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Life Could Be a Dream

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Ariadne is cross-legged on the carpet with a photo album in her lap. Arthur sits beside her, one knee up. 

She points to a photo of herself blowing out candles. "That was my 10th birthday. My mom baked that cake."

"You were a cute kid."

"I wish I could see baby Arthur."

"Well, I don't have any baby pics, but I kept something I shouldn't have. Just a sec."

Arthur stands up and walks to his office.

Ariadne puts the worn green album back on the shelf and takes down one that's white with gold trim.

Arthur comes back with a wallet in hand. "I can tell you the combination to the box I keep it in, if you want."

He sits back down and hands her his student ID from a private school, with a rectangular hole cut in the middle where the last name used to be.

"Ooh, before you started slicking your hair back," she says.

In the photo, his hair was buzzed short.

"I liked it long then. My father didn't."

"You have the same eyes as you do now."

He points to the bow of his lips. "And the same scowl. That's when I perfected it."

He looks at the album in her lap she's picked out next.

He taps the cover. "But I was smiling that day. Best day of my life, at the time." He takes her hand and kisses her knuckles, above the ring. "We've been topping it ever since, of course, together. Last Thanksgiving ranks pretty highly."

She smiles wide. "Are you sure you didn't mind Uncle Hector over-explaining the rules of football to you?"

"Well, I did have the gist of it going in, but it never hurts to be thorough."

"I think he got your 'orphan' cover story confused with 'alien.'"

"He just didn't want me sitting there on the couch and not knowing what was going on. I appreciate that. Your family's been very welcoming to me."

She leans into him. "Well, you're one of us now."

"I certainly am."

She opens the album and they look over their wedding photos together.