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Deal With The Devil

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“Dream your eyes are bugging from your head.” Sapnap harshly whispered, pulling the blonde by the arm “pay attention in class, why don’t ya?”


Dreams' eyes snapped back, staring forward and away from the cute brunet his gaze always seemed to fall to. Sitting in front of him, actually paying attention of class instead of him. It wasn’t his fault, the nape at the back of his head had a singular curl, probably from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. It seemed to bounce every time he took notes. 


He willed himself to not sigh dreamily, like a love stuck fool. No, he had to focus on class. It was more important, right? 


He audibly sighed this time, catching a few glances from others in the class. Alright, perhaps he actually did have a problem now. A problem that couldn't be solved that easily, one that persisted in his entire college life. 


“Dude.” Sapnap hissed, raising a brow in mock concern “you're gonna pop a boner like this.”

Dream groaned, forcing his eyes shut “God, Sapnap I know, it is not my fault.” 


To that Sapnap rolled his eyes, forcing his attention back to the lecture their professor was talking about. Something stupid about rocks or whatever, nothing Dream could ever find interesting. 


After all, he only took this course to be with- 


George, another dark brunet who sat right in front of Dream, whipped his head around with a scowl on his face. Sepia eyes were narrowed to the point of rage, slinging his arm over his blue metal chair to get a better look at the blonde. Plump lips were scowled into the most disgusted anger he's possibly ever seen. 


“Shut up.” George snarled “you’re being a distraction.” 


Dream glared, flipping the brunet off. He could care less about the stupid short man, could shove him down the stairs for all he cared. 


“You little-” George started, white knuckling the seat behind him, near ready to jump out of his chair and body him onto the floor.


“Me? little?” Dream chuckled, leaning forward in his desk “says the five foot six shortie.”


The burning redness on the brunet's face was almost worth any kind of punishment for being so loud. He could see people around them begin to turn their hears, trying to find where the loud commotion was coming from. Locked in a burning stare, filled with honest disgust. 


“I hope the chatter back there is important.” The professor called over the class, making all eyes turn to them “I’d hate to make people stay after class.” 


They got the memo pretty fast, Dream beginning to write notes down and George turning back to the front. The stares remained but the only thing to do was ignore them, deal with the embarrassment later. 


“Dude, stop giving George attention.” Sapnap whispered, taking a few of his notes and giving them to Dream, so he could copy what he was missing. “The only thing he cares about is getting a rise out of others.”


Dream frowned, scribbling down useless notes he wouldn’t for the life of him remember “Yeah, alright, how am I supposed to ignore him when he’s friends with Karl?” 


Karl, the love of his life, sat just right in front of Sapnap. He had fluffy light brown curls that always got in his face, and a white pearled smile that would light up anyone's day. It was something about how he was welcoming to everyone, no matter how awkward they were. Somehow he was friends with everybody, although usually kept to a small group of people. He had to be shy which only made Dream fall more. 


In a way, Karl was an angel, so brilliant and bright. From his light chuckles that got anyone to smile to his warm hugs he’d offer practically anyone. Only fools would fall for him and Dream was proud to call himself that. 


On the other hand though, sitting next to his beloved, was the devil reincarnated. 


George was an uptight snob, always in everyone's business when nobody asked. Along with that, he was extremely rude to anybody new, downright calling Dream a dog the first time they met. 


He could piss off a thug and the thug would say thank you, that’s how much he has people were whipped to him. 


How? Well, the man had an obnoxious amount of pretty privilege. His umber hair was long, matched with dark eyelashes and vibrant sepia eyes. He's never seen him smile or laugh really, only very rarely did he show much emotion that was on the line of "positive." Along with that, he had pale soft looking skin, a jaw bone so soft anyone could hold his face close. 


And throw it into a wall. 


God, he would be willing to do anything to steal Karl away from that crazed man, keep him all to himself for just one day. But that was nearly impossible, as George seemingly never left his side ever. 


But God forbid you slip a note into Karl's locker, or try to offer your phone number, George would burn it right in front of your face and laugh. 


Well, that’s never happened before but Dream wouldn’t put it past him. 


“You look like you wanna bite his neck off.” Sapnap giggled, taking a glance to his best friend. “Calm down.”


“I can’t, Sapnap.” Dream groaned, clenching the pen in his hand “he’s just so- he has everything he can ever want and gate-keeps anything he has.”


Sapnap rolled his eyes, huffing a laugh “Listen Dream, he’s just no good in general, don’t waste your time with someone so pathetic. You're better than that.” 


Dream frowned, lifting his face to turn to the front. The professor was still teaching, students were still listening, class was continuing. Just how it should be. 


Yet as he stared down to George, offering his final glance, he could see the brunet's ears turning a deep red. That had to be a mistake right, were they heard? No, it was impossible, they were being quiet. 


Dream brushed it off and scribbled the rest of his notes down, forgetting the drama of class. 

Dream and Sapnap walked through the cafeteria, lunch in hand. It was around 12, where most of the students were beginning to get their food as well. That, or people were returning from classes to go to clubs. 


Students were filling the area, feeling packed more so than usual. 


“It’s too hot for everyone to be here.” Sapnap groaned, trying to move his shoulder so he didn’t accidentally knock someone in the face “I feel like I’m burning up.”


Dream barked a laugh, watching his struggling shorter friend “Yeah, they really need to fix the space here.”


Honestly, Dreams mind felt too muddled to worry about everyone surrounding him in the cafeteria. If anything, it helped distract him from the anxiety that plagued his mind. He kept thinking about what they were saying about George, how he must’ve heard. He's had his fair share of people talking behind his back so it wasn't anything special. Yet, George never asked to be put down like that and in a way, he almost felt bad. 


He debated telling Sapnap about it all, but perhaps that wasn’t the best course of action. If his friend knew, he’d probably just laugh about it and say he was going crazy. 


Still, Dream felt anxious. He hated George sure, but he considered himself above bullying. 


“Dream- watch where you're going.” Sapnap blurted out, causing the blonde to face him. 


Just in time actually, because now that he wasn’t looking forward, he slammed, tray first, into the poor person in front of him. Yeah, today was honestly the luckiest day he’s had in a while. Even worse for whatever poor soul decided to come to the cafeteria that day. 


“Oh fuck.” Sapnap breathed. 


Dream didn’t even wanna look ahead, feeling the warmth already rushing into his cheeks. Judging by Sapnap's reaction, he just made a fool of himself in the worst way possible. 


“George, are you okay?” Karl asked softly, wiping away the brunet's cheek with a towel. Of course Karl had a towel, he was the sweetest person on this campus. 


George on the other hand, was seething. All over his blue and white sweater vest that looked very, very , expensive, was a huge stain of grease and sauce from the sandwich Dream had. It looked like it was in there pretty good, probably gonna take two washes to get everything out. If it even got out, he wouldn't be surprised if it was ruined for good. 


“Yeah.” George hissed, pulling back the sweater a bit so it didn’t ruin the shirt underneath “fucking dandy.” 


It was then George lifted his gaze to him, eyes like steel in fire, ready to burst but holding himself back. Yet when he realized who exactly it was, there seemed no reason to hold back. 


“Oh great, little chatterbox from earlier.” George smiled, not one of amusement or laughter, one of pure anger “this some sort of revenge tactic?”


“Revenge tactic?” Karl whispered, making Dreams' heart go stale. 


The last thing he wanted was for Karl to think he was some sort of bad guy, trying to bully his best friend? No, this can’t happen. 


“No, no, It was an honest a-accident I promise.” Dream could feel himself stuttering over his words, only flaming the embarrassment he already felt. “I’m really sorry, please let me fix it.” 


“Awe, that’s sweet.” Karl gushed, turning to George who deadpanned. “I don’t think it was on purpose, come on George.”


“You're dense, Karl.” George hissed, giving his attention back to Dream “fine, wanna be a sweet boy? pay for my laundry, idiot.” 


Pay for it? Dream barely had money to pay for his own lunch, it actually took the rest of the money he had to pay for that sandwich. Which was not dropped dead on the ground full of germs and he had nothing else to eat until later that night. He didn't even have breakfast either. 


“A-alright, how much do you need?” Dream asked, feeling around in his wallet for anything, literally anything. All he found though were his keys and some gum. Shit. 


George hummed, looking at the stain and debating how much he hated Dream right now. “How about 30$? and then I’ll forget all about it.” 


“30$!” Sapnap gasped, standing in front of Dream “That’s way too much dude, nobody has that money around here. It’s college .”


George faltered for a moment, eyes becoming a bit softer. It was a look Dream swore he imagined before it was gone, finally agreeing to cut the price. 


“Fine, 10$ should work, I guess.” George shrugged, going to cross his arms before cringing at the mess on his chest. Warmth flared on his cheeks. “Just- Dream, meet me at 4 when my classes are done, we need to talk, you can pay me back then.” 


Dream nodded solemnly, watching as the two walked away, arm in arm. 


“See? What a weirdo.” Sapnap declared, trailing beside. “Who makes someone pay 30$ for a pair of clothing, that’s actually insane.”


Sapnap was right, it was insane for someone to even think of such a cost. How much was that sweater even worth? Was it an antique? If so, Dream even felt worse. Something in his gut told him that the washing of that shirt would be near 50$ or more and George was already cutting him a deal. But on the other hand,


What did George even want with him? Meeting him after class? That had to be absurd. 


“Oh yeah, do you have 10$.” Dream grinned sheepishly, watching as his friend's face fell. “I’m kind of broke right now from the sandwich, I’ll pay you back.” 


Sapnap sighed, pulling out his own wallet to grab a 10$ “You’re so fucking lucky I bartered down the price for you.”


Dream was forever grateful. 

Dream was unsure of where he was supposed to meet George, because they never decided on a location to link up. So he spent the past hour just walking around campus, hopping the brunet would come looking for his money. 


