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Omegaverse 101

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Alina knows she’s fucked the moment she finds his quartz eyes there in the gloom.

He’s tall, slender — even leaning against the Menagerie’s polished stone bar, the cut of his elegant suit betrays the lines of his body.

Her fingers go numb as they regard each other through the club’s dim light, sultry bass thudding through her body like her unsettled heartbeat. No; her hands are throttling the edge of the ice bin, clutching it in a death grip as his electric stare threatens to knock her over. Somehow, quite literally, he's frozen her in place with that sterling stare.

She jerks away, trying to remember how to act normally as she averts her gaze. Wiping her hands on the cloth she keeps slung over one shoulder, grabbing the shaker and skirting along the narrow track behind the bar. It’s not going to tend itself, after all.

What the hell’s she supposed to be making? A Mermaid Mule?

Why is he watching me?

The Menagerie is full of bodies in various stages of undress, the club’s curious patrons flowing between the bar and the back rooms in a slow, steady current. Usually people only linger in this area long enough to toss back a drink or a chilled snack before vanishing into the maze of cloistered, red-lit rooms again. In her simple black tank shirt and jeans, Alina’s probably the most clothed — and least interesting — person to look at.

She steals another glance in his direction, sighing out a relieved breath to find bodies between them. Strangers melt through the blushing light, merely languid shadows — but then he’s there again, sitting there in a booth by himself, almost criminally alone.

The Menagerie isn’t the kind of place you go for a quiet drink by yourself. Even as Alina watches, one of the girls approaches his table; his head twitches, his full lips moving as his elegant fingers swirl through the air, gently fending her off.

The courtesan drifts on. And as though sensing Alina’s gaze, the crescent of his pale face turns again, finding her like gravity. Who the fuck is he?

The drink order comes in like a saving grace, and she busies herself with cosmos, mojitos, even a daiquiri. Usually she’d hide behind the curtain of her hair, but her slicked-back pony means there’s only her lowered lashes and empty air between them as she works.

Her fingers stumble only a little, and then it’s done, the tray whisked away into the crimson club as the dark wraith moves in her peripheral vision. Prowling closer as she dries her hands and whisks a cloth over the dark marble counter.

“Good evening. Or good morning, I should say.” His voice isn’t loud but it goes right through her, making her thighs clench. She lifts her gaze to find him standing there at the bar — not leaning on it again but ramrod-straight, like he’s surveying her tiny kingdom of lime wedges and scattered salt. Hands in his pockets, the picture of casual grace. “I don’t suppose I have time to buy a drink.”

“You’ve got about—" Alina checks the clock on the register, the emerald numbers bright amidst the ruby twilight. Two minutes to midnight. “—ninety seconds.”

His full lips press together ever-so-slightly as he considers her words. “Better hold off, then.”

“Oh?” The question’s out of her mouth before she can think — but he’s so damn captivating , it’s hard to even pretend to be chill.

“I don’t like to make decisions under pressure.” Alina snorts softly, and the man’s eyes narrow, outer corners crinkling like fjords. “What?”

“Somehow I doubt that.”

“Without even knowing me?” The dark stranger dryly claps a hand to his chest, and a tendril of ravenswing hair falls over his forehead, drawing her back to his obsidian gaze. “You wound me, madam.”

“I’m sure,” Alina says lightly, flicking her towel over the bar again. God, it’s been ages since she’s properly flirted with anyone, and he certainly doesn’t make it hard, even if she is still on the clock.

“Truly.” Her stomach swoops as he peers at her, his depthless eyes stirring something she hasn’t felt in years. “It’s very Fitzwilliam Darcy of you.”

“Would that make you Lizzie Bennett?”

His smile is warm, his teeth flashing like pearls. “You know your Austen.”

 “ Intimately .” 

The man grins warmly at that — and he leans closer, lowering his voice to a honeyed murmur. “I know this is probably a cliche question for someone in your line of work, but what are you doing after your shift?”

Oh. Oh. He’s serious.

“Going home and going to bed,” Alina admits, trying to ignore the disappointment that crests in her as reality reasserts itself. She has an almost-literal truckload of classes to prepare for, a campus map to memorize. Maybe another night, another place, another lifetime…

“There are plenty of beds here.” The man arches an eyebrow. “You could save yourself a trip.”

