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JJK Kinktober 2021

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It’s all so amazing. The air, the night sky, the smells that he can finally take in again. He fills his lungs with crisp night air, lets it settle there, savors it. It feels amazing to be alive again, to be out of that too long sleep he’d been in. Already, he can see there is so much to explore. To ruin. He laughs wildly, throwing his head back, and enjoying how the world seems to call to his nature more than ever before. The stench of curses lingers everywhere, it burns his nose with the scents of resentment and pain. This land is ripe for the taking, for his rule.

His hand jerks without his permission and he shakes it, ceasing the fruitless efforts of Itadori Yuuji. The brat in his head is trying his best to fight back, but he is Ryomen Sukuna. No child will hold him back from his goals.

“Itadori!” His red eyes move to the side, to a voice that instantly grabs his interest.

Emerald Green looks back at him, familiar emeralds long thought lost to him. He breathes in deeply, momentarily awed, truly this is his time.

Sukuna is the favored one.

“Megumi,” he responds, watching as black brows furrow. “Oh, love,” he smiles, gentle and slow, stepping closer only to see the boy step back, obvious fear in those innocent green eyes. He can smell how sweet the boy is, untainted by this rotting world. Sukuna’s to keep pristine and beautiful once more.

“R-Ryomen Sukuna,” the way his name is said, how it makes that sweet voice tremble makes him grin. He steps closer again, keeping an eye on the cracked foundation the boy is stepping closer to. “I-I have to exorcise you-” fragile, pale hands come together. Sukuna knows the sign, it’s familiar and endearing.

“Do you now?” He raises a brow, stepping closer again. “Run, little bunny, run.” He juts his chin, motioning for the boy to go. “I’ll give you a head start. Ten, Nine-”

Megumi is gone just like that, turning and running. Sukuna smiles. It’s all so painfully familiar. Just like the first time they’d met a millennia ago. He tracks the teen with his eyes, watching as the boy drops into the school building, disappearing from sight, but he can hear him. The pounding of feet on pavement, of his boy’s heart in that thin chest. Sukuna is so happy to be returned at the proper moment. Megumi will be here to witness him destroying the world that tore them asunder, that burned his spouse into ashes so he couldn't even bury him. There is no safety for humanity, no forgiveness in his heart for them and what they did.

He counts down in his head until reaching the end of the countdown. “One,” he shouts merrily, and slips easily from his spot on the roof to standing right in front of the boy. Megumi skids, green eyes widening as he turns abruptly and runs down a different hallway. Leisurely, the curse walks, following every turn and twist.

Listening to the pound, pound, pound of that little heart.

The sound of heavy breathing fills the halls. His little bunny is tiring, exhausted from his battle and now the chase. Really Megumi is still a child that hasn’t reached his full potential. Sukuna would see to it that his love did, that the world kneeled before two kings shrouded in flame and shadow. “Little bunny, oh little love, I won’t hurt you,” he promises, chuckling as the teen launches himself through a broken window. There is a tree-line behind the school that Megumi seems to be making for. Sukuna allows it, allows the distance.

Their first chase had been in a forest. The curse following after the scent of clean, pure beauty. It’s the same scent now. It sings through the air. He closes his eyes, reveling in the way that heady scent curls around him like it’s beckoning him to ruin it, to meld his scent of tainted evil with it.

Sukuna runs his clawed hands through his short hair, chuckling at how familiar and yet so new this all is. He is far less terrifying looking, he thinks, having caught a glimpse of himself in a window. He looks nearly human like this. His Megumi would have rolled his poisonous eyes at Sukuna for looking anything but the curse he was.

“You are yourself, humanity is not for you to hold in your hands,” his boy had said, small hands holding his face, warm and soft, loving.

“And yet, I hold you,” he’d replied, kissing pink lips that had split into a smile.

Sukuna had known devastating, all consuming love. Now he’d found the one he loved again. This moment was not lost on him, that Megumi was here was a sign.

