

“At the risk of making you upset,” uttered Kelly. “Draw four, and the color is green.”

“You have gotta be kidding me! How many of these Wild Cards are there in this ridiculous game?”

“8,” informed Alex. “4 regular and 4 draw 4.”

“And yet all of you somehow have one and I don't,” joked Lena. “I’m beginning to think that you’ve all been plotting against me!”

The game continued and much to Lena’s displeasure, the amount of action cards thrown down against her continued to rise. Everyone else had only 2-3 cards left while Lena had 10. Luckily none of the others seemed to be close to winning either, having to pull from the draw pile almost as much as she did.

Lena continued to feign offense each time she was forced to pull a card from the pile or each time a “draw two” card was thrown against her. Little did they know that she was amassing a set of cards that would turn the game around quickly into her favor.

“UNO!” Yelled Kara, looking in Kelly’s direction for her to take her turn.


“Seriously Lena?!”

“All’s fair in love and war darling.”

After reversing the direction of play, the game went on normally, and things had evened out for the most part, though Lena still had her stash of wild cards close to her chest for just the right time. Frustrated with the lag of the game, both Alex and Kelly had forfeited and just watched as Kara and Lena went back and forth.

“UNO!” Kara yelled with excitement! But one look into Lena’s devious eyes told Kara that something was amiss.

“Draw 4, color is red.”

Once Kara had drawn her cards and was waiting for Lena to make her move, Lena laid yet another draw 4 card on top of the last.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Oh my darling, I’m not done!”

Lena proceeded to lay down several more wild cards as well as a few Draw 2 cards. Leaving her with one card and Kara with 16


Kara proceeded to lay down a card, the first chance she’s gotten in many turns. But it wasn't enough. On her next turn, Lena laid down her final card, dancing in celebration as she won the game. It was the first time in a long time that Kara caught a glimpse of the Lena she’d fallen in love with. She didn’t mean to stare, but Lena had always been the most beautiful woman Kara had ever seen, breathtakingly so. And the playful banter during the game had made Kara quite eager for Kelly and Alex to leave, and judging by the wild look in Lena’s eyes when she caught Kara staring, she wasn’t the only one ready to be alone. Neither of them noticed that they’d been staring at each other for several minutes until they were jolted back to reality.

“Well,” said Kelly, “We’re going to head out. It’s getting late.”

“It’s not, but we cant stand to see the two of you eye-fuck each other for another minute.”

“We weren’t…fine.”

And just like that Kara and Lena were alone.

“Care to play another round,” joked Kara.

“Sure. We could do that. Or,” said Lena, removing her shirt to expose her bare chest. “ Or we could play a very different game. Your choice.”

Without skipping a beat, Kara picked Lena up and flew them into their room, eager to get started with the wild night ahead of them.

Chapter Text

From the day she landed on earth, Kara had been amazed at the fact that there was a whole day named for the Sun. Even more so that there was an entire religion that considered it to be a holy day. At first she thought that maybe they also worshiped Rao like they did on Krypton, and had asked the Danvers to take her to the Midvale Christian Church to be with her people and although they warned her that this particular church might not be a good fit, they did. She knew that the Danvers called themselves Christian’s and had a copy of the Christian Holy Book - the Bible - on the table in their den. If the Danvers considered themselves a part of this religion, how bad could it be?


The church that they had taken her too, the one she’d requested to be taken to, was NOT a group of people that Kara wanted to associate herself with. They seemed kind on the surface and welcomed their family into the church warmly and helped them find seats. The music was pleasant and the people around her seemed to have kind hearts, but once the Preacher - as they called him - made his way to the pulpit and began to speak she knew she was not welcome here.

The pastor spoke of a hateful, vengeful, God. One who damned people to a place called hell because they chose to love someone of the same gender. He spoke of the dangers of “alien refugees” invading the country, and how they would bring in more deviants and false religions. He was speaking of HUMAN refugees, but the accusation still hit too close to home. Having felt the warmth and kindness from the people in the church, she’d hoped that someone would speak against him but no one did. Instead they all nodded in agreement as the man standing before them preached a gospel of hatred. Kara barely made it through the service before she had to get out of the building. It was a good thing that she had her powers under control, because she was so mad that if she hadn’t she would have lost control of her heat vision, and that wouldn’t have ended well for anyone.

When they made it home, Eliza and Jeremiah had sat her down and explained to her that some people hold the same beliefs as that church, but that that wasn’t what they believed at all. They told her that there was a growing number of christians who openly supported and defended the belief that Love is Love. THOSE Christians didn’t believe in a hateful God, they believed in a LOVING God. Like Rao.

As she got older, Kara continued to see all the ways that people differed from Kryptonians, but also how they were the same. She knew that Krypton hadn’t always been the accepting and progressive place that it was, so she held out hope for humanity, especially with people like the Danvers among them. She’d never given much thought to her sexuality, since on Krypton it didn't matter. It wasn’t until she met Lena that she really gave it much thought. She’d known the moment she saw Lena that she loved her, and as their friendship grew so did her love. Their feud had torn Kara’s heart to shreds, nearly causing her to do things she wouldn't normally even consider. But now here they were, standing in the front of National City Christian Church reciting their vows and being married by a Lesbian Pastor, the same one who had presided over Kelly and Alex’s wedding just last year.

The world was changing for the better, and although there were still a great many who fought against them, and against anyone who didn't love like they did, all she needed to do was to look in to the blue-green eyes of the woman she loved and she had hope again.

Chapter Text

“Ugh! I’m such an idiot! I made CERTAIN that there were enough blankets for everyone! I went out and bought extra fluffy ones! But I washed them and they STILL aren't dry! Stupid old cheap piece of…”

“Alex!” interrupted Kara. “Breathe! It’s fine!”

“There are 3 blankets for 5 people, Kara! How is that fine?”

“Honey, you and I can share a blanket like we always do.”

“And I never get cold so I don't need one! Nia and Lena can have the others!”

With the blanket issue solved, the women settled in front of the TV with more than enough alcohol and junk food than they could possibly need. After some debate, they all agreed on Black Widow as this evening's first movie. None of them had had the chance to see the movie yet, so they were all excited to see a movie about a badass - and hot as hell - female superhero! As usual, Kelly and Alex cuddled together on the couch while Nia sat in the chair leaving Lena and Kara on the floor.

All went well until about half an hour into the movie when Romanov gets thrown off a bridge into the cold dark water. While Lena didn’t visibly appear affected, Kara heard her heart begin to race.

“Lena, would you mind sharing your blanket?” Whispered Kara. “I’m a little chilly.”

“What happened to ‘I don't get cold’, sis?” Teased Alex.

“Of course I can share, Kara.”

