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October With Offgun Couples 👻

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Rome was starting to regret his decision to let Pick choose the location for their latest date. At first going to a fair sounded like a great idea, but he failed to realize that everything would be Halloween themed. Rome didn’t have anything against the holiday, he just preferred cute ghost decorations and dressing up over the scarier parts of Halloween.

He suspected that Pick might be trying to tease him, or, wishfully thinking, finding excuses to get Rome to cling to him. If that was the case, it was definitely working because Rome was gripping his boyfriend’s arm like a vice since they entered the fairgrounds.

The beginning of the fair was a market with various vendors. Rome was doing his best not to look around him, but he didn’t want Pick to notice how scared he was just walking around. He shuddered as they walked by a booth selling super realistic and terrifying masks.

Pick must have felt him shaking, “Are you okay?”

“Of course, it’s just a little cold out,” Rome replied, feigning a smile, then ducked his head to hide his embarrassment. He felt Pick pull his arm away, and panicked for a moment, but suddenly was enveloped with soft fabric. Pick gave him his jacket??? Maybe going to a Halloween fair was worth it…

“If you’re cold you should tell me sooner,” Pick adjusted the jacket so it wouldn’t fall off, “We can go inside now, it should be warmer.”


“Yeah,” Pick pointed across the fairgrounds, “Inside the haunted house.”

Rome could swear his heart stopped for a moment. How was he going to survive something like that? He was going to protest, but Pick actually looked pretty excited. Maybe he could wait for Pick at the exit… but then he would be alone and vulnerable to whatever other horrors the fair held. It was better to just go with Pick.

Soon enough they were at the entrance and Rome was silently praying to make it out alive. He quickly laced his hand with Pick’s as they went inside. It wasn’t so bad at first, but it seemed to get creepier as they went. After a few jump scares that nearly gave him a heart attack, they were meant to enter a hallway covered in spider webs. Rationally, Rome knew they were fake, but he was frozen in place.

Thankfully, Pick already knew he was afraid of spiders, “I’ll walk ahead of you and get the webs out of your way.”

Rome nodded and reluctantly released his hand, “Thank you.”

He followed behind his boyfriend slowly, still not trusting the haunted house. How did anyone do this for fun? There must be something seriously wrong with Pick to actually enjoy this.

They were almost through the hall and Rome was about to reach out for Pick’s hand again, but before he could even lift his arm, something grabbed him and pulled him to the side. He wanted to scream, but he was too scared to make a noise and had his eyes closed tightly.

“Hey, calm down,” an unfamiliar voice said, “Open your eyes, come on we don’t have long.”

Rome took a deep breath before peeking at where he was. It was just a normal hallway. He glanced to the side where a girl he didn’t know was looking at him expectantly.

“What? Why did you pull me out of the haunted house?”

She smiled, “It’s my favorite part of the experience. We like to separate groups and bring people to the end to scare their friends. Follow me and we’ll catch up to your friend. You’ll get to be the final jumpscare.”

Before Rome could reply the girl was pulling him down the hall until they were standing by what must be another entrance into the house. There was a little monitor next to it that showed Pick walking through the house. He actually looked pretty frantic, like he wanted to get out quickly.

“Oh wow he’s moving fast. Okay, when I tap your shoulder, run through there and scare him. Say ‘boo’ or something. Just pretend to be a ghost. Get ready, we’ve only got a few seconds.”

Rome hardly had time to process what she said before she was tapping his shoulder and pushing him back into the awful house. He saw Pick, who had already passed by, and instantly went to grab his arm.

“What the fuck!” Pick shrieked and turned around, “Rome?”

“Boo?” Rome said, trying to do as the girl instructed.

Pick pulled him into a hug, “Shit, I didn’t know where you went. Don’t do that again.”

“I didn’t really have a choice,” Rome grumbled, but happily hugged his boyfriend back. “Can we get out of here now?”

Pick nodded and took his hand, more firmly than before, leading them out of the house.

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Khai groaned as he woke up in the hospital. The lights were all too bright and he was starving. The smiling faces of Two and Bone looking down at him didn’t make him feel any better.

