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One shot book

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Things I write:


specific kinks/ personality’s 

mental illness/ health problems




nothing with minors unless platonic 

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“So…” the dark haired woman trails off, pacing slow circles around you. “Did you honestly think that was smart?” She questions.

You honestly don’t know yourself. You lived in a relatively small and peaceful water tribe village. The attack was sudden and no one was really trained in combat.

You had taken on quite a few men but ultimately met your demise when one snuck up on you from behind.

“Well? Answer me” she demands. You look towards her as she walks closer, grabbing the roots of your short hair.

“So rebellious” she tuts. Yanking your head forward to meet her eyes, “tell you what” she says, gripping your strands tightly.

“Submit and you and your people will be left unharmed” she proposes.

Your eyebrows furrow,“What do you mean?” You ask.
Without speaking she tugs your trousers down. You squirm away as her hand gently caresses your cloth bulge.

“Your people are in the back” she growled, gripping your chin. “Let me do what I want and you can leave” she continues to grope you, eventually pulling down your boxers letting your erection spring to slap your stomach.

“So big” she groans, taking your girth in her hands. Her lips wrap around the tip of your cock, her tongue harshly going over your slit.

She continued to take more of you into her mouth, groaning around your cock. Her warm mouth took you to the back of her throat until thick ropes of cum shot down her throat.

She lets go with a wet pop. “That wasn’t so hard was it baby?” She teases removing her own clothing.
As she lies down, parting her legs, her glistening lips she signals you over.

“C’mon baby, your people are on the line” she antagonized.

Without wasting time you plunge your cock into her hole. Her wet and warm walls squeezing tight around you. Soon you're blinded by lust, wrapping your body around hers.

Her walls tightened around you as you tried to pull out, feeling your own orgasm approach. “inside” she moaned, wrapping her hand tightly around your throat and pulling you closer into a bruising kiss.

You cum together as you try to catch your breath. She smirks “I’ll keep you around beside I’m not gonna raise this child myself”

She pushes you onto your back positioning her cunt above your cock. She slammed down, brutally using you as her slick runs down her thighs. You cock hitting impossible places when you thrust into her.

You kiss her breast, taking one of her hardened peaks into your mouth. “Fuck” she hisses out when you grab her hips, fucking yourself into her, feeling her walks tight once again you put your hand on her throat.

You groan as your balls tighten. She cums with a loud moan and your bodies fall limp against each other. Your cum leaking out of her as you pull out.

“I’m definitely keeping you,” she muttered.


“I’ll be back to get you, but as I promised your people are in the back”

You wouldn’t mind another round with her especially if your people aren’t being held hostage.

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Request are currently closed on AO3 and tumblr and will be open next month on the first(maybe before that). Because I’m stocked on requests atm

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“What did you think you were doing?” Diana angrily questions, dragging you out from the house. 

You were confused as to what she meant. She’d been giving you and your co-worker dirty looks all night. 

“What do you mean?” You asked slightly wary of what you say. Diana wasn’t explosive but she could get very aggravated when it came to anything involving you. 

“Don’t act like you don’t know. Cheating on me with that whore” she said, stopping and turning around towards you as the both of you approached the car. 


You stepped back as an act of safety. “Diana I wasn't flirting-“ you began before being pushed into the backseat. “Strip,” she says harshly. 

As you begin to strip her hand comes down to wrap around your neck. “Good girl, you can do something right” she mumbles. 

“There you go baby,” 

She manoeuvres around before finally settling on top of you. Her hands move gently down your body despite her harsh words moments before. Her fingers dance along your curves and you can feel her calloused fingertips graze your ribs. 

You hiss when she digs her nails into your hips. “Stay still, you don’t wanna make me angry” she coaxed, continuing with her movements when you finally relaxed. 

She snakes her hand down your body. Her fingers gently graze your sopping slit. “Jus’ be good bunny” she encouraged, her fingers pushing through the tight ring of muscle. 

Diana’s fingers move gently. “I just want you to myself,” she says slowly. You had been so kind towards her. She just wanted to be happy with you. 

You were so good to everyone around you. She just wanted to return that.  Maybe that’s why you were so angry, because No wanted to make you happy like she has. 

Her fingers speed up; her fingers going so deep that they kiss your cervix. Your eyes roll to the back of your head.

 “S’good mommy.” You moan out, bucking your hips towards her fingers. Diana lays down on her stomach and quickly pulls her fingers out. She quickly shuts you down when you whine out at the loss. 

“It’s okay bunny, I promise I’ll take care of you” Diana further encourages. 

She attaches her mouth to your throbbing clit. She smiles against you when you let out a wonton noise. 

“So pretty”

“That’s it baby” 

Her soft encouragement goes straight to your core. You gently buck your hips against her mouth. Your fingers find their way into her styled her. 

“That’s my sweet girl,” she happily sighs out. 

You slowly grind your cunt against her mouth. Her warm muscle doing wonders. 

You cum with a loud moan of her name. Tightening your grip on her hair as you ride out your high, your body twitching and her free hand caressing your sweaty face. 

It’s all too much

“You did so good, baby” she praised, rising from her position. She steps out of the car and tosses you her jacket  “I’ll drive us home”


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“C’mon little baby” Natasha says, grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the car. Today was one of the rare days Natasha let you go outside, with her of course. 


“Where are we going?” You asked, you were upset that you had to leave so early. “We’re not leaving, I just need to do something” she urges. 


She wasn’t normally so mysterious about what she wanted. She was so straightforward with you especially after you stopped trying to escape. 


She opens the door to the back seat of the car. “C’mon baby, get in” she encouraged, tapping her fingers against the window. 


She shuts the door behind her and strips your clothes off. The print in her pants is more obvious than you realized. “Y’know you shouldn’t tease me like that” she says, removing her pants. 


Teasing her? 


“What do you mean?” You ask, putting your hand on her chest. It was then Natasha realized how small you were. The size of your hand against her large chest. 


“Change of plans baby” she mumbled, tucking her head into your neck. 

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Natasha watched from a distance as the woman flirted with you. She clenched her teeth when you saw how close you two were. It was like you were doing it on purpose. 


Maybe you wanted her to kill them, maybe just maybe you wanted to be hers. You knew who you belonged to and she wasn’t gonna take no for an answer. 


She shook her head. Now wasn’t the time to be selfish; she was doing it for you but she couldn’t help but feel she had the right to be selfish. She had been through so much and she deserved your love just a you deserved hers. 


You would be all here in the end anyway. 

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my tumblr had a vote and I wanted it to be fair. You can vote on my next work: Dark!stepsis Wanda or Dark!soulmate Natasha. The votes have been put in for tumblr but if you guys don’t vote the same thing I write and publish the the one you separately want. (So don’t feel pressured)