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How Will I Live Like This?

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The Gods blessed the Hanagaki family. That much was evident with the auras they radiated and the beautiful looks they all seemed to possess. However, it appears that the Gods have blessed that specific family in more ways than just that. The Gods gave the Hanagaki family the ability to see into the future. And the Hanagaki family saw fit to use this gift to fulfill their own needs by running the Mafia.


“-The dispute between the Tokyo Manji gang has been intensifying in the city. Recently uninvolved citizens fell victim to the dispute. Within the many victims, two were fatalities. Those two are 25-year-old Tachibana Naoto-”

“Tachibana Naoto? That name seems familiar….”

“-And 26-year-old Tachibana Hinata.”

Lying in her apartment in only her underwear and eating chips, all of Hanagki Takemichi’s movement stops. All of her movement stops because Tachibana Hinata is dead. Takemichi’s middle school girlfriend and someone who helped Takemichi more than she would ever know is dead. While they had broken up at the end of middle school because of a situation that put Takemichi’s family at risk, they rekindled their friendship five years ago. Hell, they were texting each other last night. So how the hell was Tachibana Hinata dead?

“What the fuck? Her name was on the no-harm list!” Takemichi exclaimed, pissed off. With permission from gramps, she was going to fucking destroy the Tokyo Manji gang. Walking around her small apartment, she went to her phone to call gramps and see what the fuck was going on.

“Takemichi, what’s with the sudden call-”

“Have you seen the fucking news, gramps? Those fuckers from Tokyo Manji killed someone on our no-harm list! They can’t fucking get away with it without making us look pathetic!” Takemichi shouted into the phone. There was silence on the other end of the phone and Takemichi was beginning to think gramps hung up on her.

“The truce between the Tokyo Manji gang and the Japanese Mafia had certain rules, and they just broke one of them. So they most definitely will not be getting away with this,” gramps replied calmly, but she could hear the undercurrent frustration in his voice. It had taken ages for the Mafia and the Tokyo manji gang to come up with those rules together, and for them to carelessly break one of them like that was a sign of disrespect, a sign of disrespect that will not go without consequences.

“Fuck Gramps, I didn’t even see this coming, though you probably didn’t either, huh?” Takemichi slumped into a seat and looked back at the news, where a new story was being aired. Each person in the Hanagaki family had different activations for being able to see the future. For example, Takemichi’s was skin contact while Takemichi’s older sister, Kikumi’s was eye contact.

“No, I didn’t see this coming either,”

Both sides of the phone were silent until Takemichi spoke up, “I’m going to destroy that gang for this. And we need to retaliate back not to seem weak,”

“And you called me to ask permission to do so, as head of both the family and mafia?” at the hum of affirmation he got from Takemichi, he continued, “Well, you have my permission, but I will be holding a meeting later on today to talk about retaliation with the higher-ups from the mafia, so you will have to be there,”

“Higher-ups? Aren’t I a mere assassin?” Takemichi asked, humor evident in her tone. Right now, she was barely holding in tears after finding out about her friend’s death, from the news no less. The black-haired female clenched her fists while thinking about Hina. While they may not have started dating again, Hina was a stable presence in Takemichi’s life when things got too hard, and Takemichi really appreciated her.

Thankfully, it seemed like gramps was in the mood to indulge her. “Don’t be ridiculous. You are the best assassin we have, and you are a Hanagaki, and the Hanagaki family runs the Japanese Mafia, so you will always be a higher up. After all, family comes first to us Hanagaki,”

“Yea, yea, I know, I grew up hearing that shit. I’m going to head over to you now, so I’ll probably be early”

“See you soon,” and with that, gramps hung up.

“Oh Hina, I’m sorry you died,” Takemichi said, pain evident in her voice as she finally allowed her tears to fall.


The humid air stung into Takemichi’s skin as she stood at the station, waiting for the train to take her to gramps. Her hands unconsciously fisted up when thinking about this whole situation. Those little shitheads at the Tokyo Manji gang, who did they think they were? The only reason Takemichi’s family let them live was that the Mafia profited from them, but they had the galls to go and do this? Betray the fucking Mafia? Just why did they think ever since the Hanagaki family had taken over the Mafia in the 1900’s that they had become so well known?

I’ll make those bastards wish they were never born.

It was only years of honed training that had Takemichi brace her legs and turn to see her attacker, but it was too late, having been too deep in her thoughts about all the shit she’s going to do to those Tokyo Manji scum. So Takemichi was pushed onto the train tracks right into an upcoming train.

Fuck! I can’t die like this. What about my family? Kikumi? Miya? Takeo? Even Aiko?

“No fucking way,”

Who the hell would even push me?

Takemichi’s last thoughts before the train hit her were about Tachibana Hinata and how she would not be able to avenge her.


“Oi Takemichi,”

“Shibuya. Shibuya,”

“Hurry up. It’s going to close on you,”

Huh. What the fuck is going on right now. Is my life flashing before my eyes? Am I dead?

Looking in front of her, she saw the losers who she was pals with in middle school. Makato, who was constantly fondling his cock, and dumbass Yamagishi, who thinks he’ll be brilliant if he wears glasses, those two were the biggest pervert she had ever met. The leader of our group was Akkun and my childhood friend Takuya.

Feeling a nudge to her side, Takemichi looked over and saw Takuya staring at her with thinly veiled worry.

“Are you okay? You’ve been quiet ever since we’ve gotten off the bus?”

Takemichi felt her lips quirk up, despite the weird fucking situation she was in. Takuya had been friends with her for ages and was the only one to stay friends with her through her feral gremlin phase when she was seven years old and bit everyone who got near her.

“Yea, im fine Takuya-chan~,”

However, what she saw next made her stop in her tracks. Looking in a mirror, Takemichi had a whole fucking mental breakdown. What the fuck? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WHY DO I LOOK 14 YEARS OLD? The piss-colored, badly bleached hair and the long skirt I’m wearing are from fucking middle school. This is what I looked like in middle school!


Jesus fuck please don’t tell me I fucking time traveled. Sure, I know that Hanagaki’s can see through time, but time travel? To travel through time?

Surely she didn’t time travel, right? This all must be a big misunderstanding. Checking her pockets for anything useful, she pulled out a flip phone, and when she saw what was on the flip phone, she almost broke it. July 4th, 2005. So she was back exactly twelve years in the past, either that or she was dead and reliving her memories. The day she was pushed on the tracks was July 4th, 2017.

In this situation, Takemichi is just going to go with the flow and see what happens.


“I’m so glad that your cousin is the leader of Shibuya Middle, Takemichi,”

Cousin? Takemichi had many cousins, considering people in the Hanagki family seem to pop out babies like singers pop out songs. So which cousin could Akkun be talking about?

“So if the third years come around, it would be alright for us to throw out Masaru-Kuns name, right?”

And as the idiot she is, all Takemichi could handle is a “huh?”

Her cousin Masaru-Kun. He’s related to her through her mother, so Masaru is not a Hanagaki, which means she doesn’t see him all that much. He’s a third-year student at Shibuya Middle and said that he was the leader there.

But this is giving me deja-vu. I think I vaguely remember what happened

“Akkun, come here and give me your hand,” Takemichi called to the red-haired. Far too used to the random calls to give your hand to her, Akkun obliged.

When both of their hands made contact, Takemichi saw how the future would play out. Masaru was a liar. He was just the third-years delinquent lackeys who would do every one of their commands like a little bitch. Then those third years will beat the shit out of Takemichi and her friends. Takemichi remembers this vividly, and she had to choose whether to fight back or not. Back then, Takemichi’s mother said not to draw attention to herself, which made up her mind about getting beat up rather than fighting back.

But this time…

Once they had reached Shibuya Middle, all of her friends were waiting around for the second years who would never show while Takemichi got ready for the upcoming fight.

“Were you the guys who were sniffin’ around for our first years?” One of the third years asked—a real big ugly one with a scar.

“The second years are on a school trip,” the same ugly one spoke again.

“Anyhow, we’re going to beat ya to a pulp once by one, so line up. Even you with the massive rack, although we might have some fun with you after,” the ugly one leered, and Takemichi nearly killed him right there. Being back in time or whatever the fuck is going on just reminds Takemichi of how shitty the boys were. Talking about doing shit like that like it’s nothing.

Out of the corner of her eye, she can see Akkun clench his fist and angle his body in a way that would protect Takemichi if the need arises. What a great friend.

“You guys are the third-years, right? So we’re going to explain the situation to the third-year leader, Masaru-Kun,” Yamagishi says, trying to keep it cool even though it’s obvious he’s overwhelmed by the third years.

“HAHAHHA OI MASARU, go buy everyone some drinks. Masaru ain’t no third-year leader; he’s our gofer,” the ugly one spoke again.

That’s enough talking. Now I can fight these bitches

Shooting forward as fast as she can, she kicks one of the boys in the penis, making him groan and fall to his knees in pain. Before he can react and attack her, she roundhouse kicks him in the face, effectively knocking him out. Everything is silent for a second while all the boys stare at the small girl who was behind Akkun a few seconds before. Then, not wanting anyone to react yet, she goes onto the next boy and chops the back of his neck, knocking him out fast and sharp.

It’s when two of the boys are knocked out that the others finally start moving. One guy throws a punch her way, which she dodges and slides down low to knock him off his feet, winding him. However, before she can knock him out, she hears someone coming up behind her and narrowly gets out of the way of a kick that would have hit her right in the ribs. She can see that Akkun and Yamagishi are fighting one guy while Takuya and Makato go against another.

“You bitch, how dare you,” The boy shouts, spit going all over her. Gross

“That’s fucking disgusting, you asshole. Don’t spit on me,” Takemichi replies, utterly done with this punk brat. Her day has been absolutely shit so far, and this guy was making it all worse.

The boy tries punching her, which is his biggest mistake. His guard is right open for her to kick him on his left, which she does, and while he stumbles, she strikes forward, punching him in the face. Takemichi made sure to kick him extra hard in the penis, even while he was unconscious, as he was the boy who made the comment that pissed Takemochi off. With the four Takemichi had taken down and the two her friends had taken down, none were left.


“Holy shit Take-chan, I had no idea you could do that,” Makoto shouts, running up to her looking excited. Yamagishi trails behind with the same expression while Akkun looks on at her in worry - what a good friend - and Takuya doesn’t seem all that surprised. He’s known her the longest and knows that she can fight.

“Yea my parents wanted me to learn how to fight, but only Takuya knows,” Takemichi replies

Parents wanted me to learn my ass. Everyone in the Hanagaki family knows how to fight, but I was given extra lessons since I was decided to become an assassin for the family young. I may love my family - besides some of them, I hate some of them, fucking bastards - but it’s such a fucked up family.

“If it weren’t for you, we would have gotten our asses kicked. I can’t believe your cousin was lying to you,” This time, it was Akkun who was talking.

“Ahh, don’t flatter me like that; you’ll make me blush. But Masaru-Kun was probably just trying to show off to me since he’s my younger cousin. However, if I see him again, I’ll make sure to beat him up,” Takemichi said, going from flustered from Akkuns compliment to angry about Masaru. The waves of anger radiating off Takemichi, the dark look on her face, and the threatening aura surrounding her making the boys gulp and unanimously decide never to piss her off.

“What did Tachibana look like again while we were in middle school?”

After the fight ended, Takemichi and her friends parted with promises to see each other the next day at school. When walking home, she remembers Tachibana, who lived nearby. Who was currently alive. Mind made up, she searched for Tachibana’s house, which she visited a lot during Middle School.

“I’m pretty sure Tachibana’s house was nearby…..Here! This one is it,”

Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

Please be home, please be home.

“Huh, Hanagaki-Chan,” That voice, Takemichi would know that voice anywhere.

Tachibana Hinata looks younger than she does when Takemichi last saw her, probably because she aged 12 years. She still had her baby fat which she lost over the years. Unlike in the future, where her hair is long, Tachibana’s hair barely goes past her chin but is still the pretty peach color. She’s got the mole on the left side of her face, under her mouth. A mole that Takemichi liked to kiss quite a lot. Don’t think about that right now. Swallowing past the lump in her throat when she remembered what happened just that morning twelve years in the future. At the sound of Tachibana’s voice, she forces herself to forget those thoughts.

“Did you get in another fight?” That’s the Tachibana she remembers from middle school.

“Yea, I got into a fight, but I won!” Takemichi doesn’t even realize she’s crying until she feels Tachibana’s soft hands wipe away her tears.

“Huh, did something happen?” Tachibana said, concern leaking into her voice. God, Tachibana always was very expressive, something that didn’t change with time.

“Sorry, it’s nothing. I only wanted to see your face. I’m going to go home now,” as much as Takemichi does not want to go home and stay with Tachibana, she needs to figure out what the fuck is going on.

However, before she can leave, Takemichi feels two hands squishing her face and forcing her to look at Tachibana. Takemichi sends the flattest look she can at Tachibana, which makes her let out a short giggle.

“Spit it out. It doesn’t have anything to do with your family, or” Tachibana leans in “the mafia or your job as an assassin, does it?” Tachibana questions the last part in a whisper, and Takemichi is hit with a moment of clarity. I forgot that I had told Tachibana all about that. After an awful day of training and running into Tachibana, she spilled everything. Her family, the Mafia, the future sight, and even the assassin training. And Tachibana accepted all of it. It was incredibly foolish of Takemichi to tell her, considering if she had reacted any other way, she would have been killed.

“No, it’s got nothing to do with my family, don’t worry, Tachibana. I just wanted to see you,”

“Good, because I want to know everything about you. I am your girlfriend,” Tachibana replies.

“Best girlfriend every,” Takemichi whispers, but if the way she blushes a pretty scarlet red is any indication, Tachibana heard it.

“I’ve got to go home now, Tachibana, bye,” Takemichi needs to get home and find out what is happening.

“See you at school tomorrow, bye-bye,”

Her bye-byes are so cute.


Takemichi wanted her walk home to be fucking peaceful. The day she just had was exhausting, but nooooooo, it seemed like people wanted to test her fucking patience.

“That’s not everything, is it?!”

“Your lying to us, ain’t ya!?”

“You’ve got something in your pocket still!”

“Hurry up and empty them out,”

Who the fuck is being so fucking loud near a park. I’m this close to just murdering someone with the little patience I have left. Those shitty bastards better shut the hell up.

“Stop dilly-dallying!”

“Oi,” Takemichi stops in front of one of the loud bastards.

“Huh?” His stupid reply is.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU DUMB-SHIT!!” Takemichi shouted, a wild look in her eye as she punched the boy in the face. All of her patience is gone.

“All you’ve been doing this whole time is bitch, bitch, bitch,” right now, Takemichi is on a roll. She’s pissed off and taking it out on these shitty bastards. Facing a bin, she finds an alcohol bottle. Picking it up and tossing it from hand to hand, she decided that its good enough to use for now.

Don’t mind if I do.

Takemichi smashes to bottle on the side of the bin and turns to the punks that look like their gonna shit their pants. Pointing to bottle at them, Takemichi looks absolutely unhinged. Beautiful, but unhinged.

“Right now, I’m super fucking pissed off. Get lost or ill kill your asses,” and with the threatening aura surrounding Takemichi and that look on her face, the boys are all too happy to follow her command.

“W-W-W Were sorry!”

“We apologize!”

“Shitty fucking cowards,” The kid they were praying on looks scared shitless. He’s tiny and looks to be around ten years old. “Go home, kiddo,”

“T...Thank you,” the kid says. A cute kid. A naive cute kid. Takemichi sighs. Usually, she would leave the kid but being in her 14-year-old body must be doing things to her heart.

“Listen up, when you come across people like that, you’ve gotta have some guts. Prepare to get punched! But don’t flinch or show any fear. Be prepared for anything and face them. Half-baled guys like that will definitely be scared by that,” The kid seems to be thinking about her advice.

“O...Okay,” the kid says. The kid is just adorable, like a miniature marshmallow. Takemichi wants to put him in her pocket and keep him safe. She may have just met him, but she already would kill for this little kid. Giving him a head pat, Takemichi asks him a question she probably should have asked him earlier.

“What’s your name, kid?”

“Tachibana… I’m Tachibana Naoto!!” Tachibana’s little brother? The one that also died due to the Tokyo Manji gang in twelve years. No way, this kid is 13 years old? But he looks 10!

“Huh, your Tachibana’s little brother?” This small little cute brat looks nothing like Tachibana

“I do have an older sister,” The brat answers, still looking like a lost puppy, and Takemichi resists the urge to go over and squish his cheeks. It seems like chubby cheeks run in the family.

“Then you should have said so earlier. I’m Hanagaki Takemichi, but you can call be Takemichi,”

“Ah, are you perhaps friends with my sister?”

“Yea, I’m a friend of your sister,” well, I’m your sister’s girlfriend, but I don’t know if Tachibana is out to her family, and I’m not going to accidentally out her.

Taking a seat next to Naoto on the swing - I didn’t even notice him sitting on the swing in the first place - silence goes on in between the two. It’s awkward. Very awkward considering this is the first time Takemichi is meeting Tachibana’s family in 12 years or so (Tachibana’s father is a police officer and was very against Tachibana’s friendship with Takemichi. Tachibana had never brought up meeting any of her other family members, so Takemichi didn’t bring it up either).

The awkward silence becoming too much, Takemichi decided to break it, “Do you like your sister?”

You go, Takemichi! Meeting the inlaws for the first time and asking such a question shouldn’t be too bad, right?

“Huh! I hate her! No one likes their own sister,” Naoto replies, looking scandalous that Takemichi would even suggest such a thing. Takemichi feels her jaw drop. Is this Tachibana slander, I hear?

“No way, I refuse to listen to any Tachibana slander! Begone with such words,” Putting her hands in a massive X and shoving them in the smaller Tachibana face. Trying to push away Takemichi is a futile attempt, however, the younger Tachibana puts up a good fight. For his efforts, he receives a flick to the forehead. Settling back into her seat Takemichi looks up into the night sky and back at Naoto.

“Take care of your sister,” Looking to Naoto, Takemichi continues on, “Your sister has helped me a lot with family matters, and I love her a lot for that,” Which is the truth. In middle school, Tachibana had helped Takemichi a lot when it came to her family matters, even if she doesn’t know it, Takemichi will always be thankful towards her. Takemichi usually only had her older sister to rely on, so depending upon Tachibana was very helpful.

Without Kikumi’s and Tachibana’s help, who knows what would have happened to me. Takemichi doesn’t like going down that particular rabbit hole of thoughts and emotions because she knows exactly where she would have been without Tachibana and her older sister. Dead.

“What I’m about to tell you lacks common sense, and me telling you is probably very stupid and dumb, but I’m not known for making good decisions. Today, in 2017, I fell off the station platform onto the tracks. I was so sure I was going to die, and then before I knew it, I was a middle schooler again. It’s the same day 12 years into the past. How the hell does that happen? Was it the Gods?”

“A time leap?” Naoto shouts, and Takemichi is painfully reminded that she just told that to a 13-year-old. But he’s not exactly wrong. What Takemichi did was a time leap.

“Yea, that’s what it called. Of course, this might not even be real, and I might just be having a painful dream reminding me what could have been right before I enter hell, but at least God let me see Tachibana again,” When did Takemich say such cheesy things. Ahh, right, how could she forget? The only person who could ever make Takemichi say and feel things like this was Tachibana.

“Huh, what do you mean by that?”

“12 years in the future, on the 4th of July, your sister is going to die. You will also die with her that same time. The 4th of July, 2017. Remember that date and try your hardest to protect your sister, because I wasn’t able to,”

If this is real, then I would definitely like to change the future.

“Just kidding, there’s no way anyone would believe such a story. But I am relying on you to protect your sister to the best of your ability,”

Takemichi puts her hand out like she has seen her gramps do multiple times when he seals a deal with someone, waiting for Naoto to shake her hand. There are numerous emotions in his eyes that Takemichi can name, such as surprise, shock, doubt, and more until it eventually stops on determination.

“Okay, I understand,”

Naoto shakes Takemichi’s hand as he says that, looking up into the eyes of the grinning girl standing above him. One moment Takemichi was shaking hands with Naoto, and the next, she’s waking up in the hospital.

What the fuck?

“Are you awake?” A police officer asks Takemichi. Why is a police officer attending her and not a nurse? Looking around, Takemichi needs to get out of here and talk to gramps about what just happened.

“...Where am I?”

“The station medical office,” Fuck, I’m at a fucking police station. Police, whose job is to arrest people like me.

