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JJK Kinktober 2021

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Happy Kinktober 2021!

This page will be updated as I post:

1: Ashes to Ashes: Skfs - Burn Kink, Breeding Kink -AU (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
2: Domestication: Skfs - Bondage - Canon (Top Sukuna, Bottom Fushiguro Megumi)
3: Mother of Curses: GetoGumi - Breeding Kink - Canon Verse (Top Geto Suguru, Bottom Megumi)
4: My Boy: Skfs - Daddy Kink -Mafia (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
5: What a Cliché: NanaGo - Semi-Public Sex - Canon (Top Nanami, Bottom Gojo)
6: Jealousy, Jealousy: YuutaFushi - Dubious Consent Marking - ABO (Beta Yuuta, Omega Megumi)
7: All You Can Eat: ItaFushi - Pussy Eating, Creampie - Canon (Top Yuuji, Bottom Megumi)
8: It'll Be Okay: Skfs - Cock Warming - Canon (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
9: Little Mate: Skfs - Bitching - ABO Canon AU (Alpha Sukuna, Alpha-to-Omega Megumi)
10: FWB: Naoya/Nanami - Rope Bondage - Friends with Benefits AU (Switches Naoya and Nanami)
11: Sealed Promises: GoFushi - Daddy Kink with Possessive Gojo - Canon (Top Gojo, Bottom Megumi)
12: Possession: GoYuu - Daddy Kink - Canon(Time Skip) (Top Gojo, Bottom Yuuji)
13: Silk: Skfs - Somnophilia -Canon (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
14: You And Me + Baby Makes?: ItaFushi - Breeding Kink - No Curses/Couple AU (Alpha Yuuji, Omega Megumi)
15: Night Sky: Choso/Megumi - Blood Kink - Canon (Top Choso, Bottom Megumi)
16: This Can't Be Our Getting Together Story!: ItaFushi - First Rut - ABO (Alpha Megumi, Omega Yuuji)
17: Helping Hand: SukuIta - Masturbation - Canon
18: A Damsel and a "Hero": Curse/Megumi, ItaFushi - Monster Fuck, Voyeurism - Canon
19: Onii-chan: Choso/Uraume - Public - AU
20: Bon Appetit: ItaFushi - Primal Play - Couple AU (Top Yuuji, Bottom Megumi)
21: Training Days: Toji/Gojo - Hate Sex - Canon AU (Top Toji, Bottom Gojo)
22: High Enough: SukuIta - Drugged Sex - Twins AU
23: Little Mate: Part 2: Skfs - OG!Sukuna, Breeding, Marking - Canon ABO AU(Alpha Sukuna, Omega Megumi)
24: September Flowers: Sukuna: SukuFushi - Stalker - AU (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
25: The Demon of Tokyo: SukuFushi - Spanking/Fingering - Cop/Criminal AU (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
26: Good Enough to Eat: SukuIta - Shibari/Domain Sex - Canon (Top Sukuna, Bottom Yuuji)
27: Spoils of War: Skfs - Breeding Bench - AU (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)
28: A Day at the Office: Toji/Sukuna- Deepthroating, Dirty Talk, Spitting - Boss/Assistant AU
29: Daddy's Kittens: GoSukuIta - Twincest, Voyeurism - Animal Hybrids AU (Tops Yuuji and Gojo, Bottom Sukuna)
30: Home Sweet Home: NanaFushi - Boywife - Canon AU (Top Nanami, Bottom Megumi)
31: Run, Boy, Run: Skfs - Hunter/Prey - Canon AU (Top Sukuna, Bottom Megumi)

Chapter Text

Sukuna will never fully understand his boyfriend, he knows that, but even this is a little more than he’d expected. They’ve done some pain play before, but never this. Never something that would possibly scar permanently. Of course, they’re usually careful with marks because of Megumi’s job. Cops really can’t go around with rope burns and bruises all over them or hand shaped throat bruises. They did hot wax over Megumi’s ass once, but it had only reddened that pale skin. Cigarettes though are going to hurt. Badly.

He grins and takes in a long drag.

Sukuna may not understand why his boyfriend likes pain with his pleasure, but he enjoys dealing it so it’s good for both of them. That pretty face is inches from his own, and he pulls the cigarette away to connect their mouths and blow smoke into Megumi’s lungs. It’s delicious the way his lover moans and presses close to him. They’re already naked so it’s easy to bring the burning tip of his cigarette onto the smaller man’s back. Megumi chokes into their kiss, eyes squeezes tight, and he grins as he feels an erection press against his thigh. He pulls the tip back and looks at the circle burn, already looking angry. There is an ashtray on his nightstand and he puts the bud in it before lighting a new cigarette.

“Pretty,” he whistles and grabs Megumi by the shoulder before pushing his down roughly onto the bed. He brings the cigarette to his lips and inhales, holding it between his lips as he forces his lover onto his belly. He slaps a plump ass cheek and watches a shiver go down that long body. They’re adventurous in the bedroom, he knows that, but actually a pretty boring couple otherwise.

They actually met when Megumi arrested Sukuna. This little punk ass 19 year old arresting him? Annoying. Amazing. He’d fallen in love right away.It was a plus that Yuuji was in the same patrol as Megumi at the time and had yelled at him the whole car ride to the station. Megumi looked at him with the most enchanting emerald eyes and Sukuna’d been smitten ever since. Also, his brother was really overreacting. It wasn’t even anything serious, just a little reckless endangerment. No one actually got hurt, people just called the cops on him because he looked menacing.

Sukuna’s tattoos made him look scary, but he was really just an artist and liked to express himself. He had a tattoo shop with some friends. He's ten years Megumi’s senior and successful in his community. But even having all this information, his brother made him sit in a cell for a few hours before slapping him with a warning and telling him to not get any funny ideas.

Megumi started dating him three months later because fuck Yuuji.

Okay, so they’re a little interesting, but other then how they met they were both homebodies with too many animals and a mutual hate for society. His lover wanted to help people, but it was becoming very apparent recently that police work was not for the 23 year old. Sukuna was trying to get his boyfriend to realize he didn’t actually even have to work, that he could be a stay at home dog parent, but it was a work in progress. Imagine if Megumi was always home? They’d have so much fun.

With a growl he blows smoke out of the corner of his mouth and slaps that pretty ass again. “Present, bitch,” that lean body rolls into an arch, knees digging into the mattress, chest pressed down, neck bent in submission. Perfect.

The base of a plug is nestled against Megumi’s hole and he tugs on it roughly, making the black silicone pull out and stretch the pink rim wide. A long moan fills the room and Megumi’s fingers are digging into the sheets. He’s not too rough, pulling it out slow before pushing it back in to the widest section and then pulling it out again. Sukuna tosses the toy aside and takes another drag of his cigarette, having been breathing in the smoke while he was playing with his love’s hole. It flutters cutely now, trying to entice him in, wanting to be filled. “Your hole is so fucking greedy. What a little slut you are, princess,” he huffs fondly and grabs his cigarette bringing it down on Megumi’s right ass cheek.

“Sukuna!” His lover shouts and he grins wickedly.

“Feels good, huh?” He flicks the bud away and licks the burnt skin, making his lover whine. His hand reaches around and grabs at Megumi’s dripping cock. “I’m going to fuck you so good your hole will realize it was meant to be a girl’s and you’ll give me a baby. Wouldn’t that be nice? What do you say, princess, want to have my baby?”

Megumi whines, pushing his ass up, and looking at him with open want. “Please?” as Sukuna’s hand squeezes his cock, a little too hard, a bright red takes over that pale face. “Want to give you everything.” The words are quiet, honest and he breaks from his cruelty to kiss pink lips sweetly.

“Safe word?” He asks because he’s not going to break like this again unless he hears it.

“Red,” he nods and kisses Megumi softly one more time, stretching his arm out and snagging the box of cigarettes and his lighter again. When he lights the next one his sweetness fades away, his eyes narrowing.

“Give me everything?” He rumbles, eyes cold and face blank. “What do you even have to give? You’re my slut, my princess, my little whore,” he takes a drag and then blows the smoke right at Megumi’s open burns. “I am your everything. Now be good and take what I give you.”

His cock pushes to that wanting hole and he slides in easily. He’d used more lube than normal when he’d worked that plug in a few hours ago. Megumi bites his lip, holding their sheets in his hands tightly, wincing when Sukuna bottoms out. His princess’ cock is hard and wanting though. He admires how well his cock is being taken, how good those hot walls are around him, and how comforting. His favorite place to be is balls deep in his bitch after all. He loves the fact it’s a mutual feeling.

“Whore,” he hisses and pulls back just to slam back in hard. He pulls his cigarette out, ashing it over Megumi’s pale back, and then taking another hit. Next time, he’d have his princess ride him so he could chain-smoke while they fucked, but for now he needs both hands and his mouth. A wicked idea crosses his mind and he fists Megumi’s hair, pulling him up roughly. “Stick your tongue out,” he grunts and that sweet pink tongue comes out. His other hand grabs the cigarette from his lips and he slowly brings it to Megumi’s tongue, giving his partner enough time to assess, but no words of protest are spoken. Slowly, he presses the burning bud to his love’s tongue and laughs in glee at the full body jerk and shot of cum on their pillows. “Watch it princess,” he murmurs, pulling the bud away and grins, “one would think you’re nothing more than a fuck toy if you keep this up.”

“I’m your toy,” his lover replies, wincing at he speaks, and he growls, snapping his teeth. Megumi presents his throat and he bites at a slim shoulder hard. There is a gentle whimper as his teeth dig further and further in until the taste of iron hits his tongue. There are similar marks on his lover’s other shoulder, scabbed over, and healing.

“Toy’s don’t speak,” he warns when he pulls back, using his hands to position that slim body. The burns are bright compared to the faded pink on that pretty ass or the hand shaped bruises on upper thighs. The bloody bite mark is a close contender though. Sukuna positions his hands so his thumb rubs along the burn on Megumi’s back and chuckles at the hiss it earns him. He frames those hips with his hands and pulls that slim body off his cock before bullying back in roughly. “Loose whore,” he grumbles and starts rocking his hips, that hole clenching tightly. It’s tight, and they both know it, but it always makes his lover clench more when he insults him.

He’s rough, harshly rutting into that sweet body. Megumi moans under him, tears leaking from the corner of closed eyes. Sukuna digs his nails in, always leaving them a little long to do just this, and watches his love tremble below him. The pain mixing with the pleasure. “Fuck, you’ll look so hot full of my baby,” he groans and rolls in, grinding his cock into his love’s prostate. Megumi’s hand glides across the fabric and snatches the box of cigarettes, he raises his brow when shaking hands grab a cigarette, bringing it to pink lips, and then lighting it. He snatches the cancer stick away.

“No,” he growls and glares. “No direct smoking.”

“Burn me,” Megumi follows his fingers up, back pressing to Sukuna’s chest, as they kneel together on the bed. “Mark me on the outside while you claim me on the inside?” The words make his cock twitch inside that tight heat and he can’t believe how slutty his lover is. His hand moves to wrap around the back of that long, pale neck and he forces Megumi down again, back into the right position.

“You want me to hurt you, huh?” He moves his hand to the shoulder he’s bitten and digs his nails in, scratching the skin as he drags his hand down the expanse of that lovely back. He smiles fondly at the Kanji of his name tattooed in white ink at the base of his lover’s neck. His eyes roam over his work, admiring how the scratches are angry red, and blowing smoke along them which gets a shiver. His cock is clenched tightly and he enjoys his cigarette as he fucks into his lover more gently now, teasing and torturing all at once. He blows smoke into open burns and bites, slaps injured skin, and then soothes within the same breath. “My Princess,” he whispers fondly and Megumi smiles just a little, “My little slut,” he says louder and gets a groan of pleasure.

When his cigarette is almost just a bud he drags the tip along the line of that defined spine and chuckles as his love shouts in pain, walls clenching hard, and a second orgasm hitting his little whore. He flicks the cigarette away and grabs the lighter, he flicks it on, and green eyes widen. Tears wet those pretty eyes and he sees pretty lips tremble.

“R-red,” Sukuna chucks the lighter away and flattens himself to Megumi’s back, kissing teary cheeks.

“Do I need to stop?” He asks gently and gets a head shake.

“Feels good, keep going,” with a nod he bites at those quivering pink lips, proceeding to tongue fuck that sweet mouth. His hips roll hard and he works up a punishing pace.

Pulling back he grabs Megumi by the throat, squeeze just so, and grunting as he shoves in harshly. “Quit your job,” he growls, “quit you job and be my whore instead.” He can feel Megumi’s frantic pulse and hear his sharp intakes of breath with each thrust. “Be a stay at home bitch for me, always ready for my cock,” he grunts again. Megumi’s whimpering and whining with each assault to his prostate and it's delicious music to his ears. Sukuna knows his lover is on the verge of dry orgasming, his baby always does that on the third orgasm, and he’s right at the cusp. He quickly reaches down and squeezes Megumi’s cock, stopping him from shooting his cum, and a shrill scream fills their room as he slams home and forces both of their orgasms.

His little slut clenches like a steel trap around him and he cums deep and hard inside, “Look at that,” he growls, “you’re a breeding bitch after all.” Tears falls down pretty cheeks and he licks them up greedily, enjoying the salt on his tongue. “Now you have to quit.” It’s an empty threat, but he’s a little surprised when his wrist is grabbed and their hands entwine over Megumi’s belly.

“O-okay, I’ll quit,” the words are soft and he swallows thickly. “I’ll quit do that again?” Those pretty eyes look back at him shyly and he grins, utter devotion and fondness blossoming in his heart all over again.

“Anything for you, Princess.” His hand slides to the still half-full carton of cigarettes and the trembling in the body below him isn’t in fear but anticipation. “Baby, just imagine everything I can do to you now.” He laughs joyfully, oh the fun they would have.

Chapter Text

Sukuna is a little annoyed with his favorite pet.

Megumi has been exceptionally naughty lately. Getting into near-death situations time and time again, like some weakling, and that is not what Megumi is. It’s pissing him off actually. If his pet refuses to stay safe when Sukuna is not around then he will simply take matters into his own hands. So when Yuuji eventually gets the life beaten out of him the curse is more than happy to come to the brat’s aid, with the intention of not giving possession of their shared body back to the teen. He’s been playing nice, but he’s quite ready to be done with this whole charade. Plus, the curse they’re fighting has two of his fingers and yet is still a little weakling compared to him.

He handles the disgraceful little pest and saunters off to his beloved pet's location. Not only does he find Megumi with a massive head wound, again, but the curse is trying to eat him. With a frustrated growl he stalks over and pulls the thing off of the teen. There are acid wounds all along long legs and he huffs in impatience. The curse trembles below him, it’s a vile slimy thing and has nothing special to it. How the fuck did his Fushiguro lose to this thing?

He sniffs gently, brow furrowing. Turning back, he can see a bright sheen of sweat on pale skin and heavy panting. Oh, oh his pet’s sick? That's unacceptable. Sukuna’s a terrible owner. He really should have been paying better attention. With a fond smile, he pets black hair and hoists the teen into his arms. “Tell your master that I’ll come meet with him on my time,” he looks to the little curse. Kenjaku’s cursed energy surrounds the little thing and he narrows his eyes in annoyance. “If he keeps forcing me I might have to take his prized possession away.”

Gojo Satoru was better off left in that box, but he didn’t need to stay in Kenjaku’s care. He might even be able to train the powerful sorcerer into being a good pet after he’s managed Megumi’s domestication. He was going to be busy destroying the world. He’d hate for his pretty pet to get lonely after all.

With a kiss to a sweaty brow he pushes off and starts his trip home. Uraume is a good servant, one that knew their master would return, so Sukuna is not surprised to see his shrine in good keeping. He enters his shrine, making his way to his suite. The place has been updated with electricity and running water. Better furniture. It’s mildly impressive, nothing he’ll reward his servant for, but it’s pleasing. His room is plain, a futon, desk, and large chair. All made for his true size, which is fine for now. Megumi will be under foot soon and give Sukuna his true form back. It’ll be a matter of days, he thinks, before the teen will be literally eating out of his hand. A quiet, pretty pet for him to admire and play with.

There is a knock on the door and he grunts, looking back at Uraume when they slide it open, already bowing. “Master, welcome home.”

“Yes, yes,” he placed his pet on to the bed. He pets a furrowed, sweaty brow with a gentle hand. He’ll heal him up nice in a moment. “I have a task for you.”

Uraume remains bowed and he sighs, how boring. How subservient. He’ll make sure to leave his beloved’s fight in him. Too docile would be terribly uninspired of him. “I need rope and we'll need human food.”

“Of course. Would you like anything else?” Sukuna looks at his pet with a menacing smile.

“Yes, I’ll write it out.” He strokes black hair while excitement flutters in his belly. He knows exactly how to train a naughty boy.

Megumi’s head feels like it’s full of cotton and his mouth hurts. He’s just cracking his eyes open when he sees fuzzy pink hair and tan skin. Okay, he should be okay if Yuuji’s here. He tries to close his mouth, but it’s being forced open and he grunts, trying to force what feels like a ring of metal out.

“Oh, Angel. You woke up, huh?” The blood in his veins seems to freeze. He looks back to who he thought was Yuuji. His vision is a little blurred, but he can make out tattoos and a wicked grin. He tries to move his body, but there is something tight constraining him. Looking down he sees bright red rope tying his body up. He tries to wiggle but his arms are tied down, under arms and forearm pinned together with his hands resting over his shoulders. His legs are similarly tied with rope all along his body, he winces as he moves, feeling discomfort from certain places being rubbed. What feels like a thick knot is settled against his hole. He tries to pull away from the sensation of rough scratching, but it just follows his every twist and wiggle.

“Shh,” a large hand pets his hair. Megumi glares up at the curse fiercely, “naughty pets need training. I hope you’re ready. Master is very excited to get started.”

He tries to force out words but they just come out as mumbled sounds. Where the fuck was Yuuji? Why was Sukuna in control?

He tries to assess if he can move his arms and bring his hands together, but he realizes with a startled whine that rope is tied around his middle fingers and connected to the knots along his back leading to his hole. Green eyes widen and he stares in shock as he pulls and the knot pushes into him just a little; it’s large and rough and it hurts. The teen forces his body to relax, looking to Sukuna with apprehension. “Naughty pet,” the hand in his hair moves to grab his chin, forcing him to look up into red eyes. “You were being so reckless, just begging for someone to come take care of you. Going out sick like that?” There is a displeased tsk and he feels a little ashamed.

Sukuna may be the King of Curses, but he was the one that made Megumi actually see he had potential. Had motivated him to be more than just a boy following after Gojo Satoru or Itadori Yuuji. Now he’s tied up, completely helpless, and desperately does not want to see that disappointment. His eyes slide to the white sheets, futon?, below him. It’s soft, actually other than the ropes binding him and his gag he’d be relatively comfortable.

“You need gentle handling and I’m happy to provide. You’re my beloved after all,” his eyes widen when he looks to the curse. He needs to be more aware. Whatever Sukuna is planning is not good and he has to bring Yuuji out somehow. “First, you should be hungry, thirsty even?”

He narrows his eyes, earning him a warm chuckle in reply. “Keep that up, pet. I will enjoy it when you become a slutty whore incapable of such looks.” Megumi growls, shakes his head, gasping and arching his head back as the ropes around him dig into his skin. “Now, now none of that. Let’s get you up.” His brow furrows and he shouts as he’s forced onto his elbows and knees, a hand grabbing the back of his head, fingers tightening into his black hair. “This is how you eat from now on,” his eyes widen as the curse pulls his cock out from what look like black leggings. Sukuna's topless as usual. It’s really unfair how ripped the curse is, how attractive he is.

Why did the King of Curses have to be hot?

“Tongue out,” he glares and is slapped across the face. His eyes shut tightly, it feels like his teeth are going to fall out from the force of them knocking into the metal ring. “Now,” all Megumi can do is comply. Like this the ropes are tight around him and he’s trying his best to not move the knot that is pressed to his hole.

Sukuna’s cock lands onto his tongue and rests there. It’s thick, too thick. He doesn’t think he can fit it in his mouth, plus it’s salty. He wants to pull away, but the hand in his hair keeps him in place. “Time to work for your breakfast.” Fucker. He grunts as the length is shoved into the ring and fills his mouth and then throat. He gags, but Sukuna just presses in and stays there, forcing him to choke on the curse’s cock. “So pretty, Beloved. Keep your noises going and these tears, I love them.” He glares weakly, a soft hand is caressing his cheek, wiping the tears from his eye. The stretch is painful and he hates it.

When he finally stops choking and gagging Sukuna smiles. “There you go,” the words are low, sweet sounding. It’s meant to be praise. Megumi wishes he could bite down so badly. Yeah, Sukuna would kill him, but he’s not some pet. “Sweet boy, why are you fighting this?” Sukuna pulls back and fucks back into his throat roughly, making him cry with the pain of it. It hurts and the taste is vile. He’s never even thought about oral or sex before. Sure, he’s masturbated but sex? Not really his thing so he glowers, waiting for the face fucking to end. His mouth aches terribly, but there is nothing he can do about it.

He’s no more than a toy for Sukuna at this point.

The hand in his hair tightens and he looks at the curse with unfiltered rage. “That’s it, show me your fire.” Sukuna grunts and slides in deep. Red eyes seem to fill with glee as his green eyes widen in surprise and then disgust as his throat is forced to take the curse’s cum, swallowing reflexively as to not choke. It’s disgusting and he wants to push away, bite, growl, and fight.

“Look at you taking me so well,” he groans when instead of softening after ejaculating Sukuna remains hard. “Let’s keep going until you’ve got that bitchy little look off your face.” He whines as his throat is opened up again and cries while his mouth is fucked hard. The ropes dig in with every rock of his body. He feels no better than a dog, forced onto all fours, made to take what he’s given. Sukuna makes Megumi swallow his cum seven times, until he’s out of tears and glares, until his throat feels raw with the taste of cum engraved into his tongue and brain. It’s not even gross anymore after sitting on his taste buds for so long. “This is where you belong now,” Sukuna says with a smile, petting his hair, and just resting his full cock within Megumi’s mouth. “On my cock, warming me, feeling me, pleasing me. Master will take such good care of you, Beloved, don’t you fret.”

One last time he’s made to take a salty load, but it’s on his tongue. Sukuna makes him keep his mouth open as the gag is removed. It’d been agony having it in so long. All he wants to do is close his mouth, but he’s already been slapped so many times his cheek is raw. Megumi doesn't want anymore pain. “Swallow,” he does, feeling the cum fill his mouth and then his throat, a clawed hand stroking it’s way down his throat to his chest and finally to his belly while he swallows. “You’re so full of me now.”

Tears prick at his eyes. He closes them in resignation, trying not to shed anymore tears. “You did very well. You earned your first reward.”

There is a jangling sound and he looks up to see a thick collar in the curse’s hand. A tag reads Beloved on a pink heart and the curse shows him the back where ‘Property of Ryomen Sukuna’ has been engraved as well. He tries to scoot back, but a hand raises in warning and he whimpers gently. “Shh, look it’s perfect for you.” The leather is placed around his throat and tightened enough that it constricts, but he can still breath. “You’ll be my perfect little pet soon, Beloved, and remember you have to cum when your name is called.” Warm hands stroke his skin as Sukuna moves behind him. “Now, let’s start training your other hole. Master has all the time in the world for you, after all.”

Megumi’s eyes close as he feels his ropes loosening just a little. If he is good he’ll be rewarded, so he’ll be good for now, but when the time comes he'll show Sukuna how much of a bad, bad pet he could be.

Chapter Text

Megumi thinks this Culling Game bullshit needs to come to an end. He’s just been separated from Yuuji, everyone else too for that matter, and he’s tired. Why the hell does this all need to be so complicated? Kicking a rock, he grumbles in frustration while walking down a dark alleyway, pulling his shadows around him tight, and keeping himself alert. It’s quiet out so the sound of humming on the wind is quick to catch his attention. His brow furrowing and mouth twisting down into a frown.

Megumi knows that tune. It’s familiar, but he can’t place it. His feet carry him towards the sound. He gets to the corner of the alley without even realizing that he’s moved. Cautiously, he puts his hands together to call his demon dog if he needs to, but all he can see around the corner is open street. The humming peters off and he looks around warily before stepping out. There is no one there that he can see, but once he’s in the street the sound starts up again, this time it sounds joyful. He turns quickly and down the alley he sees someone that makes his whole being freeze. Megumi takes in a shaky breathe and stares, hands becoming loose.

“Geto?” He whispers the name, brow furrowing even further. This is impossible. Gojo killed him, or at least said he handled the situation. The man had been a mess afterwards. Seeing Geto now is confusing. He remembers him from his childhood with Satoru and he always remembers him being kind. It had been a shock to him what the man had planned to releases all those curses on innocent people. His confusion was nothing in the face of his adoptive parent’s grief. There was a long period of starvation, insomnia, and depression. It's still there, but Satoru hides how he truly feels behind masks and fake laughter. The real Gojo Satoru is a mess, he wants to help heal him, but he can't very much do that since his mentor is missing.

“Megumin,” there is a familiar grin and he steps back a little, uncertain, “it’s been a long time.”

“You died,” he mutters, keeping his eyes on the man as he walks closer. He doesn’t even look much older, there is a strange stitch along his forehead, and the eyes are a little less bright then he remembers, but it’s surely Geto Suguru.

“You thought he could really manage it?” The man laughs deeply, throwing his hands up, and smiles at him, soft and patient like. Almost like a parent patronizing their child. “You know Satoru best. He loves me too much to do what's necessary.” Megumi stares and thinks this over, taking another step back. He has realized now that when he feels safest is usually when something terrible happens and right now he thinks Geto is trying to make him feel safe. “I know where he is.”

“W-what?” He stutters and stares at the man, moving forward and grabbing the front of that stupid outfit. There has been no news of Gojo for months now. He doesn't care about being cautious if he can find Satoru and bring him home. “Where is he? Is he okay? Can you take me there?” The questions pour out of him, Geto smiles softly at him still, a hand coming to rest on his arm.

“That’s why I’m here. I need your help.” His help? He worries his lip and looks at the man with hope. He nods shakily, more than willing to go into any fire for Satoru. “Good, good. You have always been a sweet boy, hmm? He’s lucky to have had you. You know, Megumin, I have a son too. A few actually.”

Megumi watches a pink tongue lick at Suguru’s lips. Those pitch black eyes stare down at him with something that makes him uneasy, his hands clenching nervously. “I-I just want to help Gojo.” He swallows when the hand on him tightens and another hand slides onto his throat, he shivers at the cool touch on his warm skin.

“You will, now just relax,” the hand around his throat tightens and he blinks in confusion before it kicks in. Ah, he’s been duped. He makes to call his shikigami, but something sharp presses to his neck. It’s almost an instant reaction of him losing all sense of control, his vision is blacking out, but he hears a little giggle.

“He’s so pretty!” He groans while he tilts forward and into Geto’s arms. He’s easily picked up, his head lolls backwards, eyes staring sightlessly at the night sky. He’s not sleeping or going unconscious, it just feels like his body isn’t his own right now. It’s like his mind is floating and he can’t do anything. His brain tries to put together why Geto would do this, he wasn’t anything special enough to kidnap, so why was he taking him? “Megumi, I know you can still hear me. I promise I am taking you to where Satoru is, don’t worry about that. I just have certain plans for you. They involve my youngest and you, well really what my youngest houses inside him.” Megumi wants to punch Geto in the face. Who the fuck is he even talking about? What son? He truly hates cryptic bastards the most.

Time seems to pass but he can’t really tell how long with his sight gone and his body feeling useless, it’s like he’s trapped inside his mind. Is this how Sukuna felt when he was sealed? Maybe this is why the curse is so insane? He does feel as he’s laid down onto something soft and slowly light starts coming back into his eyes, then blurry shapes, until he can eventually see again. His body is still useless, but he can see and hear. He’s surprised by the sunlight and what he thinks is a beach, he can hear water, and realizes he’s on one of those beach beds, but it’s strange. It’s shaped like a circle and has a wicker top above it, blocking the sun.

There are drapes tied back and he can just move his head a little to see that he is definitely on a beach. “Ah, you’re up, huh?” He manages a glare, mouth still useless, as he looks at Geto. “I’m sorry for the deception, sweetie, but we need privacy. See my son has taken a liking to you. Yuuji’s a cute boy which I know you’ve noticed, and Sukuna seems to be over the moon for you.”

His brow furrows. Yuuji? He tries to open his mouth but it remains closed, but the man tuts and shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I jumped ahead. I’m not reallyyyy Geto Suguru, just borrowing his body for the moment. Although the little heathen is trying his best to cut my ride short,” there is a frustrated sigh, then the sudden loud clap of wide hands startles him. “My last body was Yuuji’s mother’s. He’s my child.”

Megumi’s eyes widen, brain struggling to process that. Yuuji was a curse’s child? How? That made no sense! The teen was normal, looked human. “I use human bodies so the child is human, but I ensured he’d be able to hold Sukuna. My little baby is cute, right? I carried him for nine months and he’s just the sweetest child. I mean I didn’t raise him, that would have been too much work, but he’s really blossomed. I couldn’t be prouder."

‘Geto’ rounds the bed and he tracks the man with his eyes as he seems to call someone over with his hand. “Now I really need to get Sukuna onto my team here, and you’ll be helping me with that. Men, well curses, in love are easy to manipulate after all.” He shuts his eyes and tries to steady himself, tries to think what in the world Sukuna could even want with him. Sure, Megumi knew Sukuna’s strange obsession with him was going to cause him problems, but not some weird kidnapping ploy. Actually, he'd really rather be with the curse. The worst he'd be subjected to is heavy petting and listening to monologuing about world domination. He'd much prefer that right now. A small part of him even hopes the curse, or hopefully Yuuji, comes and saves him because he does not like the sharpness in Geto's borrowed black eyes.

From the side of the bed comes a pale, grey-skinned curse with long grey-blue hair, smiling with glee, arms behind its back, and peering at him like he was a favorite toy. “Mahito meet Megumi, Megumi this is Mahito. He’s the one who’s made you feel like a doll. I do apologize for that, but it’s simply because we don’t want you to be in any pain.” His eyes narrow and he really wants to punch someone now. Maybe he’ll kick Sukuna in the privates next time this King of Curses decides to pay a visit? His little look gets a warm chuckle and Not Geto climbs onto the bed behind him, propping Megumi’s head up on his lap. “Don’t fret, sweetie. You’re just being made into the perfect sacrifice.”


He wants to growl but he can’t even tell if he’s breathing. His eyes watch as his body is striped by the curse’s pale, cold hands. “Wow, you’re really creamy, huh? No marks on you.” Mahito whistles and strokes his hands down Megumi’s thighs before opening them. He can feel the curse touching him and his eyes widen, if he can feel the touches then he’ll feel the pain. They hadn’t made him numb, just silent. Whatever they planned to do he would feel.

“You’re pretty down here too, smooth.” Fingers dance over his cock and then balls. “These won’t be needed anymore though.” Megumi’s eyes widen in horror as his balls are squeezed and he howls in pain within his mind, tears falls from his eyes. Warm hands pet his arm and hair gently, a low hum coming from the Not Geto behind him. “It’ll be over soon, endure it.” The curse presses down further and then pain blinds him, he can’t see or hear anything but white noise. Pain is all his senses can take in. It feels like his body is being skewered and lit on fire at the same time. Agony makes his mind blank and tears leak like rivers from his eyes. It’s not over fast enough, but there is a slow realization that the pain is edging off and become an ache and then emptiness.

When he can see again his cock is sitting limp against his belly and there is nothing below them, his eyes widen as tricky fingers touch his skin and a slit becomes visible to him. “Look at that! My best work yet, pretty and pink for a pretty boy, hmm?” Mahito bend forward, tongue extends, and Megumi’s heart stops.

He has a...a vagina.

A foot kicks at the curse’s face and Not Geto tsks. “No, now give him his motion back.” The curse grumbles, annoyed, but with a tap of a finger he can feel his body again. He quickly gets up onto his knees.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” He growls and it’s so strange, his belly feels so empty, cold, and he sways as he tries to get up. Oh, oh it’s terrible. A sob pulls from his throat and his hands claw at his belly, why is it empty? He needs something! Anything!

“Oh, sweetie, do you need help?” His green eyes turn to fathomless black and he sees a pale hand gesture to the man’s exposed cock.


No, he...he didn’t.

“I remember how it feels,” a warm hand reaches out and grabs his arm, squeezing gently. “The ache inside. After I birthed Yuuji I wanted another right away, but it wasn’t part of the plan. Now though you can be filled with contentment when a new life grows in you.”

“I-I’m a boy,” he pants out, trying to not feel the ache inside, the want. What had they done to him?

“Not anymore,” Mahito sings behind him and he whines. Geto grabs his hip and drags him forward, the hand on his arm moving to grab the aching need between his legs. “Let me warm you up. He’s on his way after all. Mothers always know when their children are near.”

Yuuji? Yuuji will help him. Save him. He’s so empty and he needs Yuuji. Wants him desperately.

A thick finger dips inside him and it hurts, but his hips slam down immediately, wanting more. The new sensations and feelings makes him whimper, tears sitting in the corner of his eyes. “Now, now don’t you rush. Mommy’s going to take care of you too. I can only give the best to my boy after all, so shouldn’t I get a taste first?”

“Please, please?” His mind is only focused on needing more, wanting the horrible emptiness to go away. Megumi’s rewarded with another finger sliding into his wet and waiting folds. Those fingers scissor inside him and he moans and rolls his hips along with them, moaning in pleasure when a third is added in. “More,” he groans and stares hungrily at the cock below him.

Megumi needs it. He has to have it. He’s so empty and he wants to be full. Complete.

“It’s all yours, sweetie, go ahead,” he wastes no time in seating himself on that thick cock and rocking himself wildly in the man’s lap. It’s so good and deep, the pain doesn’t even matter. His new pussy is amazing, he loves it, and wishes he’d always had one. “Tsk, tsk, Megumin. Unprotected sex at your age?”

He glares because Geto knew raw was all Megumi wanted, craved. “Want a baby, need one,” a gentle hand strokes his back and hair, they're touching him kindly. Geto touches him like he loves him. He’s slowly tipped back and Geto crowds over him. “Give me one,” he demands and a wicked smile covers that handsome face. Oh, no wonder Gojo couldn’t kill this man. He’s beautiful.

Their baby will be so cute.

“Pretty child, you’re meant for another baby daddy, unfortunately,” he whines and rolls his hips, feeling the cock deep inside him and wanting it to cum. A loud bang startles him but when it just continues he choses to ignore it, he has bigger issues. His emptiness being number one. "Mommy will take care of you so well after. You have no idea how happy you'll be making all of us. I love you truly, little Megumin. I'm so happy to have you join the family."

Warm lips press to his and they share a deep kiss, it makes him moan all the more for how good it is. "Please, please give me a baby?" he pants when Geto pulls away, but their mouths are meeting hungrily again, wet kisses and the sound of flesh meeting flesh accompanying the banging sound until a large bang hits his ears. He cares more about wrapping his legs around strong hips. Cares more about holding this man in deep.

He needs to be filled, needs cum. Teeth bite at his lip, making him moans loudly as he’s pistoned into.

“M-Megumi?” He moans loudly as a hand fists into his hair. He’s made to look to the side. His mouths hangs open dumbly as he’s fucked and he whines as he sees Yuuji.

“Yuu-” he tries to call the boy’s name but a wrecked moan comes out when his cock is grabbed and jerked harshly. It’s the last straw for him. He’s cumming all over himself, hips bucking wildly before he's falling boneless to the bed, legs limp around strong hips. Geto slides out of his needy quim, jerks himself twice before shooting cum over his pussy and cock.

“Want it in me,” He whines in annoyance and Geto chuckles.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, but I told you that you’re not for me to seed. At least, not yet.” The man stands from the bed and looks to Yuuji. “Hello, little one, it’s been sometime since I saw you last, but unfortunately I would like to speak to Sukuna. I’ll let you save little Megumi back there if you switch.” Honey eyes glare, but it’s only a moment before the King of Curses appears. Megumi stares as Yuuji’s top is shredded by clawed hands and a new want fills him. Oh, this is his mate. This one he’s supposed to keep his legs open for and provide children to. Red eyes stare at him and he turns, opening his legs and arms in invitation. A growing smirk covers Sukuna’s face and he approaches hotly.

“Enjoy your gift,” Geto says with a bow and his mate looks back at the man for only a moment.

“You may watch as I seed him,” the words make him shiver in anticipation, He arches to present his dripping need, sighing when clawed hands stroke over his pink pussy. “Ah, Megumi,” his name sounds like music, making him purr in delight when clawed hands move to grab his open thighs. “Now you are truly perfect.” He smiles, wrapping his arms around wide shoulders. The teen gasps as a large, hard cock is pressed inside him and it’s so good. He’s so complete now.

“You’ll birth a new age of curses for me, sweetie,” he hears and rolls his head to see Geto standing with a box in his hand, it has wide blue eyes on it’s surface, staring at him as he’s bred perfectly. The curtains around them are drawn closed and he is left with his mate. Megumi will be filled over and over, his belly will swell with child, and once he’s had Sukuna’s first born he’ll have another and another. Perhaps they’ll even reward Geto by letting him have a child with Megumi?

“Give me a baby,” he demands, hands clawing along Sukuna’s back harshly. Red eyes stare down at him in absolute glee. It makes him so happy to be making his mate excited.

“Who said I’d only give you one?” The words are growled into his ear and Megumi screams in pleasure as he’s pumped full, hazy happiness and joy filling his corrupted heart and mind. “You’re finally mine, little wife.” The title settles on his shoulders and his eyes shine with happy tears. The terrible emptiness from before no longer making his mind and body screaming in agony, but he knows there is room for more. He's still so empty inside.

Megumi clenches around Sukuna’s cock and purrs, “Husband, give me more.”

Chapter Text

“Your father borrowed a lot of money from us, too much money to ignore,” the man says to him and Megumi just stares tiredly. He’s alone at his father’s funeral, no one having shown up, and this man was taking advantage of the situation. He’d known the moment the doors opened who this was, but wished he was anyone but. Unfortunately, he is standing in the presence of Ryomen Sukuna. A young Mafia boss in their area who was taking the crime world by storm, or that’s what the news said.

His dad had already left him an envelope full of cash just for this. Being a smart cookie he pulled it from his inside coat pocket and held it out to the man. Megumi could hold his own in a fight, but Ryomen-san was a good 6’4, maybe taller, and as wide as a tree. He can image his dad talking weights and gym shit with the guy all while borrowing thousands upon thousands.

The thick envelope slips from his fingers as painted fingers grab it from him and he just stares, red eyes looking at him intensely before opening the envelope. A note was in the front and the little piece of white paper comes out. Ryomen-san takes his time to read his father’s note. “Hmm,” there is a displeased sound and then a feigned frown, it looks mocking, “he’s such an asshole, isn’t he sweetheart? This is only a third of what he owes me.”

A third?

It’s 1.5 million?!

He swallows thickly and the man smiles at him, taking a step closer. “How old are you?” He cringes at the question, body tensing. “Answer.” A hand pointedly pulls back the suit jacket to reveal a gun before resting on the man’s hip.

“I just turned 17,” the mafia boss whistles and grabs his chin, turning his face from side-to-side. His dad has signed Megumi’s life away, has left him no choice but to comply with the mafia.

“You’ll come to work for me, actually do you have a guardian, sweetheart?” He shakes his head and tries to control his anger. Megumi hates being touched, hates being talked down to. He’s always been alone, his father making him act more like his caretaker than his son. He doesn't need a caretaker, a guardian. He has himself.

“You’ll come live with me. Tomorrow, bring one bag only to the Boba shop on Todoroki Avenue and 5th. I’ll manage all the rest, understood?” He nods and looks at the floor as a thumb strokes his chin. “You and I will be having so much fun. Sleep well tonight.”

Megumi’s fists shake as he tries his best to not bite the hand touching him. Without a farewell Ryomen-san leaves the room. Megumi collapses to his knees, staring at his father’s picture behind him before cussing the man out under his breath. Toji had given him a miserable life and now he’s even assured after death that Megumi would never know happiness.

Naturally, he does as told. He doesn’t want to die and running from the mafia is never a good idea. He only has his backpack, never having owned much because Toji spent their money like it was water. The man never thought to use it for actually, you know, raising him. Megumi’s actually so familiar with going hungry that it doesn’t bother him anymore. Like now, he’s not eaten since two days ago because he’d wanted all that money to go to the mafia boss.

What a mistake. He wishes he’d taken it and had a huge ass celebration meal. The asshole was dead, huzzah! Megumi shifts in his seat and frowns, he doesn’t mean that. Toji was not a great father but he’d been all he had, and he does miss him just a little. Not that he was around much, but he was all the teen knew.

“There you are,” the words are soft and he looks up. His eyes widen at the sight before him. This is a complete surprise. Ryomen-san is wearing casual clothes, very casual, and he has a small child holding his hand. It’s obviously his son, and the child is maybe three. “Look here, Yuuji. This is Megumi. He’ll be your new nanny.”


He blinks as the little boy smiles and bows to him, bowing back on reflex. “Pwetty! Pwetty Gumi,” he blushes brightly as the child is released and comes over to him, little hands touching his knees.

“You’re very cute, Yuuji,” he says gently and the boy grins. He is very cute, but probably will grow up to be his father’s mini me. The child is all tanned skin, pink hair, and large honey eyes. He thinks he might be three or four. Yuuji’s wearing a slightly too big yellow hoodie and blue jeans with little red sneakers.

Ryomen-san is wearing jeans too, but has gone for a cool edge with a white t-shirt, leather jacket, and black boots. His tattoos are covered up, maybe to keep cops from recognizing him? “Alright, I’m going to get teas for everyone. Yuu, just a small milk tea or oreo?” The man crouches down and Yuuji grabs his father’s face while thinking.

“Oweo,” Ryomen-san smiles and nips at tiny hands playfully. “No eat, daddy!” The little boy screeches in joy and this is not what Megumi expected at all.

Red eyes slide up to him and the smile on that face is still warm, kind even. “What do you like?” His brain is not comprehending this situation. This is insane.

“I...I’ve never had this before,” he admits and a brow arches. Yuuji makes a loud gasping sound and his eyes get wide.

“Never boba, Gumi?” He shakes his head and the little boy grabs his hand and pulls, forcing him to follow as the toddler takes him to the register. A chubby finger points at the menu and he smiles just a little. “Daddy like matcha,” a large hand slides onto the small of his back and a shiver runs down it.

Megumi looks to see Ryomen-san looking down at him, red eyes not giving anything away, but there is a smile on the man’s face. “Oh, your family is so cute!” An older cashier says, looking at then and then Yuuji. “You look just like your daddy, huh? Your mama must love that.” She’s looking right at him. He blushes scarlet in response.

He makes to clear up the woman’s statement, praying it’s bad eyesight, but it’s not the first time he’s been confused for a girl and most likely won’t be the last. “Oh, we’re trying for another one so we can have a perfect set.” His ducks his face in embarrassment, grumbling in annoyance, and the hand on his back moves to him hip, squeezing him to the mafia boss’ side.

Yuuji is an innocent little angel who just smiles and is cute, unaware his father is being annoying. Megumi really has no idea what to expect. “That’s so cute! Good luck to you two! Now what can I get you three?”

Good luck? Good luck! He glares at the mafia boss who is smirking at him and looking like a pleased cat. He truly wants to tell the man to fuck all the way off, but there is a small child here. “Oreo, small, with no boba for my son. I’ll have a medium Thai tea with regular boba, large and half sugar. Megumi?”

He blinks and frowns at the menu. “ Thai tea good?” He asks quietly to the man, who seems to soften and nods.

“Do you like sweet things?” He shakes his head no. Ryomen-san squeezes his hip, offering him what is surprisingly a gentle smile.

“Two of the Thai teas then,” the woman smiles at then, nodding, and ringing them up. It doesn’t sit right with him that a mafia boss is apparently making him his son’s nanny and being nice to him. There has to be something bad coming for him here. Good things don’t happen to him.

“Would your little guy like a cake pop?” Yuuji turns to them and gives the most effective puppy eyes he has ever seen.

“Pwease, daddy? Pwease?” The man sighs next to him and slides his hand from his back up and over Megumi’s shoulder. “Fine, fine. Vanilla please.” Yuuji runs around in circles excitedly and he smiles a little, the child is cute. The rest of their little outing is fairly easy. Yuuji talks a mile a minute in mostly gibberish to him, telling him all about his pet cat, Gojo, who is apparently an asshole. Megumi’s always been more of a dog person so he's not surprised. Ryomen-san has sat next to him, an arm thrown over the back of his seat, eyes on Yuuji who is seated in Megumi’s lap, staring at him with innocent eyes.

“Den Gojo hit daddy’s face,” the boy laughs and he grins, sliding his eyes over to the mafia boss who is staring at him now. Megumi ducks his head, blushing, and looking to Yuuji. When their drinks come the little boy holds his cup dutifully and takes polite sips, though he does manage to devour his whole cake pop in one go.

Honestly, how is this a mafia boss’ son?

He sips from his drink, surprised by the pleasant flavor, and feels a warm hand squeeze the back of his neck. His green eyes meet red. He’s so unused to kindness, to being touched gently, warmly. He thought he hated being touched, but maybe he just didn't know he liked it? It wasn't like he was getting affection from Toji. “Thank you,” he manages and the man grins at him.

“Oh, anything for you, sweetheart,” his heart stops at the way the words roll off the man’s tongue. He tries to focus on his drink, but eventually Yuuji starts whining. The boy wants to go home and show Megumi everything so they throw out their trash, he makes to grab his bag but Ryomen-san has already slung it over his shoulder.

“You packed light,” there is an accusation there, red eyes narrowed on him. Megumi can only shake his head.

“That’s all I own,” if the mafia boss pities him he’s not sure, but there is a slight frown. Yuuji grabs his hand, dragging him along behind him.

It doesn't take him long to learn that he is in for it if he’s Yuuji’s nanny.

They get in a car to go to apparently his new home? It’s a massive house, with six bedrooms and three bathrooms. Yuuji takes him immediately to the playroom, where the day is lost to hours of playing with the child. Then to realizing that Gojo, the cat, is an asshole. The cat knocks down everything put on Yuuji's little art table, including the fabric safe paints Megumi puts there. When lunch time comes around he’s exhausted and amazed anyone could deal with this ball of literal energy and his passive-aggressive cat.

Yuuji grabs his hand and takes him to the kitchen. “Hungry, Gumi. Make lunch?” He nods and looks at the massive kitchen. He’s not the best cook because he’s never really been given the chance, but he sees some rice noodles and broth with chicken when he looks around. He manages to throw that together to make a simple dish.

Ryomen-san raises a brow when he comes in. “Yuuji, we have a chef.” A chef? Fucking rich people.

“Gumi, is okay?” He nods at the pleading eyes and hears a tired sigh.

“You can’t give him an inch. My brat is a master manipulator.” The man pinches chubby cheeks and smiles at the child. “Smells good though. After lunch, he usually naps for two hours. Recuperation time for you.” Megumi nods and tries not to notice the way the man’s white t-shirt is stretched along broad muscles. He’s 17, okay? Sure his life is potentially in danger, but the guy is hot.

He’s scared, not blind.

The rest of the day is just as exhausting. He cleans up the playroom while Yuuji naps and makes friends with the cat. He gives the child a bath, plays games with him, makes him dinner, and tells him bedtime stories until honey eyes slide closed. “You did better than I expected,” the words are quiet as the boy’s father comes inside and over to the child. He’s surprised by how gentle the man looks when he kisses Yuuji’s cheek and tucks him in just so, making sure the boy’s tiger plush is snuggled securely in tiny arms.

A large hand is stretched out to him and he takes it. Megumi's lead out, the door closed behind them, before being brought to a new room. It’s massive and there is a huge bed in the middle of it. It’s lived in and ice fills his belly. “You’ll stay here, with me.” His body is pulled into a tight embrace, the man’s front pressed to his back and large hands resting over his thin belly.

“W-why?” He stutters, face heating up in a fierce blush. A kiss is pressed to his throat.

“Can’t Daddy play with mommy?” His mouth turns to a frown and he tries not to be turned on my the man’s heavy petting. “I nearly popped a boner in that shop thinking about you big with a baby.” A shiver runs down his spine and a large hand cups him between the legs. “Toji told me all about you, asked me to take care of you when he died. Bastard knew he’d be biting a bullet one day.”

Sharp teeth bite at his jaw and he’s not sure how to feel. His belly is hot but he doesn’t know this man, he’s a mafia boss, and he’s not here of his own free will. “You’re shaking like a leaf, baby. Daddy has you, don’t worry,” he’s lifted up and over a wide shoulder while Sukuna walks to the bed. He's dumped onto the soft bed, which Megumi thinks must have cost thousands. He's never felt such a soft mattress before.

Megumi has no time to process this as his shirt is pulled over his head, he tries to cover his chest, but the man just laughs and strips the rest of him too. That tight white shirt comes off and the rest of that defined body is revealed, all of the mafia boss’ tattoos are out now and they seem to accentuate the hard cut of toned muscles. He swallows thickly, blushing as his eyes wander over tanned and toned skin. “Like what you see, sweetheart?” Megumi looks away, anxiety and annoyance with himself building. Warm hands grab his hips and he hates this.

Fingers stroke down his belly and he looks up at the man warily, “You know, I lied to you.” Megumi’s brow furrows and he squirms as a large hand gets under his thigh and pulls his leg apart to reveal what lays in between. “Toji paid me in full, with interest. For you.”

What? Toji had...had actually left him to live his life. “You’ll be well taken care of from here on out. Food, bed, clothes, and school. You’ve been absent all week so we’ll need to get you to work on attendance. Yuuji goes to daycare nearby the high school I picked so you’ll be able to drop him off and pick him up,” he stares because that’s all he can do. “You’ll be loved.”

Megumi’s brow furrows and he doesn’t get time to ask questions because his mouth is being assaulted. A thick tongue slides along his lips and he opens when his ass is pinched. It’s his first kiss and it’s all consuming and warm and good. He can barely breathe when it’s over, panting hotly. “Toji’s a fucker for not giving you to me sooner,” Ryomen-san growls and a hand is petting his arm. “I’ll be a good daddy for you now though, baby. Take care of my boy right.” Megumi blushes brightly, feeling hands stroking at his crotch. “We can get you surgery if you want?”

The question startles him and he looks at the man. “If you want to be a boy all the way.” Megumi is shocked, tears coming to his eyes at even just the consideration.

“No, no I...I like my body how it is. I’m a boy even if I have a-” he peters off, blushing.

“A pussy? A sweet boy pussy for daddy to fuck?” The words make heat pool in his belly and he nods shakily. Ryomen-san chuckles and kisses him again, making his toes curl. This isn’t okay, he’s been tricked into being here, but to be honest he feels like the mafia boss isn’t lying to him. The gentle hands on him are large and warm and he’s never felt wanted before, but he does now.

“I-I’ve never used it,” he admits at the man just smiles at him, kind and happy.

“Let daddy show you then?” He gives a sharp nod and those hands are spreading his legs and a hot mouth licks at his cunt. He whines, it feels too sensitive, but as the man licks and sucks on his clit he feels himself give into the sensations. He moans openly, hands buried into the sheets.

“Call for me, who am I?’ The mafia boss growls into him and his belly clenches.

“D-daddy,” he whimpers and two thick fingers slide into him. “Daddy!”

“Yes, baby boy, I’m your daddy now. All you have to do is let me take care of you,” the words are heated and a hot mouth slides up his body until their mouths are meeting again. Thick fingers stretch his virginal walls and he cries and whimpers at how sensitive he feels inside. “And when you’re older, not much, but when you know how much I love you then I’ll fuck a baby into you. Make you a really mommy.”

His head falls back and he arches, a thumb is rubbing at his clit and he can’t stop his hips from buckling and he cums on thick fingers with a scream. “Daddy, daddy, daddy,” he mumbles, exhausted as he’s gathered into warm arms and is pressed into toned muscles.

“Good boy. You’ll be ready for daddy’s cock in no time,” Megumi sighs, resting in that warm embrace, body warm and full of tingling pleasure. He wants to live in this moment forever.


“R-ryomen-san, please we didn’t mean to upset you,” His daddy blows smoke out of the side of his mouth and stares down at the two buffoons bowing before them. Megumi is seated in his daddy’s lap, cock pressed into his dripping want, and a large hand over his slightly rounded belly.

“You didn’t. My boy asked for mint chocolate chip ice cream, not chocolate chip. Go back, get the right one, or I put a bullet in your eyes.” A large hand taps the gun on the desktop and he relaxes back into his daddy’s arms. Megumi is so loved here, so happy.

“Yes, Ryomen-san, so sorry Fushiguro-san,” he waves his hand and the two leave. Rolling his hips he moans in delight and braces his hands on the desk so he can really start riding his daddy.

“You know, baby, I actually have a business to run,” Sukuna laughs as he shifts, standing, and pushing Megumi down onto his desk. He grabs the wood as he’s fucked into gently. His daddy too cautious to be rough now that Yuuji’s little brother is growing in his belly. A warm hand cradles his belly and it feels so good.

“Daddy, don’t lie. I do the paperwork,” he rolls his eyes and earns a warm chuckle. They’re in this business together now and if his daddy is scary, well then lets just say Fushiguro Toji’s murderous legacy is upheld by his son.

“Oh, Yuuji has soccer practice soon,” he chirps and Sukuna groans.

“Baby, please do not insult me by scheduling your day during sex, again.” Megumi giggles, pushing up into Sukuna’s embrace and feeling so happy. His daddy is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, he couldn’t be luckier.

“Then fuck me until I forget how to count?” Sukuna growls and he grins, bracing himself.

“Still a fucking brat,” teeth bite into his shoulder and he chuckles, feeling the cock inside him rub all of the best places.

“For you, daddy? Always.”

Chapter Text

“Nanamin,” he whines, hanging onto the man’s arm as they get onto the train, “can’t I just zoom us there instead. I hate trains, they’re so crowded and boring.” His cohort is having none of his childish antics and pulls his arm out of Gojo’s clutches.

“Behave,” he pouts at the fierce glare he’s shot but quiets as they enter the train. It’s taboo to really be loud on the train. Satoru’s really not in the mood to get dirty looks from old grannies today. It’s Megumi’s birthday and they’d gone out to go get the teen some presents. Jujutsu Sorcerers weren’t known for getting a lot of birthdays so he’d make sure his Megumin’s would be special every year. He’d hooked Nanami to come with him by promising cake and anything the man wanted from Balenciaga. Gojo was slightly insulted when the salaryman picked the up a $500 plain ass belt. A waste. But it was fine, he’d spent a small fortune on his favorite teen delinquent, and now they just had to get to the small surprise party at the dorms.

“I really hope Yuuji has everything done,” he sighs and a hand lands on his back leading him to the back of the train. It’s terribly crowded today so they end up at the back of the train car, Nanami crowding in behind him. He turns and the bodies around them press them in close. He hates trains. “Nanamin, please let me just-”

“Shut it,” the man says with a fierce glare and he pouts, dropping the bags onto the ground behind him.

“Mean,” he whines quietly and looks at the crowded train when a naughty thought comes into his mind. He grins and a blonde brow arches, a frown already on the other man’s face. “I’m so bored, Nanamin, entertain me?” He whispers, trailing his hand down that familiar blue dress shirt and a large hand snatches up his wrist.

“Knock it off,” Nanami hisses, but he just uses his other hand to grab the man’s crotch. Brown eyes widen and then narrow on him dangerously. “Watch it or be prepared.”

“Oh, so scary, Nanamin,” he sings and begins to stroke the hefty length hidden by those tan trousers. He can feel it getting hard under his ministrations and he laughs warmly, poking his tongue out of the corner of his mouth, feigning concentration.

Nanami, for his part, has pressed in closer and is stone faced, a brow twitching here and there. The hand holding his other wrist is painfully tight. The train is coming to the next stop and more people shuffle in, making them press even closer. His pale hand moves up and slides under the hem of the younger man’s pants. With a grin, he wiggles his hand and manages to get under the elastic band of what he knows are a pair of grey boxer briefs.