“Ah, but the beds here aren’t for sleeping,” she returns playfully.

“Isn’t that more fun?”

They stare at each other for a charged moment that stretches out into eternity, heat pooling at the base of Alina’s spine at his intoxicating nearness. All she’d have to do is lean forward, too, and then—

“What’s your designation?” he asks.

She smirks. Finally, someone who’s newer to the Menagerie than she is. “You must not be a regular around here if you don’t know that.”

“Beta,” he answers evenly, returning her smirk.

Alina rolls her eyes — of course he already knew, the hot bastard was setting her up — and he laughs, a mellow sound that sends lightning through her legs. “Betas,” she quips with a flourish of her towel, “the safer choice.”

The stranger’s full lips quirk again. She wonders what they’d feel like pressed to hers, what he must taste like. From this distance she can smell his cologne, leather and cedar and something else. Tart berries, maybe.

“What about you?” Alina finally manages when she remembers herself.

He grins wolfishly. “Guess.”

She doesn’t have to. Just nods knowingly, a frisson of fear mingling with the warmth that’s coursing through. “Hmm, so you’re one of those .”

“Can you not even say the word?” he asks, and the sly glint in his eyes makes her think that he’s teasing her.


Alina barely breathes the word but he goes rigid, spine stiffening and fingers splaying on the bar as a sigh slips past his lips. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

Question? She’s too dazed to remember him asking anything, “What question?”

His black eyes flare with need. “Stay with me. Tonight. The club’s open until four.”

Alina’s heart skips, slamming with redoubled force in the next moment. “That’s not a question.”

“That’s how Alphas extend invitations,” he counters.

Maybe this is some kink; god knows this would be the place for such things, a veritable palace of glorious, well-regulated debauchery. The primal tastes of Alphas and Omegas are unfathomable to a person whose mating gland is vestigial. “And do you often invite Betas to share a bed with you?”


She peers at him, unsure what to make of it. If he’s lying, he’s artful enough that she couldn’t possibly know. 

Does it matter? Even if the dark-eyed Alpha gets his rocks off to Betas instead of Omegas, who’s Alina to judge?

His gaze runs over her body, and she shifts as her skin pebbles at the invisible touch. “Have you ever been fucked by an Alpha?”

Fuck... “Can’t say I’ve had the pleasure,” Alina breathes, praying her voice isn’t trembling like her knees.

“Believe me, there’s pleasure to be had.” The Alpha’s tongue flicks over his lips, and again she feels that hunger for him, the craving to be touched and caressed and destroyed. “Don’t you want to find out what all the fuss is about?”

Yes. Absolutely, yes.

She’s been working so hard, grinding herself down to an exhausted wreck — and term hasn’t even started yet. Soon there won’t be time for roguishly handsome Alphas.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Alina finds herself saying. Zoya’s been urging her to experience the club anyway —“You’ve got to know the product , darling”— and tonight seems like as good an opportunity as any.

“Likewise,” the man purrs — and then it’s past midnight and he’s gone, leaving her to wonder what the hell just happened.

Alina fumbles through the list of closing tasks, still consulting the laminated sheet that’s tacked to the corkboard in the back hallway. She doesn’t trust herself; she’s practically giddy with anticipation, in no state to try to fly blind when it comes to shutting down the bar.

Yet soon the garnishes are roosting in the chiller, the surfaces are cleaned down, and the front cooler restocked with bottles of the posh water the club’s patrons seem to favor. She’s almost convinced herself that the shadowy-eyed man in the tailored suit was a figment of her imagination — until one of the anonymous brings her a keycard, handing it to her wordlessly before vanishing back into the club.

The plastic rectangle flashes in the low light. “Fuck,” Alina breathes as the hologram of a serpent shines rainbow-bright against its inky backdrop. It’s one of the high-roller suites, though she’s never seen it before.

Her heart pounds as she clocks out — and then her time is her own. 

The mirror in the employee break room is dingy, but it’s a decent ally as she lets her hair down from her ponytail, groaning with relief as she tousles it.

