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RisDoptober: 31 Days Of RisDop Drabbles

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“Hey, Risotto.” Doppio blushed, squirming a bit on the park bench as the assassin he had requested to meet with that afternoon approached him. The same assassin that worked under him and his boss and the very same assassin who he has been passionately dating for a handful of years, each more memorable than the last.

“Doppio,” Risotto nodded his head, replying with Doppio’s name rather than his title, as this conversation was not between a Consigliere and his Soldato, but a nervous wreck of a man and his amazingly calm and collected boyfriend. “Are you cold? You’re shivering all over.”

Before Doppio could even respond with the honest truth that the shaking was his overactive anxiety, Risotto had already taken off his jacket before sitting down by Doppio’s left side. Risotto extended an arm across the back of the bench, inviting Doppio to scoot closer and lean on him while his jacket worked as a warm makeshift blanket that was too good to pass up.

“And this is why you should wear clothes without holes in them outside. You always end up like this when autumn rolls around.”

“Like you can talk, Mr. exposed chest!” Doppio countered, smiling at the thought of Risotto’s usual attire when he was on a job instead of the t-shirt and jeans he was sporting now. 


“I don’t shiver like a leaf.”

“That’s because you’re not human.”


The two exchanged a short laugh, settling into their quiet place on the hill overlooking the rest of the park below. If nothing else had been on Doppio’s mind, he could have easily closed his eyes and fallen asleep in Risotto’s arms, waking up in the back seat of his car or perhaps even a hotel room somewhere nearby once his boyfriend realized what had happened. No matter the circumstance, Risotto had always taken extra care to not wake Doppio up when he was sleeping. Another gesture that Doppio could not express enough how much he appreciated it.

But, as much as tantalizing of an idea that was, Doppio had something very important to discuss with Risotto that couldn’t be put off any longer. His boyfriend had picked up on it too, in the way he didn’t quite relax in his seat or let his legs spread out onto the grass in front of him. The assassin was very good at reading people, and if something daunting was at the forefront of Doppio’s mind, he would know about it. 

Secrets were something they were never good at keeping from each other. Doppio was always too easy to read, his Boss always told him so, and Risotto was much too eager to share directly what was on his mind, fostering this sense of trust between them as Doppio grew accustomed sharing what he was allowed to and Risotto knowing when Doppio’s rank forbid him from sharing anything further.

Other than that, anything that pertained to them and their relationship outside of the realm of their complicated work lives was always open to be shared. Even when embarrassment our skittish behavior got in the way.

Thankfully, Risotto knew the perfect way to ease into the conversation without forcing it, giving time for Doppio to adjust and work out the words he desperately wished to relay in return. 

“A little short notice for a date. Not that I mind, we both know I’m not working a job right now.” Risotto started, looking up into the clouds for a moment to ease off the pressure of direct eye contact. “Is something on your mind?”

“Y-Yeah…” Doppio admitted, still unsure where to go from there. “I’m… I w-want to— wanted to ugh!” He let out a loud groan into Risotto’s shirt, burying his face in under his arm and taking in a deep breath to hold himself together.

Risotto didn’t seem to mind, patting Doppio’s back while he waited for a second attempt to be made.


Focus Doppio!


He mentally slapped his hands over his cheeks, psyching himself up to try again.

Doppio glanced up at Risotto, reaching out a hand and flexing his fingers, silently gesturing for the taller man’s free hand to take hold of his. Once the hint was received, Doppio immediately interlaced his fingers with Risotto’s, finding the comfort he needed to continue.

“Ok. I got this.” Doppio whispered under his breath, wiggling up closer to straighten his back a bit. “Right. I w-wanted to talk to you about something important and it’s going to sound kinda dumb at first, but just follow along until I’m done.”

There, Doppio managed to get a full sentence out. 

The most Risotto did was raise an eyebrow, intrigued by where Doppio was going but refrained from taking any guesses as to the subject of this seemingly random topic of importance that the Doppio wished to address. 

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“Good.” Doppio cleared his throat before taking another deep breath in and out. “Right, so like, we’ve been dating for a few years now, right? And we actually go on dates, some more unorthodox than others, but like, we’ve done all the standard couple related activities.”

Restaurants with amazing food. Walks through all kinds of gorgeous scenery. Shopping for food, clothes, souvenirs and other nonsense that Doppio keeps on his bedroom dresser. Carnival! Cuddling at all hours of the day. Lazing around the apartment they weave in and out of all year and not to mention all the debauchery and occasional murder!

All of these events flashed over Doppio’s mind, dragging him into a nostalgia filled daydream that he had to snap out of just as quickly if he wanted to remain on task.

“That we do.”


“Yes! We do, but we’re not a normal couple. Stands aside, our jobs are the farthest thing from normal!” Doppio sighed, mumbling the rest of what he wanted through his bit lip. “Sometimes… I imagine that… we were normal?”


He hadn’t meant for that last bit to come out as a question, but Doppio was so unsure about how Risotto would respond that his worry dipped into his words.

“Normal? As in, a nine-to-five job kind of normal?” Risotto asked, trying to follow along as Doppio had asked.

“Kinda! I mean, I couldn’t picture you in an office setting ever. No offense!” Doppio hastily added, nervously chuckling as he tried to explain what he meant. “I just mean, you’d be one of those guys in a band or something with music! You always talked about what you would do if life had treated you differently and I think you’d be good at it.”