Warm cock fills his grip and he squeezes painfully, Nanami grunts quietly, shuffling closer to press flush against him. His chin rests on a broad shoulder, a large hand surprisingly wraps around and grabs his ass. “If you keep teasing I’ll make you regret buying me a belt,” Nanami’s words make him purr. Satoru looks around cautiously before pressing a quick kiss to the man’s shoulder. He jacks his hand up and down, feeling every vein and wrinkle in that thick length along with the tight pressure of such terrible confinement.

The hand on his ass slips upwards and then down into the back of his pants. His eyes widen just so as he feels thick fingers rub at his rim. Thankfully, his sunglasses hide his surprise but they can’t hide his stifled moan as a finger pushes inside him. “You're still wet from this morning. Didn’t you clean yourself out when you showered?” There is a disapproving 'tsk' that makes him blush brightly.

Nanami’s finger isn’t in very deep, but Gojo thinks he may have gone too far if he’s pushed his kohai to this. “K-Kento, I’m sorry,” he tries to pull his hand out but the train suddenly jerks and that thick digit slides all the way into him in one delicious thrust. He trembles, grateful for the steading hand that grabs his hip.

“Finish what you started, Satoru,” the words are whispered in his ear in what he would describe as a disheveled grumble. It makes him shiver, warm heat building in his belly. He knows all he can do is keep touching his partner, so he rubs his thumb over the slit of that thick cockhead and strokes the long length with firm pressure. The finger inside him is moving in small circles and he’s mewls, hiding his face against a wide shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whimpers as a second finger presses in and he’s trying his best to jack Nanami off, but he just doesn’t have enough space.

“I know you are,” Nanami grins victoriously and shoves the second finger in. Satoru nearly bites through his own tongue to keep his noises in. His prostate is rubbed aggressively, his knees shake, and his dick is rock hard. He’s so ashamed, embarrassed to be touched like this, and he knows it’s a lesson from the younger man. It's terribly mean though, Satoru was just trying to have some light fun.

He looks up to see a few people mumbling and looking at them warily. He tries to make a cover for them by fanning himself and pretending he’s too hot all while he’s finger fucked brutally. His own hand just limply holding the cock that had opened his hole wide only a few hours earlier. “K-Kento, our stop-” he whines quietly and hears a chuckle.

The fingers inside him settle on his prostate and assault it, making his knees buckles, and the hand on his hip has to hold him up. It’s too much and too good and he’s cumming faster than he ever has before. “Oh...oh fuck, Kento,” he pants and winces as those long digits inside his clenching hole pull out. He feels Nanami wipe his fingers on his pants and just as the train is slowing Gojo’s hand is pulled out and a wicked grin is on the younger man’s face

“Did it feel good, Toru?” He blushes brightly, looking away in shame, but his chin is grabbed and Nanami kisses him. Kisses him openly and he can’t help kissing him back, smiling happily when his ass is squeezed. “Come on, we have a birthday party to get to. After that, well then we have a very very fun night ahead of us.”

Satoru grins, laughing at the scandalized faces of the other passengers. They gather all their bags and slip their way out of the train when it stops. He’s glad his shirt is long so it can hide the wet stain in the front of his trousers. He’s surprised when he looks at Nanami’s and sees a small wet spot on the right upper thigh.

“Did you?” He asks, blinking up and Nanami looks away, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, the man looking a little sheepish. Gojo grins and wraps the man’s arm around his waist. “Wanna do it again?”

Brown eyes look at him and there is a spark of something absolutely delicious within those sharp eyes. “Do you have to ask, Toru?”

Satoru laughs as they walk to the school together, already wondering where they should play next.

Chapter Text

Yuuta’s been gone for too long, he can see it in the way that Megumi doesn’t look at him. Those gorgeous green eyes only seem to stare after Sukuna’s vessel, and he hates it. The omega is his. How dare he be looking after some alpha that’s going to end up dead anyways! No, better to make sure his little Kohai doesn’t have his heart shattered by impossibilities.

“Yuuta-san,” that soft voice makes his attention zero in on his love. His eyes narrow just slightly as he sees a large tan hand holding onto a pale wrist, Itadori’s finger stroking along the omega’s pulse point gently. “Yuuji and I will go first, if that’s okay?”

No. No, it’s not okay.

Especially with Megumi smelling so delicious right now. It’s been so long since he scented ginger and a forest’s rain on the air. The omega even has a light sheen of sweat on his skin that seemingly glisten under the artificial light of the room their in. “That’s unwise. I’m sure eyes are already on you Fushiguro, new clan head and all that. The higher ups will be looking for Itadori-kun to be with you.” Yuuta says his words carefully, purposefully. Black brows draw in, and he is going to cut that tanned hand off of the other alpha. It’s now laced with his omega’s and he nearly, nearly growls.

“Hey, hey,” the words are calm and meant to be comforting, “it’s fine. I’ll stay with Choso and meet you up, okay? Go with Okkotsu-san.” He’s never seen Megumi be outwardly affectionate so it’s both shocking and enraging when the omega and the alpha scent one another. “I’ll be right behind you, baby.”

He knows the words aren’t meant for him to hear, but he does. His eyes see as the omega pulls away and smiles, just a little, at Itadori. “I know. It’s just been a while. Be careful?”

“For you? Of course,” Yuuji grins like a fool and Megumi turns to the curse, Choso.

“You’ll keep him safe for me?”

The curse nods and steps up to the omega, grabbing his hand, and squeezing it. “You’re a strong mate for him to have chosen. My brother will be safe with me.” Black eyes turn to him for a long moment and then the curse whispers. He can’t hear it but the omega’s shoulders tense and so do Yuuji’s.

“It’s fine. I’ll be okay,” the words are determined and the two men nod. Choso lets go of the omega’s delicate hand and looks him over. Yuuji is just hugging the omega and annoyingly pressing loud pecks to pale cheeks.

“Knock it off!” Megumi grumbles and pushes the alpha away, but Yuuta doesn’t miss as honey eyes narrow on him, as sharp white teeth are bared for just a moment in warning before turning into a grin.

The alpha leaves with a final wave and he waits until the two clear the area before speaking. “Fushiguro, I didn’t expect this of you.”

Green eyes turn back on him tiredly, wary. The omega keeping space between them as he tries to step closer. “I’ve told you no before and it is still a no now, Yuuta. I can smell your jealousy and it’s unfounded.”

“Unfounded? That little shit is going to die,” he growls and watches as Megumi steps back, edging slowly into a corner. Pretty eyes seem to fill with grief at his words. “See you already know. You can’t be mates with him. He’s going to leave you.”

“He won’t.” The boy’s conviction is sweet, but it’s childish. Yuuta knows better. “And you’re a beta. You could never have me.” His eyes narrow and he stalks forward, the omega trying to stand proudly, but soon that facade falls away as he grabs and spins the other boy around. The beta swiftly throws Megumi against the wall, making note of the grunt of pain he hears.

“Get off me!” The omega shouts and he growls, pulling his wrists back and holding them in a tight grip. Actually, he’d like his hands to be free. Rika comes to his side without further notice and grabs pale wrists for him, stretching the omega’s arms out to his sides. “Yuuta! Stop!” He’s so pissed though. How dare this omega treat him as lesser because he can’t pop a knot? How dare he! Yuuta just wants to keep Megumi safe, unharmed. “You’re not thinking straight,” he sighs and fists black hair into his hand, forcing the omega to look back at him.

“You need to be controlled. You’re too wild. Your relationship with Itadori Yuuji is going to hurt you. I’m going to help you, Megumi.” White teeth are bared at him and he sighs. The omega has always been a brat, but he knew that.

It surprises him when green eyes narrow and that snarl turns into a barking laugh. “You know what? Fuck it. Try it Yuuta, you just see what happens!” There is a hint of dark delight in green eyes, but he knows Megumi. It’s an empty threat.

“I’m sorry, Megumi. There is no Gojo Satoru to save you from yourself anymore,” he sighs and pulls the boy’s school trousers and underwear down. For all the omega’s bravado he is shaking like a leaf and he does feel bad for having to force their mating, but he needs to do this. Needs the beauty to come into his hands and remain where he can protect him. Itadori Yuuji is dangerous.

“Apologies, I don’t have any lube,” his grabs Megumi’s thighs and spreads them, forcing him to bend forward. Rika holds the omega’s arms out still, balancing the other teen so he doesn’t fall over.
Like this he can appreciate the smooth cream of the omega’s ass, his hole is exposed, but so dry. “Now, come on, omega. Get wet for me or this will hurt.” He strokes at the pink rim, feeling the muscle twitch. Megumi only shivers in his hold and stays dry even minutes after. “If you want to be difficult that’s fine too.” There is a scent hitting his nose though, it’s warm and sweet. Ripe even. Yuuta looks at the omega with surprise. Megumi is trying to hide his face and he croons sweetly. “Are you going into heat for me, omega?”

“N-not for you,” the words are panted out and he nods, pushing his hand up and under the boy’s jacket, rubbing at the skin their soothingly.

“You are, shh, that’s good. Your body knows who it needs,” with this new perspective he decides to wait out the last of the omega’s resistance. He dips down and licks at the boy’s hole and finally gets a pleasant reaction. The omega is moaning, knees shaking, and Yuuta can taste slick on his tongue. His hands grab at toned thighs and he feasts. For a moment, he realizes that Megumi has scars on his upper thighs, a matching set that his hands feel out. They're small circular scars and he wonders how the omega got them, but he’ll ask later. Megumi’s moans are too sweet to ignore after all.

Yuuta licks and tongue fucks that dripping hole open. He knew his Kohai would want him, would break under his love and attention, and he’s glad to have been proven right. Breathy whines pull out of that pretty mouth and Yuuta can’t wait any longer. He stands and pulls himself from his pants, pressing his cockhead to that needy little hole.

“Alpha?” Megumi whimpers, green eyes glassy, and heat scent surrounding them. That hole absolutely leaking.

“Omega,” he growls and slams in. It’s too tight and the scream that rips from the omega’s throat is not in pleasure. Yuuta will make up for the lack of prep later. Right now he can only feel the wet warmth surrounding his cock and how perfect Megumi feels. “You’re so tight.” His mate whines and whimpers as Yuuta fucks him, his hand reaching around and jacking the soft cock between the teen’s thighs. He finds the right angle too, knowing he’s hitting the boy’s prostate with each thrust at how those tight walls clench around him. Wanting to see more he pulls the rest of Megumi’s clothes off and then snarls.

The collar of his kohai’s jacket had hidden his neck and now his eyes narrow onto not one claiming mark but two. “You let that little waste of space have you?” He growls and covers the omega’s back with his body, slamming in harshly, punishing his mate for being so easy. “Nevermind it. I’ll make you mine,” Yuuta wastes no time in biting right over those old claim bites, deep and hard.

Betas can’t make claims, but he can scar Megumi and force the reminder of who he really belongs to. The omega cries and sobs as Yuuta claims him, the bite pushing the omega over the edge, and another loud scream echoing throughout the empty room. Yuuta jacks his hips in deep, feeling out that channel, and growling when his cock hits a tight little opening.

He pulls back, licking his lips clean of any blood. “That your womb, omega?” A pathetic whine makes him grin. “Feel me breed you.” He shoves in as far as he can and little whimpers make him pet sweaty black hair. The omega is lost to heat, but he can still feel pain and Yuuta just thinks he’ll have to make up for this too. The sight of Megumi crying and whimpering, neck bloodied with his claim pushes him over the edge. He cums inside his pretty mate deeply. He snarls in pleasure, collapsing over the omega, thankful that Rika changes her grip to hold them up. “See, Megumi, now you’re all mine.” He licks the fresh would of his mate’s throat and growls in satisfaction. “I’ll protect you now. You’re safe with me.”

Their mouths meet in a desperate kiss and Yuuta knows he’s won.

No one will part them. He’s a living God after all, and an unchallenged one now that Satoru isn’t around to keep him away. He’ll deal with Itadori later, for now he bites at a pale shoulder and marks his omega there too. There will be no confusion on who Megumi’s true alpha is anymore and with the teen’s heat there is no stopping Yuuta’s seed from taking.

“I love you,” he kisses a sweaty temple and smiles when his mate chirps and nuzzles him. Megumi needed firm handling and heavy-handed training. The world was scary and only Yuuta knew how true that was. “You and I will go somewhere far away tomorrow. We’ll be happy there, omega. You and me, forever.” They kiss and it’s good, he’s happy because life will be perfect now.

Megumi will be kept safe and his. Forever.

Chapter Text

Megumi usually doesn’t get horny. He’s pretty good at ignoring the more tantalizing things about the world so he’s a little surprised with how much he wants to just go to his room and jack himself off. His body is hot, belly warm, and he just, fuck, he just wants to cum. “Man, that curse was something.” Yuuji whines, hands throw behind his stupid, idiotic head as he blocks Megumi’s path to his room. “Hey, you look a little red. You okay, Fushiguro?” He’s going to punch that stupid, sweet concern right off the idiot’s face.

“Move,” he grunts, pushing past the other boy. He stalks angrily to his room. God dammit, he just wants five minutes. Well, maybe more than five minutes. He’s never been very quick to get to the finish line.

“Megumin!” Oh you have to be fucking kidding! Gojo is standing right in front of his door with his stupid sunglasses and his stupid face. If Megumi is panting in anger it’s his right. “What?” He growls. The man just laughs and puts large hands on his shoulders before ducking down low.

“Did you get hit by that curse?” The words are whispered, but there is genuine concern laced into the question. He nods, brow furrowing. “Thought so. We should get you to Ieiri before you combust.”

“Combust?” Yuuji shouts. Megumi wipes a hand over his brow. Why? Why has his life become like this? “We killed the curse though. Fushiguro should be fine.”

Gojo laughs, that irritating fake one he does when he wants to get on Megumi’s nerves the most. “Oh sweet, summer child. I don’t mean that kind of combustion. That’s a pretty exciting curse to be hit by, Megumin. Should we see what toys Ieiri has to play with?” When he punches his teacher, and guardian, in the face it’s deserved.

“Fuck you,” he mutters, opening and slamming his door. Fuck. Fuck! No, this is some residual curse thing? Ridiculous. Stupid! He wishes he hadn’t blocked the attack from hitting Yuuji now. Sukuna’s freaky powers probably would have made it bounce right back off his vessel. Megumi is an idiot to even think Yuuji needs his help, or would want it.

“Megumi, honey,” Satoru says gently, knocking lightly on the door.

“I will set myself on fire if you enter my room.” He is quick to throw his school jacket off, chucking it into a corner.

“Megumin,” the man whines, “you can’t do that. I’ll miss you.”

“Sure you will. Please leave me alone. I’ll handle it,” he mutters, face inflamed in a massive blush. Of course, Gojo had to say it in front of Yuuji too so now everyone is going to know that he’s in his room, masturbating away. Tears prick at his eyes as heat sears through his belly and he gasps, knees feeling weak. Thankfully, he is able to reach out and grab hold of his bed.

There is a loud sigh from the other side of the door. “If I come back in two hours and you’re in your bed, dying because of your pride, we go to Ieiri.”

“Fine, just go away!” He shouts, throwing a pillow at his door for extra measure. His pants are slipped off and his underwear too. His skin feels like it’s burning with every touch and he wants so much more than just the gentle pass of fingers that he can give himself. His shirt comes off next and Megumi sighs as he has to unclasp his binder.

It takes him a solid two minutes, because of his shaking fingers, but the relief and sensation is instant. His nipples are painfully hard and his breasts feels so sensitive. They’re not big, just pushing B cups, but their still handfuls that he grabs greedily. Megumi has to bite his lip as he rolls his thumbs over his nipples and his hips rise off the bed.

A soft knock at his door startles him and he flops back down onto his bed. “Fushiguro?”

Oh, come on!

“Yuuji, not right now! Please, go away!”

“I can help!” The shout back is a surprise and he blinks.

“W-what?” Megumi feels and sounds dumb. Did Yuuji just ask to help him?

“You protected me and now you’re like this and I want to help and you’re so pretty and I like you and please?” The words are a hurried rush of sounds that he barely understands, but he does hear the one part where Yuuji said he likes him.


Megumi.exe has crashed.

Megumi.exe has rebooted.

Yuuji doesn’t know that he’s transgender. It could disgust him. Maybe it’s better to just reject him now and save himself the pain? “Fushi-, no Megumi, please? I promise I’ll make you feel incredible.” He sighs shakily and stands, grabbing his blanket and wrapping it around himself. Maybe he shouldn’t do this, but Gojo always says he needs to try to trust other people. That people would surprise him. He wants Yuuji to surprise him, just like he always does. With a shaking hand he opens the door and the stupid idiot is beaming at him before pushing inside and wrapping strong arms around his waist. “Awesome,” green eyes roll even as Yuuji kisses him.

It’s gentle and warm and makes the fire inside his belly explode. He moans into the kiss and Yuuji stills, honey eyes looking at him in realization. The door is closed with a kick of a foot and the other teen picks him up and takes him over to the bed. “Is it really bad?”

“I feel like my nerves are all singed and my mind is hazy,” Megumi pants, head falling back, and eyes shutting as his nipples rub against the soft blanket. “Y-Yuuji, I have to tell you something first.”

“Yeah?” Warm hands are removing his socks and it shouldn’t make his whole body flush, but it does. The way those calloused hands touch his skin is so amazing that he whines just a little, wishing they were grabbing him in better, more hungry places.

“I’m a boy-” he starts, head falling back onto his pillow, and he gets cut off with a chuckle.

“I know that. I’m okay with it. I didn’t really think I could ever like a boy before, but it’s you that I like. I don’t think you being a boy would have stopped me falling in love with you.” Okay, if Megumi was not dying from being horny he would have taken the time to realize that Yuuji just said he’s in love with him and also that he’s gay for him?

Instead he reacts by throwing his blanket off. “Next time, shut up while I’m talking.” He glares and oh, Yuuji’s eyes are darkening as he stares.

“You have...this is a…wow,” speechlessness on Yuuji is always good, but for now it just makes him nervous.

“I’m a boy, but I wasn’t born that way,” he can’t look at the other boy, the only person he’s ever had feelings for. Megumi shouldn’t have done this and he makes to curl into himself, but large hands grab his ankles.

“I’m looking, give me a minute,” Yuuji’s staring at him, eyes seemingly memorizing every inch of his body, and he flushes all over again. His cunt clenches at the hunger he can now see in the other teen. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Yuuji,” he sighs, looking away in embarrassment. “You’re just saying that because you know I have tits now.” He grumbles and crosses his arms. Megumi isn’t beautiful or pretty or anything like that.

“Handsome, sorry,” his eyes slide to the teen that is squeezing his ankles now. “I mean, yeah I’m so excited you have boobs, but I thought you were beautiful when I saw you the first time and I think so now. But I don’t want you to feel like I think that because you were born in a body you don’t like.”

Megumi’s chin trembles a little. He doesn’t know how he ever earned someone like Itadori Yuuji in his life, but he’s near tears. He never thought anyone would accept him, understand him. “I-I don’t mind if you say it, if it’s you then I know it’s okay,” he whispers and surges up, wrapping his arms around this amazing boy. “I like you too, a lot.”

“Well, good. I was getting worried,” Yuuji laughs, pressing warm kisses to his neck. “Now can I take care of you?” He nods a little hesitantly, He's only a little scared as he’s arranged on the bed. His legs are hanging off the side and his pussy is exposed like this. “You’re so smooth,” a calloused hand runs over his folds. Megumi doesn’t mean to, but he moans, eyes shutting.

“Wait! Wait, before I do this!” He groans and glares at Yuuji who is suddenly between his legs, mouth but inches away from his pussy. Megumi’s eyes widen. “You’ll be my boyfriend, right? I can take you on a date after?”

Megumi must look shocked because his best friend looks nervous. “I-I mean we don’t have to if-” he hits Yuuji over the head, lightly.

“You thought I was going to let you fuck me and not date me after?! I’m not some slut, Itadori Yuuji,” he narrows his eyes dangerously, but his anger is quickly washed away by the excitement bubbling out of the boy between his legs.

Warm hands grab his thighs, putting them over wide shoulders, and first his right and then left inner thigh is kissed. “I’m so happy. I kinda wish you’d been hit with this curse months ago,” he rolls his eyes in annoyance and huffs. Yuuji’s hot breath is not helping how annoyingly horny he is right now. His frustration must be evident because a hot tongue slides against his slit. Megumi shouts, hand coming up to stifle his noise. Warm hands squeeze the top of his thighs, his toes curl against Yuuji’s broad back as he’s licked into slowly. Oh, oh he never knew! This is amazing!

Moan after breathy moan pulls from his throat, his hand fisting into the blanket below him, and his teeth digging into the one covering his mouth. He doesn’t think he’ll ever want Yuuji anywhere else than between his legs after this. It feels too good.

Strong hands knead his thighs as they stretch him out further. “W-what can I call you?”

“What?” He asks shakily, craning his head up to look into honey eyes.

“Pet names. Can I say baby? Will you be okay with that?” Oh, come on!

“Yuuji, you can call me whatever you want. Just put your mouth back on me right now,” he moves his hand from the sheets into pink hair, pulling the boy back against his pussy. “I’d like to cum today.” He feigns annoyance, but Yuuji’s happy grin makes his insides feel like mush. He’s too cute and Megumi has to look away, ears and cheeks burning.

“Okay, baby, whatever you want!” Another lick over his slit has him shivering, his grip loosening in pink hair and falling to the edge of the bed. A thick tongue teases his clit, circling it, flicking it. He arches as sparks of pleasure shoot down his spine and his insides clench hard. Hips pushing up and pussy grinding down onto Yuuji’s face as he cums. His walls spasm and it’s so good that his hips buck twice, a hard gasp pulling out of his lungs. It's everything he's ever wanted in an orgasm. Megumi whines as he comes down from his orgasm, mind fuzzy, and lust abated for the moment.

He’s so wet now that when a finger presses to his opening he’s not worried about the lack of lube, he feels like a geyser of need just pushed out of him as is. The thick digit slides inside him and he winces. “First time?” Yuuji asks, pulling back to look at him with those pretty honey eyes and slick covered face. Megumi loves how lust blown Yuuji's eyes are, taking on a slightly golden hue with how the sunlight is hitting the teen from the window behind them.

Fuck, he should pull the blinds down. Actually, it’s fine. Who would care to even look in here?

“Yeah,” he responds, biting his lip. The hand on his thigh rubs it soothingly. Oh, is he shaking? He is. Damn.

“I’ll take care of you. Do you have anything?” He nods and lays flat on his back, stretching his arm out to his bed stand. It’s not easy to do upside down like this and the teen between his legs huffs, standing and sliding his body over Megumi’s. A warm hand slides up his extended arm and their hands join for a brief moment.

Yuuji presses on and grabs the lube. The other teen inspects the bottle before brown brows furrow. “Baby, this is for external use?”

“Oh, it’s um…” his face turns scarlet with fresh embarrassment. “It’s for my vibrator, I just use it on my...on the outside. I’ve never-” he takes a stuttering breath in, “I was too scared to do anything else.”

Sweet, warm kisses are pressed all over his face. Maybe he should be mad that he’d just been eaten out like an all-you-can-eat buffet with that mouth, but they make him feel better. “Thank you for trusting me, but I don’t want you to get an infection. I have lube in my room, let me run and get it?” He nods nervously, wondering if Yuuji will come back. Worrying this is just an excuse to get out before it becomes too serious. His belly aches with his waning orgasm and the fire is licking at his nerves greedily again. “Actually, better idea,” he’s surprised as he’s wrapped up in his blanket and lifted up into strong arms. “Less down time.”

Megumi laughs and wipes at his eyes, having gone all teary with his traitorous thoughts. No, Yuuji was too good to dine and dash. He hides his face against a warm shoulder, the hands on his squeezing gently as he’s carried. “Thank you,” he whispers quietly. A kiss is pressed to his hair. This is the most honest affection he’s ever received. From the person he wants. On a day where he really thought life was fucking him over. Weird. He really hopes this isn’t some dream he’ll wake up from. He doesn’t think he could handle not having Yuuji after this.

“Oh, wow. You being moody certain days of the month suddenly makes sense,” and like that Megumi’s nice train of thought is interrupted by pure annoyance. “I can’t wait to eat you out while you’re on your period! It’s supposed to help with cramps.”

He wrinkles his nose in disgust and looks at Yuuji like the other teen is dumb. “That’s gross. That’s honestly like a Sukuna-level yuck statement.”

“Hey, it’s natural for your body! As your boyfriend, I have to take care of all of you all of the time.” Yuuji smiles, making him roll his eyes, and huff. Finally, they get to Yuuji’s room where he’s deposited on the bed gently. The tanned teen turns, rifling through a desk draw then making a cute ‘a-ha’ as he holds up a bottle of lube. “It’s strawberry flavored too! I bought it by accident when we went to the corner store because I didn’t want you catching me buying lube and condoms.”


Adorable, sweet idiot.

“Can you take your clothes off?” He asks quietly, raising a brow as he pulls the blanket off himself. His pussy tingles and he angles himself so he can cup one of his breasts, squeezing the flesh gently, rolling his nipple between his fingers. He bites his lip and leans his head back, panting hotly. Yuuji’s on him in a moment, mouth latched onto his other breast, and large hands encircling his waist. The other teen is only topless, but it’s enough for now. That talented tongue flicks at his nipple making him clench his thighs around the body between them. He knows the older boy loves breasts and that is affirmed when his own hand is pushed away so a larger one can grope at his tit.

The squeezing is gentle, a calloused thumb rubbing at his erect nipple, making heat build in his belly again. The mouth on him suckles gently, but pleasurably. For one brief moment he’s finally glad to have this body. If it pleases the man he loves then he’s okay with it. When Yuuji pulls back it’s with a dopey grin. “I love your tits.”

He hits the other boy and rolls his eyes. Nevermind, he’s getting the surgery Satoru offered to pay for just to piss Yuuji off. His breast is squeezed making him gasp, brow furrowing. Actually it feels too good. “Will you leave them out for me now? You were binding them right?”

He nods, looking the other teen over. “Just when it’s us. You’ll always be Megumi to me, but binding is dangerous if you do it for too long.”

His brow furrows and Megumi narrows his eyes. “Satoru told you.” He accuses, but Yuuji just shakes his head and laughs.

“I had a friend at school, he was transitioning. I wanted to understand what it meant and help people understand he couldn’t help it.” Megumi’s brow twitches in annoyance at how perfect Yuuji is. He’s a goddamn angel. With a sigh he pushes up to press their mouths together. An arm goes behind his back, supporting him as they kiss. It’s sweet, but deeper than before. Explorative. It makes him happy to know Yuuji understands him, makes him want to cry actually. It’s never been easy to be a boy trapped in a body that didn’t feel like his, but in this moment he actually feels right.

It feels like he was just waiting for someone to honestly accept him, completely. With tears in his eyes, he laughs, breaking their kiss to duck down into Yuuji’s neck. He feels kisses being pressed to his hair as they hold onto one another. His heart swells in his chest for this boy, and he’s never going to love anyone else. He thinks his soul decided on Yuuji the moment he saw him. His nonsense ends when his pussy throbs in need, reminding him what they’d come here for. Pulling back, he lays on the bed, opening his legs in invitation once more. Yuuji strips quickly and gets between his legs again. “I’m going to open you up now, baby. If I need to slow down you tell me?” Megumi can only nod and open his thighs up further.

The lube is grabbed up off the bed. Yuuji squirts it onto his fingers, coating them all before tossing the bottle back aside. The first finger makes him shiver. The lube is cool against his searing, dripping heat, but it feels good as it slides into him. Still tight, still thick, but good. He adjusts slowly as it pushes in and then pulls out of him, over and over. He whines a little when the second presses to his hole, reflexively clenching down tightly. His thigh is stroked back and forth, a low ‘shh’ reaching his ears. Megumi can’t bear to watch, instead staring at the ceiling and trying to breathe steadily. “Shh, baby, relax for me,” he does slowly and the second finger slowly works into him.

It’s a big stretch and he saw the other boy’s cock. How is something that size meant to fit inside him? He winces as Yuuji stretches his fingers apart. “W-wait,” he grabs at a wide shoulder, tears in his eyes.

“Do you need me to stop?” Megumi shakes his head. It doesn’t hurt, but he’s just scared. It’s even started to feel a little good actually. “You’re doing good, baby. Do you want me inside you?” He nods, a blush covering his cheeks. “Then let me keep going. I promise I won’t hurt you.” Megumi searches those lovely honey eyes and nods, relaxing back onto the bed and feeling those fingers stretch him out carefully. He’s moaning when the third finger pushes inside, want burning through him as his g-spot is located and those thick fingers assault it with a fervor.

“Y-Yuuji,” he groans, gasping as the fingers pull out of him. His cunt left aching and wanting. His hands are playing with his breasts, squeezing them gently. While his boyfriend lubes himself up, one of his hands travels down his body and starts rubbing at his clit furiously. A long yowl of pleasure pulls from his throat.

“Hey,” his wrist is snatched up in a gentle, yet firm grip. His green eyes meet those of a hungry predator, “off my cock. I want you to cum off of my cock.” It’s so dirty, filthy even, that he shivers.

“O-okay,” his wrist is released after a kiss is pressed to his palm. Yuuji lines up, cockhead pushing against his wanting slit. “Love you,” he mutters, eyes half lidded. A kiss is pressed to his lips as he’s slowly filled to the brim. It’s for the best because he’s nearly screaming with the feeling of it.

Yuuji feels so big inside him, stretching him wide. Filling him like he never knew he needed. He’s not sure if it’s the whole curse mumbo jumbo, but just having that thick cock in him is making his whole being sing in pleasure. “Fuck!” He cries, throwing his head back. Yuuji laughs joyfully, pressing kisses to his arching neck.

“Good?” The boy is teasing him so he glares up and rolls his hips, making the other teen groan.

“Oh, fuck” Megumi grins as Yuuji rests his forehead down on his pale shoulder. “Okay, okay. It’s good for both of us. Sorry.” They look at one another, smiling before laughing and kissing again. It’s so strange what they’re doing, but he’s happy. He’s so fucking happy, but also very, very horny.

“Please get on with it?” Yuuji nods and stands, grabbing his hips while Megumi grabs muscular forearms. The first few thrusts are shy, slow tryouts of what Megumi can take. He’s very thankful for the lube they’re using. Once they establish that he will not break from a little more vigor the boy above him starts driving into him with hard thrusts. Each one makes him gasp or moan, a hand comes down to his clit and rubs at it while Yuuji's ducks down to suck on his breast again. Teeth bite at his sensitive skin, making him arch into the next thrust with a cry. His hands claw at that broad, tan back, legs wrapped around strong hips. It feels so good that he feels like he’s going stupid from pleasure.

“Y-Yuuji,” he calls as he feels himself getting closer and closer to that perilous edge. A wet pop comes as the teen released his hold on Megumi’s breast, it makes him blush at how much he likes the feeling of that mouth on him. Their mouths come crashing together, eyes meeting in a heated glance before shutting. They simply enjoy the pleasure together.

His clit is rubbed gently while his pussy is being drilled. It’s all so good. His thighs clench and Yuuji grunts, pushing in deep. Megumi gasps, mouth hanging open as he feels cum shooting inside him. It’’s good? It feels wonderful actually, this strange wet sensation within him that makes him want Yuuji to stay inside and do it again.

“Y-you didn’t cum,” Yuuji growls, the teen’s chest is heaving with heavy panting while sweat glistens all over tight muscles. It startles him when he’s pulled into another kiss and his clit is flicked, eyes shooting open as sparks fly. Yuuji does it twice more and his whole body writhes as he cums with Yuuji’s cock stuffed inside him. His eyes roll up, body seizing in pleasure. It’s so good. It’s too good. He’ll never be able to live without this.

Yuuji presses gentle kisses to his cheek and neck as he comes down from his orgasm. They are pressed together, that big body keeping him warm as it lays over his. A gentle hand is petting his hair as he traces his fingers languidly along scratch marks. “Love you, Megumi,” his throat is nuzzled sweetly, pink hair tickling his chin, and he smiles.

Maybe not all curse’s were so bad. He has the boy of his dreams in his arms because of one after all. “Yuuji?”

“Hmm?” The sound is lazy, a little tired even.

“Can we do that again?” Megumi rolls his hips the little bit he can. Yuuji’s cock twitches inside him, heavy and thick, keeping his cum inside. Thankfully, he’s on birth control or he’d be pissed about getting basically a cum shot directly to his womb. What’s that called again? Satoru told him about it once when he was giving the ‘birds and the bees talk’.

Wait, Yuuji didn’t know he was on birth control. “Hey, did you just fucking creampie me?”

Yuuji smiles sheepishly, rubbing at the back of his head. “Whoops?”

“Whoops? Whoops!” He growls, flipping them over, glaring down at the other boy. “You’re insufferable.”

“Ah, but you like me.” Yuuji gives him a winning smile which just makes him sigh.

“Like you?” He growls, and Yuuji’s smile falls just a little. “I don’t like you,” he sniffs, only pausing for a moment. “I love you, there is a difference.” It’s a rare thing to surprise Yuuji, but he manages it at that moment. He’s brought down into a warm embrace and held close.

“I love you too, like really love you” he smiles at the soft words, looking up into honey eyes. This is good, this he hopes he can have forever. Unfortunately, he’s also still horny and not one for not getting what he wants.

“Cute, now get to work!” He glares, rocking his hips. Yuuji plays along, rolling back up to meet his every move. Megumi’s lucky. He’s lucky as Yuuji laughs, kissing him, and holding him close. He’s lucky to be accepted by someone who inspires him to be a good person, to be more. He’s lucky and in love and is loved in return.

It’s the happiest moment of his life so far. As of today, he is Itadori Yuuji’s boyfriend. It couldn’t be any better than this.

Chapter Text

Megumi is content. Happy even. This is where he is meant to be in life.

His head rests against a broad chest, legs around a cut waist, hands resting within the warm, wet cavern of a mouth, and hole filled. It feels so big inside him, so good, and he loves having it filling him. Loves being connected like this with his love. He shifts as his fingers are licked playfully, Sukuna's belly mouth likes to taste him when they sit together like this, likes to play with his hands, and make Megumi squirm. Sometimes it’ll eat him out, but today they just sit together. A massive hand is pawing at his ass, squeezing it possessively, while another cradles the back of his neck gently.

His love’s other two arms alternate between stroking at his skin and resting on the arms of the throne they sit upon.

With a sigh, he opens his eyes just a crack, feeling a squeeze to his ass. “A moment-” he hears, directed at someone else. He looks up, seeing warm, red eyes looking down at him. “Are you alright, sweetheart?” Megumi just nods, smiling a little.

“Happy,” the hand on his neck squeezes.

“Hmm, I’m almost done here. We can go to our room soon,” he nods and closes his eyes again. Sukuna likes it best when he uses ‘Throne Time’ to sleep. It gives them more time for activities in the bedroom if he isn’t exhausted from the hours of stupidity his lover dealt with when he held court or meetings. At first, it had been hard. He’d only just started to accept his feelings for Sukuna, had only just said goodbye to the boy he’d loved, and it was so much to be forced to hold such a large cock inside him already. Now he had to do it in front of others? It had been mortifying, but he’d been shown how it made him happy to be filled. It made him happy for others to know he was loved by the King of Curses.

He still misses Yuuji sometimes, a very quiet part of his heart mourning their love, but the other teen is free. Megumi succeeded in saving him, righting his wrongs.

“What’s with all the thinking, hmm?” He blushes and hears a low chuckles before a kiss is pressed to his forehead. “Relax, you’re mine. You feel complete when you’re full of me.” Megumi’s mind hazes as familiar words take hold of him, his body becoming even more relaxed.

“There you go. Good boy, Megumi.” His eyes stay closed, all he’s allowed to hear anymore is Sukuna’s words, but that’s okay. He doesn’t need anything but his love. They’re meant to be together, forever. For some reason tears push at his eyes, his throat tightening, and he has to swallow back the mixed feelings within him. Megumi knows he was once more than a sleeve for cock, but now this is what he wants. What Sukuna tells him he deserves. He can’t remember wanting anything else than to be Sukuna’s. He knows there was more to him once, but it’s gone now. “Shh, shh,” the hand on his neck squeezes again and he sighs. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” he mumbles in reply and there is a hearty chuckle before silence fills his mind again. It’s better to just relax, focus on how full he is, the tongue stroking his fingers and palms. It would break him if he truly thought about what he’s become, or what he’s allowed himself to become at least.

A toy, a whore, a cheap imitation of Fushiguro Megumi.

No, better to just feel how complete he is. He’s content enough, happy enough. Yuuji’s safe so it’s okay, he’s okay in the possessive hands of the King of Curses. He has to be.

“Mhmm, love, will you switch to your mouth?”

It’s not even a thought anymore for him to slide up and off, a kiss placed to his lips, before he slides down to his knees. He kneels between powerful legs and like this only the head of Sukuna’s cock can fit in his mouth, but it’s enough. A hand pets his hair, tears leaking gently from the stretch.

“See, he’s happy here.” Megumi's eyes look up, brow furrowing. “Megumi knows this is where he belongs. Isn’t that right, baby?” He nods, laying his head onto a strong thigh. Unaware, and truly uncaring, of who is at his back. They can’t help him, no one can anymore. Why give himself any sort of dream when he's content here?

“M-Megumi?” His name spoken by a familiar voice catches his attention. His green eyes look to dazzling, enchanting red in question.

“You showed your devotion well. Greet your visitor,” Sukuna pulls him off sweetly and helps him stand. “You love me, remember that. And remember our deal.”

He nods before turning and seeing Yuuji. His Yuuji. Shame fills him at what his former lover just witnessed, but this is who he is now. He doesn’t know what to say so he just stares, trying to not look scared or sad. Trying to meet honey eyes that look at him in horror. “Megumi, baby, I-I came to take you home.”

Clawed hands grab him possessively. “He is home. Aren’t you love? Forever?”

“Are you happy?” He asks the boy before him. “Are you living?”

“Curses don’t attack anymore, well tough ones. The sorcerer community is healing, I’m free to live a normal life without Sukuna inside me, but I’m not happy.” Megumi’s eyes shut and he frowns, brow gathering. “How can I be happy if you’re trapped here with him?”

Megumi’s lips twitch and he raises his own hand to cover Sukuna’s hand on his belly. “I’m loved, cared for, treated well.”

“Bullshit! You’ve been fucking brainwashed-” Megumi shakes his head and looks back at Sukuna, a question in his eyes that his lover gives him an answering nod to.

“I made a different deal with him after...after everything,” after Megumi was able to successfully separate curse and vessel. After sobbing, as Sukuna grabbed at him with clawed hands, dragging him away from an injured Yuuji. Megumi screaming ‘I love you, I love you’ over and over until they were transported to Sukuna’s shrine.

“If I stay, if I...if I listen and take care of him, love him, then your life is safe, the world is safe until you die of old age. When your natural death comes then the reign of curses will start.” His voice trembles and tears flood his eyes. It had been his life or everyone he ever loved. When the deal had been presented to him it was an easy choice.

Yuuji’s face has gone slack with shock before the other teen erupts in anger, arms thrown out and a nasty scowl covering that usually kind face. “Megumi, the world is not your responsibility! I’m not!”

“You are!” He shouts back, shutting his eyes as a hand squeezes him tightly in warning. “I would give anything for you to smile and live a normal life. I will give everything for that.”

“And I can’t do the same?” Megumi can't stand to look at Yuuji, to feel hope and real love again. To feel something real.

A dark chuckle fills the room as the hands on him drag him back into the King of Curses’ lap, large hands stroking at his skin possessively. “If you take him he dies.”

“What?” Megumi chances a look and sees Yuuji’s eyes widen. He has to turn away too ashamed to face the boy he loved.

“If Megumi and I do not touch once a day then he dies. It was my security deposit. You can’t save him because that will kill him, he can’t leave me for you because he’ll die, and then you’ll die because I would kill you. It’s all very poetic,” there is a harsh laugh that makes him shiver.

“No, Megumi,” honey eyes plead with him, “you didn’t? Please, baby, I can’t be happy without you.”

“He did, and what a terrible thing to say. He’s doing all of this for you, so you can go off and be happy,” the curse huffs, a hand grabs his chin and tilts it so they’re looking at one another. “My precious angel, huh?”

Yuuji stalks closer, but the hands holding him tightens until he winces. “Ah-ah, it’s time for you to be off now, little vessel. My love and I need to retire to our rooms for the day. Say goodbye, love.”

His green eyes meet teary, red-rimmed honey brown eyes. “Goodbye, Yuuji. I wish for you to have a hundred lifetimes of happiness.” He smiles softly and feels just one tear fall from his own eye. Two lesser curses stalk over and force Yuuji away, their eyes locked all the way until the door closes.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

“Shh, come now. We both know you can’t live without me anymore,” he nods tiredly, looking back at the curse. “You love me and I love you. I’m sorry that you have to feel this pain right now, but it’ll pass.”
All Megumi can do is nod, sadly. “Now my cock is cold,” his ass is lifted up and that fat cock slides into his hole again, stretching him perfectly. Megumi’s head falls back and he smiles just a little, mind going hazy once more and that familiar contented feeling coming back.

“You’ll keep me?” He asks, heart aching for his lost love, but knowing he's loved here.

“Forever.” The cock within him fills him up so well and he just relaxes, feeling how it stretches him perfectly. This may not be some happy fairytale ending, but all the same Megumi has ensured a future for those he loves and is loved in return for it. Yuuji once told him that ‘It’ll be okay’, and he was right. Megumi is okay. Sukuna kisses him, red eyes shining brightly with affection.

He's okay. He has to be. There is no other choice anymore.

Chapter Text

It starts with the first time their eyes meet.

Gojo is sitting on top of Sukuna’s back and terrifying, piercing red stare into his emerald greens. His inner alpha growls, snapping, but he already knows he’s no match for the King of Curses. It doesn’t turn into anything from there, but he knows that is the moment where his fall began. That’s when Sukuna became aware of him. The fight they have is when Sukuna becomes interested. He beats the hell out of Megumi, the bruises last for weeks after, and he can barely fight back. It’s his death, or he thought it was, until Yuuji comes back and dies in front of him. It’s the worst moment of his life, and it’s not made any better by his alpha whimpering in defeat.

After that fight with Sukuna something feels wrong with him. His strength wanes, focus not as sharp as before, but he just chalks it up to trauma. All these weird symptoms disappear after the first month anyways. Then Yuuji is back and it’s good. It’s great. He’s really grateful for this second chance. It surprises him that Sukuna has developed a fascination with him, it doesn't make any sense to him. “He likes you,” Yuuji says sheepishly, looking at him with caution. “If I lose control please get away from him as fast as you can. I don’t want him hurting you.”

The warning goes unheeded. Not because he doesn’t want to run the moment Sukuna appears, but because he gets no chance to. It’s an instant switch that he doesn't see, only witnessing Yuuji getting knocked out, and Megumi tries his best to take care of the situation while defending his unconscious teammates. He assesses the situation and runs, pulling the curse further into the forest behind him. His energy is almost gone, but if he can just call up his domain he might be able to kill it.

A clawed hand grabs the back of his neck, squeezing firmly, keeping him still. “You won’t need to do that, sweetling,” he turns his head slowly and red eyes are looking at him with extreme focus. Cold sweat slides down his neck, his eyes widen, his hands coming together tightly. “Oh, now don’t do that. Be good,” he snarls, trying and failing to pull away. Sukuna is not one to be deterred. He released Megumi just to slam him to the ground, a foot stepping on his head to keep him there. He growls again when his wrists are snatched in one hand while his arms are pulled back painfully. “Now, stay right like that.”

The curse before them seems to recognize it is out classed, but like Megumi it doesn’t stand a chance. Sukuna simply flicks his hand and the special grade turns into five neat slices of itself while the curse above him tsks in annoyance. The foot on his head shifts, allowing him to peer up at the King of Curses. A mocking smile is directed at him. “Come on, little alpha, shouldn’t you be trying harder to free yourself?”

Megumi bares his teeth, canines dropping in display. He heaves a deep breath in, knowing what he has to do, but also knowing it’ll be extremely painful to dislocate his wrists. “Stop, stop,” Sukuna sings, head shaking. His wrists are dropped, but the curse drops along with them, covering Megumi’s back.

“You always do everything the hard way. I can’t have that. I have a theory that involves you and I. I’d like to test it out. Won’t you help me?” His brow furrows, eyes narrowing.

Megumi would never willingly help Sukuna. He also is in no position to not cooperate, well almost no position. “Get off me, and I’ll see if I feel like being nice today.”

A snarl makes his whole body freeze, going still below Sukuna. “Perfect, now stay just like that,” it's an Alpha command, laced with power, his body shouldn’t respond to another alpha's command but it does. His alpha wants to fight, claw at the curse, and kick him away but he can’t. With a grit of his teeth he growls weakly. “Shh, little alpha, we’ll test my theory and you’ll quite enjoy the results. Though they won’t be immediate, this is a slow process I’ve heard. I can’t wait to see your changes.” Changes?

The back of his jacket is torn off, his neck exposed to the cool air. “Sukuna?” He has a terrible feeling of what is about to happen to him.

“Hmm,” there is an absent hum in reply and then an 'oh' sound. “I’m sorry, you must be scared. Shh,” a hand pets his neck, stroking the skin in what he thinks the curse means to be soothing motions. The rest of his uniform is torn away next until he is naked and praying Nobara does not wake up and come looking for him. Slowly, he tries to bring his hands together without being noticed. Sukuna has four eyes to watch him with so it’s no surprise when his wrists are grabbed and tied together in such a way that he looks like he’s holding his own hands, fingers forced to interlock. “There you go. This is a cute pose for you, little alpha.” He grits his teeth and presses his forehead to the ground.

He knows what the curse is going to do, but it’s terrifying to think of it. Alphas aren’t meant for sex like omegas and betas. They can be bottoms, definitely, but usually for the other genders, not their own. They’re too violent and their holes aren’t made for knots. Megumi knows Sukuna doesn’t care what his body is made for. He assumes these changes will be him becoming loose enough to take the curse, but he’ll kill himself before he becomes the curse’s bitch.

His knees are shoved up and a large hand presses onto his back. It’s humiliating. “This is how you present for your alpha from now on, Megumi.” He shivers as a hand trails down his spine to grab at his ass. “Shall we start your training?”

“Please don’t do this, please?” He pleads gently, the hand on him softens slightly. It is a surprise when strong hands grab him and turn him onto his back, squeezing his thin waist gently.

“I’m sorry, little one, I scared you,” Sukuna bends and presses a line of kisses from his clavicle down to his belly. “Relax, Alpha will take care of you.”

“I don’t need an alpha, I am one.” Sukuna rolls his eyes and smiles at him mockingly.

“Are you sure about that?” The curse moves up to his ear, licking the shell of it. “I think you’ll change your mind soon enough.” Fear makes him try to kick the curse away now that he can, but it’s useless and he stills almost immediately when a hand presses to his rim, a tongue licking at it.

“Please, please no,” he begs, trying and failing to scoot away. Sukuna just laughs and that tongue isn’t waiting long before pressing to his tight hole. He tries to raise his legs to kick the curse off, but it’s taken as an opportunity to throw them over broad shoulders.

It hurts. It hurts so bad as that tongue slides into him. Stretching him somewhere no alpha wanted to be stretched, well most alphas. He growls pathetically even as he squirms on that tongue. It’s so long and thick inside him. He can feel it slicking up his insides. “It’s such a shame you were born this way.” Sukuna sighs and the tongue inside him slicks, making his hips buckle. “Feel right here?” The tip of the tongue is touching something inside him, something that makes his belly ache. “This is where your womb should be.”

Megumi glares, “Well I’m sorry, but I’m no omega.” No, he might be on the prettier side for alphas but he still was one.

“Yes, but when you picture a mate what do you see, little alpha?” His brow furrows at the question, the tongue inside him stilling. “Tell me, what is it you want?”

“S-someone with an unshakeable character, the rest doesn’t matter to me,” there is that annoying laugh and the tongue inside him seems to thicken, stretching him further until he’s gasping in pain.

“Do you not think that after holding onto one goal for over a thousand years I am not the perfect candidate for your vision, little one?” He shakes his head, panting and hoping Sukuna just gets this over with. “Oh, why not? Because the real vision you have is a tanned brat with a soft smile?”

He shuts his eyes and tries not to think of Yuuji watching this, watching him being weak. “That pathetic little omega isn’t worthy of you. I am though.” The tongue inside him pulls out all at once. “You’ll see. For now this has to hurt, you have to submit to me, but soon I’ll fill you with pleasure you couldn’t even dream of.”

Megumi rears up and headbutts the curse. It does nothing but make Sukuna smirk while his own head spin. “My, my, my Megumi. What a rude little mate and I was going to go sweet on you, only make it hurt on my knot, tsk tsk,” his eyes widened in fear as the curse’s cock touches his own limp one. It dwarfs his.

“That...that won’t fit.”

“Oh, you’ll see that we were made for each other.” Tears fill his eyes and his alpha howls in rage. His thighs are positioned so he could choke Sukuna, but that could end up just hurting Yuuji. He can’t do this though, his hole is clenching tight, fear filling him. “You smell nice when you’re terrified of me.”

His body is flipped once more, ass raised high as his knees dig into the ground painfully. Once more he tries to crawl away, but large hands wrap around his waist. “Take a deep breath in,” he looks back to Sukuna who smiles at him, almost kindly. “Come on, do as Alpha says.”

Megumu sobs gently and tries to do as told, “Good boy, shh, just endure it. I have to break you first is all only then can you blossom.” He shakes his head but it’s no help. Sukuna’s cockhead presses to his hole and shoves inside. The scream that pushes out of him is muffled by a hand covering his mouth.

“Shh, don’t want to wake up our lady friend, do we?” He shakes his head, tears and snot leaking down his face. Sukuna wipes it away with the shreds of his clothing. “You’ll learn to love this in time, just relax.” It’s easier said than done when a cock the size of your own forearm is being pushed into you. It’s agony the way it seems to stretch him out, make him open. He sobs through the pain, clawed fingers petting through his hair until he feels a heavy ball sack hit against his own. He hiccups and wishes he could claw Sukuna’s eyes out.

It’ll be a life goal of his once he knows he won’t hurt Yuuji.

For now his life goals are:
Perfect Ten Shadows and his Chimera Shadow Garden
Find and then beat up his dad
Take Yuuji on a date
Get Gojo to admit where he’s hidden the embarrassing pictures of Megumi so they can be destroyed
Claw out Sukuna’s eyes before beheading him

The order doesn’t matter, but Sukuna is definitely the most pressing of his goals at the moment. A snarl and what smells like Alpha Rut makes his blood freeze. It’s heavy on the air and his brain sparks to action with it, teeth baring instantly. Sukuna couldn’t have gone into a rut, he’s a fucking curse! When he manages to look back there is a sense that he’s being fucked with. Sukuna’s eyes shine brightly and there is a menacing grin on that stupid face. “Do you like feeling me inside so much you're going into rut, honey?” What?

He blinks and assesses himself. He’s angry, raging inside actually, but his cock is limp. “Ah, I’m teasing. This is just my scent confusing your little alpha. You’ll learn how terrible my real rut is when you’re ready.” He’s not given time to think as the cock inside him pulls back before shoving back in painfully. He whines, pressing his face to the cool dirt. Sukuna builds up a brutal pace, it hurts so much. It’s a constant rock back and forth, back and forth. It scrapes his insides raw and there is nothing he can think of that could ever make him want this.

He snarls as his wrists are snatched up, untied, and kissed gently. Sharp teeth tease at his sensitive flesh before pushing in painfully. Megumi whines as his scent glands are bitten into on each wrist, alpha fangs digging in painfully deep. If this was an omega they would be claiming marks, but alphas can’t claim each other or he’s never heard of such a thing, but strangely the bites make his mind hazy, the pain lessening. “There you are, little one,” Sukuna growls as his wrists are dropped.

The scent of Alpha Rut is growing, the thrusts deeper, harder, more painful. “Please stop,” he mumbles, tears leaking from his eyes, but the Alpha behind him just rumbles in reply. Fear makes him shout as something wide starts catching on his rim with each thrust.

No, no.

“Don’t! I’ll do anything!” He shouts, trying to claw into the ground and pull himself away. The knot catches again and again until it pushes into him. He shrieks in agony and despair as the back of his neck is bitten into when the knot locks. It grows and grows inside him, too big for him not to tear.

He whimpers, along with his inner alpha. The teeth in his neck are making him go limp, Alpha venom being injected into his bloodstream. The scent of rut heightens and the feeling of cum shooting into his belly finally kicks in. It’s disgusting, but he’s the pathetic one who let it happen. He whimpers as sharp fangs pull away. “Now little mate, let’s see how you grow.” A warm hand stroking his belly is all he feels before his eyes close.

The weeks following Megumi waking up in his bedroom, body feelings torn to shreds, and bloody bite marks marring his skin are awful. He ends up begging Gojo to let him go on a trip abroad to get away from Sukuna, though he says it is to visit Yuuta, and leaves within a few days. He lays low for the first two weeks he is there, but Gojo calls and demands he goes to see Yuuta. He does only twice over the span of two more weeks.

“Are you getting slimmer?” Megumi growls in annoyance as the boy tries to measure his waist with his hand. It’s ridiculous.

“No,” he huffs and stalks into the restaurant they’d decided to eat at. The next time he sees Yuuta is a week later and it’s much the same.

“You are getting tiny and you smell nice, sweet.” The alpha sniffs at him gently. Those deep, dark eyes widen in surprise. “Megumi, have you been around an omega in heat?”

He shakes his head, nervously tugging his sleeves down with his fingers, holding them over the scarring bite wounds. They’re not fading, not even looking less bright against his pale skin. It’s a terrible reminder of what’s been done to him, what Sukuna did. It makes his stomach clench at just the thought of that thick, heavy knot filling him, pressing inside and no. No, he did not enjoy being raped. Disgust clings to his mind and just the thought of it. At the way he was filled so well, made to listen, made to take.

His thighs clench and he looks away, biting his lip. “Megumi, did something happen that made you come here?”

When he looks at Yuuta he’s overwhelmed by the scent of alpha. He covers his nose and his own eyes widen. It’s not good, it smells wrong, making him dizzy with how strong it is. It’s not his mate’s scent. It’s terrible, singed with anger and ash and what smells like iron. “I-I need to go, Yuuta. I’m sorry,” he leaves, face covered by his sleeve, and the bite on his neck aching. It hurts, his body hurts, and has been for the weeks he’s been here. Yuuta isn’t wrong, he is losing muscle rapidly, body becoming lean and thin. Except his hips. His hips and thighs have thickened out.

Sukuna has done something to him and he’s terrified. Scared of what this all means.

He crawls under his blankets when he gets to the small apartment Gojo keeps in Africa. His skin tingles, body warm, and his mind lingering on the way his bite marks all seem to ache. Tears of frustration fall past his eyes and slowly soak his pillow. Why did this have to happen to him?

Megumi cries himself to sleep that night and awakens the next morning to a warm hand petting his forehead. His green eyes meet electric blue. “Why didn’t you tell me?” The words are soft and those eyes aren’t looking at his face, but his neck. “Who did this?”

He shakes his head and claps his hand over his neck, tears filling his eyes. “Megumi, these are claiming marks. What omega did this?” He almost wants to laugh. No omega would have done what Sukuna had done. “You ran away. Was it Yuuji?”

Megumi shakes his hand and shivers as his wrist is grabbed carefully, the bite stroked over gently with a warm thumb. “You didn’t consent, did you?” He looks away, sobbing when the man lays down behind him, curling their bodies together and nuzzling him gently. “Shh, I have you. It’s okay.” He sobs for what feels like hours as Gojo holds him. He knows the alpha is safe, would never hurt him. There is a different new feeling though that this isn’t his alpha. That his alpha would make him feel better with just a simple embrace. He knows what it means, knows that his inner alpha is growing docile and languid within his mind, and that the bites in his skin aren’t just bites.

Sukuna mated him. No, no he did something worse. He won’t admit it yet, but Sukuna has doomed him.