Once under the blanket, she could hear how Lena’s heartbeat slowed and her body physically relaxed to being closer to her. This wasn’t new for them, nor was it odd. Under the blanket, Kara wrapped her arm around Lena’s lower back, while Lena placed her hand on Kara’s thigh to keep it from being crushed between them. This wasn’t new for them, nor was it odd. They were friends, best friends. Or at least that’s what Kara thought.

Halfway through the movie, Lena’s heart began to race again. They were in the middle of an action scene so Kara figured that she was really into the movie. Until she felt the hand in her lap begin to drift upwards slowly, starting with just a move of Lena’s pinky finger dipping slightly beneath her bed shorts. Kara would be lying if she said that she never thought about crossing this line with Lena. She’d spent more than one night alone in her bedroom playing out different scenarios with her hand down her own pants, but she’d never acted on it, never felt like she could risk their friendship. But in this moment, as Kara’s own heart began to race, it occurred to her that maybe Lena had thought of it too.

After the initial movement, Lena stopped, as if seeking consent before continuing. Unable to vocalize her consent without arousing suspicion, Kara simply widened her legs under the blanket, giving Lena all the consent she needed to continue.


Lena kept her gaze on the TV in front of her, from the outside no one would know anything was happening. Internally however, her heart was beating at a rapid pace, and her hand was eager to touch Kara in ways she’d only dreamed of.Her hand was placed innocently on Kara’s leg, but dangerously close to the inside of her thigh. Every minute or so, she would move her hand closer to Kara’s inner thigh, allowing her pinky to sneak just a tad bit below her shorts. But Kara didn't seem to react. If this was going to happen, Lena needed more than just a lack of no. She needed to know for sure that Kara was ok with this, that she wanted this too. She ended assurance that she wasn’t crossing a boundary that would ruin their friendship forever. So she stopped, and waited for Kara to give her a sign that it was ok to continue. Consent came in the form of Kara widening her legs and gently squeezing the place where Kara’s hand rested. She couldn’t hide the smirk that came across her face, so it was a good thing that the room was dark.

Hoping to properly “warm” her up, Lena began massaging her inner thigh, slowly working her way beneath Kara’s shorts, stopping only when her hand made contact with Kara’s warm woman hood, cupping it in the palm of her hand above her underwear. She started slow, fingers rubbing gentle circles around her clit until she could feel Kara’s arousal pooling in her underwear. She carefully raised her hand and slipped just her fingertips beneath the band on Kara’s underwear before once more checking for consent. Another squeeze to her lower back told her it was ok, so she continued slipping her hand inside until her fingers made contact with the place she’d so desperately dreamed of touching. Once more, Lena began rubbing gentle circles to Kara’s clit, changing speed and pressure as she went. The angle was weird, and slightly painful, but it didn't matter. Kara kept still, a great feat no doubt, as Lena continued to pleasure her. She could tell by the way Kara had started to carefully grip her back that she was getting close, too soon for Lena’s liking although probably for the best as the movie only had about 10 minutes left. Still, Lena couldn’t let Kara finish without knowing what it felt like to be inside her.

Lena continued massaging small circles, but made her way lower until she could feel her fingers sink just barely into Kara’s warmth, her arousal making it easy to sink fingers deep inside eliciting a small cry from Kara. Given that there was a surprise reveal in the movie at that exact moment, no one was any wiser, and the action continued to grow in volume. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lena began to gently pump in and out of Kara using her palm to massage her clit as she went. She could feel Kara begin to quivver around her fingers, sending a wave of arousal through her own body. She could feel Kara holding deliciously tight to her lower back, a series of quick squeezes which Lena took to mean she was doing a good job. It wasn’t until she felt Kara’s warmth clench around her fingers that she realized it was a warning.

All at once, Lena’s vision turned black as she felt the bones in her fingers shatter, unable to contain a small cry of pain. As fate would have it, the cry came at the exact moment that the credits began to roll so there was no sounds of action to hide it.

“Sorry!” breathed Lena, trying to mask her pain, her fingers still trapped inside Kara. “I think i dozed off there for a little bit, must have had a nightmare.”

“Yeah,” said Nia, starting to get up from her chair. “I think I dozed a bit too. I should probably head home. I have an early day tomorrow, and I doubt Andrea will be happy if I fall asleep on the job...again.”

After a chorus of be safes and good nights Nia was gone.

“ were wide awake this whole time. I saw you...why did you…” Alex Paused, taking in the scene in front of her. Her baby sister and their friend underneath a blanket, sitting a little closer than normal. Kara breathing a bit too hard, and both of them looking extremely guilty. “You have got to be fucking kidding me!”

“Babe,” questioned Kelly, “What’s wrong?”

“These two idiots were messing around underneath the blanket this whole time!”


“Do you deny it Kara?

“No, but…”

There was a brief pause. One where an image of a college aged Kara begging her to help get the pieces of a shattered vibrator out of her popped into Alex’s traumatized head.

“Oh God, Kara...Seriously?!” Lena please tell me you didn’t…” The silence coupled with the pained expression on Lena’s pale face told Alex that she in fact HAD done exactly what she thought. “Kells, go get the first aid kit and a bucket of hot soap water...and a bottle of scotch for me.”

“I’m so confused,” admitted Kelly. “Who’s hurt?”

With a small cry of pain, Lena carefully removed her fingers from inside of Kara and placed them in her lap above the blanket.

“That would be me…”

“But how...oh...OH! Oh my God!!”

“Yeah, Lena finger fucked Kara while the rest of us sat here eating popcorn and watching a movie and now she has three broken fingers.”


After a torturous half an hour of cleaning and bandaging Lena’s fingers, she and Kara said goodbye to a very traumatized Alex and Kelly before flying off to Kara’s loft for the night. Once there, Kara carefully helped Lena into the bed and climbed in next to her.

“So are we going to talk about this?’

“Kara, I’m still processing the fact that you broke my fingers with your vagina, not to mention the humiliation of your sister helping me clean your juices off of my hand so she could bandage them.”

“ I guess that means you probably regret it then.”

“No Kara, I do not regret it. In fact I would very much like to do it again, just as soon as we find a way for you not to break my fingers or crush my skull between your legs.”

Kara felt her brain misfire at the thought of Lena between her legs, leaving her stunned and unable to speak.

“Do you regret it?”

“No! God, NO!”

“So you want there to be a next time too then?”

“Absolutely,” laughed Kara. “Only next time, I’ll be sure to break your bed instead of your fingers!”


Chapter Text

“Lena,” begged Kara. “Please say something.”

“What do you want me to say, Kara? That everything is fine? That nothing has changed? I can’t do that!”

“I...I didn’t mean for this to go so far! I wanted to tell you, I really did, but he…”

“He what Kara? What exactly did he say that kept you from telling your wife the truth?”

Kara and Lena stood facing each other, glass from the shattered tower window covering the floor. They’d had fights before, but not like this one. This one was far worse. 

“Lena, please baby!”

