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Life Could Be a Dream

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Cobb is standing on the sidewalk, soaking wet and a bit out of breath. "You forgot your umbrella," he tells Arthur. "I was bringing it to you."

Arthur is dry, holding an umbrella over himself in the downpour. "Yeah, I noticed I forgot it, so I bought a new one before it started raining."

Arthur moves forward to get Cobb under his umbrella, but Cobb takes a step back. "It's too late. I'm already all wet."

Arthur looks at his old umbrella clutched in Cobb's fist by his side, unopened. "Why didn't you use the umbrella on your way over here? Is it broken?"

In a dejected monotone, Cobb reports, "No, it works. I just thought you were gonna be all wet, so I didn't want to show up all, Look at me, I'm so dry. But I only thought that after it started to rain.

"Before that I thought, Arthur left his umbrella. Go give it to him, to be nice.

"But before that I thought, Look, Mr. Perfect forgot something for once. He's gonna be all wet, so go show up all dry.

"But I didn't like that I thought that, so then I thought the other thing about being nice. But then it started to rain, and I thought, Maybe I should be all wet, if I was gonna be like that about being dry."

Arthur stares at him, first to make sure he's done, then just because. "That's... thoughtful..."

"But I never thought you were gonna be dry." Cobb's looking down at the puddle at his feet.

Arthur looks up at his new umbrella, then tilts it aside and closes it. "Nope, I'm all wet. I guess nobody's perfect."

"But your suit! Oh no," says Cobb with a large grin on his face.

Rain soaks Arthur's shrugging shoulders. "This was off the rack. It's not my Westcott."

"Would you have let your Westcott get all wet for me?"

Arthur gives Cobb a soggy kiss on the cheek. "No."