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Not Enough Time for All of You

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Lifting herself from between Homura’s damp thighs, where Madoka had so dutifully brought her girlfriend to a climax, Madoka straddled alongside her nude, sweat-sheened body. She clung to Homura as her breathing began to calm, granting Homura all-important reassurance and serving as her bedrock of stability. For all her efforts, was rewarded with a kiss, Homura tasting herself mixed with Madoka’s sweetness upon the pink-haired girl’s lips as she danced across them with her tongue.

“Madoka...” Homura rasped, still weary from just how amazing Madoka’s delicate laps at her folds had felt. “I love you so much.”

“Nuh-uh, Homura. I love you more.” To emphasize the point, Madoka slipped atop Homura, pinning her with the entirety of what weight and softness she could bring. Her breasts pushed up against Homura’s, scarcely bigger than even the slight curves of the slender girl beneath her. “Much, much more.”

“No, I love you more, I...” Homura whined, struggling to find the words to express just how total her love for Madoka was. “I want to be with you forever.”

Ever since they began fighting together as magical girls, a bond indicated by the glowing rings upon each of their fingers, they had been inseparable. Naturally, one thing lead to another, and before long they were making love amidst sheets and pillows and cuddles whenever the opportunity arose. Homura always wanted to convey to Madoka just how perfect she was, and how much Homura loved her, but whenever it came time to worship her body there was something... lacking. Ever bashful, Madoka’s more playful, energetic side would come out whenever she drank in the wonderful sight of her naked girlfriend, and Homura would always find herself on the receiving end of Madoka’s lavish attention. It felt wonderful of course, how could it not, but it meant that Madoka was always showing Homura how much she loved her. She just wished she had the will to reciprocate as enthusiastically as Madoka could.

“Well, I love you more than forever!” Madoka yelled “Homura, I love you so much, that there’s no way just one Homura can take all of my love. I wish I had more Homuras! Two of you! No, three!”

With those fateful words, a violet glow began to overtake the scene, drowning out the sight of Madoka above her and bathing the room in burning radiance. Magic, beyond any level she had witnessed before, but her senses told her that far from being a threat, it was somehow her own magic. Then, right as it reached a near-blinding crescendo, prompting Madoka to retreat from Homura to observe, the light began to fade. In that glow’s place were two dark-haired girls, both slightly taller than Homura, standing just beyond the foot of the bed, framed by lingering incandescence.

Immediately, Homura leapt to her feet, readying her soul gem in her outstretched hands as she prepared to defend Madoka from the unknown intruders. Behind her, Madoka pulled the sheets around herself to cover her otherwise nude body, intruding on Homura’s fight or flight response with a reminder of just how self-conscious she was to be stood naked in front of two strangers. It was a good thing that soul gem magic would come with its own clothing.

“W-who are you!” Homura yelled out, trying her best to be strong for Madoka.

“Whoa, we actually managed to sync it up this time, younger me! Awesome!” The shorter-haired of the two intruders yelled.

“Yeah, whatever. That’s not important. What really matters is that we were punctual.” The other intruder said, holding up her shield-laden wrist to look at her watch. “Ah, perfect. Greetings Madoka, and myself. I hope we didn’t disturb you too much.”

Just as Homura was about to lunge at the mysterious figures in front of her, Madoka reached out and took her hand, pulling her back to restrain her. “Wait, Homura. They... I don’t understand how, but they look just like you.”

“Well of course we do!” The short-haired one said. “We are Homura.”

Homura, cooling off at the feeling of Madoka’s reassuring hand entwined with her own, grabbed her discarded glasses with her other hand. Bringing them to her face, her vision cleared, and she could see that the two girls in front of her were... Well, they didn’t look exactly the same as her, as Madoka had claimed, but the difference was merely the maturity of additional years upon their faces. The shorter-haired one appeared around four or five years her elder, and wore glasses that bore an uncanny similarity with her own. A young adult, perhaps. The long-haired one, about as long as her own hair would be if she wore it loose, was perhaps just two years older. Furthermore, their entrance into the room was the same purple glow that signified Homura’s magic when she...