“Don’t ‘please baby’ me, Kara! You promised me that this wouldn't happen again!”

“I know but…”

Before Kara could answer a sleepy little 4 year old with curly red hair stumbled his way over to them.


“Elliot,” said Lena, picking up her son, his bare half kryptonian feet impervious to the glass beneath his feet. “What are you doing awake, little one?”

“You and mama were fighting.”

“We weren’t fighting, ukiem” comforted Kara, wrapping her arm around her wife and son. “Mommy was just a little upset that Mama took you flying again without telling her first.”

“Mama, was supposed to tell mommy so that I could watch!”

“Don’t be mad at Mama, Mommy. I wanted to surprise you with how good I'm getting.”

“You are getting good at flying, ukiem,” laughed Kara scratching the top of Elliot’s head. “It’s the stopping we have to work on!"

“Maybe Mommy shoulda got ‘tonian proof glass for the windows. S’not my fault her didn’t think ahead.”

Kara tried, and failed, to keep from laughing. Elliot was DEFINITELY  Lena’s son, not that there was any question. 

“You know what, Elliot, you are right! Mommy should have used Kryptonian proof glass! You are so smart!”

“I know,” scoffed Elliot with a shrug.

Kara and Lena shared a smile, both mouthing “Your son” to the other and laughing under their breath.

“What do you say we get you back to bed and tomorrow you and mama can go flying while Mommy gets the window replaced. You can even sleep between Mommy and me, how does that sound, little one?”

Elliot nodded his head and gripped Lena tight around the neck as she carried him into their room and tucked him into bed beside her with Kara sliding in close on the opposite side. He was out within seconds of Kara’s lullaby, but she kept singing anyway, brushing the hair behind her wifes ear and smiling as she sang:

It seems far away, but there once was a day it was grey in a world without you. To this heart like a dove from above, the miracle of your love found me. So sleep, fall into night's indigo hue. Believe me, it's true. There's nothing that I would not do. For my dream is sweet dreams for you.

Chapter Text

“This is amazing! I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“What do you mean? You took me to a wine tasting last month.”

“Yes, Kara. Wine. Not coffee. And definitely not like this. This is...this is something else!”

This was, in fact, something else. With so much media attention surrounding Lena’s new powers, she had been constantly bombarded with not only people asking for an exclusive, but with less-than-admirable publications and tabloids dragging her through the mud with accusations of nefarious intent. Kara could see how it was weighing on her, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. No one cared that Lena had risked everything to defeat Nyxly and Lex, that it was LENA who was stronger than even Supergirl, and had been the only one strong enough to defeat Nxyly and Lex when they attacked. No, they still saw her as nothing more than a Luthor.

Last week had been the breaking point. Kara had come to find Lena curled up in a ball on the floor, her body wracked with emotions soaking the floor with her tears. A rather nasty blog post had gone viral twisting any good thing Lena had done and turning it into something evil. They’d even gone so far as to accuse her of being responsible for setting Nxly free and allowing her to terrorize the world. It was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, and Lena could no longer take it. She was broken.

After a quick call to J’onn to let him know that they’d have to get by without them for a few days or so, Kara called Andrea. Catco had been the ONLY publication painting Lena as a hero, and Andrea was eager to help in any way she could. In this case, it was lending Kara the Catco Jet to wisk Lena away from it all. There was a small village in Costa Rica that Kara had taken refuge in once before becoming Supergirl, when her powers got to be too much. She’d built her own little cabin deep in the jungle, and while there was no electricity or running water, candles and a quiet stream provided them with what they needed. It was close enough to San Jose that Kara could easily and safely fly them to town for food or distraction, but far enough away that they could enjoy being alone.

The day they arrived, Kara pampered Lena with the massage oils she’d brought from home before making love to her in front of the fire, showing her hero just how beautiful and loved she was by her. They ended the night in each other’s arms, right where they belong.

Now, it was morning and Kara was taking Lena all over Costa Rica in her arms. They spent the morning laying in the surf of Playa Uvita, marveling at the whale’s tail shaped sand bar. Flew over the Arenal Volcano and explored the terrain. The spent a great deal of time in the Territorio De Zaguates, or The Land of a Thousand Strays, playing with the dogs - and Lena convincing Kara that they couldn't take them all home. Now they were flying to the top cafes in Costa Rica for Lena to taste the best coffee that Costa Rica had to offer. Usually, their finest brews are saved for exports, but a select few places served it to the people. By the end of the day, they both were deliciously exhausted and had long forgotten the drama that awaited them at home.
“Kara, I can’t believe you did all of this for me. I...I’m not…”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence, Lena. You are MORE than worth it. You saved us all, saved ME.”

“There’s one more place I want to take you. It’s not far from here, if you’re up for it.”

“Nap first?”

“Actually we’ll be going first thing in the morning, so we have the rest of the evening to rest, my love.”

Lifting Lena into her arms, Kara flew Lena back to their hidden oasis where they once again found themselves cuddling by the fire, making love once more before and catching a few hours of sleep. Kara woke them an hour before sunrise and flew them to the Blue Falls of Bajos Del Toro arriving just in time to watch the sun rise, rays of light breaking casting colorful rainbows all around them as they bathed in the blue waters, their bodies pressed together for warmth. Of all the places Lena had been in her life, this was by far the most beautiful. Although For Kara, who had seen many beautiful places on many planets, nothing could compare to the sight of her beautiful girlfriend floating in the water, a look of pure bliss on her face. When Lena turned and looked into her eyes, Kara’s body quivered with desire. It was as if her body took over, drawing her towards Lena like a moth to a flame.They took refuge behind the blue falls, making love surrounded by prisms of color - the sounds of rushing water concealing the sounds of the cries of ecstasy - stopping only when their bodies were too weak to continue.

Once they regained their strength, Kara flew them to a small cafe hidden deep in the outskirts of San Jose where they filled their bellies before climbing back on the CatCo jet and heading home. Neither of them were eager to go back to the real world, but they knew they had to. With a clearer head and a refreshed spirit, Lena knew that as long as she had Kara - and their friends - she could handle whatever the world threw at her.

Chapter Text

It was late in the evening when it happened. Lena was working in her basement lab way later than any sane human would, but she was really struggling to find a solution to the flaw in Kara’s kryptonite proof suit. It protected her from Kryptonite, and even had a yellow sun feature to help keep her strong. But it was weak. She and Alex had gone over schematics for a new suit but all of their efforts had proven fruitless.

“We need to find a way to make the suit as strong as she is, without hindering her mobility.”

“Right,” said Alex, listening to Lena through her ear piece. She was at the tower training with Kelly, but she still made a point to listen to Lena ramble. Multi-Tasking was one of her strongest traits. “We need to make sure it can handle any situation. Fire, impact, it would be nice if it could keep her safe under water as well.”

