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Deal With The Devil

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Walking with Karl felt.. Different. 


In some ways, it was nice to finally be around his life long crush one on one, but on the other hand he felt lonely. It wasn’t that he hated Karl or anything, but he’d rather have a different brunet walking him to a ride. Feel their hand in his own, hold them closer wherever he wanted, look down and see his smile.


He missed the soft giggles from George, trying not to let his laughter be heard by those around him. In a way, he always seemed to hide himself from the world and it drove Dream crazy. 


All he wanted to do was show George the world and for him to give the world back. 


But maybe that was too much to ask for, maybe he expected too much from the sepia eyed man. Perhaps in another life, they could be together, and they wouldn’t be down each other’s throat at every chance they got. 


In that world, Dream would cherish George all the more. 


“Hey Dream, are you sure you’re alright?” Karl asked, bringing Dream away from his mind “you’ve been quiet for a while and I’m worried.” 


“Huh? Oh yeah.” Dream mumbled, feeling his heart sink. “I’m okay, I just-” 


They were far away from the crowd now so there was nobody around. It was just the two of them secluded around palm trees and bushes. A peaceful spot that he knew no one would barge in on. 


“Nice place here.” Karl purred, looking around the scenery “We could take some pictures here.” 


“Karl, I need to tell you something.” Dream sighed, feeling the words on the tip of his tongue “so please listen to me for a bit.” 


Karl went silent, blinking to the blonde. His hands were in his jeans, casually leaning against the tree as he waited for Dream to find his words. Not rushing or expecting anything. 


In the distance, the sky was becoming much darker. It looked as if there was going to be a sudden Florida shower, which was very common where they were. Still, it was a mood ruiner nonetheless. 


“For a long time, Karl, I’ve had a huge crush on you. Every day, I sat behind you at college, hoping that one day we could talk to each other.” Dream confessed “I even got George to try and help me get to you, I felt like I would do anything just so we could be together, but-”


Even though he could feel his cheeks burn in embarrassment, knowing this wasn’t the plan he established, he continued. 


“I like y…” Dream stopped. 


Was this what he wanted? Would he truly be happy if he confessed to Karl right now and said he liked him? Was he being honest with himself? If Karl said yes right now, if he agreed to date him, would he feel more dread than excitement? 


Or was there someone else? someone who filled his entire heart over the past week. A person who made his heart soar with such emotions that had him laughing and crying in the same day. 


It wasn’t that he didn’t like Karl, but over this past week, someone definitely rose above him in his heart. He wasn’t number one anymore. 


There was someone else. 




“I like...George.” Dream mumbled, feeling his eyes widen in realization. 


All this time he was blind. There was someone he liked, someone who he wanted and could have, but he was too naïve to truly admit it. Sure he wanted to stick by George’s side, but this was something much more intense. 


The jealousy he could feel every time George looked over to Sapnap, the swelling in his chest that warmed him every time the sepia eyed man laughed, and the welcoming feeling of their hands interlocking. 


It meant so much more to him than he could ever imagine. 


Interrupting his thoughts, Karl began to laugh a bit loudly in front of him. His cheeks were a bit flushed, but it didn’t stop his giggling fest. 


“Sorry, sorry! It’s just.” Karl began to catch his breath, wiping away a tear. “Sorry, It’s just so clear on your face that you like him. I’ve known for a while that your eyes went to him instead, and you weren’t looking at me anymore.” 


Dream was flabbergasted, hearing the words that went through one ear and out the other. 


“You knew I liked you?” Dream gasped, wanting to smack himself for even thinking this was a possibility. “I can’t believe it.” 


Karl giggled, letting the blonde catch up a bit. “Hey, It’s alright Dream, but I’m glad you realized your feelings.” 


“Yeah.” Dream sighed happily, knowing exactly what he needed to do. “I’m such an idiot.” 


In a way, he was glad he realized now before saying anything stupid. 


“Just a little bit.” Karl hummed, nodding his head slowly “although probably not as much of an idiot as the guy confessing to Sapnap right now.” 


“Shit, I forgot about that.” Dream realized, already feeling the raindrops hit the top of his head. “We need to go find them, I want to tell George.” 


