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Life Could Be a Dream

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"Keene, you're off on recon. McLaughlin, keep me posted on your progress. Arthur, you'll be sleeping with me. I mean right now, but also tonight." Cobb winks.

Arthur waits until they're both under, alone, to say, "You don't have to keep saying things like that."

"Like what?"

"You know exactly what I mean. Can we just focus on the job and leave our personal lives out of it?"

Cobb folds his arms. "I'm not going to pretend like I don't love you just because we're at work. People should know we're a couple now."

Arthur's hands are in his pockets. "Our friends, maybe. But not everyone we work with, at all times."

"If I can't work with you openly and honestly, I'd rather not work at all."

"Can we compromise?"

"Of course. What do you have in mind?"


When they wake up, Arthur leans over and readjusts Cobb's crooked collar.

"You didn't feel that against your neck? That's been bothering me all day," Arthur says.

Before Arthur withdraws his hand, Cobb takes it in one of his and raises it from his neck to his cheek. "Well, I'm glad you can tell me when things are bothering you. Even if it's me."

"Love you," Arthur mumbles.

"Glad to hear it. I love you, too."


At work, it isn't announcements to the room anymore.

It's a gentle touch on Arthur's arm before they go under.

A hand on Cobb's shoulder when he's sitting down while Arthur passes behind him.

A pat on Arthur's back after he presents his research.

Or the brushing of their fingers as they hand documents between them.

At home, there's more, but they keep it private.