“Do I know who it is?” Megumi doesn’t know what to do here.

If Satoru finds out it was Sukuna then Yuuji will die. The only way to end a bond is through death. Megumi can’t stand the idea of the omega dying. “I-I don’t know what happened. I was fighting that curse, Yuuji and Nobara were knocked out, and then I can’t remember,” he hiccups through a sob. “I woke up in bed, but I’d know if it was Yuuji.”

“You would. Forced matings can cause physical repercussions. No wonder Yuuta thought you were getting too skinny.” A kiss is pressed to his brow. “We’ll find out who did this and I’ll kill them, Megumin. I promise you that I’ll help you.”

You can’t, he wants to scream, wants to say that there is no killing the King of Curses. Not with Yuuji involved. So, instead he just nods and lets himself be held. That night they go back to Japan. Terror fills him as his clothes hang off his frame, yet cling to his ass and thighs. It’s embarrassing.

“Fushiguro-kyun!” Nobara laughs and wraps him in a strong hug, sniffing at him gently. “Oh, shit. Did you get a boyfriend?”

Megumi’s eyes widen and he looks away. “Come on, you smell like Omega Prime! Where’s the poor sap?” He shakes his head and slowly pulls away from the woman. Her brow creases and she must jump to the same conclusion as Satoru did because her whole body stills. Nobara doesn’t know personal boundaries so she snatches his too thin wrist up and looks at the bite mark.

“Who did this?” Her voice is harsh, catching Maki’s attention from across the common area. His cousin stalks forward. She’s actual family so her alpha scent doesn’t bother his nose, it's familiar, nice even. Maki’s warm hand replaces Nobara’s. There is a warmth that passes between them that makes him snatch his hand back.

Her golden eyes widen, mouth opening slightly. “Megumi?”

“Please don’t ask.” He says gruffly, but she’s family and his alpha is whining, wanting to be comforted. Is he even an alpha anymore? Can he say he is anymore when he felt slick at his hole this morning as he was stroking himself off, heat having been pooling in his belly for days. Is he even an alpha anymore if his fangs have become tiny points, his skin soft, and hips wide?

“Fushiguro!” No, no. Not him. A warm hand claps his shoulder and he freezes. “I missed you!” The omega chirps happily at him. It must shock everyone when he pulls away and walks right to his room, knees shaking, and a hand covering his mouth.

Nobara texts him ‘When you’re ready to talk about it, I'm here.’

Yuuji texts him ‘I’m sorry, I'm so sorry. We’ll figure out who did that to you.’

Maki is his cousin and gives no shits about him wanting space. She barges into his room and stares at him and the million pillows and blankets that he’s arranged onto the bed. “What’s happened to you? Alpha don’t nest.” He swallows thickly as she kicks the door shut and approaches him. “Alphas don’t smell like you smell, Megumi. What the fuck happened?”

He shakes his head, but she marches forward until he’s cowering, eyes looking to the floor. He shouts when he’s lifted up and sat on his bed. “You’ve always been light,” he looks to see the alpha’s hands on his waist. They’re not as large as his alphas, but they still are only a few inches from touching.

Megumi freezes, realizing again that his mind considers Sukuna his alpha. It makes him want to throw up.

“Who touched you?” He shakes his head, eyes looking away, shame filling him. His scent must be distressed because his cousin rumbles a purr for him, hugging him close, forcing him under her chin. She rocks him gently, letting her scent of family and comfort soothe him. “Was it Yuuji?”

“No, I wouldn’t have been upset if it was,” he admits and the girl snorts.

“No shit. You don’t know?” He shakes his head and pulls away, furthering himself into the nest. “That’s why this is happening,” she motions to him with her hand, “alphas get all confused when they're dined and dashed on. Our brains get all fucked up. We’ll find this mystery omega and bring them to justice.”

No one can bring him justice. Not even Gojo. So he nods and smiles just so. “I’m exhausted, Maki. I’d like to get to sleep.”

The girl nods, nuzzling his hair. She scents him before leaving with a sharp, assessing look. Maki might not believe him, may know he’s hiding something, but she also knows how stubborn he is. Megumi sighs, stripping out of his clothes before settling into his nest. He’s surrounded by blankets and pillows, one soft faux fur blanket is tucked against his face. It feels cool and smells so nice that he purrs slightly. He truly is exhausted so it’s not hard for him to fall asleep that night.

The teen does not wake up when strong arms wrap around his waist or when his body is curled up into his alpha’s embrace. He doesn’t wake as a thick tongue licks his aching mating marks, soothing them. “Ah, little one, you’re coming along beautifully.” He hears, but it’s distant and still he dreams on.

A few more nights pass like this. Megumi unaware of his nightly visitor, but he unconsciously starts sleeping close to the wall to leave space for another body and keeps his back facing the door. He’s been feeling better too since coming home. The claim marks are healing over finally, no longer aching and bright. His body seems to have settled, no more weight sliding off of one place and into another. Although, he’s glad he’s always worn loose clothes now because it helps him conceal the changes to his body.

Yuuji’s scent doesn’t bother him anymore and his friends have remarked he smells like Alpha again, though much different than he did before. Nobara comments it’s like a smoky tea house with a crackling spiciness behind it. “It’s good, but it’s just so different from your scent before.”

“There is still a hint of omega heat under it though,” Yuuji comments, while shoving food in his mouth like it’ll disappear if it doesn’t all go in his pie hole right this moment. “Which smells more like you did before.” No one notices as he tenses, looking away. Just that morning, he’d woken to his legs and ass soaked in slick. Belly cramping and mind wanting. His alpha, if it was even that anymore, whining for the one that bit them, it made him disgusted with himself. Even now he’s wearing one of Yuuji’s slick pads, that he stole, to conceal how much he’s leaking. He’s not in rut, not close to it, but his belly is warm and cramping every few minutes.

“It smells nice,” they all hear and his eyes widen as Sukuna’s eye and mouth appear on Yuuji’s cheek. Red meets green and he is nearly whimpering, nearly baring his throat. He swallows instead and looks down at his half-eaten breakfast. “Fushiguro, you didn’t let some alpha bitch you, now did you?”

“Shut up, Sukuna.” Yuuji growls and tries to slap the curse away, but there is just a loud, menacing laugh.

“Because you smell like you were. You don’t even know if it was an omega. A stronger alpha can always bitch a weaker one,” he growls and looks at the curse’s eye with angry tears. “Ah, isn’t that a pretty face. Let’s all be honest here, sweetheart. No omega did that to you, but let’s think on what alpha could?”

The silence at the breakfast table is terrible. He doesn’t know why Sukuna is doing this. Why he would basically out himself. Yuuji’s eyes are wide. Gears moving and Megumi can’t stay to see him figure it out so he stands and runs to his bedroom. He hides under his blankets, pressing his sobs into a pillow. He curls up tightly and cries and cries.

“Fushiguro?” Yuuji’s voice is soft, breaking him from his sobs. He feels a hand touching his back through his blankets.

“Please go away, Yuuji.” He manages but the other boy just slides in behind him. He'd wanted to be Yuuji’s alpha. Wanted to be the one to take Yuuji on dates and for ice cream, to buy him the latest manga he wanted. Sukuna has ripped that away from him. He’s not even an alpha anymore. He knows he isn't.

“Sukuna did this to you,” the words are quiet, exhausted. “I...I think I knew already. I just didn’t want to admit it. I’ll turn myself over to Gojo Sensei. He’ll undo this.” The arms around him tighten and he’s quick to uncover himself and turn. Yuuji’s eyes are red rimmed, face blotchy from trying to not cry, he guesses. “I’m so sorry.”

“Please,” he whines, “Please don’t tell him. Please, I...I don’t want you to die.” Yuuji shakes his head and presses their foreheads together.

“I can’t let you live like this though,” Megumi frowns, brow furrowing.

“What’s done is done, Yuuji. As long as even one of Sukuna’s fingers are out there I’ll be-” he can’t finish the sentence. Can’t say the words that weigh heavier and heavier on his heart.

“Then I’ll find them all first,” Yuuji’s conviction is sweet, honorable. It makes him realize why he wanted to be important to someone like Itadori Yuuji. Now though he can’t risk his life.

“When a mate dies, even if it’s a nonconsensual pair, what happens?” He asks quietly.

“Well, it depends on the bond. An omega dying won’t kill an alpha, generally alphas can lose their mates and live on for their families. If an alpha dies though the omega may die shortly after or fall into depression. If there are kids involved then the omega may be fine, but generally it’s not a happy life. An omega generally has no desire to rebond with another alpha or move on.” The information is all very textbook, what they learn in school.

“Yeah,” he says gently and looks at Yuuji imploringly, hoping he understands.

“But you’re an alpha.”

“Alphas can’t mate another alpha, Yuuji.” He looks away in shame, covering his shoulders with a blanket and feeling tears prick at his eyes. “I don’t know what Sukuna did to me, but I’m not an alpha anymore. I-I don’t know what I am, but it’s not what I was.” A shaky hand touches his knee and he looks into sorrowful honey eyes.

“He meant it. He meant it when he said he bitched you.” Megumi nods, hating the term but knowing it fit. It’s something done in prison a lot, where alphas will dominate another. He’s never heard of one turning into an omega though from it. The media hates to report alphas not being strong though, hates to make them seem anything but at the the top. If the world found out an alpha could be forced into being an omega it would cause a panic.

Maybe though it’s just that he was raped by the King of Curses.

He doesn’t know.

“I didn’t just bitch you, little one,” he shivers at that mocking voice appearing, “I made you my omega.” A clawed hand strokes his chin and his eyes widen. “Just how I made Yuuji mine. Well, not my mate because he’s not worthy of that, but he’s my vessel. Oh, the fun I’ve put him through. You two will be like the sister wives of old.” He growls, pulling away.

“He can’t even contain me anymore. Not since I had you.” That clawed hand grabs his throat and he leans it to the side in presentation without a thought. “Good omega.” A shiver runs down his spine at the praise. “I knew you’d turn out splendidly. That you needed this, craved someone to bring you under foot.”

“No, you’re wrong.” He whimpers as teeth are flashed at him and he shuts his eyes tight. “I-I don’t want this.”

“Really?” His sweatpants are pulled off in one fluid motion. His underwear is brought down slowly, but he doesn’t look. Doesn’t want to see what Sukuna is doing. “Look how wet you are. How wet you’ve been the last few nights. Your omega already knows it’s mine, you know you’re mine, and your body wants mine.”

Megumi shakes his head just a little, breathing out sharply as clawed hands grab his thighs. “Look how you’ve grown. An amazing ass and thighs, tiny fucking waist. When your breasts come in I will suckle from them in glee.”

“Please stop,” he begs, tears dampening his lashes. “Please, I don’t want you.”

The hands on him tighten and the scent of alpha fills his nose. His eyes shoot open and bright, bloody red stare into his own. His whole body is responding, aching and feeling like he needs this alpha because it’s his alpha. His mate. The scent of alpha rut hits his brain and he turns without thinking, presenting. A warm chuckle makes his omega happy, he’s pleased his alpha.

Warm kisses press to his shoulders and down his back. “Absolutely dripping, aren’t we?”

Megumi pants against the blankets, mind hazy as he breathes in over and over. His own belly warming further and further. His cramps and his slick make sense now. He’d been in pre-heat and now Sukuna’s just triggered the real deal. “Tiny love,” his waist is squeezed, Sukuna’s fingers brushing over his belly. “You’re so small now I wonder if you can fit me like before.”

He whines gently when fingers slide against his hole. “My Omega. I knew it’d be you the moment I saw you. Only a strong alpha could be my mate, become my omega. True omegas are too sweet, gentle, cotton headed. Look at Yuuji. He’s an idiot, but you have the mind of an alpha and the body of an omega now. A body I can seed and own completely.” He moans as a finger presses inside of him, it feels good, feels nice. “Now you’ll feel the pleasure I can give you, then when the time comes you’ll give me my own body. You’ll stand at my side while I burn this world apart and love me for it. Love me for making you into my omega.”

Megumi nods absently. More focused on the feeling of a second finger sliding inside him than the silly words his alpha is spouting. Doesn’t he know he wants him? Is dripping for him? Why is he still talking?

“Can you say it for me? Can you say what you are to me?” The words are whispered into his ear, making him shiver.

“I’m yours,” there is a rumble of pleasure, but a large hand squeezes his hip and he’s turned onto his back, the fingers pulling out for only a moment before three slide into him.

“You're my what?” Sharp teeth nip at his ear playfully.

“Omega,” he pants, warmth pooling his belly at the smile on his mate’s face. “You’re mine?” His words are questioning, imploring.

“Oh yes, love, I’m all yours.” When they kiss it’s sweet and gentle. The hands on him aren’t the cruel things they were before. He remembers last time it hurt, that he wasn’t a good omega then. Now he is. He spreads his legs out further, feeling those fingers push deeper and stretch him wide.

His breath stutters in their kiss as pleasure sparks through him. His alpha laughs joyfully, looking at him with a wide smile. “This time you’ll know pleasure, this time you’ll love it.” He nods dutifully, hands cupping that smiling face. His alpha loves him, wants him, has claimed him, and made him happy.

The fingers pull out of his slick passage, Sukuna wiping them off on one of his blankets. He chirps happily when his mate ducks down and scents the pillows and blankets near Megumi’s head. “You made a nice nest, omega. Small, but we didn’t have much space to work with, did we?” He shakes his head and a clawed finger taps his nose twice. It then moves to his lips, stoking over them fondly. “Ready?” he nods, smiling at his alpha. The smell of rut and his mate making him feel so hazy with happiness and comfort, everything he was missing before. He wants them to be one, wants to be filled.

That fat cockhead touches his hole and he wiggles in anticipation, trying to press down. “Now, now, patience,” he sighs in frustration which turns into a high pitched keen as inch after inch of cock is pushed inside him. It’s so good, too good. It fills him so well where he was empty before. “This will be our proper mating. Your body will develop more and more as we join throughout your heat, a womb forming for me to fuck full. I won’t let you get pregnant yet though,” he whines, rolling his hips.

“This sperm isn’t mine, or not entirely. It’s Yuuji’s, and you’ll not have his weak willed spawn,” the alpha sneers, making Megumi present his neck at the sight of his mate’s anger. Harsh teeth bite at his exposed throat, promising pain but pulling back just enough to not break the skin. “You’ll be the one to give me the body that will breed you. On that day, I will reward you with our child, but only on that day.” Megumi’s green eyes meet burning reds. “On that day, you will claim me as yours in return and we will be united forever.”

Tears well in his eyes because that sounds amazing. He wants to be with his alpha, his heat even seems to grow stronger at the thought, need burning in him for that future. His mate bottoms out within him as he speaks. It’s so deep inside him he thinks Sukuna must be in hitting his stomach. That promise lingers in the air as they fuck, as he’s mated properly. His Alpha ruts into him harshly, but it feels perfect. It doesn’t burn like before, does tear him apart. No, it makes sparks fly up his spine and his toes curl. His fingers claw into that tan, broad back as he makes needy sounds throughout their coupling.

This time when the knot forms he rolls his hips to meet the snagging thrusts. “Knot me, knot me, please?” The knot will tie them together, this time as a couple. It doesn’t take but a few more thrusts before the thick base of Sukuna’s cock slides into him, locking them together as it grows.

Megumi cries, having to bite his mate’s shoulder to hold back his pain. It’s a big stretch and it hurts, but it feels so good too, it’s everything he needs. He ends up cumming the moment the knot stops growing. His walls clenching and holding that thick cock snug within his hole. Sukuna lays then down on their sides, making sure not to jostle him too much as they move. Clawed hands cup his cheeks, their mouths meet in sweet kisses, and contentment settles in his heart. It’s so nice like this, not like before, not anything like before. This was good, easy. He had no idea what he was missing. “I’m sorry I ran away,” he says quietly and his alpha nods.

“It was very silly of you, but I understand, sweetheart. You were so scared and we’re here now, so it’s okay. I just wish I could have helped you through your transition,” clawed hands soothe him as his Alpha speaks. “My little mate needed me, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he sighs as they kiss again. His Alpha is a good mate, cares for him, loves him, and fills him wonderfully. “I do.”

Strong arms wrap around him, that warm mouth moving to the bond mark on his throat, licking over it. “And now you always will, Megumi.”

Chapter Text

Nanami thinks that of all the fuck buddies he could have taken on Naoya was probably the worst option. The guy has every kink known to man and then some, but he is entertaining and not that terribly to actually spend time with. It’s just including a learning curve for him. Like bondage. He thought it was just some handcuffs here and there in the bedroom. Apparently, there are ropes involved and techniques. Nanami is a man who likes to learn what he’s doing, but he didn’t think he’d be the one tied up. “Come on, Nanami,” Naoya whines, holding the bright red rope up for him to see. “It’ll make your chest look all juicy.”

His sharp, brown eyes roll. “You and your fetishes. I will never have Toji’s muscle mass,” he remarks even as he starts unbuttoning his shirt. Naoya slaps his hands away, dropping the rope onto the bed, doing the work for him.

“Yeah, and I’ll never be as insane at Gojo, but you still hang around me.” He huffs and looks Naoya over. They’re in an agreement. They’re only together until Satoru and Toji break up, which should be any day now with how much Satoru complains to him and Suguru. Whether it was about Toji cheating, always asking for money, or being a terrible father it was a near constant string of frustrations.

He steps out of his trousers and underwear when Naoya slides them down to his ankles, kicking them away. “Okay, now I know what to do in theory, but in practice it may take me a minute.” Nanami stands before him, rope in hands once more. He is patient for the near half an hour it takes to tie him up. The rope digs into his body, a little tight, but it’s not really doing much for him. Naoya though has a hard-on that might embarrass a lesser man. “Wow,” calloused hands grab his chest, thumbs stroking over his nipples. They weren’t really an erogenous zone for him before, but after nipple clamps and an incident where he was somehow convinced to let Naoya attach milking cups to his nipples, they’ve become sensitive.

“How is it I just agree to what you want?” He grumbles, a little annoyed with himself for giving in all the time.

“Oh, it’s because I’m the only one who knows you need to be dommed. I mean, you’re definitely the top, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be played with, Nanamin.” He rolls his eyes at the grin the man gives him. Naoya ducks to his chest and latches onto one of his nipples, arms wrapping around his waist so they’re flush. He bites his lips to keep any noises shut inside, but he does flush, skin warming under the attention of that familiar mouth. Naoya is good at sex, which makes him suspicious of what the 23 year old has been doing in his free time, but they’d both gotten tested before they started this quasi-relationship. Nanami’d had his share of one night stands and didn’t want to be the reason anyone got an STD.

“Kento, you’re doing that thing you do,” he blinks down at Naoya’s pout.

“Sorry,” he sighs and smiles a little. “Bed?”

He’s helped to lay down, his cock at half flag from the attention to his chest. “You all tied up is sort of cute. I’m taking a picture for Satoru’s ass when he finally dumps my future husband.” Nanami chuckles and allows the picture for now. He knows Naoya’s passcode and can delete anything he wants.

“Will you get on with it?” He grunts, trying to get comfortable on his back while his arms are tied behind it. A calloused hand slaps against his ribs playfully, he jerks in response, the ropes constricting around him tightly, pressing down further into him now that he was laying down.

“Can I vibe you?”

“Naoya,” he growls as his legs are thrown over the man’s shoulders. “I’ve told you no how many times?”

“You’ll love it! You’re just scared you’ll want to be fucked after.” He narrows his eyes, huffing in frustration. “What if Satoru wants to top? Shouldn’t you get used to it now?”

“You are a manipulative little brat,” he turns his head away while Naoya grabs hold on their cocks in one hand, stroking them together. It feels good, making his erection finally grow to full hardness. Nanami groans as a soft palm slides over the top of their cock heads.

“Hey, it’s better that the urethra rod.”

Nanami’s eyebrow twitches and he glares, “I will never forgive you for that.”

Naoya just laughs joyfully while pulling his hands away. “Come on, it was fun. Now, just one vibe. Okay?” The sly bastard pushes his hand under the pillow and pulls a baby pink bullet vibe out. “It’s for first time users, Nanami. See I care about your hole!”

“You are a menace,” he huffs, but doesn’t do much as the thing is lubed up and pressed to his hole. It’s not like he’s not ever touched there before, Naoya fingers him on ‘accident’ when they fuck sometimes. It’s just different to have something in there. It’s no wider than a thick finger though and it doesn’t take long for the silicone to push inside him and make him shift in discomfort. There is a wire attached from the bullet to a control which is flicked on and a very gentle vibration starts up. It’s not awful, not earth shattering either. It’s feels kind of like a weird internal message.

“Okay, now let’s hope your hole is hungry enough to get that toy deeper in and on your prostate.”

He rolls his eyes, glaring up in annoyance, motioning to his hard cock with his eyes. “Ah, I’m on it Nanamin!” He’s going to kill Satoru for making everyone start calling him that, after they've finally had sex, but then he’ll definitely kill him. Probably like fifty years from now, when they’ve had a long life together and the idiot will least expect it. Naoya shifts around so that he straddles the salaryman’s waist, prepped hole rubbing against his erection, fingers pulling harshly at the rope surrounding his torso. He won’t lie, his arms hurt a bit but it’s not so bad and the bullet inside him is starting to feel a little more pleasurable, and it’s definitely moving further inside him. “Oh, fuck!” Naoya grunts, his hole kissing Nanami’s cock. “Love how big you are.”

The little masochist fills himself with one thrust downwards, moaning in delight as he’s filled. “You’re such a cockslut,” he grins, chuckling when blonde hair bounces.

“You know it. Love this cock,” long legs tense and lift the man up. Nanami groans and looks up, eyes widening nervously with what he sees. Naoya is grinning, like a crazy person, and that’s never good. “Alright, you ready, Nanamin?” The man reaches behind him and he shouts as the vibrator inside him shoots to life, the nice subtle vibrations now buzzing away at top speed inside him. “Wow! Your hole really sucked it in, huh?” He grits his teeth, glaring as his prostate is assaulted.

“Shut up,” he manages, but it’s weak and Naoya just laughs. Why does he do this again? His cock is swallowed up by that tight hole again and he suddenly remembers that the sex is fantastic. It actually worries him that the sex is this good because if it’s not the same with Satoru he doesn’t know what he’ll do. Naoya’s set on Toji too, has been since they were all in high school. Toji was the baseball team’s coach and a college student at the time when Naoya and Satoru had started salivated after the man.

“S-stop with the thinking,” he rolls his eyes, wincing a little when those hips smash down into him. “Pay attention. I literally have you tied up and at my mercy, can’t you act it, just a little?”

“Oh, please, please don’t hurt me,” he deadpans, “I’m a virgin.”

Naoya laughs loudly and he smiles. It’s nice to have this friendship. Naoya proceeds to ride him, rolling his hips and using his hole to tease Nanami’s cock. They both have great stamina and it works well usually, except the vibrator on his prostate is really starting to work him up. He’s close and the skilled fingers playing with his nipples are not helping. “If you don’t stop I’ll cum early,” he grunts and humps his own hips upwards, head falling back into the pillows as the vibrator nudges in somehow deeper, the attached remote now pressed to his hole.

“Yeah?” Naoya’s excitement is palpable and the other man starts riding him harder, setting a punishing pace that has him groaning and coming undone in minutes. Sweat glistens off the toned body on top of him. Nanami wishes he had his hands available to be able to grab that thick ass and set his own pace.

Naoya cums first, a shot of cum streaking along Nanami’s belly and pecs. A ragged moan fills the room, when Nanami looks up the fucked out look on Naoya's handsome face makes him buck up. It’s so good and hot. Fuck, he likes this so much.

Not the rope bit, he really could do without that. The bullet buzzing along with Naoya's clenching heat push him over, he cums hard inside, hips rolling with each shot of pleasure he feels.

When they both come down from their orgasms they lay together, nimble fingers turning the bullet inside him off but not pulling it out yet. “Naoya,” he says firmly, knowing what's coming.

“Just one time? Just let me top, please?” Dammit. Fuck. “Come on?”

“If I say yes then I want you to get me dinner from the French bistro,” Nanami has never turned down an opportunity to barter for what he wants.

Naoya’s brown eyes widen and he’s up immediately, forcefully pushing his body over until he’s laying on his front. “Fuck yes, yes! Anything you want!” He rolls his eyes when the man just adjusts Nanami to how he wants him.

Tied up like this he doesn’t have many options, so he lets his face be squashed in the pillows and his knees pulled up to dig into the mattress. Naoya pulls the bullet out of him slowly, making him hiss from how sensitive it feels. “I’m so excited, thank you, Kento!” He rolls his eyes and nearly yells at the other man when immediately two fingers are shoved inside of him. The bullet was’t that big, but his hole is relaxed from the stimulation and like he said, Naoya has been playing with his hole for a while now. The bastard.

“Wow, you’re really letting me sink in today. Look at you turning into a bottom bitch! I’m so happy,” Naoya bends forward and bites his right ass cheek, nipping at the skin playfully. Fingering is strange, it stretches him wide but then not enough, relaxes his inner walls but still they feel too tight.

Naoya grabs the lube on the bedside table, fingers still pushed inside Nanami’s hole, and squirts more directly into him. “I hate it when you do that,” he complains, huffing when a third finger is squeezed in.

“Oh, shut it. Soon we’ll be doing fisting and anal bead training!” His eyebrow ticks in annoyance, but he supposes he’ll let Naoya dream. “Will you let me somno you?”


“Fuck you while you’re sleeping? I’ve always wanted to do that.” His life choices are starting to be considered at that moment. “I’ll get you that fancy ass pen and case set from Gucci?”

Damn. Maybe he shouldn’t use sex for bartering. He did really want that pen set though. “This weekend. No recording, you little weasel.”

Naoya whoops in excitement wrapping an arm around Nanami’s waist and pressing his face to his ass. “You’re the best friend I have, well the best friend I have that I have sex with.”

“You’re an idiot,” he mutters.

“I know, which means I’m your type,” okay that’s not something he wants to think about. Satoru can be smart, sometimes, when he isn’t being infuriating. The conversation is good because it generally distracts with from the pain-pleasure of being stretched on three fingers. They make him loose, but not enough. He already knows he’s getting pounded into the he tries his best to relax. Naoys positions himself behind him, lining his cock to Nanami’s hole, and eases in slowly. He’s thankful for it, but knows it won’t last long. His tied arms are really starting to ache and it doesn’t help when Naoya grabs onto the rope binding them, making him arch further.

His cock is twitching below him, pre dripping onto the bed sheets. Nanami can’t deny that it does feel good. Not as good as having his cock ridden, but it’s pleasurable at least. Of at least he thinks that until Naoya starts treating him like a sextoy that won’t break. His hole is fucked roughly, near painfully. His prostate is assaulted with each thrust and he can’t help the breathy panting and groans that escape him. It does feel good. It actually feels so good now that it’s a constant spine tingling pleasure that fills him. They’ve both just cum so it’s not a long fuck, but it’s enough to make him realize he’s maybe been missing out.

Naoya’s calloused hand reaches around, jerking him off in time with his hard thrusts until Nanami’s biting into the pillow and shouting as he cums. It’s a whole new experience to feel himself clenching around a cock, prostate being milked for all it’s worth, and his orgasm being just that much better for having something big inside him.

“Knew you were a bottom!” Naoya exclaims in satisfaction, falling over his back. They roll onto their sides, slow stuttering thrusts build the Naoya’s orgasm up. He cringes a little as cum shoots inside him. It’s a strange feeling, not bad but different. “Woah, that was amazing.” Naoya remakes which Nanami shakes his head at, but smiles a little when his neck and shoulders are covered in warm kisses. His bonds are undone and he gets his special French Bistro delivery an hour later. They eat in bed, talking about their days at work. Complaining about Toji and Satoru to each other. It’s familiar and it’s good to have a support system.

Nanami becomes very thankful for Naoya down the line, when they’re both dating the men they were in love with for years. He’s grateful because he finds out that Gojo Satoru is a top. Not just any top either, but a dom. Toji’s inability to sit like a normal human now makes sense to him. Every time he sees the older man he can see sympathy in green eyes directed at him.

“He’s like the fucking energizer bunny,” Toji grumbles, shooting a glare at Satoru whose at the bar getting drinks.

“Like Naoya isn’t?” He shoots back, regret filling him instantly when Toji’s eyes widen, a slow knife sharp smirk covering the man’s face. Unfortunately, that day Toji and Satoru find out about his and Naoya’s sexcapades. Though it’s not too unfortunate as the foursome they get out of it is pretty phenomenal.

Chapter Text

His baby is leaving him. Growing more and more distant each day, and it’s that boy’s fault. Itadori Yuuji is a good kid, he deserves better than life has given him, but he does not deserve Gojo’s pride and joy. No one does.

Megumi has been his for nearly eleven years now and he can’t watch this. It’s terrible to see those long fingers brush against tan skin, his boy’s face lighting up with a blush, and pink lips trembling after Yuuji kisses him. Gojo can’t allow this, he won’t. It’s simple. Not when Yuuji is going to be making a grand exit soon, not when Sukuna’s obsession with the Ten Shadow user is becoming stronger with each passing minute, and not when Megumi belongs to Gojo. It's his fault though. He doesn’t make a move at first, let’s the infatuation come along because he truly thinks it’ll be gone within a moment. That’s how his relationships have all been, well all but one but Suguru was different.

It irks him when he notices that Megumi stands side by side with Yuuji now instead of him. Had he not raised this boy? Had he not molded him and made him a little god upon this Earth?

“Gojo-Sensei, are you okay?” Yuuji’s voice is full of concern. He’s a good boy, one any father might be happy to have their child date, but he’s not Megumi’s father. He’s Megumi’s daddy.

“Satoru?” Megumi’s acid green eyes look at him now, black brows furrowed.

“Megumin, will you help me get home. I’m not feeling well,” his boy nods and leaves Yuuji just like that. No second thought, no pause, just him coming to Satoru, like he should. His good boy, his baby. He cups a pale cheek, looking over messy black hair and those worry filled eyes. “Look how you’ve grown,” he mumbles and gets an eye roll.

Megumi waves goodbye to Yuuji before he turns, walking with him to his apartment, a space they once shared. His baby hasn’t been back since he’s gotten his own space and it does make him sad. After Tsumiki’s accident they’d shared a bed for months, Megumi tucked under his chin, clinging to Satoru fiercely. He misses how close they were.

“Do you need me to get you medicine from Shoko?” Ah, his sweet boy. Satoru shakes his head, opening the door and letting Megumi in first. The lights are almost always off, blinds drawn, and the apartment left dark. It’s the only way he can go around without his blindfold. It surprises him when gentle hands pull the cloth off, soft fingers touching his brow, green eyes looking over him in concern. “You’re not warm. Tired?”

He nods, smiling a little. Megumi’s always been like this. Always been his little worrier. Gojo makes sure to close and lock his door, his hand grabbed after, and he’s dragged to the bedroom. “”You’ve been overextending yourself again. You can’t keep doing this, Satoru.”

He hums and squeezes the hand holding his, leaning down to rest his cheek on the top of his boy’s head. “I remember when you called me something else. When our relationship wasn’t a secret.”

Megumi sighs and he feels the teen sag under him. “Is that was this is about? You’re upset because I don’t call you dad?”

“Bleh, you never called me dad,” he laughs just a little, wrapping his other hand around the back of his baby’s neck. His boy is so soft everywhere, delicate.

“Fine, daddy, jeez. I haven’t called you that since my first year!” Megumi is pouting, he know he is because that’s his typically huffy voice.

“For me?” Satoru stands straight, looking at Megumi with wide eyes, pleading. “Just when we’re alone. I feel like you’ve forsaken our bond and hate me.” It’s only slightly manipulative, but it gets his baby to hug him tight, cute face pressing against his pecs.

“Don’t say stupid things. I love you,” it’s rare to get confessions like this out of the boy, but he revels in it now. He wonders if Megumi has confessed these feelings to Yuuji yet? If he is already becoming number two in his boy’s heart?

They sway back and forth for a minute, hands locked and embracing tightly. It’s familiar, it’s them. Satoru can’t let this change. He needs Megumi. Needs his baby to love him most. No one else does, no one else could but his boy. He sags in feigned exhaustion making the teen grumble. “Look at you, barely staying on your feet.”

He laughs, a far more genuine and gentle sound then when he’s playing to an audience. “Come sleep with me? I miss my snuggly baby.”

“Not a baby,” Megumi mumbles, cheeks red. He grins, lifting a delicate chin carefully with a finger.

“You will always be my baby. I raised you. Love you. Care for you. There will never be a day I won’t want to hold you close and keep the world away from you. If I could, we'd never leave our bed, but our world isn’t kind, is it?” He sighs tiredly, the words heavy and true.

Megumi looks up at him with those poisonous eyes, eyes that remind him so much of the man he’d killed all those years ago. “You’re talking like an idiot. I’m not leaving you.”

Satoru frowns, moving his finger so he can cup a pale cheek, stroking soft skin carefully. He remembers when it was once baby fat, making those cheeks slightly round and so pinchable. He remembers laying kisses on them until green eyes would tear up from laughing too much or smiling too wide. He can’t remember the last time his baby laughed like that, so carefree and happy.

“You like Yuuji,” he says quietly, his blue eyes boring into green.

“I-I don’t know. I’m worried,” Megumi looks away, chewing on his bottom lip nervously. Satoru nods and starts changing out of his clothes into sleep pants, Megumi following his example but just striping to his boxer briefs. When they climb into the bed his boy doesn’t hesitate to press in close. Happiness fills him as that still thin and tiny body wraps around his, his baby finding comfort in him like he used to. “I think Sukuna is influencing his feelings.”

Satoru should not play with these doubts. Should say that it is quite obvious Yuuji has felt the same way as Megumi since day one. He’d know since the pink haired teen constantly asked after Megumi while he was hiding away for the two months after his ‘death’. It’s not right what he’s going to do, what he’s going to say. “It’s my concern too, baby. Doesn’t he always profess liking women?”

Megumi nods against his chest. Satoru pets through black hair leisurely, hoping to calm the teen. “I just...I don’t think he actually likes me. No one ever likes me.” He tsks and pulls Megumi’s head back, raising a brow in annoyance at the child. “Except you, but you’re insane.” His boy smiles brightly, and he smiles back.

“It was hard to not want you as soon as I saw your little, grumpy face.” Green eyes roll, but he’s gotten Megumi to talk, to smile. “My baby is the cutest, sweetest boy. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know, daddy,” that one word makes his heart stop. It’s been so long. He can’t help crushing the boy close to him while sending every thank you possible to Fushiguro Toji, for telling him about this amazing blessing and for dying so Satoru could have him. He presses kiss after kiss to anywhere he can until the teen is grumbling. When he's had his fill he pulls back, leveling a serious gaze on the teen.

“Baby, I think you should come stay with me again.” The words are careful, gentle.

“Why?” It’s not said in an angry tone which is good. When he looks closely he can see the uncertainty in Megumi, it’s a perfect opportunity, the best one he’ll have.

“Maybe if Yuuji doesn’t have as much access to you then he’ll be able to show you how he truly feels? It’s so convenient to be a door away, but to walk a whole campus? He’s a sweet kid, Megumin, but lazy. I don’t want you to be easy for him.” There are little tears that his baby tries to blink away, but he wipes at pretty eyes with his thumbs and kisses reddening cheeks. “Plus, daddy misses his cuddle monster, hmm?”

Megumi laughs a little, sounding sweet and cute. “Okay, daddy.”

“Good, baby,” he kisses the tip of that pretty noses and they snuggle in tight to one another, embracing tightly. Sleeping soundly with their love warming them.


“D-daddy,” Megumi cries, sitting on top of him, naked and beautiful. His hole hugging Satoru's cock tightly, snugly like his boy never wants to let him go. “Love you daddy, love you.” The words are said through tears. It’s a big stretch for the teen’s first time and he’s doing so well.

“Love you, baby.” he says gently, stroking lean sides and loving how breathy his boy is. There are a few experimental rolls of the teen’s hips before a careful rhythm is established, a very novice up and down, but it’s okay. He’ll teach his boy like he always does. Soon Megumi will learn how to be a minx in their bedroom.

His large hand grabs the teen’s weeping cock, stroking in time with the careful thrusts that have been established. “You are doing so well,” he praises, watching as pale hands flex against his abs, those pretty fingers curling in. It’s beautiful to watch the lean muscle in long legs work, tensing and releasing with every up and down motion. “My pretty, pretty baby. Daddy’s so happy with you.”

Megumi keens, hips stuttering, and ass resting flush against Satoru’s balls and thighs. Venomous greens are soft on him, full of need and love and want. He lets the child continue, grabbing those pretty hands in his and lacing them together with his own. Experimentally, the teen circles his hips which makes Satoru groan.

No one has ever said that Fushiguro Megumi was not a quick learner.

The boy pulls up and slams down on Satoru’s cock, those soft walls making him grit his teeth in pleasure. Sweat has covered pale skin while a pretty redness is covering shoulders, cheeks, and ears. His baby looks divine. He bucks his own hips up to meet rolling hips, making the boy bounce up just a little, a soft ‘oh’ leaving pink lips.

Cum shoots onto Satoru’s belly, thin and cute. Boy cum.

“Gonna let daddy fill you up?” He growls and his boy nods eagerly, getting past his own orgasm quickly to continue to ride Satoru. His Megumi is so soft, so beautiful. The mere vision of him riding him is enough to push him over. He slams his hips up into the tight channel, his cum filling his boy, claiming him. Megumi pulls one hand away, laying it on his belly, eyes half-lidded and a kiss swollen pink lip being bitten gently. Satoru realizes that the teen is enjoying it, likes being filled with what he can give him. “Do you like daddy’s cock?” Black hair bounces when the teen nods. “Daddy loves his baby’s hole. It’s so sweet, loved me so well.”

He grabs a soft ass cheek, squeezing it sweetly between his long fingers. “You took me so well. Now let me show you what you need.” He flips them easily, cock still semi-erect and he wills it into hardness again.

Poison green eyes stare at him with open desire. “Love you, Daddy.” the words are soft, sweet, everything he wants to hear. They come together for a kiss as if to seal those words into being law. Megumi loves him, loves his daddy, and he loves his baby.


With a startled gasp, his eyes shoot open and he pants harshly. His arms are wrapped around someone and he has to take a moment to realize where he is, who he's with. It’s his bedroom and it’s Megumi in his arms, sleeping softly. In horror, he looks down and sees a growing wet spot on the front of his pants. His blue eyes look to that pretty face, so serene in sleep that he can’t believe he could ever have such vile thoughts about him. He’s never thought of Megumi like this. The teen is his boy, his baby! He’s raised him.

Satoru almost wants to pull away, take a cold shower, and then take an ice pick to his own brain. He pauses when a pretty hand tightens against his chest, pink mouth opening slightly, sweetly. He doesn’t stop himself from ducking down and claiming pretty, pink lips in a brief kiss. It’s too tempting, too beautiful a sight to ignore.

His baby is beautiful, and not technically his.

Satoru is not Megumi’s father, but he is his daddy.

Now, he understands his jealousy of Yuuji, his anger at the two teens getting close. It’s wrong, filthy even, but he gets it now. He won’t act on these feelings, won’t be vile to the boy he loves, and has always wanted to protect.

“Daddy,” Megumi sighs in his sleep, nose nuzzling at Satorus’s chest sweetly.

He’ll protect his baby from himself too, but as he whispers words of discontent or subtle disapproval, and as Megumi comes closer and closer to being in the proper place of Satoru’s arms they will see how their relationship develops.

Megumi has always been a needy child and Satoru is a good daddy.

He steals another kiss, hand sliding down a firm back to the teen’s plush bottom, squeezing it gently. A soft ‘oh’ leaves his boy who rolls in even closer to him, their bodies pressed flush together. Yes, he decides, his baby will be a needy mess for him soon enough. Megumi will come back to his daddy, and they’ll be closer than ever.

“Oh baby, Daddy loves you and will make you so happy,” he seals his words with a kiss, the promise made. A promise he means to keep.

Chapter Text

“Sensei, not here” he grumbles, trying to push Gojo off of him, but the older man is draped on top of him like an angry octopus. A sharp chin is laying on his head and long arms are thrown over his shoulders. It wouldn’t be an issue if they were alone, he doesn’t mind with Satoru gets all clingy, but they’re out shopping. Some poor girl had come over to ask him for help, laughing about her poor sense of direction with him. He’d smiled at her, told her where to go, and when she turned about he felt his teacher’s heavyweight cover him. “Sensei, come on. It was just some girl,” he huffs in frustration when there is a loud huff. “Fine, fine. Are you done with looking around?”

“I need to get my new glasses,” he nods, turning so they can look at one another. Gojo’s sunglasses are temporary replacements, his usual ones had been broken when they’d gotten a little overzealous on their way to bed a few weeks back. These glasses don’t work as well, making Satoru experience migraines from over exposure to light.

“Come on then. I want to read the new My Hero Academias you bought me,” he holds his bag full of manga up and shakes it, hoping it’ll move the man along. His cheek gets pinched making him wince. “Itai, Sensei,” Yuuji whines, but the older man pulls back, smirking in satisfaction.

“Let’s go then,” Satoru spins on his heel leaving Yuuji to follow behind him. It’s a quick trip, another bag added to the others from their trip today. They finish the day out by getting some mochi and macarons. It’s a nice night, without any other interruptions so Yuuji thinks he’ll be getting away with being helpful earlier today.

He’s foolish to have thought so.

When they enter their apartment his bags are taken from him and set on the kitchen table with care. He swallows at the change in the atmosphere, the warmth he’d felt before is easing into a frigid chill. “I hate it.” Satoru whispers and Yuuji prepares himself mentally. “I hate when I have to share you, even for a moment.” Sunglasses are slipped off and deposited onto the kitchen counter, blue eyes turning to him. “I know it’s selfish. I know it isn’t your fault, but you’re mine.” The taller man approaches him slowly, reaching out to grab his face between large, calloused hands. “Your time is mine, your life is mine.”

“I know, Satoru,” he touches those warm hands with his own, hoping to calm his lover but he knows when the teacher needs more. They’ve been together for nearly three years now so of course he knows. “Let me show you?” He gets a sharp nod and grins. He just made the bed before they left with his favorite blankets because they were going to watch movies when they came home. He’s unwilling to dirty it now, still wanting to laze around after this, so he takes Satoru to the armchair in their living room. It’s spacious and he’ll be able to do whatever’s needed.

Yuuji settles the teacher into the chair, kissing soft lips and taking in how handsome the man is. Gojo Satoru was someone who was one moment a starlight beauty and the next an Adonis, made of marble and oh so masculine. It reminds him of Megumi, but he can’t dwell on that. Satoru deserves his full focus. He grins at Satoru as he starts removing his clothes, his hoodie and shirt coming off first. Long fingers reach out and trace over the gnarled scar between his pecs, a forever reminder of what he’d survived. Who he’d survived. “You’re so beautiful,” Satoru whispers, eyes staring at his scar intently, “strong.”

“So are you,” he remarks fondly, leaning forward to press his lips to white hair.

His pants and underwear slide down his legs and he kicks them away along with toeing off his socks. “Now, what does my Daddy need?”

“Over my lap. You know better than to talk to strangers.” Satoru grits his teeth, jaw twitching in frustration. Yuuji lays out across Satoru’s lap, stomach over muscular thighs and ass presented. His toes just touching the floor. “Count. You’ll get fifteen.” He nods, knowing better than to disobey. Satoru strikes his ass hard, making him jerk forward in his lap. A strong hand grabs the back of his neck to keep him in place. “Count.” The man grunts, his arousal already pressing up against Yuuji’s side.

“One.” He pants out, looking into angry blue eyes. Another hard slap hits his other cheek making him gasp. “Two.”

His cheeks are massaged for a moment, squeezed as they sting, tanned skin reddening. Each slap is brought down hard, painfully hard to remind him who he obeys. By the thirteenth strike he’s in tears, sobbing at the pleasure and pain of the spanking. “Say sorry.”

“Sorry, Daddy. I’m so sorry, Daddy,” he pleads and his ass is struck again, making his back arch and a strangled shout leave him. He’s breathless from the pain and deep aching need. “F-fourteen.”

“Tell me what you did wrong?” Satoru’s voice is deep, husky. A shiver runs down his spine, he knows that voice, knows it is promising him more if he doesn’t behave.

“I spoke with a stranger and strangers are dangerous.” Blunt nails scrap over his abused ass cheeks. Yuuji hisses, his dick twitching as the pain tips towards pleasure. “Only my daddy should speak when we go out.”

“That’s right, yet you forget this lesson most often. My little social butterfly, hmm?” The hand on his ass pulls away and cracks down on the most sensitive part of his reddened cheeks.

“Fifteen,” he sobs through his heavy tears, fresh ones spilling from his eyes. The hand on his ass pets at it, making the stinging more intense. Satoru sighs, the hand on his neck finally releasing it to tilt his chin upwards.

“Suck me off like a good boy and then we’ll watch a movie. Bad boys don’t get to cum.” He’s quick to get to his knees and unzip his sensei’s trousers. Satoru’s cock is weighty in his hand as he pulls it free, it's long and thick, a mouthful that he’s learned how to please. Kneeling like this he can’t help but feel how his ass aches. It hurts terribly as his heels dig into his abused bottom, but it’s part of his lesson as well. He’s to make his daddy feel good, not himself. Yuuji licks at a leaking cockhead, the familiar taste of salty cum smearing across his taste buds.

He kisses the tip and traces the thickest vein with his tongue down to his daddy’s balls. The pair are heavy, full of seed that will soon fill his belly. He licks them, sucking on one and then the other. Satoru loves this, loves his balls being played with. Yuuji makes sure to stroke the hard cock before him while he teases, nips, and sucks on the heavy orbs. A hand wraps into his hair and blue eyes darken with lust. “I said to suck me off.” He pulls back, making a show of nuzzling those heavy balls.

“Yes, daddy, sorry. I was enjoying it too much,” the hand in his hair relaxes just a little while he makes his way up that hard, leaking erection. He wraps his lips around the weeping head and slowly swallows it down, pausing when it hits the back of his throat before easing the rest inside. Yuuji breathes in when his nose touches the white patch of hair above his daddy’s cock. Satoru’s been growing it out, having shaved it before, but Yuuji loved how musky he smelled here and his eyes flutter in pleasure as his senses become full of Satoru.

He can taste, smell, and feel his lover like this. Even with his ass aching he feels wonderful. “What a good boy you are when you have a cock in you,” he blushes, looking up at his daddy. He hollows his cheeks and pulls back. He sets a steady rhythm, his hand coming up to massage those hefty balls.

Satoru’s hands grab at his hair tightly, forcing him to go faster, deeper. Yuuji chokes here and there, trying his best to leave his throat open and relaxed. It’s a huge shift when the man suddenly stands, forcing his head back and starts face fucking him. All he can do is try to breath through it. His daddy grunts and groans, a raging beast above him that looks like an angel or maybe a fairytale prince. Satoru’s entrancing and through tears he stares up at his lover. His heart is beating hard and fast, cock wanting, and ass aching.

A few short, deep thrusts have him trying to relax further. He knows what’s coming and when the hands in his hair tighten he’s ready. Cum shoots down his throat and he works to swallow it, salty cum overwhelming his senses and making his eyes close. Satoru pulls out slowly once his hips stop stuttering. His daddy smearing his cockhead over Yuuji’s parted lips in a filthy sort of kiss. “Thank you, daddy,” he croaks, throat scratchy and throbbing from the fucking it’d received. His hair is released which he didn’t realize was actually being held painfully tight.

“Did you learn your lesson?” He nods, sucking on the thumb that presses against his lips.

“Good boy,” they stay there for a moment. Just looking at each other. “Next time it’ll be 20 spanks and a cage for your pretty cock.”

“Yes, Daddy,” he mumbles around the thumb between his teeth and Satoru chuckles.

“Now let’s get you in bed. We can watch a movie while your ass recovers.” He’s relieved when Satoru helps him into bed, pressing sweet kisses to his lips. The macaroons from earlier are brought to bed, Satoru puts on Aliens, and they lay side by side. It’s warm and comfortable here. A large arm is thrown over his back and he’s being held close.

Yuuji’s always being kept close. He’s Satoru’s after all. His favorite possession, and Yuuji will make sure he always will be. His Daddy is as much his as Yuuji is Satoru’s. They own one another, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapter Text

Sukuna sits and admires while he can. This space is the only place no one else will ever be allowed into. It’s just for him. For them.

Megumi looks beautiful like he always does. His skin pale, body supple, and kept in perfect condition. He’s made a special place for him here where he rests until the moment that the world is perfect for his love. Right now, the world is a terrible place, dangerous and violent, and his sorcerer was being targeted. It scared him, made his soul tremble when blood covered every inch of his boy, as green eyes looked at him with dying awareness. He’d managed to stop Megumi’s death, but Sukuna had decided sleep was best for now.

A stasis of sorts.

He sighs, looking around the room, it is shrouded in red, like a bridal chamber of old. The bed is soft, covered in silk sheets and Megumi rests upon them, head angled to the side, and arm bent so an open hand rests on one of the deep red cushions he surrounded the boy with. A silk red sheet lays over a naked body that easily slips away when Sukuna pulls on it.

“Hello, gorgeous,” he greets gently, a clawed hand gliding over smooth, soft skin. He’s entranced by the rise and fall of his boy’s chest. He spends his days here when he can, just watching, wishing they could be together now. It can’t be though. Megumi will be so angry with him, so upset, at what he’s done to the world he knew. He’ll deserve the harsh words when they come, the rage, but he’ll have done what was needed. It wasn’t like Megumi would come back to a wasteland. The world would be beautiful once more, lush and green.

Sure, it would be devoid of those the teen once knew, but they only needed each other anyways. Megumi would make new friends. Choso and Uraume would be good guards, companions, for their world’s newest ruler.

They would be kings together. A united front when the time came. His clawed hand holding a beautiful pale one.

Sukuna remembers Yuuji once comparing Megumi to the moon. Pale and beautiful. At night all you wanted to look at was the moon, sure the stars were there but that bright orb in the sky was always what made people want to look. It was always changing, rarely showed itself in full, and so unattainable.

Only a few people had ever walked on the moon.

Sukuna would be the only one to have his own moon, his precious love.

He slips his kimono off and climbs on top of Megumi. He trails kisses from sleep slack lips to the boy’s hip, biting at the jutting bone there. The technique being used is ancient, one he devised for himself should he want to take a long rest, but it works well on his Megumi now. Wards around the room maintain the stasis while keeping Megumi safe at the same time, protected and hidden from anyone who isn't Sukuna.

They're safe here. Free of the worries of the what lies outside.

Sukuna’s hands roam slowly. He knows every inch of his love now. Knows how Megumi tastes and feels and sounds. Craves every moment they share together. It excites him to think of the day when his love will become an active participant. For now he massages soft thighs, nuzzling into his boy’s crotch and pressing sweet kisses to that limp cock and the cute balls underneath. They twitch under his touches, trained now to react to the pleasure he provides, and he smiles. “What a hungry boy, hmm?” He asks fondly, licking along Megumi’s cock. He wraps his mouth around the tip and sucks.

“Hnn,” the little noise makes him chuckle. He looks up to see Megumi’s black brows furrowed and that pretty mouth open as the boy pants in need. He looks beautiful as he comes undone because of Sukuna. The King sucks on his love’s cock, careful of his fangs. One hand is playing with soft balls, rolling them and squeezing them. His boy slides down a little off the pillows as he arches, hands twitching and a blush starting to overtake what is usually alabaster cream.

He hums in satisfaction and pumps his head up and down, his tongue licking all along the teen’s cock in his mouth. His claws squeeze and he hollows his cheeks when he takes Megumi in completely, his nose meeting soft skin and he breathes in. The teen smells so good. He should too, after all the gentle cleaning Sukuna does each day and the oils he rubs into delicate skin. Sukuna suckles on the cock in his mouth, letting his throat flutter, and humming deeply. Megumi moans, brows pinched, and he feels satisfaction fill him when his boy cums while he's pumping his head up and down that hefty cock.

Sukuna pulls back, licking that leaking cockhead as he releases it, and smiles down at his boy. His skin is warm, glistening, and that pretty face is flushed beautifully. Megumi’s body twitches a few times, but it settles once more. He likes bringing the sleeping teen off like this, it satisfies him somehow. Obviously, though he can’t be done with him. His own pleasure will not be forgotten.

He parts Megumi’s legs further and looks to his boy’s hole. A plug is pressed inside, keeping him stretched for when Sukuna comes home to him. “When you awaken we won’t need this anymore,” he grabs the plug and slowly eases it out before placing it to the side. He’ll need to clean it since it’s covered in his cum and lube.

Filthy things cannot touch his boy.

Megumi is meant for beauty and light to touch him. Even being left to a room like this is below his love, but it is all he can do for now. When their kingdom is ready he’ll hand it all away to his little beauty, his little heart. Sukuna will give him everything and all he will want in return is to be loved.

With a smile he strokes over that pink rim, slightly abused from the months upon months of use. It’s been years now since he brought Megumi here. He thinks he would be turning 18 this year, but the teen looks as he did when they first met. Black hair a mess, body stuck in mid-development, and looking innocent. Sweet. Sukuna knows that Megumi would hate if someone called him sweet, but his boy was. Megumi was hard, cruel even at times, but the heart that beat in the teen’s chest was good, warm and full of light. He wanted all of that for himself. He did have all of that to himself.

Two of his fingers slip inside and already he knows he can slide his cock in. In this room he takes his more human form, but outside his true appearance is what he walks around with. He’ll eventually take Megumi in that form, train this little body to fit him, but for now he wishes there to be no pain.

He dislikes when his boy is in pain.

He slides his fingers out and arranges Megumi how he’d like. He turns him by his waist only, so his legs are both to one side but his chest and face is pointed towards Sukuna. He makes sure to squeeze the teen’s ass, stroking his fingers over it before parting pale cheeks and sliding into that warm heat.

It feels so good, so perfect. “You were simply made for me, Megumi,” he mutters reverently, stroking a pale cheek.

Sukuna takes his time today. He thrusts in shallowly, making that small body push against the cushions with each thrust. His red eyes never leave his love. Always watching, always wanting to see everything. Pink nipples are hard and pale hands have dug into silk sheets.

“My pretty boy,” he says fondly, pressing his mouth to Megumi’s. One day he will be kissed first, loved back, but this is good for now. This Sukuna enjoys too. The control, the power, the fact that when Megumi does wake up his boy will crave him. This body has been trained to want Sukuna, to accept him now. Megumi will need him.

Quiet whimpers and moans catch his attention and he grins as he rubs against Megumi’s prostate. “Ha-ah,” the moan is breathy and beautiful to his ears.

Sukuna continues to make love to his boy, to thrust into that warm hole, and claim him as he has for years now. “Beautiful,” he grunts and pulls his hips back, thrusting back in a little harder, trying to chase his own pleasure. He becomes more wild, hips bucking without a rhythm and he kisses that pretty mouth again and again. One of his hands is jerking Megumi’s erection as the other is pressed to the nape of the boy’s neck, keeping their foreheads pressed together. He ruts in again and again until finally it hits him. Sukuna pushes in as deep as he can and cums hard, eyes shutting as a long groan fills the room.

“Fuck, Megumi,” he pants and rolls his hips once and then twice. The cock in his hand is now limp, cum covering the silk sheets below them. “Good baby, I’m glad you liked it too.” Sukuna sighs and kisses his love. He lays with the boy for only a moment before taking care of the mess he’s made.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know you don’t like anything to be dirty.” He takes the teen to the attached bathroom and sets him in the bathtub, letting the tub fill with warm water and scenting the water with lavender. Megumi sighs gently, head carefully placed against cool porcelain.

Sukuna cleans up the bed, dressing it in new red silk and making sure the cushions are just to his liking. He cleans the plug and stores it. He’d give Megumi’s hole some time to recover from use and to tighten up again. Not that the teen was loose, but he could be tighter. Sukuna almost wishes he could take the boy’s virginity over and over again each time, but it had taken hours of prep before Megumi was able to take him without tearing.

A hassle he didn’t really care to deal with again.

