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The R.U.I Magnetism

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Reisen adjusted her tie one final time whilst stood in front of the mirror, ready to commence with her day.

She had an expansive amount of ground to cover given her various duties but luckily, there was no need to head to the Human Village for any of her tasks.

Which meant no disguise.

A small silver lining if anything.

Done with her last minute preparation, Reisen left her room, making her way through the maze of the interior till she was stopped by a lilting voice, the owner of the manor.

She turned on her heel, offering Kaguya a smile, "Did you need something before I leave, princess?".

Kaguya shook her head gently and continued her languid steps towards the other lunarian, "Eirin tells me you have quite the busy day ahead. Really, she works you too hard" she tutted softly.

"Not at all!" Reisen insisted, "I don't mind it if I can ease master's burdens in any way".

"So considerate".

"It is? Serving and protecting you both is my main duty, after all".

Kaguya smirked, "So diligent too".

She was in Reisen's vicinity now, eyes up, a coy smile on her inviting lips.

Reisen gulped, unsure of what to do with herself even to this day when Kaguya did this with her, grappling between the lines of lunging and restraining.

She was close enough to take in each detail of Kaguya's expression, those brown eyes delving into her soul almost.

"Well.." Kaguya continued and placed her hands on Reisen's shoulders, angling her head up, "This sort of faithful behaviour should be rewarded, do you not think so?".


That was as far as she could go before the feeling of Kaguya's lips over her own shut the functioning side of her brain down.

The only thing which registered now was softness, the kind befitting of royalty, melding with her own. Delicate yet impacting was the pressure, the subtle taste of something sweet lingering. Kaguya always tasted and smelt sweet and Reisen couldn't help but to reach for more, her right hand settling on the princess's lower back, gleaning her figure for further pleasure.

She tried to process it, along with the dainty fingers clamping down on her shoulders as Kaguya pulled back, giving her another kittenish smile before placing a hand on her cheek and patting gently.

"There we go. Have a pleasant day, don't work too hard. I won't tell Eirin" she teased, tone too felicitous to take seriously.

And with that, the princess turned back and headed somewhere, leaving a giddy Reisen chuckling to herself with tingling lips.

No matter what happened during her day, nothing could taint it after being treated to this.


Well, she was correct in assuming it wouldn't be tainted.

But the likelihood of it getting better was unlikely, yet it occured. 

She had bumped into Mokou whilst navigating her way through the forest but she had noticed how the woman kept wringing her upper left shoulder.

"Is there something wrong with your arm?".

Mokou shook it, face grimacing, "I dunno. Its been hurtin' for a few days. I think I slept weird. Or old age".

"Ah, that's no good" she mused before an idea registered, "Master taught me a few methods to relieve the pain. If you're okay with it, I can try some on you?".

They'd stopped somewhere near the exit as Mokou turned to her, slightly dubious about it but she knew Reisen was skilled at her work.

Considering the many times she had fixed both herself and Kaguya up after a particular brutish fight, Mokou took her up on the offer.

She grinned, "Alright, go for it".

So Reisen did so, instructing the immortal to stretch her arm out as she stood behind her. Keeping a steady grip on Mokou's wrist and forearm, she yanked back with a sturdy amount of pressure.

Mokou groaned, the sounds of her bones cracking adding to the relief she was feeling.

Reisen on the other hand, was perturbed. 

Either way, the move did the job and Mokou was able to shift her arm, flexing and twisting it this and that way.

"Not bad at all, learning from the doc pretty well, ain't ya?".

"Master is knowledgeable" Reisen lauded, "I'm glad I can use what she teaches me. Feel better?".

Mokou rotated her shoulder before stepping up to Reisen, catching the lunarian off guard so she ended up stumbling back, leaning against one of the bamboo stalks as Mokou placed her left hand above her head.

Red met red as Reisen suddenly forgot how to breath.

"Almost brand new, as you can see. Guess I gotta thank you for the help, Reisen".

"There's no need!".

Mokou thought otherwise and smirked, lifting Reisen's chin up slightly before kissing her.

Her hand instinctively went to Mokou's upper left arm, the kiss far more fuller than the previous one. The lips on her own seemed stronger, tugging and pressing with fervour till her mind felt like it was burning. She could taste the distinctive flavour of tobacco which was a given but right now, it added to the excitement.

A sort of buzz which would linger long after Mokou stopped the kiss, eyes taking in Reisen's florid features. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks as she looked up at the woman whom grinned in such a charismatic way.

"There ya go. Thanks again for the help".

And with that, Mokou returned to the depths of the forest as Reisen watched her go once she righted herself, knees unsteady.