“Exactly. We need to make sure it is perfect before we send her out in it again. Kryptonian or not, she isn't…”

Before Lena could finish her sentence she was cut off by a massive explosion, the sound echoing into Alex’s comms device so loudly it made her wince.

“Lena?” Screamed Alex, a concerned Kelly placing a hand on her wife’s arm. “Lena? Lena, answer me damn it!”

When no answer came, Alex used the Arm of the Soldier and summoned a flight suit allowing herself to fly to the building where Lena was working, an old LuthorCorp building that had been left to her after Lex and Lillian were killed in their fight with Nxyly. The closer she got, the more worried she became. Not only was the building completely engulfed in flames - with Lena trapped in the basement - but the smoke was glowing a sickeningly familiar shade of green. 


No sooner did the realization hit her did Kara appear by her side. They were far enough from the building that the Kryptonite wasn't effecting her. When it hit Kara that Lena might be inside, she instantly took off, but was stopped short by the weakening effects of the Kryptonite.

“Kara, you can’t go in there. The firefighters are on their way, you have to sit this one out.”

“I have to save her!”

“Kara, you need to calm down and let the firefighters do their job this time!”


“NO, Kara! No buts! You can’t do anything for her! With the Kryptonite in the air, you’ll be killed!”

Helpless to do anything, Kara floated in the air and watched with bated breath as the firefighters struggled to contain and extinguish the fire. She could only hope that by some miracle, Lena survived. 

Inside, Lena was slowly regaining consciousness on the floor surrounded by flames, a sharp burning sensation covering half of her face. Putting her hand to her cheek, she felt the blistering burns on her skin, and cried out in pain. She pulled herself close into a tight ball trying to stay away from the flames, screaming for Kara or anyone that might be listening to come save her, and cursing herself from becoming too careless with her experiments. Only she couldn’t for the life of her remember what she could have done to cause a fire. She searched the room for any sign of the cause but found only a room filled with flames that grew closer to her by the second. It was only then did she notice the faint green glow in the room. 


Suddenly it all made sense. She’d been creating synthetic kryptonite at the same time she’d been testing the Flame resistance of the suit. In its completed state, Kryptonite didn’t react to fire, but in the creation stage, many of the compounds were not only flammable, but explosive. The realization came with the recognition that not only had she caused the fire, but she’d done so in such a way that prevented her best friend from saving her without endangering herself in the process. 

Lena had all but given up hope when she saw a flashing green light just a few feet from her. It was the ring that held the prototype suit that they’d been testing was flashing green, a sign that kryptonite was within 500 feet. Obviously she knew this, given the green haze that filled the room. But what she didn't know was if any of the other features worked as well. Staying low to the ground, Lena crawled to the ring and put it on her finger, with the squeeze of her hand, it activated completely encapsulating her in the suit. The prototype was a design that she and Alex had designed together, and while it was not perfect by any means, Lena hoped that at least the oxygen generating and fire/explosion proof worked. As soon as the helmet materialized on her head, her lungs filled with clean oxygen instead of smoke and chemicals.

Air quality, check. 

Needing to know if the suit would withstand the flames, Lena cautiously drew closer to the fire but felt no heat. Even as she reached into the flames, she felt no warmth from the fire, only the cool synthetic fibers of the SuperSuit. Satisfied that she was - at least for the moment - safe, Lena made her way to the corner of the room furthest from where the explosion. She sat down once more, pulling her legs to her chest and resting her face on her knees. The suit was capable of filtering  the air from outside into clean breathable air, but Lena had no way of knowing if it would work for long periods of time as the suit still hadn’t been properly tested. And while it also had an onboard oxygen supply, she was unable to know just how long she would be trapped. So she took care to keep her breathing steady, closing her eyes and attempting to relax as much as possible given the circumstances.  She must have dozed off, because when she opened her eyes she was in the tower med-bay, a very concerned looking Kara by her side holding her hand.


“LENA! Thank Rao you’re ok!”

“H-How did i get here?”

“J’onn. He was able to phase through the flames and found you. I...I couldn’t get to you.”

Lena could see the guilt on Kara’s face. She knew that it must have destroyed her to not be able to help put out the fire and save her the way she always had. Judging by the soot stans and burned fibers on her clothing, it wasn't for lack of trying.

“Kara, you would have died trying! There was Kryptonite! And that was MY fault! You would have died and that would have been my fault!”

A tear fell down Lena’s cheek burning the injured skin, causing her to wince in pain.

“At least now i’ll look like the monster they always feared I was,” said Lena, bringing her hand to her face.

“You’re no monster, Lena” promised Kara, gently placing a hand on either side of Lena’s face, careful not to touch her bandaged wound. “And you are every bit as beautiful now as you ever were.”

Carefully and tenderly, Kara kissed Lena’s cheak. Once. Then Twice, then yet again a third time, each time making her way closer to the lips she’d longed to kiss for longer than she cared to admit. Lena felt something stir within her as Kara pressed their lips together, the kiss saying wordlessly what neither of them had been able to say out loud. 

“You’re awake,” yelled Nia excitedly before realizing that she was interrupting a passionate - albeit gentle moment between the two women. Neither woman even realized she came into the room, too lost in the love that was swelling inside their hearts at the feel of their lips pressed together.  “Aaannndddd you're kissing….I’m just gonna…yeah.”

Nia turned to leave the room and bumped into the rest of the superfriends who had come to check on their injured friend.

“Y’all might want to give them a minute. I think this was the catalyst they needed to finally get their heads out of their asses.”

“Wait you mean…” questioned Kelly.


“Freaking finally,” laughed Alex as they all turned to leave, giving Kara and Lena the privacy they needed to bask in the new realizations that came with a brush with death and a tender kiss.

Chapter Text

No one knew. 

No one knew when she came home from work and poured herself a few too many drinks, the harsh burn of the liquid serving as a metaphor for the pain in her chest every time she thought of the betrayal.

No one knew that for every simulation she ran of being able to take her anger out on her best friend, there were at least two others where she cried at the betrayal instead, allowing herself to be held by the very one who had betrayed her.

No one knew that even though she put up a hostile front and insisted that she didn’t want to try to fix things, in reality she was just just so scared to get hurt again. With every tearful apology and pained cry, the wall she’d constructed around her broken heart got a little bit thinner, and she prayed that the promise to never give up on her was a genuine one.

No one knew that at night as she drifted off to a drunken sleep, she prayed that her dreams would paint a better reality. One where there was no betrayal. No secret identity. No hurt. Only a world where she and Kara were together in every way, sharing their home, their bed, and their bodies. One where they were everything to each other, and were a force to be reckoned with.

No one knew that she was haunted by the screams of the inmates that she’d tested Non Nochere on. It wasn't until it was too late that she knew what Lex had done, killing them all by setting the whole prison ablaze, and there was nothing she could do about it.

