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The Moon of Whump

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Felix woke up to find himself trussed in barbed wires

Rated T

No. 2: TALKING IS OVERRATED: Choking | Gagged

Felix bit his captor and now he had to pay the consequences. (Sequel to No. 1)

Rated T

No. 3: STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT…: Insults | “Who did this to you?”

Ingrid and Sylvain found Felix trapped in an abandon building.

Rated M

No. 4: TRUST FALL: Taken Hostage

Rodrigue defends his territory from Imperial forces, but received troubling news when a letter arrived.

Rated T

No. 5: I’VE GOT RED IN MY LEDGER: Betrayal

A turn of events happened before Edelgard had a chance to kill Claude.

Rated T

No. 6: TOUCH AND GO: Bruises/ Touch Starve

Bernadetta longed for Felix's touch when he was away.

Rated T

No. 7: MY SPIDEY-SENSE IS TINGLING: Helplessness/Blindness

Ignatz broke his glasses and got injured after a demonic wolf attack.

Rated T

No. 8: COUGHING UP A LUNG: Exotic illness | “definitely just a cold”

Felix caught an unusual illness, but chose to push forward.

Rated T

No. 9: RUMOURS OF MY DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED: Presumed dead |(blind) rage| tears

Sylvain went on a rampage after he received Felix's sword from his messenger. (Sequel to this story.)

Rated M

No. 10: OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: Hospital

Felix was born in a birthing pit underneath the Western Church.

Rated T

No. 11: JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Drowning

Edelgard was captured by Almyrans and sentenced her to the sea.

No. 12: IT’LL BE FUN THEY SAY: Torture | made to watch | begging -

Sylvain, Ingrid and Felix were kidnapped by Miklan and his gang. The elder Gautier decided to have his fun.



Sylvain accidentally burned Felix with fire magic.

Rated G

No. 14: UNDER PRESSURE: Crush injuries | beaten | force

Caspar attempted to stop a group of bandits, who were kidnapping Linhardt.

Rated T

No. 15: FEED A COLD, STARVE A FEVER: fever dreams

While he was bedridden with a fever, Dimitri was having nightmares.

Rated M (maybe T)

No. 16: ON A NEED-TO-KNOW BASIS: Recovery | scars | aftermath

Felix was recovering under the roof of House Gautier after his latest abduction. (Sequel to No. 9)

Rated T

No. 17: FIELD CARE 101: “Please don’t move” | hemorrhage | dread

Marianne and Flayn try to save Hilda after she was infected by the toxic swamp.

Rated T


When Hubert retrieved Edelgard from the sea, he performed CPR when she wasn't breathing. 

Rated T

No. 19: JUST A SCRATCH: bitten | bleeding | stabbing

Felix was sent to the tunnels below Garreg Mach to search for evidence of Count Varley's missing daughter.

Rated T

No. 20: LOST & FOUND: Trunk | trapped under water | solitary confinement

Felix was sent by Hubert to spy on Monica von Ochs.

Rated T

No. 21: THAT’S WHERE THE BLOOD’S SUPPOSED TO BE: pressure | blood matted hair

Felix fought off Imperial forces with a bleeding head.

Rated T

No. 22: THEY MADE ME DO IT: Cursed | demon | obsession

Bernadetta was upset when she saw Felix with another girl. When she received a message from an unknown sender, Benadetta found a mysterious gift on her doorstep, which could aid her with her problems.

Rated M

No. 23: YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT: Auction | ramson | pursuit

Felix was captured by Almyran slave dealers and was placed in an auction.

Rated T

No. 24: ONE DOWN TWO TO GO: Self-induced injury to escape| flashback

Felix kept getting visions of a redheaded man dying on the battle field. (Sequel to No. 10)

Rated T

No. 25: HIDE & SEEK: escape | hiding

Sylvain retrieved Felix and attempted to escape the western church. (Sequel to No. 24)

Rated T

No. 26: YOU WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP: fallen | trap door

Dimitri and Byleth had a meeting with Cornelia (Prequel to No. 20)

Rated T

No. 27: I’M FINE, I PROM: Passing out | vertigo | collapse

Felix overtaxed his training and collapsed. (Sequel to this story)

Rated T

No. 28: IT’S NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD: “Good. You’re finally awake” | nightmares | panic

Felix dreamt about TWSITD and Bernadetta.

Rated E (For Reasons)

No. 29: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY: too weak to move | overworked

Hilda was defending the bridge in Derdriu to protect Claude from Imperial forces

Rated T

No. 30: DIGGING YOUR GRAVE: Major character death | left for dead | ghosts

Bernadetta paid Edelgard a visit after her death.

Rated T

No. 31: HURT & COMFORT: Disaster zone | trauma | prisoner

Felix was captured and tortured by TWSITD. Prequel to No. 28

Rated M

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Felix woke up feeling groggy and found out he was in an unfamiliar dark room. He was lying on his stomach and when he was about to move, he felt something painful dig into his skin. Aside from that, his arms and legs felt restrained. Even if Felix were to fight the pain, his limbs would not move. He rotated his neck to check what was binding him together. There he saw steel ropes tied around his chest, arms, and legs. They had steel spikes attached to them, which was digging into his skin.

“Ah, so you’re finally awake.” A mischievous voice spoke from behind him. “You thought you could escape me? You thought you could run away from the challenges I have planned for you?”

“Coward!” Felix spat as he struggled against his bounds, ignoring the pain from the barbs. “Untie me! Now! Fight me like a true warrior!”

A few tuts could be heard from his left.

“Oh, Felix, Felix, Felix. I knew you would say something like that, but that’s not in the cards for you… or at least not now.” The mischievous voice said.

Felix grunted as the spikes continued to dig under his skin for each struggle.

“Whatever you want, I won’t comply. You won’t get any answers from me, nor am I letting you use me for your sick jokes.”

A sinister giggle was later heard from his right.

“That’s right. Struggle though those barb wires all you like, but all you’re doing is causing yourself pain.”

Felix stopped fighting against his bonds as he glared around the area.

“Who are you? Why did you take me? What are you plotting?”

A dark clad figure came walking before him. They knelt on one knee and grabbed a hold of Felix’s chin with dark, fingerless, gloved hands. When the Fraldarius heir glared up to the stranger’s face, all he saw was their smirking mouth. Their eyes were covered by a dark, crow like mask.

“I am your worst nightmare. You are my prime victim for the up coming trials I have planned for the whole moon. But don’t worry, you won’t be suffering this alone. Your friends and family and even some of your enemies will take a part in this painful event.”

“Where are they?” Felix growl.

“Oh, they’re fine… for now. I only decided to capture you!” The stranger said stroked their hostage’s cheek firmly and smile sadistically. “And you, “my pretty boy”. You are just too fun to pick on. I might even want to keep you even after this moon is over. Oh, and by the way-” They stared at the barbed wire bounding Felix together. “You just succeeded the first painful challenge.”

Chapter Text

                Felix bit the hand of his captor, who was still stroking his cheek in the process. The mysterious abductor recoiled as they cursed and held their hand back. They glared down at their captive, who was glowering at them with vicious eyes.

                “You want to play it that way?!” The cloaked figure yelled, “Fine! I’ll teach you what I do to naughty little pets!”

                They reached into the pocket of their robe and pulled out a silk cloth. They quickly shoved it into Felix’s mouth and struggled to tie it around the back of his head. The Fraldarius heir made it difficult as he fought back with his head, but that alone was not enough to save him from getting gagged. When his captor successfully tied the cloth around his head, they slapped him on the face for payback, and then stepped back to look at their handiwork. They placed a couple fingers on their chin in consideration while Felix growled at them though the gag.

                “Nope. Still not satisfied.” The cloaked figure replied as they reached into their left sleeve and pulled out a muzzle.

                ‘Is the gag I’m wearing not enough for you?’ Felix wanted to yell that out, but the cloth in his mouth only allowed him to muffle up words.

                He once again tried to wrestle away with only his head, but his captor was once again victorious as they fastened the muzzle around him.

                “There, now I won’t have to worry about your biting.” The cloaked figure smirked as they looked down at their captive.

                They continued to stare at Felix as if something was missing. They had him gagged with a muzzle and a cloth. They tied him up in barbed wire. Why weren’t they satisfied yet?

                The cloaked ran up to their captive, grabbed him by the neck with both hands and started to strangle him.

                “WHY. CAN’T. I. BE. SATISFIED?!” They continued to choke him.

                When the cloaked figure notice Felix was suffocating from lack of oxygen, they dropped him and stepped back.

                “You’re no good to me dead and we already just completed the second challenge.” They tapped their fingers on their chin.

                A sadistic grin curled on their face as they walked towards a weapons rack to the front right corner of the area. They picked up a leather whip, walked back to their captive while the stared madly at him. The first whip made Felix flinched and grunt out of pain. The second one shared the same results. The third caused Felix to roll over, who regretted doing that because the pressure of the barbed wire sunk into his skin. For each passing whip, Felix continued to scream louder and louder, but his clothed gag muffled them up. Tears were already peaking out of his eyes, and although he tried to hold them back, a few drops managed to escape. The sadistic captor smiled with pleasure as they withdrew their weapon and said, “Now I’m pleased.”

                Felix, who was recoiling from pain, curled himself into a ball, ignoring the additional discomfort of the barbs sinking in. His captor walked over to him and grabbed a handful of hair from the top of his head. They yanked him up to stare at him face to face. Felix was glaring daggers at them, while his captor smirked evilly at him.

                “I’ll be releasing you from this room, but the moon is not over and there are more challenges around the corner.” They let out a sinister giggle. “You may be the victim in some or you may not be. Strange events might happen in your current time, or they could happen during the past, future or in an entirely different universe. You may live through the suffering, or you may die. Either way, you are never going to catch a break!”

                Felix wanted to retort about his captor’s utter nonsense but could not make out the words with a cloth in between his teeth. The cloaked figure laughed manically.

                “It’s so pitiful just to see you mouthing at me in your current situation.” They continued to giggle. “I feel like I should keep you! I might even recapture you whenever I feel bored!”

                Felix only growled at them.

                “All right, I’ll take you back to Fódlan, but-” The cloaked figure released their captive’s hair and pulled out a silk, black, blindfold from their sleeve. “Wherever you’re going is going to be a surprise.”

                They quickly tied the blindfold around Felix with little effort. Their captive trashed his head a little, but it was not enough to escape.

                 “Let’s play a little game with your friends and family back in Faerghus! If they find you, you’ll be free from my clutches for the time being. If nobody finds you, then I guess you’ll continue to be my prisoner. Oh, and before you go-” They cast out a dark swirl of magic from their hand and hit Felix on the head with it, which knocked him to the ground. “Although, I didn’t have to zap your memory, but I do prefer the suspense.”

                Two dark clad mages warped in from behind, which made the sadistic stranger turn to meet them.

                “Take this boy somewhere in Faerghus territory.” They said, “You can torture him all you like, but keep him alive.”

                “Will do!” Both the mages agreed as they carefully grabbed a hold of Felix without accidently touching the barb from the wires. They warped out of the room along with their prisoner, while the remaining mage turned towards a flat device built into the wall. They used lightening magic to turn it on and saw Felix, along with his captors in a dark room on the screen. The figure’s lips curled into a smirk and said, “This is going to be fun.”  

Chapter Text

                In the Imperial year 1182, Ingrid, along with Sylvain and his battalion of Gautier soldiers were defending their land from the Adrestian Empire. They fought through large amounts of numbers as more kept pushing on.

                Sometime after the quarrel, Ingrid spotted a ruined building up ahead. Half the stone walls were torn apart, and some areas lacked a roof. The most alarming thing Ingrid saw there was a prisoner, chained to a wall, behind a damaged prison gate. The prisoner was a naked man, who was gagged and blindfolded. He had numerous scars on his body, which contained bite marks, whip marks, war cuts, etc. Ingrid, however, realised who this prisoner was. The small but muscular build was all too familiar, and even though the man’s hair was short with uneven strains, Ingrid could not forget that navy shade.

                “Felix…” Ingrid thought herself.

                The last time she saw the Fraldarius heir was sometime after Dimitri’s execution was announced. Ingrid was too busy with family matters and the war to think what became of Felix, but she did not expect to see him trapped in a rundown cell.

                Ingrid flew her pegasus over to Sylvain to quickly inform him about the prisoner in the ruined building. When she announced the captive was Felix, the Gautier heir dashed over to that destination with his horse. Ingrid and the soldiers of Gautier followed after him as he stormed into the building. When Sylvain found Felix, he stared at the Fraldarius’s body in astonishment. When Felix heard someone on the other side of the gate, he growled and rattled the shackles bounding him.

                “Calm down, Felix! I’m here to save you!” Sylvain assured his friend.

                The Fraldarius heir calmed down as he recognized the Gautier’s voice before him. Sylvain dismounted his horse and inspected the gate that was before him. He tried to open it to see it would swing out freely but found out it was locked. Sylvain then inspected the rusty bars to see if they could be broken down by force. He pulled out his steel axe and started to hit the weaker areas of the gate. Sylvain did not notice his battalion and Ingrid already reached him as he started hammering down. Before he could strike again, one of Sylvain’s men called out to him to stop his process.

                “Sir, I got a door key in my pocket here!” The solder said as he pulled out the key.

                Sylvain took it and inserted it into the door’s keyhole. Due to being a worn-down door, the lock mechanism was faulty, but the Gautier heir managed to unlock it. He swinged the gate open and rushed over to his imprisoned friend. The first thing Sylvain did was remove the gag from Felix’s mouth.

                “Who did this to you, Felix?” The Gautier asked as he started to untie the blindfold.

                “I would’ve known if I saw their faces.” Felix replied as he glared darkly. He let out a groan and said, “I don’t even know how I got captured to begin with. Whoever those bastards are, I will cut them down with no hesitation.”

                Sylvain stared down at the fresh scars on his friend’s body along with the bloodstains and the mess on the ground. Even Felix’s unevenly cut haircut was freaking the Gautier heir out.

                “What have they done to you!” Sylvain exclaimed.

                “Just free me from these chains! I rather not talk about it.” Felix snarked.

                “Oh… right!” Sylvain said as he looked to the shackles bounding his friend. They were rusty and nearly on the verge of falling off the wall. Sylvain turned to his battalion and asked if any of them had a shackle key, but none of them had one, not even Ingrid. Sylvain sighed at he brought out his steel axe again. He instructed Felix to remain still as he chopped down the chains. It took about eight swings to break through each shackle.

                With his arms free, Felix dropped them to his sides and walked slightly forward. Ingrid came towards with a teal blanket in her arms and started to wrap it around him. She hoped that it could cover Felix’s body well enough to return to Fraldarius territory because nobody brought extra clothes for him to wear.

                “Before you were captured, you weren’t patrolling the lands alone, were you?” Ingrid asked.

                “I work well alone. Why do you ask that?” Felix questioned.

                “I’m asking that because that probably got you captured to begin with!” Ingrid snapped before she sighed and shock her head. She was not surprised that Felix would go out alone, even when there was a war happening.

                Before Felix could make a snarky reply, Sylvain wrapped an arm around his shoulders, which cause the Fraldarius heir to glare up at him.

                “Let’s take you back home, Felix.” The Gautier heir said, “You will need some time to recover.”

                “I can still fight.” Felix argued.

                “Felix, you’re covered in wounds, and we don’t have any spare clothes for you!” Ingrid nagged.

                “And this blanket won’t help you fight!” Sylvain added as he pinched the fabric of the sheet. “We’re worried that the unthinkable might happen to you during battle if you fight like that.”

                Felix shuddered when his friend mentioned the unthinkable. If the “unthinkable” was what the Fraldarius heir was thinking of, then memories of his imprisonment flooded his mind. He could never forget how his captors raped him. They whipped him, stabbed him, cut off his hair and called him dirty names. Felix could take the insults and the pitiful torture, but the worst part was the intercourse. He felt like his insides were violated along with his outsides. The biting, the thrusting and the unnecessary touching could never leave Felix’s mind.

                “You’re such a bitch, Fraldarius! You’re nothing but a sniveling dog!”

                Felix shuddered at the words his captor said to him. He shook himself out of that trance and looked up to his redheaded friend.

                “Fine, take me back. I need to get back to training anyway.”

                Sylvain and Ingrid stared at their friend with concerned eyes. The redhead guided Felix to his horse and mounted him up. Sylvain later pulled himself into his stallion before he, Ingrid and his men left the ruined building. During their adventure back to Fraldarius territory, Felix was hugging his friend tightly while he had nightmares of his captors.

Chapter Text

                In the Dukedom of Fraldarius, Rodrigue was defending his land after Cornelia seized power over Fhirdiad. The Court Mage invited imperial troops over to the capital, reorganized her army, and sent them after the territories that oppose the new rule. Rodrigue and his men continued to hold the fort in Fraldarius territory and not allow it to be conquered.

                During one battle, the duke’s son, Felix, ran off ahead. Rodrigue warned his child not to venture out too far, but Felix did not listen. When the first battle was over, Rodrigue noticed his son did not return. He dispatched a group of soldiers to search for Felix and bring him back home, while the rest stayed to defend the Fraldarius estate.

                A couple days passed, and Felix was still missing. Rodrigue and his men continued to defend their land from Imperial forces, but more kept coming. After the last wave of enemies, the remaining dispatch soldiers of the search party returned. Felix was not seen among them, which worried the duke.

                “Have you found any traces of my son?” Rodrigue asked.

                “We have alarming news, sir.” One of the soldiers replied as they handed an envelop towards him. “An Imperial messenger asked us to send you this.”

                Rodrigue took the envelop and removed the seal. Inside it was a bundle of long navy hair, which was tied to each end, and a letter from the Court Mage. Both items were alarming to Rodrigue, but he read the letter to see what it said.


                ‘Dear Lord Rodrigue,


                We have captured your troublesome son and taken him into our custody. His execution date is set on the 25th of the Horsebow. If you want your son alive in one piece, surrender your land to the empire. I’ll be waiting for you in Castle Fhirdiad.


                Yours Truly,


                Cornelia Armin’


                Rodrigue crumped up the letter with his fist out of rage. First Cornelia fed him some garbage about not being able to see Dimitri’s corpse after his execution. Now she has Felix in her clutches and planned an execution date for him. Rodrigue already had Imperial soldiers attacking his territory, and with Felix’s life on the line, matters were getting worse. His numbers of armed forces were depleting, and his allies have their own issues to deal with. Rodrigue did not want to surrender, but with Felix as a political hostage walking down death row, he did not know what to do. He was left with only a few options. Surrender his territory to the Adrestian Empire, continue to defend his land and forfeit his son’s life, or plan a recue mission for Felix. The third option could be a risk, and if Rodrigue did not play his cards well, he would lose Felix. Today was the 24th of the Horsebow moon, and his son’s execution date was only a day away. Planning a rescue plan would be far too difficult, especially with the current number of troops he had. Rodrigue looked down at his son’s chopped off hair in concern and held it tightly in his fist.

                “I’m not going to allow them to take your life, my son. Mark my words, I will free you!”

Chapter Text

                Claude was panting out of exhaustion during the battle against the Black Eagles Strike Force in Derdriu. He was on top of his white wyvern, which was in a weakened state. Edelgard stood before him with a fierce expression on her face and her axe, Aymr.

                “Enough! You bested me. If I die here, the Alliance becomes part of the Empire.” Claude said, “If you’re as smart as you seem, I bet you’ve figured out why I was able to summon Almyran reinforcements. Wouldn’t it be better to let me go and have me in your debt?”

                Edelgard refused to take the offer. She lifted her axe to deliver the final blow on the Alliance Leader, but before she could do so, a bonelike blade struck the back of her neck and sliced her head right off. Claude widened his eyes as he saw Edelgard’s lifeless body fall and saw the former minty-haired professor from the Officer’s Academy. She was panting heavily with tears peaking from her eyes.

                “Teach?” Claude asked in bafflement, “Well this seems to be a turn of events! May I ask why you killed her Imperial Majesty after you chose her side?”

                “She’s going off the rails, Claude!” Byleth stated, “She doesn’t just want to demolish the church; she wants to reunify Fódlan to its former glory and she’ll eliminate any party that stands in her way!” She lowered her brows as she thought about Ignatz and Leonie, who were killed at the Great Bridge or Myrddin and added, “Even those who don’t deserve it…”

                “So, you’re just against the church, but not the whole land?”

                “The church’s system is flawed. They’re the ones that enabled the Crest system and it ruined the lives of many nobles. Edelgard already told me her story about being tortured to gain a Major Crest to be a peerless Emperor and lost her siblings during the same procedure, but do you remember Miklan, who was disowned by his family for a lack of a Crest, and how Sylvain carries the burden of having one? What about Bernadetta, who was abusively trained by her father to be a suitable wife, just because she had a Crest? What about Ingrid, who has to marry a rich noble because she was the only one in her poor family who has a Crest?”

                “Well, I’m all for learning about Crests, but being alienated or pressured because of it is a different story.”

                “I never trusted Rhea to begin with.” Byleth said bitterly, “Her secrets and obsession of me had rubbed me the wrong way. But Edelgard’s ties with Those Who Slither in the Dark is also a concern for me.”

                “Those Who Slither in the Dark?” Claude asked.

                “They’re the ones behind Flayn’s kidnapping, the calamity of Remire Village, and my father’s murder. Hubert came up with that name, but I thought the name was too long. Edelgard thought that allying with them would give us the advantage to take down the church, but sadly, they are only exploiting her to gain their goals.” Byleth sighed before she could continue. “Edelgard is nothing more than a puppet to them. Those monsters are currently holding the Empire hostage and we can’t truly be free until this war is over.” Byleth stared down at Edelgard’s lifeless body with pitiful eyes and said, “I don’t know if killing her was the right option on my behalf, but she’ll no longer be exploited by Those Who Slither in the Dark.” She looked up to Clause with serious, bright green eyes, sheathed her Creator’s Sword, and rose her right arm towards him.

                “Can we call a truce on this battle and form a temporary alliance?” Byleth asked.

                Claude smiled as he dismounted his wyvern and walked over towards the former professor. He grabbed her hand to shake it and the two locked their eyes. When Byleth analyzed Claude’s face, she noticed there was something off. She could see that the Alliance Leader was smiling, but that smile did not reach his eyes. Byleth felt her left arm pulled behind her as a cold cuff clamped around her wrist. Claude allowed the captor to take her other arm and chained it up as well.

                “Claude, what is the meaning of this?” Byleth glared at the Alliance Leader.

                “Sorry Teach, but I can’t allow you to roam free knowing you might double cross me.” Claude stated before he grabbed a hold of her chin. “But don’t worry, I won’t turn you over to Rhea.”

                Byleth only glared at Claude but said nothing. The Alliance Leader released her chin from his hold and asked his subordinate to take her away. The knight, who appeared to be Almyran, took Byleth over to a wyvern and mounted her up. Claude climbed on top of his wyvern and led what was left of his army out of Derdriu with his prisoner in tow.

Chapter Text

                After the war was over, Felix inherited his father’s title Duke Fraldarius and became King Dimitri’s right-hand man. He took Bernadetta von Varley as his bride and lived in House Fraldarius. When Felix was away with the king to explore Fódlan, Bernadetta kept herself busy with the local affairs in her room. She spent most of her time in there compared to any other room she used to live in. Unlike the decently warm climate in Adrestia or at Garreg Mach Monastery, the chilly temperatures of Faerghus made her want to stay in her room and never leave her warm, comfy bed.

                It had been a couple moons since Felix left, and Bernadetta was missing her husband already. It was the 19th of the Ethereal Moon, a day before the king’s birthday. Felix mentioned that he would be home sometime before the Millennium Festival, but his predictions were not always accurate. Only six days were before that event and the duke was still absent.

                 A day passed and it was King Dimitri’s birthday. Usually there was a ball for these types of festivities, despite the king not being all for them, but with Dimitri’s absence, the celebration might need to be postponed.

                Bernadetta was still locked in her room while doing her local paperwork. A knock came pounding on her door, which freaked the Fraldarius lady out.

                “Wh-who’s there?!” she cried.

                “We’re the Kingdom knights, milady, and we’re here to bring you some alarming news.” One of the visitors spoke.

                “Alarming?!” Bernadetta freaked as she started to shiver. “Oh, no, no, no! You don’t mean Felix was killed, do you?!”

                “Well, actually milady-”

                “I can’t believe he’s gone! What if they come after Bernie nex-”

                “Lady Bernadetta!”

                 Bernadetta screamed at the knight’s impatient yell and cried, “Wh-what is it?! What did I do?!”

                “We never mentioned that Lord Felix is dead, but he and King Dimitri went missing after their diplomatic mission in the Sreng region.”

                “That’s not any better!” Bernadetta cried out, “They could be murdered! Kidnapped! Raped! All of the above!”

                “Bernadetta,” a feminine voice she recognized as Ingrid’s came to the door and spoke gently. “We’re not sure what happened to them, but we’ll explore the Sreng region to search for evidence. I’ll promise to bring Felix back when we find him.”

                “You promise?” Bernadetta asked slightly nervous.

                “Yes, I promise.” Ingrid confirmed before she sighed, “I just hope he and Dimitri are safe.”

                The Galatean knight and her team bid Bernadetta a good day before they left her alone. The news about Felix disappearance unnerved the Fraldarius lady and she could not stop thinking about it. Her mind rambled on about the terrible possibilities that could happen to Felix like dying in a ditch, eaten by monsters, taken by an unholy cult, or captured by slavers. What bugged Bernadetta most about her husband’s disappearance was that she missed him even more. She longed for Felix to be back by her side, have his arms wrapped around her and holding her safely. She always felt secure when she’s with him, but with Felix gone Bernadetta did not know what to do.

                During the past few moons, Bernadetta longed for Felix’s touch. Her bed felt empty without him in it and the warmth of her blankets were not the same as being husband’s loving arms. The maids, nurses and the butler of the castle tried to comfort the poor Fraldarius wife, but to no avail. Although Bernadetta was longing for a touch, their embraces did not ease her. She eventually refused to allow any of House Fraldarius’s staff to touch her, because their touch was not what she’s craving.

                She wants Felix.

                Another day passed and Bernadetta was curled up into a ball in her own bed. She refused to get up as she continued to hug her sheets close to her and pretend Felix was embracing her in her sleep. The imagination never helped Bernadetta because it only had her missing Felix even more. She knew she had paperwork to get done. She knew a maid left her a tray of food that had yet to be touched, but Bernadetta continued to curl herself up and let tomorrow happen.

