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The Moon of Whump

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Felix woke up to find himself trussed in barbed wires

Rated T

No. 2: TALKING IS OVERRATED: Choking | Gagged

Felix bit his captor and now he had to pay the consequences. (Sequel to No. 1)

Rated T

No. 3: STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT…: Insults | “Who did this to you?”

Ingrid and Sylvain found Felix trapped in an abandon building.

Rated M

No. 4: TRUST FALL: Taken Hostage

Rodrigue defends his territory from Imperial forces, but received troubling news when a letter arrived.

Rated T

No. 5: I’VE GOT RED IN MY LEDGER: Betrayal

A turn of events happened before Edelgard had a chance to kill Claude.

Rated T

No. 6: TOUCH AND GO: Bruises/ Touch Starve

Bernadetta longed for Felix's touch when he was away.

Rated T

No. 7: MY SPIDEY-SENSE IS TINGLING: Helplessness/Blindness

Ignatz broke his glasses and got injured after a demonic wolf attack.

Rated T

No. 8: COUGHING UP A LUNG: Exotic illness | “definitely just a cold”

Felix caught an unusual illness, but chose to push forward.

Rated T

No. 9: RUMOURS OF MY DEATH HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED: Presumed dead |(blind) rage| tears

Sylvain went on a rampage after he received Felix's sword from his messenger. (Sequel to this story.)

Rated M

No. 10: OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN: Hospital

Felix was born in a birthing pit underneath the Western Church.

Rated T

No. 11: JUST KEEP SWIMMING: Drowning

Edelgard was captured by Almyrans and sentenced her to the sea.

No. 12: IT’LL BE FUN THEY SAY: Torture | made to watch | begging -

Sylvain, Ingrid and Felix were kidnapped by Miklan and his gang. The elder Gautier decided to have his fun.



Sylvain accidentally burned Felix with fire magic.

Rated G

No. 14: UNDER PRESSURE: Crush injuries | beaten | force

Caspar attempted to stop a group of bandits, who were kidnapping Linhardt.

Rated T

No. 15: FEED A COLD, STARVE A FEVER: fever dreams

While he was bedridden with a fever, Dimitri was having nightmares.

Rated M (maybe T)

No. 16: ON A NEED-TO-KNOW BASIS: Recovery | scars | aftermath

Felix was recovering under the roof of House Gautier after his latest abduction. (Sequel to No. 9)

Rated T

No. 17: FIELD CARE 101: “Please don’t move” | hemorrhage | dread

Marianne and Flayn try to save Hilda after she was infected by the toxic swamp.

Rated T


When Hubert retrieved Edelgard from the sea, he performed CPR when she wasn't breathing. 

Rated T

No. 19: JUST A SCRATCH: bitten | bleeding | stabbing

Felix was sent to the tunnels below Garreg Mach to search for evidence of Count Varley's missing daughter.

Rated T

No. 20: LOST & FOUND: Trunk | trapped under water | solitary confinement

Felix was sent by Hubert to spy on Monica von Ochs.

Rated T

No. 21: THAT’S WHERE THE BLOOD’S SUPPOSED TO BE: pressure | blood matted hair

Felix fought off Imperial forces with a bleeding head.

Rated T

No. 22: THEY MADE ME DO IT: Cursed | demon | obsession

Bernadetta was upset when she saw Felix with another girl. When she received a message from an unknown sender, Benadetta found a mysterious gift on her doorstep, which could aid her with her problems.

Rated M

No. 23: YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT: Auction | ramson | pursuit

Felix was captured by Almyran slave dealers and was placed in an auction.

Rated T

No. 24: ONE DOWN TWO TO GO: Self-induced injury to escape| flashback

Felix kept getting visions of a redheaded man dying on the battle field. (Sequel to No. 10)

Rated T

No. 25: HIDE & SEEK: escape | hiding

Sylvain retrieved Felix and attempted to escape the western church. (Sequel to No. 24)

Rated T

No. 26: YOU WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP: fallen | trap door

Dimitri and Byleth had a meeting with Cornelia (Prequel to No. 20)

Rated T

No. 27: I’M FINE, I PROM: Passing out | vertigo | collapse

Felix overtaxed his training and collapsed. (Sequel to this story)

Rated T

No. 28: IT’S NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD: “Good. You’re finally awake” | nightmares | panic

Felix dreamt about TWSITD and Bernadetta.

Rated E (For Reasons)

No. 29: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY: too weak to move | overworked

Hilda was defending the bridge in Derdriu to protect Claude from Imperial forces

Rated T

No. 30: DIGGING YOUR GRAVE: Major character death | left for dead | ghosts

Bernadetta paid Edelgard a visit after her death.

Rated T

No. 31: HURT & COMFORT: Disaster zone | trauma | prisoner

Felix was captured and tortured by TWSITD. Prequel to No. 28

Rated M