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Midsummer Dream

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The last time she used her real name was during the first time she met a certain woman-


She holds a quite reputation among the locals. Her rambunctious behavior is one of her charms, that makes her the center of attention, and being the right hand of well-known Ship ‘Alcor’s’ Captain despite being a young woman made other respect her.

Her mesmerizing deep ruby colored eyes drown every person who met her gaze. Her handsome looks that every young man at Liyue is jealous of, and those meaningful smirk makes every woman swoon for her.

There’s no way you wouldn’t know Beidou if you’re a citizen of Liyue and her love for women at bed.

So, she wasn’t expecting the words that came to Beidou’s mouth.

“Put your clothes on “

Ningguang was surprised but she immediately closed her slightly agape mouth. Her client – Juza, one of Beidou’s crewmate was introduced to her by their mutual acquaintance and Ningguang accepted an offer.

‘Beidou’s gonna be appointed as the new Captain of the crew and we are going to celebrate it. We want you to make her night memorable, please her in a way that you women can only do in bed.

No one can blame her; the offer was enough to rent a room, so she wouldn’t need to sleep on streets and enough to buy food and eat 3 times a day for a month. Who wouldn’t decline an offer? All she needed to do was to give up her purity. Who needs their purity if they are about to die of starvation?

She was given a bath and was dressed in a little amount of clothing that will trigger any scorching desires from a person. An erotic golden hue lingerie with an almost transparent black camisole on top brings the best of her body.

According to rumors never did Beidou decline any woman who shows interest. So why is she hearing this?

“Is something wrong? Am I not pleasing to your eye?” Ningguang was able to ask with her questioning tone.

Silence fell into Beidou’s room for a while. Beidou sighs, takes a few steps towards her bed, and slumps her alcohol-influenced body unceremoniously.

Ningguang’s line of sight immediately fell into her feet as she fidgets. The courage that she had gathered earlier was completely gone under the intent gaze of Beidou.

“Look at me”

Ningguang does what she was told and can’t help but notice the desire on the captain's eyes, the tongue that went over her lips, throat that slowly moved while savoring every curve and every angle of her body, the hand that’s clutching the bedsheet and the furrowed eyebrows that shows hesitations.

Is this really Beidou?

“You must be thinking that I act different from the rumor”

“To tell you the truth yes” Ningguang replied timidly

Beidou gave a tired smile, she laughs quietly and softly than her usual roaring laugh. To Ningguang it was a piece of music to her ears. Then captain stand and steady herself to walk towards Ningguang as she pulls the girl towards the edge of the bed face to face with each other.

“I promised to myself that I will stop doing this kind of things if I become the captain of this ship.” Beidou’s gentleness can be heard, she continues “though I appreciate my crewmate’s gift for me, I can’t do this anymore”.

“But I was already paid to do this”

“They wouldn’t know if I didn’t say anything, by that you can keep the money”

“Can I at least do something that you would like to do?” Ningguang gave up, you can’t win with Beidou’s hardheadedness even if she’s drunk.

“Then take all of your clothes off” Beidou immediately replied like she already knows what she would like to do from the start. “I’d like to see everything that those clothes hide from me”

Ningguang was surprised, what Beidou said was the opposite of what she wanted earlier.

Beidou laughs internally as she saw that Ningguang was in pure shock with the irony and when Ningguang finally recovered from the shock, she slowly obeys her without any questions.

Beidou’s eyes leisurely watched the clothes being removed one by one, not knowing that Ningguang was shy and unintentionally doing this in a slow manner. It deepens the desire that she’s controlling throughout the encounter but when the last clothing- Ningguang’s underwear was finally on the floor, Beidou couldn’t help but to admire the body in front of her. The supple chest and the tip shouts that Beidou has an influence on her body.

She’s on the verge of breaking the promise she made for herself.

“Is this your first time?” Beidou noticed the awkwardness that the woman is giving “Don’t tell me you’re still pure?”

