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There's blood on my hands (When did I get surrounded by bones?)

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What I'm writing

1) In terms of romance, I will likely only be writing Dadza and Mumza. Please don't ask for romantic relationships.


2) No sexual NSFW either. Don't be weirdchamp. 

3) Any other trigger warnings, e.g. gore, panic attacks, etc, will be in the notes of chapters!


4) The prompts are all in order; synced with the chapter, chapter 2 is prompt 1, chapter 3 is prompt 2


5) Prompts will also be in the chapter notes


Happy reading!

Chapter list:


1) We're falling (You shined so bright and now you're gone) [Emeraldduo]

Prompt: All trussed up and still nowhere to go ["You have to let go."]

Summary: Philza and Technoblade are dangling off a cliff. Techno tells Phil to let go.


2) I am a monument to all your sins [Discduo]

Prompt: Talking is overrated [Choking]

Summary: Tommy can't breathe. Dream won't let him. No one is here to save him, in the prison.


3) For you, the world [Twinsduo]

Prompt: Sticks and stones may break my bones but... [“Who did this to you?"]

Summary: Technoblade and Wilbur are twins. Techno finds Wilbur bruised and bloody. It all goed downhill from there. Dream is here, too.


4) Broken trust (Not like he’ll even know) [Borealtrio] 

Prompt: TRUST FALL [Do you trust me?]

Summary: Ranboo can trust Techno and Phil. Right? (Villain emeraldduo)


5) Another world lost to the ashes

Prompt: I’VE GOT RED IN MY LEDGER [betrayal]

Summary: It's superhero au, mixed with Canon. Dawn of the 16th, not quite, but Wilbur still dies :D


6) Touch-me-not [Crimeboysduo]

Prompt: Touch and go [touch-starved]

Summary: Tommy is a feral raccoon child living on the streets, and Wilbur just wants to be his brother


7) Count to five, I just wanna stay alive

Prompt: MY SPIDEY-SENSE IS TINGLING [helplessness]

Summary: Phil is going on a mining trip. What could possibly go wrong? (Everything, apparently, especially when you have claustrophobia)


8) I'm throwing up flowers, they're blue, and they mean I care so damn much about you.

Prompt: COUGHING UP A LUNG [exotic illness]

Summary: Wilbur leaves Tommy behind for Sally, and the boy starts throwing up blue flowers.


9) Do not stand at my grave and weep, for I am not there (I did not die)


Summary: Sam deals with the aftermath that is Dream killing Tommy, and he deals again when Tommy is revealed to be alive.


10) Sometimes, life's a bitch, and you keep living

Prompt: OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN [hospital]

Summary: Tubbo gets blown up on a mission, and lands in the hospital. Benchtrio fluff ensues


11) To break down entirely

Prompt: JUST KEEP SWIMMING [drowning].

Summary: Ranboo gets dropped into the water like a bath bomb, lol


12) Fires guttering low (The tides are rising)

Prompt: IT’LL BE FUN, THEY SAID [made to watch | begging]

Summary: "Stop. I'll- I'll give you the disc." Tommy says desperately, shoving the disc forward. Dream tilts his head slowly, axe still half-buried into Tubbo's shield. 

For Tubbo. 


13) The coffee shop AU I never thought I would write


Summary: Deaf Tommy works in an au, and has to deal with a Karen. It doesn't go well.


14) Two eldritch gods, but it’s the blob and the pig this time [Rivalsduo]

Prompt: UNDER PRESSURE [beaten]

Summary: Dream finds himself in a bit of a spot. Time to shed his human vassal, then. Or, basically modern AU. Also haha I accidentally wrote old gods rivalsduo ._.


15) Another superhero au (Ominous titles? Nah) [SBI]

Prompt: FEED A COLD, STARVE A FEVER [delirium]

Summary: Tommy gets a tad too cocky and is hurt by a villain. He is slightly out of it, but he's fine. SBI :D


16) Doomsday was what happened when everyone in a group project did their part (in hurting someone) and this essay I will 

Prompt: ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS [recovery | aftermath]

Summary: Dream gets broken out of prison by Technoblade, and Phil helps take care of him. I did not mean to write doomsdaytrio but. Here we are.