When he got to a more quiet place on campus, a woodsy area where nobody really went, he found it rather peaceful. No one truly bothered him here and he didn’t need to worry about his troubles. It was finally away from loud chattering about classes and school work, people rushing through hallways, and the ire silence of professors lectures. 


Along with the sun beginning to set, he let himself lay on the ground. It was warm and smelt of fresh newly cut grass. It was nice and windy with warm breezes, trees rustling softly.


He sighed contently, letting his eyes fall shut. It was moments like these he really appreciated, because he didn’t get to have them that often. Usually after class he went straight home to get ready for work, or immediately pass out on his couch. 


Like this, he could enjoy some fresh new scenery, while also getting some sun. 


It had to have been another hour or so when he heard some huffing near him, slowly opening his eyes. In front of him was a sweaty George, hair rustled as sweat dripped down his back in a white t-shirt. 


Honestly, if Dream didn’t hate him so much, he’d think it was hot. 


“Where-” George gasped, sitting down on the grass “have you been.”


Dream frowned, sitting up begrudgingly “I didn’t know where you wanted to meet up, so I walked around looking for you.”


George raised a brow, not believing a single word. 


“I couldn’t find you so I just waited here.” Dream admitted with a smile “and it was a good idea, you found me didn’t you.”


“Real funny.” George sighed, flopping onto the grass himself “almost forgot to laugh.” 


Dream chuckled nervously, grabbing out his 10$ bill he owed George. He held it for a moment longer, debating is this was worth it. He knew he had to pay the brunet back but he really didn't have the money to do so right now. Hopefully he could pay back Sapnap soon. 


“Here.” Dream mumbled, putting the bill onto the other's chest. “I’m actually really sorry about bumping into you, I should’ve looked where I was going.”


George rolled his eyes, grabbing his head sorely. “You know, you don’t have to act like a goody two shoes around me, I know it’s just for shows.”


Dream’s eyes went wide, taken aback and worried. What did he mean by that? All he was trying to do was fix the mistakes he already made. He would never target the brunet on purpose, that’s the last thing he’d think of. 


“What?” Dream gaped “I’m not trying to be a goody two shoes, I just wanted to fix my mistakes.” 


“Yeah? and get Karl's number while you're at it?” George growled, flicking the 10$ off his chest, watching as it blew away in the wind. 10$ just like that, as if it was poor people’s change. “You think you're the first desperate person that has tried to come after him?”


The bill flew across the court, Dream literally seeing red as it did so. He needed to pick up later. Give it back to Sapnap and tell him all about how fucked up George is. 


“Anyway, I could care less.” George admitted, opening his eyes to stare smugly at the blonde “I have something else I want, that doesn’t require you using your nonexistent cash funds to do.” 


Dream glared, tutting his head up more “Yeah? What’s that?” 


“Well.” George smiled, more light and playful than he’s ever seen. “We have similar objectives. I want Sapnap, you want Karl. You see what I mean?”


George? Having a thing for Sapnap? That was the most absurd thing he’s heard all day. Just imagining the two together seemed… wrong . After all, Sapnap always talked bad about George and never seemed to have much interest in him. He doubt any of that could change so easily. 


If anything, George would be getting his heart shattered if he tried that path. 


But, if this was a way to get with Karl, it might just be worth it. Maybe the two could warm up to each other and Karl would be his. If George had some kind of good plan then perhaps they could both get what they want, and he could be with Karl whenever he wants. Go on all day dates, talk about whatever they wants, hold each other close. 


“Karl..?” Dream mumbled, looking to his palms, this was his crush he’s had for all of college. “Do you really think it could happen?” 


George hummed, looking to the sky. “Depends. If you can pull up your end of the deal and work with me, then I think we can both get what we want.” 


Dream thought about it for a moment. 


Up to this point it seems all his advances have failed. Trying to get Karl alone, trying to talk to him, even trying to get Karl to know he existed. Up until today, it was the first time Karl has actually looked at him. His grey doe eyes were on him, and he called him sweet. 


Before today it would’ve been impossible but now, now there was actually a chance. 


And he couldn’t let it go to waste. 


“Alright.” Dream sighed. “I’m in, what’s your plan?” 


George’s face crinkle in an amused smile, brown eyes flashing in mirth. Something about that expression worried Dream to no end. 


Perhaps he was right, George was a devil.


And he was going to sell his soul. 

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The next day at school, Dream was sweating buckets. Hot Florida air did little to cool his nerves as he stood in front of his locker, grabbing some extra notebooks he had inside. 


He couldn't believe what he did yesterday, what he agreed to. It was just so tempting to agree to such terms, he couldn’t possibly think of the consequences of actually agreeing to it. What would Sapnap think? Hell, what would Karl think?


At the time, everything seemed like such a good idea so he went along with it, but now he was getting second thoughts. What would happen if they found out everything, would Karl still like him? would Sapnap even want to be his friend. His dreams were haunted by them leaving him behind. 


Once again, George managed to string out the worst in him. 


“Hey Dream.” Sapnap said, tiredly rubbing his eyes. “What’d you think of the essay? I stayed up practically all night trying to finish it.”


Dream hummed, closing his locker quietly. “It was alright, I guess.” In fact, it was so alright he completely forgot to do it. Another horrible thing that was happening that week. 


Sapnap chuckled “What? You forgot to do another essay again?” 


Dream glared Sapnap down, crossing his arms. “Whatever, here’s your 10$ by the way.” 


As he handed the piece of paper over, Sapnap looked at him as if he was crazy. After all, he shouldn't have had the money until next paycheck, which was a few days away. It made zero sense why he would have that money unless he stole it or didn't need it. 


“You sure, dude?” Sapnap asked, carefully grabbing the money “I don’t need it so soon, if this is a bad time I can-”


“No no, it’s okay.” Dream smiled, trying to forget the embarrassment of yesterday, running around campus to find the 10$ blowing in the wind. “It was my lucky day yesterday and I found money on the ground.” 


Sapnap frowned, clearly not believing the obvious lie. “If you say so.” 


Dream tried to not let Sapnap know anything was up. If this was going to work out, he needed to be as oblivious as he could. 


Yet that was a little difficult as he felt hands grab his shoulder, bringing him down until a pair of plump lips hit his own. They were soft and smooth, accompanied by sepia eyes covered in smugness. 


Dream tried to struggle, get out of the others grip, but it was useless as he felt arms wrap around his neck. 


Groaning around soft lips pressing harder, he noticed the brown eyes turning sideways, staring directly at his friend. Oh god, Sapnap was right there. He was watching, eyes wide and concerned, unable to form words as everything happened in front of him. 


George finally pulled off a warm smile on his lips, moist and red. “Good morning, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your guys' conversation.” 


“No problem.” Sapnap mumbled, but when he looked at Dream, his eyes screamed that there was a huge problem bestowing. It was clear he needed an explanation. 


After all, enemies don’t become lovers overnight. 


“Sorry I was late today, Puppy.” George sighed, looking at Dream smugly, knowing how much the name pissed the other off “but don’t worry I'm here now.”


Sapnap chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Great.” 


George pressed his body even closer, signaling to Dream this was a huge red zone. Maybe somewhere in private but not in the middle of the hallway. He had more dignity than the brunet thought, he wasn't willing to just ruin his friendship with Sapnap just for this sick game. 


“Alright, sweetheart, that’s enough.” Dream said softly, pushing George away a small bit. “There’s too many people around.” 


“Yes, a lot of people around.” Sapnap grumbled. 


“Hm, okay.” George purred, grabbing Dream’s hand “can we go to class then?” 


Dream offered a fake smile to the best of his abilities. “Alright, let’s go.” 


When he turned to Sapnap, he could see the confusion laced onto his face. Honestly, he wouldn’t be too surprised if he also had a confused face on, he wasn’t exactly expecting this. 


He whispered a small ‘talk to you later.’ before following George down the hallway. 


When they were finally alone again, far away from the crowds of people, George began to grin large from cheek to cheek. 


“Oh my god, Dream!” George nearly shouted, grabbing onto the blonde’s shoulders. “Did you see Sapnap looking at me, he looked so jealous!”


Dream didn’t have the heart to tell him it was mostly disgust, he kept it to himself. 


“Yeah, that was really cool.” Dream mumbled, looking back down to George’s lip. They were still a bit red from the kiss, glistening with leftover Chapstick that tasted of strawberry. Fuck, his lips tasted like strawberry. “But why did you kiss me?” 


George looked up from his internal cheering, grin dying down a bit “What do you mean? I had to make it seem believable. People don’t randomly get together overnight, you know?”


Dream frowned. It was true, but it seemed more out of character for them to suddenly be all lovey dovey. Maybe acting as friends first would’ve been more believable. Then moving onto other parts, that hopefully wouldn't have happened.


“Listen, puppy.” George smirked as he said the name. “Don’t worry about it, when they see us together like this, they’ll get jealous, I promise.” 


Dream was having second thoughts about that. 


“George, when you said we would ‘Fake date’ I was assuming it would be a little more…” Dream tried to think of the correct words to use, something that summed it all up. “Subtle.” 


George raised his brow, crossing his arms in a pout “If we’re subtle, it won’t work in getting them jealous. C’mon Dreamie, use your head.”


The brunet went to go pet the blonde’s head, only to have his wrist grabbed in its place. Green eyes narrowed in annoyance, pulling the hand far away. 


“Don’t call me Dreamie.” 


The challenge in Dreams voice only egged George on more. A grin reaching his lips in mock amusement. 


“Touchy, I guess, that’s fine.” George hummed, taking back his hand. “C’mon then, let’s go to class Dreamie.”


Dream saw red as he followed George back to class. Clenching his teeth, feeling them grind on top of each other. If he could, he’d shove the brunet down and really show him what happens when he pushes his buttons, but decided he’d probably get in more trouble than it’s worth. 