                For each passing day, Bernadetta got worse. Piles of paperwork needed to get done and she was skipping her meals. She even snapped at her staff to leave her alone, even though they were concerned for her wellbeing. Bernadetta also started to hate herself. She thought that if Felix was not with her, then what would she become. Thoughts of her father came flooding back to her, calling her a useless, worthless, and unmarriageable girl. Although Bernadetta was married, nothing else of value came to her.

                “Deadweight…” She muttered, “I’m just deadweight… Nothing ever good comes out of poor Bernie… What is the point in living…?”

                Bernadetta walked towards her window and stared down at the ground. She was three stories up and she thought that if she jumped now, every bone in her body would be broken, and she would no longer live. Before Bernadetta could climb up the sill, a knock came pounding on her door, which caused her to freak.

                “WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I’M NOT PLANNING ON JUMPING OUT THE WINDOW!” she screamed furiously.

                “Milady?” her butler called out on the other side of the door, “Master Fraldarius has returned.”

                Bernadetta relaxed a bit, but her blood pressure rosed out of astonishment.

                “Felix is here?!” she cried.

                “He’s just nearing the front gate.” The butler replied. “He seems to be wounded, but-”

                Bernadetta did not listen to the last bit of the sentence as she slammed open the door and dashed through the halls. She took two flights of stairs down and came to the main floor of the castle. When she got there, she found Felix entering the castle with a couple knights following behind him. Bernadetta was overjoyed as she rushed over and tackled her husband into a hug. The impact was not enough to make Felix fall over, but he did grunt out of pain.

                “I missed you so much, you big dummy! I thought you were killed or didn’t want to stay with poor Bernie!”

                “Bernie… give me some space to breathe…” Felix grunted.

                Bernadetta only hugged harder and asked, “Wh-WHAT?! No! I have you back here! Please don’t send me away! I was lonely without-”

                “Bernadetta.” Ingrid called as she pried the lady Fraldarius’s arms from her husband and pulled her back. “Felix is in rough shape right now. Look what happened to him.”

                When Bernadetta looked up to Felix, she noticed his face was covered in bruises, notably the left eye and right cheek. Tears were seen on his clothes, along with dirt and blood stains.

                “Wh-what happened to you?!” Bernadetta cried.

                “The Sreng Empire double crossed us and sent their minions to capture Dimitri and I, right after they signed a truce treaty. They held us in their dungeons for moons and did whatever they pleased.”

                “But why did they capture you?!” Bernadetta asked.

                Felix shrugged and replied, “Either to overthrow the Kingdom since they had the King in their clutches or keep us for their own amusement.”

                “Th-that’s horrible!”

                Felix sighed and said, “At least you don’t have to experience it.”

                “I was having the worst loneliest moons of my life!” Bernadetta cried out, “I spent the last few moons wondering when you would return and my anxiety of you being killed took a toll on me! I miss your touch! I miss your embrace! I miss…” She looked up to her husband with tear filled eyes. She drew closer to him, bowing her head towards the floor and clenched her eyes shut as the tears fell out of her lids.

                “Please hug me!” she demanded, “I’ve been longing for your embrace for such a long time!”

                Felix pulled Bernadetta closer with his left arm around her back and right hand on the back of her head. The Fraldarius wife widened her eyes but did not notice her husband’s smile as he embraced her.

                “I’ll admit, I miss having you in my arms.” He said, “It is more welcoming than the torture I had to go through.”

                Bernadetta gently wrapped her arms around her husband and squeezed him lightly. The warmth of Felix’s embrace was calming her nerves, which made her able to truly relax. They pulled away and started to stare into their eyes longingly.

                “Let’s go back to our room… I miss you there…” Bernadetta said as her cheeks reddened.

                “I have no complaints about that…” Felix relied as his cheeks glowed as well.

                The Duke of Fraldarius took his wife back to their room and they began to cuddle in the comforts of their own bed.

Chapter Text

                In the northern forest of Faerghus at the dead of night, Byleth and a small group of allies, were fighting off wolves and dark mages. The group spread out into groups of two as they fought the beasts. Byleth was with Claude, Hilda was with Marianne, Leonie was with Shamir, Lysithea was with Cyril, and Ignatz was left with Felix. With the last group, Felix dashed forward into the forest, while Ignatz struggled to follow. When the Fraldarius man came across a gigantic wolf, he unsheathed his sword and charged at his target. Ignatz kept a distance from the demonic beast and climbed up the higher terrain for altitude. There he assisted Felix by shooting arrows at the wolf from afar. When the blonde man caught the beast’s attention, it hurled a rock towards him. Ignatz did not have any time to dodge as the rock hit him on the legs, which caused him to tumble down the hill. When Ignatz reached to the bottom, the wolf before him batted him away with it’s left front paw, which sent him flying to a tree. He smashed face first to the truck, which caused his glasses to crack, and he fell to the ground.

                Before the wolf could attack Ignatz again Felix slashed it from behind with his sword. The beast turned towards the Fraldarius man furiously as it attempted to claw at him. Felix did a back flip to dodge before he recovered and slashed the wolf again. On his last attack, Felix’s Crest of Fraldarius flared up and delivered a devastating blow to the beast. As the wolf fatally collapsed to the ground, the Fraldarius man ran around it and noticed Ignatz was missing. Alarmed by his companion’s absence, Felix dashed through the forest to search for him. It was not long for the Fraldarius man to spot a group of masked mages. He noticed that they were carrying a battered Ignatz along with them.

                “This boy has no Crest on him whatsoever. Should we perform tests on him?” One of them asked.

                “We’ll take any test subject.” Another one replied, “If this lad has no value whatsoever, then we’ll perform any experiment suitable for this beast.”

                “I-I… d-don’t know what you’re planning to do with me… b-but let me go!” Ignatz cried as he weakly struggled against his captors’ grip.

                The mages let out their laughter while the third mage said, “I think not, you pitiful beast! Once we’re through with you, your mind with be morph into a-”

                The said mage was slashed down by a sword just before he finished his sentence. Felix sliced down the other mages down, who did not have time to react. Ignatz fell to the snow after being released, while Felix sheathed his sword and squatted before his companion.

                “You look horrible. Can you get up on your own?” the Fraldarius man asked.

                “Felix…” Ignatz tried to get up on his legs but fell backwards into the snow. “My legs are injured, and that wolf did a number on me when it slammed me to a tree…” Ignatz touched the busted frame of his glasses as said, “My glasses… th-they’re broken… and I can’t see a thing with these shattered cracks…. C-can you guide me back to the group…?”

                Felix sighed and said, “You are really troublesome…”

                “I-I-I’m sorry, Felix…” Ignatz replied.

                Felix pulled Ignatz from the ground and instructed him to climb on his back. Ignatz struggled to keep his unstable legs up, and he began to feel Felix’s body to find the shoulders, much to the Fraldarius man’s annoyance. When he finally found them, he gripped tightly as Felix scooped up his legs. The Fraldarius heir carried him back the forest’s entrance where Byleth told them to meet back. When he got there, he spotted his former professor and Claude. Felix walked towards Byleth and gestured his head towards his injured companion.

                “Can you do something about him? He can hardly walk and can’t see with his busted glasses.” Felix mentioned.

                Byleth instructed the Fraldarius man to set Ignatz down as she checked the wounds on the blonde man. She noticed the bruises, blood stains, and scratch marks on Ignatz, but what caught her eye was the busted glasses resting on his eyes. Byleth carefully took them off her former student’s face and examined the cracked lens.

                “I don’t know what to do with your glasses, Ignatz.” She stated, “Is there someone you go to for your eye care?”

                “There was a scholar in Alliance Territory I used to see for my eye treatment, but I’m afraid he disappeared sometime after the war.” Ignatz replied.

                Byleth continued to heal the blonde man’s wounds with her white magic until she believed she did what she could do.

                “Can you get up, Ignatz?” she asked.

                Ignatz struggled to pull himself up, but his legs still felt unstable and fell back to the snow. The cold weather did not help soothe the pain in his legs either. Byleth frowned as she turned towards Claude.

                “Take Ignatz back to Garreg Mach!” she demanded, “Hopefully Manuela can help him in the infirmary.”

                “You got it, Teach!” Claude obeyed as he walked over to Ignatz, pulled the blonde’s left arm over his shoulders, and lifted him up. Claude guided Ignatz towards his white wyvern and boosted him on top. As the Leader of the Alliance mounted winged beast, he instructed Ignatz to hold on tight before he could take off. The blonde man was never fond of wyvern rides, but he did what he was asked. He awkwardly touched Claude from his back, trying to feel the shape of him before he wrapped his arms around his waist. When Ignatz was secured, Claude began to take the reigns and flew his wyvern over to the monastery.


                Ignatz spent a couple of weeks in the infirmary after he returned to Garreg Mach. Manuela provided him with white magic and concoctions to ease the pain from his legs. She was no expert in optometry, and begrudgingly asked Hanneman to contact his optometrists. The Crest scholar argued that his eye doctors were on the other side of the war, but he had been studying his own optometry for some time after the war started. He written down an eye chart in bold letters and created columns that start off from large to small. He brought out some sample lenses he created in the past five years, because he thought they might come in handy in the future. When Hanneman came into the infirmary, he set up the chart and pointed at the large letter at the top.

                “Alright, Ignatz. Tell me, what letter do you see?” He asked.

                Ignatz squinted his eyes towards the Crest scholar’s voice and said, “I’m not sure what I’m looking at… E-everything seems to be a blur…”

                Hanneman picked out the strong lens he placed on the round table. He instructed Ignatz to hold out his hand and the blonde man obeyed. He then told Ignatz to feel the metal frame around the lens as he held it above his patient’s hand. When Ignatz got a grip of it, Hanneman instructed him to place the lens over one eye. Ignatz chose to do his right eye and look right through it. He could still see blurs, but he could see shapes and textures better. Hanneman asked if Ignatz could see the chart now, and the blonde said “yes” when spotted the scroll hanging on the wall. The Crest scholar once again pointed at the first letter at the top and asked Ignatz about it. When the blonde looked at it, he could see a giant E at the top and said that as his answer.

                “Correct!” Hanneman stated as he pointed to the next line down.

                The second column was not too hard for Ignatz, but as he went down the lines, the letters got more challenging. Hanneman grabbed a couple of lenses from the table and brought them over to Ignatz. He traded the lens Ignatz was holding with a slightly weaker one. When the blonde tested it, he noticed his vision was blurry compared to the previous lenses.

                “Better or Worse?” Hanneman asked.

                “Worse…” Ignatz replied.

                Hanneman traded that lens back and gave his patient a stronger lens. Ignatz tested it and saw clearer textures compared to the previous lenses.

                “Better or Worse?” Hanneman asked again.

                “Better.” Ignatz replied.

                As the procedure prolonged, Ignatz ended up with the strongest lens in the end. When Hanneman learned that was the blonde man’s final call, he took the lens back as a sample to create Ignatz a new pair of glasses. He told his patient it might take a couple weeks to get them done, depending on how much struggle it would take for him make a couple of lenses.


                A week passed and Constance came to visit Ignatz in the infirmary.

                “Ignatz! You are just the right guinea pig I need to test out my latest creation!” She boasted.

                “G-guinea pig?! F-for what?” Ignatz asked.

                “Have troubles seeing the world without colour? Well fear not!” She pulled out a pair of colourful specs out of her satchel and continued, “The rainbow spectacles can help you see the world in full colour!”

                She placed the glasses over Ignatz’s eyes, who only saw splashes of colour all over his vision.

                “Wow… I-it certainly l-looks colourful…” The blonde man spoke awkwardly.

                “Colourful, I know!” Constance cheered, “And since you’re interested in art and scenery, it could help you paint a dream landscape!”

                “U-um… Constance?”

                “What’s that, my dear?”

                “Uh… I-i-it’s a neat idea you came up with, but…” Ignatz lowered his brows and said, “I need glasses to see.”

                “But can’t you see the beautiful colours combined in those lenses?!” Constance exclaimed.

                “Y-yes… but that is all I see. I need to see shapes, letters, textures… e-everything, really. Colour is only the least of my worries.”

                “Well, fine then!” Constance took the glasses from Ignatz’s eyes, “I’ll see to someone else, who would appreciate these babies!”

                She shunned away and walked out of the infirmary.

                Another week passed and Ignatz’s legs were fully recovered. He was still not allowed to be put on missions because he was temporarily without glasses, but he could join his friends in the dining hall and sleep in his own room.

                A couple days passed since Ignatz’s recovery and Hanneman visited his room. The blonde man allowed the Crest scholar access to come into his dorm and asked about his business.

                “Here, Ignatz. Try these on.” Hanneman said as he placed a pair of specs over the blonde’s eyes.

                Ignatz blinked and stared though the lenses. He could see shapes, textures, and no blurs whatsoever. He looked over to a book on his deck, which had “The War of Art” printed on it.

                “These are good!” Ignatz said cheerfully, “I could finally see again!”

                “Well, I’m glad all that effort I went through paid off at the end.” Hanneman stated.

                “Thank you, Professor Hanneman.” Ignatz bowed his head out of appreciation. “I better tell Professor Byleth I can see again.”

                “You do that.” Hanneman replied as he watched Ignatz leave his room and went to find his former professor.

Chapter Text

                The Kingdom army was ready to embark to Enbarr to face the Imperial army. During their travels, Byleth noticed Felix was sniffling and hacking away. Rodrigue and Sylvain were also concerned for the Fraldarius swordsman, so they stopped to have an intervention with him.

                “Felix, your coughing and sniffling is a big concern. Are you sure we shouldn’t send you back to the monastery?” Byleth asked.

                “It’s… nothing…” Felix sniffled, “It’s just a cold… It’s not going to stop me from fighting…”

                “Are you serious, Felix? I noticed you were hacking away ever since we passed Myrddin! You can’t seriously prolong this!” Sylvain frantically exclaimed.

                “I suffered through worse.” Felix argued. He covered his mouth with his arm to cough. “I’m not going to let a cold hold me down.”

                “Felix, I cannot allow you to make that rash decision.” Rodrigue lectured, “Your illness might get worse when the battle prolongs. I should dispatch a battalion to send you back to the monastery.”

                “I’m not going anywhere, old man…” Felix retorted as he sniffled, “I’ll fight to the bitter end… even with this illness…”

                “Don’t be foolish, Felix.” Rodrigue scolded, “If your illness overtakes you during battle, you could fall, and I’m not going to allow my son to die due to that.”

                Felix scoffed and replied, “You could’ve been more sympathetic when Glenn passed away…”

                “Felix! Glenn’s death has nothing to do with this. You’re fighting in vain.”

                “I fight to grow stronger…” Felix coughed after that sentence, “And I need to fight in order to survive… even when I have an illness…”

                He turned around to walk away from the small group. Rodrigue sighed and shook his head in disapproval, while Byleth stared at the Fraldarius son with concern.

                “Sylvain, keep a close eye on Felix.” Byleth ordered the redhead, “Make sure he doesn’t collapse during our travels.”

                “Will do.” Sylvain replied as he followed Felix.

                When the Kingdom Army made it to Gronder Field, they met with the Imperial Army, along with the Leicester Alliance. All three nations fought in a heated battle. During the struggle, Felix was fighting against the emperor’s advisor, Hubert. The dark bishop managed to hit the swordsman with miasma, but Felix refused to let it push him down. He dodged the next spell thrown at him and struck Hubert with his sword. After the slash, Felix let out a sneeze, which carried over to the dark bishop. Before the swordsman could strike again, Hubert warped away. Felix growled and panted after the dark bishop got away. Before he could find his next opponent, Felix started to hack away, and his chest began to tighten up. He tried to stand his ground and not allow the illness to overtake him, but the strains in his entire body worsened and caused him to collapse.

                “FELIX!” Sylvain, who was fighting Imperial men not to far from the swordman, saw Felix fall from a short distance.

                He ran his lance though the last of the soldiers attacking him and fought his way over to get to his friend. He dismounted his horse and ran towards Felix’s collapsed body. Sylvain could see that he was still conscious, as he heard huffing and groaning from the swordsman.

                “You idiot…” The dark knight said from under his breath, “You should’ve let yourself recover…”

                Sylvain scooped up Felix’s limped form into his arms and mounted him onto his horse. When the redhead climbed on afterwards, he kept a firm arm around Felix’s chest and steered his way towards Mercedes, who was near the northern forest. Sylvain asked her to heal Felix, and the bishop all she could to ease the tension. Mercedes’s white magic did reduce the stress in the swordsman’s veins, but the coughing and sniffling remains. When Felix got up from his recovery, he was going to head back to the battlefield, but Sylvain quickly grabbed his left wrist.

                “Where are you going?” Sylvain firmly asked.

                “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going back into battle.” Felix retorted.

                “Felix, don’t be an idiot!” Sylvain’s voice rose, “I’m sure that illness made you collapse, and I’m not going to allow you to fall again!”

                “We’re in a middle of a battle, Sylvain.” Felix argued as he sniffled, “I still have enough energy to pull through, and I fight whenever is-”

                “Damn it, Felix!” Sylvain exclaimed as he lunged forward and hauled the swordsman over his shoulder. “We’re going back to the monastery!”

                “Put me down!” Felix started to pound on his friend’s back. His punches were not as strong as they usually were, but they were still hard enough to cause Sylvain to struggle. “I can still fight!”

                “You’re not going back out there!” Sylvain scolded, “If you fall again during your illness, you could die!” He loaded Felix back onto his horse and climbed back afterwards. “Sorry, Felix but I’m not going to lose you today.”

                He told Mercedes to inform the Kingdom Army that he was heading back to the monastery with Felix before he could disembark.

                When Sylvain returned to the monastery, he brought Felix over to the infirmary so that the swordsman could recover. After a day, Sylvain started to cough, and his stomach began to wheeze. He assumed that this was the same illness Felix had, so he decided to pay another visit to the infirmary.

                “Hello, Sylvain. Have you come to check on Felix?” Manuela asked.

                “About that,” Sylvain replied, before he covered his mouth to let out a cough. “Do you know if it’s just a cold Felix is suffering from, or is it something more?”

                The redhead hacked some more, while Manuela raised a brow at him in concern.

                “I don’t know what illness Felix is suffering from, but it is definitely not just a simple cold.” Manuela stated.

                “Well, I might’ve caught his illness.” Sylvain replied as he started coughing. “Has he gotten worse since then?”

                Manuela lowered her brows and replied, “Felix has gotten feverish since you brought him here. His coughing has worsened, he’s been sneezing more, and his heart rate is higher than normal.” She looked down with unease and said, “His skin was also turning blue from lack of oxygen and black spots are starting to appear. Whatever he has could be fatal if we don’t find a cure at any rate.” She looked up at Sylvain with worrisome eyes and said, “And learning that you’ve caught the illness is alarming to say the least.”

                “So, you’re saying whatever Felix has could be deadly?” Sylvain asked.

                “Yes, and now I know that you have it, I suggest you stay in the infirmary or quarantine in your room. I only have one spare bed here.”

                Sylvain thought his illness was not at it’s worse yet, so he chose the latter option.

                “I’ll come visit you if you need anything, Sylvain.” Manuela told him before the redhead left for his room.

                Calamity continued to happen at Garreg Mach Monastery. Manuela fell ill to the illness Felix received and it continued to spread throughout the whole facility. Since Garreg Mach was their base, the whole Kingdom Army was affected by the disease. Without a known cure, the infected started to perish. Felix was the first to go, then Sylvain, then anyone who followed.

                The Adrestian Empire was also struggling against the disease. Ever since Hubert returned to Enbarr after the battle in Gronder, he fell ill. He was recovering in the capital’s infirmary ever since, but the Empire also failed to find a cure for the disease. Hubert was the first to perish in Adrestia. Since he was close to the Emperor, Edelgard was the next to fall. The Empire was in chaos after the death of their Emperor and more people gotten sick due to the disease. It spread though out Fódlan and later the world around. Throughout the years, thousands of people perished from that disease, and it took five years for scholars to develop the cure. After studying the infection of a human body and found traces of monster DNA, the scholars dubbed the disease, “The Black Beast Virus”.

Chapter Text

                “Where did you find this?!” Sylvain heatedly asked his messenger as he held the Sword of Zoltan in question. He wore an angry scowl on his face with tears peaking out from the lower eyelids. “Where did you find this sword?!”

                “W-we found it in the forest near Gaspard territory!” The messenger nervously replied, “W-w-we thought it might have belonged to that Fraldarius mercenary you were fond of.”

                “What about Felix?! Can I at least see his body?!”

                “I-Im sorry to say, milord, but… w-we didn’t see his body anywhere! J-just his sword and a few corpses of bandits…”

                “Bandits?!” Sylvain gripped Felix’s sword tightly, “Are you saying bandits are to blame for Felix’s disappearance?!”

                “W-well… his body was nowhere to be seen, a-and with all the bandits present… i-it could be possible that he’s taken by them…”

                Sylvain was seething with anger as he marched into his manor to collect the weapons he needed. The weapons he chose were a silver axe, a spear, and the Lance of Ruin. Sylvain then marched out of his house and went towards the stables to load his horse.

                “M-master Gautier… wh-where are you going?” the messenger asked.

                “I’m going to hunt some bandits!” Sylvain replied, “I’m gonna make them answer my questions, rough them up good, before I decide to kill them!”

                “B-but… what about the house?”

                “Tell my butler to mind the house while I’m gone! I don’t care how many moons it’ll take, but I’m not going to let those bandits roam free, whether of not Felix is still alive!”

                Sylvain mounted his horse and sprinted out of Gautier territory.

                During his travels, Sylvain slaughtered many groups of the bandits he found. He always asked about the whereabouts of Felix before he could torture them to death. The first groups he came across did not have any leads of the swordman’s location or whatever happened to his body. Sylvain continued to hunt down bandit until he concluded Felix’s disappearance.

                In an abandon barn house within the forest near Gaspard, Sylvain managed to subdue five bandits and killed ten of them. He currently had one bandit tied to a chair, while the rest were bound on the ground. All the bandits had their share of cuts and bruises. Sylvain approached the bandit on the chair with his silver axe in hand.

                “I got some questions for you.” he said grimly, “A navy-haired swordsman explored this forest some time ago. A messenger delivered me his sword and found dead corpses of bandits near that sight. Where is he?!”

                “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!” the bandit replied.

                Sylvain held his axe up and brought is down to his captive’s shoulder. The bandit let out a blood curdling scream, as blood pour out of his new wound.

                “I’m not in the mood for games…” Sylvain spoke darkly, “I’ll ask again. Where is that swordsman, who travelled here some time ago?”

                “Many travelers travel though this forest!” the bandit barked out a laugh, “Your buddy could’ve been an unfortunate soul that met his end here.”

                Sylvain slammed his axe onto the bandit’s other shoulder, who made another devastating scream.

                “His body was never found!” Sylvain yelled, “If you did kill him, what have you done with his body?!”

                “What would we do with a dead corpse!” the bandit grunted, “We have no need of them! A demonic beast might’ve gobbled up his remains!”

                “If Felix was “gobbled up”, wouldn’t the remains of the corpses be eaten as well?!” Sylvain asked as he slammed his axe on the bandit’s left leg, who let out another cry. “Felix is used to fighting beasts! He even took one down on his own!”

                “Listen… I don’t know what you’re on about, but-”

                “We sent him away!” One of the bandit on the ground spoke up.

                Sylvain turn to the thug that spoke, as he walked away from the one in the chair. He grabbed his hostage by his blonde straw hair, held his axe near the neck and glared intently into his eyes.

                “Where did you send him away.” Sylvain asked darkly.

                “W-we have ties to th-this witch…” the bandit stuttered nervously, “Sh-she asked us to subdue anyone involved with the Ce-ce-central Church’s army!” He shrugged and continued, “Sh-she was interested with his b-b-blood, s-s-so she t-took him away…” He widened his eyes in fear and exclaimed, “I-I can’t guarantee you he is st-still alive!”

                “Where is he now…” Sylvain asked threateningly.

                “Sh-she took him to an underground cavern located south from here!”

                Sylvain dropped his captive and walked towards the entrance to the barn.

                “Hey! You can’t just leave us like this!” One of the grounded bandits exclaimed as he struggled against his binds.

                Sylvain did not listen. He continued to move on and mounted his horse outside.

                Sylvain traveled south from the barn to find a cavern within the ground. When he reached near the end of the forest, the margrave came across a group of mountains. Within them was a small hole in the wall, which made Sylvain believe this was the place Felix was being held. The area was pitch black, so Sylvain casted fire with his hand and held it up like a torch. As he advanced further into the cave, a blast of dark magic shot at him. It hit him right of his horse and landed roughly onto the ground.

                “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a feminine sultry voice spoke as a silhouette approached from within the shadows. As the figure came to view, Sylvain saw a pasty woman with long white hair, pupilless white eyes, and black eyelids.

                “An intruder it looks like.” The lady continued, “Do you know what I do to intruders, young man?”

                “I don’t care what you do to them!” Sylvain growled, “What have you done with Felix!”

                “Felix?” the strange lady asked, “Oh, you mean that Fraldarius brat. Is this all you came here for?” Her lips curled into a sadistic smile. “You’re too late! The last of his blood is being drained as we speak, but you could join him on death’s door.”

                She generated a ball of dark magic in her hand and cast it down to her opponent. Sylvain quickly rolled out of the way, but he still managed to get hit in the back, which flew him to a wall. Sylvain grunted as he tried to pull up, but as the witch generated her next Death spell, the margrave awkwardly rolled to his left. He threw his spear at his opponent, who quickly dodged out of the way, but it gave Sylvain enough time to pull himself off the ground. The witch cast another Death spell at him, but the margrave dodged out of the way. He cast fire magic at her while he was at a distance, while the witch tried to evade every attack. When Sylvain’s used up his magical energy to cast spells, he brought out his Lance of Ruin to charge at the witch. She managed to dodge the first swing, but when Sylvain struck again, his Crest activated and impaled her right though her chest. He pulled his lance out as the witch lifelessly fell to the ground as her life bled away. Sylvain was panting heavily after that battle, and then he looked forward into the cavern.

                “Felix.” He thought to himself as he continued to advance.

