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Semi-Charmed Kinda Life

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Happiness is a funny thing. It’s different for everyone. It can mean a lot of different things. Some people find happiness in the smallest things; others find them only in the biggest. Some people, if they’re lucky, feel it for a good amount of their lives; others rarely feel it at all.

Kara considers herself one of the lucky people. She’s felt happy a good chunk of her life.

She felt it on Krypton, with her parents under Rao’s light. She felt it in the hours she spent studying the various sciences and maths. She felt it on the special trips to the Fire Falls and Jewel Mountain and every passing glimpse of Rainbow Canyon.

She’s felt it on Earth so many times she’s lost count. Whether it was finally reuniting with [a very grown up] Kal or the sense of unconditional love from the Danvers’. The first time that she flew wasn’t half bad, either.

And none of that even includes the first time she had potstickers. Oh, man…

Happiness is in the winning of a Pulitzer, but also in karaoke nights at Al’s. It’s in sister nights with Alex (and, eventually, Kelly) and in game nights with her friends. It’s in Eliza’s chocolate pecan pie, but also in seeing each person she’s come to know, care for, and love grow into exactly who they were meant to be; in celebrating both their successes and their failures, because that’s where you learn the most.

Kara lets out a quiet exhale, her hands tucked behind her head as she relaxes deeper into the mattress. Her bare chest peeks out from the sheet and quilt that cover it as moonlight streams in through the window.

The sound of a low, sleep riddled grumble coming from her right causes a large smile to slowly spread across her face while she turns to look at its source.

She shifts softly to turn onto her side, trailing her fingertip lightly over a crinkled forehead, soothing the deep crease between perfectly manicured eyebrows, down the slope of a nose she’s affectionately kissed so many times, across cheeks and a jawline so firm it rivals her own…only to ghost over lips she’s worshiped, both privately and in public, for what seems like forever.

It’s here, in the quiet of the late hours, that Kara is truly happiest. Peacefully in bed with Lena, allowing her wife’s heartbeat to lull her back to sleep.


Happiness is a funny thing. It’s different for everyone. It can mean a lot of different things. Some people find happiness in the smallest things; others find them only in the biggest. Some people, if they’re lucky, feel it for a good amount of their lives; others rarely feel it at all.

Lena’s never considered herself lucky. She’s only felt truly happy maybe a handful or so times in her life.

She felt it with her mother, Elizabeth, but it was fleeting. Death tends to be a bit of a downer, even for a four-year-old.

She felt it with Lex…until she realized just how self-serving and transactional his “love” for her was; and how truly twisted his endgame. Again, fleeting.

She felt it when she finally had the opportunity to right the ship at LCorp; make the Luthor name into something that stood for good, rather than evil and corruption. Of course, Lex had to go and take that from her, too, with his literal rewriting of history. The bastard.

The times happiness lasts include her graduations for her doctorate degrees, having Sam and Ruby permanently back in her life, and feeling like a genuine part of the Superfriends.

Her biggest source of lasting happiness, though, is Kara. It started off small, with her showing up to Lena’s first press conference; caring enough, even then, to give Lena a chance (and warn her what a big risk she was taking.) She followed with her kind article in CatCo Magazine.

Lena hadn’t come to National City looking to make friends, but damn…she lucked out with Kara. And again, Lena has never considered herself lucky. Just in this instance.

Sure, they had ups and downs with secrets and lies—what friendship doesn’t have its tumultuous times? But they never, not once, stopped caring for each other. Deep down, even at their maddest, most frustrated, most hurt they knew they would come back together.

Lena never guessed (never dared to dream) that would mean together together. When Kara finally returned from the Phantom Zone, she finally came to the realization that her feelings for Lena were more than platonic. Their first kiss came out of nowhere, in Lena’s opinion.

They were out on a mission, searching for Nyxly and leads on a totem in the park with William in tow—he was working on one of his CatCo assignments in his special series where he embedded himself with the Superfriends—when Kara stopped suddenly and dragged her into a crop of trees and bushes.

Lena gave her a questioning look, but Kara merely smiled and tucked a piece of hair that had come loose from her one of her braids behind her ear, then let her hand linger on Lena’s cheek.

“Kara, what are you-” Lena tried to ask, but she was cut off suddenly by Kara’s lips on her own. Her heart nearly exploded—it was something she’d known she wanted for years, but had no idea just how wonderful it would be to experience. The surprised (but happy) noise that contact ripped from her throat must have tipped William off that they were no longer following him because the next thing Lena knew, he was calling out for them, Kara had stepped away and tugged her back onto the sidewalk.

“Sorry, William. Lena tripped and her book went flying. We were just trying to find it!”

Lena felt the blush that was rushing up to her cheeks so she looked down, one hand in her back pocket and the other’s thumb running slowly over lips that still tingled as a smirk formed.

Since then, Lena has more happy days than bad ones.

Happiness is dinners and brunches with Kelly and Alex. It’s game nights with the entire team. It’s weekend trips with Kara to see Sam and Ruby in Metropolis. Happiness is starting the Lena Luthor Foundation to finally do all the good she set out to do. It’s long hours of research and tech development with Brainy. It’s training with Nia. It’s long, introspective talks with J’onn. It’s listening to M’gann’s stories of Martian revolution and restorative peace.

Happiness is finally marrying Kara.

She’s happiest, though, in the quiet hours of the night. Whether they’re on the couch together—Kara’s head in Lena’s lap as Lena mindlessly plays with Kara’s hair as she reads or Lena’s legs across Kara’s lap as Kara rubs her feet and legs free of the tension that years of wearing high heels has wrought—or in bed, just before they fall asleep, with Lena’s head on her wife’s chest; the sound of Kara’s steady heartbeat and deep, even breaths acting as her personal lullaby.

This is when Lena is happiest. This is when Lena feels peace.