Homura swallowed.

It was Homura. They are Homura. They were all Homura.

“That’s right, we are what you think.” The long-haired Homura said.

“Yep, from the future!” The short-haired Homura added.  “I’m you, or more specifically, you at college. Still dating Madoka, by the way. She’s wonderful.”

She instinctively understood that her own magic was capable of this, somehow. But why did her future self decide to interrupt her while she was making love with Madoka?

Her mind drifted back to awareness at just how naked and exposed she was to... herself? As much as all these eyes upon her nudity made Homura want to curl up into a ball, freeze time, and escape, they were her own eyes. There’s nothing in here that her future selves wouldn’t have seen. Wouldn’t have experienced them already, if they were indeed from the future. All these questions began to shatter as the Homuras in front of her began to strip off their own clothing, adding a second and then a third naked Homura to the room.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Oh, I think she doesn’t understand yet, loud me.” Long-haired Homura said. “This will be your third time now, so I think you can explain better.”

“Okay, got it!” the oldest Homura of the three yelled, sitting at the bed, wrapping an arm around Homura, and pressing her naked skin up against the younger girl to a yelp. “Look, you know Madoka’s wish to have more than one Homura? She wanted three of us, and now she’s going to get that. But there’s a catch.”

“A catch?”

“Yeah, see... We, and by we I mean myself, might have set up a tiny little bit of a massive risk of a time paradox by doing this, so now unless all three of us feed Madoka’s kitty tonight, we’re going to probably cause the entire universe to collapse in on itself.”

“Feed Madoka’s... what?”

“Sex. I mean sex. Look, you’ll get better at understanding all the euphemisms when you’re my age. At least you better, because you’re stuck in this time loop with us too. You don’t just get to do this tonight. You’ll need to come back here in exactly two years and five years from now.” The college Homura let out a sigh. “It’s probably a good thing Madoka didn’t wish for more than three of us, because truthfully, time is already getting more fucked by this than she’s about to be.”

The longer-haired Homura pushed herself between them, interrupting the discussion. “Look, I’m sure she’s too overwhelmed to understand any of that. How about we deal with the details later, and focus on the wish Madoka made.” The long-haired girl turned to Madoka, who was still frozen in bewilderment at the situation unfolding in front of her. “That was your wish, right. To have a foursome with three Homuras?”

Madoka nodded in bemusement. All this discussion of time made no sense to her, but logic ceased to matter when there were more pressing things at hand. Like the half-dressed Homuras in front of her, one having already made love with her and the new pair insistent on doing so as well. She could hardly believe it, which only made it even more tantalising a prospect.

“And how can you refuse her that wish, my less-than-innocent past self?” The eldest Homura said, now crawling across the sheets approaching their shared girlfriend. She turned back. “Madoka needs all three of us to make sure she melts into a puddle of smiling, giggling satisfaction.”

“Hey, move it!” The middle Homura said, pushing her short-haired self to the side as she began making her own moves towards Madoka. Between them, they left a trail of their discarded socks and panties, until, by the time they reached their girlfriend, all involved were entirely nude. “You’re going to be too wild for her, at least to start off with.”

The pair beckoned Homura over, and soon enough Madoka was surrounded on all sides by the one she loved, at three different stages of maturity. The long-haired one, having nominated herself to the role of leader for the time being, had parted Madoka’s legs, shuffling down between her thighs to position her mouth just above her core. At the feeling of Homura’s breath upon her lips, Madoka tensed up, scarcely able to handle her excitement at getting to experience so much Homura. But, just as she expected to feel Homura’s tongue gloriously lapping at her folds, there was a pause.

“Homura, listen here... No, not you, the other one.” The Homura between Madoka’s legs said. “I’ve got years more experience at this than you, so I know what you’ve been making a mistake this whole time.”

