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Classic Doctor Who Whumptober 2021

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 “Oh… oh dear. That’s not good.” The Doctor glanced back to his three friends inside the building. The wind had definitely picked up and whipped around them, and the rain was now pelting them and everyone else in the small city. But what he saw that greatly worried him was the quickly approaching wall of water. The hurricane was bringing the ocean in, and there wasn’t any time to make a run for it.

 “Hold on to something!” the Doctor shouted. He turned and rushed to them, the three of them on the staircase. “Up! Go!” The flooding rush of water nearly swept him off his feet, and he had to grab the banister of the staircase to stay upright. Ben also grabbed his wrist to make certain.

 Jamie and Polly, who hadn’t seen the Doctor nearly fall into the water, hurried up the stairs. They only turned at the sound of a glass shattering and a loud heavy thud.

 The Doctor and Ben jumped back as what looked like a solid wood bookshelf came through the huge windows and landed in the middle of the stairs, blocking their way. Jamie and Polly’s voices called out for them on the other side.

 “We’re fine!” Ben replied.

 “Can you get over it?” Polly asked.

 The Doctor didn’t bother with answering the question and instructed, “You two get up to the roof. We’ll find another way to safety.”


 “Don’t’ argue, Jamie. Just-“ The Doctor cried out in surprise as Ben tanked him backwards. A street sign embedded itself in the wall. “Go!”

 Polly pulled on Jamie’s arm. “They’ll find a way. Come on.”

 Without much else they could do, Jamie followed her.


 The Doctor and Ben slogged through the knee-deep water as quickly as they could outside. Outside where they had no protection from the powerful wind and flying debris.


 “I know, Ben.” He saw it too, another impossibly tall wave coming. Only several seconds later, the water crashed into them, the force of it wiping the ground out from under them.

 They could only hold onto each other as they were swept down the street.


 Jamie and Polly burst out of the doorway to the roof. “Doctor! Ben!” Jamie shouted when he saw the pair being forced down the street, barely floating on top of the wave. “Polly, we have to help them!”

 “How? We can’t get to them. And it would be stupid to go down there.” She wanted to help them, too. Of course she did, but there wasn’t anything they could do except try to stay safe up here. She pulled him behind an air conditioning unit, blocking a good amount of the wind.


 Ben cried out as he crashed into a half-submerged car. The impact to the next parked car wasn’t as hard. The Doctor managed to stay on the windshield of that car, and pulled Ben up to sit with him.

 Ben coughed out the dirty-tasting water in his mouth. “What do we do?”

 “Try to get to safety.”

 “Right. I got that, Doctor.”

 They only had a brief respite, their eyes widening at another high wave washing down the street.

 They slipped off the car and hurried to the safety of another building. The waist-high water severely impeding their progress. Ben managed to grab the door handle just as the wave hit. He latched onto the Doctor’s hand, and hoped he could keep his grasp on the door handle.


 Polly spotted something blue in the distance. Something with a very familiar shade of blue. She got up and went to the edge of the roof.

 “What is it?” Jamie asked.

 “The Tardis! Look!”

 Jamie joined her at the edge of the roof. They had watched the Doctor and Ben be swept away by the hurricane. And now all they could do was watch as the Tardis in the distance also be washed away.

 Another strong gust of wind nearly knocked them over, and they hunkered down behind the air conditioning unit again. All they could do was hope they were high enough in this disaster zone.