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He never thought it would be like this.


At first, he heard those screams as a joke only, he never thought they would be in danger. His instinct didn’t warn him either like usual, because of that he never sensed that something was wrong with his teammates.

He shrugged his shoulders as he heard their youngest screams, he was already used to those high-pitched screams. Haechan usually did that as a joke to surprise them, though abruptly those screams were cut off. 

And he didn’t realize anything was wrong with it.

He supposed that was the side effect of hearing those screams all the time.

Though he had an inkling that something was wrong, he extinguished that feeling as he thought that it wasn’t that serious. He never thought that his other teammates were busy fighting back those monsters outside their headquarters.

He relaxed all while thinking, what would they eat today?

He walked around, circling their safe place, searching for a single life that wasn’t him alone.

Though, it was pointless, because there wasn’t anybody beside him inside. He was all alone, without any idea that his teammates were outside. Fighting without him, the oldest, the commander. He just sat down inside relaxing and enjoying his time.

While all of his teammates were outside, screaming in pain. Feeling the pain that was unbearable, until they couldn’t fight back anymore. They were running out of ammo, while Taeil enjoyed his relaxing time.

The moment their second youngest almost reached their safe place, he was immediately mauled by monsters outside the gate. It was just a second too late, he screamed his lungs out as the burning pain engulfed him.

Taeil didn't have any idea that a battle was occurring outside. He stayed inside without even taking a peek of the wasteland, he didn’t even hear the last plea Mark uttered. He was too busy inside the headquarters; he didn’t realize that he was left behind by his teammates.

His teammates only realize it too late, as they were mauled by monsters while thinking about their oldest teammate that they left behind. He was all alone and he couldn’t even step outside, as he was all alone without any backup that could help him.

Haechan’s last words are, “ Taeil-Hyu—!”  Those words were cut off as he screamed in pain, as his legs were mauled by those parasites that they called monsters. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he felt pain searing throughout his entire body.

His mind still focused on his oldest teammates, as the light in his eyes died out.

Meanwhile, Taeil sat around their lounge room, it may not look much. But it was where they usually gathered to discuss their plans to destroy all the monsters, sometimes they talked about themselves. Even they talked about the future when all of this ended, though he was confused because he couldn’t find anybody inside the headquarters beside himself.

With that, he finally decided to bring his equipment and walked outside to see whether his teammates were outside or not.

Though, the moment he opened their headquarters gate, he wasn’t ready for the view that he would be served. He covered his mouth as he was attacked by the stench of corpses, he teared up as he didn’t expect any of these to happen.

He couldn’t understand why this happened.

Everything seemed alright this morning, what happened? He couldn’t understand, if they were that suicidal, why couldn’t they bring him along with them? Why would he be left alone with this guilt that was burdened on him.

Taeil let out a ragged breath, as he was on the edge of going hysterical. He let out a scream as tears trailed down his cheeks, he still couldn’t believe that he was surrounded by the already mauled corpse of his teammates while he was the only sole survivor.


If only they didn’t leave him behind, would it end up like this too?

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His day went alright, nothing bad happened.

He supposed that he should be grateful that everything was fine, his soulmate already on the way to pick him up. He was scared that anything could happen to him as he drove the car, though he supposed that was normal for him to feel a little bit scared for him.

Donghyuck never drove a car this far after all, it was the first time for him and it was also his first time to be picked up by his husband.

Though, he shouldn’t think about it.

In fact, as he waited and waited for his husband for a long time, he never came. He waited for his husband pointlessly in the lobby, as he looked into his wristwatch. Complaining under his breath, “What was taking him so long?” he muttered, as he pulled out his phone from his pocket.

Though, his heart stopped for a moment, as he picked up a call from Donghyuck’s phone, and it wasn’t Donghyuck’s voice that he heard. It was another person, and they were calling him as something happened to his husband.

Something about a car crash, a reckless drunk driver crashes into the car that Donghyuck was driving and his husband dies in a painful death. As he couldn’t get the paramedics help in time.

His heart shattered as he heard the words of car crash, and Donghyuck couldn’t be helped in time. The perpetrator ran away immediately as they realized that they just killed a person. Tears streamed down his cheeks as his knees buckled, he was kneeling on the carpet inside the lobby where he waited for him.

His co-workers were asking him what’s wrong, as he sobbed in front of the public and they never saw him like this. They usually saw him as a happy-go-lucky person. The moment they saw Jungwoo like this, they were at a loss because they couldn’t offer any comfort to Jungwoo.

They knew him, but they didn’t know him that well or close enough to offer more than comforting words.

Jungwoo sobbed, as he grasped the carpet tightly as his face was facing into the carpet. He couldn’t hold any of his tears, he felt that his heart was just ripped out of his chest and a hot knife was stabbed into his wet wound.


That single word was uttered by him, as tears streamed down onto his cheeks. He held his phone tightly as he stared Donghyuck’s name on his phone screen; his sight was blurred by tears. He couldn’t stop the tears.

As his entire world was ripped out of his grasp without any warning.


Jungwoo carries on with his life, because life is still going on whether he wants it or not. Even if he tried to entirely stop working, he knew he couldn’t; he couldn’t continue to sustain his life if he quit his job.

Money couldn’t pop up out of nowhere, he needs to work for it.

He also knew that Donghyuck wouldn’t want him to mourn him all the time, with that thought he continued his daily routine, even though he could feel something was missing and hollow. He couldn’t fill that gap with anything.

Every time he passed by their usual place; he would always think about Donghyuck. His husband would always pop up in his mind without any warning, and he would tear up as the image of his soulmate appeared.

Jungwoo was grateful that he could at least keep one thing that was left behind by his husband, their wedding ring. He could still recall vividly the moment they married each other; it was the happiest day of their life.

Quietly a smile creeped into his lips, as he recalled the event.

“Oh, how happy that time was…”

He quietly muttered to himself, as he sat down on their couch, where they usually watched movies. He lied down on the couch, as he tried to not think about Donghyuck too deeply.

Jungwoo felt tired, everyday he felt tired. Even if he just woke up, all he could feel was tired. Nothing could make him genuinely happy, as he carried on with his hollow life. Though, sometimes he watched children from afar, as they behaved like Donghyuck would do; childish.

He also knew that Donghyuck planned to tell him that he wanted to adopt a child, but before he could do that he died. Perhaps, God wanted to call one of his angels, and that angel was Donghyuck. Even if he complained to God or cursed him, he wouldn’t come back. He already died; his body was buried deep in the ground.

“Hyuckie, I never told you how much I love you didn’t I?”

He muttered to himself as he fell asleep on the couch.


The next day, he was a little panicked as he got work that needed him to drive a few miles away. He asked his boss to exchange, he didn’t want to step inside the car. He was traumatized by the fact that his husband’s life was snatched away partially by a car crash, he couldn’t drive as his hand would shake badly.

But his boss insisted that he would be the one to be a representative of their company, he knew that he couldn’t negotiate anymore as his boss was using his final tone to him.

With his head hung low, he muttered out, “Yes sir,” reluctantly. As he was forced to drive for himself, because his co-workers couldn't-- they had their own work --to accompany him or to be a driver for him. Though, they shot a pity look towards him as they couldn’t help Jungwoo this time.

It’s been the nth time that their boss forced him to be their company representative.

Even so, they insisted that Jungwoo wasn’t suited to be their representative, as they knew the trauma Jungwoo had with cars.

They also knew that Jungwoo never drove a car anymore since that day, the day his husband died.


With a sigh, he packed up his bag, not forgetting his husband’s ring.

He walked out of the office, though he was stopped by his co-worker, Doyoung. He was so kind to him all the time, that he almost fell in love with the man. But it was stopped by the thought of Donghyuck, he still couldn’t move on from his husband’s untimely death.

“Are you sure you could drive? Do you want me to accompany you?” he offered to Jungwoo as worry etched on his face.

Jungwoo shook his head at Doyoung’s offer, “No, you don’t need to Hyung, I could drive myself there.”

Doyoung was still not convinced by Jungwoo’s words, but he nodded his head anyway.

“Alright then, if you’re sure, drive safely alright? I will be waiting for you here.”

Without replying to Doyoung's words, he parted away from the older with an unreadable expression on his face. He was still contemplating whether he should drive or not, because he feels a little bit unwell from this morning.

Jungwoo was full of dread as he put in the keys, the moment the car’s engine roared he flinched as he wasn’t used to those sounds. He never drives a car anymore since that eventful day, he was still haunted by Donghyuck’s accident.

As he drives, he feels that something is missing.

He looked around and panic filled his heart as he remembered that he left Donghyuck’s ring on his work desk. He was contemplating turning back, but before he could that he saw a silhouette in front of his eyes.

Jungwoo blinked his eyes rapidly as he saw Donghyuck in front of him, he rubbed his eyes as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Though, the moment he rubbed his eyes, his car crashed into another car.

And it turned into a streak collision, he died painfully as he was stuck between his car’s body.



He croaked out as his bloodied hand reached out to the illusion that played out in front of his eyes. A smile could be seen in his lips, as he finally grasped Donghyuck’s hands.

A ring could be seen as it rolled out from Jungwoo’s bag into the puddle of blood surrounding Jungwoo’s hand.



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He turned his head around, as he looked into his reflection on the mirror that was hung there. A sound of distress slipped out of his mouth, as he realized that his lips were stitched together. With a trembling hand, he touched the thread.

It was clean, there’s not a single drop of blood on it.

Someone already cleaned it thoroughly, he traced the smooth handiwork. He never thought he would end up like this, he didn’t even remember how he could end up here.

Haechan looked around to search for a clue, how he ended up here. The last thing he could remember was hanging with his friends, though he also could recall their annoyed expression as they heard him talk.

“Maybe we need to stitched your lips together, to make that mouth shut up,”

Mark told him; he wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. Even if the others were laughing with him and agreeing with the older, he couldn’t laugh together with them.

As he feels chills running throughout his body.

Something was wrong with the older, he never saw him as cruel like this with him. Haechan knew that he sometimes could cross the line, but he also knew not to push it too far.

Though, this time it seems like his friends want to play some games with him.

He raised his eyebrows as they still didn’t stop laughing at Mark’s words. He nodded his head, in his mind was; well, two people can play at this game .

With that, he immediately roasted Mark mercilessly, which made the others look at him questioningly. Mark also stopped in his tracks as Haechan pushed the older’s buttons without any breaks. He didn’t even realize that Mark already glared at him murderously.

“Uh, Hyuck, I think you need to stop.”

Jisung tells him, as he touches his shoulders, but Haechan doesn't stop and continues to talk even more as Jisung’s words only fueled more at his attempt to make Mark feel hurt at his remarks.

As Haechan stopped, abruptly everything went dark.

And here he was, he was at someplace where everything was pure white, there’s not even a speck of dust inside the place where he resided in. He saw a door, but as he walked toward it, he could see that he couldn’t even turn the knob from inside.

There’s a lock that was needed to open it from inside and he didn’t have it.

“Enjoy your stay here.”

Haechan immediately snapped his neck towards the voice direction, his eyes widened as he tried to locate the person that said that. But he couldn’t see anyone in the room, all he could see was himself in the mirror.

He approached the mirror with a confused expression, “Mark?”

Immediately the mirror showed from the other side, Mark was there, he was watching him with an unreadable expression. He wasn’t even looking into Haechan’s eyes, he was avoiding his eyes. But he couldn’t see any guilt from his body gesture.

“Goodbye Hyuck, enjoy your stay here.”

With that Mark turned his body around, making Haechan watch Mark’s body disappear from his sight slowly. He screamed his lungs out as he demanded answers from Mark’s lips, but he couldn’t open his mouth widely as it was stitched shut.



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He took a deep breath as he fumbled with the keys in his hand, he looked around as he searched for the sight of his soulmate.

A smile made its way into his lips as he saw his soulmate walking into his direction, he waved his hand to him. He immediately ran towards him with open arms and engulfed him with a hug. A chuckle escaped Taeyong’s lips as he saw Chenle snuggled closer to him.

He ran his hand through Chenle’s hair, as the younger tightened his hold over him.

“You missed me?”

Chenle hummed as he pushed their body closer, the proximity helped his anxiety as he was apart from the older for a long time. Today was the third time, the day where it was just the two of them. There’s no one that was watching them, like his usual bodyguard isn't here.

“Yes, I missed you so much,”

He mumbled to the older as they pulled back and basked in each other's presence. He sneaked his hand into the older’s own, walking away from their meeting spot to enjoy the rest of the day just the two of them.

They were planning to drive around for the entire day, as today was the only day they could spend time together without anyone interfering. A smile was on his lips the entire time as he couldn’t believe that he was alone with the older.

“Well, what’s our first destination?”

“Wherever you want to go,”

The older man told him, as he turned his head and gave him a smile momentarily in his direction and focused on the road as he couldn’t take his eyes off the road.


Taeyong hummed in affirmation, a wide grin immediately making its way to Chenle’s lips, feeling giddy as he never ventures outside without his parents’ supervision and his bodyguards.

He even couldn’t take a step outside without his parents’ fussing, he was thankful for the older’s presence in his life. He couldn’t even imagine without him by his side, he was the only thing he had in his flat life.

After all, everything in his life was already planned by his parents’ hands, he supposed that was a given as he was the only child in his family.

Though, he also felt caged by their love.

Everything was too much, they were too overprotective over him, he couldn’t be independent from his parents’ hold. Chenle almost rebelled against his parents just to spite them, though, that was the moment Taeyong stepped into his life.

He pushed away all the expectation that was pushed onto him. The older helped him in conveying all those feelings to his parents without offending them, though still, his parents were quite wary about Taeyong’s presence in his life.

Almost every day, they told him to leave his soulmate.

Chenle only pursed his lips at his parents’ words, he didn’t say anything to agree or deny at his parents’ request. He only hears their words, even if they insisted that was for his own good, he didn’t buy a single word they uttered about the older.

After all, what did they know about Taeyong? His own soulmate?

They were an outsider to his life; they couldn’t expect to control every aspect of his life. Though, as he expressed his own opinion, they were speechless at his words. They didn’t forbid him from seeing the older, but that didn’t mean he was free from their hold. He was told to at least bring a single guard with him.

Well, most of the time he brings his bodyguard that was closest to him, Jisung.

He was quite supportive of him, Jisung was a good friend. He doesn’t know what to do if he never meets him. He was the only one in his house that was supportive of him, even if he also had friends outside.


That snapped him out of his daze, “Hmm?”

Taeyong looked at him with worry etched on his face, he really hated that he was the reason that look was on the older’s expression. He smiled at the older man, “It’s nothing, Hyung.”

“Sure, if you say so, Lele,”

With that Taeyong turned his attention back on the road, Chenle wasn’t sure that he wanted his parents to intervene in his life. He was tired of it, he wanted to be free without all the expectation. He steals a glance at Taeyong’s face.

He bit his lips, as he wasn’t sure that Taeyong would agree with his plans without thinking twice. He supposed anyone would take a double take at what he suggested. It wasn’t something that could be taken on whim, it would be permanent.

Chenle decided to postpone it for a while and let himself enjoy the fleeting moment he had with the older, as he supposed that he could have this fleeting memory etched inside his mind.

“So, you already decided where we will go?”

Chenle hummed, “Amusement Park?” he suggested, as he gave the older his puppy eyes, Taeyong chuckled as he saw it, he ruffled Chenle’s hair as his other hand was on the wheel.

“Sure, whatever you wanted sweety,”

With that the destination is already determined. Their fate was also already set in stone as Chenle’s decision didn’t change, he was determined to make sure Taeyong agreed with his plan.

The moment they arrived at the amusement park, he couldn’t hide his excitement, every part of his body was thrumming with buzzing energy. After all, it was the first time he could go to the amusement park without anyone from his parents’ people watching him.

And the best part was his soulmate, Taeyong.

He actually agreed to play all the attractions, he gasped as he heard those words coming out from the older. He widened his eyes in surprise, as he believed that Taeyong would refuse his offer— demand —to play with him.

Though, probably Taeyong didn’t have the heart to actually say no to the younger. He was quite whipped for him, he probably saw Chenle as someone that he needed to guide and protect for the rest of his life.

Chenle didn’t know that, because he wouldn’t tell him that. He knew the younger was also smitten for him, how did he know that? Well, he was there when Chenle conveyed his feelings to his parents. He was there as Chenle’s emotional support, though, he was quite sure at the time the younger actually didn’t need him there.

He was so, what was the word for it? Ah, yes, daring.

Taeyong was sure that on that day, the younger’s parents almost had a cardiac arrest, as their sweet child told them those words. Fortunately, they were quite open minded with all the things Chenle said to them.

If not, he was quite sure, he would be kicked out of their house and wouldn’t see Chenle anymore.

Despite that, he was also sure that Chenle would do anything in his capability to see him, even though his parents disapproved of him appearing in their child’s life. With that in mind, Chenle’s parents decided to nod their head and said yes to their only child.

“Hyung! let’s ride that one!”

Chenle’s shout snapped him out of his daze, a smile immediately making its way into his lips. Though, his smile faltered a little bit as he saw the ride that Chenle pointed at. He almost shook his head rapidly at Chenle’s suggestion. He supposed that was a given as he said yes to Chenle’s offer— demand —to play with him.

As he saw how excited Chenle was, he sighed and decided that it would probably be worth it to ride all those things. After all, don’t you see how wide that smile was on Chenle’s lips?

With that, Taeyong and Chenle ride all the attractions in the amusement park. To the point that Taeyong swore that he wouldn’t bring Chenle to the amusement park anymore, he regretted it after three rides. He was so dizzy that he was sure that he saw five Chenle in front of his eyes.

Chenle laughed as he saw Taeyong’s legs shaking a bit, he wiped a tear in the corner of his eyes. As he never laughed that hard. Though, in his mind he was occupied by something else urgent, he wasn’t sure whether to tell his soulmate about his plans.

But, if he didn’t tell the older, he would feel guilty.

He decided then, to tell Taeyong about his plans after they were back in the car. He was serious about it; he didn’t decide everything just on whim. He did the planning because he felt everything was too much and he was sure that everything would go wrong without any notice.

Chenle feels that every day, his parents already planned something for his soulmate. He knew that it wasn’t something pretty, it probably was something that could ruin the older’s life and by the end it would force his soulmate to leave him. Even if that was reluctantly.

As the day ended, they walked back to Taeyong’s car.

The moment they were inside, Chenle guessed that it was probably the right timing to drop the bomb now. If not, he wasn’t sure that he could tell him about it another time.


As he called his soulmate's name, he turned his head to face him. A smile was still on his lips, Chenle was a little bit unsure as he saw his smile. He knows the moment he told him his plan, that smile could just disappear in a second.

Chenle closed his eyes momentarily, as he took a deep breath and exhaled through his mouth.

“I, do you want to die with me, Hyung?”

He rushed out, as he wasn’t sure how to word it. He closed one of his eyes as he watched his soulmate’s reaction, he hoped that Taeyong would agree with him.

“Sure, you mean I would be with you until one of us died, didn’t you?”

Chenle shook his head, “No, I mean, suicide.”

Taeyong furrowed his eyebrows, “Suicide?” Then his eyes widened as he realized Chenle’s words. He put one finger up, but put it down as he took a deep breath and turned his body entirely to face Chenle.

“Are you asking me to double suicide with you?”

The younger nodded his head wordlessly, as he watched Taeyong’s reaction carefully. He was afraid that Taeyong would refuse and told the matter to his parents, though he was quite sure that his soulmate wouldn’t tell his parents.

“I, sweety—don’t you think it was a careless decision? It’s not easy to suddenly decide to end your life, what makes you think about this?”