The officer continued on, completely unaware of Takemichi’s growing panic, “You fell off the station platform onto the tracks,”

I’m back in the future? Was it maybe all a dream?

Looking around, Takemichi found the date and was barely able to keep the surprise off her face. July 4th, 2017, not July 4th, 2005. How was she able to survive that? Looking down at her body, Takemichi is surprised to find that she doesn’t have a single injury. She was saved from the train, that much is obvious but who saved her? Running a hand through her now black hair Takemichi lets out a deep sigh and can just feel the migraine that she’s going to get trying to figure all this out. She’s going to need the help of gramps and maybe even Kikumi and Aiko.

A voice startles Takemichi out of her thoughts, “Would it be okay if I could talk to her alone for a second?” Takemichi eyes land on a man who looks familiar, but she just can’t place from where. He’s taller than her and very handsome.

“Sure, this man is the one who saved you,” the police officer tells Takemichi, who is very thankful at being given at least one piece of information during this crazy time.

“Huh, who are you?”

“I’m Tachibana Naoto,” The handsome man who Takemichi now knows is Naoto says. No way, the squirt got hot. He had a massive glow up.

“No way, squirt, you had a massive fucking glow up,” He laughs at that, a lot like how Tachibana would laugh at Takemichi’s jokes.

“You changed my fate 12 years ago on july 4th, 2005,”

“No way. That was actually real, and you believed me?”

“Yes, I did because you really did leap through time! I survived and was able to save you when you fell on the train tracks. Takemichi, your time leap changed the future. 12 years ago, you said, ‘protect your sister to the best of your ability’ I desperately studied and became a detective to be able to protect her,”

“Then is Tachibana alive?” Takemichi asked, and even though she tried, she couldn’t keep the raw hope that Tachibana was alive away from her voice, but Naoto’s face said it all.

“I’m sorry, Takemichi, my sister still died even though I did everything in my ability to save her……. but please help me. If you help me we can save my sister,”

“I will do everything in my power to help you save Tachibana,”

I owe Tachibana too much to let her die.

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“Before we start planning what to do, I need to call gramps,” Takemichi states, taking a sip of the coffee Naoto gave her. They were currently at Naoto’s apartment after she finally got discharged from the police station.

“Gramps?” Naoto questions, and Takemichi sighs. How was she supposed to explain to a police officer that her grandfather runs the mafia? Spoiler alert, she won’t. Takemichi will cross that bridge later, preferably in the presence of gramps.

“Yea, my gramps. He probably already knows what happened and might have more of an idea what’s going on,” Takemichi replied, taking out her phone to call him up, ignoring Naoto's questions of how he would know. That old man seems to know everything. The phone rings only once before gramps answers.

“Takemichi, I was expecting a call from you. You didn’t show up at the meeting earlier today about the Tokyo Manji gang, and Kikumi was in a bad mood because of that,” Gramps stated, and Takemichi winced, remembering what Kikumi was like when she gets in a shitty mood. Older sisters are scary. From the corner of her eye, Takemichi can see Naoto perk up at the mention of the Tokyo Manji gang.

Not waiting for a reply from Takemichi, gramps continued on, “of course, time-traveling into the past is a great excuse for missing the meeting,”

Takemichi groaned, “I expected you to know what happened, considering you seem to know everything that happens. Do you know why it happened?”

“Maybe, but this isn’t the type of conversation we should be having over the phone. I’ll see you soon,” and with that last ominous message, gramps hung up.

“Shitty old bastard always speaks so ominously and always wants the last word,” Takemichi grumbles, though there’s no real heat behind her words. She turns to face Naoto and winces at the expression on his face. He’s going to ask way too many questions. And sure enough, he did.

“Who was that?”

“That was my gramps,”

“How did he know what happened?”

“Because he’s an all-knowing bastard,”

“What did he mean when he said I’ll see you soon?”

“That he would be seeing me soon,”

“What did he mean when he said you missed a meeting about the Tokyo Manji gang?”

Thankfully Takemichi was saved from answering that question when someone knocked on Naoto’s door. Naoto frowned as he looked over at the clock showing the time as 2:24 am and then back at the door. He’s probably wondering who is at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Takemichi said as she got out of her comfy chair and went towards the door, ignoring Naoto’s protests. But, of course, Takemichi already knows who will be at the door, and when she opens the door, she is right. Gramps was there in all of his old man glory. His fucking expensive suit and cane that just fits the stereotypical mafia boss.

Takemichi sighs, “Jesus, I really need a cigarette,”



“So your family runs the Japanese Mafia?”

“Yep,” Takemichi replies, popping the p.

Naoto, understandably, looked shocked. He just learned that his sister’s sort-of girlfriend was not only in the mafia but an executive wanted for multiple crimes. Obviously, gramps didn’t tell Naoto about the Hanagaki family being able to see the future. Right now, Naoto and Takemichi were strictly two people with a common goal who were both desperate to reach it, and she wasn’t going to go spill all the family's secrets to him or any more information she had to.

“As a detective, I should be going right to the police station to give this information to them. But to save my sister, I will need your help, and I’m willing to do anything to help her stay alive,” Naoto sighs, reluctantly agreeing to gramps being a part of this plan.

Gramps grins, not one of his grandfatherly grins but the bloodthirsty one he uses for making deals and scaring people. There was a reason this man ran the mafia so well. “That's good, considering if you made any other decision, you wouldn’t have lived another second,”

Naoto freezes. Both the tone and expression from gramps finally make him realize why the Japanese mafia was so successful and elusive. But Takemichi could see the determination to save his sister in his eyes. Good, this was probably going to be a long journey, and he would need that determination.

“So,” Naoto starts lamely, trying to find a way to change the current conversation topic, “how did you know Takemichi time leaped?”

The tattoos in question were F U C K on each finger separately beside her thumb on her left hand and Y O U ♡ on Takemichi’s right fingers, spelling out FUCK YOU♡. She had gotten the tattoo when she turned 14. Her sister had taken her to their cousin’s tattoo parlor to get the mafia tattoo done, as all Hanagaki do when they turn 14 when she had an epiphany. She wanted a visible tattoo. So she got the FUCK YOU♡ done on her knuckles, the exact replica of the same tattoos on Kikumi’s fingers.

She told as much to Naoto, who looked thoughtful, and then asked the question she had expected him to ask, “Where is your mafia tattoo?”

Lifting her shirt, Takemichi pointed to the tattoo vertically under her belly button to the left. The mafia tattoo was distinctive that people all over Japan recognized. It was the outline of the sun with a star inside. It wasn’t flashy or anything, but it was recognizable, and it did put the fear of God into people when they saw it. She had more tattoos like the snake one on her left arm, staring at the wrist and ending at her neck that she got when she was 21, and the Lisa Simpson tattoo that matches with the Bart Simpson tattoo her cousin Miya has.

Finally, it seemed like gramps was going to talk, “as much as I enjoy spending time with my favorite granddaughter, we have business to attend to,”

The easy-going atmosphere that was there just a moment ago vanished into a tense one. Naoto got a hard look in his eyes as he finally got to explain what he thought was going on.

“I have a hypothesis about how your ability to leap through time. Your first-time leap was from July 4th, 2017, to July 4th, 2005., I’m pretty sure you can travel 12 years exactly into the past,” It was a good theory, and she could see grudging respect in gramps’s eyes that he came up with that theory on his own.

“And what do you think the trigger is?” Ah, so gramps was testing him while he already knew the answer?

“Shaking my hand,” Came Naotos answer, the nod he received from gramps showing he was right. So it looks like Naoto has decided just to ignore how gramps gets all of his information. Smart boy.

“I have information here about the Tokyo Manji gang that you will need when going back into the past,” Naoto said, pointing to all the pieces of paper that Takemichi was purposely ignoring. She had hoped that all those papers had nothing to do with her but she was sadly wrong. A grimace crosses her face unconsciously while looking at all that paper, making gramps huff in amusement.

“I will be taking my leave before Takemichi will need to go through all that; however, this journey will most definitely not be as easy as you make it out to be Tachibana. Try not to destroy that gang before they can make us some money, Takemichi. My past self will call on you when he sees fit,” Gramps said, getting up.

“Thanks, gramps, tell Kikumi I’m all good and make sure she doesn’t cause too much trouble,”

“Will do,” and with that, gramps was gone. Naoto sighed, and his body sagged in relief, making Takemichi snort.

“Your gramps was scary, Takemichi. Those horror stories don’t do him justice,”


Naoto was completely mad. How did he expect Takemichi to be able to memorize all this information? She didn’t have fucking eidetic memory as her sister does. Two whole days Takemichi has been going over all the info Naoto has in his apartment and all the information she had on the Tokyo Manji gang from when she had met them. Naoto was a detective in the organized crime department, so he had a shit tone of information on the gang. He also had a thick file on Takemichi herself, and she had fun going through all of her crimes while Naoto watched her with a disgruntled expression.

A detective who works in the organized crime department and an executive of the Japanese Mafia working together. It sounds like the beginning of a shitty joke.

“What do you know about Sano Manjirou and Kisaki Tetta?” Naoto’s sudden question made Takemichi stop dead in her tracks.

Sano Manjirou and Kisaki Tetta are the leaders of the Tokyo Manji gang. She had met them a few times, but they instantly set her on edge. During her first meeting with Kisaki Tetta, he shot her in the shoulder which and for that, she rewarded him with a broken leg. Just thinking about that day set Takemichi on edge. Takemichi was honest with herself, which meant she knew she was a monster. She had killed people and done horrible things, all for the sake of her family, but even she had morals. Takemichi would never ever touch a child, which to her means someone under the age of 16, or ever rape anyone. In fact, Takemichi had killed plenty of rapists just because she could.

But Kisaki was a different kind of monster to her. The look on his face when he shot her made her realize that he had no morals. He would do whatever he wanted if he felt like it. To Takemichi and the mafia, it was apparent that Kisaki was manipulating Sano, but she had no idea why.

Manjirou Sano was also a monster. She was sure of it. Takemichi had assassinated one of Sano’s executives, and Sano has barely reacted. A man who went by the name of Smiley. She had killed him right in front of Sano using a rifle. When Smiley’s head hit the ground, Sano barely moved. Like he didn’t care about the death of his executive. Instead, he turned right around and looked straight at Takemichi, who was over 75m away, and it was like he was looking through her soul with those deep black eyes of his. His eyes were like a black hole, sucking away at any emotions he still felt. It sent chills down Takemichi’s spine.

Instead of saying all this to Naoto, she merely nodded her head.

“If those two had never met, the current Tokyo Manji gang wouldn’t exist,” A very bold statement from Naoto, which was probably wrong. Like gramps had said, it probably won’t be that easy to save Hina. But she refrained from telling Naoto that.

“So if I go back back to my middle school days and make sure those two don’t meet, Hina might live?” Is what Takemichi said instead of voice her concerns to Naoto. He just lost his sister, and Takemichi was willing to pull most of the weight in their business partner relationship.

Naoto hums in affirmation, and while his back is turned, Takemichi puts the tips of all her fingers against each other to see what the future holds. In a flash, Takemichi sees Tachibana, but she’s younger, and she’s crying while inside Takemichi’s old bedroom next. Next, she sees a tall giraffe-like person with blonde hair and a dragon tattoo on the side of his head and a younger Manjirou Sano who still has emotions in those deep black eyes. Both those two boys are smiling and laughing. Lastly, Takemichi sees a blonde-haired boy with a scar on his face smiling at her.

Takemichi does not know what all those images mean for the future, but she is absolutely sure of one thing, saving Hina definitely won’t be as easy as Naoto makes it seem.

Naoto turned back towards her, ignorant of what she just did, and saw, “Sano and Kisaki are going to meet in August 2005. Prevent that meeting,”

I won’t lose Naoto. I want to save Tachibana as much as you do, maybe even more.

Putting out her hand for Naoto to shake, Takemichi grins big and bright at him, “I will save Hina. No matter how much time it takes Naoto!” and Takemichi means that. She wants to save Hina and let her live a long life.

“Good, because your the only person who can save my sister,” and with that, Naoto shakes Takemichi’s hand.


In a flash, Takemichi goes twelve years into the past. She’s lying down on what she assumes is her bed while someone is on top of her, kissing her enthusiastically.
Huh? I’m making out with someone. It better be Tachibana because I know my past self aint no cheater. Oh god, what if it’s not Tachibana. Please let it be Tachibana.

Running her hands down the person’s back, the girl’s back if the breasts she feels squishing into her own are any indication, Takemichi realizes that the girl only has a bra on and that her hair is the same length as Tachibana’s. Does that mean it is her? Please let it be her!!

Pushing the girl up for air and seeing who it is, Takemichi is very happy to know that it is Tachibana on top of her with a blush on her face and a string of saliva connecting both their lips and not some random girl.

“Hanagaki-Chan?” Tachibana questions from above Takemichi, snapping her out of her daze.

“Breathing is a requirement to keep living. You know that Tachibana?” Takemichi jokes, and Tachibana blushes an even deeper shade of red. While they never did get back together in the future, Takemichi knows that she never got over her feelings for Tachibana.

Before Tachibana can continue, the door to the room, which Takemichi now knows is the room of her childhood home, slams open. The intruder is none other than Aiko Hanagaki, Takemichi’s first cousin and Kikumi’s best friend. Her white hair cascades down her shoulders and ends just above her ass. A couple of shades lighter than Takemichi’s, her blue eyes widen at what she finds until a stupid smile comes out on her face.

“Ooooh, Michi-chan ~. I’m sorry for interrupting such a fun time, but Kikumi needs to talk to you. Also, who knew you could score such a pretty girlfriend~” Aiko teases, amusement evident in her eyes as she waits for the two younger girls to disentangle from each other. Tachibana’s face seems to have taken on a permanent color of red, while Takemichi looked annoyed at being interrupted.

“Don’t you know how to knock you godamn giraffe?” Takemichi asks, annoyed.

“Hmmm, don’t go calling me a giraffe just because you’re so small. Plus, your sister told me to get you, and Kikumi’s pretty scary,” and there’s nothing Takemichi can say back to that. Kikumi is fucking terrifying.

Turning back to Tachibana, she offers an apologetic smile which Tachibana waves off. “It’s fine Hanagaki-chan, I’ll see you tomorrow at school. Bye-bye ~.”

Oh god, she said bye-bye in that cute way again. I’ll go into cardiac arrest.

“Bye Tachibana-chan,”

“Bye Michi’s cute girlfriend,”

Aiko chuckles at Takemichi’s glare, slinging an arm over her shoulder. Aiko is tall, too tall for Takemichi’s liking considering Takemichi is only 5’3 while Aiko is 6’1. She has pale skin, which is a contrast to Takemichi’s tanned skin. Unfortunately, Aiko got the short end to the stick when it came to seeing the future. Her trigger is cutting. Every time she cuts herself, no matter how small or large, she’s able to see the future. This resulted in scars all over her body. However, that does nothing to change the fact that Aiko is absolutely beautiful and has people falling over themselves to confess to her. In fact, Takemichi thinks Aiko looks more beautiful with the scars.

“Kikumi was looking me in the eye when she suddenly told me to come and get you, so she probably saw something,” Aiko’s admission to Takemichi did not surprise her in the slightest. Kikumi had always been extremely strong when it came to being able to see the future. So Kikumi most likely already knew about the time travel.

“I’m not very surprised. I do have something I have to tell her anyway,” Takemichi replied. Aiko didn’t have time to continue the conversation as in the next second; they walked into the kitchen where Kikumi was.

Kikumi. She was someone Takemichi loved so much that it hurt sometimes. Takemichi loved her sister more than life itself. Kikumi, who always fought against their parents when they trained Takemichi too hard. Kikumi, who had killed for Takemichi at a young age. Kikumi, who had promised Takemichi that she would always be there for her.

Kikumi was taller than Takemichi, around 5’6. She has black hair that stops just below her shoulder. Kikumi also has blue eyes, something that every person in the Hanagaki family had, her shade being the same as Takemichis. Kikumi was ten years older than Takemich, the same age as Aiko.

Kikumi was beautiful, and Takemichi would bet that she would have people confessing to her as people confessed to Aiko if it wasn’t for her personality.

Takemichi thinks there’s nothing wrong with Kikumi’s personality, but she has a biased opinion and is well-versed in reading Kikumi. Other people aren’t. Kikumi came off as cold and indifferent. Her facial expression and tones never change, no matter what she’s feeling. To others, Kikumi is scary and unapproachable. It’s not that Kikumi had problems expressing herself, she just doesn’t want nor cares to. Only a select few matters to her, and she is indifferent to everyone else.

Which causes problems as Kikumi is a doctor.

“Kumi-chan~. You’ll never guess what I saw in Michi’s room. Takemichi and a cute girl were making out on her bed!” Aiko exclaimed. Kikumi and Aiko couldn’t be any more different. While Kikumi didn’t care about expressing herself, Aiko was very expressive and had a natural cheery personality.

It’s always fun to see people dismiss Aiko as an airhead when she helps run the drug cartel for the mafia.

Every person in our family has a job that’s chosen for them to do for the mafia. Kikumi is a doctor, which helps for patching up people and is good for interrogating traitors. Aiko runs a crystal shop, which no one would ever think of being a front for drug trafficking. Takemichi is an assassin, and so is Takemichi’s cousin Miya. Aunt Hiyoriki runs multiple brothels where she gathers information in exchange for protection for the workers. Ijiki-Kun works as a tattoo artist where people go to submit assassination requests. Every person in the mafia is essential, however, that doesn’t stop family members from being cruel to one another.

Kikumi talking snaps Takemichi out of her musings, “I know, she came past me when she walked by me to get to the door and when we locked eyes, I saw things about Takemichi I would never have liked to,”

Takemichi’s cheeks heat up at Kikumis’s words. It’s not her fault Kikumi sees something every time she makes eye contact with someone. She can hear Aiko cackle next to her. Godamn demon.

“However, I didn’t call Takemichi down to talk about her sex life, no matter how much I wish it were non-existent,” Kikumi puts the mug of coffee down on the bench and leans over it to look Takemichi in the eye, she continues to speak in a complete monotone, “so, time travel huh?”

Aiko’s head whips to look at Takemichi so fast that she is worried it might fall off. She seems shocked, understandably so. While Hanagaki’s can see the future, time travel is a whole other thing. The silence continues for a while, with Kikumi and Aiko looking at Takemichi until she finally speaks.

“Yeah, time travel. Gramps already knows in the future, which means his past self probably already knows too,” Takemichi admits.

This time it’s Aiko who speaks up, sounding worried. “How did you time travel, and why?”

Kikumi probably already knows exactly what happened the second Takemichi eyes met hers, but she still explains it all. Of how Hina died and the Tokyo Manji gang betraying the mafia.

“We will help in any way we can, Michi-chan, yea Kumi-chan?” Kikumi nods in agreement with Aiko’s statement.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Kikumi asks an important question, “are you going to tell Tachibana-chan what happened?”

That stumps Takemichi. Tell Hina? She didn’t even think about telling Hina, but Takemichi knows telling Hina would take a massive weight off her back. But what if Hina doesn’t believe her? What if she wants to break up?

A cough breaks Takemichi out of her near spiral, and she looks over at Kikumi, who seems to be able to know what she’s thinking. She puts her fingertips together, signaling what Takemichi should do if she wants to tell her girlfriend or not—placing her fingers together, a video of Tachibana hugging Takemichi and thanking her flashes into her mind.

Opening her eyes, she smiles at Kikumi, who doesn’t change her facial expression, but Takemichi can tell she is pleased. Aiko, who is also well versed in the art of reading Kikumi’s facial expressions, gives a thumbs up to Takemichi as she runs to the door.

“I’m going to go see Tachibana, bye.”

Takemichi barely hears Aiko’s warning to be careful, being too full of adrenaline running towards Hina’s house. When she gets there, she hesitates at ringing the doorbell. What if Hina’s not home?


“Tachibana, I need to speak to you,” Either the look in her eye or the tone of her voice alerted Hina that this was a serious conversation. Taking her hand, Hina leads Takemichi into her house to her room. When asked by Takemichi where her parents were, she said her father wouldn’t be home until the end of the week because he was working on a case and that her mother was out and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.

“What’s wrong, Hanagaki-chan?” Those words were the last straw, and all the emotions Takemichi had been holding in since Hina died overflowed. She started crying, really ugly crying and in between sobs explained the situation to Hina. Said girl pulled Takemichi into a hug the moment she started crying, consoling her even when her own body stiffened at the information pouring out of her girlfriend.