“Welcome back to the world,” Two patted his shoulder. “How are you feeling?”

“How do you think I feel?” Khai pouted and tried to sit up, but his whole body ached.

Bone laughed, “Next time you should be more careful on your motorcycle.”

His motorcycle? That’s not why he was in the hospital was it? He didn’t remember a motorcycle accident. He remembered being attacked by something, a sharp pain on his neck. Maybe he was mugged. How was Chawee involved?

“You two leave him alone.”

Khai perked up at the voice of his best friend. He craned his neck to see Third closing the door behind him. Before he could greet him, Khai smelled something amazing. He felt the hunger in him grow. Third went over the bed and started to unpack the bag.

“It’s good to see you awake,” Third glanced at him briefly, “I bought this for those idiots, but you probably need it more.”

As he watched Third opening a few boxes of rice and steak, his mouth watered. Had the hospital not fed him for days? Or at least used an IV? The hunger was overwhelming, especially when Third sat down on the edge to divide the food between them.

“Good, I’m starving,” Khai admitted, trying to be patient.

His friends continued to mock him until Third finally shooed them out of the room so Khai could eat in peace. But even after finishing the food, he felt hungry, plus the delicious fragrance hadn’t faded even though the containers were empty.

Third eventually sighed and got up. “I’m going to go to class now, don’t stress yourself out so you can leave the hospital soon, okay?”

“You’re going to leave me here to suffer,” Khai complained.

“Don’t be dramatic, you’re fine. If you need help you can call a nurse. I’m not missing class for you,” Third said as he headed out the door, the intoxicating smell disappearing with him.

What the hell is happening to me?

Khai slept most of the day, only waking up when his senses were overtaken by hunger again. He blinked open his eyes and saw Third sitting in one of the visitor chairs with his laptop. The same smell as earlier hit him like a truck.

“Are you doing your homework?” Khai asked to get his attention.

“Yeah,” Third responded without even looking up.

“Thiiiiiirrrrrrd,” Khai whined, this time actually getting the attention he wanted, “I’m so hungry, do you have any snacks?”

“How are you hungry?” Third closed his laptop and stood next to the hospital bed, “The nurses said you probably wouldn't want to eat anymore today. Do you feel sick?”

He reached out his hand to feel Khai’s forehead. The smell was stronger than ever. Khai’s eyes were locked on Third’s wrist, which looked perfectly… biteable?

“What the hell?” Khai exclaimed in response to his own thoughts.

“What, I can't take your temperature?” Third scoffed and removed his hand. Khai wanted to grab his hand back, bring it even closer to his face, close enough to bite—

“Third!” He shouted, “Why don’t you head home, I feel like sleeping some more.”

What is wrong with me??? Why am I thinking like I’m a vampire or something?

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Khai checked out of the hospital the next day. He left early in the morning and managed to get back to his apartment before any of his friends could visit. Maybe he had some sort of brain injury that was messing with his thoughts because all he could think about was how hungry he was and how good Third had smelled. Well not exactly how Third himself smelled… more like his blood. The worst part was that he could smell a vague scent on everyone around him, but they weren’t imprinted in his mind like Third.

Nothing managed to distract him from the hunger that was turning into an aching pain. Perhaps leaving the hospital was a bad idea, but what was he supposed to do? Tell the doctors that he wanted to drink his best friend’s blood?

He groaned and flopped onto his bed, distinctly ignoring the missed calls from his friends. Who was he supposed to talk to about something like this? Besides, he was starting to feel fatigued and laying down was the second best thing he could think of (Third of course being the first).

To make everything worse, someone was knocking on his door. His head already felt like it was going to explode and he really didn’t want to see anyone, but it was clear the only way to get the awful sound to stop was opening the door.

He pulled himself up and stumbled through the apartment until he could swing the door open.

“Shit,” Milk was looking back at him, “He actually did it.”

“N’Milk? Why are you here?” Khai held onto the door to keep himself upright.

