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Life Could Be a Dream

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"What did you do?" Arthur asks at the door.

"What?" Cobb steps indoors. "I didn't do anything. A man can't bring his partner some flowers every once and a while?"

"What do you want, then?"

Cobb holds out the bouquet. "I want to make you smile."

"I am smiling." Arthur unfolds his crossed arms to accept the bribe. "Because this is rich, that you're pretending like you aren't leading up to something, like I don't know you."

Cobb sidles out of his coat. "Alright, fine. I got a nice offer today, and I thought we could consider it."

"It's a militarization, isn't it?" Arthur asks, rolling his eyes.

"It's good money, is what it is. But yes, it's a—"

"We don't do those anymore. You militarize someone one week and you have to extract from them the next. It's bad for business."

"One, that never happens. Two, so what if it does? You don't like a challenge?"

"Of course I love a challenge." Arthur turns around to go get a vase. "I love you. You're a challenge in human form."