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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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It was a long time since Thawin felt like this. The body fitted perfectly. Taking it was the right choice. The man looked a lot like him, making it easier for him to feel comfortable. He was a ghost for a long time, borrowing bodies here and there, yet no one was this perfect. Thawin looked at his new face for the last time, smirking. He walked down the stairs, examining the huge living room. Shaking his head in satisfaction, he made his way outside. The property the man owned screamed luxury. 

Thawin stopped in front of the expensive-looking car. Grinning, he sits inside, admiring the leather padding. As he drow off, his mind travelled elsewhere. 

It was time to find the body for his baby Punn. 

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Sharing a house with Khai was hard for Third. Even though they were childhood friends and Third knew Khai in and out, his fairy heart still beat for that damned vampire. He should have known better than to fall for that childish bloodsucker. Khai was anything but prick to him, running around the campus, flirting with the random girls to have his fun and share of blood. 

And here he was, in love with him, being ready to give up the last drop of his precious blood for him. What a pathetic creature he was. Being born a fairy meant inheriting beautiful futures, and he was a hell of beautiful. So why did that dumb pale man didn't see it? 

Third was getting tired of waiting for Khai to get his shit together.

It was the end of the last class, in which Khai didn't even try to show up, leaving Third once again with a broken heart. They were supposed to go home together, but there was no sign of him. 

He sighs, standing up and walking out of the classroom. He wasn't in the mood to go home just yet. 

The aimless strolling through the hallways leads him to the further part of the building. He had to stop as he heard the two familiar voices talking from one of the empty rooms. 

"How is it going with the pixie?" He recognized a warlock Bone Khai's friend. 

"Third is not a pixie. He's fairy." Khai growled. 

"Whatever. Did you confess already?" Bone asked.

"It's not that easy," Khai muttered. 

"You live together. What's so hard about it?" 

"You don't understand," Khai said, frustrated. 

"Then, would you mind explaining? I don't understand too." Third burst inside the classroom, his heart pounded with hope as his emerald wings peeked from behind his back, startling the two other beings. 


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Pick's veterinary ordination happened to be placed a little bit further from the centre of the city. He chooses the location on purpose. The two-story building stood proudly right next to a big park, and it was surrounded by family houses too. Like this, he wasn't short of clients, earning a good amount of money for himself. And living on the upper floor of his ordination was practical too. 

Pick liked the calm atmosphere the outskirt of the city provided. He didn't have to deal with many people and werewolves alike. Yes, he was a werewolf alpha, and yes, he was part of the pack, but he decided to live away from them. Pick liked to describe himself as a lone wolf with no intention to settle down just yet. He did attend the pack meetings, but that was it. 

After a long day, he was finally able to lie down on the sofa, watching some sappy drama that was currently playing on TV. Pick almost reached the dreamland when the loud banging woke him up. He growled in annoyance, pretending not to hear whoever was trying to get inside the closed ordination. The noise didn't stop, making Pick stomp down the stairs. He was so ready to kick the intruder out of his property. 

The closer he got to the door, the more his werewolf instincts kicked in. Pick sniffed the air, inhaling a mix of blood and something sweet. He hurried to the glass entrance noticing a bloody handprint on them. He yanks the door open, carefully stepping outside. The chilly evening breeze made his skin shiver. Pick sniffed, picking up the smell from earlier. His inner alpha growled, recognizing the omega in distress. He crossed the street, following the trail of red liquid leading into the park. The alpha stopped near the playground, listening to the sound of the quiet whimpers. He moved forward. The scent of the hurt omega was getting stronger. 

Pick spotted a part of the omega's body hiding behind the slide. His alpha growled in pain, seeing the tiny boy lying almost unconscious and covered in blood. He crouched, placing his hand on the omegas exposed neck, receiving a flinch from the pretty boy. His eyes were opened wide in fright. 

"Please don't hurt me." The small omega cried, trying to crawl away from him. 

"I won't. Let me help you." Pick spoked, lifting the scared boy and taking him back to his place. 

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That thing lying on the table looked hideous. Off's eye twitched every time he looked at it. It was big, orange and the smell was disgusting too. The actor sighs deeply, turning his back at the grimacing pumpkin. That thing on his coffee table was a carved Halloween pumpkin made especially for him by his cute boyfriend Gun. 

His small baby was so excited while giving it to him and placing the ugly decoration on the table. Whatever went through Gun's head while creating it, he didn't want to know, though. 

"I made it myself. Do you like it?" Gun asked, his eyes shining in anticipation. Off gulped, forcing a smile.

"Everything you make is beautiful." He answered, kissing the smaller man before pulling him in his embrace. 

Off shivered with the memory of his first encounter with the unsightly vegetable. As much as he wanted it gone, he couldn't throw it away. It was a gift from his adorable boyfriend, after all. The Halloween decor needs to stay until Gun gets tired of it. 

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"Be careful what you wish for. It may come true." His grandmother warns him. T-Rex nodded, closing his eyes and saying his wish in his head. Smiling, he opened them again, blowing the candles on the cake. 

It was three days ago, and the wish T-Rex had, remained unfulfilled. T-Rex sighs, snuggling closer to the Maetee, burying his head to the older's chest. He should have known better than believe the childish tale. With that thought, he falls asleep. 

The small boy stirred in his sleep. The disturbing noise coming somewhere from the corner of the room woke him up. The overwhelming feeling that something was watching him made him shiver. He moved closer to the older man, biting his lower lip as his eyes scanned the darkened bedroom. He didn't know how long he was staring at the particular part of the space, but he swore something was hiding inside the closet. The sudden rush of fear run through his body, making his eyes water. 

"Maetee." He whispered, shaking the sleeping man. 

"Hmm." The taller one hummed. 