When the room is in good standing again he goes to the bathroom. Black hair is washed carefully and he drains the tub. He oils up that pretty pale skin, trims fingernails, and then dries his loves hair all before taking Megumi back to bed. Sukuna arranges him carefully on his back, head tilted to the side, and hand resting on a cushion softly, as if waiting for a hand to hold it.

His pretty love looks serene like this, happy almost. Sukuna traces his fingers over pretty pink lips, warm breaths hitting the pad of his thumb. “Sweetheart, you have no idea what you’ve done to me.”

A knock comes to the door and he growls in frustration. Only one person would interrupt him here and it would be for a good reason. He’s quick to cover Megumi’s body with the red silk once more and kisses a pale cheek. “Sleep well. I’ll be back soon.”

His little love sleeps on peacefully and it always hurts to leave his sanctuary, but he does with a heavy heart. They’d be together soon, at each other’s sides. He just needed to be patient, for now he would leave Megumi to silk and dreams.

To peace and happiness.

Soon enough, he would awaken to horror and nightmares. Death and fire. All done for him, in his name, and it will be beautiful how Megumi breaks right into his hands.

He grins, eyes narrowing in excitement.

“I think it’s nearly time for you to wake up, sweetheart. Only a little longer now.” He whispers to the room, pulling off a single ward of twenty. Megumi’s brow twitches and he smiles. Yes, it’s almost time.

Their rule upon this world will be wonderful and terrible. He can hardly wait.

Chapter Text

“Yuuji, honestly, we have enough!” Megumi’s hands are thrown up in frustration, one holding cooking chopsticks. Yuuji nips at the long expanse of his omega’s throat, trailing down it then back up with soothing kisses. His hands roaming over his mate’s body. His mate smells divine as per usual. “I am in the middle of dinner. Go take your dick somewhere else.” The words are hissed at him and he laughs, wrapping his arms around a tiny waist.

“Just like five more?” He asks softly, laying his chin on the top of Megumi’s head.

“No,” Megumi growls, “I just lost all the weight from the twins.” Yuuji knows. He hates how flat Megumi’s belly has been looking lately, unclaimed. His omega’s belly should always be rounded, always be seeded. “Yuuji, please, go play with the kids. Your brother is coming for dinner, and I want to get it done.”

He nods, kissing a pretty cheek as he steps away. “Love you, baby,” a pale hand shoots out and grabs his, squeezing fondly.

“Love you, even if you’re always horny,” he grins and kisses his omega’s knuckles. He leaves his partner to cook, going to check on their brood. So far they have four kids. Not as many as he wants from his omega, but they’ve been mated since they were 19 and were expecting immediately after.

They’re 26 now and his Alpha truly wants to see another babe popped in his omega’s womb, like a week ago. Wants to see his love’s body round once more, tits fill with milk, and body soften. Yuuji craves Megumi at all times when he’s pregnant. His mate is always beautiful, but the alpha had found that a pregnant Megumi was an ethereal one. He becomes insanely possessive and protective of him when the omega is carrying, barely letting Megumi leave the house. Well, Mansion. His mate was left a fortune by his late father and they really don’t have to struggle much with the fact he’s a professional athlete on top of that. Yuuji kills at baseball and will be playing on the international team in a week to face teams all around the world.

“Daddy?” a soft chirp pulls him from his thoughts and he looks to his oldest. Tsumiki, named after his mate’s late sister, looks up at him with beautiful emerald eyes and familiar black hair. She’s Megumi’s little mini me, down to the freckled shoulders. He’d been smitten with her instantly, as he was with all his children, but it’d amazed him when the tiny omega was born looking so much like her mama.

“Hey Miki, what’s wrong?” The nearly six year old points to the playroom where he can see his eldest son sitting on a laundry basket over the twins. He groans and walks inside the room, looking at his son unhappily. The little alpha acted like Sukuna and it had made him really send every prayer to his grandfather for ever taking him and his brother in.

“Kuna, off.” The twins are staring at him with wide honey eyes, barely two and squashed together under their basket prison. “Now.” he growls and shows his teeth to his son who grumbles and stands, releasing the twins.

“We were just having fun, daddy!” The little alpha grumbles. It’s funny to look at his eldest boy because if Tsumiki is his mate’s copy then Kuna is his, the only difference was his son had his mother’s silky hair texture.

The twins both stand and toddle over to him, arms opening for uppies. He picks both up, kisses their faces, and scenting them sweetly. Yes, they’re grown enough, he decides. Megumi’s had enough time between. They need to start trying again. The twins are both alpha boys which had made his mate groan in pre-conceived exhaustion so hopefully the next will be sweet omegas.

“I already had to basically help raise you and Sukuna! Now I have to do it again?” Yuuji had laughed when Megumi had shouted those words, earning him the couch for the night. His mate had called the older Itadori twin, complaining about his perpetual pregnancies and crying over the phone how mean Yuuji was for getting him heavy with twins.

Sukuna had sat down with him a day later and maybe that was the reason they’d not had another right away like they’d been doing. “Megumi’s really exhausted from all these kids, Yuu. I get it, I do, my eyes aren’t broken. He looks like a little heavenly being when he’s pregnant, but you need to stop after the twins.”

The older alpha was his mate’s best friend, beside Yuuji, and Megumi told Sukuna everything. If his brother was sitting him down it meant that his omega was being pushed too hard. So he held back, satisfied with their four beautiful children.

“Play, daddy?” Kota asks and he kisses a chubby cheek while smiling, golden eyes sparkling up at him. Akira wiggles in his hold so he puts both twins down and decides on a game with all his children. Hide and sneak is the decision made and he counts, eyes closed, while they all hide. A finger taps his forehead lightly so he cracks one eye open to see his brother grinning down at him.

A finger is placed over the alpha’s lips and he chuckles. “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” his brother sings and excited rustling can be heard. All of his children love their uncle which is good, but his eldest especially. Tsumiki pops out of her spot and runs to Sukuna who picks her up and twirls her around.

“My gorgeous girl,” his brother remarks, kissing Miki all over her face. “You’re going to be out doing your mama soon.”

“Never!” Kuna yells because his oldest son will never stand for anything being said against Megumi. He tiptoes to where he knows his four year old is hiding, leaning over the back of the couch to look down at the boy. Honey eyes look back up at him. “Mama is the prettiest ever,” the little boy pouts and he nods.

“Oh, I know. Your Uncle is just delusional, we’ve talked about this, remember?” He grins conspiratorially with his son who beams up at him with a toothy grin, his new little canines shining brightly. The boy’s alpha teeth having come in the last few weeks. “Now why don’t you go tell mama that your most annoying uncle is here,” he says the last part loudly, hearing the twins and Miki giggling.

“Hey, hey I don’t have to be here.” Sukuna grumbles, but little hands pat tattooed cheeks and his brother nips teasingly at Miki’s fingers, smiling brightly. “Ah, how right, gorgeous. I simply have to come see the love of my life. Oh, Megumin,” the alpha shouts and they all hear clattering. “Most beautiful creature to ever grace this earth?”

Yuuji rolls his eyes as he hears footsteps approaching, his mate grinning as he enters the room. Sukuna whistles and winks at him, “Wow, Mama, still lookin-”

“Shut up, Sukuna,” he interrupts with a growl and glares, but his omega laughs and walks to his brother. Miki reaches out to her mother who grabs her up and kisses pale cheeks.

Yuuji sees the twins popping out and meandering over to their mother too, actually Kuna has too. Obviously, the favorite parent has been located. “It’s nice to see you, Sukuna,” Megumi smiles brightly and the two are hugging briefly. The omega is quick to get down onto his knees and cuddle all the children, the four piling onto Megumi’s lap and into his arms. “Were you all having fun with daddy and Uncle Crazy?” The children laugh, Kuna snuggling into Megumi’s throat and the twins openly ogling their mother’s chest. They’ve been weaned for months now, but Yuuji can’t blame them for wanting milk from the tap, especially since he’s still been sucking on those pretty tits for years.

Sukuna comes over to him and they embrace tightly. “Heard you have to leave a few days early?” he pats the other alpha on the back, nodding. “Now I can really take over your family while you’re traveling.”

“Not funny, Uncle Kuna.” Miki says, wagging a finger, so much like her mother that both alphas laugh. Megumi’s face is bright red, knowing exactly why they’re cackling, green eyes looking anywhere but at them.

Yuuji shakes his head, “Well, your uncle will definitely come round more while I’m away to check on mama and you all. Someone has to make sure you all haven’t driven your poor, pretty mother to insanity.” Megumi rolls his eyes and finally looks at Yuuji with an unimpressed face.

“Uncle Sukuna is always over,” Kuna grumbles and cuddles into his mother further. A true mama’s boy who has only become a worse cuddle monster since his little alpha hormones have started kicking in. Yuuji’s not looking forward to when his twins start hogging up their mother’s time too. At least, he has Tsumiki. His little cuddle bug comes to him when she sees her mother is being attacked by their hoard of alphas. He lifts her, holding her close, scenting the girl lovingly.

“Gorgeous, dinner ready?” Sukuna asks, going to the omega and grabbing one of the twins under each arm like sacks of flour. His omega nods, standing and kissing Kuna’s cheek as the little alpha clings to his mother’s neck.

“I just finished making it, come on.”

They all have a nice dinner together because Megumi is a Rockstar in the kitchen, and no one can tell him differently. The kids always eat their food when their mother cooks. The twins messily as they’re learning to use the right utensils. His omega is patient as he helps the children eat and he watches fondly.

The table has room for so many more.

A foot kicks his harshly. He looks to see Sukuna leveling a knowing look at him, assessing for a moment, before nodding. “Hey 'Gumi, you and Yuu want me to take the hellions tomorrow? I know he’s going to training soon.”

“Really?” Megumi looks excitedly at his brother. “Would you?”

“Anything for you, darlin’,” Sukuna grins when the omega gets up to throw a hug around the alpha’s shoulders.

“That would be amazing.” Yuuji grins, sharing a quick knowing look between his brother and himself. Oh, it was going to be amazing alright.

His brother stays the night and takes their minivan in the morning with the kids. They’re going on a trip to the beach which is an hour drive. He actually wishes he could go with, he knows he’s going to miss the fuck out of his family while he’s away, but he has better plans. Megumi is right where Yuuji wants him, in bed. Sleeping soundly, snuggling into the perpetual wall of blankets and pillows that surround their bed. It’s really a forever nest at this point, something his omega refuses to agree it is. He’s sure his mate is exhausted so he goes about cleaning up the messes he can.

Most of the house is organized because Megumi has a bit of OCD that used to be a lot worse before therapy, but with kids it’s a little hard to have anything where you want it. Megumi is an amazing mama too. Always anticipating what the kids need, teaching them gently, making them into good little people, but also spoiling them all with affection.

It’s a far cry from the days of grumpy teen Megumi, but Yuuji loves how happy his omega is. When they’d started dating it’d taken him nearly half a year before he ever heard a purr or chirp, the sounds established as happy, contented omega noises. He’d been worrying that his boyfriend had been miserable only for Megumi to blush so brightly in embarrassment, tears in green eyes, that Yuuji’d finally figured out that the omega was nervous about being openly soft and vulnerable with him.

They’d worked on that, and when Tsumiki came? Megumi purred nearly every day for months when he held their baby to his chest, radiating happiness.

Yuuji’d like to see that all over again.

He comes back to bed at nine in the morning, smiling as he looks at his sleeping mate, quickly taking a picture of his love. The Alpha climbs into bed after stripping down to his boxers, snuggling in close, curling that tiny body against his own. Megumi snuffles sweetly before settling back into sleep. He naps for an hour, letting the omega rest, but at ten he slowly wakes his mate with gentle kisses and squeezes. Green eyes crack open slowly, a yawn stretching pink lips wide. Megumi’s so pretty that he looks cute when he does most things, even yawning.

When they were younger, Yuuji always knew his best friend was pretty. Everyone, literally everyone, told him so. Especially Sukuna.

Sukuna with his constant litany of ‘gorgeous, beautiful, or pretty, pretty Megumin.’ The words always made the omega blush, and in turn made Yuuji seethe. “You know if you don’t ask him out I will?” Sukuna said their sophomore year, red eyes looking at him like he was a complete idiot.

“Didn’t he reject you for like the 17th time last week?” Yuuji huffed and got slapped on the back of the head.

“You’re as dense as he is stupid for waiting around for you. He likes you, idiot. We’re best friends, I love him, but he wants you.” It surprises him, honestly makes him freeze and spend the rest of the day bumbling around like an idiot. After school when he looks at Megumi those green eyes seem to brighten when they look at him, the omega smiles brighter, hugs him tight.

Oh shit. He’s an idiot, he'd thought.

Thankfully, he gets his shit together and they start dating, then mate, and then marry. A little out of order, but hey it happens! The mating was Megumi’s fault anyways. Visiting him while Yuuji was at an away training, in full heat, and looking like a treat he had to have. He has to go to training in between bouts, his team clapping him on the back knowingly as he’d come in smelling of omega heat, and all being little shits.

Tsumiki is conceived during that training camp.

Kuna had been conceived after he’d been away for two months for the season and the twins, well the twins had been on their anniversary where Gojo Satoru, Megumi’s guardian and basically his father-in-law, had sent them on a very nice vacation to the Maldives while watching his ‘adorable grandbabies’.

Sukuna had literally had to pick the kids up a day later because Satoru had no idea how to handle Kuna as a toddler, who was an absolute menace to society when he wasn’t around his mother. The pictures he received of Satoru’s ruined all white carpet is saved in his phone under ‘Why Satoru does not babysit’.

With a grin, he kisses his claim bite and Megumi mumbles sleepily, looking at him with emerald’s shining happily. “Morning, baby,” the omega says gently, making him soften instantly.

“Morning, flower,” he kisses pink lips before arranging them so their chests are touching. Megumi hums happily, sighing into their kiss.

“I’m going to miss this,” the words are sad, heavy.

“It’s only three months out of the country,” Yuuji pets black hair gently, seeing the unhappy narrowing of green eyes.

“I know, I still don’t have to like it when you leave though.” He sighs, large hands soothing down a slim back. “It’s not easy raising your brood while you’re off playing star celebrity athlete I love it, but it’s not easy. My Alpha leaves me for a quarter of the year and then trains like a maniac the rest of it.” He nuzzles apologetically into his mate’s throat.

They’ve had this conversation for years now and he would never say Megumi isn’t right. Megumi also isn’t trying to guilt him about what he does, they both know that when Yuuji retires then they’ll be able to just be together, but for now it’s months of not being able to be touch one another and facetime with the kids.

“If we’re lucky I have ten more years in me,” Yuuji remarks, smiling a little. “It’s not so bad, I’ll be able to get you through Kuna being a teenager.” He grins when the omega’s eyes widen in mortification.

“Shut up, please don’t remind me that I have Sukuna Jr for a child. My poor heart can’t take it,” his mate presses the back of his hand to his forehead looking the weary, poor mother he definitely will be in a decade's time. “I love him, I try so hard, but fuck if he isn’t just like him. I mean I named him right. The next one is going to be Choso, your cousin is the most boring person I’ve ever met. I need a boring kid.”

Yuuji snorts and kisses his mate lovingly. “Okay, well I can help with that,” a hand slaps his side playfully, green eyes glaring at him.

“Not an invitation. I said no more and I mean it. I’m too tired from four. You put me through twins, twins! No more Yuuji.” Megumi is giving him that glare that means ‘unless you convince me’ and oh, oh Sukuna was so right. He loves twin telepathy sometimes.

“You sure, Gumi? No more?” He lilts his voice so it gets husky like the omega likes. “Don’t you like being full of me? Round with my baby? It’s been so long too, nearly two years. The twins are walking now. Wouldn’t another child at your breast make you happy?” There is a steadily growing blush on pale cheeks and he smells arousal on his mate.

“Oh, what’s that sweetheart?” He grins and tugs his omega’s underwear off, a small wet spot already on them. “You wouldn’t be getting wet from the thought of me breeding you, would you?”

His mate shakes his head, biting his lip. “No, you’re just an idiot. Shut up.” Oh, he’s so close to getting a yes. Megumi is all blush now, heart hammering, and he licks his lips as the scent of slick grows.

“Really? Because it seems like you’d like me to pup you, omega.” He growls, scooting back on the bed to grab a pale foot, pressing kisses to it. “Come on, love. Isn’t your poor little womb so empty?” He bites the omega’s instep, toes curling against his cheek, making him grin. Megumi’s eyes are half lidded, a pale hand over that woefully flat belly.

“When I come home you’ll just start to round, unless we do it like before, your hungry womb giving me two again,” Megumi groans, long throat stretching, a hand rubbing over his pretty face.

“Please shut up. Please, Yuu, I can’t do this again. I want to, I do, but it’s so hard without you. Miki is going to school, Kuna is Kuna, and the twins try to suck on my tits still every chance they get. I just can’t,” Yuuji smiles and kisses his way up that long leg then up that beautiful body until his lips can meet his omega’s.

“I’ll ask Sukuna to move in. He’s obsessed with the kids and he can help, like a live-in nanny.” Megumi groans.

“You want Big Sukuna with his mini me? Honestly?” Okay, well yeah, no.

“Satoru then? Your dad is always asking to visit.”

“My dad barely raised me right. Or do we not remember my years of therapy?” A raised brow makes him sigh.

‘Come on Yuuji’, he peps himself up, ‘You can do this. He wants a baby, what can you do to get that? Think. Think.’

“I’ll take next season off.” Megumi’s eyes widen and he smiles brightly at the honest shock in them.

“W-what?” The omega stutters making him laugh. It’s rare to surprise his mate, and he loves when he manages it.

“I’ll take next season off. Then we’ll have nearly a year and a half together.” Megumi shakes his head, sighing.

“No, no. We both know a season off can kill a career and you’re at your peak right now,” warm thighs press at his sides, a pale hand grabbing his cheek. “You really want another one that badly?”

Yuuji turns into that soft hand and kisses his mate’s palm. “Baby, if I could keep you pregnant for the rest of our lives I would. You have no idea what it does to me.” There is a heavy sigh and those jewel colored eyes shut. Megumi’s contemplating, he always looks like this when he is trying to decide between what he wants and what he should do. “Sukuna isn’t that bad of an influence. I know my brother doesn’t mind being a live-in uncle. It’ll give him time to work on his art.”

Megumi sighs and looks up at him with the weakest glare. “Why do I let you talk? Every time I let you talk you win. It’s unfair.”

His eyes widen and he ducks down, kissing his mate hungrily. His hands grabbing soft thighs and spreading them wide. The scent of slick is heavy now, but his own arousal has been calling back in return while they were speaking. Scent speaks for them so much, tells them what the other truly wants, and he knows that Megumi wants this. Wants to be bred and made big with a baby again.

“I love you. I love you so much,” he mumbles, placing sloppy kisses against blushing cheeks.

Megumi rolls his eyes and huffs. “Shut up and breed me already. Fuck, you say you’re going to pup me and then you go all sappy. Stupid alpha,” challenge sparks in green eyes and he snarls, growling at his mate.

“Omega,” he growls and rips his boxers off, erection already proudly at attention. “You want it?” Those pretty eyes are zeroed in on his dick, a pink tongue licking along plump lips. “Wanna suck me off first, get me wet?”

“No, no fuck me like this? Wanna feel you.” He growls at how needy his mate sounds.

His omega’s hole is covered in slick, dripping into the sheets below them, and he is quick to assess how tight it is. Two fingers slip inside with only a little resistance, but three makes Megumi wince just a little. “Easy, easy. Daddy has you,” he mumbles and smirks at the sudden spike of heat that hits him. “Oh, does mama like that?”

He looks up to see pale hands covering the omega’s face. His fingers pause, but he feels needy clenching and blinks. “Ignore me,” Megumi bites out behind his hands.

“Baby, I really can’t do that.” He remarks while crooking his fingers. His other hand reaches and eases away those pretty hands from his beloved’s face. “What’s got you hiding?”

“I-I just am so happy that you’re the father to my children,” it’s absolutely adorable when his mate hiccups, pretty tears falling over flushed cheeks. “I’m sorry, my hormones have been all over the place lately.”

Hormones? He sniffs at Megumi, ducking to his throat and breathing in deeply. There isn’t a milk scent like if they’d had an accidental baby, but it smells almost like spice. “Heat?”

“I don’t know, it’s been on and off like flashes?” His brow furrows, they’ll go to the doctor then for that. Check it out. “It’s so annoying. All I want is you to fuck me all the time. Like I’ll be taking the kids to the park and bam my inner omega is panting for it. It’s been really frustrating.” He croons to comfort his mate who nuzzles him in return.

“Let me give you what you need then?” Megumi nods and he smiles. Crooking his fingers he watches pleasure cover his mate’s expression, white teeth biting into a reddening lip. “Oh, gorgeous. You’re such a dream,” he whispers into a pink ear, licking it slowly. The body under him shivers and he smirks, biting the sensitive flesh.

A third finger squeezes into the omega’s wet channel. It’s still tight, too tight for a good pleasurable knotting. They’d found that out the hard way when they were just dating. Yuuji’s knot was big, too big for them to ever not prep even with how wet Megumi got. He stretches his mate out on his fingers, making sure to screw them in and play with that oh so sensitive bitch button inside his omega.

Megumi is all arousal and want now, green eyes full of lust for him, want for him. “Alpha,” that one word drives him crazy, making his fingers pull out and his dick jump in excitement. “Want a baby, want a pup.”

“Omega,” he rumbles, pleased, “anything you want.” His dick bumps against that sweet, wanting rim. Teasing it, making it spread for him, open to accept what he can give. Pale arms wrap around his shoulders as long legs wrap around his waist.

Soft lips kiss his cheek, dragging along to his ear, “Breed me, daddy,” His dick rocks home in one thrust and he growls. Control shot as those heady words fill his brain. Alpha instincts taking over

His Omega wants him, he needs to provide. He needs to pup him, must fill that little belly with child, make it swell, make it big again. His fangs extend and he huffs at the feeling of nails digging into his back, little tears in green eyes as his mate adjusts. “Behave,” he growls and his mate bares his throat, submitting below him. He bites the exposed flesh and sucks at it greedily. His hips stutter, wanting to start fucking, but he waits. “I don’t want to hurt you, behave.”

Megumi growls gently and he bites again, harder until he hears quiet whimpers. “Behave or I won’t pup you at all. Naughty bitches get nothing.” His omega whines and clenches around his cock tightly.

“I’ll be good, promise,” he grins, kissing away the small amount of blood rising from the fresh bites on his mate’s throat.

“Good, baby.” Megumi is rarely ever good for long though. He loves to be bratty in bed and Yuuji loves it too. He has to work to get the omega to submit which makes him excited to have the beauty bending to his will now. He wants to breed his mate, and he can’t do that if his mate is being a brat, well he can but he prefers when he gets the omega to beg.

“What do you need?” He asks softly after a kiss is pressed to his lips.

“You,” it makes him smile. He pulls his hips back and slams them back in.

“Cute, but you have me. I should say what do you want?” He growls, licking at tears that roll down red cheeks, loving the salty taste of them.

“Pups, want your pups,” the words are whined, nails digging into his back harder, trying to spur him on.

“Beg me for them then,” he stills, making green eyes widen and become teary.

Pink lips tremble sweetly, they both know that Megumi isn’t leaving this room without a pup or two planted in his womb, but his alpha needs this. He needs his omega to give in. “P-please Alpha? Want your baby, want to be round and heavy with it, want you to show everyone I’m yours. Please?” He growls in satisfaction, rolling his hips.

“Omega,” his voice drops deeper, eyes zeroed onto emeralds, “and if I want you to be round with one always?”

“Anything you want, Alpha, everything you want.” The words are panted. Yuuji chuckles happily, his inner animal satisfied. He pulls out and pistons back in, knowing his mate’s body well enough to easily find the snag of his womb. Megumi shouts, hands moving to his shoulders. “Yuu-Yuuji, wait,” black brows knit, looking near in pain.

“You okay?” He asks quickly and the omega shakes his head. He pulls out and the omega turns onto his belly, presenting.

“Angle was wrong, you can’t get in right like that.” His eyes widen before a pleased, rumbling vibrates from his chest into his omega below as he covers that tiny body with his. Megumi’s height checked out at 5’8, but Yuuji was a strong 6’4 now and wide with muscle. His mate truly looked itty bitty compared to him and it always amazed him how strong that little body was. Plush ass cheeks press against his cock in want, and he’s not one to deny his mate anything. He eases inside again and Megumi’s right, his dick goes straight to his mate’s cervix like this and in. Megumi shouts, ducking into the pillows as Yuuji slides further and further in. His cock stretching that small space out.

Little whimpers make him go easy at first, but they soon turn into moans of delight. Yuuji bends down, biting into his mate’s neck, freshening the claim bite and starts rutting. They’ve both discovered that gentling during sex makes Megumi absolutely delirious with pleasure. Endorphins flooding his mate and making him lax as he’s fucked into the mattress. Yuuji pulls back, pleased with the high-pitched keen he gets as he kneels behind his mate. His large hands cover a trim belly that will soon grow with his pup once more. He starts a merciless rut, fucking that pretty body hard and deep. “A-Alpha,” his mate whines, raising his hips while arching his back even further, shifting so his dick slides in even deeper.

“Breed you right, baby. Triplets this time, you think?” He grows and his omega shivers, slick gushing around his cock. “You’d like that, hmm? Three at once. You grew so big with our twins, nearly bedridden the last month.” He rumbles in pleasure, remembering how large his mate had been. How beautiful. He thrusts in harder, deeper, watches that peach of an ass bounce with each movement. He brings a hand down hard and smirks when his omega gasps, feet flying up and hitting Yuuji’s ass. “Ah, does my baby like that?” He slaps a round cheek again, timing it with a deep thrust and Megumi chokes out, hands digging into the pillow the omega is holding onto.

The nest is ruined, but they’ll have to wash the bed anyways with it smelling of sex and cum. “Again, please?” He hears the mumbled plea and grins. Megumi always did like a little pain with his pleasure. He spanks the omega twice more before his cock is gripped hotly and his mate is cumming hard, a strangled cry making him grin. Yuuji’s close too so he drills harder, knot starting to swell as he forces it in and out, just enough to make the omega below him senseless. Megumi loves being knotted, it makes him go absolutely brainless when it happens, and the alpha loves it.

Every slip in gets him a needy moan, the anticipation building, and then finally it catches and locks. Popping fully inside making the omega scream in pleasure. They both can feel his cock lodged firmly in the omega’s womb, pumping it full. Green eyes are rolled back, mouth slack and drooling. Yuuji howls in delight at the sight. His hand touches his mate’s belly, wishing he could see inside as his sperm seeds his mate’s womb. Soon Megumi will be rounding with his pup again, no his pups. He knows it’ll be multiples. Can feel just how much Megumi wants it to be more and he’ll make sure it’ll take, he’ll fill that tiny space with his seed again and again to ensure it.

“Such a good omega for me,” he growls and Megumi keens, the praise making his mate’s scent light with happiness. His inner alpha rumbles, pleased. Yuuji lays on top of his mate, controlling their bodies' slow descent to the bed, his omega pressed flat with him locked deep inside. It’ll be a half hour before he can pull out and he knows his mate will want to ride his knot next round so for now he thinks a nap will be best.

His teeth bite into that oh so red claim bite once more and Megumi ‘ahs’ softly, eyes fluttering closed as he’s gentled. He pulls back and licks the wound lovingly. “You did good, omega, taking me so deep. Sleep now, baby.”

“Love you,” his mate pants, turning his head so they can kiss. It’s sweet and sleepy, green eyes closing, exhaustion and Yuuji's Alpha command pushing his love under. He takes care to turn them to their sides, not wanting to crush his mate while they nap.

He rubs his cheek along pale freckled shoulders and black hair gently, breathing in the scent of his omega smelling so deeply of him that he can’t help how his dick twitches while inside that fertile little body. Soon his mate will swell with his pups again, tits and belly growing big because of him, for him. With a happy sigh he lays his head down and digs his nose into black hair.

“Love you too, Megumi,” Yuuji whispers, laying a hand over his lover’s belly, hardly able to contain his excitement for when it will be rounded once more.

Two months later, Yuuji gets a call at practice from Sukuna that he picks up immediately. His coach already knows that Megumi was going to his prenatal check-up today so it’s fine. However, he’s instantly worried when his brother calls instead of his mate. His worry quickly changes to personal concern for his safety when Sukuna is cackling, facetiming him, and he can clearly see how angry his mate is behind his brother’s shoulder. Poisonous green eyes glaring at him and face red. “I can’t wait for your funeral, bro,” his twin manages, laughing louder.

His teammates stare at him. Inumaki and Todo coming over and giving him wide eyes. “M-Megumi?” He stutters nervously and oh no, oh no that’s the nose wrinkle of distaste. Oh fuck. “Baby?” He tries sweetly and three fingers go up.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” His mate hisses and he is very ashamed of how excited his alpha is getting. “I said one, goddammit! One pup! Not fucking three. You’re never touching me again, do you hear me? You and your freak alpha sperm can go have fun with your hand for the rest of your natural born life!”

His teammates are doing their best to not laugh, covering their mouths and snickering. Coach Nanami is giving him the annoyed look that means he’s not pleased with his call becoming a huge spectacle and derailing practice. “I’m sorry, baby, but you know how about I come home next weekend-”

“Oh hell no!” Megumi growls and he tenses, “I’m taking the kids and disappearing forever. You and your fucking ‘I want to have another kid’ and me just letting you get what you want! God-fucking-dammit, Itadori Yuuji!”

Sukuna is laughing so hard the phone is shaking and Yuuji really wants to not be yelled at for something they both decided on, but he also knows triplets will be hard. Megumi struggled with twins, this won’t be something that will be easy to handle. “I’m sorry, baby,” he says quietly and Megumi softens just a little.

“You better be. I want a new nesting bed, maternity clothes, and I also want you to get me that new-” he nods as his mate begins listing off demands, his teammates all walking past him and patting him on his shoulders. “Also, I want a vacation. A nice one. Before I pop, probably literally. No kids.”

“Anything you want, baby, everything you want.” he promises and his omega sniffs smugly, green eyes looking at him then with just a little bit more warmth.

“I love you,” Megumi says quietly, having taken the phone from his brother who is sitting behind the omega, on what he thinks is one of those doctor's office tables.

“And I love you. I’ll come home soon.” His omega nods and they end the call.

Triplets. Fuck. Wow. He grins like an idiot.

Yuuji can’t wait to see how big his mate gets with his pups this time, his perfect, pretty little breeder.

Chapter Text

Cream and moonlight and beauty lay before him. His eyes skimming over the way this body looks below him. He’s never witnessed someone who was the scorn of the heavens above, but he believes this boy is. No other has ever been so captivating before, so entrancing. Where this boy goes head turn and it is not just humans, but curses too. Even the King of them all is salivating after this little beauty, this heavenly body brought to live with lesser beings. He does not understand why the gods would let one of their own come down, to suffer among the filth of humanity, for it is cruel for humans to have to compare themselves to perfection.

His hands roam over naked, cool skin, looking so big on the boy’s thin frame. It’s lean, muscular, but there are parts that are soft, malleable. He traces over the jut of hips and over ribs. “Your fawning is unexpected,” there is an easy humor in the boy’s voice, green eyes looking at him fondly. “What? You fucked me so now you’re feeling sentimental?”

He shakes his head, his own messy black hair getting in his eyes. Gentle hands brush it away, a serene smile over pink lips. “I am admiring perfection.”

Megumi scoffs, shaking his head. “I’m not with you for that. I don’t want admiration, I don’t deserve it.” It’s not true, he thinks, as those long fingers rake along his scalp, making him groan at the sensation. He’s lived so long in a prison he could not escape that now he feels everything so deeply, every touch and sensation more special than ever before.

“You will be unhappy if I say otherwise so I will refrain,” he remarks, but still traces his hands over that pretty body softly, reverently. “You are made of moonlight and star shine. It is amazing to me.”

Megumi frowns, a hand grabbing his wrist. “I am shadow and rage and sadness. Don’t make me anything more, please?” He knows the teen hates being revered; by his peers, elders, and those who will follow behind him, but Fushiguro Megumi is a name even whispered among curses.

No longer is Gojo Satoru the only sorcerer worth their fear. No, the prodigy lives. Choso had been foolish believing it had been his brother, the vessel, but that was all Yuuji was. A house for a greater power. Fushiguro Megumi was a god walking. None other could use their technique like he could, none cared to. For who could love curses? Who could accept the evil within themselves and use it? Shadows need anger. They need a dark, hurt soul to feed off of.

He thinks of the night sky. The moon is surrounded by a endless blackness and so is this beautiful, terrifying boy. It is why so many want him, crave him, reach out to him. Yet Choso was the one that the teen had reached for. He was insignificant in all this, but when his black eyes had met emerald greens there had been something.

Something poisonous and treacherous.

Choso knew what love was. He loved his brothers, but what he felt for Megumi was not love, or perhaps it was, but it was different. He simply was a servant at a benevolent god’s altar. A finger flicks his forehead, making him hiss. “Stop being weird.” The words are said with an added eye roll, but the boy is smiling at him.


He doesn’t know why it makes his chest ache, perhaps because he knows that this will not last, that they can’t be anything beyond a fleeting moment of comfort. If he was not a curse perhaps. Perhaps in a good world, they could have a life where he was a good man who could save Megumi from this life of war and pain, give him a home, a family. Choso has a family though, has Yuuji, and the boy below him is a God of War and Beauty.

Megumi is not wrong. The teen is rage and sadness, forged from the fire of a hard life and loses no child should endure. He is more too though. The teen is his soft smile, his caring heart, and his fierce love of his friends. Even that does not scratch the surface of what is Fushiguro Megumi. Soft lips press to his in a quick peck. “Please stop being mushy. I can’t stand how soft you’re looking at me.” There is a worry behind green eyes. He remembers their promise, how they came to share comfort in one another.

No attachments. No emotions, but they’ve both failed at that. The last months, they’ve grown fond of each other. Megumi will let Choso lay his head in his lap while reading or cook meals with him. In return, he’ll massage shoulders that are holding up the weight of the world and run hot baths when he sees how overwhelmed the boy is becoming. No 16 year old should have to save everyone they love, to be a pillar for every sorcerer to watch for the next move.

Yet because Megumi is the prodigy, is the son of Fushiguro Toji and also Gojo Satoru, the Master of Ten Shadows, and the head of the Zen’in all eyes are on him. All hands are stretched out asking for the teen’s help. It infuriates him. Even his brother relies too much on Megumi, needing him constantly without seeing how it taxes the little god.

Choso sees, he watches, and never asks. Never needs, just wants.

“Make me bleed?” The words are quiet, a plea that can only be heard by his ears. Megumi’s eyes are hopeful now. This too is why they came together.

The release.

Megumi likes the pain of being cut, likes the way he can let go while Choso licks at the wound, tasting divinity in the teen’s blood. They don’t always do this, actually it’s not as often as before, but when they do it’s always followed by a recovery day where he keeps to the boy’s side, water and food within reach. “Okay,” he answers softly, pressing down to snatch up that sweet mouth in a kiss again. They’ve already gone two rounds. Worked most of their arousal out, but this is for a different sort of pleasure. Their kissing is deep, hungry. Both of them striving to feel comfort for a brief moment instead of the chaos that bites at their heels.

He raises his hand and lets his nails become razor sharp claws. Slowly, he drags his pointer finger over the flesh of Megumi’s right pec and the teen groans, lip bitten between white teeth. Red wells up over white cream and it’s delectable. The first time he’d seen Megumi covered in blood was when he realized just how beautiful the boy was, he’d always known but the way that ruby red dripped down pale skin and made the teen look like a warrior king was soul stopping.

Now he gets to be the one to make red drip over white and it’s intoxicating to watch, but even more so to taste. His tongue snakes along the fresh cut making Megumi hiss. Long fingers wrap into his hair as he begins to suck on the fresh cut, pooling delicious warm blood into his mouth. He lets it sit on his tongue, savors it for but a moment before swallowing it down. The boy’s blood is rich, warm with power. Choso knows blood and knows it well. So he knows that he will never taste such a sweet wine again therefore he must make sure to enjoy it while he can.

“A-again,” Megumi moans, blush covering his cheeks, and mouth hanging open. Choso can feel the teen’s cock twitching between their bellies, his own hard against a soft inner thigh. He’s careful where he cuts, always making sure they are shallow and will heal quickly. Today, he decides to be a little more adventurous.

He switches to the boy’s other pec and licks at an erect nipple, sucking on it sweetly. It’s already been abused throughout the night, very sensitive from his previous attentions. It does not surprise him when the teen whimpers at the suction, fingers tightening in his hair. He pulls back just slightly. “I want to bite you. Deep. Right here.”

Green eyes alight with desire. He knows the boy agrees, but waits for a sharp nod before continuing. He settles his teeth around that stiff nipple and bites, digging his teeth in until blood wells into his mouth. Like a babe, he suckles at Megumi’s teat; only his mouth is filled with something far more precious than mother’s milk.

The body below his arches up, pressing hard into him. He reaches between them and grabs the teen’s cock, jacking it mercilessly while he feasts hungrily. “Ch-Choso,” his name spoken by an angel is better than any human composition.

He continues to suckle, and he couldn’t even pull back if he wanted to, head held firmly to that sensitive nipple. “D-deeper,” the word makes him groan and indeed push his fangs in harder, deeper. Blood spills past his lips, dripping down the teen’s pale skin beautifully.

Strong legs wrap around his waist, keeping him close, but he would be nowhere else. He drinks and drinks, like some sort of pet vampire. Each swallow earns him a moan, each press of his teeth a whine. He jacks his hand harder, pulling back when he hears the hitch in Megumi’s breath, his eyes looking up in amazement as green eyes shut tightly, as the body below his seizes, as cum shoots between the space between them.


How beautiful.

Choso tilts his head, laying it on that firm chests as he watches the boy cum and settle into his afterglow. This he loves most. The after is the best part when Megumi looks peaceful, settled, after being shown the proper adoration and care. His own erection matters little to him. After all, cream and moonlight and beauty lay before him now tinged with dark, tantalizing red. There is no better sight. No other Heavenly being could compare so he stares, admiring and memorizing for no one gets to look at perfection forever.

Chapter Text

The night air is cool against his heated skin, all his windows thrown open, clothes thrown off his body, while he tries to cool off. Megumi knows what this is, it’s pretty hard not to realize with his dick painfully hard and his mind only focusing on either fucking or fighting. It’s frustrating. He thought he’d be better than this when his knot popped, more grounded. “Fuck,” he grimaces, leaning forward so his hands can rest against his knees. “Fuck,” it’s not even his rut yet. It’s just the beginning signs. It’ll take probably a day or two before it comes along fully. With a defeated sigh, he flops back into his bed. His scent is going wild too, filling the room and seeping out his windows.

Megumi grabs his dick, starting to stroke it, but it’s not very pleasurable. No, his brain wants an omega’s soft heat, wants to knot, and breed. “Goddammit,” he growls, trying to focus on edging off some of his needs. It’ll be a temporary relief, but it’ll still be one. His orgasm does come with an unsatisfying shot of cum along his stomach, it’s thick and such a waste, could of been used to pup a bitch. Megumi’s eyes shut hard, shaking his head. Fucking Alpha brain.

With a grunt, he stands and wipes his chest and stomach off with a discarded shirt. He throws some sweatpants on, grabs his toiletries, and makes for the shower. He needs to cool down. It’s best for an Alpha to take cold showers, be blasted with AC, and basically freeze themselves so they get a little languid.

Heat just makes them sweat which makes them more anxious which generally leads to them losing control.

He grumbles to himself the whole way to the shower about ‘shit alpha brains’ and is just generally annoyed, not paying any attention to his surrounds. Megumi’s nose twitches, catching the scent of sunflowers and book pages. His green eyes meet wide honey browns. “H-hey, Fushiguro!” The omega smiles at him nervously, covered in sweat from an early morning run he’s sure.

“Itadori,” he greets, stepping back. “Sorry, didn’t think you’d be up.” The omega shakes his head and smiles at him.

“I was restless,” honey eyes look him over from top to bottom and then up again slowly, a pink tongue darting over full lips. “Y-you go first.”

Megumi nods because he really doesn’t have the energy for words or a conversation with the omega, the pretty and strong omega, right now. His dick already hardening again at just the smell in the air and he wants to groan in annoyance. “Unless you’d like some help with that?” There is a brow raised at him.

Red colors his cheeks when he sees that his erection is very evident. “Not funny,” he rushes into the bathroom, throwing the door closed. Fucking Itadori, making fun of him like that. Omegas can be so cruel. It’s not like he wants to be going around popping boners just because Itadori smells good and looks so, so fuckable. Ugh. How annoying. He’s silently cursing his dad for being such a strong alpha, why couldn’t he just be a beta or something?

With a shrug, he proceeds to try to make himself into a human ice cube with a frigid shower. It helps tamper down some of his less savory thoughts. Megumi feels more himself now, less antsy. Still frustrated, but that’s not going to go away until his rut does.

Thankfully Satoru already knows and he’s on leave until his rut ends, so probably another three days of this nonsense. With a sigh, he trudges to the kitchen for probably one of the last real meals he’ll have before all he can do is pathetically jack off and hump his pillows. It’s a simple meal of rice and ginger tea, he barely gets it down, stomach a mess of knots. Megumi’d never wanted to go through this, never wanted to deal with gender dynamics on top of everything else. Of course, he knew he was an alpha. The stupid test when he was in middle school said as much, but he’d always hoped it was a mistake. Most of the population, like 63% or something, were betas now. Why not him?

He cleans up, his melancholy at his situation quickly morphing back to anxiousness. Sweat pearling on his brow again. There are sounds of someone starting to get ready for the day which he guesses is Nobara. He definitely wants to avoid her, she’ll probably take pictures of him all sweaty and flushed. Megumi’s not even wearing a shirt, just loose sweatpants. He knows Nobara will send a picture of him in the group chat with a comment like ‘look who’s becoming an adult’ or ‘Alpha’s first time uwu’. She’s annoying like that but he likes her. Enjoys her friendship even when she gets on his nerves.

It’s slowly becoming more hazy in his mind, more filled with anger and need. It’s why he also knows he needs to get back to his room. He trudges back, wrapped up in his own mind to the point he doesn’t notice the sweet scent coming from behind his door. He enters it and goes about putting his toiletries away.

“Fushiguro?” Itadori’s voice makes him jump. With wide eyes he looks to his bed where the omega is sitting, crisscrossed with his phone in his lap.

“Y-you can’t be here,” he mutters, eyes staring at a very naked chest and broad shoulders. The other boy is also just in sweatpants and Megumi can’t stop staring. His alpha brain kicking in. There is an omega in his bed, in his room while he’s in need. It takes him slamming his fist into the wall to stop himself from jumping the omega right there.

“Get out. Please, you smell-” like heaven wrapped into a single being and the omega always has. Even before his rut came, his knot popping, he’s wanted Itadori.

“I don’t want to.” The omega sniffs, eyes staring at him with a playfulness he doesn’t know how to react to. “I’d like to help you. Can’t I do that? Don’t you need help?”

A shiver runs down his spine when the omega stands and approaches him, cool fingertips reach out and drag along his chest and then down over his abs. “Won’t you let me help you, Alpha?”

His brain screeches to a halt, but his body is on the move. He grabs the omega by the ass, fingers digging in as their mouths crash together. Their kissing is harsh, all teeth and tongues. Breathy moans and groans filling the room. He herds the omega back to the bed, pushing him down to it with his own body while he continues to taste him.

“M-Megumi,” that call of his name makes his dick fill out instantly, needing this omega. He growls, snapping his teeth in reply, eyes zeroing in on the lust blown ones staring up at him. Wide hands are splayed along his shoulder blades, slight pressure pushing him down so they’re chest to chest. “You smell so good, could smell you from my room.” Kisses are being pecked along his face which is confusing. Why is this omega being soft with him? He tilts his head, trying to clear his mind.

“Itadori-” he starts, but a hand slaps over his mouth.

“Yuuji. If you’re going to fuck me you’re calling me by my name,” he nods and licks the palm over his mouth, biting at it too. This omega tastes as good as he smells. “You’re really hot like this. You’re so controlled all the time, but you’re like a puppy.” He growls into that hand now, pulling back so he can shoot a sharp glare down at Yuuji.

“Hey, hey sorry,” there is a gentle smile directed at him while cool hands rubbing along his sides, soothing his offended inner Alpha. He ducks down, pressing his nose to the omega’s scent gland to breathe him in. It’s so nice here, smells so good. It reminds him of the meadow Satoru would take him to as a child. They’d sit in the wildflowers and read books together. Those days are gone, but it’s like this omega’s scent is letting him know he’s safe.

He can trust Yuuji.

“I could hurt you,” he whispers, dragging himself back to look into honey eyes. “I’m barely here right now.”

“I’m strong.” The omega says back. “Just you try.” The challenge makes his blood boil, but he doesn’t set on the other teen just yet.

“C-collar. I know I’ll try to bite you. You need one.” Yuuji smiles and nods. It takes everything in him to not force the omega back down onto the bed when he stands up and goes to a hoodie that’s been dropped onto the ground. A thick, but sleek black collar is produced. Yuuji makes a show of putting it on and locking it so Megumi can’t claim him. at least not today. Thankfully, the omega isn’t in heat so he doesn’t have to worry about contraception. “Bed.” He growls when the warm scent of slick tickles his nose.

“Yes, Alpha,” he rumbles in pleasure when this omega listens. This is a strong mate, a good one, this one could be his, but not yet. In the future. Megumi needs to prove himself as a strong match. Alphas are providers. Today he will provide pleasure. He arranges the omega so tanned, muscular legs hang off the side of the bed, stripping Yuuji of his pants quickly. When he looks down there is a juicy cunt dripping and cock leaking. “Pretty,” he mumbles as he looks over the entire package. His mate has scars here and there, signs of battles won, of survival.

Megumi is a survivor too, his own scars stark against his pale skin. They are a good match.

“Gorgeous,” the omega says, a smirk on slightly swollen lips. Honey eyes are honed in on him, feasting on the sight of Megumi in what he’s pretty sure is full rut now. The alpha kneels between toned thighs, dragging a biting kiss from knee to inner thigh. Yuuji’s muscles jump under his touch and it makes him growl in pleasure, enjoying how the omega reacts. “Megumi, what are you doing?” The alpha doesn’t believe an answer is very necessary at this point.

He raises two of his fingers and pushes them to that dripping, wanting hole, pushing them in slowly. There is no resistance, but that means little when a knot pops. Yuuji’s cock has filled out and he eyes it, tilting his head in thought. Alpha’s are meant to provide. He’d like, he has to make this omega feel good. Show that he is a good Alpha, a good mate.

Megumi inches forward, breathing the heavy scent of sunflower and paper off the other teen while he nuzzles the omega’s cock. He stretches his fingers out while he does this, making wide hips buck into his ministrations. “You can just fuck me?” Yuuji says, eyes wide on him. “I can take you.”

He growls and licks along the omega’s cock. A hand instantly winds up in his hair, tightening in it. “Megumi?”

“Wanna make you feel good,” he mumbles, licking at Yuuji’s leaking cockhead. Honey eyes are completely lust blown and the hand in his hair is tightening even still.

“N-never thought you’d be like this,” the omega mumbles, head falling back as Megumi opens his mouth and takes that pretty cock into his throat. It’s not big, but he’s never done this before so he can’t fit all of it but he’ll learn how to. “No, oh god, you-you can’t,” Yuuji’s hips buck again, the hand in his hair holding the alpha in place and forcing his throat to take more.

He chokes for a moment, but uses an arm to hold those dangerous hips down to the bed. He’d slipped a third finger inside while he was taking in Yuuji’s cock, now he can truly say the omega is soaked for him at this point. He widens his fingers out, making sure there won’t be any pain later on, and bobs his head.

Yuuji has both hands in his hair and has managed to plant his feet against the alpha’s back. He continues to move his head, sucking and licking, pleasuring his mate as best he can. “Alpha, Alpha, cumming!” It’s no surprise that Yuuji’s close with what he’s been doing to him.

His fingers are being clenched down on tightly and his hair is now fisted in two hands, head being held down as his mate’s cock cums down his throat. The alpha swallows as best he can, thankful when he’s able to pull back. His green eyes look over his omega. Yuuji is panting heavily, chest rising and falling rapidly, while glassy eyes stare at the ceiling above them. A little worried for his mate he rumbles in question. An answering purr makes him relax. He begins kissing up from his mate’s softening cock over hard abs, full pecs, and that covered neck. His teeth ache to bite into it, he wants to claim this omega, they’re so pretty and strong and lovely. They smell so good and Megumi made them cum so he’s a good Alpha, isn’t he? Wouldn’t this omega want to be his mate?

Fruitlessly, he bites at the leather on the omega’s neck, frustrated. A wide hands strokes down his back, a warm chuckle vibrating the body below his. “Sorry, Alpha, you told me to wear it.” He growls, pulling back to look down at the omega.

He’s dragged down into a kiss that he swiftly takes over, deepening it. Their tongues meet and his omega hums into their kiss, feeling so soft and pliant below him. He needs to fuck him, is tired of being a good Alpha now. He rears back and stands, striping himself of his sweatpants. He looks over his mate before lining his cock up. He’s so hard and he wants to rut into that wet, waiting heat.

“Come on, Alpha, I want it,” he swallows thickly, eyeing that tantalizing cunt as he pushes in, making it spread with his girth. Yuuji’s back arches and strong legs wrap around Megumi’s waist, urging him on. He’s slow for now. His rut will get worse, will get brutal when he really gets into it, so he needs to be sweet now. Provide now so he can break later.

With a sigh, he bottoms out. His cock is surrounded by hot, silky walls. It’s so good. It feels amazing. “Omega,” he growls in pleasure, looking down into honey eyes. “Good?”

“Will you stop worrying about me?!” Yuuji huffs and squeezes down on his cock. This needy bitch is really testing his patience, but the Alpha knows what’s best. Knows that patience is key.

He grabs Yuuji’s throat, squeezing gently until the omega presents, neck arching in submission. “I asked,” he growls, leaning over to lick at his mate’s ear, “is it good?” His voice is low, a snarly sound he’s never managed before. His cock is clenched hard for it, making him smirk.

“Y-yes,” he bites at that tensed jaw gently. “Please, Alpha?” He breathes in deeply, making a quick decision. He pulls back and pulls his cock out, ignoring the whine of protest as he arranges Yuuji onto his stomach. Ass presented and toes touching the floor is a much more pleasing sight than he expected. He pushes back in, grabs the omega’s wrists, and holds his mate down to the bed. He snaps his hips slamming back in, feeling the way those lovely insides stretch for him, making room for him. He’s rough now, creating a punishing pace that makes Yuuji moan and whine in equal measure.

“T-too fast,” the omega cries, a pretty tear cresting over Yuuji's cheek. Megumi grins, slowing down until he is barely moving. “Too slow!” The alpha laughs, head thrown back. “Megumi, come on, how are you being a dick when you’re in rut?”

“Because you’re being a little bitch,” he rumbles, present enough to feel a little proud of his come back. Yuuji whines and clenches around him.

“Because I want your knot, come on, please? Please?” He doesn’t need to be asked twice so he works himself up, rocking into that wet warmth with powerful rolls of his hips that make the omega’s ass bounce. He covers Yuuji’s body with his own as he begins humping into his mate, knot growing now and pressing against that small slit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” his mate cries, wiggling under him as he tries to press onto the Alpha’s knot. His teeth dig into the omega’s collared neck as he thrusts his knot inside, growling as they become stuck together. He cums hard, mind drifting as he begins seeding the omega below him. Eventually, the ache in his jaw makes him pull his teeth off the black leather. The omega whimpers gently, walls fluttering around his cock when they shift. Megumi digs his nose into pink hair, nuzzling at it, before laying them down onto their sides very carefully. He moves a hand to rest over the other teen’s belly. Eyes closed, he relaxes, rut abating slightly as he fills that warm cunt with his seed.

“Megumi?” Yuuji’s voice is quiet, tired.


“If I knew you were going to be this good I would have snuck into your room months ago. Who ever told you to do that? I’ve only ever heard of alphas fucking their omegas senseless, never pleasuring them.” Yuuji’s turned his head, obviously trying to look at him.

The alpha raises his own head up so they can look at one another, shifting his other arm so Yuuji will be able to lay his head down on it when they stop talking. Megumi’d really like to nap right now. He’s barely slept for days and this was amazing, but exhausting. It’s terrifying to think he’s got to deal with this for possible two more days.

“Gojo. He told me that if you have an omega during a rut you should always make them cum first. It makes it easier to knot.” He shrugs, hissing when it makes them jostle slightly. His cock is held tightly, cumming in the omega consistently and will continue doing so for a while. “Where did you learn to love dick?”

“Hentai!” The way Yuuji says it so proudly makes him sigh, the omega is even grinning like he’s a fool. “You literally fit all the Alpha stereotypes I like.”

“You wanted to fuck me because of hentai?” He grumbles, pride a little wounded.

“Huh? No, of course not. I wanted to have sex with you since day one, but you’re so reserved and well, you don’t really show interest in anything so I didn’t think you wanted me like that. Then we were in the hallway, and you saw me, and got an instant boner so I knew you liked me.” Megumi is going to throw himself off a bridge. This is too embarrassing. This cannot be their getting together story.

He can hear Yuuji now: ‘Hey kids, want to know how me and your dad got together? Well, he got an erection when I stood in front of him and I just knew! Plus, I read smutty manga.’ He’s mortified at even the thought of it and ducks down to hide his face against pink hair.

Yuuji laughs, squeezing his cunt around the alpha’s cock purposefully. “You missed the part where I said I like you, I think.”

“Like you too,” he grumbles, still keeping his face hidden. “Always liked you.”

“Good! Now, I’m going to need you to read my favorite stories after your rut because I have some very specific fantasies. Also, will you let us switch when we’re not on a cycle? I think you’d liked being fucked.”

Megumi is too tired for this conversation. He huffs and bites a tanned shoulder. “Go to sleep, Omega.”

“But I need to tell you about oral knotting!”

Megumi groans and goes to sleep to the sound of his omega rambling off about all his perverted fantasies, that apparently he is the star in. As he falls asleep, he feels a hand squeeze his softly and he thinks he’d like to do this forever. Naturally, he regrets this thought when Yuuji eventually wants to try topping. Oh, and when he wants to explore anal beads, and then ‘Megumi, look at this tentacle dildo I bought. It's perfect for you!’

His omega is a horny slut, but he’s also Megumi’s and he’d have it no other way.

(Well, maybe he’d have it with less things being stuffed up his ass, but he’s a good alpha that strives to make his mate happy at all turns. Plus, Yuuji does have his babies so it’s fair enough in the scheme of things. It’s a happy life either way, and he’s very excited to keep living it.)

Chapter Text

Yuuji’s getting tired. Really tired. This curse is kicking his ass. and he’s not sure how much longer he can keep hitting at it for nothing to happen. It’s body is almost just a blob, no real substance, so it’s doing nothing when he attacks it with his fists. It’s not even that strong, maybe a Grade 1, but definitely not special.

“Itadori!” Oh, thank the powers that be! Fushiguro’s demon dog is zipping in front of him, attacking the curse, basically eating the thing. He falls back onto his ass, panting heavily, blood seeping into his eyes. A large hand pets his hair gently making him look up to see Megumi looking at him with worried eyes. “You okay?”

He nods, “Tired. That special grade before exhausted me. Where were you?” The other teen crouches, grabbing his face to look him over. He leans into that soft touch, enjoying it. He closes his eyes, but opens them when Megumi shouts, hand pulling back and thumb bleeding.

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Sukuna’s voice growls from his cheek.

Yuuji groans, “He was just checking my injury!”

“I said what I said. Fushiguro, I’ll eat your hand next time, and then you’ll be useless,” the threat is very heavy, but green eyes just roll. His friend looks right at the curse on his cheek with boredom.

“As I have said multiple times before, you possessive asshole, I am asexual. Also, that hurt.” He holds his thumb up, dripping with blood. “Say sorry.” Yuuji laughs at how condescending Megumi sounds. They’ve been through this time and time again. For some reason, the curse inside him went from absolutely hating Yuuji to being so possessive of him that other people weren’t allowed to touch him, even Fushiguro who was Sukuna’s special project.