The tint of blush was enough to answer the question

“As much as I wanted to take your first…” Beidou took her hands and gestured to her bed. “Don’t worry this isn’t what you think” Ningguang can feel how much Beidou is restraining herself. “Please lie down”.

Ningguang can’t help but think that the gentleness and confidence of Beidou on these things was the reason why those girls wanted to lie with her. And experiencing it first-hand makes her think that maybe she was right.

Beidou was surprised and glad that the woman obeyed her without any questions. She's quite different with the woman who seems to question her just to know every little thing about her.

“C-captain Beidou”

Beidou hurriedly and expertly removed her own clothes when she heard her name in a muffled voice. She saw Ningguang trying to cover herself with a blanket, she’s blushing and avoiding the sight of naked Beidou.

“Hearing you voice my name was enough to lose my sanity” Beidou admits as she kneeled on top of the woman, her hands were beside the woman's head as if to trap her and pieces of dark brown hair hovering over Ningguang. “Please don’t do that” Beidou leans her weight to the other side, tugs the blanket down slowly as if she’s engraving the image of the perfect woman under her.

The supple breast earlier was in front of her, tempting her to leave a mark around it. Ningguang took a glance and saw how deep her desire was just by looking at her darkened eyes and how she can feel the ragged breathing of Beidou near her breast.

Ningguang can see Beidou’s hesitation and the conflict within her mind.

Ningguang can feel how much Beidou wanted to take her, but the promise that she made for herself is preventing her.

And Ningguang knows that she’s doing this to prove something to herself.

“I never thought that ‘the Beidou’ whom every woman loves is so hard on herself” Ningguang held Beidou’s head to look at her. The woman under was a bit surprise but didn’t show when she saw Beidou on a verge of tears. “Why are you hesitating if you want to take me?”

“I’ve never wanted to become such a person like this” Beidou finally admitted with alcohol completely influencing her emotions. “I’ve become the person I hated the most” Beidou’s eyes never left Ningguang. “But I cannot stop myself” Tears are falling like rain on Ningguang’s face. She can’t help but caress the cheek and tried to wipe every tear as if she could wipe the sorrow of the woman above her. “At first I did this to prove on captain and other crews that a woman can do what men can, then it became a habit, became a routine, and then an obsession.”

“I don’t want to do this anymore” Beidou managed to say as she sobs

The sound of Beidou’s sobbing envelopes the whole room

Ningguang can feel her heart broken. This is Beidou, the pride of Liyue, the talk of the town is crying above her like a lost child. She doesn't know how many people saw her in this state, how many people Beidou opened up to, yet Ningguang knows that Captain was being harsh on herself and the accumulated emotions led to this situation.

“The warmth of a person can never be replaced by any achievement I received” Beidou reasoned “It gave me a feeling of a ground, where I can step and feel my feet on it. I always reminds me that I shouldn’t be strayed away from my goal and that I shouldn’t be accustomed with this routine. I know it is ironic, I don’t know how to explain it anymore, the alcohol is making my head fuzzy”.

Beidou paused for a while, eyes traveling across the sincere expression of the woman under her. An expression that says she understands her and acknowledges all the pain that she shared.

“You can feel the warmth of a person without doing this” Ningguang murmured in a gentle voice

It makes Beidou confused, the sobbing slowly stopped and she doesn’t know if it’s because of what the woman had said or the sound of the woman’s voice on her ears.

“You can find your ground without torturing yourself” Ningguang slowly shifted her hands to Beidou’s neck and pulls her closer

“Captain,” the woman whispered in a low voice, “I'll be your ground tonight”.

This confirmed what Beidou felt earlier. It was this woman’s voice that made her head fuzzy, and it wasn’t the enormous amount of alcohol that flipped her stomach, it was the sincerity of the voice that gives butterfly to her stomach.

“W-what are you going to do?” Beidou never stutter when she’s with a woman. She’s always in control during intimacy and she’s never been the one on underhand even if she’s above the woman.

“Just let me…” Ningguang reassured “It can give you warmth even without the mating”.