Instead of answering she let herself into the apartment and shoved Khai until he was sitting on the couch. Then she closed the door, double checked it was locked, and started to rummage around in her bag.

“You must be feeling like shit,” she said as she pulled out a flask and gave it to Khai, “Drink this, it should help.”

He obeyed without thinking too much, hoping to assuage any amount of the discomfort he felt. Surprisingly, he started feeling better almost instantly. As his thoughts cleared up, he realized how strange of a situation he was in.

Khai looked over to Milk, “Wait, what did I just drink? And you never told me why you’re here?”

She fidgeted a bit before taking a seat next to him, “Okay, just hear me out. I dated you to make my ex jealous, sorry about that by the way, and apparently it worked too well. He is way more of an asshole than I thought.”

“Did your ex attack me?” Khai frowned.

“Don’t interrupt, just let me finish,” Milk looked more stressed than Khai had ever seen her, “That night, he waited for you in an alley near your apartment and jumped in front of your motorcycle. You stopped in time, and pulled over to make sure he was okay. Then he attacked you and made it look like a motorcycle accident.”

Khai leaned further back into the couch. His relationships had never gotten him in this much trouble before.

“That’s not all.” Milk took a deep breath, “Khai, vampires are real, and now you’re one of them.”

He froze.

“Do you believe me? Or are you having some sort of internal breakdown?” Milk tapped his shoulder, “Khai, talk to me.”

He thought about how much he wanted to bite Third earlier, about how he could smell the scent of blood in everyone he’d seen since he woke up. The flask Milk gave him contained a liquid that tasted metallic, but delicious… probably blood.

“Yeah,” Khai felt like crying, “I believe you.”

“Good,” Milk looked relieved, “And I’m so sorry that this happened. I’ll help you, okay? My ex is going to get in trouble with our clan leader, so don’t worry about him.”

“Are you a vampire?” Khai almost felt like laughing hysterically. He never thought he’d be seriously asking that question in his life.

Milk nodded, “Yes. You’re not alone, Khai.”

“Am I dead? Or undead? Am I ever going to really die?” Khai was starting to panic.

“You need to stay calm,” Milk instructed. “You’re not dead, that’s just some stupid human myth. And you’ll age just like normal. The only differences between a human and a vampire are drinking blood and healing fast.”

“That’s it?” Khai felt a little less uneasy.

“Well, vampire’s can also smell their soulmate, but it’s unlikely that you’ll—”

Khai interrupted, “Do you mean the smell of their blood is stronger than anything else and all you can think about?”

Milk stared at him, “Shit, Khai, have you already found your soulmate? Please tell me you didn’t drink from them!”

Khai was sure his brain was completely fried. Who cares that he was a vampire when Third was apparently his soulmate. That was impossible.

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Milk smacked Khai’s shoulder, “Answer me, Khai! Did you drink from your soulmate?”

Khai only had enough sanity to shake his head in answer. Third was his soulmate. How? Third was so lovely and he was so smart so there’s no way he was meant to be with someone like Khai. And Khai wasn’t gay! He liked girls. And even if Third was possibly the most attractive person he’d ever met, that didn’t mean he liked him. Bisexual, his mind provided and… well maybe he had felt that some boys he’d met throughout his life were possibly just a little bit super hot, but that didn’t mean—

“Khai, I know this is all a lot, but you need to stop zoning out and listen to me,” Milk waited until he made eye contact, “Being around your soulmate right after your change is really dangerous. It’s easy for a new vampire to kill someone in their hunger, and the risk is even higher for your soulmate. On top of that, if you drink from them without their permission, things get really fucked up.”

“What do you mean?” Khai was suddenly alert, there was no way he would hurt Third.

“When we bite someone, our saliva can heal the wound afterwards. But your soulmate's connection with you makes it addicting. You’d essentially be turning your soulmate into an addict without any choice on whether or not you feed off them.”

Khai thought about how close he was to biting Third earlier. He’d almost trapped Third in an awful life with him forever. This time he couldn’t hold back his tears. He could’ve killed his best friend, his soulmate.