Once she was done explaining everything, Hina did exactly what Takemichi saw her do in the vision. She hugged Takemichi and thanked her for doing all that for her.

“You believe me?” Takemichi asks, voice wobbling. She already knew Hina would believe her from seeing it happen before, but she still had her doubts.

“Of course, I believe you, Hanagaki-chan. You wouldn’t joke about something like this, and the looks in your eye tell me that you’re not lying,” Hina, the angel, said. Takemichi lay her head on Hina’s lap while Hina stroked her hair. Takemichi did not deserve someone like Hina.

“I want to protect you to Hanagaki-chan. You’re doing so much for me that I want to protect you,” she looks at Takemichi and throws out a mock punch.

Takemichi giggles at her, making Hina’s eyes soften even more, which Takemichi thought was impossible. However, Takemichi knew Hina did karate and could protect Takemichi if she wanted to.

“In that case, I will continue to protect you, Hina,” Takemichi replied, throwing out a mock punch of her own.

Ah, I accidentally called her Hina.

“Thank you, Takemichi, my crybaby girlfriend,” Takemichi shrieks at the nickname.

“Oi oi oi, you’re talking about before, aren’t you? I’m not a crybaby. Forget all about that,”

“No way, I’ll never forget that,”

Hina laughs, and Takemichi can’t help but laugh too. Hina just had that effect on people. With Hina, Takemichi feels that everything will be okay.

“You said you had to stop Kisaki Tetta and Sano Manjirou from meeting?” Takemichi hummed an affirmation to Hina, snuggling deeper into the other girl’s lap as she did so. Takemichi was very tired.

“We know Kisaiki Tetta,” Now that got Takemichi’s attention. Takemichi can remember meeting Kisaki Tetta for the first time when he shot her, so what is Hina going on about. Takemichi opened one eye and motioned for Hina to continue.

“We met him on the day I fell in love with you,” and wow, wasn’t that a load of information. Takemichi had no idea why Hina confessed to her, but she was beyond grateful that she had because Takemichi would never have worked up the nerve.

“I also went to cram school with him. He was at the top of all the classes, so no one wanted to be friends with him except me. So I wonder what happened to make him join the Tokyo Manji gang?” Hina wondered absently.

The last thought Takemichi had before she fell asleep was that she didn’t care what happened to Kisaki Tetta to make him the way he is. Takemichi may be against killing children, but she won’t hesitate if he goes too far.



Said girl turned around to face her childhood friend, who called her Takuya.

“What’s up, Takuya-chan?” In response, the boy only takes her hand and leads her to the boys’ toilets—the rest of their friends Akkun, Yamagishi, and Makoto and already inside.

“Hey, you know I’m not a boy, right? No matter how short my hair is, you can tell just by looking at my massive rack that I’m a girl,” Takemichi stated. She sure as hell hoped they knew she was a girl. Akkun blushed from her vulgar words while Takuya just sighed, used to Takemichi’s language.

“Yes, Takemichi, we know you’re a girl who has big boobies, who is also obsessed with boobs. Sometimes you’re as bad as Gishi and Makoto when it comes to boobs,”

“Oi Akkun don’t compare to those two horny dogs,” Takemichi was nowhere near as bad as those boys were. She just happened to like boobs an above-average amount.

“Oi, we are not horny dogs,” Oh, that’s Makoto talking now, making Takemichi snort.

“We did not come here to talk about Takemichi’s boob obsession,” Takuya said, always the voice of reason and completely ignoring Takemichi’s protest that no, she doesn’t have a boob obsession. Assholes.

“So why did you drag us to these gross male bathrooms where people probably have sex?” Takemichi asked the boys.

“They do not have sex in these bathrooms. We live in Japan, not Australia Takemichi. Have some class,” said Yamagishi, the hypocrite, pushing up his glasses.

“Enough, we’re going to be underground fighting today. Kiyomasa just called me, and he said Takuya is fighting today,” While all the boys paled at that, Takemichi was just confused.

“Who is Kiyomasa, and why are you guys underground fighting?” Takemichi asked.

‘Ahhhhh shit’ was what collectively went through all the boy’s heads. Naturally, they didn’t tell Takemichi what happened in fear of inflicting her wrath.

Akkun, the brave idiot, decided to explain the situation to Takemichi, ignoring Makoto clapping his back and whispering, “we will miss you, soldier,”

“It happened a day after we beat those third-year boys up at Shibuya Middle school. They found us when you went there and realized that they could beat us in a fight without you. And they did exactly that. They beat the shit out of us. The leader is Kiyomasa, and he’s a part of Toman. We didn’t tell you because we didn’t want you to be mad,”

Throughout the entirety of Akkun’s explanation, Takemichi’s expression changes from wonder to surprise to anger and finally landing on a calm. The boys were all wondering if this was the last day they were going to live. To their surprise, Takemichi turned her scarily black face towards Takuya and told him to take her with them where they were going to fight and let her take care of it.

There was no way they were going to fight against her decision.


“Hello, gentlemen. The competitors, just as said in the email. We have Sakura Middle schools Kojima and Mizo Middle’s Yamamato!” A kid with a disgusting voice commentated.

“The odds are 4 to 6 slightly in Kojima’s favor!” the disgusting voice continues.

At the back of the stadium, Takemichi scowls in distaste, the first emotion showing on her face since learning the news about her friends. She hears that ugly fuck Kiyomasa tell the fight to start, and seriously if Takemichi were a lesser woman, she would have fucked off from her morals and killed that brat already.

Putting her fingers together to see what will happen next, she smirks slightly at what she sees. So the coward will do that, huh…?

“WAIT!!” Takemichi shouts, and all eyes are on her now. She can see Kiyomasa’s eye-widening distantly at seeing her, which sends a thrill of pleasure through her body.

“Ta..Takemichi?” Thats Takuya.

“What the fuck is this whore doing?” Random person.

“Huh, who does this bitch think she is?” Another random person.

“What’s a girl doing here? Shouldn’t she be at home cleaning,” Another random person who has Takemichi close to committing homicide.

“Oi, it’s super boring watching the same fight over and over again. I feel like something more fun. Don’t cha agree with my Kiyomasa?” Takemichi coyly asks, looking over at the ugly brat who smoothed his face over to indifference as if Takemichi hadn’t already kicked his ass once.

“Something more fun?” Kiyomasa, the ugly bastard that he is, asks.

I can’t let my boys go through this. I remember from childhood that Takuya was sickly, and I didn’t want him to fight.

“Yea, something more fun. How about the king vs. a mere girl?” Takemichi asks, and she has him cornered. Of course, he can’t say no without looking like a coward for not fighting against a girl and risking his reputation, but if he does fight, Takemichi will kick his ass. Bonus that he’s in Toman so that she can soak all that information from him.

Shouts go up in the spectator’s area, but Takemichi doesn’t care. She tells Takuya to sit with the rest of the boys and leave it to, which he does but not without making Takemichi promise to be careful. She just smiles at him in response.

“What do you say Kiyomasa-senpai? Wanna go 1v1?”

It looks like Kiyomasa has chosen to fight against Takemichi instead of backing out. Because he is around everyone and not caught off guard, he must think that he has the upper hand. And even if he doesn’t, he can always win using dirty tricks. He’s about to have the biggest wake-up call of his life.


“Oh, I’m sorry? Did I fucking stutter? Let’s just fight already bitch. Unless you’re scared?”

Takemichi barely gets out of the way of the punch he was planning to land on her stomach. She swerves to the left to deliver a blow to his ribs which lands. He goes skidding back, and the stands are silent until

“Yoo Kiyomasa get that bitch!”

“Show her her place!”

“Show women why the only thing they’re good for is sex!”

“If you’re going to have fun with her, let me join in!”

Disgusting. Those men are absolutely horrendous. In the future, if anyone dared to talk to her like that, they would be getting a bullet stuck into their skulls. These men are pigs, and she can’t wait until she’s done with them.

Too distracted by her thoughts, Kiyomasa managed to land a punch on her face. The big idiot seemed to have grown bold by getting a punch in and leaves heaps of openings for Takemichi to take advantage of, which she does. While the big hunk of meat goes for a head, shot Takemichi goes low and delivers a solid punch to his lower stomach, which has him go flying. Takemichi follows this move with punch after punch until her knuckles are red raw from how hard she’s punching him. The ugly bastard is still standing, surprisingly.

Now he’s going to call for the bat. I saw the same scene before the match, but why stop it when he still can’t win against me. It will just show the others here how pathetic he is.

Just as Takemichi saw before starting the match, Kiyomasa shouts at one of his lackeys to get the bat. The only thing Takemichi can think to do at Kiyomasa is laugh. Takemichi laughs at Kiyomasa right at his face as he calls for his bat, and the whole stadium becomes silent. Takemichi continues laughing, with a bloody nose thanks to Kiyomasa and a wild look in her eye that chills him.

“Hahaha, oh god, you’re just so pathetic,” Takemichi manages to say in between cackles, “I mean didn’t everyone think you would win just because I’m a girl? And now that same girl is beating the shit out of you” Takemichi had to stop laughing because more laughter was starting to bubble up her throat.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, she looks at Kiyomasa with a smile on her face. Takemichi looks up at Kiyomasa, who now has a bat in his hand. He’s bleeding from his face, but most of Takemichi’s punches went to his stomach, which probably looked like a horrible combination of bruises.

”I don’t care if you get your bat and beat the shit out of me, Kiyomasa. Well, as if you could win against me bat or not, but that’s not the point. Kiyomasa, you ugly fucking bastard, the only way you will ever win against me is by killing me!” She shouts.

“Even with that bat of yours, I won’t lose, and I won’t give up. This is going to be your funeral!”

“I’ll fucking kill you, you whore!” Kiyomasa shouts, and all Takemichi can do is laugh again.

A new voice rings out in the stadium, “Oi Kiyomasa!”


“You’ve drawn quite the crowd,” The man, who Takemichi can now identify as the giraffe man with the tattoo from her vision the day before. Fucker looks taller in real life.

However, this opportunity was excellent. With Kiyomasa’s attention to the giraffe man, Takemichi ran at him and gave him one last kick to the penis, which has all the men in that area wincing imaging the pain that blossomed on Kiyomasa’s crown jewels, which caused him to fall to his knees and Takemichi to punch him in the face, knocking him out.

“Haah see that fucker, even with your bat, you aint nothing but the shit under my show, you asshole,” Takemichi shouted at his unconscious body.

Turning to the giraffe man who looked both pissed of and respecting at Takemichi, she sent him a big smile and a thumbs up.

“Thanks, giraffe man, for holding his attention for me to do that,” Takemichi said sincerely. However, all that she got in response was silence as the giraffe man stared at her. Oh, he also had another person behind him.

Wait, who are these people?

And why is everyone silent?

“Sooooo uhhhhh, who are you, giraffe man?” It seemed once Takemichi asked that question, everyone exploded.

“A blond braid and a dragon tattoo on his temple...that’s the vice-president of the Tokyo Manji gang! His name is Ryuuguuji Ken, also known as Draken.”

“Did that crazy girl just call him Giraffe man?”

“Did she interrupt him?”

“Oh my god, is she crazy?”

However, Takemichi perked up at the mention of the Tokyo Manji gang. If I get close to their leader, I might be able to stop Kisaki Tetta and Sano Manjirou from meeting because, from Naoto’s information, Sano is the current leader of the gang.

Giraffe man finally seemed to want to talk, “Oi, who the hell do you think you are?”

Takemichi just cocked her head to the side, “Uhhh, my name is Hanagaki Takemichi, giraffe head. That’s who I am.”

“Stop calling me giraffe head,” Oh, he sounded pissed. How was Takemichi supposed to know he wouldn’t like being called giraffe head. Was the tall man-thing sensitive? It seemed that Takemichi’s brain-to-mouth filter was gone today.

“Are you sensitive to the name giraffe head?” She blurted out, and the man seemed to get even madder.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry it seems my brain-to-mouth filter has disappeared today. I’m not saying you look sensitive, but sometimes big guys are sensitive. But I’m not saying all big guys are sensitive because that’s stereotypical. But I’m also not calling you fat by calling you a big guy, I’m saying you’re tall. Please don’t eat me, giraffe man. I have a girlfriend who is too pretty to cry over me,” Takemichi’s rambling is cut off from the man behind the giraffe guy. Takemichi refuses to look at the giraffe guy, too scared to see what’s up with the man and if he’s going to eat her alive. You never know with kids these days.

“Ne, Ne Ken-chin,”

“Hah. Don’t call me by that nickname Mikey,” Giraffe man finally stopped to look back at the boy behind him. Takemichi getting up from a bow she doesn’t even remember doing, looks at the boy too, and almost goes into cardiac arrest. It’s a mini Sano Manjirou.

So this is what 15-year-old Sano looked like. What happened to make him like he is the future. Someone who doesn’t care when one of his executives is shot right in front of him.

“All my dorayaki is gone,” ….hes childish? When Takemichi thought about a younger Sano, she thought she would be a mini dictator, not a childish teen.

“Good work!” All of the people who witnessed the fight were now bowing to the two teens, who were making their way towards Takemichi and the unconscious Kiyomasa.

Sano comes up close into Takemichi’s space, so close that she can see those bottomless black eyes up close. He has a childish spark in them that he doesn’t have in the future.

“So, you knocked out Kiyomasa?”

“Yea….I did. I know he was a part of your gang and all, but he was a real bastard to my friend, forcing him to fight an all. You should choose less shitty people for your gang,” Takemichi replied, looking straight into Sano’s black eyes.

She’s pretty sure she heard someone choke and another person faint somewhere behind her, but she’s not really sure.

Stupid Takemichi, the goal was to get close to him, not have him kick your ass.

The giraffe man behind his eyes darken, and he looks one minute away from strangling her. She offers him an innocent grin which seems to piss him off even more. Maybe he is sensitive.

Surprising her and everyone there, Sano laughs. He lets out a full-on body laugh that seems to surprise the giraffe man, and he stops glaring at her and stares at Sano in shock.

“Hahaha, your funny, Takemitchy,” Sano says, looking back at her.

“Actually, it’s Ta-ke-mi-chi, not Ta-ke-mi-tchy,” She says, which makes giraffe man start to glare at her again, but this time with less heat.

“If Mikey said it’s Takemitchy, then it’s Takemitchy, right Takemitchy?” Giraffe man says. Takemichi really should start using his real name, but it slipped from her brain already.

“Sure bro, whatever floats your boat,” Replied Takemichi, with an accompanying thumbs up that made giraffe man’s eyebrow twitch.

“Takemitchy, from now on your my bitch! Okay♡?” Sano - Mikey said.

And because Takemichi was an idiot, she responded with a simple okay♡ and a wink to the two boys.

Mikey diverted his attention off Takemichi and to the body below her.

“Is he the one who organized this fighting ring?” he asks, and when no one answers him, either too scared of talking to the commander of Toman or giving up Kiyomasa, Takemichi does.

“Yea, he’s the one,”

Mikey turns back to her, “What’s his name?”

“Kiyomasa. He’s a real ugly bastard with an uglier personality,”

Mikey just hummed, turning those unsettling eyes to someone else in the crowd, “You, when he wakes up telling him that he is no longer in Toman. Underground fights are stupid,”

“Don’t do things that will ruin the name of Toman,” the Giraffe man adds on.

“Takemitchy, see you later,” and with that, Mikey starts to walk away, giraffe man following him.

“Bye-bye Mikey-Kun, bye-bye giraffe man,” Takemichi shouts after them. The glare giraffe man sent her way, telling her they heard her.

“Is it too late to go by Hina’s?” Takemichi asks herself.

“Stop thinking about your girlfriend, Takemichi. You just got noticed by the fucking commander of Toman!” Oh, both Yamagishi and Makoto are looking at her like they’re going to build an altar and start praying to her like she’s their new God.

I wonder what being Mikey’s bitch will be like. Am I going to be forced to eat shit or give him massages? I sure as hell hope not.

The two boys both go one a while longer until they leave, Takuya with them, and it’s just Akkun and Takemichi.

“Thank you, Takemichi. Its thanks to you that we are no longer slaves. You always are fixing up our messes. I was close to taking up a weapon against Kiyomasa because of how much he fucked our lives up. Killing him was all I could do, you know?”

And yea, Takemichi knows. Growing up with parents like hers who want her to be perfect at killing people, Takemichi knows perfectly well how tempting murder is.

“I’m glad you don’t have to stain your hand like that, Akkun, and I hope you never have to do that. You’re an excellent friend,"


“Morning, Takemichi-chan,” Hina said, angelic voice still there like it isn’t the beginning of a school day filled with hell. When Takemichi traveled to the past, she had no idea she would have to do school again. God damn you, Naoto!

“Morning, Hina,”

“Oh, how great it is that you’re going to school and coming on time like a good girl!” Hina says, and wow, does she not know what those words to do Takemichi. She gulped, her throat suddenly as dry as the Sahara desert.

“I have cram school after,” Hina continued, and Takemichi moved her face opposite of Hina so the other girl wouldn’t see her blushing like crazy.

“Let’s go on a date before I have cram school,” Hina’s words make Takemichi look back at her, seeing total sincerity in those eyes.

“Sure, that’ll be great,” Takemichi’s reply is awarded a breathtaking smile from Hina.

“I’m so glad we have the same classes Takemichi-chan,”

I have changed my mind. School is the best!


Takemichi was in class, absolutely bored out of her mind. She had already learned all this shit, why did she need to sit through it again. Then, finally, a commotion outside managed to get her attention and save her from the hell that is school.

“Oi! You can’t just barge into a school whenever you like!” Someone shouted.

“What school are you from?!” Another person shouted.

“Oh, is she here♡?” A familiar voice said from the class door, and Takemichi raised her head to meet the eyes of Mikey from across the room.

“Let’s go play Takemitchy,♡” Mikey said. Obviously, no sane person would ever willingly go with them, but Takemichi was far from sane, so she instantly agreed.

“Thanks for getting me out of here, Mikey-Kun. If I had stayed here, I probably would go even more insane than I already am,” and with a grin at the teacher, Takemichi followed Mikey out of the room.

“Hey giraffe man,” she greeted him with a salute which he ignored.

“My name is Draken,” he said carefully like he was restraining himself from throwing her out the window.

“Nice,” was all Takemichi responded with.

Takemichi pointedly ignored all of the third years lying on the ground, who she is 99% sure got beaten up by Mikey and Draken. Takemichi also ignored Draken and Mikey walking on the third years when there was nothing wrong with the ground.

“Your free today, right?” Mikey asks, looking at her.

“Yea, I’m totally not free but fuck school. As long as we’re back before its end. I’ve got a date,” Takemichi replied, and it seemed like Mikey took an interest in that.

“A date with your girlfriend who you said was too pretty to cry over you if Ken-chin ate you?” Mikey questioned, amusement heavy in his voice.

“Yea her. She’s a total angel and way at my league,” Was Takemichi’s answer, which wasn’t wrong. Hinata Tachibana was a freakin godsend.

It seemed today was a day of ignoring things for Takemichi, as she also ignored the people whispering.

“What? Hanagaki-chan is buddy-buddy with Mikey?”

“Shhh. You’re too loud!”

“We have someone that awesome here?” Yes, random person, I am the awesomest person you will ever see. So bow down to me, mortals.

“Maybe he only wants her for her wrack. I mean, she’s got the biggest titties I’ve ever seen,” Takemichi just ignored the last one, but Mikey glared at the speaker, almost making the kid piss his pants. Thank God he had no interest in Takemichi that way.

This is my chance to get close to Mikey and stop him from meeting Kisaki. If I do this, Hina might li-

A shout cut off Takemichi’s inner musing.

“Hold it right there!” Hina shouted at Mikey and Draken.

Hina? What are you doing? Whatareyoudoing?

“Hah? Who are you?” Draken asked, getting annoyed.

Takemichi saw it happen a second before it happened in real life. Two of her fingers brushed together, and she saw Hina slap Mikey in a flash, and then she saw Hina slap Mikey in real life.


“Takemichi-chan, let’s go,” Hina takes Takemichi hand and starts walking away like she didn’t just slap the invincible fucking Mikey in the face. The only sound in the whole area right now is just Hina and Takemichi’s footsteps and the rustle of the school skirts moving.