“Fine, sweetheart.” Dream growled. 

Class was filled with high tension, especially from stares between George and Sapnap. 


Sometimes Sapnap would poke him in the middle of his back as the professor facing the chalkboard, trying to ask Dream what was up with this morning. Yet there was nothing he could say so Dream just remained silent. 


George on the other hand, decided it was the perfect time to tease the blonde at whatever opportunity he got. Twisting around in his seat to steal a glance, smug eyes switching between the two. He knew what he was doing, it was all on purpose. Seeing what exactly he could get away with without someone getting upset. 


As time passed unbearably slow, Dream began to wonder what exactly he was getting out of this. George has gotten plenty of time to make Sapnap jealous, flinging himself into the center of attention, but Dream hasn’t gotten a singular moment with Karl. 


It seemed almost not fair to deal with everything by himself. 


After class, Sapnap dragged him out of the room before George could even think about mushing himself in their business. Hand tight around his wrist, they were dragged into a vacant hallway alone. 


“Dream.” Sapnap snapped, making the blonde cower under his gaze “explain everything to me right now, or I swear to god you do not wanna know what I will do.” 


“Explain what?” Dream chuckled, not making eye contact as he stared at the ceiling “I don’t know what you're talking about.”


“I’m talking about George!” Sapnap barked “He’s all over you like a desperate slut, meanwhile yesterday he was treating you like garbage! What happened, why is everything changing, is he blackmailing you?!”


“Sapnap, calm down.” Dream sighed, pushing the brunet away. He still needed to breathe and he felt the air around them suffocating. It was time for him to be honest with his best friend. “Listen, George is-”


He didn’t know what it was, but something in his gut told him to turn his head. Whether it was to crack his neck or just to turn away to lie, but when he did he saw George. 


Two pairs of big brown eyes were gazing past the lockers, hiding to not disturb the two who were arguing. But it was clear he was watching intently, waiting for Dream to either screw up or lie. It was almost like he had no trust in them, only expecting failure.


Dream gulped. 


“George is my boyfriend.” Dream turned back to Sapnap, taking a step forward “we’re dating now, can’t you just accept that?”


Sapnap looked hurt as the worlds fell from his mouth, and honestly Dream never felt so trashy before. 


After all, Sapnap had been with him for so long, they’ve been friends for what felt like forever. Lying was one of their policies, something they would never do to each other, yet here Dream was lying up a storm. 


He felt like garbage. 




“Dream!” George called, running down the hallway in mock confidence, grabbing onto the blonde’s arm “Sapnap! how are you guys, what’s with the stern faces?” 


Sapnap glared at Dream, turning away to face George “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”


“Mm alright.” George smiled, eyes crinkled in adoration to all but Dream. “Sapnap, by any chance would you and Dream wanna come sit with me and Karl at lunch? We have a nice spot outside.”


Dream blinked, not hearing anything about these lunch plans. Lunch with Karl? Well that definitely lifted his mood a bit, a small smile reaching his face. 


Sapnap on the other hand frowned, but nodded anyway. “Alright, sounds good.”


“Perfect, let’s go.” George started, dragging Dream ahead. “Wouldn’t wanna keep Karl waiting.” 

As they walked back outside, Sapnap trailing behind, they could see Karl sitting on a bench. His beautiful messy hair was in a low pony tail, hands around a sandwich from the cafeteria, mouth full. 


He waved towards them, grinning dorkishly, just how Dream adored. 


“Hey Karl.” George called, walking to his friend cheerily. “I brought Dream and Sapnap, if that’s alright.” 


“Of course it’s alright!” Karl grinned, looking toward the new people, eyes gazing over them. “Hey, weren't we all in the same class before this?” 


“Yeah, I’m Sapnap.” Sapnap chuckled, sitting next to the light haired brunet. “We were the ones who got yelled at by the professor.”


Karl began to giggle and in slow motion, Dream could feel his heart begin to flutter and soar to his gut in seconds. Something about that angelic laugh made him feel such emotions he couldn’t possibly bear. 


“That’s silly.” Karl gushed, letting his cheeks rest on his hands. “Weren’t you guys also the ones that bumped into George in the cafeteria?”


“Oh yeah, that.” George groaned, taking a side glare towards Dream. “I remember that quiet well.”


“It was really funny though.” Sapnap admitted with a grin. “Dreams all flustered like oh no, please no I accidentally stained a singular shirt .”


Karls giggles increased, clearly amused by Sapnaps stories. It almost made Dream lose his smile, almost. He had to be content just watching Karl for now. In a few weeks maybe, Karl would be looking at him the same way, a smile always on his face. 


George nudged his side though, bringing his attention back to reality. 


“Keep your eyes in your skull, idiot.” The brunet whispered, huddling them close. “You’re too obvious with your advances, be a bit more subtle.” 


Dream rolled his eyes to that. “Yeah, you’re the king of subtle, aren't you.” 


George's face flared, gently nudging the blonde away, which Dream chuckled at. In retaliation, he too pushed George a bit, nearly laughing out loud as the brunet almost stumbled off the bench due to Dream's weight. 


“You idiot.” George gasped, balancing himself back. His gaze met back with the other two, realizing his error very quickly as he changed facades. “I mean, you cutie, why’d you do that.” 


Dream rolled his eyes, before turning back to everyone else. 


So, anything interesting happening with you, Karl?” 


Karl hummed, thinking for a slight moment. “Well, Dream, there’s a fair this weekend and I was thinking of George and me going.” 


“That doesn’t sound too fun.” Sapnap sighed, resting his chin on his hand “wouldn’t it be better with more people?” 


“Exactly!” Karl chipped, a grin spreading on his face “I was thinking, since George and Dream are now spending lovey lovey time together, gross by the way-”


George and Dream looked at each other. 


“I was thinking it’d be nice for all four of us to go. Just a good way for everyone to get to know each other and plus, Carnivals are so fun!” 


Dream lit up at the offer. 


A carnival date would be the perfect opportunity for all of them to hang out together. Imagine purple lights at night time, carnival games to win prizes, the mass amounts of sugary foods that would definitely get him sick to his stomach. 


Then also being able to spend all that time with Karl? It was the perfect opportunity they all needed. 


Dream looked at George, nodding furiously. He didn’t care that the brunet’s response was a cringe look, he was beyond excited. 


“Sure, it sounds fun.” Sapnap chuckled, looking down to his phone. “We can do Friday night, after class.” 


Everyone else was murmuring in agreements, even George who seemed to brighten up at the idea. He must’ve begun to think of a similar idea as Dream, stealing the two away for their own enjoyment. 


“Alright, sounds like a plan!” Karl exclaims, taking another bite of his sandwich “m’ so excited!”


“Dude, don’t chew with your mouth full.” Sapnap chuckled, bringing a hand to fix the sauce pattern on Karl's face. “That’s so gross.”


Dream chuckled lightly at the display of affection, finding a weird burning sensation in his gut. He felt jealous, he knew it, but something about the scene shown to him wasn’t what got his gears turning. 


When he looked sideways, he saw George glaring with the most hateful look he’s ever seen, directed right at his friend. He could feel his heart sink, trying to understand how you can seemingly hate someone you were friends with for so long. It made practically no sense to him. No, it couldn't be any other reasons than that. 


It had to be because the brunet, staring so hatefully at his crush. That was the only reasonable explanation he could think of. Nothing else made sense. 


“So uh Dream.” George mumbled, reluctantly turning his head away from the scene “wanna hang out with me tomorrow, I’d like to pick out a new outfit for our fun date .” 


Dream raised a brow “don’t you already have enough outfits?”


The pinch that he got in return wasn’t welcomed, but slightly deserved, based on the lip pouting at him. It was kind of funny, so he didn’t feel too bad about it, grinning sheepishly.


“Shut it.” George hissed. 


Dream giggled, getting the hint. “Yeah sure, I don’t have classes tomorrow, so we can do that.” 


“Perfect!” A sly smile reached the brunet’s face “now you can pick me up at eleven, drive me to the mall, and it’ll be peachy.”


Dreams giggling stopped relatively fast after hearing that sentence, a horrifying reality dawning on him. He despised shopping. Much worse than that, he hated shopping at unreasonable hours like eleven in the morning. 


“Actually, on second hand, Sapnap, are you busy tomorrow?” 


Sapnap raised a brow, being dragged from the conversation he was already warming up to with Karl. Something about how they connected so easily, conversation flowing like it was nobody else's business. It was kind of cute. Them in their own little world, without him. 


“I’m not helping you Dream.” Sapnap frowned, rolling his eyes “after all, don’t you wanna spend time with your boyfriend?” 


A grimace reached Dream’s face as he stared back at George, the most shit eating grin he’s ever seen. Needless to say, he was not looking forward to it at all. 

Chapter Text

Dream was correct, as he usually was, he hated clothes shopping. 


He sat on the purple couch in front of the changing room, scrolling through his messages, waiting for Sapnap to text him back. Although he had little hope as it was 11 in the morning and the brunet usually slept in pretty late.


It should’ve been a peaceful morning on his day off, spent sleeping in and playing video games when he finally woke up. Maybe he would play a bit with patches, or ask Sapnap to come over so they could get something to eat. 


But no, instead he was sitting right in front of a mirror, showing his sad state of pure boredom. This was the last thing he wanted to do. Last place he wanted to be. To top it off he wasn't alone, no, he was with someone much worse than he could of asked for. 


After a few minutes wallowing in self pity, George eventually finished changing. Strolling out of the changing room in different clothes that he didn’t see before. 


Dream had to sit up in his seat, coughing quietly as he watched the brunet swaying as he walked. 


Dressed in a long sleeved black turtleneck, snuggling close to his body to skin level, trailing down into the tucks of his pants. What clung to his waist was a thick belt holding up tight brown plaid pants, shaping his waist in perfect curves, he wondered if they were real. 