Beidou didn’t doubt Ningguang as she unhurriedly lower herself and rest her head on the woman’s neck. She unconsciously breathed and tried to engrave the woman’s scent into her memory.

“Let me hold you until sunrise”

Beidou felt the vibration when Ningguang spoke, the movement of her chest as she breathe and the warmth of their naked bodies.

“Just like what I said, I can be your ground tonight, but it will be better if you can find someone where you can call home and make you feel all the warmth that will fix you to your ground even without mating”

“I will, just like what you said,” Beidou purred against Ningguang's neck. “You’re the warmest body I’ve ever held” Ningguang smiled at this, she can feel the captain’s body rest and her comfortable weight against her.

What Beidou admitted earlier was heavier than her weight above Ningguang, but she didn’t mind the weight. The warmth of Beidou’s naked body against her own was comfortable like a blanket during winter, like coffee against harsh weather-

Like a safe haven.

She caress Beidou’s hair and holds its waist with her free hand. The silence was comfortable and enveloped them. Neither of them dared to disrupt what they are doing. The hand of Ningguang on Beidou’s hair is like a sleeping pill.

“Stranger, what's your name?”

Beidou’s consciousness is slowly drifting into nothingness. Ningguang's breathing is like a lullaby and the woman’s chest movement was enough to put her into sleep.


A minute of silence came and Ningguang thought that Beidou finally fell asleep when she heard a sluggish voice

“Ningguang…” Beidou repeat, slowly tasting the name on her tongue

Ningguang's lips rise upon hearing this. She's never been intimate with others before, yet she can feel comfortable with the captain. She didn’t want to move and disturbed the drowsiness of the woman above her but she’s having difficulty breathing now because of Beidou’s weight.


“Hmmmm?” Ningguang adjust their position, she slowly slides Beidou’s body on her side with her arms under the captain’s head.

Beidou unconsciously leans towards the hand that caress her hair. Ningguang was being cautious to her actions, she carefully moved so that she could hug Beidou. She managed to make Beidou rest her head into Ningguang’s chest and got surprised when Beidou clings to her waist as if afraid to be separated to Ningguang.

“Can we stay like this?” Beidou’s voice was muffled “at least until I fall asleep?”

“Hmmmm…” Ningguang gave an affirmative reply



“Thank you”

Ningguang’s scent finally made Beidou fall asleep.

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If Ningguang would describe herself, there’s only one word she thinks that would fit for her. 


Being raised in an orphanage sharpens this characteristic. She's somewhat thankful that she grew up around lions and tigers. Ningguang adopted and learned their opportunistic attitude.

That’s how she survived when she reached the legal age and left the orphanage. 

That’s why Ningguang never thinks twice when opportunity strikes but seeing the peaceful Beidou sleeping beside her gave her doubt on what she needed to do.

To repeat, yes ‘needed’

Ningguang wasn’t lucky to be adopted by a rich family or who can sustain her needs. So, she lives by herself through hard work and instincts.

What Beidou’s crewmate Juza gave her was enough for her to live for months but what about after spending all of it?

She ‘needed’ to live wisely. There’s no doubt on every action she will make. 

Ningguang had scanned Beidou’s room through her eyes and saw a few pouches of Mora on Beidou’s table. Each pouch looks loaded that it’s about to open when not closed and knotted properly. 

She wanted a small business but need some Mora for capital. 

The idea is tempting for someone who owns nothing.

Yet in the end, her needs win, not her conscience. She never wanted to sleep at a random street anymore and beg for money if she didn’t find a decent job and never wanted to sleep just to pass her hunger. 

So, she cautiously removes Beidou from her and carefully walks on the drunk crew with the pouches she stole.

She promised she will repay Beidou someday.


Beidou woke up, immediately trying to find the warmth of the woman cuddling with her last night yet it dawned to her that she was gone when she felt the coldness of the empty side of the bed. The newly appointed captain tried to sit down but the sudden headache makes it difficult.

She knew the rules of hookups. Usually, she stealthily leaves her one-night partner. She never let someone sleep in her room even beats her into her own game. 