Chenle stared at Taeyong, looking at his features carefully and captured every detail of him to be etched in his mind.

“It’s because of my parents.”

With that Taeyong looked away, “Are you it was a right decision to kill yourself?”

“Yes, I’m sure, you’re with me, aren’t you Hyung?”

Taeyong turned his head to his direction, a smile was on his lips although it was a little bit strained.  He was smiling as if he was pained to do so, “Yes, I’m with you all the way sweety,” he told him as he ruffled his hair.

With that, Taeyong started the car, driving back to Chenle’s home. Well, he wasn’t exactly driving him back home, as they were searching for a place to die together.

He supposed that Taeyong loved his car enough that he would bring it to his would-be death place. Chenle didn’t oppose the idea, as they would probably die somewhere near an empty building. Where there wouldn’t be anybody that could find them.

As they went upstairs, Taeyong looked at him with an unsure expression. He probably was still questioning Chenle’s decision, but he didn’t say anything.

“Hyung, are you feeling forced to do this with me?”

Taeyong looked taken aback by the question, “No, no, I’m not Lele,” he rushed out as he tightened his hold over Chenle’s hand, “You know me, I’m an orphan Chenle, there wouldn't be anybody that would miss me.” He told him as they continued to walk upstairs.

“I’m just worried that your parents would immediately follow you, as they feel heartbroken left by their only child.”

Chenle scoffed, “Hyung, you still think about them! You don’t need to think about their feelings, I’m your soulmate, and I’m not forcing you to do this, if you want to go, just go.”

As Chenle tried to pull his hand away from Taeyong’s grasp, the older man only tightened his hold.

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just worried about you,”

Chenle sighed and shook his head, “You don’t need to be worried about me, after this life ends, I don’t need to feel burdened anymore or chained down.”

He sighed as he couldn’t make Chenle change his mind, “If you say so sweety, I’m here with you all the way.”

With that they make their way to the edge of the building, it was an abandoned building. It wasn’t a finished building, it lacked windows and everything. He looked down, he gulped down as he watched that it was so tall, that he felt a little bit scared.

Though, Chenle is still determined to do it.

He turned his head towards Taeyong’s direction, “Ready?”

The older nodded his head, as they tightened their entwined hands, without even counting down, they already jumped down.

Chenle looked at his soulmate for the last time, as he shut his eyes tightly and his consciousness faded away as they jumped together, a smile creeped into his lips as he thought that all of it was over.


He saw a light, he looked around and there’s only a single light from one direction. He wasn’t sure whether he should stay in the dark or pursue the light, but he could hear someone calling his name.

From the voice he guessed that it was his soulmate, by that he decided to go into the light, he wanted to see his soulmate. He missed his warm hugs.

With a tentative step he walked toward the light, without suspecting anything.

As he walked there, he woke up with a gasp. He blinked his eyes rapidly, as his entire body felt numb. He tried to turn his head around but he couldn’t, he panicked as he realized that he was still alive.

He panicked as he tried to look for his soulmate, he couldn’t see anything from where he lay down. Though, he sees a nurse attending to him as she tries to calm him down. But he couldn’t calm down, as he tried to see his beloved.

“Where is he?”


“The man that was with me!”

The nurse looked away, with a look of pity in her expression, “I’m sorry sir, but he already passed away the moment we arrived at the place.”

Chenle sobbed as he heard it, he let out a painful scream from the depth of his heart.


“NO! NO! We are supposed to die together!”


A last scream escaped Chenle’s lips as the nurse gave him a sedative to calm him down.



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He shuddered as he felt water droplets fall onto his arms, he couldn’t help but shiver as he was kept here for who knows how long. He winced as he touched one of his wounds on his arms, he almost wanted to cry as he wanted to get out of this place.

Taeyong wasn’t sure what was the motive of his captor, does he want money from the company? Well, that wouldn’t happen, he tried to suppress the shiver that ran through his body, he couldn’t help it.

The place where he was taken as a prisoner wasn’t quite sanitary to his liking, he wanted to escape from this place, but he didn't know when the moment would be the one to execute his plan.

He was afraid if he was dragged back to here, he would be tortured even more than he already was. His collections of wounds he had would be added, new scars would be added and the pain would be added than he already had.

A quick slam of the door made him flinch, as he backed away from the person that just came into the room. He couldn’t hide his scared expression, but he supposed that only fueled the person's motivation to hurt him even more.

“Ah, Taeyong, don’t be afraid, I wouldn’t hurt you~”

He sing-songed, as he cupped Taeyong’s jaw and lifted his face until their eyes met. Taeyong couldn’t help himself and pulled his face away from the disgusting captor’s gaze, he wanted to spit on him.

Taeyong knew if he did that, he would just get beat up even more, he still had bruises from the early days he was held here. With that in mind, he held back and instead glared at the man with a glare full of venom.

If only his glare could kill people, he could be free without lifting even a finger.

But that was just his wish, he couldn’t do that, he needed to move his entire body to escape this place, even a well-planned plan wouldn’t do good for him, if he only had that as his entire plan. He needs some back up somewhere out there, where he couldn’t be dragged here again.

“Aw, Taeyong, your glare wouldn’t work on me,” his hands slowly went down until his chest, Taeyong shuddered at the touch, he wanted to scream at the man to stay back from him. but he couldn’t, as he knew that would only bring more pain to his already battered condition.

Instead, he tried to pull away from the touch, but he was held back in place with a chain. His hands were also tied up, he couldn’t do anything besides scrunching his expression.

The man laughed at his expression, “Aw, you couldn’t do anything, poor kitty.”

With that the man pulled the chain and in return, it also pulled Taeyong toward the man, as the man pulled it with force that he let out a painful whimper. He feels his neck almost dislocated, though he supposed if that happened, it would be a blessing in disguise.

It would also be good if that was an instant death.

He couldn’t bear any of this anymore. He wanted to strangle the man in front of him, though he supposed he couldn’t do any of that if he was chained and bound.

Taeyong’s eyes never left the man, as he watched every single of the man’s moves. Internally, he thanked whoever up there, as the man let his guard down and left the key on the table. He snatched the key quietly and hid it where the man wouldn’t guess.

He supposed this night, he could escape from the man’s grasp.

Because he already had the key in his hands, the outside world was within his reach. As the man turned around, he pretended that nothing was on his mind, he was afraid that he would accidentally let his emotions bleed through.

He let out a breath of relief as the man exited the room after torturing him for a long time, he could feel his throat go hoarse as he screamed quite long. It was hurting as he swallowed his saliva, he leaned onto the wall as he looked up into the window that was on the top.

Taeyong could see the sun slowly going down, his mind was racing with how he would execute his plan. He needed to escape as far away as possible from this man, but he knew he also couldn’t escape on foot.

He would immediately be captured back by the man, before he could utter a single word.

As the night came, he immediately pulled out the key that he snatched from the man and unlocked every chain that was on him. But as he tried to unlock the one that was on his neck, he couldn’t unlock it with the key he had.

He panicked for a second, as he didn’t know that the man held another that was for the collar in his neck. But that didn’t mean he would postpone his plan, he would execute it now.

Taeyong already sensed that if he stayed here for any longer, he would go crazy from all the pain. He supposed at that point he wouldn’t hesitate to strangle the man to death, even if he was wounded to the point, he couldn’t lift a finger anymore.

He rushed to the door, and from there he rushed to another door until he was outside. Even if he was rushed, he didn’t forget to take the phone that was lying there, he checked the signal as he ran from the place.

He let out a hushed, “YES!” as the signal was full and he could call his friends or co-workers, he didn’t even hesitate to type in every number he remembers and send them a message to help him, not forgetting to share his current location.

As he was done with the message, he immediately called his friend that was working on the police force.

“Yut—'' he stopped in the middle of his sentence as he heard the man’s shout, he was shouting his name out loud. Taeyong saw it, and immediately ran to another direction where he could hide perfectly from the man.

As he saw him getting closer, he immediately rushed out the information he wanted to tell Yuta, he didn’t even stop as Yuta told him to slow down. Because he couldn’t, he knew at that moment the man would drag him back into that torturous place.

“Please, find me Yuta, save me, locate me from this phone, I’m begging you, I couldn’t take it anymore,”

He stopped talking as he put the phone on the ground, he purposely put the phone on the ground, he buried it a little bit so as to not let the man sense that he actually called somebody, some help.

Taeyong purposely let rustling sound as he ran through the forest, he didn’t even realize that he wasn’t in the middle of the city anymore. His feets were hurting as he ran as fast as he could, though, before he could even go further from the place.

The man pulled him with the chain that was hanging from his collar, he was pulled back with a choked sound. He scratched the collar on his neck, as he let out a choked sound. He screamed as the man pulled his hair, he glared at the man as he was lifted and was on the same level of eye.

He was dragged back into the torturous place, all the way he was dragged there he gasped in pain, he couldn’t even breathe properly as his neck was choked with all the pulling.

Taeyong was afraid what would happen to him, as he saw the man pull out a stick that he didn't know where the man even got it. He watched the man had a vicious smile on his lips, he backed away from the man’s reach.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t avoid what would happen to him.

The man shook his head with a mocking smile on his lips, “Tsk, tsk, kitty want to escape?” Then he pulled his collar, making him let out a choke sound as he fumbled with the collar in an attempt to loosen the collar on his neck.

“Well, you couldn’t do that, you will stay here as long as I live.”

With those words, the man immediately hit him with the stick. He hit him repeatedly, Taeyong almost go blind from the hit, it almost hit his eyes but he covered his entire body as he shrinks away from the man.

But that didn’t mean the man stopped as he saw him like that, it just only fueled him more. The hit slowly became even more stronger than earlier; he was quite sure that he was bleeding somewhere on his body.

He wasn’t sure when the man would stop, his entire body already aching from all the hits that were landing on his body. He wanted to scream in pain, but he held back his voice. He didn’t want to give the man a sense of satisfaction.

He would let the man be frustrated as he couldn’t make him let out any sound.

The man stopped as he saw that Taeyong was already on the edge of fainting, wordlessly the man exited the room as he saw that he couldn’t gauge any further reaction from Taeyong. The man concluded that it would do more harm than good if he hits Taeyong even more than this.

Taeyong chuckled as he saw the man exited the room, he let out a ragged breath as he exhaled all the scream that he held in. With a hopeful feeling he shut his eyes to take a rest.


He had a feeling that Yuta was trying his best to help him. He just hoped that he wouldn’t take too long to find him and rescue him from this hellhole.



Chapter Text




The day goes by well, though there’s something that caught him off guard. The moment he stepped into his house, there was another person beside himself. His mind was racing as he tried to recall who he was living with.

Though, as he tried to recall something, he couldn’t seem to find anything inside his memories about him living with someone else.

He frowned, as he wasn’t that forgetful.

Shotaro walked in, his eyes darting left to right as he searched for the owner of the shoes that were on the front door. His heart was hammering against his chest as he was feeling nervous, because he couldn’t recall the person that was living with him.

All he knew was, he was living alone.

“Sho-chan! You’re home! Why don’t you say anything?”

He blinked his eyes rapidly at the appearance of Yuta, he cocked his head slightly. Confused as to how Yuta was here, he never recalled that Yuta actually was his close friend or was comfortable with each other like this.

“Yuta-nii? Why are you here?”

The older man’s smile faltered as he heard Shotaro’s question, his smile turned awkward. He scratched the back of his head, like he was confused how to answer the younger’s question.

“Did you forget again?”

Shotaro furrowed his eyebrows, “What did I forget?”

The older man sighed, he rubbed his forehead and sat down on the couch. He pulled Shotaro to sit down on the couch, he huffed as he was contemplating something.

Shotaro watched Yuta’s expression change a few times, his eyebrows furrowed as he fumbled with his own fingers. He bit his lips nervously, like he couldn’t stand to sit down for any longer in this stretched silence.

“You,” Yuta paused as he watched Shotaro’s expression, he clenched his fist as if he was holding back something. Shotaro waited patiently for Yuta to continue his sentence, he gestures at the older to continue his words.

Yuta sighed once again as he hung his head low, “It’s been a few weeks since you started to forget everything,”

Disbelief was written all over his face as he heard Yuta’s words, he pursed his lips.

“Sometimes it was over something little, but sometimes it was like this.” Yuta looked at him with an unreadable expression, like he wanted to do something that crosses his boundaries.

Supposed that his relationship with Yuta was close enough that he would stay in his home like this, but he still couldn’t understand. What was the cause for him to be like this?

“We, and by that, I mean you and I, don’t know what was the cause, and you at the time insisted to not go into the hospital…”

Yuta trailed off, as he saw Shotaro’s expression change like he was on the edge of crying. He immediately wrapped his arms around Shotaro’s shoulder, and comforted him as much as he could. Because he was also taken aback by how much Shotaro expressed his emotion, he wasn’t used to this Shotaro.

He supposed that anyone could break down in tears as they heard him explain what happened.

“Then, would I recover my memories?”

Yuta bit his lips and shook his head, “No, I think not, probably you would gradually forget everything.”

The younger covered his face as he heard it, he couldn’t believe it, he was ill(?). It must be his imagination, right? After all, a few days ago he was fine…

The silence between the two of them stretched, Yuta decided to leave Shotaro alone to let him process all the things that he just explained. He supposes, that would be pointless, because he would need to repeat all the explaining again to him the next day.

But that didn’t mean he would give up at Shotaro’s condition. He would be on his side along the road, he wouldn’t left him behind. He was practically his little brother, even though they didn’t have any blood connection.

The moment Yuta left him alone, he was contemplating whether Yuta was joking about this or not, because if he did, it wasn’t funny. His mind still couldn’t grasp the thought that he was ill, and it was out of the blue as well, who could actually believe it?

Shotaro almost pulled out his hair out of frustration, he didn’t believe it, so he went into his room to rest. As he decided that he would think about it tomorrow, his mind was still processing what Yuta just said to him.




He woke up with a fresh mind, he didn’t feel any different from yesterday. He walked out of his room still in his pajamas, he looked into the clock. He only shrugged as he saw that it was already past ten.

Shotaro relaxed the rest of the day, he didn’t even bat an eye at Yuta’s presence as he stood in front of him as he was busy with his phone.

“You didn’t have work today?”

The older asks, Shotaro shrugged his shoulder, “Don’t know,” his curt reply at the question as he focused back into his phone, playing some games. He didn’t even see anything wrong with him relaxing for the rest of the day.

“How much did you forget? You are supposed to work today, it’s weekday.”

“What, I’m still unemployed don’t I?”

Yuta sighed, as he pulled out an ID card and showed it to Shotaro, “Here, it’s your ID card,”

He blinked his eyes; confusion could be seen from his expression as he pulled the ID from Yuta’s hands. He read every single word that was printed there, he was unsure, he couldn’t recall anything about work.

“I, I don’t remember anything about work…”

He muttered to himself, as he couldn’t recall anything about his work. Though, as he opened his messages, he could see a barrage of unread messages, people were asking his whereabouts. He panicked as he didn’t expect anything like this, all he could recall was he was unemployed at the moment.


Yuta widened his eyes as he heard what Shotaro just called him, he was calling him as if he didn’t know him. He was calling him in a too formal way, unlike he usually heard the younger calling him.

“I, I—what happened to me?”

With that question, Yuta repeated yesterday and a few weeks ago the explanation he gave to the younger. Though, this time Shotaro looked like he had already given up on his condition. He wanted to comfort him and say it’s alright.

But he knew that it wasn’t enough, because slow but sure Shotaro lost every single of his previous personality and memories. He wasn’t even sure that he himself would be retained in Shotaro’s memories.

“It’s okay Sho-chan, I'll always be here for you.”




He woke up from his sleep, he wasn’t sure, but he felt something wasn’t right for today. He looked around; he didn’t recognize these things he had around him. Though he still could recognize his own face, every photo had himself in it.

But he couldn’t remember when the photo was taken.

He shrugged as he decided that it wasn’t a big thing, he walked out of his room to the kitchen. The moment he stepped into the kitchen; he was surprised to find Yuta there. He didn’t remember exactly when he had invited the older to his home.

“Yuta-senpai? What are you doing here?”

The older man turned his body around, a frown etched on his lips as he heard what Shotaro just called him. He feels a little bit bitter as he watches Shotaro’s process of gradually forgetting everything.

Instead of answering Shotaro’s question, he just smiled at the younger and let him make his own conclusion. As he felt like his heart would be broken into more little pieces than it already had, he clenched his fist around the kitchen utensil he held.

“Just sit down, Shotaro, the food will be ready in a few seconds.”

As he served the food, the both of them sat down surrounded by silence. Yuta also couldn’t bring himself to break the silence, as he saw Shotaro’s state. He almost teared up as he saw that Shotaro’s body language turned stiff as he reached out to the younger.





He knew that he shouldn’t expect anything, after all Shotaro forgot everything.

He didn't even  remember his friends’ faces, the moment Sungchan greeted Shotaro with so much familiarity, Shotaro only looked at Sungchan as the younger opened his arms with a smile etched on his lips.

Awkwardly Sungchan pulled his arms down, and scratched the back of his head as he remembered that Shotaro forgot about him. Yuta watched the both of them exchanging words, though Shotaro only smiled at the younger shyly as he didn’t know him well.

“It’s nice to meet you, Sungchan.”

He knew the moment those words left Shotaro’s lips, Sungchan’s heart also broke into pieces as Shotaro didn’t remember anything about him.

The moment Sungchan walked to the porch, Yuta also followed him and comforted him as he knew what it felt like. But they knew that they couldn’t do anything about it, they couldn’t change anything.

“Thanks, Hyung, I’m sorry that I cried on your shirt.”

“It’s fine, I can wash it.”

With that Sungchan said his goodbye, while Yuta was contemplating whether he should let Shotaro all by himself or not. He feels emotionally exhausted, as gradually Shotaro forgot about him and sometimes the younger was scared of him.

As he didn’t recognize him, he sighed as he shook his head. He supposed that he couldn’t leave the younger alone. He needs someone to care for him and explain the situation to him.

And there wasn’t anyone like him, he was the only one that knew Shotaro long enough and live with the younger at the start.






The moment he opened his eyes, he was confused as he didn’t recognize these walls that surrounded him. He looked around, searching for something that could make him recall something. But to no avail, it was pointless as he wandered everywhere inside the house.

He didn’t remember anything.

Tears started to streamed down his cheeks, he kneeled in the middle of the living room. As he heard a door knob turn, he darted his head into the direction where the sound came from. He was confused to see a tall man walking into his direction with a panicked expression on his face.

“Shotaro! Are you hurt?”

He cocked his head at the name, as he didn’t feel any familiarity toward the name that the older man called him. Tears were still running down his cheeks, he looked at the man as he rummaged through his memories to no avail.

“W—who’s that?”

“It’s your name, Shotaro.”

“Am I?”

With a sigh, the older man stood up and helped Shotaro to sit down on the couch. He ran his hand through his hair, as he sipped the glass of water that he took from the kitchen. He gave him a glass of water; the older man gave it with a look that told him to drink it.

Hesitantly he drank the water, he looked at the man, as he couldn’t recognize him. But he saw him everywhere on the photos that were hung on the bedroom wall, he was supposed to recognize him as he guessed.

“We will be together for a long time,” he paused as he looked at Shotaro, with a smile on his lips he stretched out his hand to him, “I’m Yuta, your name is Shotaro.”

He looked at Yuta, he was a little bit hesitant to take Yuta’s hand but as he saw that Yuta’s smile was genuine, he took his hand and shook it.

“Nice to meet you.”



Chapter Text



Sleep wasn’t a peaceful thing he did at night; it was the opposite actually.