"Something is inside the closet." T-Rex stutters, almost choking at his tears. 

"What?" Maetee woke up in an instant, sitting up and looking around sleepily.  

"There is nothing, T-Rex." He spoke up, turning back at the tiny boy. 

"Are you scared?" Maetee asked, pulling the poor, scared guy to his chest. 

"You are not?"T-Rex muttered. 

"No." Maetee was surprised too. There was no trace of his phobia. 

"That's good," T-Rex murmured as he lied down, pulling the pensive Maetee with him. 

"Let's sleep." He added, checking the cabinet for the last time. It seems his birthday wish did come true. Maybe not in the way he imagined, but if it means that Maetee won't be scared of the ghost anymore, he was more than happy to carry his burden. 



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"Fun night, my ass," Gun murmured as he made his way through the darkened corridor. The OffGun fun night Halloween special. He would like to know who came up with the absurd idea. It was exciting until they mentioned the path of courage. Nope, he wasn't a scaredy-cat. He simply didn't like to be alone in the dark spooky places, where something unnatural could jump at him anytime. 

Gun quickened his steps, hoping the abnormally long hallway would end soon. He closed his eyes every time he passed mannequins and artificial cobwebs. A little bit more, and this hell will end. The actor walked forward when something brushed against his skin, making him stop. He gulped, letting his eyes travel to the floor. The pale hand, with insanely long fingers, crawled up onto his shoe and way up to his ankle, touching his exposed skin. 

After that, everything happened so fast. Gun remembers how he screamed in pure terror, running as his life depended on it. He didn't know how he was able to find Papii. But he end up in his arms with the tears streaming down his face. 

"Shh, it's alright. You are safe." Gun heard Off's shooting voice near his ear. 

"You were so brave, babii. Papi is so proud of you." The taller man continued as he rubbed comforting circles on his back, letting him snuggle closer to his chest. 


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Rome was humming some song he heard on the radio, looking at himself in the large mirror, turning around and inspecting if he looked presentable enough. They had a special event in the cafe today. He was confused when P'Good gave him a box with his costume, explaining he had to wear it for the kids birthday party. Rome was excited when he found out he would be a bunny. 

He looked at himself for the last time, giggling as his new long white ears peeked out from his fluffy black hair. The white fuzzy sweater, white pants and small tail in the same colour matched the image of a cute little animal.   

"Rome, hurry up!" Pick called his boyfriend in an annoyed manner. 

"Coming, P'Pick," Rome shouted back, taking his bag and run down the stairs. 

"What took you so long?" Pick growled, turning around to scold his boyfriend more. 

"What the fuck."The older man managed to say as he recovered from the shock. 

"Is something wrong?" Rome asked, tilting his head to the side, making the ears attached to his head slide too. 

"Cute." Pick stutter. 

"What?" Rome's nose scrunched as he didn't understand his boyfriend's problem. 

"You are fucking cute." Pick gulped, taking Rome's hand, pulling him up to stairs. 

"P'Pick!" The bunny boy squeaked as he got tossed on the bed. 

"We are calling in sick today." The taller man announced as he crawled his way on top of the blushing guy, leaving hungry kisses all over his face. 

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"Fuck, this is creepy, Khai." Bone grimaced as he roamed through the photos his friend spread in front of him. 

"Right. I will kill whoever did this." Khai growled, shoving the particular photo of his half-naked lover aside. 

"Did Third saw this?" Two asked, making a disgusted face before he faced the taller man. 

"Not yet."  

"You need to tell him as soon as possible." Bone pointed out. 

"But I must say, he looks cute in most of the photos." Two pondered. 

"I know. That's why it's creepier." Khai sigh. His eyes lingered on the photo where his boyfriend seemed like he was sleeping under the big tree. He couldn't remember they ever went to a place like this together, and the thought of Third going anywhere without him, being so vulnerable, made him sick in the stomach. Some of the pictures looked like they were taken long before they even met. Third's stalker must have been around for a while, and Khai felt like a failure of a boyfriend he didn't notice a thing. 

The front door of their shared apartment opened, revealing Third's smiling face. 

"I am home." He announced, making his way to the couch, plopping himself down next to his boyfriend. His eyes involuntary slide to the coffee table and the bunch of photos on it. His face scrunched.

"Why did you open it without me?" Third whined, pouting. 

"I wanted to show you this myself." He added, sulking. The room fell into silence. The three friends looked at each other, not knowing what to say. 

"You knew about this?" Two bravely asked. 

"Of course. I asked mom to send them." Third rolled his eyes, taking one of his photos, shoving it to Khai. It was him, in the pool, pouting. 

"You said you wanted to see how I looked like before we met." He almost whispered, looking away from Khai as his cheeks turned deep pink. 

"You remember?" Khai asked, surprised. Third nodded shyly in response. Khai felt like an idiot. How could he accuse his future mother-in-law of being a stalker? 


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The loud music, sweating bodies, and people, all things Off hated, gathered in one place. He will never understand why his friends loved the college parties so much. At least they have a beer here. He made his way to the nearest self-service bar, grabbing a bottle with the golden liquid. Off squeezed himself through the dancing crowd, trying to spot some quiet place to enjoy his well-deserved drink. As soon as his eyes landed on the door leading to the terrace, he didn't hesitate. 

A still-warm fall breeze caressed his face, reminding him of his cute boyfriend. He sighs deeply, shooting off the memory of their argument, a reason why he decided to crash this party, to forget the mean things they said to each other. The sound from inside the house was annoying, making him wander to the garden. Sipping from his beer from time to time, he continued to roam around. 

"Why are you doing this to me, Luke?" The very familiar voice spoke up, making him stop and look around, trying to locate the source of the noise. 

