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Puppy Love

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Harry came into the house carrying an Irish Setter puppy in his arms.

Severus pinched his nose. "Please tell me this isn't what I think it is!"

Harry grinned. "Yup. I guess our Annamarie is an animagus!"

The puppy gave a small 'yip' as if to agree.

Harry set the puppy on the floor. "Can you do the charm to turn her back? I don't think she's able to change back on her own."

Severus brought out his wand and cast the spell. It took a few seconds before their daughter re-appeared.

"Da! I was a puppy!" Annamarie announced cheerfully.


"What's to stop her from doing it again?" Harry asked later.

"I think we can get a charmed necklace from Gringotts that will stop the transformation from happening without serious intent," Severus replied.

"I don't know," Harry frowned. "A six-year-old can be pretty serious when they put their mind to something. You've already seen her focus when she helps you make potions."

"Ah! An incentive, perhaps," Severus said. "If she turns herself into a puppy, she cannot help me in the lab for a week."

"Good idea!" Harry leaned in for a kiss. "That and the charm should do it!"