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The Faith Tandem

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Draco was sipping his glass of whisky watching his wife nervously running around the house fixing things.

It had been a month since they had gone to the sex club and draco remembered how embarrassed he was when he came to know that hermione watched his scene with the other guy.

She quickly told that she had no problems with him being a bisexual and that it had aroused her so much.

Draco found it shocking as she had already found him a few months ago with blaise in a comprising position but then it was a different reaction from the current one.

Then the next days they found a new way to pleasure themselves in front of others, in the way of mutual masturbation.

Although they had sex only twice, this whole month it was nothing compared to their self pleasures.

Hermione and him will sit against at the end of the bed facing each other

or sometimes they will sit beside each other him fingering her and she stroking him while they share a kiss, draco will narrate how he enjoyed being stretched by another man while Hermione narrates how she enjoyed watching him have sex with another guy, while furiously fingering herself looking like a sex goddess.

Her big tits bouncing with the force of her orgasm and all.. it looked so heavier and had a lot of green and blue veins running around on the creamy surface.

It went on for a few days, until it changed and Draco started to narrate his dirty thoughts of wanting to see hermione gets fucked by another man, getting herself fucked into the bed in her arse, in her wet cunny and getting her belly full by the other guy. Unsurprisingly, hermione came loads drenching the whole of bedspreads and him.

He asked her whether she wanted a similar big dick in her cunt, to let him watch her, she would deny it and reply that this just excites her and she has no desire to have sex with another man and cheat on him.

However, Draco started fantasising about Hermione getting fucked by a big dick in real life. This fantasy will make him very hot and horny. After some time the fantasy simply turned into his wish of her getting fucked by another man. This was also made possible by the stories which he had read in the muggle porn magazines wherein many men would set their wives up with other men and watch them having sex from a secure hiding place without the knowledge of the other man! He too started fantasising about hermione getting fucked by another man while he watched them secretly. He again talked to her about his fantasy and she asked him that why he was so sold on this idea. She admitted that, that big dick turns her on and that’s all. But Draco started to press her to act out his fantasy.

His daily pestering brought fruit one day when he desperately begged her to give it a try at least once for his sake. Hermione again asked why he wanted this. Draco told her that he want such a delicious women to be enjoyed by another lucky soul and he wanted to watch her have it! hermione thought over it for some time and finally told him that OK, that she will do it only once just to please him but on certain conditions.

1)That she will choose the other man and draco will not know who that is.

2)Draco had to be present in the same room! He told her that the other fellow may not like his presence and even refuse to have sex with her, therefore, he will have to hide somewhere, may be in the cupboard, when she is having it. She agreed to his suggestions.

The next day she told to him about the guy she seemed fit to their fantasy, that he is a fellow ministry co-worker and he was a married man. Draco soon accepted it, he was so excited to see his fantasy become reality so that he suggested her to seduce him here and there, touching and spending time with him, showing him that she is interested.

And finally, here they are... the day, the young married couples were long awaiting for. Today the guy Hermione invited will come and draco will hide in their bedroom cupboard while watching the other man fucks his wife.

Draco told hermione to wear some skimpy dress and take a drink or two if she feels shaky. She wore a black bra and a sheer sleeveless blouse. He could see her bra through the blouse. Tops of her big breasts were spilling out of her bra. They looked more prominent against a black background. She wore a skirt of knee high length.

He watched her now as she took a double peg of whisky on the rocks. She was shaking; he too was shaking with excitement. Draco told her that if she does not want to go ahead she could back out right now. She replied that she has been waiting for this moment for last three years and will certainly give it a try.

They both jumped as soon as the door bell rang, draco nodded to hermione once before he ran up the stairs hiding in the cupboard. He went into the bedroom, the bedroom had a large wall-to-wall cupboard running along one of the walls. The cupboard had 2 inch by 2-inch wire meshed holes for ventilation at a distance of every two feet at a height of five feet from the floor. Draco found it perfect. Actually so many holes gave the added advantage of looking outside from any angle!.

Draco saw hermione leading 'RONALD WEASLEY?!' (her ex-boyfriend) into the bedroom by holding his hand. He was excited and perplexed as hell at the thought of why Hermione thought of using her ex boyfriend for their fantasy.