It was quite eventful, that he almost wanted to bury himself six feet underground, as he usually woke up his roommates with him. as he turned and tossed around his bed, he almost wanted to tell them to just leave him so he wouldn’t disturb their sleep anymore.

Though his roommates were kind enough to not leave him, they said it was okay. It was a small thing; they wouldn’t be bothered.

He felt his heart break a bit as he heard their statement, after all they were his fifth roommates for this month. Almost every three days, his roommates would call it quits and leave him while saying they couldn’t stand it anymore.

He supposed, the both of them; Johnny and Taeyong. Was a blessing to him, they were so kind to him, almost every night they asked him if he was okay. As he woke them up with his groan and almost scream, they would always wrap their arms around him and comfort him as tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Shush, stop crying.”

Johnny said to him as he wiped away the tears, a smile was on his lips as he wiped the tears. While Taeyong assured him by grasping his trembling hands, he seemed a little bit awkward as he never comforted him like this.

At most, the thing he would do was cooking something for him in the morning as he saw the dark bags under his eyes. Even then, it also comforted Yuta, though at the same time he felt that he burdened the two of them with his emotional baggage.

“It’s alright, you can always lean on the two of us.”

Taeyong whispered to him as he tightened his hold over his hand, he smiled at the two of them, though a little bit awkward as he never was this attached to his other roommates.

It was the first time that he felt a little spark between them.


The next night, the same thing happened again.

Nightmares were a frequent thing that happened to him, that he almost just forgoes his sleep and let himself stay awake all night. Though, one time he did that, his productivity went down and he didn’t even have the energy to do anything.

Too exhausted.

The next night, the nightmare he went through haunted him, as he couldn’t forget every single thing that happened inside his dream. He almost broke down as he woke up, he didn’t even remember that he had roommates as he sobbed.

“Yuta? What happened?”

Johnny’s voice didn’t even register in his mind, he was too occupied by the images that ran through his head. He couldn’t open his eyes properly as tears flooded his eyes, he felt that something was heavy in his chest as he breathed in.


Taeyong asked sleepily as he woke up from his deep sleep, he woke up as he heard sobs, he couldn’t ignore it and decided to wake up and he was surprised that Yuta was sobbing hard. As he never saw him like this, it was on another level than usual.

“Yong, help me.”

He nodded his head at Johnny’s request as he stood up from his bed and walked to Yuta’s bed, he gently ran his hand through Yuta’s hair, as he let Yuta lean his head on his abdomen. While Johnny sat beside Yuta and wrapped his arms around Yuta’s body.

“Baby, tell us what’s wrong?”

Yuta shook his head, as he couldn’t bring himself to bring up his silly nightmare. It was too embarrassing to say it out loud, something like this was something he needed to keep to himself. As his relationship with Johnny and Taeyong didn’t go beyond roommates.

As much as he liked them, he knew he was too much work.

They didn’t have that much time on their hands, he knew that, almost every time he went on a date, his partner would say that he was too much work, he had too much emotional baggage and they couldn’t handle it.

“It’s okay sweetie, you can tell us.”

 Taeyong told him as he ran his hand through his hair, Yuta sniffed as he stopped sobbing. He decided to get a grip of himself and let himself tell his dream to them, he told himself that they weren’t like other people.

They still stay with him, despite all of his nightmares.

With that, he told them his nightmare that he went through, he shut his eyes tightly as he couldn’t bear to see their reactions. He went on as he explained the nightmare, but as he told them he didn’t even open his eyes.

Afraid that they would reject him.

“It’s okay,” Johnny’s voice went through, he opened his eyes as he heard Johnny say that. He was surprised that the older responded to him quite well.

Taeyong hummed, “Yeah, it’s alright Yuta, you’re scared that we would leave you,” the older ran his hand through his hair as he looked down into Yuta’s eyes.

“Wh—What? Don’t you feel that I’m too much?”

Johnny chuckled, “No, well, maybe sometimes, but all of it was worth it.” He tightened his hold over him and pulled Yuta closer.

“We love you, we always cared for you.”

Taeyong said to him as he leaned in and gave him a peck on his forehead, while Johnny smiled and gave him a peck on his cheek. He flushed as he never thought it would be like this, he always thought something bad would always happen to him.

Nothing went well for him, since he always had nightmares every night.

Despite that, there’s still people that love him like this. Even if he woke them every night with his nightmares, he supposes it was a blessing that he had people like them on his side.

He smiled at them shyly as he didn’t expect that they would return his feelings, he supposes that they stayed for him. If not maybe from a long time ago they would leave him in a blink of an eye.

“Now that’s a good smile,” Johnny told him as he gave him a peck once again on his cheek.

Taeyong didn’t to lose again Johnny also gave him a peck on his other cheek, “Now, we’re even,”

“Sleep, we’ll be here for you,”

Taeyong whispered to him, as Johnny stood up and covered him with the abandoned blanket in the corner of his bed. He blinked his sleepy eyes and smiled as he knew that he would be safe and they would be here for him the moment he woke up.


As he closed his eyes, he drifted onto a peaceful sleep.



Chapter Text



“You know, you’re quite ugly,”


She told him bluntly, though it didn’t mean she was mocking him. It seems like a careless comment that she blurted out without thinking twice, he supposed that was his mistake on his part. As he already knew this girl doesn’t have any filter on her mouth.

Everything would be spouted off by her if he didn’t stop her, though, this one careless comment hurt his heart a little bit.

No, it’s not little, his heart hurt so much as he heard it. He knew he wasn’t that good looking, but he supposed hearing those words from her mouth was unbearably hurt.

Even more so, when she knew that he was insecure about his looks.

“John, you know I’m joking right?”

She asked, as she read the atmosphere between the two of them suddenly went cold. She reached for his hand to hold it, but Johnny slapped her hand away, feeling that her words were too much.

A look of hurt was written all over her face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” she mumbled as she pulled her hand back, and hung her head low avoiding Johnny’s gaze.

Johnny resolves almost melted away as he saw her expression, but he decided to not forgive her that easily. He needs to have some time to himself, with that thought he left her without saying anything.

He didn’t even see that she reached out to his back as he walked away from her.


Johnny sighed as he walked to his usual hangout, he sat down there as he recalled her careless comment. He didn’t even notice his friends walking in with confusion written all over their faces, as they saw him looking depressed in the corner.

“Hyung, it’s unusual to see you here alone, where is she?”

He turned his head, stopped from picking on his skin as he heard that voice. He pursed his lips as he heard the question, he shook his head.

“She’s not here, I come here alone.”

Johnny told them as he turned his head around after answering their question, he didn’t even bat an eye at them as his mind was occupied with his overthinking. He knew it was a bad thing to do, but he couldn’t stop.

He didn’t even notice that he was already picking on his skin until it bleeds, though his friend’s gasp pulled him back into his senses. He turned his head to see Doyoung rushed over to him, with a worried expression on his face.

“Hyung, what are you doing?”

He asked him as he pulled Johnny’s hand lifting it up to see it properly, he shook his head at the older man as he turned his head away feeling ashamed that he let Doyoung see this side of him. He pretended to not hear words that were uttered by Doyoung as he reprimanded him.

“John, are you alright?”

Taeyong asked him, and he walked over to him as he saw Doyoung fussing over him. Worry was etched on his expression; Johnny couldn’t bring himself to say that he was okay. When in reality he wasn’t, he was bothered by her careless comment.

He couldn’t let it go, as her words still repeated inside his mind mockingly.

His lips wobbled as he tried to hold his tears, he didn’t want to be seen as a crybaby. More so when Taeyong was here, he was his friend, and he never showed his emotional side or his insecurities.

Well, he never showed any of his friends or told them his insecurities. She was the only one that he could bring himself to talk about it, as she pestered him. She could know about it because he thinks it was alright, she was the only one that wouldn’t talk about it to anyone.

He knew that it was a habit of hers to joke about it, she also often jokes about her orphan state. He knew that she did that to comfort herself, but he doesn’t know why he felt so hurt about this one joke about his insecurities when he always joked about it.

“I’m alright,” he told Taeyong with a wide smile on his lips, he knew that his smile didn’t reach his eyes. He knew that Taeyong reluctantly left it, as he could see that Johnny was uncomfortable with the matter.

Doyoung scoffed as he heard it, he could sense bullshit in Johnny’s words, he turned his head to look at Johnny, his eyebrows were furrowed as he heard Doyoung scoffed. He also could sense that Doyoung was about to say something about his earlier words.

“You’re clearly not okay, we have eyes y’know? We could clearly see your eyes pooled with tears; you have something on your mind? Spill it, we wouldn’t judge,”

Johnny shook his head, “I’m fine,”

He sighed as he saw that Johnny wouldn’t tell them anything, though that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be by his side if anything happens. He would always be by his side, and be a good listener to Johnny’s problem. Even if he didn’t want to tell him and Taeyong anything.

“You’re so stubborn, Hyung,”

Doyoung shook his head, while Taeyong was on the side observing them, seeing how things would fold out. He almost wanted to reach out to Doyoung and tell him that it was okay, they probably needed to wait until Johnny was coming to terms with his own struggles.

“It’s alright Hyung, we’ll be always here for you,”

He almost broke into tears as he heard Taeyong tell him that, though he only covered his face with his hands. As he couldn’t believe that he had friends like them, they were so patient with him. He supposed they were a blessing in his life.


Maybe someday, he could bring himself to tell them about his insecurities



Chapter Text



“Yeah, yeah, I know,”

“Hmm, yeah, I never thought it would be that difficult.”


Renjun watched them having a conversation, while he was on the sideline. He was hesitant to tell them what was on his mind, afraid that he would disrupt their flow of conversation. Afraid that they wouldn’t respond to his words and would blatantly ignore him.

He knew it would be impossible for them to respond like that, they would always pay attention to him… would they?

He shook his head, as he assured himself that they would.

“Renjun? Do you have something on your mind? Because I saw you were concentrating on something.”

Immediately Renjun shook his head, though he regretted it fast, as that was the only leeway, he could insert himself in their conversation. A regretful expression was on his face, he didn’t even bother to cover it up.

He didn’t realize that he already let himself be occupied with chewing his thumb, he let out a hiss of pain as he bit something that he shouldn’t have.


He was startled by Jaemin’s shout, his thumb bleeding even more than earlier as he continued to chew on it. He knew it was bad, but he just couldn’t stop doing it, it calmed him down.

His thumb that he was chewing on was pulled by Jeno, his expression was quite calm but he could feel that his smiley friend was enraged by his action. He stared at them emotionlessly, although internally he was feeling conflicted, he didn’t want to stop.

After all, it was fun.

Though, that didn’t mean he could tell that to Jaemin and Jeno, they would be worried and wouldn’t stop pestering him if that happened.

Instead of telling what was inside of his mind, “I’m sorry,” he apologizes instead, because he feels guilty that he made them worry about him.

Jaemin scrunched up his face, as he couldn’t believe what he just heard. Jeno also did the same, though his eyes still stay smiling, it terrified Renjun to the bone. He was almost shaking in his seat, as he saw that it was directed at him.

“Why are you sorry?”

“Do you have something on your mind? Tell us, don’t keep it to yourself.”

Jaemin and Jeno talked to him simultaneously, their voices were laced with worry. Jaemin's expression changed as he saw Renjun’s body language, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

“Sorry Injun, we didn’t mean to let out our frustration to you, why don’t you tell us anything?”

“I, I wanted to, but I just couldn’t barge into your conversation, it would be bad.”

Jeno pursed his lips, “It’s alright, we’re friends, if you have something urgent to tell us, just talk,” he told Renjun in a soft voice, he ruffled Renjun’s hair as his usual smile was on his face.

Renjun nodded his head at Jeno’s words, “…I’ll try,” he mumbled as he hung his head low avoiding his friends’ eyes, feeling a little bit embarrassed that they saw him like that.

“Alright then, I’ll get the first aid,” Jaemin said to them curtly as he stood up from his seat, walking into another room. Leaving Renjun with Jeno, he didn’t dare to look at Jeno’s face, something was preventing him from doing that.

Probably his social awkwardness, he shouldn’t be this awkward with his close friends. But, he’s just like this, he couldn’t get over it. Feeling anxious every time he wanted to open his mouth to talk about something, though, sometimes he blurted everything that was on his mind.

Whether he intended to do that or not.

“It’s alright Injun, you could talk anytime, we’ve been friends for a long time, right?”

He nodded at Jeno’s words, “I’ll try to…”

With that Jeno ruffled his hair once again, though this time he avoided his hands with an annoyed expression on his face. Jeno laughed as he saw the expression that was etched on Renjun’s face.



Chapter Text



“What?! No, I wouldn’t do that!”

He shook his head vigorously, as he couldn’t believe that they asked him that. It was something he couldn’t do; he didn’t dare to do it.

They tsk’ed as they saw him refusing their demand, “Well, if you wouldn’t do it, this kitty would be the one that be on the receiving end,”

His eyes were shaking as he saw them holding the stray cat that he cared for, his heart was pounding like crazy as he saw their hands engulf the kitten.


He shouted as he saw their hands were almost choking the kitten, he shoved down the sobs that almost came out between his lips. A smirk was on their face as his eyes pooled with unshed tears, he hung his head low.

“…I’ll do it.”

He muttered out, as he gave up, he couldn’t get out of this sticky situation easily. He knew if he was found out as the one that vandalized his friend’s desk, his life would be over.


With a careful step, he approached his friend’s desk. He purposely came into school earlier than he usually did, just for doing this one thing. He hoped there wouldn’t be anyone coming into the class, because he was still in the process of writing those degrading names on his friend’s desk.

He knew if he was caught by him, his relationship with him would be jeopardized.

A creak could be heard from the class door’s, he turned his head as he heard it. His expression turned into a panicked one as he saw that it was him.


“Ya-Yangyang! It’s not what it looks like!”

He sputtered out as he dropped the markers from his grasp, he immediately rushed to Yangyang’s side as he tried to explain himself. But it was in vain as Yangyang ran out of the classroom, he didn’t even look back.

With that, his entire time in school was agonizing, as Yangyang wouldn’t even respond to him. whether it was face to face, or from his messages. He entirely ignored him; he wouldn’t even smile at him like usual.


Ten was thinking that maybe, getting beat up would be fine, if his friend would talk to him once again. He was lonely without Yangyang’s loud commentary, he missed his jokes. Hell, he even missed his clumsy side.

“I’m sorry, I was forced to do it…”

He muttered to himself, as he stared into the ceiling. His thoughts were full of how he could get Yangyang to forgive him, he sighed as he knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as turning his hand. He would be struggling to get Yangyang to respond to his attempt to talk to him.

Though, that didn’t mean he would give up.

He would try until his tears turned into blood. Well, not that hard , if he actually let out blood from his eyes he would probably go into hospital.

With that in mind, he tried again and again to make Yangyang forgive him. though, the moment he tried to explain himself, he would slam the desk and walk out from the classroom.

Ten sighed, as he couldn’t bring himself to chase after Yangyang, he already sensed from earlier that he was angry. He wouldn’t even hear any of his explanation as he stared into another direction that wasn’t his face.

He supposes that he only has himself to be blamed, as he tried to avoid getting beat up.


“Yangyang! Please hear me out!”

He shouted as he rushed to get closer to Yangyang’s side, only to be stopped by Kun; his other friend. A disapproving look was on Kun’s face, he shielded Yangyang from him.

Ten felt hurt, he didn’t think it would be this bad. If only Yangyang would hear his explanation, just once.

“Go away Ten, he didn’t want to see you.”

Kun told him sternly, as he crossed his arms, he scrunched his nose with a disgusted look. As if Ten was a disgusting creature under his eyes, Ten staggered backward as he saw Kun shot him an almost hateful glare.

His heart cracked a little bit, he almost let tears out as he was under Kun’s gaze.

He turned his body around and left them, as he saw that he couldn’t let his explanation slip to Yangyang with Kun around Yangyang guarding him effectively.


Ten walked away from both of them, with a severed tie of  friendship on him.



Chapter Text



A sigh slipped out between his lips; he doesn’t know what to do anymore. It’s hard to stay still, he couldn’t stand the way his crush’s bruises added up every time he saw him.

More so, when every time he offered to help him, he only shook his head with a little smile on his lips; he knew he was suffering. But he couldn’t do anything if he didn't let him help. He showed him that he could help him get out of the house.

As stubborn as he is, he shook his head.

“No, I’m okay, he’s just,” he paused as he tried to get a suitable word, “had a little bit of an issue.” He ended it with an unsure tone. An awkward smile was on his lips as he tried to assure Sungchan, even though the younger didn’t buy a single thing that he uttered.

Sungchan stretched out his hand to touch his bruised face, only to be denied by the older as he flinched away from the touch.

“…See,” he told the older as he gently touched the older’s face, “I could take you away, Hyung, why don’t you let me?” he told him in a soft voice as he tried not to let the anger surface.

He shook his head, “I can’t, he was the only family that I had, I couldn’t abandon him.” With that he stood up and left Sungchan with his own longing.


He muttered as he clenched his fist, he couldn’t bring himself to chase after the older. Because he knew that he would only shrug his offer, he also couldn’t bring himself to pull the older forcefully from his own sibling.

Though, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to persuade the older to agree with him.

He still hadn’t confessed his feelings yet to the older.



Chapter Text



He didn’t even know how it started; he was sitting down on the usual bench he usually sat down on. With his usual drink in his hand, he sat down and talked to his friends animatedly. He didn’t feel anything as he drank down the drink; it was soda.

As he drank it down, he felt a little bit dizzy and he didn’t find it weird. Though, as he looked at his friends’ faces, they were looking at him funny.

He didn’t feel anything weird at first, but suddenly he felt something crawling under his skin. As he looked to find out what it was, he let out a scream that made everybody’s eyes focused on him.

He scratched his skin as he cried out, “Get it out!” repeatedly to his friends. They only stared at him confusedly as they didn’t see anything, they told Yangyang to calm down as he still screamed while scratching his skin.

Yangyang didn’t stop even for a second, he was determined to get all the bugs out from under his skin, even if they tried to pull his hands away, he still couldn’t stop. He was even quite brave enough to pull out a cutter that he had on him.

“Yangyang! NO!”

Lucas shouted at him, as he slapped Yangyang’s hand that was holding the sharp tool. The younger winced as Lucas didn’t slap his hand away gently, though that still didn’t stop him from scratching his skin until it turned red.

Almost to the point it bleeds a little bit.

He hissed as it stings, still even he feels that he didn’t stop. He still feels the urgency to get it out, he still feels bugs crawling under his skin. He couldn’t stop, even if his friends tried to hold his hands he struggled against their hold.

“Let me go!”

He shouted as he struggled against their hold, though it was futile as he was held in a tight grip. They were holding him with power as he wriggled uncontrollably in their grasp. He let out a ragged breath, as he tired himself in their grasp.

Yangyang didn’t even notice that he closed his eyes in exhaustion, with that he went limp in his friend's hold; worry was etched on their expression.


The moment he woke up, a wince slipped out between his lips as he tried to move his strangely stiff limbs. He looked around with limited movement, he sighed as he couldn’t even sit up from the bed.

Yangyang was also confused, as his arms were covered with bandages. He couldn’t recall anything, except for the fact that it was recess and something happened at the time. There were some gaps in his memories.

He hoped that it wasn’t anything bad, as he could only recall partially of his memories. He wished that any of his friends would come in and explain to him what happened. He would appreciate it if any of them would fill in his blank memories.

Though, he supposed that could wait. As he saw someone in white coat come into the room, by how he walked and a stethoscope was hanging around his neck. He could conclude that it was a doctor, he had a smile on his face.

Yangyang returned the smile, as he hoped that the doctor could enlighten him.