"I just want the best for you, Gun." The other one answered. Off was sure his hearing led him to the right path as he spotted the two talking people. 

"By trying to break us up?" Gun's voice cracked as his face showed how displeased he was. 

"You are evil." Gun sobbed. 

"Papii is my everything. I will never leave him."

"I am doing it out of love, Gun. You deserve a better." Luke tried to grab his hand, but the smaller one avoided it. Tears were already streaming down his cute pale face. 

"What you are doing isn't love." Off spoke up, coming up from behind the bush. He couldn't stand to see his baby cry. He walked to the crying boy, tossing the half-empty bottle away along the way and pulling him to his embrace. 

"Papii." Gun sigh in both surprise and happiness. 

"I am here, babii." He said, kissing Gun's head. 

"I may not be the boyfriend of the year. Yes, we argue here and there, but I love Gun with all my heart. I would never voluntary hurt him." Off glared at the man standing in front of them. 

"And if you don't want to get hurt, let us be. I don't care if you're his brother." He tightened the grip on his boyfriend's waist. 

Luke was staring at the two lovers for a second before he started to laugh. 

"That's what I wanted to hear." He said as he made his exit. Leaving the shocked par behind. 

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It took him months to find a perfect body for his lover. The boy it belonged to was cute and petite like his baby. Thawin found out his name, address, and college he was attending. It wasn't hard to follow the guy and made their first meeting look like an accident. A typical cafe love story. So cliche it made Thawin cringe. The guy was happy, though. Letting him sit with him, buy him a cup of a cappuccino. 

Thawin made sure to meet the body donor at least twice a week. The perfect constellation for  Punn's soul to possess him was around the corner. He made a mistake. His overexcitement scared the poor boy. Thawin was too demanding, too touchy, not wanting to let the chosen one go. Slapping his hands away, the younger made a beeline to his car, leaving an angry man behind. He drove away from there as fast as he could. 

He didn't give Thawin a choice. 

The tall man takes in a deep breath, closing his eyes and imagining the car with the boy inside. The huge smile crept on his face before his body disappeared in thin air. 

"Why did you leave so soon?" His voice coming from the backseat startled the driver. The car swayed on the empty road, and with the sound of the screeching breaks, it stopped in the middle of a silent city. 

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How many times has he switched bodies? Punn stopped counting. His current one was getting resistant, stoping to accept his spirit. He had to find something new and soon. Forced to be separate from his beloved Thawin, he had to fend for himself for a while. Punn still remembers how happy he was when his soulmate appeared before him in a fresh body. He took him to their new house, making sure Punn had everything he wanted. The only thing missing was a donor for his unstable soul. 

And Thawin tried. Punn wasn't anticipating a miracle. They were lucky that at least his love obtained the perfect match. He could live a long time by switching between different bodies. It wasn't easy, nor it was comfortable, but he would do it for Thawin. 

"I find it. Love, I find the perfect match for you." Thawin burst into the bedroom, jumping on the bed, taking the tired man in his embrace. Punn smiled. Maybe they get finally lucky. 

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Gun was confused. Off was acting strangely around him for a while now. Gun wasn't sure if he did something to offend him or if it was his imagination. Anyway, he was avoiding him. Whatever the reason was, Gun suspected it was his fault. Maybe he was too clingy, making Papii uncomfortable. Weren't they past this stage long ago, though? 

He tried to shook off the unpleasant thoughts as he walked into the office, greeting everyone with his signature cute smile. He spotted Off sitting on the sofa talking with Tay. His smile widened, making his dimple more visible. 

"Papii!" He shouted, running to the taller in an attempt to hug him and give him a small neck kiss as usual. What happened next shocked not only him but the whole room. Before he could reach him, Off was already on his feet, rushing past him and crash into him in the process, making him stumble and fall on the floor butt first. He was so stunned he couldn't utter a word. The only thing he could do was to watch his beloved Papii running away from him. 

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It wasn't the first time Maetee saw T-Rex sneaking out in the middle of the night. He didn't think much of it, knowing the tiny human liked to roam around a lot. Sometimes he found him talking to himself too. It scared him a little, but he got used to it. Maetee was curious, though. Why would the shorter man leave the comfort of the warm bed to stroll around the garden? 

That fateful night, Maetee pretended to be asleep, waiting for T-Rex to get out of the bed and quietly followed him. He observed the tiny human looking around the garden before he made his way to the furthest part. He stopped near the fence with a smile on his pretty face, saying something Maetee didn't understand. The image of the transparent body flashed right before his eyes, making him scream in pure terror. In an instant, T-Rex was standing next to him, making soothing circles on his back. 

"It's alright, Maetee. It won't hurt you." The boy said with a calming voice. 

"You saw that too?" Maetee spoke up after a while, looking up at the younger face. 

"Yes." He nodded. 

"What was that?" Maetee asked unsurely. 

"It was a wraith." T-Rex smiled as he spotted Maetee's confused face. 

"It's a type of ghost you can see shortly before or after the human's death. Don't worry. They are harmless." He explained. 

"How do you know this?" Maetee asked again, not knowing what to think. The shorter male was full of surprises. 

"I know a lot of things. I will tell you later. Let's go sleep for now." T-Rex smiled, leading shivering Maetee back inside the house and their shared room. He will have a lot to explain in the morning. 


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Pick was looking at the sleeping omega. The boy was cute even in his unconscious state. He took him into the consulting room, treating his multiple injuries. The poor guy was bleeding from the stab wound on his abdomen, making Pick angry at whoever was able to do this to the small omega. He had to stitch it up, and thanks to god, the young werewolf wasn't conscious during it. 