“You mustn’t do what these people want!” Hina said, but Takemichi’s mind is just static. Hina just slapped Mikey in the face, knowing that she would die in the future because of him. She knows how dangerous he is yet still hits him—all for Takemichi. Takemichi felt like she fell in love with Hina all over again in that one moment.

“I will protect,”

“Hina…” Takemichi let out, breathless. However, the shaking of Hina’s hand caught her attention. She’s trembling, obviously scared, but that’s not stopping her. A hand gripping Hina’s caught Takemichi attention, and she looked up at the owner of that hand to find Draken glaring at Hina.

“Imma murder you bitch,” Draken spat venomously at Hina.

Murder Hina? Over my dead body you giraffe wannbe fuckface!

“You just gonna slap someone and then say see you later? Don’t make me laugh!” Draken continued, oblivious to Takemichi’s inner thoughts.

“What part of this is a joke? Coming into school and forcing someone to go with you isn’t something a friend would do. I won’t let Takemichi get involved with you,” I willingly went with them, Hina, but it’s the thought that counts.

But Drakens hand was still on Hina’s, squeezing it way too hard that must be hurting her, but she wasn’t complaining, for Takemichis’s sake. Takemichi was getting pissed off right now, and she unconsciously let put a threatening aura that had both gangsters pause.

“Oi, you fuckface, take your fucking hand of Hina before I rip it out of its socket!” Takemichi said, her voice in a whisper, but everyone heard it. She put her hand on Drakens arm that was holding Hina’s and forcibly removed it. Draken seemed surprised by her strength, but she didn’t know why, since he saw her knock out Kiyomasa the day before.

“You bastard, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?” Draken looked and sounded angry, but Takemichi was even more furious.

“Shut the fuck up, you asshole. I’ve gone against worse bastards than you. I won’t let you touch a hair on Hina’s without paying it back tenfold. I’m not going to give her up a second time,” Takemichi stated, looking up into Draken’s eyes and talking to him like she was telling the weather to someone and not threatening a well-known delinquent.

“Hah? A second time,” Draken speaks, but Takemichi’s not paying attention to him. Instead, she’s paying attention to the boy behind him, who seems to have decided to join the conversation.

“Ah, and here I thought we could be friends. Too bad♡. Well then, how do you wanna die?” In response to Mikey’s question, Takemichi smiles, the same smile her gramps used on Naoto.

“Well, should I be asking you that since I’m going to massacre you?” Takemichi replied, using the same tone Mikey used. A flicker of shock goes through those usually emotionless eyes, and if she didn’t know better, she would have thought she imagined it.

“I don’t care what the hell you do to me, but don’t you dare fucking touch Hina,” Takemichi said when the silence was getting too much.

“Huh, I don't give a shit about her,” Mikey replies, cocking a fist to punch at Takemichi’s face. She’ll let him have the first punch before she fights back, but she won’t close her eyes from the incoming fist. She refuses.

“Just kidding,” Mikey’s childish voice reaches her ears, and where a fist was before is Mikey’s smiling face. Takemichi’s body slumps in relief. While she 100% would have fought those two boys, she didn’t want to.

“Takemitchy, you dummy. I would never lay a hand on a girl,”

“Thank God you want, cos I would have beaten your ass if you do,” Mikey giggled in response.

“Takemitchy, were you threatening me?” Draken asks, throwing his arm around Takemichi’s shoulders.

Looking back at him, Takemichi replied, “Yea, did it work?”

“You're pretty scary for a small girl, ya know?”

“So it worked?”

Draken just laughed. What's up with these boys and just laughing as responses.

“So that's your girl, huh? You won't give her up. There aren't many people who are like that these days with their partners, are there? It is the Showa era after all,”

“Yep, that's my girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana,”

“Were you surprised?” Draken asks, looking back at Hina, who looks very much surprised.

“Huh. Takemichi-chan, these people are….” Hina looked over at Takemich, obviously in shock. From what Takemichi told her of these people, in the future, they are horrible. Why are their younger selves so vastly different?

“I am so sorry! I seem to have misunderstood something!” Hina shouted at Mikey, dipping into a 90-degree bow.

“It's alright, don’t worry about it. It was an amazing slap!” That just seems to fluster Hina even more.

“I am so sorry!”

“It's fine to do your best for the girl you like. But don’t get too carried away. Things will have been bad if you hit someone who would fight back!” Mikey scolded Hina. It was an amusing sight, and Takemichi was enjoying it immensely.

“Yes. I will be going now then.” Said Hina.

“Uh, what about our date?” Takemichi asked, sounding like a child who lost their favorite chocolate.

“We can postpone it for now, since your friends came all this way to see you,” Hina smiled at Takemichi and looked at Mikey to continue, “please look after my crybaby girlfriend,”

“Oi” Takemichi squeaked, which went ignored by everyone present.

“Will do. Bye-bye. Next time don’t hit me♡,” Mikey replied, waving at Hina as she left.

“What a nice girl. It's rare to see one like that,” Mikey said, looking at Takemichi now.

“Yeah, she's the best,”

“Make sure to take care of her,” Mikey told Takemichi, looking her straight in the eye.

Witnessing the Tokyo Manji gang from the future and seeing its leader from the past, it's like they’re two completely different things. What happened to make Mikey into the cold-hearted person he is in the future. I smell manipulation from a mile away.

While riding a bike with Mikey in the backseat and Draken following behind them, Takemichi had to ask Mikey a question that had been on her mind for a while, “Why were you pleased with me before?”

“That’s a stupid question,” What a childlike answer from Mikey.

“I have a ten years older brother. Well, he’s dead now though,” How morbid. I can’t imagine my life without Kikumi, “He was a reckless guy. He’d always calmly challenge guys way stronger than him to fight,”

“He sounds like he was a cool person,” was the only thing Takemichi could think to respond with. Gaaaah, stupid brain. Try to be more compassionate.

“Takemitchy, you are like him,” Takemichi almost stopped the bike at Mikey’s statement.

Mikey obviously holds a lot of love for his brother if the way he talks about him is any indication. And his brother sounds like a very cool and good person. Takemichi is not a good person. She has killed heaps of people and slept the same night without a single disturbance.

“No way, Mikey. I'm nowhere near the kind of good person you make your brother out to be,” Takemichi responded with the truth, no matter how depressing it sounded. Takemichi was always true to herself.

“Huh, what do you mean by that, Takemitchy?” Mikey asked, sounding like a confused child.

Takemitchy turns to face Mikey while still riding the bike and smiles at him. A soft smile that she doesn’t show to many people, “Don’t worry about it,”

“Okay,” Mikey huffs like a child and pouts but has enough social awareness not to push it.

When Mikey told Takemichi to stop riding, they were in front of a river. Standing on the hill, the leads down to the river with the fading light flashing onto him, Mikey looked ethereal.

“This is an era where delinquents are called lame. During my brother's generation, there were quite a lot of street gangs in this area. You would listen to your initiation and act on it. Everyone acted big, and all they did was fight. But they all took care of themselves. What was so lame about that?”

Mikey’s brother was around the same age as Kikumi. Maybe she knows more about this. I'll ask her another time.

“That's why I’m going to create an era for delinquents!” When he said it like that, when Mikey said it as if he was 100% sure that he would do that, Takemichi almost believed him if she didn’t know what his future held. In the future, Mikey was a monster, a monster that people feared. But wasn’t Takemichi a monster too? What made them so different? Takemichi wasn’t sure, but she knows one thing. There is nothing wrong with being a monster. Takemichi is one, and she still has people who love her.

What's so wrong with being a monster?

Maybe Mikey has always been a monster, just like Takemichi?

“I want you to accompany me on that journey, Hanagaki Takemichi! I was pleased by you,” Mikey said, voice full of conviction.

It was Draken that continued after that, “We have plenty of guys that are good at fighting. But there ain't many people like you who would stand against anyone if it were for something you couldn’t give up,”

“Think about it, Takemichi,” were Mikey's parting words.

Building a new era for delinquents. I might just stick around to see that happen, Mikey.

Walking by a group of thugs, she feels her bare skin rub against one of the other guys, and then the next thing she sees is Draken getting stabbed and lying in a pool of his blood during the rain. The date August third blasts into Takemichi’s head, and she instantly knows that's when Drakens is going to get stabbed. One more flash, and she can see a face who she identifies as Kisaki Tetta.

That person I just walked by is Kisaki Tetta.

Looking back at the boy she just passed, she sees him already looking back at her. Once they make eye contact, he turns around and continues walking with those other boys.

There's only one though Takemichi has about Kisaki Tetta at this moment.

What an ugly motherfucker.

Chapter Text

Hinata Tachibana loved her girlfriend very much. She loved Hanagaki Takemichi with all of her heart and loved her for all of her flaws.

Hinata still remembers the day very clearly when Takemichi told her about her family. It was a Tuesday evening, and after walking home from grocery shopping, she saw Takemichi sitting on the swings in a random kids’ park. Hinata, being worried about Takemichi, went up to her to see what was wrong.

Takemichi looked horrible. She had snot and tears running down her face and bruises on her arms, and when Takemichi explained everything she was bottling up about her family to Hinata, she was shocked.

Takemichi’s family runs the mafia?

Takemichi is in the mafia?

Takemichi is an assassin for the mafia and had already killed people at the tender age of 14?

Takemichi was a killer. She had killed people for her family. She admitted it right to Hinata’s face in the middle of her breakdown…..but Hinata couldn’t find it in her heart to worry about that.

Sure, Hinata was scared. Her girlfriend just admitted to being a part of the most ruthless and dangerous business in all of Japan. The same girlfriend also admitted to not really caring that she killed people, but it was Takemichi.

Takemichi was Hinata’s crybaby girlfriend. The same girl who saved her from bullies that one day after cram school. Hinata’s hero.

And Hinata loved every bit of Takemichi, as stated before. So Hinata made a decision at the ripe age of 14. Hinata took Takemichi in her arms and soothed her, even while she kept admitting to different crimes she had committed. While most other people would have run away and reported Takemichi to the police, Hinata stayed and decided no matter what job Takemichi had or who Takemichi killed, Hinata would love Takemichi.

Even if she was a killer, Takemichi was Hinata’s hero, and that’s all that mattered to her.


Learning about her death was shocking, and Takemichi’s time leaping was astonishing. Timetravel? It was unbelievable, and Hinata would have called Takemichi out on making such a joke if it wasn’t for the look in her eyes. The sorrow, anguish, and determination.

When Hinata looked into Takemichi’s eyes, all the protests died on her lips.

Takemichi wasn’t lying. Takemichi time traveled 12 years into the past to save Hinata. Hinata was going to die in 12 years. Funnily enough, what came to mind was when Takemichi admitted everything about her family to her. And just like she did then, Hinata made another decision to help Takemichi in any way she could. She would not abandon Takemichi.

“I believe you, Takemichi,”

And she did. Hinata believed Takemichi fully.

And if, after hearing about all Takemichi was doing to keep her alive, she falls a little more in love every time she looks at Takemichi, well, no one but her would know.


Takemichi was not expecting to walk across this. She was minding her own business, walking home, when she heard it—a scream. So now, Takemichi being the nosybody she is, went to investigate it.

What she came across was disgusting. A group of men beating up another man and making him watch as one member tries to rape a girl across him. The way he was shouting, he probably knew the girl.

Takemichi had no tolerance for rapists. She hated them passionately, so she got mad when she saw these people trying to rape a girl. So mad that she didn’t remember beating them up and blacked out until the fight was over. Takemichi would have thought she had nothing to do with beating the men up. However, the men on the ground around her, the blood on her knuckles, and the aches on her body told her a different story.

“T-t-thank you,” a voice says, and she turns around to see the boy consoling the girl.

“They almost raped my girlfriend, so thank you,”

Takemichi let go of the guy she was beating up and rubbed the back of her neck, all of a sudden very sheepish.

“It’s all good. I just can’t fucking stand rapists,”

“L-let me call the police,” The girlfriend spoke up. Calling the police was a good idea. Actually, it was a great one, but Takemichi has something else in hand.

“No, don’t call the police. I know someone who can deal with them,”

“Huh, what do you mean?” the boyfriend said. Takemichi just grinned in response, grabbing onto the most conscious guy of the group and shaking him awake.

“Hey fuckface, wake up,” Takemichi grinned at him, using teeth, and the guy paled.

Lifting her t-shirt, she proudly showed off her tattoo of the mafia. Next to her, she could hear the couple make a noise of recognition at seeing the tattoo but didn’t pay them too much mind. Instead, her focus was solely on the man in front of her.

“Do you know what this tattoo is?” a frantic nod was what she got in response, “Good because you know the mafia doesn’t allow rape, right?”

Oooh, the idiot finally seemed to know where this conversation was going.

“I-i-i’m so sorry, please I don’t want to die,”

Oh, how pathetic, he was begging for his life now, was he? That’s disgusting, especially from a rapist. She had no sympathy for any of those sick fucks.

“Don’t worry, you won’t die,” the relief on his face was short-lived when he heard her following words, “my sister is great at torturing people, and I’m sure she will enjoy doing it so you,”

Takemichi knocked him out, getting annoyed from his pathetic sobbing. Then, turning around, she faced the couple, who both looked like they had gone into shock.

“Hey, can you not call the police until I get these guys out of here?”

The boyfriend nodded frantically while it looked like the girl had fainted. Digging into her pockets, she searched for her phone. Opening the phone, she clicked on Kikumi’s number. It rings for a couple of seconds until Kikumi’s monotone voice crackles through the speaker.


“Hey, Nee-chan. How do you feel about torturing some rapists?”



“Nee-chan,” Takemichi called out. It had been a couple of days since she went out with Mikey and Draken on the bikes, and she had too many thoughts muddling around her brain. So the first person she went to with those thoughts was her sister.

KIkumi looked up from where she was filling out paperwork for the hospital. One look at Takemichi’s facial expression, and she put the paperwork away, giving her undivided attention to her younger sister. Fixing her glasses, Kikumi looked at Takemichi and waited patiently for Takemichi to continue.

“I met Sano Manjirou. He goes by Mikey right now, but he’s so different from how he is in the future,”

“Well, how is he different?” Came Kikumi’s reply.

“He said he wants to create a new era for delinquents, which is a great goal. But in the future, he’s a crazy bastard who didn’t care when I shot one of his executives right in front of him. How did he become like that?”

Kikumi hummed. And wasn’t that the million-dollar question. How did Mikey become Manjirou Sano? How did he go from a childish boy who pouts over the smallest things to leading the ruthless Tokyo Manji gang? Looking over at Kikumi, Takemichi can see she’s deep in thought. It warms her heart that Kikumi was helping her with this, especially considering Kikumi has such a busy schedule.

“Well, do you have any clue on what made him the way he is in the future? Did somebody he love die? Did a traumatic event happen that caused him permanent mental trauma?”

Takemichi lets the question roll over in her mind until she bolts up. How could she be so stupid? The hints have been right in front of her face the whole time, she was just too oblivious to see it. In the future, she had never heard of the name Draken or Ryuuguuji Ken, and from the brief interactions she’s had with him so far, it seems like the man would follow Mikey to the ends of the earth. So why hadn’t she heard of him if he was so close to Mikey and the vice commander?

Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I saw him die in a vision?

The face she made must have alerted Kikumi to her revelation because she felt a hand on her cheek turn her head to face her sister. While Kikumi was making no noticeable facial expression, Takemichi could see a glimmer of pride in her eyes.

“Did you have a revelation?”

“Yes! Draken, who is very close friends with Mikey, is going to die on August 3rd. Of course, it’s just a theory, but maybe his death sent Mikey into a spiral and made him into the person he is in the future. Do you think I’m right?” Takemichi rambled out, breathless but happy nonetheless. If Draken lives, Hina’s chance of survival will increase.

Looking Kikumi in the eyes, she waits for a reply from her sister. After a while, she finally gets one.

“Yes, I think your right. Draken must be important to Mikey to make him react like that to his death. I’m proud of you for figuring that out,”

Takemichi tries not to think about how her heart warms up at the praise, but the noticeable blush on her face probably gave her away. Fortunately, Kikumi doesn’t mention it, just ruffles her hair in response.

“But Takemichi, there is something I have got to say,” the way that Kikumi said that instantly set Takemichi on edge. Looking at her sister, she already knows that whatever Kikumi is going to say will be important. Her sister places her hands on both sides of her shoulders and brings Takemichi in close.

“You are messing with time here, and while every Hanagaki does, you have taken it to a whole different level. Things will differentiate between your original timeline and this one. Takemichi, some people who lived in your timeline might die in this timeline,” Takemichi nods in response. She knows this, and she knows how dangerous it is. She allows knows that people who originally lived might die now. As long as it was none of her loved ones, Takemichi was fine. She might even be the one killing.

“The Butterfly effect is a real thing, Takemichi. Changing one small thing in the past can change a lot in the future. While we may see the future, that doesn’t mean we can always change it. People still die and get hurt, even if we see it happening beforehand. While trying to save Hina, I know you will feel grief. I can’t see exactly what happens, but I am 100% sure of this one thing, it will not be easy,”

Kikumi takes a break, taking a sip of her coffee and trying to gauge how Takemichi is taking all this information. She seems fine, for now.

“You might see someone die in a vision and be too late to save them, and there’s nothing that you can do about that,” Takemichi inhales deeply at those words.

Logically, Takemichi knows those words are valid, but it makes her want to keep her small amount of loved ones safe in a way that they never get hurt. She doesn’t want the people she cherishes to die. Takemichi gestures her sister on. She wants to know what else Kikumi has to say.

“You can’t always rely on our ability to see the future. I learned that the hard way,”

Finally, Takemichi speaks, “What do you mean you learned this the hard way?”

“I had a boyfriend. He did two years ago, and I can vividly remember looking in the mirror, looking in the eyes of my reflection, and seeing him die. I called him multiple times, but it seemed like he wasn’t near his phone. I ran towards where he worked, but it was too late by the time I got there. He was already dead,”

Kikumi finally looks away from Takemichi and lets go of her shoulders to take a long sip of her coffee. It looked like Kikumi was indifferent to her boyfriend’s death, but the tightening of her grip on the mug’s handle betrayed that image. Her boyfriend’s death deeply hurt Kikumi, and it seems like she loved him a lot.

Takemichi can remember a time when she was 12 and Kikumi barely left her room for a week, and when she did, Takemichi could tell she was sad. When she asked Aiko about it, Aiko always got a sad expression on her face and told Takemichi she would tell her when she got older.

Kikumi’s voice snapped her out of her musings, “You helped me a lot through that, Takemichi,”

Takemichi snapped her head to meet Kikumi’s incredulously. Her? Takemichi remembers doing everything to get her sister out of her state, but looking back at it, Takemichi always thought she was a bother.

“Eh, me?”

“Don’t sound so shocked. Yes, you helped me a lot when you wouldn’t leave me alone and try to make me feel better. So I understand how you feel about Hina dying in the future, and I am willing to help you as much as possible. Just remember to not rely on being able to see the future too much,”

Takemichi nodded. She was going to try her hardest not to rely on her future vision. But one thing nagged her mind.

“Nee-chan, I never heard you mention this boyfriend at all in the future,”

Kikumi hummed but didn’t seem all that surprised, “I don’t like talking about it, and the only one who knew was Aiko, so he wouldn’t come up in conversation,”

Takemichi nods, understanding her sister’s feelings. Takemichi herself didn’t like to talk about her problems either.

Grabbing ahold of Kikumi’s hands, Takemichi exclaimed, “Nee-chan, if you ever feel that way, please tell me so I can help you as you helped me too,”

Kikumi was visibly surprised by this exclamation from Takemichi. It took a while for her to answer, but Takemichi was not going to retract her statement. Kikumi was Takemichi’s closest family member, and she loved her dearly. Takemichi wanted to help Kikumi in any way that was possible.

“Okay, only if you promise to do the same,”

Takemichi only nodded and beamed in response.

“Takemichi, we’ve gotten off track with the conversation. Do you know who’s going to kill Draken?” Kikumi asked.

“No, I don’t know who’s going to kill Draken, but I know who’s behind it. Kisaki Tetta,”

“Kisaki Tetta? The same man you have to stop from meeting Manjirou Sano?”

Takemichi nodded her head in response and told Kikumi about the brief meeting she had with him and what she saw. Kikumi nodded at all this information.

“I’ll try to find out as much as I can about Kisaki Tetta. Also, on August 3rd, there’s going to be a festival which teenagers will be attending, and Draken is a teenager soooo…..,” Kikumi trails off, waiting for Takemichi to pick up the pieces and figure the rest out herself.