Well, that was what he hoped. Unfortunately, the doctor only said to him that he actually consumed some drug that made him hallucinate.

That information made him furrow his eyebrows, he expected more information about what happened to him. but the doctor left him after he said that and that his health was quite fine. With that he could only hope that his friends would explain everything to him.


Though, after he heard about that he was hallucinating, he couldn’t help himself thinking that maybe he was also hallucinating about his time at school. Maybe, his friends were also part of his hallucination.




Chapter Text



He couldn’t help himself, as he lay limply on the ground without any expression. His eyes were blank of any sign of life. He didn’t struggle against the people that carried him around, he couldn’t even voice his thoughts out.

“Do you feel that?”

“W-What? Don’t you ask me that! I’m getting chills around here!”

They conversed between themselves as he was carried around, he couldn’t move any of his limbs, he stared at the ceiling with unblinking eyes. His left arm was swaying around, as the people that carried him talked with each other.

“Di-Did you feel that?”


Lucas’s eyes didn’t even blink as they put him on the ground, they were transferring him to another person's hands. He stared at the two people that brought him here, he didn’t flinch as he was stuffed. His eyes were staring at the person that stuffed him with an unreadable expression.

The person that stuffed him stopped for a moment, he looked around the well-lit place. He shrugged it off, he feels a little bit uncomfortable as he feels someone’s gaze on him.

“Hmm, that must be my imagination.”

The man muttered to himself as he continued to stuff Lucas, he didn’t even stop for a moment as he completed the process of stuffing Lucas. It slipped the man’s attention that he actually even blinked at the man, his eyes showed hatred in it.

Lucas almost moved his hand to choke the man, but he couldn’t find the strength to move his hand. It was as if his strength was completely depleted without any reason, with that he concluded to wait until the time was right to move.


The man sighed with relief as he was done stuffing Lucas, he immediately let Lucas sit up in the corner. The man didn’t even notice that Lucas was shooting a look of hatred with his eyes; he immediately called the two people earlier and told them to put Lucas on the display.

“A—are you sure? It seemed too creepy to put on the display,” the shorter one tried to reason with the stuffing man, though, the shorter’s worry was shrugged away by the stuffing man.

“Meh, just put it on the display, it looked quite handsome and maybe there would be a buyer.”

The stuffing told the shorter one, while the taller one put his hand on the shorter one while shaking his head as if to say that it was enough. With a sigh, the shorter one lifts Lucas with the taller one.

“Winwin, are you sure there would be someone that would pick this one?”

Winwin shrugged his shoulder, “Maybe, I don’t know,” he paused as he thinks for a second about it, “Well, if they’re quite eccentric, they probably would buy this one, though I’m not sure, Jun, because this one had an eerie feeling around it, as if we shouldn’t mess with it.”

Xiaojun nodded his head vigorously in agreement, as they put it properly on the display, they immediately left it. As they couldn’t stand the eerie feel around it, they didn’t even look back as they could feel someone’s gaze on them.


Lucas’s gaze never left their back until they finally disappeared from his sight.

Chapter Text





He asked out loud as he heard what they were saying to him, disbelief was written clearly on his face. His mouth was in a smiling position, as if he was hallucinating everything, they just said to him.

His eyes were pooled with tears, as he heard them repeat those words.

He never thought it would end up like this, it must be just a bad dream, right?

Jaehyun reached out his hands to them, he grasped their clothes' sleeves tightly almost to the point it would be ripped if he held it even tighter.

“Y-You’re joking right?”

They shook their heads, a look of pity was written all over their face, “We’re sorry, but it was the truth,” they gave him a wallet that was filled with money and left him, “Here, it was all we could give to you.”

That was their last word to him, as they left him with his own confusion. He wasn’t preparing to be thrown into the road, he was a homebody, he never leaves his house if it wasn’t important yet, here he was.


He was sitting down on the bench, staring into nothing but air. Shock was still deep in his system; he still couldn’t believe what he just heard earlier.

“We’re sorry to do this, but probably it was for the best.” They told him out of the blue, he just came out from his room to take a drink.

Only to be stopped by their vague explanation, he couldn’t understand and he didn’t want to understand either. Why would they do this to him? he didn’t do anything wrong, he was doing everything like usual.

(Though, at the time he heard they would bring another person in the house, it seems that it was his replacement)


They replaced him, didn’t they?

A bitter smile was on his lips as the thought crossed his mind, he hated them. Why would they do this to him without saying anything to him, he would gladly walk out from that house if they told him to go.

Not like this, they kicked him out without anything except a measly little amount of money.

He couldn’t even pack his clothes, all he had now was what he was wearing. He sighed as he couldn’t go back into that house, he was already blatantly kicked out and he couldn’t go back. As they only gave him a wallet with so little money; that he was sure all he could eat was a small piece of bread and a small bottle of water.

It was bad, but maybe he could manage to find a place to stay temporarily. But he could do that later as his stomach already protested wanting to be filled, he stood up from the bench with a sigh, his expression still the same as before, blank.

As his mind still processed all the things that they said to him.

“Let’s eat, I hope there’s something cheap around here,” he mumbled to himself as he took a peek at the wallet, he cringed as it was probably not enough to buy a bowl of rice. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down.

It’s still the first day, he needs to find a job. Anything would do for him, as he was on the urgency of going bankrupt as he buys himself a cup of noodle.

As he slurps down the noodle, all he could think was how he could find a place to stay. He was homeless recently. As he looked around, his eyes and caught the sign of vacancy immediately, he gulped down the rest of his noodle and threw it into the trash can.

Without looking back, he came into the store with a nervous feeling. He hoped they would accept him, as his appearance was quite haggard and disheveled.

The owner(?) looked at him with a confused look, “Well, how may I help you?” he asked him politely, a smile was on his lips as he looked at Jaehyun from head to toe.

Jaehyun gave the man a nervous smile, as he never needed to work like this. Most of the time he was freelancing with his laptop, but he couldn’t do that now as he didn’t have his laptop on him and more so when he didn’t have any place to stay.

“I saw the vacancy sign,”

Before Jaehyun could even finish his sentence, he was cut off by the man’s exclamation.

“Oh! Yes, you’re just in time! Well, you could work now, couldn’t you?”


The man smiles widely at Jaehyun’s answer, “Great! Could you go to the back, I think you need to shower,” with that the man ushered Jaehyun into the back, he even gave him a set of clothes.

He blinked his eyes rapidly at the man’s action, he didn’t expect to be accepted easily like this. But he supposed it would do good for him, he was in need of money after all, he also needed something to take his mind off of today's earlier event.

As he looked at his appearance, he was looking good, neat and clean not like his earlier appearance, he supposes it was the effect of stepping into the clothes shop.

A gasp of awe snapped him out of his daze, he turned his head around to see the owner looked astonished by him. He flushed as he felt that he didn’t deserve that look of astonishment from the owner.

“Woah, I thought you’d look good in those clothes, and damn, you look good.”

The owner muttered to himself, as he looked at Jaehyun from head to toe. His face reddened as he heard every single word that the owner uttered, he covered his face with his arms. Feeling embarrassed by all the compliments and the stare, he supposes this was good for him.

The man chuckled as he saw Jaehyun’s flushed form, “Don’t be embarrassed, there would be many people’s eyes on you, and please take all of my words as a compliment.”

“I—I, well, alright,”

He stammered out as he couldn’t form sentences properly as he heard the man’s words, he was too embarrassed to the point of petrification.

“By the way, my name’s Johnny, what’s yours?”

“I’m Jaehyun,”

Johnny grinned at him, “Well, nice to meet you Jay, hope you’ll stay here for a long time.”

Unconsciously he grinned back at Johnny, “Likewise,”


With that they fell into a comfortable conversation as they worked. It may be a good start for Jaehyun’s new life, everything seems to fall into its place without any delay.

The owner; Johnny, was also kind to him, though he could see there’s something behind all those fond smiles that he gave him.

Jaehyun noticed all of those lingering gaze and touches, he also liked the man quite much. Though, he supposes, he could take all of it at a slower pace. He didn’t want another tragedy, so he decided to let Johnny take care of him.


After all, he decided to take all of this slow, why not let him court him?



Chapter Text



A scream from afar snapped him out of his daze, he immediately turned his head only to see black. He groaned in pain, as something pierced into his body and embedded inside, he could feel it but barely as the pain was unbearable.


He could hear everyone on this road looking at him, and panicked as they saw him laying down on the pavement blood seeping out of him. How could he know it? Well, he could feel his consciousness seeping away as the blood dripped down into the pavement staining his clothes.

He cursed internally, as today he had plans to meet up with his friends. It was just his luck today, getting caught in a construction accident. He was actually excited for today's meet up, only to end up at hospital for the rest of the day.


He didn’t even finish his sentence as he abruptly lost his consciousness, with his hand reaching out to the crowd that was around him.

The crowd panicked, but someone amidst the crowd called the ambulance.

How did he know that? Well, if he was in a white sterile room, the probability he was in hospital was quite high. He even smelled the usual smell inside the hospital, he really dislikes the fact that he was hospitalized.

More so, when it was the hospital where he worked, every time a nurse or a doctor came in, they were surprised to find him here. They fumbled as they explained what happened to him, he supposes it was quite normal for them to fumbling like that. It wasn't often that one of the residence doctors was hospitalized.

“Mr. Lee, how are you feeling?”

He turned his gaze away from the window towards the doctor, it was just fortunate that it was his friend; Jaemin. He gave Jaemin a smile, “As fine as I can be,”

“Hmm, are you sure you don’t feel odd or something like that?”

“Nothing, just a little bit sore.”

Jaemin hummed as he sat down on the chair next to Jeno’s bed, a smile still etched on his lips, although a little bit sad. He hoped that it wasn’t bad news or anything like that, he really hoped that it wasn’t any of that.

“Jeno, how did you get like this?”

He shrugged, as he couldn’t answer Jaemin’s question, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn’t at fault, it was the construction worker that was at fault, he didn’t even notice that there would be an accident at that place.

If it wasn’t for a scream that was from afar, he probably would not notice it.

“Did you know there was debris embedded in your body?” Jaemin asked him with a serious tone, almost to the point that he was sure there was somebody dying. He never saw Jaemin like this, he supposes it was because he was the one that got caught in this accident with some injuries.

“Yeah, I know,” he told Jaemin as he hung his head low, while fiddling with his fingers. He was waiting for Jaemin to break the bad news to him, he closed his eyes as he waited for the impact to come.

Jaemin nodded his head, “Well, we have successfully got it out—”

The rest of Jaemin’s words were drowned out as he heard those sentences, he wasn’t expecting the good news. Though, with this he could rest easy as he only needed to recover from the surgery, after that he could go back to his work.

“Jeno? Are you listening to me?”

That pulled him out of his deep thoughts, “H-Huh? Yeah, I heard you,” a smile was on his lips as he looked at Jaemin’s direction.

“It means that I could continue to work like usual right?”

Jaemin sighed as he shook his head with a smile on his lips, “Yeah you’re right, that’s all, just get well soon, would you? I miss my partner,” he stood up from the chair and said his goodbye. He patted Jeno’s shoulder with a whisper of “Get well soon”.

A chuckle slipped out of his lips, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll try to.”


With that Jeno relaxed against the hard hospital bed, as he tried his best to get as much sleep as possible to recover quickly. A smile was on his lips as he tried to rest but it was disturbed by the presence of his friends visiting him.


“Lee Jeno!”


That voice was quite loud that he was sure that nurses would usher them away from his room, but as he waited there weren't any nurses that came in to usher his friends away. He supposes that Jaemin already told them; the nurses, that there would be quite a disturbance in his room.

“Aish, Jeno, why don’t you say anything?”

Renjun asks him, as he fusses over him. Donghyuck also joined in fussing over him, while his younger friends; Chenle and Jisung watched them fussing over him with an amused smile on their lips.

An apologetic smile was on his lips, but inside he was quite happy that he could see his friends. Even if he was laying on the hospital bed, after all that was the thing that made him in this bed in the first place.


Meeting up with his friends.



Chapter Text



He felt something tickling in the back of his throat, he couldn’t resist coughing as it was itchy as hell. He coughed so hard that he could feel that he almost coughed his throat out, though it didn’t stop just there.

He sat down as he coughed hard, he could feel his friends’ gaze was on him, they probably had worried expressions etched on their faces. He knew they were telling him to stop coughing that hard, they even held out a cough medicine for him.

Unfortunately, something unwanted happened to him as he coughed too hard.

He breaks a rib, immediately chaos ensues a groan of pain slipped through his lips. His friends were asking him frantically what’s wrong?

He could only let out a sound of pain as he couldn’t utter a single word, but he already gestured to them that he felt pain on his rib. He guessed in the middle of his suffering that it probably was the result of his coughing.

He coughed so hard that he broke a rib, he probably should have expected this to happen. He read in an article that it was possible to break a rib if he coughed hard enough.

“Winwin! Hold out,”

Kun told him as he told the others to get some help, he darted his eyes to the side and saw that Ten was on his phone, he was calling an ambulance. The others are already scattered as they ask for some help, but he supposes the ambulance would arrive any moment now.

His eyes fluttered as he tried to not focus on the pain he was currently under, he looked at Kun as if to ask how much longer. He felt that he couldn’t hold out any longer, he wanted to pass out, as the pain in his rib flared up occasionally.


“Here! Quickly!”

He opened his eyes slightly, as the view changed into the inside of the ambulance. He was accompanied by Ten, as he heard Ten’s words of assurance, he calmed down as he saw the older with him. He wanted to say something to the older, but suddenly his eyelids became heavy, he couldn’t hold it any longer.


“Don’t fall asleep!”


That was Ten’s last words that he could hear as he fluttered his eyes close, he was lulled into sleep as he was tired to keep the pain at bay. He knew that the moment he closed his eyes, Ten fell into a panic state.

But he couldn’t bring himself to care at the moment, all that was on his mind was sleep.


The moment he opened his eyes, he was greeted by the sight of white walls and ceilings. By the smell of it, he was inside the hospital, he looked down and saw himself wearing the hospital gown. He wondered, how long was he out?

Winwin hoped it wasn’t long, though, judging by how dark outside, he probably fell asleep for 4 hours. Still, he was quite unsure. All he could do was wait for a doctor or nurses to come in and explain to him.

He doubted it would be at this time, with that in mind he fell asleep once again.


This time he woke up surrounded by his friends’ faces, he leaned back into his bed as he was caught off guard by his friends’ presence. He blinked his eyes rapidly, as he just woke up from his slumber.

He stretches out only to wince out in pain, as he remembered yesterday’s event.

Kun immediately approached him with a worried expression etched on his face, “Are you alright?” he asked him with worry laced in his voice, he looked into his eyes directly, though he darted his eyes quickly to scan his body; looking for any wounds or bruises.

“Kun-ge, I’m fine,” he gritted out as the pain subsided, he could sense that Kun’s worried expression was still there. He couldn’t bring himself to look at him, as he still could feel the twinge of pain, it was there but not as painful as yesterday.

“Are you sure?”

Winwin nodded his head, with that Kun stopped fussing over him and sat next to him. A worried expression seemed to stay on Kun’s expression for a little bit longer as he watched over  him.



Chapter Text



“Come here quickly!”

Doyoung hurried up as he was called, he hastily walked towards the owner of the bakery he worked at. He smiled at the owner, as the owner only scoffed with a deep frown etched on his expression.

“What are you smiling about newbie?!” The owner snarled out, as a glare was thrown into his direction. Immediately Doyoung hung his head low, he bit his lips nervously as he felt that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Though he didn’t voice out any of his thoughts, he knew if he voiced it out, he would probably be fired even if it was his first day working here.

With that in mind, he kept his mouth shut tight. He didn’t want to suddenly blurted out unwanted information. He knew from the owner’s gaze that he was searching for some mistakes that he would make, whether it was unintentionally or not.

He was worried that the owner would demand something unreasonable from him, he knew that the moment he stepped inside the bakery, there was something wrong about the owner, but he didn’t have the courage to ask.

Something about the owner’s gaze made him falter, it was as if he was making some big mistakes, even if he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Well, you’re here now, take out the tray!”

Doyoung looked around, he was panicking internally as he didn’t see any gloves that he could use to take the tray. He gulped down, as he couldn’t take it with bare hands. It would scald his hands, he wanted to ask the owner about the gloves but,

“HURRY UP!” the man snapped at him, as their eyes met.

Doyoung flinched at the harsh tone, he looked at the still hot tray, he gulped down nervously, as his mind was racing with how he could avoid hurting his hands. It was still steaming hot; he was sure he would burn his hands if he took it out bare handed.


He tried to tell the owner that it was impossible to take it out without gloves, only to be glared at by the owner. As if the owner had a deep grudge toward him, he immediately turned his face away. As he couldn’t make the man change his mind.


Doyoung bit his lips almost to the point it was bleeding, as his hands were shaking while he stretched it out to the oven to take out the tray. Though, before he could touch the scalding hot tray someone threw gloves to him, he looked around to see the kind person that threw it only to no avail.

He secretly let out a breath of relief as he didn’t need to hurt his own hands, he intentionally didn’t pay any attention to the owner’s angry state. He internally asks himself, what kind of employer was he? Purposely hurting their own employees.

Doyoung doesn't know to whom he needs to say his thanks, he supposes they would try to hide themselves from the owner’s wrath. After all, they just helped him from trouble that he couldn’t avoid.

He needs to give them his thanks, he was grateful that they pitied him.

The owner was still raging, but he quickly ushered Doyoung away from the kitchen and told him to take a break angrily. It seemed that the owner was determined to make him hurt, he didn’t know why but the man seemed like he had a deep grudge towards him.

As he walked out to the break room, he sighed as he sat down. He didn’t even notice that he was sweating quite badly like he just came out of the sauna, though that wasn’t wrong, the kitchen was that hot.

He was quite sure that it would be an everyday occurrence— sweating —though it was quite uncomfortable, more so when he was watched by the owner intensely like he was waiting for him to make a mistake.


That voice snapped him out of his deep thought, he raised his head up only to be greeted by a soft-looking man— he was quite handsome, not that he voiced it out loud —a smile was on his lips as he greeted him.

Doyoung nodded his head at the man’s greeting, “Hey too,” with that simple reply he immediately went back into his thoughts. Almost to the point of overthinking, though once again he was snapped out of his thoughts by the man.

This time the man sticks a cold drink into his forehead that makes him flinch.

“Here drink this,”

With that the man sat down next to him, as he sipped his cold drink, the man sighed and looked at him, “A rough day, wasn’t it?”


“By the way, my name’s Ten, y’know the one that throw the gloves,”

Doyoung let out an acknowledging sound as he sipped his drink, “You’re the one that,” he gestured to the throwing position. Ten nodded his head, Doyoung cocked his head, “Was it an everyday occurrence?”


With that the both of them fell into silence, as they finished their drinks in each other's company. Feeling that they understand each other without saying anything, though Doyoung felt that he just found someone that he could depend on, someone that he could ask about how to work in the bakery without aggravating the owner even more.


Though he wasn’t sure that he would hold out more than a week here.



Chapter Text



A groan slipped out from his mouth, he stood up although a little bit unstable. He swayed to left and right, he wiped away the blood that was trickling down to his chin. He spat out the blood that was on his mouth, a scowl could be seen on his face expression.

“What do you want?”

He spat out to the man in front of him, he was already in a battered state, he wasn’t sure that he could fight him off. He already feels his jaw throbbed from the pain, though he couldn’t just let his weakness be shown in front of the man.

The man chuckled, “Ten, where is he?” The man asked him while cracking his knuckles, he seemed amused by Xiaojun’s question, like he couldn’t believe that Xiaojun could stand up against him.

