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He never thought it would be like this.


At first, he heard those screams as a joke only, he never thought they would be in danger. His instinct didn’t warn him either like usual, because of that he never sensed that something was wrong with his teammates.

He shrugged his shoulders as he heard their youngest screams, he was already used to those high-pitched screams. Haechan usually did that as a joke to surprise them, though abruptly those screams were cut off. 

And he didn’t realize anything was wrong with it.

He supposed that was the side effect of hearing those screams all the time.

Though he had an inkling that something was wrong, he extinguished that feeling as he thought that it wasn’t that serious. He never thought that his other teammates were busy fighting back those monsters outside their headquarters.

He relaxed all while thinking, what would they eat today?

He walked around, circling their safe place, searching for a single life that wasn’t him alone.

Though, it was pointless, because there wasn’t anybody beside him inside. He was all alone, without any idea that his teammates were outside. Fighting without him, the oldest, the commander. He just sat down inside relaxing and enjoying his time.

While all of his teammates were outside, screaming in pain. Feeling the pain that was unbearable, until they couldn’t fight back anymore. They were running out of ammo, while Taeil enjoyed his relaxing time.

The moment their second youngest almost reached their safe place, he was immediately mauled by monsters outside the gate. It was just a second too late, he screamed his lungs out as the burning pain engulfed him.

Taeil didn't have any idea that a battle was occurring outside. He stayed inside without even taking a peek of the wasteland, he didn’t even hear the last plea Mark uttered. He was too busy inside the headquarters; he didn’t realize that he was left behind by his teammates.

His teammates only realize it too late, as they were mauled by monsters while thinking about their oldest teammate that they left behind. He was all alone and he couldn’t even step outside, as he was all alone without any backup that could help him.

Haechan’s last words are, “ Taeil-Hyu—!”  Those words were cut off as he screamed in pain, as his legs were mauled by those parasites that they called monsters. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he felt pain searing throughout his entire body.

His mind still focused on his oldest teammates, as the light in his eyes died out.

Meanwhile, Taeil sat around their lounge room, it may not look much. But it was where they usually gathered to discuss their plans to destroy all the monsters, sometimes they talked about themselves. Even they talked about the future when all of this ended, though he was confused because he couldn’t find anybody inside the headquarters beside himself.

With that, he finally decided to bring his equipment and walked outside to see whether his teammates were outside or not.

Though, the moment he opened their headquarters gate, he wasn’t ready for the view that he would be served. He covered his mouth as he was attacked by the stench of corpses, he teared up as he didn’t expect any of these to happen.

He couldn’t understand why this happened.

Everything seemed alright this morning, what happened? He couldn’t understand, if they were that suicidal, why couldn’t they bring him along with them? Why would he be left alone with this guilt that was burdened on him.

Taeil let out a ragged breath, as he was on the edge of going hysterical. He let out a scream as tears trailed down his cheeks, he still couldn’t believe that he was surrounded by the already mauled corpse of his teammates while he was the only sole survivor.


If only they didn’t leave him behind, would it end up like this too?