After picking the boy up, moving him carefully to his bedroom, and tucking him under the covers, Pick could finally breathe. He was observing the tiny chest rising up and down in a steady rhythm, pushing aside the urge to place the small figure in his embrace. Pick stood up, leaving the sleeping omega alone. He sits in front of the television, letting the lakorn playing on in lull him to sleep. 

His ears twitched, hearing the quiet whimpers coming out of his bedroom. He sprung from the sofa and hurried to the bedroom. The omega was awake crying in pain, trying to crawl out of bed. Pick scowled as he stepped closer to the shorter man, realising alpha pheromones to calm him down. The omega looked at him. He was shaking, probably in fear mixed with the pain from his wounds. Pick grabbed the guy's shoulder, forcing him back to lie down, covering him with the blanket once again. 

"Don't move. You will rip the stitches. You are lucky, you survived the stabbing." Pick dared to spoke up, observing the trembling omega. 

"I won't hurt you." He assured him. They were looking at each other in silence until the loud growling from the omega's stomach rips them out of the staring contest. 

"You must be hungry. I will make you something. Stay here." Pick commanded before leaving for the kitchen. He had no idea what to cook, so he decided the simple porridge would be enough. It didn't take much time, and for the visibly malnourished guy, it would be easy to digest. 

He was back in the room in a blink of an eye finding the omega's doe eyes staring at him. He put the tray on the nightstand, sitting at the edge of the bed, careful not to startle the sick werewolf. 

"You need to eat. The wound on your abdomen bled a lot, and you need strength for it to heal." Pick spoke up, taking the bowl in his hand, filling the spoon with the hot meal, blowing at it a bit to cool it down before he placed it in front of the confused omega. 

"Eat." He didn't like he had to command the omega again, but he had no choice. He forced the spoon in the boy's plump mouth, making him swallow. 

"Will you tell me your name if I tell you my?" He tried to ask. The boy hesitated before nodding in agreement. 

"I am Pick." 

"Rome." The omega whispered, his eyes fixed on the empty spoon, waiting for another bite. 

"Rome. It's a nice name." Pick chuckled, feeding the omega again. He had a feeling he could get used to this. 

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Rome and Third made a pact to meet once in two weeks, settling for Fridays, because they could get drunk while talking shit about Pick and Khai. There were things Emma nor Two could understand. Today was one of these days. They agreed to meet at Third's place, and he was looking forward to it. He grew fond of the younger boy and their small escapes. Third smiled all day, making Khai extremely annoyed when he declined his offer to hang out. When classes were over, Third rushed to the grocery store, buying a supply of snacks and drinks. 

He tidied the apartment and cooked something for them to fill their stomachs. The clock showed it was almost time for Rome to show up, but there was no sight of him. Third was worried. The younger always made sure to inform him if he couldn't come. Third tried to call him, but he got redirected to the voicemail. He grabbed his things, ready to go out and find the missing boy when someone knocked. He rushed to the door, opening them angrily.

"Rome, where..." Third didn't finish the sentence as his eyes met with no other than Khai.

"Who is Rome?" Khai asked, his brows raised.

"Move. I need to go." Third ignored Khai's question, trying to walk out of his condo. 

"No. Tell me who is Rome and why are you waiting for him." Khai demanded, stopping Third from leaving. Third looked at Kahi confusedly, trying to comprehend what was going on when his phone buzzed. 

He hurriedly glances at it, reading a message from Rome. 

"I can't come. Pick is here." 

He wasn't med. Third, understand how Rome must feel. After all, Khai showed up unnoticed in front of his doorstep too. He sighs, glancing at the taller man. 

"Friend. And he isn't coming." He turned around, walking back inside, leaving the door open for Khai to follow him. 

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When Bone spotted the angry fairy, he excused himself, leaving the two boys alone. Khai fidgeted nervously.

"Explain, Khai." Third demanded. His emerald wings sparkled in the sun, making Khai stare at them in awe. 

"Khai." Third, pokes the dazed vampire.

"Beautiful," Khai whisper, making the smaller man blush. 

"You are so beautiful, Third." He repeated with more confidence this time, looking Third in the eyes. 

"I love you, but I am scared I would hurt you. You are a fairy, and I am a vampire." The vampire confessed. 

"You big bloodsucking dummy." The fairy sights in relief. Hitting Khai lightly in the chest. 

"Khai, I love you too." Third tiptoed, kissing the confused creature on the cheek. 

"Only thing that can hurt me is your neverending stupidity." He added before kissing him on the other cheek. 

"Does that mean you are my boyfriend?" Khai asked, to be sure. Third's eyes rolled, but he nodded nonetheless, leaning in to peck Khai's lips. 

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The doorbell rang again, making Maetee flinch. It was Halloween night, and the whole neighbour kids decided to visit Tee's house. Maetee stayed hidden on the sofa, curled under the soft duvet, declaring to go insane if he hear another "trick-or-treat". He didn't like people wearing unnatural costumes because it was harder to distinguish real people from supernatural beings. 

Other Tees didn't seem bothered by it if you don't count grumpy Watee, who hated whole humankind altogether. 

"Maetee?" The soft voice called out his name. Maetee knew it belonged to T-Rex, but could he be sure? What if it was someone pretending to be him? 

"It's me. T-Rex." The boy spoke again, carefully lifting the duvet from the laying man. 

"See, it's me." T-Rex smiled, tilting his head to the side cutely. 

"Can I join you?" He asked when Maetee didn't answer. He slipped on the sofa next to him, wrapping his tiny arms around the older one's waist. The warmth spread through the Maetee's body, calming him down. He sniffed the shorter male's hair, sighing in delight. It was his T-Rex, after all. 

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It was close to midnight, and Thawin checked the star's constellation once more. He hummed in satisfaction. He went to their bedroom, smiling as he spotted his beloved Punn naping on the king-sized bed. 