Milk’s expression softened, “Hey, don’t worry. After your body gets used to the change, you’ll have a lot more control. I know you’re not a bad guy, so being around your soulmate will be perfectly safe. Then you can start a relationship with them and hopefully get their permission to bite them.”

“Hopefully?,” Khai sniffled, “So he might not like me back?”

Thankfully, she didn’t even flinch at Khai’s subtle admission that his soulmate was a man, “It’s possible. In that case, it might be better to avoid them. Being with someone else while still smelling the scent of your soulmate might drive you insane.”

But how could he avoid Third? He’d promised to never leave him during freshman year. The idea of living without him made Khai’s chest ache. More tears streamed down his face. Third was always there for him, and although Khai knew he wasn’t a perfect friend, he tried to be there for Third too. He didn’t want to give that up.

“Okay, you clearly need some time to think. I’ll go pick up a month’s supply of blood for you. Whenever you feel hungry, drink as soon as you can. After the first month, you should feel much more in control.” Milk got up from the couch and opened the door, “Oh P’Third.”

Khai had known before she even said it. How could he not know when that delicious scent filled the room. Of course his dearest friend wanted to check on him, but Khai didn’t know if he could handle it and the fear of losing himself and hurting Third was terrifying.

He couldn't resist looking over at Third, just standing in the doorway. He looked surprised to see Milk, which slowly gave way to a frown. Khai wanted to get up and kiss the frown away. So maybe he was attracted to Third… he was standing in front of the door before he even realized he had stood up.

“Ai’Khai,” Third looked like he was about to scold him, but paused a bit to survey his face, “Why are you crying?”

Breathing normally was getting progressively harder. He was inhaling deeply, trying to savor as much of that wonderful scent as he could. Milk looked between them a few times before it seemed to click. She gripped his wrist tightly as if to keep him from getting any closer to Third.

“He’s just sad about Chawee taking damage in the crash,” Milk supplied since Khai couldn't bring himself to speak, “He shouldn't have checked out of the hospital so early, but don’t worry, I’ve been taking care of him. I’m just going out to get us some food, so you can head home.”

“Oh,” Third was gripping the hem of shirt with one hand and Khai could swear his eyes looked a little misty, “As long as you’re okay.”

Khai nodded, leaning forward as little as Third began to walk away.

Milk held him back, “Don’t you dare leave this room until I’ve returned, and lock the door behind me. If anyone knocks without saying who they are, don’t answer the door. I’ll be back soon.”

She left in a rush and Khai fumbled to lock the door. He took a deep breath, but there was not even a trace of Third left in the air. That was probably for the best.

Everything he learned that morning seemed to crash into him at once. He paced around his apartment, mind racing, silently hoping that he would wake up in the hospital again and realize it was all just a nightmare.

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White was pretty sure Sean had a heart attack when he first opened the door. To be fair, it was the effect he was going for. They were going to a halloween party together and White had spent days trying to figure out what costume he should wear. In the end he decided to dress as a cat.

His outfit included black shorts, an oversized soft black sweater, face-painted whiskers, and, of course, a headband with cat ears. It was guaranteed to make Sean lose it. After all the times his boyfriend liked to tease him, tonight was going to be his revenge.

“Tee-rak, you look adorable,” Sean took his hands. “I could just eat you up.”

White tried to fight the blush threatening to spread across his face, but in the end resistance was futile. Sean always had that effect on him, but that didn’t mean he’d let him off easy, so instead of letting Sean try anything else, White rushed them out the door to get to the party.

He spent the entire night teasing Sean, who was starting to get visibly annoyed once he caught on to the plan. White made sure to be touchier than usual and brushed up against his boyfriend whenever he could.

Eventually Sean found a moment to pull White into a corner of the room, “I know what you’re up to baby, and it’s definitely working, but Sean can’t take it anymore.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” White smiled innocently, but stepped closer to his boyfriend.

“If you keep acting like this, you know what will happen,” Sean warned.

White wrapped his arms over Sean’s shoulders, “Hmmm, I wonder what P’Sean is talking about.”