“He might die there!” Takemichi exclaimed a smile on her face for getting the answer right. The answering head pat she got in response made her smile even more.

“Too bright Takemichi, I’m going to need glasses,” Kikumi said, in her monotone voice, which made Takemichi break out into giggles. Checking the time, Takemichi swore. She had a study session with Hina. She told as much to Kikumi, who nodded.

She was almost out of the room before a voice stopped her.

“I forgot to tell you, Takemichi, but you have a job,” Kikumi’s voice called out to her from the couch. Takemichi can only faintly make out the tattoos on her fingers, twins with Takemichi’s own from the distance between them.

A job. An assassination. Someone to kill.

“Who is it?”

“His name is Higuro Kagami. One of the patients at my hospital ordered a hit out on him. He’s a rapist,” Was Kikumi’s reply and Takemichi knows she added on the last bit of information to make sure that Takemichi took the job.

Which she already was going to. Takemichi would do a lot for money, which she gets every time she completes an assassination.

“Consider it done,”

Before leaving the room, Takemichi suddenly remembered those men she had given to Kikumi as a gift.

“What happened to those men I gave you, Nee-chan?”

“The rapists? The alive ones are still in the basement,”


“Thanks for saving Naoto from those bullies, Takemichi-chan.”

Takemichi looked up from where she was helping Hina with her homework. Having done all of this once before, Hina somehow managed to trick Takemichi into tutoring her. As if you wouldn’t have done it anyway, a treacherous part of her brain whisper, which she expertly ignored.

“Obviously, I couldn’t let such an adorable kid get beat up,”

Hina smiled, but it looked like she had more to say, so Takemichi waited patiently for Hina to say what she wanted while continuing with her homework, as Kikumi had often done for herself.

“My father is busy a lot and doesn’t come home often, so Naoto hates him for it. But after you saved him, he said he wanted to become a police officer like our father,”

Hina puts her book down and comes closer to Takemichi. Hina takes Takemichi hands into her own and looks into Takemichi’s eyes with her own eyes filled with such love that it leaves Takemichi breathless and a little teary.

“Thank you, Takemichi-chan,”

All Takemichi can do in response is laugh and scratch her head awkwardly. Hina was way too good for Takemichi, and she was an idiot for letting her go, even if it was for Hina’s safety.

“There’s no need to thank me, Hina,”

Hina looks like she wants to argue, but the sound of fireworks interrupts her. Hina goes to the window and looks outside to see that, yes, fireworks are, in fact, going off. Her face changes into what Takemichi remembers means she has an idea, and before Takemichi can react, Hina has taken her hand is leading her to the roof. The sound of their footsteps echoing in the building can be heard while fireworks go off in the distance.

Once they get on the roof, they find others had the same idea as them to go to the roof to watch the fireworks. To get a better view of the fireworks, Hinata goes ahead to the edge of the roof, leaving Takemichi behind to follow her.

“Wow, they’re so pretty. Hurry up Takemichi-chan,”

Being here with Hina and watching the fireworks makes me happy.

Blindly reaching out to take Hina’s hand, Takemichi grips one, but not Hina’s. This person’s hand is smaller and not as smooth as Hina’s. Looking over to see whose hand she grabbed, Takemichi’s heart dropped.

Naoto. She grabbed Naoto’s hand, which is the trigger for the time leap. She looked over at Hina, who was looking at Takemichi with wide eyes. Hina knows the trigger to Takemichi’s time leaping from when Takemichi explained it to her, so her reaction makes sense.

One moment she was looking at Hina, who was looking back at her with wide eyes, and the next, she was waking up in a bed.


“Takemichi, your back!”

Takemichi grimaced at Naoto’s excitement. She fucked up by time leaping by accident and was not looking forward to explaining it to him.

“So, how did your mission with stopping Sano Manjirou and Kisaki Tetta go?” Takemichi grimaced again at Naoto’s question.

“I met both of them, even if the meeting with Kisaki was only brief,”

Naoto hums and gestures for her to continue, wanting the details of how her time leap went.

“I met Sano, who goes by Mikey-Kun back then, and fuck Naoto. He’s so different from his current self. I know that his vice commander, someone named Draken, will die on August 3rd, 2005. If I stop his death, Hina might not die,”

“Why didn’t you just kill him?” Takemichi sits up at Naoto’s question. The tone he used showed his anger which is the same emotion on his face.

“What the fuck do you mean why didn’t I kill him? I don’t kill children, and he’s a child! Plus, there’s more to the situation than we know. I’m not going to kill the kid who can bring in heaps of money for the mafia too. There are heaps of reasons why I didn’t kill him!”

Naoto deflates at Takemichi’s answer, but the anger in his eyes is still present, “I’ll try to find as much information about Drakens death as possible,”

Takemichi hums in thanks before an idea goes into her mind. It was stupid. The Mikey she knew from the past isn’t the same as the Mikey now, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to do it.

“Hey, let’s go meet Sano,”

Naoto promptly spits out his drink.




“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” That was Naoto, complaining again.

She was just as surprised as he was that this plan worked. Finding out that Akkun was a bigshot in Toman was surprising. Finding out that a little thing like standing up to Kiyomasa changed his life so much was also unexpected. Kikumi was right about the timelines changing up and the butterfly effect.

“C’mon, kid, live a little. We only live once!”

“Fuck you. I’m only a year younger than you, Takemichi” Takemichi gasped in fake offense at his words.

“Could have fulled me. I bet you a bigshot with the ladies. Or the men if you’re into that. With a sexy face like that, eh?” Naoto stayed suspiciously quiet, but the flush in his face told her everything.

“Holy shit Naoto, I was joking but are you actually that popular. What are you, a sex god?”


Takemichi just cackles in response.

After finishing the phone call with Akkun to figure out the detail of their meetup, she texted gramps to see if it was alright. She was an executive in the mafia, and Akkun was a higher up in Toman, and currently, they were at odds with each other.

It seemed like the mafia would not let the disrespect of Toman violating one of their peace treaties go, and tensions had skyrocketed between the two overnight. Gramps replied that yes, it was alright.

Finally, the two of them had arrived at the building that Akkun told Takemichi to meet him. It was the kind of building her uncle Hiyashi owned, and he only cared about expensive shit.

“Are you sure it’s okay for us to be here?”

Naoto sounded unsure, but Takemichi was confident. This was the building that Akkun had told her to come to. Even if something went wrong, Takemichi was strong enough to protect both of them, and she had a gun hidden underneath her jack tucked into her jeans.

Takemichi just flashed Naoto an easy-going smile and took his hand, dragging him into the building. The inside of the building was precisely like Takemichi thought it would look like. It was shiny everywhere and shoved the wealth of the owners down everyone’s throats. There were pretty girls lined up on one side of the room wearing expensive clothing and an attendee at the door, probably waiting for guests.

Don’t they get tired of standing like that?

“Welcome! What is your name?” Asked the attendee.

“My name is Hanagaki Takemichi, and I’m here to see Atsushi Sendou,”

Looking behind her, she saw Naoto was looking at the building in awe. Takemichi frowned. The building wasn’t that amazing, and the mafia owned many buildings like this and even more extravagant ones. Takemichi reached out and pinched Naoto, which elicited a hiss in response. He glared at her, and she only smiled innocently in return.

Leaning in close, she whispered, “We at the mafia have better buildings than this,”

Naoto only glared at her even harder. Then, in retaliation, he pinched her even harder on her arm. Unfortunately for him, Takemichi had a high pain tolerance and was also petty, which resulted in the two pinching each other. At the same time, the attendee led them to Akkun and pretended not to notice what was going on behind him.

“Stop that!” Naoto hissed when they were finally alone after the attendee dropped them off to where Akkun was going to meet them.

“I’m not doing anything,” Takemichi said, feigning innocence while she continued to pinch Naoto.

“You know exactly what you’re doing. You should be taking this serious Takemichi,”

“I take everything seriously,” That was a lie from Takemichi. She takes nothing seriously.

A booming laugh from behind them alerted Naoto and Takemichi to the other presence in the room, which the two of them missed, too engrossed in pinching each other.

“You haven’t changed one-bit Takemichi,” Akkun said.

At the sudden appearance of Akkun, Takemichi said the first thing that came to mind, “Where the fuck is all your hair?”

Next to her, she can hear Naoto’s facepalm.



“How ya been, Takemichi?”

The two of them were currently outside after Akkun had requested to speak to Takemichi alone. It seemed like his hair wasn’t the only thing that changed. No matter how much he tried to hide it, Akkun had changed. He doesn’t look truly happy, and everything he does seems too forced.

“I’ve been better, considering Toman broke the peace treaty with the mafia,”

“Yea, I’ve heard about that. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how much Tachibana meant to you and how much you meant to her,” Akkun seemed genuine with his words, at least.

“I won’t lie and say her death was fine because it wasn’t. But this is the kind of lifestyle we live Akkun, I grew up in it, and I’ve gotten used to it,”

“You’ve always been mature like that, even in middle school. Speaking of middle school, its been a while since then, hasn’t it,”

Takemichi doesn’t know where this conversation is going, but she decides to humor him. She still needs him to take her to Mikey after all, “Yea, it been around ten years since I saw you last,”

The two continued to make small talk for a bit longer. It was nice talking to Akkun like this when they hadn’t seen each other in ten years in this current timeline. Clenching her fists, Takemichi knew they had to get down to business, and by the stutter in Akkuns smile, he knew too.

“That guy you brought with you was a detective, right?”

“Yes, his name is Naoto Tachibana. As you can guess, he’s Hina’s younger brother,”

“I know that,” at Takemichi questions gaze he just shrugged, “The Tokyo Manji gang is that type of organization,”

“Do you remember that conversation we had the day after you beat up Kiyomasa?” Akkun questions and Takemichi finds her lips unconsciously lifting to form a smile without her permission. Takemichi nods, and Akkun continues. It seems like he’s been wanting to get this off his chest for a while now.

“You said ‘if we were to go our separate ways, what do you think we’d talk about after becoming adults?’” Takemichi just nods again, getting suspicious about where this conversation is going.

“What do you think about this conversation. The one who pushed you onto those train tracks was me,”

Takemichi’s face betrays none of her surprises, staying blank at Akkuns admission. The silence was so loud, but all Takemichi could hear was white noise.

Akkun was the one who pushed her off the tracks. If Takemichi couldn’t go back in time, or Naoto found her, she would have died.

Akkun tried to kill her!?

Sweet Akkun, who was always so kind and wanted to become a hairdresser?

She swallowed past the lump in her throat and refused to show a reaction to Akkun, ignoring the pang of betrayal in her heart.

“A member of the Tokyo Manji gang trying to kill an executive of the mafia is the same as declaring war on the mafia. So far, the Tokyo Manji gang has broken two of the terms in the peace treaty. We will destroy you for that,”

In the face of Takemichi’s threat, Akkun just laughs again. Then, wiping away a tear from his eyes, he turns to face her fully.

“I 100% believe that you would win in a war against us, even with only half of your manpower. You were supposed to die that day on the tracks, but Tachibana saved you, almost like he knew you would be there,”

The look on Akkuns face sends Takemichi guard up and makes all of her internal alarms go off. What he’s going to say next is important.

“Could you travel through time into the past, and Naoto Tachibana wanted to help you?”

It was important

“Your smart Akkun, so very smart. I wish you didn’t become the man you are today,” Was all Takemichi could answer. Akkun was so bright, and to see him become like this, become like Takemichi, broke her heart.

“I just became like this one-day Takemichi, ya know?”

“Yea Akkun, I know,” Takemichi replied, tone soft.

“I’m one of Kisaki’s men now. All the members of Toman and Kisaki’s men now, I haven’t seen Mikey-Kun in years,”

The admission didn’t shock Takemichi as much as it would have, had she not gone in the past. It seemed like her theory of Kisaki manipulation Mikey was right. Takemichi unconsciously clenched her fists at the thought. Why would he want to manipulate Mikey?

“I’m way too scared to leave Toman. Kisaki Tetta scared me with every fiber of my being. Takemichi, the reason for Mikey’s change was Drakens death,”

“I thought so. He dies on August 3rd, right? I just don’t know where he dies,”

“Ha, you always seemed to know more things than you should. I sometimes wondered if you could see the future,”

Takemichi nervously laughs, internally screaming. Fuck! Akkun was way too smart for his own good. If he could figure her out, who else might have?

Akkun continues speaking, oblivious to Takemichi internal meltdown, “You know Takemichi, I’ve always admired you. Your strong, and you would always stand strong even if you were crying,”

“You want to go to the past to save Tachibana, right?”

Takemichi nods, just then noticing that he was upon the rails at the edge of the building. A feeling of unease crept upon Takemichi, and she put her finger together to see what was going to happen next. Takemichi prays for reassurance went unanswered as instead, she felt horror at what she saw in her vision.

“Akkun don’t!”

“Save everyone, Mrs crybaby hero!”

And with that, Akkun jumped off the building.

“Akkun, no!”

Takemichi had never felt more powerless. Falling to her knees, she barely felt the pain radiating from her knees, too numb to feel it. Akkun was dead. Akkun killed himself. Takemichi finally let the tears she had been holding fall.

Sobbing, she punched the ground with her fist, uncaring if it broke. It hurt. The pain in her heart hurt so bad. She wanted to rip it out so she would never feel pain like it again.

“Damn you, Akkun, why!” She muttered between inconsolable sobs.

Kikumi’s words unwantedly echoed in Takemichi’s mind.

We can’t always save the people we see die in our futures.

People will die.

Don’t reply on your vision.

Takemichi chuckles at the irony of the situation. It looks like you were right, Kikumi.


“Why don’t you kill Sano Manjirou?” Naoto asks.

The police were done getting Takemichi’s statement on Akkuns death, and it was just Takemichi and Naoto alone now. Takemichi felt horrible, and she doubted she looked any better. Akkun killed himself in front of her.

That is a good question. Why doesn’t she kill Mikey? Killing him would make things easier, and besides the no-killing children rule, nothing is holding her back. So why doesn’t she?

“Kisaki Tetta manipulated him into the person he is today. That much, I’m sure, off. At 15 years old, his best friend died. If I were in his situation, I would probably be the exact same as he is right now if nee-chan died,” Takemichi answers him honestly.

“I wanna save them, Naoto,”

“I wanna save Akkun, Draken, Hina and even stop Mikey from becoming the person he is today,”


“I found out the cause of Drakens death,”

That manages to get Takemichi’s attention. They were back at Naoto’s apartment looking through everything before Takemichi returned to the past again.

“How did he die?”

“There’s an article here about it. On August 3rd, 2005, in front of a parking lot in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, a 50 person brawl broke out. A middle school student (15) passed away after being stabbed in the abdomen with a knife.”

“That middle schooler is Draken, right?”

Naoto nods, showing the article to Takemichi. However, a piece of information captures Takemichi’s attentions.

“Ryuuguuji Ken died because of infighting between the ‘Mikey Fanction’ and ‘Draken Faction’ of Toman! What bullshit is that? There’s no way that it, there has to be more to it,”

“I will look into it while you’re back in time. But your current mission is to save Ryuuguuji Ken on August 3rd!” Naoto puts his hand out for Takemichi to shake, looking just as determined as he had on the day they shook hands to first go back into the past.

“Will do, Naoto!”

In a flash, Takemichi is in the past again.

“...and he just doesn’t pay attention to me!”

Huh? What the fuck? Whos talking? Looking around, Takemichi can tell that she’s in a karaoke bar, and there’s a pretty blonde girl next to her with honey-colored eyes.

“All he ever does is hang out with my brother! Why won’t he pay attention to me? I’m cute and pretty right?” The pretty girl asks, turning those honey-colored eyes towards Takemichi.

“Yea, your pretty,”

“Thank you. I don’t even know your name, but I’m ranting to you. Thanks for listening,”

So they didn’t know each other, and the honey-eye-colored girl was ranting to Takemichi about something. Probably a boy. Takemichi just gave her a reassuring smile.

“It’s fine. We all need to get things off our chests once in a while,”

Checking the time, Takemichi curses. Sending an apologetic look to the pretty girl, she quickly gathers all of her things.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to pick up my girlfriend from her cram school,”

Takemichi rushes out of the karaoke room before she can even hear the girls reply. She passes by a mirror and sees that she’s still in her school uniform, the white buttoned t-shirt and short skirt with knee-high socks. She also has gloves on which hides the tattoos on her hands.

At least I look cute.

“Takemichi-chan? What are you doing here?”

Speak of the devil, and she shall appear. Behind her is Hina in all of her glory.

“Hey, Hina,”

Hina’s eyes widen, and she pulls Takemichi into a bone-crushing hug. Maybe it was something about the tone Takemichi used, or perhaps it was her expression, but it seemed like Hina knew Takemichi was from the future straight away.

“Are you back?”

Hina asking that question confirmed all of her questions. Takemichi sighed and leaned into the hug, thankful for the warmth Hina radiated.

“Yea, yea I am,”

“Tell me everything while we walk,” Hina demanded, and Takemichi did.

She told Hina about Akkun and how he killed himself right in front of her eyes. Then, she told him what she learned about Drakens death and about him and Mikey fighting. When all of her explaining is over, Hina takes Takemichi’s hands into her own.

“Takemichi-can, I am so sorry about you having to witness that. There’s nothing I can give you in this situation besides support and comfort,”

Taking one of her hands away for Takemichi’s, Hina balls it into a fist and looks back at Takemichi with determination written all over her face.

“Takemichi-chan, I will help you save Draken!”

Takemichi just stared at Hina, with her mouth slightly open and teary eyes, which kept getting wetter and wetter by the second. Finally, she sends a grateful look towards Hina and wipes her eyes with her free hand, getting ready to reply to Hina when ringing comes from Takemichi’s phone.

“Takemichi-chan, your phone is ringing,”

“Yea, I know,”

Irritated at being interrupted from her talk with Hina, Takemichi doesn’t even bother to see who called her, just answering straight away.

“This better be fucking important, asshole. I’m busy here,”

“Oi, what did you say?”

“Fuck Draken. I didn’t check who was calling. Sorry about that. Don’t call again when I’m spending time with Hina. What do you want anyway?”

“Next time, I’ll try to make sure only to call when you are not with your girlfriend,”

“Don’t be sarcastic with me, you tall fuck,”

“Hahahahah, anyway, where are you right now?”

“Uhhh, I dunno where I am. Why do you need to know?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just come to the Musashi shrine on the Tama river. We’re getting everyone together,”

And with that, Draken hung up. Takemichi cursed. Did he seriously have to call her now? She was with Hina.

“Who was that?”

Ah, Hina. Hina was still here. Takemichi was ashamed to say she forgot, Hina was still there, even though the reason she was mad at Draken interrupting her was that she was with Hina.

“It was Draken. He wants me to go to the shrine at the Tama river,”

“Does he? Well, I’ll come with you. I’m not leaving you alone right now. Also, can I stay the night at yours?”

Without waiting for a response from Takemichi, Hina took her hand and began leading her to Tama river.

“Sure you can stay the night,”

Eh. What’s the worse that can happen?


“You’re supposed to meet him here?”

“Yea, that’s what Draken said,”


Takemichi heard the bikes before she saw them, and the next second, the whole shrine was filled with bikes. Hundreds of them with even more people.

Feeling a tug on her arm, she looked back at Hina, who looked at her worriedly.

“Is this the right place?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is,”

“What scary people,”

Takemichi puffed her chest up at that and looked back at Hina with a proud look in her eye.

“Yea, but I’m scarier, and I’ll protect you if things go to shit,”

Hina’s laugh in response was enough to dampen some of Takemichi’s nerves. Only some. Takemichi should be used to this. She was in the mafia, and she was one of the most sought-after assassins in the future.

But teenagers are fucking scary.


So one of the bikers decided to talk to them. How scary.

“This aint a fucking exhibition. Get the fuck out of here!”

“What the fuck you want, you shit-licker?”

“I’ll kill you, you fucking asswipe!”

One of the men grabbed her top and pulled her forward. That was enough. She was just waiting for Draken to come. So what’s up with all these guys.

Takemichi did the only thing she could think of. She grabbed the man’s hand and twisted it until he let go of her shirt, and ignoring his yelp of pain.