No one knew of the fear that consumed her as Lex screamed in her face that she was useless. Telling her that he’d known she was going to fail all along and he was just waiting for the moment to swoop in and save the day. The trauma of being abused in every way possible by her narcissistic and megalomaniacal family forcing her back into the dark abyss that she’d spent most of her youth trapped in.

No one knew that this was the final straw. She truly had no one. Her actions had alienated her from those she truly loved, and who truly loved her - despite their deception making her believe otherwise.  A life drowning in darkness and taking solace in fantasy is no life at all. 

No one knew as she scribbled a few paragraphs on a piece of paper before folding it and sliding it into a blank envelope and laid it on the table underneath the signal watch Kara had given her just a few short months ago.

No one knew as she took one final drink, eyeing the revolver in her hand before bringing it to her head, her finger trembling as she pulled the trigger. The sound of the gun startled her. She felt no pain, no impact. She shouldn’t be alive.  

She didn't know that for the last few months when Lena was away at work, that Kara would sneak into her apartment and hold her sweaters to her chest and cry. 

She didn’t know that not a single day went by that Kara didn't long to be close to her again.

She didn't know that Kara had never stopped believing in Lena, even if Lena had given up on herself and allowed trauma to lead her to do things that she might not otherwise do.

She didn’t know that Kara spent every free moment of her day sitting on her roof top. 

She didn’t know that the moment Kara heard the hammer being pulled back on the gun, that she’d raced to Lena’s side just in time to slide her hand between the gun and Lena’s head.

Kara gently took the gun from Lena’s hand and slid it across the floor away from them, not saying a word. She knelt down and took Lena’s hand into her own and just stared into the green eyes in front of her, silently conveying all of the love and forgiveness and affection that could be shown in a single look. Lena couldn’t help but slide down into the floor and allow herself to be held by her savior and friend as she cried.  

There was no pretense, no tension, no hatred, or ill will. 

Kara wanted very much to kiss the pain she felt in Lena’s body as she cried out in emotional agony. She wanted to tell her that she loved her, that she was the most important person to her and that she would spend the rest of their lives loving her and showing her how truly loved she was.

Instead, Kara held her and let her cry. Holding on to the fact that at least for this moment, there was hope for a better tomorrow.

Chapter Text

The couch was her best friend. Wrapped tightly in her fuzziest weighted blanket several thermoses full of strong black tea was where Lena had stayed for the last 4 days, unwilling to move from that spot for the foreseeable future. 

She hadn’t meant for it to get this bad, normally an evening of indulging in an overabundance of the finest scotch the Luthor name could buy and shutting herself off from the world for 24 hours was all it took to get her out of a funk. 

Feel the darkness. Embrace the darkness. Then Let it go.

It had worked for most of her adult life. When she felt one of her darker moods coming on, she’d confine herself to her penthouse, lie to everyone who might ask and say that she was going out of town on business so she wouldn’t be disturbed, and then lock herself up and drink her weight in alcohol until she felt nothing.  Not the healthiest coping mechanism, but it’s what she did nonetheless. Usually Kara would show up suspiciously soon after she said she was back in town, which always made her wonder if she knew she wasn’t really gone. 

This time was different though. This was a darkness that she didn't know how to pull herself out of. This darkness came from learning your Best Friend - and secret love of your life - had a secret identity in the same moment you watch her get beaten to a pulp before watching her fall from the sky and not get back up, a swarm of DEO Agents surrounding her and whisking her away before you have a chance to really comprehend what you’ve seen. She couldn’t even bring herself to chase after her and refuse to leave her side until you knew she was ok.

No, instead Lena had gone home and cancelled all of her meetings for the week and started drinking until she could no longer stand. And then she wrapped herself up and laid on the couch staring off into the abyss. When she woke the next morning with a pounding headache, she couldn't bring herself to care. 

“The best cure for a hangover is more scotch,” Lena said to no one as she poured herself another drink. And then another and another once again drinking herself into stupor and then doing the same thing over and over. Before she knew it, it had been 4 days and she was STILL laying on the couch, smelling of scotch and body odor. 

Pulling her phone from her pocket, Lena saw the overwhelming amount of alerts about the fight, each article more callus yet panicked at the same time.  There were some news stations playing a live loop of the fight on their social media platforms. Seeing the footage, Lena was flooded with guilt for not rushing to her friend's side. Knowing that Kara wouldn’t be able to answer anyway, she decided to send a text that she knew would likely never get a response. 

ME [9:27AM] : You lied to me. 

ME [9:28AM] : You deceived me. 

ME [9:28AM] : I want to be angry with you. 

ME [9:29AM] : I Want to march down to your loft and scream in your face about how you’ve betrayed me after promising me to never hurt me. 

ME [9:30AM] : How you were the one person who I knew I could always trust not to hurt me or let me down. 

ME [9:31AM] : But I can’t do that because you aren't in your loft, you’re somewhere different altogether. 

ME [9:31AM] : You could very well be dead for all I know.

ME [9:32AM] : I may never know. 

ME [9:34AM] : And you’ll never know how much I loved you. 

ME  [9:34AM] : I never got to tell you that you mean more to me than any friend I’ve ever had.

ME [9:35AM] : That I wanted us to be so much more. 

ME [9:35AM] : I can’t believe I’m texting you when I know you aren’t going to respond.

ME [9:35AM] : Guess I can blame the scotch for that.

Before she could send another text, Lena’s phone screen turned black. It’s a miracle that her phone battery lasted as long as it had. She didn't care to find the charger and instead just stumbled her way to the liquor cabinet and grabbed another two bottles of scotch and went back to her cozy place on the couch, this time drinking straight from the bottle. She knew that her headache should concern her. That the fact that she was dizzy even laying down should concern her. She was destroying her liver, and hadn’t eaten in days, but she couldn't bring herself to care. She just kept drinking until she passed out on the couch.



Chapter Text

The first few days that Kara was injured and unconscious, Alex did little more than stay by her sister's side. But when things started looking up, she wanted to get her sister's things in order for when she woke up. Her phone was - surprisingly - undamaged in the fight, but the battery was dead so she plugged it and started getting dry clothes together, the comfiest ones she could find. 

A few minutes after having plugged in the phone, it had enough power to turn itself on and started to ping multiple times in a row. She hadn’t meant to read the messages, truly. She’d only intended to silence the phone and then go about her day. But when she saw the volume of messages from Lena, she knew that they’d messed up. Even without her knowing Kara’s secret, Kara had been gone for 4 days without so much as a goodbye. She’d NEVER do that to Lena. After giving J’onn a heads up to what was going on, Alex ran out of the DEO and took off on her bike straight to Lena’s penthouse.

“Lena? Lena, it’s Alex. Are you...LENA!”

The elder Danvers sister ran to the couch where Lena lay unconscious, her pale white skin a sickening shade of blue around her nose and mouth.