"It's time to wake up, darling." He whispered, kissing his other half's forehead. 

"Is it ready?" Punn asked, blinking away the sleepiness. 

"Sure, let's go." Thawin helped the younger one to stand up, leading him to the winter garden. Green plants swayed in the light breeze which was coming inside through the open glass roof. Punn loved to relax here with the coffee and book. And now, this place would help him to be with Thawin forever. 

The small spot for furniture got replaced with the lit-up candle circle. In the middle of it was lying the unconscious body of the young boy. He was pretty, and Punn almost thought he saw himself in the mirror. Thawin helped him lay down next to him, kissing his lips tenderly before standing up. 

The tall man looked up at the sky, confirming the star's positions, and started to recite the spell. The clock announced midnight. The whole room temperature dropped, and the sudden gust of wind extinguished the candles. Thawin's breath hitched as the bright light surrounded the two lying bodies. The time seemed to stop before the light disappeared and the candles lit up again. 

"Love?" Thawin whispered into the silence in anticipation. One of the bodies stirred, making Thawin grin. 

"Punn?" Thawin spoke up again, kneeling beside the boy. The smaller one's eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the surrounding. 

"Thawin?" Punn smiled as he spotted his boyfriend's face. 

"The ritual worked." Thawin laughed, tracing his fingers down the Punn's new face. 

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The second his Papii run out of the door, leaving him confused sitting on the floor, his smile left him. He vaguely remembers Tay helping him stand up and leading him to the sofa, hugging him tightly as his tears stream down his face. 

It was a week ago, and Off didn't attempt to speak with him ever since. Gun was hurt. Not physically but psychically. He couldn't sleep nor eat. Even talking to the people didn't make him happy. He felt like a part of him was missing. He missed hi Papii, but evidently, he didn't miss him. 

Gun had to call in sick. He couldn't stand up from the bed, as the week of not eating and sleeping property took its toll on him. He was currently lying down with the drip stuck to his arm. Physically he felt a little better, but the state of his mind was still at the lowest. He heard the knock, and the door opened right after revealing Tay's head. 

"Good, you are awake." He smiled before opening the door fully, shoving grimacing Off inside the room with force. 

"I had enough of your stupidity, Peng. You talk to him and make everything right." He shouted before slamming the door and locking them. 

"Papii?" Gun whispered weakly. The taller man turned around, facing the sick man. His whole body stiffened as the lonely tear escaped his eye. 

"What have I done?" Off murmured more to himself. He moved closer hesitantly. Gun was watching his every step as if he was afraid he would disappear. 

"Gun?" The older man spoke up, unsure how to start the conversation. 

"I am sorry." He decided to apologise first. Gun didn't say anything, even though he wanted to,  scared it was just one of those dreams he had lately. Off took it as a good sign, sitting on the smaller man's bed. 

"I didn't mean to avoid you. I was scared, and I didn't know what to do." He continued, taking Gun's pale hand in his, intervening their fingers. 

"Why?" Gun croaked out. He was still hurt, and he wanted to be mad at the older. But Off's tear-stained face didn't let him. He tried to shuffle to get better access to Papii's face with his other hand. 

"Don't cry and tell me why you were scared." The shorter actor managed to wipe off the fresh tears from the other's cheek. 

"I wanted to confess to you. But every time I felt confident enough, you skipped to me and showed me your candy smile, and I found myself frozen." Off looked up at the lying guy, lifting their entwined hands, kissing it gently. Gun's breath hitched, his pale cheeks getting back the lost rosy colour. 

"You like me, Papii?" Gun blinked confusedly, thinking his sick mind was playing a game with him. 

"No, Babi. I am in love with you." Off corrected him with a smile. 

"Can you forgive me and be my boyfriend?" He added, anticipating the answer. Gun was shocked and happy at the same time. 

"Yes, I love you too," Gun said, suppressing a yawn. 

"You should sleep. You look so tired, and it's my fault." Off frowned, caressing the younger's cheek. Gun shook his head in disagreement. 

"I don't want to." He pouted stubbornly. Off chuckled as he let go of Gun's hand, climbing next to him pulling him closer to his body. 

"Sleep. I will be here when you wake up." 

"Pinky promise?" Gun asked cutely.

"Pinky promise." Off answered, kissing Gun's forehead to seal the deal. 

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The wind outside got stronger the typhoon the weather forecaster talked about was finally here. Third looked outside the window observing the trees bending down under the weather's pressure. He shifted uncomfortably, clutching his phone in one hand as he tried to call Khai. He wasn't picking up, and Third was getting worried. When Khai left in the morning to help Bone, he promised to get back before the storm struck. But he wasn't back, the wind was more powerful, and it even began to rain cats and dogs.

Third sighs hoping his idiotic boyfriend would stay with Bone for the night. Even Khai isn't that stupid to go out. When the call got directed to the voicemail for the fifth time, Third decided to contact Bone. 

"He left hours ago. Isn't he home?" 

The information from his friend sinks in, making Third nauseous. He was thinking about the worst, crying his eyes out when the door opened, revealing drenched Khai. He didn't have time to take off his jacket as Third was already clinging to him like a koala. 

"You idiot. Do you have a death wish? Are you tired of life? If you wanted to die early, you could have told me, and we could buy a place for ourselves at the nearest graveyard!" Third scolded the taller man, clinging to him with a tear-stained face. Khai blinked a few times before a deep smile appeared on his face. His arms sneak around the slim waist of his boyfriend, holding him tightly. 

"I am sorry, Third. I got caught up in traffic, and the weather got suddenly worse." He whispered, kissing Third's forehead.  

"I thought you..." Third couldn't finish the sentence. 