The curse walks faster after his frightened prey. Sniffing the air and following that scent deeper and deeper into the surrounding woods. The sound of hitched breaths catches his attention, the boy is hiding in the shadow. “Blessing, you ran very hard and very far. Come here now and I’ll make this easy for you,” a branch snaps, revealing just how close he is. He shakes his head, smiling as he follows behind.

Sukuna whistles as he walks, enjoying the scent of his love on the wind. He grins when the sound of a branch catching and leaves crunching resounds through the air. “Sweet thing, did you fall?” He grins, and saunters forward. The child is scrambling to his hands and knees, leaves and dirt clinging to him.

“Oh, Megumi,” he grins, “let me help you.”

“Get away from me!” The boy shouts, moving back on the forest floor, crouching. They are surrounded by trees and moonlight here. Those green eyes stare at him, lips curled.

“Now, little bunny, you gave it a good try. I do think I win the hunt though,” he steps closer making the boy stand and shuffle back. There’s a large tree right behind him and it’s just three steps until Megumi is pressed against it, eyes wide with fear.

“Just kill me if you’re going to kill me,” pale hands tremble as they move to come together, but he’s faster. Sukuna’s clawed hands grab frail wrists gently, pulling them up to his face. There are deep cuts on the palms of each hand from when the teen fell. Sukuna tsks, nuzzling both with his face sweetly, feeling the familiar warmth of them. It is like he’s back to the best days of his life. He sighs, pressing his lips to the injured skin. The boy tries to pull out of his hold, but the curse just holds him tighter. “Your hair looks nice this length,” he muses, looking over that pretty face.

Red eyes stare into wary greens. They’re exactly the same, even with the right eye having a speck of blue in it. The brows are less trimmed than his Megumi’s were, but his spouse also appeared as a little ragged thing when they’d first met. Sukuna will always remember how knotted his boy’s long black tresses had been, leaves and sticks stuck in it. After a wash though the black hair had shined like a midnight sky. Sukuna would spend hours running his fingers through the length of it.

He grabs both of Megumi’s wrists in one hand so he can grab the boy’s face, turning it each way. “Your ears aren’t pierced this time, hmm? We’ll fix that. I doubt our wardrobes survived. What are silks like in this time period? Do they still look acceptable because your outfit is terrible, bunny,” he’s being glared at cutely.

“Fuck off,” the teen growls. Sukuna shakes his head, pulling the boy close and pressing their mouths together. He’d won this hunt, but he remembers his bunny needing breaking in the first time as well. The curse knows he can’t let the teen call his Shikigami, but he also would like to feel all of his prize.

Threatening isn’t how he wants to start their marriage off again, but it worked the first time. After tasting his fill of sweet lips the King of Curses pulls back. He presses their foreheads together, bumping their noses together sweetly. “If you try to use your technique I will shatter your wrists so that you will never be able to use your hands again. You’ll be forced to rely on me forevermore. Now, will you be good?”

The eyes on him are harsh, unflinching even as the teen nods. “Good boy. I’m so happy to have you back, love, it’s auspicious”

“You’re insane. You’ve been a set of cursed fingers for a thousand years how could you know who I am?” Sukuna smiles, wrapping his hands against the back of that slim, delicate neck. His other hand presses under that ridiculous jacket, feeling the warmth of his boy’s body under his palm.

“Mhmm, and before I was just some fingers I was your spouse, your very faithful and giving husband. Devoted to you before you were ripped away from me,” he growls in remembered anger, in the weight that still clung to his heart at not saving his Megumi. His eyes slide to the tattoos along his arms, the thick bands done in remembrance of his lost love.

“Ryomen Sukuna was not married-” he cuts the boy off with a snarl.