“Alright.” Karl smiled, “let’s go find George.” 


As they walked back to where they last saw the duo, Karl began to speak over the loudness of the crowd. “I have a crush on Sapnap, I really like him.” 


“You do now?” Dream chuckled, not surprised by the turn of events. After all, Karl and Sapnap have seemed to become closer in the past few days. “That’s interesting.” 


“Yeah, I’ll probably confess soon.” Karl admitted sheepishly, twirling his thumbs “He’s such an amazing guy, sorry to steal him from you, Dream.” 


Dream laughed aloud “Don’t worry about it, Karl, I’m stealing away your best friend too.” 


“You already took him from me!” Karl pouted, poking the blonde accusingly “I expect being able to steal him away five times a week!” 


“Five times?!” Dream gasped “You’re running with my money here!” 


The rain began to pour harder, soaking the clothes the two were wearing. People began to clear out of the space, making a dash to their car or putting on ponchos. Yet as they continued their path, they finally found them. Unintentionally and at a bad moment.


Standing in a clearing, just the two of them surrounded by pouring rain, they were arguing loudly. Something telling the two that it didn’t turn out well. 


“It’s not happening, George.” Sapnap sighed, arms crossed defensively. “You’re with my friend, I’d never do that to Dream and also, I don’t even like you like that!” 


George had his hands over his eyes, ears beat red as the rain soaked his hair. He looked so small like that, shrunken in on himself. 


“Please.” George practically whispered “I love you so much, please tell me why, am I not good enough?” 


His voice sounded so broken and lonely, wavering with every word spoken. It had to have taken a lot of course to emit the words from his mouth, only to be broken down and forgotten in his place. 


Just as Dream said, he was going to get his heart shattered. 


“No, I don’t like you.” Sapnap announced, looking up and meeting eyes with Karl.




When he said that, the brunet lifted his face from his hands. Showing his tear stained face, eyes red with sadness and heartbreak, lips quivering in shock. For whatever reason, his face only morphed into a sadder look as his eyes met with Dream. 


Green eyes stared back to sepia eyes. 




In a fit of shock or anger, George turned around and sped off, running off, away from the three of them. His back turned as the headed straight toward the storm ahead. 




Dream tried to call for him, hoping he would turn back, only met with false hope. He was stupid for thinking it would work out with them, that they had any hope of being together. In the end, he should have never bothered. 


A warm hand reached on his shoulder, making him turn his head. 


Karl looked at him with a worried look, concern lacing his features. “I think he misunderstood the situation, go after him for me Dream, please?” 


Misunderstood? What was there to be confused about? All he did was walk in with Karl and find the two arguing, they never said they got together or anything, that it worked out. Yet maybe, just maybe, George assumed the worst. 


Which means, George was probably alone thinking he was abandoned once again. 


“Alright, I’ll go find him.” Dream mustered up his remaining courage “I’ll see you two later.” 


Without waiting for a response, Dream ran the direction George went. 


Even though the wind was heavy in his face, burning him with chills and rain hitting his eyes, he continued to run as fast as he could. If he could just catch up to George, then he could explain everything clearly. 


He prayed for any god up there to give him strength and hope that George would understand him, that they could work out and that he didn’t have to be alone. 


Dream wanted to be the change in George’s life that he needed, and hopefully chance in the process. Together they could grow together, could love together, and be each other together. 


They didn’t need to be alone anymore, the complications stopped here. 


Dream managed to sprint to the car before it left, the grey car parked in a vacant spot in the parking lot. He could recognize it easily with the clout goggles on the back windshield, George’s signature. 


The lights weren’t on but Dream could barely see a head of hair caving in on himself in the front seat. George was there, all by himself. 


It was at this moment he mustered the last amount of confidence he had left. Even if he left this area more broken then when he came, even if George said he had no intentions on them being together, saying he never felt the same way then...


At least Dream could live knowing he at least tried. 


Knocking gently on the window glass, he alerted the brunet who was hiding in on himself. As he slowly raised his heavy head, he noticed the blonde hitting the glass softly. 


“What.” George grumbled, unlocking the door unwillingly, allowing the blonde to scoot in. “Why are you here?” 


