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Deal With The Devil

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“Dream your eyes are bugging from your head.” Sapnap harshly whispered, pulling the blonde by the arm “pay attention in class, why don’t ya?”


Dreams' eyes snapped back, staring forward and away from the cute brunet his gaze always seemed to fall to. Sitting in front of him, actually paying attention of class instead of him. It wasn’t his fault, the nape at the back of his head had a singular curl, probably from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. It seemed to bounce every time he took notes. 


He willed himself to not sigh dreamily, like a love stuck fool. No, he had to focus on class. It was more important, right? 


He audibly sighed this time, catching a few glances from others in the class. Alright, perhaps he actually did have a problem now. A problem that couldn't be solved that easily, one that persisted in his entire college life. 


“Dude.” Sapnap hissed, raising a brow in mock concern “you're gonna pop a boner like this.”

Dream groaned, forcing his eyes shut “God, Sapnap I know, it is not my fault.” 


To that Sapnap rolled his eyes, forcing his attention back to the lecture their professor was talking about. Something stupid about rocks or whatever, nothing Dream could ever find interesting. 


After all, he only took this course to be with- 


George, another dark brunet who sat right in front of Dream, whipped his head around with a scowl on his face. Sepia eyes were narrowed to the point of rage, slinging his arm over his blue metal chair to get a better look at the blonde. Plump lips were scowled into the most disgusted anger he's possibly ever seen. 


“Shut up.” George snarled “you’re being a distraction.” 


Dream glared, flipping the brunet off. He could care less about the stupid short man, could shove him down the stairs for all he cared. 


“You little-” George started, white knuckling the seat behind him, near ready to jump out of his chair and body him onto the floor.


“Me? little?” Dream chuckled, leaning forward in his desk “says the five foot six shortie.”


The burning redness on the brunet's face was almost worth any kind of punishment for being so loud. He could see people around them begin to turn their hears, trying to find where the loud commotion was coming from. Locked in a burning stare, filled with honest disgust. 


“I hope the chatter back there is important.” The professor called over the class, making all eyes turn to them “I’d hate to make people stay after class.” 


They got the memo pretty fast, Dream beginning to write notes down and George turning back to the front. The stares remained but the only thing to do was ignore them, deal with the embarrassment later. 


“Dude, stop giving George attention.” Sapnap whispered, taking a few of his notes and giving them to Dream, so he could copy what he was missing. “The only thing he cares about is getting a rise out of others.”


Dream frowned, scribbling down useless notes he wouldn’t for the life of him remember “Yeah, alright, how am I supposed to ignore him when he’s friends with Karl?” 


Karl, the love of his life, sat just right in front of Sapnap. He had fluffy light brown curls that always got in his face, and a white pearled smile that would light up anyone's day. It was something about how he was welcoming to everyone, no matter how awkward they were. Somehow he was friends with everybody, although usually kept to a small group of people. He had to be shy which only made Dream fall more. 


In a way, Karl was an angel, so brilliant and bright. From his light chuckles that got anyone to smile to his warm hugs he’d offer practically anyone. Only fools would fall for him and Dream was proud to call himself that. 


On the other hand though, sitting next to his beloved, was the devil reincarnated. 


George was an uptight snob, always in everyone's business when nobody asked. Along with that, he was extremely rude to anybody new, downright calling Dream a dog the first time they met. 


He could piss off a thug and the thug would say thank you, that’s how much he has people were whipped to him. 


How? Well, the man had an obnoxious amount of pretty privilege. His umber hair was long, matched with dark eyelashes and vibrant sepia eyes. He's never seen him smile or laugh really, only very rarely did he show much emotion that was on the line of "positive." Along with that, he had pale soft looking skin, a jaw bone so soft anyone could hold his face close. 


And throw it into a wall. 


God, he would be willing to do anything to steal Karl away from that crazed man, keep him all to himself for just one day. But that was nearly impossible, as George seemingly never left his side ever. 


But God forbid you slip a note into Karl's locker, or try to offer your phone number, George would burn it right in front of your face and laugh. 


Well, that’s never happened before but Dream wouldn’t put it past him. 


“You look like you wanna bite his neck off.” Sapnap giggled, taking a glance to his best friend. “Calm down.”


“I can’t, Sapnap.” Dream groaned, clenching the pen in his hand “he’s just so- he has everything he can ever want and gate-keeps anything he has.”


Sapnap rolled his eyes, huffing a laugh “Listen Dream, he’s just no good in general, don’t waste your time with someone so pathetic. You're better than that.” 


Dream frowned, lifting his face to turn to the front. The professor was still teaching, students were still listening, class was continuing. Just how it should be. 


Yet as he stared down to George, offering his final glance, he could see the brunet's ears turning a deep red. That had to be a mistake right, were they heard? No, it was impossible, they were being quiet. 


