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Life Could Be a Dream

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From: "A." <>
To: "A" <>

Thinking of you

Missing you

There once was a man who missed a girl.
If he didn't see her soon, he was going to hurl.
So he wrote her a letter
(Started bad, but got better,
Like a clam that inside held a pearl).


From: "A" <>
To: "A." <>

There once was a lyrical cheater
Whose poems were lacking in meter
He sent her emails
With intentional fails
Not what she expected would greet her


Meter is a ploy from Big Poem
To get people to buy more poems.
So is rhyming.
It's more about combining words for the intended effect.
The norms of the form? Forgo 'em.


For the sake of her neurotransmitters
She entreaties that he reconsiders
Being such a damn clown
In pursuit of the crown
And the title of "King of the Kidders"


But if he's funny, she might smile
And forget her troubles for a while.
But if he's too rigid,
She might find him frigid
And leave him for Danny or Kyle.


He needn't be worried about
the notion that she'll throw him out.
He should just be himself.

...Be it impish elf,
Or old fuddy-duddy, or lout?


There once was a man whose assignment
Had kept him in all but confinement.
He'd left her alone,
But soon he'd be home,
To woo her with all his refinement.