Dream sat in the opposite car seat, groaning at how nice it felt to finally sit down. The car was warmer than the outside, but he still felt freezing from the wetness pooling in his clothes. He would do anything right now for a warm bath. 


“You’re soaking my car seat.” George sighed, resting his head on the back of his seat. “You’re such an idiot, I hate you.” 


A warm chuckle escaped Dream’s lips, only making the brunet more mad in the process. “What’s so funny?” 


George wouldn’t know this, but Dream had begun to catch on. The more the brunet acted angry or upset with him, the more he showed how much he cared and acknowledged his presence. His feelings were hidden but exposed, his language well understood the more Dream listened. 


“You.” Dream sighed, looking over to sepia eyes, one’s he’s begun to adore so much “you’re a fucking riot.” 


“Am I now?” George hissed, crossing his arms “All high and mighty now that you managed to get with Karl, laughing at my own misfortune?” 


“No, that’s not it.” Dream giggled, tilting his head slightly “I just think it’s funny you care more about me and Karl supposedly getting together rather than the fact you got rejected?” 


George rolled his eyes, taking in a sharp breath “Listen, I don’t care anymore, get your laughs in now while you can.” 


“I won’t laugh.” George looked at him with the most accusing look he’s ever seen, almost making him break the promise and laugh right there. “I’m serious! I won’t laugh, I promise.” 


Sighing, George let the blonde take over. 


“Karl didn’t reject me.” Dream admitted, smiling slightly at the hurt expression George made, hoping it would turn less sour in a second “I didn’t completely confess, actually, I realized I had a crush on someone else.” 


“Crush?” George perked up, eyes narrowing in a blaze of anger “What do you mean a crush on someone else? You didn’t tell me about anyone else? Who is-” 


Dream grabbed George’s cheeks with his hand, pulling him close enough so their lips could brush, softly pressing in a calming moment. 


The sounds of pattering above relaxed them, leaving them in their own secluded world. Here, they didn’t have to be anything more than what they already were. They could be happy and honest, and Dream was so grateful for this moment. 


George’s lips were addicting, they tasted like forbidden strawberries that he could never imagine having in his entire life. A sweetness that he wanted to have everyday, holding close a warmth he never wanted to lose. 


Until finally, he had to let go so they could speak, allowing the brunet to slowly lean back. 


“I like you.” Dream said, a smile reaching his face. “I love you so much.” 


George’s eyes went wide, glassy and surprised, as tears of shock fell from his cheek. It was almost cute in a way, a new expression that Dream has never seen before, and he knew he’d treasure it for a long time. 


“I know there’s other people out there you might like more than me, like Sapnap or someone else, but I want to be the one to make you happy.” Dream admitted, feeling his face becoming increasingly more warm “I know it’s selfish, but if it means I can be with you, I’m fine with being a bit selfish.” 


The words flowed off his tongue like a scarlet breeze, the smile never leaving his face. His feelings were honest and true, and he’d keep up the false confidence if it meant George would just say yes. 


“Dream.” George mumbled, trying to find any words to say. “I- Dream.” 




Dream placed a secure hand on George’s “sometimes, you need to look a bit closer when finding someone you truly love.” 


George bit his lip, eyes shaking as he looked back and forth between green eyes. His lips were slightly open as he tried to find words to explain or answer. The insecure part of his brain telling him this could be a trap and he could get hurt. Unable to figure out what he truly wanted. 


“Will you be with me?”


Until finally, shaking all the while, George answered. 




Dream grinned happily, feeling his heart swore a mile per second, grabbing George’s cheeks once again and placing his lips where he knew they belonged. Warm plump lips on his own, everything felt completed. 


They were completed. 


Butterflies flared in his chest as Dream chuckled into the kiss, only met with cute giggles on the other side. It was stupid and idiotic, but they loved it so much. They loved each other. 


George pulled away first, a big smile on his face, tears beginning to dry “You idiot, your face is so red.” 


“Shut up!” Dream laughed, kissing a quick peck on the brunet again “you make me like this.” 


Giggling in their own world, Dream couldn’t help but be glad he made a deal with the devil.