"I can't live without you, Khai. Never do this again." Third sobbed in the crook of Khai's neck. 

"I am sorry, but I have to leave. I am cold, and I need a shower." Khai said, leaning forward. 

"You can join me to be sure I safe, though." He whispered seductively into Third's ear.

Chapter Text

It was near midnight, and Pick was still awake thinking about the tiny omega lying in his bed. It was already a week he found the young boy, and he couldn't shake off the feeling that rose inside his chest every time he looked at him. Rome's wound almost healed, and it meant he would leave. Pick rolled over on the sofa he was lying on, trying to fall asleep. Closing his eyes once more, he waited for the sleep to come. He groaned in annoyance, standing up from the couch to get a glass of water. 

He didn't know what got into him that he stopped in front of his bedroom, peaking inside through the half-opened door. The moon was shining brightly outside, illuminating the sleeping omega's face. The corners of his lips rose in a small smile. He seems to do it quite often these days. He was about to walk back when the boy stirred, and his big doe eyes opened. 

"P'Pick?" Rome mumbled, still half asleep. 

"Sleep, Rome," Pick whispered, ready to step out. 

"Can you?" The omega paused. 


"Can you sleep here with me? I feel lonely." The small boy asked, looking away shyly. Pick stood frozen in the doorway, not knowing what to do. Part of him wanted to jump in the bed with the cutest creature he ever saw, but his other half was stopping him. 

"Please." Rome pleaded as his cheeks developed slight blush. Pick find himself nodding, walking over the bed, lifting the duvet and lying beside the omega. Rome didn't hesitate to slide closer to him, wrapping his tiny arms around Pick's torso and using it as a pillow. Pick carefully wrapped his hands around the younger, hoping Rome wouldn't mind. He sighs in delight. 

He closed his eyes when the sudden realization hit him. 

Chapter Text

The morning comes way too early for Pick's liking. The sun was already up, peeking through the curtains. He tried to shift from the annoying light when he realized the small omega was still plastered to his side, sleeping. His inner alpha grunted in happiness seeing the cute face beside him. Catching a glimpse of the clock on the bedside table, Pick growled in annoyance. He had to open a clinic today. It was closed for a week, and it wasn't good for the business and the animals. He moved carefully, trying not to wake up Rome. He was lucky enough to get out of the bed, refresh himself and make something edible for their breakfast before he heard the quiet groaning from the bedroom. 

"Awake?" Pick asked the tiny omega, watching him stretching on the mattress. Rome nodded. 

"Hungry?" Pick spoke, receiving a nod. 

"P'Pick? Can I go out of bed?" Rome asked, looking up from under the covers at him. Pick was thinking for a while before deciding it wouldn't harm the petite boy. 

"You need to be careful, though. The stitches can rip again." Alpha warn the younger. Rome's face lit up with the brightest smile. It was a second time Pick knew he was fucked up. He was staring at Rome, who was clumsily trying to stand up with the large goofy grin before he hurried to help him. 

Guiding him to the kitchen and sitting him at the table was no hard work for Pick, even though his alpha was howling in delight every time Rome leaned more into him. They ate in silence, with Pick glancing at the smaller one here and there. Rome was observing his surrounding with utter excitement. 

"P'Pick, do you live alone?" Rome asked out of nowhere, startling him. 


"No pack?" 

"I do have a pack, but I choose to live alone." Pick explained.

"What about you?" He gathered the courage to ask. Rome stayed quiet, biting down his bottom lip nervously. And was it sadness Pick could see in his eyes? 

"Not anymore," Rome whispered, looking away with teary eyes. 

Chapter Text

"Not anymore," Rome whispered, looking away with teary eyes. 

"You don't have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable," Pick spoke up. His heart clenched painfully, seeing the omega on the brink of crying. 

"No, I want to." Rome sniffled.

"You are so kind to me, P'Pick. You deserve to know." He added, shifting tensely on the chair. Pick frowned. It was easy to spot Rome's discomfort. He stood up, and without a word, picked up the tiny werewolf, taking him to the living room. When Rome was seated comfortably on the couch, Pick plopped down beside him. 

"It's more comfortable here." He utter, looking at the blushing omega, taking his small hand in his. 

"I could have walked by myself," Rome whispered shyly. 

"I know." Pick answered. The room fell into awkward silence. Pick didn't know if he could ask Rome about his pack or if he should wait. 

"I refused to be mated with pack leader's son." The omega muttered quietly. Pick took a deep breath, trying to stay relaxed and not to scare the younger. 

"He wasn't good to me, always saying hurtful things." Rome continued,  starting to play with the alpha's hand to calm down. 

"What did he say?" Pick's question came out colder than he intended, yet the omega didn't seem to mind. 

"That I should be happy he's interested in the ugly omega like me." 

Pick was silently clenching his free hand in a fist while listening. 

"That I am lucky to become his whore." Rome choked on the last word. His beautiful face was full of tears. 

"In that pack, omegas are taken for a tool, nothing more. I couldn't take it, so I ran away." The omega's voice cracked, and Pick couldn't help himself. Seeing Rome break like this made him want to protect the boy even more. He pulled him closer to his body, wrapping his big arms around the slim waist. 

"You are so precious, Rome," Pick said.

"They sent several betas after me." Rome clings to Pick, burying his head in the crook of his neck, crying.

"They were beating me, and one of them stabbed me. I couldn't move." 

"I will haunt down every single wolf in that fucking excuse of a pack for hurting you." Pick's alpha was mad, so was Pick himself. He realized he was emitting the dark aura only when Rome began to shake in his embrace. 

"I am sorry." Pick panicked, kissing Rome's forehead in the process.

"I didn't mean to." The alpha was rambling, making the small werewolf giggle. 