17) Tea parties and playdates

Prompt: FIELD CARE 101 [dread]

Summary: Foolish invites Phil (and his three children) to a tea party with his own kids. God au


18) Not everything in life is perfect, but everything perfect is in life. [Endersmile]

Prompt: THE DOCTOR IS IN [doctor’s visit]

Summary: Dream adopts Ranboo, and soon learns the effects of the boy's previous foster family left on him.


19) I've got you (I'll protect you)

Prompt: JUST A SCRATCH [Stabbed]

Summary: The Captain(Sparklez) is Crumb's guard. And he takes that job seriously.

People attack. Jordan doesn't have a good time.


20) The anger in your heart warms you now, but will leave you cold in your grave.

Prompt: LOST AND FOUND [solitary confinement]

Summary: Dream contemplates life, in the prison.


21) Bullseye [Twinsduo]

Prompt: THAT’S WHERE THE BLOOD’S SUPPOSED TO BE [blood-matted hair]

Summary: Technoblade and Wilbur are gods. They participate in a war.


22) It was never yours

Prompt: THEY MADE ME DO IT [cursed | demon | obsession] (All three prompts!!)

Summary: Dream finds a strange mask in a cave, and stupidly puts it on. The Dreamon within it is delighted.


23) I’m ravaged (I need disaster relief) [SBI]

Prompt: YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT [auction]

Summary: Tommy, a raccoon hybrid, is being sold in an auction. Lucky, Philza and Wilbur show up to save him. They end up adopting him, too


24) I didn't kill you before (But now I will)

Prompt: ONE DOWN TWO TO GO [revenge]

Summary: Dream escapes the prison. Tommy hunts him down and kills him.


25) You gotta do what you gotta do

Prompt: HIDE & SEEK [escape]

Summary: How many prison escapes am I going to fucking write  Technoblade doesn’t want to die to escape the prison. He doesn’t quite have a choice.


26)Look what you’ve done


Summary: Wilbur was just out flying around. Then the Phantom is shot out of the air by hunters.

Or, Origin SMP, Wilbur’s backstory :D


27) Wings B gone!

Prompt: I’M FINE. I PROM… [collapse]

NOTE: This is an AU of the fic, Oh dear, can you see me? by findingkairos! The chapter will have key points that you won’t understand unless you read it! Take note of the tags, as it is a bit dark, but I 100/10 recommend it! <3 [You’ll only really need to read up to chapter 3]

Summary: The angel’s wings are within the old lord’s castle, seperated from it. Technoblade - not knowing this - blows up the castle, and subsequently the angel, as well.


28) :)

Prompt: IT’S NOT JUST IN YOUR HEAD [“Good. You’re finally awake.” | Panic]


"You don't remember, Ranboo?" Dream coos, stepping forward and looming over Ranboo. 

"You broke me out of the prison. Now we're here." Dream says gleefully, fully aware of the terror flashing across Ranboo's face. 

"You're lying." The Enderman hybrid chokes out. "You're not real you're not real you're just the Voice this is all a dream-"


29) I get overwhelmedi

Prompt: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY [overworked]

Summary: Quackity overworks himself to the bone (a little literally) running his casino, and falls asleep after work at the bar Charlie Slimecicle is a dear who covers Quackity with a blanket.


30) Somebody I’m not

Prompt: DIGGING YOUR GRAVE [ghosts]

Summary: Ghostbur remembers more than they should, and really, it’s not fair, that they have to feel Alivebur’s pain again and again. At least they forget, though. [They/Them Ghostbur my adored]


31) Hush now (You were lost but now you’re found)

Prompt: HURT & COMFORT [trauma]

Summary: One time Tommy sat on his and Tubbo’s bench alone, after his death in the prison, and five times he didn’t. [Puffy | Ranboo | Sam | Wilbur | Tubbo]