As they neared the bed, ron held on to hermione and embraced her. Hermione's head was coming up to his chin only. He lowered his head and they kissed each other passionately. Ron's hands were roaming all over her back and arse while they were still in embrace and kissing wildly, for his surprise Hermione moaned.

Then ron let go of her and attacked her breasts. He held one each in his hands and started squeezing them. He fondled them for some time then sat on the edge of the bed. Hermione was now standing in front of him and Ron's head now was level with hermione's breasts. He nudged his head into her ample breasts, put his hands on her back and snuggled and rubbed his face into them. He then pulled back and ordered to let him see these magnificent boobs.

Hermione did not hesitate. Draco could see whisky was having its effect on her. She pulled her shirt over her head and there she was in her white bra, which was unable to contain her milky white globes and formed a four-inch long running cleavage. But the sight did not mesmerized ron as he was already familiar with every inch of her body. He again felt them from above the bra and started salivating. He tried to push his fingers inside the bra from below the breasts to pull the bra up to free the melons but the bra was tight fitting and he did not succeed. Hermione ended his misery by unhooking the bra from behind and removing straps from her shoulders. Her big heavy breasts sprang free from their confines and wobbled against each other before settling on her chest. Her shoulders had visible red rashes on her white skin from the straps. They were a sight to behold.

Milky white round and firm breasts with pink nipples were right in front of ron’s lips. He did what any man would have done in such a situation. His tongue darted out and he started licking her right nipple. His tongue circled it several times and then he took it in his mouth and started sucking it.

While he was sucking it he took each breast in his each hand and started kneading them. He stopped sucking and then started giving soft bites all over the ample tit flesh. In his excitement a few times he bit a little harder too. Hermione was on fire and enjoyed the attention her breasts were getting. She winced a few times while ron was putting love bites on her breast but did not stop him. She was getting pleasure in pain too. Ron then stopped biting and sucking on her melons and pulled back to admire them. He resumed sucking and kneading them. Hermione had started getting the effect of this sucking and had closed her eyes and was moaning in low tones. Her legs were shaking and she put her hands on ron's shoulders for support.

Ron then rested his hands on hermione's arse and pulled her towards him, lowered his head to her flat tummy and started licking her deep set naval.

Hermione's breaths were coming in gasps and her eyes were still closed. Ron pulled back again and rubbed her crotch from above her skirt. Draco guessed she would be wet by now. Ron put his hand inside her skirt found the buckle and pulled it which fell on the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. Draco could see her crotch between her lovely thighs. She was not wearing panties. Only top of her crotch had trimmed pubic hair while the area around vagina was clean shaved. Ron rubbed his hand few times on her now naked pubes. He then pulled the cunt lips with his thumb and forefinger. Hermione let out a loud moan. He then pulled each lip apart and draco could see the very wet pink insides and the cunt lips glistening with her juices. Draco found the scene so erotic, his beautiful wife standing stark naked in front of another man. With her innocent face, large beautiful breasts, nipples erect, she looked like an angel, a piece of art.

Ron then buried has face in her crotch again and started licking her pink clit, which was jutting out with excitement. Hermione widened her legs a bit to give him more access. Ron started licking it in earnest and would give gentle bites to it too. Hermione was panting now and moaning non-stop. Her eyes were closed with pleasure. Draco could see her juices on the inside of her upper thighs. While ron was sucking her clit he inserted one, then two fingers inside her cunt and proceeded to finger fuck her. After a while when he brought them out, they were wet and slimy with her juices. He let go of clit and inserted his long tongue in her cunt and now started tongue fucking her. Once in a while he will lick her whole pubic area and again put his tongue inside her swollen cunt.

Hermione could not bear so much pleasure and her body started convulsing. She grunted, moaned very loudly and started hissing. Her eyes were still closed and her beautiful face was contorted, her reaching the first orgasm! She took a couple of minutes to recover and when she opened her eyes Draco could see the glazed look and a little inebriated state she was in. She looked towards the cupboard where her husband was hiding!.

Draco too had removed his clothes while he was watching them and was playing with his dick. Draco had never felt so excited. He did not move his hand on his dick, as he feared he will cum if he did so!.