“What do you think of this?” George asked, staring at himself in the mirror, moving his body around awkwardly “I like it but, I feel like it’s too formal for a carnival.” 


George wouldn’t be wrong. It would probably be uncomfortable in a hot sweaty place with lots of people, he’d be dying ten minutes in. 


“Yeah.” Dream mumbled, staring anywhere but the addicting colored pants “sounds unbearable.” 


The words came out before he thought about it, realizing quickly it must’ve sounded a bit harsh. It wasn’t his intention but when he looked up, George wasn’t there anymore. 


He hoped the relieved sigh he made wasn’t too vocal. 


Next time George came out, he was wearing a blue button down and black suspenders attached to black jeans. It looked more comfortable and a lot more usable to wear in Florida's smoldering weather. Although Dream would've suggested shorts over anything else.


“This is a lot more bearable.” George admitted, turning around for a better angle “Yeah, I think I like this.” 


“It looks good.” Dream blurted out, cringing a bit at the baffled look he received. 


“Good?” George gasped, a cat-like smile reaching his face “awe, Dreamie, I didn’t know you wanted to flirt with me now?” 


“Haha, very funny.” Dream groaned, turning his head as he felt the heat pooling his cheeks “I was just being nice.” 


A warm giggle escaped George’s lips as he moved in closer. “Really? You’re never nice to me puppy, just say you like me.” 


Dream pushed George back, gently of course, watching as the brunet crumpled into a fit of harsh laughter. It made his cheeks burn hotter, but it couldn’t stop the giddy feeling he began to feel swelling in his chest. It was like a hot rock just sat there, reminding him every moment of the embarrassment he felt. 


“Your face!” George laughed, opening his eyes with bits of tears in them “your face gets too red!” 


It was true, ever since Dream was young he’s had visible skin. If he cried, if he was embarrassed, if he was hot, his face would become swollen and turn a deep red. He always felt a bit shameful about it, but there wasn’t much he could do to change it. 


He just had to deal with it and let the uncomfortable situation get waited out. 


When George noticed the blonde became quiet, he gently punched his arm. A sheepish smile met his plumped lips. “Hey, it’s ok, it’s kind of cute.” 


“Oh?” Dream chuckled, poking the other back. “Now you think I’m cute? Whose the one flirting now, huh?” 


George groaned, limping back in mock annoyance. “You’re literally just copying me.” 


“Yeah?” Dream grinned, grabbing the black newsboy hat George wore, placing it right on top of his head. “You think you’re funny, huh? wanna flirt with me, huh? I’m five feet tall, huh?” 


“I don’t say ‘huh’ that much!” George hissed, a permanent smile on his face as he reached for the hat, barely slipping from his grasp “Ugh, you’re such a weasel.”


Dream wheezed a laugh, holding the hat enough out of reach so George would be unable to get it, finding it all the more fun at the unamused face the brunet had. Arms crossed and eyebrows raised as if it would make him listen. 


“Dream. Give it.” George pouted, reaching a hand out like an owner would to a dog. “Bad Dream, bad .” 


“I’m not your dog, George.” Dream giggled, relenting and finally putting the cap back into the brunet’s hand. 


George only hummed in response, placing it back onto his head. When he looked backed to Dream, a smug smile reached his lips. 


“You sure, puppy? Because If I wasn't mistaken, you just listened to my command?” 


Dream seethed, holding back the giddy feeling he felt in his chest again. “Alright, that’s it, give the hat back.” 


George shrieked a laugh, walking quickly in the other direction, both hands securely on his hat. “No way Dream, go away!” 


He didn’t know if it was something primal, or the laughter that made him feel light headed, but he chased after the brunet. Giggling all the while as George avoided him over the store, not minding the staring customers who watched everything take place.


Through racks, Dream kept trying to grab onto the cap, reaching over clothing isle’s and shoe boxes. Every time though, George managed to slip through with a nervous giggle, dancing through the marble flooring. 


In a way it was like their own little Waltz, following lead after lead while they chased each other around, singing an out of tune melody only their ears could hear. 


The beating of footsteps were replaced with drums and giggles were sounds of glistering violin strings as the bow slid across, their own little song they could find comfort in, where maybe the feelings were a bit stronger than they realized. 


Yet all that came crashing down as Dream bumped into someone, causing them to fall to the floor. 


“Oh my god.” Dream gasped, going to help the other up. “I’m so sorry, are you okay?” 


When the man looked up, Dream could feel his heart in his throat. Big gray eyes stared up at him, face full of freckles he remembers staring at in class, a warm face he always wanted to reach out and touch. 


“Dream!” George called, a smile plastered on his face. 


Yet as his steps slowed down, reaching the two that were still there, his smile slowly began to fall. The music stopped playing and everything felt a bit more lonely. 


“Oh, Karl.” George mumbled shakily, immediately going to help his friend up. “W-what are you doing here?” 


Karl chuckled lightly, allowing himself to get back on his feet, looking to his best friend. “Oh, right, I came here because I wanted something to wear.” 


That sentence seemed to make George’s face fall more, unable to look at his friend as his eyes met to green. Dream could tell, George was upset for some reason he did not know. But as time passed the sadness turned to anger. 


George looked ready to slap him and say he never wanted to see him again. 


“I have to go to the bathroom.” George muttered, patting Karl lightly on the back. “Keep Dream company for me, okay?” 


Karl looked confused but nodded anyway, watching as the brunet walked out the store. It was silent and awkward between the two but somehow, the light haired brunet always managed a kind smile. 


“I’ve never seen George laugh that hard.” Karl admitted, rolling on his heels. “He’s usually more reserved and stressed in these kinds of places, It was nice to see.” 


Dream hummed, trying to find any words in him right now to drag the conversation about anything else. As long as it wasn’t about George, that’s all he could want. 


“George doesn’t really know how to have fun, huh?” Dream mumbled, looking to where the brunet left. “That’s kind of sad.”


Well so much for changing topics.


“Yeah, I feel like it was his stupid ex.” Karl complained, taking out his phone. “They used to be such a good couple, but he kept sleeping with every girl on campus.” 


Dream has never heard Karl speak with such venom in his voice, dark and angry as he continued to speak about this mysterious person. Although the more he talked, the more Dream agreed. 


“Like actually, one time, me and George came back from an arcade and we walked in on him with some random girl, that was a sight I’ll never get back.” Karl sighed, reluctantly showing Dream a photo of said man. “George got so upset and they fought, he stayed at my house for weeks before moving his stuff out.” 


The guy in the photo, he kind of looked like Sapnap. 


“I’m glad he moved onto better things, though.” Karl grinned, putting his phone back in his pocket “I feel like you would treat him much better than that asshole.” 


Dream was flabbergasted. “Me? I-I” 


“Yes, you!” Karl giggled, pushing the blonde lightly “You’re the only one I’ve seen that made him that happy for so long! Not even I can do that.” 


A weird feeling began to flutter in his chest. He made George happy? It sounded so wrong but for some reason, he loved the feeling a lot. He had that ability? To make the brunet giggle like he didn’t have a care in the world? 


“You better treat him right, though.” Karl chuckled, mocking a threatening stance. “If you don’t, you’ll have to fight me, and I’m pretty tough.” 


Dream chuckled, rolling his eyes lightly. Karl didn’t look like he could fight anyone, maybe Sapnap, but that was about it. 


“Okay, I’ll be sure to treat him right.” 


The words left his mouth before he could begin to process them. Why would he say that? Especially to Karl, who he was supposed to want to date. Yet here we was promising not to break his best friend's heart. 


Dream was supposed to like Karl, not George. 


Then why did he feel so conflicted, that maybe what he wanted wasn’t what he needed. That there could be other options. 


No, they had a plan, they needed to stick to it. Dream couldn’t be catching feelings now, they already made a secure map of what they were going to do and promised to not tell anyone. Plus, George liked Sapnap, there wasn’t any room for anyone else. 


Even if Sapnap was just going to be a rebound. 


“Actually Karl.” Dream mumbled, looking around to see if George came back. It had been a bit, there was no way he should’ve been in the bathroom this long. “I have to go find George now, he might’ve gotten lost or something. I’ll see you later.” 


Karl smiled, his normal angelic smile, waving a gentle hand. “Alright, I’ll talk to you later, Dream!” 

It took a few minutes of running around the mall, but eventually Dream found him, sitting in the mall court munching on fries. 


He was out of breath as he made his way over, gasping heavily as he sat in the chair across. No words could come out of his mouth, only air, as he watched George not even spare a glance at him. He only continued to shove another salty fry into his mouth. 


“What.” Dream gasped, stealing a fry. “What the hell.” 


George looked up, nearly glaring at the blonde. 


Why was he being such a sour puss now? They can clearly get along without fighting, yanking down each other’s throat. Yet here he was, acting like they were sworn enemies. 


“Oh you’re here?” George grumbled, sticking another fry into his dumb mouth. “Took you a bit.” 


“George, I looked around the entire mall!” Dream nearly screamed, trying not to bang his fist onto the table. “Why didn’t you text me?!” 


George raised a brow, seemingly uninterested in everything the blonde just said. “I dunno, you and Karl were chatting it up, I thought that’s what you wanted.”


Dream groaned loudly, putting his hands on his eyes to calm himself. Along with the loud noises of the mall, people walking by and loud talking, it all felt overwhelming. His skin was hot and his lungs wouldn’t get enough air. It felt too stimulating for his mind.


“Listen, I talked to Karl and he really seemed worried for you.” Dream admitted, gaining enough confidence to confront the brunet. “I don’t think we should continue this plan, people will only get hurt.” 


George was silent, eyes uncaring. 


“So?” He mumbled “You’re supposed to get hurt in relationships, then you don’t. It’s simple.” 