Alex checked her pulse which was thready at best, but still present nonetheless. The smell of scotch that filled the penthouse - coupled with the many empty bottles told Alex all that she needed to know. “Damnit, Lena! Why didn’t you call me?”

Being careful not to hurt her, Alex slowly slid Lena off the couch and into the floor before rolling her over into the Bacchus Maneuver and called J’onn who showed up minutes later to help get Lena to the DEO. Upon arrival they got to work hooking her up to IV Fluids and Covering her in warm blankets to stave off hypothermia. Even with all of their efforts, Lena’s body still began to convulse and they had to perform CPR several times to save her.

“Brainy, Get a tank ready!”

“Already ahead of you, agent Danvers.”

J’onn lifted Lena’s lifeless body into his arms and flew her to the Legion ship where Brainy, Imra, and Mon-El were all waiting to engage the tank. With Lena being fully human, they’d need to place a breathing apparatus on her face to keep her from drowning. Imra got to work quickly on that - as well as placing the same AI Crown on her head that Kara wore - while Mon-El and Brainy finished altering the settings for a human’s biology. With the mask in place and the adjustments made, Brainy shut the tank and with a press of a button it filled with water and Lena began to float. Alex breathed a sigh of relief as her vitals started to improve, burying her face in J’onn’s shoulder in an attempt to hide the tears that had started to fall.



Chapter Text


“Lena? How...How are you here? Oh God, did she get  you too? I should have been there to protec…” “Save it Supergirl.”

She hadn’t meant to let it come out with such venom, but it had. Lena was terrified, confused, and all around just beside herself. The last thing she remembered was drinking herself into a stupor and now she was standing in Kara’s loft healthy as a horse.

“Y-You know?”


“How...How long?”

“Since the night Reign threw Supergirl off the roof. I watched Supergirl die, Kara. Only it wasn’t Supergirl, it was you. I don’t know why I never saw it before, but that night, when I saw you reach out your hand to stop the little girl from coming to help you, I saw through the facade and realized I was watching my best friend being beaten, being KILLED.”

“Lena, I...I’m so sorry. I was going to tell you. I was going to tell you THAT DAY! But then…”

“But then you went and got yourself killed without any consideration for those who love you? What would they have told me, Kara? Car accident?  Would there be a headline underneath Supergirl’s Death story that Read “Kara Danvers, talented reporter with heart of gold killed in fiery car crash? Or would they simply tell me that you’d moved away?”


Kara made her way across the room to Lena’s side and attempted to embrace her.

“Dont,” said Lena, extending an arm to keep her from coming any closer. “Don’t touch me. Just...Tell me how we get out of here.”

“I don’t know.”


Lena walked to the furthest corner of the room and sat down, her body giving out because of all of the emotional/physical stress. Kara kept her distance, but still took a few steps closer before sitting down facing Lena. Neither of them uttered a single word to each other. They had now idea that their hearts were broken for the same reason. After what felt like hours of tense silence, Lena finally spoke her truth.

“I’m glad you’re ok, Kara. You ARE ok right? We aren’t both dead and trapped together in some strange purgatory right?”

“I’m ok. There is a coulouan, Brainiac 5, who tried to explain to me what is going on. The long and the short of it is I am on a ship from the future inside of a stasis chamber with healing properties because I died several times and this was the only way to keep me alive.”


“Yeah...Lena...why are YOU here?”

Lena paused. She didn’t know how to tell Kara taht she was here because she'd drank so much in the last 4 days that she doesn't remember how she got here or where here even is.

“I...I’m not sure. I don't remember much of anything,” uttered Lena.

“You were drinking again, weren’t you?”

Lena hung her head, the shamed look on her face giving Kara the answer she needed.

“Don’t,” said Kara, sliding as close as she could to Lena and lifting her chin gently so they were looking at each other. “Don’t hang your head. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“You don’t understand Kara...I watched you...I watched you...And i never got to tell you that….”

“I love you too, Lena.”

“What? How did you…”

“I’ve known for a while now. I could see it in the way you looked at me, feel it in your touch.”

“Why did you never say anything?”

“Because I...I couldn’t let you love me while you were in the dark. But I have loved you for every moment of my life since the day we first met.”

The words were everything Lena wanted to hear and so much more, her emotions took over her body, causing her to crash forward in a bruising kiss. No sooner had their lips collided did they both wake up in empty tanks side by side, with everyone staring at them with a look of relief. Kara and Lena shared a look of love and understanding as they were helped out of their tanks and into dry clothing. The needed to talk about what had happened in their shared limbo, but for now, they had to focus on bringing down Reign. The knowledge that the sooner that was taken care of the sooner she and Lena could truly be together gave Kara the new found confidence to fight Reign.


The End.

Chapter Text

“Kara, I don’t know about this!”

“I won't let anything happen to you I promise! Don’t you trust me, Lena?”

“Implicitly, darling. However I’m not so sure that I…”

“I’ve got you, Lena! C’mon! Just come flying with me!”

Kara flashed those baby blues at Lena and all of her reservations about flying went out the window. It wasn’t the first time she’d been carried through the sky in Kara’s arms, but every other time it had been out of necessity. She’d been poisoned, there was an assasination attempt and she needed to be flown to safety, etc. She knew that Kara would never let her fall - although there had been one time when Kara nearly crashed them into a building when Lena accidentally gripped her breast instead of her shoulder - but this was different. This was Kara wanting to fly leisurely around the city with Lena to watch the sunset. It was incredibly romantic, truly, but that didn't stop Lena from being nauseous just thinking about it.

“Oh, Alright. But go slow, and not too high please.”

Kara squealed with joy as she scooped Lena into her arms and flew out the window and high up into the sky. The view was extraordinarily beautiful, and the way Kara’s eyes lit up as they shared this experience together was indescribable. Lena wanted so badly to enjoy herself, so she did her best to focus on the beautiful colors of the sunset and the feeling of being held in her girlfriend's arms. It worked for a while, she truly was having a good time until she stupidly looked down and saw exactly how high up they were. Kara’s loft was nearly 800 feet high, and they were currently at least 200 feet above it. 

“Kara...Kara I...I don’t feel so good. I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Hang on!”

Kara quickly - but carefully - flew them back down just in time for Lena to throw up in the trash bin of the rooftop garden. As Lena continued to be sick, Kara flew off only long enough to grab a couple bottles of water from her loft and was right back at Lena’s side, rubbing her back with one hand and holding her hair back with the other. 

“I’m so sorry, Lena. I shouldn’t have pressured you to come flying with me.”

Lena sat down and laid back against Kara, enjoying the feeling of being held by the woman she loved more than anything in the world as she cooled her hands with her freezebreath and held them to Lena’s face and neck. There was something so intimate about being taken care of in this way. No expectations, nothing sexual, just pure love and comfort.