“M-mistake? What is it?”

“Whenever you’re in bed with Madoka, you treat her way too delicately. Obviously, she needs delicate treatment, but you are so nervous you barely even touch her. She’s not going to break, you know?” To emphasise her point, Homura brought two fingers to Madoka’s entrance, slipping them inside with one firm yet easy motion. She was rewarded with a sugary-sweet whimper as Madoka moaned against the sudden intrusion, only for that moan to soon be captured by the lips of another Homura kissing her. “See? She’s a magical girl, so she’s tougher than that. If you really want to leave Madoka satisfied, you need to stop treating her like she’s some porcelain doll and truly make love to her. Let me show you.”

Hooking an arm around Madoka’s thighs to keep her pinned, the loose-haired Homura brought her lips down towards Madoka’s slit. She let her tongue press up against her clit, eliciting a yelp from the girl, and then combined this with the firm rocking of her fingers, to and fro within Madoka’s hot, tight confines.

The sight of Madoka coming undone beneath her other self’s efforts, clearly enjoying things more than she had done during Homura’s few previous attempts to take the lead herself, set off pangs of jealousy within Homura’s heart. How dare her future selves get Madoka off better than she could herself! Diving forwards, Homura nudged the other Homura to the side, pushing her own path to Madoka’s pussy.

“Hmph, I suppose we can take turns.” The other Homura sighed, moving out the way to let the other Homura have her turn with their shared girlfriend.

Achieving some semblance of collaboration, they worked together. The more experienced of the pair would be more aggressive, tongue circling at Madoka’s clit and fingers working their way deep into her core, desperately trying to push Madoka to her climax before she gets nudged aside. Then, the youngest of the trio of Homuras would move in, setting a delicate pace as she ran the tip of her tongue along Madoka’s folds, leaving her teetering on the edge of her climax as the lower intensity gave her space to breathe. The more assertive of the two would again take her place between Madoka’s thighs, and she’d get ever closer to that desperately-needed orgasm. Amidst the discordant rhythm of pleasure emanating from below, yet another Homura roamed her hands along her naked body, kissing and groping at her.

“Please, Homura. Just... let me finish.”

Seeing their girlfriend beneath them, begging, spurred the uneasy collaboration into a desperate competition to savour Madoka’s climax for themselves. Jostling for position, they somehow reached an uneasy truce where they both could access Madoka at once, one at her clit, and the other focusing on her entrance. Mere seconds was all Madoka could withstand of their dual efforts. She pulled both of them down, clamping around them with her legs as she cried out Homura’s name. Clenching down against the sheets beneath her, Madoka gasped for air as all three of her one love overwhelmed her.

A quiet moment followed, the three Homura’s all crowding around their shared girlfriend. Indulging in each other’s company, they clung to Madoka, exploring all her sensitive spots with deft hands and soft lips alike. Madoka just couldn’t keep track of them all – not that it mattered, because it was all her Homura’s doing. Basking in the affection, heartbeat calming, Madoka had almost fallen asleep in Homura’s arms before one of them decided her respite was sufficient and that it was time to continue tonight’s destined activities.

“That’s one down. Two more to go.” The eldest of the three said, interrupting Madoka’s afterglow. “Wait... which one of you got her off?”

The other Homuras, untangling themselves from Madoka’s arms, glanced at each other, then back to Madoka, then back to each other, their awkward silence punctuated only by Madoka’s whimpering gasps.

“Too eager to take turns? Well, either way, Madoka’s mine next, and I have just the perfect thing for her.”

“Oh, here we go again. It’s going to be that, isn’t it?” Long-haired Madoka sighed.

“Yep!” The eldest of the group yelled as she triumphantly raised a wand vibrator into the air. “Ah, I remember Madoka’s first time using this with me like it was... uh... Oh, I guess it’s today?”