                He managed to spark up some fire, despite his magic being exhausted, and continued to move forward. At the end of the cave, Sylvain spotted a man chained to a wall, inside a glided cage. The man was striped from his clothes with only bloody bandages to cover major wounds. He was sitting on a spiked chair, with a bucket underneath to collect the blood. When Sylvain took a closer look at the man’s long hair, he noticed there was a shade of blue within the strains.

                “Felix!” Sylvain cried as he slid open the grided door and rushed to his friend’s side. He wasted no time to wham his axe on the shackles on the wall to free Felix. It took him five blows to break them down, with his minor Crest of Gautier assisting him. Sylvain carefully pulled Felix out of the torture chair and held him in his arms. The swordsman felt limped and heavy in his hold. Blood from Felix’s exposed wounds was pouring out, which worried the margrave. Sylvain found a rustic table with rolls of bandages and half a bottle of concoction sitting on top. Sylvain rested Felix next to the wall beside it and took the bandages. He wrapped them around the swordsman’s exposed wounds and overlayered the existing bandages from before. Scared to think Felix had already died, Sylvain quickly grabbed the remaining concoction and uncorked the bottle. He rested Felix onto of his lap, held his head upward, before the margrave placed the bottle on his friend’s lips and pour down the liquid.

                “Live, Felix!” Sylvain demanded under his breath, “We have a promise! Don’t you be breaking it now, damn you!”

                The last of the concoction entered the swordsman’s mouth. Sylvain sat the bottle aside as he looked down at his friend.

                He’s just lying in his arms lifelessly. Eye were closed and there were no sudden movements. Tears started to peak from Sylvain’s eyes as he started to bawl. He felt like he did everything to save his friend, but it only felt like it was in vain. The margrave did not notice the sudden moan or small struggle coming from the swordsman. When Felix slowly opened his eyes, he saw the margrave crying above him.

                “Syl…vain…?” He said weakly.

                Sylvain widen his eyes as he looked down at his friend. Felix’s eyes were slightly open and was staring back up at him.

                “Felix!” Sylvain pulled his friend up in a hug and let his tears flow. “You had me worried… I thought I was going to lose you for good this time…”

                “Did you kill her…?” Felix asked softly.

                “Her?” Sylvain asked after he sniffled.

                “The woman who imprisoned me here…” Felix replied with venom. “Is she gone…?”

                “Yes, Felix… I took care of her…”

                Sylvain held his friend for five minutes before Felix said, “Sylvain… take me out of this prison…”

                The margrave wanted to hold his friend a little longer, but Felix did have a point. Sylvain lifted the swordsman in a bridal carry and took him over to his horse. He loaded Felix on first before he could mount himself up. They escaped the cave and rode back to Gautier territory.

Chapter Text

It all started in a birthing pit underneath the western church. A young boy, who was physically in a body of a ten-year-old, awakened and crawled out of the pit where he came from. He had long navy hair, amber eyes, pale skin and was clothed with nothing on him. When a couple of scientists caught the boy crawling out of the pit, they prepared a towel to wrap him up. A third scholar just arrived in the laboratory and just witnessed the child tended by his coworkers.

“Tell the church leader the second child is awake and prepare his medication!” The first scientist ordered the third. The third scholar obeyed and ran out of the lab. The two scientists collected the boy into their arms and carried him out of the area. They came to the next room on the right, which was an hospital room with several beds. They rested the boy in the second bed of the second lower column. The scholars provided him with clothes and the medication he needed. They let the boy rest before they were ready to check up on him.

The next time the boy woke up, he met with a green haired scholar, who was sitting at the foot of his bed. The scientist spotted his patient with his blue eyes and smiled warmly at him.

“So, you’re awake.” He said calmly, “How are you feeling?”

“Confused,” the boy replied, “Who am I? Why do I only remember crawling out of a pit?”

“Your name is Felix Hugo Fraldarius. You are an experimental child created in a lab within the chambers we call birthing pits. You were just born six hours ago.”

Felix blinked his eyes and then realized the first scientist that came to his aid mentioned he was the second.

“I was told I was the second!” The boy exclaimed, “Who was the first?”

“A boy named Sylvain Jose Gautier was born the same way as you in two and a half years.” The scholar replied, “You’ll meet him eventually. He’s just undergoing some tests.”

Just on que, a couple of scientists rushed in with a redheaded boy in their arms and placed him on a bed. The boy was severely coated with gashes, but wounds were slowly regenerating itself. The scientist sped up the healing process by using white magic and then they allowed the boy to rest. Felix stared at the redhead in shock, worried about what happened.

“Oh, it looks like Sylvain just arrived.” The green haired scientist stated before he smiled down at Felix, “Let’s let him rest before I introduce you to him.”

“Wh-what… happened to him?” Felix asked shyly.

“He had to undergo some tests. Don’t worry, he’s gifted with the abilities of regeneration. He’ll live.”

“Wh-what kind of tests is he undergoing?”

The green haired scientist sighed and replied, “You’ll learn soon enough, but before I introduce you to him, there are some tests you should be undergoing, too.”

The thought of the “tests” frightened Felix as he violently pushed the scientist off his bed. The Crest of Fraldarius activated during the process, which threw the scholar against the wall near the entrance of the infirmary. A couple of scientists came rushing into the room after they heard a crash and help their colleague up.

“Laurent, what happened here?” The pink haired scientist asked.

“It’s Felix…” the green haired scientist known as Laurent replied, “He pushed me from across the room, and I noticed his Crest seems to be functioning.”

“That’s good to hear, but there are some other tests he needs to undergo before we get him to synchronize with his sacred weapon.”

The scientists carefully approached Felix, who stared back at them with fear. The navy haired boy screamed violently as he jumped off his bed, aggressively pushed past his pursuers, and ran out of the room.

“Felix, come back!” Laurent called after him as he and his fellow colleagues chased the boy down.

Just as they left, Sylvain lifted his upper body from his bed as he looked towards the hospital entrance.

“So, another child like me has finally awakened?” His brows lowered and his lips curled into a sad frown. “It’s a shame that he had to wake up in a place like this.”

Chapter Text

                It was a dark and stormy night, and Edelgard was bound in chains on a Almyran ship. She fearfully stared down at the violent wave hitting the boat as she was forced to walk the plank.

                “Emperor Edelgard von Hresvelg, I sentence you to the sea for slaughter and slavery of our people and the murder of our future king.”

                “I have nothing to do with the slaughter and slavery of your people.” Edelgard argued.

                “Save your breath, your actions don’t excuse you for killing our king, or our unbeatable champion! You Fódlan folks are all the same!”

                “Sir, there’s a battalion of wyverns coming our way!” An Almyran soldier cried to his leader, “They are coming for their Emperor!”

                “Damn it!” the leader cursed under his breath, “Ready your weapons! Arm the ballista! Make no man survive! As for their leader…” He glared at Edelgard and shoved her overboard. “Good luck on them saving her!”

                Edelgard heavily splashed into the ocean and sunk quickly. She tried to hold her breath and kick her legs, but she continued to fall. Her arms were bound and all she could do was wiggle her body. Nothing was helping her float up. Edelgard never claimed to be a swimmer. Even if she was not chained up, she did not know if it could make a difference. The waters were violent and stormy that even an experienced swimmer would have trouble pulling through.

                Edelgard was losing breath. Water started to fill her lungs. As much as she struggled to swim, nothing was helping her. All Edelgard could rely on was her allies. If there was a glimmer of hope that they survive the Almyrans or save her before she completely sinks, it would be them. But the chances of that were slim to none. Edelgard was already losing air and possibly passed the line of no return. The pressure of water persisted to fill her lungs. When Edelgard was out of breath, she lost all consciousness and continued to sink.

Chapter Text

                Sylvain woke up with a heavy headache and found himself in a dark dungeon. His back was against the wall and when he moved his arms, he noticed they were chained above his head.

                ‘What happened?’ he thought to himself.

                The last thing he remember was he was routing off bandits on a scouting mission. He was with Felix and Ingrid while they fought. How did he get captured? When Sylvain turned his head over to his left, he noticed he was not the only one caught. Felix was passed out in the cell next to him. His arms were chained above his head and his ankles were shackled as well. Felix was covered in cuts and bruises and his hair was falling out of his bun. Although seeing his Fraldarius friend trapped was alarming, Sylvain was more shocked to see the prisoner on his right. Ingrid was chained up and unconscious in the other cell. Her blonde hair was falling out of her braid, and she had her fair share of bruises. What alarmed Sylvain the most was seeing Ingrid naked. What monster could take the three of them and leave his female friend exposed.

                “Well, well, well, look who decided to wake up.” A gruff voice spoke before Sylvain’s cell.

                The young Gautier heir shot his head up and saw the very person he dreaded to see outside of his cell.

                “Miklan?!” Sylvain exclaimed frantically, “What do you want with us?! Why are we here?!”

                “I brought you here for a little fun.” Miklan said sadistically, before he grabbed the bars of his brother’s cell and glared angerly at him. “You ruined my life with your existence alone! Now you’re going to suffer the consequences!”

                Sylvain heard Felix groan from the left side of his cell. The Fraldarius heir woke up to find himself chained up behind bars.

“What the hell!” Felix shook his fists as he tested the shackles cuffing his wrists. They were durable and strong enough to hold an activated Crest of Fraldarius tug. Felix scanned the area of his whereabouts and the first person that caught his eye was Miklan.

                “Miklan, you bastard!” Felix shouted with venom as he stood up and moved forward. His shackles held him back from running further, but that did not stop him from standing. “Fight me like a true warrior, you coward!”

                “Felix!” Sylvain called to warn his friend, but his brother already caught sight of the Fraldarius heir.

                “Is that a challenge, brat!” Miklan yelled at Felix, “Since when did you get your brother’s sharp tongue?”

                “Shut up and fight me, asshole!” Felix snapped, “I’ll take you down, with or without these chains!”

                “Felix, no!” Sylvain warned.

                Miklan barked out a laugh and smirked at the Fraldarius heir sadistically.

                “Do you know where your place is here?” the disowned Gautier son taunted, “Maybe I should teach you where you belong!”

                Miklan ordered one of his bandits from behind to unlock Felix’s cell. After it was unlocked, the Fraldarius heir braced himself as the thug leader entered his cage. Felix tried to kick or frail his arms violently, but his shackles were holding him back. Miklan grabbed a hold of his captive’s shoulders and slammed him to the wall. He kneed Felix in the groin and punched him in the face.

                “Felix!” Sylvain cried in horror as his brother struck his friend chest with his knee.

                Felix let out a heavy grunt after that blow, but he was still standing. He tried to knee his captor off him, but with the armour Miklan was wearing and the shackle limiting his freedom, the blow hardly pulled out a dent. Miklan swung a kick behind Felix’s calves, which caused him to fall on his butt. The elder Gautier smirked evilly as his captive as he grabbed Felix by his hair bun and yanked him up. The Fraldarius heir grimaced at the enduring pain from his head as he scowled hatefully at his captor.

                “I remember you always being a crybaby! Always crying to my spoiled brother, or your deceased brother you seem to mimic!” Felix growled at his captor for mentioning Glenn in that statement. “Let’s see if you’re still a crybaby!”

                Miklan continued to pull the Fraldarius by the hair and kneed him to the chest. He continued to kick, smack and slam Felix to the wall to see results. The Fraldarius heir refuse to let this man get the better of him as he attempted to fight back. He tried to throw his fists forward and violently kick his legs, but with his chains limiting his freedom, his attacks were cut short. Miklan once again kneed Felix in the groin and smacked him across the face. The Fraldarius heir spat out a bloody tooth after the blow and faced his head towards the ground. Miklan noticed there was liquid peaking out of Felix’s eyes, which made him smirk evilly. He grabbed a hold of the Fraldarius’s hair, yanked him up and said, “That’s right! Cry! Cry like the little bitch you were back then!”

                “Miklan, stop this, now!” Sylvain yelled.

                Miklan glared over to his brother but did not release his hold on Felix. He moved slightly behind his navy haired prisoner and held him close by the waist. His hand gripping Felix’s hair moved down to his jaw and held him firm. Uncomfortable about how he was being held, Felix trashed in his captor’s grip to no avail.

                “Or what? You think you’ll save him like the “big brother” you always were to him?” Miklan barked out a laugh. “How about I take his innocence and make you watch!”

                “Don’t!” Sylvain growled.

                “Like hell you would!” Felix began to trash harder, but his captor maintained a firm hold on him. “Get your fucking hands off of me!”

                “Still got Glenn’s tongue?” Miklan said as he barked out a laugh. He roughly tilted Felix’s head up and sadistically smiled down at his captive’s glare. “Maybe we should fix that!”

                Miklan nodded at one of his bandits to enter the cell. As the thug approached, he pulled out a gag and quickly shoved it into Felix’s mouth. He tied it behind the Fraldarius prisoner’s head and stepped back to watch his struggles. Felix growled at both the bandits in his cell and continued to trash to no avail.

                Before Miklan could do anything more with the Fraldarius heir, he heard a feminine groan come from the far cell on the other side of Sylvain’s. Ingrid was just waking up and the first thing she noticed was she was chained and naked. She panicked at the sight of her exposed body, but what freaked her out more was she was in a cell with bandits lurking on the outside. Sylvain being trapped in a cell next to her did not settle her nerves, but when she saw Miklan in the next cell down, holding up a battered Felix, her blood started to boil.

                “Miklan, whatever you’re doing to Felix, leave him alone!” Ingrid yelled.

                Miklan barked up a laugh before he faced Sylvain.

                “I’ll let your crybaby keep his innocence today. He already had his punishment.” Miklan said as he released Felix. He walked out of the cell and one of his goons locked it back up.

                “Unlock the cell with the Galatea lass, and make sure my spoiled brother watches the whole thing!” Miklan demanded.

                His bandits obeyed as they unlocked Ingrid’s and Sylvain’s cell. Four thugs entered the young Gautier’s prison, yanked him by his arms and legs, and forced him to face Ingrid’s cell. One bandit grabbed Sylvain by the hair, while another held him by the jaw, to hold his face in place. As Miklan entered Ingrid’s cell, he had no pants on. The Galatea lass shuffled back to the wall and glared fearfully at the bandit leader.

                “Stay back!” Ingrid shouted in anger, “Whatever you’re going to do, I won’t let you get away with this!”

                “Have you gotten that tongue from your late fiancé, doll face?” Miklan cooed, “What is your current relationship with Sylvain? Are you… his item?

                Ingrid glared with fury and embarrassment at her captor and yelled, “It’s none of your business! Let us go!”

                “Well, maybe I should claim you before he has a chance.” Miklan laughed creepily as he approached.

                “Miklan, stop! Get away from her!” Sylvain cried as he attempted to pushed forward, but his captors held him back.

                Miklan lunged forward to Ingrid and pinned her to the wall. The Galatea lass began to thrash underneath her captor, but the bandit leader overpowered her. He grabbed roughly grabbed a hold of her face and forcefully pressed his lips onto hers. Ingrid struggled to push her assaulter off to no avail. Her cuffed limbs made it difficult for her to do so. When Miklan’s tongue pushed through her mouth, Ingrid’s first instinct was to bite down. The bandit leader recoiled and slapped the Galatea lass across her face.

                “Ingrid!” Sylvain cried as he pushed forward, only to be held back by his captors. He glared intently at his brother for slapping his female friend.

                “Now, doll face, you shouldn’t have done that.” Miklan gruffly spoke, “Do you know what I do to bitches that bite me?”

                “I am not some “toy” to play around with!” Ingrid exclaimed, “Get your filthy hands off me, before I-”

                She was cut off as Miklan bit her on her left bicep. Ingrid screamed in pain and Sylvain watched in horror.

                “Miklan, stop!” The young Gautier cried, but his brother did not listen.

               Miklan lick the bite wound he just made, then he traced his tongue up Ingrid’s arm. The Galatea lass winced at the moist, slobbery contact on her bare skin and attempted to move her arm away, but her captor held it still and continued.

                “Now you know what happens when you bite me, doll face?” Miklan asked as he pulled away from Ingrid’s arm, “I bite back.” He grabbed a hold of his prisoner’s chin, who was glaring back bitterly with her green eyes.

                “How about I make you my girl” Miklan said as he sat up as he forcefully spread-out Ingrid’s legs. The Galatea lass attempted to furl the gap, but her captor was too powerful. Miklan began to thrust his dick into the Galatea lass’s vagina. For each push, Ingrid let out a painful moan and thrashed underneath her captor.

                “Get… off of me… you… bastard…” Ingrid cursed between her agonizing groans as she continued to struggle.

                “Miklan, just stop it!” Sylvain cried as he struggled in his captors’ hold, “You can do whatever you want with me, but leave Ingrid alone!”

                “Oh, no! I’m making this lass mine!” he replied as he continued to thrust.

                Sylvain continued to push forward. He wanted to shove his brother off Ingrid, so he could carry her out of here. His captors kept holding him back, but that did not stop him for persisting.

                Felix, who was fed up with listening to his female friend’s painful moans attempted to yell at the bandit leader through his gag, but no one paid attention to him.

                Miklan put one last thrust into Ingrid’s vagina. He began to let his semen flow into her body, which made the Galatea lass squirmed. The bandit leader held her tightly. He began to lick her skin as he allowed the last of his cum to flow inside. Ingrid was exhausted from the thrusting she had to endure. She still gave Miklan one last kick even though she had nothing to gain from it. Before the bandit leader could take his dick out of Ingrid’s pussy, he licked his captive’s right breast and sucked on her nipple. He then grabbed a hold of his Ingrid’s face and roughly captured her lips with his. To the Galatea lass’s discomfort, Miklan’s tongue explored her mouth again. She did not bite down this time. She just shivered as she allowed the bandit leader to do his thing. Miklan broke out of the kiss and smiled sadistically at Ingrid.

                “You bastard…” Ingrid cursed at him with hateful eyes.

                “I love you too, sweetheart.” Miklan teased.

                 He then turned to Sylvain, who had a horrific expression on his face.

                “So, how do you like the show?” Miklan asked his brother.

                “Y-you asshole!” Sylvain cursed, “I’m going to kill you for what you had done to my friends!”

                “Now do you know how it feels when something gets snatched away from you?” Miklan held Ingrid up and made her face his brother, “You have many opportunities to make this dove yours.”

                “Stop it! She is NOT an item!” Sylvain screamed at him.

                “Well, I already claimed her!” He said as he released Ingrid from his hold, “And I might claim that Fraldarius boy as well!”

                Felix’s face reddened from embarrassment and anger. He started to shout profanities at the bandit leader, but his words were muffled by the gag.

                “Don’t you THINK of touching Felix like that!” Sylvain growled, “He doesn’t deserve it and neither did Ingrid!”

                “Oh, I’ll come back for her again,” Miklan said as he put on his pants after he left Ingrid’s cell. He held onto the bars of his brother’s cage and said, “And I would provide you a show before I end your miserable existence.”

                Sylvain growled at him but said nothing more.

                Miklan ordered his bandits to release his brother from their grip and leave the cell. The thugs locked the cage after they left and followed their leader down the corridors.

                Sylvain looked between his two friends, who were horribly abused. Felix may have allowed his sharp tongue to get the better of him to get himself brutally beaten, but Ingrid did not deserve to be rape. Sylvain dreaded for Miklan’s next arrival because he feared that both his friend was going to get more than a simple beating. Ingrid might even suffer a worse punishment than what she had to go through today. Sylvain hoped that his professor and the Blue Lions could come to their rescue. If he could not save them in his current position, who would?


Chapter Text

                As a child, Sylvain began to study the arts of fire magic. The concept intrigued him when he was ten years old. He studied after he met a beautiful girl around his age. This girl liked boys who were highly intelligent and knew the arts of magic. Since Sylvain wanted to impress her, he continued to study and practice what he learned.

                When he visited House Fraldarius, Sylvain was showing Felix his fire magic. The young Fraldarius was excited to see his friend. Although he allowed Sylvain to demonstrate his magic, he was eager to show off his new sword skills he learned from Glenn. The house retainers set up a few magical resistant training dummies for young Gautier heir to practice, who started to shoot them with small fire balls. The casts were standard for beginners, but that was only part of Sylvain’s warm up. An easier move was just sparking fire out of his hands and holding it up.

                “Okay… those are cool tricks.” Felix commented with little enthusiasm, “Can I please show you my new sword technique now?”

                “Wait, Felix! I just barely started.” Sylvain replied, “I’m just getting to the more interesting spells.”

                The magic he was about to show his Fraldarius friend was the artsy tricks shown in street performances and operas. Most of those spells were hard to pull off, and Sylvain was still trying to learn the easier spells. He formed two fireballs into his hands and threw them up in the air to try and make fireworks. The fire only fizzled out when it got in the air. Sylvain tried again, but the same result happened. The Gautier moved on to the next spell, which was a juggling trick. He cast out one ball and tried to throw it around. As he juggled, he lost control over it, and it turned into a wave of fire. The wave shot around the Gautier heir, and it flew past the dummies. Unfortunately for Felix, he was in the line of fire. He raised his hands up to protect his face, but the impact was great enough to push him back. Felix fell to his butt while he screamed in pain. He hugged his burned arms together and started to cry.

                “FELIX!” Sylvain exclaimed frantically after what he just done. He rushed over to his friend as he attempted to help him off the ground and apologize.

                “Get away from me!” Felix cried as he recoiled from the Gautier. He managed to climb back on his feet and ran away with tears in his eyes.

                “Felix, wait! I’m sorry!” Sylvain called after his friend as he chased him down.

                Felix ran over to his big brother, who was in the middle of training with Ingrid. Although Glenn was annoyed at first for his brother’s interruption, but when noticed the burn marks on Felix’s arms he glared up at the redhead pursuing him.

                “What have you done to him!” Glenn demanded as he held his younger brother protectively.

                “It was an accident!” Sylvain waved up his arms frantically, “I lost control in performing one of my tricks and accidently burned Felix!”

                Felix continued to hide in his brother’s arms as Glenn maintained his glare on the Gautier.

                “I’m not gonna allow you to get any closer to him. You need to leave.” The elder Fraldarius said.

                “But, Glenn, I-”

                “Just go, Sylvain!” Glenn snapped, “He doesn’t want to see you right now. Leave us alone.”

                Sylvain knew better to not start a fight with the elder Fraldarius. He was a skilled combatant that even the young Gautier’s elder brother, Miklan, had trouble taking down. Since Sylvain did not want to stay on Glenn’s bad side, he decided to leave the training grounds and head back home with his father.

                A week passed since the incident and Sylvain questioned his studies with fire magic. Rumours of the event spread like wildfire that it even reached his crush’s ears. The girl Sylvain was fond of was appalled by the actions during that incident and said she would never date a reckless spellcaster. Although Sylvain was kind of upset that his crush would never like him, he was more worried about Felix. He never meant to burn his best friend and he feared that his actions were pushing them apart. Sylvain thought back on his studies and questioned himself why he wanted to learn fire magic. Doing it for a girl he liked was no longer applicable, and hurting his best friend made him feel guilty. Sylvain decided to put his studies away and swore off of magic for the time being.

                Sylvain was nervous the next time he visited House Fraldarius, but he wanted to set thing right for Felix. When he arrived with his father, he noticed that the young Fraldarius stood slightly behind his brother. His arms were bandaged up and his amber eyes stared at the Gautier heir in concern. Glenn was giving Sylvain a warning glare, but his muscles were slightly tensed. Both Fraldarius brothers kept their eyes on the Gautier heir, who slowly approached them.

                “Glenn, can I please talk to your brother?” Sylvain asked, “I promise I won’t hurt him.”

                Glenn’s glare remained, but he allowed the Gautier heir to speak to his brother. Felix did not bolt away. He continued to watch Sylvain carefully, who squatted down to his level with sadden eyes.

                “Felix, I’m sorry I burned you the other week.” He apologized, “I feel guilty for hurting you and I have decided to quit studying fire magic. Will you ever forgive me?”

                Felix still felt the burn marks from the other week, and it traumatized him, but the younger Fraldarius did not want to hate Sylvain and wanted to still be friends. Felix slowly took a couple steps towards the Gautier heir before he dashed forward and wrapped his arms around chest. The young Fraldarius buried his face in Sylvain’s right shoulder and began to tear up.

                “I don’t want to hate you.” Felix sniffed, “I don’t want these stupid burns to end our friendship.”

                Sylvain gently wrapped his arms around his small friend and softly patted his back.

                “I don’t want to lose our friendship either. I just wondered if you’ll ever forgive me.”
                “Yes…” Felix sniffed, “Yes… I don’t want to hate you… let’s just stay friends…”

                The two friends hugged each other for a few minutes before they broke out of it.

                “Let me show you what I’ve been doing while I was recovering.” Felix said excitedly.

                Sylvain nodded as he allowed his friend to lead him to the training grounds.

Chapter Text

                “Let him go!” Caspar roared as he saw Linhardt being carried away by bandits.

                The sky-haired teen was furious because it only took him a few minutes to bring down a thug, who was harassing a young maiden in a forest outside Remire Village. He did not expect bandits to nab his friend while he was gone for a short time. Linhardt slowly opened his eyes after he heard Caspar yell. He noticed he was drifting farther away as he watched his friend run closer with iron gauntlets in hand. He attempted to move his arms, only to find out his wrists were tied together.

                “How unfortunate…” Linhardt thought to himself as he realized he was being kidnapped.

                “Quickly! Load the Hevring boy into the cart! His buddy is gaining on us!” One of the bandits yelled.

                Linhardt felt himself being hurled onto a hard wooden surface, and then a set of arms pulled him back. A mass of bandits later charged at their pursuer to eliminate him. Caspar fought them off with his gauntlets and brought some of his opponents down. More bandits came to attack the sky-haired teen, but Caspar continued to fight back. He refused to back down as more thugs continued to attack, but he was getting exhausted. Eventually, the reinforcements overwhelmed him. They knocked Caspar to the ground, held him down and beat with their arms and feet. One of the bandits grabbed a hold of Caspar’s hair and yanked up to see his face. Caspar currently had a bruised eye, a swollen cheek and blood trickling down from his nose and lower lip.

                “You’re that son from House Bergliez, are you!” the bandit holding his hair spoke in a gruff tone.

                “The second son it looks like.” Another bandit spoke, “I heard he bares no Crest. I don’t see the value of this brat.”

