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October With Offgun Couples 👻

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Rome was starting to regret his decision to let Pick choose the location for their latest date. At first going to a fair sounded like a great idea, but he failed to realize that everything would be Halloween themed. Rome didn’t have anything against the holiday, he just preferred cute ghost decorations and dressing up over the scarier parts of Halloween.

He suspected that Pick might be trying to tease him, or, wishfully thinking, finding excuses to get Rome to cling to him. If that was the case, it was definitely working because Rome was gripping his boyfriend’s arm like a vice since they entered the fairgrounds.

The beginning of the fair was a market with various vendors. Rome was doing his best not to look around him, but he didn’t want Pick to notice how scared he was just walking around. He shuddered as they walked by a booth selling super realistic and terrifying masks.

Pick must have felt him shaking, “Are you okay?”

“Of course, it’s just a little cold out,” Rome replied, feigning a smile, then ducked his head to hide his embarrassment. He felt Pick pull his arm away, and panicked for a moment, but suddenly was enveloped with soft fabric. Pick gave him his jacket??? Maybe going to a Halloween fair was worth it…

“If you’re cold you should tell me sooner,” Pick adjusted the jacket so it wouldn’t fall off, “We can go inside now, it should be warmer.”


“Yeah,” Pick pointed across the fairgrounds, “Inside the haunted house.”

Rome could swear his heart stopped for a moment. How was he going to survive something like that? He was going to protest, but Pick actually looked pretty excited. Maybe he could wait for Pick at the exit… but then he would be alone and vulnerable to whatever other horrors the fair held. It was better to just go with Pick.

Soon enough they were at the entrance and Rome was silently praying to make it out alive. He quickly laced his hand with Pick’s as they went inside. It wasn’t so bad at first, but it seemed to get creepier as they went. After a few jump scares that nearly gave him a heart attack, they were meant to enter a hallway covered in spider webs. Rationally, Rome knew they were fake, but he was frozen in place.

Thankfully, Pick already knew he was afraid of spiders, “I’ll walk ahead of you and get the webs out of your way.”

Rome nodded and reluctantly released his hand, “Thank you.”

He followed behind his boyfriend slowly, still not trusting the haunted house. How did anyone do this for fun? There must be something seriously wrong with Pick to actually enjoy this.

They were almost through the hall and Rome was about to reach out for Pick’s hand again, but before he could even lift his arm, something grabbed him and pulled him to the side. He wanted to scream, but he was too scared to make a noise and had his eyes closed tightly.

“Hey, calm down,” an unfamiliar voice said, “Open your eyes, come on we don’t have long.”

Rome took a deep breath before peeking at where he was. It was just a normal hallway. He glanced to the side where a girl he didn’t know was looking at him expectantly.

“What? Why did you pull me out of the haunted house?”

She smiled, “It’s my favorite part of the experience. We like to separate groups and bring people to the end to scare their friends. Follow me and we’ll catch up to your friend. You’ll get to be the final jumpscare.”

Before Rome could reply the girl was pulling him down the hall until they were standing by what must be another entrance into the house. There was a little monitor next to it that showed Pick walking through the house. He actually looked pretty frantic, like he wanted to get out quickly.

“Oh wow he’s moving fast. Okay, when I tap your shoulder, run through there and scare him. Say ‘boo’ or something. Just pretend to be a ghost. Get ready, we’ve only got a few seconds.”

Rome hardly had time to process what she said before she was tapping his shoulder and pushing him back into the awful house. He saw Pick, who had already passed by, and instantly went to grab his arm.

“What the fuck!” Pick shrieked and turned around, “Rome?”

“Boo?” Rome said, trying to do as the girl instructed.

Pick pulled him into a hug, “Shit, I didn’t know where you went. Don’t do that again.”

“I didn’t really have a choice,” Rome grumbled, but happily hugged his boyfriend back. “Can we get out of here now?”

Pick nodded and took his hand, more firmly than before, leading them out of the house.