“Shut the fuck up, you demonic teenager. I’m only fucking here cos that tall asshole told me to come here. I would very much rather spend time with Hina behind me, but here I am, having to deal with snot-nosed brats who think they’re the shit!”

A new voice piped in, “Could it be that your Takemitchy?”

Looking around, her eyes landed on an attractive boy with purplish-silver hair with eyebrow slits.

“Pretty boy. Yes, that’s my name. What’s your name, pretty boy?”

Behind her, Hina lets out a small laugh at the nickname Takemichi chose for the boy. The boy himself didn’t seem to mind the name either. He only shook his head and gave Takemitchy an attractive - too attractive - smile.

“My name is Mitsuya Takashi,”

“Mitsuya-Kun, can you get these guys to leave me alone?”

Gone was the easy-going smile he had before. When he was looking at the gang member, he had an authoritative look, “Stop threatening the presidents guest,”

And now the easy-going smile was back. Looking at Takemichi and Hina, he said, “Come with me,”

Hina and Takemichi followed Mitsuya until he eventually led them to an open area where both Draken and Mikey resided with their bikes.

“Yo Takemitchy. Sorry for calling you out here all of a sudden,” Takemichi knows that voice. Its Mikey.

Takemichi scowls in response, “You bastard, you better be sorry. It’s cold out here,”

Mikey laughs in response, which manages to lift her scowl until she hears Draken talk.

“Why’d you bring your girlfriend?”

“You knew I was with her. So why wouldn’t I bring her?”

“Plus, I’m sleeping at Takemichi-chan’s tonight,” Hina chimed in.

Draken just hums and looks at Hina, and I kid you not, this whole man’s stance changes. No longer the menacing vice-captain of Toman but now a regular 15-year-old boy.

“Hina-chan, sorry about before, when I was threatening you to test Takemitchy,”

“Oh, that’s alright,”

Draken looks behind Takemichi and suddenly straightens up. Takemichi quirks an eyebrow at the sudden change of attitude.

“Oi Emma!”


It’s the girl from Karaoke. The girl who was complaining about the boy who wouldn’t pay attention to her, only her brother. So the honey-eyed girl’s name is Emma.

“This is Takemitchy girlfriend, be sure to protect her,”

“Got it~.”

It seemed Emma finally recognized Takemichi because her eyes widened in recognition when they landed on Takemitchy and her cheeks turned red, probably remembering everything she spilled to a supposedly stranger.

“It’s you!” Emma exclaimed, pointing to Takemichi.

“Do you know Emma, Takemitchy?”

Takemitchy turned back to Draken now, completely missing Emma’s look at panic and her trying to stop Takemitchy from speaking. Hina seemed to notice it though, and looked between Emma and Draken with dawning realization. However, the two of them were not fast enough to stop Takemichi from opening her mouth to reply.

“Huh, yeah, I just met her today. We met at a Karaoke bar, and she kept complaining about how the guy she liked didn’t pay enough attention to her and only hung out with her brother. I never did catch the guys name,”

“Takemitchy….” Looking at Hina, it looked like she was barely holding in laughter. Draken also seemed to have gone quiet, with a competitive look on his face. Emma looked like she would combust with how red she was

“You are so oblivious. It hurts sometimes,”

Takemichi fake gasped in offense, “Hina, what are you talking about?”

It seemed like Draken was finally done thinking and wasting time. He turned his attention onto the painfully oblivious girl.

“Takemitchy, you done now?”

With the receiving nod from Takemitchy, Draken decided to start the meeting. At his shout for the meeting to start, all the members bowed their heads to Mikey and Draken while Takemitchy followed behind them, feeling and looking out of place. She got some curious glances from some members, but after Mitsuya announced that she was the president’s guest, most people left her alone. Sitting at the front of the shrine with everyone’s attention on him, Mikey started the meeting.

“We’re gathered here today because of the Mobius incident. When we clash, it’s going to be a big dispute. If we do clash, it will be around the time of the Musashi festival,”

Musashi festival? Maybe that’s when Draken dies? The article Naoto showed me did say that Drakens death was during a fight with another gang, and it seems so unrealistic that this Mikey would cause his death.

“Now then, let me hear what everyone thinks,” Mikey concluded.

Looking over at Draken with a questioning look in her eye, he sighed and ordered Mitsuya to tell Takemichi about Mobius, which he did.

“Mobius is a biker gang two generations older than us who’s been controlling Shinjuku,”

“Huh, I thought Toman was controlling this place,” Takemichi stated.

“Toman is over shibuya. Shinjuku is a different story. Plus, Toman is still a new gang,”

“Huh, that’s news to me. But then again, I’ve never been good at geography,” Mitsuya barked out a laugh at that but continued to explain.

“And about the dispute….” Mistuya didn’t get to continue explaining as Takemichi barely managed to dodge the kick aimed at her back. Whirling around, she came face to face with a boy in the Toman uniform who was taller than her and another boy next to him who was even taller than the both of them.

“Huh, what the fuck was that for you shithead?”

“Hah, you got a problem?” the taller one asked her, completely disregarding her earlier question and coming up close into her personal space.

“Your Hanagaki, aren’t you?” the other shorter one asked.

“Yes…..” Came Takemichi’s intelligent reply.

“You took care of Kiyomasa of our squad during the underground fighting incident, didn’t ya?”

“How do you plan to pay for the bets we lost?”

Ahhhh, so they were pissed that Takemichi beat the shit out of Kiyomasa, who was in their squad. So this means these people must be a Captain and Vice-Captain of Toman.

“Fuck your bets. Kiyomasa got what was coming to him,” No Takemichi! Why would you say that? You should have stayed quiet and not incur the wrath of these guys.

Those words seemed to have made the two even madder. They seemed seconds away from beating this shit out of Takemichi right in front of everyone and probably would have tried to had Mistuya not interrupted.

“Cut it out. Don’t start a fight with the president’s guest, Pa. The Kiyomasa incident was nothing but him using Tomans name as he pleased to set up some underground fights, right?”

The shorter guy, who Takemichi now knows is called Pa, shouted his reply.

“Hah?! I ain’t know anything about that shit because I’m fucking dumb!”

“Pachin’s brain is just jello, okay?” The taller one shouted at Mitsuya too.

Takemichi tried but failed to stifle a laugh at the boy’s words. They were calling themselves dumb, but it was just so funny. Mitsuya seemed absolutely done with their shit, too, and yelled back at them.

“If you don’t know, then don’t butt in, you dumbass!”

A different voice chimed into the conversation now, “Oi, pa. Shut up!”

Ah, that was Draken. Walking over to Takemichi, Draken stopped just short of her.

“Sorry about those two, Takemitchy.”

Takemichi just snorts in response, “It’s fine. Those two guys are funny anyway,”

Waving her hand, she shows that she doesn’t have any hard feelings at the boy's actions or words.

“It’s just because Pa is on edge right now,” Draken starts, signaling to Mitsuya to continue.

“The leader of Mobius is a guy called Osanai. He got into a fight with Pa’s best friend over some little thing. Members of his gang ganged up on Pa’s friend and tried to rape his girlfriend in front of him. Luckily, someone from the mafia happened to be walking by and managed to stop them before they succeeded, but it still put Pa on edge,”

Takemitchy perked up at the mention of the mafia, which went noticed by both boys, even if they didn’t know why.

The mafia. Ooooh, maybe it’s someone I know.

Takemichi failed to remember the scene she stumbled on a couple of days prior, and the mafia person they were talking about was Takemichi herself.

“Someone from the mafia, who was it?” Asked Takemichi, sounding far too excited while talking about the mafia, whom most people feared. Mitsuya and Draken shared a confused look before Mitsuya reluctantly answered her.

“We don’t know. They refused to describe their savior to the police and have them arrested. The person who saved them seemed to have taken the Mobius members part of the incident somewhere and mentioned something about torturing. Pa’s friends didn’t want to give their savior up, so they stayed quiet,”

“That's so nice of them. But if you can get them to describe the person who saved them and get that information to me, I might be able to identify them,”

“How would you identify them?” This time, Draken spoke up and asked, looking at her with a severe expression. Takemichi only laughed and sent a smile to him in response.

“I’ll leave it up to your imagination,”

She may like these people, but she wasn’t going to tell them that she’s in the mafia off the bat. Turning around from the boys and completely missing the looks they sent each other, she turned her attention back to Mikey and Pa, who was talking about what to do about Mobius. Unfortunately, it looks like she missed some of the conversations.

“That's not what I’m asking. Do you want to do it? Or not?” That was Mikey currently speaking.

“I wanna do it. I wanna fucking beat them to death!” Pa shouted

What are they talking about?

“That's what I thought. Is there anyone who thinks it’d be too much trouble if Toman helped out Pa’s good friend? Is there anyone who is on the fence about Mobius, even though they fucked up Pa’s friend?”

Silence. No one in Toman puts their hand up at Mikeys questions, and Takemichi would be surprised if someone did. This Mikey is a great leader, so different from how he is in the future.

“There aint is there!?”

The atmosphere in the air changed as soon as Mikey uttered those words. Gone is the previous atmosphere and is now replaced with one of determination.

“We’re going to crush Mobius!!!”

At Mikey’s words, the cheering starts. People shouting and cheer after he finishes talking. They finally quieted down enough for Mikey to speak again.

“The final battle will be on August 3rd during the Musashi festival!”

So I was right. Draken is going to die during the conflict with Mobius.

Chapter Text

“So that’s your bitch, right?”

Mikey turned around to face the person who spoke. It was Baji. The meeting had just ended, Takemichi and her girlfriend leaving straight away. All the other Toman members had left too, until only the captains, vice-captains, and some stragglers were left.

“Yeah, that’s her. Why are you asking?”

Truthfully, Mikey didn’t know what to think of Takemitchy. Someone who can go from playful one second to threatening in another. Someone who also didn’t seem to care about who Mikey and Ken-chin were since she used that stupid nickname for Draken that Mikey secretly found hilarious.

She reminded him of his brother, but she was also different. Shinichiro couldn’t fight, unlike Takemitchy, who, from what Mikey saw from her fight with Kiyomasa, was a skilled fighter. Better than most of the people in Toman and maybe even a match for Mikey himself. She was friendly and caring like Shinichiro and gave off the same energy as Shinichiro, but Mikey could tell that she was also very different from him.

Ken-chin most likely didn’t notice it, but Mikey did. A certain darkness in her, like she wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone if they pissed her off. It was subtle, and Takemitchy hid it well, but Mikey could see it, especially when he threatened her girlfriend. If Mikey fought with Takemitchy when she was mad like that, he didn’t want to think about what would happen.

Baji’s brash voice brought Mikey out of his thoughts.

“When you said you got a bitch, I didn’t think you meant a tiny thing like that. Can she even fight?”

“She could probably kick your ass, Baji,” Responded Ken-chin in Mikey’s stead.

He was right. Takemitchy could probably kick Baji’s ass, as the two seemed to have different fighting styles. While Baji was a brawler who went all out with his punches, Takemitchy appeared to have an almost acrobatic fighting style, which wouldn’t go well with Baji’s. Said boy, however, did not seem to like this statement, if the change in his facial expression was anything to go by.

“Huh! A little bitch like that wouldn’t be able to win against me,”

Ken-chin just snorted, “Keep telling yourself that,”

Baji looked like he was going to retort until Mitsuya’s voice cut him off, “Does she have any connections to the mafia?”

This question got Mikey’s attention, and it seemed like he wasn’t the only one. All the people there turned to look at Mitsuya. The boy was looking straight at Mikey and looked serious. Of course, Mikey had heard the conversation happening to the side of him between Ken-chin, Mitsuya, and Takemitchy, and he saw her reaction to the mafia being mentioned.

Mikey hummed, taking another bite of his Dorayaki. The sound of Mikey’s eating is the only thing heard as he contemplates the question. It would make sense if she had connections with the mafia with the way she acted. The way she confidently held herself like she was sure everything would be fine, like she would come out on top in anything. Maybe the mafia helped with the darkness inside of Takemitchy? Mikey doesn’t know, but he doesn’t really care. As long as no one in Toman betrayed the gang, and they were happy, Mikey doesn’t care what they do in their own time.

“Why would you ask that, Mitsuya?” Surprisingly, it was Mucho of the fifth division who asked that question. Mucho, who usually only dealt with traitors and didn’t take an interest in many other things involving the gang.

“When we told her about how it was someone in the mafia who saved Pah’s friends, she perked up. She was also happy when I told her how Pah’s friends refused to tell the police who saved them. Also, she told me to tell her the description of the person in the mafia who saved them, as she might be able to identify them,”

“How would she be able to identify them?” Pah asked. Since it was his close friend who got attacked, he probably wanted to thank the savior too.

“She didn’t say, just smiled, laughed, and said that she would leave it up to our imagination,” Ken-chin replied instead of Mitsuya this time. Mikey had known him for a while and knew that he looked troubled right now. He was troubled that bringing someone with mafia connections into their gang might have negative consequences. Mikey was the only one who knew that the mafia owned the brothel that Ken-chin lived at, and he was planning to keep it that way.

Mikey hummed again at all the Captains’ information, making all eyes turn towards him. If she was in the mafia, Takemitchy wasn’t even trying to hide it. Was it because all the people here were in a gang? Maybe. It didn’t matter to Mikey if Takemitchy was in the mafia because he liked Takemitchy. He thought she was funny and a great fighter. He thought it was funny how she had no fear of Ken-chin to call him Giraffe head and an asshole.

Looking uncharacteristically serious, Mikey said, “I don’t care what Takemitchy does in her own time. If she’s in the mafia, she’s in the mafia, which is her own business. In the meantime, Pah, get your friends to send you a description of the person who saved them, and we will give it to Takemitchy,”

“But if she’s in the mafia-” Mucho starts, but Mikey cuts him off,

“I just said it doesn’t matter if she’s in the mafia. I like Takemitchy, so if she’s in the mafia or not, she’s staying around. If it bothers you so much, have Sanzu look into her,” Mikey said, using the authoritative voice he rarely uses.

Besides Mikey, who was too busy eating his Dorayaki, everyone was quiet. Mucho and Sanzu nodded at Mikey’s order, even if Mucho looked sour about the idea. Well, everyone was quiet until Smiley spoke up.

“You think she would fight with me?”

Everyone, even Mikey, turned to look at him incredulously. Smiley just smiled and shrugged at all the attention on him.

“What, if she’s in the mafia, I heard they’ve got good fighters. Do you think she’ll fight with me?”

Baji cuts in, voice filled with what Mikey knows is a challenge, “No no no, he’s right. I wanna fight her now,”

“You’ll lose,” Comes Ken-chins flat tone, which earns him a glare from Baji.

The tense atmosphere that was around moments ago vanishes straight away as Baji and Ken-chin have a mock fight. All thoughts of Takemitchy being in the mafia fly right out the window as everyone turns to watch the two teenagers battle it out.

Good. If Mikey has his way, Takemitchy will be staying around for a while longer.


“Drakens going to die at the festival”

“I know. What are we going to do about it?”


“Yea dumby, I’m going to help you,”

It was late at Takemichi’s house. She and Hina were lying in her bed hours after the meeting with Toman, which was stressful. Who knew that teenage boys these days would be so scary. Takemichi certainly didn’t know. Also, what the fuck were they feeding kids these days. Why were some of those boys so tall? Why did Takemitchy herself never grow over 5’3?

Talking with Hina like this, making plans about what to do, felt oddly peaceful to Takemichi, even when they spoke of gruesome things like a teenage boy dying. Tears start to well up in Takemichi’s eyes at Hina’s words. Hina wanted to help Takemichi even though she had no obligation to save Draken and could leave Takemichi to do it. Said girl, who caused the tears, just chuckled and wiped the tears away, snuggling closer into her crybaby girlfriend.

“You’re the assassin with the crazy kill count. Why do you cry so much?” Hinata asked, humor obvious in her voice. She loved the fact that she could reduce a cold-hearted assassin like Takemichi to tears.

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Takemichi admits. If Hina got hurt while Takemichi could have done something to save her, that would weigh on her mind for the rest of her life.

“I’ll be fine. If I think I’m in danger, I’ll leave right away,”

“You better,”

Hina just laughs at her girlfriend’s words. Takemichi was such a worrywart, but Hina loved that about her. Having her fuss over Hina always caused the peach-haired girl to blush. They discuss Draken for a bit longer and decide to stay around him all the time on the day of the festival. Hinana would see if she could arrange a double date with Takemichi and Hina, along with Emma and Draken (even if the other two would deny its a date), as Hina managed to get Emma’s phone number. Takemichi hoped that Kikumi was working that day at the hospital, so if Draken did get stabbed, she could rely on Kikumi to try her best to save him.



“Nee-chan, I did it,”

Kikumi turns away from Aiko, whom she was conversing with, and looks towards her younger sister. Who is carrying a bag that she knows all too well. The bag falls to the floor with a thud, and a decapitated head rolls out. No one present seems to pay the head much mind.

“So he’s dead?”

“Yep. I did a simple headshot,”

Aiko, who seemed to have understood what the conversation was about, hands Takemichi a glass of water, which the younger girl thankfully took.

“Killed someone, did you Michi-chan~?” Aiko playfully asks, causing Takemichi to snort.

“Yea. His name was Higuro Kagami. He’ll probably be on the news tonight,”

Aiko just smiles and ruffles up Takemichi’s hair. When Takemichi glares at the taller girl, all she gets is a blinding smile in response. Taking off her clothes and putting them in the laundry basket, Takemichi changes into her school uniform and gets ready for school that day. Takemichi already knows school will be bitch that day since she was out all night in the cold. Kikumi seems to know this as well as she looks at Takemici with questioning eyes.

“I can’t miss school. What happens if people get suspicious?”

Kikumi nods her head in understanding. They both know it’s true, and skipping school would cause Takemichi more problems than it’s worth. Kikumi had to go through it, and now Takemich has to. Next to the two, it looks like Aiko just had a lightbulb moment. The two sisters share a look, knowing that whatever Aiko is thinking will probably not be a good idea.

“Michi-chan~, you should come to my shop and see the drugs I’m selling!” Aiko exclaims tone, not at all fit for what she was talking about.


“Why not, younger cousin?”

Kikumi sighs. She knew what Aiko was going to say was going to be stupid. Kikumi leaves the conversation and heads towards the basement. She wants to play more with the gift Takemichi has given her. There were still a couple alive after all



Against Takemichi’s better judgment, she did end up going to Aiko’s shop to look at the drugs. While she might find her older cousin annoying, Aiko is one of the few people in the Hanagaki family that Takemichi does not want to kill or kill herself whenever she’s in their presence.

Looking around the shop, there were endless books everywhere. The bookshop is a cover shop, and the drugs are underground—cocaine, Meth, Molly, Weed, and more. Any kind of drug there is, Aiko probably has it. She’s smart with the customers too. She starts the prices of the drugs low and gradually makes the prices higher until the customer goes into debt and BOOM!

The customer can’t pay anymore, so they get in debt to the mafia and are used by Takemichi’s grandfather like pawns. It’s horrible, using people like that, but Aiko and Takemichi have been desensitized to it.

After looking around the shop for a while, Aiko takes Takemichi to the back, where the door to the drugs underground is. Once they get to the drugs, Takemichi motions for Aiko to stop, which she does, albeit with a confused expression.

There was also a reason why Takemichi came with Aiko to the shop.

“Ehh Michi-chan~, what is it?” Aiko asks, still with a cheery voice but confusion shown.

“Soon, a man named Mistuba Akemi is going to come for drugs. You’re going to do what you always do and get him under the mafia. However, he’s an undercover cop,” Takemichi cooly informs her.

Takemichi can see the exact moment her words sink into Aiko. The older women’s facial expression changed from confusion to surprise to anger and eventually smoothed out. However, the look in her eye is dangerous, and Takemichi knows that Aiko is furious.

“Mitsuba Akemi has already come into the shop. I’m getting started on him now. I take it something bad happens in the future.” Aiko asks, but by her expression, she already knows.

The Japanese mafia has the largest drug cartel in Asia, with the Korean mafia in second. Aiko’s shop is only one of the many places where people can come to buy drugs from the mafia. The police, which should be in the hands of the Hanagaki family, tried to discreetly send someone to at least get rid of some of the power they hold. They had to do it in secret as Hanagaki Haruto holds a high position in the Japanese police system and manages to take the heat off the mafia.