                “Well, how much money would his father pay for his missing son?” A third thug asked, “Although he is the second son that bares no Crest, he is still a member of one of the renown houses in Adrestia

                “You think my father would pay for my ransom?” Caspar spoke up, “He’ll fight though an entire army to get his sons back!”

                A gagged was shoved into his mouth and tied behind his head.

                “Mouthy boy…” one of the bandits murmured before he faced the cart. “Let’s just take him anyway. See if we can gain profit from this brat.”

                Caspar continued to struggle beneath his captors’ grasp and attempted to break free. Before the bandits could take him to the cart, one of the bulkier thugs brought out his hammer and slammed it down to the captive’s right leg. Caspar screamed though his gag in pain as the bones crushed within the limb. The hammer struck his other leg, and the agonizing pain was just as devastating as the last. Caspar’s arms were pulled back and tied behind him. After he was subdued, the bandits scooped him up and carried him to the cart. He was loaded next to Linhardt, who was staring at him with drowsy blue eyes. The green haired teen let out a sigh and said, “I told you we should’ve just head back to the monastery, but you always have to run off and start a fight.”

                Caspar wanted to retort at his friend’s claim. He wanted to argue that he busy was saving a lady’s life, while Linhardt was nodding off and allowed himself to be captured, but his gag was covering his words. Only muffled noises came from the sky-haired teen. The bandits secured their hostages in place, as they began to disembark. 

Chapter Text

                Dimitri was coming down with a fever. He was busy with preparations of rebuilding the Kingdom, but during his later meetings, his head felt heavy, his muscles were aching, and he felt warmer than usual. His wife, Byleth, the new archbishop of the Church of Seiros, decided to take over his duties during his recovery. Dimitri was against it because Byleth had her own duties as archbishop and did not want to burden her with his responsibilities. His wife, however, disregarded his concerns and told him she would manage.

                While Dimitri was resting in his quarters, he was having strange dreams. The first couple nights he dreamt about the Tragedy of Duscur. The dream made it worse than what he witnessed all those years ago. Dimitri witnessed the beheading of his father, the brutal slaughter of Glenn, and his stepmother disappearing within the flames. The infernal fires began to grow and there was no escape route for Dimitri. He was eventually swallowed within them. As he was burning, he saw three grotesque figures appear within the flames. His father, who was holding his severed head in his right arm. Glenn, whose body was mangled and impaled by dark spikes. His stepmother was also there. All three of them had skin melting from their bones, eyeless sockets with blood pouring out, and third degree burns all over their bodies.

                “Why haven’t you avenged us yet, my son?” King Lambert’s severed head spoke.

                “You failed us! Our murderers still run among us!” Glenn’s distorted figure said.

                “Why have you killed you stepsister?! My daughter?!” Lady Patricia cried.

                Dimitri widened his one eye in shock. He was about to explain until a spark of flames wave to his right side. He turned to that direction and saw Edelgard’s lying corpse. Her skin was melting off her bones. Areadbhar was pierced into her chest. When Edelgard’s corpse slowly rolled her face towards Dimitri, she opened her eye sockets, which was emptied with blood flooding out the lower lids, and tiny red balls of light replacing her eyes.

                “You ruined everything!” Edelgard spoke in a demonic voice, “Fódlan will never become the world I envisioned, and you stole the professor from me!”

                “The professor?” Dimitri questioned as another burst of flames flew from the right side of his face.

                He turned to that direction and saw his beloved wife chained to a post. She was struggling from within her binds. Frustration was written over her face. When Byleth looked to see Dimitri, fury was filled in her enchanting green eyes.

                “How could you let this happen, Dimitri!” she cried in venom, “Why did you allow me to carry your burdens!”

                Dimitri was about to explain until he saw a gigantic beast made of flames emerge behind Byleth. It opened its huge mouth and slammed it over his wife. The sight of the beast swallowing Byleth whole horrified the king. He widened his one eye, jolted his body, and found out he was in the comforts of his own bed. One of his nurses was sitting in a chair next to a mahogany end table, which had bottles of concoction on top. When she saw Dimitri waking up, she rushed over to his aid and gave him his medicine.

                “My queen…” the king spoke, “Where is my beloved?”

                “She’s busy keeping your Kingdom in order.” The nurse replied, “There were no issues and no casualties since you were bedridden.”

                “I want to see her…” Dimitri weakly said.

                “Your Majesty… she’s currently in a meeting. She has her hands full with her duties as archbishop and duties as queen, but I’ll let her know you want to see her.”

                Dimitri allowed his nurse to provide him with care. She gave him plenty of water before she allowed him to rest.

                The next several instances Dimitri dosed off to his sleep, his nightmares got worse. The memory of when Solon trapped his wife within a forbidden curse appeared, but this time, Byleth did not escape. The Forbidden Spell of Zahras was later cast on Dimitri. Dark magic shackled his limbs, and before he knew it, he was completely engulfed by the spell. The curse took Dimitri into an unknown area. Darkness was all he saw, except for a chained-up figure before him. Four shackles bound the body by each limb. Two were chained to the ground while the other pair were attached somewhere above the endless void. When Dimitri came closer to the figure, he noticed the prisoner was Byleth. Her hair was teal like it was six years ago. She was dressed in her usual attire since they met at Remire Village. The gray jacket she wore as a cape, the dark skimpy clothes, and the dark laced stockings filled with detail. Byleth seemed lifeless while she hung limped from the shackles. When Dimitri called her name, she lifted her head and opened her eyes. The king recoiled when he stared at what have become of her eyes. All he saw were dim red orbs of light within the empty sockets.

                “How could you have let this happen?!” Byleth said angerly as a dark miasma spread around her body, “Why didn’t you protect me?!”

                “By-” Dimitri was about to explain until his wife started to twitch.

                Her body was thrashing uncontrollably, and it began to change shape. Her limbs enlarged from length to width, which also broke her shackles. Her hands and feet became gigantic claws. Her head grew with a massive mouth with razor sharp teeth. She grew out a tail and wings, and her entire body was covered with dark scales. The transformation froze Dimitri in place, horrified to see what became of his wife. He woke up after Byleth picked him up with her deformed demonic hands and chopped on his torso.

                His next dream was not any better. Dimitri stood on the field at the Tailtean Plains. Embers and flames were burning the ground and all around him were corpses of his fellow companions. Dedue, Felix, Ingrid and Sylvain were present, along with the rest of the Blue Lions and knights from his Kingdom. They all had battle wounds all over their bodies, along with charred burned from the fires on the ground. When Dimitri looked up, he saw his wife before him. Her back was facing towards him, and she was holding the Sword of the Creator in her grasp.

                “Byleth!” Dimitri called out to her as he ran towards her.

                Byleth turned to see Dimitri with her enchanted green eyes. Concern was written on her face as she was about to charge towards her husband, but an iron collar appeared on her neck, and she was yanked back by a chain. Byleth dropped her sword and tried to pry the collar off to no avail. Shocked by his wife’s predicament, Dimitri glared up to see the demonic form of Edelgard holding the chain.

                “You do not deserve her!” The demonic creature spoke, “She would’ve made a great ally if you haven’t stolen her away from me!”

                “She was NOT yours to begin with!” Dimitri argued.

                “Nor was she yours!” Edelgard snapped back, “If she would have picked the Black Eagles and saw through my ideals, she wouldn’t be wrapped up in your delusions! Your rule will not save the people of Fódlan!”

                “I told you before, there are people who can’t live without their faith!” Dimitri argued, “Shoving your beliefs onto other’s won’t solve their problems!”

                “Your wrong…” Edelgard generated a dark sphere with her claw like hand and continued, “The Church of Seiros is what’s plaguing Fódlan, and so it must be destroyed!”

                She threw the orb at Dimitri, who quickly dodged the attack. Edelgard continued to summon dark spheres to shoot at the king, but she kept missing. Dimitri then jumped on her with Areadbhar at the ready and used it to impale her chest. Edelgard let out a loud, demonic scream before she fell lifelessly. Dimitri was panting in and out before he faced his wife. His single eye widened as he saw a shadow concealing Byleth’s face. With no emotion, she whipped out the Sword of the Creator and used it to slash her husband down.

                Dimitri once again woke up in the comforts of his bed. The first person he saw was his nurse, who stood over him.

                “Good evening, Your Majesty, your wife is here to check on you.” she said.

                Dimitri blinked with is lone eye and looked over to the nurse’s left side. There he saw Byleth, wearing her archbishop gown. She stared down at her husband with concern in her eyes, but she gave him a warm smile.

                “You wanted to see me, my love?” Byleth asked.

                “My queen…” he smiled weakly as he slowly reached his right hand to gently grab her left. “You came…”

                “I wanted to see how you were feeling.” Byleth said, “I booked myself some free time just to see you.”

                “I’m sorry… my beloved…” Dimitri apologized as he gently squeezed his wife’s hand, “I’ve shouldn’t allow you to carry the burdens of… my duties…”

                “Don’t be…” Byleth replied softly, “Your government is going steadily and there weren’t any major casualties around the Kingdom.”

                Dimitri lowered his brow and wore a sad frown before he said, “Please don’t leave me…”

                “Leave?” Byleth widened her eyes.

                “In my dreams, I see you dying… turning into a demonic beast or stabbing me in the back… You always blame me for not being with you… for letting terrible things happen and…” He sniffed as he pulled his wife towards him. Dimitri wrapped his free arm around her and begged her not to go.

                Byleth was surprised by the sudden hug. She listened to her husband’s words closely before she sunk into his embrace. Byleth wrapped her free arm around Dimitri and lightly squeezed him.

                “I won’t leave you, my love.” She said, “I’ll be with you, even in the darkest of times.”

Chapter Text

                It was a long ride back to House Gautier. Ever since Sylvain rescued Felix from the cavern near the southern boarder of Faerghus, he was repatching his friend’s wounds, providing him with medicine, and wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm.

                As they returned to House Gautier, Felix stayed bedridden in the guest room for a couple weeks. Sylvain sent his nurses to tend to the swordsman’s health. They used white magic to close the wounds, carefully changed the bandages and provided Felix with medicine to help him regain strength.

                After a couple weeks, Sylvain decided to check on his friend. He entered the guest bedroom and found Felix sitting up on the edge of the bed. His back was facing Sylvain and he was eying the scars and bandages on his arms.

                “Hey, Fe. How are you feeling?” Sylvain greeted as he approached his friend.

                “Frustrated…” Felix balled his hands into fists, “I let myself get caught and allowed that witch to do whatever she pleases…”

                “I warned you about going out alone, didn’t I?” Sylvain asked sternly. “I was worried something like this could happen to you. I nearly thought you were dead.”

                “I should’ve trained harder!” Felix exclaimed as he tightened his fist, “Maybe then I would’ve fought them off and killed that witch myself.”

                “Felix, I’m not going to say your weak, but I doubt training could’ve saved you from your predicament.” Sylvain stated, “I’m more concerned about you venturing alone with no backup.”

                “I thought I told you, I work better while being alone. If only I were stronger I would’ve-”

                “Felix, are you listening to yourself right now?!” Sylvain rosed his voice, “Your strength is not the problem here! I know you prefer to fight alone, but no matter how great of a combatant you are, you’ll eventually get outnumbered!” He sighed and continued, “You scared me, Fe. I’m assuming that was how you got captured in the first place.”

                “They were just mere bandits!” Felix growled as he continued to ball his fists, “I can’t believe I let myself get overpowered by them!”

                “Were they in large numbers?” Sylvain asked.

                Felix wanted to retort, but when he thought back to his predicament, he knew Sylvain had a point. He remembered being attacked by a smaller group first, then reinforcements kept coming and managed to overpower him. Felix was still frustrated about that, but he could not argue that Sylvain was right. If the margrave did not rescue him after his abduction, he would have been dead, drained from his blood, and decaying in a cell. Without realizing it, tears were flooding out of Felix’s eyes. He never felt that helpless in his life. Sylvain noticed his friend’s emotions as sat down next to him and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. Felix did not shrug him off nor did he protest. Instead, he allowed his nerves to loosen, but not enough to fully relax.

                “I shouldn’t have let you go out alone like that...” Sylvain said softly, “I was afraid that you would die for good.”

                “Hmph… it was my own foolishness that got me into that predicament…” Felix replied, “I feel like I failed my brother.”

                “Your brother?” Sylvain asked, “Felix, he’s been dead twelve years ago. Why are you bringing him up?”

                “It’s because being kidnapped by a group of bandits is more humiliating than “dying like a true knight”!” Felix cried, “I always hated the ideals of dying for honour, but there is nothing commending about being captured and getting drained to death. I never felt so helpless in my life…”

                “Felix…” Sylvain lightly squeezed his friend’s shoulder, “I know you’re stronger than this. You been fighting for all your life, and you surpassed Glenn in age. I know being captured and drained to death isn’t something to be proud of, but you still have time to learn from your mistakes. You’re still alive and that is all that matters. So please, don’t beat yourself up after your predicament.”

                Felix allowed his tears to flow and leaned towards his friend. He wrapped his arms around Sylvain and buried his face into his right shoulder. The embrace reminded the margrave of their childhood. Felix always followed him whenever he was upset, and Sylvain was always there to comfort him. He missed those years and after seeing Felix willing embrace him it warmed the margrave’s heart. Sylvain lightly hugged his friend back and held him for as long as needed. After a few minutes, the margrave pulled away and stood up from the bed.

                “I’ll let you get some rest. You still need to recover.” Sylvain said to his friend, “I’m gonna make you stay here for another moon, but I’ll allow you to train in the training grounds when your health is up. Give yourself some time to heal and think about what you’re going to do in the future.”

                As he was walking out of the room, the margrave turned his head over to the swordsman and said, “And Felix, don’t forget about the promise we made.”

                He closed the door behind him and left Felix alone with his thoughts. The swordsman looked down to the scars on his body and the bandages covering him up. He may have two weeks to recover, but he still felt pain through his ordeal. The witch who he knew as Cornelia, tortured him in many ways. She cut though many areas to harvest his blood, healed him to allow him to generate more blood, and used other torture tools like the spiked chair to drain him. The thoughts about his torment disgusted him, but it made him think about what he should do the next time he ventures out. Felix knew he was grounded in House Gautier for a moon, but even so, the swordsman was uncertain about leaving this place alone. He was overpowered, kidnapped, and nearly drained to death. Felix did not want to give up fighting, but he convinced himself to think twice before venturing alone.

                When Felix thought back to Sylvain, he remembered the promise they made as children. The promise about staying together and dying together. It may have been a childish pledge, but it made Felix want to reminisce in it. Sylvain was a special friend of his, and if he were to die during his captivity, it would be the same as betraying his trust. Felix placed a fist over his heart and made vows to stay in House Gautier as long as he’s needed for his friend’s sake.

Chapter Text

                At the Caledonian Plateau, the Alliance army was fighting against the Fell King Nemesis, the resurrected Ten Elites, and a group of surviving Agarthans. The battle was heated, and many casualties occurred. Marianne and Flayn were busy healing their allies from left and right. Others assisted in healing too, but the other white magic bearers either engaged in battle or were killed.

                After she healed Leonie and her horse, Marianne instantly faced right and spotted Hilda falling off her wyvern. She was pelted with dozens of arrows along with her mount. Hilda and her wyvern crashed into the toxic swamp, which horrified the Marianne.

                “Hilda!” she cried as she ran towards her friend.

                As Marianne paused near the body of the swamp, she noticed Hilda was twelve meters away from her. She never learned rescue, but when she spotted Flayn healing a spearman, Marianne quickly informed her that Hilda was in danger. The youthful green-haired lady saw the pink-haired wyvern rider in the toxic swamp and then she stressfully used her rescue magic to transport Hilda over to her. When the Goneril woman’s weakened state appeared on the ground by Flayn’s feet, Marianne rushed over to examine her. Not only was Hilda drenched in toxic water and pelted with arrows, but she also had a gash on the left side of her chest. This worried Marianne and Flayn. With open wounds like that, the water would have infected Hilda’s insides as well. The pink-haired woman was barely breathing, and her body was twitching.

                “Hilda, please don’t move!” Marianne frantically instructed her friend.

                She began to heal Hilda with her healing magic, while Flayn attempted to use restore. The youthful green-haired woman pushed hard to spark the spell, but for each try, her magic fizzles out.

                “Oh no!” Flayn cried fearfully, “I must’ve exhausted my restoration magic with my previous patients!” She looked up at Marianne with worried eyes and asked, “Do you have any antitoxins on you, Marianne?”

                The blue-haired woman winced and replied, “I’m sorry… I used my last antitoxin on Raphael.”

                “This is bad!” Flayn cried, “If we can’t restore the poison quick enough, Hilda could die!”

                Dread filled Marianne’s eyes as she quickly thought of the people who knew restore. She knew Balthus had that type of magic, but he was too far onto the battlefield to reach. Leonie also learned that spell, but after Marianne healed her, she trotted through the field with her horse. The last person that came to mind was Felix. He was only other individual who learned restore and he was currently the closest. Felix was ten meters away from the healers and was battling a falcon knight, who had an identical shield as his Heroes’ Relic.

                “Flayn, rescue Felix!” Marianne cried, “He knows restore!”

                Flayn hesitantly spotted the swordsman and used her white magic to transfer him. As Felix appeared next to them, he slashed his sword in towards thin air and noticed his opponent was not before him.

                “Why did you rescue me, Flayn?” the swordsman glared over to the youthful, green-haired woman. “I was in a middle of a battle.”

                “Felix, now is not the time!” Flayn seriously exclaimed, “Hilda is in need of dire help, and you’re one of the only people who knows restore!”

                Felix stared down as Hilda and noticed her veins were turning black.

                “Oh, for the love of-” the swordsman frustratedly murmured as he quickly sheathed his sword and used his restoration magic on the pink-haired woman. He did not bother to question Flayn’s ability to use that spell because the situation was severely dire.

                Hilda’s veins changed from black to her normal skin tone. She started to breath easily after that restoration spell. When Felix was finished, he pulled back and unsheathed his sword.

                “Now let me return to battle.” He irritably spoke before he dashed further into the field.

                Hilda slowly opened her eyes and met with Marianne’s face.

                “M-Marianne…? What happen…?” the pink-haired woman asked weakly.

                “You fell off your wyvern and fell into the poisonous swamp.” Marianne replied softly.

                “My wyvern…?” Hilda asked as she lifted her upper body, “W-what happened to him?”

                Marianne sadly lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry, Hilda… but we couldn’t save him...”

Chapter Text

                It was during the battle in Derdriu, Edelgard was struck off her wyvern by Nadar, and fell into the ocean. Byleth and Hubert were alarmed and dashed their way toward their drowning emperor. Before the former professor could go near the ocean, an arrow shot before her, which made her face the Alliance Leader himself. Before she engaged Claude into battle, she noticed Hubert already made it to the sea. Relieved about someone being there to save Edelgard, Byleth fought of the Alliance Leader for the time being.

                Before Hubert dove into the ocean, he quickly cast a miasma spell at the wyvern rider coming his way. The soldier fell off his wyvern after the blast and fell into the sea. Without anymore interference, Hubert dove into the waters to search for his majesty. He swam deeper to the center of the sea and spotted Edelgard descending towards the depths. Air bubbles were quickly leaving her body and her body was motionless. Hubert quickly swam his way over to her. He wrapped his arms underneath Edelgard’s armpits and began to kick up. Her wyvern armour made it difficult for Hubert to swim her up due to the weight. The emperor’s advisor continued to struggle until he and his Majesty reached the surface.

                As Hubert got out of the water, he dragged Edelgard onto shore. When he saw an alliance soldier charging his direction, Hubert quickly cast Death Γ at him. The impact of the blast was critical that the soldier fell mortally wounded. Hubert laid Edelgard on her back and noticed she was not breathing. His eyes widened in fear, worried he would lose his precious Emperor, so he took matters into his own hands. Hubert quickly removed the chest armor off Edelgard. Then he tilted her head up, pinched her nose close and placed his mouth onto hers. Hubert breathed air into his Emperor twice before he quickly placed his hands, one over the other, onto the center of her chest. He began to press firmly and quickly. After his thirtieth push and since Edelgard was still not breathing, Hubert redid the cycle. He breathed twice into her and pressed her chest at least thirty times. On his fourteenth push, Edelgard spat out water and started to cough. Hubert gave her some space to allow her to recover. As the Emperor stopped coughing, she began to look around her surroundings.

                “The Almyrans…” she began to speak when she noticed there were no wyvern riders in the sky, “Have they all retreated?”

                “Hm, now that you mentioned it, I don’t see a single Almyran around anywhere.” Hubert replied as he also scanned the area. “No matter,” he started before he looked down at his Emperor. “Your life is all that matters, Lady Edelgard. If they ever cause misfortune to us again, I promise they’ll pay with every ounce of blood in their lives.”

                “What of the Alliance?” Edelgard asked, “Have they been dealt with?”

                “Lady Edelgard!” Byleth came running over with Claude following behind her.

                When Hubert caught sight of the Alliance Leader, he began to conder a ball of black magic.

                “Stand down, Hubert.” Byleth demanded before she pointed at the Alliance Leader, “Claude has already surrendered and has given up his land.”

                Hubert held his magic back and asked the Alliance Leader if it were true.

                “It is.” Claude replied, “I’m already on the losing side of this war. The Leicester Region is split, my allies are crushed… There isn’t much for me to do in Fódlan.”

                 “What are you going on about?” Hubert asked grimly.

                “I’m saying I’m leaving Fódlan.” Claude replied.

                “And where are you planning on going?”

                “Well, if you haven’t noticed my ties with the Almyrans, I probably won’t tell you. But overall, I promised Teach that I’ll repay my dept after she spared me. The rest of the Alliance is in your hands now.”

                “Wait,” Edelgard raised an eyebrow at Claude in suspicion, “Did you plan a scheme is the Alliance lost?”

                Claude let out a laugh and said, “Now you’re thinking too highly of me. It just seems that way now. Most of the Alliance is unscathed outside of Derdriu and are willing to join the Empire’s superior strength.”

                He looked down to Edelgard, wished her luck on her conquest, before he got onto his white wyvern and flew away.

                Edelgard watch Claude as she placed a hand on her chin.

                “Even after his defeat… He’s really difficult to understand.”

Chapter Text


                In the continent of Fódlan, there were many disappearances across the land. Many of the found victims were drained of their blood and covered with bite marks. Some were just by the neck, while others were on the limbs and chest.

                As the years went by, vampire attacks became more common. Many people trained in hunting them, but it was a dangerous task. A lone vampire hunter named Felix Hugo Fraldarius traveled throughout Fódlan to take on many. As a child, Felix lost his older brother, Glenn, who was investigating the ancient castles of Fhirdiad. His body was found dried out, and as other vampire hunters searched that area, they made sure all the vampires were dealt with. After his brother’s death, Felix trained excessively to hunt down vampires.

                At the age of fifteen, Felix was assigned his first task to investigate the eastern church in Faerghus. He was taken under the wing of a skilled vampire hunter, who taught him everything about fighting on the field. During their trip to the church, Felix received his first kill. He impaled a female vampire with a stake to her heart and watched her turn to ash.

                Two years passed and Felix’s master passed away. By that time, young vampire hunter was already skilled enough to fight alone. During his travels across Fódlan, he took on many tasks. His most renowned achievement was annihilating a brood of vampires within the Gloucester Estate in the Leicester region. Felix could never forget plunging his stake into the heart of lavender-haired vampire with an uneven bowl cut.

                Now at the age of twenty-three, Felix was exploring underground dens beneath Garreg Mach Monastery. He was tasked by an Adrestian count from Varley, who demanded him to search those tunnels. The Count’s daughter went missing and since there were rumours about people disappearing around those dens, he thought it was a good idea to send a vampire hunter over to search for evidence.

                As Felix explored the area, he checked to see if anything was out of the ordinary. He had not yet found any corpses around these tunnels, but the stench of decay was there. During his investigation, Felix heard noises echoing through the holes. Sounds of footsteps, whispers, and clinging of chains. Felix knew he was not alone. He kept himself armed with a stake in case a vampire was to jump out at any moment.

                Near the end of one of the corridors, Felix came across a room lit with candles. There he saw a purple-haired woman, sitting at a desk. She was writing on a book with a quill before she shockingly spotted Felix with her silver eyes.

                “Wh-who are you?!” She screamed as she ran to the far-left corner of the room, “What do you want?!”

                Felix could already tell this woman was not a vampire. Her skin was peachy toned, and her teeth were normal size for a human. Felix, however, noticed the woman was patched up in bandages. Some were around her neck and others were around her arms.

                “Are you the count’s daughter of Varley?” Felix asked her.

                “V-V-Varley?!” the woman cried out.

                Felix heard a rush charging down the tunnel behind him. He turned around with his stake at the ready, but his attacker instantly tackled him down. Felix struggled to keep his forearms up as he glared up at his foe. The attacker was a pale young man with fangs twice as big as an average human. His shoulder-length hair was lavender, and he wore matching eyeshadow, which made Felix question his gender. The vampire hunter managed to shove his foe off him. Before Felix could get up and stab the vampire with his stake, a blunt force struck him in the back of his head. The vampire hunter collapsed to his front as the purple-haired woman stood behind him with a frying pan. The vampire looked up to his saviour as he picked himself up and dusted the dirt off his clothes.

                “Did that man hurt you by any chance, Bernadetta?” he asked.

                “N-no…” the purple-haired woman named Bernadetta replied, “B-b-but… he asked me if I was Count Varley’s daughter…”

                “Hmm, I see.” The vampire eyed down at the hunter, “I think our vampire hunting friend deserves a little chat.”

                “Y-Yuri?!” Bernadetta asked timidly, “Wh-what are you going to do with him?!”

                “Don’t worry your pretty little head, Bernie.” The vampire named Yuri said, “I’m just going to chat with him, and maybe teach him a lesson about vampire hunting.”

                Felix woke up with a pounding headache and found himself in a sitting position with his back against the wall. His arms were chained above his head, and he was stripped of his teal jacket. All he wore was a black, sleeveless turtleneck, tight, teal pants, and navy thigh-high boots. Shackles were also chained to his ankles. As Felix groggily scanned the area, he noticed he was behind bars, but what caught his eye was the lavender-haired vampire, who stood before him.

                “Good evening, friend. You sleep well?” Yuri greeted with a sly smile on his face.