The youngest Homura looked up at that wand vibrator, in awe that she was finally going to get to use one. She had fantasized about doing this before but had always shied away from actually purchasing one, let alone broaching the idea to Madoka. Looking over to her, the eager grin on her face wordlessly conveyed her immediate reaction to the idea. Madoka knows what this toy is, and she’s eager to try it.

And then, Homura realised that her reaction to the display might give away her true desires. She’s supposed to be the innocent one in this relationship, damn it! The entire reason Homura let Madoka take the lead all those previous times is that she feared how her girlfriend would react if Homura revealed just how lurid the full extent of her desires was. She might want to do this, but she can’t let Madoka know that, or even that she recognised what the toy was.

“W-what is that?” Homura faked confusion.

“Now now, Homura. Don’t lie. It’s very hard to lie to yourself. Why, just last week, you were looking into ordering one online.” The short-haired Homura pushed the toy into Homura’s hand. “Here, I’m certain you already know exactly where you want to use this.”

Deeply blushing, Homura turned away from the offered toy, only for Madoka to grab at her wrist. “Homura, I really, really want to try this! I bet it will feel amazing if we sandwich it between us down there!” Madoka said, clenching her hand around where Homura was holding to the wand.

Homura sighed. There was no way she could refuse Madoka’s request. Besides, she was part-way through a foursome involving two older versions of herself who were more than willing to show Madoka just how lewd Homura truly can be. There was no use keeping up the entire facade any longer. “O-okay...”

The other Homura’s helped the original pair get everything neatly lined up until they both were reclined back with their pussies pressing up against the soft coating of the wand’s end. Not as pleasant a sensation as the hot softness of Madoka directly pushing up against her clit - if anything the coldness was unpleasant - but supposedly the best was yet to come. The eldest of the trio took control of the wand between them, keeping one hand spare to roam the gentle curves of Madoka’s chest, while long-haired Homura decided the most appealing spot was sat atop Madoka’s face. Surrounded by Homura and intent to take full advantage of all of her, Madoka obliged the invitation and aimed her tongue against the gift that had been so carefully laid out for her.

Without warning, the wand was switched on, spurring a hoarse cry from Madoka as Homura grit herself. Everything she had read about this had told her just how intense it would be, but the actual event was something no amount of research or fantasizing could prepare her for. Toes curling, her entire body buzzed as the deep, rumbling sensations worked their way through her core. The echoing cries escaping Madoka’s lips, muffled by another Homura’s pussy, added to the intensity.

Then, Madoka began bucking her hips. The intensity doubled, and then tripled, as Madoka ground against the plastic, pushing it firmer against Homura and transferring even more of the vibrations through her. This spurred Homura on to push back, encouraged by the sweetening moans that she could coax out of her girlfriend.

“It seems you’re taking to this well, Homura. Do you want to keep it? I’m sure Madoka will appreciate using it even more.” The eldest Homura said.

“Ah, Madoka! Do that!” the Homura sat atop Madoka’s face said, struggling to stay upright atop her throne of pink, ruffled hair, and much more vocal than her younger self about her desires. “Keep going! More!”

All this was too much for Homura to handle, as yet another orgasm crashed through her, leaving her crying out Madoka’s name as she dug her heels against the sheets. Madoka herself soon followed, desperately clinging to the Homuras around her as the wand, held firmly against her clit, drew her climax out to her very limits. She was grateful that the eldest Homura then withdrew the toy from between them, sparing them from the increased sensitivity in the aftermath.

Gasping for air, all Homura wanted to do now was pull up alongside her girlfriend and hold onto them. The other Homuras seem to read her mind, or at least remember how things went from when they were in her position, and helped pull her up alongside Madoka. She looked more beautiful than ever with her face flushed and coated in Homura’s wetness, hair ruffled and messy from rubbing against the pillows, and her body coated in a thin layer of sweat.