“I said no touching,” Sukuna growls again, he can feel reverse cursed technique being used on his injuries, the curse healing what are really just small cuts and bruises. “That means you too, Megumin.”

Green eyes roll as the boy huffs, standing from his crouch. “Can I at least help him stand up?”

“That is acceptable,” the King of Curses mutters before fading away. Sukuna is watching them, he’s always watching now. A pale hand extends out to him which he takes to help himself get onto his two feet again.

Megumi looks at him with narrowed eyes. “Your boyfriend is being a dick today.” Yuuji sighs and just nods because it’s better to just accept that yes, he’s in a weird relationship with Sukuna. It’s also better not to deny anything since the curse inside him hears everything he says.

“He always is, today isn’t special,” he shrugs, stuffing his hands into his pockets. His best friend snorts, patting his shoulder quickly in sympathy. They go and make a sweep of the area, making sure that there are no other curses hanging around that they missed. It’s clear, so on tired feet they go back to the car, settling in for the drive home. Yuuji can already feel Sukuna seething, pissed about something or other that the teen was unable to control. They’ll probably have a talk in the domain today Sukuna laying down even more ‘rules’ for what Yuuji can and cannot do. It’s becoming a little annoying that the parasite inside him is making his life decisions for him, but strangely at least he knows that the curse actually cares about him?

There is a gentleness to Sukuna now he would have never believed possible before. If he revels in it, enjoys it, then it’s only for them to know that.

“Itadori,” he looks to Megumi when the other boy calls his name. “We’re at school, daydreamer. I’m off to see Gojo-sensei. Can you make it back okay?”

He nods, grinning. “Are you guys going to dinner?”

“To see Tsumiki,” he nods sharply, understanding.

“If you need anything after let me know. I don’t care what Sukuna says, you’re my best friend. We can cuddle if you want to cuddle.” He pouts, crossing his arms. Megumi laughs, head tipping back, and green eyes closing. Yuuji smiles shyly at the sight, glad to have made his friend laugh.

“I’ll let you know,” Megumi says with a smile and waves goodbye to him. Yuuji exits the car, watching it drive away. It’s only going to the apartment entrances, Megumi could have walked, but he gets that his friend might want some alone time before seeing Gojo and then going to the hospital.

Yuuji on the other hand wants a hot shower.

He makes his way to the bathroom, striping himself of his uniform when he gets there. He places the dirty clothing on the counter, not wanting to have to clean up the floor when he’s done showering.

“Take a bath instead,” Sukuna says, “It’ll be better for your muscles.”

Yuuji isn’t a big bath taker and wants to be lazy. “I’m dirty. I’ll just sit in dirty water.”

“Wash the grime off first, idiot.” The curse huffs at him, but fine. He’ll do as he’s told because he really isn’t in the mood to argue with Sukuna right now. He showers quickly, getting the dirt and blood off himself before filling the tub with hot water. “Nobara has bath salts under the sink, use them.”

“Those are her’s.” He complains, letting his hand hang over the side of the tub as he waits for it to fill.

“Just do it or I will,” Yuuji shakes his head, wondering why he of all people had to get stuck with this curse. He fills the little scoop that’s already in the bag and dumps the salts into the water. It’s near the top so he shuts the tap off too. It smells nice now, floral. “See? It’s nice.” He rolls his eyes, stepping into the water. Yuuji eases himself in, groaning as he feels the tension in his back easing already. Maybe Sukuna was right about this one thing. The bath was making him feel better. It won’t be good for too long though, water cools fast so he enjoys it while he can.

Yuuji tips his head back, resting it against the porcelain base of the tub. His body feels good, relaxed, he’s a little too tall for the tub so his knees poke out of the water but other than that it’s really nice. So nice actually that he runs his hands over his body, pleasure following his touch.

Biting his lip he grabs his cock, stroking it in the warm water. “Hah,” his eyes shut tightly, brow furrowing. “Fuck,” he groans, it feels strange doing this under water but good.

“Oh, good. We’re at the fun part,” his eyes widen.

“Go away, can’t I have one moment to myself!” He feels his boner wilting already, but a strange sucking sensation touches the side of his cock making him shoot his hand out of the water. Sukuna’s eye and mouth on his palm. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“You seem to not understand something, Itadori Yuuji,” his hand moves on it’s own, closer to his face. “You’re mine. Your body, your mind, your desires, and everything in between belong to me now.”

Yuuji sputters, staring at the narrowed red eye. “No, okay. I am stuck with you, but this isn’t happening.”

“It is, Itadori Yuuji. It really is.” His hand shoves forward and his mouth meets the one on his palm. Sukuna gives him no time to pull away, a forceful tongue shoving into his mouth, choking him for a moment before the kissing becomes absolutely filthy. Their teeth and tongues fighting, his to push away and Sukuna’s to stay in, to taste him. His whole body shudders at the feeling, he can feel the curse’s arousal, feel that the King of Curses wants him. It’s strange, he doesn’t get it, but as they continue making out he gives in slowly, eyes shutting, kissing back tentatively. Teeth bite at his lips before pulling back.

Two solid black bands are on his wrist and he worries that this may be the start of Yuuji’s inability to control the curse. “Sukuna, stop. I can’t.”

“You will,” that red eyes stares at him with no room for argument. “You’ll learn that there is much we can do, so much in fact that we’ve been missing out on together.” Kisses are pressed from his lips down his pecs and abs to his erect cock, he wonders if the water is bothering Sukuna but then remembers the curse is basically unkillable, drowning is most likely not a problem. The mouth on his hand licks at his cock, gliding up and down it. His fingers wrap around his aching length, adding more feeling to the already heart hammering goodness of it all. He’s harder than he ever has been before.

Yuuji grits his teeth, trying to hold himself back as his cock is licked and rubbed. He audibly shouts at lips kiss his cockhead and then a warm, wet mouth is sucking him down to the root. He shifts in the bath to his knees, unable to stop himself from planting a hand against the wall and thrusting into the warm cavern of Sukuna’s mouth.

“It’s good, isn’t it?” The words are whispered into his head. What feels like hands are caressing all along his body, he knows it’s just the curse playing with his mind, but it feels so good. Like this he’s mostly out of the water, cock and hand just above the top of the warm liquid below him. “I’m waiting, boy. Take what you need.”

Yuuji grunts and pulls back, a long tongue has wrapped around his length and it’s so tight and slick. He rocks back into that hot cavern and then does it again and again. The sensation of a hand in his hair and teeth at his neck makes him moan. He falls forward, forehead resting against the cool tile on the wall.

“P-please, it’s too much,” he cries as the mouth on his cock sucks hard.

“Oh, child, this is nothing.” Fingers ghost over his chest, nipples tweaked along the way. “Just wait until I thrust my cock into you.” Yuuji keens, hips pushing forward, rolling. “I’ll make you my little cock slut, drooling for it, craving it.” The words make him shut his eyes tightly.

“I-I like girls-” he grunts.

“Oh, so the way you look at Megumi is because you like pussy?” A growl and warning bite to his cock makes him shudder. “Don’t lie to me. I see and hear everything. I know all your thoughts. I know you want to be rammed into a bed and fucked like the little bitch you are. “ Sukuna growls in their mind, but the phantom hands on his body are gentle. “I know you want to be loved too and oh, I do so love you, little vessel, enough to keep you for eternity. Now succumb to me,” the mouth on his cock pulls back licking his full length before taking him in again. Sukuna makes his hand move up and down, his cock sucked delightfully.

Yuuji's never felt anything like this. The mouth on his cock, the phantom touches all along his body, and the pure molten heat if his belly from the King of Curses words. It all brings him to tipping over the edge. As he cums he screams in pleasure. “S-Sukuna,” he mumbles, fat tears beading along his lashes. He falls back into the cooling water, strength lost as he cums down from his orgasm.

“You did well, little one.” the words are warm, full of praise, and it makes his stomach twist. He shouldn’t like how all of this is making him feel, but he does. He feels wanted, and Yuuji’s never been wanted before. “Now get to your room. We’re just getting started. I have so much more in store for us.”

There is an almost menacing quality to the curse’s voice, but he doesn’t care. He wants to be wanted, to be played with, to be controlled. If Sukuna is the one to give him that well at least he knows that it’ll be forever. The curse isn’t leaving him. He’s as much Yuuji’s as he’s Sukuna’s now.

“Yeah, show me?” He grins, pulling that mouth off his cock to lick at the cum that drips from it.

Sukuna smirks, red eyes narrowing in pleasure. This will be fun.

Chapter Text

Yuuji should be helping, he knows he should, but he can’t move.

He’s frozen, hidden behind a tree, as Megumi’s clothes are literally melting off of him. The other teen is desperately trying to free his hands from the vine-like confines they are being held in. No, they’re not vine like if anything, they’re smooth and look gelatinous. Yuuji doesn’t want to say it, but the curse has tentacles and a bright green goo like body. It’s basically a massive green blob with one large red eye staring at the teen in its grasp, tentacles holding Megumi’s wrists and ankles apart. He’s not sure how Megumi came to be in this situation, and he knows he should be helping, but he’s entranced instead.

Creamy skin is exposed to the elements of the cool wind, pink nipples erect. “Let me go!” Megumi grunts, trying and failing still to pull his arms free. A new tentacle appears and presses against pink lips, green eyes widen, black hair shaking as his friend desperately tries to get away. The tentacles lift Megumi off the ground, forcing him upside down, and the sudden shift makes that pretty mouth open just slightly.

It’s all the goo like tentacle needs though, slipping into that wet, warm cavern and making it stretch. Yuuji can’t look away as Megumi’s eyes cross, what sounds like whimpers and cries making his cock harden.

“What a show,” he hears Sukuna whistle and for once just lets it be. He won’t be distracted, not when this is so much more interesting. Fushiguro Megumi is so uptight, so controlled. Something in Yuuji is salivating over his friend being turned into a helpless damsel in distress.

One Yuuji will save, but not just yet.

The tentacle in Megumi’s mouth pulls free when the teen is put the right way up. Harsh coughing fills the forest and something pale white leaks from the corner of those pink lips. “W-what did you just make me swallow?” Yuuji grabs his cock and starts stroking it at the changed quality of his friend’s voice, it’s all husky and worn sounding. Green eyes are glaring harshly at that bright red eye, but the goo curse has no mouth to speak with. It’s really low level too.

“Ah, ah. Our dearly beloved misjudged it. He torn it to pieces over and over and over again, making more of it. What was a small curse grew and grew.” Sukuna cackles, but Yuuji can sense the King of Curse’s own arousal. “I wonder what sweet revenge it wishes to attain.”

For what feels like long minutes they watch as the tension leaves Megumi’s body. His whole being is relaxed, a bright red flush overtaking pale cheeks, and his cock is erect. Green eyes look hazy, pretty lips parted as the teen pants. “W-hat you do?” The words are disjointed, slow blinks looking like a gigantic effort. “Hot.”

The tentacles ease Megumi to the ground and it’s telling when he doesn’t even try to get away, just laying there. Eyes to the sky and chest rising and falling with heavy panting. The curse rolls forwards, a long fat appendage forming out of it’s rounded body. Yuuji’s eyes widen when two tentacles grab Megumi’s ankles, dragging the boy back until his ass is touching what he thinks must be the curse’s version of a cock.

The scream that Megumi lets out is nearly enough to push him into action, but still he hides. Stroking his cock as he watches the curse squeeze itself into that little hole. A tentacle shoves quickly into Megumi's open mouth, silencing his friend, keeping him quiet. Tears run down bright cheeks, green eyes starting to shine with awareness once more. Obviously, the pain must outweigh whatever the curse has done. Unfortunately, for Megumi though the curse wraps tentacles around his wrists and keeps him spread out. The cock inside the teen is so big it’s making that usually flat belly puff out sweetly. Yuuji nearly cums at the sight, wishing he could run his hands over the swell he sees. It’s adorable.

Restrained once more, Megumi tries again to squirm away. The curse is cruel though. It pulls it’s massive cock out and slams the whole length back in. Megumi screams around the tentacle down his throat. This time Yuuji’s watching and when he looks closely he notices the gooey curse is a little translucent. He can see as something is pumped from the curse’s core into his friend’s throat. It’s like before where slowly Megumi becomes dazed, unable to fight back, and looks almost like he wants it. His eyes are hazy, face blushing prettily.

The curse fucking into his friend's body all the while, making that pretty pink hole stretch and that thin belly punch outwards with each thrust in. Yuuji’s eyes are stuck staring at the way the boy looks all laid out like this. He has to hide a gasp behind his hand when the tentacle in Megumi’s throat starts pushing further in.

There is no resistance, actually it looks like the captive teen is trying to open his mouth wider. Little, sweet noises can be heard as both tentacles start working together to fuck the sorcerer good and deep. It’s dragging Megumi’s legs into itself as it jacks itself into that lean body, pale legs encased in green goo. Those long legs are curled and pushed out wide, the curse angling it’s captive so it’s drilling into that stretched hole even deeper.

Drool and tears are leaking down Megumi’s face into his hair, green eyes rolled up into the boy’s skull. He’s never looked more beautiful. Yuuji grunts, falling forward onto the tree, painting it with his cum as he stares at the ruined boy.

The curse has a little tentacle wrapped around Megumi’s cock, stroking it too. The tentacle in Megumi’s mouth pulls out and shoots white all over the boy’s face and into his open mouth. Like it’s a normal reflex, pink lips close and swallow. Yuuji’s cock is semi soft and he strokes it to full hardness again, for once grateful for his freaky stamina and refractory period. “Our refractory period, you mean,” Sukuna grumbles and he just nods. He honestly can’t stop staring at how debauched Megumi looks, how perfectly ruined.

The curse is fucking into Megumi’s body harder and harder now. Two tiny tentacles slip up to the teen’s chest and poke at those tiny nipples. Pink lips part with a desperate moan as those nearly needle thin appendages slip into the teen’s nipples, fresh tears falling from green eyes. “Ah, s-stop, please, stop” Megumi moans, head leaning back as he’s pulled up, suspended in the air by the curse.

The tentacle on Megumi’s cock also decides to find it’s way inside. The little tip slides into his friend’s cock slit and pushes in and in and in. That beautiful body arches, a shriek of pleasure being left unchecked. The curse is enjoying its prey now, pausing it’s own fucking to torture those holes which were never meant to be entered. The small tentacles are slowly filling out, the same white goo from before injected right into Megumi’s cock and pecs. Soft looking balls swell and what were defined chest muscles become puffy pillows that Yuuji wants to smash his face into. “Ah, it’s making him into a seedbed, how interesting.” Sukuna’s hum doesn’t sound entirely pleased.

“What’s that mean?”

“Children need milk, Yuuji,” his eyes widen as the tentacles pull out and white liquid pearls out of the tip of his friend’s nipples. Saliva fills his mouth as the need to suck on those delicious looking peaks fill him. “Proving my point right aren’t you, brat? Children need milk.”

He rolls his eyes, more enthralled with the fact Megumi’s hands have been released and that the other boy immediately grabs his own chest, fondling the swollen meat of it. Sweet moans and mewls make him harder still. He wants to touch those pillowy tits, wants to taste them. Mind made up he rights himself, planning to finally ‘save’ Megumi. “Wait, this will be so good.” Sukuna’s voice is an awed whisper. The curse starts fucking Megumi will shallow thrusts, barely pulling out. Once more Yuuji looks closely and see something moving from the center of the curse to the cock inside his friend’s body.

It’s no small stream of liquid though.

“Eggs?” He questions and watches as the first pushes at Megumi’s hole. It was like the curse knew Yuuji was watching too because suddenly it moved and he could see into Megumi body, the slightly translucent body becoming a light green that let him see everything. From here he could see how wide that little entrance had been stretched and with amazement watched as it stretched even further when the first egg pushed inside.

Megumi whimpered with each egg, crying prettily as his little belly was made round. It must have been terrible when the last egg popped inside and the teen came all over himself, body arched and mouth hanging open in a silent cry of pleasure. Those green eyes were shut tightly as the teen’s body buckled with pleasure, nearly collapsing to the ground if the curse wasn’t holding him upright. Yuuji stares at the distended belly on the other teen. It’s not massive, but if Megumi was pregnant he’d look like he was in his second term. It makes him stroke his cock harder, the sight of those leaking tits and swollen belly something that was awakening a deep desire in himself. Something dark twisting inside his heart as he jerks himself hard.

The curse lays Megumi down into the grass gently, tentacles pet over the boy’s belly. Green eyes look hollow, staring to the side, belly muscles clenching around the new occupants in the boy’s body. Yuuji pants, focusing on the sight and cumming again with a muffled grunt into his hand. He keeps his eyes on Megumi as he does, ingraining this image into his brain forever. “Brat, get that thing away from him.” A small tentacle has worked it’s way up Megumi’s body and is looking to prod into the teen’s ear. “Unless you want him becoming a mindless sex toy, move your ass.”

Yuuji quickly zips his pants up and runs for it.

He beats the curse away from Megumi, who doesn’t even acknowledge he’s being rescued. Sukuna said that it was because the curse was torn into pieces that this happened so he needs to destroy it in one go. He musters all of his strength into one punch and the thing is weak enough that he exorcises it just like that. Really, he’s starting to wonder just how Megumi lost to this thing in the first place all over again. Maybe his friend would be better off staying back. He always ends up injured or in danger, needing Yuuji to come save him.

“Then keep him safe for once. He only gets in these situations because he uses all his energy to protect you because you’re weak. You got broken up because of your own plan idiot.” Sukuna chastises him. Though the King isn’t wrong it irks Yuuji to be told off like that. “I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. Megumi is important to me. I want him, so do a better job of keeping him unharmed. This was all fun and games, but a worse curse could have killed him.”

He feels a little bad now for just watching, though he doesn’t regret the show he got.

“Ah,” a pained cry pulls him from his thoughts and he looks back to see Megumi eyes tightly shut, long hands pressed to his swollen belly. White teeth are gritted together and tears are falling from closed eyes. Yuuji rushes over, getting to knees and hesitantly hovering his hands over the abused body before him.

He’s amazed by how beautiful Megumi looks right now. “Fushiguro?”

“Y-Yuuji?” Green eyes look at him blurrily and he smiles gently, nodding. “D-don’t look at me.”

He scoffs and grabs that tear stained face in his hands. “I’ll look all I want, okay? I need to help you, right? You’re in pain?” There’s a stiff nod and he frowns when Megumi hisses out in clear discomfort.

“He’s going to need to push those out,” Sukuna says from his cheek, so the both of them can hear him. “Get onto your hands and knees, sweetheart. We’ll help you.”

There is clear fear in green eyes, but what he thinks is a contraction hits the teen again and he throws his head back, teeth grinding together again. “Help him into position,” Sukuna commands, and he does as told. Megumi huffs, shuddering in pain as he’s positioned.

“Put his chin on your shoulder, wraps your arms around him to keep him up,” the curse instructs. Megumi hides his face against his neck right away, sobbing as his body stiffens in Yuuji’s hold. A choked off shout ghosts over his skin hotly. His honey eyes widen when he hears a loud thump against the ground. He cranes his neck and sees a large green egg rolling along the ground. Megumi moans, going slack against him. Sobbing with exhaustion, tears are making his shoulder wet. He pets the long line of that pretty back and presses a kiss to black hair.

"Shh, you’re doing great.” Yuuji reaches his other hand to feel Megumi’s belly. It’s still heavily rounded. The boy in his embrace gasps at the touch, pulling back slightly.

“What are you doing?”

“You look so pretty right now,” he mumbles, watching green eyes widen in surprise. He ducks down into a kiss, pressing his hand to that round belly. He feels the next contraction hit and swallows down Megumi’s pained moans into his own mouth. “Shh, shh. It’ll be over soon.” Megumi sobs as his body pushes out another egg, the heavy thunk of it making him grin. He kisses that sweet mouth and massages the teen’s body while egg after egg is pushed out.

“What a good mommy,” he whispers as the last egg finally pushes out. Megumi collapses into his awaiting arms, exhaustion hitting the teen. On closer inspection, Yuuji can see that those pillowy tits look even heavier now. Megumi’s belly is flat again, but Yuuji has some thoughts for that. He lays Megumi onto the ground, pulling his jacket off and wrapping that beautiful body up so it’s a little less exposed. He makes quick work of the eggs, making sure they won’t become little pests for later.

When he looks back at Megumi, green eyes are staring up at him in a daze. “Hey.” he says gently, picking the other boy up into a princess carry. “I’m going to take you home now, okay?” He gets a tired nod, his friend barely keeping his eyes open. “Will you let me take care of you when we get there?”

“Sure, whatever you want,” a heavy head falls onto his shoulder, eyes finally closed. It’s good because the other boy can’t see the grin spreading over his face.

“Oh, Megumi, you have no idea what I want.” He says quietly, grin easing into a smile at the soft breathing he can feel just barely ghosting along his neck. “But you will now.” Yuuji takes them home, excited to show Megumi everything he’s been holding back for months. After all, a damsel needed to pay up to their savior and Yuuji’s owed ten times over.

Chapter Text

Choso really thinks the world of Uraume. They are an amazing person who has brought a lot of light and laughter into his life. They are also kinky as hell. Sometimes, he thinks it’s to get a rise out of him. Choso knows he’s pretty unfazed by the world, but some of the things Uraume comes up with scare even him. It was one thing to experiment with different lube it was another to ask Choso how long he thought it would be before Uraume could arm fuck him.

“I’m just joking” his partner had laughed, but he knew them. Uraume didn’t joke about sex and so they’d compromised. No arm fucking if he did something possibly even more humiliating.

So here they are. At brunch. With his oldest little brother and his brother’s fiancée.

It’s super normal. Really normal, except for the fact he has a remote controlled vibrating plug lodged into his hole. It’s not on right now, thank the heavens, but it’s very much an inescapable sensation.

“Yo, Choso, you okay?” Sukuna has a brow raised at him, looking concerned. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Megumi huffs next to his brother and looks at him softly.

“We can always do brunch another time if you’re not feeling well, Onii-chan?” Megumi is so respectful and it’s his downfall. The vibrator turns on, a low vibration that makes him jolt slightly. He hides it by shaking his hands in front of him.

“No, no! I’m fine,” he fakes a grin, shifts his eyes to look at his spouse who looks as unbothered as usual, sipping their tea. The teacup is placed on a nice white saucer primly, Uraume smiling at Megumi and Sukuna.

“He’s fine. Anyways, we never go out to eat, it’s always at one of our houses.” Megumi looks embarrassed. The young man has social anxiety and hates public places. So going out doesn't happen often. Sukuna has always lobbied for them to not have big outings, but after Uraume insisted his brother had caved. They made reservations ahead of time and asked for a private booth near the back of the restaurant. Plus, it’s a Tuesday at 11 so not many people are around either.

“I’m sorry, I know I need to try more.” Megumi sighs, looking down at his own tea, hands folded tightly on the table. Sukuna is quick to wrap an arm around his fiancée, kissing a pale cheek.

“Oh, no, Megumi,” his spouse looks a little taken aback, “I’m not-. Sorry, no, I’m glad we spend so much time together as a family at home. It’s just nice to go out too, honey.” Uraume smiles, placing a thin hand over the younger man’s on the table. “I know you’re trying.” Green eyes look to pink ones and a soft smile is shared between the two.

Choso would care about how cute his family is more if he wasn’t trying so desperately to remain calm. “Thank you, Onii-chan," Megumi says sweetly to his husband, and up another level the plug goes. He bites his lip, glaring down at the table. Heat nips at his ears and neck as his cock begins filling out.

Sukuna is looking at him with a sharp expression. His brother is always watching everything. He’s a writer and the world is his oyster so he’s sure those red eyes aren’t sparkling right now for no reason. Thankfully, the waiter comes over and places their orders down. It’s a nice establishment that they’d all wanted to try, and one he’d probably never be able to visit again after today just due to sheer embarrassment.

He’s ordered a Bubble Waffle with strawberries, bananas, and a Nutella drizzle. Sukuna has every type of breakfast meat possible, plus a short stack of pancakes, he's even asking the waiter for a third espresso before he leaves. Megumi has crepes that are stuffed with the same add-ons Choso got.

Megumi switches him a crepe for half his waffle, which he gladly accepts. They generally all eat off each other's plates at home so it’s nothing out of place for them. Though, as he cuts his waffle, he notices just how much he’s shaking. The vibrations and his own arousal catching up to him.

Uraume has a simple ham and cheese omelette over rice that they are already picking at.

“So, Ame said you two were thinking of adoption?” Sukuna says around a bite of bacon and pancake. Choso tuts and slaps his brother’s hand when he goes for another bite to stuff his face.

“Manners,” he chastises, narrowing his eyes at his brother.

A slow, sinister grin covers his little brother’s tattooed face. “Sorry, Onii-chan.” Up the vibrator goes and he quickly sits back, grabbing his knees with his hands, digging his nails in. Fuck, fuck it’s too much. Sukuna chuckles and he glares. “I’ll be good, don’t you worry, Onii-chan.”

Again the vibrator turns up a notch, his knees knock against each other crushing his thumbs for a moment. Sweat is trickling down his back and he’s struggling to not make any noises. A warm hand rubs at his neck, squeezing gently. “Dear, are you okay?” Choso looks at the fake concern on his love’s face and wants to plead. This is too much, too embarrassing. Too good. He’s going to cum in his pants like a teenager any minute now.

“Choso?” Megumi asks and suddenly the vibration stops, his whole body jerks at the sudden loss and the immediate rippling of sensation. He cums in his pants, breathing through his nose. “I thought something was up. Should we go?”

“Choso?” Uraume’s voice is lilted low. Fuck, fuck. He breathes heavily, hole clenching hard around the toy settled inside it. Pleasure sparking down his spine.

“N-no, I’m fine. Sorry,” he’s shaking as he brings his hands up and looks at the black haired youth with a smile. He starts eating and it settles the issue at hand. They all talk casually, Choso terribly aware of the dampness at his crotch. He’ll just have to wrap his sweater around his waist when they go.

“Ah, by the way you asked about us adopting right, Sukuna?” Uraume smiles, looking at his brother kindly. “We’ve already started looking at agencies. With how stable our home is I don’t think we’ll have any issues.”

“That’s great,” Sukuna grins, looking at them with pride. He’s actually a good brother for how much he used to terrorize Choso and Yuuji growing up. “If you need any help let us know.”

Megumi nods, wrapping his arms around Sukuna’s. “Yeah, it’ll be great to have little ones to spoil in the family.” There is a wistful smile on both of the couple's faces. He knows the two want to adopt too, and have actually been speaking about it for years. They’re just waiting for the wedding.

Uraume squeezes Choso’s hand and beams at him. “Yeah, we’re really excited.” He nods and leans forward to press his lips to his spouse’s.

The rest of brunch is easy. They have coffee and tea for a while, chatting even though they are together every weekend. It’s still nice. Eventually though it’s time to go, and after leaving a very generous tip they get up to leave. He wraps his sweater on his waist, making sure there is no wet spot visible.

“That’s a look,” Sukuna remarks, smirking at him. He glowers at his little brother.

“Don’t be a brat, Kuna, or I’ll tell Megumi about the time you fell into a pool and-” a hand slaps over his mouth. Red eyes glaring at him and they can hear their partners laughing.

“I know that one already. Yuuji told me!” Sukuna groans and wraps his fiancee up in his arms like some overbearing octopus. “It’s okay, baby, I think it’s cute you cried for your big brother.” His brother whines and Uraume chuckles, wrapping an arm around Choso’s waist as they leave for the exit. As they’re parting ways they all hug briefly. “Well this was fun,” Megumi says, looking a little tired though. His social battery is probably as worn out as Choso’s.

“Yeah, see you guys. Drive safe,” Uraume remarks, they turn to leave, waving goodbye.

“Bye, Ame. Bye, Onii-chan!” Sukuna shouts with too much glee for Choso not to be annoyed. His lover scoffs and on the vibrator goes. He leans into Uraume’s side, groaning as the plug inside him starts buzzing away again.

“I’m going to kill my own brother,” he mumbles, hiding his face with his hand as they walk to their car. “He’s the worst.”

“Whatever you say, Onii-chan,” Uraume laughs and he shakes his head in dismay. What had he done to deserve such a perverted spouse?

Later, after they’ve fucked twice in the car, he looks at his phone to see a text from Sukuna to him and Uraume.

'Thx for the idea. Can’t wait to write it in the new book.'

His face goes red in embarrassment as his spouse cackles. Sweet pecks are pressed all along his face and his attitude slowly melts away. “Hey, just think of it this way, Sukuna pays me to be his manager. The least we can do is give him material.”

Choso groans and pushes his lover away, crossing his arms. “Not funny.” Uraume laughs again and kisses his pouting lips. They know he’s not really mad, just acting it out. If anything Choso should remember the vibrator had been his idea, Uraume just wanted to have sex in a bathroom stall.

Chapter Text

Yuuji has been watching, waiting. He is trying to find the perfect prey for tonight. The perfect mate. His instincts will lead him to the right answer, the right person, he knows that. He can feel the electricity in the air, the music pulsing through his body, and the way it adds an extra edge to his hunt. He has to be able to locate his prey for the night and secure them away from all the other suitors. From all the other hunters looking for a pretty meal to gorge themselves with. He’s not the only top predator on the hunt tonight, but he thinks he may be the most patient. 

Hours have stretched by since his arrival. 

Approaches and advances have been made on the lithe beauty on the dancefloor, all rejected, all pushed aside. Long arms sway in the air as the little bunny dances, hips swaying with the beat of the club’s music, and that too short slip dress mesmerizing lesser predators. Yuuji isn’t lesser though, he’s an observer, and he’s learned.

This bunny doesn’t want to be bothered with attention, he's already surrounded by a small pack. They’re all enjoying themselves. Enjoying the rejections. Green eyes shine brightly with each rebuttal, an almost pleased smile on glossy pink lips. The little pack is being broken apart slowly though. First, the female wolf goes, then a panda, and the finally the silent snake are pulled away until just the pretty bunny is left. Yuuji waits still until the beauty approaches the bar, leaning forward to grab the bartender’s attention. He knew the bunny was a boy, but it’s confirmed by the flat chest he sees from his spot down the bar. 

A white cat hybrid with round sunglasses approaches for a moment and the bunny knows them, body language relaxing. A wide hand lands on the small of that long back and Yuuji growls internally. The two are not partners, that’s clear to him, but he still doesn’t like his prey being touched. A drink is shared between the two before the cat wanders off with a flirtatious wink.

Yuuji makes his own move, impatience finally taking over as he stalks closer to the now tipsy beauty. Bunnies are notorious for being unable to hold their liquor. This one has pink cheeks already and sleepy bedroom eyes from the alcohol. So many potential mate’s have already tried with this little treasure, but he’s seen what his prey wants. He saddles up close to his meal, pressing his body against the bunny’s, forcing that tiny frame between his own body and the bar. “Hello, little bunny,” he greets with a low rumbling purr. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Green eyes look up at him, startled at first before narrowing. There is a stiff nod. He raises a tanned hand to the bartender while his other loops around a trim waist, He secures his prey with a hand on the bunny’s flat tummy. “Two shots of tequila,” he says with a grin, chuckling at the huff he hears.

“I don’t like tequila,” the little prey says and he smiles indulgently at the adorable pout he sees.

“Tonight you will, little bunny,” he rumbles, the predator inside him quite satisfied at having capturing such a beauty. His instincts always have lead him right and this moment is no different. Even though his prey complains they do swallow those shots down, warmth blossoming further over pale skin. The slip dress really is doing little to hide anything from him, it’s silk material does feel cool against his palm which he enjoys. The straps are made of pearls and the dress is a deep emerald to match the bunny’s eyes. “You look very edible in this outfit, bunny, someone must have bought this for you with the intention of eating you right up.” 

His prey pouts more and wiggles in his hold, pushing Yuuji away. He doesn’t like being pushed away, won’t allow it so he moves his hand from that flat belly around to the fluffy black tail above the beauty’s ass. When he strokes it the bunny experiences a fully body shiver, hands grabbing the bar. 

“No, don’t touch me there!” A hand tries to swat at his, but he grabs it up quickly and holds it tightly within his own, lacing together long fingers with his thicker ones. He strokes the bunny’s tail again and that pretty body presses into his with a shudder. “P-please don’t-” there are little tears in green eyes. “It’s so sensitive, please don’t?”

Yuuji smiles and strokes the tail again and again until the prey in his arms is shaking and he presses his knee in between shaking thighs just to feel wetness seep onto his pants. “Oh, little bunny, do you like this?” He squeezes that fluffy tail, pressing his lips to the nape of the boy’s neck. His bunny has a hand clenched tightly around the bar, knuckles white. Pink lips are thin as his prey desperately tries to hide his noises of pleasure, but Yuuji heard the whines and whimpers. He feels the heat spreading throughout the body in his arms and he wants this prey for himself more than anything. 

Yuuji steps back, smirking when the pretty bunny stumbles back and into him. A blush is staining that pale skin now, refusing to vanish after the on set of arousal and alcohol. It’s a perfect opportunity. 

The tiger has caught his prey. 

“Let’s go somewhere private, shall we?” Green eyes are lust blown, a thin emerald ring all he can see. He wraps an arm tightly around his prey after paying for the tab and herds him out of the club out to the line of cabs. “In,” he growls, nipping at the soft skin on that creamy neck. 

His prey listens, recognizing a strong predator. A good mate. 

They go to his home. It’s cozy, full of blankets and pillows for him to knead after a nap. On the wall in the kitchen is a vertical garden he’d built with carrots and greens ready to be picked. There are photos aligning the walls and bookcases throughout the house, half full of his manga collection and the other half full of fiction or biographies. 

There is an old record collection by the bay window, Weezer’s greatest hits still inserted into the record player to be turned on during breakfast tomorrow.  

The alarm system beeps as he resets it. Any good predator always makes sure they secure their territory and prey. He should offer his bunny something, but he’d rather grab a handful of that ass in both hands and squeeze. The little beauty squeaks, turning and glaring at him. “I’m not a toy,” the cute pout is back and Yuuji laughs.

“Aren’t you?” He shines his white fangs at his mate to be. He reaches up and strokes a long black, lop ear. Yuuji strokes the velvety fur, chuckling when the bunny starts tapping his foot against the floor in pleasure. Green eyes are half closed and crossed. His prey is panting, the heady scent of wet heat tickling his nose. “See I can play with you just like a toy, bunnies are easy like that.”

To prove his point, he reaches back to that fluffy tail and strokes that as well. The tapping becomes banging though the bunny losing balance and tumbles into his arms. Hot breath hits his chest, his little prey already coming apart so beautifully. “Ah, ah-” a warm forehead presses to his neck, soft lips touching the exposed skin of his chest. Yuuji’s worn a loose fitting black, short sleeved button up with the buttons only done up to the bottom of his pecs. It makes it perfect for him to feel his prey coming undone in his grasp. His hands stroke at a velvety ear and at that soft black tail. “So pretty,” he remarks because truly this prey is beautiful. This prey he’ll be keeping forever to play with and have as a mate. 

His teasing is relentless, making the poor bunny step deeper and deeper into desire. “N-no more, want you inside me,” he smiles as thin hands lay over his chest. Unfortunately, he is the predator and this is his prey. He makes the rules. Yuuji pauses, acting like he will stop before moving right back to fiercely stroking his mate’s tail and ear. The bunny keens, weight completely resting on Yuuji now as they stand in the living room. Long legs buckles as Yuuji squeezes the bunny’s tail tight, a long stuttering moan filling the room. 

Slim hips stutter and buck, a gush of scent pushing out of the bunny that’s all lust and release. His bunny just came and Yuuji could not be prouder. The tiger wraps a supportive arm around his prey and kisses those velveteen ears. Soft hands push him back, but even softer lips press to his. It’s a sweet kiss, endearing. He hates when his mate pulls back from that loving affection.

“Yuuji, I’m going to collapse,” Megumi mutters tiredly, eyes half-lidded, looking warm and exhausted. Sated. “Bed, please?”

He hums in compliance and takes his bunny to their bed. “That was fun, baby,” he mutters, pressing kisses all along exposed shoulders. “I want to do it again.”

“I told you that my tail is only for at home,” his lover grumbles, annoyed. 

Yuuji grins and nips at the mating mark on the back of Megumi’s neck. “You liked it, don’t even start with me.” Green eyes roll and long legs slide open. It’s an invitation, one he is more than happy to accept. 

“Oh, Mr. Tiger,” Megumi’s voice is soft and breathy, “Thank you for making me cum. I’d really like to repay you and I’m so empty inside, so wet.” Yuuji’s cock is hard already, he’s been hard since they got inside their house. “Will you show this little ol’ bunny what a real predator is like?”

Black lashes are batted at him sweetly, and fuck if his mate isn’t the most beautiful person to ever live. He wastes no time in slipping that emerald dress off, careful of the new purchase, and lets it fall to the floor. “Want me to eat you up, little bunny?” He growls, and black ears flop adorably when his mate nods.

An expression covers his face that is full of need and hunger. The Tiger is ready for his feast, and his bunny is offering himself so sweetly, how could he ever refuse?

“Then Bon Appetit, baby-”

Chapter Text

This is dirty and gritty and nasty. He fucks into this sweet hole, attached to a punk ass bitch of a kid, like he wants to ruin it. Toji does want to ruin it, he wants his dick to make this bitch sloppy, unusable for anyone else. With a growl he fucks in harder, a shriek of pain leaving the boy below him. He covers that noisy little mouth, tired of hearing the whines and cries of the pretty boy. White hair is damp with sweat, black glasses lay shattered on the ground somewhere. The Jujutsu Tech uniform shredded into pieces all over the floor and bed.

“Cocky little bitch,” he grunts pulling back to slam in harder. Sharp teeth bite his hand, but he’s always enjoyed pain with his pleasure. “Oh, what? Am I hurting you?” He mocks, grabbing up tied wrists and forcing the bitch to arch even further into a good submissive position. “Damn, look at this sweet ass take me. I’ll make a mess of you yet.” With a laugh he drops Gojo’s bound wrists, watching with pleasure as they land lazily on the bed. The teen is all languid movements and slow blinking eyes. They’d fought, Toji’d won, but killing this one didn’t feel right. He actually felt that the teen had so much more potential. Unfortunately, this boy was a little asshole.

Toji likes breaking in little shits.

He fucks hard, snapping his hips in and out and in and out. There is no rest for that pretty hole. He wants it to feel him, wants it to take his shape forever. “You're taking me so well, little sorcerer. You must have wanted me to fuck you. Am I right?” The teeth biting his hand dig in harder until Toji’s growling. He’s quick to bring his other hand down to smack the teen’s plump ass cheeks. Those teeth unclamp and tears start rolling down from gorgeous blue eyes. It’s such a pretty sight so he rubs his cock in deep and fills the bitch up right.

He throws his head back, groaning loudly with pleasure as he cums. “Ah, what a good hole you are.” He pats a thigh affectionately, bending forward to cover that slim body with his own. It’s easy to breathe into a pale ear, licking along the shell of it. “I think I’ll be keeping you, brat.”

Satoru struggles below him, but he’s bound with not only rope but inhibitors. The pretty sorcerer has no access to his powers. “This is actually good for me. I’ve been in need of a babysitter,” with a chuckle he rolls his hips. “Fuck, you’re so good.”

He pulls out and rubs his cock along the seam of the kid's balls. “I have a son, he’s lonely even though he has a sister, and you’d make a good replacement mommy once I get you trained right.” Gojo Satoru bucks hard, trying and failing to kick him with his bound feet. “Oh, come on,” he laughs mockingly, “like you’d be good for anything but fucking after this? I’ve never had a sorcerer as good as you. You’re made to be a slut for me.”

He barely uses any effort to swat away angry feet and wildly swinging arms, turning the teen onto his back and grinning down at the pretty face he sees. “Fuck you,” Gojo says, trying to pull his wrists free.

“No, I like to give not receive, babe. You’ll learn that though,” Toji pushes those legs to the side and lines his semi-erect cock up with the wanting hole between pink cheeks. “Ready?”

“Please stop? Please?” The boy hiccups, bravado gone as tears run down that pretty face. Toji cooes at the boy, petting the wet skin below a beautiful blue eyes. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“I know you are. You were so cocky, huh?” A hurried nod is his reply and he tsks. “You needed someone to put you in your place and I intend to, pet. You’re not the strongest, you’re just my cock sleeve.” He thrusts inside and the boy screams silently, head thrown back, body arching. Like this, Gojo’s even tighter.

His wide hands grab slim hips. Toji holds the teen like a toy as he starts fucking that sweet, warm hole again. “Yeah, there we go,” he groans, biting his lip. It’s good, so good. “You’re a perfect fit for me. Can’t wait to take you home,” he laughs as the boy shakes his head. There is a permanent ward that he plans to wrap around Satoru’s ankle when he’s done fucking the teen. It’ll prevent any cursed energy from entering the boy’s body, neutering the strongest sorcerer and effectively making him a normal person.

Of course, Toji could remove the ward after the boy has been trained up nicely. It'd all depend on how good his pet was.

“Get off me,” there is the slightest struggle, wiggling and attempted scrambling, but the white haired teen is stuck on his cock.

“Shh, just feel me,” he rolls his hips while grabbing the hard cock between soft thighs. “Now enjoy.” He smirks dangerously as he begins jacking the teen off to the rhythm of his thrusts into that tight, tight hole. Finally, his movements are met with stuttering hips and moans. Satoru’s eyes are red rimmed from crying while also being lust blown from the sex.

“L-let me go,” Satoru stutters through his hitched breaths and long, choked off moans.

“No.” he growls and slams in harder to that silky, hot passage. He fucks the boy brutally, bites into wide shoulders, scratches pale skin, claiming this bitch for himself. His hips buck, pushing inside deeper and deeper. His hand squeezes the teen’s cock and cum shoots all over Satoru’s chest. He fucks in hard; once, twice, and then three times before he’s filled with pleasure. This hole is his seeding ground, and he’s ready to enjoy it to the fullest. After the afterglow settles and the boy has passed out, Toji gets dressed. He carefully unbinds his captive before applying the ward that will make Gojo Satoru into a normal person, well a person who can’t fight him off.

“This will be exciting. I hope you like kids,” he hoists the teen over his shoulders after dressing him in a spare shirt and shorts. Toji's ready to get his new house slut settled in and start his training properly. The Gojo clan have quite a lot of money too, if he recalls. If he plays his cards right he may have just won himself a new nanny, housemaid, and slut while also attaining a huge bank account. Oh, today is a good day.

Chapter Text

Yuuji’s enjoying the music at Nobara’s party. It’s got a good beat to it that has a lot of his friends grinding and dancing closer to one another than they should. It’s fun to let loose like this, he doesn’t get to often. With a drink in his hand, he laughs as he presses close to Todo. He’s basically grinding on a wide thigh as they move to the music together, a large hand on the small of his back. “You’re drinking pretty heavily, little bro” the man remarks, a brow raised. He just shakes his head and grins.

“It’s a party. Finals are next week, and I have been studying non-stop,” with a shrug he swallows back the rest of his drink. “Do you want another?”

“Nah, I have my pre-calc exam in the morning. Gotta head out soon,” with a nod he steps back so they can link hands and bring each other into a chest bump. “Have fun though.” Yuuji wishes his friends good luck before leaving the group of dancing people. He catches Maki, Yuuta, and Toge while he walks. He thinks he sees the familiar black spikes of his best friend’s hair and means to approach Megumi when the door to Nobara’s house opens.

Sukuna walks in. All 6’3 of him, tanned and tattooed, with brown eyes that shine red in sunlight scanning the room. They land on him and a warm smile covers his older brother’s face. All of this would be fine, great even, if it weren’t for the person wrapped around his twin’s waist.

Uraume. That little snake.

He glares, lips pursing at the sight. Sukuna rolls his eyes at him as the two walk over. “Yuu, sorry I’m late. ‘Ame wanted to get dinner before we came.” They went on a date? Sukuna went out on a date?

Yuuji’s brow ticks, but he slips into the usual social butterfly persona everyone expects of him. “Where’d you two go?” He asks politely, not missing the way his brother’s parasite rests their head on a broad shoulder.

“That new Korean Barbeque, the one with the Macaroon Boba Tea?” He nods absently, thinking of all the ways he can injury or maim the person holding his twin.

“Sounds nice, hey, I’m going to get a drink. You want anything?” He raises his empty cup, the plastic now crumpled under his too tight grip.

“A beer for me, Yuu. Ame?” Brown eyes look warmly at the little interloper.

“Just water, please?” He nods and heads off. Fuming and ready to do something, anything, to not feel so terribly angry inside. Sukuna isn’t allowed to date. Allowed to do things that aren’t a them activity. It’s not fair to Yuuji. Sukuna had made Yuuji promise to be Sukuna’s, but his brother never returned the sentiment. Dating, sleeping around, going out without him. It was driving him crazy. His twin had been the one who made him go to this stupid school, made him push for an athletic scholarship to do track and field professionally.

His brother controlled what he ate, his workout schedule, who he talked to. Today was an allowance for coming first in the Tokyo Marathon for the 5th year in a row. Yuuji grits his teeth while he walks, barely watching his surroundings until he’s already in the kitchen. No one’s there so he takes the time to cover his face and muffle a shout of frustration into his hands. Yuuji knows he is just mad because he’s drunk, but also Sukuna does whatever pleases Sukuna and it’s starting to really wear him down. He sighs as he leans back against the fridge, breathing in and out.

“Well, well looks like someone is having a moment?” oh, come on! Yuuji rolls his head to the side to see Gojo Satoru grinning at him like a maniac. The guy has been trying to get into his pants for ages. Tonight, just to get back at Sukuna, he might even let him.

“Gojo,” the senior student gasps, pushing his round black glasses down to look at him with a scandalized expression.

“Yuuji, we’ve known each other for three years. Call me Satoru, won’t you?” He rolls his eyes and nods, tired and feeling a little dizzy now that he’s not dancing and distracted. “Do you need something to drink?” He blinks slowly, trying to clear his head.

“Actually, yeah uh, I need two beers and a water, please?” Satoru nods, walking closer to him until their noses are touching. Long fingers and warm palms press to his thighs, bright blues focused on him.

Satoru smiles at him slow and wicked. It’s the kind of expression he’s seen on Sukuna thousands of time before he does somethings that warrants the expression ‘it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission’. “Coming right up, handsome.” A single finger trails up his body slowly making his skin tingle. When Satoru’s finger is under his chin Yuuji raises it slightly and the man grins. “You’re a good boy. I love good boys, they are so fun to ruin.”

Thankfully, Satoru backs off and grabs three solo cups. The man goes to the keg and turns away from Yuuji. He doesn’t pay attention, closing his eyes, and relaxing against the cool metal touching his back. “Hey, what are you drinking?”

“Hmm?” He manages, tired and ready for sleep now that the alcohol has really gotten into him.

“Which is yours? I’ll mark it.” He raises a brow and cracks open an eye to look at the white haired senior.

“The water is for Uraume, beers are for my brother and me,” he rests his head back and hears a quiet hum. This party was a terrible idea. He should just go home and get in bed. Not like anyone is going to care if he does go, or at least the person he wants to care won’t.

“Yuuji?” His name is loud in his ears. His eyes open wide quickly. Satoru is right there, grinning. “Napping? Shame on you. You’ll make Nobara think she’s throwing a boring party.” He frowns and sees the red cups held up for him. “Water,” the man says for the one cup that is put in Yuuji’s left hand, “beers. Your initials are on the cup for you so make sure to drink out of yours, okay?’

He nods, standing up straight. “Thank you, Satoru.”

“Oh, no problem, Yuuji. You’re my favorite student,” fingers pinch his cheek and he rolls his eyes.

“Shut it, you’re just a TA in Physics,” Satoru shrugs, sticking his tongue out. Thankfully, he’s saved by Geto Suguru breezing in. There is white around his nose and Gojo is quick to wipe it away for his on-and-off again boyfriend. Not wanting to get stuck in that mess he slips out back to his brother.

Sukuna frowns when he appears. “What took you?” His brother grabs one of the beers while Yuuji hands Uraume their water.

“Gojo wanted to play bartender,” he gives a pointed look to his brother who scoffs before he downs his drink in one massive chug.

Brown eyes widen, a surprised look covering his twin’s face. “Shit, I’m going to ask him to do more bartending at parties then. That was a good beer.” Yuuji’s eyes catch on black sharpie initials on the cup, clearly marking the cup as the one Yuuji was meant to drink from. Whatever, it was just beer. When he drinks his own it’s nothing special. Uraume tries to strike up conversation while Sukuna goes to hunt another drink down. Begrudgingly, he suffers through the conversation. Making nice because that’s the kind of person he is.

“Yo,” a heavy arm wraps around his shoulder and the full 185 pounds of his brother is wresting against him. “I feel like shit.” His brows furrow as he looks his brother over.

“Like you need to throw up?” He gets a slow head shake. Sukuna’s eyes are barely staying open, blinks coming slowly. Yuuji quickly wraps an arm around his brother’s waist to take on more of his weight.

“Nah, I’m a lil’ dizzy is all,” the words are slurring and he blinks rapidly, confused and trying to think.

“Kuna, do you want me to take you home?” Uraume asks softly. Yuuji can't contain himself. He glares, nose flaring, and breath caught in his throat. His anger stuck in his chest.

“Want Yuu. See you round, Ame.” There is a weak wave which he takes that as his cue to help his brother get home. Maybe it was food poisoning from the new restaurant?

Yuuji hands his half finished drink to Uraume who smiles at him. “Do you want help with him?”

No. Not from you. Is his nasty little thought, but his brother is heavy. It'll be hard to get him home like this on his own.

“Oh, Yuuji! Is Sukuna okay?” Satoru’s voice is bright behind them. He turns his head to see amusement written all over the man’s face. It takes only a few seconds for it to click.

The drink.

The drink meant for him.

Gojo had meant to roofie him. Fucker.

“You really should follow directions better. We could have all had such a fun time, us three.” Gojo pouts as Geto comes round to wrap large arms around the man’s waist.

“How long will this shit effect him for?” He growls, glaring at the two.

“Four hours.” Geto’s voice rolls, smooth like water over rock. Those black eyes show no emotion. No interest. No affection for the man in his arms. No remorse. Yuuji knows this man is dangerous. It’s apparent. “He’ll need a lot of water after and a good meal. He’ll pass out if you don’t keep him stimulated and there will be no memory of today.”

Yuuji glares, mouth thinning.

“Well, when Sukuna breaks your faces into dust I’ll be there to record it. I’m ashamed of you Toru,” Megumi appears out of nowhere, stepping up to Sukuna’s other side, offering him a quick side eye before throwing one of his twin’s arms over thin shoulders. It’s an instant relief, half the weight lifted from him.

His brother’s head lolls, finally resting on Yuuji’s shoulder. “Oh, come on, Megumin,” Gojo whines, pouting, “it was just for fun.”

“For you two. You’re lucky I’m not reporting you to my dad right now,” Green eyes are narrowed on the men before them. Both getting instantly nervous at the mention of the Chief of Police, Fushiguro Toji. No one, absolutely no one, messes with Megumi or earns his disdain if they don't want to see why Tokyo has the lowest crime record ever. “If Sukuna presses charges I’ll testify on his side. Now both of you fuck off.”

The two men do slink away. Uraume looks shaken next to them, touching Sukuna’s chest gently, tenderly. Yuuji wrinkles his nose in distaste as he adjusts his hold on his brother. “I’ll help you to your dorm,” Megumi offers and it’s such a relief.

“I’ll have him call you,” he offers to his brother’s side piece.

“Thank you,” he nearly rolls his eyes at the bow he gets before his best friend starts helping him lug his brother home. It takes nearly fifteen minutes, but they manage it. They even get his twin onto the bed.

Megumi looks him over, raising a brow. They've gone to the front door, the knob held in a pale hand loosley. “You’re drunk. Do you want me to stay?”

Yuuji shakes his head, feeling far clearer now. “I got him. He’s my twin.”

“Yuu, Yuu!” They hear come from the bedroom, weak grunts of his name that make him sigh.

“You indulge him too much for how much of a bastard he is," Megumi shakes his head, looking him over carefully for a moment. "See you at lunch tomorrow?” A cool hand grabs his arm and squeezes, green eyes watching him. He knows all he has to do is ask his best friend to stay and he will, but he'll be fine. It's Sukuna. What could go wrong?

“Yeah, at two. ” Yuuji smiles while he sees his friend out, locking the door behind him.

What he returns to is his brother naked on the bed, looking like a starfish. He’s all spread out and panting, brown eyes hazed over as Sukuna stares at nothing. “You okay there, Kuna?” He asks gently as he sits on the bed. A large hand slides over the comforter and grabs his hip, squeezing.

“Wanna fuck?” the words make his heart stop and his eyes widen.


“Come on, Ame. I wanna do it,” his brother whines, closing brown eyes while he tips his pink haired head back. Black tattoos are stark against tan skin, pink lips looking so wet as his twin pants. The hand on him pulls until Yuuji tips forward over his brother’s body. He doesn’t get but a moment to think before his mouth is being devoured. A strong hand is wrapped in his hair and a studded tongue invades his mouth. Yuuji pushes back, hitting his brother hard against the shoulder. The hand on his waist moves to snatch his wrist, grabbing it loosely. Annoyed, he bites Sukuna’s tongue just a little.

“Bitch!” His brother cries, pulling back and blinking hard. “What the fuck?”

“What the fuck?” He growls back, tugging against the hands on him until he’s free. The touches on him were nothing like his brother’s usual strength. “I’m your twin, dipshit, not your fuck toy.”

“Yuuji?” Brown brows furrow as Sukuna tries to focus. “Yuu, where are we? It’s so dark. Can’t see shit.” His brother is mumbling, some words clearer than others.

His brother starts rambling, but he can't focus on those empty words. That felt good. Felt nice. It had been wet and warm and what he wanted to feel from Sukuna for so long. They’d been connected again. “Yuu?” His brother’s eyes are half-lidded and really seem unable to focus on him. He reaches out a hand, fingers twitching nervously for a moment before he tentatively touches his twin’s abs. His touch is feather light, but Sukuna gasps, pushing his body into his touches. Yuuji licks his lips and moves to kneel between spread thighs.

This is depraved. Disgusting. Terrible.

It’s not who Yuuji is, but he wants Sukuna to be his. Hasn’t he given everything for his older brother? Doesn’t he deserve this in return?

With more confidence, he grabs a thick thigh and squeezes it. “Ame? Ame, where’d you go?” He nearly growls as his brother calls out for that little parasite again. “No-no, Yuu. What’are’you doin’?” Brown eyes are taking longer to open between blinks, his brother’s breathing slowing.

“Nothing, go to sleep,” he pets along his brother’s sides, soothing him, easing him to relax.

There is a low moan when Sukuna pushes into his touch. “Oh, feels good,” a pink tongue darts out over wet lips. Yuuji is damned by temptation. He has tasted the sweetest fruit and now he must have more. He ducks down and presses his mouth to Sukuna's, licking over his twin’s lips, tasting them.

His brother sighs and opens beautifully for him. There is little response to his tongue stealing into that warm mouth, delving into a place he’s never been before. They shared pecks on the lips as children, but never this. This was never meant to happen. “Ah,” the smallest sound makes him startle, pulling back in horror.

No, no. He’s the good brother. The dutiful twin. “Yuu, again,” hands reach out to him weakly, trying to touch him but he scoots back, terrified of himself. “Please, Yuuji, was good.”

He fists his own hair, warring with himself. His brother knows it’s him. Is okay with them kissing? It’s so confusing. Okay, upon an upwards glance, Sukuna may be more than okay with it. His cock is rock hard and leaking. “Come on, Yuu. Wanna fuck,” his brother wiggles his hips and it’s all he needs.

Sukuna won’t remember tomorrow anyways.

Their mouths clash together, but his twin is like a weak kitten. There is no strength in the body below him. He touches everywhere he can, squeezing juicy pecs and thick thighs, stroking over tight abs. His calloused fingers skim over his twin’s cockhead and Sukuna hisses, blurrily looking at him. A tear slips down a tattooed cheek but before it can fall Yuuji’s licks it up. He can’t fuck his brother. Sukuna knows what that feels like, had told Yuuji about the one time he’d bottomed for a guy with a monster dick.