                “You!” Felix glared at the vampire with hatred as he stood on his feet and pushed forward to where his shackles would allow him. “What do you want? What are you planning to do with me?”

                “I’ll be asking the questions here, friend.” Yuri glared back with serious lavender eyes, “I’ve been meaning to ask you what you were planning on doing with my purple-haired friend back here?” He pointed towards Bernadetta, who was sitting on a wooded bench outside of the barred wall.

                “What do you mean? Isn’t she a snack to you?” Felix asked heatedly.

                “Oh, so you have the impression that ‘every vampire feeds from whatever person passes by’.” Yuri rolled his eyes. “I only attack humans who serve as a threat to my clan and my friends…” He glared menacingly at his prisoner.

                “What is she to you?” Felix matched his captor’s glower.

                She is a special friend of mine, who refuses to return home to that overbearing father of hers, which I assume was your mission. And let me tell you, friend… You are not the first vampire hunter sent down by that bastard.”

                “So… you killed many hunters sent by Varley?”

                I decide on their fate before killing any of them… like I’m doing with you now.” Yuri stared at Felix intently. “Do you know how much pain Bernie suffered for living with her father?”

                Felix grimaced in reply.

                She was nothing more then a prize to lure a rich husband to him!” Yuri gave out the answer. “All he did was tie her to a chair, told her to be quiet and submissive for hours on end and told her how useless she was! You wouldn’t want to go back to a family like that, wouldn’t you?”

                “Perhaps not…” Felix replied.

                “And yet you chose to take on his job…” Yuri murmured. “Now tell me, hunter. What made you become a vampire hunter to begin with?”

                “Are you serious?” Felix asked hotly, “People keep disappearing because of vampire attacks! I was born in a family of vampire hunters! My brother was killed during a vampire attack! He was sucked dry.”

                “Ah, so you attack us for revenge?”

                “No,” Felix scoffed, “I fight for my own survival. My brother’s killers were killed before I started my missions.”

                “I see…” Yuri simply replied. “Although I am not one of the vampires snapping up innocents whenever I please, we vampires also fight to survive. And if you haven’t noticed, friend. Vampires used to be humans before.” He placed his hand over his own heart. “I met Bernadetta when I was a flesh and blood boy. Then her father found me and threw me out on the streets so I could get gathered by the blood sucking creatures I later turned into. So, if you’re calling me out on murder,” Yuri let out a laugh and smiled slyly at his prisoner. “Buddy, you aren’t any different.”

                “So, are you going to kill me?” Felix asked.

                “Oh, Buddy, I have better plans for you.”

                Yuri approached Felix, who began to thrash violently.

                “Stay away from me!” Felix growled lowly.

                “Oh, don’t be scared.” Yuri tutted, “This would only take a minute.”

                He lunged onto Felix and began to lift the collar of his turtleneck. The vampire hunter continued to trash to no avail. Despite Yuri’s petite stature, he was stronger than he looked. When Felix’s neck was exposed, the vampire sunk his teeth into his warm flesh. Yuri started to drink some blood from him, but the venom he released from his bite passed into the bloodstream of the vampire hunter. The pain from the poison caused Felix to thrash, but Yuri held onto him. The vampire hunter continued to do so until his body fell limp. When Yuri was done spreading his poison, he released his fangs from Felix’s neck and stepped back to see his process.

                “Y-Yuri?” Bernadetta walked up to the barred wall in concern, “Y-you didn’t just kill him… did you?”

                “Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours, Bernie.” Yuri said, “Just sit back and watch the fire works.

                Bernadetta watched the vampire hunter, who was now as pale as a ghost. Felix began to move his body sluggishly and slowly opened his eyes. His irises were currently red, and while he was grimacing, his fangs grew larger. He lifted his head up and glared at the lavender haired vampire before him.

                “Wh-what… have you… done to me?” Felix asked.

                “Congratulations, friend!” Yuri congratulated his prisoner with a wink, “You are now a vampire.”

                Felix glared angerly as his captor and bared his teeth.

                “I never asked to be a monster like you!”

                “No, but it’s ironic seeing a vampire hunter turning into his prey.” Yuri teased before he turned around and walked out of the cell. He closed the glided, barred door behind him and locked it up. “I better get you something to feed on.” He said to his prisoner, “I wouldn’t want you to try eating Bernie here.” He gestured to Bernadetta.

                Felix continued to glower at Yuri, until the lavender-haired vampire walked out of view. After Bernadetta watched her friend go, she turned to Felix and stared at him with worried eyes.

                “I-I’m sorry you have to go though this!” She cried, “Please don’t kill me if Yuri releases you!”

                “I don’t want to kill you…” Felix said quietly, “Just go…”

                Bernadetta bit her lip before she left the former vampire hunter in peace.

Chapter Text

                In the alleyways of Enbarr, Felix was hiding behind a dumpster and peeking towards a narrow passage. He was dressed in full black attire, with a camera strapped to his head, and a mic hovering over his lips, which was attached to an earpiece in his right ear.

                So far, Felix saw nothing eventful.

He was supposed to be waiting for a suspicious redhead woman, who he seen working at his university’s infirmary, but there was no sign of her.

                “What is the point of this, Vestra?” Felix hissed into his mic. “How is spying on a student nurse going to help me find out where the boar is?”

                “I told you before, Fraldarius.” His partner, Hubert von Vestra, spoke on the other side of the line. “There is something off about that nurse.” 

                Hubert was currently in a dark room with six computer monitors turned on. One of the screens shown a missing poster of Monica von Ochs, who was the student nurse in question. Another monitor showed Felix’s camera angle. The third screen showed a drone’s camera angle, which was hovering above the alley Felix was in. Another showed the map of Fódlan. The fifth screen showed Monica’s biography, while the last showed Hubert’s Email.

                “Monica disappeared a year before you came to Garreg Mach University.” The gothic spy spoke through his mic on his headset. “I’ve met Monica before then, but she wasn’t the cheerful happy-go-lucky girl you met in the infirmary.”

                “And here I thought we were spying on her because she was obsessed with me.” Felix said sarcastically.

                “That… is mildly concerning.” Hubert awkwardly replied, “But I’ve been keeping tabs on this girl. I check her every route to see what she’s been up to. I’m aware she hangs out in these alleys during the night but following her closely with a drone can be risky.”

                “And then you decided to send me down to be your eyes and ears.” Felix sarcastically answered.

                “You and I have a common goal, Fraldarius.” Hubert reminded him, “I’m searching for Edelgard while you’re obsessed with finding Dimitri… even though you don’t like to show it.”

                “I told you before. I am not obsessed with finding the boar.”

                “You keep telling yourself that, but there is no hiding it.”

                Felix was about to retort at his companion’s statement, but he kept himself mute as he heard footsteps towards the alley on his right. The navy-haired man kept himself concealed behind the dumpster as he watched carefully to who or what walked within that area. There he saw a young redheaded woman, who wore twin, braided buns in her hair. Felix noticed her as Monica von Ochs. The woman he was sent to spy on. Monica’s eyes darted from right to left as she wore a smug grin on her face. She was carrying a black folder labled classified. She turned to the narrow passage and started to walk down there. Felix checked to make sure no one else was present around the area before he carefully snuck out of his hiding space.

                As Felix followed Monica from a ten-meter distance, he kept his breathing to a minimum while tiptoeing slowly. Monica had not yet turned around to Felix’s suspicion. The area had no extra alley paths or obstacles worthy of hiding behind. At the end of the alley, Monica turned right to another narrow passage. Instead of following her directly, Felix hid behind to wall and peaked into the alleyway. There he saw Monica entering what appeared to be a bunker behind a rugged tarp. Felix crept a little closer, stayed close to the right wall, and crouched down. He got close enough until he heard voices from the within the shelter.

                “I brought the results for this week’s patients.” He heard Monica speak.

                Felix later heard papers being shuffled around.

                “Hmm… these patients don’t seem to have anything out of the ordinary.” A low baritone voice spoke. “Blood seems normal. Symptoms seem normal. There is nothing to report here.”

                “Oh, but you said there was something extraordinary from last-” There was a pause in Monica’s voice before she continued. “Well… I thought there was something extraordinary from last weeks patients.”

                “Like what?” the male voice asked.

                “Like that cute boy who came in last week.” Monica replied, “Oh, I would love to take him home, give him love and chain him to my bed.”

                Felix stifled a gag and hoped that redheaded woman was talking about some other guy that was not him.

                “Monica…” the baritone voice spoke seriously, “I am not interested in your hopeless romances. I am interested in… people with rare diseases.”

                As Hubert was listening in, he rose an eyebrow to ponder why the man within the shelter hesitated. The whole conversation seemed to be kept to a minimum, which only regarded patients at Garreg Mach. Hubert could already guess that they were withholding information, but he wondered why that was.

                ‘Something isn’t adding up…’ Hubert thought to himself before his green eyes darted at his drone’s screen.

                Hubert widened his gaze as he noticed dark clad figures coming into the alleys from every corner. After a split second, the gothic spy noticed the camera shifted sharply towards the ground and crashed instantly. If Hubert would of guess if it were any natural cause, then a bird might have attacked his drone. However, if that were the case, his camera would have been spiralling out of control instead of heading straight to the ground.

                This made Hubert believe that somebody purposely sabotaged his drone. He feared that Monica and her gang was onto his plans and the whole spying on her was a setup.

                “Felix, you need to get out of there!” Hubert warned his partner. “Thugs are closing in each corner!”

                Felix groaned as he dashed out of the dead-end alleyway. He first made a right and saw a clearing on the other side, but as he got there, black clad men jumped in front of him. Felix did not want to waste time running the other direction, so he chose to fight. He punched the closest man in front of him in haste and kicked the next person who drew near him. One man locked his arms around Felix’s armpits, but the navy-haired spy violently hammered his head back. His Major Crest of Fraldarius activated, which caused the thug to release him, and Felix attempted to break away. More black clad men continued to get in his way, so Felix struggled to fight back. He nearly knocked them all down, but before he could make his retreat, a blast of dark magic hit him from behind. Felix instantly collapsed face first to the ground, and the camera on his forehead broke into pieces. His earpiece slightly slipped off his ear after the impact but did not completely fall off.

                Behind Felix stood a pale man and pale woman. The man, who looked to be in his thirties, wore a black suit and a black top hat. He had blood red eyes and a blank face. The woman he was with had wavy orange hair, red eyes and she wore dark eyeliner. She looked to be in the age range between late teens to mid twenties, who had three jagged tails. The pale man had his arm held out forward to Felix as sparks of dark magic disappearing from his hand. The woman was holding a coil of rope in her hands, and she was smirking down at spy lustfully. Felix was quivering in pain, and he attempted to pull himself up. Before he could do so, the pale woman jumped on top of him and pulled his arms behind him. Felix attempted to fight her off, but the pale man shot him with another dose of black magic. The impact knocked Felix unconscious, which made it easier for the pale woman to tie him up. She subdued the arms first and worked her way on the legs. As she was doing that, the pale man crouched down to collect the earpiece from the spy. He currently placed it in the front pocket of his lounge jacket, as he turned to his partner, who was now tying a blindfold over Felix’s eyes and a gag over his mouth. The woman pulled her captive by the chest and licked him on his neck.

                “Kronya, now is not the time.” The pale man said sternly, “We should be taking him back to base.”

                The woman named Kronya groaned and said, “You’re no fun, Myson” before attempting to lift Felix off the ground.

                She struggled hold her captive up by his back and legs and fell during the process. Myson came to her aid as took the navy-haired spy and lifted him over his shoulder. They carried Felix down the alleyways and came to a lone parking lot. Kronya walked over to a black sports car and opened the trunk door. As Myson came towards the vehicle, he threw Felix into the trunk before he could close it up. He later pulled out the spy’s earpiece from his pocket as he placed the speaker on his ear.

                “Are you still there?” he asked the person on the other side of the line as he spoke from the mic.

                Hubert did not say a word to his enemy. He just glared irritably at the two camera screens with no signal, and that the speaker talking to his was not his partner.

                “If you are, I want to thank you for giving us a viable specimen.” The pale male continued to speak.

                Hubert stifled a grunt and glowered angrily.

                “You should just give up while you can, Vestra. You’ll never be able see your precious Edelgard again.”

                Hubert later heard a thump and then a cracking on the other side of the line. Then all he heard was nothing before he angrily took his headset off.

                “They played me like a fiddle.”

                Felix woke up when a slap struck him across his face. He found himself sitting on an operation chair, where his wrists were cuffed to the chair’s arms and his legs were cuffed to the footrest. Aside from being restrained, Felix found out he was shirtless.

                “It’s time to wake up, Fraldarius.” A middle-aged man spoke as he glowered at his captive with white pupilless eyes.

                He had white hair, pasty white skin, and dark circles around his eyelids. Felix glared back at him with hatred.

                “Who are you?! What do you want?!” he yelled, “How do you know who I am?!”

                “I am Thales.” The pasty man introduced, “I know many creatures throughout Fódlan, and I know your father lied about your bloodline.”

                Felix rose and eyebrow and asked, “Bloodline? What are you talking about?”

                “Your father thought it would be best to hide your true blood.” Thales stated, “telling everyone you are just a boy with a minor Crest? But you’re something more than that.” He pointed his finger at his captive. “You are a boy with a Major Crest!”

                “How did you know that?!” Felix snapped in astonishment.

                “My subordinate, Kronya, managed to sneak into Garreg Mach’s biolab and checked all the blood samples on each patient… including yours.”

                Felix clenched his fists as he thought back to his time at Garreg Mach’s infirmary. He swore he was there for a mandatory checkup for the school, and his nurse at the time was Mercedes. He did remember Monica popping in every once in awhile and… something just clicked Felix’s brain. Monica was under suspicion. Hubert sent him to investigate her. Although Felix never heard the name Kronya before but… Hubert mentioned the Monica he knew was not a happy-go-lucky person.

                “Are you also responsible for the boar’s disappearance along with Edelgard’s?!” Felix growled at his captor.

                “Indeed, we are.” Thales smirked evilly before he turned to the television screen behind him. He used a remote to turn it on and there they saw Dimitri, wrapped up in a straight jacket in a padded cell. He was spewing out nonsense about wanting to collect heads to avenge his late father and was struggling through his subdued state.

                “Your insane friend was placed under solitary confinement after his many experiments.” Thales stated before he glared over to Felix. “His might and strength make him a worthy specimen for our plans. We just need to tame this beast in order to use him.”

                “You think you’ll be able to tame him?” Felix growled, “You’re just making him a bigger monster than he already is!”

                “A monster that will help us annihilate the world from its current flaws!” Thales shot back, “You lowly creatures living under the thumb of a false goddess, sending our people to our graves and tainting the world with all those lies.”

                Felix never considered himself to be a devout believer of the Seiros religion, but he was still enraged on his captor’s plans for Dimitri.

                Thales used the remote to switch the channel on the tv, which now showed Edelgard. She now had white hair and was curled in a ball, underneath a dome surrounded with water.

                “Since you wanted to know where Edelgard is, we placed her in an underwater dome to teach her a lesson about defying us!”

                “What is the point in trapping her in a dome?!” Felix yelled

                “To make her fear.” Thales replied, “She is our most successful creation out of our experiment, but now we need to make her comply. Show her who she belongs to.”

                “You’re insane!” Felix yelled

                Thales then turned off the television and turned to his navy-haired captive. “But enough about them. Let’s begin your operation.”

                With that said, he picked up a syringe and a drill from a metal cart. He started to operate on Felix, who let out loud screams which echoed through the room, but nobody came to his rescue.

Chapter Text

It was during the war in the year 1183 and Houses Gautier and Fraldarius were stubbornly fighting off Imperial forces. Felix and Sylvain were on the frontlines, slashing and stabbing at anyone who oppose them. During a fight the Fraldarius heir took down an Imperial swordsman, who managed to nick Felix on the right side of his scalp. Hairs in that area were severed and his bun became loose. The wound bled from the scalp, but Felix persisted to push forward. As the battle continued, Sylvain noticed the blood spilling from Felix’s head. His friend was too engaged into battle, so the Gautier heir charged over to his aid. As Sylvain skewered a foe in front of Felix, he continued to hold the Imperial troops off to defend his friend.

“Felix, pull back!” the Gautier demanded, “Your head needs to be treated!”

“I’m not pulling back yet!” Felix retorted as he cut down another foe with his Sword of Zoltan. “There’s too many enemies!”

“Felix, you are losing a lot of blood!” Sylvain argued as he impaled another Imperial soldier. “Go see a healer!”

Felix ignored his friend as he kept slashing down his enemies. Sylvain later spotted Rodrigue on the front lines. He was killing Imperial troops with his blessed lance and aura magic. Sylvain fought his way over to the duke to inform him that Felix was in danger.

“Danger? How so?” Rodrigue asked as he blasted a foe with white magic.

“His head’s bleeding!” Sylvain replied as he slashed down an enemy soldier. “I’m worried he might fall.

Rodrigue skewered another foe with his lance and searched for Felix on the battlefield. When he spotted his son ten meters ahead, he charged to that general area on his horse and slashed down any Imperial troop that got in his way. Rodrigue noticed the blood falling from Felix’s head, and that his son was wearing out for each foe he cut down. The duke quickly skewered a soldier in front of his child, before he got off his horse and ran towards Felix.

“What are you doing, old man?!” the Fraldarius son exclaimed as his father lifted him up and mounted him on his stallion.

“Saving your life!” Rodrigue replied as he climbed back on his horse. He rode back to House Fraldarius with his son in tow, killing any foe that got in the way.

By the time he arrived at safety, Rodrigue touched his son’s wound and healed him with white magic.

“I didn’t need rescuing, old man.” Felix grumbled.

“Felix, you were losing too much blood, and the longer you fight like that, you will eventually fall.” Rodrigue lectured.

“So, you are worried about me dying on the field?”

“Felix, this has nothing to do with dying with glory. I’m not letting you die like that.”

Rodrigue handed Felix a bottle of concoction and said, “Take your medicine and let your wounds heal.”

“I want to fight too, old man!” Felix retorted as he dismounted the horse but felt a bit woozy coming down. He later uncorked the bottle he received and drank the liquid in one setting. Felix later threw the bottle away, wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his jacket and ran back out to the field.  Rodrigue sighed out of stress as he watched his son go, but he later followed him on the battlefield. When the battle over, the arms of houses Gautier and Fraldarius already won. Felix sheathed his sword, Sylvain stared at the side of his friend’s head. The blood from the wound eventually dried up and the hairs around that area was matted.

“Felix! Are you alright?!” he cried to his friend.

“If you’re still concerned about my head wound, it’s no longer an issue.” Felix replied.

“But, what about your hair?” Sylvain asked.

“What about it?” Felix questioned.

“It’s matted with blood and it’s uneven to one side.

Felix took off his right glove and combed his fingers through the roots near the wound. He felt the dried blood matting his hair together and as he pulled some strand before his face, he saw the dried stains drenched on the base.

“Great…” Felix replied sarcastically, “I guess it’s time for a hair cut.”

Chapter Text

                Bernadetta did not know how it came to be or understand why. She had a crush on Felix Hugo Fraldarius. A grumpy student from the Blue Lions House, who’s sharp with his words and always valued training. He was the type of man Bernadetta should be intimidated by, and she was afraid of everyone. In truth, Bernadetta feared him, but apart of her wanted to confess her feelings towards him.

                The first couple times she met Felix; he was trying to return her lost satchel. Bernadetta ran away from him the first time, but in their second meeting, Felix just shoved it into her arms and walked away. The third time they met was when he saved her from a bandit attack. Ever since she saw Felix smile, Bernadetta could not get him off her mind.

                One day, Bernadetta was heading to the library, but then she saw Felix. She hid behind the doorway and saw her crush talking to Annette. Bernadetta noticed the redheaded girl was blushing and Felix was just scratching the back of his head awkwardly. Bernadetta was surprised that he was not giving Annette a tongue lashing or pushing her away. He was assisting her with putting books away and dryly teasing her singing. Bernadetta’s silver eyes looked between the two back and forth and widened when she jumped to a conclusion.

                Felix liked Annette.

                Bernadetta clenched onto the doorframe tightly. A mix of emotions was going over her head. Astonished, hurt and… jealousy.

                Bernadetta retreated quickly and went back to her room. She went to her bed and wept as she thought about Felix and Annette. She thought about what the redhead had that she did not. Annette was an overachiever, she’s in the same house as Felix, and she’s far more outgoing than the Varley lass would ever be.

                A knock came to her door which caused Bernadetta to scream.

                “What do you want?!” she asked frantically.

                A letter was shot underneath her door and sounds of footsteps fade away from her room. Bernadetta suspiciously stared at the not before she gathered it and read the contents.


                Dear Bernadetta,

                I saw you eying that Fraldarius boy from the Blue Lions House, and I’ll agree, he’s quite the catch. That girl he was with, Annette, seems to have quite the eye for him as well, but I’m afraid she might have already stolen his heart.

                Lucky for you, I have a solution. I left you a present outside of your door.


                The note had no signature on who wrote it. When Bernadetta eyed the note closely, the sender said that Felix was “quite the catch”.

                ‘Does this sender want Felix, too?’ She thought to herself.

                When Bernadetta opened her door, she looked to find a wrapped-up bundle by her step. She took it in, shut the door behind her, and opened it up. Inside was a black bow made of bone with sharp spikes on each arm. At first glance, Bernadetta widened her eyes in fear. She was assuming that letter instructed her to kill Annette, but Bernadetta does not want to hurt anyone, unless the professor dragged her out to battle.

                Then miasma spread from the bow and then onto her body. Bernadetta opened her mouth in fear and was about to drop the bow, but her hand refuses to release. The mist continued spread around her, making her struggle, until something snapped at the back of her head. Her eyes dullened, her muscles relaxed, and her right hand was tightly gripping on the bow.

                “Annette must be eliminated…” she said in a monotone voice before she walked out of her room.

                Bernadetta followed Annette from a distance and watched her routine. The redhead seemed to hang out with Mercedes a lot and was always volunteering in lending a hand to anyone. Bernadetta was afraid if she killed Annette then, then everyone would have her head. She waited for an opportunity when Annette is alone and a better time to kill her.

                To Bernadetta’s luck, she heard Annette volunteer to clean the dining hall during the night, which would give her an opportunity to strike. During that time, Bernadetta snuck into the mess hall by entering the left door from the south side. There she saw Annette scrubbing the tables with a dishrag. She was alone with no witnesses around to stop the Varley lass. Bernadetta took out the dark bow, aimed it at her target and shot an arrow. The ammo struck with lightning speed and critically struck Annette in the back. She fell mortally wounded and her upper body slid from the top of the table to the floor. Bernadetta felt a sting of pain after that shot but widened her eyes to see what she done. She shivered at the sight of blood pooling out of Annette’s body. Bernadetta walked slowly to the corpse and kept staring in regret and disbelief. Then the dark thought in the back of her head reminded her.

                ‘You’re doing this for Felix, Bernie… She had to go…’

                When Bernadetta stared at Annette’s corpse, she wondered what to do with her. She thought about hiding the body in the pantry, but anyone working at the dining hall would stumble upon her. Dumping the corpse into the fishing pond was also a terrible choice because people would notice, and the fish would not eat the flesh fast enough.

                Miasma spread from the bow to Annette’s body. The Corpse disintegrated into ashes and was absorbed into the weapon. Bernadetta widened her eyes and dropped her jaw in shock for what she just saw. It was strange and freaky, but the sensation from that bow felt… good…

                She felt stronger, more confident and craved to have more, but the conscience in the back of Bernadetta’s head was telling her no. The Varley lass felt like one student was enough and she should not kill anymore innocents. She thought that Annette was the only obstacle getting in between her and Felix, but she learned that she was wrong.

                During the Red Wolf moon, there was chatter about Annette’s disappearance. Some people thought she was kidnapped, others thought she ran away, and more thought she got lost by straying away from the monastery. Although Bernadetta worried that she might be suspected in Annette’s disappearance, that was currently the least of her concerns. What bothered her more was when she walked to the dining hall, she saw Felix with Lysithea. The white-haired girl was giving him a slice of cake and the Fraldarius heir was willingly eating it. This astonished Bernadetta. She was sure that Felix did not like sweets and wondered why he would accept a slice of cake. Felix was not even pushing Lysithea away. He was just allowing her to give him the cake. Bernadetta’s eye twitched when she saw that smile on Felix’s face.

                ‘Is he developing feelings with Lysithea?!’ she thought bitterly to herself.

                Jealously boiled up in Bernadetta’s veins and was about to reach for her dark bow but realized that now was not a good time because Felix would notice. Bernadetta instead studied her next target before she was ready to strike. She assumed Lysithea would exit through the southern door where the Varley heir was at right now, so Bernadetta hid behind the boxes on her left. She waited patiently for the Ordelia lass to come out. While Bernadetta lingered, she read a fairy-tale book to entertain herself, and looked up to every passing person.

                As two hours passed, and Bernadetta was still waiting. It was getting late in the day and many people were off to bed. After a few minutes, Bernadetta was not sure Lysithea was still in the mess hall. She did not see the Ordelia lass come out of the southern doors and assumed she exited from the north or through the entrance hall. Bernadetta was about to get up, but for a split second, Lysithea exited through the door on the right. Bernadetta returned to hiding and watched the Ordelia lass carefully. She was currently alone. No Felix, no friend, no professor, it was just herself. The was nobody around when Lysithea walked down the steps and headed towards the dormitories.

                This was the perfect opportunity for Bernadetta to strike.

                Before Lysithea to reach her dorm, Bernadetta readied the dark bow and shot an arrow with no hesitation. Lysitthea let out a scream as she was critically shot down and a pool of blood spilled from her body. Bernadetta felt a throb in her body after that strike and was about to run down to collect the body but hesitated as she saw Leonie burst open her room door and found Lysithea dead a couple meters to her left.

                “Lysithea!” she cried as she ran towards the corpse out of shock.

                Leonie checked for any signs of life, but there was no breathing and no pulse. She noticed the arrow, which was deeply pierced through Lysithea’s left shoulder, and read the signs of where it came from. Leonie glared straight up towards the closest dining hall door she could see. She saw a glimpse of a shadow run behind the wall near it. Leonie made her pursuit as she ran up the steps and turn left before the dining hall entrance. When she got around the corner, she saw nobody around. Leonie kept her awareness up as she keenly searched around. When she had her back turned, she did not notice Bernadetta hiding within a barrel. She fired an arrow at Leonie, who only turned around for a split second. The arrow critically pierced through her heart, and she fell mortally wounded. Bernadetta cringed at the pain from her bow’s penalty. Her eyes where wide but lacked any shine in them. Apart of her did not want to kill Leonie because she did not harbour any ill will towards her, nor was she trying to steal her Felix.