Ron stood and told hermione to kneel before him and to remove his pants, as she did his hardening cock too got pushed down and when rons’s shorts slid past his thighs it got free and sprang up with a force and it hit under hermione's chin. But hermione wasn't surprised she was so familiar with her ex boyfriend's cock, but was in fear of experiencing all the pain again to get stretched right after three years by him again.

There was ron's still hardening dick at horizontal position to the floor. It must be at least 9 inches long in its semi hard state! Contrary to his own 2 inches penis. His big testicles hung low and looked as if a tennis ball each has been put in the sacks. His dick was real thick at the base and tapered slightly towards the glans. Draco can swear hermione was drooling, even he too felt hot rushes through his body by looking at that monster and shot his load at the door of the cupboard. This happened without even him touching his dick!.

Now all Draco wanted him to shove it up Hermione's cunt and fuck her mercilessly. At last our fantasy of another man fucking his wife was coming true and that too with such a well endowed male. Hermione leaned down and kissed the tip of ron's penis, he groaned "Fuck! Hermione, you're going to make me come too soon" he said before pulling her up and making her to lay on her back on the bed. He told Hermione to lay to her right and lift her leg, which she did, and he lay behind her on the same position, with his now free left hand he put the huge bulbous knob of his huge dick at the entrance of hermione's cunt.

Ron placed the head of his dick on the entrance of hermione's cunt and pushed a little. His dick head entered hermione’s cunt without resistance. He pushed again and another two inches disappeared. It was a beautiful sight.

Here was a huge dick snaking its way into his wife’s delicious cunt!. Draco could not bear this and shot another load inside the cupboard. On the bed his wife was in another state of sexual arousal and was moaning continuously. Once in a while she too will look at her pussy being stretched by ron's huge dick. He continued pushing and draco could see the entire part of this monster disappear in Hermione's cunt. Her cunt was very stretched now. The butterfly lips were sticking to his shaft for dear life!.

Ron pushed his dick a little more, hermione squirmed and relaxed, she looked down at where they were connected, her eyelids laboured to open as she was in highest state of arousal. Once she looked at the buried monster with ron's heavy balls resting on her right thigh, her eyes opened wide with surprise. She saw her cunt stretched to the point of getting torn.

Then after a few seconds ron started to move, fast and hard fucking Hermione's brains out which such a shove hermione's whole body too will shook and her big breasts will jiggle wildly.

Hermione was in seventh heaven, she was in ecstasy and her face was contorted with immense pleasure. Ron fucked her feverishly, having his arms around her fondling her here and there. Hermione too started pushing her hips back to meet ron's thrusts. It was and incredible sight. About a foot long huge thick penis was pumping her cunt. Her cunt was overstretched too.

Ron's thrusts were becoming quicker and more powerful now. His massive dick looked like blur. Hermione too was meeting his each thrust with equal vigour, forgetting about everything around them, even her own husband. Her big breasts were jiggling wildly but more rhythmically now.

Both of them were panting like dogs. Ron was very close to coming. Hermione was having a constant stream of orgasms and her eyes were rolled back in their sockets.

It looked as if she will pass out, after what seemed to be like hours, ron grunted heavily as he filled hermione with his cream.

Ron withdrew his huge penis and lied on his back. Hermione too now laid on her back shifted a little and opened her legs for draco to look at the devastation caused by ron's massive pole. Her cunt was wide open and draco could see her slimy pink insides up to three inches or so. Her cunt juice and ron's semen were mixed together and was flowing down to her thighs and puckered hole.

It took about fifteen seconds for her cunt lips to close together and come back to their original position.

Ron beckoned her and hermione turned to give him a wild kiss before she crawled down, hermione used her left hand to hold one of his big balls and started massaging it and with her right hand she held the dick round the cock head and pulled the foreskin back to reveal a thick bulbous head. She then released his ball and held his big prick with her both hands. It started to become stiffer and added a couple of more inches and thickness to it.

She put her tongue out and flicked at the exposed tip a few times. While she was flicking at the dick head draco could see ron’s pre cum forming thin strings. Ron closed his eyes and started enjoying it. Hermione's eyes were wide with excitement, draco could see extreme lust in her eyes. She was on heat. Then she opened her mouth, much more than usual, and engulfed the dick head. She started sucking on it and started pushing more of it into her mouth.