“I’m sure those old fucks said that! I did nothing, nothing but love a boy made of shadow and beauty. I took him from the Zen’in clan, married him, loved him, and when he refused to leave me?” His eyes burn as he shakes with fury, claws digging in just slightly to pale skin, their eyes holding as he speaks. “When he chose a curse over humanity, do you know what they did?”

Megumi blinks, eyes wide with disbelief. Black hair shakes, pink mouth parted slightly. Sukuna cannot utter the words, cannot say where the pain in his heart came from. “I assume you can guess. And so they found out what Ryomen Sukuna does when his heart is broken.” He crashes their mouths together, not caring as hands press against his chest. He pushes the boy up the tree until long legs have to wrap around his waist for support.

Their kiss is desperate, anguished. He doesn’t mean to cry as they kiss, but he’s overwhelmed by this moment. His hands feel along soft skin, working under Megumi’s clothes to take stock.
Yes, that’s the scar along the right shoulder blade he remembers, from a childhood injury, and then a scar on his love’s side from an animal the boy had tried to help.

There’s the familiar press of ribs against his hand and the slightly raised mole on the boy’s back, right above his bottom.

It’s all there.

This is his soulmate returned to him.

With a growl of frustration he pulls back and stares, looking over dazed green eyes and at swollen and shiny red lips. “You are my greatest treasure. I am not letting you go again.” His words resound through the small nook of the woods they are in, a promise that the earth and sky will remember for them.

“Please, please I don’t understand-”

“You will,” he growls, pressing their mouths together again and again until they are both absolutely breathless. His claws tear at the clothes unfitting for his spouse to wear, revealing pale and pretty flesh. Some bruising is forming on places the boy was injured during the fight with the curse he’d destroyed. The King will heal it all later. For now, he trails his mouth down a pale throat to the teen’s chest. Pretty pink nipples stand erect in the cool, night air. “Still so responsive,” he grins, bringing his hand up to fondle Megumi’s left pec.

“Stop, I-I’m begging you, please?” Tears shine in green eyes.

“Wives are meant to take their husbands, little bunny, and I caught you fair and square.”

“I’m not your wife! I’m not the person you think I am!” The boy tries pushing him away, a pretty tear cascading down a pale cheek. “Let go of me!”

“You are a Zen’in brat’s child, a bastard man who left you before you could memorize his face. Your technique is Ten Shadows, which you are still learning but more importantly you are working on a domain, Chimera Shadow Garden,” the hands on him have stilled and those pretty eyes shine with both horror and fascination, “you use Kuro and Shiro the most during battle. You have a guardian that has the Six Eyes technique. He’s insane and annoying, but you love him because he’s the only family you have left after your sister-”

A hand shoots over his mouth, Sukuna smiles against it. It was a gamble to see if Megumi's past and present lives would match up, but something in him knew his boy's life had followed the same beats. He kisses the palm covering his mouth making it immediately pull away. “When we met, I chased you just like this. You were the most stunning thing I’d ever seen. I had to have you, and we loved each other. We did a ceremony for soul bonding, my lifetime shared with yours. We were meant to be immortals together.”

The teen in his grasp shivers, shaking his head. “You love reading and ginger tea, and hate peppers. You are mean to people you like and loyal beyond comparison. I can see the brat’s memories, he met you a few hours ago. How would he know any of this?”

Megumi’s mouth trembles, eyes shining as they look at him. “Y-you became the King of Curses because I was killed?”

Sukuna smiles sadly, tilting his head. “Is it so hard to believe? You were worth more to me than life itself, than anything could ever mean to me. You made me feel. I’d been a Curse for hundreds of years and you, Megumi, made my heart beat.” A tear falls past one of his eyes, the pain inside him filling the words with anguish. “I rampaged. I sought revenge. I wanted others to feel the pain they caused. I feasted on flesh and became drunk on blood in your name.”

“T-then you don’t have to do that anymore, if I’m alive?” Oh, his sweet winter child. His lovely boy.