"You are cute, P'Pick." Rome chuckled, hesitating for a moment before placing his soft, plump lips on Pick's mouth. 

Chapter Text

"You can't do this to me, boo." Off pleaded, tugging Gun's sleeve to stop him from leaving. 

"I can, and I will." Gun puffed his cheeks, trying to look angry but failed miserably. Off chuckled at his attempt, thinking how much was his spouse adorable, before realizing what he was supposed to do. 

"Baby, don't go. I love you." He looked at the shorter man using his secret weapon. The famous puppy eyes. It always worked just like now. He saw the hesitation in Gun's eyes as he was fainting with himself. 

"Love, please, you know how I hate this." He pleaded again, pulling the tiny man in his arms, kissing his forehead. Off felt how Gun softened in his embrace, nuzzling his little nose against his neck. 

"Fine." Gun sighs.

"I am helping you with the laundry, but you are doing the dishes today." The petite man pouted, pecking Off's lips. 

"Thank you, boo." Off grinned over his little victory. 


Chapter Text

The lights went out, making the whole house turn in pitch black. The candle flames flickered in the slight breeze. The silence in the villa got cut with muffled voices. 

"Are you all ready?" The tiny voice asked excitedly. 

"Why the candles can't stay lit up?" Someone groaned. 

"Do we need to do this?" The other person added annoyingly. 

"We do." The soft voice answered. 

"This is weird." The other human in the room spoke up. 

"It should look like this, you idiot." The smack echoed through the silence, followed by the soft thud, making everyone in the room gasp. 

The figure passed before the window, hesitantly making its way inside the building. 

"T-Rex?" The scared Maetee mumbled as he tried to look around in the darkness. 

"Teedo? Teedet? Maitee? Watee?" The terrified man tried to call out all of his friends' names but to no avail. Maetee arrived in the kitchen, his breath hitched, spotting all the Tees standing in a circle, observing the burning candle on the floor. Seance was the first thing coming to his mind. He quickly shook his head, dismissing the stupid thought. 

"Hey." He tried to bring attention to himself and sound as confident as he could. First to react was the smallest of them. 

"Maetee." He cried out, tears streaming down his pretty face. 

"Why are you crying?" Maetee felt like his heart got subbed, seeing his tiny boyfriend like this. The room suddenly lit up, revealing annoyed Watee, sighing Maitee, guilty-looking Teedo and pouting Teedet. Maetee stepped closer to the shorter boy, embracing him in the tight hug. He glanced at the floor, spotting the ruined cake. It wasn't hard to figure out what happened. 

Chapter Text

The kiss was sweet. Not hungry but sweet, and it made Pick's insides twirl. His inner alpha was delighted, trying to take control of him by pulling the small omega closer and kissing him deeper. Rome sighs in content when their bodies collide, startling him. He carefully pushed the tiny boy away, stoping whatever could follow. 

"Please tell me, P'Pick, that I am not the only one who feels the pull." Rome sobbed, looking up at the older man. Pick groaned as he tried to regain his composure. 

"I feel it too, Rome." The alpha answered, looking straight into the omega's eyes.

"I don't want you to think I am the same as the alphas at your old pack. I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to." He added, hoping Rome would understand. The younger guy blinked a few times, tilting his head to the side, thinking. 

"You are silly." Rome replayed. 

"You were nothing but kind to me. I would never think about you like this." 

Pick sigh in relief, caressing Rome's cheek. The omega leaned in his touch, nuzzling more to the heat of his palm, making him smile. 

"Let's take it slow, though." Pick spoked up. 

"Until your wounds heal properly and your mind will be clear." 

The omega nodded slowly, agreeing with his alpha proposal. Pick stood up from the couch, petting Rome's head. 

"I need to open a clinic today. It was closed for too long. Can you stay here alone?" He asked with evident concern. 

"Can I go with you?" Rome requested, using his pouting to convince the older man. 

"I won't be in the way." 

"Fine." Pick, frowned offering his hand to the tiny werewolf. It didn't take long for Rome's hand to join his, giving Pick some strange feeling of comfort. He leads them down the stairs, making sure Rome doesn't injure himself more. As soon as they set their foot into the back room, they got welcomed with the multiple barking, meowing and cackling. Rome slowly let go of Pick's hand, curiously peeking into the cages with injured animals. His face was radiating with happiness. 

"They are all so cute." He commented, pointing at the yellow ducklings bathing in the small bowl. 

"Not as cute as you." Pick uttered, making the younger blush. He was about to say more went he got interrupted by the knocking on the door. 

Chapter Text

The sun was setting down, painting the sky with beautiful colours. Khai was lying on the sofa with Third resting on top of him. His hand moved up and down his cute boyfriend's back, stroking them tenderly. The vampire hummed a slow tune, smiling as Third's wings flattered here and there with satisfaction. Khai couldn't help but wonder how could he get so lucky that the beautiful creature as Third had fallen in love with the ugly bat like him. Whatever reason it was, Khai was beyond happy. 

"Why are you smiling like an idiot?" Third murmured, peeking sleepily at his boyfriend. 

"I am happy," Khai answered, kissing Third's forehead.

"Weirdo." Third shook his head before closing his eyes one more time, going back to his peaceful sleep. Khai chuckled at the fairy's cuteness, continuing with his previous action. 

Chapter Text

It was a rare occasion for Off to have a day off, so it was even rarer for him to agree to babysit his cute niece. Nirin was happily playing with her toys in front of the sofa, some random cartoon playing on the TV while Off was trying to make some decent breakfasts for them. He doesn't remember when he cooked because it was always Gun cooking for him. Now he was staring at the thing that was supposed to be pancakes but turned out as a brown mass of something indigestible. He sighs, throwing it into the garbage. Picking up his phone, he dialled the shorter man's number. It didn't take much time for Gun to answer, and after a small explanation and soft weeping coming from the background, the other actor gladly agreed to come to help. 