Yuuji knows what he can have though.

That mouth is wet and panting, a perfect hole. “Kuna, can I have your mouth please?” He whispers the words, hoping if he’s quiet no one else will ever know his dirty secret. Without hesitation his brother’s mouth widens.

It must be too hard for Sukuna to keep his eyes open because they’re closed and not showing any signs of opening. He unzips his pants and moves to he can press his dick between plush lips, he’s so hard it hurts. When he pushes in it’s warm and wet, but that’s about it. His brother’s so relaxed from the drugs he’s been given that there is no tightness to the mouth, lips, or throat that swallow down his cock. It doesn’t matter much, he’s going to take what he can get.

Yuuji fists pink hair and begins fucking his twin’s throat, merciless in his thrusts. He’s never done this. Never had sex, a blow job, nothing. He’s only ever known his hand so this is the best moment of his life. His brother makes little moaning sounds, but with his eyes closed and mouth slack it looks like Sukuna's sleeping.

It pisses him off. He wants Sukuna to remember this. Remember Yuuji, but his brother can’t even know about this. Ever.

He rolls his hips, pushing his cock in to the base and stutters his hips before pulling back and rubbing the head of his cock agaisnt his brother’s tongue, eyes focused on the stretch of those plump pink lips.

'So this is what I’d look like sucking cock, huh?' he chuckles at the thought. This could have been him, Gojo or Geto fucking his mouth raw just like he’s doing to Sukuna. Would he have liked it? Would it have felt good? A hand grabs his ass gently, squeezing gently. It’s almost loving. Almost like his brother knew he was sad they couldn’t have this forever.

Yuuji growls in frustration with himself and shoves in hard, making his brother’s eyes shoot open as he chokes. Tears slip down from those pretty eyes and he grunts, pulling back to shove right back in hard, cumming deep down his twin’s throat. Sukuna’s eyes cross, tears spilling as his brother is forced to swallow his seed.

“Slut,” he hisses, knowing exactly why his brother has no gag reflex. Practice makes perfect, Sukuna always said after all. He's disgusted with himself and with his brother who licks his lips weakly when Yuuji pulls out. It doesn't stop him from wanting his twin to feel good too though.

He looks back to see the still raging erection between his brother’s legs. It’s not even a thought to grab that long length and start jacking it, fast and hard. He isn’t loving, or sweet, no he’s almost too mean about it. Still, each twist of his wrist makes toes that are identical to his own curl, makes his brother arch, makes pretty sounds fall from swollen red lips. “Yuu, love my Yuu,” his eyes widen a little as he looks back at closed eyes, his brother is smiling as he throws his head back. “Yuu? Call me-call for me like you used to? Like when we were little?”

The words are hard to understand they’re so slurred and stuttered out, but he feels his chest tighten. “Onii-chan?” He whispers, rolling his wrist and smoothing the pad of his thumb teasingly along Sukuna’s cock hole.

“A-again?” With a grin, he bends forward so his mouth is level to his brother’s ear. He strokes that long length, feeling Sukuna trembling next to him.

“Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan” he drops his voice, making it deep, making it roll. “I love you, Onii-chan.” Sukuna arches up and cum shoots, landing on both of them. He grimaces as the cock in his hand twitches and leaks. It’s messy and his twin’s orgasm has made the man pass out, Yuuji can tell by how slack his brother’s body has gone.

Yuuji’s so tired too though, so so tired. He lays his head down on a squishy pec.

He’s just going to close his eyes for a minute. Just for one...minute…

Yuuji wakes slowly. He feels warm, safe even. There are definitely arms wrapped around his waist and his face is pressed to something firm, but still soft. “Yuu, wake up, Yuu,” his brow twitches at the sound of his name being called.

His head hurts. Now that he’s waking up a lot of him hurts. What happened last night? He tries to remember and then it hits him like a freight train.

Yuuji shoots up and stares at Sukuna. His brother is grinning wickedly. “Ah, my little rapist woke up.” No, no. He hadn’t meant to. He didn’t...he didn’t want to do that.

Tears flood his eyes right away, and he’s down, bowing against the bed. “I’m sorry,” he sobs, feeling bile at the back of his throat. A wide hand strokes down his back while another grabs his chin, lifting it so he’s looking at Sukuna. How his brother could even touch him he doesn’t know. He’s vile, disgusting-

“You did really well, for your first time. I mean I would have preferred we went all the way, but we have time.” Sukuna is smiling at him, stroking his back to comfort him. He’s so confused, so lost. His brow furrows and he tries to think. “Oh shh now, Yuu, no tears. It was either you getting drugged or me, but this was always happening. I’m glad it was me. 50/50 chances were all I had with Satoru.”

With Satoru?

“You planned this?” His mouth hangs open just a little.

“Of course. Well, I didn’t tell Satoru why other than I wanted to see what’d happen.” There is a nonchalant shrug followed by a very pleased smile. “You didn’t disappoint. I’m so happy you feel the same way! I was so worried. You weren’t responding at all to my attempts to make you jealous,” his brother pouts.

Yuuji glares, lips curling back in a snarl. “I hate you,” he growls, angry tears in his eyes. Yuuji tries to get out of the bed, but his brother uses leverage to keep him down, rolling on top of him. Pink lips peck his own.

“You love me. I’m your Onii-chan and you love me,” Sukuna grins, eyes shining with mirth. “And now it’s time you showed big brother just how much you love me.” Yuuji is angry, so angry at being played a fool but he should have expected it. Even as he lets his mouth be ravaged and his body be touched by skilled hands he thinks about what an idiot he is. He should have known better!

After all, Yuuji knows best that Sukuna believes in forgiveness not permission.

Chapter Text

Large hands grab his body, pushing his down to the ground, forcing him to his knees. His fingers extend out in front of him, laying flat on the floor as he’s positioned like a doll. One of those massive hands presses down onto his back and he arches, presenting as his Alpha wants.

“Good boy,” Sukuna’s praise makes him sigh, resting his cheek on the cool floor. “You did so well today. My body is perfect, little mate.” Megumi can see from the corner of his eye that his Alpha is smiling. The face is different, half masked, and somehow so much broader but still handsome. Sukuna looks more imposing like this, a nine-foot-tall curse is hard to not be intimidated by, especially one rippling with muscles. Two large hands plant themselves by his head while the other two strip him of his uniform. A gentle finger grazes over the mark on his neck, the bite that started it all.

Months ago he’d been in a similar position with the curse, only he’d fought then. Megumi had been an alpha. Had being the key word. Sukuna had taught him that his gender had been wrong. He’d been meant for this Alpha, for the King of Curses, so he became what was needed. “Alpha?” he asks quietly when a thick finger prods at his hole. Megumi’s wet, he always wet when his mate is around him, so it’s not a shock when that thick finger is able to press inside him. It’s big though, so big. His eyes shut hard, brow furrowing.

“Shh, shh. It’s okay, relax,” the scent of his mate fills his nose, calming him. It’s a little different now, still smoky but there is a charge underneath it he doesn’t know how to describe yet. That long, thick finger fills him and flexes, it makes him grit his teeth. It’s not bigger than his alpha’s cock, but it’s a lot all at once. His mate moves to cover Megumi’s back, lips pressing to his claim bite, then to his ear, and finally to the corner of his mouth. One hand is holding his hip now, the other two holding Sukuna’s full weight off of him. “Today your womb will be filled, love,” a tingle of pleasure runs down his spine at the thought.

“Want your pup,” he mumbles, eyes looking away from his mate shyly.

“And you’ll have it and then another and another until your womb is nothing more than a factory for cursed children,” Sukuna chuckles, crooking his finger inside him. It makes his feet shoot up at the sudden sensation of pleasure as his prostate is rubbed. “There we go. Your bitch button loves when I play with it.” His Alpha starts rubbing the bundle of nerves inside him, his toes curl with pleasure. He shuts his eyes hard when his hips start rolling back onto that finger, embarrassed at how far he’s fallen. This is his mate though and Sukuna likes when he responds.

At the beginning, once his first heat was over, he’d tried fighting Sukuna off time and time again. It didn’t go anywhere though. As soon as his mate’s scent hit him Megumi was on his knees, asking for forgiveness and begging for his mate's knot. Whatever was left of his inner alpha had been chipped away until there was nothing left.

Megumi had been bitched completely. His Alpha had ensured it.

“Hah, ah-” little moans spill from his lips as he’s played with. His cock slaps hard against his belly with each jerk of movement.

A thick tongue licks over Megumi’s neck, making him mewl at the sensation of the mating mark being touched by his mate. It’s sensitive to the alpha’s touch and makes him arch further under the bulk of the curse on top of him. “Beautiful.” The word is pressed into his skin with a kiss.

“Now two,” Sukuna draws his finger back to his rim. Two fingers now press to his hole, stretching him wide as they fill him. His eyes open wide at the pressure of those thick digits pushing on his walls. “Breathe, Megumi. Deep breaths.”

The command fills his brain and he does start breathing, deep centering breaths. It helps as he’s stretched on those thick fingers. “One more after this, okay?” He nods, tears in his eyes as he breathes. His mate does play with his prostate again, making Megumi whine and want beneath him, but his pleasure is lost when the third finger slides into him.

It’s the most he’s ever taken, and he’d never thought he’d take anything before Sukuna. He’d thought he’d be with some omega, well he’d hoped for Yuuji, and that would be that. Megumi’d been so foolish, so silly to think he’d been alpha enough to mate anyone. He’d been meant for this. His mate had needed him to be strong until Sukuna could claim him and now he was happy. What worries did he need to have with his Alpha there to take care of him?

Being an Alpha never suited him anyways. Sukuna had told him that, shown him the truth Megumi always tried to stray away from.

“So pretty,” his mate whispers into his ear and he sighs. Yes, that was it. He was pretty, always had been, and alphas weren’t pretty. They were meant to be masculine, powerful through their appearance and the strength their dynamic gave them. “My sweet little omega, hmm?”

Megumi nods, his black bangs falling into his eyes. “Do you love me, Megumi?”

“I love you,” he says easily. He does. He loves his Alpha for showing him where he was meant to be. Who he was meant to be. Sukuna grabs his chin and lifts his head gently so they can kiss. It’s deep, different with the change in size, but good. It’s all meant as a distraction from the fingers opening him up, stretching him out, and it’s terrible how much he wants to be filled by his mate. He’d have let his mate take him without any prep if only the Alpha asked.

Sukuna suddenly spreads all three of his fingers out making Megumi shout into their kiss. He pulls back, grimacing at the discomfort. “Do you need me to stop?” His alpha is being kind, gentle.

“No, no want you,” he mutters, dropping his head to press against the floor. Megumi’d asked for this. Wanted this. “You promised that you’d pup me when I managed to bring your body back.” He whines gently as teeth nip his shoulder.

“I did, but you’re tiny, love. I’m so big now, and I don’t want to hurt my mate.” Warm kisses trail up from his shoulder to his ear. “My Omega is too precious to be broken.”

“Want you,” he whines quietly, pressing back onto those thick digits inside him, clenching around them. His Alpha chuckles, the hand on his hip strokes his side, comforting him.

“Alright, I can fix you up after anyways, right? My baby gets what he wants.” He bites his lip when the fingers inside him pull out. Slick is running down his legs, but even with how wet he is it’s going to be a stretch. “Deep breath, okay?”

Megumi nods, a sweet kiss is pressed to his shoulder as his mate adjusts himself. His Alpha kneels behind him, one hand is able to grab his whole waist and pull the omega back until his hole is kissing the head of Sukuna’s cock. He winces as his hole is pressed into, a stuttering moan leaving his lips as he’s filled. “Oh, oh Sukuna!” He shouts, eyes shut tight and fingers scrambling to grab something for purchase. It’s so big, so so big. Megumi’s hands are grabbed and large fingers lace with his own. “Alpha, it’s too much-” he mumbles, brain fried from how much he’s being stretched. How is this possible? How is his body not being torn apart?

When his mate knots him will it kill him?

Megumi trembles at the thought, but soft kisses are pressed all along his shoulders to comfort him. “Breathe with me,” it takes a long minute of in and out breaths for him to calm down. It’s hard when something the size of his forearm is inside him. “Good, Omega, good.” The praise softens him some, makes him feel just a little better.

Suddenly though arms are under his knees and he’s pulled up and back until he is sitting on his mate’s cock. It’s so much bigger like this that he sobs. The hands that are under his knees slide up and lace behind his neck. Megumi’s brow furrows at he’s forced to be nearly immobile.

His knees are pressed to his chest, semi-erect cock hanging out, and his neck is supported while he’s held with those large arms. “Ready?”

No, no. He’s not. Especially with the sight of his stomach. He can see the way Sukuna’s cock is pushing his usually flat belly out. “A-alpha?” Megumi’s voice shakes as his mate gets onto his feet. It makes him cry out with each step as Sukuna walks over to the mirror in the room. It’s almost the size of the wall and like this he can see them. He’s curled up against his mate's body, belly pushing out, tears falling from his green eyes. Sukuna is grinning while he keeps Megumi locked in place. “Don’t you look so tiny?” He does, he looks small against the broad chest he’s held against. “Now, love, watch your Alpha, won’t you?”

Scared green eyes meet blood red. They seem to assure him, seem to tell him he’ll be okay. The first time is always the hardest, he just has to be strong.

The long length inside him pulls out and slams back in. “Ah!” He shouts, eyes shutting, hole clenching hard at the intrusion.

“Look at you, taking me,” Sukuna growls, hands pressing on his neck until he looks. He watches as his mate pulls back out and then pushes back in. Like this it feels somewhat good, feels more like he’s being filled then being ripped apart. His eyes can’t tear away from the in and out of that huge cock, can’t stop staring as his belly is pushed out with each thrust in.

This position forces him to be submissive, to take without choice, and he likes it. “Alpha,” he moans, looking up to see red eyes staring at him intensely.

“Get pregnant,” his mate growls, thrusting in harder. “Get pregnant and be mine,” he can’t even nod with how his neck is being held, but he would if he could.

“Yours, Alpha, always,” he promises just before he’s thrust into again. His mate’s hands loop under his arms to grab his should so that large mouth can latch onto his neck, fierce teeth biting in hard. Megumi screams as his mate marks him again, the original bite a pale comparison to the larger mark that will brand him now.

His eyes grow heavy as contentment fills his system. Sukuna is definitely gentling him, making him docile but he doesn't know why. Then the scent of Alpha in rut is catching his senses and slick gushes from his hole, mouth hanging open as he breathes in. “Oh,” he manages as his hole begins to be assaulted.

Blood red eyes now seem to glow, burning into him. Those sharp teeth are still lodged into his neck, blood trickling down onto his pale skin and down his mate’s tan chin. “S-Sukuna?” His voice trembles as the scent of rut heightens. Megumi doesn’t think he can survive his mate’s rut. He’s sure he’ll die. “Alpha!” He shrieks as the cock in him rolls in somehow deeper and the beginning of a knot catches his hole. Fruitlessly, he kicks his feet and screams for his mate to ‘stop, please, stop’ until a hand slaps over his mouth. He sobs as he feels the impending knot catch again and again until it pushes inside him.

His brain shuts down, the pain is gone, his body separate from his mind as his alpha mates him properly. Megumi is a good omega. He needs to take his Alpha. Doesn’t he want a baby? Doesn’t he want pups?

He’s filled so well. So perfectly like this. No room for error.

Sharp teeth pull out of his neck and he groans in relief, but those large hands bracket his neck once more and hold him in place. “Breed you right,” Megumi’s green eyes fall to his belly, looking swollen with so much cock and seed filling it.

“‘Kuna,” he slurs, blinking slowly at the sight. “It’s too much.”

“You take what I give you, Omega,” the growled command makes him nod tiredly.

“Yes, Alpha,” his ear is nipped at and all he can do is watch as his belly is filled, his body aching, and mind slowing. The scent of rut lessens as his mate comes down from his breeding high and the hands on him become gentle. He didn’t even realize Sukuna was holding his ankles until they let go of them, stark red finger prints bright on his pale skin.

“Look at you,” his Alpha croons sweetly, a hand laying on his belly gently. “You look round with my pup already.” Megumi wants that. Wants to be a good omega that carries as many pups as his mate wants. His eyes trail over the sight of them, barely recognizing himself with how ruined he looks.

His face is covered in tear tracks, cheeks red from crying, there is blood on his neck and it dripped down into his clavicle. His body is covered in red marks, truly no part of him is untouched. Megumi’s eyes look lost and he does feel that way. Was he ever meant for more than breeding stock? Had he truly only been raised to be this?

A tear falls from his eye, but a warm hand brushes it away. “I love you very much,” Sukuna whispers into his ear, a promise that fills him with affection for his mate. “I’m so happy to have you, Megumi. No Alpha could be happier with their omega.” A soft purr leaves him at the praise. His insides may be ruined, but his heart is full.

Megumi had let the pain get to him. He loves his Alpha. Wants him forever.

Carefully, his mate kneels before sitting crisscross, he’s scented gently, calmed as he’s let go slowly. Megumi’s head falls back onto a broad shoulder, eyes closing at the release of the pressure on his neck. Carefully, his mate uncurls the omega's legs. They settle together as the cock inside him thoroughly seeds his womb. “I’m sorry, Omega, I got too heated.”

The apology is sealed with a kiss to the brand new bite on his neck. Megumi shakes his head just a little, blinking up tiredly at his Alpha. “I want to experience all of you.”

Sukuna smiles slowly, it’s kind and affectionate. So different from what he'd first thought of the King of Curses. His mate is warm and loving and understanding, patient. It makes his heart and mind ease to know he's cared for by this Alpha. He's elated too as their scents intertwine as they mate properly, cum filling him for the first time. “And you will. We have forever together, you and I.” Megumi nods, shutting his eyes when lips press to his forehead. His mate lets him sleep and when he wakes up he’s been cleaned up and healed where it mattered. There is no pain from how thoroughly he’d been taken, but the bruises are there to remind him.

“Little Mate, I would like you to do me the honor of sealing our bond.” His Alpha kneels before him, a soft smile on that handsome face. Megumi was so lucky he’d been shown the right path. Being an alpha was never right for him and his mate had known that. He’s happier now as an omega than he ever would have been as an alpha. “Won't you claim me as yours?”

Large hands reach out to him, Megumi doesn't hesitate to slip his smaller hands onto those wide palms, to feel the warmth of his mate. This is what he wants. This is what he needs. He laughs warmly, pressing forward to kiss his mate. It's gentle and soft, beautiful and loving.

"I do."

Chapter Text

Sukuna is young when he first sees them. His soulmate, his everything. He knows the moment he sees emerald greens, pale skin, and inky black hair that this is meant to be his person. Of course, he actually doesn’t meet them right then. Instead, he pulls out his camera and takes a picture from across the street.

His soulmate doesn’t even see him, eyes stuck to the sidewalk, and hands wrapped around backpack straps. They must be on their way to school. Sukuna’s home schooled since he’s always too busy with this or that to bother with the simplicity of a classroom. Today, he’d just been wandering around and taking pictures of the scenery of his new neighborhood.

They’d had to leave the last one after some asshole burned down the apartment complex. His dad had booked more modeling jobs for him since and now they have a new apartment in a nicer area, well somewhat nicer. Sukuna models and does little dramas here and there that need child actors. It’s lucrative enough and he’s smart so it’s all easy, mind-numbing work. Putting on different faces, different people, is fun. He likes it and it pays the bills.

He likes his soulmate even more though. Sukuna follows him, keeping a safe distance, all the way to his school, and grins. It’s close to his apartment with his dad. He’s not ready to start school yet though so instead he memorizes the time and finds out when classes get dismissed.

For three months, he watches his soulmate go to and from school. He learns their name is Megumi, although he still can’t tell if they're a boy or a girl. Also, he hates their dad.

Toji is a bad person. He disappears for days on end and there have been more than a few times he’s seen, through the kitchen window, the drunken stumbling the man does. Megumi tries to avoid their father as much as possible.

Sukuna doesn’t know what to do. He can’t call protective services because then they’d take his Megumi away, but he also doesn’t want to leave them here. It’s too terrible, even if he is able to watch his future spouse almost all evenings through the windows. There are these really convenient tall trees that he sits in and moves about to keep an eye on Megumi throughout the apartment. It’s really not a safe place for his soulmate to live but it’s convenient for Sukuna.

A month later Gojo Satoru shows up. The man is barely a man and Sukuna isn’t sure about him. Gojo comes to Megumi’s school on a Wednesday at dismissal and Sukuna watches as the man explains to his soulmate the situation. He hides behind the school’s entrance wall and listens to them intently. “Megumi, I’m Gojo Satoru. Your father, well if you can even call him that, isn’t really...he’s not well. I’ve asked him to make me your legal guardian and he agreed.”

Megumi is silent for a long time. “My dad gave me away?” The words are quiet, tiny. He doesn’t get to hear his soulmate talk much, but their voice is sweet sounding.

“No, it’s not like that. Toji can’t take care of you, but I can. I would like to at least, which is more than I can say-” the man stops himself and sighs, “I would like you to try it out. Would that be okay?”

Megumi must nod because the two walk away to a waiting car together. Sukuna can’t run and follow them, but he looks up Gojo Satoru on the internet. He’s apparently what is called a Trust Fund baby. His parents died when he was young and left him millions. It clicks in his head then that money can buy anything he wants, even people.

He learns later, while waterboarding Toji, that Satoru had given the man half a million for his son. The two had met during a poker game and the only thing Toji’d talked about was how he had a son at home he wished he didn’t have to worry about. Apparently, Satoru was quick enough with assessing the situation and did what he thought was best.

Sukuna thinks it’s actually funny. Satoru bought himself a son at the age of 23.

Sukuna learns that money can buy you anything, but power is better.

Toji goes missing when Megumi turns thirteen. He’s actually dissolving in a vat of acid, but only Sukuna knows that. Best not to worry anyone about unimportant business. Anyways, by 14 he’s become a wildly popular child star and a ‘young heartthrob’. His father can’t believe the money he’s bringing in from just signing ad deals.

Sukuna can’t believe how easy it all was to start his plan.

First, he needs money. He needs to be able to make a safe home for Megumi to live in. It’s kept him busy and he hasn’t been able to see them as regularly. It’s noticeably been more somber on his walks and he knows that his soulmate must feel his absence. That their silent guardian has been missing.

Soon part two of his plan will be enacted. For now, he’s setting himself up for success. He’s brought in nearly two million to his savings now and he’s ready to start school. It’s Megumi’s last year of middle school, actually it’s his last months, and Itadori Yuuji is the new, eager young man joining his class.

Sukuna’s already a pretty recognizable face, but with some contacts and makeup he looks completely different. A few people think he’s idolizing the ‘hot model Sukuna’ and it makes him want to roll his eyes. What fools.

Megumi though...Megumi is so much more than he expected. First, he finally finds out that he’s going to have a husband. A husband! How wonderful. He’s been planning their wedding since they were ten, but now he can finish the details. He still thinks the other boy should wear a dress, or maybe an off the shoulder ensemble. He can have it made custom.

Oh, it’ll be lovely. A veil too surely.

He’s so excited.

“Yuuji?” Sukuna’s ears perk up at the sound of that lovely voice, and he looks at the object of his affection.

“Fushiguro!” He says cheerily, ugh Yuuji’s such a fucking pleaser, but Megumi likes it. Yuuji always makes Megumi smile. “What’s up, man?”

“I’m...I-” Green eyes look at him, then away and then back, “My dad said I could invite you over for the weekend and I wanted to see if you’d want to sleepover?”

A sleepover? A sleepover! Fuck. Fuck! He can’t do that. His makeup could come off or the contacts fall out, plus he has work. “Oh,” he says sadly and has to look down, “Fushiguro, I’m sorry but my grandpa is pretty sick. I try to spend my weekends with him as much as I can.” He’s made up a really good background for his character, and dying grandpa had made Megumi feel really badly for him. Made the other boy reach out.

Yuuji is also Megumi’s only friend other than Inumaki, who is mute. It’s almost laughable how easy it would be to kidnap his soulmate because no one would really notice. Satoru sure, but the man can just go buy another son.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Of course, sorry I just-” Pale skin flushes prettily and he grins and pats the other boy’s arm, feeling it under the large width of his hand.

“Hey, no, that’s awesome and I wish I could. It’s just family, you know?” There is a stilted nod and if his soulmate is quiet the rest of the day he can only sigh internally over it. Itadori Yuuji tries to get the other boy to smile, but he can’t manage it.

Sukuna will strive to always make Megumi happy in their future, even if he has to force Megumi to see what will make him happy. His love makes stupid decisions after all. Like wearing short sleeves in fall or trusting anyone who isn’t Sukuna. No one knows what his soulmate needs like he does.

For years, he kept up the charade of Itadori Yuuji. He calls off school sometimes for work and cites it as medical emergencies for his dying grandfather so Megumi never suspects him. It’s so sweet.

When they’re sixteen, Megumi gets scouted and Sukuna doesn’t know how to feel about it. Megumi is gorgeous. Pretty in a way that has isolated him his whole life. People don’t befriend the boy because they’re intimidated by him and because his soulmate hates almost everyone. He gets into fist fights often and as much as Sukuna likes seeing the raw power in his love’s body he hates when he gets hit back.

Still it’s during one of those fights that Sukuna’s own agent sees Megumi and signs him on. Within seven months Megumi was on the cover of Seventeen and a few other major young fashion magazines. He saves all of them. It’s also pretty quickly that the creeps start slinking out of the woodwork. Megumi doesn’t have just one stalker, no he has three.

He knows none of them are threats to him, but he still is pissed that his soulmate is being coveted by lesser men.

Sukuna takes care of the first one. Yuuji and Megumi are actually out getting ramen when he first notices the old man. He’s a fat bastard, a pedophile really. Megumi’s still only sixteen. Amazingly, the man just ‘bumps’ into the pretty young model while they are walking out of the restaurant and he sees a chubby hand grab at his love’s ass.

“Ah, so sorry, so sorry,” the man says, red faced, sweating, and feigning sincerity. Sukuna sees through the act. There is hunger in puny little shit brown eyes. His bloodlust rises instantly when Megumi presses into his side, eyes wide, and mouth parted. ‘Yuuji’ laughs and wraps an arm around that slender waist.

“Watch where you’re going man. My friend here is too thin to be knocked around like that. He bruises easily,” he laughs and Megumi huffs, but stays close. They leave and he wants to keep holding his soulmate close, but the moment passes. Soon enough they’ll be together. Soon enough his love won’t want him to let go.

“Yuuji,” Megumi says quietly, eyes downcast, and he pauses, “do you think i’m too thin?” No fucking shit. There is barely any meat on Megumi’s bones and it’s mostly because Satoru had him training with him every other day with some guy. It keeps his love’s body trim and well muscled, but there is no meat there. Nothing to squeeze or massage, just lithe muscle.

“I mean you’re just tiny, is all. That’s not a bad thing.” He says with a warm smile.

“Well not everyone can be some wide shouldered, muscled jock with a dopey ass smile,” there is an angry huff that makes him laugh, slinging his arm over thin shoulders.

“Come on, you’re pretty at least,” that gets him a push to the chest and an angry glare. Hmm, that is not new but there is something else behind green eyes.

“Sorry I don’t have a huge rack and ass like the girls you like,” ah, there it is. Megumi has never made any inclination that he likes ‘Yuuji’, but sometimes there is this inkling of jealousy. Sukuna doesn’t know if it’s just that Yuuji’s opinion matters or that the other boy actually likes him. It doesn’t matter. Yuuji and Megumi can’t be together.

Sukuna and Megumi very much will be though.

Soon too.

A new drama came along and they needed another young male for the supporting cast. His agent is recommending Megumi and soon they’ll ‘meet’. It’s so exciting, their first meeting is going to be amazing. He has everything he’s going to say and do planned.. Plus, he’s just found the most amazing apartment. It’s got exactly what he’s been looking for.

Unfortunately, Yuuji’s grandfather dies and he needs to do some soul searching after he graduates. Consequently, Sukuna’s own father passes away around the same time. The brakes went out in the man’s car while he was on the highway and a multiple car collision was reported as a tragedy on the news.

It’s a terrible shame.

During this, Sukuna makes quick work of seducing Megumi to his side. He gives the black haired beauty all his attention, showers him with praise, and makes himself very obvious. It’s easy to get this timid boy to fall in love with him. He even gets to finally go over to Megumi’s house and meet Satoru. He’s always avoided it because he thinks the millionaire would be too discerning to not notice that Yuuji and Sukuna were very similar. Too similar.

It warms his soul though when he goes into his soulmate’s room and sees the walls plastered with pictures of himself. Well his Yuuji self. “Who’s that? Your ex?” He jokes, but Megumi’s shoulders rise and there is an awkward tension he doesn’t understand.

“No, just someone I used to be close with.” Ah, heartache. It must be hard for Megumi. His only friend is going ghost on him. Disappearing. Inumaki had gone to a special school for the mute for high school so it truly was just Yuuji and Megumi. It makes him feel a little bad that he’s inadvertently making his soulmate sad.

Maybe Yuuji will call later this week and check in? That might make his love smile.

“I don’t uh…” Megumi stutters cutely “I’ve never had an ex or a well a not an ex, the before the ex part, know what I mean?” Fuck, that’s adorable. He’s never seen his love so flustered and he can only smile.

“Would you like to have the ‘before the ex’ part?” He asks gently, grabbing a small, pale hand in his own tan one. Green eyes blink up at him and oh, wow is this it? They’ve been flirting sure, but it’s just been flirting.

“We-we work together. It wouldn’t be ethical.” Oh, come on!

“After then? We wrap in two weeks.” There is a furrowed brow and white teeth biting at pink lips. He’ll have to break that habit.

“I don’t know. I mean you’re amazing, really, but I’m just me. I don’t think you’d be happy dating me,” the answer surprises him. His poor love. His sweet Megumi. He frowns and squeezes the hand in his own. So perhaps isolating Megumi from everyone at school and not letting him have any sense of worth beyond Yuuji’s praise was necessary, but it’s obviously caused something he didn’t think of.

Megumi never seemed to have low self-esteem with Yuuji. Never put himself down like this.

“Why don’t you let me make that decision? I’d really like to date you, if you’ll let me?” The hand in his own is clammy and he can feel the rapid beat of his soulmate’s heart against his thumb which is pressed to Megumi’s wrist. “You’re the most beautiful person I have or will ever see, Megumi. You’re smart and you’re talented. Don’t you know that?”

When there is silence he adjusts his future strategies. He’ll need to build Megumi’s confidence on his own, it’ll make his love even more dependent on him if the only true words of affirmation come from him.

“Forgive me for not seeing what you do, but it’s hard to when you’re in the room,” a black brow raises and there is the smallest smirk.

He laughs and bends forward, surprising the 17 year old with a peck to the lips. “You’re adorable,” he breathes out and gets the sweetest giggle. It’s the first day of his life. This is the day he truly realizes his purpose.

Sukuna is Megumi’s soulmate too. He has to make sure he leads him down the right path.

Already he has set the stage as he needed. He has money and he has power too. He’s put money into his own startup technology company. It’s under his birth name, Itadori Yuuji, and they create anonymous streaming services that are untraceable and cannot be saved. It’s mostly sold to dark web clients, but it fucking sells.

It’s his little test trial. He has other thoughts and ideas too.

They’re currently developing music coded with suggestions. They’re testing it out right now and seeing what it does to unsuspecting individuals. They mostly just hack into smart devices at night and play the music while someone is sleeping. So far the results vary.

Ah, he should say who his partner is!

Yuuta is an interesting young fellow. A fan of Megumi’s actually. Well more than a fan and that’s how Sukuna found him. He’s one of the stalkers, but this one had gotten his interest because he’d been planting devices in his soulmate’s trailer. Naturally, he had a surveillance system that he had installed inside the little trailer and he’d removed the devices.

But he’d sent the man a message. “I have a proposition” he’d said with an address. It was the start of a great relationship. Yuuta didn’t want Megumi like the other men did. Sure, he wanted to fuck him but it wasn’t some pedo or psycho wanted to kill him or violate him and then leave him.

No, Yuuta was in love. Not like Sukuna, but a shadow of what he felt. Yuuta also knew that Megumi was very much in love with Sukuna and did not want to make the object of his affection sad. The young man wanted Megumi to be happy, but he wanted to watch it all. A fly on the wall.

Sukuna asked the man to develop new technology with him and so Yuuta did. He asked Yuuta to assault Megumi and so he did. He asked Yuuta to fake a kidnapping and so the man did.

All for Megumi to be happy. Truly happy.

And when Sukuna told Yuuta to be a disgusting, raving lunatic in front of Megumi when he was setting him free the man did. He asked so much of Yuuta and the man did it all for love. It was insanity, but insanity he was able to play with.

He’s skipping too far ahead though.

Megumi is a joy to finally date. To have, to hold, and to keep. His love has no idea what he’s done by letting him in. Eight months of them being the sweet ‘honeymoon’ couple passes and then they’re living together.

Unsurprisingly, they both kind of suck at sex at first. Sukuna has only ever jacked off to thoughts of Megumi and the other teen doesn’t even have that experience. They learn together though and it’s nice. It’s the one thing he really didn’t want to prepare for because he wanted their first time to be special for both of them.

They have sex regularly, but it’s pretty vanilla. Some light bondage here and there, but it’s fine. It’s okay.

He’s more worried about Megumi’s insistence on independence.

“No, Sukuna. I can go to the store myself.”

“Sukuna, it’s one week in Osaka. I’ll be fine.”

“Kuna, please, just give me a night off. I’m too tired to do anything, especially sex.”

He hates it. He hates Megumi not caring about how he feels. There is never a reason for his soulmate to tell him no. Sukuna never tells him no. He just tells Megumi how he isn’t right and gets him to come around to his thinking.

“It’s better when we’re together though, isn’t it?”

“You’ve been getting anonymous letters consistently. What if I’m not there? Don’t you know how much I worry?”

“Baby, maybe it’ll help you relax. You’re so tense and I can make you feel so so good. Don’t I always make you feel good?”

Megumi always caves. Always says yes to him, but still they play these fucking games. He should know better by now to listen to him.

As the years pass he gets more and more anxious. Sukuna does his best to be a good boyfriend, takes care of Megumi at every turn, loves him completely, but it’s not enough. When his soulmate is out and he’s not busy he goes to his sanctuary. The room is prepared perfectly and he knows he’ll be using it soon.

Megumi’s been struggling lately to understand his place. Sure, Sukuna got him to switch trainers. Sure, they’ve been getting kinkier in the bedroom, but he knows his boyfriend doesn’t like it. There is a seemingly permanent frown on that pretty face and it worries him. What does Megumi have to worry about?

Is he not a perfect boyfriend? Does he not provide everything Megumi needs?

So he keeps his eyes on him at all times, what does it matter? His love is gorgeous. Is lusted after by people that don’t even know him. By people who could never cherish Megumi like he does. How could they ever know how his lover looks in the throes of passion? What his best spots are to get the sweets moans and prettiest mewls?

How could they know that he likes ginger tea in the morning, but chamomile at night? That Megumi has suffered from migraines since he was thirteen and they’re brought on by too much sensory stimulation. Sukuna also knows that Megumi prefers sleeping with an ear pressed to his heart, so that his boyfriend can hear his heartbeat.

Megumi loves good morning kisses and hates saying goodbyes. Loves his dad and worries about Toji, even all these years later.

Sukuna really was lucky the day he got the up and up on the man too. The guy was absolutely sloshed, four days into an absolute bender, and living like a tramp after blowing all the money Satoru gave him for Megumi in poker games. He still wishes he could kill the man again just to see the actual look of horror in green eyes when he told him why.

“You made Megumi sad,” he’d said, preparing to finally end the whole thing.

“M-Megumi?” It’s like the man has to remember his own child. “What the fuck do you know about my son?”

“Your son?” He scoffs and looks at the man, “Please we just established you sold him away. He was your child, but trust me when I say Satoru is the one who gets to call Megumi their son, not you.”

Toji pulls at the ropes binding his limbs. He has them tied and the ropes are bolted down to the floor. He’s working on learning his knots and he did really well this time. “Stay away from my son, you little shit,” he laughs and looks Toji right in the eyes.

“When you die I hope you get to see how close we get. I hope you’re tortured in the afterlife by him becoming mine and never caring about the man who sold him, or anyone else for that matter.” The words had felt so good rolling off his tongue.

Ah, he could really use the stress relief of a good kill right now. Unfortunately, he’d just offed the second stalker a few months ago by playing with the man’s gas line and causing an eventual explosion when the guy lit up his burner to make breakfast in the morning.

It’s probably his least satisfying kill, but the guy had a great stack of polaroids of Megumi that he’d taken as a reward for a job well done. He’d added them to the wall of his sanctuary upstairs and it’s such a nice room. He loves sitting in it and seeing how beautiful Megumi is.

This is his safe space. He has imagined Megumi loving him like he should in this room a million times. How his Megumi would be a good boy, that he would listen. Why won’t his soulmate just listen? Fuck. It’s so goddamn frustrating. He needs to get on with it. He’s held off too long and let his love think he had a say in their relationship.

With a growl, he lays down and looks at his favorite picture. It’s the first one he ever took. Megumi looked so beautiful, just like he did now, but so perfect too. A masterpiece made just for him. He realized a long time ago that you have to work for what you have. He’s worked so hard to make Megumi his and he feels like the one person who makes him want to live is pulling away.

It doesn’t get better in the following weeks. Megumi is trying to avoid him, is always fucking frowning, and doesn’t talk. He’s quiet to the point that Sukuna doesn’t even know what to do. Should he pretend to be Yuuji just to hear his own boyfriend speak to him?

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He asks when he sees how distressed his love is, how upset, “what do you have to be so upset over?” He doesn’t understand, and he wants to know. What does he need to do to make Megumi happy again?

Isn’t that what he promised himself, to always make sure Megumi is happy?

They go through the usual song and dance of excuses and then it happens and he’s frozen for a single instant. It’s not heartbreak he feels but almost relief. Megumi is scared of this moment. He can tell because the pushes are barely there, the words are reluctant. His soulmate doesn’t want this to end, but he needs Sukuna to show him what to do.

He needs Sukuna to be the scary monster that keeps him and teaches him the lessons he’s been ignoring.


Good, because he’s ready to play this role. He’s been waiting years for it actually.

It’s easy to scare Megumi with his sanctuary full of pictures of his love. His soulmate. It’s not wrong. His love had pictures of Yuuji up all over his childhood bedroom, what’s so different about this? Isn’t this his way of showing his adoration, his own love?

Sukuna just wants to be surrounded by Megumi. He wants to be loved by him, but he needs his love to only love him too. How can you ever love someone completely if you love other people ? It doesn’t make sense to him.

It’s fine now though. Megumi is finally ready to learn.

Of course, he reaps the benefits of this new arrangement as well. Indulging in that pretty body in ways he never has before. It excites him to get to play with his lover’s body like this, completely as his mercy, his love unaware.

Yuuta stages the ‘kidnapping’ just as he told him to. This whole scene had been plotted to a T.

After he secured Megumi in his room, drugged him, fucked him a few times for even thinking of leaving him he was making his calls from the burner phone he had. There were no cameras in their private elevator, but there were some around the building. But that was what he needed. Sukuna left his home and the lackey slipped into the elevator with a large suitcase.

The actor was on his phone so he didn’t notice the man going inside the elevator as he walked away, at least that’s what the footage would show. No one would ever know he’d orchestrated it from step A-Z. Well, except Yuuta and Megumi but the first would die before revealing Sukuna’s secrets and his love would be too happy to care anymore when they were done.

The next part was easy. The suitcase was weighed down inside the apartment so there weren’t any mishaps and so it looked heavy. He’d prepped bags that would replicate Megumi’s weight inside the case. It’s a quick in and out, less than 15 minutes. Then, shrouded in black and with no features to be seen, Yuuta stole ‘Megumi’ away. The lobby cameras tracked him to the parking garage where the suitcase was put into the trunk and that was it.

The car was dumped 30 minutes away in a car park that had no surveillance. To everyone’s horror it seemed the actor was gone forever, kidnapped to become some crazy man’s captive. It’d been perfect and with his performance of rage and distress added on to the media? No one would suspect him.

Satoru was even leaning on him for support when they had these dinners together. Texted him more often to check in on him. It was everything he’d ever wanted wrapped up so nicely in his little plan. Poor Megumi too had no concept of time.

He becomes a cold case. No clues, no nothing. The police said whoever took Megumi had it planned for a while. Sukuna made a show of going into seclusion, which the media just loved, but it was really so he could spend time training his boyfriend properly.

The first two months are the hardest. His love is trying to play at docile, but has fire burning in him. Even without seeing those green eyes lit up with defiance he knows it’s there. So he researches different drugs and finds Scopolamine and plays with it. He tests it on others first, junkies and the homeless, finding the right fit for what he needs.

Of course, it’s still trial and error after that. Too much makes Megumi nearly comatose and for weeks he has to work out the right dosage, but it works beautifully when it does. What once was the iron will of his lover is now the sweetest, more confused boy. His lover falls quickly into place from there.

There are no more bitchy little antics, no more ‘stops’, and definitely no more screaming fits. It all fades away into his Megumi becoming perfect for him. “Kuna, love you,” the words are sweet, pressed to his throat, and he sighs in delight. His love has learned most of his lessons, it’s been nearly eight months after all, and he feels he’s punished him properly.

Megumi needed to work hard for Sukuna’s love too. Needed to be shown what love really is because his soulmate had a very, very incorrect notion of what love was. Love is not a compromise, at least their love isn’t. It’s all consuming, it’s a beast wanting to tear them apart so it can remake them as one whole being, and it’s a cage.

A cage they are locked in together. Forever.

Sukuna still has to train his love though, and has to make sure all of that fire has been left to crackle out, until Megumi is like a calm pond only disturbed by Sukuna’s playful and gentle hands. It brings him such joy to have been able to perfect his love. Making Megumi a good boy was so much more of an experience for him than he thought it would be.

He’d hated some of it. Leaving his love stuffed with toys, sobbing for him, had been hard. Megumi tended to cry and sob his heart out when he was played with remotely, really Sukuna was only in the hallway watching on his phone, but he hadn’t liked that as much. It was distressed crying, not the pleasured shouts he wanted to hear.

But Yuuta had asked and he needed to keep his partner satisfied with little crumbs here and there. The music they made worked well now too. He’d seen that it had become a trigger for Megumi to become docile and very malleable. With the classical it usually also made Megumi horny, but the lofi was meant to soothe and keep his love calmed.

The only issue they were having was with food. Even with how far his love had come the adjustments to the seasoning of all his dishes had made Megumi uncomfortable. “I told you baby, all my cum goes inside you,” he’d said the first time, petting that pale back while Megumi retched.

He’d been understanding the first time. He’d only punished his love accordingly, but still the issue persisted. It was frustrating, but he knew they’d overcome this hurdle too in time. With a smile he presses kisses to a pale shoulder and then admires his love’s body. It’s so soft now, like cream when he runs his finger over that pretty skin. It’s a far cry from the sharp, boney angles of before.

“So pretty,” he whispers, making Megumi smile. The blindfold still keeps those pretty eyes hidden, but he knows he’s made his love happy. The blindfold wasn’t meant to stay on this long either but Sukuna liked the power it gave him. It left Megumi unaware of so much while being so much more open to being touched, caressed, and felt. His love liked a hand on him because then he knew where Sukuna was

“I miss seeing you, Kuna,” his love says quietly, a pale hand reaching up and stroking his cheek with soft fingertips.

“Soon, baby. You’re almost there,” Sukuna kisses pretty pink lips and knows that soon it’ll all be done with. Soon they won’t have to hide away in this room. Megumi will understand who he was always meant to be and then finally they can move past these months of lessons and get to their happily ever after.

It’s another month and then he sees emerald’s again. Emerald’s that tell him everything has been worth it. Megumi loves him like Sukuna loves Megumi. It’s a complete love. They are solely devoted to each other, are complete only when they’re together. In those pretty eyes he sees forever and he couldn’t be happier.

They have gentle, loving sex and it’s beautiful. It’s amazing to feel warm hands touch him like he’s to be revered. He thinks that Megumi finally understands him. Sukuna has always seen Megumi as his personal God and now his love sees him in the same light. Who else should they worship but each other?

Chapter Text

Ryomen Sukuna is known throughout Tokyo for being the biggest Yakuza boss in the city. He’s ruthless, manages his product lines efficiently, and has everything wrapped up behind so much legal nonsense that he’s nearly impossible to try in court. Fushiguro Megumi’s goal is simple; to take Sukuna down. He’d been the reason his father had died when he was young, not that his dad was a good person, at the time Fushiguro Toji had been top dog in the crime scene. Megumi’d been only six when Ryomen Sukuna had broken into his home and ended his world.

He remembers that day so vividly. It was a Saturday morning, he’d been watching cartoons waiting for his dad to wake up for breakfast. The door had swung open, the lock coming off, and in came the Curse of Tokyo. Megumi hadn’t known that at the time. Had just stared with wide green eyes at the man and his two accomplices.

One had looked like Ryomen Sukuna and the other had white hair with a weird splotch in the back of it. He remembers red eyes looking at him, a smile that was kind. “Hey there, kid. Your daddy home?”
He nodded, scared as the man came closer. Megumi’d been sitting on the floor, holding his favorite bunny plush in his arms and squeezing it tight. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m not here for you. Can you go to your room for me? Your daddy and I have to talk.”

Wide hands grabbed his arms, helped him up, and then he’d been followed to his room. The man had been nice to him, he remembers that so vividly. “You’ll be okay, sweetheart, truly. This won’t be a loss at all.” Megumi hadn’t understood. Didn’t know that his dad was going to be suffocated in his own bed by this man, who was grabbing his cheek and speaking softly to him. He wouldn’t find out until 911 came, an officer knocking on his barricaded door. Apparently, Ryomen Sukuna wanted to make sure Megumi did not see what was done to his father. Had ensured he wouldn’t.

His dad was dead though and he was put into the foster care system for the rest of his young life. At the age of sixteen he decided to become a cop to avenge his father so no other kid had to suffer what he had. He’s in training now, a preliminary program for high schoolers in their senior year. It’s only November so he’s still in the early part of the program, but he thinks he’s picking everything up pretty quickly. He’s at the top of his class, and already going to get to do a ride along this weekend.

Officer Geto is his direct report. The guy is a bit of an asshole, he’s mean to the slower students, tends to smoke inside the classroom into an open window, and looks bored out of his mind. The only time he does seem to want to talk is with him. It makes him feel seen for the first time in a long, long time. So it’s really exciting when Saturday comes round and he’s jumping into the passenger seat with the man. Geto smiles at him, low and slow, and looks pleased. “You’re not half bad, kid. You know I knew a Fushiguro once,” Megumi’s brow furrows and he looks warily at the man he is now locked inside a car with.

“Y-yeah?” His voice shakes slightly, fingers digging into his pants. “I don’t know any of my family other than my father, who died when I was six.” He clears his throat looking away from the almost sadistic grin on the man’s face.

“Yeah, Toji was something, wasn’t he?” The cop whistles, rolling down a window so he can smoke a cigarette. “You look like him. I knew you had to be his kid from your eyes.”

Megumi swallows at the way Geto’s voice deepens, something rough about his voice. “He was put down wrong. What Ryomen Sukuna did was against what the Yakuza believe in, but hey that’s why he’s on top now. He’s the reason you signed up right?”

He nods, looking at the cop with apprehension. “He’d laugh if he knew. Fushiguro Toji’s kid becoming a cop to take him down? Hilarious. It’d be easier if you just reclaimed your clan.” The man shrugs, rolling his head to look at him lazily. “The Zen’in have had a power struggle with Sukuna for a decade now. Someone like you would change that immediately.”

“Why are you telling me this?” He grumbles, his knuckles bone white as he tries to think why Geto would want him to know any of this. He knows who the Zen’in are, but maybe they never knew about him? Or maybe they didn’t care? It seems more likely.

“Eh, just thought it’d be interesting for you to know. Now our route is actually pretty fucking boring, scenic since you’re a kid.” Geto huffs around his cigarette, settling into the driver’s seat. “Any danger and you stay in the car, understood?” He nods, thinking little of it.

They talk about much more comfortable subjects like Geto’s kids and his husband. They were teenage sweethearts and Geto is obviously over the moon for his spouse and kids, he even rambles about how proud he is of his girls. They were adopted and for a moment he’s envious, jealous, of two girls having the family life he always wanted. It’s short lived though. He doesn’t even understand what the word family means anymore. He moved from home to home until he was put into a home for boys at the age of ten. The kids came and went, some adopted and some aged out. No one ever came to meet him, see him, no family wanting to claim him.

Geto asks him about his life, but it’s harrowing to tell this man that ‘yes, I have never known happiness and wish I could have just an ounce of what you have.’ Thankfully, he's saved by the radio chirping out. “Ryomen Sukuna’s shipment just arrived, Suguru. You know what to do.”

“10-4, Mahito,” Megumi’s brow furrows, he looks to the cop with confusion. Black eyes look back at him and the man tsks. “Kid, I hate to break this to you but the reason top dogs stay where they are is because they make sure they have a lot of hungry mouths that only they can feed. You don’t ever bite the hand that feeds you.”

He can’t believe his ears, rage makes him shake as they drive to a shipping yard. “Stay in the car.” Geto gets out and locks the vehicle, but he can’t contain his anger. He’d really believed in cops being able to fight against someone like Ryomen Sukuna? How foolish, how stupid of him. Of course, the Yakuza was paying them off. Of course, he was. That’s why his dad’s death was considered a ‘cold case’ even though Megumi had told them about Sukuna, that’s why no one cared for what a six year old had to say. Tears fill his eyes from the frustration he feels, but he blinks them away so he can watch instead.

Geto smokes as he stands by a shipping container, a guy with two messy buns walks over from the side and starts talking to the cop. They seem to know each other well, smiling, even laughing with one another. The guy with the buns opens the container and Geto looks over the contents. Another two men come out from behind the corner and Megumi’s heart stops. Those..those two were with Ryomen Sukuna that day. He doesn’t know their names, never could quite remember their faces, but it’s like deja vu. His heart hammers in his chest, mind thrown back to when his home had been taken from him, when his world had ended.

Anger and bitterness fill him to the brim. He can barely stand it as Geto shakes hands with the men, as they make nice. He sits there angry, fuming, wanting nothing more than to do something more than stare. A tap on his window jolts him from his fury, slowly he looks to his side and sees the grinning face of Ryomen Sukuna himself. His body locks, mind freezing, eyes staring in part disbelief and part fear. He didn’t think he’d see the bastard himself, at least not today. “Hello, sweetheart, it’s been a while. Hasn’t it?” The words are muffled through the glass but he hears them.

It should scare him that this man remembers him, seems almost fond of him with the way that warm smile remains on the man’s tattooed face. The door unlocks and Ryomen Sukuna opens it. Megumi stays still, eyes tracking every move as the man squats next to the passenger seat. “Won’t you say hello to me?”

Megumi is overwhelmed by all the emotions, all the hate he feels for this man. “Go to hell,” he growls, eyes narrowed as he spits in the man’s face. It’s stupid, he’s going to die for doing that, but if being a cop isn’t going to get him anywhere at least his own anger will. He has half a mind to kick the man in the stomach too. Sukuna laughs, loud and amused, his eyes squinting in pleasure. “You are your father’s child. He did the same thing that day, but the thing is you’re a kid still and I don’t kill kids. I’m not scared to teach a brat a lesson though,” his neck is grabbed in a strong grip, but he just glares, refusing to react.

If he dies, he fucking dies.

“Oh, that’s no fun.” The hand on his neck loosens and he takes the opportunity to pull back and headbutt the man in the nose.

“You might need to make an exception to your rule for me because I plan to make sure you die,” he promises. His words are met with another laugh, still fond even as blood drips from the Yakuza’s nose.

“And I deserve that, but you know what? I think you’d be far better suited to this life then a cops. Geto told me all about you, your little hang up on me and everything. It’s cute, you’re a little obsessive, but hey I’m hot,” Megumi snarls at the words trying to kick out but he is in a terrible position in this car. The man grabs his wrists and legs before throwing him over a shoulder. There is a lot of jostling as Sukuna stands just to walk around and throw him over the hood of the police car, his stomach pressed against the metal. “You’re 17 right?”

Megumi struggles, kicking back with his legs as much as he can. A hand slaps hard against his ass and he stills. “Answer me?”

“Y-yes,” he mumbles, frozen at the heated glare directed at him.

“You ever been touched, sweetheart?” Megumi shakes his head, a new spike of fear running down his spine. “Good. I’ll be your first then. Uraume, lube.” The teen shakes, trying fruitlessly to get away from the man. “Hey, cops are meant to be brave, even trainees.” Sukuna’s taunt makes him hiss, glaring back in anger. “Ah, there you go. That’s the spark I want to see.” Megumi tries his best to free himself eventually though the white haired lackey comes over with packets in their hands and rope. His wrists are bound tight behind his back until his arms ache from the strain.

“Do you want to apologize? I’ll be nicer if you do?” Megumi pointedly rests his chin on the top of the metal and looks into the windshield, trying to ignore what is happening to him. It’ll be just like at the boarding home, he just needs to forget where he is and pretend he is somewhere else.

A hand strikes his ass hard making him yelp. “Don’t ignore me. I’ll be so much worse if you ignore me, sweetheart. I really don’t want to hurt you, I think I may even fancy you so this is tough for both of us. Naughty boys have to be punished though.”

He lays his cheek down to look back at the Yakuza boss who smiles at him so softly, as if he means what he says, as if he didn’t take Megumi’s father from him.

His pants are pulled down and his legs are spread. “Apologize, last time I ask.” Sukuna rumbles and Megumi responds with a glare. He holds his breath as he’s spanked hard on each of his ass cheeks. It smarts, stings painfully but he bites his lip to keep the noises in. He notices that Geto and the others have vanished, leaving him alone with the Curse of Tokyo. It’s pathetic, but he wishes Geto would save him. Isn’t he just a kid? Doesn’t anyone want to help him just this once?

That broad hand lands hard on his ass and he grunts, biting hard at the string. “What a troublesome boy. You know I thought when I first saw you that you were the sweetest thing and you’ve ripened beautifully, well other than the attitude.” A wet finger touches his hole and he tenses, trying to close his legs. A deep chuckle makes him grit his teeth. “Shh, you’ll like this.” A finger eases inside him and it’s a weird sensation. He’s never really experimented with his body, just jacked off like any other boy, but it’s not like he hasn’t thought about his hole before. He likes boys, he thinks, but hasn’t given that much thought either. He’s spent more time thinking of every painful way to get back at the man currently violating him.

It all feels ridiculous now. Futile.

The finger inside him makes his insides feel strange, it’s a little uncomfortable, but not painful. Sukuna doesn’t give him much time to adjust though before a second finger squeezes in and that does hurt, it’s a large stretch that makes him arch and pant hotly. His cheek is pressed hard against the warm metal of the car, a tear falling from his eye that goes unnoticed.The fingers inside him start spreading slowly, stretching him. It’s ignorable, he pretends, he closes his eyes and tries to just think of anything else.

His ass is slapped hard and his eyes shoot open and back to angry red. “I said pay attention to me.” Megumi nods, flexing his fingers as they tingle from loss of circulation. “Good boys say ‘Yes, Sir’.”

His white teeth shine as he bares them at the man, quickly though he’s gasping as the fingers inside him stretch wider and another slap is landed to his abused cheek. “What do we say?” He shakes his head, unwilling to break, bend even if it’ll be what saves him. The fingers inside him slide in all the way, touching something that makes his whole body seize. Those calloused fingers rub that spot mercilessly while his ass is spanked hard. One, two, three, four spanks are landed on his sore bottom. Megumi is crying, tears falling from his eyes, and lip bitten raw as he tries to hold back cries of mixed pleasure and pain. “What do you say?”

“Yes, sir!” He shouts when he sees that wide hand raise into the air. It falls gently while Megumi heaves in harsh breathes.