Dream wanted to cry. Yell some sense into the brunet, tell him that is most definitely not how relationships work, but something told him that would be a waste of energy. 


“Look George, if we do this, then Karl and Sapnap will eventually find out. They’ll be hurt that we’ve lied to them. It’s best to just come out clean and stop the damage we already started. I understand if you’re hurt from your last boyfriend-” 


Something in George snapped at that moment, hitting the table harshly, making Dreams' eyes snap up. The brunet's face was completely enraged, eyes dark and staring. 


Don’t talk about him.” 


Dreams' mouth felt like sandpaper as he nodded slowly, understanding his mistake immediately. His throat was too dry to say anything else, just listening as George breathed in deeply. 


“Here is the plan, since your idiot brain needs to hear it again.” George hissed, getting up from his chair. “We keep this fake dating scheme up, Karl and Sapnap get jealous of us, and eventually they’re gonna take us away and we’ll both be happy.” 


He was delusional. 


George was completely delusional on what it meant to be happy. 


“No.” Dream practically coughed out, throat shaking with need to get everything out at once. “That’s manipulative, it’s toxic, you don’t want your relationship starting off that way. It’s unhealthy and you’ll only get hurt.” 


“Oh my god.” George groaned, rubbing his face. “How many times do I have to say I don’t care . Hurting is only temporary.” 


“No, it’s-” 


“Dream!” George demanded, staring straight into the blonde’s soul. “Stop being a fucking pussy, either you do this with me or I’ll find someone else.” 


Dream remained quiet, slowly getting up from his seat. Reality dawned in on him as he realized making George happy was impossible. He wasn't ready to listen to advice and had no care if he hurt himself or others. There wasn't anything he could do right now. 


They grabbed the rest of the food on the table and threw it away, silently walking back to the car. 


The entire time it felt awkward and damp, like the first time they walked in the mall. Their little dream state where they had so much fun was long gone, as if it never existed in the first place. 


As they walked through the parking lot, Dream mumbled over the sound of nearby traffic. 


“Don’t even call me a pussy again, bitch.” 


George smirked, not even bothering to look his way. “Okay Dreamie.” 


Dream realized pretty quickly they could never be anything more than enemies. With someone like George, who couldn’t differentiate between affection and abuse, he was a lost cause. 


So if it meant leaving him behind for his own gain, then he might as well. 


Even if it hurt more than he imagined.

Chapter Text

To say the least, the next day was very awkward. 


“So uh.” Karl mumbled, taking a glance at Sapnap, who was just mindlessly chewing his sandwich. “Anything fun happen yesterday?” 


Sapnap thought for a moment. “Not really, I got a new scary game from GameStop though, it was on sale for fifty percent off.” 


“Ooo.” Karl gushed, resting his hands onto his cheek, adoration filled in his eyes “I wanna play, scary games are so fun!” 


“Oh wow, Dream, maybe you should play a game with me.” George grumbled, taking a glance at the passive aggressive blonde. “Since we never do anything fun together.” 


“Sure.” Dream shrugged. “Let’s play the ‘how long can you get away from me for’ challenge.” 


George seethed in his seat, glaring. “How cute Dreamie, keep up that attitude and I just might.” 


When Dream turned in his seat, George nearly flinched back. After all, the blonde was a tower when he wanted to be, more intimidating when he was angry. The brunet wasn't gonna be taking that one in seven trillion chance. 


“How cute.” Dream smiled, the warm facial expression not completely reaching his eyes. 


Karl chuckled nervously, taking a shaky bite in his food.


It was clear something went wrong with the couple, as the words between them were completely opposite from a few days ago. Almost like they switched places, and they were the same duo from a few days ago. They also seemed to have a vendetta, as if one of them stepped on their other dog’s tail. 


It was making the entire lunch awkward, and everyone felt it. Stale of conversation, practically everyone there wanted out. 


A long bang was heard under the table and Dream hissed. He looked straight forward, right into Sapnap’s well annoyed eyes. For whatever reason, it made Dream more reluctant to start a fight up, even if his foot was now aching painfully. 


“Fine.” Dream whispered, turning to George, a fake smile reaching his lips. “George, I’m still hungry, give me some of your chicken please.” 


George stared up, bewildered, holding the lunch box closer to himself. “What- no, go away you mutt.” 


“Come on Georgie, I’m still hungry.” Dream whined, raising a brow to signal the act they were supposed to be playing out. “You wouldn’t say no to your lovely boyfriend, right?” 


Lovely.” George sassed, punching his fork into the piece of chicken. “I wouldn’t say that much.” 


Dream purred a laugh, opening his mouth slightly for the fork. It was obnoxious, he knew it himself, but he liked to think of it as a bit of revenge. Make George waver his decision a bit, if this was really what he was willing to endure. Maybe, just maybe, he'd spill everything then and there. 


“Open wider.” George cooed, venom dripping from his voice. 


Dream complied. 


“Ah, oops.” George gasped, faking a higher pitch in his voice. “Oh no, it fell! oh well!” 


When Dream opened his eyes, there was a piece of saucy chicken dripping on his thigh. It felt warm and gross, probably going to leave a stain. 


“My bad.” The brunet grinned, leaning into his personal space. “I just get so clumsy you know?” 


“Yeah, definitely clumsy.” Dream purred, poking the brunet's head softly. “So empty up there, I guess that’s what happens when you forget to think.” 


George’s smile fell, going to start up another argument but being interrupted by a loud laugh. 


“Oh my god.” Karl giggled, trying to cover the laughter that fell from his lips. “Stop flirting around us.” 


Even Sapnap had a small smile on his face, looking anywhere but the two of them. “Jeez, get a room already.” 


Dream looked to George, who also met his gaze, both their expressions full of disgust. 


“We’re not flirting!” They said in union, only making the other duo laugh even harder. 


For whatever reason, Dream couldn’t wrap his head around what made everything so funny. George was being an obnoxious brat and he was only defending himself, why did they mistake that with flirting? If anything, it was full of disgust. 


“You guys are idiots.” George groaned, taking another bite of his chicken. “Almost more of an idiot than Dream is.” 


“Hey!” Dream complained “You’re actually more of an idiot, idiot.” 


George's smile was warmer then, as he looked up to the blonde. It didn't last long, but it was enough to content Dream for the time being. This couldn't be over just yet, they needed to talk. 

Later on that day, Dream and George walked in an empty hallway. No one really came to this side of campus anymore, especially this late in the day. It was well known as a hook up spot, or where people smoked in peace. 


“What is it?” Dream mumbled, looking to the floor. 


Deep down, he had a very developed idea of what they were here for. Nothing good, only more harsh words they may or may not regret. Someone was leaving here broken, and the longer the silence continued, he feared it would be himself. 


“Apologize.” George demanded. “I want you to say sorry and stop acting strange! just act the way you were before.” 


Dream scoffed. “Me? Say sorry? Now why would I do that.” 


“Because.” George mumbled. “If we don’t make up now then…” 


Although George didn’t say it, Dream knew. If one of them didn’t relent now and apologize, there was a good chance that they were gonna end things like this. 


Tomorrow was the carnival, so they didn’t have much time to make up. Dream would confess to Karl, George would confess to Sapnap, and then they’d go their separate ways. They wouldn’t speak of them or be in each other's hair anymore. 


It made Dream’s chest ache. 


“I’m not gonna apologize.” Dream whispered, taking a deep breath in, then out. “What I said was true, you’re gonna get yourself hurt and before you say you don’t care, you will care when your heart is shattered.” 


George bit his lip, turning away from the blonde. His fists were clenched at his side, glaring to the concrete of the floor. It was rocky and scattered, like dreams they wished they still held tight. 


Wonders of life where maybe they could be treated right, be with the person they truly wanted, and wouldn’t have to suffer at all. 


“Whatever, It’s fine.” George sneered. “Tomorrow I’ll confess to Sapnap, and we won’t have to deal with each other ever again.”


As Dream looked at the brunets back, all he could think was that he wanted him. He didn’t know in what way, or what that meant for his feelings, but he just wanted to hold him back and beg him not to. Just stay for a little while, plan a little longer, and they could forget about said plans. 


The plans and plotting meant nothing now, it was clear as day it wasn’t important, there were more important feelings that were developing. Some things that were too scary to admit, but they both knew it was there. Growing into their chests to the point of ripping their insides.


So to hear such hurtful things, the blonde couldn’t handle it. 


“Alright.” Dream gripped, hating the warm disgusting feeling in his chest. “After tomorrow, I never want to speak to you again.” 


George didn’t say anything, didn’t even acknowledge his statement, just walked out of the hallway. 


It left him alone, cold and lonely, with no one to talk to. His chest was swelling with emotions that were unbearable to contain, ripping from his heart like rampage beasts, begging him to shout and scream for George to come back. 


But that was impossible. As of right now, Dream held no reign over what George did. He wasn’t his boyfriend, his lover, his friend, he meant nothing to the brunet and he fucking hated it. 


So it didn’t matter what he felt or how he hurt, nothing mattered. 


Dream felt the tears before he realized, touching his face softly to feel the wet remains. His cheeks must’ve been a deep shade of red, right now, but George wouldn’t see. 


No, he wouldn't see his face crumble to a frown as he caved in on himself, shrinking down the wall. He felt so small like this, outcaste and a mess. 


The last thing he wanted right now was to be alone. 


A broken sob left his throat, letting his head rest on his knees. He tried his best to cover his head, cover the warmth in his cheeks, the tears that fell from his eyes. A grey rain cloud over his mind, he felt nothing but a shattered piece of glass. 


“Dream?” A voice called gently, then a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, dude, what’s wrong?” 


He didn't respond. His throat was contracting in on him and he couldn’t find the words to express how he truly felt. All he wanted was to be alone yet not alone, but everything felt just so confusing. 


When Sapnap realized he wasn’t gonna get much out of the blonde, he slipped on the wall too, sitting next to his friend. 