She stood corrected, the day definitely couldn't be touched upon after that.


Reisen would end up refuting that conclusion once she headed to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

She was escorted by Sakuya to the library, returning some books which Eirin had borrowed before the maid walked her back out again.

"Thank you for dropping them off in one piece".

"Wouldn't they normally be in once piece when returned by whomever borrowed them".

Sakuya kept her expression controlled but Reisen could swear that the woman was screaming quietly which made sense given her answer.

"Usually, unless your name is Kirisame Marisa".

Reisen laughed softly, her tone sympathetic at the magician's foibles, "Ah, that sounds about right. Thankfully, that won't be the case whenever someone from Eientei borrows them".

"As expected" Sakuya smiled before stopping Reisen, grabbing her wrist gently and moving up on her till the lunarian's back met the bookshelf, "More so of a reason as to why it is because you come by. I certainly have no qualms about you visiting whenever you wish, Reisen".

Reisen's eyes expanded a tad, more so when Sakuya's palm snuck up, fingers going into the lavender hair and lifting her head slightly.

The action was both gentle yet authoritative, as was the kiss which followed.

Sakuya was precise, top lip covering Reisen's lower, the warmth in them tantalising as she set a languid pace for the kiss to continue. Reisen matched it, breath stalling at the smooth lips over her own, moving back for a second before reconnecting, teasing her almost whilst leaving a flavour of floral tea that she couldn't quite pinpoint.

Not that it mattered as the essence of Sakuya's lips had imparted itself over her own even after parting, the playful way in which she was kissed making Reisen feel alive. Blue eyes shone with mirth as elegant fingers fixed her hair and released her wrist before placing some distance between them.

"You are always welcome here" Sakuya reminded as Reisen followed her.

At this point, she wasn't even sure if she was controlling her movements, hazy eyes on the woman in front.

She was absolutely convinced her day had nothing else as pleasurable planned.


Once again, Reisen was eating her own words.

This time it was Youmu whom she had ran into, the swordswoman on her way back to Hakugyokurou.

So Reisen decided to escort her halfway, insisting so which Youmu was appreciative of considering the large amount of shopping she was carrying.

"Lady Yuyuko was planning a feast after the cooking competition from a few months ago".

Reisen grimaced, "Ah, good luck. Though the dishes made were delicious so I can see why".

"Indeed. It is a shame that you lost".

"The best team won" Reisen chuckled, "It was fun to partake in it though and we learned a lot from Reimu's team".

They were in the vicinity of the barrier leading to the Netherworld when Youmu slowed her pace, adjusting the packages in her arm so that she could see Reisen's face.

"For what it is worth, I thoroughly enjoyed your dish. I have made it quite a few times, though I'm sure it doesn't quite touch upon yours so I hope you can teach me one day, Reisen".

The lunarian was touched by the reserved half human's praise, rubbing the back of her neck with her free hand as she was about to reply.

Instead, she felt a body against her own, a hand on her chest and the sensation of cool lips meeting hers, silencing any response which would seem folderol now.

Youmu was trembling, she could feel it and the thought warmed Reisen, letting Youmu take her own pace, light presses here and soft tugs there till she was comfortable with the gestures. Reisen's hand snuck around to Youmu's back, lowering herself to lessen the distance as the light minty flavour emitted through, refreshing her senses.

Youmu pulled away, feet on the ground again as her eyes opened to see Reisen watching her, a tender smile on her face. She reciprocated it whilst stepping back and taking the boxes Reisen was carrying.

"I hope to see you soon".

She flew up not a moment later, Reisen biting down on her own lip, feeling the coolness remain, along with the ghostly sensation of the small body which was leaning on her.

Reisen was absolutely sure, this time for a fact, that today wasn't going to see anymore tangible improvements.


Or, so she thought.

Passing through the Forest of Magic, she had stumbled upon Marisa whom was about to collect what were poisonous mushrooms so she intervened.

She then helped the magician search for edible types and the two had accumulated a sizeable amount which they then took back to her home, which had been gentrified over the years to appear more sturdy.

Marisa sighed after they dumped their haul onto the table and Reisen wondered if it would collapse under the weight of them.

"That's a lotta mushrooms! I wouldn't have found them without ya help".

The lunarian tidied up some of the askew fungi, "It's no problem at all. Hm, this is a lot. Will you be okay for storage?".

"Yeah I got it covered" the blonde insisted, pointing her thumb back to the kitchen area like there was any place available to ensconce them at all given the clutter, "Anyway, thanks a lot though. I could have died if I picked those other ones so, I owe my life to ya, Reisen".