“We’re leaving early,” Sean growled, kissing White briefly before pulling him towards the door.

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Third panicked when the hospital staff told him that Khai had checked out. It was strange behavior for someone so dramatic. He expected Khai to demand someone take care of him and spoil him after getting hurt. He was worried beyond belief and hurried to Khai’s apartment as soon as he could.

And Milk was there.

Of course she was. Khai was being his usual dramatic self, he just directed it at someone else. Why would he want to see his best friend when he could have a beautiful girl take care of him instead.

When was he going to stop deluding himself? He never really had a chance with Khai, but that stupid voice in the back of his mind kept saying ‘maybe this time’. Well, maybe this time he will get over Khai for good. Even after years of heartbreak he told himself that it was enough to simply love Khai and be by his side. That was bullshit. It hurt too much and it was about time he stopped letting it happen.

Except it seemed like Khai was the one pulling away from him. First he just missed a couple days of class, which wasn’t too concerning, but when he came back he sat as far away from Third as possible. He would run off after class, not even stopping to talk with Two and Bone. And of course, there was still Milk. Khai had never shown so much interest in someone before. They spent all their free time together. Maybe Khai finally learned how to love.

The amount of jealousy he felt was embarrassing. He wanted to scream at her that Khai loved him first, even if it was platonic, Khai loved him first and Milk had no right to take up all his time. It was no secret how affectionate Khai was with his friends, but all of a sudden even Two and Bone were missing him. It should be helping Third get over him. Instead it made everything worse because if he was going to lose Khai anyway, he should’ve just confessed.

“I think we need to have an intervention,” Bone announced after Khai had once again ditched them, “Khai is being an ass.”

Third laughed bitterly, “When isn't he being an ass?”

“Third has a point,” Two commented, “He’ll probably join us again when he breaks up with her.”

All three of them looked across the hall where Milk was pulling something out of her bag and passing it to Khai. He looked so happy to receive a gift from her, he even hugged her quickly before shoving it into his bag.

“And if they don’t break up?” Bone asked, “We’ve been friends since freshman year, I was hoping we’d be friends even after we graduate. Can’t you two see that we’re losing him?”

Two frowned, “Do you really think he’s forgetting about us for her?”

There was an element of despair in Bone and Two’s tone that Third didn’t expect. He failed to realize that Khai’s absence was affecting his friends too. They were a tight knit group and Khai suddenly picking apart the seams was making them all unravel.

“I vote that Third goes and talks to him at his apartment,” Bone suggested, “He gives in to you the most.”

“I agree,” Two nodded.

Third sighed, “You think I haven’t tried? I’ve been to his place, but Milk is always already there. And if I try to plan something in advance he just makes excuses.”

They were all silent in thought for a moment before Bone perked up, “What if we distract Milk? We’ll ask her if she can act in our next project or something to make sure she’s not at Khai’s place, then you’ll go in and knock some sense into him.”

“Why are you so sure he’ll listen to me?”

Bone smiled at him encouragingly, “You’re part of the savage gang for a reason.”


“Ai’Khai,” Third shouted as he banged his hand against Khai’s door. “I know you’re home and if you don’t open this fucking door, I’m not going to even try talking to you again.”

He heard some faint rustling before Khai finally opened the door. He still cares. He’s not lost yet.

Khai looked a little distracted, “Third, why are you here?”

Third pushed passed him into the apartment and dropped his bag on the couch, “Because you’re being a shithead and our friends miss you. We’re used to your relationships, but you never spend time with us anymore.”

“I’m sorry,” Khai was looking at him, but not making eye contact. It’s like he was staring at his neck or something. Plus he was standing as far away as the apartment would let him. Third was waiting for Khai to meet his gaze, but he just kept staring. It was getting creepy.

“Are you going to explain yourself?” Third prompted, and Khai looked like he just broke out of a trance.

“Oh,” Khai ran his hands through his hair, “Um… it’s just… I can’t—”

The door swung open and both of them turned to see Milk. She looked infuriated.

“What the hell, Khai?” She marched over to him and smacked his shoulder, “Why is Third in your apartment? Did you even listen to me. It hasn’t been a month and you’re already trying to be alone with him.”

