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RisDoptober: 31 Days Of RisDop Drabbles

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Doppio cried out, knocking his head as far back as he could against the hay as his lover continued to toy with his nipples, cupping his swollen breasts in his large, powerful hands and slowly massaging the both of them in an almost hypnotic way, if not for the screaming agony of his milk needing to be squeezed out every agonizing second. The damned bull refused to let Doppio’s hands anywhere near his tits, forcing the strawberry-pink cow to continue to beg for Risotto’s mercy.

“P-please let m-me—”

It was all too stimulating! Every motion the bull made had Doppio falling further and further into a pit of despair and ecstasy. If not his crying tits, that his cock, twitching and leaking— begging to be manhandled —only to be ignored in favor of groping the soft, tender flesh on his chest. 

“I’m not done yet.”

That was all Risotto had to say!? How much longer would this bull put him through this agony!?


Doppio batted his eyelashes, pushing through the sweat and tears on his face while reaching out and pulling at Risotto’s horns to get his attention.

“Ok, ok. Shhh.” Risotto whispered, giving into the cow’s pleas as he removed his left hand from Doppio’s breast and moved it over to join the other, leaning as far forward as the bull could and taking the tit directly into his mouth. A warm and wet sensation pooled over Doppio’s nipple, Risotto’s tongue flicking back and forth as the need to release his milk grew even more unbearable. 


Doppio’s shouting was cut off by his own deep, gargled moaning as Risotto sucked down on his tit as voraciously as the bull was able. The heat on Doppio’s face began to rise, the sensation of release taking over as he instinctively grabbed Risotto’s head and shoved him as far into his breasts as he could, joking to himself about the idea of smothering the bull for taking so damn long.