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Midsummer Dream

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The last time she used her real name was during the first time she met a certain woman-


She holds a quite reputation among the locals. Her rambunctious behavior is one of her charms, that makes her the center of attention, and being the right hand of well-known Ship ‘Alcor’s’ Captain despite being a young woman made other respect her.

Her mesmerizing deep ruby colored eyes drown every person who met her gaze. Her handsome looks that every young man at Liyue is jealous of, and those meaningful smirk makes every woman swoon for her.

There’s no way you wouldn’t know Beidou if you’re a citizen of Liyue and her love for women at bed.

So, she wasn’t expecting the words that came to Beidou’s mouth.

“Put your clothes on “

Ningguang was surprised but she immediately closed her slightly agape mouth. Her client – Juza, one of Beidou’s crewmate was introduced to her by their mutual acquaintance and Ningguang accepted an offer.

‘Beidou’s gonna be appointed as the new Captain of the crew and we are going to celebrate it. We want you to make her night memorable, please her in a way that you women can only do in bed.

No one can blame her; the offer was enough to rent a room, so she wouldn’t need to sleep on streets and enough to buy food and eat 3 times a day for a month. Who wouldn’t decline an offer? All she needed to do was to give up her purity. Who needs their purity if they are about to die of starvation?

She was given a bath and was dressed in a little amount of clothing that will trigger any scorching desires from a person. An erotic golden hue lingerie with an almost transparent black camisole on top brings the best of her body.

According to rumors never did Beidou decline any woman who shows interest. So why is she hearing this?

“Is something wrong? Am I not pleasing to your eye?” Ningguang was able to ask with her questioning tone.

Silence fell into Beidou’s room for a while. Beidou sighs, takes a few steps towards her bed, and slumps her alcohol-influenced body unceremoniously.

Ningguang’s line of sight immediately fell into her feet as she fidgets. The courage that she had gathered earlier was completely gone under the intent gaze of Beidou.

“Look at me”

Ningguang does what she was told and can’t help but notice the desire on the captain's eyes, the tongue that went over her lips, throat that slowly moved while savoring every curve and every angle of her body, the hand that’s clutching the bedsheet and the furrowed eyebrows that shows hesitations.

Is this really Beidou?

“You must be thinking that I act different from the rumor”

“To tell you the truth yes” Ningguang replied timidly

Beidou gave a tired smile, she laughs quietly and softly than her usual roaring laugh. To Ningguang it was a piece of music to her ears. Then captain stand and steady herself to walk towards Ningguang as she pulls the girl towards the edge of the bed face to face with each other.

“I promised to myself that I will stop doing this kind of things if I become the captain of this ship.” Beidou’s gentleness can be heard, she continues “though I appreciate my crewmate’s gift for me, I can’t do this anymore”.

“But I was already paid to do this”

“They wouldn’t know if I didn’t say anything, by that you can keep the money”

“Can I at least do something that you would like to do?” Ningguang gave up, you can’t win with Beidou’s hardheadedness even if she’s drunk.

“Then take all of your clothes off” Beidou immediately replied like she already knows what she would like to do from the start. “I’d like to see everything that those clothes hide from me”

Ningguang was surprised, what Beidou said was the opposite of what she wanted earlier.

Beidou laughs internally as she saw that Ningguang was in pure shock with the irony and when Ningguang finally recovered from the shock, she slowly obeys her without any questions.

Beidou’s eyes leisurely watched the clothes being removed one by one, not knowing that Ningguang was shy and unintentionally doing this in a slow manner. It deepens the desire that she’s controlling throughout the encounter but when the last clothing- Ningguang’s underwear was finally on the floor, Beidou couldn’t help but to admire the body in front of her. The supple chest and the tip shouts that Beidou has an influence on her body.

She’s on the verge of breaking the promise she made for herself.

“Is this your first time?” Beidou noticed the awkwardness that the woman is giving “Don’t tell me you’re still pure?”

The tint of blush was enough to answer the question

“As much as I wanted to take your first…” Beidou took her hands and gestured to her bed. “Don’t worry this isn’t what you think” Ningguang can feel how much Beidou is restraining herself. “Please lie down”.

Ningguang can’t help but think that the gentleness and confidence of Beidou on these things was the reason why those girls wanted to lie with her. And experiencing it first-hand makes her think that maybe she was right.

Beidou was surprised and glad that the woman obeyed her without any questions. She's quite different with the woman who seems to question her just to know every little thing about her.

“C-captain Beidou”

Beidou hurriedly and expertly removed her own clothes when she heard her name in a muffled voice. She saw Ningguang trying to cover herself with a blanket, she’s blushing and avoiding the sight of naked Beidou.

“Hearing you voice my name was enough to lose my sanity” Beidou admits as she kneeled on top of the woman, her hands were beside the woman's head as if to trap her and pieces of dark brown hair hovering over Ningguang. “Please don’t do that” Beidou leans her weight to the other side, tugs the blanket down slowly as if she’s engraving the image of the perfect woman under her.

The supple breast earlier was in front of her, tempting her to leave a mark around it. Ningguang took a glance and saw how deep her desire was just by looking at her darkened eyes and how she can feel the ragged breathing of Beidou near her breast.