Dream brushed it off and scribbled the rest of his notes down, forgetting the drama of class. 

Dream and Sapnap walked through the cafeteria, lunch in hand. It was around 12, where most of the students were beginning to get their food as well. That, or people were returning from classes to go to clubs. 


Students were filling the area, feeling packed more so than usual. 


“It’s too hot for everyone to be here.” Sapnap groaned, trying to move his shoulder so he didn’t accidentally knock someone in the face “I feel like I’m burning up.”


Dream barked a laugh, watching his struggling shorter friend “Yeah, they really need to fix the space here.”


Honestly, Dreams mind felt too muddled to worry about everyone surrounding him in the cafeteria. If anything, it helped distract him from the anxiety that plagued his mind. He kept thinking about what they were saying about George, how he must’ve heard. He's had his fair share of people talking behind his back so it wasn't anything special. Yet, George never asked to be put down like that and in a way, he almost felt bad. 


He debated telling Sapnap about it all, but perhaps that wasn’t the best course of action. If his friend knew, he’d probably just laugh about it and say he was going crazy. 


Still, Dream felt anxious. He hated George sure, but he considered himself above bullying. 


“Dream- watch where you're going.” Sapnap blurted out, causing the blonde to face him. 


Just in time actually, because now that he wasn’t looking forward, he slammed, tray first, into the poor person in front of him. Yeah, today was honestly the luckiest day he’s had in a while. Even worse for whatever poor soul decided to come to the cafeteria that day. 


“Oh fuck.” Sapnap breathed. 


Dream didn’t even wanna look ahead, feeling the warmth already rushing into his cheeks. Judging by Sapnap's reaction, he just made a fool of himself in the worst way possible. 


“George, are you okay?” Karl asked softly, wiping away the brunet's cheek with a towel. Of course Karl had a towel, he was the sweetest person on this campus. 


George on the other hand, was seething. All over his blue and white sweater vest that looked very, very , expensive, was a huge stain of grease and sauce from the sandwich Dream had. It looked like it was in there pretty good, probably gonna take two washes to get everything out. If it even got out, he wouldn't be surprised if it was ruined for good. 


“Yeah.” George hissed, pulling back the sweater a bit so it didn’t ruin the shirt underneath “fucking dandy.” 


It was then George lifted his gaze to him, eyes like steel in fire, ready to burst but holding himself back. Yet when he realized who exactly it was, there seemed no reason to hold back. 


“Oh great, little chatterbox from earlier.” George smiled, not one of amusement or laughter, one of pure anger “this some sort of revenge tactic?”


“Revenge tactic?” Karl whispered, making Dreams' heart go stale. 


The last thing he wanted was for Karl to think he was some sort of bad guy, trying to bully his best friend? No, this can’t happen. 


“No, no, It was an honest a-accident I promise.” Dream could feel himself stuttering over his words, only flaming the embarrassment he already felt. “I’m really sorry, please let me fix it.” 


“Awe, that’s sweet.” Karl gushed, turning to George who deadpanned. “I don’t think it was on purpose, come on George.”


“You're dense, Karl.” George hissed, giving his attention back to Dream “fine, wanna be a sweet boy? pay for my laundry, idiot.” 


Pay for it? Dream barely had money to pay for his own lunch, it actually took the rest of the money he had to pay for that sandwich. Which was not dropped dead on the ground full of germs and he had nothing else to eat until later that night. He didn't even have breakfast either. 


“A-alright, how much do you need?” Dream asked, feeling around in his wallet for anything, literally anything. All he found though were his keys and some gum. Shit. 


George hummed, looking at the stain and debating how much he hated Dream right now. “How about 30$? and then I’ll forget all about it.” 


“30$!” Sapnap gasped, standing in front of Dream “That’s way too much dude, nobody has that money around here. It’s college .”


George faltered for a moment, eyes becoming a bit softer. It was a look Dream swore he imagined before it was gone, finally agreeing to cut the price. 


“Fine, 10$ should work, I guess.” George shrugged, going to cross his arms before cringing at the mess on his chest. Warmth flared on his cheeks. “Just- Dream, meet me at 4 when my classes are done, we need to talk, you can pay me back then.” 


Dream nodded solemnly, watching as the two walked away, arm in arm. 


“See? What a weirdo.” Sapnap declared, trailing beside. “Who makes someone pay 30$ for a pair of clothing, that’s actually insane.”


Sapnap was right, it was insane for someone to even think of such a cost. How much was that sweater even worth? Was it an antique? If so, Dream even felt worse. Something in his gut told him that the washing of that shirt would be near 50$ or more and George was already cutting him a deal. But on the other hand,


What did George even want with him? Meeting him after class? That had to be absurd. 