                ‘But we couldn’t allow a witness to live now, can we?’

                The dark bow surrounded its miasma around Leonie’s corpse and absorbed her as she turned to ash. Bernadetta still thought the process of that event was strange, but the sensation of it was addicting. She like the feeling of being stronger and more confident made her hungered for more. Bernadetta later checked if Lysithea’s body was still there and no one else around. When the coaost was clear the Varley lass ran down to absorb the corpse to her bow.

                News of Leonie and Lysithea broke out when the in the monastery could not find them. Suspicion was starting to arise in Garreg Mach because there were currently three missing students. The church sent their knights to patrol the area to search for suspicious leads. Bernadetta was slightly unedge to see the knights on duty. She feared that she might get caught, but she was quite certain she was done killing people. That was until she saw Felix following Dorothea into her room. Something snapped at the back of Bernadetta’s head. Her left eye was twitching as well as the left corner of her lips.

                ‘What business does she have for my Felix?’ Bernadetta thought to herself with annoyance.

               It was not just jealousy she’s experiencing; it was possessive anger. Bernadetta was fed up with seeing Felix with other ladies, even if they were from her class. Bernadetta’s arms twitched as she attempted to reach for the dark bow and an arrow but paused. Felix was still in Dorothea’s room and if he noticed Bernadetta killing her, he would hate her. The Varley lass begrudgingly held back as she walked into her own room. Since Dorothea’s room was next to hers, she could hear the songstress’s conversation with Felix on the other side. The conversation started of quite awkward with Dorothea trying to engage into small talk, while Felix either simply agreeing or stating a close ended reply.

                That was before Dorothea mentioned an opera, she was going to play a part in.

                When Bernadetta heard Felix’s voice, asking if Dorothea could sing, her heart sank that he was finally intrigued with the songstress. There was a bit of bickering about Felix’s obliviousness, what he currently thought of Dorothea and the opera invitation.

                “I haven’t said I’ll go.” Bernadetta heard Felix say and hoped that it was an automatic no.

                “Are you going to come or not? If you keep teasing me, I might just pretend to cry.” Dorothea said a bit dramatically.

                ‘Please say no! Please say no!’ Bernadetta’s thoughts chanted.

                “Fine. I’ll go.” Felix replied, which shattered Bernadetta’s heart.

                Rage builded up in the Varley lass as she gripped on her bow. Her left eye was twitching uncontrollably along with some jolts from her neck.

                ‘Dorothea must die! Dorothea must die!’

                Bernadetta waited for Felix to leave Dorothea’s room and walk out of her view. Bernadetta made sure no guard was around before she could run over to the room next door on the right. She knocked on Dorothea’s door, who answered it by saying, “Yes?”

                “Um… I got a gift for you, Dorothea.” Bernadetta said in her usual timidly innocent voice.

                “You brought me a gift?” Dorothea asked.

                “Y-yeah…” Bernadetta replied awkwardly as she shyly looked around for Seiros knights. “I-I… wanted to thank you for assisting me in battle the other day…”

                “Oh! You don’t have to get me anything, Bern.”

                “But I want to!” Bernadetta said a little impatiently as she gripped her bow and drew it out, “And I want you to accept it now! I-if you don’t, I might hide in my room and forget all about it!”

                   During her speech, Bernadetta grabbed an arrow from her quiver and aimed it towards the door. Dorothea came to open the door and widened her eyes as her fellow Black Eagle shot her in the chest. The strike was devastating that Dorothea instantly fell to the floor bleeding.

                “Bern… why…?” the songstress said on her dying breath before she passed away.

                Bernadetta hardly flinched when she received the penalty for using the bow, but she closed the door and walked to Dorothea’s emotionlessly. Her dark bow absorbed the corpse left behind and strengthened the user with its miasma. The amount of power Bernadetta currently gained made her into a completely different person she once was. She grew a few more inches, her smile was abnormally wide, and her once round pupils were narrowing into catlike slits. She was no longer the timid and innocent Bernadetta she was once before, but rather a power-hungry monster who would do anything to get her man.

                ‘Felix is going to be mine! I don’t care how many people I need to kill! He’s mine and no one else’s!’

                After the death of Dorothea, more casualties continued to occur. Bernadetta continued to kill anyone that dared to go near her Felix. She was insane enough to attack the Fraldarius heir’s childhood friends, his professor, and his training buddies. Edelgard was one of the victims because she was interested in Felix’s strength and wanted to recruit him to the Imperial army. Bernadetta also killed anyone, who was deemed an obstacle. This included some of the Knights of Seiros and anyone who was onto her secret. When Bernadetta believed there was no one else preventing her to be with her “beloved” Felix, she thought this was the best opportunity to confess her love.

                As she suspected, Felix was in the training grounds, slashing a dummy with his sword. There was no one else around him. It was just him alone.

                “Felix, may I talk to you for a moment?” Bernadetta asked.

                Felix halted his sword and turned to glare at his interrupter. Right behind him he saw Bernadetta, but he did not see a petite, timid girl. He noticed the Varley lass grew nearly a full foot, saw a tint of red in her eyes, which had catlike pupils, and was smiling confidently.

                “What happened to you?” Felix asked bluntly.

                “Wh-what do you mean?” Bernadetta raising a brow.

                “You look different…” Felix dryly replied.

                “Um…” Bernadetta bit her lip as thought about her newfound strength. She was sweating nervously because she knew she should not tell him about the murders and gaining unnatural power.

                ‘Think, Bernie, think!”

                “I-I’ve… b-b-been…” she looked around the area to find a lie and stared at the archery targets. “Training!” she replied as she stretched her right arm across her opposite side. “Just minding my own business by working up a sweat.”

                Felix found that answer to be quite odd. He was sure that Bernadetta did not like training, because he saw her kick and scream when Ingrid brought her to the training grounds, nor was she happy the many times Byleth dragged her here. Felix did not recall any time when Bernadetta willingly came to the Training Grounds. The knights’ hall could be a possibility, but she could have trained in her own room since she rarely walked out of it. Even so, Felix was not sure how training would get Bernadetta that tall or redden her irises, but he did notice her muscles were nicely toned.

                “What do you want to talk to me about?” He asked firmly.

                “Well…” Bernadetta started off nervously as she tried to think about what she was going to say.

                ‘You can do this, Bernie!’ her thoughts tried to boost her confidence.

                “I’m just wondering if you could… I don’t know, hang out with me?” she said awkwardly.

                Felix thought this was a strange occurrence. Why would Bernadetta be asking him of all people to hang out with her? From what he recalled, Bernadetta was terrified of him when he tried to return her satchel, and he thought he scared her off after he got angry with her for making fun of his smile. They hardly have anything in common and they stick with their own domains.

                “Why do you want me to hang out?” Felix asked awkwardly.

                “Well… it’s because…”

                ‘Just say it, Bernie! It’s now or never.’

                Bernadetta stared at Felix straight in the eyes with confidence and replied, “I love you, Felix Fraldarius! I want to be with you!”

                “WHAT?!” Felix dropped his jaw and widened his eyes in shock.

                “You’re strong, yet intimidating, and I like seeing you smile! I just couldn’t bare to see you with another girl!”

                “Wait! You loved me since you saw me smile?” he asked surprisingly before his face tensed with unease, “And you’re afraid I might end up with another girl?”

                “Well, yeah…” Bernadetta replied awkwardly, regretting her last choice of words.

                Felix stared at the Varley lass in disbelief. He was aware of the disappearances that started happening moons ago and learning about Bernadetta’s newfound attraction towards him was waving up red flags. He remembered the first disappearances being Annette, Lysithea and Dorothea. Leonie was within the mix, but Felix did not recall interacting with her during the same week before Lysithea’s disappearance. The appearance of Bernadetta was also suspicious. He was not sure how she gotten taller, nor did he know how she altered her eye colour. If Felix had to guess, Bernadetta might have dabbled with some forbidden magic and used that for her ‘training’ excuse. He believed that whatever that was could have been the cause of the disappearances. Felix held up his sword in defence as he glared at the Varley lass before him.

                “You’re responsible for their disappearances, are you?” he said threateningly.

                “Me?! Responsible?! I’ve done no such thing!” Bernadetta dramatically denied that claim.

                “Where were you training? What did you do to alter your appearance? Ordinary training does not alter your height drastically, nor does it change your eye colour.”

                Bernadetta bit the bottom of her lip.

                “Were you dabbling with dark magic?” Felix asked.

                “Well…” Bernadetta thought about the dark bow currently sheathed to her belt, and how it absorbs corpses. She was not sure if dark magic was involved, but the effects seem to fit that criterion.

                “Well, what?” Felix questioned.

                Bernadetta bit her lip harder, regretting her last reply.

                ‘You really landed yourself in hot waters, Bernie!’

                “Whatever it is, I don’t trust it.” Felix sharply said as he raised his sword, “If you’re behind the disappearances, stand down, or I’ll run you through.”

                Bernadetta sighed sadly and said, “I was afraid you were going to reject me…”

                Without hesitation, she dashed towards Felix, knocked the sword from his hand and tackled him to the ground. The Fraldarius heir attempted to fight Bernadetta off, who currently was sitting on his chest and holding down his wrists down with what appeared to be dark claw like hands. He was astonished by how strong the Varley lass was. He could hardly break free. When he glared up at Bernadetta, he noticed her catlike pupils narrowed thin, her irises became redder, her smile was wide and pointy and there were dark scales appearing on her skin. Felix continued to thrash hard, but Bernadetta persisted in staying on top. She managed to flip the Fraldarius heir over to his stomach and held his arms together. Then Bernadetta reached into her satchel and fished out a coil of rope.

                “Sorry Felix, but I’m not taking “no” for an answer!” She yelled as she looped the rope around Felix’s arms.

                The Fraldarius heir attempted to kick her off, but by the time Bernadetta finished tying his arms, she started to tie his legs. Felix never stopped struggling and started to shout, but Bernadetta quickly gagged him with her claw like hand.

                It was already too late.

                The remaining Seiros knights burst into the training grounds with their weapons armed. They all stared at Bernadetta, who currently had Felix in her grasp.

                “What in the-” Catherine was taken aback by Bernadetta’s appearance but shook it off as she readied Thunderbrand. “Step away from Felix, Bernadetta! Unless you want your death to be slow and painful!”

                “We won’t let you get away for what you did.” Shamir added, glaring at the Varley lass.

                Bernadetta growled viciously at them as she pulled out the dark bow and yelled, “No! Felix is MINE!”

                She drew out arrows and started to shoot at the Knights of Seiros. Shamir and Catherine dodged the first strikes, but others were not as lucky. The bearer of Thunderbrand attempted to strike Bernadetta with her legendary sword, but the Varley lass quickly dodged both times. An arrow shot in Bernadetta’s right shoulder, but she barely flinched due to the scales protecting her skin. She charged at Shamir, who shot the attack, and attempted to tackle her to the ground, but the Dagda archer dodged and shot another arrow. The second shot barely harmed Bernadetta, who turned around and quickly jumped onto Shamir. Before the Dagda archer could react, Bernadetta ripped her face with her claw like hand. Shamir’s body disintegrated within the miasma that later engulfed her and was absorbed into Bernadetta’s bow.

                “SHAMIR!” Catherine cried at the sight of her partner’s demise.

                Her rage boiled into hatred at she attempted to strike Bernadetta down with Thunderbrand. The Varley lass became quicker than she was before and dodge every strike heading her way. She managed to whip behind Catherine and tackled her to the ground. Bernadetta grabbed the swordswoman from both sides of her head, snapped her neck quickly and ripped it off her body. Blood pooled out from Cathine’s neck as her corpse fell. Miasma began to engulf her body and absorb her remains to Bernadetta’s dark bow. The Varley lass grew to be six feet tall as more scales cover up her entire body. Her claws became sharper, her teeth were pointier and the whites in her eyes vanished to nothing but red, with a thin, horizontal slit in each eye. She placed one hand into her satchel as she turned to see her “future husband”. Felix was horrified from the sight he seen before him, and then he glared heatedly at his captor, who was pulling out some purple fabric.

                “You monster! You disgust me! If I weren’t tied up, I would-” his retorts were cut off as Bernadetta stuffed the purple cloth into his mouth and tied it around his head.

                “Save your words when we get to our new home, dear.” She said in a demonic voice, “I’ll take you somewhere where nobody could find us.”

                Bernadetta pulled out a maroon cloth out of her bag and tied it over Felix’s eyes. The Fraldarius attempted to thrash away from the demonic lady, but she kept a strong hold on him. Bernadetta hoisted Felix over her shoulder and held him possessively.

                “You’re mine… and I’m not going to let anyone take you away from me ever again!”

                As Bernadetta left the training grounds with her struggling “lover” in tow, she ran away from the monastery and found an area where no one would find her. She never knew who sent her the dark bow or why they gave it to her, but what mattered to Bernadetta was she got her prize in the end. Although she gained Felix and unbelievable power, she lost a lot more than she bargained. She became an enemy of the Church of Seiros. She became a blood thirsty monster and was no longer the moral shy girl she once was. The man she stole did not love her back, and yet Bernadetta did not care for any of that. She’s alone with her prize and her sense of morality was no longer there. The demon within her took over, and that it what she came to be.

Chapter Text

                Felix could not believe this happened to him. He was traveling close to Fódlan’s Locket when he was attacked by Almyran forces. Felix fought them off as best he could, whether its shooting down wyverns, striking them down with his sword, or pummeling them to the ground. He eventually got overwhelmed as more Almyrans appeared. They brought Felix down to his knees, chained him up and threw him on the back of a wyvern. After his capture, the Almyrans brought him back to their home country and put him into a cage. There were many prisoners around Felix, who were all from different nations outside of Almyra. Some from Fódlan, some from Bridgid, some from Dagda, etc. Whatever the Almyrans have planned for them, Felix was not looking forward to it.

                During his time in captivity, Felix’s captors hosted auctions to sell their prisoners off to slavers. The Almyran auctioneers always made sure to customize the captive’s restraints whenever they were giving them a hard time. Unfortunately for Felix, he was one of them. His arms were tightly chained behind his back, his legs were cuffed together, and he wore a muzzle and a gag to prevent him from biting. All prisoners wore collars with a chain around it, and they were each accompanied by two Almyran auctioneers.

                Felix was right after a man from Dagda, who was yanked onto the stage. The Almyran captors talked about the captive’s background and skills before taking any bets. The man from Dagda was sold for 100,000G to a braided Almyran woman, an then he was haul off stage.

                “Up next is a feisty swordsman from the nation of Fódlan!” The announcer on stage spoke as he announced Felix.

                The meandering swordsman tried to resist his way on stage, but his captor in front of him yanked him by the collar while the other shoved him from behind. They brought Felix onto display, so the crowd could look at him.

                “He fought a good fight before coming here and he carries a Crest but be careful! This man is strong and dangerous! You might need high maintenance to keep him under control! Any takers?”

                “4,000G!” a ragged man called out.

                “4,000G is in the lead! Can I get anything higher than 4,000G?”

                “12,000G” a woman with short unkempt hair called out.

                “12,000G! Can I get anything higher than 12,000G?”

                “21,000G!” A noble man with a braided beard called out.

                ‘Ugh, that guy better not win.’ Felix thought to himself, even though he would not be pleased with anyone that bought him.

                “21,000G! Anyone wanna play on a 21,000G?”

                “65,000G!” a smooth male voice called out from the back, who was wearing a dark cloak. The voice sounded awfully familiar to Felix, which made him stare up at the stranger.

                “65,000G! Can I get anything higher than 65,000G?”

                “90,000G!” the facial braided noble shouted.

                “90,000G! Can I get anything higher than 90,000G?”

                “120,000G!” the cloaked figure called.

                The facial braided noble called out 200,000G next and most of the other bidders already given up.

                “200,000G! Going once? going twice?” The announcer was about to call it off while the recent bidder grinned smugly.

                “How about 205,000G?!” called the cloaked figure which astounded the facial braided man.

                “Sold to that man over in the cloak!” the announced adjourned the sale and aloud Felix’s captors to pull him off the stage.

                They brought him over to the back and waited for the buyer to come around. The cloak man, who bought Felix, made his way over with a couple of men backing him up. He held up a large sack of gold and handed it over to the Almyran captors.

                “Careful with this guy.” one of them warned the buyer, “He’s a feisty one and he’s hard to contain.”

                “I’m pretty sure I have a good idea who I’m dealing with.” The cloaked man said as he stared over at Felix. The meandering swordsman stared back but could not quite see his buyer’s face. The hood on the cloak was wide enough to cover his eyes and shade over his face. Felix’s captors handed the chain attached to his collar over to the buyer and told him it was a pleasure doing business. The two subordinates of the cloaked man walked over to Felix, guided him away from the captors and allowed their leader to lead the way. They traveled silently away from the slave camp and through the nearby savannah. The silence continued as they came across a white wyvern, along with two black ones tethered to a tree.

                “It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Felix.” The cloaked man said as he pulled down his hood.

                Felix glared over at his buyer and saw a familiar face. The tanned skin, the green eyes, the brown, wavey hair, with a small braid dangling on the left side of his head, and the brown sideburns. He was wearing a gold bandana with a purple center line wrapped around his head.

                “What are you doing here, Claude?” Felix asked.

                “What? No “nice to see you again” or “Thanks for buying me from that camp”?” Claude asked smoothly before he shrugged his shoulders, “Well, I guess I shouldn’t expect anything more from “The Great Felix Fraldarius” and his lacking manners.”

                “So, did you buy me to free me or did you buy me to make fun of me?” Felix asked sarcastically.

                “Oh, Felix… I bought you to be my slave.” Claude replied.

                “What?!” Felix dropped his jaw, “I thought we had a truce! You said you’ll repay the debt for sparing your life!”

                “Too true, but I gave that truce to Edelgard and the Empire. You decided to be a wandering swordsman, who wanted to take down skirmishes, and I found out you took a part of killing King Dimitri. I didn’t think you had that in you.”

                Felix growled.

                “I’ll give you a deal, Felix. I will let you roam free if you obediently serve me for a whole year.” Claude offered.

                “And if I refuse?” Felix argued.

                “Then I guess I’ll keep you as my prisoner and believe me. I’m not a fan of keeping people in a cage unless it has merit.”

                Felix sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll cooperate.”

                Claude smiled in approval as he and his men mounted their slave onto the white wyvern. The former Alliance Leader, who was now the King of Almyra, hopped on afterwards and undid the tether on his wyvern. His two subordinates followed suit before he could lead them to his kingdom with Felix in tow.

Chapter Text

                Felix was lying on the ground, mortally wounded, as he stared at the gray clouds above him. Rain was falling on his face, along with ashes caused by magic.

                “Felix,” a raspy male voice called to him on his left, which made him turn that direction to see a mortally wounded redheaded man. “Do you remember the promise… the one we made when we were kids… about sticking together… until we die together…?”

                Felix felt his lips moving, but no sound came out of them.

                “Well… I guess we both made out ends of the bargain…” the redhead lightly chuckled and smiled at him. “Well… I’m glad we kept our promise… to the bitter end…”

                Felix looked down to see the redhead’s hand was holding onto what he believes to be his own. He looked back up at the redhead and noticed he was limp with no signs of life. Felix widened his eyes as he was about to reach out to his companion.

                “Wait! Don’t go!” Felix cried out unconsciously.

                He was unaware that he was in the birthing laboratory underneath the western church, and right in front of him stood Sylvain. The redhead blinked in confusion as he looked down as his friend, reaching out to him.

                “Don’t go? I’m not going anywhere, Felix.” Sylvain replied, “You were in a daze, and I was wondering if you’re alright. But…” he opened up his arms wide and continued, “If you want a hug, I’ll gladly give you one.”

                Felix looked up to Sylvain in confusion before he looked down and thought about what was happening. He had those visions of the dying redheaded man many times before. He started getting them sometime after his birth, just after he attempted to escape his first lab tests. Felix was not sure why, but he always found Sylvain every time he broke out of the vision. He wondered if his friend had anything to do with his daydreams. When Felix looked up to Sylvain to think, he could see the similarities to the man in his vision.

                “Are you not in a mood for a hug?” Sylvain asked as he lowered his arms.

                “Sylvain…” Felix started shyly, “Do you ever had dreams about lying on a battlefield with a stranger next to you?”

                “Um… no, I never had dreams like that.” Sylvain scratched the back of his head.

                “Well, I keep getting this strange vision of being on a battlefield and a man dying before my eyes.” Felix explained, “I have no idea who he was, but…” Felix bit his lip shyly and replied, “He kind of looks like you… but older…”

                “Me, but older?” Sylvain tilted his head.

                “I don’t know why I keep getting that vision!” Felix cried as rubbed his head with both hands while messing up his hair long, “It won’t leave me alone!”

                Felix stopped dishevelling his hair as a pair of arms wrapped around him and pulled him closer to Sylvain’s chest.

                “I don’t know what to say about your visions,” the redhead said, “If you need someone to hug out your stress, I’ll be there.”

                Felix hesitated from removing his hands from his head, but he wrapped his arms tightly around his friend. He allowed his tears to flow as he cried over Sylvain’s shoulder. The two experiment boys continued to hug for several minutes, and yet neither of them noticed the two scientists spying on them by the entrance.

                After the organization beneath the church learned about Felix’s visions, they kept a close eye on him if anything came amuck. A few days after the discovery, they found Felix screaming nonsense at Sylvain before he collapsed to the floor. The scientists took that opportunity to snatch the navy-haired boy brought him to the research lab, to study his brain. They hooked his head to a machine to detect the brainwaves in his head. The readings were running wild, and when the scientists stared down at Felix, they noticed he was sleep talking.

                “Please wait!”, “Don’t leave me!”, “Why won’t you leave me alone!” was what they heard coming from Felix’s mouth.

                All the scientists were concerned about his condition.

                “How long did he have those hallucinations!” the chief of the organization yelled at the first two scientist that learned about Felix’s visions.

                “From what we gather, Felix said he’s been having them since the day of his birth.” One of them said.

                “And here I thought he was in stable condition.” The chief looked over to the green haired scientist, Laurent, and asked him what he knew.

                “Felix mentioned he was lying on a battlefield on a rainy day.” He replied, “He said he saw a strange man, who resembled Sylvain, but everything about those visions seem unknown to him. He’s been having dreams about it ever since.”

                The old chief was afraid to hear this. From what he recalled from the Adrestian war forty years ago, the original Felix Hugo Fraldarius fell at the Tailtean Plains along with the original Sylvain Jose Gautier. The chief feared that Felix was regaining the memories of his past incarnate, and with those recollections coming back, the child’s brain would suffer.

                “I’m afraid he’s lost…” he said in disappointedly before he rubbed the temples of his head. “It’s only a matter of time he’ll lose his sanity… just like the other test subjects before him...”

                “Then I guess we have no choice but to dispose of him.” A blonde woman scientist said mournfully.

                Sylvain was on the other side of the door and heard the organization was going to get rid of Felix. He knocked down a few men just to get there because the organization did not allow test children around their office, unless they were called to. The news frightened Sylvain because he did not want his friend to be disposed of, so he rushed to the research lab to rescue Felix.

                By the time he got to his destination, Felix was already gone. There was nobody left in the lab, except for a purple-haired lab assistant, who was cleaning the equipment. Sylvain rushed over to him, grabbed the from of his lab jacket and pulled him down.

                “Where’s Felix?” the redheaded child demanded, “Where did you guys take him?”

                “S-Sylvain!” the assistant stuttered nervously, “I-I’m afraid I-I can’t tell you that…”

                Sylvain whammed him to the wall and pulled him back down.

                “I heard what your organization is going to do with him! Tell me where he is now!” the redhead demanded.

                “Fine…” the assistant said flatly, “They took him to the dark lab on the lowest floor, but you can’t stop them. Even if the Lance of Ruin finally accepts you as it’s rightful owner.”

                Sylvain did not care whether he needed that weapon’s help or not. All it did was cause him so much pain due to the trials this organization forced him to undergo. All he cared was getting Felix back.

For a brief second, something flashed in his eyes. He saw himself staring at a dark rainy sky with smoke and ashes flying. All around him were piles of dead corpses and people fighting in the background.

“You really are a fool…” Sylvain heard a raspy voice on his right and turned towards it. There he saw a dying, navy-haired man, who looked like Felix. “Always reckless in battle… but always showing up when needed…”

Sylvain only widened his eyes in shock.

                ‘Is this what Felix was experiencing before?’ he thought to himself.

                Sylvain found this vision strange but also familiar. The man in front of him looked like an older Felix, but the attire and weapons used during this vision screamed Imperial 1180’s. Sylvain was not sure if this picture was of the past or the future, but he felt like he seen that scene before. What were the words that crawled right out of his mouth?

                ‘Remember when we were kids about sticking together until we die together?’

                Sylvain widened his eyes in realization. He remembered making a promise like that before. The whole scene of that vision was dying together with that navy-haired stranger, and it felt like he made that same promise with Felix.

                When Sylvain broke out of his daydream, he noticed a large humanoid machine was dragging him back by his left arm. Sylvain struggled to pull back, and use every ounce of his strength, but the machine’s iron grip was too strong. Even for an enhanced test child such as himself. Sylvain continued to struggle to no avail, but as he resumed, a flash of light shot through the darkness and into Sylvain’s free hand. Within his grasp was a lance made with bone, with a red Crest Stone attached to the largest tooth.

The Lance of Ruin.

                Although Sylvain did not care for the weapon that caused him pain, he would take any opportunity he could get. He griped the lance and attempted to strike the machine pulling him around.

                He missed.

                He tried to strike again, but he failed to land a hit. Sylvain found it hard to find his footing with he attacks, because the machine kept on walking to a speed too quick for him to stand.

                So, Sylvain did his last resort.

                He used his lance to cut off his caught arm. Sylvain cringed during the pain, but as his limb was severed off, he began to regenerate his wound. The machine stopped and turned to the redheaded child. It dropped his severed arm and attempted to grab him again, but without hesitation, Sylvain struck back. His Lance of Ruin glowed red as he hit the machine with Ruined Sky. The attack pushed the machine away and knock it off it’s feet. It attempted to get up, but Sylvain waisted no time but to retrieve his severed limb and retreat.