Of course, the police system is full of spies from the mafia, so sending an undercover cop to Aiko’s shop was risky. However, the plan worked. With all the police that weren’t under the mafia’s thumb, they somehow managed to get a warrant and search the store. Thankfully, Aiko was able to get free of prison time. However, the blow to the mafia was big, and the consequences to Aiko were harsh.

Takemichi told as much to Aiko, who grimaced.

“I’ll kill him and tell that idiot Haruto to get better control of the police,” Aiko said in reply to Takemichi.

Takemichi, in turn, nodded and looked over to the weed growing. Following Takemichi’s line of sight, Aiko huffs out a laugh, finally getting rid of that tense look on her face.

“Hey Michi-chan ~, as a thank you for what you told me, do you want some weed~?” Aiko asks, fully expecting Takemichi to say no.

So imagine her surprise when Takemichi matches her grin and replies with “Sure,”



“Pa told his friends about sending the description of their savior to you, but they refused, saying they would prefer to meet you in person,”

Smart people

Those were the words Draken told Takemichi as they walked to the hospital, where they were going to meet the couple who got attacked. Mikey was with them too, currently on Drakens back because he was tired after eating.

Mikey was an amusing person to Takemichi, and if she didn’t know who he would be in the future, she would have maybe introduced him to the mafia. But the fact is, Takemichi knew precisely what he would turn out like, even if it was Kisaki Tetta manipulating him like she thought it was.

Right now, Takemichi’s only goal was to make sure Mikey and Kisaki Tetta don’t meet, which, when looking back at it, seems impossible. Because realistically, how is she supposed to make sure two people never meet without killing the other. Which she doesn’t want to do because killing people under 16 leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.

“That’s smart of them. However, I don’t know if I will be able to identify their savior as I only have some family members in the mafia,” Takemichi lies.

She’ll be able to identify their savior easily, even if she has to use her ability to do it. However, letting Draken and Mikey know would give them too much knowledge of her, which she would rather avoid. However, as if causing the opposite effect, Draken seemed more trouble, and Mikey looked at her like he saw her soul and judged it for it.

Takemichi halted her steps, grabbing Drakens shoulder and making him look at her.

“What is it?”

Draken seemed troubled for a few moments, looking like he would speak up before thinking better of it and shutting his mouth with an audible click. Huffing from having enough of his behavior, Takemichi gripped his arm tighter.

“If there’s something you want to say, spit it out,”

“Do you know a black-haired, blue-eyed woman named Hiyoriki?” Draken spits out, and Takemichi loosens her hold on his arm in surprise.

Hiyoriki? How would Draken know about Auntie Hiyoriki?

“Auntie Hiyoriki?”

“You know her?” Mikey asked this time, a blank expression on his face with those unnerving eyes of his that made her want to shiver. Thankfully, she repressed that urge. When it comes to her family and the mafia, Takemichi will show no weaknesses to 15-year-olds.

“Of course, I know her. She’s my dad’s sister,” replied Takemichi, before adding on, “why?”

“She owns the brothel I live at,” Draken replied, and Takemichi was barely able to keep the surprise off her face.

Draken lived at a brothel? Storing that information for later looks back at over at the two teenage boys.

“Why are you asking? Is she causing you trouble?”

“No, everyone is just afraid of her,” Draken replied, looking far more relaxed than before.

Drakens words are understandable. Takemichi has mixed feelings about Hiyoriki. On the one hand, Hiyoriki doesn’t care for much besides money, not even her children, and look how they turned out. Insane. But on the other hand, Hiyoriki brings in a lot of money and is a valuable asset. So while Takemichi might be estranged from her aunt, she can see Hiyoriki’s value.

If Hiyoriki wasn’t valuable, then that might be a different thing. Takemichi might have killed her already. Which wouldn’t be the first time one Hanagaki killed another, hell, it wouldn’t even be Takemichi’s first blood relative she killed.

Because while the Hanagaki might be a big family who has use for each other, there are plenty of conflicts. Kikumi killed their grandmother at 16 simply because she had old-fashioned opinions. Not that she’s judging because, at 14, Takemichi killed their grandfather for the same reason. Sure, some family members love each other like Takemichi and Kikumi love Aiko, but most see others as business partners.

The Hanagaki’s are a family of psychopaths who commit parricide way too much.

That thought shouldn’t be as funny to Takemichi as it is.

The brushing of Mikey’s palm against her elbow brings her out of her thoughts, and the next second, she sees the familiar faces of those two people she saved a couple of days prior, bowing down to her in thanks with Mikey and Drakens shocked face next.

Takemichi groans inwardly at her own stupidity. How the fuck did it never occur to her that the people she saved were Pah’s friends. It seemed like when Kikumi told her she was oblivious to anything but the mafia, she was right.

“We’re here,” Draken says, which only makes Takemichi’s panic increase.

“W-wait,” Takemichi stuttered, actually complete on stuttered.

Draken stops walking, and both he and Mikey look at her with a look that screams, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’.

“Let me go in by myself. If I identify the person and you hear, it could get you in trouble” Takemichi lies.

Good fucking excuse Takemichi. It seems legit enough.

By the look on the two boys’ faces, they considered it. Draken looks back at Mikey, and when Mikey nods back, the two boys go leave to talk to the victim’s parents while Takemichi’s shoulders sag in relief. Thank god.

Slipping into the hospital room, Takemichi already knows what she’s about to witness.



“This was a fucking bust,”

“Language,” Naoto replies but looks just as exhausted as she does.

Coming back to the future was a fucking bust. They met Osanai of Mobeius. He was a fucking loser. That’s all Takemichi could say to describe him. He was a coward, pathetic, and a loser.

Takemichi shot him in the head.

That’s how mad he got her.

Besides her, Naoto looks oddly at peace with the dead body on the floor in front of them, missing his brains. He calmly passes her a napkin to get rid of the blood from her face.

“Did you seriously just kill someone in front of me, a detective?” Naoto asks, seemingly trying to figure out what the fuck goes on inside of his sisters-maybe-girlfriend.

Too bad for Naoto. Takemichi just has Wii music playing in her brain most of the time.

“Try and arrest me, bro. You and I both know that the Japanese police system is full of the mafia’s people,” came the far too chirpy reply from Takemichi, considering she just killed someone.

“Fucking psychopath,”

“You say something, Naoto?”

“No ma’am,”




Here Takemichi was, back in the past, once again trying to ignore the six-foot-something albino sexy dude that Toman set to follow her. Honestly, if Takemichi wasn’t a raging lesbian, she might have been interested in the dude. Hinata, who was by her side, seemed to share the sentiment.

“He is really handsome, isn’t he?”

“Yea, he is. He’s also a crazy dude who I killed in the future and has a crazy amount of loyalty for Mikey,” Came Takemichi’s reply as she passed the chocolate milkshake to her girlfriend.

Hinata, of course, like the angle she is, took this stride and just nodded while sipping the drink.

“Do you know what you’re going to do about him?” Hinata asks, looking into Takemchi’s bright blue eyes.

“Yea, I’ve got a plan for him,” is the only reply Hinata gets on the matter.

Hinata, sensing that their conversation about the sexy psychopath is done, refocused on the milkshake. Takemichi’s eyes followed her girlfriend’s lips and how they tightened around the straw. Takemichi liked Hinata’s lips. They were not too plump but not small either, definitely smaller than Takemichi’s plump limps. Takemichi liked her girlfriend’s lips, but she especially liked when she could taste them.

Hinata, who, unlike Takemichi, is not oblivious, chuckled at the sight of her girlfriend staring at her lips. Then, putting the drink in the trash, Hinata pulled Takemichi by her jumper and crashed their lips together, uncaring if people saw.

Takemichi’s eyes widen for a moment in surprise before she reciprocates the kiss, deepening it and pushing Hinata against the wall. The peach-haired girl’s lips part in shock, and Takemichi uses that chance for her tongue to enter Hinata’s mouth and explore it. Hinata lets it, and Takemichi takes this chance to familiarize her tongue with her girlfriend’s mouth, tasting her.

Unsurprisingly, the girl tastes like chocolate and whipped cream due to the previously shared drink, but Takemichi doesn’t mind. After what feels like an eternity, the two girls part, with only a string of saliva connecting them.

“Eh~ Hina-chan, what was that for~?” Takemichi teases her girlfriend, enjoying the blush she gets in response.

“I just wanted to,”

Takemichi pretends not to notice how fast her heart is beating.




Like Takemichi told her goddess of a girlfriend, she did have a plan for Sanzu. One that didn’t involve murder. Grabbing him and smashing his body against the wall, she held a knife up to his throat. Not hard enough that it’ll bleed but hard enough that his vocal cords would be goners if he moves.

Hey, Takemichi said the plan didn’t involve murder. She never said anything about violence.

“So, your the little cockroach that’s been following me around,” Takemichi states.

Gone is the girl who is a simp for her amazing girlfriend. The Takemichi here is the one that comes out during interrogation and torture. The intimidating one who won’t hesitate to commit mass murder. Judging by the widening of his eyes and the fear reflected in them, he noticed the change too.

What a perceptive little shit.

When he offers no reply, Takemichi’s eyes narrow. If this is how the kid wants to play, then so be it.

“If you don’t answer me, you will regret it,” Takemichi warns, yet he doesn’t speak. Sure, she knows Toman sent him, but he doesn’t know that. Takemichi also knows what kind of terror this kid will turn into in the future.

His non-existent preservation skills made him so easy to kill in the future.

Takemichi lowers the knife, and the relief he feels is palpable in the air. The relief turns into confusion as Takemichi puts a hand on his mask roughly where his mouth is, and his relief turns into horror as-


-Takemichi dislocates his shoulder. It’s obvious now that the hand over his mouth was to muffle his screams.

“Talk,” Takemichi commands.

He complies. By the end of his explanation, Takemichi nods as if she were expecting his response. Takemichi looks at his shoulder, not an ounce of apology on her face. She won’t apologize, and Sanzu probably would have been killed if she were anyone else.

“You should have told me that earlier. If you did, I wouldn’t have done that to your shoulder. You need to work on your self-preservation skills. Welcome to the real world,” and with those words, Takemichi pops his shoulder back into place. Once again, his screams are muffled by her hand, and a lone tear falls.

Ah fuck, I made him cry.

With a grimace on her face, Takemichi faces him and does the only thing she can think of to cheer him up.

“Hey, wanna smoke weed with me?”

Sanzu agrees.

See, no self-preservation skill.



Why was Mikey doing this?

“Wanna come to a meeting about Moebius?”

No Mikey, you dumb fucking cunt, I don’t want to.

“Sure, Mikey-Kun, I’ll be there,”

Hanging up the phone, Takemichi ponders the thought of just killing herself right now. She’s high with Sanzu, and they just become best friends. So why must Mikey interrupt them?

“Sanzuuuuuuu,” Takemichi whines, “I have to go. Mikey called me,”

Sanzu, currently with no mask on, nods as if what Takemichi said was the wisest thing ever. Even though she dislocated his shoulder, being high and sharing weed made them the best of friends. Not mentioning his scars or staring at them also put Takemichi in his good books.

“Fuck yeah. Alright, go do your thing bitch,”

Sanzu also swore a lot when high. It was funny.

Kikumi did not find it funny.

“Shut the fuck up before I murder you,” Came her flat voice, sick and tired with the two teenagers.

Sanzu and Takemichi just shared a look before laughing, as if what Kikumi said was the funniest thing ever. Eventually, they left the house, and Takemichi dropped Saznu off before going to Mikey when Kikumi threatened to bring them to the basement.

Where she tortures people.

I’m pretty sure she’s only mad because she doesn’t want to go to work now. Well, at least I hope that’s all it is.

“Takemitchy, it’s good to see you,” Mikey says when she arrives. Draken, Pah, Peh, and Mikey are all there, looking serious as if they’re talking about going to war.

“I know it’s good to see me,” Mikey looks like he’s going to agree but does a double-take when he realizes just what she said.

It’s surprising Peh who figures it out first.

“You bitch, are you fuckin high, huh?” He shouts

Takemichi looks at him earnestly, pulls down the glasses that were covering her blown-out pupils, and sighs.

“What the hell do you think. Mikey-Kun called me here, so I came, regardless of the fact that I was smoking weed before. So besides that, what the fuck is up, guys?”

Draken hides behind his hand, shaking out of either laughter or anger, Takemichi can’t tell. Peh and Pa look both traumatized and disappointed, and Mikey’s bottomless eyes are boring into her head as if he can see her brain.

Eventually, Mikey speaks up, completely ignoring the conversation from before.

“We’re having a meeting about Moebius today. Since your my bitch, I decided for you to come since you seem to be able to fight for yourself, right Takemitchy?” Mikey says, none of the usual cheeriness in his voice like usual.

“I can take great care of myself, but Hinata takes care of me better,” Takemichi replies on instinct before realizing that, yes, she just made a sex joke.

Thankfully, before anyone can reply, a voice behind her calls out.

“What’s up, you mid-school babies,”

A couple of things run through her head when she turns around to see the person speaking. One thing is that his hair is even worse than her piss-colored hair.

Speaking about hair, I need to re-dye mine black.

The second is, what the fuck did they feed this dude. Why is the fucker so tall? Why is Takemichi not as tall. The third is, oh fuckity shit. This is Osanai, the dude I killed in the future. The fourth is, what the fuck happened to him? Osanai looked like shit in the future, but here he is looking all neat and shit.

Takemichi zoned out for a while after that, only hearing Osanai’s occasional fucking funny insult. She vaguely realized she was staring off into space and that Osanai beat up Pa, but that didn’t register in her weed-filled brain.

However, Takemichi did register a fist coming her way and, on instinct, dodged it. She looked up to see Osanai smiling down at her, but it was an ugly smile, probably because he was an ugly person.

“Oi, what do you think you’re doing staring at me?”

Honestly, his question takes Takemichi by surprise. Why the hell would she ever stare at such an ugly man. She would honestly think he was joking if it wasn’t for his body language. Takemichi’s face takes up an incredulous expression as she looked at him like he said the dumbed shit ever.

“Why the fuck would I ever stare at your fucking ugly ass face, backward,” She replies, tone implying that Osanai was an idiot, which he is.

Everyone in the room goes silent at that, even the people in Moebius - when did they get here? - and the anger radiating off Osanai is intense enough that she can taste it in the air. He goes for another punch, which she dodgers. That seemed to make him even madder. He goes for a third, fourth and fifth, which none land on her.

It’s only when he goes for the sixth that Pah steps in. “This is my fight,”

Which sounds cool and all until he gets his ass handed to him. Peh, who told Takemichi that Pah was one of Tomans best fighters and could take on multiple people at once, grimaced. Mikey just stands there and watches as Pah gets his ass handed to him.

Which is exactly what Takemichi would do if she were in his position. As Pah said, this was his fight as it was his friends who got hurt by Mobius, and his pride most likely wouldn’t want any help until he is thoroughly beaten.

Mikey understands that. Mikey is an excellent leader to Toman, and it is a shame what happened to him in the future to make him not care about his subordinates. The sound of Osanai beating up Pa echoes in the abandoned building they are currently inhabiting. It’s not until Pa almost passes out that Mikey steps in.

“Sorry Mikey, I’m such a pussy,” reaches Takemichi’s ears from where she’s watching the fight from.

Takemichi disagrees. A pussy would have run away from the fight as soon as they realized they were going to lose. Pah stayed and fought even though he knew he would probably lose because his friends were hurt. Not a thing that Pah did in that fight made him a pussy.

Mikey seems to be thinking around the same thing as Takemichi, “What are you saying? Pah-chin! Listen, you haven’t lost,”

Mikey says that with such certainty that she believes Toman will win this fight. Apparently, Moebius disagrees.


“What the hell is he saying?”

“How the hell did he not lose that fight?”

“Don’t be so fucking stupid!”

The clack of Mikey’s shoes can be heard by everyone throughout all the yelling as he walks up to Osanai. The smug smirk on Osanai’s face seemed to grow as he saw Mikey’s approach, already acting like he had won the fight.

Overconfident fool

“Oh, you want some Mikey? You’ll be dead in 10 sec-”



Takemichi saw it in slow motion. The rustling fabric of Mikey’s plants indicated his leg moving back, then the woosh of the wind as Mikey brought his leg up for a kick with strength that she had rarely seen before in leg muscle. The smash of Mikey’s leg connecting with Osanai’s face and the thud when Osanai dropped the ground.
A big smile came across her face without her knowledge as Takemichi was much too into this fight.

“Everyone who thinks Pah-chin lost step forward, so I can kill you. Toman belongs to me. Anyone who is behind me will never lose!”

Screw Sanuz! If Takemichi were straight, she would have asked this man to marry her. The confidence, the way he holds himself as if he was assured that everything would turn out his way in the end. He was the perfect man that anyone would want. He was a bad boy who seemed to have a soft spot for those he cared about. His looks also contributed to that fact as well.

Sigh, Mikey had probably gotten so many confessions.

Mikey knocked out Osanai. Toman beats Moebius. Draken is safe. The end. Everyone’s happy.

Except that’s not it. From where Takemichi is squatting, she can see Osanai breathing unevenly, meaning he can’t be unconscious. Mikey is too busy talking to Draken to see Osanai coming at them from behind with a broken bottle, and when the boys do notice, Draken stands in front of Mikey to protect him.

Draken is Mikey’s heart. If Draken dies, so will Mikey’s heart.

Takemichi’s body moves before she realizes it. Her knee digs into the back of Osanai’s, and she pushes her weight into his back, making him fall on his stomach, the loud thud being the only noise in the warehouse. She twists his arm that was holding the bottle backwards so he would drop the bottle on the concrete floor with a smash and, for extra measure, smashes his head on the ground.

She might end up killing Osanai earlier than planned.

“Hey, fucktard, what in heavens name are you doing?” Takemichi asks, anger laced in her voice. Osanai only groans in response which angers her more.

“Stop being so fucking pathetic. You were talking big game before. You just got beaten by a high 5’3 15-year-old girl. Really, attacking someone from behind is a coward move,” not that Takemichi can talk, seeing as she has attacked heaps of people from behind “you attacked someone and tried to rape his girlfriend. How fucking disgusting are you? Even mafia members, who are known for being monsters, don’t rape people,”

To top it all off, Takemichi spits on him, “fucking disgusting cunt,”

A large hand waves itself in front of Takemichi’s face. A hand too large to be Mikey’s, so it must be Drakens. Looking up, she sees Draken towering over her with both surprise and respect in his eyes. Wordlessly, she takes his hand as he pulls her body upwards as if she weighs nothing and goes to stand next to Mikey. She lets Draken do his speech on how Moebius will be affiliated with the Tokyo Manji gang and just stands back to watch.

Fuck man should’ve smoked more weed for this.

Whipping any of the dirt off her skirt, Takemichi can hear the police sirens getting closer. As her skin makes contact with Mikey’s, she sees it happen. Pah takes a knife out and stabs Osanai in the back, then she sees Pah in a juvenile delinquent center speaking with Peh, and then she sees Draken getting stabbed while it’s raining. Her eyes fly wide open with surprise, which startles Mikey, but she has already started running towards Draken, Osanai, and Pah.

Fuck don’t be too late.

She can already see Pah get the knife out when she’s close to the trio. Fortunately, she makes it in time, unfortunately, her hand was sacrificed. Pain shoots through her hand as the blade drives through her palm, thankfully stopping before hitting Osanai. Searing white-hot pain races through her nerves, but Takemichi stifles the cries. She’s felt pain worse than this before. She can endure it

“FUCK!” Takemichi shouts, causing everyone to look at her. Of course, everyone is understandably shocked. There’s a goddamn knife stabbed into her hand, and she’s loosing too much blood for it to be healthy.

For Hina, for Hina, for Hina, do this for Hina. Somehow, Pah stabbing Osanai has the butterfly effect of leading Hina to death.

Pah understandably looks horrified. He had meant to stab Osanai, but he had stabbed his commanders newest interest instead, “Ta-takemitchy, I didn’t mean to, i’m sorry” Takemichi slaps him.

“Pah, you stupid fucking cunt. Are you mentally fucked in the head? You could have killed Osanai. You’re only 14 fucking years old. Were you ready to face the mother fucking consequences of attempted murder? Huh? Answer me, dammit?” She shouts, her threatening aura leaking out.

It’s only now, after knowing her all this time, that Mikey realizes that the aura Takemitchy sometimes gets is killing intent.

“I had to do it,” was all Pah said in response. That was obviously the wrong answer as the killing intent got even worse.