To Doppio’s surprise, the sensitive subject of Risotto’s past didn’t bother the assassin as much as he thought it would. Instead, his boyfriend smirked and shook his head, reaffirming his hold on Doppio’s hand.

“And where are you in this normal life if yours?”

“Customer service. Phone center.”

Risotto scoffed.

“Seriously? That’s your ideal normal life?”

“Oh no, I’d hate it.” Doppio admitted. “But I’d be good at what I do and bring enough money in to support us during the gaps between your shows. I basically run Passione’s helpline already with how much running I do for the boss. Trust me, it’d be an upgrade because at least in a call center, I won’t have to deal with physical immediate threats to my life.” 

“So even in your fantasy, you’d prefer being the financially stable one?”

“Less for you to worry about!” Doppio perked up as more details of his plan came back to him. “We’d have this apartment, right? Something small, simple and a bit messy, but it would be enough to get by while we use our money for the good stuff like trips or an overpriced coach that we’d end up living on instead of our own bed!”

More ideas flooded into Doppio’s head, thoughts he hadn’t even considered until this moment all rushing to be the first in line as he let his mouth run wild. “We’d have a pet. Or two. You like cats, so the apartment complex we would rent from would have to allow those. I’d want a big frog. The king of all frogs. I can’t own any pets with the way I travel, but the idea of coming home to someone waiting for you is pleasant, you know? I’d also try to make breakfast every morning and only fail like, half the time. On those days we order take out or go to a cafe down the street because of course one would be there. We could spend all morning complaining about the people we work with, only this time it's because Maria broke the copier again and Stephan is still hitting on Tiffany even though she’s not interested instead of how a mission got botched and someone almost lost a leg. It’d be… mundane and kinda boring and... normal.”

Doppio grew quiet for a moment, wiping the water accumulating in his eyes from this awful weather that always brought about the worst colds imaginable. Yeah, that was it.

“W-We’d… talk about our plans for the next few years... and nothing would hold us back... from…” The word took Doppio’s throat hostage, choking him as he desperately struggled to get the rest of what he wanted to say, what all of this had been leading up to out of his head once and for all. “From me getting real close like this, and-and asking you to… to spend the rest of your life with me without all that baggage of potentially letting down your boss or having to navigate a wedding when everyone else in the world is out to get you. And I wouldn’t have ever been afraid to even bring this up because it would just be the next normal step in our normal lives as normal people who aren’t secretly running Italy’s underground or taking the lives of people who stand in our way…” 

Doppio’s words faded out as he shut his eyes tight, waiting for Risotto to… to make fun of him for holding onto such fantasies. He waited for that inevitable rejection that was waiting for him as there was no other way their relationship could end that didn’t involve one of them losing their lives while on a mission. 

Anything more between them was a luxury they could never have, not with the lives they lived.

Risotto let go of Doppio’s hand, affirming the Consigliere’s fears. With bated breath, Doppio waited to hear the worst thing of his life, internally begging the assassin to get it over with as quickly as possible.

“Well,” Risotto finally broke the silence, only to wrap his other arm around Doppio’s form and unexpectedly lift the smaller man onto his lap, with Doppio’s back against his chest and Risotto’s coat still over his body. “I wouldn’t say our normal lives would be without murder. I would just have to be extra careful, so you won’t have to know about it. That way if I ever got caught, you wouldn’t have to commit perjury in court while trying to lie for me.”




“Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t go out on a killing spree for fun and I definitely wouldn’t be an assassin part time in our safe normal life. But if Stephan tried to hit on you at work after already being made aware that you were taken... I don’t know how much I’d be able to control myself.” Risotto rested his head on Doppio’s hair, keeping his arms tight around him as he continued. “If I was in a band... you’d have front row seating to all our concerts, though I’d probably find myself playing an instrument over singing, so a love ballad is out of the question. Luckily, in our free time, I’d teach you how to play along with me, even if your arms can’t reach over the guitar comfortably.”

Risotto wrapped his hands around Doppio’s wrists, lifting both their arms up in unison to mimic the way one would hold a guitar in hand, slowly swiping their right arms across Doppio’s body as if strumming invisible strings. 

“You’d hate messing up over and over… but you would always indulge me even when I offer to stop because you’re stubborn and too nice to me for your own good. Then... I’d have to force you to take a break anyway, using a kiss to distract you while I take the guitar out of your hands...”

Doppio drew in a quick breath as Risotto planted a soft kiss on his cheek, lingering a moment longer than he usually did as Doppio pressed up against him and kept him there until he could safely say that all of this was really happening before his eyes.

“If we had a normal life,” Risotto whispered, fondly brushing his fingers through Doppio’s hair. “I’d be the first one to ask you to spend the rest of it with me because somehow, I managed to overthink how complicated and messy our lives are a bit faster that time around.”


“Y-You don’t mean that—”

“—I don’t lie to you, Doppi. Especially not about this.”


Tears dripped uncontrollably down Doppio’s blushing face, prompting Risotto to wipe away what he could with this thumb as he leaned down and let their foreheads fall into one another, taking in each other’s presence as the two sat alone together in their private little world.

“R-Ris I… I love you so much.” Doppio wept. “I-I know shit like marriage is all for the tax breaks—” Risotto rolled his eyes at that. “—and they are also m-mostly for show and we don’t need it to prove that we’re serious about each other but— but I want to tell the world how much I love you and how far I’d go to stay by your side!”

“Doppi, in a mundane world, I’d want nothing less than to be able to do the same. But in this one? The one we live in? Just hearing you say it is enough.”