The brunet wrapped an arm around the blonde, holding the man closer to his chest. Even if they fought or didn’t speak for a while, they were best friends for so long. They did everything together and shared so much, secrets simply weren’t allowed. 


“Dream, you can cry, I can wait.” Sapnap mumbled, looking to the ceiling. “But when you’re done, please can you talk to me?” 


Dream slowly nodded, letting the silence ground him. As he caught his breathe and felt the warmth of Sapnap’s arm, he began to realize his surroundings. He wasn’t anywhere dangerous, George wasn’t here, and he was okay. 


He’d be okay. 


His breath evened out as he lifted himself from his arms, looking to his friend. Someone who always seemed to be there for him. 


“You good now?” Sapnap mumbled, a smile on his face. 


Dream wasn’t able to match the same expression, but nodded anyway. “Yeah, thanks.” 


“Alright, tell me what’s wrong, right now.” Sapnap demanded, keeping his voice warm but stern. 


Although he was hesitant, Dream let himself spill. 


“I’m just so sick of George, he’s so annoying and won’t let me help him ever.” He complained, already feeling the tension behind his eyes tighten. “I just want him gone and out of my life.” So I don’t have to feel such painful emotions


Sapnap huffed a laugh. “Then don’t? We don’t have to go to the carnival with them tomorrow, it can be just us, two brothers with no stupid lovers to bother us.” 


As good as that sounded, Dream knew it was wrong. George had already worked so hard to where they were down, it would be selfish of him to let all that go in favor of having fun with his best friend. 


“Does that sound like a plan?” 


The temptation was sweet, but the poison that bounded him was sweeter. He made a promise to George, and he was willing to keep it over the one he made with his friend. 


“I’m sorry, Sapnap.” Dream mumbled, feeling his world crash in once again. “I can’t, we all need to go together, it’ll be fun and we will enjoy ourselves.” 


Sapnaps face fell, anger beginning to scrunch into his eyes. “Dream, are you fucking crazy?” 


Dream winced. 


“Dude, no one is forcing you to go to this carnival!” Sapnap shouted. “If it makes you uncomfortable, if George is threatening you, none of that matters and you do not have to go!” 


“I have to!” Dream yelled back, feeling his tears well up once more. “We made a deal, I promised him that we would go together so he would confess to you!” 


Silence filled the hallway of thick tension, brown murky eyes flabbergasted as he witnessed the blonde crumble before him. As if all the lies that he’s held on for what felt like centuries, has finally been released to the world. 


And Sapnap had no way of dealing with it. 




“George has a huge crush on you, so he said if I helped him get with you, then he’d help me get with Karl.” Dream sighed, feeling guilt lumpy and painful in his chest. “I’m sorry for keeping secrets between us, but I don’t agree with what I did anymore. I’m sorry.” 


“You better be sorry.” Sapnap groaned, rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. “God, you’re such an idiot Dream, should’ve told me sooner so I could tell George it’s never fucking happening.” 




“It’s true!” The brunet gasped, eyes wide and accusing. “Why would I ever like him?! He’s only hurt you, he’s never been nice to you a day in our lives, and is the biggest jerk of the school!” 


Dream sighed again, realizing the truth of Sapnap’s statement. No matter what they did, how much time passed, George was always going to get his heart broken. 


Just like their promise. 


“Please, Sapnap, when he confesses to you tomorrow.” Dream mumbled, staring to his feet as he felt the horrible feeling wash over him. “treat him nicely, for me, he’s been hurt enough.” 


The silence was tense but Sapnap rolled a nod through it, letting his head hit the back of the wall. They sat there for a long while, just letting realization and expectations fill their minds. 


Only tomorrow would tell what would happen.

Chapter Text

The carnival wasn’t anything less than a dream. 


There were large roller coasters reaching the sky’s limit, mass amounts of people giggling around with stuff animals and cotton candy, smelling of sweet grease and flower petals. Large stands were placed in liner lines as a grand entrance to the place. 


Everywhere they looked were neon lights spelling out ‘welcome’ or ‘tickets here!’ in bright flashing colors. It was headache inducing. 


“Wow.” Karl cooed, pointing to one of the large stuff animals placed in one of the booths. “They have so much here, look! Isn’t it amazing?” 


Normally when you go to a carnival with a group of friends, the excitement would radiate and bounce off each and every one of them. But for some reason, the cheerfulness didn’t match everyone's faces, leaving a tense feeling in the brunet. 


“Well, I think it’s pretty cool.” Karl mumbled, facing forward again. 


Karl and Sapnap stood next to each other as they lead them into the place, meanwhile Dream and George were a bit behind to themselves. 


Dream took a glance at the dark brunet, who seemed lost in his own little world. His eyes were heavy with lack of sleep and his lips were placed in a permanent frown. It made his heart ache to see, but he knew his own facial expression matched. 


“What’s with the long face?” Dream joked, trying to get some sort of smile from the brunet. “Not get enough sleep?” 


George slowly moved his eyes to the blonde, blinking and nodding slowly. There weren’t words of sass or challenge from plump lips, only stress and anxiety as he pondered over whatever his mind troubled him. 


Dream was at a loss. 


He stared around the place a while longer, noticing lines upon lines of people waiting for rides, stores, convenient stants. Deep down, he was hoping for a coffee stand, and get George a bit of caffeine to hopefully wake him up. 


The longer he looked, the more hopeless it became. 


His eyes fell onto one yellow convenient stand, practically empty, and he immediately darted over without a word. It wasn’t like anyone was gonna call him back, George was far too tired to deal with him now. 


“Hello.” A nice lady behind the counter called. “What would you like?” 


Dream took a look at the menu, not seeing any coffee. There was soda, though. 


“Uh, can I have a coke, please?” He asked, feeling around in his pocket for change. There was enough, of course, because he wanted to get tickets for rides. It just meant he was gonna have to skp out on a few. 


“Alright, that’ll be a dollar fifty.” The lady smiled, reaching out her hand. 


Dream gave her the change, returning the smile as he grabbed the drink. It was a little bumming that he couldn’t partake in as many rides, but it was worth it to him. 


“Why are you already getting stuff?” George mumbled when Dream got back, eyes looking sleep deprived as ever. “Save your money for the rides, idiot.” 


Rolling his eyes, Dream pushed the drink to the brunet. “Here, I don’t wanna deal with your crappy mood and neither does anyone else. So drink this and wake up.” 


“I don’t like soda.” George frowned, taking a sip of the straw anyway. “Idiot.” 


Dream chuckled. He should’ve been angry, he should’ve been furious that he spent money on that drink that George didn’t even care so much about, or even thank him for. The brunet was ungrateful and rude, but he didn’t mind. 


In a way, it’s almost become endearing. Seeing him gulp down the drink behind his back, thinking he wouldn’t be seen. If anything, he looked excited to have some sugar. 


He willed himself to get the stupid grin off his face, trying to think of anything to bum him out, but everything just felt so exciting. 


So instead, he just blamed it on carnival fever. 


Another thing Dream noticed was the outfit George wore. 


The brunet had the same blue button up shirt and suspenders on, matched with his black jeans. It made him look cute as he sipped on his straw, eyes closed as he waited for the line to move up. 


It was beginning to feel a bit more comfortable to be around him. Where Dream didn’t have to worry about the last time they argued, or how they wouldn’t talk to each other after this. Today meant they could be on neutral grounds and have fun together. 


Eventually they all got their tickets, extremely overpriced, and were ready to get on some rides. 


Karl practically dragged the three of them across the park, giggling loudly as he talked about the scariest roller coaster there. Talking all about how only the bravest people get on it. 


As they walked closer, Dream’s heart sank. Standing high enough to touch the clouds, was a large roller coaster with many screaming passengers. He could hear the terror from where he stood, and no they were not that close yet. 


Dreams mouth hung open. “Oh my god-” 


“That looks sick!” Sapnap roared, eyes wild with exhilaration “Dude, we need to go on that now!” 


“That’s what I was saying!” Karl grinned. 


George and Dream, on the other hand, could feel their stomachs flipping. Neither of them would admit until this moment, but they were both pretty wussy when it came to large rides like these. Anything else would’ve been better. 


Dream gulped. “A-are you sure this is what you want to go on first? Not any games?” 


“Pfft” George chuckled, hands shaking at his side. “Rides a-always come first at fairs.” 


The two men stood, backs straight and palms sweaty, staring up at the inevitable ride. Almost as if it had storm clouds raining above, cursing their experiences with only the most horrid images. 


When it was clear Dream and George had no plans of moving, Sapnap rolled his green eyes. “Alright you babies, me and Karl will go on just the two of us, we’ll meet at the convenient stand near the front in an hour.” 


George was the first to sigh in relief, nodding his head furiously. “Yeah sounds good, I just don’t wanna mess up my hair.” 


“Your hair is already messed up.” Dream snorted, getting a slap on the shoulder in response. “You brat.” 


“You’re so annoying, idiot.” George grumbled, not even paying attention as the other duo left, leaving them to their bickering. “Mr. Scaredy, scared of heights, oh boo hoo?” 


Dream rolled his eyes, not even bothering with the brunet anymore. “Whatever, let’s just find something else to do while we wait.” 


“yeah like what?” George groaned, walking towards another side of the park with less rides. “There’s nothing to do here besides waste money.” 


Honestly, George wasn’t completely wrong. Majority of the rides at the carnival were ones that had high heights and fast pace. Along with chugging a soda, there was a high chance he would throw up. 


On the other hand, there was still something the two could do.


“I have an idea.” Dream grinned, grabbing George’s hand. “Follow me.” 


Before George could get a complaint out, Dream began to speed walk to the other side of the park. Long legs taking heavy steps while shorter ones trailed behind, angry words falling from his mouth. 


Across the park was a kids section, filled with rides that nobody in their right mind could get scared of. Especially the one Dream had in mind. 