He probably thought Xiaojun was a weakling.

Xiaojun gritted his teeth, he couldn’t believe that the man was searching for Ten, he couldn’t let the man know about Ten’s whereabouts. He already promised his leader that he would protect him and the information about him.

He cracked his neck, “No, I couldn’t tell you,”

Without any warning the man ran towards him, Xiaojun’s posture turned into a defensive stance. Though, it was pointless, as the man took a hold of his head and slammed him against the wall. That made him let out a groan of pain, his head was throbbing from the how much force the man used against him.

“Huh? Alright then, let’s see how long you could hold on,” the man’s voice had a hint of amusement, he was sure that the man was smirking at his attempt to withhold the information.

Xiaojun tried as much power as he could to push the man away, only to have the man’s grasp on him be tightened. He let his legs kick the man’s body, though before he could succeed in kicking the man away.

His head was slammed against the wall for a numerous time, and he almost lost his consciousness from the pain he was under. He moaned out in pain; he opened his eyes slightly to see the man’s sadistic smile.


“Well, do you want to talk now?”

Xiaojun spat out in the man’s face, in a blink of an eye the man’s expression changed to something much darker. He was almost afraid that he would lose his life, but he supposes it would be alright as long he could keep Ten safe.

Laughter was all he could hear as the man repeatedly slammed his head against the wall, he felt that his consciousness was slipping away from his grasp. He tried his all to stay awake even if he couldn’t muster his strength to shove the man away from him.

The man didn’t stop, he didn’t even need to see. He could feel blood trickling down from the side of his head, all the blood lost making him dizzy. Without any warning the man’s grasp on his loosened, he fell down onto the floor, beside the wall that already had blood smeared on it.

Xiaojun felt light-headed, he felt that his consciousness slowly slipped away.

The man clicked his tongue and shook his head at Xiaojun’s state, “Well, well, it was your fault that you are like this now, if you just told me Ten’s whereabout,” the man told Xiaojun as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it up and took a puff.

He puffed the smoke in front of Xiaojun’s face, a mocking smile was on his lips as he saw Xiaojun lying motionlessly on the floor.


 “You wouldn’t end up like this,” with that last sentence, the man left Xiaojun alone in the hallway.


Xiaojun still hanging on the thread of consciousness, he pulled out his phone as he did that his hands were shaking, he squinted his eyes as he looked into his phone’s screen. Everything was blurry to him; his finger shakily put in the number.


As he waited for the call to connect, he touched the side of his head and felt that it was damp. The moment he pulled his hand, it was stained with blood.


He smiled as he heard that voice, “Lucas,” he whispered as he felt his consciousness slipping away, a muffled sound could be heard from the phone. He wasn’t sure that he could hear him properly, all he could make out from the phone was his name and Lucas’s shouting.

With that his eyes fluttered close, as he couldn’t hold onto his consciousness.


“Xiaojun!” could be heard in the background as the call was still connected.



Chapter Text



A smile was always etched on his lips.

He doesn’t know how to respond; all he could do was smile. Even if he was barraged with hurtful words, a smile was how he responded to all of it.

Though, he also knew his smile creeped his friends out, as he never responds to their question verbally anymore. A smile was always up on his lips, nothing could make his smile falter.


Kun’s smile faltered as he heard something that he wasn’t supposed to hear.


“Hey, did you know Kun?”

“Ah, that guy,”

“Well, y’know I think he’s weird, smiling all the time.”

“Yeah… it totally creeped me out, I wasn’t even sure how his friends could stand him.”


He felt something akin to a jab in his chest as he heard it, he bit his inner lips as he turned his head away from those conversations. As he walked back to his home, he passed by his friends, but he couldn’t even muster a smile to them.

He couldn’t offer any smile to them anymore, as he heard those two random people talking about him. He knew he shouldn’t take any of their words to heart, but he couldn’t.

Because he knew they were right, even if deep inside he didn’t want to acknowledge what they talked about. It was all he could do, offering his smile, his heart already broken beyond repair that he was confused how to respond to their friendly gesture.

Everything was just difficult for him to process; he wasn’t sure how to respond to them now. If he stays silent, they would ask what happened to him, if he smiled only, they would criticize him.

Just what he was supposed to do?

He asks the universe what he should do so as to not make any mistakes in front of them. He doesn’t know what to do, he was unbearably awkward with anyone that wasn’t his friends. Insecurities are always lurking deep inside his mind, whispering something that makes him uncomfortable with people’s eyes on him.

They talked about him, it triggered his insecurities a little bit, though he was trying to tighten his grip on the lock. Not letting those emotions bleed through his expression, he couldn’t and wouldn’t burden his friends with his measly insecurities.

He could overcome it by himself.



That voice snapped him out of his deep thoughts, a smile was already back etched on his lips. He waved back to his friends, he hoped that his expression was still the image of happiness and cheerfulness.

Though, as they came closer to him, one by one their expression changed into a worried one. His friend of the same age; Ten was the one that approached him quickly.

“Kun, are you alright?”

That question almost made him break down; he covered his face as he tried to hide the fact that he was on the edge of crying. He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself down, he moved his hands away as he felt much calmer than earlier.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” he hoped that his eyes weren’t looking glassy-like, he knew his friends would question him; they’re such good friends, he wasn’t even sure that he deserved them as his friends. All he knew was that he deserved to be alone without anyone that cares about him.

Ten’s frown was still etched on his face, he seemed unconvinced by his words. He hoped he wouldn’t try to pry further in his own matter.


He could feel Lucas’s watchful eyes on him, he supposed he couldn’t fool everyone that he was fine, someone would gradually find out about his matter that he tried to hide as much as he could. Lucas probably would confront him later alone; he just knew that he would do that.

 Kun supposes it was more comfortable for him to be confronted alone, he couldn’t handle the pressure of being watched by his friends’ gazes.

They were eating at some restaurant; it was his favorite restaurant. He liked Chinese food; it almost made him teared-eyed as he remembered his home, just from the smell and the taste of it. He was alone with Lucas, there’s only the two of them left inside the restaurant. As the rest of his friends seemed to sense that Lucas was trying to talk with him, alone.

Kun put his chopsticks down, as he lifted his head up from his bowl.

Across him, Lucas was smiling like usual, he gave him a glass of water. Nothing was wrong with any of it, though he almost choked as he heard what Lucas asked him.


He sputtered out, as he put down the glass of water; almost half of the water was wasted as he choked on it. He wiped away the remains of water on his lips and his chin, he looked at Lucas properly.

Lucas was giving him his usual goofy-smile, although his eyes weren't showing the usual playfulness, it seemed that Lucas was serious about this. With that he sat up straight, his eyes weren’t looking at Lucas’s own, it was darting left to right, while he was fiddling with the tissue that was on his hands.


“Kun-ge, are you alright?” Lucas’s voice was soft enough that he almost swayed by it, though his mind was telling him not to tell the younger anything. His heart was shaking, as Lucas told him that it was alright to talk, he said to him that he wouldn’t laugh or anything like that.


“I couldn’t…” He trailed off, as he scrunched up the tissue that was in his hand. His hands were trembling a little, as he couldn’t bring himself to talk about that.


He was startled by how close Lucas was with him, as he stood next to his seat. He looked up to Lucas, a smile was offered by the younger, he was comforting him with his hand that was on his shoulder.


“It’s fine, you don’t need to talk about it now, you can talk about it at your own pace, ge.”

Kun almost broke out in tears inside the restaurant, but he held it in, as it wasn’t an appropriate place to break down. He wiped away the threatening tears that almost trickled down, he gave Lucas his genuine smile as he nodded his head at the younger’s words.

“Yeah, you’re right,”

With that they exited the restaurant, even though Lucas couldn’t make Kun talk about his problems entirely. At least the older knew that he had his friends around him that could listen to him, they were genuinely worried about the older, even if they didn’t talk about it directly.



Chapter Text




He woke up like usual, he blinked his eyes slowly. Though he was confused, he couldn’t recognize where he was. He looked down that he was in some gown that he usually saw in the hospital. As he moved his body slightly, he could feel pain shot up to his entire body.

A groan of pain slipped from his lips, as he leaned back into the bed. He blinked his eyes a few times to stare at the ceiling, he entirely forgot his earlier thoughts.

As the door opened with a click, his eyes immediately darted onto the door. Once again, he tried to sit up properly, only to feel pain shot up once again. The nurse that came in immediately attended to him as she saw he was in pain.

The doctor was talking to him about his injuries? He squinted his eyes at the doctor as he heard every single word the doctor uttered, though as he heard it. He couldn’t comprehend what the doctor was talking about.

He could understand the word of injuries, but he couldn’t understand the next following words.

Something was wrong with him, but he doesn’t know what exactly is wrong with him. He could only stare at the doctor, as he waited for himself to understand. Though, as he waited and waited, the recognition didn’t come.

The doctor was talking about something once again, he shook his head, as he couldn’t understand.

With that, the doctor’s expression scrunched up and something akin to pity was on his expression. Jisung blinked his eyes at the expression, he tilted his head.

Then, his guardian came inside with tears trailing down her face, she hugged him as tears streamed down her face. He widened his eyes at her presence in the hospital, he was taken aback by how much tears she was letting out.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him. But, by how shaken his guardian was, it was probably quite bad.


“You are?”

“His guardian,”

“Oh, I see, I have some bad news,” The doctor said to Jisung’s guardian, with which the doctor gestured at his guardian to follow him. She smiled at Jisung and told Jisung to wait for her, he mumbled a “Yes,” to his older sister.


Jisung patiently waited for his sister, he hoped it wasn’t that bad. Because something was stirring in his gut, he was feeling uncomfortable as he lay down in the bed. He slowly moved his limbs slightly; he was feeling restless.

He hoped it wasn’t anything bad, he still needs to help his older brother and sister. They still hadn’t processed the fact that their parents passed away a few days ago. Then this accident befalls him, he doesn’t know how to cope with all of this.

The fact he couldn’t see his parents still hadn’t sunk in his mind.

He closed his eyes momentarily as he relaxed his stiff body on the bed. As he heard the door click open, he turned his head only to be greeted by a grief expression that was etched on his sister’s face. She covered her mouth with her hands, as her head was shaking slightly. Tears slowly rolled down her face, she took off her hands and held his hands in a tight grasp. Like she was afraid, he would disappear any moment she took her eyes off him.




His sister shook her head, “It’s nothing, Sung- ah ,” she quickly wiped away the tears, as she couldn’t let Jisung see her weak state like this, she needs to be strong for her brother. Though, all she could manage was a few chokes sound as she tried to stop crying.

Jisung gently wiped the tears away, a smile was etched on his lips. He seemed like he wanted to say something, but he was incapable of conveying those words.

“Let’s go home, Jisung- ah ,” she told Jisung as she finally calmed down, the rim of her eyes was red from all the tears, she smiled through the agony feeling she was going under. She wanted to continue bawling her eyes out, but she couldn’t as she remembered that she had Jisung to take care of.



The moment they stepped inside the house; it was deadly silent. There wasn’t any of them that talked, his older brother and sister were silent to each other. Though their eyes convey the emotions that they couldn’t talk about, his brother put his hand on his forehead as his eyes were pooled with tears.

Jisung could only watch his older brother’s emotional turmoil, as he couldn’t offer anything to comfort the older. He was incapable of speech as the result of the hit and run, he couldn’t even walk towards his brother as one of his legs had broken bones and was still in cast.

He clenched his fist as he was in a powerless state, he couldn’t even move his body if it wasn’t for the crutches. He bit his lips as he was in this state for who knows how long, he hoped he could recover from all of this quickly.

Though, he wasn’t sure he could get out of it without any permanent effects.


“Calm down, it wasn’t the end of the world,” her sister told her brother calmly, although from the tone of her voice, she was also on the edge of hysterical. She put her hands on his older brother’s shoulders, in an attempt to calm him down.

A sigh slipped out of his lips, “I know,” he paused momentarily to look at Jisung, “I’m just worried about Jisung’s future, how could he become a dancer now? Those dreams would stay as a dream, he couldn’t even walk properly now!” He slammed his hands on the table, making his sister flinch from the sudden action.

“I’m sorry,”

“It’s fine, I know you’re worried about Jisung’s future,”


Jisung watched the two of his older siblings, he knew from their conversation, it probably was about him. His lower lips wobbled as he was confused how to get out from this helpless situation, he clenched his fists quite hard almost to the point his knuckles turned white.


It was the third day, since that eventful day, where that resulted in him in this position. He couldn’t talk properly; all he could do was watch his friends talk to each other. He wasn’t even sure what they talked about; he was frustrated to the point he almost pulled his hair out.

He wanted to ask what they talked about, but he refrained from doing so and let himself enjoy the moments where he was surrounded by his friends. After all it’s been a while since he saw them, a smile was etched on his lips as he saw them coming into his house.

“Jisung- ah­,

That voice pulled him out from his deep thoughts, he smiled at him. Jaemin slowly ruffled his hair, like he usually does when they were in high school. Though, from those touches he knew that Jaemin was careful about his touches, as if he was afraid that he would break apart like a fragile glass.

Jisung looked at Jaemin, his gaze didn’t falter as he watched Jaemin’s face expression changed into something akin to awkward. As if he doesn’t know how to treat Jisung, he wanted to scream at them that he hadn’t changed at all.


“Oh, look at the time, we need to go,” Donghyuck exclaimed to the others, they deflated at the thought that they needed to leave Jisung alone.

“It’s fine, you guys could go, I’ll stay here for a little bit longer.” Chenle told the others, with a smile on his lips. They were quite reluctant to go, but their jobs were quite demanding and they couldn’t afford to miss out on their work.

They nodded their heads at Chenle’s words, they said their goodbyes and thanks to Jisung’s older sister, with that they left the house. Leaving Jisung alone with Chenle, they stay in an uncomfortable silence that makes Jisung fidgeted in his seat as he waits for Chenle to say something.

Anything, as to make the silence between them away. He couldn’t stand the silence, he liked how their voices sounded, even though he couldn’t understand any of their words anymore.

“So,” Chenle started as he looked at Jisung’s eyes, a smile was on his lips as an attempt to soften the awkward and uncomfortable atmosphere between themselves.

“Jisung,” Chenle’s eyes softened as he called the younger name, he seemed a little bit clueless how to start a conversation between himself and Jisung. As the younger couldn’t respond to his conversation properly.

“I know you’re frustrated, but I hope you’ll take your time, don’t worry we’d always by your side, just like your sister and brother,” he paused as he wrapped Jisung in his arms into a hug.

“We’ll always support you, so please take your time and recover properly alright?” He whispered to Jisung, as he was sure that Jisung would understand him. He didn’t even need to ask the younger whether he understood him or not, as Jisung’s eyes pooled with unshed tears.

He pulled away from Jisung, and let Jisung process all the words he just told him.


Jisung covered his mouth, as tears rolled down his cheeks. He couldn’t understand all of Chenle’s words, but he could get the gist of it. He couldn’t believe that his friends would still be by his side, even if he was like this.

It would take a long time before he could recover entirely. It wasn’t like he was guaranteed to recover, but he supposes he could try to as he still had his friends and siblings that supported him.


Even if the road was rocky, he could probably do anything as long he had his friends and family with him.




Chapter Text





He was standing still as he waited patiently at the long queue, he looked at his wrist watch and clicked his tongue. Feeling a little bit regretful that he went grocery shopping at this time, where it was usually crowded.

His eyes weren’t looking for anything, his eyes were darting to every direction, searching for something that he could watch for his own amusement momentarily. Though, he froze in the spot where he stood as his eyes caught the sight of a little child about five or six years old with an old man.

He figured that the old man was the child’s father, as the child didn’t protest as the old man kissed the child’s cheeks playfully. The child even giggled as their father kissed them on the cheek, it seemed like a harmless scene and probably it should be seen as a heartwarming scene for everyone that saw it.

Though it wasn’t like that for him, his entire body was breaking down in cold sweat as he recalled a horrific memory that he didn’t want to see again. His hands were shaking subtly, as he saw that view of the child with their father.

Cold sweat was breaking out, as he turned his head away from the view. He didn’t want to see that, his heart was hammering against his chest erratically, as if he just ran a marathon. He wanted to run away, but he knew he couldn’t as it was almost his turn in the long queue to pay for his groceries.

He needed to not break down in the supermarket, his hands were shaking to the point it was almost uncontrollably. He knew he was becoming a sight in the supermarket, even the person behind the cashier was watching him with a weird gaze.

His entire body was shaking, he was regretting that he came here alone without his boyfriend. He almost had a breakdown, he was quite sure if he was there for any longer, he would break out in tears.

He was inside the car, he already bought what he needed, but his entire body was still shaking. Tears rolled down onto his cheeks, as he sobbed quietly. He couldn’t get the picture out of his mind; it was still stuck and it replayed inside of his mind repeatedly.

Jaemin hated the way he was made into like this, it was just an innocent gesture not anything bad. But his mind couldn’t process that, his mind was already molded to think that was a perverted act. Not an innocent act where that child’s father only showed affection to his own child, whereas Jaemin was the passerby.

He covered his mouth as the urge to vomit surged up abruptly, his mind replayed his own horrific memories that he preferred to ignore. He rested his head on the drive wheel, as he took a deep breath and squished down the urge to throw up. He shook his head to remove those memories from his mind.

Jaemin shuddered as he tried his best to not think about it, he was trying to concentrate on driving the car. He tightened his grip onto the drive wheel, he was feeling the urge to bury his face into his boyfriend’s neck.

He couldn’t wait, he wanted to bury all those horrible memories as fast as he could.

The moment he arrived, he immediately closed the car and left the groceries inside as he couldn’t stand any longer without his boyfriend’s presence around him. He wanted to erase the remains of those horrific events from his mind, with that he concentrated to ignore everything else beside him.

As he saw him, he immediately wrapped his arms around his waist and buried his face in the crook of his neck. He didn’t answer his questions, he couldn’t be bothered to do that. He let himself be engulfed by his boyfriend’s warmth, as he felt he could breathe easily, he immediately pulled himself away from his boyfriend’s arms.


“Nana? Are you alright?”


He nodded his head, as he felt he couldn’t talk without stuttering if he opened his mouth now. His body was trembling slightly, but as his boyfriend put his hand on his arms the trembling stopped.

Jaemin couldn’t bring himself to talk about it, he just couldn’t talk about it once again. That single time was supposed to make him understand about his current condition, he took a single glance towards his boyfriend’s direction.

He immediately lowered his gaze once again as his own eyes met with his.

“Hyuck, I—"

Though, before he could utter a single word Donghyuck hushed him. He nodded his head in understanding, Jaemin didn’t even know that he held his breath in as he tried to explain himself. He breathed out in relief as he didn’t need to go through it once again.

He didn’t need to relieve those moments again; he didn’t need to. Donghyuck nodded his head and pulled him into his lap while wrapping his arms around his waist, he gently pulled Jaemin’s head to rest on his shoulder.

“It’s alright, I’m here, nobody would hurt you anymore,” He whispered to him, as his hand ran through his hair in a comforting way.


Jaemin believed Donghyuck’s words, he nodded his head and tightened his embrace.



Chapter Text



He shuddered as he felt sore on his entire body, he wasn’t supposed to fall down. He was just trying to reach out for his hat. It flew away as he walked on the balcony, he let out a ragged breath.

Feeling something was broken.

He closed his eyes, as he heard the crowd coming closer to him. He couldn’t hold on any longer, consciousness slipped away from his grasp. Blood was spreading into the pavement, staining his usual white clothes.