Have you ever been fucked by an Alpha?  

In just a few minutes, she’d have a different answer to that question.

She dithers a little over her smudged eyeliner, pulse singing in her ears — but then some part of her knows it’s time, and with a final flutter of nerves she slips out of the break room and into the club.

Part of her expects to be stopped as she passes through the red velvet proscenium that frames the entrance to the Menagerie’s beating heart, but no guardian emerges to turn her back. The scant glimpses she’s had of this side have utterly failed to do it justice; everywhere Alina looks, her gaze is met by naked bodies, moving together, writhing, intertwined on divans and in cages and shackled to immense wooden crosses. Some of the recessed spaces are themed by color, holding beds and couches that are covered by more bodies, some wrapped in harnesses and ropes and manacles. All surging, swaying, grunting, the wet sounds finding her ears as she steals deeper into the maze.

And all throughout are the attendants, masked and clad in black, standing by to cleanse surfaces and implements of whatever fluids have been left behind.

The doors to the private suites are marked with their sigils — and perhaps fittingly, the serpent’s is cunningly shrouded in a pool of shadows, tucked in the very back of the club. Alina doesn’t even notice the attendant who’s flanking the door until she’s standing beside them, waving the keycard over the metal access panel.

Jesus ,” she hisses, just as the door pops open — and her chest collapses as she sees him standing there on the far side of it, taking it all in. So much for looking cool.

The man’s lush, perfect lips curve in a smile as she stumbles in, and the door shuts behind her with a reassuring click. “I was beginning to worry you’d lost your way.”

The room is as intoxicating as the man standing before her. The walls are papered in an embellished Victorian print, the metallic greens offset by inky black. Two huge wrought-iron cages stand against opposing walls, empty of anything save a small collection of pillows — and at the far end of the room, a huge bed rises from a smooth black dais, its scant bedding as black as night. An altar to all things depraved.

“Maybe I have,” Alina breathes, trying to brazen it out as her body trembles, turning traitor again now that they’re alone together.

That makes the Alpha chuckle. “Is getting lost together so terrible?”

Maybe I need to get lost right now. Just for a while.

He joins her, his movements languid, looming over her once he’s there before her. His aroma of cedar and leather enfolds her in a scented embrace, and she tucks the keycard into her back pocket as her head spins.

The Alpha lifts his hand to Alina’s face, and she shivers with pleasure as he grazes her jaw with his fingertips. “What should I call you?”

For an instant she hesitates, debating giving him a false name — but any of her coworkers could unravel that falsehood easily enough. “Alina.”

“Alina,” the man croons, his quartz eyes glittering. He inclines his head. “I’m Aleks.”

“Aleks.” His name tastes beautiful.

He doesn’t lean in to kiss her but steps away, indicating an ice bucket that’s been set beside one of the vacant cages. “May I offer you something to drink?”

She stifles a giggle. That’s usually what I say. “Water?”

“A wise choice.” He collects one from the bucket — and as he returns to proffer it to her, Alina realizes she’s parched. Or nervous. Or both.

“Is there anything in particular I should know?” she rasps before snapping open the bottle. The water is cool, steadying, grounding her as the Alpha — Aleks — eye-fucks her damn near senseless.

“Have you—”

“I’ve had sex,” Alina says quickly. “Just not with an Alpha.”

Sex . Even though it’s never been ambiguous, saying the word makes it real.

“Ah.” His sudden tension eases. He doesn’t break eye contact as his hand moves before his abdomen, and then his jacket relaxes about his frame, unbuttoned. “What have you heard about us, innocent little Beta?”

Her cheeks flood with heat, and something uncoils low on her spine. “That you’re … big.”

Aleks overshadows her, and she squeaks in surprise at the sudden pressure as he slips one arm about her waist. He’s so warm , like he’s a blazing sun and she’s a moon basking in his light.

He lifts her free hand with his, aligning them for comparison — and his fingers outspan hers by an easy inch. “Fair call.” Somehow he knows to pluck the bottle from her nerveless fingers just before it slips. “What else?”

Alina lets him coax her along with him as he sets the water bottle back in its icy nest. “That you’re … rough. Insatiable.”