“What. Is. That.” George baffled, staring to the partying tea cups in front of him. “You’re joking.” 


Dream laughed loudly, looking at the many children swinging the tea cups around like it was the funnest thing in the world. In all honesty, it probably was one of the most funnest rides there was. 


“I-I’m not going!” George gasped, reluctantly getting pulled towards the entrance of the ride. “Only kids go on it!” 


“And?” Dream giggled, a smile bright on his face. “I promise you you’ll like it, it’s so fun!” 


George didn’t seem convinced, but allowed his hand to be pulled to the line that was forming. There weren’t that many people waiting, so it only took about a few minutes of awkward silence and hand holding before they were allowed on the ride. 


They walked inside the area, looking for the best teacup to get. 


“Which one do you want to go on?” Dream asked, hand never leaving the brunet’s grasp “there’s a blue one, a red one, a green one-” 


“Blue one.” George mumbled, cheeks beginning to flush a shade of pink, blending in with the red neon lights “It’s prettier.” 


Dream nodded, pulling the two to the blue teacup that sparkled under the sky, grinning like a child on christmas morning. It was everything and more as he stared at George, finding himself in a position he’d never imagined. 


If anything, he expected himself to be staying at home watching a movie with his cat right now, but instead he got to see George’s face light up in joy as the ride began to move. 


“Dream, it’s moving.” George gasped, holding onto the wheel “Dream, oh my god if I die.” 


“You’re not gonna die, idiot.” Dream giggled, holding the wheel tightly, getting ready to move it “but, I do have something better.” 


George’s eyes lit up the saucers as the tea cup began to spin, making him slide in his seat. His hair began to blow in his face as they moved in fast circles, screamings of terror falling from the brunets lips. 


“Dream! What the hell, stop!” George cried, holding onto the teacup like a lifeline “What the fuck! Oh my god!” 


“Stop being a baby!” Dream giggled, tears beginning to well in his eyes from laughter “you’re overreacting!” 


George shouted, trying to spin the pot in the other direction to stop the movement, only making them spin faster in the other direction. 


They danced around in the tea cup, screams of laughter and fear, mending together as the ride span it’s course. 


Slowly, very slowly, the ride began to slow down before stopping entirely. Leaving them safe and well, the tea cup doors opening to let them out. 


George ran out of the ride, feet shakily meeting the floor. His eyes were wide and scared, looking to Dream for any sense of reassurance. 


“You’re okay.” Deram chuckled, stepping out of the cup, offering a hand to the brunet. “It’s over now.” 


The brunet nodded, looking at the floor in disbelief. Slowly though, his shocked expression turned into one of excitement, looking at him was exhilaration and delight. 


“Let’s go again!” 


Dream barked a laugh, pulling them to another ride they can go on. This time, George was much more willing, running with the blonde as they made their way to more rides. 


The next ride they went on was a dragon ride that was best described as a shrunken roller coaster. Meant only for small children, but they went on the line anyway, even if everyone was half their size. 


“Aren’t you too tall for this ride?” George joked, crossing his arm in the sassiness he finally managed to restore. 


“Sorry I only reach up to gremlin size.” Dream chuckled, planing a hand onto the brunets head. “Barely even five foot four, huh?” 


“I’m literally five foot ten, what is wrong with you?” George laughed, brushing the blonde’s hand off his head. “You idiot.” 


They got onto the cart, struggling past the ride operator who almost didn’t let them on, squishing them into one seat together. 


“Move your ass over!” George cackled, trying to move the blonde over with no avail “You’re taking up the entire space we have!” 


“I’m too dummy thick!” Dream cried, wheezing a laugh as they were strapped into place, knowing there was no turning back. “This is way too tight.” 


As soon as he said that, George fell into a fit of giggled, redness of amusement filling his cheeks. Of course he would laugh at that kind of joke, it was in his nature. 


One thing Dream began to realize, the more time he spent with George, was that he could never take anything seriously. Any kind of joke could make the brunet laugh if he was comfortable enough, no matter how stupid it seemed. He was overall such a cheerful man, and Dream wanted to see more. 


“You’re such an idiot.” Dream giggled back, feeling the ride begin to start up, letting his arms flow high in the air. “Let’s go!” 


“Oh my god shut up!” George chortled, hands tight on the bar in front of him. “and put your hands dow- AH!” 


The ride began to move fast, not as fast as a normal roller coaster, but fast enough to take them off guard. Speeding on shaky rails as kids around them began to shriek, rolling up and spinning in a circle. 


“WOO!” Dream cheered, looking to his left to see George with confidence. A smile was wide on his face and not an ounce of fear could be detected. 


They moved fast through a few times, giving Dream the perfect opportunity to let go of all his fears. Just scream to the sky and everything would be okay. 


When they got off, George seemed even more thrilled to do another ride. All the fear and exhaustion was gone, thriving off endorphins to get him through the rest of the day, not that he minded. 


“Another?” George asked excitedly, not even caring for the time. “That was so fun I wanna go again!” 


“It’s gonna be an hour soon.” Dream sighed, feeling his heart ache as the frown met plump lips. “Maybe after we meet up with Karl and Sapnap again?” 


George groaned, but nodded anyway. “Fine, but promise we’ll ride again?” 


“Alright.” Dream smiled. 

During the walk back to Karl and Sapnap, they managed to get a milkshake. They shared it, surprisingly, not saying a word about the singular straw. Almost as if it was a forbidden goodbye, for what was soon to happen. 


Their hands were interlocked tightly, holding on as a last resort. At any point they could let go, leave the other handing, but they didn’t. It was warm and comfortable, guiding them through the crowded area. 


Sapnap was the first to see them, calling loudly over the crowd. “Dream, over here!” 


“Sapnap!” Dream grinned, letting go of George’s hand, walking forwards. 


With his back facing the brunet, he didn’t know what kind of expression George held, but the sudden silence of him spoke louder words than he could’ve described. 


“Hi guys.” Karl smiled, hair tousled and all over the place from the ride “Hope you didn’t wait long.” 


“No we didn’t.” Dream admitted, not to mention the different rides they went on, or how much fun George was having. “What about you guys? Did you have fun?” 


“Yeah, it was fun.” Karl stared to Sapnap, eyes warm and loving “I kinda want to go on again.” 


“Uh, sorry can we wait for that.” George mumbled, taking a hold of Sapnap’s hand. “Sapnap, can you come with me for a minute? I wanted to tell you something.” 


Instead of looking at George, green worried eyes looked to Dream instead. Almost as if he wanted to tell him something he wasn’t allowed to, even if it meant he was going to hurt someone in the process. 


“Yeah, sounds good.” Dream interrupted, grabbing Karl’s shoulders gently “I needed to speak to Karl anyway, so take your time and treat him nicely okay?” 


Sapnaps face fell, but he nodded anyway. It made Dream grateful that he had such an understanding friend by his side for this entire time. He honestly didn’t deserve him. 


He only watched as the two walked away, leaving him with Karl. 


Deep down, he could feel the worry pulsating in his chest. It was hard to let go of George, when all he wanted to do was run behind him and take him away. Beg him not to go, stay with him for a while longer and they could talk. 


But life isn’t that simple, he wasn’t gonna be with his one and only all his life, and life wouldn’t bat an eye for him. 


Which is something he’s gonna learn to accept. 


“Are you alright?” Karl asked, eyebrows crinkled in worry “you look upset?” 


“I’m okay.” Dream mumbled, not able to see the back of brunette hair any longer. “Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Walking with Karl felt.. Different. 


In some ways, it was nice to finally be around his life long crush one on one, but on the other hand he felt lonely. It wasn’t that he hated Karl or anything, but he’d rather have a different brunet walking him to a ride. Feel their hand in his own, hold them closer wherever he wanted, look down and see his smile.


He missed the soft giggles from George, trying not to let his laughter be heard by those around him. In a way, he always seemed to hide himself from the world and it drove Dream crazy. 


All he wanted to do was show George the world and for him to give the world back. 


But maybe that was too much to ask for, maybe he expected too much from the sepia eyed man. Perhaps in another life, they could be together, and they wouldn’t be down each other’s throat at every chance they got. 


In that world, Dream would cherish George all the more. 


“Hey Dream, are you sure you’re alright?” Karl asked, bringing Dream away from his mind “you’ve been quiet for a while and I’m worried.” 


“Huh? Oh yeah.” Dream mumbled, feeling his heart sink. “I’m okay, I just-” 


They were far away from the crowd now so there was nobody around. It was just the two of them secluded around palm trees and bushes. A peaceful spot that he knew no one would barge in on. 


“Nice place here.” Karl purred, looking around the scenery “We could take some pictures here.” 


“Karl, I need to tell you something.” Dream sighed, feeling the words on the tip of his tongue “so please listen to me for a bit.” 


Karl went silent, blinking to the blonde. His hands were in his jeans, casually leaning against the tree as he waited for Dream to find his words. Not rushing or expecting anything. 


In the distance, the sky was becoming much darker. It looked as if there was going to be a sudden Florida shower, which was very common where they were. Still, it was a mood ruiner nonetheless. 


“For a long time, Karl, I’ve had a huge crush on you. Every day, I sat behind you at college, hoping that one day we could talk to each other.” Dream confessed “I even got George to try and help me get to you, I felt like I would do anything just so we could be together, but-”


Even though he could feel his cheeks burn in embarrassment, knowing this wasn’t the plan he established, he continued. 


“I like y…” Dream stopped. 


Was this what he wanted? Would he truly be happy if he confessed to Karl right now and said he liked him? Was he being honest with himself? If Karl said yes right now, if he agreed to date him, would he feel more dread than excitement? 


Or was there someone else? someone who filled his entire heart over the past week. A person who made his heart soar with such emotions that had him laughing and crying in the same day. 