It somewhat hurts her pride

At the same time making her amused.

“Juza!!” Beidou called as loud and authoritative as she can because she can’t leave the bed with a pounding headache. She asked the whereabouts of the woman from yesterday and she can’t help to be disappointed.

The crew was too drunk yesterday to remember the information Beidou asks. Beidou’s hangover didn’t help, she’s getting irritated that she can’t remember the eyes even the voice of the woman last night.

But the feeling of being understood and taken care of with such gentleness is what makes the woman different from her usual hookups. 

She wanted to meet that woman again, talk to her, learn more about her.

Beidou began to spread some news on Liyue Harbor, that she’s finding a young woman with a white to ash color and below shoulder length of hair. This is all that Beidou can remember thanks to her alcohol-infused brain that night. She thought she could immediately find her because a young woman with white-colored hair is eye-catching. 

That’s what she thought.

Beidou and her crew are supposed to sail for their next mission but get hold when Beidou insisted on finding the woman. The crew knew how hardheaded Beidou was when she wanted something. They admired Beidou’s single-mindedness yet were somehow surprised that a certain woman can make their captain lose her mind. Juza tried to double his effort because he felt he’s the most responsible for why the first mission with their new captain was postponed. He didn’t ask for the woman’s history and didn’t know even her name. He’s getting all the pressure from his captain and crewmate.

A week passed without any clue. Beidou decided to sail and promise she’ll find the woman.


Ningguang was savoring jueyun chili chicken that she bought from a small restaurant run by Chef Mao. This uncle was kind to her since she became independent, when she was starving because she couldn't find a stable job. He's giving her free food when the business didn’t sell enough or leftovers when they are doing great. Ningguang is always thankful for Chef Mao’s family. The goodness from the family retains that even their business is on the brink of bankruptcy, so she decided to drop by, eat by finally buying and give them a large amount of mora.

“You didn’t need to do this.” Chef Mao looked at her, he never questions the young woman. He knew the girl for years, but he didn’t even know her name and where she came from. He offered Ningguang to be part of their family, but she politely refused, saying she didn’t need to be pitied. He tried to make the lady open up on him, but unsuccessful. The lady is like a tall and thick wall with a door fully closed so you can’t come inside yet he knows that inside of the cold exterior is a warm, kind, and grateful person.

“I got paid enough by my previous employer.” Ningguang insisted the pouch of mora, Chef Mao was waiting for another explanation but as he thought, this woman only talked with a few words.

“I never ask you to repay me.”

“I just want to be thankful” Ningguang's voice didn’t waver “I don’t want your food business to close because of me.”

“That’s not the case little girl.” Chef Mao sighed, she noticed that Ningguang’s bowl and the plate is now empty and eyeing for another food, so he walked away and came back with a mora meat.

“Thank you” Ningguang was about to pull for a mora as payment when Chef Mao interrupted “I am still experimenting with the recipe, so it’s on the house.”

“Ah, No- “

“Little Lady, it’s enough for me to feel that you’re grateful.” Chef Mao hesitated “But you need that mora than our family. It’s true that we are thriving, but we can manage.” The uncle grabbed a pitcher and refilled her water. “Use it as a capital, as an investment then when the time comes you can repay us whenever you want.”

Ningguang's resolutions wavered, and she can’t do anything but stand and bow as low as she can.

“Aren’t Beidou and her crew supposed to leave today?”

“I heard they are finding a lady.”

“One of Beidou’s hookups?”

“Beidou’s thing is only for a night, it’s an unspoken rule.”

“They are desperate to find the woman so maybe not?”

“I don’t know”

I didn’t take a day to hear the spreading news.

Chef Mao immediately noticed how Ningguang’s movement became stiff. He got an idea that the rumors spreading by the customers in his small shop were the reason behind this. Chef Mao eyed Ningguang, staring at the untouched mora meat with sweat forming on her forehead.

“You know little girl if I were that person, I'd run away from Liyue Harbor, business with pirates isn’t a funny thing.” Chef Mao indirectly advised Ningguang, “He or ‘SHE’ should start moving now, because it’s Captain Beidou we are talking about.”