Aleks smirks knowingly. “True on the first count. Nearly so on the second.”


“I won’t hurt you. Much.”

The final word makes her gasp, but not with terror.

Can he sense the way her pussy is throbbing with lust, her body seeming to come alight as he lets his jacket drop to the floor and pulls her against him? His scent is stronger now, the heat radiating from him — and Alina knows she’s staring up at him, wide-eyed with need as he guides her arms around him. His body is implacable as stone, just yielding enough for her to be certain he’s truly a man and not a living sculpture.

“Do you like that, pet?” He palms the base of her spine, chuckling as she sways into him. “The idea of being ravaged by a monster?”

“Maybe. If you’re the monster, Aleks.”

The Alpha murmurs as she says his name, fingers flexing on her body. “Careful, sweetheart, you’re turning me on with that kind of talk.”

She snorts quietly, pressing herself into him harder, finding the hard length in his trousers that digs into her lower belly. “Or you were turned on already?”

Aleks’s fingers claim her chin, tilting her head back to meet his smoky gaze. “Cheeky,” he marvels. His thumb dips into her mouth, and he gasps, eyes flashing as she nips him. “ Hell …”

He forces her head back harder, refusing to let her look anywhere but at him.

“To be crystal clear, Alina, I want to fuck you hard — for a Beta, anyway. Possibly more than once.” HIs thumb traces a wet ribbon over her lower lip. “Do I have your consent?”

Fuck! He stares down at her, his silence demanding a response.

She nods — but he only lifts his chin, imperious as a fallen prince. “Out loud.”

“Yes,” she gasps.

Still he only watches her, seemingly oblivious to the way she’s sagging against him, yearning for his touch. “Do you want me to wear a condom?”

Under usual circumstances Alina would say yes, but this situation is extraordinary. “Can I, um … check your profile?”

“Two-five-one-four,” he supplies, releasing her only reluctantly.

Her thighs slip against each other as she walks to the terminal beside the door and punches in the access code. His bioscan is recent, updated just today — and clear of anything worrying. Well then.

She smooths her jeans over her hips as she rejoins him, taking her time in order to savor his granite gaze. “Do you want to wear a condom?”

The Alpha bares his pearl-white teeth, grinning savagely. “Are you asking if I’d prefer to fill you with my cum?”

Is this really happening? It feels like a horny fever dream, one she’ll wake from entirely too soon. In the meantime she’s delighted to play along. “I suppose I am.”

He traps her against his body — tighter now. Closer. Is he harder now, too, or is she simply more pliant? “I’ll fill you any way I can, Alina.”

The sound of her own name from this stranger’s throat makes her cry out with wanting. His mouth claims hers in the next heartbeat, warm and welcoming as he teases his tongue along the seam of her lips, plying her into opening for him.

Her thighs quake as he strokes his tongue against hers, probing her mouth and filling it with his sweet taste. He’s hungry for her, growling into her mouth and letting his hands roam over her from the nape of her neck to her arse.

All too soon he breaks away — but Alina’s satisfied to note twin blotches of color staining his cheeks. He drags in a breath and nods at the bed. “Up there. Naked. Now .”

Shit, my bra . She hasn’t thought of it until now, but it’s hardly one of her cuter ones — and with the hem of her tank shirt already over her head, it’s too late. Yet Aleks hardly seems to notice it as she pouts at him: “Are Alphas allergic to foreplay?”

“Foreplay? Not at all.” He grins crookedly at her as he starts to unbutton his shirt. “Just clothing.”

Fuck ,” she breathes.

Usually Alina hates this part of things, the awkward strip-down and hyperawareness that all the bits of herself that she loathes being on full display. But the Alpha’s gaze only grows keener as she peels off her clothes, letting them drop in a neat pile beside the dais.

The lack of pretense makes it strangely hotter. Whether it’s from his ravenous kiss or undressing in such a perfunctory way, her body’s already on fire, making her square her shoulders and hold her head high as he regards her.

Aleks is only naked from the waist up, his button-down shirt and tie discarded on the floor. The planes of his chest are broad, muscular, his arms corded with tendons that stand out like iron, his abs flat as hammered steel. His hand moves to the front of his trousers, huge hand tightening as he catches hold of himself.