Ron was immensely enjoying it and was slowly pushing back and forth as if fucking her mouth. She started sucking him with more vigour.

She tried to take more length into her mouth but could not take more than 4 inches and her mouth was fully stretched. She sucked him like this for a couple of minutes and then perhaps to give her straining jaws some rest, she removed his monster dick out and then climbed on top of ron.

With one hand she opened her cunt lips and with the other she placed head of that monster penis at the opening of her cunt. She then started sliding on him and buried the monster in her love box. She was impaled on his mighty shaft. She did not move for a few seconds and closed her eyes. She grunted and groaned and had another orgasm. Her cunt juice was running along her thighs on to ron's toned stomach.

Meanwhile ron was mauling her beautiful breasts and was biting the nipples. Hermione will wince a little but was enjoying it a lot. After her orgasm subsided, she started sliding up and down his shaft again.

Ron's pole glistened with her over flowing juices. She continued sliding and ron continued to play with her hooters.

Ron too seemed close to coming and turned sideways on the bed. With this action hermione fell to her side and now they were facing each other.

Half of the massive dick was still inside her cunt, he fucked her for some more minutes. Ron now got up and removed his penis from hermione's cunt. He adjusted her on her back and sat on her tummy. He put her massive dick on her chest and collected her ample breasts around his erection to make a tunnel.


The dick head was touching her chin. He was going to tit fuck her. Draco was sure that ron will cum while tit fucking hermione. He too now wanted to come badly as his hard on had started aching.

He started humping hermione's breasts and with each forward push the head of the penis will hit her chin. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to take it in her mouth with each forward thrust. Ron was on the verge of coming and was vigoursly fucking hermione’s tits. She too was sucking and licking on it with each forward push. A while later ron’s whole body shook and he let go of her big breasts.

His massive dick erupted again like volcano! His first jet of semen flew like a confetti and hit the wall behind the bed.

It flew high in the air and was still on the rise when the wall behind the bed interrupted its progress! Second jet was a little lower and it hit the headboard of the bed. Third jet of semen fell on her face near her right eye. Thereafter a few small jets erupted and landed on her breasts. But his massive penis was still leaking and made a big puddle between his wife’s milky breasts.

Draco too could not hold it any longer and erupted again inside the cupboard. Ron and his wife were exhausted and looked totally relaxed at the same time and fell into each others arms again and started kissing and fondling each other. Ron's penis started shrinking but was still huge.

After a few minutes later, ron was getting dressed "Can i visit you tomorrow too then?" He asked hopefully.

Hermione bit her lip "Oh, i don't know ron. This was easy as it is a weekend, but draco will return soon. So... There'll be no chances. I'm sorry" she said with a grimace from where she was lying in the bed still covered in and out with his come.

"Oh. It's okay... see you later then" he said looking a bit defeated and walked out of the room, waving a hand at Hermione who waved back with a satisfied smile, pressing her breasts basking in the after bliss.

After hearing him closing the door, Draco came out of the cupboard in a few quick strides before he knelt down by his wife's wet, abused snatch.

"Draco?” came his wife’s weak reply.

“Shh,” draco admonished. His gaze took in the swollen red lips of her pussy, sopping wet with ron's semen and her juices mixed together. Then he bent his head and began to pleasure her with his tongue.

Weasley doesn’t taste bad at all, he reflected idly as he cleaned up her snatch with his greedy tongue.

Hermione moaned, threading her fingers through his hair. She gritted her teeth in utter pleasure as he lapped at her entrance and her clit.

Draco's skilled tongue brought her closer and closer to the edge, before at last, with a cry, she came.

Her thighs pressed together, trapping her husband's head as she ground against his tongue and lips. She flopped back to the bed, exhausted.

“That was incredible,” Hermione said as he lay down besides her. “Where did that come from, draco?”

Draco smiled. “Couldn’t help myself, I guess,” he shrugged as he settled back on the bed, on Hermione’s side.

“God, I love you” Hermione said, a dazed smile on her face before she kissed him both sharing Ron's essence between their tongues.