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Halloween Challenge 2021

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This first chapter is just to say hello, and let you all in on my plan for this challenge. I didn't do one last year but two years ago in 2019 I challenged myself to post something fall and/or Halloween themed every day in October. It was really hard but truthfully a lot of fun. I met my good friend Jo through that challenge and I learned quite a bit on how to plan out a challenge. Last time, I didn't really go into it with a game plan and so there were a few chapters being written and edited at the same time to meet our deadline.

But this year is different. The beginning of September I decided that I would come prepared this time. Me and Jo came up with about 34 prompts and I've been rolling two d20's to pick each day. I'm a few days behind because of work and stuff, but currently, as I'm writing this, I've gotten about 21 days already finished. So, this is a long way of saying that the uploads will, hopefully, be a bit higher quality than the 2019 challenge And that they were much more thought out. Just like last time, I've found one that's given me brain worms. And so with the help of another friend, I will most likely be putting out another long fic that grew from a prompt on this list.


Alright, I think that's everything. Posting will be every day in October and I'll include chapter specific warnings in each chapter's summary. And lastly, I want to thank Jo for helping me with the prompts and the editing, couldn't do it without her. And I wanna thank Raven for helping me come up with Ideas For said prompts and for world-building That prompt that's gonna end up as a Thing.

I'll see you all tomorrow for the first chapter!