His hands were still reaching out for his hat, though he lay limply onto the pavement. He couldn’t move his body at all, thankfully the ambulance arrived in time. They carefully lifted Mark from the bloody pavement, without forgetting the hat Mark reached out.


Worry was etched on his friend’s expression, though at the same time he wasn’t amused that Mark let himself be injured just because of some hat. It’s not like it was the only hat he had, he had hats like that for around three or four pieces?

It was quite ridiculous really, but it was quite shocking that Mark did this. Usually he was the sensible one, he would be rational and say, “It was just a hat, nothing important.” But by how Mark risked his life for something random like this.

He supposed the hat held significant feeling for Mark himself, and he couldn’t let it go just like that.



A voice that wasn’t above whisper called his name; he turned his head around to see Mark already gained his consciousness. He was forcing himself to sit up on the bed, though Jungwoo shook his head and told him to stay and lay down.

“W—where’s my hat?”

A sigh slipped out between his lips, as he heard the first question Mark threw was about his hat. He didn’t even blink an eye at his own current condition, he reluctantly gave the hat to Mark.


Mark croaked out, as his hands were fiddling with the hat, a smile was back on his lips. He was curious why Mark would go that far for a hat.

He supposed he could keep those questions to himself, and ask about it later when Mark already recovered from his broken bones. Even if he was almost dying of curiosity, he sat down as he watched Mark.



Chapter Text



He was caught off guard, he struggled against the foreign hands on him. He even screams out for help, though it wasn’t heard by anyone. He was in a quiet place, where there wasn’t even a single person on the pavement besides him.

He cursed his carelessness; he supposes he never predicted that he would be kidnapped.

He let out a scream, he struggled against his captor, he was quite sure that he kicked someone in the balls, because he heard a painful groan. He was blindfolded and his mouth muffled against his will, He screamed against the piece of cloth on his mouth.

It wasn’t like that piece of cloth would stop him from screaming his throat out.

He would make sure anyone would hear, though he supposes all of his effort was futile. As he was taken into a remote place, where there would be nobody that could hear his cry of help. Without any reason he felt his eyes were closing against his will, he cursed internally as they tried to make him lose his consciousness.

He fought tooth and nail to stay conscious, but unfortunately, he closed his eyes, forced by his own body.


The moment he opened his eyes, he was tied up onto a chair. His hands were bound on the back of the chair, his lips turned into a smirk.


His captor rolled their eyes, though a gun was in their hand and it was pointed in his direction. They didn’t say anything, though they still pointed their guns at him. He wasn’t sure why they would be afraid of him; he was relatively harmless.

Just as he was about to say something sarcastic, he was just a bit too late.


“And cut!”


He pursed his lips and rolled his eyes at the voice of the film director; he was feeling that he was in the climax of the scene. The director’s voice just makes him lose his cool, he was just about to come into another great acting of his.

And the director just ruined it, he huffed as the staff untied the rope, he rubbed his wrists in irritation, his eyes were focused on the director’s back. His face scrunched up in annoyance, though before he could approach the director, his manager immediately pulled him back.

His manager; Kun let out a breath of relief as he just prevented a disaster from occurring, he rubbed his chest as he took a deep breath. A reprimanding look was already on his expression as he narrowed his eyes at Hendery.

“You,” a sigh slipped out of Kun’s lips as he hung his head low and shook it lightly, as he couldn’t believe Hendery’s action.

He knew if he didn’t restrain Hendery, he would surely ask the director for a fight and he would win, he knew it would let the rage out, but it also means Hendery wouldn’t get any part in any dramas or movies for three or four years.

Kun pinched the bridge of his nose, as he felt stress from handling him. He supposes he needs to be grateful that he wasn’t the one handling Ten, he already could hear Johnny complaints about how picky Ten was from afar.

“Please be more careful, you’re an actor Guanheng,”

Hendery pouted and put up an innocent expression, as if he wasn’t planning for a murder a few moments ago. Kun shook his head and huffed, feeling that it was out of his control. He put his hands up, as he was already out of ideas on how to make sure Hendery stayed in line.


“Fine, you could glare at him all you want, but you couldn’t do anything more than that,” with that he compromises with the young actor, immediately as those words slipped out of his mouth. A gleam that wasn’t there a few moments ago, makes its appearance on the younger’s eyes.


Kun almost regretted his words, as Hendery wasn’t even trying to be secretive about his glare. He outrightly glared at the director’s back, but fortunately there wasn’t anyone that noticed this except for Kun.




Chapter Text



It was tense inside the house, that he wasn’t sure where he could sit down. Almost all of them were throwing sharp gazes towards him, though for exception the leader of the coven. He was giving him the kindest smile he ever got since he was turned into a vampire, though as the leader showed his fangs, he retreated back a little bit.

He was torn between the choices; he didn’t want to make hasty decisions. He was afraid he would be torn apart by their fangs and nails as he made his decision. He turned his eyes towards his companion, who was also a newly turned vampire.

A smile was on his lips, as he felt his eyes on him.

“Sungchan? You’re nervous?”

He wanted to deny Shotaro’s words, but he knew the others would smell his fear and hesitation.

Slowly he nodded his head, even though he was reluctant to admit it. He wasn’t supposed to show his fear towards them, he needed to show that he was worthy to be here. Even if he begged them to turn him in.

A chuckle could be heard among them, he could swear that he heard clearly right next to his supersensitive hearing. As he turned his head, he could feel a brush of air running through his hair. He supposes it was the older vampire that did that.

He almost missed it, but he could hear a reprimanding, with a nonchalant reply.

Sungchan almost forgot that inside the house there were only vampires, he knew every each of them heard that, but not even an inch their expression changed.

He supposes they would be used to their actions, or even they were already bored by their own pranks. He shrugged his shoulders internally, as he could understand that they were feeling bored and their presence; as a newly turned vampire probably helped to keep themselves entertained before they were bored again.

“Well, sit down then,”

Sungchan wanted to ask the leader where he should sit down, but he couldn’t voice out his thoughts, he bit his lips and decided to stick with wherever Shotaro sat down.

Though, as he turned his head, he was shocked that Shotaro already left him and sat with another vampire, he seemed so close to the vampire that he almost let out a shocked expression.

With a disappointed feeling, he was left out by Shotaro. He decided to sit between the leader and the youngest(?) there.

He was quite nervous, he was afraid that he was choosing a dangerous position, he hoped he didn’t do anything wrong and offend anyone in his decision. He sat down and was taken aback by the smile that was offered to him.


“Well, that’s a little bit anticlimactic,”


A murmur of agreements could be heard inside the small room, he furrowed his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes as he heard it. He didn’t know what this bunch of vampires expected of him and Shotaro, did they expect a little bit of conflict?

“Boring! I really hoped for something fun!”

“Hmph, didn’t I tell you not to expect anything, Donghyuck?”

A loud sigh slipped out of Donghyuck’s lips, in the process of that he flashed his fangs towards Sungchan. He leaned backwards as he saw Donghyuck’s gaze on him, he felt uncomfortable as Donghyuck stared at him for a long time and it was even more disturbing as vampires didn’t need to blink their eyes.

“Hyuck, stop that,”

“But, Hyung!”

“No, that’s quite disturbing, blink your eyes,”

“Johnny- Hyung,


With that Johnny pulled Donghyuck back into his seat, almost forcefully. Sungchan let out a breath of relief internally, as he was safe from Donghyuck’s scrutinized gaze. He hoped that they couldn’t smell his momentary fear.

A grimace was on the leader’s lips, though a smile replaced those grimaces as he turned to face Sungchan.

“Well, what do you think about staying here?”

He was quite speechless, he couldn’t utter a single word, as he saw that interaction earlier. It seemed usual and not out of place, he was sure that he would see that everyday if he stayed with them.

It seemed fit for him, after all he never felt anything ordinary in his human life, maybe in this one he could experience it. Without any interference or threat to his life, he didn’t have any mundane life anymore after all.

This one would be eternal and he had time to personally know each of them, if they let him.


“Sure, I’ll stay,”


A smile immediately showed onto the leader's lips, “Great! My name’s Taeyong by the way, and the one next to you—”

“Jisung, that’s my name.”

Sungchan blinked his eyes as he was caught off guard by Jisung’s deep voice, he almost wanted to ask if Jisung was the youngest here. But before he could ask about it, Taeyong beat him into it.

“Yeah, he’s the youngest around here, in terms of turning.”

“Ah,” he exclaimed as he nodded his head, “So, who’s the oldest then?”

“That would be Taeil, followed by Johnny, me and Yuta.”

Sungchan nodded his head in understanding, and made a note about it in his head. He hoped that he wouldn’t offend any of them, though he doubted that he could offend them as they were the oldest around here.

He would be most likely offending the youngest side around here, as they probably would be still quite immature like Donghyuck, though he was sure that Donghyuck did that to make sure that the oldest side would still pay attention to him.

Sungchan could conclude that with him and Shotaro as an addition to this coven, it probably felt like they had another sibling or anything like that.

Without any warning, Taeyong clapped his hands and immediately everybody's attention was on him, a satisfied smile was on his lips.


“Well, with this, we welcomed Shotaro and Sungchan in the coven.”


He clapped his hands once again, and in a blink of an eye a glass of wine filled with fresh blood could be seen on the table. It looked like a festive event, but he supposes for the vampires it was a party, it wasn’t quite often that people would handle the pain under the turning.

Sungchan was a little bit hesitant to take the wine glass, but another vampire encouraged him, he was looking like an angel, and he was almost sure that his eyes were wrong.

“Take it, you need it, I’m Jaemin by the way,”

With that he took the glass, he took a sniff at the blood and furrowed his eyebrows as he could smell wine from the drink. He looked at Jaemin expectantly, he hoped for him to explain about the smell. Though, the vampire only shrugged his shoulders and looked at Johnny.

“Do I need to ask him?”

“Well,” he sipped his wine, with half-lidded eyes he smiled at him, “If you want to know, you need to ask the man behind this idea.”

Sungchan almost regretted his curiosity, with the glass in his hand, he stalked towards Johnny. As he laughed boisterously with a short vampire, they seemed to be laughing at some jokes though he didn’t recognize any of the jokes.


Immediately Johnny and the short vampire stopped their conversation, a smile was etched on Johnny’s lips, “Oh, Sungchan!”

“Sungchan, what do you need? Oh yeah, I’m Ten by the way,”

“Um, yeah, I want to ask about this drink?”

A wide grin immediately etched on his lips, as he was proud about the drink. He was quite sure that if Ten didn’t hold his hand up to Johnny, the tall vampire would rant about how he was proud about the drink and how it helped about his yearning for wine.


Sungchan sighed as Ten only a little bit late a second, as Johnny started to rant about his love for wine and coffee. He decided to hear about all of it, as it seemed interesting to hear Johnny talk about it animatedly.


He stood there with a smile while nodding his head, completely immersed by Johnny’s stories.



Chapter Text



A frown was etched in his lips as he saw that his older friends seemed to be having a bad day, they even had a matching sad expression that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

He thought they were joking around with him, but as he sat down, they didn’t even bat an eye at him. The atmosphere around them didn’t even budge a little bit with his presence, with that he could get a grasp about the situation.

Although it was still a little bit vague, he hoped he could comfort them a little bit as their friends if not more. An exasperated sigh slipped out of Taeyong’s mouth, he seemed bummed by what happened.

He wanted to ask the older about what happened, though before the question could slip out, Yuta already beat him into it. A flat expression was on Yuta’s face, he put his hand under his chin as he propped up his face.

“You really wanted to know?”

Mark nodded his head, “Of course, I need to know so I can help you guys,” he told him with a serious expression. He even pushed his face closer to Yuta’s own to tell the older that he cared more than he showed.

Yuta sighed, he relaxed his body and leaned back with his hands on the side, he seemed tired and felt that it was quite pointless to talk about. Mark knows about that, but if Taeyong looked this bummed and moping around it must be quite important.

Though, as he looked for Johnny, he seemed okay, well, maybe on second thought, he wasn’t.

Johnny seemed like he was determined to break someone’s skull any moment now, those hands were holding a metal spoon and it was bending into another thing entirely, that made his eyes go wide.

Feeling unprepared for his older friends’ sudden change, he didn’t know what was wrong, what made them like this. What rumor did they hear again, last time they were like this was because of his rumor about him… what was it? He already forgot about it; he never paid any attention to rumors.

It was something unimportant and mostly false facts about him.

He didn’t remember what it was, but at the time Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta almost let hellfire down in the campus, it seemed funny to him. As they were searching for the people that let that rumor start, they ripped every person they met.

And at last, they found the person, but they let him go, as it was just a little jealous kid. They scolded him until the kid burst into tears, though his friends didn’t even comfort the kid and let him run away.

Probably they already felt that it was enough.

Mark let out a giggle as he recalled back the memories, it was quite funny. Taeyong stopped his moping and looked at Mark weirdly, he blinked his eyes twice as he couldn’t understand what he was laughing about.

Yuta lifted one of his eyebrows at the sight, though he didn’t say anything. Even Johnny stopped what he was doing and looked at Mark with an incredulous expression, he held up his finger as if to say something but he held himself back as Mark seemed to enjoy something funny inside his mind.

He took a deep breath as he couldn’t hold back. He let out a big laugh, he looked at his friends, and their stares made him embarrassed. A pink blush dusted his cheeks, “Sorry,” he muttered out as he hung his head low in embarrassment.

Wide smiles were etched on his friends’ lips, “Nah it’s okay, it was refreshing to hear your laugh,” Yuta told him as he ruffled Mark’s hair. Johnny and Taeyong came closer to his seat and sandwiched him in the middle, he struggled against their bodies. It was too crowded to his liking.

“Hey, come on move a little, would you? I feel like I couldn’t even breathe with how little space it was.”

Mark complained, as he pushed Taeyong and Johnny away slightly to make space between them. Taeyong laughed, “C’mon Markie, y’know we love you right?” he even wrapped his arm around Mark’s waist as he rested his head on Mark’s shoulder.

As Taeyong uttered those words, the atmosphere around them seemed uncomfortable to him. He pulled back his shirt collar a little bit, as he felt like he was choked by the air around him. Yuta was staring at him expectantly; he was unsure how to handle the sudden confession.

It was quite funny, how the conversation flow changed, it was literally just a few minutes ago they were just about to talk about the reason for their bad day, and suddenly it turned into a confession.

Mark’s cheeks flushed red; he was rendered speechless by the sudden flow of their conversation. His eyes darted to each of them, they were smiling at him, but he knew they were also nervous about his answer.

He bit his lower lips, as he once again hid his face from their view with his hands.

Under the cover of his hands, he internally screams as he couldn’t believe his own ears. He never thought this day would come to him, he already thought they would always think of him as their younger friend only.

“Mark?” Yuta called his name softly, he gently pulled Mark’s hands away so he could see the younger’s face. He shook his head as he saw tears pooled on Mark’s eyes, it seemed like he almost cried but he held himself back.

“Why are you crying?” Johnny asked Mark, he gently wiped the tears away, he wrapped his arms around Mark’s shoulder. Mark shook his head, “N—nothing, it’s probably dust that makes my eyes teary,” that was Mark’s explanation, though Taeyong, Yuta and Johnny weren’t buying the lie. They already knew that Mark was just like that, he was quite emotional.

“And the answer for your question, Hyung, ” Mark pointed his index finger at Taeyong’s face, the man jerked his face away from the finger, he blinked his eyes a few times at Mark as he waited for the younger to continue his sentence.

“Yeah, I know that you guys love me,”

A smile on Mark’s lips as he finished his sentence, he pulled back his hand from Taeyong’s direction. With a satisfied smile, he leaned onto Johnny that was on his right side.

Yuta chuckled, he leaned forward and ruffled Mark’s hair with a smile, “Of course, who wouldn’t love you?” Taeyong also joined in and ruffled Mark’s hair, while Mark jerked away from the touches as he felt their hands were heavy on his head.

“Stop it,” he told them while pushing their hands away, though they still didn’t stop, they only laughed and continued to ruffle his hair.


“So, are we boyfriends now?”

“Yup,” “Yes,” “Absolutely,”


Well, he thought nothing would happen, unfortunately nothing was going well for him. As he heard someone’s conversation about his new boyfriends, and what he heard about it makes his eyes wide in surprise.

He was quite sure that he almost got a heart attack at the spot, so he immediately listened to the conversation carefully and remembered those words about them.


“Did you know Mark?”

“Yeah, that one kid, right?”

“Right, I heard from my friend that, he was treated as a bet,”

“W—what? By who?”

“Y’know, his current boyfriends, my friend heard that they talked about Mark as a dare,”

“Did that mean they never actually see him as a friend or boyfriend?!”

“I don’t know, but I hope Mark will be okay.”


Mark pulled himself away from the conversation, he felt his heart breaking into small pieces, he scrunched up his nose and closed his eyes. He pinched the bridge of his nose, as he hung his head low. He held back the tears, he couldn’t let himself cry, even if he knew that it hurt as hell.

It seemed like he was illusioned by the image of them, he was too deep in those pink-tinted glasses and he couldn’t see the fact that they never even thought of him as a friend…

He clenched his fist, he let his hands punching the wall, it hurts but he couldn’t bottle up those feelings now. He felt like he could blow up any moment now, his heart was aching with pain. He wanted to scream his throats out, and if he could, he would want to land a punch in his friends’ faces.

After all this time, they never even thought of him as a friend, more so when they asked him as a boyfriend. They probably thought him as an easy guy, he was easy to lie to, he seemed too weak in their mind.


As he walked to their usual table, he put up his usual smile, he couldn’t look wrong or out of place, he needed to act like usual, nothing was wrong. Except he had something to talk about with the three of them, he clenched his knuckles hard until it went white.

“Markie! How’s your day?”

Yuta’s voice just made himself angrier, he almost let out his rage a little bit. He huffed, as he couldn’t let it show for a moment, he needed to let it out the moment he asked about the matter. He didn’t want to make trouble, but if he asked about it and they were having difficulties to answer them.

He was already sure that he would at least punch them in the face.


“It’s fine,” He answered it curtly, he was already in a bad mood as he sat down with them. He couldn’t believe that he let himself be lied to like this, he supposes he needs to believe what Donghyuck told him at the first time.

He sighed, as he sat down with them, he lifted his head up and prepared himself mentally, he hoped it wasn’t the truth, he hoped it was all just a bad rumor.


“So, I heard that you all had a bet about me.”


Immediately as the words slipped out of his mouth, the situation around him became tense, even the easy-going Johnny became stiff in his seat. He turned to face Mark with an awkward smile, it seemed that his words were hitting the right place.

With that, in a blink of an eye, he stood up from his seat and picked up his bag walking away from them. He didn’t need to say anything, he didn’t have anything to say to them. He was feeling betrayed, but he supposes he didn’t need to feel that, after all they were never on his side in the first place.

He stopped in the middle of his step, he didn’t turn his head around, afraid that he would impulsively attack them. From a distance, he told them a piece of his mind.

“I thought, the three of you as good friends and later boyfriends,” he sighed, “But I suppose I couldn’t believe anything here, everything could be bended by your honeyed words after all.”


“Mark! It’s nothing like that,”


He heard that, but he didn’t stop walking until he was far, far from their reach. He couldn’t bear to see their faces for now, feeling betrayed and had his heart broken into pieces.





Chapter Text



A gentle touch on his face woke him up, he immediately sat up into his usual posture. He didn’t even realize that he was inside the medical room, he was too focused on the touch that woke him up.

His eyes were still blank, it seems that his action was only a reflex. That it was ingrained deep inside his mind, that he unconsciously did it. Slowly the man beside him pushed him back down to the bed and closed his eyes.