Ningguang’s mouth went agape, she didn’t know if it was just her, but the uncle emphasizes the word ‘SHE’.

“Little girl, I’ll pack up your mora meat” Ched Mao said hurriedly. “You can eat this along the way.”

“Sorry –“

“I am sure that person has a good reason” Chef Mao gave an assuring smile “Don’t forget to visit us again young woman.” 

Ningguang can’t help but feel thankful that she met Chef Mao’s family.


Her foot ached the same as her body. Along the way, Ningguang decided to sit down on a nearby rock and remove her shoes. There she saw large blisters on her feet. She can work all day, but never experienced walking continuously for 3 days and 2 nights. She winces when she tried to plant her foot on the ground. 

Ningguang's destination is on the north of the Liyue. She heard that Qingce Village is a village of the elderly. She thought she can hide there and live her life peacefully because it’s far away from the Liyue harbor. Ningguang’s determination is fading as she feels the pain while thinking about the days she still needed to walk just to arrive at the said village.

Maybe this is her retribution for stealing Captain Beidou’s mora

Maybe being captured by Beidou is better than struggling with life.

Sometimes she can’t help but think that she can end her sufferings by ending herself.

Then she remembers what Chef Mao said to her 3 days ago.

‘Don’t forget to visit us again young woman’

Despite the pain Ningguang forced herself to stand up and find a sturdy stick to lessen the pain while walking. She encounters many adventurers during her travel. Some tried to approach her, but Ningguang limited her interactions. She knew they pitied her. A limping young woman dressed raggedly is an eyesore on a road. Every man and woman can’t help but turn their head on Ningguang.

She was about to voice her irritation, but the smell of salty water prevents her. She must be near the infamous Yaoguang Shoal.

Ningguang took this opportunity, she never steps a foot away from Liyue harbor, a little sightseeing won’t hurt. So, she followed the crowd and saw that Yaoguang Shoal isn’t called infamous by nothing. The white sand and clear water were enough to put your mouth agape and make the woman forget the pain on her foot. She slowly dips a foot on the water, and everything became perfect. 

“Excuse me” 

Ningguang was removed from her trance. A timid adventurer came into her view, and she was calmly choosing a good quality of shell near Ningguang’s feet.

She noticed that there are some adventurers digging and picking shells, they meticulously choose from a hundred or maybe thousands of shells, and also there are some foreign travelers strolling to see the beauty of the shoal. 

This gave her an idea.

Ningguang observes them for a while, this might be a good spot to earn money she thought. The next day after finding a respectable yet cheap room to stay in for a while at Wangshu Inn, she gathers fine to good quality shells and sells them to the adventurers even to travelers as a souvenir. The adventurers are glad to Ningguang, since it saves their precious time, they pay her a good amount of mora. 

She will wake up late at night to gather shells and sell them morning to evening. She was glad she’s finally earning a good amount of mora. She can finally eat food thrice a day without touching the pouch of mora she stole from Beidou. But this continues only for a month.

‘A gorgeous woman who can overthrow the beauty of the Yaoguang Shoal. She is calm as the sea, and her hair is white as the sand.”

This is the description of the adventurers and travelers on Ningguang even if they haven’t met her. Ningguang became famous that some people come to Yaoguang Shoal just to see the rumored beauty. 

And this rumored reached Beidou.

Alcor just docked at Liyue Harbor when she heard this and immediately prepared the crew towards Yoaguang Shoal. Juza can’t help but to only sigh. He forgot that their captain has an unfinished business with that young woman, and she’s determined to find her again.

The news spreads fast that Alcor docked near Yaoguang Shoal. They are the talk of the town right now at Wangshu Inn. Adventurers became excited to meet her even the travelers. Beidou and her crew have a quite reputation after all. 

Beidou followed a trail towards the Yoaguang Shoal, often given a smile and wave by the passerby. When she finally reached the Shoal she saw an adventurer.

