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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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Gun sighs for an umpteen time as he hears the squeaking and running from the upper floor. He was about to abandon the boiling pot and run upstairs to scold his two wild children when the two strong arms wrapped around his slim waist, caressing the forming baby bump. 

"They are only excited to go trick-or-treat on their own." 

"I know, but." Gun tried to argue.

"No buts. Let them enjoy it." Off kissed his husband's cheek, chuckling at his pouting face. 

"Alright, I am going to look what they are up to." He stole a quick pack from the younger and went away. It didn't take much time, and Gun heard the light scolding. He smiled, petting his growing tummy fondly. 

"Your daddy is the best." He whispered, giggling at his silliness. Soon after, the quick steps echoed through the house, bringing his three favourite people into the kitchen. 

"Mommy!" The two boys yelled as they jumped on him, making him stumble. 

"Hey, be careful." Off half yelled, reminding them of their unborn brother. 

"Sorry, mommy." The older boy apologized, receiving a kiss on the forehead from Gun. 

"Me too." The other one pouted. Gun had to laugh at his boy's cuteness they did, inherit it from him. 

"Chim, Win, be careful, and call if anything happens." Gun reminded Chimon and Win before sanding them outside with Off by his side. They watched their children meet with their friends, running along the street. 

"Now we can enjoy the Halloween night on our own." Off whispered, biting his husband's ear suggestively. 

"Pervert," Gun said, hitting Off lightly on the chest with the blush spreading on his cheeks.