“How’s his condition?”

The man looked at the voice direction, “Still unconscious,” he told him with a grimace on his lips, “I don’t know when he would wake up, Xuxi.”

Lucas’s expression darkened, he clenched his fist, “Couldn’t you give me an estimate, Win-ge?” he put his hands on Winwin’s shoulder, he shook the older’s body with a desperate expression written all over his face.

Winwin turned his face away, lips turned into a thin line, “I don’t know, even if you tried to force me, I genuinely don’t know Xuxi, all we can do is hope for Xiaojun’s speedy recovery.” The older put his hand on Lucas’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort the younger, then he pushed Lucas away to put some distance between themselves.

He hung his head low as he heard Winwin’s words, he knew that Winwin was telling him nothing but the truth, but he just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea Xiaojun would stay lying in the bed for who knows how long.

His knuckles went white with how tight he clenched his fists; he was confused and felt out of place without Xiaojun. Maybe if he just a little bit faster responding to his calls, he could probably help him much faster.

He cursed the fact that Xiaojun was the only member that knew Ten’s place, not even Kun knew about Ten whereabouts. They already swore they would protect Ten from those bad guys, he never knew what those people wanted with Ten.

What was so special with Ten, that made him being chased by those people. He wanted to know, what about him that made him to be a secret that only Xiaojun held onto.

He supposes, he needs to ask about it to Xiaojun himself as Ten were in hiding. Kun, their own leader even didn’t know, it was top secret. He needed to know, but he was quite sure even if he asked about it genuinely to Xiaojun. He wouldn’t tell him anything about it, he was a secretive person.

He’s the best person to hold those secrets.


Even before he could finish his sentence, Winwin already shook his head. With a cold expression on his face, he furrowed his eyebrows as if to say “No” to Lucas’s curious expression sternly. He even crossed his arms, Lucas couldn’t understand why Winwin would stop him.

Well, he knew the risk, he could get killed by his leader; Kun.

But he needed to know, he just couldn’t let Xiaojun waste his life in bed without doing anything. If he even did purely recovery, it would take a long time before he could do his job like usual. He would need adjustment, more so if he had a brain injury.




That voice makes him turn around, just as he expected it was their leader, Kun. He had a regretful expression, but he still had a stern expression written on his face as he faced Lucas. They stared at each other before Kun broke the silence between them with a tired sigh.

“I don’t know what to do with you,” he muttered as he sat down next to Xiaojun’s bed, he gently grabbed Xiaojun’s hand and grasped it. He lifted his head up to see Lucas, only to sigh once again. He shook his head as he took a deep breath.

“Do you really want to know about it so bad?”

“Yes, I need to know.”

Kun shook his head at Lucas’s stubbornness, “It wouldn’t do for you to know, Xiaojun also wouldn’t want you to know.” Lucas tilted his head to one side as he heard that, he was confused why his friend wouldn’t want him to know? Was it that bad or horrendous for him to keep it to himself, or was it something else?


Before he could utter more words, Xiaojun’s groan cut him off his words. He was more focused on Xiaojun, as he suddenly gained his consciousness. Lucas was surprised by how Xiaojun gained his consciousness.

Xiaojun blinked his eyes a few times, a groan slipped out between his lips as he moved his body. He seemed in pain, immediately Winwin that stood in the sideline came to Xiaojun’s side and gave him painkillers.

A few seconds passed by and Xiaojun could sit up in the bed more easily without the unnecessary pain, he looked at Lucas and Kun that were on the left and right side of his bed. Confusion written all over his face, as he didn’t expect Kun to be in the medical room.

“Kun-ge, your expression was so serious, what are the two you were talking about?”

Kun seemed hesitant to tell Xiaojun what they were about to talk about, Winwin saw this and immediately explained the situation to the just conscious Xiaojun, as he heard Winwin’s explanation, his expression immediately changed and his expression hardened.

He scrunched up the blanket on his lap, he didn’t even look at Lucas and only looked at Kun’s direction. He seemed disappointed and a little bit afraid, his hands were shaking subtly, that Lucas couldn’t even notice it.

For exception Winwin, because he was the doctor inside the room.

“I—I, Lucas, why do you want to know?” He stammered out, as he grips onto the blanket tighten, he was quite sure if he pulled the blanket too strong, he would rip it into two. He hung his head low as he couldn’t bear to look into Lucas’s innocent expression.

His friend didn’t know what he went through, the horror he went through when he realized his decision to know Ten, he was burdened and he couldn’t tell anyone about it. If he didn’t want to risk his life, he was quite chained into something.

“I just want to know; I don’t want you to risk your life for something pointless.”

A toneless laugh slipped out between Xiaojun’s lips; he covered his eyes as he couldn’t bear to see Lucas’s expression. He was quite mortified by how innocent Lucas was, he almost wanted to yell at the man to just mind his business and don’t stick to his own.

But instead of yelling and screaming, all that came out of him was tears.

“Please Xuxi, I couldn’t tell you,”

Xiaojun’s voice wasn’t above whispering, his voice even was shaking as he told Lucas that. He covered his face as he couldn’t let Lucas see him in his weak condition, tears couldn’t stop trailing down his cheeks.

It seemed unstoppable, he still cried, a sob came out as he couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Please Xuxi,” His voice was begging at the man to stop prying into the matter, it wasn’t worth it to know about it. He was even scared as he knew about Ten, he didn’t even try to know about the short man. But it seemed he was picked by the man as the secret holder.

As he knew the secret, his life seemed to be snatched away from him. Every person that tried to go into Ten’s place needed to know about the place’s name, and unfortunately Xiaojun was the one that knew about the name’s place in this city.

With that Xiaojun’s misfortune seemed to be endless, though he never complained and never even complained to Ten. He seemed resigned to his own fate; it wasn’t like he could undo what Ten already did to him.

“Alright then, if you say so, I wouldn’t try to find out about it anymore, I promise.”

With that Xiaojun calmed down, as he heard Lucas uttered that promise. He let out a breath of relief, as Lucas just avoided some misfortune that was coming into his way. He nodded his head and smiled at Lucas, “That’s good, I hope you’ll keep your promise.”


“He will,” Kun told Xiaojun, while holding Xiaojun’s hand in an attempt to comfort the younger, a smile was on his lips as he looked at Xiaojun in a reassuring way.



Chapter Text



He was one of top dancers around the world, though without warning he abruptly lost the passion he had in his dancing. It was making him frustrated, as he couldn’t get any inspiration. He wasn’t even moved to choreograph dance anymore.

As he felt this, he was getting desperate to feel the drive once again.

He did everything he could do to get something, anything to make his body again with his previous passion. Though it was pointless to do, nothing moved his heart and body. He stared at his own reflection with hatred, he hated how he lost his passion in dancing.

He felt the need to do something, to feel those burning passions of his once again.

Those eyes of his didn’t even hold any of his previous passion, it was as if he was another person entirely. A person that never held dance as his passion, someone that seemed didn’t have any purpose in his life.

He clenched his hand; he slammed his hands on the mirror. Afraid that this feeling would linger for a long time inside his heart, he shook his head as he tried to stay positive.

Ten mumbled to himself, “I’ll get through this momentary phase,” he repeated those words to himself, he tried to assure himself that he would get over this. He could get through this difficult time, as long as he tried his best.


That was what he told to himself all the time, but as the time passed by, nothing changed.

He was still stuck; nothing could move his heart and body. He knew that his co-workers already talked about him, they talked about how he would retire from the company and spend his time resting in his own home.

He wanted to refute all of those remarks about him, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it, he knew that he already felt tired, everything about his dance looked sluggish. More so about his eyes, every time he moved his limbs, he looked soulless.

Nothing like the first time he showcased his talent.

He supposes, he felt tired from all the dancing. Ten shook his head at the thought, he still hadn't done enough dancing, he still felt the need to show the world that he could still dance. He wouldn’t ever stop dancing, he still loved to dance.

Ten sighed as he leaned back onto the wall, he opened the bottle in his hand. Though, he stopped in the middle of his action as he watched another dancer practicing. He seemed so excited, there’s power and energy in every movement of his.

He looked at the man in awe, as he watched him practice, the bottle in his hand abandoned as he observed the other dancer carefully. He watched him with awe inside, he couldn’t believe there’s someone like the other dancer.

As the other stopped dancing, he immediately approached the other dancer with a smile on his lips. He was astonished by how his body moved, every movement looked like he put his entire heart and soul on it.

He wanted to be like that once again.


“Hey, you looked so amazing!”

The other dancer smiled and a small laugh slipped his lips, he seemed shy from hearing Ten’s complement. He even scratched the back of his head looking a little bit lost with the sudden compliment, “Thanks, Ten,”

Ten was taken aback that the other dancer knew his name, “Oh, you know my name?”

The other dancer tilted his head in confusion, “Of course, you’re famous! Everyone in this company knows your name!” he said with an incredulous tone, he seemed confused by Ten’s question.

He scratched the back of his head, as he was surprised by the other dancer’s tone. He never noticed that he was that famous all he did was focusing on his dance career after all. As he recalled back, he never interacted or mingled with his co-workers quite often, well he had a few dancers that he could call friends, but he never hung out with them. He was so busy focusing on his career that he neglected his social life entirely.

Though, never mind all of those unnecessary memories, he needed to know the difference between him and this dancer.

“…Okay, what’s your name?”



Ten nodded his head, “Yeah you, what’s your name?”

“I’m Shotaro,”

Ten nodded his head, as he got the dancer’s name. He immediately recalled those moves that Shotaro did, he didn’t know why, but the moment his eyes landed on Shotaro. Something inside his heart seemed unlocked in a blink of an eye.

Is it an inspiration? It seems that the answer to that question is a big yes.

It feels like he was underwater a few moments ago. But the moment he saw Shotaro, everything changed, something about his presence changed something inside him.

He felt like he could choreograph a new move now, something about Shotaro gave something akin to an impact to his state. It feels like just yesterday, he feels afraid about his hollow state. Afraid that he couldn’t do his passion anymore.

But it all changed the moment he laid his eyes on Shotaro’s dance.

His dance ignited his passion once again, it helped him quite much. He needs to invite Shotaro to dinner sometimes or pretty much anything to pay his presence in his life.


“Well, Shotaro, do you want to have dinner with me?”




Chapter Text



It was a rainy day the moment it happened; he couldn’t understand but at the same time he could understand. His heart aches as he recalls Yuta’s expression, his smiles expressed so much happiness.

He clenched his fists as he remembered Yuta’s last words to him.


“Please be happy for me,”


Those words made his nonexistent heart ache badly, it throbbed under his chest, something seemed stuck in his chest and he couldn’t get it out. He sat down with tiredness that was on his shoulder, burdened him in every step he took.

He shook his head as he couldn’t get those images out of his head, he stared at his hands that were trembling quite hard. He put his hands together as a flash of memories about Yuta surfacing back, he shook his head as he wasn’t supposed to remember the man.


“Winwin!” that cheerful voice pulled him out of his deep thoughts, as he turned his head around, he was greeted by the sight of Yuta waving his hand.

He seemed cheerful enough that he wouldn’t doubt anything, probably everything in his life was alright. Nothing seemed out of place or were alarming for him to do anything. Though, he could see that Yuta seemed tired more than usual.

Even his smile seemed to lack its usual luster, his shoulder slumped as he sat next down to him. With that he slowly pushed his meal towards Yuta’s direction, because he seemed starved. His cheeks sunken in a little bit, not to an alarming extent but still that made him worried a bit.

“Hyung, what happened to you?”

As he addressed the problem, Yuta seemed to pretend to not hear his words. Though, as he reached out to touch Yuta’s face, he flinched as if he was afraid he would inflict physical violence. Immediately he pulled back his hand as it just burned from a simple touch.

He was worried about Yuta’s condition, he wanted to ask what’s wrong. But it seemed that he couldn’t help Yuta, if the man didn’t want to be helped. With that in mind, he let Yuta go as he couldn’t make the older man change his mind to tell him what was happening to him.

Yuta gave him a smile, though he knew he was feeling uncomfortable as he tried to address the problem. Yuta seemed to try to keep it to himself, although he knew at some point Yuta would need to actually tell him.

He couldn’t keep it to himself for any longer. He would eventually break down from the keep piling problem. At that time, he hoped Yuta wouldn’t ask him anything difficult to fulfill.

Though, it seems he wished for something impossible.

Yuta asks him about something ridiculous that he never even imagined. He stared at the older incredulously, he couldn’t believe his ears. Someone as strong as Yuta requested something hard to fulfill.


"Could you do it?”


Winwin stared at Yuta, as he asked of him something so difficult to fulfill. He wanted to say he couldn’t, but as he saw how desperate Yuta was. He contemplates whether he should fulfill it or not. He knew if he refused Yuta’s request, the older would ask about it to someone else.

With a heavy heart, he nodded his head, “I could,” he didn’t even need to ask whether the older were sure or not, he already seemed so determined to have him do it. He wanted to turn Yuta away earlier, though he knew Yuta would do it whether he was there or not.

It seemed more kind if he was there to see the older in his last moment.


He closed his eyes momentarily as he heard his voice, he felt like he shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t be doing this; he should stop Yuta from doing something foolish. Not helping him like this, he was stuck in a hard place. As he knew the older were quite stubborn and wouldn’t stop.


He replied back, as he finally opened his eyes only to see the older already prepared. Yuta shuddered as Winwin put his hand on waist and the back of his head. He relaxed his entire body in Winwin’s hold.

“I’m sorry that I asked you this,”

Yuta whispered to him, Winwin closed his eyes for a second as he heard that. He wanted to say that he didn’t need to be sorry, he would do anything to make the older man happy. Though, it seems pointless at this point if he did say that.

His fangs already bared, without any warning he punctured Yuta’s neck. He immediately drank Yuta’s blood and sucked the blood, just like they agreed to. But this time, he wouldn’t stop at all, he would drink from Yuta until the last drop of his blood.

Yuta’s hands that were on the back of his head and shoulder slowly loosened, as his strength slowly seeped out. A smile was on his lips as all he saw was blinding white light, he lay limp in Winwin’s hold.

“Sicheng-ie,” his voice wasn’t above whisper and almost went unheard, Winwin listened to Yuta’s words carefully as this would be the last time he would hear the older voice.

“Please be happy for me,” Those words were Yuta’s last words, he waited and waited for Yuta to continue his sentence only to realize that he already sucked Yuta until the last drop of his blood. As he realized that he pulled Yuta’s body closer, he didn’t want to be separated from the older.


“You’re so selfish Hyung,”


He muttered with tears of blood streamed down his face, his voice shaking as he stained Yuta’s torso with his tears of blood. He pulled Yuta’s hands and left a chaste kiss on top of his hand. He couldn’t bring himself to leave and bury Yuta’s body, he couldn’t do it.

He was still too attached to the older man.

It was painful to do this, but what could he do when it was Yuta’s own request? He couldn’t possibly deny the last request, it was the last thing he could do for him.




Chapter Text



He was standing in front of Taeyong’s dress room, he paced back and forth in front of the door. He bit his thumb as he was nervous. It was his first time; he didn’t want to make a bad impression in front of Taeyong.


And if he actually did make a bad impression, he would probably bury himself in embarrassment.


He shook his head as he tried to take those thoughts away from his head, he didn’t need to make himself worry more than he already did. He only needs to focus on how he should present himself in front of Taeyong.




He lifted his head up as he heard his name was called; he panicked a little bit as he wasn’t prepared to be called. Though he didn’t show any of it, he needed to be professional, he had his entire career at stake.

“It’s me,” he responded to the call. He hoped that his voice didn’t sound like he was nervous. He needed to be in top shape, he couldn’t let this opportunity slip away from his grasp. He stood up as he was told to come inside to Taeyong's dress room.

He felt pressured as he came inside the room, he felt like his entire body could combust any moment now. Though, as his eyes landed on Taeyong, he was quite disappointed. Someone actually put on makeup on Taeyong, and it didn’t even suit his face.

Taeyong looked like a clown, and he meant it.

He sighed as he saw it, though he didn’t comment on it. Because it wasn’t his place to comment on the make-up, all he needed to do was put on some clothes for Taeyong. It was his job and make up wasn’t on his job desk

Though, as he walked back and forth, he just couldn’t help staring at Taeyong’s make-up. He hoped that Taeyong didn’t notice his stare, he grimaced internally as he could get a good look of Taeyong’s horrible make-up.

He really wanted to scold anybody that actually had the nerve to ruin that perfect face.

It was as if a child were playing make-up with their mother’s cosmetics. His hands itched to erase those make-up, and put on those make-up himself.

“You’re Hendery, right?”

Hendery lifted his head up from the pile of clothes, he looked around only to find Taeyong smiled at him. He was panicking inside as he wasn’t prepared to hear Taeyong’s voice, he almost muttered something incoherent. Though Taeyong saved him, with a small laugh.

He let out a breath of relief silently, “Yeah, that’s me,”

Taeyong nodded his head, a thoughtful expression was on his face. Then the corner of his lips quivered a little, “I saw you were staring at me from the start, do I look horrible?”

He was at a loss how to respond to that question, he wanted to tell the truth but he was afraid he would hurt Taeyong’s feelings.

“It’s alright you could say the truth, I looked horrible, right?”

Hendery wanted to say no, with a deep breath he muttered out the answer, although a little bit reluctant, “Yes, you looked horrible.” He closed his eyes and turned his head to the other way as he couldn’t bear to look at Taeyong.

A depreciating laugh could be heard from Taeyong, “It’s fine, I knew I was bad at it,”

As he heard those words out from Taeyong’s mouth he tried to comfort the older, though his attempt at comforting was ignored. He watched how Taeyong slumped in his seat, his eyes were radiating sadness.

He wanted to give the man some comfort, but it would be difficult as his job was only as a stylist. And then he was only tasked with preparing some clothes for Taeyong. He wasn’t supposed to interact more than that. He could hold a conversation with the man, but as he was finished, he would be kicked out of the room.

He groaned internally and said fuck it, he needed to comfort his idol.

With a tentative step, he approached Taeyong and slowly put his hand on Taeyong’s shoulder. He squashed down the happy feeling he had, as he had an opportunity to interact with his idol.

“It’s fine, Hyung, wait could I call you Hyung?”

A small laugh could be heard, “Yeah, it’s fine Hendery,” he told him as he wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes. Hendery cheered at himself as he succeeded to make Taeyong laugh, it was something at least.

“Thanks, I need that,”

“No problem Hyung,”

“Could you help me with the make-up then?”

Hendery almost squealed as he was offered by his idol to help with his make-up, he wanted to say no, as it wasn’t his job. He already did more than he was allowed to, but as he watched Taeyong’s convincing smile he decided to agree to help the man.

“Yeah, sure, after I picked your clothes.”

With that Taeyong relaxed in his seat, as Hendery picked Taeyong’s clothes. He was quite surprised by how the event folded out, he never thought he could hold a conversation like that. More so when he was offered to help with the make-up.

He was quite proud that he could help make Taeyong shine even more.



Chapter Text



It was the happiest day for him, though, he supposed it came in second place. The first place would be meeting Taeyong himself. It was so special that he couldn’t erase those memories, he would always treasure them.

He could always recall the first words Taeyong uttered to him, it was along these lines, “Hello, you’re Sungchan, right?” It seemed so insignificant, but not for him. It was so memorable for him, that he couldn’t ignore the urge to always call the older.

More so, when Taeyong was so friendly towards him.

He liked that; he loved that side of him. Though, this time his expression turned sour as he heard Taeyong’s words. He narrowed his eyes at the older man as he heard it, he was annoyed by his words.