Reisen was about to insist otherwise but the magician strode up to her, jostling her back till she was leaning on the table, Marisa's hands on her stomach and mouth covering her lips.

Her hat had been pushed back by Reisen as her other hand quickly wrapped around the magician's waist, the kiss less than delicate and more quixotic but so befitting of the blonde fire cracker. Reisen smiled into it, feeling Marisa bite down softly before pressing her lips over them repeatedly, with celerity. Throughout it, Reisen tasted mushrooms, which was foreseeable.

She could come to savour the flavour as Marisa eventually lessened her grip and moved back a tad, still in Reisen's space as she blushed heavily whilst grinning, "Make sure ya drop by soon, yeah? I've got a load of new mushroom recipes to try, you're gonna love it".

Reisen chuckled as Marisa let her go, busying herself with something to hide her discomfiture and she found her charming.

Having Marisa in such a state had to be the highlight of her day, right?



Because she then met Alice on the way, or rather, Shanghai.

The small doll was trapped between some logs so Reisen scooped her out and returned her to the magician whom was leaving her home to find her.

She cradled the little blonde in her hands while relief brushed over her features, "Thank you so much. I was wondering why I couldn't get her to return. This hasn't happen before".

Reisen grinned and brushed the thanks away, "You're welcome, it was no problem. I'm glad she's okay".

Said doll was as sprightly as ever, flying around Reisen much to her delight, patting the doll on her head.

"I can't thank you enough, Reisen".

Before she knew it, Alice's hands snuck up the lapels of her blazer till she could rest her palms beneath the lunarian’s neck, their eyes meeting before their lips followed.

Reisen adjusted quickly to the feeling of Alice's rings on her skin and soft lips brushing over her own, explorative yet adamant. She yielded, wrapping both of her arms around Alice's waist as she followed the way Alice was decorating her lips and throughout it, Reisen tasted something sweet like baked goods.

It made her want to continue, dismissing her lucid state for whatever spell Alice had her under, revelling in the experience but Alice released her slowly, her mouth still ghosting Reisen's lips as clouded blue eyes gazed up into red.

"Perhaps when you're free, you can drop by. I'd be happy to thank you properly".

Reisen could only nod, heart in her throat as Alice chuckled and pressed her fingertips over her tie before bidding her a good evening.

No, this was it, today couldn't surpass the state of bliss she was in now.


Once again, she was proven so utterly incorrect.

Her next destination had been the Moriya Shrine which was a trek in itself since the cable car was out of service.

So by the time she reached the top, Reisen needed a moment after passing a missive to Kanako from Eirin.

Sanae had dragged her into the shrine, insisting she took a break and thus, Reisen found herself in the woman's room with a fragrant cup of tea.

"Thank you, you really didn't have to do this".

"Don't mention it" Sanae beamed as Reisen placed her cup down, "I guess you've been running around a lot today, huh?".

"I have, admittedly. But it has been more enjoyable and getting my tasks done is a reward in itself".

"Aw, you're good at what you do. Which is why I don’t get to see you much so since I have you here, I'm definitely going to make the most of it, Reisen".

Reisen's ears twitched, more so when the priestess slid over next to her and sat in her lap, legs swung over the side as her arms went behind Reisen’s head and lips found lips.

The lunarian quickly steadied her, hand curled around Sanae's body to sit on her exposed hip. Sanae's lips were full, teasing her own with each playful swipe, pressing against hers longer so that she was left breathless. But the priestess was quick to part, moving in again till all Reisen could taste was the dispersing flavour of citrus which was imbued in her tea.

It was invigorating and Reisen's curiosity wanted more, further fuelled when another shade of blue eyes looked down at her, Sanae's hands bunching up her hair as she kept Reisen close.

"Taking a break is a must do so, make sure you come by whenever you want".

She was still catching her breath, resorting to nodding vigorously which made Sanae laugh over her now reddened lips.

A more invigorating experience couldn't be in her near future, could it?


Reisen would find out soon enough.

Her next location before heading back to Eientei was the Hakurei Shrine to see Reimu and on her way there, she was met with a familiar gap parting the sky.

She halted as the figure which dwelled within popped out in front of her, all smirking and coruscating violet eyes.

"Well, what a pleasant surprise".

"Hello, Yukari" Reisen greeted.

She never really knew how to act around Eirin's counterpart.

"My, are you perhaps unaware? These isolated pathways are infested with dangerous youkai whom evince nothing but fear".

"Is that so?".

"Oh, it is" Yukari purred and flicked her fan close, "Something as delicious as yourself, walking down might just stir someone's appetite, Reisen".

Before Reisen could enquire further, Yukari tilted her chin up with her fan, her smirk increasing before Reisen felt sticky lips meld with her own.