“Where’s the woman who sells shells?”


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Chapter III


Ningguang will never forget how she saw Beidou that morning.

She was hiding among the crowds wanting to get a glimpse of the captain before fleeing in a town far away from Wangshu inn. She’s wearing a thin cloak and her face is hidden under the hood while watching Beidou being surrounded by the locals.

That is her first time seeing Beidou in broad sunlight.

Beidou wore her pride under her sleeve, her handsome feature is dazzling than the sunlight and her carefree smile is more intoxicating than the cute goofy drooling woman last time.

She can’t help but laugh as she remembers that face.

Ningguang also felt that Beidou somehow loosens her uptight attitude or is it just because Beidou is in front of a young woman who seems to be clinging to her while asking some questions? She guesses she will never know, Beidou is a womanizer after all.

Ningguang can’t tear her eyes away from the captain, there’s something in Beidou that she can’t identify. She watches Beidou’s every movement and every expression, but it only seems to distract her from finding it out. Until-

Beidou turns around, her back facing Ningguang.

There she saw the hairpiece she knew very well, it was given to her by her grandmother at the orphanage, it was a farewell gift to her, not that expensive, it’s only the cheap type of hairpiece that you can buy on those street vendors but being given to her by her foster grandmother, it holds a priceless value. The old lady was hoping she could use it someday when she became a fine young lady.

She often carries the gift to remind her where she came from, just happened she forgot it at Beidou’s room that morning and never thought that the captain will use it.

It fits perfectly on Beidou along with the one-piece blue earring that comes along with her hairpiece.

She’s not a sentimental type of person but that gift is the only priceless thing that she owned. She regrets that she forgot the hairpiece at the same time hoping that Beidou will take care of it.

“Hey, Captain, why did you have that cheap-looking hairpiece? I’ll give you mine instead” Ningguang heard the woman clinging to Beidou ask while laughing.

It brings a boil to her stomach that Beidou laughs and smile towards the gorgeous lady with a foul mouth.

Of course, Beidou can buy a hairpiece that is more expensive than hers. Who would keep a cheap-looking hairpiece like hers?

It also reminds her that Beidou is here because of the mora she stole. Everything she thought is just her wishful fantasy.

Maybe someday, someone will cherish her even if she’s just a destitute lady.

Ningguang lowered the hood of her cloak and immediately walks away from the crowd not waiting for the words of Beidou

“Don’t even think about it” Beidou holds the hand of the woman who reaches for the hairpiece “You never want to know what will happen to your hand once you touch it.” The captain finishes menacingly with a smile on her face.

It took Ningguang a week to reach Qingce Village, it’s much easier to travel when she’s not in a hurry. She learned her lesson last time, so she took plenty of breaks and rest during the travel.

She had saved enough money while she was in Yaoguang Shoal, it was a good business, but too bad Beidou almost got her.

The first thing that welcomes her is the majestic view of Qingce’s famous terraces, walking in a hanging bridge while admiring the view is enough to make Ningguang thankful to Beidou

She wouldn’t be able to see the infamous Yaoguang Shoal and Qingce’s Terraces if she didn’t need to leave Liyue Harbor

The farmers along with the little children greeted her as if she’s one of them.

Ningguang can feel the warm welcome of the villagers

She took her time walking down, nodding to each one of them to reciprocate the kindness until she saw an old lady walking towards the village. She is holding two large heavy looking baskets.

Unbeknownst to Ningguang, taking and carrying those heavy baskets would change her life massively.

She was adopted immediately against her will by the community leader who act as the village’s chief leader.

The old woman was more persistent than Ningguang. Granny Ruoxin didn’t let the opportunity pass by when she saw a rare young lady in their village, without a home to sleep in.

She offered her home at first and offered her a job to help her in every activity that she needed to do within the village. Being a community leader at such an age isn’t an easy thing.

It only took her a few days to notice something in Ningguang, other than being a simple, kind, soft-hearted yet aloof type of person, she is diligent, hardworking, and can persevere.