Sungchan couldn’t understand, did he lack something? He was a perfect match for the older, wasn’t he? He furrowed his eyebrows with a look akin to hatred that was directed towards the person Taeyong was talking about.

He seemed so happy; he couldn’t bear to hear it. It was supposed to be him, not anyone else.


He was pulled out of his deep thought from Taeyong’s voice, his voice was laced with worry. He hoped his expression didn’t betray him; he wasn’t planning anything bad. Though, maybe tying up the person Taeyong talked about would satisfy him.

“Sungchan, you heard me, right?” he was halted in the middle of his thoughts as Taeyong pulled his face towards the older direction, he was greeted by the closeness between his face and Taeyong’s own.

He almost pushed Taeyong away, though he held himself from pushing the older man. He couldn’t miss this opportunity of having this closeness with the older, it was already hard enough to vying for the older attention, he was having a competition with Taeyong’s other friends.

Though he didn’t want the status as Taeyong’s friend, he wanted Taeyong’s love for him and him only. There wouldn’t be anybody else beside him, he already planned it all from the start. The moment he met Taeyong, he already planned it all inside his head.


He blinked his eyes and looked into Taeyong’s eyes directly, “Hmm, what is it Hyung?”

Taeyong pouted, “Ah, you didn’t listen to me, didn’t you?”

Sungchan smiled at Taeyong, “Um, no? I’m too focused on you.” He told the older playfully, though it was just a ruse for him to make Taeyong drop his guard around him, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of Taeyong’s disgusted gaze.

The older man clicked his tongue and shook his head, “Sungchan, you should be listening to me, not staring at my face.” He told him while retracting his hand and sat back into his seat once again.

“Though, I suppose, I could make an exception for my dearest friend,”

“What if I don’t want to be your friend?”

Taeyong halted in the middle of his action, he turned his head stiffly towards Sungchan’s direction. He furrowed his eyebrows at Sungchan, “What do you mean?”

“Hyung, I love you.”

Sungchan said that without thinking twice, his expression seemed genuine. Even Taeyong seemed moved by Sungchan’s genuine expression, he almost said the words back towards Sungchan. Though, at the last minute Taeyong shook his head and sad expressions were etched on his face.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t feel the same,”

Without even saying anything else, Taeyong hurried up and left Sungchan alone. He didn’t even turn his head back, Sungchan gritted his teeth at the blatant rejection. It hurts, but he supposes he could soothe the pain, later at night.

 After who said he couldn’t take Taeyong forcefully? He would be careful and put Taeyong away where it would be just him and him only that knew the place. No one could disturb them anymore, even if Taeyong would put up a fearful expression it wouldn’t make him back down.


Taeyong would be his and his only, and no one could get in between them.



Chapter Text



  1.     Taeyong


He sighed, as he watched Donghyuck once again bothering Renjun. He couldn’t stop Donghyuck, he already told the younger one to stop bothering the hot-headed vampire. Though, it was pointless to tell that to Donghyuck. As he was quite determined to push Renjun’s button until he exploded towards Donghyuck.

“Hyuck,” he called out the younger exasperatedly, Donghyuck only smiled at Taeyong, he seemed in a playful mood today. Though as he looked at Renjun’s direction, it seemed that something loomed on top of the younger head.

He seemed so gloomy, he was quite sure that Renjun would snap at Donghyuck today.

“Hyuck, don’t do that.”

Donghyuck hummed, “Nope,” he said with a playful smile.

Taeyong was quite sure, he needed a glass of blood now. His head seemed throbbed even though he wasn’t human anymore. With a sigh, he walked toward the kitchen and pulled out a bag of blood.

He sighed as it wasn’t as good as a fresh one.

Maybe he needs to take a walk outside, just like his friends always told him.



  1.     Taeil


He liked the moon.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t sick of seeing the moon every day, he wanted to see the sun. Though, if he actually sees the sun with his own eyes, he would be dead now. Even if he was already dead.


He hummed to answer the call, though he didn’t even turn his head. He was too focused on watching the moon up high in the night sky. He was quite bored by the usual view he usually saw every night, every year.

It’s been so boring.

“Hyung, do you want to go hunt tonight?”

That stole his attention, he immediately turned his head around. A smile was etched on Taeyong’s lips, though he knew it seemed that Taeyong needed some distraction.

And maybe with this walk, he could take his mind off it.

“Sure, I actually was a little bit thirsty as well.”

With that Taeil stood up from his chair, he cracked his neck and hands as he was staring at the moon for a quite long time. A smile, he offered to Taeyong as he walked side by side with him.



  1.     Johnny



He liked it so much, it was the best invention human developed. It could capture anything, well except for himself of course. It couldn’t capture anything supernatural, it seemed wasn’t capable of capturing anything that wasn’t human.

Though, that didn’t mean he couldn’t use it.

He used it so much that his room was quite full with the photos he took. He liked it, as he could capture every emotion his prey conveyed in their last moments.

Fear, that was the emotion that he often captured, though, he supposes anyone would be fearing their life if he was coming at them with an abnormal speed.


He turned his body around, “Yes?”

He was greeted by Yuta; he was wearing a costume. A wide grin was etched on his lips, as he showed what he was wearing. He wiggled his eyebrows to gauge a reaction out of him. Though, Johnny still showed him a flat expression, like he wasn’t impressed.


A sigh slipped out of Yuta’s lips, as he put his hand on his forehead as if he was having a headache. He shook his head, “What do you think about my costume?” he asks instead of arguing with the older vampire.

“Basic. Nothing to be impressed on.”

Yuta groaned at Johnny’s words, “C’mon, can you give me some compliments? I tried my best to make this costume.” He told Johnny as he pointed at the costume he was wearing.

He shook his head, “Well, you’re asking for compliments from the wrong person.” He tightened his grasp on his camera, as he said that.

“Well, if you couldn’t give me a compliment, could you take a picture of me instead?”

Johnny didn’t mind taking a picture of his friend, though he wasn’t sure why he would waste his memory card for a picture that wouldn’t even come out well. Though, he supposes if he could make Yuta happy for a moment, he would gladly do it.

“Alright then, strike a pose Yuta!”

With a flash from Johnny’s camera, a picture was taken in a blink of an eye.



  1.     Yuta


A grin was etched on his lips as he saw the date of today.

He couldn’t miss it; he needed to make sure he could get someone or something from the human around him. He was waiting for this day to come, after all, it’s not everyday that everyone around him would dress up in a costume.


He called out his fellow vampire with a grin etched on his lips, he was quite excited to walk out under the moonlight today. It wasn’t everyday he could see humans roamed under the moonlight; it was infectious; the mood that is.

Though, he was disappointed as he couldn’t gauge out a reaction from Johnny. He supposes it was normal, after all he wasn’t Taeyong, he couldn’t understand the mood of the likes like him.

Johnny was more focused on one thing only, and that was the camera.

He couldn’t understand how Johnny obsessed over it, though he supposes it was because Johnny already lived longer than he was. He was even older than Taeyong, though Taeil wasn’t like Johnny at all.

Yuta pouted as he couldn’t get a compliment from Johnny, though as he asked for him to take a picture of him, Johnny didn’t even deny his request.

“Well? well? how do I look?”

A grimace was on Johnny’s lips as he looked at his direction, he seemed apologetic towards him. His smile faltered as the silence was quite loud between them.

“Sorry, but I only could capture the clothes that you’re wearing.”

Johnny explained as he let Yuta look at the picture he just captured; he even scratched the back of his head to express that he was apologetic.

“… It’s fine,” he muttered out, as he was quite upset that he couldn’t see himself in his costume.



  1.     Kun


He sighed, as he watched cooking shows. He really liked to cook before he turned, though now it was pointless as he couldn’t eat human foods, the only thing he needed to consume was blood. He was bored by his dull life, because even if he tried to process the blood into something else it would be totally pointless.

The first time he was turned, he was crying everyday as he couldn’t go back into his old life.

Though, as time went by, he coped with it.

He tried to console himself with music, it was another thing he was good at. Music became his everything, as he couldn’t do anything that related to his human life. He wasn’t good at tasting his dishes as he couldn’t properly digest them.

“Kun, how is it going?”

He stopped and turned his chair around, putting the headphone on his neck. A smile was etched on his lips, “It’s good, just a little bit more and I could publish it.”



  1.     Doyoung


He was not amused by the prank Donghyuck pulled; he was tired of it actually. Though, even if he was tired of it, he didn’t actually say those words to Donghyuck in a serious way. More in a playful way(?), he loved the younger with all of his nonexistent heart.

Even if sometimes Donghyuck was too much for him, though this time the younger really ticked him off. He almost tempted to rip the younger into two, though he calmed down as he sensed someone were staring at him.

He turned his head, and just as he expected someone was staring at him.

Though, he was surprised as it was Taeil and Taeyong. They seemed to be preparing to go out, he wanted to ask where they were going. But before he could even ask the question, he was stopped by Taeil offering his hand, he smiled at him.

“Come with us.”

It wasn’t even an invitation; he was blatantly told to come with the two of them. Though he didn’t think to reject the offer, he needed some fresh air and probably fresh blood as well.

“Sure, I’ll go with you.”

With that, he went with the two of them.



  1.     Ten


He smiled at his newest artwork; it was quite gorgeous if he said it so himself.

He was quite satisfied with how it turned out; he was worried that it would turn out bad. Though, he supposes that it was only the perfectionist inside him that was talking.

Ten moved the canvas and hung it on the wall, where he put away his other painting as well. It would be a waste if he didn’t flaunt all of his artworks. Although there were also other paintings that he hated, he put those away and hung the one he liked.


He turned his head around, to see Yuta in front of his door. He left the door ajar purposely, just to make sure that anyone could come here if they have anything to do with him.

“Oh, Hyung! What do you need?”

A sheepish smile was on Yuta’s lips, as he scratched the back of his head. He seemed embarrassed to talk it out loud to him. Ten looked up and down as he just realized that Yuta was wearing something else beside his usual clothes.

“What’s the occasion, Hyung?” he asks instead, as Yuta was still fumbling with his words.

Immediately Yuta’s expression brightened up, “Well, you see, it’s Halloween today,”


“And I’m just from Johnny’s room, I asked him for a photo, but y’know…”

Ten nodded his head in understanding, “The camera couldn’t capture you in the photo,”

Yuta nodded his head, “Yeah, that’s why I’m here! You could draw me, could you?” his eyes gleamed with hope as he looked at Ten with a hopeful look.

“Yeah, sure, but you need to give -O blo—”

Before Ten could even finish his sentence, Yuta already made a noise of agreement. With that Ten let out a small chuckle, and gestured at the older to sit down on the chair across from him.

“Sit tight, it will be over in just an hour.”



  1.     Jaehyun


He was in the living room, and watched Donghyuck bother Renjun, though before that Donghyuck was bothering Doyoung. But the older one already went out with Taeil and Taeyong, he stayed seated as he watched the drama in front of him folded out.

He even came back from the kitchen, with a glass full of blood.

He watched how Donghyuck and Renjun bantered back and forth, his eyes darted from Donghyuck to Renjun’s. He occasionally took a sip from his glass; he watched their interaction intensely.

It was a free entertaining show, and he needed to watch over them too.

He was responsible for them for a while, until the others came back.

“Hyung, I’m thirsty,”

Donghyuck whined to him, while he plastered himself to his side. The corner of his lips quivered, though he didn’t say anything to the younger.

Renjun clicked his tongue, “Why don’t you get it yourself?” he told Donghyuck as he walked toward the kitchen. Within a second, he came back with a glass of blood, though it was for himself.

“Aah, couldn’t you get it for me?”

Jaehyun sighed, but he stood up and walked into the kitchen and gave Donghyuck a glass of blood, he gave it to the younger with a flat expression.

“Thanks, Hyung!”

Wordlessly, he sat back into his earlier position. Renjun pursed his lips at the view, though he didn’t comment on it at all. Feeling it was pointless to talk about it, after all everyone had a soft spot for Donghyuck.



  1.     Winwin


He blinked his eyes rapidly, as his eyes adjusted inside the dark room.

He slowly moved away from his bed; he just woke up from his deep sleep. He walked towards the window and moved the curtain a little bit, only to see that the moon was up high in the night sky.

He moved the curtain entirely and let the moonlight come in through the window, though he needed to close it again later. As he would be burned by the sun if he didn’t close it later.

Winwin slowly walked out from his room, he still blinked his eyes blearily. He adjusted his sight inside the well-lit room, he walked downstairs where they usually hang out.

Though it was quite empty, for exception Jaehyun, Renjun and Donghyuck.

They were seated on the sofa, having a meaningless conversation.

“Hyung, you just woke up?”

He nodded his head slowly, as his body was still in the adjusting process. He wasn’t entirely awake, because of that his step was careful and slow.

Renjun went into the kitchen and gave him a glass that was already filled with blood, he sniffed at the blood. His appetite hasn’t come back, though he still sipped on the blood.

“How are you feeling?”

“… Fine,” he told Jaehyun curtly, as he still feels a little bit sick.

Probably the risk of being exposed under the sun for an hour, he grimaced as he recalled back how careless he was. Even after he was given a warning from his coven mates.



  1.   Jungwoo


He was roaming around, searching for someone that he could prey upon. It was quite easy to capture every single human in the street, they were easy to sway after all.

It only took them a glance at his “Innocent” face and they would follow him.

He wanted to laugh at their faces, how easy it was to sway them. He only batted his eyes at them and they would immediately be enchanted by him.


He tilted his head, as he seemed to recognize this particular person. He was quite tall for his age, he seemed taken aback by the vampire.

“Sungchan? What are you doing here?”

He asks the younger, as it was unusual to see the younger around here, more so when it was the spot of his coven hunting spot. They would always prey at unsuspecting people, the one that wouldn’t be missed.

Though, sometimes, they would turn someone around here. More so, when they are quite desperate, even if sometimes they can't bear the pain of the turning process.



  1.   Lucas


A big smile was on his lips, as he was surrounded by his friends. He was quite happy that they could gather around, even if he knew that they wouldn’t be here any longer.

“Goodbye everyone,” he whispered it under his breath, as he called his coven mates.

Within a second, everyone lay limply on the floor, he couldn’t even hear their hearts beating anymore. He even preyed upon his one of older friends, he was disappointed that their blood wasn’t that delicious anymore.

It seemed that fear tainted the taste of blood.

“Lucas, are you done yet?”

He immediately dropped the body from his grasp easily, “I’m done, let’s go.”



  1.   Mark


He watched his coven mates, drinking from the panicking people.

He wasn’t moved or anything like that, he just thought that the smell was quite horrible to him. The smell of fear just made his appetite gone in a second.

It was repulsing for him.

Judging from Lucas’s expression, it seemed that he was also bothered by the smell of fear and the taste would be probably horrible as fear already tainted it.

“Let’s go, we had another place to go.”



  1.   Xiaojun


He wiped the leftover of blood on his lips, he scrunched his nose as the smell wasn’t that appetizing. Though, he supposes he couldn’t be that picky. He was that thirsty after all.

Xiaojun watched how each of his coven mates scrunch their noses, probably about the smell that wasn’t appetizing. He watched how Mark was on the edge of retching out, but it looked like Mark was holding himself back.

“That was disgusting.” He muttered to himself as they left the place.



  1.   Hendery


He liked all kinds of blood, but this one that Lucas picked out particularly was bad. It wasn’t that appetizing, he wanted to be angry at Lucas. But he supposes he couldn’t be picky, after all they were on the edge of dying because they were a fool to not drink blood before they left.

Even after Taeyong told them that they need to drink.

He pursed his lips at their own foolishness, he hoped that Taeyong wouldn’t be mad at them.



  1.   Renjun


He was quite tired of playing around with Donghyuck. But he supposes, he couldn’t say it out loud, because it would hurt Donghyuck’s nonexistent heart.

He liked playing around with Donghyuck, but sometimes he just needed time for himself without anyone interfering with his alone time. He was afraid that sometimes in the future he would snap at Donghyuck’s harmless jokes.



  1.   Jeno


A smile was always etched on his lips, more so when he was around Jaemin.

He was always around Jaemin, as the younger always needed him around whether he noticed it or not. He always watched over him, though it wasn’t him alone. There’s also Renjun, Donghyuck, Yangyang.

They always make sure that Jaemin wouldn’t do anything stupid, because even though they were already turned into Vampire.

Jaemin always had the heart of a saint.

He would always foolishly dive into something that wasn’t his problem in the first place, that’s why they always watched over Jaemin.

Most of the time, Jaemin would only trigger his urge to cry as he was quite stupid to barge into something that wasn’t his business.



  1.   Donghyuck


A laugh always accompanied him, he always liked to bother Renjun and Doyoung. The two of them are his frequent target, he just loved the way they reacted to his pranks and jokes.

It would always soothe the pain that was always lurking inside his nonexistent heart.

Though, it wasn’t always that he bothered them, most of the time he was quite busy watching Jaemin and his innocent mind. He would always find a way to get himself into trouble.

Donghyuck would be always there by Jaemin’s side and make sure Jaemin would come out unscathed from matters that weren't his in the first place.



  1.   Jaemin


A saint, they said.

Though most of his friends would say that Jaemin was a naïve person, he would always stick his nose into something that wasn’t his business in the first place.

He smiled as he found the person that needed his help, he offered his hand to the desperate person.

“What do you need?” he would always ask that question at the person that need his help

This time he found Shotaro that was on the short stick, he was desperate to get any help he could find. Even if that meant he needed to leave his human life, he would do it.

Because he was desperate, and it was just in his luck that Jaemin found him.

“Please help me,” were the words that Shotaro uttered as he lost his consciousness.

With a smile, Jaemin lifted Shotaro into his arms and walked back to the house.



  1.   Yangyang


He was at a loss, as he just left Jaemin alone for a moment and he already came back with a human in his arms. He let out a deep sigh as he hung his head low, feeling something bad would happen any moment.

Though, that would be only his imagination, as he recalled back the memories of Jaemin picking him up from the bridge where he would end his human life.

He shook his head as the memories came back into the surface.


A smile was all he got from the said person, he was too occupied with the human.

He shook his head, as he couldn’t forbid Jaemin from picking humans. The only one that could forbid him would be Taeyong and Johnny, they were the one that was responsible for this coven's well-being.

Though, as long as the human’s presence didn’t threaten them, they wouldn’t do anything.



  1.   Shotaro


He felt pain on his neck as he moved his head.

He hissed out in pain, as he accidentally brushed his finger on his neck. He looked around, as he didn’t recognize the place where he was.

All he could remember was, he met someone and asked for help.

“You woke up already?”

He turned his head around at the voice, it was that person; the person that he asked for help. He couldn’t probably mistake that silverish hair for anyone else.

It was the rumored angel(?).

“Are you an angel?” he innocently asked the man.

A laugh was all he got as he asked that question.



  1.   Sungchan


He woke up only to be surrounded by people that he didn’t recognize, though he could pin-point Jungwoo among the people.

He was confused that he was here.

He couldn’t recall anything, besides the fact that he talked to Jungwoo for a moment.

Then all he could see was black, pain was on his neck as his finger brushed over something on his neck. He slowly makes out the shape on his neck, it was as if something bites him on the neck.

“What…” he trailed off as he touched his neck.



  1.   Chenle


He pursed his lips, as he watched the newly turned were confused.

He supposes it was totally normal for them to be confused at first, though, he hoped that someone would actually explain what they are now.

With a sigh, he stepped forward and volunteered himself as someone that would explain how the world would work as a vampire.



  1.   Jisung


He watched from the side; he was surprised they were more turned vampires.

He supposes, there would be more. After all, there are many desperate people that tried to leave their human life, but there aren’t many people that could bear the brunt of pain.