She didn’t know where to put her hands as Yukari kissed her, slowly, leading her till Reisen was lost in the sensation of the youkai's lips, intoxicating and skilled. The feeling of sharp canines scraping her bottom lip only stirred something within her, making her want for more, further enhanced by the taste of wine coating Yukari's lips.

The fan disappeared, as did Yukari's mouth against her own, replaced with gloved fingers and a thumb brushing over her lips while Reisen's darkened eyes took in Yukari's pleased countenance, irresistible as always.

"You were warned, little rabbit. Not as proficient as your master but that is an unfair comparison. Give my regards to Reimu" Yukari chuckled and sank back into her gap after waving at Reisen.

The lunarian swallowed thickly, head clouded as Yukari's fragrance lingered around her, mixed with Eirin's.

Really, she failed to see anything as gratifying follow, definitely not.


Wrong again, so wrong.

Reimu seemed to be in a cordial mood, well, less stolid as she accepted the medical supplies Reisen had provided her from Eirin. 

"Thanks, these should come in handy when Marisa or Sanae come by after a match".

She smirked whilst putting the supplies down as Reisen answered, "Still as reckless?".

"Honestly, I don't think they know any other way".

"If you need more, I'd be happy to drop some off so don't worry about running out".

"I appreciate that, Reisen. That makes a change..".

Reimu hummed and walked back to Reisen whom was stood near the entrance. She swiftly pulled Reisen close by the blazer, other hand on the lunarian's hip and mouth on Reisen's not a second after.

Reisen's eyes shut instantly, now susceptible to the woman's advances, her hands clutching Reimu's bare shoulders to tug her in as their kiss became heated when Reimu took control. She moved between each lip expertly, eagerly swiping her tongue for a second before trapping the lips and Reisen succumbed. She capitulated to the flavour of oranges that the soft lips were tinged with, less bitter.

The brunette eventually disentangled the lunarian from her grip, smoothing down Reisen's clothes whilst grinning, "It's rare.. someone giving something than taking from here so, you get something in return".

With that, she let Reisen leave after offering tea but Reisen had to decline as she had a few other things to do and she couldn't function right now.

Nothing else would beat that.


Something did.

Nightfall had settled and the next stop Reisen had was urgent.

As soon as Keine received the medication, she thanked the lunarian profusely as Reisen packed her things up.

"Thank you for delivering, unfortunately I couldn't come myself".

"That's okay, master explained your situation so don’t worry about it" Reisen smiled and hoisted her bag over her shoulder, "The medicine should work as soon as you take it. I'll see you around".

Keine nodded, brushing her hair back after placing the pills on the table next to her, pills to curtail her libido.

"They might not work that quickly and you are here, Reisen".

The lunarian flashed her a smile before going to open the door but before she could, she felt a firm grip on her hips and a body pushing her to the door. Turning her head, she met reddish brown eyes and pink lips seeking her own.

Reisen couldn't help but to lean forward, accepting Keine's rough kiss as her palms remained flat on the door. Reisen almost groaned at the pressure of Keine’s mouth on hers, lips tugging, biting down and being kissed over till they were red. She couldn't stop herself, craning her head to the side further, the subtle taste of sake pushing through with each swipe and exchange. 

Though it wasn't the alcohol, Reisen's head spun as Keine released her, both panting heavily and looking at each other like they wanted to go again.

Instead, Keine smiled, sharpened canines extending while she freed Reisen, "I'd better take those pills. Though, we can continue another night, your company is always enjoyable".

A tremulous reply exited Reisen's mouth as she opened the door, body ablaze, more so with the feeling of red eyes tracking her every movement.

She was convinced that nothing else as pleasurable would transpire, it honestly could not.


It could, it did so.

It was her previous master, after all.

Reisen was always weak for her so when Yorihime apprehended her and challenged her to a quick fight to test her skills, Reisen couldn't refuse.

She put her things to the side near the walls of Eientei, adrenaline coursing through her veins.

"I look forward to seeing your progress" Yorihime taunted, smirking too.

Reisen matched it whilst rolling the sleeves of her blazer and white shirt up, eyes alight, "Of course. I wouldn't let you down, master. All of your training is still instilled in me".

The princess looked on with approval while lifting her sword, "Well, show me the fruits of my labour as I won't go easy on you". 

"Please don't hold back!".

Yorihime leapt to her, eyes never leaving Reisen's, drawing her in, "As you desire, Reisen".

Predictably, Reisen lost but Yorihime was impressed she was able to keep up.

They were seated against the gate when Yorihime motioned for Reisen to look at her, taking the moment to hold her chin and use her thumb to wipe away the blood on Reisen's lip before kissing her.