Granny Ruoxin had a hunch and she confirmed it by giving Ningguang several small yet complicated tasks for the village which she did precisely and impressively

The old lady never doubts her instincts and she believes that small things are a part of accomplishing bigger and better ones.

Ningguang holds such potential.

She was willing to make Qingce Village her little playground.

So she trains her, teaches her more than reading and writing, gives her insights on how to manage people, family, and a village. The economy, finance, and everything she needed to know.

And Ningguang never complains about every task that’s been given to her.

“Guizhong come here”

Ningguang was flabbergasted, confused to say. Because they are the only ones strolling along the rice field and Ruoxin was looking at her with a glad expression.

“Don’t give me that kind of face”

“That’s not my name”

“I know but you were so stubborn to give your name, so I am naming you after a goddess who once protected her people by her wisdom and intelligence”

Ningguang didn’t say anything she just stare with a displeased expression.

Ruoxin can only laugh inwardly

“You’ll scare every suitor drooling for your feet” The old lady loves to mess around, she was sure it will be brushed off by Ningguang that’s why when she saw Ningguang being red from ears to the neck, she laugh so loud like she can wake up all sleeping hens and roosters.

“There’s no way someone will want a person like me”

“Maybe not now, but you’ll meet someone who will see every little piece of you and still pursue you despite your weakness”

Ningguang suddenly think of Beidou and scoffed.

If she knew that the banter she had with granny Rouxin will be the last time, she’ll accept the name that’s been given to her wholeheartedly.

Old Rouxin won’t wake up despite the desperate attempts of Ningguang.

The sad news spread like a wildfire and a huge number of people came in her wake.

They introduce themselves and it’s an understatement to say that Ningguang is surprised that her Old Rouxin is such a popular mentor. The most influential and powerful people gathering in her wake were once her students and followers. No wonder they held Ningguang such respect because they misunderstand her as a student, they don’t know she was just a lowly helper of granny.

Even the current Tianquan who’s casually sipping tea shared her a glance and opted her to come.

“Guizhong am I right?”

“Guizhong is the name given by Old Rouxin, Lady Lin Yue” Ningguang can’t help but accept a fact that she’ll live life now as Guizhong. It’s better than having no name she thought

“I know because I know who you are”

Her hands never felt so cold in her life and her forehead started to sweat. One sentence of this woman is enough to make her remember the reality she’s been running from.

“But don’t worry, I know when to keep my mouth shut” the Tianquan smiled slyly “I am not the type of person who interferes a romance”

Ningguang found her mouth agape, completely lost to what she heard.

“Lady Lin Yue, If I may can I talk to Guizhong Jie Jie ?”

Ningguang heard Xingqui excusing her and felt like she was saved by the bell.

“Of course. I’m glad I met the famous Guizhong” The way Tianquan leaves words sounds like she meant something else. Xinqui looks confused at first, but Ningguang knows the double intended words.

“Excuse us, Lady Lin Yue”

“It’s an honor to meet you, Lady Lin Yue”

“Guizhong jie jie come follow me I’d like to discuss something,” Xinqui asked her, Ningguang follow him and after a few steps, she can’t help but look towards the Tianquan again and saw she mouthed words only Ningguang will understand.

“We’ll meet again Ningguang”

Xinqui was old Rouxin’s grandson, the second son of the guild manager of Feiyun Commerce Guild, an influential group in Liyue.

Despite his young age, he’s knowledgeable not only in commerce but also in different kinds of things that can be found and read in books. It is quite understandable because he was trained under Rouxin and was given chance to hone his knowledge as wisdom through experiences.

Ningguang can’t help but admire the lad.

Xinqui informed her that she was endorsed by Old Rouxin before she died, that she has high hope for her. Xinqui and her family never doubt their grandmother’s instincts.

So, they gave her a room and a bed to sleep, proper education, and trained her like an unpolished gem.

She’s often with Xinqui in all business transactions and meetings, sometimes with the Guild manager to know the in and outs of the commerce industry. She’s also treated well by the other workers. She gains respect from the trading partners and investors of the guild within a short time. Xinqui’s dad cannot be more proud of this lady.