“If you are alive then I must make sure history does not repeat itself. If you’re mine, then they will come to take you. I told you Megumi, you are my greatest treasure and one I will not lose twice.” The hands on his chest lay flat, black lashes fan low as his boy thinks. Megumi always looked so soft when he was thinking. Sukuna grins, pressing forward and kissing a pale cheek.

“Now that I’m here you can feel it, the soul bond?” The hands on his chest twitch, the boy stays quiet but Sukuna can feel it too. It’s warm and weighty in his chest, not the crippling emptiness it had been for the decades he’d rampaged. “I’ve caught you again, little bunny.” He whispers and hikes the boy up further so he can grab that plump ass.

“Make my heart beat again, won’t you?” He whispers and to his delight the teen presses closer to him.

“I saw you in dreams,” the slim beauty admits, he instantly digs his nose into black tresses to breathe in the scent of his love, his soulmate. Fingers trace over the side of his face that should be masked. “You would tell me stories in a garden full of flowers and cherry blossom trees.”

The Curse presses a kiss to a flushed cheek. “Those were memories, guiding you to this moment. Megumi, help me get my power and body back? Only you can, only your soul knows mine enough to bring me back.”

Megumi looks conflicted, torn, even as he opens beautifully for another kiss. Their mouths meeting, tongues touching. He spreads the boy’s legs further apart, pressing between them with obvious need. His cock hard and wanting. His fingers spread those soft cheeks, hand sliding in between for a mouth to form on his palm and lick the little hole hidden away. The boy shouts into their kiss, eyes widening like Sukuna’s tearing his clothes off hadn’t been enough of a warning. He tuts and deepens their kiss while the mouth on his palm licks, the long tongue swiping at the tight muscle, making it twitch nervously. The curse wishes he had all four arms so he could fondle pretty nipples too.

Ducking his head, he latches his mouth to the cream of that delicate throat, sucking and biting gently. Marking his love as his once more. Reclaimed for all to see. A hitched breath makes him grin, grinding between thin legs. The tongue on his hand nudges at that tight hole, slowly working inside. “Ah, ah,” Megumi’s moans become higher pitched as he fills him with the length of the tongue on his palm.

“What a good boy,” he mumbles, pressing grateful kisses to a pale shoulder. “”We’ll have you filled in no time, bunny.”

“N-not a bunny,” the teen whispers, whimpering as he flicks the appendage inside the boy, stretching that tight hole. The legs wrapped around him are trembling and Megumi’s head is tipped back, even more of that pretty throat stretched out for him to appreciate.

Sukuna hums, concentrating on licking the inside of Megumi’s hole, relaxing the muscles slowly. “You sure ran like a bunny, lovely, so don’t you think it’s fitting?” He nuzzles at the line of Megumi’s jaw before biting it gently. He lowers his voice, making it no more than a husky whisper “Especially when you've been so thoroughly caught by me.” His boy’s hole clenches around his tongue greedily, green eyes roll to look at him. They’re so enchanting like this, so full of want for him.

Sukuna removes his tongue, getting the teen to keen loudly in the process. He is quick to replace it with two of his fingers, stretching that tight hole with skilled fingers. He remembers where his spouse’s spot was so he angled his fingers just so and rubs. Arms are thrown around his shoulders tightly, a hand winding into his hair, and the boy’s face pressed to his neck. “Shh, it’s so good, right?” There is a nod, small and sweet. “I know everything you like. I know all of you.” He smiles, kissing black hair as the teen’s hips buck with Sukuna’s movements. Each rub of his skilled fingers has the teen shuddering and panting hotly against his skin. It’s even better when his third finger is added in.

Megumi bites him. Hard. It’s wonderful and he delights in the pain as he stretches and pleasures the teen. The body below his is shining with sweat and looks absolutely beautiful, the bruising and cuts only make his love look more painfully ethereal somehow. “You were truly designed by the Gods,” he whispers, amazed at how perfect his spouse is. Megumi peaks up at him, tears clinging to black lashes, cheeks dusted a delectable pink, and mouth swollen from their kisses. Once more, Sukuna cannot help but think he is truly the favored one.