His swollen length strains in his trousers, and Alina’s cunt clenches with desire as he steps up to join her beside the waiting bed.

“Sit there.” She wants to touch him, but he makes no move to reach out to her as she perches herself on the edge of the charcoal-dark bedding. Just runs his hand along his length, caressing himself right before her eyes. “Now show me how you touch yourself.”

Alina arches an eyebrow. “Is this how Alphas do foreplay?”

“With a Beta? Absolutely.” His fingers flex on his own impressive girth — and he twitches in his hand as his eyes smolder into her. “I want to make sure you’re ready for me.”

Alina lets her gaze linger on his hand, the sinuous way he strokes himself through his pants. It makes it easier to part her knees and trace her way up the inside of her thighs, drawing curlicues here and there to tease him. Her crease is so wet that her fingers slip through her folds, and she murmurs as she finds herself, sending sparks of pleasure skittering through her body.

“Good,” Aleks croons. Fabric creaks as he grips himself harder, rubbing the distended column. “Open your knees more, I want to see.”

A storm of butterflies rouses in her belly as she obliges — and her nipples stiffen as she thumbs her clit.

“Just like that,” he breathes, fingers flexing on his huge erection again.

Alina hooks her fingers into herself, imagining he’s inside her already, pushing into her where she’s tight and wet, setting her alight with gathering ecstasy.

For a while there’s velvet quiet in the emerald room as they touch themselves, the silence broken only by the rasp of Aleks’s hand on his trousers, the damp clicking of Alina’s fingers as she rides her hand. She’s wet, so wet — so ready for him, but she doesn’t dare raise her eyes to meet his. “Aren’t you going to show me what’s in there?”

His fingers stop on his arousal, squeezing gently. “You want to see this?”

“Yes,” Alina whispers, a strange and undeniable hunger working through her. I want all of it, all of you…

Finally the Alpha’s free hand alights on the catch of his pants, and he thumbs the button open, drawing the zipper down. He shoves his waistband down and his erect cock springs free.

He’s even bigger than she was anticipating, thick with need, long enough to reach his navel. Precum beads at the tip of his head as she stares, and he smoothes it into his skin, humming low in his chest as his shaft shivers.

Alina gasps as he kneels before her — and then she can’t evade his quartz gaze. Her lips burn for his touch, her bare body warmed by the strapping Alpha as he gazes into her.

“Keep touching yourself,” he murmurs. His hand moves over himself again, and his hips flex as he thrusts through the ring of his fingers. “Good girl, you’re so good, Alina…”

His words shouldn’t mean anything, but her spine arches and she moves in time with him, their movements measured, if eager.

Aleks thumbs a drop of clear liquid from the dull flat of his cockhead, then brings his hand to her pussy. Alina mewls with surprise as his fingers overlap with hers, forcing his precum into the channel of her pussy.

“Oh fuck ,” she gasps — and then it’s only him inside her, finger-fucking her slowly as he caresses himself.

She’s losing herself in his rhythm when he stops, gently withdrawing from her. The sheets are cool against her bare back as he drags her up onto the bed, and his heat molds against her, his shaft hard against her lower belly.

Aleks tangles one hand in her hair, the other claiming her breast as his lips crush hers in another greedy kiss. He rolls the hard peak of her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, his sweet weight pinning her to the bed.

Alina groans with bliss as he sucks her lower lip, his mouth tracing a wet line to the corner of her ear and down the column of her neck. The hand kneading her breast skims lower, following the line of her ribs to her waist. His mouth closes on her other tit and he plumps her nipple, alternately sucking and dragging his teeth against her sensitive skin until she’s whining with need.

Aleks grunts softly as he lifts his hips — and she cries out as heat settles between her legs.

“Shh, let me.” His mouth reclaims hers, and he works her pussy, filling her with his fingers. He massages her inner walls, spreading her and pushing deep as his erection caroms against her belly. “Let me in, pet.”

Alina can’t escape — not that she wants to. All she can do is writhe helplessly as euphoria gathers in her core, the half-naked Alpha urging her closer to bliss.