Off was bouncing Nirin up and down, trying to calm her down when he heard the knocking. He hurried to the door, opening them only to reveal the exhausted-looking Gun. The moment the taller spotted dark circles under the younger eyes, he wanted to kick himself. The poor man looked like a zombie. 

"Can I come inside?" Gun softly spoke up, the tiredness evident in his voice. Off nodded, stepping aside, letting his boyfriend in. 

"I am sorry, Gun. I forgot you had a schedule till late." Off apologized, kissing Gun's pale cheek. 

"It's alright, Papii. I am happy to help. And I can sleep later." Gun smiled, returning the kiss and taking the sobbing child from his arms.

"What would my favourite baby want to eat?" Gun asked, packing Nirin's chubby cheeks. The small girl giggled.

"Pancakes." She mumbled as Gun took her to the kitchen. 

"Pancakes than." 

Off observed his two favourite people interact, and his heart jumped in happiness. One day, they will have their own small family, and he couldn't wait for it to happen. 


Chapter Text

Third felt Khai's eyes on him as they walked inside his flat. 

"Will you tell me who the heck Rome is?" Khai spoke up. His angry tone startled the younger one. 

"None of your business." Third tried to dismiss Kahi's question. He won't show Khai the skeleton in his closet no matter what. It was his life, and he had all the right to meet whoever he wanted. 

"Is he your boyfriend?" Khai asked again, approaching him with hasty steps. 

"I told you it's not your business, Khai." Third, barked back, taking a few steps away from his friend. 

"It's my business. You can't just date whoever." The taller man raised his voice. Third took a deep breath to calm down. He didn't imagine Khai to speak like this to him. 


"Because." Khai paused, looking straight into Third's eyes. "I love you." He continued, making the shorter man gasp. 


Chapter Text

Pick sighs, turning away from the omega. 

"Stay here. I am going to look who it is." He spoke up, receiving a nod from Rome before moving to the entrance. As soon as he stepped into the vestibule, his alpha growled restlessly. In front of the glass door stood a young-looking man. He wasn't too tall nor bulky, but you could tell he was keeping himself in shape. Pick unlocked the door, making a small gap for him to talk with the uninvented guest. The smell of another alpha filled his nostrils, making him annoyed even more. 

"We are still closed." Pick pointed out politely, scanning the younger werewolf with a piercing gaze. The man sniffed the air, grinning in an instant. 

"I knew it." He's here." He laughed. Pick visibly stiffened, hearing the other's statement. He was almost sure this was the demon who hurt Rome. 

"I don't know what you are talking about. And if you don't have an animal that needs my help, I will ask you to leave." Pick said coldly, ready to close the door and run back to Rome. 

"Not so fast, man." The younger one grabbed the frame, preventing Pick from slamming it in front of his face. 

"You have something that belongs to me." The alpha growled at him. 

"I don't believe we met before, nor me taking anything from you." Pick shot back. 

"What a liar. His smell is all over you and this place." The younger man's sudden push made Pick stumble a few steps back. 

"You are hiding my omega." The other werewolf barked, grabbing Pick's collar. 

"Rome doesn't belong to you," Pick snarled, his voice dangerously low as his alpha was waiting to take over. The room filled strong scent of two dominant creatures on a verge of a fight. 

"That omega shit is mine." 

"Don't talk about him like this." Pick's eyes flickered with anger, shaking off the arm that was clutching him with ease.

"Or what, you loser? He belongs to my pack. I can do whatever I want with him." The other werewolf smirked. 

"He doesn't belong to you. The day he stepped inside this clinic, he became a part of my pack." Pick announced. The unwelcomed guest snickered, moving closer to him. Their argument got interrupted with a soft voice. 

"P'Pick? P'Din?" Rome whispered. His small frame started to shake as soon as his eyes landed on the other alpha in the building. Pick didn't hesitate, rushing to the tiny omega, taking him in his arms. 

"Go back inside, and lock the door. I will deal with him." Pick whispered into Rome's ear, pushing the fragile boy towards the back room. 

"I won't let him hurt you again." He added before he shifted into his wolf form. 

Chapter Text

Gun sighs for an umpteen time as he hears the squeaking and running from the upper floor. He was about to abandon the boiling pot and run upstairs to scold his two wild children when the two strong arms wrapped around his slim waist, caressing the forming baby bump. 

"They are only excited to go trick-or-treat on their own." 

"I know, but." Gun tried to argue.

"No buts. Let them enjoy it." Off kissed his husband's cheek, chuckling at his pouting face. 

"Alright, I am going to look what they are up to." He stole a quick pack from the younger and went away. It didn't take much time, and Gun heard the light scolding. He smiled, petting his growing tummy fondly. 

"Your daddy is the best." He whispered, giggling at his silliness. Soon after, the quick steps echoed through the house, bringing his three favourite people into the kitchen. 

"Mommy!" The two boys yelled as they jumped on him, making him stumble. 

"Hey, be careful." Off half yelled, reminding them of their unborn brother. 

"Sorry, mommy." The older boy apologized, receiving a kiss on the forehead from Gun. 

"Me too." The other one pouted. Gun had to laugh at his boy's cuteness they did, inherit it from him. 

"Chim, Win, be careful, and call if anything happens." Gun reminded Chimon and Win before sanding them outside with Off by his side. They watched their children meet with their friends, running along the street. 

"Now we can enjoy the Halloween night on our own." Off whispered, biting his husband's ear suggestively. 

"Pervert," Gun said, hitting Off lightly on the chest with the blush spreading on his cheeks.