Third watched as she continued to scold him. So that was it. Milk didn’t like him and Khai thought that was a good enough reason to stay away. Khai cared more about a girl he’d been dating for less than a month than him. What reason does Milk even have to hate him? Unless… maybe she knew Third was in love with her boyfriend. Shit, how could he be so obvious? He had to get out of Khai’s apartment before he started crying.

“It looks like you’re busy,” Third said as he grabbed his bag, “I’ll let you two handle this on your own.”

“Third,” Khai called out, but he ignored it.

Well at least he knew the problem now. It was him.

Third sent a quick text to the groupchat before throwing his phone on the bed.

From Third: Milk doesn’t like me. She probably told Khai to stay away from me, and you two are usually with me. I don’t think he has a problem with you guys, so don’t worry.

He pulled out his box containing his memories with Khai. Memories that Khai was ready to throw out for some girl. If that was how things were going to be, he didn’t want to love Khai anymore. Third could feel tears streaming down his face as he tore up their pictures together.


Third looked up to see Two standing in the middle of his apartment and tried to wipe away his tears.

“Do you like Khai?”

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Third weighed his options. On one hand, not telling Two that he had been in love with Khai for years would probably preserve some of his dignity. On the other hand, the evidence was pretty damning because he was sitting next to a box filled with shit that screamed ‘Khai’ and he didn’t keep boxes like that for anyone else. Fuck it, I’m gonna get over him anyway.

“And what if I do?” His voice broke a little, but at least he could still pull off his signature glare.

“Then you do.” Two quickly took a seat on the edge of the bed. “And I go out and buy us ice cream.”

“As long as you’re paying,” Third couldn’t get himself to look Two in the eye.

“Of course,” Two tried to ruffle his hair, but Third was quick to swat his hand away, “Alright, I’ll be back in like 15 minutes.”

Once the door clicked shut Third got up and started to try and make himself more presentable. He threw everything back into his Khai Box and shoved it back in it’s hiding place. If Two wanted to remain friends after so many years, he should know not to bring up the box again. At least it was Two instead of Bone. Third was almost positive that Bone and Khai somehow missed that he was gay, even when the rest of the faculty knew. He wore a pride pin on his backpack everyday and occasionally attended some queer campus events, but sometimes his friends introduced the world to new levels of stupidity.

Third looked a little less like someone having a breakdown when Two came back with two giant containers of ice creams.

“One for each of us,” he smiled and snatched some spoons from the kitchen before joining Third on the bed again, “Talk to me while we eat.”

“There isn’t much to say,” Third stared down at his ice cream, “I used to like Khai.”

“Used to like him?” Two gave him a pointed look, “I don’t buy ice cream when my friends used to like someone. We’ve been friends for a while now Third, you should know I’m not going to judge you for anything. And what’s with that shit you texted earlier?”

Third sighed. He might as well let this conversation happen. What damage could it do at this point?

“Milk hates me because I lov—like Khai, and that’s why he avoids me.”

“Shit,” Two stabbed his spoon into the ice cream, “That’s fucked up. Do you think Khai knows about your feelings or is he just trying to keep her happy?”

Third thought about it for a moment, “I don’t think he knows.”

“Well maybe he should.” Two almost choked on his ice cream when Third smacked his head. “Ouch! Don’t hit me! I think it’s a good idea. Maybe he’d realize that someone a lot better for him has been right there all along. I suspect he would never knowingly hurt you. Come on, Third, let me help you ask Khai out.”

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Khai was starting to feel a little bit better. The hunger was getting more manageable by the day and he didn’t feel the urge to feed off anyone… well, besides Third. If anything, he wanted Third more than ever. He savored the moments when they had class together and the sweet smell filled the classroom. Milk was always there to pull him away after, even when it caused him physical pain to be away from his soulmate.

But there was emotional pain too.

He’d never spent so much time away from Third before. He tried to meet with Two and Bone more after Third came to his apartment, but he could hardly control himself when Third was close. Khai didn’t want to risk hurting him. He also didn’t want to be away from him for a single second longer.