“It’s quite alright, Kara. I loved watching the sunset with you. Maybe we can watch it from a mountain top from now on? Feet firmly on the ground?”

“Deal. Are you feeling better? You still look a little green.”

“I just need to catch my breath a bit more and then we can head downstairs.”

“I guess this would be a bad time to ask you…”

“Ask me what Kara?”

“Nothing. I wanted it to be special and romantic, but you’ve been throwing up for the last 10 minutes so now would be the LEAST romantic time to ask you to mar…”

“The answer will be, yes!”


“Ask me.

“Lena, you just…”

“Kara Danvers, you either ask me to marry you right now or I’ll ask you before you get the chance.”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Tell that to the ring hidden under your pillow at this very moment…”

Not willing to be beaten to the punch, Kara pulled a beautiful rose gold diamond ring from her boot and held it out in front of Lena - since they were already sitting.

“Lena Kieran Luthor, will you marry me?”

“I’ll consider it.”


“Just kidding,” laughed Lena as she held her hand out for Kara to slide the ring onto her finger. Once there, Kara leaned in for a kiss but was stopped by a hand on her mouth.

“No, no kissing, I’ve got a vomit breath.”

“Don’t care. Kiss me anyway.”

“As you wish.”

Chapter Text

“So, what did she want?”

Kara stood perfectly still, barely able to breathe at the thought of the caller's request.

“Kara,” questioned Lena, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. 

“Andrea is commissioning a book about Supergirl and she wants me to write it.”

Lena took a step back, questioning the motives of her friend. Andrea knew that Kara was Supergirl, Lena had painstakingly convinced Kara to tell her the truth instead of quitting CatCO altogether.

Just tell her the truth, Kara. Or let me tell her and I will make sure she doesn’t do anything rash. Andrea is a lot of things, but she is smart. She will understand that it’s in your best interest - and hers - to keep the information quiet.”

It had all worked out, truthfully. Kara did most of her work from home and she didn't have to worry about Andrea getting suspicious. In fact, she’d become a bit of an asset to the Superfriends, once again becoming Acrata to help take down Nyxly and Lex a few months ago.

“A book?”

“Yeah. She wants people to know the REAL Supergirl, to know how hard it has been to juggle being everyone's hero. Kara Danvers will be the author, but it will be a secret autobiography. I have free reign on the content, the style. Everything.”

Without another word, Kara made her way to the bench kept at the foot of her bed and continued to stare at her phone in disbelief.

“Where’s your head, darling? What are you thinking right now?”

“I...I don’t know. Lena this is...this is such a great opportunity. I hung up my cape for a reason. I can make more of a difference as Kara Danvers than Supergirl. But No one really understood when Supergirl just disappeared after our fight with Lex. This could be my chance to share that truth with everyone. About Krypton and how it was destroyed, about the things that were happening under the surface that are starting to happen on earth. Seeing how all of the city stepped up to help rebuild after Lex and Nyxly destroyed everything, and how everyone was so kind to each other helped me to see that perhaps it was ok for Supergirl to take her leave. To leave the heroics to the REAL heroes. To let people learn to BE heroes themselves. This is my chance to let the people know that I didn't abandon them.”

“That sounds amazing Kara. But will it be too painful to relive everything from the last few years? To have to tell the story of Krypton all over again?”

“It will. But it will be worth it in the end. Besides,” said Kara, taking Lena’s hand into her own. “As long as I have you by my side, I can do anything.”

Lena lifted their hands and placed a loving kiss on her girlfriend's knuckles.

“If this is what you want, darling, I will be here every step of the way.”

“You know you’re going to be in the book too, Lena. Right?”

“I know, it's ok. It wouldn’t be the truth unless it included how I betrayed…”

“No, Lena. That’s not what I meant at all.”

“Then what DO you mean Kara?”

“Lena, you have helped me more than you know. Beneath the surface, it was my love for you that kept me going when I wanted to give up. My story would not be complete if it didn’t have you in it. I may not be able to tell the full story without betraying my identity, but I can tell the story of your heroism, and how together we beat the odds and became great friends and allies instead of enemies like the world wanted us to be. Our story will inspire people, Lena. Andrea agrees. But if you don’t want this, I can leave your name out. Refer to you as an unlikely ally of a super, and leave the readers to speculate.”

After a moment of consideration, Lena turned once more to look into the deep blue eyes of her girlfriend.

“You write our story however you see fit, darling. I look forward to reading it.”

Chapter Text

“You can do this, Lena.”

“K-Kara. I’m terrified. W-what if we lose? What if they...what if they don’t think I’m capable of...”

“They won’t! Whatever happens, Lena, we will get through this. Together.”

Lena took a deep breath and put on her confident facade and walked into the courtroom, the grip on Kara’s hand being the only sign of her fear. They’d been married for 2 years now, and were eager to start a family of their own. Given that neither of them felt equipped to carry a child - and the overwhelming amount of children needing a family - they’d decided to become foster parents. Kelly had put them in contact with an agency that specializes in alien orphans. For every child in the foster care system, there were 3 alien children looking for a home as well. Not many families felt equipt to care for them, so they often got ignored and sent off to group homes with little to no support. 

The moment Kara and Lena met Freya, they knew she was meant to be their daughter. Little was known of her parents. Only that she’d been the product of a daxamite assaulting a young woman during their invasion. The young woman died during childbirth and the baby was placed with social services. The child was able to survive in the atmosphere since she was half human, but she lived with something similar to asthma with daily breathing treatments and emergency inhalers at the ready. Truthfully, Kara and Lena both felt a pang of guilt each time they saw her because of the role they’d played in the daxamite invasion and the lead dispersion device. Ever since Freya had come to live with them, they’d been trying to send word to Mon-El and the Legion for his help. There was a cure in the future, and they so desperately wanted to alleviate Freya’s suffering in whatever way they could. 

But first  they needed to officially become her parents, which meant coming and standing before a judge and convincing him or her that they were fit to be parents, and that they could give her the care she needed. Lena spent most of the morning in a panicked state, fearing that the judge wouldn’t be able to see past the Luthor name. Not only that but given her health issues and her alien genetics, the judge had no reason to think that a reporter and an unemployed scientist could possibly know how to care for a child such as Freya.

Kara and Lena took their seats next to their lawyer and the Social Worker in charge of Freya’s file. They’d both assured them that they had no reason to think that they wouldn’t be given the approval they hoped for. As the bailiff walked in, Kara whispered in Lena’s ear that they were in this together.

“All rise, for the honorable Judge Catherine J. Grant.”

Lena and Kara shared a confused look as the former Queen of all media walked in and took her seat in the judges seat. As the bailiff gave his permission to be seated, Cat looked over the case file and smiled when she read the names.

“Kierra. Miss Luthor. So you do think that you are fit to be parents.”