“You had to do it? You had to commit murder at 14 years old? You ignorant moron. You’re lucky I did this unless you wanted to live the rest of your life with the guilt eating you alive of the fact that you killed someone! And if you want to kill someone, and that’s a big if, you don’t fucking do it in public, do it where no one can see you!”

Takemichi had seen it happen. People are unable to live with the guilt of taking another life. Not to her but to others. She’d seen it ruin their lives, and some even killed themselves. This boy-no, this child- was taking murder way too lightly.

Everything was going on at once. Takemichi was shouting, the police sirens were getting louder, Moebius members were running. It was complete and utter chaos.

“We gotta run!” Mikey shouts, and people finally seem to get into their senses. Draken takes Takemichi, being careful of her injured hands, and runs toward Mikey. Mikey, however, is running towards them, more specifically, Pah.

“Sorry, I’m giving myself up,” comes Pah's response.

This boy is a fucking idiot.

“Pah, what the hell are you saying? We have to go!” Shouts Mikey, being restrained by Draken and being unable to reach him.

It’s all too dramatic.

“Giving yourself up for what, exactly? You might have had the intention to murder Osanai, but the blade didn’t even touch him. You stabbed me instead, and I’m not pressing charge, you fucking dumbass cunt. The only thing you’ll get in trouble for is gang fighting and activity. Get your stupid ass up and follow us,”

These words seem to knock some sense into the idiot named Pah-Chin. Getting away from Drakens hold, she forcefully pulls Pah towards them, and when it’s obvious he’s going to follow, Peh, Mikey, Draken, Pah, and Takemichi all run for it away from the police.

“Fuck! Draken carry me to the hospital. My sisters on shift,” Takemichi says, no, actually, Takemichi commands Draken to do so. Thankfully, the blonde haired giant takes it in stride and once again carried her as if her weight means nothing to him. Takemichi ignores the conversation between Peh and Pah in favor of trying not to die of blood loss. She takes out her phone and opens her messages with Hina with her free hand. Mikey’s dead fish eyes bore into the back of her head that she felt like he could drill a hole through her head with his stare alone. She ignores him, of course. Texting Hina is more important.

Takemichi: Hey babe, just got stabbed, going to be at the hospital

Hina~♡: What the fuck?

Hina~♡: You can’t just type that and not answer

Hina~♡: I’m coming now

“Why did you do that?” Pah asks, taking attention away from the ever-growing list of messages from Hina.

“Do what?” she asks, words slurring together. Man, blood loss really was a bitch.

“You know what? Why did you stop me?” Pah snaps. She frowns at the question. Why did she stop him? Did she stop him because she wanted to kill Osanai as she did in the future? It’s not like she cared what happened to him or what happens to Pah, or did she stop him because she didn’t want him to become like her? A murderer with no remorse for her victims?

She settles for telling him a different answer. Nestled in Draken’s arm, she looks Pah over. He seems pale, which he should be considering the situation they’re currently in. There’s blood all over his face from when Osanai kicked his ass, running down on his clothes, making them in dire need of a wash.

“You wouldn’t have been able to survive it. Killing someone, I mean. I know what kind of person you are. I’ve seen the guilt of killing someone eats people alive,” Comes Takemichi’s response.

Her eyes are drooping now, and she can hear the slurring of her words. She won’t stay conscious until they reach the hospital.

“Oh yea, how would you know that?” Pah asked, and she could tell he was angry. Takemichi doesn’t know what he’s mad about. She just saved him from making a decision that could ruin his life.

“Trust me on this, Pah. I don’t care what happens to Osanai. He could go die for all I care. But you are not going to cause his death,” and with that, Takemichi blacks out.




Today has been a long day for Mikey. Moebius had ambushed them, Takemitchy had shown up high, Pah got the shit beat out of him, Takemitchy smashed Osanai’s head into the ground, Pah tried to kill Osanai but stabbed Takemitchy in the hand, Takemitchy yelled at Pah for attempting to kill Osanai in public rather than somewhere with no eyes, the police came, Pah wanted to give himself up to the police, Ken-chin held Mikey back from going to Pah, Takemitchy yelled at Pah which got him to leave with him and then Takemitchy passed out.

Today has been a long day with a lot of stuff going on, so why did this need to happen. They were finally at the hospital after Takemitchy passed out, but the hospital looked busy. They still ran inside to try to get Takemitchy help. She looked far too pale for it to be healthy, and her hand had a lot of blood bleeding out of it.

They were brought to the pit where Takemitchy was placed on a bed with what looked like a kid fresh just out of medical school was treating her. Mikey heard from the diagnosis that Takemitchy would need a blood transfusion and surgery on her hand to save the nerves that were stabbed. And that’s when it happened.

“What the fuck happened here?” Asked a stern voice, not a hint of emotion in it. The lady who spoke came forward and pushed the baby doctor out of the way.

“Intern 4 or whoever you are, get out of here now!” The lady said, not raising her voice but still making both the intern scurry away from her in terror and the hair on Mikey’s neck to stand up just from the sheer wrongness of how her voice sounded so dead.

When he got a good look at her face, the breath was knocked out of his lungs. Two things ran through his mind at the sight of her. One was, that woman looks precisely like Takemitchy, and two was, why is Shinichiros girlfriend here. The look on Ken-chin and Pah-chin’s faces show that they recognize the girl.

For the first thought, the girl looks exactly like Takemitchy. They have to same blue eyes, the same shape of their eyes, the same full lips, and when Takemitchy is older, he’s sure they both are going to have the same sharp jawline too. If Takemitchy didn’t have shitty piss-colored hair compared to the black hair of this girl, he would assume they were twins.

They must be sisters or at least related.

Now the second thought is more complicated. Even after Shinichiro died, it’s still hard to think about him. But he does remember his beautiful girlfriend, who Shinichiro was head over heels in love with and who gramps also disapproved of. Something about her own grandfather. There’s still a picture of them and Shinichiro’s other friends in the house.

He would be able to recognize the women Shinichiro loved so much almost immediately. Mikey felt like an idiot looking back on it how he didn’t realize Takemitchy was related to her sooner. All these thoughts pass through Mikey’s head in a span of five seconds before he blurts out.

“You were Shinichiro’s girlfriend,” The girl, Mikey thinks her name starting with K or something, snaps her head up to look at him before quickly going back to work on Takemitchy.

“And your Shinichrio’s brother. Now tell me what happened,” The girl replies, still not a hint of emotion in either her face or voice as if her sister isn’t almost dead. He’s about to reply when he gets interrupted again.

“Kikumi. You can’t operate on family members. It’s a conflict of interest,” The person who comes in is a woman who looks to be around her 50’s. Before talking again, she sends a glare to the girl, who he now knows is called Kikumi. “You may be a prodigy in the medical field, you may have an eidetic memory, you may have blown through medical school like it was nothing, and one day you may become the best doctor ever, but you can not operate on family members,”

Kikumi stops working on Takemitchy and looks over at the lady who interrupted, without a single expression on her face, but the air had changed at her words. Mikey could feel it, the same thing Takemitchy did. The aura or killing intent. Mikey absently wondered if it ran in the family before Kikumi’s smooth like velvet voice cut through the air like a steak night.

“Sakura, it’s a busy day today. All the other surgeons are either too occupied to help my sister or are at home resting after long shifts. If you think I will let my sister die because we don’t have enough doctors when I could help, then you are dead wrong. I will operate on my sister. Are you going to help or not?”

Sakura pales at Kikumi’s words but eventually nods. The two of them prepare Takemitchy for surgery, and Kikumi stays behind quickly to talk to them.

“Takemitchy’s girlfriend will be coming soon. Tell her what happened,” Kikumi ordered, and with that left to do the surgery.

With a deep sigh, Mikey slid down the wall. Today had been such a long day. He still needed to process the fact that Ken-Chin was okay with letting Pah surrender to the cops or the fact that Pah is the reason Takemitchy needs surgery in the first place. Ken-chin is the one to break the silence.

“So Takemitchy’s sister was Shinichiro’s girlfriend, huh? I didn’t see that coming, although the two look alike,”

Mikey hums in response, not knowing what to say to that. The silence drags on, although thankfully it's not awkward, it is however tense as they wait to see what happened. Mikey can practically feel the guilt radiating from Pah. A dark part of Mikey thinks he deserves to feel guilty. While Mikey never wanted Pah to give himself up to the police, Pah could have killed Osanai, and he did seriously injure Takemitchy.

Mikey knows it's wrong, not wanting Pah to give himself up to the police, but he had known Pah for years and didn’t want such things to happen to him because of the anger he felt.

Mikey may not have known Takemitchy for long, but he liked her, and he wanted to have her by his side when he created this new era for delinquents. Their silence is once again interrupted by the arrival of Takemitchy’s peach-haired girlfriend.

“What happened?” She asks—such a simple question with such a complex answer. Thankfully for Mikey, Ken-chin is the one to answer. He zones out during Ken-chins reply and only realizes what’s happening when he hears a slap. Turning his head to the side, he can see a red mark on Pah’s cheek, evidently where Tachibana slapped him. Angry tears run down her face as she hears what happened to her girlfriend.


There goes Pah’s other cheek. Now both of his cheeks have matching hand marks on them. Ken-chin has to hold Tachibana back from attacking him again.

“You idiot!” Tachibana shouts as her crying gets louder, “if Takemichi gets permanently injured because of you, you better take responsibility!”

Pah seems to be swimming around in his misery than Mikey thought when he hears what he has to say.

“I resign as captain of the third division. I take full responsibility for what happened today,”






Groggily, Takemichi wakes up from what she realizes is a hospital room. Sitting up, she looks at the inhabitants of the room. There’s Kikumi, Hina and Emma. The three turns to her when they realize that she’s awake, and the next thing she knows, her face is full of the peach-colored hair Takemichi loves so much.

“I was so worried,” Hina shakily says, and Takemichi feels her heart breaking into two. The last thing Takemichi wants is to hurt her girlfriend, whom she loves so much. Those thoughts fly out the window when Hina punches her girlfriend in the shoulder.

“What kind of stupid message did you leave me? Did you have any idea the kind of heart attack I had?” Gone was the worry from Hina, and here was the anger.

“Hahaha, whoops?”

“Whoops? Whoops? That’s it. I should break up with you,”

“Now, as touching as this reunion is, I need to check on the patient after surgery,” Kikumi states, coming up close to do her fancy medical scan.

“Heyyyyy Nee-chan. Also, why the fuck did I have surgery for just a stab wound in the hand? That’s embarrassing,” Takemichi asks because it is a valid question. Just a tiny stab wound on a hand, and Takemichi needed surgery.

If the twins ever hear about this, I’ll never hear the end of it.

“She’s right. It’s just an itty bitty stab wound,”

“So why the surgery?”

Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

All four people in the hospital room look over to the two newcomers. The two of them are siblings if their matching facial features, red hair, and blue eyes are anything to go by. Their feet click on the hospital floor as they walk closer to the bed before one twin, the female one, jumps on the bed, throwing her arms around Takemichi.

“Look at my baby cousin, here for a small stab wound,” She teases, and Takemitchi resists the urge to blow her brains out.

Miya and Takeo Hanagaki. Twins. Miya, like Takemichi, is an assassin, while Takeo’s going to be a lawyer. They’ve almost finished high school too. In the future, Miya will be the one who takes assassin missions with Takemichi the most while Takeo’s going to go high into the legal system to help out the Hanagaki family when needed.

Takemichi also trusts Takeo and Miya more than other family members, and she knows the two of them won’t do anything to the other people in the hospital room that aren’t Hanagaki, lest they want to incur Takemichi’s wrath.

“Miya, Takeo. Shut the fuck up. Takemichi lost a lot of blood and required an emergency blood transfusion. The nerves, muscles, and bones in her hand needed healing, ergo surgery,”

“Bla Bla Bla, that’s dull medical talk,” Miya replies, taking her eyes off Kikumi before looking at Hina, “You must be Takemichi’s girlfriend I’ve heard so much about. I’m Hanagaki Miya,”

“And I’m Hanagaki Takeo,” Takeo pipes up from next to Kikumi before the two of them resume their conversation. As Miya and Hina start a conversation too, Takemichi looks up at the odd one out in the room.

“Emma, come here,” Takemichi calls out. The blonde obliges, getting closer to the bed.

“What’s up? Not that I’m not happy you’re here, but we’ve only met once, so why are you here?”

These words seemed to be Emma’s breaking point as she burst into tears, the other people in the room wisely giving the two girls their space and not interrupting. Takemichi tries to soothe Emma as she tearfully recounts what happened between Draken and Mikey between sobs.

Half of Toman was split in between Mikey’s and Draken’s faction. Just like what Naoto said would happen. Their fighting about what happened with Pah-chin because apparently the dumbass resigned from his position as captain. Even though Takemichi stopped Pah-chin from hurting Osanai, it seemed like Toman still split in between Mikey and Draken. It also seemed like changing the future for this event seemed harder than usual.

Pulling out her phone, Takemichi texted the one person she could think of.

Takemichi: Hey, let's talk over drugs

Drug bestie ♡: ok



The calendar said today was August 1st. Takemichi burned that stupid fucking calendar. After meeting with Sanzu and talking, she found out the situation. Drakens faction think it’s good that Pah was taking responsibility for almost stabbing Osanai and stabbing Takemichi by giving up his captain position, while Mikey’s faction thinks Pah shouldn’t give up his captain position because he didn’t hurt Osanai, and Takemichi didn’t give a fuck that she was stabbed.

She understands both sides of the story. Takemichi is also currently doing a puzzle to stop herself from going out there are murdering the two idiot boys. Fucking morons. Dumbass cunts. Ignorant sluts. Through her anger and murderous rage at the two underage assholes, she managed to finish her 2,005 piece puzzle.

How nice, but if I had to complete a puzzle every time I had the feeling to kill someone, there would be no puzzles left in the world.

A welcome distraction comes in the form of her favorite boys ever, Akkun, Takuya, Yamagishi, and Makato. But maybe her favorite boys were only Akkun and Takuya because Yamagishi and Makato are dumbass perverts.

“Ohhh, you came to see me because you were worried, that’s so nice~,” Takemichi says with a smile before giving a death glare to Makato, “Makato, you fucktard I don’t have porn!”

Akkun comes up to her and looks over her body for any injury before taking her hand into his. The hand which had been stabbed is now wrapped up in bandages. Thankfully, the wound doesn’t hurt anymore.

“When Tachibana told me you have been hospitalized, I was really worried,” Akkun tells Takemichi, the worry he felt conveyed through his tone. Takemichi visibly softens up at his tone and gives him a rare soft smile she barely gives anyone. Then, placing her hand over his, she holds them together and looks Akkun in the eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine now,”

Takuya, who came up when she was talking with Akkun, nods his head like he was comforted by her words before all three of their attention is taken by Yamagishi and Makato, who are by the puzzle Takemichi just completed. That took days to complete.

“Hm? What's this?”

“So many little pieces?”

“Don’t touch that!” Takemichi shrieks, scrambling away from Akkun and Takuya to save her puzzle from the two horny dogs, “It took three whole days to complete this puzzle,” Takemichi continues to shriek.

After that, the day Takemichi spends with the four of them is relatively simple but a long-overdue day that she needed. They chatted for hours, about Moebius being destroyed, about Mikey and Draken fighting, and about what happened while Takemichi was being cooped up in the house.

“-besides Michi, Mikey-Kun and Draken-Kun would never get into a big argument,” Yamagishi states, utterly oblivious to the giraffe with a dragon tattoo outside of Takemichi’s door.

“Who’d you say is arguing with who?” Now, Yamagishi and Makato would deny it, but everyone present in the room shrieked when Drakens hulking figure appeared outside Takemichi’s door. Besides Takemichi herself, as she both had a vision that he was and sensed him using her as Hina calls it Cool Assassin Skills.

“Hey Takemitchy, I came to check up on you,”

“Cool,” Was Takemichi’s reply.

A really fucking lame reply, but that was all she could think of when the four idiots behind her froze up at the sight of Draken stepping into her room. “Man, it’s hot as hell in here. Is it cos it’s full of dudes? Why you all standing like that” Takemichi snorts at the sight of the four idiots as she moves to stand next to Draken.

“It’s cause they’re all fucking idiots. Now let's go, didn’t you bring watermelon?”




Murder is on Takemichi’s mind again. The conversation was going well. Pah-chin was fine. He just quit being captain of the third division and wanted to take responsibility for what he did. Takemichi thought it was admirable of him but didn’t plan to press charges. She didn’t give a shit that he sent her to the hospital. It was her recklessness that sent her there. But then Takemichi hit a landmine.

“So, how's Mikey-Kun?” She asked, like the fucking dumbass she is.


Takemichi’s puzzle, which she worked on for three days, went everywhere as Drakens' fist went straight through it. Three days’ worth of work down the drain. That motherfucking cocksucking cuntass son of a bitch better be counting his days.

“That bastard is full of shit!” Draken shouted, only then realizing that yes, he did, in fact, destroy the puzzle that Takemichi put her soul into, “sorry about that,”

Sorry about that?

Sorry about that?

Sorry about that?

If he’s so sorry about that, he can pay with his fucking life!

“I’m going to sever my connection with him. Toman is no more,” Draken said and walked out as if what he just said won’t result in Hina’s death in twelve years’ time. Like he didn’t drop such a giant fucking bomb out of nowhere.


“Draken, what the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t ignore me, you fucking puzzle destroyer!”

This goddamn giant is making me chase after him outside of my house like I'm some maiden in love. This man has a death wish, and I am more than happy to give it to him.

Except, Mikey is outside Takemichi’s house, right when Draken was leaving, making the two bump into each other. Across from each other, the two fucking dumbasses who seem physically impossible to talk about their feelings stand like they’re going to have a duel from the olden days.

“Huh? What the hell are you doing here?” Mikey, AKA dueller 1, asks.

“Ah? More like, hell‘re you doing here?” Draken, AKAK dueller 2, responds.

The four idiots are watching the spectacle and giving unhelpful commentary leaving Takemichi to deal with the two morons.

Every time I come across these two boys, I both lose brain cells and come up with more fucking ridiculous nicknames for them.

“I came to see how Takemitchy is doing,” Mikey states, daring Draken to say that he came for the same thing, which he does.

“So did I,”

The two of them continue to argue with each other about which one of them Takemichi is friends with, while the air between the two seems to fill with static. Takemichi, the person they are arguing about, has to restrain herself from grabbing ahold of the knife in the band of her shorts and murdering the two of them in broad daylight. Finally, to Takemichi’s delight, it seemed as if the fight stopped until-

“Mikey, what the fuck? Don’t throw my bike at Draken!”

-Mikey grabbed Takemichi’s bike and chucked it at Draken. At that very moment, Takemichi’s soul left her body, and her will to live plummeted to zero. This was the day she was going to die, not by an assassination or by torture, but by the stress of two teenage boys fighting. Draken seems to take Mikey chucking a bike at him to break Takemichi’s bat over his leg and throw it at Mikey.

The two boys continue to throw things at each other while Takemichi just watches from the side, knowing if she moved, she would kill those two boys.

“You wanna finish it now?” Mikey asks

“Bring it on,” Draken replies.

“Not so fast. Stop right there, you bastards!”

The two turn to face Takemichi before feeling their souls leave their bodies at the sight of her. The smile on her face was something the two would see in their nightmares for the rest of their lives. The killing intent was so potent they could practically taste it in the air. They share a quick glance to decide their next move and relise if they want to live to see tomorrow, getting away from Takemichi would be best.

“You two fucktards don’t seem to realize how selfish you guys are being. You’re fighting because you don’t care, right? Like how you don’t care you trashed my stuff? No, shut the fuck up, Draken, and let me speak. You two have to realize that Toman could disband because of your stupid fucking fight. Now stop fucking being so selfish and ma-”


“Hey, Takemitchy, do you know that a bird just shit in your hair?” Mikey says before bursting into laughter.

“Takemitchy has bird shit in her hair!” Draken wheezes out before laughing just as hard as Mikey was.

“You little piece of cunts, come back here!” Takemichi shouts, running towards them, ready to beat the everlasting shit into them.

Mikey shrieks, joy plastered all over his face, and the previous argument seemed to be already forgotten about, “Quick Ken-chin, we have to get out of here before the shit touches us,”


Huh, they made up already? Well, at the end of the day, they are still 15-year-old boys.

“Hey, what were you two even fighting about anyway?”

“Huh? I forgot?”

Fucking dumbasses