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October collection of drabbles and short stories

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Pick sighs, turning away from the omega. 

"Stay here. I am going to look who it is." He spoke up, receiving a nod from Rome before moving to the entrance. As soon as he stepped into the vestibule, his alpha growled restlessly. In front of the glass door stood a young-looking man. He wasn't too tall nor bulky, but you could tell he was keeping himself in shape. Pick unlocked the door, making a small gap for him to talk with the uninvented guest. The smell of another alpha filled his nostrils, making him annoyed even more. 

"We are still closed." Pick pointed out politely, scanning the younger werewolf with a piercing gaze. The man sniffed the air, grinning in an instant. 

"I knew it." He's here." He laughed. Pick visibly stiffened, hearing the other's statement. He was almost sure this was the demon who hurt Rome. 

"I don't know what you are talking about. And if you don't have an animal that needs my help, I will ask you to leave." Pick said coldly, ready to close the door and run back to Rome. 

"Not so fast, man." The younger one grabbed the frame, preventing Pick from slamming it in front of his face. 

"You have something that belongs to me." The alpha growled at him. 

"I don't believe we met before, nor me taking anything from you." Pick shot back. 

"What a liar. His smell is all over you and this place." The younger man's sudden push made Pick stumble a few steps back. 

"You are hiding my omega." The other werewolf barked, grabbing Pick's collar. 

"Rome doesn't belong to you," Pick snarled, his voice dangerously low as his alpha was waiting to take over. The room filled strong scent of two dominant creatures on a verge of a fight. 

"That omega shit is mine." 

"Don't talk about him like this." Pick's eyes flickered with anger, shaking off the arm that was clutching him with ease.

"Or what, you loser? He belongs to my pack. I can do whatever I want with him." The other werewolf smirked. 

"He doesn't belong to you. The day he stepped inside this clinic, he became a part of my pack." Pick announced. The unwelcomed guest snickered, moving closer to him. Their argument got interrupted with a soft voice. 

"P'Pick? P'Din?" Rome whispered. His small frame started to shake as soon as his eyes landed on the other alpha in the building. Pick didn't hesitate, rushing to the tiny omega, taking him in his arms. 

"Go back inside, and lock the door. I will deal with him." Pick whispered into Rome's ear, pushing the fragile boy towards the back room. 

"I won't let him hurt you again." He added before he shifted into his wolf form.