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Life Could Be a Dream

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"So do I put it in the water before or after I get in?"

"Before. But you can get in while it's still fizzing, if you want."

"It's gonna fizz?"

"Yeah, that's half the fun."

"What's in it?"

"You mean what makes it fizz?"

"Everything, fizzing and all."

"The fizzing's just baking soda. Then there's lavender, for relaxation and 'cause it smells great. Eucalyptus oil, to clear your sinuses. Oatmeal, for your skin. And some glitter, just because."

"Glitter? Is it biodegradable?"

"I don't know. Probably?"

"You don't know? That doesn't bother you, putting a bunch of plastic down the drain, to drift out into the ocean for all the little sea turtles to eat?"

"Shut up and give it to me, I'll see if it... Look, it says, 'Made with plastic-free glitter that won't harm waterways.' It's says it's vegan, even. It's fine. The sea turtles are fine. Go take your bath."


"Well? Did you like it?"

"Yeah, it was relaxing. I can breathe through my nose again. Good smell. Thanks for the bath bomb."

"You're welcome. Did you do anything while you were in there? Read a book?"

"No, it was just me and the essential oils."