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To Be One of Us

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Location: Ocran Industries, Los Angeles, California, United States

All the way up to the top floor of the building, a young auburn-haired woman in presumably her late 20s donned in a dark teal shirt, grey suit jacket suit tight black skirt and fishnet stockings exited the lift. Her heart raced with rhythm of her footsteps.

"Hi, my name's Laura Phillips," the woman introduced herself. "I'm here to see Rebecca Vasquez."

"Ah yes, she should be in her head office," the male receptionist answered, pointing to the door. "Just so happens to be waiting for you especially."

She lightly knocked on the door and she would receive a response almost immediately afterwards.

"Come in," a muffled female voice replied from the other side.

Immediately she pushed open the double doors, to find herself into a vast and clean room. The large windows gave way to the afternoon sun rays, giving a warm and enticing atmosphere. Ahead of the door, a slightly older woman, with ebony ponytail hair, navy blue jacket suit, and black formal bell-bottoms, sat quietly behind the desk stared with squinting comfort.

"Hello ma'am, my name is-" the young woman was then cut off.

"Laura Phillips," Rebecca identified. "Yes, I know. We've met many times during your time here at Ocran, good chemistry and all that. Besides, I'm a very keen hearer anyway."

Getting up from her hair, Rebecca walked to her left, over to the bar and picked up a few glasses and a bottle. Hanging on the wall in the bar, Laura was quick to notice what seemed to be a warhead with the phrase 'The Piece Maker' stencilled on the side of it.

"Single malt?" Rebecca offered, filling the two glasses with ice and pouring their drinks.

"Yes, thank you, Rebecca," Laura answered.

"Laura, have you wondered why I've a bomb on display in my office?" Rebecca asked as she walked over with both full glasses.

"It did cross my mind though," Laura shrugged as Rebecca handed her a drink.

"A company memento," Rebecca explained as she drank from her glass. "Ocran's first big government contract was manufacturing bomb detonators for the war in Vietnam. About eight out of every ten bombs dropped in that conflict were equipped with an Ocran Industries detonator."

"That's a lot of bombs," Laura commented, sipping on her glass.

"Indeed," Rebecca agreed. "This company has always prided itself in being able to turn any situation into a profitable situation." Rebecca looked on patiently and quietly as they both continued drinking their whiskey until their glasses with empty aside from a few slightly melted ice cubes.

"I think you'd understand that ethos, Laura. I've put you next in line for promotion upstairs." She stepped closer to Laura, both putting down their glasses on the nearby table and slowly losing their breaths in each other. "Are you ready for this? To be one of us?"

Her lips hanging open, Laura let out a slightly startled and shuddering gasp, becoming entranced by Rebecca's eyes and sultry voice.

"I am..." she gave in to her primal urges.

Not another word from either from spoken before their lips attracted like magnets. Rebecca's black lipstick and Laura's own rose-pink lipstick were already showing their smears, melding their colours together. Softly clashing each other, their noses pressed against each other as muffled moans escaped through their mouths and their nostrils breathed in the air.

Rebecca embraced Laura by the neck with her loving hands as Laura herself wrapped hers around Rebecca's waist. Opening their mouths, heir tongues shuddered upon contact but Laura's tongue would too submit to Rebecca's own, accompanied by the malty scents of their breaths.

Laura took off her jacket suit and let it down to the floor, as Rebecca stripped off her own, revealing a black tight boob tube. Rebecca then helped and assisted Laura in unbuttoning her dark teal shirt and pulling it up from under her skirt. Her hand snaked around Laura's skirt before finding and gently pulling down the zipper. She then dragged them down to the girl's feet and off her legs.

The two women gently went down on a nearby convenient sofa, with Rebecca on top of Laura. A warm friction soon developed between the two lovers as well as with the cushion beneath them. Digging under Laura's fishnet stockings, Rebecca's fingers circled the delicate wet folds, causing Laura to shudder through her smiling teeth.

"Do you like it here?" Rebecca asked with a whisper ever so close to Laura's ear.

"Yes..." Laura hissed, feeling the chilling warmth of Laura's breath and voice touch her earlobe and helix.

"Do you want it some more?"

"Go god, please..."

Rebecca's fingers danced and twirled around like a ballerina, the cool dry touch against the warm greasy skin made Laura shiver. The teasing quickly drove Laura desperate, testing her patience, but she'd soon get her reward. Eventually, the fingers plunged their way in, causing Laura's body to flinch and her muscles to tense up.

Laura's shortened breaths quickly found their way into Rebecca's ears, filling them with rewarding sensation and encouraging her to keep going. Her slender fingers pumped harder, faster, and deeper.

"Are you coming, dear?" Rebecca asked with glee. "I can tell."

Laura frantically nodded while her teeth chattered. Rebecca went down to closely observe Laura's fragile sex, already leaking a few juices. Shifting her fingers, Rebecca's tongue flicked and flickered against the young girl's quivering sweet and wet folds. Any partnership is built on loyalty and trust.

"Oh yes, yes, that's it!" Laura was indeed coming, and coming hard. "Yes, fuck, yes..."

With heart racing at the near-speed of light, Laura felt her spirit being molded by the domineering Rebecca, almost seeing a hundred supernovas in her eyes. Rebecca's once smooth hair was getting messy, and her arm was beginning to ache from the fast thrusting, but she didn't care even half a bit. The strain was already all the more worth it in the end.

Then at last, Laura finally came, and she came hard. She had reached her heavenly peak and gradually climbed back down to earth.

"Well, that was worth skipping kickboxing for," Rebecca smirked.

"Might be interesting if we could incorporate both," Laura spoke breathlessly.

"Now you're talking, girl," Rebecca smiled with satisfaction. "This promotion's going to open up a whole new world to you, Laura. Once you get your new security clearances, that's when you know you're really far above that so-called glass ceiling."

"And I owe it all to you," Laura complimented.

"I pick out only the best of us," Rebecca said. "And remember this, from here it's up to you to shine."

"I won't disappoint," Laura ensured.

"Anyway, I've a call about the gas pipeline deal at 5pm. Sometimes even a foreign president can forget whoever put them there in the first place," Rebecca said as she got her dress back together. "Maybe afterwards, mussels and martinis?"

"Sure," Laura accepted.