Sukuna leans over him, pressing lips to his tear stained cheek and then to his lips. “That’s the sweetheart I know. Now won’t you cum for me?” The hand that had been spanking him harshly reaches around to grab his cock, it’s hard and leaking onto the hood of the car. “See that was good. I can make you feel good like this all the time. You just have to come to me, sweetheart, when you’re done with school, okay?”

Megumi shakes his head, a sob pulling from his throat as his cock is stroked in time with the fingers rubbing his prostate. His hole feels raw as it clenches around those big fingers, his cock too sensitive. “You’ll be my favorite, I promise. I’ll give you a nice home, a family who would die for you on my word, wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Y-you ruined my life,” he sobs, trying to pull away from the hands assaulting him. It feels so good, too good, his body feels like a wire being drawn too tight, ready for release.

“True, but I can spend years making up for it.” A broad tongue licks the exposed skin of his throat making him shiver. The fingers inside him pause in their abuse to stroke his prostate slowly, teasingly. Megumi’s toes and fingers curl, his neck and back arching as it pushes him right to the edge. “That’s my good sweetheart,” Sukuna praises as Megumi cums, the hand on his cock lets go to squeeze his sore, stinging cheeks. That hand massages his skin and makes him hiss as he settles onto the hood of the car in exhaustion. “This is the kindest I’ll ever be to you, Megumi. Next time you act like a little bitch you’ll see what ruining your life can really look like.”

He shivers when Sukuna pulls his fingers out, blinks slowly as his pants are pulled back over his hips and buttoned. He floats as his wrists are unbound and then as he’s laid in the back of the cop car.

Megumi doesn’t listen as Ryomen Sukuna speaks to Geto.

No, instead he plans.

This will not be his life. He will not become the plaything of this man.

When they drive away, he catches black eyes looking back at him with pity. “I’m sorry,” the man says, looking genuinely guilty. “I didn’t know he’d be there.”

“If you’re sorry then take me to the Zen’in Clan.” Megumi demands, voice cold and void of life. He will not be a play thing, but oh what fun it would be to make Ryomen Sukuna his. He’ll take after his father, he’ll surpass him and Sukuna. This city thought Ryomen Sukuna was a curse, but they had no idea that Fushiguro Megumi was the devil.

Chapter Text

Yuuji’s mouth is gagged and his body tied.

It’s a pretty sight, Sukuna thinks, actually it’s an amazing sight because like this their mind is quiet. For once, he is not dealing with the endless images of the world around them, the teen’s ridiculous thoughts, or the terrible music the brat listens to. No, it’s just blessedly quiet. Sukuna sighs, tipping his head back and enjoying the moment. It’s wonderful. He loves it.

He also greatly enjoyed the process of tying Yuuji up. The slow knot work as he tied the teen's body up with strong red rope. The way the rope wound together and connected, constraining but also holding, binding the boy so tight.

Honey eyes glare at him, but it’s the boy’s own fault for looking at kinkier porn lately. The things humans have started coming up with. Bondage, asphyxiation, somnophilia, and so much more. Sukuna’s been loving it, studying every new video. The rope technique he’d learned during a very enticing video of two females, one bound and the other with a plastic phallus. His four eyes had tracked over the intricate pattern of knots, mind figuring out how it all worked. It was easy enough to pull the brat into his domain from there and subdue Yuuji long enough to tie him up. It was slow going, his hands deftly tying and adjusting as he went, but it was successful.

Yuuji now looks like a perfect little victim.

“Brat, this is the best quality time we’ve had yet,” he sighs, content with the quiet, with the calm. It’s been so long.

His own plotting and scheming helps him ignore the boy, but ultimately he’s trapped within the teen. This is far worse than his dormant state while he fingers were sealed, this is boredom and unrest. His only entertainment comes from when the brat watches movies or reads his picture books, Manga, they calls it. They watch Anime based off the picture books at times and he likes the ones with monsters.
His Fushiguro Megumi like what is called Studio Ghibli and Sukuna makes sure to always be attentive when they watch those films. Sukuna will admit that some of the new parts of the world are wonderful. He’s always enjoyed art and it has become much more available for consumption.

Even though he is a curse, he is a curse with taste. With hobbies.

Apparently, his newest hobby will be bondage because truly his thoughts haven’t been this clear for ages. Yuuji grunts at him over and over making him roll his head lazily to look at the teen. “What? You get to ramble and annoy me all day. I need some quiet.” Yuuji continues grunting, pushing himself up to his knees. What a killjoy.

Sukuna stands lazily, sauntering down the steps from his throne to the boy. He presses a sandaled foot to the teen’s chest, pushing him right back down. Yuuji glares, attempting to kick him, but the curse just rolls his red eyes. Actually, from this position the teen looks enticing. At his mercy, open and vulnerable. A slow smirk covers his face. “Now, Yuuji. I have an idea,” crouching down he takes hold of the teen’s chin roughly. “I learned the knots from a very inspiring video. Shall we do what else was involved? The woman seemed to enjoy being bound and fucked, will you?”

Yuuji shouts, shaking his head, but a bright blush is creeping onto tan cheeks. “Oh, what’s this? Do you like being helpless, at my mercy?” Sukuna trails his claws over the bound body before him, feeling the shivers he's creating. “You do, hmm?” Honey eyes look away, a mix of shame and embarrassment shining within them. Yuuji is clothed under the ropes so he rips the cloth away in the spaces between the ropes. He exposes the teen’s tanned pecs and crotch. Surprisingly, Yuuji is already semi-erect, making him chuckle fondly. “What a naughty boy. Shall I punish you?”

His claws drag over erect nipples, circling them playfully. Yuuji, on his back like this, looks like a pretty plaything. A great stress reliever. The teen’s pecs aren’t anything special, not the well-defined ones of a man, but they are enjoyable to squeeze. The teen groans around his gag, eyes shutting. Sukuna gropes and feels, it’s been so long since he’s felt someone else that he takes his time, plus Yuuji is at his mercy. By the time he’s made pink nipples turn red from rubbing and flicking them the teen is fully erect. “Well look at you, a little slut, hmm?” Pink hair shakes, but he knows better. The teen’s hand is on his dick more than anything else after all.

It’s actually cute that the brat is denying his own depravity.

As a gracious and kind king, he will never let such denial continue.

Sukuna wets his lips and bends forward licking at the red cockhead before him. He thinks better of his position quickly though, why should Yuuji be the only one to feel pleasure? Pulling back, he stares the brat down. “If you bite I break your jaw and bite your dick off, understand?”

There is a short nod before he removes the gag. “Sukuna, knock it off already!” The brat whines, it’s pitiful, annoying even. Without a word, he begins disrobing. His kimono and scarf are thrown to the side, he rips his leggings off with ease after sliding his sandals off. It’s his domain, he’ll just remake his clothes later.

“Hey, hey, why are you undressing?” Honey eyes are wide, a little scared. He snatches the teen’s face up in a tight grip and grins.

“Today you’re going to have your first sexual experience with a partner, Itadori Yuuji. I hope you enjoy sucking my cock.” He pushes the boy onto his back again before crawling over him, supporting himself on his elbows and knees. Lazily, he drags his cock against a tan cheek, nuzzling the tip at plump lips. “Suck, boy.” He growls, tentatively Yuuji’s mouth opens. A pink tongue stretches out to lick at his cock. It’s good enough as a start so he turns to his own feast.

He’s not coy about licking up the teen’s thick length, it’s impressive. He thinks it’ll probably still grow more as the brat ages. A huff of hot breath hits his cock, boldly Yuuji wraps his lips around Sukuna’s cock and starts swallowing him down.

“Ah, tit for tat, hmm?” A fun enough game. He copies Yuuji, swallowing the teen’s length down until his nose nuzzles at a soft sack. Unlike him his little victim chokes, gagging, but he’s also cruel so he bucks his hips and hilts himself, forcing the boy to adjust to his size.

The gagging turns desperate so he rolls his eyes while pulling back out, just leaving the tip. From there they both start a rhythm, Yuuji takes less in but they both bob their heads, sucking and tasting. He hasn’t tasted precum in over a thousand years, but he recognized the saltiness immediately. Sukuna continues moving his head, coming up to Yuuji’s cock head to kiss at the fat head, tonguing the little hole there to make the boy groan around his cock. Tan hips buck when he swallows down that thick pillar again, humming as he goes like a pleased cat. His own pleasure tingling down his spine at the shy licks and unpracticed sucking on his own length.

Forgive him for enjoying the worst blow job he’s ever received, but again 1000 years of no dick touching. This is a great moment for him.

His hips roll when there is the barest scrape of teeth against his cock. Yuuji does it again, a quick learner. Sukuna’s rolls his hips again, pushing further in until that velvety throat is wrapped around him in full. Yuuji chokes, gags, but it’s delightful. He takes control from there pulling out and slamming back in, face fucking the teen while sucking the brat’s cock. Sukuna’s hands are kneading the teen’s ass all the while, massaging full cheeks, excited to make them bounce when he fucks the brat’s hole. He groans at the thought, bringing his knees in to lock Yuuji’s head in place while pulling out to cum on pink lips and tanned skin.

The brat cums too, right down the King of Curse’s throat. It tastes good, it’s a fantastic start to his meal. When he pulls back, he ducks his head to nuzzle that thick cock. “Well, brat,” he pants, smiling as he kisses the still semi-erect length, “I think you just became worthy of my attention.”

Yuuji twitches below him, a pretty mess. Bound, helpless. A very fun toy that he plans to play with all night long.

Chapter Text

The dining hall is full of men celebrating. The war has been won and now they can finally all drink, eat, and fuck their ways home. Sukuna is no different in that respect because he plans to do everything his men do, just with a little more finesse.

His army had joined Gojo’s against the Zen’in and now they are victorious. Satoru sits to his left with his “advisor” Geto sitting on the man’s left. It’d been a hard won battle, taking them nearly eight months to taste success, but now that he has it feels like time for him to unwind. They also had clan Inumaki and Fushiguro that had come to the aide of the Gojo clan and he could see those clan heads mingling about.

Toji was not a man he enjoyed, they were too similarly brutal and malicious, but he respected the man enough to keep his distance. His eyes did catch a little slip of a pretty thing at the man’s side though. Bright green eyes were wide with youth, pale skin seemed to glow under the fire light, and pink lips were plush. Black hair looked a mess, but silky and shined like starlight. The boy was a beauty and Ryomen Sukuna coveted beautiful things. Especially pretty boys. They were his favorite. He made to stand, but a hand grabbed his arm, blue eyes looked at him sharply. “I assure you, friend, you do not wish to make the offense you are about to.”

Sukuna grins and pulls his arm away. It’s just some child. What offense could he cause? He walks away from the other man and to the boy that has just parted from the Fushiguro clan head’s side. Toji was being selfish and either way Sukuna had done most of the work in this war, his army providing the most in numbers and strength. He deserved to pick his bed warmer.

He stalks the boy until he is noticed, green eyes turn sharply towards him. Oh, the boy has fire. Sukuna always loves the ones that burn brightly. The narrowed eyes widen on him slightly before the beauty bows his head. “My lord. Is there something you require?”

“Oh, yes.” He grins, stepping in closer. “You’re a beauty, hmm?”

“What?” The boy’s eyes widen and he chuckles, pushing them to the stone pillar nearby trapping the boy against his body. His own cock had already started to fill at the sight of the boy’s ass he was getting earlier, it's plump and perky, perfect for spanking and kneading. They were going to have a fantastic night.

“How old are you?” He purrs, his hand raising to cup a soft cheek and thumb stroking under a bright green eye. The boy swallows, looking away and then back at him. The pillar gives them privacy though and mostly it is his own men at his back.

“Fifteen Summers.” Truly still a boy then, with a sigh he ducks down and steals pink lips for a kiss. Small hands push at his chest. He moves both of his to the boy’s ass and pulls them flush together. He’s going to ruin this pretty, pretty child and make him a slut like all the other boys he’s met before. It’s a shame though. He actually likes this one for some reason. Sukuna pushes his fullness against the boy’s crotch and is only a little disappointed when he doesn’t feel a matching erection. The teen still moans when he delves his tongue into his mouth though so that’s a good sign. When he pulls back the green eyes look dazed and he grins. “Now, shall we go somewhere more private, sweet boy? I can make you feel so good.”

Those pretty eyes look at him in realization and then widen. “I-I can’t.”

“You can’t what? Get fucked? I assure you, pretty, you can.” He laughs and squeezes the boy’s ass between his fingers, watching a scarlet blush overtake already pink cheeks. “Let me show you how good it can be? Hmm, that Fushiguro has no idea what he’s missing out on.”

A large hand lands on his shoulder, and he turns to look into green eyes that looked aged. There is a fire burning in them that reminds him of the boy in his hands, the one that has nimble fingers burrowed into his shirt. Huh. Well, that’s not good. “Unhand my son or I will wage a new war between just us.”

“Your son?” He looks to the pretty child and then back at the fierce warlord before him. “I see.” He unhands the teen, watching as the man before him attempts to hide his son behind his bulk. “An alliance then. I take your son for my own and join our clans.”

Fushiguro Toji sneers and looks at him in disgust, his hand on his sword. “I would never give my child to you.”

“That’s a shame.” He sighs and looks into wide green eyes that stare at him over a broad shoulder. He smiles at the way he’s being stared at, the innocence of youth. Sukuna’s made his decision and like with most things it is instant and without thought for the consequences. There is something about this boy that calls to him, and something in Sukuna, something truly primal, wants this boy. Needs him. “Because I don’t intend to not have him.”

He steps back out of reach of the sword that is pulled out. “You truly wish to do this? To start another war over a boy?" Toji growls, staring him down. He smirks, Sukuna wishes he was the God of War because he loves it. There is no difference for him to wage war against the Zen’in or the Fushiguro’s or the seventeen other clans he has decimated.

“We are warriors, you and I. If you craved something and desired it what would you do? If you really wish to save your men then let us have a round of single-combat. The loser goes home and the winner keeps your son.” He grins at the way black brows furrow angrily.

“I will not be ransomed by a blood-hungry boy.” Sukuna shrugs, looking back at the green eyed teen that has been pulled to his father even closer and is only able to peek at him. He agrees, he is younger than the man. Gojo and him are only in the mid-twenties and it was why they got along so well.

“No other clan will be involved. This will be our matter.” He announces and the man before him narrows his eyes.

“I will kill you.” Fushiguro growls, the threat is heavy, but he shakes his head.

“You will try. I will not. You’re my bride-to-be’s father after all.” With a grin he takes steps back and looks at the quieted room around them. All eyes are on them and he looks into those ever bright blue hues at the head table. Gojo has his cheek in his hand, eyes sharp, and shaking his head like he would at naughty children. Good. Satoru will not intervene. He can tell already. After the war the man tried to start for Sukuna’s own brother he thinks Satoru understands. Sometimes you just need to fuck something that you see so badly that reason doesn’t matter anymore.

He spares a last glance at the pretty boy and smirks. “Be seeing you soon, pretty.” He sings and looks at Toji. “I’ll give you a week to get yourself home and ready. I intend to play dirty.”

“Good, someone needs to knock you off that high horse you’re on.” Toji glares, eyes but thin slits with murderous intent behind them. ”You will not have my child, Ryomen.”

“Oh, but Dad, I think I will.” He winks and steps back, turning and motioning his men to follow. The hall near empties, he pauses letting his men pass by him to look back at Fushiguro Toji in promise, watching as a boy looks out from under the protection of his father’s arm to look back at him with sweetly parted lips and innocent green eyes.

Sukuna can’t wait to have his boy.

Toji and Sukuna are both tacticians and underhanded ones at that. His little war has been waged for nearly a full year now because the man will not keep his son in one place for long enough. His intel is always out-of-date and the man is getting frustrated. The Fushiguro army is hardy and tested. They know how to fight back and how to defend their land. Sukuna’s people are battle-tested as well, but they’re also wild. Horse masters and barbarians at times. They wear tribal symbols to have the gods on their sides and use every kind of weapon possible. They are nomads as well, or were until he settled his strong holds. His people grow frustrated with these men in their armor who will not face them directly, they think them to be cowards, but he knows better.

“Another move west.” His brother remarks, holding up a small scroll an owl had brought them.

“Fuck.” He growls, looking at the once more abandoned shelter his boy had been held in. Toji truly was smart, he knew how to anticipate them too well. This is why you did not go to war with your allies, they learned too much about you on the battlefield. With a sigh he throws his head back to stare at the stars above.

“Brother, I think it’s time to end this. It was just a boy.” Yuuji’s voice is soft, he lets his gaze slide to honey eyes. His brother had been the one left behind before, not allowed anywhere near Gojo Satoru. He wouldn’t understand the way his heart craved this boy, had not even seen Fushiguro Megumi for himself. Ryomen Sukuna was validated though in his crusade. Toji had set fire to the Ryomen hay stockpile before the first week was out. What was once a little fun war became serious very quickly. They’d taken recompense from the land and villages, but his prize still was kept from him. “He hates peace talks. I will never get Megumi if I don’t fight.”

A long sigh reaches his ears and he looks to his side towards Uraume. “I have an idea since you are so obsessed.” Sukuna smiles at his commander and nods. Uraume always has the best ideas.

“Make a show of pulling back everyone. Yourself included. A small team stays behind. Yuuji, myself, Todo, and Choso. Toji is watching for you. He doesn’t care about anyone else.” It doesn’t sit right with him to not be the one to steal his boy away like a very handsome boogeyman, but he sees the reason in the plan. “Toji will get comfortable. Relax, if you’re gone.”

He’ll become lax. The rotating guard on Megumi wouldn’t be needed if there was no threat. “Very well, but should you fail-”

“I never do.” Uraume says before he can finish. It's true so he nods, eyes warm on the commander. “I tire of this land and wish to go home to the warmth of our homeland again. If you desire this boy this much then I will secure your bride and bring him home for you.” He breathes in and scans the land before him slowly, turning his horse he makes his way back to camp. The news goes well, his men wishing to go home though they look at him with knowing eyes. Ryomen Sukuna does not give up on anything. They know he is not giving up now.

It takes two months to return home. The trek is long and the mountain pass they go through is treacherous, but they do make it home with almost the same numbers they left with. A few having perished here and there. The horses are taken by the wives to be tended to, the men taken to bed, and he finds his home to be warm but empty. There are boys he fucks, but none hold a candle to his boy, his pretty little wife to be. The Ryomen clan are not pale people, they love the sun and bask in it. Megumi will be a moonstone among them. Pale and pretty. He’ll have the boy remain inside to keep him that way, but he can feel the old itch coming back that they need to move soon.

The keep is only of several throughout their lands. He’s excited to show all of them to his boy. He has so many different toys for them to play with at each one. Megumi’s going to love it.

Sukuna ends up moving them to the keep near the flower fields to the west. It allows them more grazing ground for the cattle and it’s been untouched for a few seasons now. It’s also closer to the mountain pass his brother’s group will go through to come to them. It takes another four months before one of the lookouts sets a green fire for the keep. He’s called from a meeting having already heard the news of Megumi’s kidnapping some weeks prior. With only a band of four the trip home had been much faster then when Sukuna had come back with his army.

Already, he’d been sent a few different messages threatening him if he did not return Fushiguro Toji’s son. He simply replied that he’d gone home and had lost interest, but offered his condolences. Gojo had sent him a rude drawing that he'd commissioned for the occasion of Sukuna's victory.

And it was a victory.

Without Megumi the Fushiguro clan no longer had an heir. Toji would need to either join houses with his to stay in power or have new blood take over. He’d already sent another message to Toji just this morning saying that if somehow Megumi ended up in his stronghold he’d be more than happy to reopen talks of an alliance through marriage once more.

To be quite honest, he thinks clans being run by one family is a little foolish. Sukuna’s people only followed the strong. Any children he had would have had no claim to any power. His people were democratic and voted. He was young, but smart and had won more and more land for his people, growing their territory by acres and acres. They now had settlements forming. The strongholds weren’t moved to by everyone, each almost like a small town now.

His people were prospering and would continue to do so under him which is why he was still ruling. The Ryomen title was given to him for being the leader, but like his brother he was truly an Itadori. Megumi would be unable to bear him a child, but if the boy could it would be to children that would also carry the Itadori name. Nevertheless, for now he would be taking a boy bride that would build a strong alliance for his clan. Toji would be foolish to invade his land. They had more warriors, more horses, more weapons, and far more bloodthirst. There was a reason no one invaded Ryomen land.

Sukuna smiles as he descends the stairs to the second level of the keep. The flowers have just hit full-bloom and he’s already made the servants aware that they’ll be hosting a wedding in a few weeks time, before the flowers wilt. The other clans had been sent notices after he sent the message to Toji this morning.

Megumi and he will be wed.

Yuuji, Uraume, Todo, and Choso approach hotly, horses rearing as they enter through the open gates. His brother’s hair is a mess of peach locks having grown long during his time away. There is a fresh scar at the corner of Yuuji’s lip and he can see that he has straps on his arms. When he rounds his brother’s horse he sees Megumi.

Sukuna expected a docile bride, but instead wild green eyes burn as they look upon him. There is a white gag in the boy’s mouth, his hands and ankles are bound, and he’s strapped to Yuuji’s back like a travel pack. “Your little obsession has a mouth on him.” His brother remarks.

“Does he now?” He reaches up, laughing when the boy growls around his gag at him. Yuuji undoes the straps making the teen slide into his arms when he’s pushed and he sees a fierce glare. He’s a little sad to not have the shyness he experienced before, but he remembers this fire had been in the boy before too.

“Go rest. I’ll see you later.” He says to his brother who grins, motioning his crew to the stables.

“Have fun, Sukuna.” Todo throws his way, a hard clap hitting his shoulder as the man passes by. The teen in his arms wiggles, trying very hard to free his hands. With a grin he moves the boy over his shoulder and walks to his room.

“Now Megumi, I’m so glad you’re finally here. Your father really was doing us both wrong by keeping us apart.” He says, pats that still perfectly perky ass with his hand. The teen has gotten taller since they last met, but only just so. It’s not much of a change from the quick glance he took, but he’d perform a further inspection in a moment.

Trapped hands hit at his back weakly. He chuckles fondly at his little damsel in distress. He’s quick to get to his room and throw the boy onto his bed. Megumi scrambles onto his knees, scooting back towards the headboard. Sukuna makes a show of locking the door then the windows. Grabbing a knife he walks back over to the teen who looks at the sharp blade warily. Sukuna ends up placing it on the bedside table, a quick reach away, and turns back to his boy. He reaches for him and smiles gently when the teen flinches, but he simply grabs the cloth gag, loosening it, pulling it out of that pretty mouth. Megumi works his jaw, touching his chin as he moves his mouth from side to side.

His lips are chapped, the corners of his lips are red and raw from being rubbed by the white cloth. Green eyes look at him warily, waiting for his next move. “This doesn’t have to be hard. I’d like things to go well between us.”

“Send me back home. I’m not a toy for you to play with.” With one swift motion he grabs the boy’s throat. He pulls the teen close, their lips almost touching, but green eyes show no fear.

“No, you’re my prize and if your father sees reason he will make you a tool of alliance. Either way you are now mine.” Megumi glares at him, but his eyes do go wide when he pushes their mouths together and chokes the boy until he’s gasping so he can deepen the kiss. That mouth tastes like cloth, and it’s dry, but he kisses it all the same.

When they part he drags his lips to Megumi’s ear and breathes hotly into it, feeling a shiver run down the boy’s body. “I hope you’re quite ready for tonight, little bride, because I’ve been dreaming of this for a whole year now.”

“What?” The boy asks, mouth falling slack. “’re serious?”

“What gave you the impression that I wasn’t?” He asks lazily, sitting back on his knees and grabbing pale wrists to untie them. They’re chaffed severely, he’ll need to put a balm on them to help the skin heal.

Megumi is silent as he brings his wrists back and to his chest, rubbing at his raw flesh gently. “My father said you simply wished for sport. That you’d kill me once you caught me.”

Sukuna rolls his eyes. “I wanted to fuck you not kill you. That idiot.”

“But I'm a boy?” Megumi’s brow pinches and his cheeks have colored a nice shade of pink.

“A very, very,” he leans closer so their lips can just barely touch, “pretty boy.” He pushes their mouths together once more and smiles when the boy leans into him. His wide hands land on slim hips to feel the boy’s heated skin under his palms. The teen is dressed lighter than he expected, nothing more than a short white tunic with long sleeves and soft black suede leggings adorning long legs.

Slippers are on pale feet and when he pulls back he takes stock of the rope on those ankles. “Why have you been bound?”

“I thought you were going to kill me. I didn’t want to die.” Sukuna raises a brow and looks the boy over.

“Did my brother not say you were to be my spouse?”

“Your cad of a brother told me I was going to be a sacrifice at your altar.” Megumi pouts. Sukuna scoffs, rolling his eyes at the very stupid misunderstanding that had been created by his idiot of a sibling. This is why Uraume is his right hand and Yuuji gets to play with the kids during war counsels.

“You liked me then? When we first met?” He asks in hope, the teen doesn’t seem to want to fight him now. He watches the blush that creeps over lily white skin, green eyes look away from him shyly, a pink lip being bitten between white teeth, and hands fidgeting. “It’s alright if you do.”

“My father said I was not meant to be another man’s sow.” There is shame in the teen’s voice. He sighs, pulling the teen into his embrace. “I told him I did not mind marrying you, but he told me that it was a sham and that you meant to kill me to shame him after you…Well, after you took what you wanted and then tired of it.”

Sukuna may have to kill Fushiguro Toji after all. They didn’t even have to have this war. It had been pointless and a matter of pride. Toji hadn’t wanted his son fucked by another man and had instead let his land suffer. That was not a man meant for leadership. He thinks there is a good reason that those who live on Fushiguro’s land are known to be former criminals or undesirables.

“I didn’t even want to rule. My cousin, Maki, is better suited and she also left the Zen’in like my father. It’s all too much trouble for me. I just want to take care of animals and read.” The teen shrugs and his spouse is adorable. Tiny and cute and simple.

He’d been a little worried that Megumi would be a spoiled brat, but as of yet he seemed sweet enough. Of course, only time would tell. Sukuna smiles, squeezing the warm skin below his wide hands. “Then, Fushiguro Megumi, would you marry me? I promise to let you have all the animals you’d like and let you read whenever you fancy?”

Megumi is beautiful, Sukuna has been thoroughly enchanted so he would know, but it is something else entirely to see a warm flush and wide smile covering that pretty face. It’s happiness, his boy is happy. “I’d really like that.” What Sukuna knows had been lust at first sight had transformed into a desire for more. He wished to marry this boy, to have him completely. Had dreamed of him night after night in ridiculously domestic situations. He'd gone past their initial meeting and he knows now that this is his soulmate. It has to be why he made such a rash decision, why he had become so obsessed with the boy.

Those words are all Sukuna needs to hear, he presses their foreheads together, sighing in contentment. “Good, I wasn’t looking forward to training you if you were unwilling.”

“Training me?” The words are quiet, innocent. When he opens his red eyes he sees green sparkling in interest. Ah, his love is curious. May even want to explore. He grins slowly, wrapping his arms around the boy tighter to push them flush together.

He lets his voice drop, becoming a raspy rumble. “Naughty boys need to be taught lessons, don’t you think, Megumi?” The teen blushes brightly, the pale hands that lay on his chest twitch gently before tightening into his tunic.

“W-will you show me?” Sukuna grins, nodding before pressing a gentle kiss to warm cheeks.

“First, when did you eat last? Bathe?” Black brows furrow, a cute look on the boy’s face as he thinks.

“Uh, your brother gave me bread this morning and I think they all considered the rain shower yesterday good enough?” Sukuna rolls his eyes. Lazy men. They didn’t understand treating pretty things with careful hands.

“Come, we’ll wash and break bread. Then I will show you.” Megumi stays tight to his side. Sukuna goes from a spectre of death to the boy’s soon-to-be spouse in a matter of minutes. It’s a development he’s quite happy with. He already put together a small wardrobe for his wife. Just some tunics and leggings, but he’s happy to take his intended to the hot springs for a soak.

The teen shows no shyness when he strips himself, throwing his clothes into a messy pile before sinking a toe into the steaming water. Sukuna’s eyes are stuck to pale, creamy skin and small moles speckled over the expanse of that cream. Truly, his boy is a jewel. His imperfections only heighten his beauty. A sinful moan fills the small cave they are in, the boy’s head tipping back, eyes closed, long black lashes fanning over flushed cheeks. Sukuna wishes an artist were there so he might have this moment painted for him to admire for years to come. Green eyes slowly open, sliding over to him coyly. “Will my husband be joining me?”

He grins, shirking his own clothing to enter the pool of water. He wastes no time in pulling his boy to him and claiming that pretty mouth. Megumi kisses back this time, a hand wrapping in Sukuna’s hair, pulling so that the kiss goes even deeper. His boy is a fighter, any shyness would be short-lived naturally, especially since they both agreed they wanted one another. His hands grab that full ass and squeeze, their bodies pressing even closer together. The water is only up to their waists so he can see the teen’s pebbling nipples and growing erection, his own hard-on very evident. This will not be their first time, but he’s glad Megumi is so responsive, so open to his advances.

A docile treasure would have bored him anyway.

Their kissing continues, Sukuna backing them into the far part of the hot spring that has seats for them to rest on. Megumi resides in his lap, long fingers laying gently against his neck, their mouths barely parting for air. He thinks his hands may be magnetically charged to his intended’s ass because he can’t stop groping it.

Not that his boy is complaining. Eventually, deciding that they should actually bathe he stops their kissing with a teasing bite to red, spit slick lips. “I’m glad you’re enjoying me, pretty, but we should bathe.”

“Are you not intending to dirty me up later?” Sukuna blinks, staring as he hears a small tinkling laugh. Megumi’s eyes squint shut, nose scrunching cutely. His heart pounds in his chest and his mouth drops.

“Fuck, I really am in love with you.”

Megumi freezes, emerald eyes widening. They both breathe in sharply, but the shock in the boy transforms into a warm smile. “Good. I’d be very remiss if you weren’t.” Sukuna grins, pressing forward to lay a warm peck to a smattering of freckles on his treasure’s right shoulder. Up close he’s seeing even more of the beauty of this boy, his boy.

“Still, I’d like to fuck you knowing I took care of you first,” he mumbles in reply while running his nose along the long stretch of a pale throat and into black hair, breathing the teen in. Megumi’s breath stutters, the hands on his neck twitching slightly.

“Okay,” the word is quiet, shy. The ferocity of before now brought back to shyness. He’s sure it’s Megumi realizing that yes, Sukuna means for them to be spouses, he means to take care of his little boywife, love him, and give him the world if he can.

Sukuna presses kisses into his little love’s hair and lifts him up and into his own seat. They bathe together, scrubbing each others backs, washing their hair with scented soaps that make Megumi’s breathe in deeply, shoulders relaxing fully. “Do you not have hot springs back home?” He asks, curious what his love’s homeland was like when it was lived in and not warred upon.

“No, we have wooden tubs that are filled with heated water. Generally, I use a wash basin. Heated water takes too long and is better used for cooking.” The boy lays his head back on the stone, looking at him with one poison colored eye. “Your land is beautiful. I’ve never seen flowers and villages like you have.”

Sukuna shifts to his side, propping his head up with his hand. His other hand he reaches out with to grab hold of Megumi’s jaw, stroking over the line of it with his thumb softly. “All the beauty of your home must reside in you for nothing caught my eye while I was there. No flower, no person, no speck of land, but you are so beautiful I find it hard to look away.”

Megumi blushes brightly, smiling shyly as he bites his lips. “I’m very young and impressionable. Such praise will go to my head,” the words are teasing, warm and lovely. Sukuna laughs, pressing closer to lay his forehead against his boy’s.

“Then let it. You are my treasure, my people’s treasure too now, and we will never let you not know your worth while I reign.” Megumi’s eyes flutter shut, a pleased expression covering his little love’s face. It makes him happy, that smile along was worth all of his effort.

They kiss briefly, a peck of lips, before he pulls them out of the warm water into the spring air. Megumi shakes his head like a dog, making him laugh loudly in disbelief as water flies everywhere. Green eyes shoot up to him. “What?”

“Pretty, a wash cloth would do just as well, don’t you think?” The teen rolls his eyes at him.

“If you say so,” he gets a bratty shrug that makes him chuckle, shaking his head fondly. He did not know he would enjoy Megumi so much so quickly. He was beautiful yes, his spirit had burned brightly true, but their compatibility had not yet been known. It is so good to know his soul had been correct. This was his other half. They make small talk as they dress and go to the food hall. Sukuna holding his boy’s hand while they walk, soft fingertips press against his hand gently in return. His people bow to him, but do not interrupt. They know he hates being interrupted.

They eat and talk, learning more and more about one another. The conversation flows freely. Megumi laments at one point about his wolfhounds being left behind so he makes a note to ask they be brought to their master along with something called an Elephant? He’s never seen one, but Megumi says that he raised it from near infancy when a trader had come through Toji’s land illegally with the animal.

“He’s very big and gets sad when I’m not around,” green eyes look a little sad as well.

“How big are we talking here, treasure?”

Megumi chews his lip nervously before big green eyes are set on him. “A reasonable size, just you know, big.”

“Hmm, if you say so.” He’ll inquire about this elephant as well. There is no reason that his spouse should not be allowed his pets, especially if they are as well-behaved as Megumi is assuring him they are.
They also discuss him once the topic of pets has been explored. He’s warmed by the clear interest and thirst for information Megumi has as he asks question after question. It’s a very extensive conversation, only ended by his brother interrupting them.

“Wow, the little prude smiles?” Yuuji laughs, looking at them both warmly.

Megumi glares, sniffing while looking away from Sukuna's brat of a brother. “Idiot, why did you tell my intended I planned to kill him?”

“Huh? I said a sacrifice at your altar not anything about-” Yuuji stops short, mouth falling as his brain tries to work for once. “Oh, oh shit. Wow, okay no I am dumb. I was joking, you know a virgin sacrifice? That wasn’t funny or uh...maybe the mood wasn't right?”

Megumi looks at Yuuji with a fierce glare. “You killed my guard, kidnapped me, and while covered in blood thought that was the appropriate time to make a sex joke?”

Sukuna sighs, rubbing the back of his head in aggravation. “Brat, apologize.”

“I'm sorry, okay? Wait, so you were only a bitch because you thought you were coming here to die?” Yuuji looks between them, at the fact their hands are just barely touching, at how they are sitting together. He looks suddenly very sorry. “I’m an idiot. I am so sorry, Fushiguro. I didn’t think, you were scared, fuck that was not the right time. I’m sorry, really sorry. I even tied you up for no reason, right?”

“Yeah, dipshit,” he remarks, pointedly motioning his eyes to the rope burns still evident on pale wrists.

“Fuck, really I’m so sorry,” his brother bows, low enough that the idiot hits his head on the table. His treasure rolls his eyes and pats Yuuji’s head in mock sympathy.

“You’ve proven yourself to be dumb so I’m not surprised,” his brother looks up quickly, frowning while Megumi laughs. It’s beautiful. “I’m just going to get back at you as your in-law now. It won’t be today or tomorrow or even next week, but one day I will get you back for being an asshole.”

Yuuji grins, tension easing from wide shoulders. “Okay, then we have to be friends because Sukuna’s a dick. You’ll learn that quick.”

Green eyes roll to him, swollen lips quirking up, already he can see plain affection in his spouse’s expression. “I doubt he’ll be like that with me.”

Sukuna grins, that’s very true. He’s be the perfect husband for his precious beauty forevermore.

With their meal over and Yuuji now free of Megumi’s ire, they return to their room. Green eyes watch him carefully. “You said you’d show me?”

How forward. He loves it.

He huffs, pulling the teen into his arms to kiss him. “You want to know what I’d do to you? How’d I’d have trained you?” Black hair bobs. “Are you sure? It could be scary, the toys I have?” Another bob of black hair and he nods. “First, I would start with the bench.” He places a wide hand on the back of his boy’s slim waist, herding him to a room connected to the back of their bedroom.

"The bench?" He has to grab one of the wall torches to light the room up so green eyes can see everything. In the middle of the room is the bench. “Oh,” green eyes alight with interest as they look over the room. “This is for me?” Sukuna presses in close, his cock hardening as he presses his crotch against Megumi’s bottom.

“All of it is for you, love.” A feeling of anticipation fills him, he watches as pale hands cover his own on the teen’s hips.

“Show me?”

“You don’t want to be a virgin for our wedding day?” He teases, nipping at a pink tinged ear.

“You’re not,” the words make him frown, no he isn’t. If he was younger though, a better man, he would have saved himself for his soulmate.

“You’re right. Now strip,” he commands, wanting to see what his boy will do.

Megumi does not disappoint as he takes his clothes off, this time leaving them to the side carefully folded. Knowing that nude body is for him to enjoy makes his hunger for the teen more than he ever has experienced before. His hands grab at slim hips, rough open mouthed kisses filling the room with sinful sounds. When they are both desperate for air he steps back, striping himself down too. He admires how the teen fits into his arms when he embraces Megumi, pulling him in tight. He’s taller than the boy by enough that he has to hunch down slightly to rest his chin on top of his bride's head.

Sukuna whispers his next instruction as he holds his spouse, “Go lay on the bench on your front, but back far enough that your cock will hang towards the floor. I’ll strap you in, but if it’s too tight you say so.” The boy follows his commands, getting on the bench carefully, and settling in for Sukuna to strap in. The deep red leather looks good against pale skin, but he’s gentle knowing that his little wife has rope burns already. The cuffs are lined with soft fur so they shouldn’t harm Megumi.

“Have you ever touched your hole before?” He asks as he strokes his hand down the expanse of that slim body, squeezing here and there. Megumi is unable to look at him with how he’s tied down, but he sees the teen nod. “With?”

“J-just my fingers,” stuttered words, but honest ones. Sukuna bends and presses a kiss to a plump cheek.

“Did you imagine me? Did you think of my cock filling you, pretty?” The way the immobile body before him tenses is tell enough. “Ah, you’re a loyal spouse. My love is repaid in kind it would seem.” His hands grab at those plush cheeks, at the ass worthy enough of a war, and pulls it apart to inspect the tiny little hole awaiting him. It’s tight looking, looking virginal. The teen has thin fingers so it will be a big difference to have Sukuna’s longer, thicker fingers inside this precious hole.

“I can’t wait to make you take my shape, you’ll fit me like a glove when we’re done,.” Megumi’s back arches just a little, ass pressing into his firm hold. A willing spouse, a participant in his depravity, is more than he hoped for. Sukuna was the barbarian stealing this pretty little thing away from the world, a brute chasing a beauty. It felt good to have won this chase, to have won over that little heart beating in the boy’s chest too.

“If I am too much you have to tell me? First times are difficult. Promise me you’ll tell me?”

“I promise, Sukuna,” he purrs in delight at the way his treasure says his name, the breathy quality to it.

“Thank you,” he lets go of his boy to go to a cabinet stocked with oil, grabbing a jar he returns, setting it on a lower rung of the bench. His covers his fingers thoroughly, a little excessively even, but he wants this to be easy for his little love’s even littler hole. “Ready?” Megumi nods, and he delights in the soft twitch of that pretty hole as he ghosts his fingers over it. The first eases in well, Megumi clenches and hisses a little as his third knuckles presses to the tight rim, but he adjusts quickly. Sukuna keeps a keen eye on the boy, hoping to catch his tells, to see the moment he touches the special place inside his treasure.

Sukuna slowly starts wiggling his finger, making small circles until the muscle relaxes. Megumi breathes harder, hands clenched into fists in his restraints, feet arching, and body pressing back into his touch. The second finger is harder to squeeze inside. “How’s it feel, pretty?” He asks with concern as he feels the walls trying to push him out.

“S-so big, bigger than my fingers were,” he nods, understanding. He strokes at the teen’s back, hoping to soothe his little wife’s discomfort. He repeats his previous actions and slowly wiggles his finger in circles until that warm hole eases around his digits. When he starts scissoring Megumi it’s met with the body in front of him tensing, and a harsh pull at restraints.

“Does it hurt?” He pauses, awaiting a response. Megumi shakes his head, panting loudly. Ah, he must have found it then. He presses his fingers out again and a sweet moan pulls from his boy. “You ever felt this before, sweetheart?”

“N-no,” Megumi stutters, trying to arch back to look at him. He just sees the slightest green and smiles. Next time, they’ll face each other. For their first time, the bench is actually a good tool. It’ll help Megumi stay put while he preps him.

“That’s you special place, all boys have them, and it’ll make you see stars when I start hitting it with my cock. Just you wait, love,” he leans forward, pressing a slew of soft kisses along the line of Megumi’s spine.

Sukuna gets back to stretching his boy’s hole, delighting when he slips the third finger in and Megumi’s cock starts leaking precum onto the bench. “Good boy,” he praises, glad his treasure is feeling good.
The tight muscle softens under his ministrations, that pretty hole now ready to swallow him down, ready to be properly shaped. “Do you know what this bench is called, Megumi?” He pulls his fingers out slowly, satisfied with the pop as they come free of that greedy little hole.

“No?” The word is heavy, full of nervousness.

“It’s a breeding bench. Your father was right I plan to sow you, to fill your belly with my seed, to make you fat with a child,” Megumi tenses, fingers digging into his palms, hole twitching sweetly. “Your little hole will become a slit, a boypussy that any wife would be proud of. I’ll make you heavy, get you round,” his words are filthy, depraved, but the flush all over Megumi’s pale skin urges him on. He covers the boy’s body with his, his cock laying heavy against soft cheeks. “You climbed onto this bench yourself. So when I breed you know that you made this choice.” He nips at that pretty ear, licking it, enjoying the low whine his treasure lets loose as he pushes him further into the bench.

For a moment, he breathes this all in. He’s got his boy, he’s won his war, and now he’ll be conquering his prize. Breeding him. His mind hazes with need. He reels back and admires the sight of his large cock over that plump ass and settling into the dip of Megumi’s back. It’s going to be a big stretch for his little love, but it’ll be a good one. Sukuna lathers his cock in oil and wastes no time in pushing into that enticing hole. “What a good little pussy,” Megumi shivers, toes curling at his words. He chuckles, delighted at such wonderful responses.

They take it slow, he goes inch my inch, having to pause when Megumi will whine or keen. Half of his length is inside when he realizes his little bride is crying. “Treasure?”

“I-I’m okay, it’s just a lot,” he nods, stilling for now until the hidden sobs peter out. It takes nearly five minutes before he’s able to bottom out and then he waits. Like before he wiggles, circling his hips to ease Megumi’s muscles into accepting him. He has to be patient, but it pays off when a particular roll of his hips gets a sweet mewl in return.

Megumi is finally ready.

With a grin, he moves his hands from his boy’s sweet hips to the handles right below them. His grip will be too harsh, he doesn’t want to hurt Megumi as he fucks him. “You were worth everything, Fushiguro Megumi, I want you to know that.”

His words hang in the air for only a moment before the slap of skin against skin takes over. He’s fierce as he pulls out and thrusts back in, hands already white knuckled as he owns Megumi’s little hole, as he shapes it properly. “Fuck, so good, you’re so good,” he groans, snapping his hips forward again and again. Megumi moans below him, pulling at his restraints with each thrust, cock leaking. The boy truly is beautiful, a sight for the world to see and he’s all Sukuna’s. His to keep. His to treasure. His to fuck.

Sukuna pulls back and pauses, feeling the walls around his cock hugging him, clenching down tightly. “You love my cock, Treasure, because it loves you?” He grins, easing his grip on the handles to rake his nails down the perfect cream of his little wife’s back, angry red being left behind.

“I love it! I love it so much,” Megumi sobs, pressing back. What a sweetheart, what a good boy.

“Then I’ll make sure to keep you full of it, everyday you’ll take me, be full of me. My cum will always be inside you, there will never be a day I don’t fill this pussy to the brim,” he growls, covering Megumi’s back with his body and biting into that pale neck, needing to claim this beauty, needing everyone to know that he’s reaped the spoils of war.

“Want that, want that so much,” his boy babbles after a low hiss as he’s bitten. Sukuna digs his teeth in and continues to fuck that tight hole, pressing in deep, making sure to touch that special place inside his little love.

“Ah, ah, oh,” moans fill the room, soft fresh pressed sweetly to his tight, muscular one. He lets go of his boy's neck, licking at the fresh bite mark lovingly.

“So pretty, love you, love you,” he mutters as he feels himself get closer. “Have my baby, get pregnant!” Megumi screams as Sukuna shoves in as far as he can and cums, a hand jerking the boy’s cock hurriedly. It puts the teen over the edge as well and Megumi's cum hits the bench, some getting on Sukuna's feet. His own cum goes deep, he seeds his bride well. It’s all a fantasy, his favorite to defy the gods and make a boy round with a babe, with Megumi it feels more special, more like a true desire of his heart now. Sukuna would be enamored with a child made of them so he cums deep inside, wishing he could find some old magics to bring forth his greatest wish.

Megumi pants below him, crushed below his weight. Full of him.

“Now, wife, I have conquered you and seeded you.” He presses warm kisses to black hair, feeling the body below his relax. He pulls out, letting them rest in the afterglow before he releases the restraints holding Megumi in place. He’s grateful to see that pretty face in full again, it’s a little splotchy, green eyes are half-lidded, but somehow his boy is even more beautiful now.

“Now, husband,” Megumi replies softly, “I am loved.”

The smile that they share is warm and happy. They are a soul in two bodies united, he thinks, and this is only the beginning of their most delightful union.

Chapter Text

Business is Business.

It’s tedious. Long. Gruelling. Toji’s sick of it by the end of his day, but he refuses to go home to his son acting like a dick. Megumi is not allowed to see him as anything other than a good dad, a loving father. His son means the world to him so he destresses before he leaves, every day.

“Shut up, bitch,” he growls, holding Sukuna by the tie twisted around his hand. The silk feels cool against his skin, nice even. He yanks it forcing the man to his knees. “You’re pathetic. How hard is it to get a signed agreement over to Corporate on time? You’re fucking useless.” Sukuna winces as Toji pulls on that tie, forcing the man to look up at him. He sucks in, rolling his tongue in his mouth, before spitting right on that stupid, tattooed face. The wet, thick drop slides down the man’s cheek and into his brown undercut.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’ll do better, sir.” Sukuna pleads, reaching up to Toji’s pants.

“Work for your forgiveness then, whore,” he hooks his thumb into the man’s mouth, forcing it open. “You need to make me cum enough that I forget what a waste you are.” Sukuna nods in his hold, keeping his mouth open wide, those white teeth shining bright.

He closes his mouth and sucks in again, this time spitting into that open mouth. “What do we say?”

“Thank you, sir.” Toji releases the man’s mouth, purposefully pushing his hips forward and giving the suit-wearing-man a pointed look. His jeans are hurriedly unzipped, cock being released from the confines of his underwear swiftly. A calloused hand wraps around him long length, pumping it to a full erection just how Toji likes. Sukuna is deliberate as he presses forward, hungry mouth touching his sack. A tongue licks at the sensitive skin first, making him groan at the pleasure, but it’s soon replaced with Sukuna swallowing down one of his balls into that annoying, big mouth. The man’s calloused hand still pumps his cock while one and then the other ball is sucked.

“This is why I keep you around,” he grunts, fisting pink hair to keep the man in place. “Look at my little slut warming up my seed for me, hmm? Ready to have my cum fill your throat?”

Red eyes stare up at him, slightly watering as he’s forced to stay in place, to keep his mouthful inside. His cock is getting cold though, that hand is good, but the warmth of Sukuna’s throat is what he craves now. Toji lets the man pull back, lets him take a breath before slapping that handsome face with his cock, smearing precum over the tattoos like he’s tracing them.

Toji takes stock of their position, the desk is right behind Sukuna so he pushes them back some so the man’s back is against the wood. One of his large hands grips the edge of the dark mahogany for support as his other hand wraps into pink hair again, forcing the little slut’s head back. “Open,” his command is followed without hesitations, and once more he leans down, hovering over the brat to spit in his mouth. “Savor it.” He grins at the disgusted look in Sukuna’s eyes, loves that the man hates what he’s given him.

Still, Sukuna closes his mouth and he hears him swish the spit in his mouth. He relishes in the sight of the man swallow, strokes the length of that long throat in appreciation. Tomorrow is Saturday. Tomorrow they don’t have work so he plans to ruin this fucksleeve thoroughly. He widens his stance, plants himself firm for a good fucking. His cock head is barely a centimeter from pink lips, tickled by hot exhales as that mouth opens wide. Toji isn’t kind, no one would say that about him, but he knows that you must ease something open to keep getting repeat use out of it.

Sukuna’s a very well broken in toy already, he’d even managed to get rid of a then twenty-something Sukuna's gag reflex when they first started adding ‘stress relief’ to their schedule. Toji knows exactly the spot inside the man below him to turn him into a howling animal, knows how to break him slowly or in one deliberate motion. It’s good to know your toys. So he knows that he must fill the man’s throat first, let him get used to his size for just a moment before he can start fucking it hard. That hot mouth and throat becomes full of him quickly, muscles fluttering around him as he bottoms out, plush lips pressing to his dick root.

Sukuna’s hands pull Toji’s pants and underwear down to his knees, thick fingers grabbing his ass for purchase. They both know they’re in for a good time. For now, he circles his hips, grinding down into that stuffed throat, enjoying the warmth of being held tight in that wet heat. Toji’s hand gentles in pink hair, but tightens on the edge of the desk. He pulls back, ready to get started when the phone rings. Red eyes widen, his slut grunting around his cock. “Ah, ah, how interesting. What should I do?” With a grin, he pushes his dick all the way down again. “Warm me while I handle business, little whore.”

Sukuna glares as Toji picks the phone up, accepting the call. He has to hold Sukuna’s head in place like this, not wanting to crush him as he leans forward against the desk. “Ryomen Sukuna’s office.” He answers, enjoying the feeling of his boss swallowing around his dick.

“Toji?” His green eyes roll. Of all the people to call.

“Hello Gojo, what can I do for you?” He fakes his best customer service voice, annoyed to be talking to the recently made CEO who won’t stop hounding him for a date.

“Oh, well usually I would take the opportunity to ask you out, but I actually really need to talk to Suku-chan.” Suku-chan? He narrows his eyes, looking down at the whore between his legs.
“It’s already end of day. If it’s so important why not reach him on his cell?” If he sounds annoyed it’s because he is. Fingers tightening in pink hair, green eyes glaring into confused red.

“Oh yes, because Ryomen Sukuna would give me his cell. I barely was able to get your direct line. Suku-chan is so mean!” The young CEO whines and Toji eases, less annoyed then he was only a moment before. He’d been nervous there that his slut had been renting himself out. Toji knows that he told the boy he was for his personal use only.

With a sigh, he rolls his hips back to enjoy the warm, fluttering mouth holding his cock. “Call on Monday, Gojo. I’m sure it can wait.”

“No,” the boy whines and oh, how he’d love to spank Satoru’s ass for how much of a child the other businessman is. “I have a special gala this weekend! Suku-chan is the perfect date, I want him to come with me.” Well, that’s not happening. They have tickets to Disney this weekend.

“Did you get dumped by Geto again?”

“Fuck you, Fushiguro. Go be a good errand boy and ask your boss if he wants to be my arm candy! I’ll let him fuck me after,” how this child runs a company he’ll never know.

“Unfortunately, your little Suku-chan isn’t available to ever be arm candy. Go call Kento, he’d love to fuck you.” He rolls his eyes as he ends the call, slamming the phone into the receiver with more anger than he expected. His hand tightens further in pink hair until red eyes are watering,

“So Suku-chan, you been looking pretty for other men behind my back?” He growls, he knows Sukuna isn’t cheating. Knows he never would, but he’s still pissed. He’s never even called his boss such a ridiculous name before. It’s not right. “I know my Kuna-kun wouldn’t be a bad boy like that, right? But I guess I didn’t pay attention to you if some man is calling for a booty call. Shall I make up for my mistake?”

He gives the CEO little time before he pulls up and rams back in, there is an audible click as the man’s jaw pops. He tenses for a moment, making sure Sukuna’s okay before continuing. One of the hands grabbing his ass lets go to reach up, two fingers held up to him. Toji swallows them down, covering them in spit.

His Kuna-kun is a good boy, he knows what Toji likes best. When those fingers are wet enough they pull away and move behind him. Toji’s hole is prodded by both as once, tested out carefully before they slide in. He groans, loving the burning stretch as he bottoms out in that lovely throat. “You’re such a good slut. This moment should be photographed and put on the magazine covers, it’s who you really are after all.” The fingers inside him crook just right, spurring him on. He begins fucking that throat while also managing to fuck himself on those thick fingers. It’s so good, pleasure tingling down his spine, his cock as hard as even.

Sukuna must feel good tpo because there is a tent in his suit pants that Toji loves to see, a small dot of wetness slowly growing. He grunts as he pulls back and feels the fingers inside scissor his hole, stretching him wide. “Fuck,” his head is thrown back and he grabs Sukuna’s head between both of his hands, keeping him in place as he truly face fucks him.

He goes deeper and deeper, filling that pretty throat with cock over and over. Watches red eyes cross as his boss loses air, gasping in deeply when Toji lets him breath again, but it’s only for a moment before he’s slamming in all over again. It’s a beautiful sight. He loves the tears that are running down that handsome face, loves the feeling of fingers loosening his hole, loves the way his balls slap against his boss’ chin with each new pounding of his hips.

Toji’s pleasure is mounting so he presses forward until he is standing directly over the man kneeling on the ground, his cock swallowed to the root. “Make me cum,” he growls, grinding his hips, making it hurt just a little bit because his little slut loves that. The thick digits in his hole push in to the third knuckle and press down deliberately. He sees stars as his prostate is rubbed, as his own little slut button is abused. Fuck, it’s so good. Toji pants loudly, groaning as he continues to grind his hips, Sukuna’s nose digging into the nest of hair above his cock, hot breath stuttering against his skin. The hand on his ass is patting it, asking him to pull back.

Toji growls pulling out to allow a short breath before shoving back in, rocking his hips, forcing his whore’s throat to shape to his cock. He’s so close, so so close. He rocks back, feeling those fingers rub just right inside him and slams his hips back in, eyes shutting tightly as he cums. Toji groans, filling the office with the sound of his pleasure. Sukuna’s swallowing dutifully, knowing to never waste a drop. The fingers inside him slide out, his pants are pulled back up, and his boss slowly pulls Toji’s hands off his head then his cock is cold. It’s packed away quickly enough, snugly. A kiss pressed to his zipped up crotch.

Sukuna stands, wrapping arms around Toji’s waist. The man’s mouth is bright red, corners pink from being stretched wide. “Feel better now, puppy?” He nods, slumping forward to rest his head against his boss’ shoulder. “That’s my good boy. I’ll fuck you really good tonight for filling my throat so well.” A kiss is pressed to his temple.

His anger and annoyance is gone, he’s better now. “But puppy, you ever spit in my mouth again and I will plug you for a whole week.” The threat makes him shiver, hot breath ghosting over his ear.

“Understood, sir,” he grumbles, enjoying their embrace for a moment before an alarm goes off on his phone. “Fuck, we need to get home.”

“We have time. Yuuji picked Megumi up from school and they went to karate. If we leave now we can shower before they get home.” He nods, pulling back to kiss his husband’s throat, just giving it a light peck. “Stop being soft. It’s making me horny,” Toji chuckles, enjoying the rasp of Sukuna’s voice. “Can’t believe Gojo hasn’t realized I’m married. I wear my ring, our wedding photos were in magazines” there is a loud huff, “I want to spank the shit out of that kid.”

Toji raises a brow, grinning slowly. “Well, you have always wanted a threesome.”

Red eyes narrow dangerously, a smirk growing across that handsome face. “Puppy, I think it’s time we got a kitten for you.” Toji laughs as he can already see the CEO's mind going to work. Poor Gojo Satoru had no idea the fate he’s bestowed on himself for being a brat and calling Ryomen Sukuna, the Devil of Wallstreet, Suku-chan.

Toji can’t wait to see what his husband does.

