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Life Could Be a Dream

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After the civil ceremony, Arthur is Unc— I mean, Father for a while, but Phillipa and James catch on fast enough.

As in, "Unc— I mean, Father? Where are my shoes?"

"On the shoe rack. I know that's not where you left them, but that's where they belong."


Dom's still Daddy.

As in, "Daddy, can I have thirty bucks?"



Dad is yelled most often, to the response of either one of them.

As in, "Dad, I'm going to Brendan's, I'll be back for dinner."

"Did you finish your homework first?"


"Alright, then."


Arthur had already started saying Dom instead of Cobb a while before he became a Cobb himself.

As in, "Dom, where are my keys?"

"Oh, I've still got them. I couldn't find mine, so I borrowed yours."


Dom's been trying on honey lately.

Like right now, it's "Hey honey, need a hand in here?"

"Thanks. I'll wash, you dry."