“Oh yeah, do you have 10$.” Dream grinned sheepishly, watching as his friend's face fell. “I’m kind of broke right now from the sandwich, I’ll pay you back.” 


Sapnap sighed, pulling out his own wallet to grab a 10$ “You’re so fucking lucky I bartered down the price for you.”


Dream was forever grateful. 

Dream was unsure of where he was supposed to meet George, because they never decided on a location to link up. So he spent the past hour just walking around campus, hopping the brunet would come looking for his money. 


When he got to a more quiet place on campus, a woodsy area where nobody really went, he found it rather peaceful. No one truly bothered him here and he didn’t need to worry about his troubles. It was finally away from loud chattering about classes and school work, people rushing through hallways, and the ire silence of professors lectures. 


Along with the sun beginning to set, he let himself lay on the ground. It was warm and smelt of fresh newly cut grass. It was nice and windy with warm breezes, trees rustling softly.


He sighed contently, letting his eyes fall shut. It was moments like these he really appreciated, because he didn’t get to have them that often. Usually after class he went straight home to get ready for work, or immediately pass out on his couch. 


Like this, he could enjoy some fresh new scenery, while also getting some sun. 


It had to have been another hour or so when he heard some huffing near him, slowly opening his eyes. In front of him was a sweaty George, hair rustled as sweat dripped down his back in a white t-shirt. 


Honestly, if Dream didn’t hate him so much, he’d think it was hot. 


“Where-” George gasped, sitting down on the grass “have you been.”


Dream frowned, sitting up begrudgingly “I didn’t know where you wanted to meet up, so I walked around looking for you.”


George raised a brow, not believing a single word. 


“I couldn’t find you so I just waited here.” Dream admitted with a smile “and it was a good idea, you found me didn’t you.”


“Real funny.” George sighed, flopping onto the grass himself “almost forgot to laugh.” 


Dream chuckled nervously, grabbing out his 10$ bill he owed George. He held it for a moment longer, debating is this was worth it. He knew he had to pay the brunet back but he really didn't have the money to do so right now. Hopefully he could pay back Sapnap soon. 


“Here.” Dream mumbled, putting the bill onto the other's chest. “I’m actually really sorry about bumping into you, I should’ve looked where I was going.”


George rolled his eyes, grabbing his head sorely. “You know, you don’t have to act like a goody two shoes around me, I know it’s just for shows.”


Dream’s eyes went wide, taken aback and worried. What did he mean by that? All he was trying to do was fix the mistakes he already made. He would never target the brunet on purpose, that’s the last thing he’d think of. 


“What?” Dream gaped “I’m not trying to be a goody two shoes, I just wanted to fix my mistakes.” 


“Yeah? and get Karl's number while you're at it?” George growled, flicking the 10$ off his chest, watching as it blew away in the wind. 10$ just like that, as if it was poor people’s change. “You think you're the first desperate person that has tried to come after him?”


The bill flew across the court, Dream literally seeing red as it did so. He needed to pick up later. Give it back to Sapnap and tell him all about how fucked up George is. 


“Anyway, I could care less.” George admitted, opening his eyes to stare smugly at the blonde “I have something else I want, that doesn’t require you using your nonexistent cash funds to do.” 


Dream glared, tutting his head up more “Yeah? What’s that?” 


“Well.” George smiled, more light and playful than he’s ever seen. “We have similar objectives. I want Sapnap, you want Karl. You see what I mean?”


George? Having a thing for Sapnap? That was the most absurd thing he’s heard all day. Just imagining the two together seemed… wrong . After all, Sapnap always talked bad about George and never seemed to have much interest in him. He doubt any of that could change so easily. 


If anything, George would be getting his heart shattered if he tried that path. 


But, if this was a way to get with Karl, it might just be worth it. Maybe the two could warm up to each other and Karl would be his. If George had some kind of good plan then perhaps they could both get what they want, and he could be with Karl whenever he wants. Go on all day dates, talk about whatever they wants, hold each other close. 


“Karl..?” Dream mumbled, looking to his palms, this was his crush he’s had for all of college. “Do you really think it could happen?” 


George hummed, looking to the sky. “Depends. If you can pull up your end of the deal and work with me, then I think we can both get what we want.” 


Dream thought about it for a moment. 


Up to this point it seems all his advances have failed. Trying to get Karl alone, trying to talk to him, even trying to get Karl to know he existed. Up until today, it was the first time Karl has actually looked at him. His grey doe eyes were on him, and he called him sweet. 


Before today it would’ve been impossible but now, now there was actually a chance. 


And he couldn’t let it go to waste. 


“Alright.” Dream sighed. “I’m in, what’s your plan?” 


George’s face crinkle in an amused smile, brown eyes flashing in mirth. Something about that expression worried Dream to no end. 


Perhaps he was right, George was a devil.


And he was going to sell his soul.