                He needed to get to Felix. He needed to save him.

Chapter Text

                ‘Where is he?! Where is he?!’ Sylvain searched left and right to find his friend.

                He held his severed arm by his left shoulder, so it could regenerate back together. Sylvain recalled the purple-haired assistant told him Felix was in a dark lab on the lowest floor, so he kept going down and searched every room. During his travels, Sylvain hid in dark narrow areas or tight spaces whenever he saw people or humanoid machines near by. He got closer to the last room he could find on the lower floor, but before he could enter, he hid behind a wall and peaked through the door next to him.

                There he saw Felix lying on an operating table.

                The navy-haired child was surrounded by four white cloaked figures with crow like masks on them. They held their hands over Felix and zapped him with lightning magic. The navy-haired child screamed out of pain and anguish, that Sylvain could not bare to hear. The cloaked figures were chanting with an ancient tongue, which meant it was a special white lightning spell. Sylvain could not tolerate what those mages were doing to Felix. Without a thought, he charged at them with his Lance of Ruin. He impaled one, but he caught the other mage’s attention.

                “How dare you!” one of them yelled as they all casted fire magic at the redhead.

                Sylvain managed to dodge two of them but got hit by the third. He fell back after the blow, but his ability to regenerate healed him up. The mages threw another triple fireball at him, but he managed to dodge all the attacks that time. Sylvain slashed two of them, which sent them flying across the room, but the last one that remain stepped back. Frightened by the test child in front of him, he ran out of the lab screaming. Sylvain could had run after him to stop him from alerting the authorities, but he only had one goal.


                Sylvain ran over to his friend, who seemed to be unconscious. He strapped his lance onto his back before he placed his head over Felix’s chest. Sylvain heard a slow thumping of the heart, which worried him a little, but glad that Felix was still alive. Worried that the cloaked mage would come back with reinforcements anytime soon, Sylvain quickly gathered Felix into his arms and ran out. He looked left and right to see if anyone was coming. The right corridor was a dead end, and since he did not see anyone coming down the left, Sylvain carefully walked through there. Made another right at the end of the hallway and turned left in the midsection in the next. As he was midway in the current corridor, Sylvain heard footsteps coming from the other end. Panic strained on the redhead’s face, and he frantically searched everywhere for a place to hide. He found a narrow crack in the wall to his right, so he quickly slipped in, while adjusting his friend over his shoulder. He slightly lowered Felix to his chest as he listened to the footsteps coming their way. The navy-haired child slowly opened his eyes and looked up to his friend, holding him.

                “Sylvain…?” Felix said softly.

                “Shhh…” Sylvain shushed his friend as he continued to listen to the footsteps.

                He heard them pass by and exhaled when he could no longer here them. The redhead lowered his friend onto his feet.

                “We’ll get out of here, Fe.” Sylvain whispered softly, “I promise I won’t let these bastards hurt you.”

                “Sylvain…” Felix said meekly as his friend.

                “Just follow my lead… I’ll get us out of here.” Sylvain held onto his friend’s right wrist with his left hand. He peeked out of the crack to see if the coast was clear. On the left end he saw scientists disappearing into the next corridor, but on his right, a walking machine was walking towards them. Sylvain stood back as he held Felix behind him.

                “Sylvain… why are they doing this to us?” the navy-haired boy asked his friend softly.

                “I don’t know, Fe.” Sylvain quietly replied as he kept watching outside.

                “I believe I do,” Felix softly concluded, “They’re just using us as weapons for the ongoing war. Remember those visions I was telling you about?”


                “Well, they weren’t just hallucinations. They were memories of my past life. I died from Adrestian soldiers, trying to protect my fallen friend, and that redheaded man in my vision… was you.”

                “Felix…” Sylvain said softly as he looked down at his friend.

                “Why would they put us through so much pain if we’re on the same side…?” Felix tightened his grip on his friend’s hand as tears weld up in his eyes.

                Sylvain softly made shush sounds as he wrapped his arm tightly around his friend. Felix hugged back as he cried on the redhead’s shoulder.

                “I see you got your heroes’ weapon…” the navy-haired boy said softly, “Those weapons used to be ours in the past…”


                “There you two are!” the chief and four cloaked mages found them within the crack.

                Sylvain pushed Felix behind him as he pulled out his Lance of Ruin.

                “Back off! I am not going to let you hurt Felix!”

                “Sylvain, put your weapon down!” the chief demanded, “Felix is not mentally stable!”

                “He told me enough! You’re just using us as weapons!” Sylvain yelled, “The artificial Crest bearer project is nothing more then a cloning facility! You used the corpses of past warriors to create anew, but enhanced their strength, speed, and ability to heal, to make them into your weapon! I know Felix isn’t going crazy. I understand the visions he’s been having.”

                “You been getting visions from the past, Sylvain?” the chief asked in surprise.

                Sylvain bit his lip and regretted his choice of words.

                “Then I guess I have no other choice but to put you both to sleep.”

                The chief stepped back as he allowed his four mages go in front. They generate their white magic, but at the same time, Felix’s legendary relic appeared before him. A shield, which was a materialized dragon skull, flew into the navy-haired boy’s grasp, and he jumped in front of his friend and held it up. As the four mages released their casts, the shield protected the two boys efficiently. Only a few sparks of light scraped by, but it was not a big deal for the duo. The four mages stopped as they stared at the shield in awestruck.

                “So, the Aegis Shield finally accepted it’s master. No matter-” the chief positioned his hands, ready to cast a spell and continued, “I can’t risk any of you losing your sanity out of memory overdose.”

                Sylvain ran in front of Felix and ran his lance into the chief’s chest. Felix, who currently does not have a weapon, tackled the mage closest to him and pummeled him to the ground. Sylvain stabbed two more with his lance, while the remaining one fled. The redhead worried that he would call reinforcements, so he quickly grabbed Felix’s arm, who was still beating up his target, and ran.

                Sylvain spotted another security machine walking around when they got to the end of the corridor. It spotted the two children and dashed its way over to them. It attempted to grab them, but Felix hesitantly held his shield in front. When the machine drew back after the block, Sylvain took his change to hit it with his lance, while using Ruined Sky. The machine was knocked down on it’s back, which gave Sylvain and Felix a chance to retreat. They ran right until they say a group of scientists coming their way. Sylvain was getting exhausted of running into inconveniences, but Felix quickly spotted a narrow crack on the wall to his right.

                “Let’s go in here.” The navy-haired child said as he tugged on his friend’s hand.

                Sylvain was doubtful about hiding in another crack, but he did see an opening on the other side, so he chose to follow Felix. As they went across, the boys looked at both directions. The left side had a flight of stairs while the right was more dark corridors. Although taking the stairs might not be the safest bet, but both boys did not want to spend their time getting lost in a dark maze. They chose to run up the steps and kept an eye for faculty members. When they saw nobody, Sylvain took the lead because he knew of an escape route. He led Felix through the corridors and came to a window with a moving current beneath it.

                “You’re crazy!” Felix cried as he pulled away from Sylvain, who had a firm grip on the younger boy.

                “We don’t have many options, Felix.” Sylvain explained, “If we attempt to run out the main entrance, they’ll catch us for sure.”

                Felix hesitated but as he heard a rush of footsteps coming down each direction, he climbed on his friend’s back. Sylvain scaled the window, instructed Felix to hold on tight, as he held his breath and jumped into the river. The current was strong, and Sylvain struggled to swim to the other side. He kept pushing as they near the end of the river, but Sylvain did not make it. They had fallen into a waterfall and splashed into a deep lake. Sylvain managed to hit the bottom, which could have broken his bones, but his ability to regenerate made him feel better. Felix, who was still holding tightly onto his friend, felt his forearms break, but he had the same ability. Sylvain swam up to reach the surface and looked for an area to swim to. He spotted shallow land on his right and swam his way over. He allowed Felix to release him as he made it, who was shivering from the cold water and glaring up at his friend.

                “You’re an idiot!” Felix yelled, “We could’ve died if the river was more dangerous than this!”

                “Hey! We’re out, aren’t we?” Sylvain asked, who was also shivering from the cold water.

                “I guess…” Felix quietly replied as he looked down, “So, what now?”

                “I don’t know yet.” Sylvain replied as he scratched the back of his head. He glared up at the building that was the western church, grabbed a hold on Felix’s right wrist and said, “But I know for sure we can’t stay here.”

                “You’re right…” Felix also glared at the church before he allowed Sylvain to guide the way.



Chapter Text

Byleth arrived at the Fhirdiad’s main building in a back of a black limo. She was wearing her minty hair up in a ponytail and think, black glasses over her eyes. She wore a white blouse, a black dress jacket, black pencil skirt and black, knee-high, heeled boots. Accompanying her was Dimitri, who was dressed in a white dress shirt, black pants, black tie, and a blue blazer. His blonde hair was brushed back behind his ears, and he was eying the building with serious, icy blue eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Byleth asked her companion before they could get out of the vehicle.

“I want to get to the bottom of this.” Dimitri replied, “I’m sure Cornelia played a part in my father’s murder and the disappearances happening around Fódlan. I want to find out every detail to expose her for what she is.”

“Dimitri, I’m not going to say you’re the wrong man for this job, but I will ask you to maintain your composure.” Byleth warned. “I know you have a hard time experiencing grief, but any slip up could land us into trouble.”

“I will, I’ll promise.” Dimitri said in a mildly calm manner.

Byleth bit her lip and stared at her companion with concern before they got out of the car. They stated their business for their arrival before the guards allowed them access to enter. They were led to Cornelia’s office, who was signing papers on her desk. She looked up to see her visitors and smiled at the blonde man.

“My, if it isn’t young Dimitri.” Cornelia greeted, “I haven’t seen you around since you were a little boy. How long has it been? About five years before I became governor.”

“Since my father had been in power, yes.” Dimitri replied seriously.

He wanted to rip her head off right away, but he knew he had to maintain his composure.

“And he was a great governor. I severely grant you my deepest condolences for his passing.” Cornelia sounded sweet, but she was not sincere.

“Isn’t it a little late for that?” Dimitri blurted out.

In the corner of his eye, he saw Byleth giving him a warning glare, but Cornelia did not seem to be fazed by his words.

“Perhaps,” she replied calmly, “Now tell me, what brings you here today?”

“I would like to talk about how the security system is being run.” Dimitri stated, “Five years ago after my father died, there were fewer officers patrolling the streets, the criminal rate is growing high, and there are numerous disappearances happening.”

“Oh, but we’ve been hiring new recruits the past few weeks.” Cornelia replied, “And we’ve been working on reducing the crime rate for the past years now.”

“Reducing the crime rate?” Dimitri slightly rose his voice, “Rodrigue Fraldarius was wrongfully accused of fraud and was given an unreasonable life sentence! And your newest recruits are arresting and brutally beating up innocent people with no proper reasoning!” He took a quick glance at Byleth with pity, who was still giving him the warning glare, before he stared back at Cornelia. “A senior chief, who was responsible for training the new recruits was found murdered. This can’t be just a coincidence.”

“Oh, but I believe my recruits are doing a great job catching criminals.” Cornelia dismissively replied, “Chief Eisner was nearing for retirement anyways, and dear Rodrigue was holding crucial evidence that serves a problem to this country.”

Byleth slightly widened her eyes and opened her mouth partially the way Cornelia spoke of her father.

“What gave you the right to speak of Jeralt with disrespect, and what evidence was Rodrigue hiding?”

Cornelia said nothing. She just smiled insincerely at Dimitri as she pushed a button underneath her desk. A trap door opened below the blonde man, who fell in screaming. Byleth widened her eyes as Dimitri fell, and before she could act, Cornelia snapped her fingers, and her men grabbed the minty-haired woman.

“It was nice of you to drop by Miss Eisner.” The rose gold-haired woman said tauntingly, “Your father was also withholding information from us, and we found out you carry the Crest of Flames.”

“How do you know?” Byleth asked, “My blood tests are proven negative of Crests.”

“Oh, we figured it out during your patrols with your father.” Cornelia replied, “After my men witness you activate your Crest, I sent some spies to watch out for you, and they all confirmed you have the Crest of Flames.”

“I won’t let you get away with this…” Byleth glared angrily as she struggled within the guards grasp.”

“Oh, but I already have, my dear.” Cornelia replied sinisterly. “Guards, take her away!”

Before the guards could follow that order, they shoved a bag over Byleth’s head and handcuffed her wrists. They guided her out of Cornelia’s office, who was smiling triumphantly.

“Well, this is my lucky day.” The rose gold-haired woman said. “Not only did I obtain a rare Crest specimen, but also two test subjects to tamper with.”

Chapter Text

                Ever since his rescue in Shambhala, Felix was at the training grounds day and night practicing his sword training. During the evening after supper, Sylvain and Ingrid checked on Felix, who was still hacking away at a training dummy.

                “You’re still going at it, Felix?” Sylvain asked, “You should probably get some rest. We’re both worried about you.”

                “I can’t.” Felix replied as he kept hacking away at the dummy, “I’m behind on my training and there is a big battle coming up. I got to be ready.”

                “Felix, you’re wearing yourself out!” Ingrid said sternly, “Your form is sloppy, your attacks are messy, and I can clearly see bags under you eyes!”

                “I’m still overdue!” Felix argued, “I hardly had a chance to train during my imprisonment. I need to keep…”

                Before he could finish his sentence, his head got dizzy, and he collapsed to the ground.

                “FELIX!” both Ingrid and Sylvain cried in unison as they rushed over to their friend.

                The redhead flipped Felix over on his back and cradled him in his arms. The Fraldarius man was out cold, but he was still breathing steadily. Ingrid shook her head at her currently white-haired friend’s irresponsibleness and asked Sylvain to bring him to the infirmary. The redhead scooped Felix into his arms and carried him to that exact destination.

                When Felix woke up, he realized he was in the infirmary. He slowly lifted his upper body from the bed and held his forehead because of a headache. On the right of his bed, his former professor, Byleth was standing there with her arms crossed.

                “What were you thinking about pushing your training to hard?” she nagged, “I know you’re devoted to train, Felix, but you are pushing it too hard.”

                “Because I’m tired of wasting my time feeling helpless.” Felix replied, “After my abduction five years ago, I was experimented upon, tortured, had little to no training, and I missed the majority of the war! I couldn’t save the boar, I’ve never gotten letters back from my old man, and I somehow allowed some pasty people capture me a couple week after your disappearance!”

                “Felix, I am not saying that you’re weak, but you need to allow yourself to rest.” Byleth lectured, “You need to remember that rest can help you improve your training. Overtaxing your training with no rest will hinder your technique and you’ll eventually collapse.” She relaxed her arms to her sides and said, “I know you’re upset about being held back after your captivity, but you need to remember the basics. You even told me Dimitri was losing his grip all those years back and he was suffering from lack of sleep then.”

                Felix groaned in reply as he broke eye contact and looked down.

                “You’re going to rest for the rest of the day, but I’ll check on you to see if you’re fit enough to train.”

                Felix did not reply as his former professor left the infirmary. He looked down at his sword arm, which had scars due to the trauma of his captivity. He took a moment on what Byleth said that he should allow himself to rest before focusing primarily on his training. Felix realized that he was hungry as well since he’s been skipping meals since he arrived back at the monastery. If he could not take care of himself for basic needs, how would he survive the battlefield. Felix curled his hand into a fist, realizing the error of his ways, and convinced himself to practice self care before worrying about training.

Chapter Text

                “Wake up, Felix! Wake up!”

                Felix opened his eyes and found himself sitting on a grassy field in pitch darkness. Only a crack of light shined above him, while there was another sparkling beam five meters before him. There he saw Bernadetta, who was reaching out to him with worried eyes. Felix was about to get up to rush towards her, but he felt something holding him back by the wrists and ankles. He looked at his limbs and noticed they were shackled. Behind him was Thales, Cornelia, Solon and Myson holding his chains. He felt his neck being yanked forward, and there he saw Kronya holding a chain attached to an iron collar around his neck. She pulled closer and tilted Felix’s chin up to see her.

                “I always wanted to have you as my pet, Fraldarius.” Kronya said in an eerie tone.

                “You should be dead!” Felix snapped, “And I’m not going to keep these chains on me!”

                He struggled through his binds to no avail and his captors laughed at his pitiful attempts.

                “You’re not escaping anytime soon, dear boy.” Cornelia taunted, “You belong to use.”

                “You carry a powerful Crest, and we can use it to our advantage.” Thales stated.

                They began to wrap the chains around Felix, who continued to struggle. He blinked a few times, and each flicker made his captors disappear and reappear. Felix then clenched his eyes tightly, but when he opened them again, he found himself cuffed to a table, naked. Masked mages were stabbing him, Cornelia was forcefully feeding him strange potions by holding down his jaw, and Thales was massaging his forehead with dark magic on his fingertips.

                “Soon you’ll be our slave.” Thales spoke sadistically, “You’ll no longer serve  the mad king or that Fell Star. Know where your place is.”

                “Get off of me!” Felix struggled as he clenched his eyes tightly, but as he reopened them, he saw Bernadetta looking down at him.

                “Bernadetta? What are you doing here?” he asked in a mildly concerned tone.

                The purple-hair woman smiled as she crawled on top of him and pulled out a knife.

                “What are you doing?!” Felix panickily asked his love interest.

                Bernadetta placed her knife near Felix’s next, covered his mouth with her free hand and morphed into Kronya.

                “Just wondering how you’ll react to your “girlfriend” attempting to murder you.” The strange three tailed woman replied. “But she’s not here, which means you’re mine for the taking!” She dangerously lowered her lips to Felix’s left ear and said, “I’m glad they left me some desert, because you look delicious.”

                Kronya licked Felix’s face, which caused him to shiver. He was also disgusted that she referred to him as a desert. Kronya then sat up on Felix’s crotch, inserted his dick into her vagina, and started to thrust her hips. Felix cringed at the sight, and every time he blinked, he saw Kronya switching from herself to Bernadetta back and forth. During the transitioning, Felix heard a voice cry into his head.

                “Wake up, Felix! Wake up!”

Felix tightly shut his eyes once again and open them to see Bernadetta with her back towards him. He was no longer restrained to a table, and he was currently in his usual attire. The area they were in was pitch dark and the ground was made of stone.

“Bernadetta,” Felix approached the young woman ahead of him, “Where are we?”

There was no response.

“Bernadetta, I’m being serious. Where are we?” Felix irritably asked again.

There was still no response.

Annoyed that the Lady from Varley was not answering him, The Fraldarius heir walked towards her, grabbed her by the shoulders and whirled her around. When Felix stared at her face, he did not see Bernadetta. Instead, he saw Cornelia’s face attached to his love interest’s body.

                “Are you looking for someone, darling?” she asked as the genetic features of Bernadetta transformed into Cornelia’s. “I’m sorry to say that she’s not here, nor would we let you see her again.”

                “What are you talking about?” Felix venomously asked as he glared at the woman in front of him. He was about to unsheathe his sword, only to find out that he was not wearing his sword belt. Felix found this situation weird because he hardly went anywhere without a weapon. He instead rose his fist and was about to punch Cornelia in the face. However, he felt his neck was yanked back against his will. Felix grunted as he touched the iron collar around his. He glared behind as he saw Thales holding a chain, which was connected to his collar.

                “You’re still ours, Fraldarius.” He said sadistically, “There is no escape. No future. The only thing you our is our puppet and our test subject.”

                “Like hell I am!” Felix spat as he attempted to punch his captor, only to held back. He looked at both his wrists and noticed the iron shackles cuffed around them. He looked at the chains and noticed they were attached to the ground. Before Felix could think about moving his legs, they buckled down and steel chains snaked around them.

                “Oh, darling. You’d made a perfect test subject!” Cornelia chimed in, “Your blood is of great value, you’re strong for your own good and look…” She pulled out a mirror and held it towards Felix. The Fraldarius heir widened his eyes to what he just saw. His hair was white instead of blue. He was topless and multiple scar marks were all over his body, with also included the Agarthan insignia carve on the side of his left chest. When Felix looked into his eyes, all he saw was dead emotion. There was no shine, no wrinkles, not even a single tear. Felix had seen Byleth’s eyes, but even she was lively. Those eyes in his reflection show no signs of life.

                “Do you really want to know what happened to your little girlfriend?” Cornelia asked.

                “She’s not my-” Felix was about to finish his retort but cut it off after Cornelia walked to the left and showed a collapsed, wounded Bernadetta ahead of him. There was a pool of blood surrounding her and there was a sword stabbed into her chest.

                “Bernadetta!” Felix cried as he ran towards her.

                The chains holding him back broke loose, which gave him the chance to run freely. As he got to Bernadetta, he held her into his arms and looked down at her. There was no breathing, no pulse, and her skin was getting paler and wrinkly.

                “You will pay for this!” Felix growled in venom at the Agarthans behind him.

                “Oh, but we didn’t kill her, darling.” Cornelia said.

                “Check that sword in her chest. You’ll find it familiar.” Thales stated.

                Felix looked at the sword and widened his eyes. He noticed the Chevalier Crest engraved on the blade along with a print speaking about Fraldarius of the ten elites. As Felix pulled the sword out of Bernadetta’s chest, it glowed, but the main thing he noticed was the flat, bloody tip. This sword was none other than the Sword of Moralta.

                “No…” Felix shook his head, not wanting to believe the truth.

                “That’s right, Felix dear~. You are your girlfriend’s killer.” Cornelia revealed.

                “No…” Felix kept shaking his head in horror, “This can’t be real… I have no reason to kill her…”

                “Felix…” The Fraldarius heir widened his eyes as he looked down at the corpse. Bernadetta’s silver eyes were open, and she was staring back at him. “Please, wake up…”

                “What?” Felix frantically asked in confusion.

                “Please… wake up…!”

                “Felix… please wake up…” Bernadetta spoke sorrowfully to Felix, who was bedridden on a bed in Garreg Mach’s infirmary.

                She was currently holding onto her love interest’s right hand as she prayed to the goddess to save him. Tears were welding up her eyes for each passing minute and was beginning to think that Felix would never wake up. The Fraldarius heir squirmed in his sleep and began to crack open his eyes. His sight was blurry for the first couple of seconds, but as his eyes regained focus, he saw Bernadetta sitting next to him on the right bedside.

                “Bernadetta…?” he spoke in a slightly raspy tone.

                Bernadetta’s silver eyes widened at the sound of her name and looked down to see Felix staring back at her with his warm, amber eyes.

                “Felix? Y-you’re awake!” she excitedly exclaimed as she hugged the hospitalized man.

                Felix allowed Bernadetta hug him for a few minutes before he lifted his upper body and clutched his forehead with his left hand because of a headache.

                “What happened…” Felix asked weakly, “Where am I…?”

                “Y-you’re in the infirmary of Garreg Mach! You were comatose since we rescued you and I was afraid you would never wake-”

                “Stop…” Felix spoke firmly but not in a loud tone, “Keep your voice down. I still have a headache…”

                “Sorry…” Bernadetta apologized.

                Felix rubbed his temples on his forehead before he looked up towards his love interest.

                “Those snakes… are they taken care of?” he asked.

                “Snakes?” Bernadetta asked.

                “Kronya’s and Solon’s allies.” Felix reminded her.

                Bernadetta only blinked a few times.

                “Those bastards that abducted me.” Felix elaborated.

                “Oh…” Bernadetta replied, “I believe we took care of most of them, but…” Bernadetta blushed, looked away from Felix, covered her face with both hands and cried, “I’m just glad we got you out of there!”

                Felix stared at his love interest’s back and wondered if he was still in a dream sequence. He tapped Bernadetta’s right shoulder with his right hand, which made her scream a bit, before she jumped up and stared frantically at Felix. Although the Fraldarius heir cringed at her squeal, he smiled because this was the Bernadetta he knew and touching her felt real.

                “Still as jumpy as usual.” Felix commented.

                “Hey! Don’t make fun of me!” Bernadetta cried as her face redden like a tomato. She then stared directly to Felix’s smile and her silver eyes lit up. “You’re smiling! I miss that goofy smile of yours!”

                “It’s not goofy.” Felix dropped his smile as he groaned. “Oh, and…” his face reddened as he looked away and continued, “I’m glad you’re here.”

                “Felix…” Bernadetta felt fluttered but overjoyed by his words. She wrapped her arms around his chest, held him tightly and said, “I miss you, too!”

                Felix’s face reddened in like a tomato, but he wrapped his arms around Bernadetta’s waist as he returned her hug.

Chapter Text

                Hilda was infuriated that she had to protect the bridge in Derdriu. It had only been a couple of moons since she fought on Gronder Field, and so many Alliance soldiers lost their lives during that event. She was exhausted, but she could not afford to rest. As the Empire attacked Derdriu and the Alliance was low on numbers, Claude needed all hands-on deck and Hilda needed to contribute. Despite her annoyance on having to partake with a huge responsibility, Hilda valued her comrades’ lives, including her leader.

                As the Imperial solders approached the bridge, the lady from House Goneril did her best to defend. She put in a lot of effort to fight any enemy that drew near. More soldiers kept on coming, but Hilda was not going to budge. Although she was getting exhausted, Hilda had to suck in her gut and continued to defend. She was hoping for reinforcements would come soon, because she did not know how long she was going to last.

                Among the Imperial army was Volkhard von Arundel, the general of this army. He casted thoron on Hilda, who attempted to dodge, but with her exhaustion, her muscles could hardly move. She took the hit and fell to the ground as Lord Arundel’s horse marched pass.

                Hilda did not move.

                The blast from the thoron did a number on her and her entire body was singed, but she was not unconscious. Her muscles were so weak that she did not bother to get up, however, she was worried that Lord Arundel might have killed Claude. Hilda learned that Volkhard was here to slay the leader of the Alliance, and with her vulnerably on the ground, she felt like she failed. Hilda thought that this would be her downfall. Before she could think about closing her eyes, she saw a black and white blur rush over to her. Hilda felt herself being flipped on her back, and two fingers being pressed to the side of her neck. She looked up and widened her eyes slightly. Above her was a minty-haired woman, who she last seen five years ago.

                “Professor…?” she asked weakly.