His fingers slip out of the boy’s hole and he makes quick work of the pants he’s wearing, wetting his dick with the mouth on his hand to get on with it. Sukuna needs to be inside Megumi, needs to feel complete again. Wants nothing more than to join their bodies and souls forever. Fuck the world he has the universe in his hands. If all he had was this moment forever then this was enough. Megumi in his arms, clinging to him, wanting him was all he craved.

“Ready?” He asks gently, hoping to make that thumping heartbeat slow some. Black hair shakes while green eyes stare at him.

“How do I know you’re not lying to me? I-I don’t trust myself, why should I trust you?” Sukuna grins at how meek his bunny sounds, how unsure.

“Love, you already made the decision to be in my arms. Believe me when I say all I think about is you, all I want to do is be with you. Let me love you?” Swollen lips press to his own and he closes his eyes, breathing in as he enjoys the hope he can taste, the need. Megumi wants to be loved, to belong to someone. He does not need to look any further. Sukuna uses their kiss as a distraction as he presses his cockhead to that sweet hole. His bottom lip is bit by dull teeth making him chuckle. Megumi ducks down, hiding his face once more, but he can’t have that. He adjusts them so his boy is forced to look at him from his place against the tree, green eyes shining with anxiety.

“Look at me, breathe with me,” pale hands rest on his chest, nails just pressing into his skin.

“I’m scared,” his love admits, chin shaking just a little, body trembling at the press of cock to the boy’s shy, little hole.

“I know, it’s hard the first time, bunny. It’ll get easier,” he presses forward, groaning as that tight hole spreads for him. He sinks in slowly, keeping an eye on the tears that fall, on shaky breathes, on the grimace on those bruising lips. When he’s sheathed fully, he grabs the boy’s face with both hands and crashes their mouths together. Sukuna knows peace, for the first time in a millennia, he knows peace. He groans into that sweet mouth, plundering it with his tongue. He rolls his hips, enjoying the moan Megumi lets out. Green eyes are half-lidded, dazed with pain and pleasure. When he presses their foreheads together the boy blinks at him slowly. “So big,” a pale hand drags down his body to the boy’s own belly. “I think you’re in my stomach.”

The curse chuckles, pressing a smattering of kisses all along the boy’s face. His chest feels warm, his soul alight with their reunion. Their eyes meet for a long moment, the entirety of their lives seemingly being lived in that moment, the full breadth of the love he feels for this tiny, beautiful human expressed in one gaze.

“Please move?” Megumi asks with a fierce blush, eyes sliding away shyly. The King of Curses smirks, lifting the teen up and off the tree. He doesn’t want that pretty back being scratched up.

“You asked for it, bunny,” he grinds his hips up, the legs around his waist tighten. He can even feel tiny toes curling against his hips. His hands hold the boy’s ass, fondling it even as he uses his grip to pull the boy up and down his cock. Long fingers scramble to get purchase on him. Megumi grabs at his hair, holding it tightly, but not painfully. Another hand is wrapped around his shoulder, blunt nails digging into the meat of his shoulder. He builds a steady rhythm, feet planted in the ground as he pulls the teen up and down his cock.

At first, the curse knows he’s the only one getting anything from this. There are quiet whines and pants of discomfort that tell him so, but he needs this. Needs to feel complete again. It drives him on to thrust his hips hard, bucking them relentlessly. Warm tears spill from the eyes pressed hard to his throat, pooling in his collarbone. “Shh, shh, it’ll get better,” he grunts, growling when the boy shakes his head.

“H-hurts,” he eases his thrusts, remembering to be gentle, to be kind. This Megumi doesn’t remember how good pain with pleasure can be. This Megumi is so lucky Sukuna’s not in his original body like their first time. There had been no pleasure that time. He moves purposefully, rolling his hips until the slightest gasp and the tremble of limbs catches his attention. A slow grin covers his lips. “Good? Right there, sweetheart?”