“Let’s go home, babe,” he remarks, knowing that they’ll need to save Sukuna’s evil sex plots for later. “We haven’t packed for the Disney trip yet, we need to go board the dogs, and you know Yuuji hasn’t packed either. Your brother is never prepared.”

“I know, I know. The kid’s sixteen and an airhead, forgive him. But you’re right, puppy, time to go home.” They grab their things before leaving, walking out of the office hand in hand.

Toji does absolutely get obliterated that night, even has to sit on a cushion during their drive to Disney because ‘we can’t fuck at the hotel, puppy! It’s Disney! What would Mickey Mouse think of us?’

He loves his husband, truly, but he hates his boss, he’s annoying and gets on his nerves, he can’t wait to fuck him on Monday.

Chapter Text

Gojo loves his pets. They play well together, they're well trained, and they are devoted to him. They should be since he raised them from infancy until today. His two precious kittens.

He was only eight years old when his father had taken him to the store to pick out his very own life companion. Satoru, being a greedy child, picked two. Twins that had been engineered with Bengal Tiger DNA and were the sweetest looking things as they napped. Hybrids grew quickly, but aged slowly after reaching adulthood. They would share their lifespan with Gojo, aiding him when he was in old age before either passing themselves or becoming companions for a grandchild of his. He hated the idea of his companion being alone after his spirit moved on so twins were perfect for him

Sukuna and Yuuji had been cuddled close when he saw them, looking like the symbol for Yin and Yang, and he learned the two were quite opposite of one another. Yuuji was his happy kitten, always ready for pets and praise. Sukuna well he lived up to the bad reputation cats had. He was prickly, quick to anger, almost always annoyed. Also, Sukuna yowled. Only went Satoru would leave, but he still did it. Yuuji would rub his cheek against his older brother’s to soothe him, but it was actually sweet. He liked knowing that both his kittens wanted him around.

They generally go everywhere together, he was home schooled so his boy’s learned with him. He hadn't wanted idiots for companions, and by the time he was ready for University he’d gotten an apartment in the city of his choice, right down the block from school. Sukuna and Yuuji have a spacious play room, some hammocks and swings to lounge on, toys for them to play with, scratchers, and all the books they could ask for.

Satoru abstains from letting them watch television. Sukuna broke one once when he’d put birds on for the then teenage kittens. “I wanted the bird,” the tiger had said quietly, ears down, and tail tucked between long legs. It’s been an adorable sight, one that made him forget how cross he was instantly. Now, his boys are happy though. They miss him during his classes, but are quick to come to him when he comes home. Well, Yuuji is quick. “Daddy!” A blinding smile is directed at him, his eyes taking a moment to linger on his shirtless, booty short wearing companion. Yuuji’s body, like Sukuna’s, is very well-defined. It’s less muscular, but still beautiful. A sight they should always be admired.

“Hi kitten,” he greets, instantly scratching Yuuji’s jaw and cheeks like his kitten likes. “How were you while I was gone?”

“Good, Kuna and I napped and then had some sashimi!” He grins, pressing kisses to Yuuji’s smiling face, enjoying the warm giggles that ensue. He wraps an arm around his companion’s body, grabbing the base of that thick tail just to delight in watching Yuuji bite his lip, honey eyes shutting tight. “Ah, ah Daddy, t-that’s sensitive.”

“I know,” he whispers, stroking at the base of his companion's tail, enjoying the feeling of fur against his hand. “I missed my Yuu and Kuna. I think they need to show me some affection.” Yuuji chirps in pleasure, resting his forehead against Satoru’s shoulder. “Where’s my grumpy cat?”

“T-taking a nap,” he rolls his eyes. Of course, Sukuna is. He eases his ministrations until he stops completely. Pressing kisses along tanned skin and his kitten’s markings gently.

“Let’s play then.” Satoru shrugs out of his jacket, throwing it onto the kitchen island. His shoes he left at the front door, so it’s easy to start leaving a trail of clothes as he strips down to his own boxer briefs. If Sukuna is napping then there is only one place his sweet, grumpy kitten is.

Surrounded by fluffy white blankets and all the pillows someone could ask for is Sukuna, curled up in their California King bed. Soft rumbled purrs fill the room meaning the older twin is having very good dreams. “How lovely,” he remarks to Yuuji who laughs quietly. “Let’s wake sleeping beauty slowly, shall we?”

His lovely kitten nods, already knowing what Satoru means. Yuuji stealthily walks over to the bedside table, opening it gently to pull out a bottle of lube. He smiles, looking our at the massive bay windows. There is another building right across from theirs, he can see right inside and grins when his favorite voyeur is right there. Satoru waves, the man is too far away for him to see if he reacts, but the figure doesn’t move. One might think someone watching him and his hybrids would be creepy, but he likes it. He enjoys being watched. Enjoys the fact the first time had been the day they moved in, he could see a phone held up to the window, thinks they’d been recorded.

Since then it’s just part of their routine.

Sukuna and Yuuji haven’t noticed, are always too focused on him or one another to care about their voyeur, but Satoru knows. One day, he may even invite the stranger inside. Let him hear them. It makes a shiver run down his spine at the thought. Now though, he has a pretty kitten to wake.

Yuuji hands him the lube, placing it in his hand. They both strip, removing the last shred of their clothing. Sukuna, always one for comfort, is already nude, shifting perfectly for his ass to be on full display.

Sukuna’s more heavily marked that Yuuji, his markings a deep black all along his body where his happy kitten only has the two under his eyes. The thing about markings is that they’re very sensitive, he’s gotten both tiger hybrids to cum from just stroking them before. Tails and ears work the same way. They’re very sensitive and should only be touched with permission and intention. Satoru always has both.

“Yuu, pet your brother while I open him up, hmm?” The younger twin climbs into the bed, doing as told with a purr that matches Sukuna’s own quiet one. Tanned hands stroke at soft ears gently. Instantly, the purr becomes a rumbling lawnmower-esk sound in the room that makes both him and Yuuji chuckle. Their grumpy kitty loves pets.

“Oh Kuna,” he says sweetly as he climbs into bed, pushing tanned legs apart to ease between them, watching carefully as that golden and black tail flicks before twitching and settling again. “Won’t you wake up, sleepy kitty? Daddy came home.” He presses kisses to soft skin and gently to dark markings along the tiger’s back. Sukuna is out like a light though, always a heavy sleeper.

With a smirk, he uncaps the lube and squeezes it into his hand. He gives a brief glance to the window to see the man at it, phone in hand. He can make out blonde hair and a suit from here. Ah, a horny businessman. He always loved salarymen pornos. His attention comes back to his sleeping kitty, one hand squeezes Sukuna’s plump ass, enjoying how fat his kitten’s ass is. Sukuna is thicker than Yuuji, bulkier with muscle, and it’s given him an ass that Gojo and Yuuji have both eaten out for hours. It’s so plump and pretty, he ducks down to nuzzle it, bumping his nose against the base of Sukuna’s tail.

Satoru’s quick to pull those cheeks apart, grinning as Yuuji takes hold of his twin’s tail and starts stroking it. The rumbling grows deeper still and his tiger’s little hole is twitching. “Kuna, always acts like such a prude, but he’s so sweet when you give him the right attention, isn’t that right, Yuuji?”

“Mhmm,” the younger twins hums, nuzzling his brother’s neck, laying on his side so he can pet Sukuna’s tail and ears comfortably. Satoru starts touching that little twitching hole, his finger prodding it, making it wink sweetly. He cooes as he presses inside, delighted at his pretty kitty’s back arches, a low groan getting muffled into pillows.

He’s a good owner. A very good one, he’d heard horror stories of companions being put in boxes where just their holes were exposed for easy fucking. He’d never do that to Yuuji or Sukuna, unless it was for some quick fun that they consented to. So as a good Daddy, prepping his kittens is always important, even if he knows the hole he’s preparing could take him right now. They did fuck this morning after all.

Sukuna’s tail flicks violently and he moves quickly to the side just as a foot kicks up. “Wha’r’u doing?” His sleepy kitten asks, a blurry red eye looking back at him.

“Daddy missed his kittens. Can you be a good boy and let me play?” There is a long suffering sigh, Sukuna shutting his eyes, and grumbling into the pillows. He slips another finger inside making ears flick and that sinful bottom press into his touch. “What a good boy.” He praises and gets an expected hiss.

“Shut up, I’m not Yuuji. I don’t want to hear that,” there is an annoyed huff and the elder twin starts pouting, but his rumbling purr betrays him. Yuuji’s still petting his brother after all, and it’s making his little grump docile for now. The thing is Sukuna is lazy. Very, very lazy. He doesn’t like work, he doesn’t really like much of anything, he enjoys working out, but that’s about it when it comes to breaking a sweat. He’s what one might call a pillow princess. Although, it might have been Gojo’s fault. He liked turning the bratty, cranky hybrid into a whimpering little mess. Yuu liked it too.

He lifts his hand and spanks Sukuna’s ass, watching it bounce with glee. Red eyes look back at him sharply, fangs bared at him. “Hey, what the hell?”

“Stop having an attitude. It’s upsetting Daddy. Can’t you be a good boy for me? Don’t I take care of my pretty kittens well?” He lowers his voice, easing forward to press kisses up Sukuna’s spine and then nip at the hybrid’s neck. “Won’t you open for me, sweetheart?”

There is a searing blush all over his kitten’s face, red eyes shut tight as he eased his third and fourth fingers in while he was speaking. “What do you think, kitten? Want me to make you feel good?”

“I was feeling good while sleeping,” is the huffed reply, annoyance making Sukuna’s brow tick. Satoru chuckles and opens his fingers wide inside his pretty kitty’s hole. A long shaky moan falls from pretty lips, brown brows scrunching together. He keeps his fingers spread, waiting.

Slowly, a red eye peaks open, sliding to him. “I’ll be good, daddy.” He grins happily at the whispered words, pecking a kiss to a tan cheek.

“Love you, kitten, love you, both,” he smiles at Yuuji who is grinning, hands having pulled back while Satoru ‘convinced’ Sukuna. They both know the big cat likes having his hole stuffed. He takes his fingers out of that wanting hole and is quick to replace them with his cock, filling his kitten with one thrust.

Sukuna’s clawed hands dig into the comforter, face pressing into the pillows. His ass presses back though, bouncing as Satoru thrusts inside. “T-too much,” his kitten moans, he’s eased up onto his knees now, giving him the leverage to go deeper.

“Too much? What about your poor baby brother? Old brothers always have to take care of their siblings needs, isn’t that right Yuu?” Yuuji nods pressing a kiss to Sukuna’s shoulder.

“Wanna feel you too, Kuna,” his cute kitty says, smiling shyly. Sukuna grumbles, embarrassment coloring his cheeks. He eases Sukuna up so they’re kneeling on the bed. Like this he can see his grumpy hybrid’s cock is fully erect, his furry sheath and balls barely visible at this angle. Satoru snakes an arm around Sukuna’s torso and up to hold him by his throat gently, making his grumpy kitten arch his neck to the side. “What a good kitty,” he presses a kiss to the corner of pink lips. “Come on, Yuu.”

Yuuji gets in front of his brother, slightly shorter, but no less powerful when it comes to the bedroom. The younger twin’s cock has become fully erect. “Love you, Kuna,” the sweet kitty purrs, rubbing cheeks with his brother, nuzzling in close. His companions do genuinely love one another, more than they will ever love him. He knows that, it’s because they’re twins. That they do love him too, that there is room in their hearts for him makes him happy.

Yuuji helps widen Sukuna’s legs out so his cock can push at the tight ring of muscle already hugging Satoru’s cock. He presses kisses to tense shoulders soothe his grumpy hybrid as he’s filled with another cock. He won’t tear, but the stretch will still be uncomfortable. He bites into Sukuna’s neck to ease him, it always help when his older companion gets stuffed like this. Clawed hands flex, twitching as they all settle on the knees, Satoru and Yuuji’s cocks wrapped in tight, warm heat. “You always take us so well, Kuna,” Yuuji praises, smiling brightly.

“Shut it, brat,” he can almost hear red eyes roll. He pulls back, nipping at a fluffy ear. He moves his eyes back to the window, and wow, Mr. Across the Way has his cock out, jeez. Guy's hung like a horse.

“Will you please get blinds?” He hears Sukuna grumble, his eyes on the window too.

“Come on, we’re just giving the guy free porn?” He jokes, but he sees that both Yuuji and Sukuna look a little uncomfortable. His older companions has wrapped Yuuji up in his embrace, tucking the younger twin away. Satoru sighs. “Okay, I’ll order some.”

“Thank you,” he hears Yuuji say, though the words are muffled by tiger tits. He grins as he brings his hands to that perky chest and squeezes defined pecs. Sukuna hisses when Yuuji joins in and licks at hard nipples with his sandpaper like tongue. “Ow, ow, Yuu,” the younger tiger chirps, necking with his brother. It’s all very sweet, but he really wants to start fucking.

“Okay, I’m going to move us slowly so Yuu’s on his back okay.” He gets two nods and they all move together, well-practiced with the movements by now. Soon enough Sukuna is laying atop his twin and Satoru is kneeling behind them. Like this he can see just how stretched that pink hole is. It’s looks so pretty that he can’t help running gentle fingers over it.

“You’re taking us so well, kitten. Daddy’s so happy,” he scratches soft ears in praise, grinning when Sukuna purrs. At first they go slow, with stuffing Sukuna like this they have to. It’s so good, the constant rubbing, the friction from all sides. Yuuji’s feet are planted in the bed for purchase as he grinds into his brother’s hole from below. The two are sharing sloppy, wet kisses. Tanned hands are groping Sukuna’s ass, massaging it with experienced fingers. His kittens are the prettiest. They look perfect together.

He jolts forward as his desire builds, his own hands have grabbed that fluffy tail and one of Yuuji’s ears, stroking and petting his companions purposefully. “Such sweet kitties,” he praises, smirking as Sukuna tightens around them. “My good, good boys.” He lays kisses to the markings on the back of Sukuna’s neck, licking over them.

They all work together, moving their bodies to create a rhythm that makes them all feel good. The sound of hitched moans, wet kisses, and flesh hitting flesh fills their bedroom. Sukuna’s back arches on a particularly rough thrust, a low keen let loose between gritted teeth. Yuuji pants below them, eyes hazy as he grinds himself in. He ramps up his own thrusts, hitting the spot inside his grumpy cat that will turn him into a mewling kitten in moments. Satoru doesn’t have to wait long, Sukuna lays his head on Yuuji’s shoulder, eyes dazed, and little whines and whimpers escaping his usually proud companion.

“So pretty,” he remarks, scratching just so at the base of his kitten’s tail until a loud yowl rips out of Sukuna.

“S-stop, ‘s too much,” Yuuji purrs to ease his brother as they continue to grind and roll into that sweet, lovely hole. It clenches around them hotly, greedily. Wants them inside. His pretty kitty loves being stuffed.

“Shh, it’s okay,” he whispers, kissing parted lips, slipping his tongue inside that pliant mouth as he fucks in hard, grinding right into Sukuna’s prostate with Yuuji’s help. A choked shout is lost in their kiss, swallowed by him, as they build up speed. He thrusts faster while Yuuji swats his hand away, scratching at the junction between tail and back.

Sukuns arches, pushing back onto their cocks and shaking his hips. Deciding a united front was best he grabs fluffy ears and strokes them deeply, really getting his fingers in there. His kitten yowls again and again, shaking and jerking between him and Yuuji. The sweet hole contracts hard, squeezing them tight, and they both feel it as Sukuna cums. His walls massage their cocks, pulling them in, keeping them inside. Yuuji groans, cumming too at the added sensation, but Satoru holds out to watch his kittens become boneless with pleasure. The two pant, kissing sloppily, eyes half lidded, ears and tails twitching.

Carefully, he pulls out and eases Yuuji’s cock out as well, before rolling Sukuna onto his back. The twins lay before him, spent and looking very sated. He grins as he jerks his cock roughly, admiring the sight before him. Lazily, Sukuna’s hand pulls his away and starts pumping him. Those dangerous claws bare millimeters away from his sensitive skin, and soft finger and palm pads make Satoru groans.

It’s one, two, and three flicks of the wrist before he’s cumming over his kittens. Staining them with thick white cum. Red and honey gold eyes watch him lazily, pink tongues licking at identical lips. “Thanks for the cream, daddy,” Sukuna grumbles, annoyed once more but still pliant. He huffs and falls forward, between his companions who are quick to curl around him, licking at his skin, cleaning him.

The sensation against his now sensitive skin makes him moan, eyes shutting. “You know, Daddy,” Yuuji says quietly, licking the shell of his ear. He’s facing the younger twin, those warm eyes look at him innocently, but the hands on his ass that are creeping inwards are anything but. “Kuna and I were talking and we’d really like to see how you take us. It always feels so good when you fuck me or Kuna. You’d really like it daddy, promise!”

There is shining enthusiasm in those beautiful eyes and an endearing smile. It almost distracts him from the fingers brushing along his hole. He’s never let either of his kittens fuck him, has never been fucked before. The twins have eaten him out sure, but never more than than.

“Yeah, daddy,” Sukuna says the word mockingly, teeth nipping at his neck, “shouldn’t good daddies be responsible for their kittens' needs?”

He sighs. He always gives into these two. He knows he will on this too, but not today. Today, he rolls his eyes. “Why don’t we start with one at a time, hmm?” Yuuji’s eyes light up and he feels his grumpy cat’s arms tighten around his waist, a strong nose nuzzling into his hair.

Satoru huffs fondly, but hey, if it’ll make his kittens happy then he’ll happily get fucked within an inch of his life. It actually sounds nice to not have to do all the work for once. “Oh, daddy, we have so many things planned! Kuna found this doctor too who can do mods on humans. We can get you a tail and ears like us, it’ll feel so good. White fluffy ones to match your hair!”

For a moment, Satoru lifts his head to look at the window. Their watcher still stands there, but no phone resides in the man’s hands now. There is a wave before the businessman closes his own blinds. Pity, he’d kinda thought the guy was hot and now his babies want privacy. Bummer.

He sighs, shaking his head and relaxing into his kittens’ embrace as Yuuji rambles. Sukuna starts purring, lulling him into a nap that he fully embraces.

Chapter Text

Nanami sniffs gently as he walks through his apartment door. The smell of pumpkin and spices is filling the space, it’s very warm and welcoming. It makes him smile gently, knowing that his home smells so good, so lived in. It’s a far cry from what it once was years ago. He’s quick to hang his suit jacket up and toe off his shoes. He loosens his tie as he walks towards the kitchen, where he can hear some clinking sounds coming from. He peaks into the room, admiring the sight before him.

Megumi is cleaning dishes, wearing his favorite puppy print apron, and humming quietly. There is a baked pumpkin roll cooling on the stove along with a stir fry that’s covered, waiting to be plated. Quietly, he approaches, waiting until the glass Megumi is cleaning is put down before wrapping his arms around a thin waist.

Green eyes look back at him in surprise, an easy smile covering pink lips. “Kento, you’re home early.” The words are warm, pleased. He nods, kissing soft lips and rocking the boy in his arms side to side for a moment as he breathes him in. The office had closed early for renovations over the weekend.

He hadn’t apparently read the notice, but his coworker had been kind enough to let him know this morning. “Now we get a long weekend, hmm?”

Black hair bobs and his little wife smiles, so beautiful and warm. He kisses Megumi again, admiring long black lashes when green eyes shut. Nanami helps finish the dishes and goes to shower and change after. There is nothing worse than having work clothes on while he is relaxing in the warmth of his home. His body scrub has been replaced with a new one he notices when he gets in the shower, it’s got a decidedly more seasonal scent to it, but it’s not bad. He lathers up, washing the work week away as he enjoys the hot spray.

Nanami doesn’t stay in the shower long. He throws on some grey sweatpants and a plain white shirt before heading out to the kitchen table. The stir fry looks and smells amazing. Megumi is a great cook and baker, makes him bentos every morning for work, and keeps their home nearly spotless. For a teenager, the boy is incredibly tidy when it comes to their home.

It might surprise people if they saw how organized their home was when they compared it to the way his boy presented himself. Megumi's perpetually bed headed, which isn’t even styled it just looks like that, and the almost lazy way his boy dresses wouldn’t have anyone believing he was neat and tidy.

“How was school today?” He asks after settling into his chair, a small glass of soju on the table before him. Megumi sits down to his right, waiting for Nanami to start before beginning to eat himself.

“It was okay, Yuuji and Nobara are getting better with their control. Gojo seems a little stressed though.” Nanami hums, usually Megumi is very quick on reading people, so he takes his words seriously. The seventeen year old is astute and very smart, naturally since Nanami raised him.

“I’ll visit him tomorrow for lunch. See how he’s holding up. You and Yuuji could come with, I know how much you like spending time together outside of lessons.” Green eyes shine with some excitement. His boy doesn’t go out much, well Nanami doesn’t like him going out much. His pretty boy gets hounded a lot. He’s got an androgyny about him that was even more attention grabbing when he was a few years younger.

They share small talk, his boy asking him about his day, what he wants for breakfast in the morning, about a new book he started when he got home. It’s sweet and domestic. It makes him so happy that all those years ago Fushiguro Toji told him about his son right before he died. He wonders what would have happened if Satoru had been the one to face the man down instead, but then again there is no point to what ifs.

He downs his soju, peach flavored and matching well with the stir fry. They eat and then settle onto the couch together after Megumi clears the table. Nanami wraps his boy in his arms, tucking him in under his chin. His little wife is pressed close to his side, sighing gently, absently spinning the gold band on Nanami's finger. When he’d first taken the boy in he’d been ten years old. His older sister had already been claimed by an aunt, but Megumi had no family, or no family that would be good for him. The whole Jujutsu world knew about the Zen’in Clans depravity.

For reference, see Example A: Zen’in Naoya.

No, he’d needed to take Megumi in. Over the years, they never developed a parent-child relationship. More so they shared a living space. When Megumi turned fifteen though things started changing. Green eyes would linger on him longer, gentle fingertips would rest on his hand, they talked more and more. Nanami slowly became enchanted by the shy attempts at flirting his boy was making, and fell quickly. It was wrong, he knew, Megumi was young, but he reasoned that Jujutsu Sorcerers general lived short lives. Look at Suguru. Look at Yu. Friends of his gone too early.

Nanami thinks if Yu were still around then his relationship with Megumi would have been different, but as it is stands he’s happy where he is with his life. He does want to get the boy out of the country soon, has been saving up for them to relocate away from the Jujutsu world. Away from the danger it presents. They'd already been married for nearly a year now, it wouldn't be so hard to say he wanted to take his spouse on a honeymoon that they never returned from. Nanami hopes that if they don't know where Megumi is then they'll stop chasing after his boy.

Idly, they watch tv together, enjoying each other’s warmth during the time is takes them to watch a documentary on wolf packs. The rest of their night is routine, they go for a run after the show is over, they take a shower together, and start their bedtime routine. Megumi dries himself with a fluffy towel, rubbing his black hair with the cloth to dry it before depositing it in the hamper. He takes a slower approach, enjoying the sight of that slim, naked body walking around their bathroom. The teen comes back to the mirror, reaching into the medicine cabinet for his moisturizer and serum.

It has made him chuckle when the teen had gotten into skincare, then after having his own routine forced upon him he understood why Megumi cared. The perpetual bags under his eyes were not as prevalent as they were before, and now every morning his boy used a gua sha jade stone on their faces ‘for depuffing and muscle relaxation’. He didn’t much get it, but it was nice to feel the boy using gentle hands on him as he applied the stone over his face. Nanami cleanses his face, washes it, applies his serum, and then Megumi reaches over to apply his moisturizer for him. “Thank you, dear,” he says gently, admiring the soft expression in green eyes.

“You’re welcome. No skipping steps tomorrow because it’s the weekend.” He chuckles, grabbing slim hips and squeezing them.

“Whatever you say,” Megumi rolls his eyes as he leans forward, resting his head against Nanami’s shoulder. Slowly, he moves his hands from slim hips to the boy’s hand-filling ass.

A pink lip is sucked into that pretty mouth, his boy pressing back into his hands. “Wanna fill me with your cock, Nanami?” The words are filthy, dirty to a degree that makes him feel a little primal. A little feral.

“I always want to fill you with my cock,” he smirks, staring the boy down. He uses the hands on Megumi’s ass to lift the boy up, long legs wrap around his waist so he can walk them into their conjoined bedroom. They kiss as he walks, their mouths meeting again and again, tongues touching, body’s pressing closer and closer together. He takes Megumi to bed, laying his love down gently. “You’re too sweet on me,” his boy says with a smile, eyes shining brightly. “Be mean today?” It’s not a request he takes lightly. Megumi has enough trauma in his life that he deserves little else but kindness and soft kisses, but what his boy wants he gets.

“Are you sure?” He asks gently, but knows his answer when he sees green eyes roll.

“Yes, daddy, I really really want you to fuck me stupid, please?” He laughs, shaking his head.

“Okay, okay. Use the stoplight system tonight?” Megumi nods, and then the little minx turns onto his belly and presents his plump ass for him. That slim back arches and knees press out wide until he can see the peak of a pink rim.

Breathing in deeply he gets into the right mind set, his eyes shut before cracking open and narrowing on the teen. “Stay,” he commands and goes to the closet. He grabs his favorite silk tie, wrapping it around his hand slowly, the thinnest portion around his fingers while the thicker half winds around his hand.

The boy hasn’t moved, still presenting beautifully when he returns.

“Daddy heard you were talking to other boys at school today?” He grumbles, Megumi peers back at him shyly.

“Only Itadori, Daddy, promise.” He hums, low and displeased.

“Is Daddy meant to be okay with that?” He brings his silk covered hand down on a plump ass cheek, smirking as Megumi arches to receive the spanking. “I know he’s your friend, I know he’s Satoru’s boy, but you are both pretty close.” He raises his hand again and brings it down, loving the way his little wife's ass bounces with the blow.

“I’m married to you, I only want you,” his love says with conviction and he nods, but still he brings his hand down. Megumi slides forward on the bed slightly, fingers digging into their smoky grey sheets, rumpling them. Nanami raises his hand again and spanks the untouched cheek, resting his covered hand to grip harshly at the plush flesh. “I am not doubting you, little love. You’re so pretty, too pretty to be around anyone other than me. And that Itadori is a boy with eyes.”

Megumi swallows hard, looking back at his with teary eyes. “I’m sorry, Daddy,” Nanami smiles softly.

“I know you are.” He raises his hand and spanks that plump ass again and again until it starts to turn pink. Megumi whines and cries with each slap, the sound of the punishing blows muffled by the material on his hand. “Tomorrow, “ he grunts, dick jumping in excitement as his boy sobs at yet another spank making contact, “you remember that your eyes are meant to be on me. Tomorrow,” he growls, raking his nails over the heated skin, the teen shaking below him, “you keep your mouth shut unless it’s to speak with me.”

“Y-yes, Daddy,” he nods, patting the hot skin under his hand. “Love you, Daddy.”

“And I love you, but you were naughty. You forgot how men are, how we lust and crave and want pretty things. I’ll have Yuuji punished tomorrow by his daddy. He needs to learn his lesson too, don’t you think?” There is no reply so he bends down and bites Megumi’s right cheek hard, making a loud sob fill their room.

“Yes! Yes!” Megumi shouts, hands tight in the sheets. Nanami pulls back admiring the deeper red of his bite mark against the pink of the teen’s abused ass.

He pulls the tie off his hand, grabbing thin wrists to bind them behind the boy’s back. Truly his boy is a dream like this, bound and hurting. Ass beautifully pink. “I should brand you, mark you forever as my property,” he rasps, pleased with the shiver that makes his boy tremble. “I don’t think a ring is enough anymore, do you?”

“Whatever you want, daddy,” the words are scared, his baby’s voice trembling as he speaks hurriedly, green eyes alight with fright. His wife knows that rarely does Nanami Kento not make good on his words, even ones only made in the heat of the moment.

Nanami breathes in sharply, loving the teary eyes of his boy and the overall vision of him. He’s ready for the taking. “I’ll settle for branding your insides for today. I ordered you a collar that you will be wearing whenever we’re not home.”

The teen nods, looking back at him warily. “A-are you mad at me?” It’s an honest question, not for play, he can tell with how timid his little wife is being.

Nanami runs a hand through his slightly damp locks, keeping sharp eyes on his boy. “Never you, love. Your appearance is not your fault, but I need others to know they may look but never touch, never savor you as I do.” He spreads pale thighs further with one hand and presses on the small of his boy’s back with the other. “Now show me who you love.”

Megumi arches so his ass is in the perfect position, belly off the bed, but chest pressed down to the sheets. Green eyes watch him through wet lashes. Nanami promised to be mean so he spits right on that pink hole, still as tight as the first time they fucked. It winks at him, scared, but knowing it will be plowed no matter what. He gets to his knees and presses his cock to that barely slicked hole, waiting just a moment before beginning to push inside. It’s nearly too tight, but he still presses forward. Megumi sobs loudly, crying as he’s opened up without any prep. “Daddy!” The teen screams as he slides in completely.

“Look at that, do we even need lube anymore? You took me as easy as a girl would.” He scoffs, digging his hands into the meat of his boy’s ass, loving how it is so hot under his touch. Megumi shudders, heavy tears falling from his eyes and making Nanami just that much harder. “That’s right, baby, cry for me.” Nanami isn’t gentle as he pulls back, eyes on how that little hole is stretching around his cock. He pushes right back in, making their bed rock with the force of it. Megumi clenches around him tightly, holding him snug. He continues on, building a slow and hard pace.

He’s methodical as he drags his cock out and then slams it back inside, making his boy shout or sob with each movement. Megumi’s face is covered in tears, splotchy and oh so beautiful. He drags his hand along a wet cheek and licks the salty water off his fingers. Nanami bends forward so he can lick the warm skin, not missing the hiss of pain as he presses his weight down on the boy’s abused ass.
“Do you know that Daddy loves how all of you tastes, sweetie?” He whispers the words sweetly. “Raised my boy to be my favorite treat, didn’t I?” Megumi shudders below him, looking away shyly. “Now, now don’t turn away. My wife loves me doesn’t he?”

Green eyes, bright from crying, look to him. “Yes, Daddy,” the teen replies, keening as he grinds his dick into that tight hole hard.

“Good boy, or girl should I say? You’re so wet that I think you have a pussy now, baby? Did you make your hole a pussy for me?” He chuckles, nipping at the teen’s bobbing throat. Megumi pants below him, fat tears rolling slowly as Nanami grinds his cock in deep. “Don’t be ashamed. Daddy’ll breed your pussy good for you.”

He snaps his hips to make his point made and the teen sobs, burying his face into the sheets as Nanami straightens himself out. He reaches around to the boy’s cock and strokes it, making sure it’s hard and wanting. “Such a beautiful girl for Daddy.” He loves the way Megumi trembles because of his words. Pleasure holds him tight, and he breathes out to prepare for his next move.

Nanami grabs at that tiny waist, making sure it’s tight in his hands. He pulls Megumi up on his cock as he pulls back, with his hands he forces the boy back onto his cock just as he thrusts in hard. The breath leaves the boy below him in a harsh exhale. “D-daddy?”

“Feel me,” he growls and does it again, pulling Megumi up so he can shove him onto his cock over and over. He's making that tight hole take his shape, making his wife become a perfect sleeve for his cock. Sweat drips from his brow onto his boy’s pink ass cheek, their bodies both slick with sweat and fluids now. Nanami grunts as he rocks them together, feeling his orgasm building. Megumi’s sobs are beautiful below him, full of pleasure and pain. Green eyes looking nearly electric from the tears and the red surrounding them. The sight of Megumi with his mouth slack, eyes hazy and clouded with tears is breathtaking and makes him go harder.

He has to ruin this boy. Has to ruin him for anyone else. No one else could have him.

His hips snap harder, his hands grip tighter. “D-daddy!” Megumi shouts, his tied hands pulling on their binds gently, fingers trying but failing to wrap around one of his wrists. “D-daddy!”

“Cum for me, baby, cum for daddy.” He grunts, pushing in deep and watching as that pretty face seizes up, brows scrunching tight, teeth biting into a plump bottom lip, and a long keening sound filling his ears.

It’s the most beautiful sight.

Nanami cums with his eyes focused on his love, wishing he could take a picture of how ruined his boy looks. That sweet face covered in bliss and tears will never not push him over the edge. He pants harshly as he cums, arching so he can press his forehead to the back of his boy’s neck, letting his hot breath ghost along pale skin. Nanami shuts his eyes, just feeling the moment, loving how tightly he’s held while he holds onto the image of Megumi cumming. He shudders as the body below his twitches gently.

“Shh, shh,” he eases pressing down flat until Megumi is pressed completely to the sheets. His lips press to the teen’s ear as he covers the smaller body under his own. “Take me in.”

Megumi’s breathes are short, not able to take in full ones as he holds their weight. It makes the boy dizzy so Nanami gently rolls them onto their sides, making sure his cock stays snug. “Tonight, Megumi, your hole will learn my shape perfectly and in the morning you’ll make me cum by clenching around it alone.”

“Yes, daddy.” His little love says tiredly. He gently unties bound wrists, lacing their hands together and laying their joined hands over the boy’s slim belly. “Thank you, Kento, loved that. So tired now,” is the sleepy mumble he hears.

Nanami chuckles fondly, always loving how tired Megumi got after a rough session. “Sleep, baby. I love you.” There is a gentle hum as green eyes slide shut. Tomorrow, Nanami will be extra loving and caring, attentive after letting his inner demons out.

He does think though that Satoru wouldn’t mind a good reason to punish Yuuji, and he also thinks both boys will look very cute with their new collars. Satoru and him have been planning a playdate of sorts. Megumi is sure to enjoy it.

With a smile, he presses a goodnight kiss to Megumi lips and turns the lights out. Enjoying the snug warmth of his boy’s hole around his cock as he drifts to sleep, truly he was living in domestic bliss.

Chapter Text

It’s all so amazing. The air, the night sky, the smells that he can finally take in again. He fills his lungs with crisp night air, lets it settle there, savors it. It feels amazing to be alive again, to be out of that too long sleep he’d been in. Already, he can see there is so much to explore. To ruin. He laughs wildly, throwing his head back, and enjoying how the world seems to call to his nature more than ever before. The stench of curses lingers everywhere, it burns his nose with the scents of resentment and pain. This land is ripe for the taking, for his rule.

His hand jerks without his permission and he shakes it, ceasing the fruitless efforts of Itadori Yuuji. The brat in his head is trying his best to fight back, but he is Ryomen Sukuna. No child will hold him back from his goals.

“Itadori!” His red eyes move to the side, to a voice that instantly grabs his interest.

Emerald Green looks back at him, familiar emeralds long thought lost to him. He breathes in deeply, momentarily awed, truly this is his time.

Sukuna is the favored one.

“Megumi,” he responds, watching as black brows furrow. “Oh, love,” he smiles, gentle and slow, stepping closer only to see the boy step back, obvious fear in those innocent green eyes. He can smell how sweet the boy is, untainted by this rotting world. Sukuna’s to keep pristine and beautiful once more.

“R-Ryomen Sukuna,” the way his name is said, how it makes that sweet voice tremble makes him grin. He steps closer again, keeping an eye on the cracked foundation the boy is stepping closer to. “I-I have to exorcise you-” fragile, pale hands come together. Sukuna knows the sign, it’s familiar and endearing.

“Do you now?” He raises a brow, stepping closer again. “Run, little bunny, run.” He juts his chin, motioning for the boy to go. “I’ll give you a head start. Ten, Nine-”

Megumi is gone just like that, turning and running. Sukuna smiles. It’s all so painfully familiar. Just like the first time they’d met a millennia ago. He tracks the teen with his eyes, watching as the boy drops into the school building, disappearing from sight, but he can hear him. The pounding of feet on pavement, of his boy’s heart in that thin chest. Sukuna is so happy to be returned at the proper moment. Megumi will be here to witness him destroying the world that tore them asunder, that burned his spouse into ashes so he couldn't even bury him. There is no safety for humanity, no forgiveness in his heart for them and what they did.

He counts down in his head until reaching the end of the countdown. “One,” he shouts merrily, and slips easily from his spot on the roof to standing right in front of the boy. Megumi skids, green eyes widening as he turns abruptly and runs down a different hallway. Leisurely, the curse walks, following every turn and twist.

Listening to the pound, pound, pound of that little heart.

The sound of heavy breathing fills the halls. His little bunny is tiring, exhausted from his battle and now the chase. Really Megumi is still a child that hasn’t reached his full potential. Sukuna would see to it that his love did, that the world kneeled before two kings shrouded in flame and shadow. “Little bunny, oh little love, I won’t hurt you,” he promises, chuckling as the teen launches himself through a broken window. There is a tree-line behind the school that Megumi seems to be making for. Sukuna allows it, allows the distance.

Their first chase had been in a forest. The curse following after the scent of clean, pure beauty. It’s the same scent now. It sings through the air. He closes his eyes, reveling in the way that heady scent curls around him like it’s beckoning him to ruin it, to meld his scent of tainted evil with it.

Sukuna runs his clawed hands through his short hair, chuckling at how familiar and yet so new this all is. He is far less terrifying looking, he thinks, having caught a glimpse of himself in a window. He looks nearly human like this. His Megumi would have rolled his poisonous eyes at Sukuna for looking anything but the curse he was.

“You are yourself, humanity is not for you to hold in your hands,” his boy had said, small hands holding his face, warm and soft, loving.

“And yet, I hold you,” he’d replied, kissing pink lips that had split into a smile.

Sukuna had known devastating, all consuming love. Now he’d found the one he loved again. This moment was not lost on him, that Megumi was here was a sign.

The curse walks faster after his frightened prey. Sniffing the air and following that scent deeper and deeper into the surrounding woods. The sound of hitched breaths catches his attention, the boy is hiding in the shadow. “Blessing, you ran very hard and very far. Come here now and I’ll make this easy for you,” a branch snaps, revealing just how close he is. He shakes his head, smiling as he follows behind.

Sukuna whistles as he walks, enjoying the scent of his love on the wind. He grins when the sound of a branch catching and leaves crunching resounds through the air. “Sweet thing, did you fall?” He grins, and saunters forward. The child is scrambling to his hands and knees, leaves and dirt clinging to him.

“Oh, Megumi,” he grins, “let me help you.”

“Get away from me!” The boy shouts, moving back on the forest floor, crouching. They are surrounded by trees and moonlight here. Those green eyes stare at him, lips curled.

“Now, little bunny, you gave it a good try. I do think I win the hunt though,” he steps closer making the boy stand and shuffle back. There’s a large tree right behind him and it’s just three steps until Megumi is pressed against it, eyes wide with fear.

“Just kill me if you’re going to kill me,” pale hands tremble as they move to come together, but he’s faster. Sukuna’s clawed hands grab frail wrists gently, pulling them up to his face. There are deep cuts on the palms of each hand from when the teen fell. Sukuna tsks, nuzzling both with his face sweetly, feeling the familiar warmth of them. It is like he’s back to the best days of his life. He sighs, pressing his lips to the injured skin. The boy tries to pull out of his hold, but the curse just holds him tighter. “Your hair looks nice this length,” he muses, looking over that pretty face.

Red eyes stare into wary greens. They’re exactly the same, even with the right eye having a speck of blue in it. The brows are less trimmed than his Megumi’s were, but his spouse also appeared as a little ragged thing when they’d first met. Sukuna will always remember how knotted his boy’s long black tresses had been, leaves and sticks stuck in it. After a wash though the black hair had shined like a midnight sky. Sukuna would spend hours running his fingers through the length of it.

He grabs both of Megumi’s wrists in one hand so he can grab the boy’s face, turning it each way. “Your ears aren’t pierced this time, hmm? We’ll fix that. I doubt our wardrobes survived. What are silks like in this time period? Do they still look acceptable because your outfit is terrible, bunny,” he’s being glared at cutely.

“Fuck off,” the teen growls. Sukuna shakes his head, pulling the boy close and pressing their mouths together. He’d won this hunt, but he remembers his bunny needing breaking in the first time as well. The curse knows he can’t let the teen call his Shikigami, but he also would like to feel all of his prize.

Threatening isn’t how he wants to start their marriage off again, but it worked the first time. After tasting his fill of sweet lips the King of Curses pulls back. He presses their foreheads together, bumping their noses together sweetly. “If you try to use your technique I will shatter your wrists so that you will never be able to use your hands again. You’ll be forced to rely on me forevermore. Now, will you be good?”

The eyes on him are harsh, unflinching even as the teen nods. “Good boy. I’m so happy to have you back, love, it’s auspicious”

“You’re insane. You’ve been a set of cursed fingers for a thousand years how could you know who I am?” Sukuna smiles, wrapping his hands against the back of that slim, delicate neck. His other hand presses under that ridiculous jacket, feeling the warmth of his boy’s body under his palm.

“Mhmm, and before I was just some fingers I was your spouse, your very faithful and giving husband. Devoted to you before you were ripped away from me,” he growls in remembered anger, in the weight that still clung to his heart at not saving his Megumi. His eyes slide to the tattoos along his arms, the thick bands done in remembrance of his lost love.

“Ryomen Sukuna was not married-” he cuts the boy off with a snarl.

“I’m sure those old fucks said that! I did nothing, nothing but love a boy made of shadow and beauty. I took him from the Zen’in clan, married him, loved him, and when he refused to leave me?” His eyes burn as he shakes with fury, claws digging in just slightly to pale skin, their eyes holding as he speaks. “When he chose a curse over humanity, do you know what they did?”

Megumi blinks, eyes wide with disbelief. Black hair shakes, pink mouth parted slightly. Sukuna cannot utter the words, cannot say where the pain in his heart came from. “I assume you can guess. And so they found out what Ryomen Sukuna does when his heart is broken.” He crashes their mouths together, not caring as hands press against his chest. He pushes the boy up the tree until long legs have to wrap around his waist for support.

Their kiss is desperate, anguished. He doesn’t mean to cry as they kiss, but he’s overwhelmed by this moment. His hands feel along soft skin, working under Megumi’s clothes to take stock.
Yes, that’s the scar along the right shoulder blade he remembers, from a childhood injury, and then a scar on his love’s side from an animal the boy had tried to help.

There’s the familiar press of ribs against his hand and the slightly raised mole on the boy’s back, right above his bottom.

It’s all there.

This is his soulmate returned to him.

With a growl of frustration he pulls back and stares, looking over dazed green eyes and at swollen and shiny red lips. “You are my greatest treasure. I am not letting you go again.” His words resound through the small nook of the woods they are in, a promise that the earth and sky will remember for them.

“Please, please I don’t understand-”

“You will,” he growls, pressing their mouths together again and again until they are both absolutely breathless. His claws tear at the clothes unfitting for his spouse to wear, revealing pale and pretty flesh. Some bruising is forming on places the boy was injured during the fight with the curse he’d destroyed. The King will heal it all later. For now, he trails his mouth down a pale throat to the teen’s chest. Pretty pink nipples stand erect in the cool, night air. “Still so responsive,” he grins, bringing his hand up to fondle Megumi’s left pec.

“Stop, I-I’m begging you, please?” Tears shine in green eyes.

“Wives are meant to take their husbands, little bunny, and I caught you fair and square.”

“I’m not your wife! I’m not the person you think I am!” The boy tries pushing him away, a pretty tear cascading down a pale cheek. “Let go of me!”

“You are a Zen’in brat’s child, a bastard man who left you before you could memorize his face. Your technique is Ten Shadows, which you are still learning but more importantly you are working on a domain, Chimera Shadow Garden,” the hands on him have stilled and those pretty eyes shine with both horror and fascination, “you use Kuro and Shiro the most during battle. You have a guardian that has the Six Eyes technique. He’s insane and annoying, but you love him because he’s the only family you have left after your sister-”

A hand shoots over his mouth, Sukuna smiles against it. It was a gamble to see if Megumi's past and present lives would match up, but something in him knew his boy's life had followed the same beats. He kisses the palm covering his mouth making it immediately pull away. “When we met, I chased you just like this. You were the most stunning thing I’d ever seen. I had to have you, and we loved each other. We did a ceremony for soul bonding, my lifetime shared with yours. We were meant to be immortals together.”

The teen in his grasp shivers, shaking his head. “You love reading and ginger tea, and hate peppers. You are mean to people you like and loyal beyond comparison. I can see the brat’s memories, he met you a few hours ago. How would he know any of this?”

Megumi’s mouth trembles, eyes shining as they look at him. “Y-you became the King of Curses because I was killed?”

Sukuna smiles sadly, tilting his head. “Is it so hard to believe? You were worth more to me than life itself, than anything could ever mean to me. You made me feel. I’d been a Curse for hundreds of years and you, Megumi, made my heart beat.” A tear falls past one of his eyes, the pain inside him filling the words with anguish. “I rampaged. I sought revenge. I wanted others to feel the pain they caused. I feasted on flesh and became drunk on blood in your name.”

“T-then you don’t have to do that anymore, if I’m alive?” Oh, his sweet winter child. His lovely boy.

“If you are alive then I must make sure history does not repeat itself. If you’re mine, then they will come to take you. I told you Megumi, you are my greatest treasure and one I will not lose twice.” The hands on his chest lay flat, black lashes fan low as his boy thinks. Megumi always looked so soft when he was thinking. Sukuna grins, pressing forward and kissing a pale cheek.

“Now that I’m here you can feel it, the soul bond?” The hands on his chest twitch, the boy stays quiet but Sukuna can feel it too. It’s warm and weighty in his chest, not the crippling emptiness it had been for the decades he’d rampaged. “I’ve caught you again, little bunny.” He whispers and hikes the boy up further so he can grab that plump ass.

“Make my heart beat again, won’t you?” He whispers and to his delight the teen presses closer to him.

“I saw you in dreams,” the slim beauty admits, he instantly digs his nose into black tresses to breathe in the scent of his love, his soulmate. Fingers trace over the side of his face that should be masked. “You would tell me stories in a garden full of flowers and cherry blossom trees.”

The Curse presses a kiss to a flushed cheek. “Those were memories, guiding you to this moment. Megumi, help me get my power and body back? Only you can, only your soul knows mine enough to bring me back.”

Megumi looks conflicted, torn, even as he opens beautifully for another kiss. Their mouths meeting, tongues touching. He spreads the boy’s legs further apart, pressing between them with obvious need. His cock hard and wanting. His fingers spread those soft cheeks, hand sliding in between for a mouth to form on his palm and lick the little hole hidden away. The boy shouts into their kiss, eyes widening like Sukuna’s tearing his clothes off hadn’t been enough of a warning. He tuts and deepens their kiss while the mouth on his palm licks, the long tongue swiping at the tight muscle, making it twitch nervously. The curse wishes he had all four arms so he could fondle pretty nipples too.

Ducking his head, he latches his mouth to the cream of that delicate throat, sucking and biting gently. Marking his love as his once more. Reclaimed for all to see. A hitched breath makes him grin, grinding between thin legs. The tongue on his hand nudges at that tight hole, slowly working inside. “Ah, ah,” Megumi’s moans become higher pitched as he fills him with the length of the tongue on his palm.

“What a good boy,” he mumbles, pressing grateful kisses to a pale shoulder. “”We’ll have you filled in no time, bunny.”

“N-not a bunny,” the teen whispers, whimpering as he flicks the appendage inside the boy, stretching that tight hole. The legs wrapped around him are trembling and Megumi’s head is tipped back, even more of that pretty throat stretched out for him to appreciate.

Sukuna hums, concentrating on licking the inside of Megumi’s hole, relaxing the muscles slowly. “You sure ran like a bunny, lovely, so don’t you think it’s fitting?” He nuzzles at the line of Megumi’s jaw before biting it gently. He lowers his voice, making it no more than a husky whisper “Especially when you've been so thoroughly caught by me.” His boy’s hole clenches around his tongue greedily, green eyes roll to look at him. They’re so enchanting like this, so full of want for him.

Sukuna removes his tongue, getting the teen to keen loudly in the process. He is quick to replace it with two of his fingers, stretching that tight hole with skilled fingers. He remembers where his spouse’s spot was so he angled his fingers just so and rubs. Arms are thrown around his shoulders tightly, a hand winding into his hair, and the boy’s face pressed to his neck. “Shh, it’s so good, right?” There is a nod, small and sweet. “I know everything you like. I know all of you.” He smiles, kissing black hair as the teen’s hips buck with Sukuna’s movements. Each rub of his skilled fingers has the teen shuddering and panting hotly against his skin. It’s even better when his third finger is added in.

Megumi bites him. Hard. It’s wonderful and he delights in the pain as he stretches and pleasures the teen. The body below his is shining with sweat and looks absolutely beautiful, the bruising and cuts only make his love look more painfully ethereal somehow. “You were truly designed by the Gods,” he whispers, amazed at how perfect his spouse is. Megumi peaks up at him, tears clinging to black lashes, cheeks dusted a delectable pink, and mouth swollen from their kisses. Once more, Sukuna cannot help but think he is truly the favored one.

His fingers slip out of the boy’s hole and he makes quick work of the pants he’s wearing, wetting his dick with the mouth on his hand to get on with it. Sukuna needs to be inside Megumi, needs to feel complete again. Wants nothing more than to join their bodies and souls forever. Fuck the world he has the universe in his hands. If all he had was this moment forever then this was enough. Megumi in his arms, clinging to him, wanting him was all he craved.

“Ready?” He asks gently, hoping to make that thumping heartbeat slow some. Black hair shakes while green eyes stare at him.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me? I-I don’t trust myself, why should I trust you?” Sukuna grins at how meek his bunny sounds, how unsure.

“Love, you already made the decision to be in my arms. Believe me when I say all I think about is you, all I want to do is be with you. Let me love you?” Swollen lips press to his own and he closes his eyes, breathing in as he enjoys the hope he can taste, the need. Megumi wants to be loved, to belong to someone. He does not need to look any further. Sukuna uses their kiss as a distraction as he presses his cockhead to that sweet hole. His bottom lip is bit by dull teeth making him chuckle. Megumi ducks down, hiding his face once more, but he can’t have that. He adjusts them so his boy is forced to look at him from his place against the tree, green eyes shining with anxiety.

“Look at me, breathe with me,” pale hands rest on his chest, nails just pressing into his skin.

“I’m scared,” his love admits, chin shaking just a little, body trembling at the press of cock to the boy’s shy, little hole.

“I know, it’s hard the first time, bunny. It’ll get easier,” he presses forward, groaning as that tight hole spreads for him. He sinks in slowly, keeping an eye on the tears that fall, on shaky breathes, on the grimace on those bruising lips. When he’s sheathed fully, he grabs the boy’s face with both hands and crashes their mouths together. Sukuna knows peace, for the first time in a millennia, he knows peace. He groans into that sweet mouth, plundering it with his tongue. He rolls his hips, enjoying the moan Megumi lets out. Green eyes are half-lidded, dazed with pain and pleasure. When he presses their foreheads together the boy blinks at him slowly. “So big,” a pale hand drags down his body to the boy’s own belly. “I think you’re in my stomach.”

The curse chuckles, pressing a smattering of kisses all along the boy’s face. His chest feels warm, his soul alight with their reunion. Their eyes meet for a long moment, the entirety of their lives seemingly being lived in that moment, the full breadth of the love he feels for this tiny, beautiful human expressed in one gaze.

“Please move?” Megumi asks with a fierce blush, eyes sliding away shyly. The King of Curses smirks, lifting the teen up and off the tree. He doesn’t want that pretty back being scratched up.

“You asked for it, bunny,” he grinds his hips up, the legs around his waist tighten. He can even feel tiny toes curling against his hips. His hands hold the boy’s ass, fondling it even as he uses his grip to pull the boy up and down his cock. Long fingers scramble to get purchase on him. Megumi grabs at his hair, holding it tightly, but not painfully. Another hand is wrapped around his shoulder, blunt nails digging into the meat of his shoulder. He builds a steady rhythm, feet planted in the ground as he pulls the teen up and down his cock.

At first, the curse knows he’s the only one getting anything from this. There are quiet whines and pants of discomfort that tell him so, but he needs this. Needs to feel complete again. It drives him on to thrust his hips hard, bucking them relentlessly. Warm tears spill from the eyes pressed hard to his throat, pooling in his collarbone. “Shh, shh, it’ll get better,” he grunts, growling when the boy shakes his head.

“H-hurts,” he eases his thrusts, remembering to be gentle, to be kind. This Megumi doesn’t remember how good pain with pleasure can be. This Megumi is so lucky Sukuna’s not in his original body like their first time. There had been no pleasure that time. He moves purposefully, rolling his hips until the slightest gasp and the tremble of limbs catches his attention. A slow grin covers his lips. “Good? Right there, sweetheart?”

“Y-yes, right there,” the words are mumbled into his skin. His boy is so cute, he forgot how gentle he’d been at the beginning. So much of his memory is full of Megumi’s ferocity, the fire that had burned in the sorcerer’s heart had been awe-inspiring, and their love had been protected by that fire.

Sukuna wonders if their soul bond will bring back his love’s memories, reveal their whole story to his spouse. He hopes so. He prays that Megumi did not lose all the years of happiness they shared.

His boy rolls his hips into his hand, gasping when he does, burying his head even harder into Sukuna’s neck. He laughs happily. “Go on, take you pleasure from me.” The curse is overjoyed when the teen starts moving his hips, the hands on him tightening. He reacts in kind, moving with those shy hips, digging his dick in, rubbing Megumi’s prostate with each thrust. They pant together in the forest. “Let-let me kiss you,” he growls, pleased when Megumi raises his head and their mouths are pressing together. He rolls into that branding heat, loving the tightening of the body around him. His eyes are closed, but he can feel warm tears against his cheeks and he isn’t sure who they belong to.

Sukuna pumps his hips, enjoying the pleasure building, filling him with the drive to go harder. This time Megumi cries out in pleasure, their foreheads pressing together, gaze locked at their bodies’ move together. He swallows hard, mesmerized by the pleasure resting heavy in emerald hues.

“Love you,” he grunts, pushing his cock in hard, rubbing it in deep. “Love you so much,” he promises. The hands on him move to grab his face, holding his warmly, with care. He snaps his hips back and then rolls them up, watching the way the moonlight above illuminates Megumi’s face. Every expression he feasts upon, every pant and gasp, every choked moan. He smiles when his favorite expression comes. The teen’s mouth falls, gaping just slightly while black brows pinch up, green eyes shutting tightly. “Cum for me, sweetheart,” and like he’d just granted the teen permission Megumi clenches hard around him, body tensing and shaking.

Hot spend hits their bellies and the tight hole around his cock has a vice-like grip on him. “Just like that, bunny, such a good boy for me.” His praise makes his little love shiver, head falling to his shoulder. Sukuna smiles, pressing a lingering kiss to a sweaty forehead. The curse waits until Megumi’s grip on him eases before he continues his own thrusting, loving the way those warm walls caress his cock.

“Tell me how it feels?” He grunts, jostling the boy as he shifts from thrusting to grinding. Megumi’s fingers twitch, moving to flutter against the King’s throat sweetly.

“B-big, warm, n-nice” he smiles, blunt nails scrape along his jaw, and once more their gaze meets. Sukuna loses himself in emerald eyes, snapping his hips for a final time, hissing as he cums deep inside.
His eyes stay locked to Megumi’s, unwilling to miss any of the warmth he can see in them. He groans as his hips stutter, mouth hanging open. The sorcerer presses their foreheads together, they breathe each other in, savoring the moment. It’s everything, it’s the most fulfilling reawakening he could have had.

Sukuna laments having to pull out of Megumi’s warmth, but he does so slowly. He presses gentle kisses along the teen’s throat, knowing that the empty feelings after their lovemaking always made his spouse uncomfortable. “Now, we’re complete again.” He murmurs, sighing as pale arms wrap around him.

The King nuzzles at black hair, breathing in the scent of pure innocence mixed with his taint. It’s perfect. “Bu-” a hand covers his mouth.

“If you call me bunny one more time I’m shoving a sword up your ass.” He laughs, pressing his teeth to warm fingers. There’s his boy, there’s the fire he loves. Sukuna has been brought back to dominate the world, he knows that, but in his arms he already holds close what matters most to him. The world mattered little to him when the entirety of his universe had been returned to him.

It’s all he needs and he will do whatever is needed to keep Megumi this time around.