                “Still alive, I see.” Byleth replied calmly as she started to use white magic to heal the Goneril lady’s wounds. She focused on healing the burns and cuts and slightly massage her muscles.

                “Can you move?” Byleth asked.

                Hilda started to move a little, but her muscles were still fatigue.

                “I really overdid it, this time!” Hilda replied, “Imperial soldiers wouldn’t stop coming! I had to push really hard to protect this bridge!” She widened her eyes as she thought about Arundel passing her by and screamed, “Claude! Is he safe?!”

                “He’s fine, for now.” Byleth replied, “Dimitri and Ingrid already arrived at his aid.”

                When she spotted Ashe flying his wyvern in the sky, the former professor waved her hands at him so he could come her way.

                “Is something the matter, Professor?” Ashe asked.

                Byleth lifted Hilda into her arms and held her towards the silver-haired, young man.

                “Take Hilda to safety! She’s to fatigued to move!” the former professor ordered.

                Ashe obeyed as he took Hilda from Byleth’s arms and mounted her on his wyvern. He flew her off to safety where Hilda could rest easily.

Chapter Text

                The Empire suffered from their loss on Gronder Field. Edelgard was injured, along with Hubert and Petra, but they lost numerous of soldiers in the battle. One of the soldiers counted among the dead was Bernadetta. She was on the central hill, sniping her enemies from left to right. When Edelgard ordered her soldiers to burn down the central hill, Bernadetta was still on it. She was trapped and could not escape, so the flames swallowed her whole. All there was left of her was a charred body as the fires faded away.

                During her recovery, Edelgard was asleep in her quarters. There was no one else inside and there were two guards guarding the area from the outside.

                However, one intruder managed to slip it.

                A shadow came creeping towards Edelgard and as it came closer, it spoke in an eerie high-pitched tone.

                “LAdY EdeLGarD! WhY DiD yOu LeT mE DiE?!”

                Edelgard abruptly woke up with shivers of fear and looked her trembling amethyst eyes at the intruder before her. The trespasser was not a man in physical form, but a ghostly woman coated in flames. Edelgard did recognize the shape of this entity. The figure was a few inches taller than her and the odd haircut with a chin length outer layer, and a slightly past the shoulders inner layer.

                “Bernadetta?” Edelgard asked fearfully.

                “YEs! YoU LEt mE dIE aT GrOnDer FiEld!” The flaming spirit spoke heatedly.

                “I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything to save you.”  Edelgard tried to remain calm, “I didn’t wish for your death to be in vain, but our battle was lost.”

                “YOu GAvE tHE ORdeR!” Bernadetta’s spirit spoke angrily as flames burst from her eyes and body.

                Edelgard bit her lip.

                “I wAs sTiLL On that HiLl wHeN yOU gAvE thAt ORdeR!” Bernadetta put her right hand on her ghostly chest. “I HAd nO EsCApe! nObODy cAmE tO mY ReScUE!” Her flaming eyes glared directly at Edelgard. “AnD nOW, I aM gOinG tO hAUnt yOU!”

                Edelgard clenched unto her sheets in fear and screamed at the top of her lungs as the ghost approached her. The guards outside of her chambers heard her cries as they burst into her room and rushed over to their emperor. They found her panting frantically while her eyes were wide from shock.

                “Your Majesty! Is something the matter?” one of the guards asked.

                “What happened?” the second one added.

                “It’s… nothing…” Edelgard calmly exhaled and looked up to her guards. “It’s just a nightmare. Nothing to worry about here.”

                “Are you sure?” the first guard asked.

                “Yes, I’m sure!” Edelgard said a little defensive, “I require more rest! Please return to your posts!”

                The two guards did not delve deeper into their majesty’s issues. Instead, they followed their orders and went back to their posts. Edelgard laid back on her bed and began to let sleep take her away. The Adrestian Emperor hardly ever slept peacefully, but during her slumber, Bernadetta’s ghost lingered above her.

Chapter Text

                Felix could not believe this happened to him. He was captured, tortured, and put into a cell in a destination unknown to him.

Before his abduction, Felix thought that walking out of the monastery to train could help ease his mind from Dimitri, who became more feral than he initially was. He also wanted to avoid his father, because he was tired of Rodrigue enabling the “boar prince” and his boasts about chivalry. The first couple days he went out, Felix trained in peace, but he did not suspect lurkers to be watching him.

                On the third day, he was attacked. A ball of dark magic shot at him from behind, but as Felix heard it coming, he narrowly dodged out of the way. He readied his sword and glared at the direction that spell came from. More balls of dark magic were shot from areas around him. Felix attempted to dodge all of them, but some managed to nick his skin. He did not want to give up. Felix scouted the area to find his attackers. When he found a few of them, he struck them down with his Sword of Moralta. He would continue to scout until all his aggressors were dead. However, one managed to hit him with a Bohr X spell from behind. Felix’s legs buckled down as he collapse on the ground.

                Before he lost all consciousness, he saw the remaining attackers surrounding him. His sight was blurry, but he noticed they were dark clad figures with birdlike masks. The one in front of him wore a warlock’s hat and skin as white as a ghost. The last thing Felix saw was the smirk on that man’s face before everything went dark.

                Felix felt groggy when he first woke up after his capture. The first thing he notice was he in a seemingly dark room with illuminated blue lines within the gaps of the walls. Felix attempted to move his limbs, only to find out his wrists and ankles were cuffed to a diagonal table. He also found out he was stripped from his own clothes. He growled as he attempted to thrash his way out of his restraints, but to no avail. Not even his Crest of Fraldarius was enough to break him free.

                The door in front of Felix opened and five cloaked figures walked in. The first to come in was a pale woman with pupilless white eyes, dark circles on her lids, black lips and long, white, wavy hair. The other four wore birdlike masks and dark robes. The woman in front smirked at Felix as she approached him.

                “Well, well, look what we have here.” She spoke, “I always had my eye on you, Felix Hugo Fraldarius, and you’re finally in our possession.”

                Felix glared at the woman before him and bared his teeth. He was certain her heard her voice before, but her appearance was unfamiliar to him.

                “Who are you?” Felix growled, “What do you want from me?”

                “Oh, darling…” the strange woman grabbed a hold of his chin and stared into her prisoner’s glaring amber eyes. “I knew you since you were a small boy.” She tilted his head from side to side and continued, “Always in the shadow of your older brother, but I knew you were the special one.”

                Felix attempted to bite her hand, who quickly withdrew it before he could do so.

                “What the hell are you talking about?” Felix snapped, “Glenn was the better fighter and was *more fit to fill in my father’s footsteps than I could ever fulfill.”

                “Maybe so, but he didn’t bare a Major Crest.”

                “My Crest?!” Felix was starting to remember where he heard this woman’s voice from. It belonged to the same woman, who was working as the king’s court mage. The same woman who announced Dimitri’s execution nearly five years ago.

                “Cornelia…” Felix spoke in a low growl.

                “So, you do recognize me.” The woman stated in false flattery, “Although that not my real my name, that woman you saw before was me. I don’t know if you ever met the real Cornelia Armin.”

                “So, you just took me because of my Crest?” Felix snapped, “Why waited this long to abduct me?”

                “Oh, Felix… I was tempted in snapping you up when you were a small child,” Cornelia crooned as she reached to touch her prisoner’s cheek but withdrew as he attempted to bite. She let out a sinister giggle and said, “My, haven’t you grown to be a feisty boy. But during that time you were a young lad, you weren’t our priority, and you were not ripe enough for blood harvesting. We could’ve snatched you sometime after the Tragedy of Duscur, but even then, the timing wasn’t right. So, instead, we spied on you to check on your progress. Solon was keeping an eye on you during your time at the academy, and Kronya was all over you.”

                “Don’t remind me!” Felix broke eye contact when he snapped. He remembered back in his academy days, Kronya, who was disguised as Monica at the time, kept pestering him, which made him avoid the training grounds. He even stayed in Ashe’s room for the time being after “Monica” learned where his room was.

                “Well, since we learned what a capable young man you were, we decided you were more valuable to us than just being a blood doner.”

                “And what do you mean by that?”

                Cornelia orders her lackeys to cut through Felix’s skin. They stabbed small slits through his arms and legs, placed rubbery tubes within him and allowed the blood to flow through the steel bucket below the table. They used dark magic to manipulate the veins in Felix’s body so that their progress would move quicker. Felix grunted in pain as his blood was forcefully being drained by these mages and began to scream as it prolonged. When the bucket was nearly full, Cornelia ordered her lackeys to stop. Felix fell limp as the mages stopped, and his blood continued to flow willingly. Cornelia approached her prisoner with a bottle of concoction. She uncorked it, tilted Felix’s chin up and placed the bottle on his lips. Cornelia slowly poured the liquid into his mouth and allowed him to swallow it. As Felix drank the concoction, his body began to heal as the liquid digested. While Cornelia gave her prisoner his medicine, her lackeys was removing the tubes out of Felix and patching him up with bandages. When the deed was done, Cornelia placed the empty bottle into her bag after she re-corked it and began to pet her prisoner on the head. Felix tilted his head up as he glared as his captor.

                “Get you fucking hand off me…” he growled, “I am not your pet.”

                “Oh, but you will be.” Cornelia chimed sadistically, “We have other plans for you, and we hope we can make you obedient.”

                “I am not going to obey! Once I’m free, I’m going to kill you all!”

                “Sharp words, but that’s not going to save you.” Cornelia curled her fingers to pull a clump of Felix’s hair and said, “You’ll be our puppet. Whatever it takes for you to comply, we’re never going to let you go.”

She then pulled a knife from the sheath of her hip belt and carved the Agarthan symbol on the left side of Felix’s chest. The navy-haired prisoner grunted as the knife dug through his skin and blood was drawn. When Cornelia was done, she put away her weapon and showed Felix the carve mark.

                “This should remind you who you belong to.” She stated.

                “I don’t belong to anyone other than myself!” Felix snapped, “And I’m not going become a mindless puppet!”

                “Keep saying that to yourself, boy.” She patronizingly said as she gathered another bottle of liquid in her bag, “But we’re going to make it happen.”

                Cornelia uncorked the bottle and was about to feed it to her prisoner. Felix jerked his head away as he refused to allow his captor to feed him an unknown blue liquid. Cornelia sighed as she knew her captive was going to be difficult, so she ordered her lackeys to hold him still. Two of them held Felix’s head on each side, while one held him by the chin. Although Felix continued to struggle, the fourth mage managed to pry open his mouth so Cornelia can shove the bottle in.

                “Take your medicine, dear boy.” She demeaned as she poured the blue liquid in Felix’s oral cavity. “You’re gonna need it.”

                Felix cringed at the taste of the medicine, which tasted like a mixture of lavender, valerian root, and passionflower. He was about to spit the substance out, but as Cornelia took out the bottle, she covered his mouth with her hand. Felix struggled to break out of his captors hold and resist swallowing the strange liquid. Cornelia and her lackeys continued to hold him firm and eventually the substance slipped down his throat. As the liquid digested, Felix suddenly felt drowsy. Cornelia and her lackeys release their hold on their captive and watched him fall asleep. Cornelia laced her fingers though Felix’s navy locks and stroked his scalp.

                “Sleep well, sweetie. We’ll take good care of you.”

                The next time Felix woke up, he felt something hard and cold jerk his neck. He growled as he glared directly at the pale woman, known as the false Cornelia Armin, who was holding an iron chain, which was attached to an iron collar around Felix’s neck.

                “Time to wake up, darling.” She said with a sadistic smile on his face.

                Felix was about to lunge forward to attack his captor, only to find himself restrained again. This time, he was not chained up to a table. His wrists were shackled about his head, attached by a stone post on each side of him, and his ankles were chained with iron balls. His upper body was exposed with his Agarthan scar shown in plain sight. Only the bandages around his arms covered that area, but on his lower body, he was wearing his tight, teal pants.

                “What is this nonsense?” Felix yelled but felt something rubbing on his face as he talked. Something that was made of leather and steel. Felix had a feeling to why they muzzled him, but he still groaned at his restraint.

                “Are you really trying to make me your dog?” he asked sarcastically.

                “A beast is a more fitting title for you than dog.” A pale male with dark circles around his pupilless white eyes stepped into Felix’s view. “A beast that needs to be tamed.”

                The Fraldarius heir recognized who this man was because he saw him during Jeralt’s murder. Felix almost forgot about that guy because he only saw him a couple times but seeing this pale man before him made his blood boil.

                “You’re wasting your time.” Felix retorted, “I am not going to become your puppet and I’ll kill every last one of you once I break fr-”

                A tug on his collar cut him off which made him glare over to Cornelia.

                “You sound just like the princeling.” She taunted, “No wonder you and he were such good friends. You two were made for each other.”

                “Shut your trap!” Felix snapped at her, “Me and the boar are nothing alike!”

                “Is that what you refer to him as?” Cornelia mockingly asked, “I had the pleasure of holding him in the dungeons of Fhirdiad. He definitely was a savage beast, and we were about to tame him before those Duscur beasts freed him from his cell!”

                Felix spoke of nothing.

                “Enough talk about the prince.” The pale man said, “Your Crest and swordsmanship could give us the upper hand to our goals.” He walked closer to Felix, grabbed a clump of his hair, and yanked up, “We’ll make you comply, even if we have to break you in order to do it.”

                “You won’t make me comply. Even if you break me, I won’t give in.” Felix declared.

                “Big words, but you are not in the position to make your own choices.” The pale man said as he walked behind his prisoner. He laced his cold fingers on Felix’s forehead and pressed firmly on him. “Now, you’re going to feel a tingling inside of your brain. Don’t squirm too much.”

                Felix growled as he tried to shake the man’s hands off his head. The pale man started to release dark magic in his hands as he massaged his fingers on his captive’s head. Felix felt the inside of his head burn, which made him grunt in pain before he could scream. When the agony started to numb, the Fraldarius heir silenced himself and his eyes grew dim. The pale man removed his hands from Felix’s head and nodded towards Cornelia. She yanked on the chain attached to her prisoner’s collar to make him look up.

                “What is your name, dear boy?” she asked.

                Felix glared dully at her and said, “You know who I am, bitch.”

                Cornelia sighed and said, “Lord Thales, he’s still resistant.”

                Thales once again laced his fingers on Felix’s forehead, who growled after the touch.

                “Get your fucking hands off me!” he hissed.

                Thales started to use his dark magic to manipulate the brain again. Felix grunted at the pain until it was no more. His eyes grew dimmer, and his facial expression was less tense. Thales released Felix’s head again as Cornelia yanked on her prisoner’s chain.

                “What is your name?” she asked again.

                “Felix Hugo Fraldarius…” Felix spoke in a monotone voice.

                “And who do you belong to?”

                “No one…” Felix replied as he started to scowl. “Not even you.”

                “You are a naughty little child.” Cornelia patronizingly said, “Maybe we’ll teach you some manners.”

                Felix groaned and rolled his eyes.

                “Are you going to torture my brain again?” he sarcastically asked, “Because it’s not working.”

                “We have other methods to make you obedient.” Thales said as he removed the mask from his prisoner’s face.

                Cornelia pulled a bottle out of her bag and uncorked it. Within it was a reddish-brown substance.

                “What the hell is that…” Felix groaned groggily.

                “Your medicine, darling.” Cornelia replied as she tilted her prisoner’s chin up.

                “There is no way I’m drinking that…” Felix weakly shook his head, but Thales assisted in holding him still.

                The pale man grabbed a hold of his prisoner’s hair, yanked him back, and used his other hand to pry open Felix’s mouth. Felix attempted to bite hard, but the numbness of his brain betrayed him, which made it easier for Cornelia to place the bottle on his lips. She poured the substance in his mouth and as she took the bottle away, Thales covered his prisoner’s lips to prevent him from spitting. Although, Felix attempted to do so, his facial muscles failed to push forward because of the numbness. The substance tasted like a combination between blood, cherries, and wine. The flavour was too strong, and since Felix did not want to taste it any longer, he had no choice but to swallow. As the potion digested, Felix was in more of a daze. No expression was on his face, and the light in his eyes were no longer present.

                “Tell me, Felix Fraldarius, who do you belong to?” Cornelia asked.

                “You…” Felix spoke absentmindedly.

                “What are you?” Cornelia continued the question.

                “Nothing…” Felix hollowly said.

                “Oh really?” Cornelia replied in amusement, “You might become more than that. You just need to obey.”

                Felix said nothing in return. He only stared lifelessly at his “master”.

                Thales unlocked the shackles binding Felix’s wrists and undid the locks on his ankles. Once the Fraldarius heir was unbound, he stood vacantly.

                “Come along, Felix.” Cornelia said as she slightly tugged on the chained leash, “Come towards me.”

                Felix mindlessly walked towards his female captor and stared blankly at her as he came.

                “Good boy,” Cornelia praised as she patted his head. “Now, heel.”

                Felix obediently walked beside his female captor as she walked him around. She went to the next room on the east side of the area, which had a training dummy with Kingdom armor on it. Cornelia brought Felix towards it and nodded towards a figure within the back right corner of the room. That character emerged from the shadows was the same warlock hat wearing man who attacked Felix. He came over to chain the Fraldarius man’s right ankle to an iron ball, which was near the dummy. Cornelia unbuckled the chain from Felix’s collar and pointed at the training model.

                “See this Kingdom soldier, Felix? He is your enemy.” She stated, “I want you to show him what you’re made of. Beat him with your fists.”

                Felix numbly glared at the dummy as he held up his hands and turned them into fists. As he tightened his knuckles, he began to rapidly punch his inanimate opponent. Cornelia studied Felix’s fighting style, analyzing his strength, speed, and the number of times his Crest activated. His punches were fast and powerful. His Crest activated very frequently. The style Felix was using was aggressive and quick. However, his defenses were wide open. Then Cornelia thought about the items they confiscated after Felix was captured. She realized the Fraldarius heir carried the Aegis Shield along with him. The same shield she saw Rodrigue carry around when he engaged in battle. Since Felix’s Crest was compatible to that Heroes’ Relic, it would be the perfect tool to protect the Fraldarius heir from getting severely hurt.

                “Felix dear, you can stop now.” Cornelia called out because she wanted the see her prisoner train with another weapon.

                Felix stopped as he looked down to his fists in astonishment before he glared over to Cornelia.

                “What have you done to me?” he growled, “You tortured my brain twice, fed me some weird potion and made me your… DOG?!”

                “Oh, you’re back to normal…” Cornelia narrowed her eyes, “How disappointing…”

                “You bitch! I’m gonna kill you for-” Felix attempted to charge at her, even with his bound right leg, but the mage behind him shot him with the Bohr X spell. Felix dropped to his knees before his chest and face hit the floor. Thales was standing at the doorway, watching the whole ordeal, before he shook his head.

                “So, the potion was deemed a failure.” He stated coolly, “We want the beast to be obedient for the rest of the day. Having him break though that trans after an hour could pose a problem.”

                “Hmm, I could try to strengthen the potion, but it would take some time.” Cornelia offered.

                “Do as you wish. Let us hope that it’s worth it.” Thales said, “My mind magic wouldn’t be enough. I only limit it twice on one beast per day. If I zap it a third time in one setting, then it’s possible that I would permanently damage his brain.”

                “I’ll see what I could do, Master.” Cornelia replied.

                “And you, Myson,” Thales turned towards the hat wearing man, “I would need your assistance as well.”

                “As you wish, Master.” Myson bowed before his leader.

                Thales looked down at Felix’s unconscious state and said, “Bring him to his cell. We’re done with him for today.”

                Cornelia and Myson nodded as they lug up their prisoner by each arm and carried him away.

                 A moon passed and Felix underwent through many methods to be controlled. His brain was tortured by magic, he was fed numerous potions courtesy of Cornelia, and he was beaten up by whips and spells. Although his captors manage to keep him under their control, the Fraldarius heir continued to remain strong.

                In his cell, Felix was chained to the wall by his wrists and ankles. His hands were wearing anti-magic gloves to prevent him from using magic. During his captivity, Felix learned dark magic. He learned miasma, mire, and death. On his chest, Felix received new scars. Most of them were from being whipped.

                After a few minutes, Thales came to Felix’s cell with a bucket of gruel. Felix glared at him darkly as he began to thrash.

                “You already know you can’t break through those chains.” Thales dryly noted as it were not the first time his prisoner struggled. “The Kingdom army will fail, even with the Fell Star and that royal beast leading them. Your father was killed amongst the field of Gronder.”

                Felix widened his eyes in disbelief and growled at his captor.

                “You’re lying…”

                “No, I’m not.” Thales defended, “I witness him shield the royal beast from a young female brat, who attempted to take justice onto her own hands.”

                “What kind of story is this?” Felix retorted, “A young female brat? Really?”

                “I was there, Fraldarius. I witnessed it with my own eyes.”

                Felix growled, but he would not be surprised that his father sacrificed his life for Dimitri’s. The thought of that annoyed him because it all lined up with Rodrigue’s chivalrous views. Fulfilling his duty to the late King of Faerghus, and defending the royal family, even if it would cost him his life.

                The bucket of gruel was shoved into Felix’s face, who glared directly at his captor.

                “Eat up, Fraldarius. You’re going to need your strength.” Thales said.

                Felix groaned as he began to eat the gruel.

                Another moon passed and Cornelia never returned. Thales stated she was slain in Fhirdiad and was infuriated that she let the Kingdom army kill her. He was heading to Derdriu to eliminate the Leicester Alliance’s leader, but before he could go, he tortured Felix out of anger.

                Another moon passed and Thales never returned. Myson, along with four mages came to visit Felix in his cell. He casted Bohr X to harm his prisoner but did not send him into an unconscious state.

                “There’s hardly any time left. With Thales dead and the Kingdom army marching forward, we’re put into a critical state.” Myson said anxiously, “We must carry on his projects, even if it ends in failure!”

                His lackeys unlocked the shackles bound to Felix’s limbs then lifted him up on all fours. Myson led his minions out of the cell as they carried their reluctant but weakened prisoner with them. They came to an area with nothing in it, aside of the four iron cuffs bolted to the center of the floor in a circle. The mages took Felix to that general area and set him down. They placed his wrists and ankles in each cuff and locked them up. Myson stood by Felix’s head, as he knelt and placed his hands on his prisoner’s forehead. Felix glared up at him, snarled at him as he murmured, “Get your hands off of me…”

                “Now, now. This would only take a moment.” Myson said as he began to massage his prisoner’s forehead. Dark magic began to swirl around his fingers and began to take its course. Felix felt a tingling in his head as he started to grunt. He felt the same sensation coming from his limbs, which were being tampered by the other four mages. Felix began to struggle through the pain before he screamed out of agony. As the cursed ritual began to prolong, his cries grew louder by the minute. As the mages stopped, Felix laid limply onto the floor. His eyes were dull, and his muscles were motionless. Myson paced two fingers on Felix’s neck and felt a few slow throbs passing through. He growled because his test subject was nearing death’s doors and that his method ended in failure.

                “Take him back to his cell! Heal him if necessary! We’ll try again later.” Myson ordered his lackey’s.

                The mages obeyed as they unlocked Felix from the floor, lifted him up by all fours and carried him out the door.

                On the 5th day of the Horsebow Moon, Dimitri, Byleth and the rest of their team came to Shambhala after they defeated Edelgard. They received a note from Hubert to find the location. Their reason for being there was to purge the group known as ‘Those who Slither in the Dark’. As they were there to eradicate all the Agarthans within the territory, they came across the prison cells. They already killed the mages guarding that area and explored each cell. Byleth took Dimitri and Bernadetta through the left corridor, while the rest searched the areas going forward or on the right. With Byleth’s group, the former professor and Dimitri unlocked every cell containing a prisoner, while Bernadetta walked ahead. She nervously searched every cell to see if anything caught her eye, then she stopped at the eighth cell on her left. There she saw Felix, who was limply hanging on a wall. Her silver eyes widened in shock as she cried, “Professor! Your Highness! I found Felix!”

                “What?!” she heard Dimitri called behind her as he and Byleth rushed over to her side. As they saw Felix, they quickly unlocked the cell with a door key and entered the cage. The shackle key they had was already worn out, so Dimitri had to break the chains with a silver lance. He instructed everyone to stand back as he did so as he brashly struck the shackles. He managed to break the ones on Felix’s ankles and his right wrist. Before he broke the last shackle, Dimitri held Felix with his left arm. He struck the last chain and the Fraldarius heir’s right hand fell limply. Dimitri sheathed his lance before he could adjust his hold on Felix by scooping up under his legs. The Fraldarius heir weakly opened his eyes as he looked up to barely see his childhood friend.

                “Boar…?” he spoke softly before he slowly moved his head. He spotted a minty green blur afterwards and attempted to adjust his eyes.

                “Professor…?” Felix weakly spoke before his eyes landed on the last figure in the room. He saw purple with spots of yellow, but as he adjusted his eyes, he saw the silver eyes more clearly.

                “Bern…adetta…” Felix weakly said before he lost all consciousness and fell limply in Dimitri’s arms. Bernadetta widened her eyes in fear, afraid that Felix might be dead. Byleth walked towards the navy-haired man as she touched his neck for a pulse. The beating was slow, which made the former professor lower her brows.

                “He’s still alive, but his pulse is slow.” Byleth said. “We’ll take him back to the monastery, but we need to make sure he arrives safely with proper supervision.”

                “Your Highness! Professor!” The group heard Sylvain calling down the halls as he, Ingrid and Lysithea rushed down. Byleth, Dimitri and Bernadetta stared at him as he arrived, but allowed him to speak. “We found some weirdo looking at a strange picture box on the wall, and then they spewed out nonsense about “challenges” coming out on a later date and complaining that they should all happen during the Wyvern Moon. We’re on the 5th day of the Horsebow Moon and they say it’s the 10th of the Red Wolf Moon! We were about to apprehend them, but they got away! And then we looked at the colourful wall box and saw you all breaking Felix out of a cell and- FELIX!”

                Sylvain just spotted Felix in Dimitri’s arms as he stared worriedly.

                “Sylvain, I don’t know what you are trying to say, but Felix is in critical health. We must return to the monastery and let him rest.” Byleth stated.

                “I agree,” Ingrid said, “Although Sylvain wasn’t joking about the odd character we ran into, Felix needs our help the most.”

                “There is no time to waste! We need to get him out of here!” Lysithea added.

                Everyone nodded as they met up with the rest of the group that came with and then they left Shambhala.