Ningguang can see Beidou’s hesitation and the conflict within her mind.

Ningguang can feel how much Beidou wanted to take her, but the promise that she made for herself is preventing her.

And Ningguang knows that she’s doing this to prove something to herself.

“I never thought that ‘the Beidou’ whom every woman loves is so hard on herself” Ningguang held Beidou’s head to look at her. The woman under was a bit surprise but didn’t show when she saw Beidou on a verge of tears. “Why are you hesitating if you want to take me?”

“I’ve never wanted to become such a person like this” Beidou finally admitted with alcohol completely influencing her emotions. “I’ve become the person I hated the most” Beidou’s eyes never left Ningguang. “But I cannot stop myself” Tears are falling like rain on Ningguang’s face. She can’t help but caress the cheek and tried to wipe every tear as if she could wipe the sorrow of the woman above her. “At first I did this to prove on captain and other crews that a woman can do what men can, then it became a habit, became a routine, and then an obsession.”

“I don’t want to do this anymore” Beidou managed to say as she sobs

The sound of Beidou’s sobbing envelopes the whole room

Ningguang can feel her heart broken. This is Beidou, the pride of Liyue, the talk of the town is crying above her like a lost child. She doesn't know how many people saw her in this state, how many people Beidou opened up to, yet Ningguang knows that Captain was being harsh on herself and the accumulated emotions led to this situation.

“The warmth of a person can never be replaced by any achievement I received” Beidou reasoned “It gave me a feeling of a ground, where I can step and feel my feet on it. I always reminds me that I shouldn’t be strayed away from my goal and that I shouldn’t be accustomed with this routine. I know it is ironic, I don’t know how to explain it anymore, the alcohol is making my head fuzzy”.

Beidou paused for a while, eyes traveling across the sincere expression of the woman under her. An expression that says she understands her and acknowledges all the pain that she shared.

“You can feel the warmth of a person without doing this” Ningguang murmured in a gentle voice

It makes Beidou confused, the sobbing slowly stopped and she doesn’t know if it’s because of what the woman had said or the sound of the woman’s voice on her ears.

“You can find your ground without torturing yourself” Ningguang slowly shifted her hands to Beidou’s neck and pulls her closer

“Captain,” the woman whispered in a low voice, “I'll be your ground tonight”.

This confirmed what Beidou felt earlier. It was this woman’s voice that made her head fuzzy, and it wasn’t the enormous amount of alcohol that flipped her stomach, it was the sincerity of the voice that gives butterfly to her stomach.

“W-what are you going to do?” Beidou never stutter when she’s with a woman. She’s always in control during intimacy and she’s never been the one on underhand even if she’s above the woman.

“Just let me…” Ningguang reassured “It can give you warmth even without the mating”.

Beidou didn’t doubt Ningguang as she unhurriedly lower herself and rest her head on the woman’s neck. She unconsciously breathed and tried to engrave the woman’s scent into her memory.

“Let me hold you until sunrise”

Beidou felt the vibration when Ningguang spoke, the movement of her chest as she breathe and the warmth of their naked bodies.

“Just like what I said, I can be your ground tonight, but it will be better if you can find someone where you can call home and make you feel all the warmth that will fix you to your ground even without mating”

“I will, just like what you said,” Beidou purred against Ningguang's neck. “You’re the warmest body I’ve ever held” Ningguang smiled at this, she can feel the captain’s body rest and her comfortable weight against her.

What Beidou admitted earlier was heavier than her weight above Ningguang, but she didn’t mind the weight. The warmth of Beidou’s naked body against her own was comfortable like a blanket during winter, like coffee against harsh weather-

Like a safe haven.

She caress Beidou’s hair and holds its waist with her free hand. The silence was comfortable and enveloped them. Neither of them dared to disrupt what they are doing. The hand of Ningguang on Beidou’s hair is like a sleeping pill.

“Stranger, what's your name?”

Beidou’s consciousness is slowly drifting into nothingness. Ningguang's breathing is like a lullaby and the woman’s chest movement was enough to put her into sleep.


A minute of silence came and Ningguang thought that Beidou finally fell asleep when she heard a sluggish voice

“Ningguang…” Beidou repeat, slowly tasting the name on her tongue

Ningguang's lips rise upon hearing this. She's never been intimate with others before, yet she can feel comfortable with the captain. She didn’t want to move and disturbed the drowsiness of the woman above her but she’s having difficulty breathing now because of Beidou’s weight.


“Hmmmm?” Ningguang adjust their position, she slowly slides Beidou’s body on her side with her arms under the captain’s head.

Beidou unconsciously leans towards the hand that caress her hair. Ningguang was being cautious to her actions, she carefully moved so that she could hug Beidou. She managed to make Beidou rest her head into Ningguang’s chest and got surprised when Beidou clings to her waist as if afraid to be separated to Ningguang.

“Can we stay like this?” Beidou’s voice was muffled “at least until I fall asleep?”

“Hmmmm…” Ningguang gave an affirmative reply



“Thank you”

Ningguang’s scent finally made Beidou fall asleep.