Reisen sighed, allowed her mentor in, kissing her with a delicacy which was a contrast to the way she fought. Her cut no longer burned, her hand cupping Yorihime's cheek  whenever she swept her lip over the injury, moving gently till Reisen's mouth felt Yorihime’s. It was the taste of iron which lingered and she wasn’t sure if it was her own or Yorihime's.

The princess moved back, purple eyes looking over her face as she stroked Reisen's jaw, "There, not a hair out of place. Though I will check again later, perhaps more thoroughly".

Reisen blushed three shades red as she took Yorihime's hand when she helped her up, a small smirk on the usually reserved woman's face.

Said alteration could not augur to something more pleasant occurring. 


Perhaps it was farfetched to assume that.

She was in Eirin's office, recounting the errands she had successfully carried out.

The goddess was pleased to hear so as she stood up and walked to Reisen, looming over the lunarian under her aegis.

"How is your mouth?".

"It's better, thanks to you. Master didn't go too far" Reisen reassured, hands folded in front of her.

"Hm, she tells me you kept up with her despite the eventful nature of your day. I'm impressed".

The praise made Reisen melt as stony blue eyes peered down at her, fingers running through her hair as Eirin's other hand rested on Reisen's hip possessively.

'"Thank you".

"I expected nothing less from you, well done, Udongein".

The anticipation mounted, was soon alleviated when Eirin finally kissed her, keeping her pressed close against her chest. Reisen's soul had wandered, the feeling of her master's lips lulling her with each swipe, each firm collision keeping her grounded till she had to grab onto Eirin's waist. She suspired between the kiss, indulging in the flavour of wine, the exact same one Yukari had drank.

Eirin gently parted from Reisen, her fingers curling around a strand of Reisen's hair as she watched the blissful expression of her apprentice's face

Her rewards were well deserved and there was one more waiting for her which she had kept covert.

"You should head to your room, it has been an onerous day".

Reisen agreed through no actual awareness, mind and eyes on Eirin's lips as she bid the goddess a good evening.

It was this that would perfect the day, nothing could be better.


She was proven incorrect one final time.

When Reisen slid open the door to her room, she was met with a familiar sight.

"Good evening, Reisen".

The lunarian was in the process of undoing her blazer, the item hanging off of her shoulders, slipping down her arms.


"I hope you do not mind the visit. I..wished to see you".

The initial bewilderment had worn off so Reisen finished removing her blazer after closing the door.

Junko's almost guilty expression crept its  way into Reisen's heart, such was always the case.

Like she was asking for too much and by doing so was exacerbating the frangible bond between them when in fact, she wasn't at all.

Junko was still nascent to this, years later, displaying emotions other than rage.

It was clumsy, awkward, endearing.

Reisen adored it.

So Reisen smiled, open and reassuring, "Not at all. I'm glad you're here actually".

Junko's crimson eyes widened as Reisen walked to her, "You are?".

"I am. I guess I, I missed you" she grinned, bashful, "So, I'm glad you're here, Junko".

There was nothing but veracity in Reisen's words, this much Junko could tell as relief washed over her face.

While Reisen certainly enjoyed the brief moments with everyone else throughout her day, there was something missing.

They just weren't..Junko.

A kindred spirit, much like herself.

Her company she had grown to crave.

Just like her presence she had come to love.

So she closed the distance between them, almost throwing herself into the blonde's arms, resting her head against Junko's shoulder.

Junko could barely contain her joy, another slice of the anguish she constantly felt disappearing as she held Reisen tighter, wrapping her arms over her back.

She breathed, actually could now while her left hand roamed around Reisen upper back, the right curled around Reisen's waist protectively.

Reisen chuckled before pulling back, just enough to be able to look up at Junko, exhale hitching at the affectionate way Junko was watching her. 

This woman, once so lost, made her feel things, made her want to protect her, call her sanctuary.

Her left hand rested on Junko’s cheek, guiding her down, "I'm back".

Junko laughed, sound breathy and freeing as she finally kissed the lunarian.




All of the things that neither had felt for anyone before.

Everything, every part of them just fit perfectly.

The way their lips moulded, slotting into place, lingering, feeling each and every texture.

Reisen always thought how Junko's kisses tasted fiery, but that fire, it was a part of her, it was shelter.

And she was prepared to be subsumed by those flames, by Junko.

They separated, eyes taking each other in longingly as Junko's fingers began to unbutton Reisen's shirt after pulling off her tie.

Reisen waited, never parted her gaze from Junko's nebulous stare, seeing and hearing those words she longed to lose herself in.

"Welcome home, Reisen".