“Xinqui” Ningguang saw him carrying a stack of books taller than him in the guild’s hallway. Xinqui feels so glad in Ningguang’s presence as she offers her hand in returning the books to the guild’s library.

She scanned the titles of Xinqui’s book, there are some complicated books that she knew she’ll never read but Xinqui loves to read every genre of fiction and nonfiction, his curiosity gave him the endless wisdom he had, and once again this is one of her reasons why Ningguang admire the lad. She set him as an example, Ningguang felt very fortunate that old Rouxin taught her how to read.

The last book got to return in its shelve and Ningguang was about to call Xinqui when a book caught her attention.

“A poem between lilies “

Curiosity halts her steps, Ningguang tried to scan it and immediately got the gist of the story by reading the summary.

It is a story of two women who are intimate with each other. The book isn’t a normal romance book but obscene literature. Ningguang picks Xinqui’s book again and it’s between two-man and she confirmed that this shelve is for romance literature and categorized into different kinds of romance, even homoerotic novels.

Ningguang remembers that Xinqui is always with Chongyun and never hides their relationship.

“Guizhong jie jie?” Xinqui called and she was startled with it. She feels like she discovers a hidden truth and feels guilty about it. She immediately returns the books and meets Xinqui.

“I need to meet up with father, thank you for helping jie jie” Xinqui said with an innocent voice

“Oh I see, no worries, I’ll linger here for a while, read some books to kill time”

Ningguang knows that she manages to calm herself and speak in her usual voice but her cheeks betrayed her. She saw Xinqui glance behind her to see the section of the shelf and gave her a sly smile.

“Did something catch your interest jie jie?”

Ningguang flinched, full embarrassment can be seen on her face, but Xinqui only laughs at her.

“Never count you like a romance type jie jie, not even in that kind of category”

She could only stay silent cause she knew every word she said will be used to embarrass her. Archons, Xinqui is Old Rouxin’s grandson.

“What happened here won’t be known to anyone else, Guizhong jie jie. Rest Assured”

It was said with utmost sincerity.

With that Xinqui leaves.

She was sweating profusely, a warm body was pressed against her, the weight was being used to restrain every movement Ningguang is making.

It’s not disconcerting in fact it’s quite too comfortable.

Ningguang is hugging the body tightly as if she was afraid to lose all the warmth. Her partner makes her feel like she’s fragile, she caresses Ningguang with such affection.

But she needed more, she wanted her partner to break her.

“Beidou, faster”

She can feel the breath of the woman above her, she was panting directly on Ningguang’s ears. Adding more sensations-

-and pleasure to what they are doing.


Words were replaced by kisses as their body communicate. Nails on the woman’s skin are enough to leave a scar but pleasure can be felt.

“B-beidou, stop!”

The word became ironic as Ningguang follows the speed and rhythm of Beidou’s. Beidou became more attentive to her, she play with Ningguang’s chest with enough force to elicit a groan. Kisses throughout Ningguang’s body isn’t enough to prove her devotions so, she marked her in every sensitive part of Ningguang’s body and not after she kissed her neck, Ningguang came so hard that she lost all her strength, all her focus and tried not to lose herself in pleasure by biting into Beidou’s neck.

Her captain’s sensual moan was enough to wake herself up.

She sat up immediately to look around her, she was in her bedroom not in Beidou’s quarters and Beidou cannot be found. She sighs shakingly to gathers herself, her chest feels so heavy just from the dream.

Everything felt surreal. She can still feel the lingering sensation between her thighs.

Maybe it’s a bad idea to read the novel she found in the library. Maybe curiosity about Beidou’s famous activity with women is the bad thing. She doesn’t know anymore. Maybe thinking of Beidou while reading is the bad thing. She can’t sleep anymore and can’t stop thinking what if Beidou touches her that night?

Maybe Beidou’s touch is as good as her touch on her dreams.

Unbeknownst to Ningguang, this dream is just the first of her midsummer dreams