“Don’t you dare go see Third while I’m away,” Milk scolded. She could always tell when he was starting to slip, “You said you were going to meet with Two, so just do that and come back here afterwards. Just a little longer, Khai, then you can go try to woo your man.”

“He’s not my man,” Khai pouted.

“Yet,” Milk winked as she left the apartment.

Khai couldn’t help but smile. She had somehow figured out the perfect balance between acting as his prison warden and friend. Even when her instructions drove him insane, he knew it was for his and his soulmate’s safety. He wouldn’t be able to survive the change without her.

When Two had invited him over, he was scared to ask Milk. He felt like a child asking to sleep over somewhere for the first time. He felt proud of himself for his progress, and happy that Milk trusted him to control his instincts.

Plus she was teaching him a lot about being a vampire in general. She had vouched for him to her clan leader, trying to secure him a place in the local clan. It was like trying to join a union. He’d filled out applications and attended a few hearings about his change. After three weeks, she met him after class to present him with a clan pendant. They accepted him. He felt like he’d won the lottery. They would supply him with blood from a donation clinic and would protect him from anyone that wanted to hurt vampires.

He was really starting to warm up to being a vampire. Soon enough his life would continue pretty much how it was before. He could already meet his friends again, and he would continue to wait for the wonderful day he would get to be close with Third again. Just a little bit longer.

Or maybe not.

“Third?” Khai asked the moment Two let him into his apartment. He scanned the room until he saw the cause of the delicious smell around him sitting on the edge of Two’s bed, “Two you didn’t mention Third would be here.”

“Oh, well, he’s here,” Two shrugged and smiled at him. “Also, Bone just called me, he needs help fixing a camera, so you guys can just hang out here.”

Khai started to panic, “What? I can go help Bone instead, since you and Third were already together. Or, I can just go since you’re busy.”

“Since when do you know anything about fixing cameras? Just hang out with Third until I’m back, okay?” Two waved happily before he left.

This was bad. Really, really bad. How was he supposed to be alone with Third? He could already feel his mind willing him to push Third down against the mattress, drink his delicious blood, and then—

“Are you so set on avoiding me that you’re just going to stand there without talking?” Third asked and patted the spot next to him.

Khai weighed his options. He could either try his best to control his hunger or refuse and upset his soulmate. He slowly made his way to the bed.

“I’m not avoiding you,” Khai said quietly. He decided not to make eye contact. It was better not to look and just pretend he was dreaming.

Third rolled his eyes, “Then what do you call it? When was the last time we had a conversation? You were my best friend, Khai, what happened?”

Past tense. Khai felt like he was going to cry, “We’re still friends aren’t we?”

“I don’t know. I used to think I was someone you valued in your life, but now it’s like you can’t stand being around me.”

It was partially correct. Khai really couldn’t handle being by Third. His mind felt a little hazy. He hadn’t been so close in weeks. It was becoming too much for him to resist. Being so close so soon was never part of the plan. Milk had a schedule prepared for him to adjust to being close to Third. It was to protect him, but Khai had abandoned the plan as soon as he sat down. He knew how dangerous it was, yet he couldn’t pull himself away. He needed to be near Third.

“Khai,” Third continued, “It feels like I’ve lost you. And I want to tell you something important and it’s not easy to say— what the fuck? Are you smelling me?”

Khai blinked a few times before he realized that he had leaned way too far into Third’s space. He yelped and ran to the door, “I’m so sorry! I have to go, but I’m not avoiding you. Don’t be sad, okay? I’ll talk to you soon.”

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Third left Two’s place shortly after Khai. He was practically boiling over with anger. He was in love with the stupidest, strangest, and most aggravating man on the planet. That asshole had the nerve to say he’s not avoiding him. This was completely ridiculous and he didn’t want to put up with it anymore.

At the same time he couldn’t move on until he finally got an answer to his confession. But Khai didn’t even let him finish talking before leaving. And why the hell was he sniffing Third? Had he lost his mind? Clearly something had happened to make Khai act like this. Maybe it had to do with the motorcycle accident.