It wasn’t that he didn’t like Karl, but over this past week, someone definitely rose above him in his heart. He wasn’t number one anymore. 


There was someone else. 




“I like...George.” Dream mumbled, feeling his eyes widen in realization. 


All this time he was blind. There was someone he liked, someone who he wanted and could have, but he was too naïve to truly admit it. Sure he wanted to stick by George’s side, but this was something much more intense. 


The jealousy he could feel every time George looked over to Sapnap, the swelling in his chest that warmed him every time the sepia eyed man laughed, and the welcoming feeling of their hands interlocking. 


It meant so much more to him than he could ever imagine. 


Interrupting his thoughts, Karl began to laugh a bit loudly in front of him. His cheeks were a bit flushed, but it didn’t stop his giggling fest. 


“Sorry, sorry! It’s just.” Karl began to catch his breath, wiping away a tear. “Sorry, It’s just so clear on your face that you like him. I’ve known for a while that your eyes went to him instead, and you weren’t looking at me anymore.” 


Dream was flabbergasted, hearing the words that went through one ear and out the other. 


“You knew I liked you?” Dream gasped, wanting to smack himself for even thinking this was a possibility. “I can’t believe it.” 


Karl giggled, letting the blonde catch up a bit. “Hey, It’s alright Dream, but I’m glad you realized your feelings.” 


“Yeah.” Dream sighed happily, knowing exactly what he needed to do. “I’m such an idiot.” 


In a way, he was glad he realized now before saying anything stupid. 


“Just a little bit.” Karl hummed, nodding his head slowly “although probably not as much of an idiot as the guy confessing to Sapnap right now.” 


“Shit, I forgot about that.” Dream realized, already feeling the raindrops hit the top of his head. “We need to go find them, I want to tell George.” 


“Alright.” Karl smiled, “let’s go find George.” 


As they walked back to where they last saw the duo, Karl began to speak over the loudness of the crowd. “I have a crush on Sapnap, I really like him.” 


“You do now?” Dream chuckled, not surprised by the turn of events. After all, Karl and Sapnap have seemed to become closer in the past few days. “That’s interesting.” 


“Yeah, I’ll probably confess soon.” Karl admitted sheepishly, twirling his thumbs “He’s such an amazing guy, sorry to steal him from you, Dream.” 


Dream laughed aloud “Don’t worry about it, Karl, I’m stealing away your best friend too.” 


“You already took him from me!” Karl pouted, poking the blonde accusingly “I expect being able to steal him away five times a week!” 


“Five times?!” Dream gasped “You’re running with my money here!” 


The rain began to pour harder, soaking the clothes the two were wearing. People began to clear out of the space, making a dash to their car or putting on ponchos. Yet as they continued their path, they finally found them. Unintentionally and at a bad moment.


Standing in a clearing, just the two of them surrounded by pouring rain, they were arguing loudly. Something telling the two that it didn’t turn out well. 


“It’s not happening, George.” Sapnap sighed, arms crossed defensively. “You’re with my friend, I’d never do that to Dream and also, I don’t even like you like that!” 


George had his hands over his eyes, ears beat red as the rain soaked his hair. He looked so small like that, shrunken in on himself. 


“Please.” George practically whispered “I love you so much, please tell me why, am I not good enough?” 


His voice sounded so broken and lonely, wavering with every word spoken. It had to have taken a lot of course to emit the words from his mouth, only to be broken down and forgotten in his place. 


Just as Dream said, he was going to get his heart shattered. 


“No, I don’t like you.” Sapnap announced, looking up and meeting eyes with Karl.




When he said that, the brunet lifted his face from his hands. Showing his tear stained face, eyes red with sadness and heartbreak, lips quivering in shock. For whatever reason, his face only morphed into a sadder look as his eyes met with Dream. 


Green eyes stared back to sepia eyes. 




In a fit of shock or anger, George turned around and sped off, running off, away from the three of them. His back turned as the headed straight toward the storm ahead. 




Dream tried to call for him, hoping he would turn back, only met with false hope. He was stupid for thinking it would work out with them, that they had any hope of being together. In the end, he should have never bothered. 


A warm hand reached on his shoulder, making him turn his head. 


Karl looked at him with a worried look, concern lacing his features. “I think he misunderstood the situation, go after him for me Dream, please?” 


Misunderstood? What was there to be confused about? All he did was walk in with Karl and find the two arguing, they never said they got together or anything, that it worked out. Yet maybe, just maybe, George assumed the worst. 


Which means, George was probably alone thinking he was abandoned once again. 


“Alright, I’ll go find him.” Dream mustered up his remaining courage “I’ll see you two later.” 


Without waiting for a response, Dream ran the direction George went. 


Even though the wind was heavy in his face, burning him with chills and rain hitting his eyes, he continued to run as fast as he could. If he could just catch up to George, then he could explain everything clearly. 


He prayed for any god up there to give him strength and hope that George would understand him, that they could work out and that he didn’t have to be alone. 


Dream wanted to be the change in George’s life that he needed, and hopefully chance in the process. Together they could grow together, could love together, and be each other together. 


They didn’t need to be alone anymore, the complications stopped here. 


Dream managed to sprint to the car before it left, the grey car parked in a vacant spot in the parking lot. He could recognize it easily with the clout goggles on the back windshield, George’s signature. 


The lights weren’t on but Dream could barely see a head of hair caving in on himself in the front seat. George was there, all by himself. 


It was at this moment he mustered the last amount of confidence he had left. Even if he left this area more broken then when he came, even if George said he had no intentions on them being together, saying he never felt the same way then...


At least Dream could live knowing he at least tried. 


Knocking gently on the window glass, he alerted the brunet who was hiding in on himself. As he slowly raised his heavy head, he noticed the blonde hitting the glass softly. 


“What.” George grumbled, unlocking the door unwillingly, allowing the blonde to scoot in. “Why are you here?” 


Dream sat in the opposite car seat, groaning at how nice it felt to finally sit down. The car was warmer than the outside, but he still felt freezing from the wetness pooling in his clothes. He would do anything right now for a warm bath. 


“You’re soaking my car seat.” George sighed, resting his head on the back of his seat. “You’re such an idiot, I hate you.” 


A warm chuckle escaped Dream’s lips, only making the brunet more mad in the process. “What’s so funny?” 


George wouldn’t know this, but Dream had begun to catch on. The more the brunet acted angry or upset with him, the more he showed how much he cared and acknowledged his presence. His feelings were hidden but exposed, his language well understood the more Dream listened. 


“You.” Dream sighed, looking over to sepia eyes, one’s he’s begun to adore so much “you’re a fucking riot.” 


“Am I now?” George hissed, crossing his arms “All high and mighty now that you managed to get with Karl, laughing at my own misfortune?” 


“No, that’s not it.” Dream giggled, tilting his head slightly “I just think it’s funny you care more about me and Karl supposedly getting together rather than the fact you got rejected?” 


George rolled his eyes, taking in a sharp breath “Listen, I don’t care anymore, get your laughs in now while you can.” 


“I won’t laugh.” George looked at him with the most accusing look he’s ever seen, almost making him break the promise and laugh right there. “I’m serious! I won’t laugh, I promise.” 


Sighing, George let the blonde take over. 


“Karl didn’t reject me.” Dream admitted, smiling slightly at the hurt expression George made, hoping it would turn less sour in a second “I didn’t completely confess, actually, I realized I had a crush on someone else.” 


“Crush?” George perked up, eyes narrowing in a blaze of anger “What do you mean a crush on someone else? You didn’t tell me about anyone else? Who is-” 


Dream grabbed George’s cheeks with his hand, pulling him close enough so their lips could brush, softly pressing in a calming moment. 


The sounds of pattering above relaxed them, leaving them in their own secluded world. Here, they didn’t have to be anything more than what they already were. They could be happy and honest, and Dream was so grateful for this moment. 


George’s lips were addicting, they tasted like forbidden strawberries that he could never imagine having in his entire life. A sweetness that he wanted to have everyday, holding close a warmth he never wanted to lose. 


Until finally, he had to let go so they could speak, allowing the brunet to slowly lean back. 


“I like you.” Dream said, a smile reaching his face. “I love you so much.” 


George’s eyes went wide, glassy and surprised, as tears of shock fell from his cheek. It was almost cute in a way, a new expression that Dream has never seen before, and he knew he’d treasure it for a long time. 


“I know there’s other people out there you might like more than me, like Sapnap or someone else, but I want to be the one to make you happy.” Dream admitted, feeling his face becoming increasingly more warm “I know it’s selfish, but if it means I can be with you, I’m fine with being a bit selfish.” 


The words flowed off his tongue like a scarlet breeze, the smile never leaving his face. His feelings were honest and true, and he’d keep up the false confidence if it meant George would just say yes. 


“Dream.” George mumbled, trying to find any words to say. “I- Dream.” 




Dream placed a secure hand on George’s “sometimes, you need to look a bit closer when finding someone you truly love.” 


George bit his lip, eyes shaking as he looked back and forth between green eyes. His lips were slightly open as he tried to find words to explain or answer. The insecure part of his brain telling him this could be a trap and he could get hurt. Unable to figure out what he truly wanted. 


“Will you be with me?”


Until finally, shaking all the while, George answered. 




Dream grinned happily, feeling his heart swore a mile per second, grabbing George’s cheeks once again and placing his lips where he knew they belonged. Warm plump lips on his own, everything felt completed. 


They were completed. 


Butterflies flared in his chest as Dream chuckled into the kiss, only met with cute giggles on the other side. It was stupid and idiotic, but they loved it so much. They loved each other. 


George pulled away first, a big smile on his face, tears beginning to dry “You idiot, your face is so red.” 


“Shut up!” Dream laughed, kissing a quick peck on the brunet again “you make me like this.” 


Giggling in their own world, Dream couldn’t help but be glad he made a deal with the devil.