Soon, Madoka was pulled into another round with the three insatiable Homuras, then another, stretching late into the night as she was passed between all three of her only girlfriend. The love was so overwhelming she could barely tread water against the drowning tide of adoration. With admirable strength, she tried to please them all as one, but soon gave up and let each Homura take charge in turn. Her thoughts became nothing but a flurry of hands and lips, as the Homuras surrounded her in their softness, coaxing her to climax after overwhelming climax.

Amidst it all, Madoka learned just how her Homura had changed over the years. The youngest was eager to please, but inexperienced and too shy to reveal the full extent of her love. The next, tempered by years of fighting at Madoka’s side and the experience that brought, was better at showing Madoka everything, but was far more conventional in her tastes. The eldest of the three, light of heart and boundlessly optimistic, showed the full extent to which Madoka’s joy had rubbed off on Homura over the years, and wanted to return that joy twofold. Her way of showing that was to be the wildest of the bunch, both in sheer lust and in her appetite for experimentation. By the time all three of them had their fill of Madoka, she had been reduced to a wet, whimpering puddle of satisfaction atop the sheets, barely capable of reaching out to cradle Homura’s head between her thighs.

Coming down from yet another climax at the hands of Homura’s tongue against her clit, her deep breaths gradually calmed. Madoka pulled a Homura into a lazy hug, gradually beginning to drift asleep. Two hours was about all the endurance the novice Magical Girl had in her, especially when being with all these Homuras was so much more exhausting than just the one.

“Oh, I see she’s already out of energy!” the Eldest Homura said with a sigh. “Damn it, there was so much more I wanted to introduce to her! After all, getting her in on it early will only make her even more experienced back in my future.”

“It won’t work like that,” long-haired Homura said, “What happened here was already predestined to happen. She got worn out like this last time, as she will every time. She didn’t last long enough for my tastes either, but that’s okay.”

The youngest Homura was shocked to hear about the stamina they were expecting from Madoka. Sure, as a Magical Girl, she had far more energy than most, but to still be disappointed that she couldn’t keep up for more than a few hours? Just how damn insatiable is the future Madoka?

“Hey, Homura.” The tone in the voice suggested that she was asking the youngest of the three.


“Treat her well, okay. She’ll only be getting even hornier from here on out, and it’s important you keep up with her needs.”

Advice from her future self was something Homura would never reject. “O-okay!” Homura said, gently running her hands through Madoka’s pink hair.

She briefly considered whether the Madoka of the future would change her hairstyle as she herself had. And what else might change about her over the years they will spend together? Evidently, Homura’s slender figure never grew much beyond her current meagre breasts and narrow hips, though her older self seemed none the worse for it. If anything, her figure ended up looking more elegant despite the lack of squeezable features, but it was still a source of disappointment. Perhaps the years would be kinder to Madoka, filling out all her huggable curves into a womanly figure?

“I remember what you’re thinking right now,” the loose-haired Homura said. “Don’t worry about that. I can’t tell you too much without causing issues for the timeline, but the Madoka of your future is no less adorable than the current Madoka.”

“And now that Madoka is so worn out from absorbing all our love, it’s time for the serious talk.” The eldest of the trio began her lecture. “Homura, I don’t know how we got into this mess, but we’ve set up a time loop and you need to make sure it resolves the same way every time. You’ll need to return to this point twice more in the future, once you have the right age and experience.”

“Just be glad she didn’t ask for four or five of us.” The middle Homura said. “Be pretty damn weird if thirty year old me had to have sex with her as well.”

“Yep, and you need to do everything over as close as possible to what we did tonight, including...” The eldest placed the wand vibrator into Homura’s hand. “Giving this toy back to yourself four years from now. I’m pretty sure this thing is stuck in this time loop, so it’s best to keep it in the loop.”

Well, Homura thought, if she had to replicate everything tonight twice over, it was a good thing that it was such an unforgettable night.

“Remember, everything could crash in on itself if you don’t! The entire fate of the universe hangs in the balance of you going back in time for even more steamy Madoka sex!”

She ruined it. Her future self completely ruined the entire romantic atmosphere mere moments before the future pair left with another blinding flash of light.