“Y-yes, right there,” the words are mumbled into his skin. His boy is so cute, he forgot how gentle he’d been at the beginning. So much of his memory is full of Megumi’s ferocity, the fire that had burned in the sorcerer’s heart had been awe-inspiring, and their love had been protected by that fire.

Sukuna wonders if their soul bond will bring back his love’s memories, reveal their whole story to his spouse. He hopes so. He prays that Megumi did not lose all the years of happiness they shared.

His boy rolls his hips into his hand, gasping when he does, burying his head even harder into Sukuna’s neck. He laughs happily. “Go on, take you pleasure from me.” The curse is overjoyed when the teen starts moving his hips, the hands on him tightening. He reacts in kind, moving with those shy hips, digging his dick in, rubbing Megumi’s prostate with each thrust. They pant together in the forest. “Let-let me kiss you,” he growls, pleased when Megumi raises his head and their mouths are pressing together. He rolls into that branding heat, loving the tightening of the body around him. His eyes are closed, but he can feel warm tears against his cheeks and he isn’t sure who they belong to.

Sukuna pumps his hips, enjoying the pleasure building, filling him with the drive to go harder. This time Megumi cries out in pleasure, their foreheads pressing together, gaze locked at their bodies’ move together. He swallows hard, mesmerized by the pleasure resting heavy in emerald hues.

“Love you,” he grunts, pushing his cock in hard, rubbing it in deep. “Love you so much,” he promises. The hands on him move to grab his face, holding his warmly, with care. He snaps his hips back and then rolls them up, watching the way the moonlight above illuminates Megumi’s face. Every expression he feasts upon, every pant and gasp, every choked moan. He smiles when his favorite expression comes. The teen’s mouth falls, gaping just slightly while black brows pinch up, green eyes shutting tightly. “Cum for me, sweetheart,” and like he’d just granted the teen permission Megumi clenches hard around him, body tensing and shaking.

Hot spend hits their bellies and the tight hole around his cock has a vice-like grip on him. “Just like that, bunny, such a good boy for me.” His praise makes his little love shiver, head falling to his shoulder. Sukuna smiles, pressing a lingering kiss to a sweaty forehead. The curse waits until Megumi’s grip on him eases before he continues his own thrusting, loving the way those warm walls caress his cock.

“Tell me how it feels?” He grunts, jostling the boy as he shifts from thrusting to grinding. Megumi’s fingers twitch, moving to flutter against the King’s throat sweetly.

“B-big, warm, n-nice” he smiles, blunt nails scrape along his jaw, and once more their gaze meets. Sukuna loses himself in emerald eyes, snapping his hips for a final time, hissing as he cums deep inside.
His eyes stay locked to Megumi’s, unwilling to miss any of the warmth he can see in them. He groans as his hips stutter, mouth hanging open. The sorcerer presses their foreheads together, they breathe each other in, savoring the moment. It’s everything, it’s the most fulfilling reawakening he could have had.

Sukuna laments having to pull out of Megumi’s warmth, but he does so slowly. He presses gentle kisses along the teen’s throat, knowing that the empty feelings after their lovemaking always made his spouse uncomfortable. “Now, we’re complete again.” He murmurs, sighing as pale arms wrap around him.

The King nuzzles at black hair, breathing in the scent of pure innocence mixed with his taint. It’s perfect. “Bu-” a hand covers his mouth.

“If you call me bunny one more time I’m shoving a sword up your ass.” He laughs, pressing his teeth to warm fingers. There’s his boy, there’s the fire he loves. Sukuna has been brought back to dominate the world, he knows that, but in his arms he already holds close what matters most to him. The world mattered little to him when the entirety of his universe had been returned to him.

It’s all he needs and he will do whatever is needed to keep Megumi this time around.