“Your honor, Mrs and Mrs Luthor-Danvers are quite capable of being…”

“Counselor, I can assure you I am intimately aware of their capabilities. Thank you very much.”

After a bit more playful banter between them, Cat officially granted the petition for adoption. Once the matter was settled, she invited Kara and Lena to her chambers. 

“I knew one day the two of you would be together. I just can’t believe it took you so long to get your heads out of your asses. And now look at you, becoming parents. You two truly are two of the bravest women I’ve ever met.”

“It’s Freya that’s brave, Miss Grant.”

“Kara, I think you can call me Cat. After all, I’m not your boss any longer.”

“Did you actually call me Kara?”

“I’m sorry, would you prefer that I call you Supergirl?”

Lena and Kara shared a surprised look.

“You know?!”

“Yes, Lena. I’ve known Kara’s secret for a very long time. Even though she tried to trick me into believing otherwise by having the martian pretend to be her.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I knew you had your reasons for keeping it from me.”

After a few more minutes of small talk, the three women parted ways. Lena and Kara were eager to get back home to their daughter. They promised Cat that they’d have her over to meet Freya soon. Knowing of their eagerness, Cat granted them access to her private balcony for Kara to quickly fly them home. Moments later, they were touching down outside of Kelly and Alex’s home, their daughter kicking a ball outside with Esme and her aunties. They were excited to tell her the news, but they opted instead to join them in the fun. They’d take Freya to a special dinner and tell her then.

Chapter Text

It never ceased to amaze her, the beauty of her wife that is. One of her favorite things to do was to watch Lena sleep, although she’d never tell her as much. Each night, they would curl up together on the bed and within minutes of Kara wrapping her in her arms she was asleep. On those nights when Lena was having a particularly rough night sleeping, Kara would pull her close until her head was on her chest and sing to her until she fell asleep.

“I've loved you forever, in lifetimes before. And I promise you never will you hurt anymore. I give you my word, I give you my heart. This is a battle we've won and with this vow forever has now begun. Just close your eyes each loving day and know this feeling won't go away. 'Til the day my life is through, this I promise you.”

It never took long for Lena to fall asleep, not with Kara singing lovingly into her ear. And each time, once Lena fell asleep, Kara would stare at the sleeping beauty that lay on her chest, basking in the wonder that was her beauty. But on this particular night, she noticed the frailty of Lena’s face as she slept. Something had changed, something was off. She could feel it in the way Lena’s breath was more labored than usual, the way her heart didn’t beat as strongly. After 50 years of marriage, Kara could tell when Lena wasn't feeling well but this was different. That’s when it hit her, Lena’s heart was beginning to fail her. Tears began to fall from Kara’s eyes at the realization. She’d known this day would come, after all Lena was the only one of the people she loved - apart from Kal and the boys - that was still alive, but she didn't know it would be this soon.

Unbeknownst to Lena, Kara had a plan in place for the day that Lena took her last breath. Carefully, Kara reached up and pulled the decorative flower from their headboard and pulled the small green capsule from inside. She waited until Lena's heart beat became so slow that she could hardly make it out, and then she swallowed it. It was a capsule of her own making, one that contained a lethally strong amount of liquid kryptonite and coated with a strong sedative - one strong enough to put Kara into a deep sleep long before the liquid poison reached her system. 

With her final breath, Kara whispered one last song into the ear of her beloved:

“Storm clouds may gather, and stars may collide. But I love you until the end of time. Come what may, I will love you until my dying day.”

Chapter Text

“I’m serious, Kara. You have to wash it eventually.”

“No, Alex. I don’t. I can’t. I WON’T!”

“Kara you can’t keep going on like this, you haven’t left this apartment since Lena…”

“Left me?”

“That’s not what…”

“Go on and say it Alex, I haven’t left this apartment since Lena left me. All I have of her now is her sweater and I REFUSE to wash it! It still smells like her.”

Kara curled herself back into a ball on the bed, pulling the sleeves of the sweater down to cover her hands before bringing them to her face. Lena had been gone for a week and she’d only gotten out of the bed to use the bathroom. She’d barely eaten anything - only eating when Alex came and forced her to sit and eat at least a few bites of something. She missed Lena more than words could describe and would give anything for her to come back home to her.

“Kara, sweetie. This is crazy, you are stronger than this! Lena isn’t…”

“Worth it? Alex, how DARE  you say that? Lena was the love of my life, I will NEVER get over her!”


Before Alex could finish her sentence, the door opened and in walked a very tired looking Lena, a large duffle bag tossed over her shoulder and a suitcase rolling behind her.

“Alex? What’s going on here? Kara? Are you sick? Did you solar flare? Why didn’t you…”

“You LEFT me!”

Alex and Lena shared an exacerbated look and rolled their eyes. 

“Kara Danvers, you know very well I did NOT leave you. I was in Metropolis with Eliza teaching a seminar.”

“Same thing.”

Chapter Text

“Are you sure you are up for this darling? You’ve had a rough morning.”

“M’sure, Lena. I promised you...that...we’d go for n’early dinner s’afternoon, and I won't break my promise.”

Lena pressed her lips together in a grin fighting the urge to laugh at the sight before her. Kara had been going non-stop since before midnight.  First there was a cruise ship that was sinking - far from anyone who could help. Then a fire broke out at a manufacturing facility and the Firefighters were struggling to contain it. Next a rogue alien broke out of containment and was terrorizing the NCPD. Somehow during all of that Kara still managed to make it to CatCo, although she did get quite the lecture from Andrea for smelling like smoke and seawater. Now, Kara was sitting on the end of the bed still wearing her Super Suit and struggling to stay awake. 

“Kara, it’s ok. How about we order in instead. I’m pretty tired myself and could really use a nap.”

“Y’sure? I’m not even tired,” Kara lied with a yawn.

“I’m sure. Besides, I much prefer an evening in bed with you over one out on the town.”

“S’great, Lena. I’m just gonna…”

“Kara? Kara darling, you fell asleep.”


“Ok, whatever you say dear. I’m going to slip out of these clothes and into the bed. Feel free to join me for a very naked nap whenever you’re ready.”

The word naked was like a hammer over Kara’s head and jolted her awake, just in time to see the clothes fall from Lena’s body and into the floor as she climbed into the bed. Within seconds, Kara was out of her suit and cuddled up to Lena, both of them covered only by the sheets on their bed. Naked naps were their favorite, even the ones that didn’t end in one or both of them screaming in ecstasy. They loved the feeling of holding each other close as their bodies pressed together uncovered. It was intimate in a way that they couldn't describe. Sleeping this way left them both well rested and feeling insanely close.

It only took Kara a few minutes to fall asleep, even though she fought to stay awake. The feeling of her breath on Lena’s bare shoulders sent shivers down her spine. Yet all Lena could think of was how lucky she was to share her home, her life, her BODY with someone she loves so dearly. One day, she was going to marry the woman behind her. One day.