The idea of Khai still being hurt from that night wouldn’t leave his head. He could have brain damage or psychological trauma. The more he thought about it the more it started to make sense. Khai would space out a lot, as if he forgot anyone was around him. He seemed to have a harder time breathing than usual and had quickly distanced himself from his friends. What if Khai needed help all this time?

The worry was getting too much, to the point Third could no longer fall asleep. He kept thinking of the worst case scenarios and working himself up more and more. There was no way he was getting a wink of sleep until he checked on Khai.

Third tried calling him a few times, but his notifications must’ve been turned off. He took a deep breath, and tried to convince himself that everything was okay. But what if Khai really needed someone by his side? He took a deep breath and made a decision: he was going to Khai’s condo and spending the night there.That is, if Khai even let him inside.

He parked his car in a little lot a block away from Khai’s building. The ridiculousness of his plan hit him as he glanced at his phone and then his surroundings. It was 4am and the moon wasn’t providing much light. Most of the streetlights were weak and flickering on and off like he was in some sort of horror movie. Any doubts about visiting Khai fell apart when he noticed there was a figure clad in a black hoodie following behind him. There was no way to turn around and run to his car, so he picked up his pace towards Khai.

This was some sort of nightmare scenario. He got out his phone and tried calling Khai a few more times, but it still went to voicemail. Third tried to remember some of the self defense skills P’Un taught on weekends, but he was more there to support his friend than actually pay attention. It seemed like the only option was to try and get to Khai’s place as soon as possible.

He broke into a sprint until he was just outside the building, just about to open the doors to the entryway.

“Not so fast,” and hand gripped his arm and pulled him back roughly, “You’re going to help me out with something.”

“I’m not helping you with shit,” Third yanked his arm out of his grip and pushed the stranger as hard as he could. He ran into the building, opting to take the stairs up to Khai’s room rather than wait for the elevator. When he finally made it to the door, he knocked until a very sleepy Khai opened the door. He shoved them both inside the dark room and locked the door.

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“I almost got fucking mugged,” Third slid down against the door. Khai froze in place. He could see Third shaking as little and trying to slow his rapid breathing. His heart rate was quick and the smell of his blood was stronger than usual.

“I was coming here to check on you and someone was following me,” Third continued. “I think he stopped when I got inside.”

“What did he look like?” Khai could feel his hands start to shake as well. Milk said that the clan would take care of his ex, but what if they hadn’t tracked him down yet? “Was he about my height, wearing a black hoodie?”

“Yeah,” Third slowly got up. He seemed calmer and relief washed over Khai. That is until he noticed Third feeling around the side of the wall, looking for the lightswitch.

“Wait, don't!” Khai shouted and reached out to stop him, but it was too late.

Third stared at the dining table. Of course he had chosen that night not to clean up his midnight snack. The empty blood donation bag was resting on his table, a few escaped drops still dotting the wood.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Khai quickly stepped in front of the table to block the view, “Please don’t go back outside, I can explain, or maybe Milk should explain…”

“Milk? What does she even have to do with this? Khai, is that blood? Why the hell do you have an empty bag of blood?”

“I don’t know how to tell you this,” Khai took a deep breath, but still couldn’t look Third in the eye, “I’m a vampire, okay?”

Third was silent for a while, which was terrifying. Was he going to leave now that he knew? This was probably all his fault in the end. If he hadn’t pursued Milk and just stayed happy with his friends none of this would’ve happened.

“I was right,” Third whispered. “Holy shit I was right. You have brain damage don’t you? And now you think you’re a vampire? Oh my god, did you steal that blood? Please tell me you didn’t drink actual blood, Khai. I’m taking you to the hospital right now.”

“No! Just let me call Milk, she’s so much better at this,” Khai grabbed onto Third’s arm, pleading, “Listen to her please. I promise I’ll go to the hospital with you if you don’t believe her.”

Third stared at him for a few moments before he answered, “Fine, but don’t you dare go back on your promise.”