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Dead by Kinktober (2021)

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To most, Jeff isn’t conventionally attractive but that’s why you love him. The Y-shaped scar over his left eye as you press your lips to his eyebrow. Jeff hums shyly as you move your hands towards his belly to lift his black and grey skull sweater off of him. He’s unsure of what to make of the gesture and he recoils a bit. Your hand caressing the side of his face and stroking his beard, you insist that the clothing that clings so perfectly to his doughy torso needs to go. You want to see him--all of him. Silently nodding, Jeff allows you to remove it and set it off to the side. As soon as the wool sweater is off of him, he instinctively crosses his arms in an attempt to cover his larger frame of which he’s clearly embarrassed.

In your eyes, he’s absolutely glorious, and you need to make sure he knows that. You want nothing more than to kiss every single inch of him. You bite at your lip before you begin to kiss his temple, then his lips as your fingers intertwine in the wiry length of his beard. The malty, caramel scent on his lips and around his facial hair is intoxicating as you give an airy moan. You could kiss his perfect lips for hours, if he’d let you. He chuckles quietly as he feels you scratching at his chin with a purr. Feeling you trace down the lines of the tattoos on his upper arms, Jeff grin sheepishly and the cheeks of his pale face turn a light pink.

The side of your cheek nuzzles into his untamed chest hair as you give a satisfied, shuddering sigh. You swear you can hear his heart about to come crashing out of his ribcage.

Jeff inhales in surprise as your fingers dance along the soft folds of his sides. No one’s ever shown him this amount of affection solely for his body type. Kissing at the trail of hair down his center, your hands rest on the meat of his hips as you close your eyes and nuzzle into the warmth of his pudge. Pressing your mouth to his belly, your exhilarated exhale dances across his exposed stomach and he smirks as his heart pounds harder. Now that he’s experiencing it, he understands. Jeff’s dark eyes light up as your fixation with him clicks.

Feeling Jeff’s hand on the back of your head, his fingers run through your hair and he encourages your fascination with the fat of his torso. You kiss every inch of his belly, taking extra time as you kiss and nip at his love handles. His hushed sighs are everything. You revisit the spots that elicited the most reaction from him.

Jeff is perfect in his own way, and he loves that you love him in every way, shape, and form.