“So fucking wet.” He chuckles in breathless wonder, nudging deeper and curling his fingers in a way that makes a throaty sigh twist out of her. “I didn’t know Betas could get this wet.”

“Surprise,” she manages between thrusts.

“God damn …” Aleks kisses her again, his lips demanding her attention as the light gathers in her — and she lets out a strangled whimper as she shatters. “Good girl, Alina. Beautifully done.”

She sucks in a breath, trying to cling to sense as he painstakingly pulls out of her. “N-Now what?”

“Now … I think you’re ready.”

Ready to get fucked. Alina’s body ripples in a whiplash of lust. God, yes.

His hand moves away, replaced by something hot and hard and wet as he cages her against the bed. “I’ll try to be careful, pet.”

Alina gasps as he thrusts into her, taking his time as her body gradually yields. He’s big, so big that it rides the exquisite line between pain and pleasure — and maybe it’s because she wants him so much, but she forces her hips down to meet him.

There, ” he groans when they’re fully aligned, her cunt aching with pleasure and full of his raw, rigid cock. She can feel every twitch, every soft spasm. “Fuck, you’re so tight, pet.”

Alina clings to the dark man as he starts to move, withdrawing from her only a few inches before sinking deep again.

But it’s not enough. Even as he moves faster, it’s like he’s restraining himself, his jaw steeled with the force of holding himself back.

“I need it faster,” she grits out. “Harder.”

Really .” The word rumbles through her like thunder — and before she can draw breath he rolls her body on top of his, impaling her atop him and catching her hips as she straddles him. He holds her down against him as he thrusts, and she yelps with ecstasy as he grinds into her, bottoming out. “Like this?”

“Y-Yes,” Alina pants. Fuck yes yes yes … She braces herself against the simple headboard, tits bouncing as Aleks ravages her, quickening his tempo. 

He wraps one arm around his waist, holding her against him as he rails her from below. His free hand cups her breasts, drinking her in as he pounds into her — and she rides him until her muscles burn.

“Aleks…” They’re meeting each other like sea and storm, crashing together with beautiful violence. “Alpha…”

She doesn’t know where the word came from, but the effect is instantaneous. His fingers tighten on her flesh, and he pulls her beneath him with a savage growl, fucking into her with brutal force.

It’s perfect — nothing like the soppy lovemaking that’s been her only real experience until now.

This … this is heaven and hell, beast and body united.

She rakes her fingernails down his broad, muscular back, delighting in the way he roars at the sudden pain and plunges into her harder, sheathing himself in her to the hilt with every thrust. He’s no longer the smooth, confident man who seduced her so easily but a monster, dark fury given form.

“I’m close,” he rasps, the words buzzing in her ear.

She is, too — and the way his mouth finds the curve of her neck, teeth flexing against her skin, makes every muscle in her body coil tight.

His hips stutter, his cock shuddering inside her as he grinds out a final few strokes. Then they’re gasping, holding each other tight as his heat pours into her womb and she comes apart again.

“Omega…” Aleks nuzzles into her neck, trembling with release as he floods her. “Fuck, pretty little Omega…”

Has he forgotten or is that who he was imagining me to be? The word shouldn’t sting, but he’s still inside her, for fuck’s sake. Surely even Alphas know basic manners.

His hair tickles her cheek, and then he’s kissing her again, as though the load that’s still spurting into her is only the tip of the iceberg. “I want to knot you.”

“I can’t,” she mutters. “I mean I’m not a—”

The Alpha surges in her again, still harder than rebar. “Not a what?”

Is he serious? “Not an Omega.”

Aleks props himself up on an elbow and rakes his black hair back from his face. “This says otherwise.”

His fingertip grazes the curve of Alina’s neck — and it’s like an electric jolt of pure rapture.

She gasps, scowling as she gingerly touches the spot. “What the—?”

Where there should only be smooth skin, something’s swollen. A soft lump that’s as sensitive as her clit, wired to her spine by a chain of nerves that she’s never felt before.

“What the fuck is that? ” Alina shrieks, stomach curling in terror.

“Your mating gland.” The Alpha grins down at her, his eyes dancing with feral delight. “Looks like you’re an Omega after all.”